How do I catch rayquaza???!?!?!?

  1. I need help catching rayquaza my strongest pokemon is a level 52 kadabra i will train it i just cant find sky pillar.

    User Info: paperpiplup1234

    paperpiplup1234 - 11 years ago


  1. Go up from Pacifidlog until you get to sky pillar. You need to find like an opening or like a path where you can go above the rocks. Wallace(or whatever his name is) needs to unlock it. And he unlocks it if you make it to Sootopolis and talk to him. After he unlocks it go up to sky pillar and climb to Rayquaza. It will fly away but thats normal. When you get back to Sootopolis, Rayquaza will stop Grouden and Kryogre from fighting. After Rayquaza stops them you can go back to sky pillar and catch (s)he. I used a masterball, but thats just me. If you don't wanna "waste" your masterball then weaken it a poop load, paralyze, sleep, or freeze it, and use a whole bunch of ultra balls. Never tried doing that because i used masterball, but i think it will work.

    User Info: ab9003

    ab9003 - 11 years ago 4   3
  2. Alright dude i haven't played this game a long time now but here's what i remember here's how,go in pacifldlog town go east now when it says route 131 go up u see sideways rocks it will show the entrance but make sure u have the master ball & mach bike don't worry it take some time 4 u to get up there now when u see a little medow there u see a mist in your way walk up the hill u will see rayquaza b4 confront him save your game once u save battle him press x to battle now once u start the battle don't use your stongest pok'emon use a level 35 here's the tricky part order to capture him lower is health once its lower use the master ball on him just make sure not kill him other wise u lost him for good well there u go u got him have fun training him.

    User Info: slycooper94

    slycooper94 - 11 years ago 1   0
  3. It don't need to be the high 80s. All my team is only the 60s, and I caught all three with just Latias lvl 58

    User Info: Aquamarine2512

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  4. And what happened to ur starter anyways?

    User Info: computergeek100

    computergeek100 - 11 years ago 1   0
  5. Use the master ball. It's that simple.

    User Info: the64dude

    the64dude - 10 years ago 1   0
  6. DONT USE YOUR MASTERBALL!!!!!!!!!!!! Using it is a waste. You only get one so use it on latios or latias.

    User Info: Flame982

    Flame982 - 10 years ago 1   0
  7. Take 20-30 tomer balls a fast poke that can put it to sleep or that can paralize it and a pokemon
    That knows false swipe, preferably a mawile because it is a steel type make sure that most if not
    All of ur pokes are at around level 65. Get a mach bike and as many full restores as u feel
    comfortable with. (1) Weaken it to orange or so. (2)start to use false swipe untill it has 1 hp.
    (3)paralize it or put it to sleep. (4) start using ur timer balls untill u catch rayquaza
    Be aware though that it can use rest

    User Info: kidshadow66

    kidshadow66 - 11 years ago 0   0
  8. Buy many many pokeballs AND level up all of your pokemon to the high 80s and sky pillar is in the very top of route 131 and you will need a mach bike and if you dont have a mach bike you are no where near to catching rayquaza. and tip you might need an ice type who knows ice beam.

    User Info: pokemon022799

    pokemon022799 - 11 years ago 0   0
  9. Use the power of the internet and =]

    User Info: Neku1234

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  10. > Buy many ultraballs.
    > Get a mach bike.
    > Go to the Sky Pillar.
    > Go through the cracked floor with the bike.
    > Fight Rayquaza using a pokemon at least lvl 75.
    > When Rayquaza's health is low, throw many ultraballs before he rests.
    > Use a masterball.
    (You might need the masterball for Latios/Latias)

    User Info: RafaelNHernande

    RafaelNHernande - 10 years ago 0   0
  11. OK, heres the thing, there is a 3% chance on each catch attempt that you will actually be successful. So buy the following things:
    1.)25 Ultra Balls
    2.)15 Timer Balls
    3.)10 Repeater Balls
    4.)1 Poke'Ball
    YES, I SAID POKEBALL. Save before you battle Rayquaza, lower his health to just barely alive, and give him a status infliction (sleep, paralyzed, or frozen). Then begin the onslaught of balls. throw them in this order:
    If they all somehow fail, go with the Hail Mary pokeball. There is a glitch in the game, that says if you either throw a pokeball at the beginning of the battle or after several failed other balls, the chance you'll catch him increases. You'll also want a lot of powerful pokemon (Rayquaza is level 70, so be ready), and a lot of health-restoring items, including revives.
    I hope this helps, and I wish good luck to ya!

    User Info: Markuus555

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  12. Like everyone said go to Skypillar

    User Info: Johnny1826

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  13. Like other pokemon with a pokeball.

    User Info: pandemic911

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  14. U have 2 find the master ball team auqa stole i think is in the auqa hideout im not quite sure where in it though but u have to get to the room where they have Kyogere (if u have already done just find the room where they have a bunch of items but if u havent got to that room keep redin) when u do find it find the master ball head to stoopoilis groudon and kyogre will be fighting then head to the spirit cave thing talk to the old man he'll let u in (you might want to go in with some pokeballs 'cause this is the only time u can go in) than walk to the end of it talk to wallace and he'll ask u a queston answer sky pillar it should be open now that u have talked to him climb up trough the tower tap a in front Raquaza go back to stopoilis a cutscene will open watch once its over go back to the sky pillar back to the top use ur masterball

    User Info: azvin314

    azvin314 - 10 years ago 0   0
  15. HAVE:
    1. Mach bike
    2. LOTs of Timer balls
    3. A pokemon that knows surf and can stay alive for a long time

    You go east of Pacifidlog Town then stay at the top part of the sea, you should find a place with a cave, find a way through the rocks to get there then continue. IN SKY PILLAR: run the cracks and at the top stall him and use timer balls. Thats how i got him.

    User Info: daab98

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  16. I just threw a masterball at him and that was it

    User Info: poolsharkmark

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  17. I caught it with a lv 50 salamence. i used dragon breath three times to get it down to red health(dragonbreath paralyzes!) use ultra balls. save before you fight it and if it doesnt get paralyzed then reset. paralyzing makes it easy.

    User Info: Flame982

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  18. Here's what I would do get a pokemon that can learn endavour (sorry for spelling) and put a focus band on it so then when it attacks you you'll survive with 1 hp and bring it down to 1 hp,then start throwing UltraBalls. For Safety i brought 4 tanks a lvl 67 millotic with great Sp.Def, A Camerupt, Salamance, and a Regice. The pokemon I had with endavour was Swellow :) I would bring timer balls and the revives from lavaridgeTown in the herbal shop for backup. I caught it around 2-3 mine. I really hope this helps

    User Info: EpicPokeTrainer

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  19. Get a Groudon then Tell groudon to use earth quake when near the tower then the tower will collapse together with rayquaza to the ground then throw a pokeball at him then there you have it.

    User Info: jjdlxzx

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  20. To do list to get rayquaza.

    1:buy as many pokeballs as possible.

    2:make kadabra a level 70

    3:get the starter pokemon and train it 10 level 70

    4:go to sky pillar (go to pacifidlog town and go east close to the norther wall of stone and w8 for an opening,when you reach it,go through it then go west untill another comes,go through that one too,then keep going north untill you reach a bit of ground and a cave opening,get through it and ur there)

    5:go up sky pillar (when you can catch it you need a mach bike,make sure you have 1 both times)

    6:weaken rayquaza and give it a status ailment,but save befor the battle, (best status ailment in paralized or sleeping)

    7:chuck all you ultra balls at it.

    Hope it helps!

    User Info: computergeek100

    computergeek100 - 11 years ago 0   1
  21. Travel East from Pacifidlog sticking to the top of the routes until you find an Opening in Rte 131. Take a Mach Bike, you will need it. And I suggest you level up some, In Emerald Most sky Pillar Pokemon are in the 30-40 Range, But Rayquaza itself is Lv 70

    User Info: RaikouTGC

    RaikouTGC (Expert) - 11 years ago 0   3

    Use this.

    User Info: ab9003

    ab9003 - 11 years ago 1   4
  23. 1st you should lvl up ur kadabra 18 lvls then go to pacifidalog town and go east and you will be in rt 131 And you will find a gap if you keep riding on the rocks and i suges u bring some 1 with false swipe and bring a lot of ultra balls and a mach bike or u cant get to the top to fight rayquaza he is lvl 70 and the move i remember that will ko u in 2 turns is
    Hope this helped.

    User Info: TheOriginal420

    TheOriginal420 - 11 years ago 0   3
  24. You want to throw a pokeball at rayquaza to catch it.

    User Info: yrkler944

    yrkler944 - 11 years ago 0   5

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