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The future mobile terminal "PET" is in your hands!
Which Navi do you choose!?

200X...The network era has arisen due to the rapid development of the Internet.
Everyone has a mobile device called PET (short for PErsonal Terminal).
PETs are a convenient item in the year 200X. There is a pseudo-personality program called a Net Navi inside, which will guide you from Net Battles to schedule management.
Especially in the network world, a Net Navis is an important person who takes every action on your behalf. Please select a Navi for yourself and make effective use of your PET.

This game is equipped with a clock function, and the game progresses according to the same flow of time as in reality. You are a beginner net battler who just bought the futuristic mobile terminal "PET". You can choose your favorite Net Navi and manage your own schedule while plugging it into the Internet or engaging in a net battle to enjoy life with the Net Navi.
Your goal is to compete and win the official tournament on Saturdays and Sundays, but there are many other ways to enjoy it.

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