1. Martin Fuller Additional Programming
  2. Jeffrey Lim Additional Programming
  3. Neil Holmes AI and Network Programming
  4. Adny Angrand Character Animation
  5. Devon Browne Character Animation
  6. Steven Cooper Character Animation
  7. Luis Lopez Character Animation
  8. Eric Santana Character Animation
  9. Rafael Toledo Character Animation
  10. Vincent M. Donatelli Character Animation (Shadows in Darkness)
  11. Mandi Paugh Character Art
  12. Pascal Pochol Director of Software Engineering (Shadows in Darkness)
  13. Hudson Piehl Executive Producer (Atari)
  14. Cliff Davies Game and Tools Programming
  15. Kelly Wolnik Graphic Deisgner (Atari)
  16. Andrew Myers Lead Character Production, Design, Art
  17. Martin Fuller Lead Game Scripting / Design / Art
  18. Jim Grant Lead Game Scripting, Design, Art
  19. Gerry Swanson Lead Level Design, Dialogue, Design, Art
  20. Brian Babendererde Level Art
  21. Yannis Brown Music and Sound Effects
  22. Akira Toriyama Original Author and Artist
  23. Alisa Kober Portrait Art
  24. Dana M. Dominiak Producer
  25. Dana Dominiak Producer (Shadows in Darkness)
  26. Debra Osborn Project Director (Shadows in Darkness)
  27. Jeremy Carlile Script Writer (FUNimation Productions)
  28. Mark Flitman Senior Producer (Atari)
  29. Devon Browne Team Leader (Shadows in Darkness)


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, Chaos Control, Cosmic!, Dusk, Mykas0, odino, and SuperBuuBuu.

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