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FAQ/Walkthrough by Sonic 4ever

Version: v.10 | Updated: 08/22/2005

By Sonic 4ever (xbladesx@lycos.co.uk)


This guide may be be distributed and hosted freely provided it is not 
altered in any way without my permission. Also it may not be sold or use 
for financial gain.

No part of this document may be used without credit to the author and 
those mentioned in the credits section. Likewise this document may only 
be published or hosted on your site if you give the author and those 
mentioned in the credits section full credit for their work.


Please note: I am no pro at this game and I am constructing this walk-
through as I go along and unlock or discover new things. Because of this
mistakes in this guide are a high possibility. 
If you have any input or wish to correct a mistake please let me know.
I'll give you full credit for your help.


I personally thought this game would be an RPG like the Legacy of Goku
series but it turned out to be a beat 'em up like Final Fight or Streets
of Rage.

Basically you control a team of 3 fighters and switch between them as 
you please. The better you do each stage the more zenie you'll earn which
you can use to unlock secrets. You get 500 zenie per 1000000 points. 

Inactive fighters will heal slowly if they took damage much like the tag
system in Marvel vs Capcom for example.

If a fighter loses all his hit points without getting switched/tagged out 
you will no longer be able to switch to him.

Pilaf makes an accidental wish using the powerful Black Star Dragon balls
which turns Goku back into a kid. However, these Dragon balls were made
when Kami and King Piccolo (Picollo Senior if you like) were still one 
They don't scatter across the Earth but across the entire galaxy! To
make things worse if they are not recovered within a year of making the 
wish the Earth will explode (oh Boy!)

Goku, Trunks, Pan and now Giru set out to recovered them and find a major
plot along the way.    

 _| |_
|_   _| = Move fighter or perform various actions
 (A)    = Jump  
 (B)    = Attack
 (L)    = Push and hold to recharge your Energy  
 (R)    = Energy Blasts  

START   = Pause game 
SELECT  = Change fighter (tag)


  U    = Up
  D    = Down
  Bk   = Back
  F    = Forward
  +    = Push buttons on left and right of the "+" together
  ,    = Push button/Perform move before the "," first then the one after 


Non Energy attacks

COMBO                = (B) continuously and rapidly
POWER PUNCH          = Any direction + (B)
AERIAL ATTACK        = (A) , (B) continuously and rapidly (in the air)
DIVE KICK/ATTACK     = (A) , D + (B)  (in the air) 

DASH                 = Any Direction X 2
DASH ATTACK          = DASH , (B)
AIR DASH             = (A) , DASH forward (in the air)

LIFT ENERMY          = Any direction + (B) Close up to enermy
THROW                = LIFT ENERMY , F + (B) (Preferably)

Energy required attacks

AERIAL ENERGY BLAST  = (A) , (R)  continuously  (in the air)
POWERED ENERGY BLAST = Hold (R) to charge then release. A fully charged
                       blast will be blue in colour.
SPECIAL ATTACK       = (R) + (B) if Energy is fully charged


- All hits from 'Non Energy attacks' refil a small protion of your Energy
  bar with each hit.

- All combos end with a Finisher, eg: Pan's combos end with a Jack knife.
  If the enermy being attacked will die the next hit the combo will end
  immediately with the Finisher.

- ADVANCED COMBOS : I'm still playing around with this but before the
  Fighter you're using does his combo Finisher in a combo, pushing
  U or D + (B) a few times or something like that seems to adds new 
  moves to the combo.
  With Goku I've done combos with a knee strike followed by a high kick
  then a jumping double hammer fist.
  (Not sure exactly how, but it was something like the method I decribed

- The DESPARATION ATTACK can be used to throw enermies off you when they
  gang up on you and to prevent enermies from completing combos on you.

- The SPECIAL ATTACK uses your entire Energy bar so you will need to 
  recharge it after that.
  None the less, it multi hits every thing in its path and causes massive
  amounts of damage.  


Each Fighter has various strengths and weaknesses as well as various
Hit Point, Power and Strength levels

Hit Points   - Determines how much damage the Fighter can take
Power        - Determines how fast the fighter can recharge energy. I 
               suspect it also determines how much damage the Fighter's
               energy blasts and SPECIAL ATTACKs deal
Strength     - I'm not 100% sure but I think it determines the how much
               damage the fighter's Non Energy Attacks deal.


In the beginning of the game you will only have Goku, Pan, Trunks and 
Uub unlocked. As you earn more zenie you will be able unlock more.

Hit Points 5
Strength   5
Power      5

The hero of most of the Dragonball series. At the beginning of the DBGT
series he gets turned back into a young boy by an accidental Dragonball 
wish made by Pilaf. 
In the process all the Black Star Dragonballs Get scattered across the 
galaxy so he sets out with Trunks and his granddaughter Pan.

When he returns to earth he finds everyone under Baby possessed Vegeta! 
Will he be able to free Vegeta and the Earth from Baby's grip

DESPARATION ATTACK - Goku spins upwards into the air
SPECIAL ATTACK     - Kamehameha

Hit Points 4
Strength   5
Power      6

Goku's granddaughter, daughter of Gohan. In the quest for the Dragonballs
she snuck into Trunks spaceship to join the adventure. 
In the game the trio (Goku, Trunks and Pan) are joined by a robot Giru  
who fights at Pan's side.
Boy the little guy sure is tough! He makes up for Pan's low Hit Points.

DESPARATION ATTACK - Giru spins around Pan (lasts longer than the other
                     fighters' DESPARATION ATTACKs)
SPECIAL ATTACK     - Kamehameha

Hit Points 6
Strength   6
Power      3

Son of Vegeta and Bulma. Trunks pilots the spaceship in the quest for the 
Dragonballs. Like his father, trunks is a Saiyan and like his mom he is a
technical wizkid.
Although not as fast as Goku or Pan, Trunks is more durable and stronger,
Which is wierd since Goku is at the level of Super Saiyan 3 and Trunks
only Super Saiyan 1 or 2.
I guess sinse Goku has turned back into a kid Trunks is stronger in normal
Saiyan form.

DESPARATION ATTACK - Trunks spins around with his Sword
SPECIAL ATTACK     - Burning Attack (doesn't look quite right, but 

Hit Points 5 
Strength   6
Power      4

Goku's student. Uub is kind of the good rebirth of evil Kid Buu. In the 
GT series Uub tries to hold off Baby Vegeta but fails when his Chocolate
turning ability backfires on him and Baby Vegeta swallows him.
However this allows him to hold off B V Oorazu Form by releasing power in 
B V's stomach while Goku regains his Energy.
Uub's power is immense, basically the same level as a Super Saiyan 2 ! 
(in the series)

In the game Uub is the COMBO god!!  I've delivered a 60 hit combo on a 
group of enermies with this guy!
He's got to be the fastest fighter in the game. 

DESPARATION ATTACK - Uub balances on his hands and spins his feet around
SPECIAL ATTACK     - Kamehameha

SS Goku (2000 Zenies to unlock)
Hit Points 5
Strength   5
Power      5

This is Goku in Super Saiyan form. In the Game the only difference to his
normal form is he now deals a bit more damage, his Combo Finisher is 
difference and he now does the 10 X Kamehameha.

As far as I know in the series Goku only does the 10 X Kamehameha in Super
Saiyan 4 form.

Personally I think Super Saiyan 3 Goku would be a better choice... Oh Well

DESPARATION ATTACK - Same as normal Goku
SPECIAL ATTACK     - 10 x Kamehameha 

Picollo (2000 Zenies to unlock)
Hit Points 7
Strength   3
Power      5

Gohan's first teacher. Before Raditz came to Earth Picollo was a bad guy.
Then to prepare for the arrival of Vegeta and Nappa he took it on himself
to train Gohan.
As he made friends with Gohan he's heart changed and he now seems to be 
on the side of good.

In the DBGT baby saga he realises as long as the he lives the Black Star
Dragon balls will always be around to be misused, so he decides to stay 
on earth when it explodes 

DESPARATION ATTACK - Picollo spins around with his arms out
SPECIAL ATTACK     - Special beam cannon

SS Vegeta (2000 Zenies to unlock)
Hit Points 7
Strength   5
Power      3

Goku's eternal rival. The former Evil Saiyan Prince now fights on the 
side of good. 
The change came around the time he and Goku were fighting kid Buu. He 
realised that the power of a saiyan is not determined by royalty but by
the saiyan himself, ie. Goku constantly being more powerful than him. 

Then using the Namek Dragon Balls he wished for all the good people 
killed by Buu to be brought back to life.
Lo and behold, he joined them and his life returned to him. 

In the GT series he gets possessed by Baby, Dr Myuu's creation. At the
end of the Baby saga he gets set free with Goku's help.

DASH ATTACK        - Vegeta teleports to target and punches. Push (B) 
                     2 more times to teleport to the back of target and 
                     punch (two more teleport punches)
DESPARATION ATTACK - Vegeta powers up, blasting all enermy fighters off 
SPECIAL ATTACK     - Final Flash

SS4 Goku (4000 Zenies to unlock)
Hit Points 7
Strength   6
Power      9

Goku's ultimate transformation, a hybrid between Oorazu and Saiyan. Vegeta 
was eventually able to achieve this form using a brute ray.
In the game he's got the Spirit Bomb for some reason. SS4 Goku never used  
this move in the Baby saga.

DESPARATION ATTACK - Goku does a spinning Dragon fist type move upwards. 
SPECIAL ATTACK     - Spirit Bomb

Super Baby Vegeta
Hit Points ?
Strength   ?
Power      ?

While Goku was out retrieving the Dragon Balls, Baby found his way to  
Earth and placed everyone under his control. With Goku away Vegeta was  
the strongest saiyan so Baby chose him as his final host to possess.
At the end of the Baby saga Vegeta gets set free with Goku's help.  



Food Items          - Refil Hit Points. Amount depends on food item.
Sensu Bean          - Complete restoration of all Hit Point and Energy 

Small red ball      - Keep collecting to increase Hit Points 
Small green ball    - Keep collecting to increase Power
Small yellow ball   - Keep collecting to increase Strength
(I still have to find out how much of the 3 items above you have to 
 collect to increase the relevant stats)  

Large red ball      - Immediate Hit Point increase
Large green ball    - Immediate Power increase 
Large yellow ball   - Immediate Strength increase

Glowing white ball  - Temporary infinite Energy
Yellow/orange ball  - Temporary infinite Hit Points
Glowing red ball    - Fighter moves a bit faster, looses Hit Points slower
                      and recharges Energy much faster.
Glowing Blue ball   - not sure what it does.


NB!! I am not going to describe every planet word for word, but only how  
to deal with the bosses and maybe a few points of interest. 

(Using Goku, Pan and Trunks in Story Mode)

Planet 1 : Imecka

Mid-Boss: Gale and Sheila
-Did I call these 2 jokers Mid bosses? All you do is hit them with a  
 SPECIAL ATTACK and guess what, theyre both dead!
-All I've seen them do is: Sheila will hit you with her fists, jump in the 
 air and  fire energy blasts down or curl up in a ball and roll towards 
 Gale will hit you with his fist or fire energy blasts straight across the

Final Boss: Ledgic 
-Once again, he's nothing one or two SPECIAL ATTACKS can't solve
-To attack he'll kick straight, do some kind of uppercut with both hands 
 or fire energy blasts rapidly across the screen

Planet 2 : Monmaasu

Mid-boss: Some kind of turtle with a Crocodile head?
-Finaly a moderately difficult boss! Rush up to him and Combo him.
-As soon as his shell starts moving he will be readying his attack.
 Immediately jump and air dash back to opposite side of the raft.
-Jump in the air and ram away at the Attack button (B) or Bk Button
 to stay in the air as long as possible.
 He will attack by darting his head forward a few times.
 If you're in the air on the opposite side of the raft his head won't hit 
-Stay at the back of the raft and if you land on the ground repeat the   
 above action until he stops attacking.
-NB!! After darting his head forward a few times he will dart his head 
 forward and try to bite you.
 As soon as he pauses wait a few seconds and continue staying in the air, 
 it's a trick! 
 He will dart forward and bite one last time.
-It's now safe to dash forward and repeat the first step.
-Enermy bees will come to help him.

Final Boss: Giant's Tooth
-This one is quite easy. There are two ways to beat him.
 You can either jump in his mouth and combo away at his tooth or stay out 
 of his mouth and fire Energy Blasts or use your Special attack.
-Either way when his tooth has receive a certain amount of damage his 
 mouth will shake indicating his mouth is about to close.
 If you are inside his mouth get out immediately or his top jaw will drop  
 on you and damage you.
-When his mouth has closed enermy bees and spiders will attack you.
-When you've beaten a certain amount of them the giant's mouth will open 
 again and you can resume your attack.

Planet 3 : Gelbo

Final Boss: Zoonama 
-Zoonama will punch you, smack you with his tail, throw rocks at you and 
 "cause earthquakes".
-He will squat down to pick a rock to throw at you.
 As he's about to throw just dash down to avoid.
 You can break the rocks for food items  
-He will also wave his arms before "causing an earthquake". 
 Each tremor will knock you down causing damage.
 To avoid jump and ram away at the (B) or Bk Button to stay in the air.
-Start by walking down back (D + Bk) to avoid his punch.
-Get in line with him and fire a SPECIAL ATTACK.
-As soon as you complete the move walk up or down and start recharging 
 your Energy.
 Make sure you can see him while you recharge. If he announces his 
 earthquake get in the air to prevent the earthquake interupting your 
 recharge and damaging you.
 Keep dashing away to avoid him while you recharge when he walks up to you
 or gets in line to throw a rock at you
-When you've fully recharged your energy Hit him with another Special 
 He's now beaten
-Alternately after the first Special Attack, switch to a fighter with full 
 Energy (watch Zoonama's hands for earthquakes), get in line and blast him 
 with the next Special Attack. 

Planet 4 : Luud

Make easy zenie Method 1
-You will these goofy guys in purple robes with swords. When you fire 
 energy blasts they block them.
-Use this to your advantage. Select Pan sinse she recharges energy the 
 fastest (out of the trio).
1) Hit this goof with a SPECIAL ATTACK. When he blocks it your SPECIAL 
   ATTACK will hit him a few times without hurting him and give you a 
   total of +-33000 points.
2) Recharge your energy avoiding him in the process. you can dask up or 
   down whenever he pauses in front of you.
3) When your Energy bar is fully charged. Air dash away across the screen 
   and repeat the entire process from step 1 as many times as you like.

Mid-Boss: Cardinal Mutchy
-First Form: You will notce an urn on the left hand side on the screen.
 Break it to get an Infinite energy Ball.
 Quickly dash up to him an hit him a few times to get rid of his first 
-Second Form: You should still have infinite Energy from the ball you 
 Hit him with two SPECIAL ATTACKS
-In this new form he will summon light blue disks to rotate around him and
 damage you. You can them a few times to destroy them.   
-He will also wack you hard with his whip. If he gets you in the corner it 
 will be quite hard to switch fighters.(you'll see why)
-If you used your SPECIAL ATTACKS you wno' have to worry about either of 
 these 2 attacks. 

Final Boss: "Lord Luud"
-Boy is this guy easy. Firstly he will sprout two arms which he'll use to
 slam you if you step to the middle area of the screen.
-Start of by AERIAL ATTACKing his left arm's fist keeping to the left hand 
 side of the fist.
 When you've destroyed it walk to the top of the screen and stay in the 
 left half but make sure you can still see Luud's mouth.
-As soon as he opens it blast it with a SPECIAL ATTACK. He will blast a 
 small beam out his mouth straight down.
 Switch to another fighter and when he opens his mouth again hit him with

Planet 5 : M2

Mid-Boss: Sigma force
-Just keep AERIAL ATTACKing him. Be careful using your SPECIAL ATTACK, he
 will often use his Aerial dive drill to counter.
-He will also punch you normally and use his extended punch, which will
 virtually reach across the screen.
-Pairs of robots will pop in now and then to assist him.

Final Boss: General Rilldo
-This guy isn't too bad. He has the Sigma Force's Aerial dive drill attack.  
-He also uses one of his hands to drill you and flies straight across the 
 screen trying to ram you with his knee (his counter for combos).
-His main attack is to turn into liquid metal, go into the ground and come 
 out as a giant fist to hit you. 
 To avoid just Jump and keep AIR DASHing. 
 On occation he will come ot the ground normally and hit you with his hand 
-Generally just AERIAL ATTACK him holding F in the process to float past 
 while you hit him. As you float past he will try to hit you with his 
 flying knee.
 But, he will strike in the direction you attacked from, moving safely 
 away from you.
-Keep doing the same Aerial Attack.

Planet 6 : Rudeeze

Make easy zenie Method 1
-You will eventually find the boss, a giant scorpion. Switch to Pan sinse 
 she recharges Energy the fastest of the trio.
-When he lashes at you with his tail jump back to avoid it.
 It will Stick in the ground long enough for you to permanently destroy it
-Next, blast the main body with a SPECIAL ATTACK. The Scorpion will block
 giving you +- 33000 points much like the goofy guys with swords from 
-Keep blasting his body to get +- 33000 ponts each time. (he won't get 
 hurt by these blasts.)

Final Boss: Scorpion
-When you've gotten all the points you want walk forward to the middle of
 the screen.
1) Recharge energy to max.
2) Jump forward then push and hold Bk before you land to swoop back. The 
   scorpion will lash out with his pincers and temporary drop his guard.
3) As soon as you land blast him with a SPECIAL ATTACK. Repeat from step 1
-Note: if you try to walk up and combo him the fighter you're using will
 receive heavy damage from the scorpion's pincers.

Deserted StarShip

Final Boss: Robot Walker
-This guy will plant mines at random points to bomb you, quite easy to 
-He will also launch rockets at you. Just DASH up or down to avoid.
-Close up he will try to kick you, nothing a good combo won't solve.
-Just keep Combo'ing him or blast him with SPECIAL ATTACKS and he should 
 die soon enough.

Planet 7 : Tigere

Final Boss: Cat with an Over sized head
-This one is a little tricky. He will try to combo you with his claws and
 bite you.
 Then for his main attack he will try to charge into you.
 I recommend Pan for him since she recharges Energy the fastest
-For a start hit him with a SPECIAL ATTACK. 
-If he starts jogging on the spot he's announcing his charge, walk up or 
 down to avoid.
 NB!! When he starts jogging only energy based attacks will stop and hurt 
 Anyway, as soon as you've avoided his charge start recharging your Energy
 but when he announces his charge stop recharging and avoid.
 When you get to full energy blast hims with another SPECIAL ATTACK or you
 can use normal energy blasts which won't use all your energy at once.
-If he walks towards you normally and you don't have Energy, AERIAL ATTACK
 If you are usng Goku, you can combo him sinse Goku's Combo finisher has 
 a very small delay.
 When your want to distance yourself to do energy required attacks jump 

Planet 8 : Cretaceous

Final Boss: Dinosaur's smomach
-Ok, basically you have platform at the bottom of the screen that's safe 
 to stand on.
 Surounding this platform is the dinosaur's stomach acid which will damage 
 you if you stand in it.
 Lastly at the top of the screen you have a pod of some sort which you  
 have to destroy to get out of here.
-On the platform keep fghting the dinosaur tribesmen... whatever they 
 If you need to recharge Energy do so when you have knocked all attacking
 tribesmen down.
-When the acid around the platform lowers get to the pod at the top and 
 attack using combos or Special Attacks.
 Watch out for the tribemen, they will still keep attacking you.
-When the area rumbles and shakes get back to th platform immediately as 
 the acid will rise again.
-When the acid lowers again resume your attack on the pod.
-This boss isn't hard at all. The only "real danger" are the dinosaur 
 tribesmen which are easy to take care of.
 ps: How do they Survive in here? 

Planet 9 : Polaris

Final Boss: Abominable Snowman
-Close up thi guy will punch you.
-Secondly he will make it hail, not to difficult to avoid
-Lastly he will throw a massive snowball at you. 
 Keep your distance while doing a Special Attack as the snow ball will 
 interupt it.
-As usual start by hitting him with a Special Attack.
 Eventually he will then walk into his cave to sulk. Ice crabs will attack 
 Destroy  them and Recharge your Energy in one of the top corners.
-When he comes out he hit him with another Special Attack, he will walk 
 back into his cave etc.. etc.. 

Planet 10 : Earth (Home Sweet Home?)

NB!! At the boss Goku tell's pan to leave and finds out Trunks has been 
put under Baby's control which means you have to stand alone against B V 
as Goku.

Final Boss: Super Baby Vegeta 
-Looks tough but actually he's quite easy. Start by hitting him with your 
 Special Attack, the famous KAMEHAMEHA.
-Walk up to the top and start recharging your energy.
-Baby Vegeta will form a Death Ball to throw, your Energy will have 
 Recharged by now.
-As the Death Ball passes you walk down to B V avoiding the Death Ball and
 repeat process from the first step.
-If you fight him normally, apart from his Death Ball he will fire energy 
 blasts at you, Punch you , dash and hit (see Vegeta's DASH ATTACK) and do
 his Desparation Attack (Powers out) when you attack him close up.

NB!! Don't try to do your Kamehameha against his Death Ball! It will 
interupt the Special Move and do quite a lot of damage. 

Planet 11 : Tuffle Planet

NB!! On this Stage you stand alone but good for Goku he's a lot more 
powerful with his tail back.

Mid-Boss: Baby Vegeta
-As Goku with tail just keep combo'ing him using the F button to stay with
-As SS4 Goku B V will start throwing energy blasts, Immediately start 
 walking down.
 B V will dash down to you. Combo him immediately. When your Combo 
 Finisher knocks him down walk up or down (whichever you can) a bit.
-If B V Dashes to you or walks to you Combo him again. If he stands in 
 place punching the air walk down and combo him quickly or walk back then 
 up and down to get him to dash or walk to you then Combo him. 
-Repeat process.   

Final Boss: Baby Vegata Oorazu form
-In this form B V will box you with his two fists.
 You can get him to to drop either by damaging them and taking away all 
 their Hit points.
 After short time after boxing with both fists he will blast this massive 
 beam out his mouth
 If one or both of his fists have dropped you need to time one Blast to 
 the next.
1) Get to to the top left hand corner of the screen and recharge to 
   maximum Energy
2) As soon as he completes his first blast go straight down keeping to 
   the left edge of the screen to avoid his fists and fire your Special
   the SPIRIT BOMB at his head.
3) Repeat from step 1


Play as Goku, Pan and Trunks in a team on a quest to retrieve the Dragon 
The Story will follow the events of the Dragon ball and Baby Saga more or 

Standard - Pick a team of 3 fighters and journey the worlds of DBGT
           Same as Story Mode but without the Cutscenes

I still have to unlock the Multi player modes

Set volume levels, unlocked options or view unlocked game features. (I 
may be a bit inaccurate here)

Unlock Fighters, Game modes, Features and other options 


I've read all the arguments: "This game sucks", "a waste of money", "I 
bought it and still like it", "It's not LoG 4" ...  etc ... etc ...

I agree it's not the best Dragonball game on GBA .In the "Beat 'em up" 
genre DragonBall Advance Adventure IS much better. This game (DBGTT) has  
a lot of room for improvement.
None the less I still think this game is pretty cool but a slight bit 

Before any of you DBGT Transformation haters lecture me on "How Stupid I 
was for wasting my time making a guide for this peice of Trash" let me 
just say,
You have the right to hate this game with all that's within you but 
leave us fans alone to enjoy it.


Atari for making this game
The sites Gamefaq and Neoseeker for hosting this walkthrough.

More to come in future versions of this guide.    

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