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Guide and Walkthrough by x_comp

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 07/30/2004

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Omoide no Soumeikyoku
Full Metal Alchemist: Sonata of Memories

Written by x_comp
Version 1.10
July 2004


1.  Introduction
2.  Version History
3.  Characters
4.  Controls
5.  Menu
6.  Battles
7.  Alchemy
8.  Walkthrough
9.  Location of Legendary Tools and Cats
10. Credits, Conclusion & Contact Info

1. Introduction

Full Metal Alchemist started off as a Manga done by Arakawa Hiroshi which 
is serialized in the monthly Square-Enix magazine, Shounen Gan Gan. Due to 
its great popularity, it now has its very own fair share of merchandise 
including actual novels. It even has its own Anime show now which is still 
going strong along with the Manga at the time of writing.

The story tells of the Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse. In an attempt 
to resurrect their dead mother, they make use of human alchemy which is 
greatly forbidden. Having failed, Edward loses his left leg while his 
younger brother Alhponse loses his entire body.

In exchange for his right arm, he manages to keep his brother's soul inside 
a suit of armour. The price was too big...

Now the Elric brothers go in search of the Philosopher's Stone which 
posseses a great power that will allow them to return to their original 

It has been just over a year since the last FMA RPG, Stray Rondo was 
released. With this new game, Bandai has decided to include 2 extra items 
for gamers. The first is a LCD screen cleaner in the shape of Ed's watch 
and is attached to a black strap with the FMA logo on it. The second is a 
card exclusive for the GBA game with an illustation featuring Al, Winry and 

A few days after release, there was also a special calendar for those who 
bought the first and second GBA game.

As with the last game, Omoide no Soumeikyoku features an original story for 
the GBA. This time, we have Winry joining in the battles using alchemy and 
an improved Alchemy Handbook system.

Developer:    Bandai
Release Date: 22nd July 2004
Price:        5040 Yen

2. Version History

26/7 - v1.01

- More info about new features in game in the Battles section.
- More info about how to get the cards you want in Alchemy section.
- Walkthrough up to the point after the alchemy gun is completed.

27/7 - v1.02

- Walkthrough up to point where mystery girl's identity is revealed.

28/7 - v1.03

- Walkthrough up to point where we arrive at ruins a second time.

29/7 - v1.04

- Completed first ending in walkthrough. 16% of side quests done.

30/7 - v1.10

- Completed walkthrough.
- Added the locations of cats and tools section.

3. Characters

The youngest person who obtained the qualifications to become a national 
alchemist at 12 years old. A talented alchemist.

Possessing a sad past, he shows a firm face but, he is actually cheerful 
and kind as an older brother who thinks of his younger brother.

Having a great determination, he continues on a journey to find the 
Philosopher's Stone with his brother.

His second name is "Full Metal Alchemist".

He is a 15 year old who is concerned about his own short height and does 
not like milk.

"Eveything is for the sake of retrieving the body I lost in a tragedy."

4 years ago, he lost everything due to the price he had to pay for human 
alchemy. Thanks to his brother, his soul now dwells inside a suit armour 
and lives.

Compared to Ed, his speed is inferior but he has skill. In addition to that 
he has good defense, reflecting bullets due to his armoured body and he is 
never tired.

He is the one who understands Ed the most and sometimes, he takes the role 
of calming his older brother. He is 14 years old.

"Nii-san, I really do want my original body again...
 I want to become human again."

A childhood friend of the Elric Brothers and lives in Rizenbeul. Winry is 
an enthusiast with machinary and helps her grandmother Pinako with her 
work. She is the one responsible for Ed's mechanical armour (AKA Auto-
Mail). Winry is a cheerful and energetic girl who never grows tired of 
arguing with Ed.

An "Alchemist of Fire" who can control fire at will.

With his exceptional success in his career, he was aiming for the Central. 
While he is young, he is a sharp and able person.

He is someone who handles his duties easily and in his heart, he has the 
ambition to become the greatest authority in the military.

His rank is colonel.

Both his hairstyle and appearance portrays him as a powerful alchemist. He 
has a name that suits the sort of alchemy he uses well but, on his other 
side he is someone who is deeply emotional and tearful. He was born in a 
family with a great history.

His rank is major.

Colonel Mustang's trusted retainer. She has a calm composture and there are 
those around her who trust her along with those who fear her. Skilled in 
guns, she has the duty as the colonel's bodyguard. She was willing to join 
the military due to her firm believe in protecting a certain man.

Her rank is First Lieutenant.

A military man who's family is the most important to him. Due to his 
average appearance, it can't be imagined what a clear mind Lt. Colonel 
Hughes has.

With his light hearted conduct, he gains trust from his subordinates. 
Smoking tobacco is is trade mark.

His rank is second lieutenant.

A member of the mysterious organisation who has the tattoo of the Uroboros. 
To her, the priority in the things she should do first is to execute her 
"plan". Prepared to use ruthlessness as her power, she has a near immortal 
body, claws that transform at her will, she continues to create history.

A member of the mysterious organisation who has the tattoo of the Uroboros.
All his actions are caused by his apettite. The things he can eat are 
humans, beasts and any similar living things. Due to that, his power is 
second to none.

An alchemist who excels in the field of medical alchemy. A young lady who 
who grew up in the care of her home and has never left it before.

Relishing her older brother's favourite phrase, "National alchemists are 
there for the public", she wants to be of use to more people. Wanting to 
become a national alchemist, she heads to Central City.

Although she has quick wits, sometimes she would sometimes be out of it and 
burn with pure naive.

She is 18 and her hobby is darts.

An civilian alchemist. Due to an uprising, his territory is in ruins and 
now only the name of his noble family remains with him in poverty.

On the verge of death, he was saved by Lincor and so as a debt of 
gratitude, he is willing to serve him with his loyalty.

He is 25 years old nad his hobbies are sports and hip hop.

An civilian alchemist. Due to the fact that she grew up as a young child 
without the love of her parents, she played only with dolls.

One day, she was able to make dolls that move and talk with her alchemy. 
After that, her parents died in an uprising. Now her only friends are 
Lincor and Randy. She thinks of her dolls as the next most important thing.

She is 16 years old and her hobby is playing with dolls.

4. Controls

D-Pad	Moving about menus and moving around maps.
Start	Go to the save menu.
Select	Go to in-game menus.
A	Interact with an object, selecting something from menus.
B	Canceling an action, deselect cards.
L	Go to in-game menus, run away in battles.
R	Talk to the second character, throw away card.

5. Menu

Pressing Select or L during the game will bring up 4 menus:

Alchemy (Diagram)
Alchemy Handbook (Book)
Status (Man)
Save   (Clock)

Lets go through saving first. There's 2 ways you can reach the save menu. 
One is by selecting it from the menus above or, you can press Start and 
you'll reach the save screen right away. It will show you the following:

Play Time
Handbook Completion

Al will ask you if you want to save, Yes/ No. If you choose to save and 
there's already saved data, it will ask if you want to overwrite. Finally, 
it will ask if you want to continue playing.

As for Alchemy, this is where you make use of your cards to solve any 
problems you come across during your travels. You can also use it to create 
any healing medicines if you have the right cards.

For example, the grass cards gives you healing medicines. To use them, 
select the card with the A button twice then press right to go to the list. 
Press A on the medicine you want and again to confirm and you'll create it 
in your inventory. Refer to the Alchemy section for more details.

In Status, you can view your items, organise your party or view your 
member's different abilities. This is where you make use of items you 
find such as healing supplements. You can also access the Alchemy 
Handbook from Ed's screen here.

Once again, just like the last game there is a total of 50 different 
entries for each of the 4 sections - Metal, Stone, Nature and Darkness.

Apart from filling in the Alchemy Handbook entries, there will also be 
entries for Winry's Alchemy Gun to fill in. There's a total of 40 entries 
to fill in.

On Ed's alchemy book screen, you can sort the entries by ID, Power, Hit and 
Level by using the L / R buttons. What you're sorting by is circled in red. 
To turn the pages, use the Left and Right direction keys. A percentage at 
the bottom right hand corner shows how much of the entries you have 

6. Battles

Battles are mostly randomly encountered in the game and are sort of real-
time. There is a coloured bar that fills up before you can attack. After 
it's full, anyone can attack. You don't wait until someone takes their turn 
which means you'll have to think quick sometimes. However, you'll have time 
to select things if you're on a selection screen such as the one for 

During battles, you will have a 3 or 4 squares to the right side of the 
screen depending on the character you have selected.

For Ed, the options are Attack (A Fist), Alchemy (Diagram), Handbook (Book)
and Item (Beaker). The options for Al isn't much different except he 
doesn't have a handbook and instead of Alchemy, he has special moves.

New in this game is that you may use Alchemy Cards to boost everyone's 
special attacks now. You can also go into Ed's Alchemy Handbook to select 
the moves or items that you had already composed before so you don't have 
to memorize everything. When selecting a special move with Al or once you 
obtain the Alchemy Gun, you will have the option of using cards to boost 
your attack power.

Just like the last game, you can do combo attacks by having more than 1 
member of your party attacking the same enemy at one time.

Your characters may also flash different colours during a battle after 
being attacked. Each colour represents a certain attribute is affected. Red 
means attack, blue means defence, green means speed and yellow means hit 
ratio and evade.

Also new in this game is that the more you use certain members together, 
the better they become at supporting each other. You can check how well 
characters are getting along by going into Status, selecting a character 
and pressing the L + R buttons together. Faces will appear showing how long 
the selected character is getting on with the others.

You can use the L button to escape sometimes if the enemy is weak. Of 
course, you can't run from boss battles.

Note that there is a hint in the new Alchemy Research building that walking 
will lower the chances of encountering enemies.

7. Alchemy

Alchemy in the game works by making use of cards. There are generally, 4 types 
of cards - Metal (Grey), Stone (Orange), Nature (Green) and Darkness 
(Purple). Cards also have 2 numbers in black on them. These are the mass 
(left) and the value (right). The Roman number in the centre represents the 
level which increases depending on how many cards you combine.

All cards combine to increase the mass and value apart from the Darkness 
cards. These cards lower those numbers. There are 2 rules to combining 
cards. They are:

1. Neither the mass or value may exceed 7 or reach 0 when combining cards.
2. Card combinations can't exceed level 5.

It's fairly easy to combine them when you need to solve a puzzle or use 
them in battle. 

Selecting your cards for combining works the same way in both battles and 
on the map.

First, select the card with the type you want to create by using the A 
button. Then select the other cards you want to combine it with. Any 
selected cards are raised and can be deselected by using the B button. Once 
you have your cards selected, press A again on a card you have already 
selected and you'll start combining.

In battles, a list of unknown and known moves will appear afterwards. 
Select the one you want to execute and Ed will use it. Any unknown moves 
you use will be recorded so that you know what they are the next time. You 
do not have to combine 2 or more cards to execute a move. One card on its 
own will work too.

As for alchemy on the map when you need to solve a puzzle, you'll reach the 
alchemy screen. Here, after you've selected your cards, press A a couple of 
times and you'll reach a small menu. It has the options Manipulate, Use, 
Discard and Return. Choose the first option "Manipulate" on the small menu 
to combine your cards. After you've done that, press A three times on the 
new card and choose the first option to use it.

If you only select one card there will only be 3 options on the menu 
that appears and Manipulate won't be there.

You can only discard cards on the Alchemy screen and not during battles. A 
quicker way of discarding cards without using the menu is to select your 
cards then use the R button. Then press A to answer yes to confirm.

When throwing away cards, the type of ground you're standing on will 
increase the chance of that type of card appearing. e.g. You're standing on 
soil. That means Nature soil cards are more likely to appear.

8. Walkthrough

Before you start the game, you might want to make a copy of the locations 
section and use it as a checklist throughout the game. This will help you 
locate all those cats and tools later on.

As with the last game, you have the options of Continue, New Game and Link 
at the title screen. So, lets pick New Game and get started!

Man:            You were a real help coming round to tune it for me.

Winry:          Not at all, you're nearby anyway.
                But when you think the Auto Mail's going bad...
                You should first do a little maintenance yourself first.
Man:            Well, I know that but I've been lazy.

Winry:          Everyone says that...
                But, when you get blisters from doing maintenance 
                You get to like your Auto Mail more and more!
Man:            I know, I know.
                I'll do some simple maintenance work from now on.
Winry:          Well, if anyway happens, please contact me again.

Man:            You got it.
                Take care.
Winry:          I will~

A big explosion is heard...

Winry:          What the?!

Winry runs in the direction of the sound.

Winry:          This is... What happened...?

                Oh no!
                I'll help!
Soldier:        Thanks!
                They're helping the injured people over there!
                Help them please!
Winry:          Got it!

Guy:            Hey, there's someone under here!
                Give me a hand!
Soldier:        Uh, yeah. Wait a minute!
                Be right there!
Guy:            Hurry up!

Soldier:        Hey, you come over here too!

The 2 soldiers run over to help the guy while Winry goes see what she can 
do to help.

Winry:          Please let me help too.

Soldier:        Thanks!


Al:             Nii-san!
                We're in big trouble!
                {Nii-san means older brother.}
Ed:             Wha- What is it, Al.

Al:             Nii-san, we haven't phoned Winry yet!
                About going to her for maintenance!
Ed:             We don't have to do something as bothersome as that.

Al:             I don't knoooow.
                Winry will be mad.
Ed:             ....
                You really think she will be?
Al:             Yeah. But she'll only be angry at you so it has nothing to 
                do with me.
                I wonder if Pinako Bacchan is doing well.
                {"Bacchan" is just another way of saying "Baa-chan" which 
                  means old lady.}
Ed:             Allllllll.

Man:            Oh, it's been a while!

                You're small as usual~
Ed:             Did you just say I'm super micro?

Man:            I didn't go that far.
                Right, Al?
Al:             Yeah, yeah.
                Nii-san, you're being paranoid.
Ed:             Grrrrrr!

Man:            By the way.
                Did you know what happened?
Al:             Are you talking about the explosion incidents that's been 
                happening around the country?
Man:            Yeah yeah.
                It's become very insecure.
                Hey, Ed.
                Do you think an explosion will happen in this town too?
Ed:             I don't know about that.
                But you know, what they're targetting are the military 
                I don't think they'll attack a rural village like this but, 
                it might be best if you be on your guard.
Man:            You're right...
                But can't the military do anything about it?
Al:             At the moment, there doesn't seem to be any great 
                activities huh...
Ed:             And because of that even I, a national alchemist have to 
                take the burden.
Man:            Hahaha, that's great of you.

                It's been a long time since you came back home right?
                How about giving everyone in the village a visit?
Ed:             Yeah!

Al:             That's what we were planning!

Head on up and Al will suddenly stand still.

Ed:             What's wrong, Al?

Al:             ....

                It's a car!
Ed:             Allllllllll!
                What are you doing!
Al:             We- Well I er...
                I thought we could maybe travel together...
                ...Can't we?
Ed:             It's obvious that you can't!!

Al:             It'll be fine. Come on, come on!

Ed:             Can't, can't, can't!

Al:             It'll be fine, Nii-san!
                Just like the journey we had last time, they come to be of 
                I'm sure this time they'll be able to help too!
Ed:             Man... Guess it can't be helped~

Al:             Alright!
                Thanks, Nii-san!
                Come on, lets go Nii-san!
Ed:             Oh man...

Al:             Ah, oh yeah!
                If there's something you don't know, press the R button.
                I'll give you advice as much as I can!

So, now you can explore Rizenbeul a bit or just head to the front of 
Winry's place to the west when you're ready.

Pinako:         Ed and Al?
                Welcome back.
Ed:             You've done that so many times, it's not going to work!

Winry:          Geez!!
                I've told you so many times already!
Al:             Phone before we come right?

Winry:          Yes!
                Al knows.
                And you, Ed!!
Ed:             Ah~ Yeah yeah.
                I know!
                I said I would phone before coming when I feel like it.
Pinako:         Never mind. Come in.
                We can't do maintenance here.
Al:             Yeah, Nii-san.
                Den, come here.
Den:            Woof!

Winry:          ...Welcome home.
                Come in.
Ed:             Ah, yeah.


Winry:          You've been doing some simple maintenance right?

Ed:             Ah.. Kind of.
                Right, Al?
Al:             Ye- Yeah.

Winry:          Listen to me!
                It's my best masterpiece so you have to take care of it!
Ed:             I said I know.
                ...It's a precious Auto Mail so tune it properly please.
Winry:          Got it!!

Winry starts her maintenance work on Ed's arm.

Winry:          Before this, there was an explosion incident in the town I 
                went to do maintenance.
Ed:             What?!

Winry:          It was a military building that was targetted.
                But, the citizens got involved too and there were people 
                who died too.
Al:             Winry, did you get injured?

Winry:          No, I'm alright.
                Hey, Ed, Al.
Ed:             Wha- What?

Winry:          A national alchemist...
                Is... a soldier right?
Ed:             Uh, yeah.
                Well, that's how it is...
Winry:          You two have to be careful...
                You two are always pushing yourselves too far after all!
Ed:             Ye- Yeah...

Al:             I'll watch Nii-san so that he doesn't go on a rampage so 
                don't worry, Winry.
Winry:          I'm counting on you, Al. If Ed was left alone, we don't 
                know what he would do!
Ed:             Heh... Who cares about that.
                Just hurry up and finish the maintenance work.
Winry:          It's done.
                Try moving.
Ed:             You should have told me that sooner.

                Oh yeah, feels good!
Winry:          Does, doesn't it?
                That's why you have to come back for regular maintenance!
Ed:             Yeah yeah.
                ...Sorry for all the trouble, Winry.
Winry:          It's my job!

Pinako:         Ed, Al.
                There's a guest here for you.
Ed:             For us?

Pinako:         Once the maintenance is over, come down.

Ed:             Got it.

Al:             I wonder what it is, Nii-san.

Ed:             Who knows.


Ed:             Hey, you guys.
                What's up?
Kids:           Ummm!
                There's some strangers at the barn just outside the 
Al:             Strangers...?
                What about them?
Kids:           They've got a lot of wounds and lots of blood coming out.

Ed:             ...That's unusual.

Winry:          ....

Ed:             Alright!
                We'll just go and have a little look.
Kids:           Really?!

Ed:             Yeah, just leave it to us!

Al:             No need to worry.
                You kids wait here.
Kids:           OK!

Pinako:         Be careful.

Ed:             I know, Bacchan.
                Lets go, Al.
Al:             Yeah.

Winry:          Wait, I'm going too.

Al:             Yo- You can't.

Winry:          They're injured right, those people?
                I'll carry out first aid.
Ed:             Guess it can't be helped...
                Lets hurry it up.
Winry:          OK.

                Sorry to keep you waiting!
Ed:             Alright!
                Lets head for the barn!
At the barn...

Ed:             Hey. What business do you have here?

Men:            ....

Ed:             I heard there's someone injured there.
                OK if we go in?
Winry:          Hey, they look like REAL dangerous people.
                Is it OK to talk to them so lightheartedly like that?
Al:             It's so that they'll let their guard down.

Winry:          Really?

Al:             ...Probably.

Winry:          Haa... I wonder if it's going to be alright.

Ed:             What's with the silence?

Man:            Who... are you...

Ed:             That should be my line!
                It's obvious isn't it?
                We're from this village.
Man:            Heh!
                We'll get rid of you!
Ed:             Hoho, so that's what you're here for!
                A lot of thirst for blood.
Winry:          Huh?!

Ed:             Winry, get back.

Winry:          O- OK.

Breaks into battle...

Ed:             Man, what's with these guys?

Al:             Nii-san, you mustn't let your guard down!
                You remember how to fight?
Pick "Yes" and refer to the Battles section instead. Al will remind you 
that you can go to East City's Alchemy Research Lab if there's something 
you don't know.

After the thieves leave silently...

Winry:          .....

Al:             Winry, Winry.
                Are you alright?
Winry:          ....Huh? Ah, I'm alright.
                It's the first time I've been through this sort of thing so 
                I was a little shocked.
Ed:             ....

                That's no good.
                Maybe you should have waited back there.
Winry:          I said I'm alright!
                I'm fine, no problems.
                Now the injured person.
                You two are used to battles huh.
                ...Does this happen a lot?
Al:             No- Not at all!
                Not at all!
Winry:          You're military personnel after all.
                You get dangerous situations...
Al:             Like I said, not at all.
                Right, Nii-san.
Ed:             Uh, er, yeah. He's right...

                Who's that... girl?
Al:             Isn't it... one of the villagers?

Winry:          No, I haven't seen her in the village before.
                But just before this I...
Ed:             That's suspicious.
                Could she be a friend of that lot back there?
Al:             Nii-san, having a look at the injured person is more 
                important right now.
Ed:             Oops, forgot what my purpose was.

Man:            Urgh...

                Who- Who is it?!
Winry:          We're people from this village.
                The children told us there was an injured person here.
Man:            Thank goodness.
                I got away huh...
Winry:          I have to aid him quick!

Man:            Young lady...
                I have... a favour to ask of you.
                I was..
                A member of the organisation "Reperarey" who destroys the 
                military facilities...
Ed:             Reperarey...?

Al:             Who destroys the military facilities...
                You mean those explosion incidents?!
Man:            ...I thought they were an organisation who objected against 
                the military activities...
                I... didn't think I would be involved with the explosion 
                Finding that out...
                I left the organisation and...
                ...This is how I ended up...
Ed:             ...So, what favour is it you wanted to ask...?

Al:             Nii-san, we have to treat him now!

Man:            It... It doesn't matter about me...

                Pass on... to the military...
                That... the Reperarey's next target is...
                The Eastern HQ...
Ed:             What!

Winry:          No!

Man:            Tell the military... quick
Ed:             Hey!
                When is it!
Winry:          Hey, Ed!

Man:            Hu... Hurry and tell them...
                I don't want... to involve...
                More... Citi... zens.
Winry:          We understand...
                We tell them!
Man:            Thank... you...

Winry:          He's dead...
                When I touched him, his body temperature was already low.
Ed:             I see.
                We must let everyone know about this person.
Al:             Yeah.

Winry:          I'm sorry I couldn't save you.

Back in Pinako's house.

Pinako:         Wow...
                Those suspicious lot weres troublesome.
Ed:             Reperarey huh...
                They cut the phone wires and ran.
                They're a very cautious lot.
Al:             Now that we can't use the village's phone, we'll have to go 
                to East City.
Ed:             We'll do that.
                Heh, it would have been simple to report to them by phone 
Al:             If that's what we decided then lets hurry and go.

Winry:          I'm going too!!

Pinako:         Winry, what are you saying!

Ed:             She can say that again.
                Why do you have to come with us?!
Winry:          I'm the one who promised that man.
                It's obvious that I have to go too!
Ed:             Is that the problem?

Al:             Yeah.

Ed:             We're going to do a proper report there.
                What are you going to do about your work?
Winry:          Since Bacchan is here, there won't be any problems.

Pinako:         Winry, why do you have to go too?

Winry:          If I'm with them, I maybe of help in crucial moments.
Pinako:         That face means you won't listen no matter what we say...

Winry:          Yeah.

Ed:             Heh, guess it can't be helped.
                Well, we're just going to report so I guess it won't be 
                But it's not for fun!
Winry:          I know, I know!

Pinako:         Ed, Al.
                Take care of Winry.
Ed:             Yeah, we will.

Al:             It'll be alright!
                I'll be sure to keep an eye on her.
Winry:          Come on!
                Lets head for East City!
Ed:             ... Hey hey.
                Why are you so enthusiastic...
Al:             Hahaha.

On the train.

Winry:          ....

Ed:             ....

Al:             No- Now that I think about it, all 3 of us don't get to go 
                out much together huh~
                Ni- Nii-san!
Ed:             Er, uh, yeah.
                Surely has been a long time.
                After I became a national alchemist we haven't gone back to 
                Rizenbeul much after all.
Winry:          Yeah...
                It wish you guys would stay longer sometimes...
Ed:             Yeah, that's right...

Men:            Don't move.
                Hand out your valuables and you won't get hurt!
Winry:          Eeeeee- Ed!
                Tr- Train robbers!
Ed:             When the train was attacked before this, it was a middle 
                aged man named Bald that was the crook.
Al:             It was.

Winry:          What? It happened before too?

                What kind of travels are you guys on...
Al:             We don't know why but as along as it's a train that we're 
                on, robbers always appear.
Winry:          What do you mean?!

Man:            Hey, you brats over there.
                Stop murmuring!
Al:             Ah, sorry!
                We'll be quiet!
                Nii-san, what shall we do?
Ed:             How bothersome...
                Guess we need to do something.
                Lets go get rid of the crooks!
Man:            You go tell the boss that all the carriages are under our 
                surveillance now.
Man 2:          Right, Aniki.
                Well, I'm off.
Al:             Nii-san, it's time...

Ed:             Yeah.
                Lets get this over with!
Winry:          Wa- Wa- Wait!
                Will it be alright?!
Ed:             Yeah, leave it to us.
                You wait here.
Winry:          Humph!
                I'm going too!
Ed:             Wha-?!

Winry:          Quit complaining!

Ed:             ....

Talk to the man sitting near the exit to gain some 3 healing supplements. 
Afterwards, continue on to the end of the train and go onto the roof. 
Follow the roof and you'll find Bald.

Al:             Hmmm?
                Nii-san, look.
                Isn't that Bald?
Ed:             Ah, it really is.

Bald:           Wh- What!
                What are you two here!
Ed:             That should be my line.
                Since when did you finish your sentence and got out?
Bald:           Heh, I escaped.
                How can I stay in a place like that!
Ed:             Heh, must have been terrible.

Bald:           Shut up!

Al:             Winry, let us introduce to you.
                This person is called Bald and his hobby is robbing trains.
Bald:           Don't introduce me!
                And it's not a hobby!
Winry:          Wh- What a crazy hobby...

Bald:           Like I said, it's not like that!

Ed:             Oh, really?
                I'm sure you said robbing trains and then being caught is 
                your hobby...
                Right, Al.
Al:             Yeah, Nii-san.

Bald:           How can there be anyone like that!!

Ed:             But you know, you're caught by us again this time and 
                you're going back to prison.
Bald:           You won't get me!
                My Auto Mail has been powered up this time!
                It won't be like before!
                Prepare yourselves!

Breaking into battle.

Bald:           This time I won't lose!
                I'm going to clear up the hatred I've gathered all these 
Ed:             What a persistent guy.
                Well, can't be helped if it's a hobby.
Bald:           I SAID it isn't a hobby!

After you defeat Bald.

Bald:           Why!
                Why can't I win!
Ed:             I told you didn't I?
                You're going back to prison again.
Back on the train.

Al:             That's the incident settled.
                Now it's just that matter with the military...
Ed:             Unfortunate for him that we're always on the trains he 
Al:             Yeah.

Winry:          That Auto Mail that Bald had...

                I really want a good look at it!
                Can't I just have a look?
Ed:             Wha!!
                It's obvious you can't!
Al:             Hahaha.

                Ah, looks like we've reached the station.
Outside the station.

Winry:          Hmmmmmmmm!
                We've arrived at East City.
                It's been such a long time!
Ed:             There's no time to relax.
                We have to report the case to the colonel quick...
Winry:          Yo- You're right.
                Lets hurry!

So, if you've played the first game, you'll know where the East HQ is 
located. Head on north to the HQ. Go in and go into the room furthest to 
the left.

Hawkeye:        Oh, it's Edward-kun.
                It's been a long time.
Ed:             Same here.

Al:             First Liutenant Hawkeye, hello.

Hawkeye:        Hello to you too, Alphonse-kun.

Winry:          It's been a while, Riza-san.

Hawkeye:        Oh, Winry-chan's here too.
                What's going on?
Ed:             We're here to see the colonel...

Mustang:        Oh?
                You have business with me?
                It's been a while, Haganeno.
                You found what you were looking for?
Ed:             I'd like to find it quick too.
                I hope you'll provide me with some information.
Mustang:        If I have anything, I'll let you know.
                However, I can't let you know for free.
Ed:             But I have info that the colonel won't want to miss out.

Mustang:        I hate to be in your debt but... lets hear the info first.
                What sort of info is it?
Ed:             Information that the East HQ will become the bomber's 
                target soon...
Mustang:        What!
                Is it true?
Winry:          It's true.

                A person who escaped the organisation arrived at our 
                village and asked us to tell you...
Mustang:        Organisation...?

Ed:             Yeah.
                The ones who are only aiming for all the military 
                facilities and bombing them.
Mustang:        This is unexpected...
                We must be prevent it!
                This may affect my promotion...
Winry:          Huh?

Mustang:        Uh, I mean...
                We have to do something, yeah.
Hawkeye:        By the way, Edward-kun.
                Is there anything you know about that organisation?
Ed:             Just that they're a party that's taking actions to 
                object against the military.
                Oh, and the organisation's name
                It seems they go by the name of "Reperarey".
Hawkeye:        Reperarey...

Mustang:        In any case, if that story is true then we must fight at 
                First lieutenant Hawkeye, emergency situation!
Hawkeye:        Yes sir!

Mustang:        By the way, Haganeno. Do you know there's a convenient 
                communication device in this world known as the telephone?
Ed:             I know that!
                All the phone lines in the village were cut!
                This was faster than sending you a letter!
Mustang:        Then you could have used a phone somewhere else...

Big explosion.

Winry:          What the?!

Hawkeye:        Colonel!!

Mustang:        We didn't make it huh...
                First lieutenant, lets head to the scene!
Ed:             We're going too!

Al:             Yeah!

If you try the front door, it won't open. Must have been affected by the 
explosion. So you'll have to go round the back.

Just as you head into the courtyard, there's a black cat in the top left 
corner. Next make your way along the path to the right.

Man:            I can hear a voice from underneath!

Blonde Man:     There's someone hurt.
                What shall we do?
Woman:          It's dangerous.
                Don't come any nearer please.
Man:            Get the ambulance quick!

Ed:             Colonel. The current situation's in chaos.

Mustang:        I know.
                I'll handle it.
                Everyone, listen well!
                I will handle this now.
                Soldiers will remove the rubble and rescue the ones who are 
                All citizens keep away please!
Ed:             What shall we do?

Mustang:        I want you to fix the wall with your alchemy.

Ed:             OK.

Al:             Nii-san, what's wrong?

Ed:             I feel as if...
                We're being watched by someone.
Al:             What?!

Winry:          Ah, that person...

Ed:             That girl we saw at Rizenbeul.

Al:             Yeah.
                I wonder if she's linked to the bombing incidents?
Ed:             Lets ask her.

                Hey you!
Girl:           ?!

Ed:             H- Hey!!

Mustang:        Haganeno, did something happen?

Ed:             I didn't tell you back there but the man who gave us the 
                info was being pursued by the organisation...
                We had a fight with them there in Rizenbeul but...
                There was a girl who was watching us at the time.
Mustang:        Oh?

Ed:             She was there just now...
                But she left after I called out to her...
Al:             It's because you called to her in a rough way.

Ed:             Me?
                Was I the one who was wrong?
Mustang:        Of course, Haganeno.
                You must be more of a gentleman when talking to ladies...
Ed:             ....

Hawkeye:        Colonel, now isn't the time for such matters...

Ed:             I know! We might know something about this incident if we 
                try talking to that girl.
Mustang:        ...Umm. Alright, I'll go.
                Haganeno, you will accompany me.
                First lieutenant Hawkeye, you too.
Hawkeye:        Yes sir.

Winry:          ....

                I will go too!
Ed:             Wha?!
                What are you talking about, Winry!
Winry:          Take me with you!
                I want to be of some use!
Ed:             No!

Winry:          Ed, please!

Ed:             Al!

Al:             Ye- Yes?!

Ed:             You and Winry help here.

Al:             O- OK, I understand.

Winry:          Ed!

Ed:             Don't make me say it again.

Al:             Winry, lets do what we can for now.

Winry:          ...Yeah.
                Sorry... Ed.
                Be careful.
Ed:             Colonel, lets go.

Mustang and Ed leaves.

Hawkeye:        ...Winry-chan.

                Edward-kun won't overdo it. I'll be watching over him so 
                don't worry.
Winry:          Riza-san...
                Thank you.
If you go towards the centre and talk to the man in the yellow shirt, he'll 
tell you that a girl ran to the west. So head on west and talk to the man 
there. He'll say that a suspicious person ran into the sewers.

Once inside...

Mustang:        Would a girl run into such a place?

Ed:             But there's people who saw her come in here...

Hawkeye:        Lets search as much as we can.

Head on north until you find a green button. Use it to lower a bridge. 
Return to the entrance and head east across the bridge. Hit the switch near 
the bottom and continue north into the next area.

Go north to find another switch then return to the entrance and cross the 
bridge you lowered. Ignore the first path and continue west til you reach a 
stream. Jump across and make your way up to find a switch. Return to the 
area you ignored earlier and go north pass the first area. Search the 
barrels to the left for a healing supplement and the pots to the right for 
an anditote drop then into the next area.

In the 2 grey pots here you'll find an anditote drop and a relaxing mint. 
To move onto the next area, follow the path that's against the wall round. 
Jump across the twice then drop down and jump left. Drop all the way down 
then make your way up the large stairs. You'll find a healing supplement in 
the pots just before you go into the next area.

Ed sees the guys that were in Rizenbeul...

Ed:             What's with those guys.

Mustang:        There's something I want to ask you guys...

Man:            Huh!
                You're that Roy Mustang bastard!
Man 2:          Ah!
                They've found our hideout already?!
Man:            We're the Reperarey organisation who liberate the 
                citizens and destroyed the military HQ!
Hawkeye:        Colonel, it's good that we now know who the culprits are.

Man:            What???

Mustang:        Yeah, we were just going to ask you if you saw a suspicious 
Man:            What?!

Ed:             ...What stupid culprits.

Man:            Ack, we're busted!

Man 2:          We'll leave this place to you!
                We'll go report this.
Man:            Got it!

Into battle...

Ed:             Didn't take long to find the crooks who caused the bombing 
                this time.
Man:            Don't think you'll catch us that easily!

After you win...

Hawkeye:        Looks like the lady that Edward-kun saw isn't here.

Ed:             But there was info that she ran into these sewers.

Hawkeye:        If you think about it, you heard the words "suspicious 
                person" but...
                You didn't hear anything about a "suspicious girl"...
Mustang:        Now that you mention it, you're right.

Ed:             No- Now that we've caught a few of the ones responsible, it 
                doesn't matter does it!
Hawkeye:        ....

Mustang:        Yeah, you're right.
                So, lets get back to HQ for now.
Back at HQ...

Mustang:        We've managed to solve the bombing incident now somehow but 
                we can't write the cases off as completely dealt with yet.
Hawkeye:        Originally we were appointed with the investigation of the 
                bombing incidents. Wouldn't this be a good time to do so?
Mustang:        Well, I still have to deal with the aftermath.
                That's where you come in, Haganeno.
                You shall investigate the bombing incidents in place of me.
Ed:             I refuse!

Winry:          Huh?

Ed:             Why do I have to do the colonel's work?

Mustang:        I think that you also have some responsibility in how we 
                couldn't prevent the bombing incident.
Ed:             Argh...

Al:             Nii-san, what the colonel says is right.

Mustang:        So I want you to take responsibility for bringing the news
                Right, first lieutenant?
Hawkeye:        ....

Ed:             Urgh... Bu- But.

Winry:          Ed!!
                You're a national alchemist, right?!
Ed:             I am but...

Winry:          Then you have the duty to work so that the townspeople may 
                live in safety, don't you?
Mustang:        It's just as she says, Haganeno.

Winry:          Lets solve the bombing case.
                Come on, Ed.
Ed:             ...OK.
                All I need to do is to it right?
Winry:          Yeah!

Mustang:        I see. I'm counting on you.

Ed:             So, Colonel.
                What info do we have relating to the bombing incidents?
Mustang:        At present, we don't have much info relating to the 
                criminal organisation.
                What we do have is the organisation's name...
                The stupid culprits there just mentioned it...
Hawkeye:        The People's Liberation Organisation "Reperarey".

Mustang:        Ummm.
                Then we know about that girl...
Ed:             Her.

Mustang:        Re-investigate all the bombing incidents.

Ed:             Then we might be able to gather some info.

Mustang:        Ummm.

Ed:             Winry!

Winry:          Yes!
                I'll go too!
Ed:             Go back to Rizenbeul.

Winry:          Why...
Ed:             We're up against the ones responsible for the bombing 
                We're not playing around!
Winry:          I'm not planning to play around!
                I know about the dangers and I'm going with you!
Ed:             You don't have the power to fight against the criminals do 
                you! You'll drag us down!
Winry:          How...

Al:             Winry.
                Nii-san's just worried about you...
Winry:          I said I'm prepared for danger!

                I want to help you two...
Ed:             You CAN'T come! Go home!

Winry:          ...I won't give you any more maintenance.
                Are you OK with that?
Hawkeye:        Edward-kun. Winry-chan can go if she has the power to 
                fight, right?
Ed:             ...Ye- Yeah.

Hawkeye:        Winry-chan, take out your hand.

Mustang:        First lieutenant Hawkeye!
                You can't hand over a military gun to a citizen.
Hawkeye         Colonel, this gun belongs to me.
                I'll give her a permit to have a gun.
Ed:             First Lieutenant Hawkeye.
                Please don't do such unnecessary things.
Hawkeye:        Edward-kun.
                Those that are prepared are strong.
Winry:          Ed, please...

Ed:             ...OK.
                But you must contact Bacchan.
Winry:          OK.
                I'll contact her after the phones are fixed.
                Thanks, Ed.
Al:             I will definitely protect you, Winry.

Winry:          Thanks, Al.

                Riza-san, thank you.
Hawkeye:        It's OK.
                Take care.
                For the sake of the person you want to protect.
Winry:          I will. But...
                But this gun is frightening as it is now...
A moment later...

Winry:          A paralysis gun!
                Since my goal is just to support, this will be enough!
Mustang:        Before you go off on your investigation about the bombing 
                incidents, there's another case I want you to help me with.
Al:             Is it in a hurry?

Mustang:        Yeah. There's been complaints from the residents at Mount 
                Tedesco about mountain thieves.
                I want you to get rid of those thieves by all means.
Ed:             Man, why do we have to do these things that'll be credited 
                to him...
Mustang:        Did you say something?

Ed:             Nothing!
                We're heading for Mount Tedesco!
Mustang:        We'll be going with you on this case.

                I want you to cooperate so that we'll finish it quick.
Ed:             Yeah yeah, we'll cooperate.

Hawkeye:        Winry-chan, it's your chance to show off your 
Winry:          Yes, I'll do my best!

At Mount Tedesco...

Winry:          There's mountain thieves in this mountain?

Ed:             Yeah, so we've heard.

Winry:          I haven't seen a mountain thieve before but...
                I wonder if they're full of muscles...?
Ed:             Eurgh!
                If they're like Major Armstrong then I'll pass.
Al:             Nii-san, that has nothing to do with it.
                They're bad people who are causing trouble.
?:              Heh, bad people. You talking about us?

2 guys appear...

Mustang:        I presume you are the ones responsible for making Mount 
                Tedesco into your HQ?
Guy:            We're just the henchmen.
                We're here to kick annoying bastards like you out of here.
Ed:             Oh~
                So what are you planning to do?
Guy:            Obvious isn't it!
                We're going to mince you!!
In battle...

Winry:          I wonder if I'll be able to hit them...

Hawkeye:        First try attacking them and see.

Winry:          Yes maam.

After you win...

Winry:          It's no good at all...
                At this rate, I'm going to be a burden...
Hawkeye:        Everyone doesn't do well at first.
                That's why they need training.
Winry:          But there's no time to train...

Hawkeye:        Then Winry-chan, first grasp the gun firmly with your 2 
                There's a point at the tip of the gun right?
                Hold it towards the place you want to aim at.
                Then with your right hand holding the gun, use your left 
                hand to support it.
Winry:          OK... Like this?

Hawkeye:        Yes yes. Now you can steady it.
                Now it's just experience.
Winry:          Thank you!

Ed:             Alright, then lets go.

I don't know what it's for but, if you follow your path to your right up 
the mountain then drop down, you'll find a bandana in the grey pot there 
that's next to a barrel. If you go into the items menu it says it's an 
"essential for working with Auto Mails". There's no way to equip it or 

Continue upwards and you'll find that one of the thieves has destroyed the 
bridge. Now you need a nature log card so that you can use alchemy and 
create one again. The card is green with a high mass and low value. So, 
what you want is to create one because chances are, you won't obtain one 
that easily.

What you need is a nature card of any sort with a low value and high mass. 
Then you must combine it with another card of any type with a low value 
and high mass. You'll see a picture of a log on your new card to the left 
of the alchemy screen if you've done it right. Refer to the Alchemy section 
for more info on combining cards.

After you've used the right card, a short animation will take place.

Ed:             Perfect!

Winry:          Alchemy is convenient huh!

Mustang:        Yes, with Haganeno here he can be of some use.

Ed:             Sometimes you can do it yourself...

Mustang:        What?

Ed:             Nothing!

Mustang:        Then lets go on.

Follow the path up and you'll come to a water spring.

Ed:             Oh, a water spring!
                Just when my throat's dry too!
                It's so good!
                Everyone, have a drink!
Winry:          Waa! It's really delicious!
                It's so refreshing after all that excitement.
Hawkeye:        Your hit rate's gone up.
                No problems.
Winry:          Yes!

Al:             Winry can maintain guns well too huh.
                You really do like mechanics.
Ed:             Not just "like".
                She's a maniac. A maniac.
Winry:          Ed!
                Did you say something?!
Ed:             !!
Winry:          Humph!

Mustang:        So, lets hurry on.
                I want to resolve this before the day sets.
Hawkeye:        You're right.
                Lets go.
You can now use the water spring to replenish your HP. If you jump right 
from here and follow the path, you'll find some barrels and a pot. Inside 
you'll find a healing supplement and a oil for rust. The oil increases an 
Auto Mail's attack power.

Follow the path up from the spring and you'll come across two pots. They 
contain some candy and one shot of adrenaline that will double your attack
power on your next attack.

Continue up to the mountain peak and you'll find a small house.

Al:             I wonder if that small house is their hideout?

Ed:             Oh, someone's coming out.

Guy:            Who the hell are you!

Mustang:        We are from the military.
                We received complaints from the residents at the foot of 
                the mountain.
Guy:            And what about it?!

Ed:             It's obvious we're here to arrest you.

Guy:            Interesting!
                I can let out some of my rage!
In battle...

Hawkeye:        Winry-chan.
                Show me...
                What you learned at Mount Tedesco.
Winry:          Yes Maam.

Ed:             But don't overdo it.

Winry:          I know.

After you win.

Winry:          Thank goodness!
                Now the residents at the bottom of Mount Tedesco can live 
                in safety.
Al:             Winry, looks like you can fight too.

Winry:          Yeah.
                With this paralysis gun, I can back you two up!
Hawkeye:        I'm glad it helped.

Winry:          Yes, thank you!

Ed:             ....

Mustang:        Well, lets get back to the East HQ.

Back at HQ...

Mustang:        From her actions earlier, I think there's no need to fear 
                that she will be a burden to you...
Ed:             Hmm?
                Ah, yeah but...
Hawkeye:        I think there will be no problems too.

Mustang:        Then I shall officially add her as a member of the bombing 
                investigation team.
Ed:             He- Hey!!
                What are you doing that for...
Winry:          Ummm... I don't think I want to cooperate with the 
Al:             Wait Winry!

Winry:          Ed and Al...
                I want to help them!
Ed:             Winry...

Winry:          I don't want to join in under the supervision of the 
Mustang:        I don't mind.
                Do as you like.
Winry:          Yes sir.

Mustang:        With that, Haganeno.
                I will entrust you with the investigation of the case with 
                the serial bombings.
Ed:             ....Guess I don't have a choice.
                Winry, I can agree to participate with us but...
                Don't overdo it!
Winry:          OK, I understand!

Ed:             Alright, we'll be done with this case quick!

Al:             Before that, Winry has something to do.

Ed:             Yeah, you're right.

Winry:          Al, Ed...
                I'll do my best!
Al:             Win- Winry!

Ed:             You're too enthusiastic...

                So, what info came in?
Mustang:        I'm sorry but I'm not done dealing with the last bombing 
                incident so...
                Information's all scattered about.
                Could you guys gather it yourselves?
Ed:             OK. Then that means first we track down the bombers who got 
Al:             Then lets ask around in East City.

Winry:          Yeah.

Ed:             Alright, lets go.

So, leave the HQ and head to the central area of East City. Talk to the 
stout lady standing to the left. She'll tell you that she saw a suspicious 
pair around the place. A male and a female. Now if you talk to the man in 
the yellow shirt, he'll say they went east so go into the east area.

Talk to the person with the blonde hair and black clothes. She'll say she 
saw them peeking through windows and browsing around trash. Go north and 
you'll find it was a false lead.

Return to the west area where the sewers were. Talk to the man there and 
he'll a dark skinned macho man along with a little girl carrying a doll 
passed by. Sounds familiar to Al. They're in the open grounds just further 

Winry:          Hey, you guys.
                There's something I'd like to ask...
Randy:          Ah! You guys!!

Cate:           Aaah! It's Yoroi-kun!!
                You been well?
                {"Yoroi" means armour. Nickname that Cate made up for Al 
                 from the first game.}
Ed:             Errrr, you guys are...
                Who are you?
Randy:          Guarrrr!
                I can't believe this!
                You've forgotten again!
                I can't forgive you for forgetting about such a nice guy!
Cate:           Yeah!
                Who cares about Randy-kun but forgetting me too?!
Randy:          Who cares?!
                WHO CARES?!
Winry:          Ed...
                You... know them?
Ed:             No, I don't.

Al:             Nii-san...
                Stop teasing them...
Randy:          Heh, guess I have no choice.
                Since it's our first appearance this time round,
                we'll introduce ourselves.
                My name is Randy Rover.
Cate:           I'm Cate Rham.

Randy:          For those of you who want to know what we done, play the 
                last game!
Ed:             ...And that's how it is.

Winry:          Uh- Hmmm...
                I kind of get it...
Randy:          Hey, Full Metal Alchemist!
                Isn't she a cute one!
                Your girl?
Ed:             No way!

Winry:          No way I would be!

                I'm his chi-ld-ho-od friend, Winry Rockbell!
                I'm an Auto Mail engineer.
Randy:          Oh, hi. Nice to meet you~

Cate:           Randy-kun!
                What are you blushing about!
Randy:          I- I'm not blushing!

Ed:             So what are you guys doing?

Cate:           Nothing to do with you.

Ed:             Grrrr!!

Cate:           Hey, Yoroi-kun. You been well?

Al:             Yeah, I've been well.
                Are you two with the military too now?
Cate:           We are. Just subordinates as usual.

Randy:          Cate, it's no good getting involved with these guys.
                Lets go.
Cate:           Randy-kun, shut up!!
                I want to talk to Yoroi-kun more!
Randy:          Ah, right.
                I'll be quiet.
Cate:           So, our job is to patrol the streets and ensure the safety.

Ed:             But the people are saying you're suspicious people.

Cate:           You're kidding! And we're helping to look for things and 
                patrolling secretly too.
Ed:             ...You're not doing your job.

Al:             Looking for things... Did you lose something?

Cate:           Yeah... A memento of Onii-chan.
                It's a mysterious metal that's warm when you touch it.
                {Onii-chan is another way of saying older brother.}
Al:             Lincor's...
                Ah, I mean Lincor-san's?
                {Without the "-san" affix it's impolite and since Lincor's 
                 dead now it's all the more reason to speak with respect.}
Randy:          Now that we've come to that part, Lincor is our boss!
                If you want the details, play Stray Rondo...
Cate:           Shut up, Randy-kun!

                Yes miss, sorry.
                ....I mean what the!
                That metal was given to me by the boss so it's not yours!
Cate:           Stop being stingy.

Ed:             More importantly, you guys should do your job properly...

Cate:           We ARE doing it properly!

Ed:             OK, OK.
                Haa... What a tiresome bunch.
                So in the end, the suspicious two were these guys huh.
Randy:          We're doing nothing suspicious.

Cate:           Yeah, yeah.
                We're working hard patrolling for the people of this town!
Ed:             OK, OK.
                But without info on the bombing incidents, we can't move 
Cate:           Hmmm...
                You're investigating the bombing incidents?
                Now that you mention it...
Ed:             You know something?

Cate:           I don't know about the bombing incidents but there's a 
                person who knows about those things.
Randy:          You mean that middle aged man?
                I don't like that rich I've got so much money attitude of 
Cate:           It has nothing to do with you!
                Just be quiet for a while.
Randy:          Damn it!
                Let me talk too!
Ed:             So, you saying that he might know something?

Cate:           I just feel he might.
                Just go try seeing him.
                You've reached a dead end anyway, haven't you?
Ed:             What's with the "anyway"?!

Al:             Nii-san, let it go!

Winry:          Yeah, Ed.
                It's true that we've reached a dead end.
Ed:             Grrr!
                You guys too!
Cate:           Aaah, he's mad.
                I don't like this...
                I won't tell you any more!
Al:             We want to solve the bombing incidents quick so that people 
                can go back to living in the towns without fear.
Cate:           You want to know?

Al:             Yeah, could you tell us?

Cate:           OK. I'll tell you since it's you.

                Got it?
Al:             Yeah, thanks.

Winry:          Wow~!
                Al's popular!
Al:             No- Not at all!
                Don't tease me, Winry.
Winry:          Don't blush.

Cate:           Well, good luck with your investigation.
                What are you doing, Randy-kun!
                Come on!
Randy:          Th- That's it?
                Being quiet was pretty boring...
                Uh, hey!
                Wait up!
Ed:             Haa... What a noisy bunch as usual...

                So, Al.
                What did she say?
Al:             Well, seems there's a person named Fagott-san who lives in 
                the northeast of East City.
Ed:             Northeast of East City huh...
                Right, lets go have a look!
Just before you leave East City through the main gates, pick up the cat to 
the right. Unlike the last game, it'll point out where your next 
destination is.

Outside Fagott's home.

Ed:             So this is Fagott's home that Cate was talking about.

Winry:          What a magnificent mansion...

Al:             Yeah, you're right.

Ed:             Hello!
                Anyone one home~?
Man:            Who may you be?

Ed:             I'm a national alchemist, Edward Elric.

                We want to see Fagott-san but...
Man:            A national alchemist you say...?

Winry:          Ummm, what's wrong?

Man:            Excuse me.
                I will ask my master.
                Please wait.
Ed:             I wonder what that silence was about...

Al:             Hmmm... Maybe he thought that you were lying about being a 
                national alchemist?
Winry:          Yeah. It's hard to believe a kid like this is a national 
Ed:             What!!

Winry:          You are a kid.
                I am and you are too.
                So is Al.
Ed:             ...It's true but it feels like you're making fun of me.

Winry:          You just think too much.
                Right, Al?
Al:             A kid huh...
                Nice ring to it...
Winry:          A- Al...

Man:            My master will see you.
                Please come in.

Man:            Allow me to guide you.

Going into a room...

Man:            Welcome.
                I am Cravis Fagott.
Ed:             I am...

Cravis:         I've heard the rumours about you,
                Full Metal Alchemist, Edward Elric-kun.
Ed:             Hi.

Cravis:         I didn't hink a national alchemist would come visit me.
                What could I do for you?
Ed:             Before we get to the subject, I want to ask you something.

Cravis:         What is it?

Ed:             Do you or anyone here have any grudge against national 
Cravis:         ...That we don't.
                To be honest, I was once a national alchemist myself.
                However, I didn't have the qualities to maintain that 
                position and I was deprived of it.
                For that reason, I got over emotional.
                Please forgive me.
Ed:             I see.
Cravis:         So, will you let me hear why you're here now?

Ed:             Ah, yeah.
                Do you know anything relating to the recent bombing 
                Especially about an organisation named Reperarey.
Cravis:         ....So you are the ones who are in charge of the bombing 
                incidents investigation?
Al:             Yes, that is right.
                The 3 of us are working together.
Cravis:         Hmmm... Young lady, you don't belong to the military do 
Winry:          No.
                I'm Winry Rockbell. An Auto Mail engineer.
Cravis:         I see. Even the citizens are helping.

Ed:             Fagott-san.
                I don't want to stray off the subject.
                I only have one thing I want to ask.
                Do you have information or not?
Cravis:         I can provide you with information but before that, will 
                you hear a request I have?
Al:             An exchange...?

Cravis:         No.
                I want to know your investigation abilities.
Ed:             A test huh.
                We can do that.
Cravis:         I wonder if you know of the existence of a weapon that 
                possesses the power of alchemy.
                I've seen it...
                What I saw was a weapon that made use of the power of red 
Al:             Ah, that time at Zenotime!

Winry:          What?

Al:             Well. There were brothers in a town named Zenotime who 
                mentioned our names...
                At that time, there was a person who used a weapon that 
                could do alchemy.
Winry:          Hmmm...

Cravis:         Red water...
                But it is too uncertain.
Ed:             I understand.
                The weapon that possesses the power of alchemy right?
                We'll try finding it!
Cravis:         Yes.
                I look forward to it.
Leave the house.

Ed:             I said we'll find it but...
                A weapon that possesses the power of alchemy.
                How are we going to find something like that?
Al:             I don't know. The books we read had nothing written in them 
                about it.
Ed:             Yeah...

Winry:          How about we look it up in the library...?

Ed:             Library huh...
                Well, we don't any other clues so lets do that.
Al:             The library's in Central City.

Ed:             Yeah.
                Lets head to Central.
So, head to Central Station on the map.

Al:             It's been such a long time since we've been at Central huh, 
Ed:             Yeah, you're right.

Winry:          Where's the library?

Al:             That over there is one of its extensions.

Winry:          Oh, it's just over there.
                But an extension...?
Al:             It's a library for national alchemist use only.

Ed:             There's all sorts of rare books there.

Winry:          Then lets hurry up and go!

Ed:             He- Hey, Winry!

So, head into the extension.

Ed:             Do you have any books relating to alchemy weaponry?

Lady:           Just a moment please.

                There you go.
Ed:             Thank you!
A moment later...

Ed:             It's no good... There's nothing written here about a weapon 
                that possesses the power to do alchemy at all...
Winry:          Isn't there anyone that's more familiar with these sort of 
                Like a bookworm that would say, "I know everything about 
Ed:             A bookworm huh...
                Ah, there is!
Al:             Sheska-san!

Ed:             Yeah, I'm sure Sheska would know...

Winry:          Wow~
                So there really is that kind of person~
                That's just me for you!
                Excellent advice!
Ed:             What are you on about...?

Al:             Sheska-san will be in the Tactics Conference Room.

Ed:             Alright, lets try there!

Once again, if you've played the first game, you should be familiar to 
where the room is. Go all the way north to Central HQ. Turn right at the 
reception, follow the path up and it's on your first right.

Hughes:         Yo!
                Ed, Al, long time no see.
                What's up?
Ed:             Hey, Lt. Colonel.

Al:             Lt. Colonel Hughes.
Hughes:         Oh, Winry-chan's here too!

Winry:          Hello.
                How's Elithia-chan?
Hughes:         She's doing great!
                Want to see her picture?
                No, how about going to my house to see her?
Winry:          Huh?!
                Ma- Maybe next time...
Hughes:         Don't hesitate!
                Come on!
Al:             L- Lt. Colonel!
                We're in a hurry.
                So maybe next time...
Hughes:         I see... That's a pity.
                So, why are you in a hurry?
Ed:             Well, we've been put in charge of the bombing 
Al:             We've got something we want to ask Sheska-san so...

Hughes:         Hmmm, Sheska huh?
                She's over there.
                Hey, Sheska~!
Sheska:         Haa~i, I'm back!

                Haa~, Lt. Colonel Hughes...
                You're not adding more work are you~?
Hughes:         No, you've got guests.

Ed:             Yo.

Sheska:         Oh, Edward-kun.
                And Alphonse-san too.
                What's the matter?
Ed:             We're looking for a book.
                So we thought you might know about it.
Sheska:         Haa, I see.
                So what sort of things are written in it?
Ed:             A book that has things written about a weapon that 
                possesses the power of performing alchemy...
                Do you know any?
                We tried searching the library but we couldn't find any by 
Sheska:         A weapon that has the power to perform alchemy hmmm...
                Ah, now that you mention it...
Ed:             You know something?!

Sheska:         Yes, something comes to mind...
                But unfortunately, it's not in the library.
Ed:             It's not in the library?
                Then where did you read it?
Sheska:         I didn't.
                When I was in the library, I heard rumours about it...
                That kind of book is in the General's archives.
Ed:             The General huh...
                Guess we'll have to ask.
Al:             Yeah, you're right Nii-san...

Sheska:         Anything else?

Ed:             Nothing.
                Sorry for bothering you during your work.
                You were a big help.
Sheska:         Not at all.
                Well, I'll get back to work.
                I've got so much work from Lt. Colonel Hughes...
Al:             Do- Do your best.

Sheska:         Hai~

Ed:             Lt. Colonel Hughes, we're off.

Hughes:         You guys never slow down as usual.
                Come again if you have the time.
                And to my place too.
Winry:          We will. Bye.

Go back to the reception and take the stairs to the left. Go up north and 
into the room at the end to talk to the General.

Bradley:        Full Metal Alchemist-kun, long time no see.
                What can I do for you?
Ed:             We've got something we want to ask...

Bradley:        Oh...
                So what is it about?
Ed:             Is there a book in the archives that mentions a weapon that 
                can perform alchemy?
Bradley:        ....Yes, I can say there is.

Ed:             Really?

Bradley:        Umm.

Ed:             Then please lend it to us!
                If you can't then at least let us read it!
Bradley:        I'm sorry but I can't do that.
                The General of the Military Archives only have books 
                that are all classified secrets of the country.
                That is why I can't permitt you to even have a look.
Ed:             I... see...

Bradley:        However, there maybe multiple copies of the books that 
                are in the archive.
Ed:             You mean the rare books...

Bradley:        Yes.
                But you may find them if you look.
                Don't give up and go find it.
Ed:             Haa...


Al:             It can't be helped.
                What the General says is true.
Winry:          But it's tough looking for rare books.

Al:             If it's about books then we should ask Sheska-san.
                Lets ask her about finding rare books.
Ed:             You're right.
                Lets return to the Tactics Conference Room.
So once you're back in the room, talk to Sheska again.

Sheska:         How was it?
                Was the book there?
Ed:             It's there but, it's a book that involves classified 
                secrets of the country so we can't read it.
Sheska:         I see...
                That's a pity.
Ed:             But the General said that multiple copies of it exist in 
                the world.
Sheska:         Rare books huh.

Al:             Yes.
                So we're wondering how we shoul go look for such rare 
Sheska:         Then you should go to Koko town.

Ed:             Where's "Koko"?
                {A pun here. "Koko" in Japanese means "here" so it sounds 
                 like Sheska is saying, "go to the town HERE". That's 
                 why Ed is asking.}

Sheska:         Like I said, Koko town.

Ed:             And like I said, where is "Koko"?!

...Big sweat drop.

Winry:          Ed, isn't "Koko" the name of the town?

Ed:             Wha?
                ....Is it?
Sheska:         Yes. The town called Koko is the paradise for bookworms.
                A sacred place for books!
Ed:             Ha... Haha...
                Uh, thanks.
                Lets go and see.
Sheska:         The town of Koko is east of Central City.

                Aaah, I'm so envious that you can go to Koko!
                I'm busy with work so...
Al:             Sheska-san, thanks for everything.

Sheska:         No no.
                Please have fun for me too!
So, lets leave Central City and go "here" :p

Al:             Nii-san, this is amazing!
                There's nothing but book shops here!
Ed:             Phew, you're right...
                We're going to look for it amongst them...?
                Isn't there any way to find it faster?
Winry:          If we hurry, we can get around town!
                Lets gather info on foot.
                Come on, lets go!
If you go right and go up the stairs, you'll find a man who's also looking 
for the store with books on alchemy but... He can't find it. It's actually 
fight behind him. There's a path at the back hidden by the building that 
sells romance novels. Go to the store then and talk to the man inside.

Man:            Welcome. We've got all sorts of books on alchemy in stock.
                What sort of book are you looking for?
Ed:             A book that has info written about a weapon that can 
                perform alchemy...
Man:            You're no amateur!
                Where did you get info about that!
Ed:             A middle aged man who only looks to things of physical 
                So, do you have it or not?
Man:            It is said that there exists only 3 copies of tha book in 
                the world...
Ed:             So that means you doing have it here...

Man:            Well, just listen.
                One is in the hands of the author.
                Another is in the archives of the General of the Army.
                And the remaining one is...!
                Is kept and treasured in my private collection!
Winry:          He has it here.

Al:             That's great, Nii-san.
                We found it right away.
Ed:             You're right.

Man:            You people...
                Are taking it lightly...
                There's ONLY 3 copies in the world!
                Be more surprised!
                If you don't then...
Ed:             Just hurry up and...

Al:             Wow!
                There's only 3 copies in the world and one of them's in 
                this bookshop?!
                That's AMAZING!!
Ed:             Al, what are you being so surprised about?

Al:             Nii-san, we have to get into the mood or he might not show 
                it to us!
Winry:          Hmmm.
                What Al says is right...
                That's our man!
                You're no ordinary collector are you?
Man:            Well, I'm pretty good.
                Huhuhu... It's not in the shop.
                I'm taking good care of it.
Winry:          He's falling for it more easily than I thought...

Al:             See?

Ed:             .... *Sweat Drop*

Al:             We can't possibly ask you to hand it to us.
                Let us read it please!
Man:            ...No.
                Even if you people read it, you wouldn't understand it.
Ed:             I'm a national alchemist.

Man:            What? Really?
                A small kid like you can become a national alchemist?
Ed:             ...Did you just call me a tiny national alchemist?!

Man:            I never said that. If you're going to be so short tempered, 
                go drink more milk.
Ed:             Don't call me short tempered!

Winry:          Yeah, go drink some milk.

Ed:             I hate milk!

Winry:          Daaaaa! You'll always be so pea-sized because you're 
                always saying that!

Ed:             Don't call me pea-sized!

Al:             He- Hey!
                What are you two doing?!
Ed:             Humph.

Al:             Um er...
                That's why we think we can understand it.
Man:            I see...
                The truth is, I'm running a bookstore but I'm really an 
Ed:             So?

Man:            The alchemy I can do isn't of a big deal.

Ed:             And?

Man:            I want you to show me what skills a national alchemist has.
                Then I'll let you read it.
Ed:             Really?
                So what do we do?
Man:            Make the material I ask you.
                That is... a tree card!
Ed:             That's enough?
                That's easy!
                Wait a minute!
                We're making a tree card.
Al:             A tree's a nature material card huh.

Ed:             Yeah.
                A card in which value and mass is high.
                It'll be a around 6-6.
                I'm sure there the ground in front of this shop was soil.
Al:             Yeah.
                I'm sure we can make a nature material card there.
Ed:             Alright, lets go.

If you first exit the shop and stand on top of the soil, nature cards will 
be more likely to appear now. So, go into the Alchemy screen and throw away 
some cards until you get the right combination for a Nature 6-6 card.

Now just talk to the man again and pick the first option to say, "I can do 
it!". Then use the 6-6 nature card you made. After that...

Ed:             How about this?
                I'm going to show you my power.
Man:            Without an alchemy circle?!
                Amazing! I'm touched!
Ed:             Just wait.
                I'll return it back to normal.
Man:            Hahaha, that's our alchemist!
                Alright, keep that up and make the next material!
                The next one is...
Ed:             Hey!
                Once is enough right!
                Don't make me do it so many times!
Al:             Nii-san, calm down.

Winry:          Yeah.

Ed:             If you want to see it that much then I'll show you!

Room changes.

Winry:          Uuuwaah!
                It's sooo much tidier now!
Man:            I like your alchemy!
                And this shop interior too!
Ed:             Well, of course.
                So, you can let us read this book then.
Man:            Wait.
                I'll go get it!
Goes and gets the book.

Man:            Look, this is it.
                I've said it many times but this is mine.
                You'll only read it in the shop.
                Yeah, I know.
                Lets see, this is...
                "The Methods of Making a Weapon that has the Power of 
                There's all sorts of weapoons.
                This one's good.
                "Lets Make an Alchemy Gun".
                "There are 3 materials for preparation. A gun, Orihalcon 
                 and Ulrunium."
                "If you combine them then you will have an alchemy gun", it 
                ....Pretty easy.
Winry:          It really is.
                As long as we have the materials.
Al:             We can talk to First Lieutenant Hawkeye about the gun.
                The problem is the remaining material.
                Orihalcon and Ulrunium.
                They're both hard to get a hold of.
Winry:          There's no point troubling ourselves over it.
                First, the gun.
                Lets go see Riza-san!
Ed:             Alright, lets do that!

Before we do that, go to the top left corner of Koko. It's pretty well 
hidden but there's a cat just next to the grey pot there. After that, go to 
the centre where the books are stacked. You can jump on them. On the roof 
you'll find the "Lengendary Tool". The description under Items say it's a 
tool made by someone famous. Don't know what it's for.

So head on back to East City which is to the south of Koko and lets go 
speak to Hawkeye.

Hawkeye:        Is the investigation going well?

Ed:             No, it's not going well...

Winry:          Right now, we're looking for something to get a hold of 
                some info.
Al:             That's why we're here to talk with you, First Lieutenant 
Hawkeye:        Oh, what could it be about?

Ed:             We were wondering if you could give us a gun.

Hawkeye:        I can't simple say, "that's OK."
                Explain why.
Ed:             Well...

                ...That's why.
Winry:          So... You can't?

Hawkeye:        Well, since that's part of the investigation then I'll have 
                the soldiers have one ready.
                But in the end, it will still belong to the military.
Ed:             Yeah, that's OK.

Al:             That's great, Nii-san.
                How convenient.
Ed:             Yeah, it is.

Al:             But what do we do next?
                We don't know where the remaining material is.
Winry:          I just remembered something.
                Just a little while ago before you two returned home to 
                The village's children found a very beautiful stone and was 
                making a fuss over it.
Ed:             You saying that might be the Orihalcon?

Winry:          I don't know about that...

Al:             In books it says it's dark green and it lets off 
                a light in the centre of the ore.
Winry:          Maybe it's the stone that the children picked up.
                Lets go to Rizenbeul!
Ed:             Yeah, lets do that.
                We don't have any other clues.
Hawkeye comes back.

Hawkeye:        There, here you go.
                I requested it using Edward-kun's name.
Ed:             Thank you!
                You're a big help.
                Alright, next it's Rizenbeul.
So, lets head to Rizenbeul which is just south of East City. Once you 
arrive, go to the boy with the black shirt and talk to him.

Boy:            Onii-chan and Onee-chan.
                And there's Yoroi Oji-san too.
                What's up?

                {"Onii-chan" means "older brother" while "Onee-chan" means 
                 "older sister". Note that they're not really related. This 
                 is just a way for young children in Japan to show their
                 respect towards people older than them. "Oji-san" on the 
                 other hand, means "old man"...}
Al:             O... Oji...

Winry:          ...Al?

Al:             Nii-san...
                You're not married and you don't have children right...?
Ed:             What are you talking about?
                Of course.
Al:             Then why does he have to call me Oji-san?!

Ed:             .....

Winry:          It- It's just something a kid said!
                Come on, Al!
Al:             I'm a kid too...

Winry:          Ur...

Al:             Nii-san!
                I swear by my heart!
                I will get my body back!
Ed:             ...Uh, yeah, sure.
                ...Lets leave that aside for now...
                I heard from Winry that you picked up a beautiful stone?
                Can you show me what it's like?
Boy:            That stone?
Ed:             The colour's like what's written in the books...
                This must be it!
                Hey, could you give us this?
Boy:            To you?
                What should I do...
Winry:          Hey.
                This toy's broken.
                You liked it, didn't you?
Boy:            Yeah.
                But it broke when I was playing with it there.
Winry:          How about Ed fixed it for you?

Boy:            He can fix it?

Ed:             Yeah, it's simple.
                If I fix it, will you give me this stone?
Boy:            Yeah!
                Well, fix it!
Ed:             Yeah!
                Just leave it to me!
Boy:            Thanks!
                Here, the stone I promised you!
Ed:             Thanks.

                What's left is the Ulrunium.
Al:             Now that you mention it...
                Wasn't there someone who looked for rare metal?
Ed:             There was.
                ...Cate and Randy.
                Lets go see.
Al:             Yeah, East City right?

Try leaving and someone will run past Ed, knocking into him.

Ed:             That bastard!
                He knocks into me without saying a word!
Al:             Nii-san... You don't have to talk badly like that...

Winry:          Who was that I wonder...
                Someone I haven't seen before.
Al:             What's wrong, Nii-san?

Ed:             ...It's not here.

Al:             Not here? What's not here?

Ed:             Well er...
                That Orihalcon I got from the kid...
Winry:          You're kidding!
                How can you lose it from your side!
                You're a kid?
                You're a kindergarten!
Ed:             What's with the kindergarten!

                I know!!
                It must be that guy just there!
Al:             Just there? That guy that knocked into you?

Ed:             Yeah!
                It's obvious!
Winry:          That means a pick-pocket...?
                How can that happen in Rizenbeul..
Ed:             The fact he wasn't a villager proofs it!
                Damn it, after him!
Al:             So you say but we don't know where he went to...

Ed:             A place in this region that bad guys would run to...

So exit the place and head to the Ruins of Cruz.
Ed:             This is the only place that bad guys can run to!

Winry:          So there were ruins in such a place...

Al:             Ah, I see...
                Winry didn't know, huh.
Ed:             We've been here before with the Lincor incident.

                We were after a middle aged man named Daimler.
Winry:          Ah, oh yeah.
                You told me that when you came home before...
                Since such a crowd came, I was wondering why.
Ed:             In any case, lets go in further.
                Be careful. There might be chimeras here.
Winry:          O- OK.

If you've played the first game, you should be familiar with this area. If 
not, there really is only one way you can go in this first area. Once 
you're in the second area and reach the jumping stones, jump west to the 
first stone from the pillar. Then jump up, left, left, down, down, left and 
up. Now follow the path until you reach the next area. Head on up to fight 
the guy again.

Ed:             So you were here!

Guy:            Ack!
                How did you know!
Ed:             The way you bad guys think are generally the same.

Guy:            Damn it!
                I was thinking of selling this stone then going off to have 
                fun and live as well!
                Guess I have no choice!
                I'll defeat you guys and make my dream come true!
After you win...

Ed:             Phew... Now we can finally find the last material...

Al:             It was really because you let the stone get stolen in the 
                first place.
Ed:             ...Sh- Shut up!
                Anyway, next!
Al:             Yeah.
                We go see Randy-san and Cate-san.
Ed:             Alright, lets head for East City!

You don't have to make your way back to get out. Just head north and go 
back to East City. Once you're there, go talk to the reception at HQ and 
you'll find that they have been transferred to Central City under Major 
Armstrong's command.

So, leave East City and head for Central. Go talk to the receptionist at HQ 
and you'll find that they're in the courtyard with Major Armstrong. So, 
head for the courtyard and you'll find them there. Don't see Armstrong, 

Cate:           Ah!

                It's you, Full Metal Alchemist.
                What can I do for you?
Ed:             You guys were looking for something, weren't you?
                Have you found it?
Randy:          Yeah, we did.
                We found our boss' memento.
Ed:             Isn't it something called Ulrunium?

Randy:          The boss did say that.
                It's now my lucky charm!
Ed:             Give me it.

Randy:          OK, here you go.

                I mean, how can I!
                Quit messing with me. I refuse!
Ed:             I need it now!
                Hand it over!
Randy:          It belongs to me!
                Why are you saying such absurd things?!
?:              What are you doing!
                Fighting isn't good!
Armstrong:      Oh!
                It's Edward Elric!
Ed:             H- Hi, Major Armstrong.

Al:             Hello, Major.

Winry:          It's been a while, Major.

Armstrong:      Oh!
                Alphonse Elric and Winry-dono too!
                What are you all doing here?
                I was just going to train those two there...
Al:             The truth is...

A moment later...

Al:             And that's how it is.

Armstrong:      I see.
                I understand your situation now.
                Randy Rover.
                Hand it to them.
Randy:          Hey, Ossan!
                Don't decide for yourself!
                {"Ossan" means middle aged man in Japanese.}
Cate:           Yeah, yeah.

                But they want it to resolve the bombing incidents.
                That means it's for the good of the public right?
Randy:          That's maybe right but...

Armstrong:      Then lets do this!
                We three fight them three.
                The winner will get to decide!
                Fight and gain victory!
                What a wonderful ring it has to it!
Ed:             What the?!
                And why did you take off your clothes!
Randy:          Like I said, Ossan!
                Don't decide for yourself!
                It's mine after all!
Cate:           Yeah. yeah.

Armstong:       Do you have objections?

Randy:          N- No!
                I mean how can I not have any!
                Hey, Cate!
                You say something too!
Cate:           Yeah, yeah.

Randy:          Is that all you can say!

Cate:           Ah, sorry.
                I wasn't listening.
                So, what is it?
Armstrong:      We just have to win.
                Are you ready?
In battle.

Winry:          They just decided to talk amongst themselves...

Ed:             Well, we just have to win.
Randy:          The memento is my lucky charm!
                I won't hand it over that easily!
After you beat them...

Randy:          Damn it!
                I don't want to hand it over!
                It's a memento of my boss!
Armstrong:      Now now, a promise is a promise.
                Come on, hand it to the Elric Brothers.
Ed:             Yeah.
                Hand it over quick.
Randy:          Cate, say something please!

Cate:           I don't care since it's not mine.
                Hand it over.
Randy:          Kuuuu, even you too Cate...
                I'm sorry, Lincor.
                I'm handing over your memento.
Ed:             If he knows that it can be of help in the world, he too 
                would give his consent.
Randy:          Re- Really?

Ed:             Yeah, I'm sure he would...

Randy:          Hagane...

Ed:             So hand it over quick!

Randy:          Damn it!
                I want to see for myself what you're planning to do with 
Ed:             As you please.

                We're ready.
                Here we go!
Ed uses alchemy to merge the items together.

Al:             We've finally done it.
                A weapon that has the power of alchemy....
                An alchemy gun!
Ed:             Yeah. Now we can finally hear some info about the bombing 
Winry:          Lets hurry to Fagott-san's place.

Armstrong:      Edward Elric.
                Allow me to help with the investigation!
                Come on, lets go.
Ed:             Uh!
                We'll be fine by ourselves so...
Armstrong:      There's no need to hesitate.
                So where does this Fagott-dono live?
Winry:          Near East City.

Armstrong:      I see I see.
                Then lets go, Edward Elric.
Ed:             Gyaaaa!
                Let goooo!
Al:             ....*Big sweat drop*
                Le- Lets go, Winry!
Winry:          Ye- Yeah...

Cate:           Well, bye! Yoroi-kun~!

Before heading to Fagott's place, go to the east side of Central City where 
the hospital is. Talk to the man standing next to the boxes and he'll give 
you another "Legendary Tool". From there, go back to the area to the left 
and go into the house with the brown roof. There will be a black cat in 
there on one of the boxes. Ed will kid that Al's a "Cat User".

Talk to the man outside and he'll say that he done his own flooring using a 
log card. Remember you made one earlier too? Follow the centre path until 
you're just about to exit. Go into the house to the left and you'll find a 
man and a woman inside. They've been having an argument and they've made a 
hole in the floor... Inspect the hole and choose the first option to fix 
it. I used a Nature 7-2 card to do it. You'll get a cat and an ancestor 
portrait. Under Items, it says it belongs to Armstrong's family...

Leave the house and drop by the building with the red stipes. Talk to the 
man and he'll give you a Healing Gold. Leave the shop and go west from 
here. Ed and Al will get knocked into by another guy. Al picks up his poor 
cats and finds there's an extra one. Go south into the next area and you 
should be able to make out a black cat to the right.

Now lets head for Fagott's mansion to the east. Go into the mantion and 
talk to Cravis.

Ed:             I've brought the weapon that has the power to perform 
Cravis:         Oh... A gun...
                It's the first time I seen one.
                Could you show me its power?
Ed:             I don't mind but...
Cravis:         Yes, face the wall behind you and try shooting.

Ed:             OK!
                I don't know what will happen!
After blasting the wall...

Ed:             .....

Al:             Ni- Nii-san!
                You didn't have to go that far!
Ed:             Ho- How did I know...
                It just done it...
Cravis:         You have shown me something wonderful.

                Originally, a weapon that has the power to perform alchemy, 
                has the ability to show the power of its user...
                Of course, it can not ignore the laws of equal exchange.
                Excuse me.
Cravis draws an alchemy circle on the wall.

Cravis:         Now it's just like it was.
                Nothing to worry about.
Ed:             Ah, re- really. Sorry!
                You're pretty good!
Cravis:         No, it's nothing.

                I now know that your investigation abilities are enough.
Ed:             Ye- Yes!
                We've done what you told us to!
                Tell us the info!
Cravis:         Before that...
                There's something I want to ask the young lady.
                For what reason are you going to fight the Reperarey, the 
                criminal organisation responsible for the bombing incidents 
Winry:          My reason for... fighting the Reperarey?

Cravis:         Yes. Even though they're said to be the bombing criminals, 
                they have a life. Can you take their life during battle?
Winry:          Well...

Ed:             I want to know that to.
                I've been wondering why you've been fighting...
Winry:          Watching you and Al fight the Reperarey at Rizenbeul scared 
                I was thinking, "What will I do if they don't come back 
                like mum and dad."
Cravis:         What happened to your parents?

Winry:          They died in the civl war in Ishval.
                That's why if Ed and Al were also to...
Armstrong:      Ishval...

Cravis:         And so you thought you want to help them and stay by their 
Winry:          Yes.
                ...But now, that's changed a little.
Cravis:         In what way?

Winry:          I want to protect Ed, Al, Bacchan and lots of other people.

                I just want to protect them...
                That's what I think...
                Is that not good enough...?
Ed:             Winry, you...

Al:             Winry...

Armstrong:      That kindness... And that spirit...
                I'm touched!
Winry:          I know I don't have that power.
                Even so...
Cravis:         That's your reason.

Winry:          Yes.

Cravis:         Umm.
                I'd like you to continue to treasure and hold onto those 
                You use that alchemy gun.
                This weapon changes greatly depending on the user.
                Your heart that wants to protect people will naturally show 
                Make use of it in your fight.
Winry:          Yes, I understand.
                Thank you.
Ed:             Is there anything else you want to ask us?

Cravis:         Thanks.
                That's enough.
Ed:             Then lets get back to the subject.
                Tell us the information about the bombing incidents please.
Cravis:         You haven't found out anything?

Ed:             Just two things...
                That the name of the organisation that's causing the 
                incidents is "Reperarey" and...

                We happen to know that a girl seems to be linked to the 
                bombing incidents...
                That's about it.
Winry:          You mean, that person?

Ed:             Yeah, that's it.

Cravis:         Why does that bother you?

Ed:             Because when a bombing incident occurs, we always see that 
                What's more suspicious is that she runs when I call her!
Cravis:         You thought she ran away because of her unknown background.

Ed:             That's it.
                Next is your turn to talk.
Cravis:         I'm sorry but I still can't talk.

Ed:             Hey, that's enough!
                We're in a hurry!
Armstrong:      Now now, calm down Edward Elric.

Winry:          Yeah.
                I'm sure Fagott-san has an idea.
Al:             Why can't you tell us?

Cravis:         There's a certain part of the information that is 
                uncertain. I can't tell you such information.
Ed:             Heh... Fine.
                So, what do we do?
                We just wait in this mansion?
Carvis:         No.
                I want you to go see a person named Lute Saxophon.
Al:             What kind of person is he?

Cravis:         He's working as a detective?

Armstrong:      A detective?

Cravis:         I have him investigating the bombing incidents but,
                I need some information that he's obtained.
Ed:             I understand. We'll go see him.

Cravis:         He's also an alchemist.
                I hope he becomes a friend of yours.
Ed:             We'll decide that after we see him.
                I don't want friends that I can't take.
Cravis:         He's quite a good young man.
                Don't worry.
Winry:          Where is that Saxphon-san?

Cravis:         He's in Reglotaria

Winry:          That's...
                One of the towns where a bombing incident occurred...
Cravis:         Yes.
                Now go to Reglotaria.
So, once you're there...

Ed:             This is Reglotaria huh...

Winry:          Looks like the town's been fixed...

Al:             Have you been here before, Winry?

Winry:          ...Yeah.
                I had some maintenance work to do so I came here...
                There a bombing incident happened ove there...
                It was terrible...
Armstrong:      According to the information I heard, a lot of citizens 
                were killed too...
Winry:          ....

Al:             Huh?

Winry:          That girl...

Ed:             ...Winry, get back.
                I'm going to fight with her!
Winry:          Wait, Ed.
                That person is-!
Girl:           You national alchemist bastard!
                Prepare yourself!!
Breaking into a 1v1 battle...

Girl:           All national alchemists are murderers.

Ed:             What?!

Girl:           This is revenge for my parents!!

After you beat her...

Girl:           ...Damn it!
                I can't even win against a tiny national alchemist like 
Ed:             WHO's the ultra miniature national alchemist!

Girl:           Don't come near me!

A big flash and the girl's gone.

Ed:             Guargh! Hey wait!
                Damn it, I can't see anything!
                I'll remember this!
Winry:          Uuu...
                It's a flash grenade...
Al:             Is everyone alright?

Armstrong:      Ku!
                We got beaten...
Ed:             Al!
                Where's that girl?!
Al:             I was going to catch her but I couldn't...
Ed:             I can finally see again...

                But if that girl is here then that means it's possible 
                that other Reperareys are lurking around...
Al:             I wonder if Saxophon-san is alright?
                He's investigating the incidents after all.
Ed:             Yeah.
                Lets ask the townspoeple to see where his home is.
Go to the left and talk to the man in the red clothes. He'll say Saxophon 
is in a house in the northwest. While you're there, go south and check the 
grey pot there. There's a Mind Strike item in there which will allow you to 
definitely hit your target in the next attack. Now head on up pass the 
first house and into the second, Saxophon's house.

Ed:             Hello.
                Is Lute Saxophon here?
Al:             Looks like no one's here.

Winry:          It can't be helped if he's absent.
                Lets waste some time in town.
Ed:             Uuun~ Lets do that.

An explosion is heard.

Winry:          What?!

Ed:             It's came from the streets!
                Lets go!
Before you leave, try putting out the fire at the fireplace. All you need 
is a Nature card with low quantity and value that has a picture of a beaker 
with water in it. A Nature 2-2 or similar card. You'll find another 
Legendary Tool inside. Next, check the bookcase to the left to find some 
Star Glasses. Description says they're star shaped glasses that will make
the mood all starry. Now exit the house.

Guess where the explosion was?

Winry:          It- It happened again!
                I have to go help!
Ed:             He- Hey!

Winry:          Are you all right?
                Is there anything I can help with?

Ed:             Winry!!
                You alright?!
Winry:          Ye- Yeah.
                I'm alright.
Ed:             I see!
                That guy there was suspicious!
                I'll catch him!
Al:             Nii-san!

Ed:             Al, don't leave Winry!

Al:             O- OK, got it!

Ed:             You too please, major!

Armstrong:      Understood!

Al:             Winry, you alright?

Winry:          Thanks, Al.
                I'm alright.
Al:             I wonder if the explosion was aimed at Saxophon-san...

Winry:          ...Yeah, it might have been.

Armstrong:      Hmm!

                Just as I thought!
                I can hear a child's voice from under this concrete!
Al:             Reperarey?!

Armstrong:      Alphonse Elric.
                I can't move.
                You two fight them.
Al:             Yes sir!
                Got it!
In battle.

Winry:          Even without Ed...

                I won't lose to you guys.
Winry gets hit.

Al:             Winry, you alright?

Winry:          Yeah.

?:              Are you guys all right?
                I'll help out!
After you win.

Winry:          Haa...
                What a tough fight that was.
Al:             Major Armstrong, you all right?

Armstrong:      I'm alright.
                This kid's safe too.
                You two done well.
Al:             Yes but it was because this person helped...

Lute:           Not at all.
                I didn't help much at all.
Winry:          No, you did help.
                Thank you.
Ed:             Got away again...
                They're such a quick lot!
Al:             While you wheren't here, we got attacked.

Ed:             What?!

Lute:           I'm sorry to interrupt but since the rescuing's finished, 
                how about coming to my home?
Armstrong:      Winry-dono must be tired.
                Lets let her rest at his home.
Lute:           Yes, you're welcome.

Back in Lute's home.

Lute:           Aaah, when I came home there was all that commotion.
                I got a surprise.
Ed:             Wh- What the...
                If this is your home then it means...
                Could you be Lute Saxophon?
Lute:           Ye- Yes. It's true that I'm Saxophon but...
                You people are...?
Ed:             Ju- Just as I thought!

Lute:           ....?

Ed:             I'm Edward Elric.

Al:             I'm Alphonse Elric.
                I may look like this but I'm 14.
Winry:          I'm Winry Rockbell.

Armstrong:      I am Major Alex Louis Armstrong.
                A national alchemist.
Ed:             Saxophon-san, we actually came here to see you.

Lute:           Call me by my first name, Lute please.
                So, what can I do for you people?
Al:             We were told to come see you by Fagott-san.

Lute:           Aah, I heard about you from Sensei.
                You're the Full Metal Alchemist huh.
                You have two names huh.
                {"Sensei" is well known to mean "teacher" by most people 
                 but in Japan, it's also used to refer to professionally 
                 skilled people. ie Doctors are called "Senseis". That's 
                 probably the case here since Fagott's a national 
Al:             Er, it's not me...

Ed:             I'm the Full Metal Alchemist!

Lute:           Ah, I see!
                Excuse me, excuse me.
                I judged by appearance.
                I'm going to lose my qualification as a detective.
Winry:          ....*Big sweat drop*

Lute:           So did Sensei say anything else?

Al:             Yes, he did.
                He said to make you join us.
Lute:           Me?

Al:             I see you're used to battles.
                Does a detective get chances to fight too?
Lute:           Hahahaha.
                No one's heard of a detective who fights huh.
Armstrong:      No, you have the skills.
                It's nothing surprising.
Lute:           I was originally a soldier.
                Until Sensei retired from the army, I was his assistant.
Ed:             Doesn't that mean you're a national alchemist?

Lute:           Yes, but in the end I was just an assistant.
                I was an alchemist but I wasn't a national alchemist.
Ed:             I see.

                Hey, if it's fine with you then why not join us?
Lute:           Since it's an introduction from Sensei,
                I'll be a pleasure to help you.
Armstrong:      That seems to be the end of the conversation.

Ed:             Major Armstrong, what's wrong?

Armstrong:      I was thinking if he could join you then I could return to 
                Central for once.
Ed:             Oh, REALLY?

Armstrong:      There will be no need to miss me.
                If you have need of me again, I will help you anytime!
Ed:             I- I'm suffocating...
                Stop it pleeeease.
Armstrong:      Lute-dono, I entrust these children to you!

Lute:           Understood.
                I will look after them as much as I can.
Armstrong:      Well, allow me to be excused.

Ed:             Haa... Haa...

Lute:           He likes you doesn't he?

Ed:             Haha... You think so...?

Lute:           Yes.
                Well, I have to report about the investigation so lets go 
                to Sensei's place.
Ed:             Yeah. It's nearly time to start the real investigation.

Exit the house and check the pots to the right. You'll find an adrenaline 
shot in them. Head back to Fagott's Mansion and talk with him.

Lute:           Sensei!

Cravis:         Lute-kun, you're here.
                It's a bit quick but how did the investigation go?
Lute:           This is the results of the investigation.

                ...I'm sorry.
                I couldn't be of much help.
Cravis:         I see...

Ed:             Fagott-san, we got into a fight in Reglotaria with the girl 
                we were talking about.
Al:             It appears she hates national alchemists.

Lute:           I think there is a high possibility that the girl is a 
                member of the Reperarey.
Cravis:         On what basis, Lute-kun?

Lute:           Edward-kun, is the girl the person in this picture?

Ed:             That's her!
                She was full of vengeance because I was a national 
Lute:           Just as I thought...

                Well, allow me to explain my thoughts.
                This girl always appears before and after a bombing 
                And then you people, who are investigating the case, gets 
                attacked by this girl...
                That is why this girl could be a member of the Reperarey...
                She may even be the one responsible for carrying out the 
                Sensei, what do you think of my deduction?
Cravis:         Lute-kun, you investigated this girl didn't you?

Lute:           I took her picture but I always get thrown off her track...

Cravis:         Your detective title is going to suffer with things like 
Lute:           Yes...

Cravis:         Well then, allow me to tell you the information I hold.

                I put together the results of Lute-kun's invesigation and 
                my own information to come to this deduction.
Ed:             Tell us quick please.

Cravis:         Currently, we can presume that the Reperarey are concealing 
                themselves in East City.
Ed:             What?!

Lute:           The Western Block.
                Lately, it's been a gathering place for ruffians.
Cravis:         Yes. Even in Lute-kun's investigation, the civilians said 
                that they saw people who carried weapons.
Ed:             They're hiding in the shades of the lighthouse huh.
                They're taking the colonel lightly.
                {"Hiding in the shades of the lighthouse" is what it 
                 literally means. It a common saying but I think you get 
                 the idea.}
Lute:           It's an if but, there's the possibility that East City 
                maybe targetted once again.

Al:             Why?

Lute:           During this time, the East HQ was targetted but there 
                wasn't a lot of casualties.
Ed:             You're saying they're not satified?

Lute:           That's right. In the other cases, there were deaths.
                But as for the time at the East HQ...
Winry:          There were people injured but,
                There were were no fatalities.
Al:             Yeah.

Lute:           It's just a guess but please keep in mind that there is a 
Ed:             First, lets search for the Reperarey's hideout in East 
Winry:          Yes.
                We might be able to prevent it before there are lots of 
Ed:             Alright, lets head for East City!

So head for East City which is just southwest of Fagott's Mansion on the 
map. Once there...

Ed:             Look!
                That girl!
                I'll make her take back those insults she gave me!
                Lets go!!
Winry:          Ed, you're losing sight of your purpose here...

Al:             But if we follow that person, we might reach their hideout.

Lute:           That's true.
                Lets stay behind her quietly until we reach the hideout.
Ed:             Yeah!

So head on west where the girl went...

Ed:             The hideout's over there...

And try going in...

Al:             We going in from the front?

Ed:             We did come to waste their hideout.
                Lets do it right in front of them!
Lute:           But do be discrete.

Winry:          Yeah. I don't want to suddenly have a fight on our hands.

Ed:             Yeah, yeah. We'll be discrete...

And in we go...

Girl:           I said...
                Let me see the your boss, the head of the Reperarey!
                Now what are you doing?!
Man:            We lower status people don't get to see him...

Girl:           Don't lie to me!
                Then let me someone who knows the boss!
Man:            Yes, we could do that but do you think he'll let you see 
Girl:           I don't.
                ...That's why I force him!
Al:             That person...
                Mentioned Reperarey.
Ed:             Yeah. It's obvious that this is their hideout.

Al:             But it seems like they're arguing somehow...

Ed:             That girl...
                Isn't she one of them?
Winry:          ...I'm sure she isn't.

Lute:           It could just be an inside dispute.
                As for me, I'm fully confident that she is one of them!
Winry:          ...But I saw it.
                That person, she...
Ed:             Saw? Saw what...?

Man:            You stupid girl.
                Don't think you'll get back alive!
                Get her!
Winry:          Lets help her, Ed!

Ed:             He- Hey, Winry!

Winry:          I'll help you!

Girl:           You're...

Ed:             Damn, guess we have no choice!
                Lets go too, Al!
Al:             Ye- Yeah.

Lute:           You people can't make sure rash decisions...
                Guess it can't be helped!
Man:            So you had friends hiding here.

Girl:           I don't think I want to get saved by you guys.
                I'm leaving this place.
Ed:             Wh- What?!
                We came out here to save you!
                What rubbish are you talking now.
                Hey- Wait!
Lute:           Edward-kun!

                That isn't the problem right now!
                We have enemies before us!
Al:             He's right, Nii-san!

Man:            What are you mumbling on about.
                We'll kill you all.
In battle...

Ed:             We let that girl get away but...

                We'll arrest you guys.
After you win...

Lute:           I think this is just one of them but I'm glad we came to 
                destroy their hideout.
Ed:             More importantly, that girl!
                What was that about letting her see the boss?
Al:             Hmmm, I wonder if she wanted to join them.

Ed:             You think so too?

Winry:          No...
                I'm sure there's other reasons.
                I saw it...
Ed:             You said that earlier...
                What did you see?
Some guys rush in...

Man:            Hey, what was all the racket there?!
                What's going on?!
Man 2:          Wh- Who the hell are you people!!
                What are you doing here?!
Ed:             Huh? What they say...
                Well, just a little criminal busting...
Man:            What!
                Don't mess with us!
Ed:             Oh, you want a fight?

Man:            Just watch us!
                We'll be back!
Ed:             Huh?!

Al:             They're gone...

Ed:             What's with those guys?!
                I mistakened their words!
                I didn't think they would run...
Lute:           It was a wise decision in a way but...
                I didn't think they had other comrades here.
                Perhaps they have other hideouts apart from here.
                They might have ran to there.
Winry:          But Ed let them get away...

Ed:             ...My fault?

Lute:           ...I'm sure that there's an entrance to the sewers in the 
                west block.
Al:             There certainly is.

Lute:           I think that it's suspicious.

Ed:             Why?

Lute:           A hunch.

Ed:             ....You serious?

Lute:           Yes.
                Anyway, lets go to the sewers and see!
Before leaving, check the barrel to the right. There's a Healing Gold 
there. After that, leave the house and check the bin below you. There's a 
white cat inside. Now you can head into the sewers...

Ed:             I wonder if they're really here?

Lute:           I don't know about that but...
                There's a basis why I think this place is suspicious.
Ed:             Is that so.

Lute:           Do you remember how I said the western block became an area 
                for ruffians?
Ed:             Yeah.

Winry:          Now that you say that, this is the western block too huh.

Lute:           That is correct.
                Trailing that female into that warehouse...
                Has allowed us to conclude that it was their hideout...
Ed:             I see.

Lute:           And most importantly...

Al:             There's more?

Lute:           Yes.
                My hunch as a detective tells me this place is suspicious!
Winry:          ....

Ed:             A detective's hunch huh...
                It can't really be dependable but, lets move on ahead...
Same enemies, same sewers as before so all the switches you pressed earlier 
are done already. Just make your way to where you met the Reperarey back 
then. They'll be in the same place.

Man:            You're those guys from back there!
                Damn, we were followed!
Al:             ...No, we didn't really follow you...

Man:            What!
                Then how did you know our hideout?!
Lute:           My experience as a detective told me that this is your 
Winry:          And he said it was his hunch...

Al:             ...Yeah.

Man:            Now that you've found this place, we can't let you go back 
                alive! We'll kill you!!
After you win...

Lute:           Reperarey...
                They're quite a large scale organisation...
Ed:             In any case, lets go to the East HQ.
                We're reporting to the colonel.
At East HQ...

Mustang:        Haganeno.
                Don't trouble me by causing disturbances in East City.
Ed:             We wasted one of the Reperarey's hideout for you.

Mustang:        Hmmm...
                I'll let it go this time.
Ed:             Heh...

Mustang:        He is...?

Lute:           Sorry for the late introduction.
                I'm Lute Saxophon.
                A detective who was brought to help Edward-kun by fate.
Ed:             Your abilities as a detective isn't very good, though...

Lute:           Don't say that, Edward-kun.

Al:             Oh yeah, colonel.
                Lute-san used to work in the army before.
Mustang:        Oh? Which department was that?

Lute:           Relating to alchemy research but I was just an assistant...

Mustang:        I see...
                You understand what the case is about.
                Please continue to help us.
Lute:           It will be a pleasure.

Ed:             Anyway, colonel.
                There's something I'd like to report.
Mustang:        OK.
                Lets hear it.
Ed:             The girl was arguing with the Reperarey at their hideout.

Al:             It seems that girl isn't a member of the Reperarey.

Mustang:        Oh...

Lute:           Alphonse-kun, isn't that a bit of a hasty conclusion?

Al:             It might be but...

Winry:          Ummm... I think... She doesn't have anything to do with the 
                Reperarey at all.
Mustang:        Why do you think that?
                Can you let me hear your reasons?
Ed:             Oh yeah, you said you saw that girl, Winry.
                What's that about?
Winry:          Yeah. A little while ago, I saw her during the scene of a 
                bombing incident in Reglotaria.
                She was the first to start the rescue operations.
Lute:           We can think of those actions as deceiving her 
Winry:          I don't think so.
                At that time, she was working real hard to help!
Hawkeye:        Colonel, it's nearly time to tell them.

Ed:             Did you get some kind of info?

Mustang:        The girl's name is Viola Amore.
                She lives in Nelvo.
Hawkeye:        I wonder if she can talk with Winry-chan.

Winry:          Huh?

Hawkeye:        It seems she's working as an Auto Mail engineer too.

Winry:          Is she... really?

Lute:           An Auto Mail engineer...
                Viola Amore...
Mustang:        We shall continue the investigation so all of you head over 
                to Nelvo right away.
Ed:             We're going even if you didn't tell us to!
                Viola Amore huh...
                Just you wait!
Al:             Nii-san was called a tiny national alchemist by that girl.

Mustang:        What an honest girl.
                There's some good feelings towards her.
                Right, First Lieutenant Hawkeye.
Hawkeye:        No comment.

Winry:          Ed, lets hurry up and go!

Ed:             Yeah!

Before you leave East City. Go into the central block and then go into the 
house where a girl with blonde hair is standing next to. There will be 2 
kids and a broken vase. To fix the vase, you need a Nature card with 
similar mass and value with a lump of clay as the picture. I combined cards 
to make a Nature 4-3 card to fix it. The kids will give you some famous 
candy as thanks. So, now lets head to Nelvo.

Ed:             This is where that girl lives huh.

Lute:           Looks like it.
                Lets ask the villagers where her home is.
Ed:             That girl...
                Once I find her I'll shred her to pieces!
Winry:          You're...
                You're still saying that...
Talk to the boy and you'll find her home's behind the mountain. Go into the 
home to the right and check the pots there. There's a healing supplement in 
them. Leave the house, go up and go into the next big house. Check the pot 
there for a healing gold. Now go to the fireplace and examine it. Pick the 
first option to light it. You'll need a nature card with high mass and high 
value with the pictue of a beaker with oil in it. I combined cards to make 
a 7-6 Nature card. A black cat will jump out. Now you can follow the path 
up to Viloa's home. Just as you get there...

Girl:           Bye bye, Viola Nee-chan.
                I'll come again.
Viola:          Yes. Come whenever you want.

Al:             She looks like a nice person, Nii-san.

Ed:             ...To me, she's a bad person.

Winry:          Man, how long are you going to be upset about your height for?!
                If you don't like it, drink some milk!
Ed:             Urgh!
                Forget about that!
Winry:          You listening?
                Be a good boy, Ed.
Ed:             Ah... Fine...

Winry:          Hellooo!
                Is this Viola Amore's house?
Viola:          Yes.
                Just a moment.
                Who is it...
                Ah! It's you people!
                What are you doing here?!
Winry:          I'm Winry Rockbell.
                We came to talk with you.
Viola:          ...OK.
                I'll get the children home so wait there for a sec...
Boy:            Mum said you should come over for dinner tonight.

Viola:          I have guests here so please tell her thanks for me this time.

Boy:            OK. Bye bye.

Boy 2:          Viola Onee-chan.
                Bye bye.
Viola:          Take care when you're going home.

                OK, you can come in now.

Viola:          ...So, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?

Ed:             We want to ask you why you were at the Reperarey's hideout.

Viola:          There's no need to tell you people is there?

Al:             We're investigating the bombing incidents!

                If you know something about the Reperarey, please tell us!
Viola:          ...I don't.

Lute:           Viola Amore-san.
                To be honest, we're suspecting you.
Viola:          ?!

Winry:          ....

Ed:             But you treated them like your enemy, didn't you?

                That's why we want to know what's that about.
Viola:          I...
                I'm just looking for my younger sister...
Winry:          You're looking for your sister?

Viola:          Yes. I heard rumours the she was kidnapped by the boss of 
                the Reperarey.
Winry:          ...And that's why you're looking for the Reperarey 
Viola:          That's how it is.

Lute:           I see...
                However, that doesn't completely clear up all our 
Winry:          Lute-san, you can't...

Viola:          Heh, do what you like.

Ed:             There's still something I want to ask.

Viola:          What?

Ed:             Why you attacked us in Reglotaria.

Viola:          ....
                It's because it was a national alchemist who took away my 
                parents from me...
Ed:             A national alchemist...?

Lute:           ....

Winry:          It's true that Ed's a national alchemist.
                But, that doesn't mean he took your parents away from you!
Viola:          But when I hear the words "national alchemist", I flare up!

                I can't do anything about it...
Ed:             Then you can just find that national alchemist and take 
Viola:          ....
                ...I know.
                I really do...
                I know that there's no reason to attack national alchemists 
                who aren't related to it...
                I'm sorry...
                I really am...
Winry:          ....
                No, it's fine!
                Parents being taken away...
                I know that feeling too...
Al:             Winry...

Ed:             Hey Winry!
                Don't just choose to forgive her yourself!
                You left out the most important thing!
                I'm not a super micro national alchemist!
Viola:          I said you were tiny but,
                I didn't say something as weird as that.
Ed:             It's the same thing!

Al:             Ni- Nii-san!
                It's a misunderstanding, calme down!
Winry:          Your height's short so at least grow up a little, you 
                tiny boy!
Ed:             Grrr!
                What did you say, you machine freak?!
Winry:          What's with your way of talking!
                I'm not going to fix your Auto Mail anymore even if it 
                breaks down!
Lute:           What are you two doing!
                You two aren't being good examples as the older ones.
                Alphonse-kun is the youngest here and he's a kid yet he's 
                acting maturely.
                Alphonse-kun, stop them please...
Al:             A kid huh...
                Nice ring to it!
Lute:           Al- Alphonse-kun...

Viola:          Bu... Aaaahahaha!!
                You guy's are funny!
                I can't stand it!
                I like you guys!
                It's getting late now so stay over.
Winry:          Th- Thanks!
                Please do let us stay!
                Well, anyway...
                I'm Winry Rockbell.
Al:             I'm Alphonse Elric.

Lute:           Lute Saxophon.
                A detective.
Ed:             Well, I hadn't had the chance but,
                I'm Edward Elric, a national alchemist.
Viola:          I'm Viola Amore.
                Nice to meet you.
                Well, I don't have much but please enjoy your stay here for 
                I'm hot now because I laughed too much so I'm going for 
                some night breeze.
Winry:          Ah, I'll go too!

Lute:           ...Edward-kun.
                Is it all right leaving Winry-san and her together alone?
Ed:             It's alright.
Lute:           Because our suspicions towards her aren't completely 
                cleared up yet...
Al:             Lute-san, you're still suspicious of Viola-san?

Lute:           Of course.

Ed:             But there's no proof that she's a member of the Reperarey.

Lute:           That's true but...
                On the other hand, there's no proof saying she isn't.
Al:             You can't...

Ed:             No, Lute has a point there...
                We must be cautious at least...

Winry:          Viola-san...
                You're an Auto Mail engineer right?
                Haven't you been working lately?
Viola:          You can just call me, Viola.
                Why do you think that?
Winry:          You've been chasing the Reperarey and most of all, the 
                smell of Auto Mail isn't in the room.
Viola:          Winry...
                Could you be working as an Auto Mail engineer too?
Winry:          Yeah. I'm so happy!
                There's not a lot of female Auto Mail engineers...
Viola:          Yeah, you're right.

They hear an explosion.

Viola:          What was that?!
                It came from the village!
                I'm going to go see!
Winry:          Wait, Viola!
                You can't go alone!
Ed:             Winry!
                You alright?!
Winry:          Yes, I am.
                I'm alright.
Ed:             I see.

Al:             Thank goodness~

Lute:           But there was a sound of explosion there...

Winry:          I heard it from the village!
                Viola went there to see on her own!
Lute:           ...Could this be of her doing too...?

Ed:             It couldn't be...

Winry:          You guys are still saying that?!
                How can that be true?!
Ed:             Hey, Winry!
                Damn, after her Al!
Al:             Yeah!

Lute:           ...It can't be helped!
                I'm going too!
At the village...

Boy:            Waaa~ Waaaa~

Viola:          It's alright. Don't cry.

Boy:            Mum!

Lady:           Viola, lets go take shelter together!
                Come on, hurry!
Viola:          ...Looks like I can't do that.
                You guys run...
Lady:           ...OK!
                Viola, don't overdo it!
                Why are there chimeras here!
                Did this guy make them?!
Winry:          Viola!

Viola:          Winry!
                This guy's dangerous!
                Be careful!
Winry:          O- OK.

Viola:          What on earth is going on!
                Did you guys do this?!
                ...You. You're not human are you?
Man:            Oh, you know.
                It's true I'm not human but...
                I was a human once.
Ed:             What?!

                What's this about?!
Man:            There's no need for me to tell you.

Viola:          I don't care about that!
                Why did you target the village?
Man:            We received information that this village has dangerous 
                people who will interfere with our plans.
Al:             Is that us?!

Ed:             Then you could have just attacked us directly!

Viola:          You got the residents here who has nothing to do with it 
Man:            We do not let those who interfere with our long awaited 
                desire to destroy the military live!
Now you will get to sort your team and fight...

Viola:          I won't forgive you for doing such a thing to the village.

After you win...

Viola:          What on earth was that...?

Ed:             That... was a chimera.
                And one that could speak the human language...
Al:             So the real identity of the culprits responsible for the 
                bombings are chimeras...
Ed:             This has become something big...

                It looks like there's an alchemist within the Reperarey who 
                possesses some great knowledge...
Viola:          ...Damn it!
                My sister got kidnapped by those kind of people...?
Lute:           Viola-san.
                Do you know anything about those people?
Viola:          Why would I?
                What is that supposed to mean?
Lute:           I'm saying are you the one that goe them here!

Ed:             Lute!
                That's enough!
                Viola has nothing to do with it!
Lute:           But...

Viola:          You people...
                What are you people saying...
                I don't know a thing...
Ed:             ...Sorry, Viola...
                We... We've been suspecting you until we followed you 
Viola:          What...?

Al:             We were wondering if...
                You were a member of the Reperarey...
Viola:          ?!
                How could I be...
                No... You can't help it for suspecting me...
Ed:             We're not suspicious of you now.
                Someone who's that worried about others...
                Couldn't possibly be the one who caused those bombings...
Lute:           ....

Al:             I'm sorry, Viola-san...

Viola:          It's fine now that you know.
                I done some suspicious things after all.
                Oh yeah, how's Winry?
Ed:             Winry, you alright?!

Winry:          .....

Viola:          Looks like she's in shock...
                Take her to my home.
                We'll let her get some good rest for now.
Ed:             Yeah.
                In any case, we'll talk after the night is over.
The next morning...

Viola:          Winry, you're up early.

Winry:          Yes, I am...
                I'm concerned about what happened yesterday...
Viola:          You couldn't sleep much?

Winry:          Yeah...
                But I'm alright.
Viola:          ...When an Auto Mail engineer works over night a lot, they 
                sleep until late in the morning.
Winry:          ...Yeah.
                After all the excitement, it was morning when I came to...
Viola:          It happens!

                You're so young but you're already working on your own?
Winry:          Not at all.
                I'm doing it together with my grandmother.
                My master's my grandmother.
                That's why Auto Mails were things that were very close to 
                me since I was small.
Viola:          Wow, I see.

                After I left my family,
                I became an apprentice in Rushbarey.
Winry:          Really?!
                It really has to be Rushbarey when it comes to Auto Mails!
                What kind of Auto Mail are you making all the time?
Viola:          It's nothing big.
                They're all nothing special.
                For example, lets see...
                I was given a job by a carpenter.
                That time was I to design one that had an electric saw on 
                it too...
Winry:          Ahahaha!
                That is really special!
Viola:          Really?
Winry:          I'm a real failure huh.
                I decide on the materials without thinking about the 
                customers muscles...
                As usual, they end up not being able to move and get 
Viola:          It wasn't the right Auto Mail for the person huh.

Winry:          Yeah. That time, I realised that I only made Auto Mails 
                that I enjoyed doing.
                I lose my qualification as an Auto Mail engineer...
Viola:          But you noticed it yourself right?
                That means you didn't really fail.
                ....Ummm, is it OK if I talk about my family?
                I want you to listen.
Winry:          Sure.

Viola:          My parents and my sister was hired by the military and were 
                working in a national alchemist's home after I left them.
                Years passed and I got a letter from the military.
                It said my parents were dead and my sister was missing.
Winry:          Why did that happen...

Viola:          It seems it happened during one of the experiments the 
                national alchemist was doing...
                My parents were helping him so they got involved...
                It was written my sister went missing after the accident.
Winry:          So that's what happened...
                Alchemy really is scary...
Viola:          I think so too...
                So I went all over the country to look for my sister.
                Then I finally got some information.
                My sister was kidnapped by the Reperarey!
Winry:          That was too much huh!

Viola:          Well, I was fruitless.

                Whenever I think about it, I just break into a run.
                Might be useless this time too...
Winry:          No.
                Even if it useless, I'm sure you'll see your sister 
Viola:          Of course!
                Thanks for hearing my story.
Winry:          No problem.

Ed:             A secret conversation with girls only?

Winry:          Yes.
                It has nothing to do with boys.
Ed:             Yeah yeah.

Viola:          What is it?

Ed:             I'm sorry we were suspicious of you...

Viola:          It doesn't matter.
                I done some suspicious things after all.
Winry:          You finally understand!
                I told you didn't I?
Ed:             Well, don't say that.
                First, lets go back to the colonel's place.
                We have to report to him that Viola's innocent and about 
                yesterday's event.
Winry:          OK, got it.

                See you, Viola.
Viola:          He- Hey!
                Could you... Could you take me too?
Winry:          Huh?

Ed:             Why?

Viola:          If we're together then maybe I can see my sister again...
                That's what I feel.
Winry:          Besides?

Viola:          I caused you guys all sorts of trouble...
                I want to make up for it.
Ed:             ...I see.

Viola:          I can't?

Ed:             No, if that's the case then there's no problems.
                Right, Winry?
Winry:          Yeah, of course!

Al:             Look forward to your acquaintance, Viola-san.

Lute:           ...Looking forward to it.

Viola:          Heheh, I'm blushing for some reason...

Ed:             Alright, lets return to East City!

Back at HQ...

Mustang:        !!
                Haganeno, she is...
Ed:             Yes, she's Viola.

Viola:          I'm Viola Amore.
                You seem to be a nation alchemist too huh.
Mustang:        I've heard your story.
                Your parents were working for a national alchemist...
Viola:          No, it's fine now.
                Even though you had no proof, it couldn't be helped to be 
                suspicous of me.
                But it doesn't mean I've given up.
Mustang:        Suspicions towards her in the military's investigation has 
                also been cleared up. I can allow you to be a member of the 
                It was really Haganeno and the others that found you 
                And Haganeno...
                You've made her a friend of yours already?
                You were quick.
Ed:             Don't compare me with the likes of you!

                More importantly, there's an alchemist within the 
                Reperarey, Colonel.
Mustang:        Did something happen in Nelvo?

Al:             Yes.
                There was a fight there where we were attacked by the 
                They weren't human!
                They were chimeras that could speak the human language!
Mustang:        What?!

Lute:           We're thinking it maybe the work of an alchemist that is 
                highly skilled and has great knowledge.
Mustang:        Chimera alchemy with chimeras that speak the human 
                tongue... I'm sure there will be some information on such a 
                high class alchemist.
Ed:             That's why I want to go through the military data again.

Mustang:        Lets do that.
                Call Second Lieutenant Havoc.
Hawkeye:        Yes sir.

Jan:            What is it?

Mustang:        I want you to go through the military's scout list and find 
                data on all high class alchemists.
Jan:            What kind of high class?

Mustang:        Ones that can use alchemy to create chimeras that speak the 
                human tongue.
Jan:            ...That's amazing huh.
                There won't be many but is there any other factors?
Mustang:        Those that have a grudge against the military.
                Also those who were originally national alchemists.
Jan:            Understood!

Mustang:        Since I have an idea of the culprit, I'll go investigate 
Hawkeye:        Then I shall join you.

Ed              You can do your work here, Colonel.
                We ourselves will be enough to handle it.
Mustang:        Come now, don't say that.
                We should have as much power as we can.
Ed:             ...Colonel.
                You're up to something.
Mustang:        Hee... It's just you.

Al:             Oh yeah, Nii-san!

Ed:             Hmmm?

Al:             We should report to Fagott-san too.

Ed:             Oh, you're right.

Mustang:        How convenient.
                I wanted to meet that person myself.
                That former national alchemist.
                Haganeno, lead the way please.
Ed:             Grr!
                I can't take this...
                I'm not the colonel's errand boy.
Viola:          Hey Winry.
                Do these two not get along?
Winry:          Hmmm, I wonder now.
                I don't really know either.
Al:             They're friends but they're rivals too.
                Nii-san is weak against him though.
                Lets see, how should I say it...
                ...Water and oil?
                No no... A dog and monkey?
Winry:          ...Al,
                That's not how you describe not getting along...
Viola:          Either way, they're military dogs...

Winry:          Oh, that's a good way to put it.

So, head to Fagott's Mansion and then...

Ed:             Huh? It's closed.

Al:             It's locked...

Lute:           Something might have happened!
                Lets try breaking in!
Mustang:        If that's the case then, Haganeno.
                You're good at that sort of thing.
                Hurry up and use alchemy to make a key.
Ed:             Me again.
                Man, how bothersome...
                Then I'll need a Dark Matter material card...
Al:             Dark matter are purple cards huh.

Ed:             Yeah. 5-6 or 6-7 would be good but 3-3 or 3-4s might be 
                easier to make.
Al:             Dark 3-3 or 3-4 huh.

Should be easy enough to make. You'll see a picture of a big black matter 
in it with a purple aura once you've got the right cards. Once you use the 

Al:             Ni- Nii-san...
                The doors completely gone.
                That's kind of bad...
Ed:             What?
                It's fine.
                We can return it back to normal afterwards.

Mustang:        They ran away huh...
                Looks like they don't want to get involved with the 
Ed:             They ran away?
                What's this about?
Hawkeye:        Before this, we were informted that mutants appeared here.
                If there has been any illegal human alchemy then we must 
                carry out the punishment...
Mustang:        That's why we came here to verify it first.

Winry:          You're saying...
                Those hooded people were chimeras?
                Then they're linked to the bombing...
Hawkeye:        We don't know that so we came to verify it.

Mustang:        Cravis Fagott was deprived of his qualifications as a 
                national alchemist.
                The reason is he performed chimera alchemy using human 
Lute:           ....

Mustang:        After a certain incident, his illegal alchemy became clear.
                The couple he used for his alchemy failed...
                The couple who were used, died.
                Their child went missing afterwards.
                Then his qualifications were deprived...
Viola:          ?!

Winry:          Viola, that means...

Viola:          ....

Al:             Colonel, you think Fagott-san continued to perform illegal 
                alchemy after he was deprived of his qualifications?
Mustang:        I also want to know that.
                That's why I came.
Lute:           Please stop this!
                Sensei isn't someone who would do such a horrible thing!
Mustang:        I heard that you worked as Fagott's assistant.
                So you knew what happened at the time.
Lute:           It's true that Sensei was doing research on chimera 
                But I know he's not the sort of person who would use human 
                bodies for his alchemy!
Mustang:        There's records that as a national alchemist, he was not a 
                man of talent.
                Don't you think that he would perform reckless alchemy to 
                proof that wrong?
Lute:           Stop saying things that make Sensei look suspicious!

                ...Sensei was a wonderful person.
                Even now, I think it was wrong that he was deprived of his 
                I'm sorry to say this but I can no longer accompany you.
Ed:             He- Hey.
                Wait a minute.
Lute:           No.
                It's pointless trying to stop me!
Ed:             Haa...
                Then do what you like.
                I won't stop you.
Lute:           I will. I won't with those who are suspicious of Sensei!
                Excuse me!
Ed:             Man, I'm confused now...
                Colonel, why don't we go back to HQ for now?
Mustang:        Yes, lets do that...

Viola:          Fagott...

Winry:          Viola...

Back at HQ...

Mustang:        As an important link to the bombing incidents, I have put 
                up Fagott as a wanted criminal.
Ed:             Hmmm, I don't get it.
                Fagott's linked to the Reperarey?
Al:             If we think about the circumstances, he doesn't seem odd.

Winry:          But he was the one who told me to use the Alchemy Gun to 
                Would he plan things against himself?
Al:             Hm, Hmmm...

Viola:          Stop it with all the talking.
                We'll know if we catch him and ask him...
Ed:             You're right...

Winry:          I wonder if Lute-san is looking for Fagott-san on his own?

Ed:             Who knows. Wait...
                Could he have known where this was all going?
Mustang:        Maybe it was a mistake to let you go on your own, Haganeno.

Ed:             Grr!

Jan:            Colonel, a job has come in.
                Please go to the Military Prison right away.
Mustang:        Did something happen?

Jan:            It seems there's a riot there.
                They're asking for backup.
Mustang:        I can't believe this. Things are happening to prevent my 
                promotion one after the other... It must be someone's 
Ed:             You're just thinking too much.

Mustang:        Haganeno, you help too.

Ed:             What?!

Mustang:        As a national alchemist, you must always obey a military 
Ed:             Damn it.

Mustang:        Second Lieutenant Havoc, I leave the rest to you.

Jan:            Understood.

Leave the HQ and head to the central block. Everything is in chaos.

Viola:          The streets are in panick.
                If we don't do something soon, a riot may occur.
Ed:             Yes.
                First lets suppress the riot at the military prison.
Al:             Lets hurry, Nii-san!

So head west from here where the prison is.

Soldier:        Colonel, there's a riot here...

Mustang:        I know.
                Continue to be on your guard so that no convicts can 
Soldiers:       Ye- Yes sir!

Winry:          It's the first time I've been in a prison.
                What kind of place do you think it is, Ed?
Ed:             ...Well, Al and I have been in before.
                We got thrown in by the colonel...
Al:             Yeah...
                Even though we didn't do anything bad, we were forced to...
Mustang:        It's good isn't it?
                Now you learned more about the society, you should be 
Ed:             We're not happy!

Viola:          Mustang... You're a schemer huh.
                The sort of person I don't want to be linked to with.
Mustang:        The sort of person you don't want to be linked to with...

Viola:          Lets suppress the riots quick.

Hawkeye:        It's necessary for a soldier to be a schemer too.
                Colonel, lets go do our work.
Mustang:        Ye- Yeah.
                Lets do that.
Winry:          That's our Riza-san!
                She really knows when to be nice and when to be firm!
                I can learn things from her.
Ed:             Did you say something?

Winry:          Uh, no!
                No- Nothing!
Ed:             ?


Mustang:        The one responsible for organising the riot is most likely 
                within this prison.
                Our goal is to defeat that person and suppress the riot.
                The prison is big so we'll split into 3 groups to increase 
Ed:             OK!
                So how will be split up?
Winry:          Then Viola and I will go this way!

Ed:             Winry, just you and Viola will be...

Viola:          Woah!
                You don't have to say any more than that!
                We can fight well enoguh!
Ed:             Will it really be alright...

Winry:          Yeah, don't worry Ed.

Ed:             ....OK.

Mustang:        All routes lead to the deepest area so we'll meet up there.

Winry:          Understood!
                Well, lets go!
Ed:             OK, be careful!

Al:             Good luck, Winry!

Winry:          We will!

After they leave...

Ed:             Well, now we have 2 more groups to go...
                I don't want to be with colonel...
Mustang:        ....!

Al:             Er, I- I don't want to be along with the Colonel either...
Mustang:        !!

Hawkeye:        It can't be helped.
                I will go with the colonel.
Ed:             Then I'll go with Al!

Al:             Yeah, that's the best.

Ed:             Alright, we'll go take this route, Al!

Al:             OK, Nii-san!

Hawkeye:        Come on, Colonel.
                Lets set off.
                This way.
Before we start visiting the cells with Winry, be sure to close ALL the 
doors of the cells you pass by while you make your way to the exit. It'll 
save you a lot of random battles afterwards.

Use the button and go into the first cell. You'll find 5 healing capsules.
In the pots in the next room, you'll find a healing drink. Then in the next 
room, you'll find a pair of high class army gloves, good for handling Auto 

Following the path up into the next row of cells, you'll find 2x healing 
supplements and a set of healing medicine. Go up to the last door and use 
the button there. Now, remember I told you to close ALL the doors of the 
cells you passed by? Well, there are 7 wires linked to this button here and 
will only work if all the cell doors are closed. Go into the new area.

There's no point checking the cells here. There's nothing in them. Instead 
follow the path round to the back and use the buttons that are on each side 
of the door. It won't open.

Viola:          This door won't open at this rate...

Winry:          You're right... Hmmm?
                Look. There's a wire linking to it from the two buttons...
Viola:          It's true...
                Maybe we have to press them both at the same time...?
Winry:          That might be it.
                Lets try and see!
                Ready, Viola?
Viola:          Yeah, anytime!

Winry:          Then here we go!
Viola:          2!

Win & Viola:    3!

Winry:          We done it~!

Viola:          Haha, we're a good team!

Winry:          But no matter how much we fight, they keep coming.

Viola:          You can say that again.
                It's just a criminal riot but the military can't help.
Winry:          But Ed and Riza-san are helping.

Viola:          There are such people sometimes.

Man:            You people...

Viola:          You!
                You're the one that attacked Nelvo!
Man:            Indeed.
                And what are you, someone not from the miltary, doing here?
Viola:          A riot happened occurred and the townspeople are scared.
                I'm helping to suppress it.
                This riot wouldn't be the work of you Reperarey would it!
Man:            Then how about beating me?

Viola:          We will.
                I won't hold back!
After you defeat the chimera man...

Man:            You're stronger than I thought...
                I will withdraw for now!
                Looks like this riot is a failure.
Viola:          Wait!

                What a nimble one...
                Now it's alright here.
                Lets join up with Ed and the others.
Winry:          Yeah!

Now for Mustang's group. Go north into the first open cell to find a 
military secret memo. Description says it will be the key to promotion. 
Head on right to the last room to find the control panel for the platforms.

Hawkeye:        Now we can pass.

Mustang:        Yes.
                But I didn't think it would be this inconvenient without 
                Haganeno here.
                I really do need someone as obedient and useful as him...
Hawkeye:        Edward-kun is far from being obedient...

Mustang:        We'll be able to make good use of such a person, First 
                Lieutenant Hawkeye.
Hawkeye:        More importantly, Colonel.
                Please hurry.
                There's no time left.
Mustang:        Yes, you're right. Lets hurry!

Return to the stairs and follow the bottom path round. Ignore the first 
cell that appears open and proceed to the exit. Follow the path found until 
you reach another set of platforms. This time you'll need to get to a 
control panel on the next level down but there is no way down from here... 
Just then, Mustang remembers that Ed and Al's down there so you'll need to 
go back and get them. Run back to the cell I told you to ignore earlier and 
Mustang will try calling to them.

Now it's Ed's team's turn. Turn right after you leave the room and ignore 
the cells. There's nothing in them. Go into the room to the bottom right to 
find 5 healing drinks and a Heal All Abnormality item in the cupboards. 
Follow the path upwards and try to take the first route you come across. 
You'll hear Mustang calling. He tells Ed to go use the control panels 
inside to help him lower the platforms. So, all you have to do is go in and 
press all 3 control panels.

Now it's back to Mustang's team. Return to the place you couldn't cross 
then go into the room you can access now. You'll find a healing supplement 
in the cupboard there and a drink in the pots. Exit and make your way to 
the stairs. Once there...

Mustang:        Oh?
                Quite a splendid chimera.
Chimera:        You must belong to the military.
                And that woman there too.
Mustang:        ?!

Hawkeye:        It just talked didn't it, Colonel...

Mustang:        Looks like it...

Chimera:        I am a failure...
                I couldn't take human form...
                However, I have the conciousness...
                Members of the military...
Mustang:        My name is Roy Mustang.
                My rank is colonel.
                Is there any business you have with the military?
Chimera:        ...Even if I did, it would be hatred.
                Hatred with what you done to chimeras and the criminals.
Mustang:        ....

Chimera:        A certain person experimented to give me life and a certain 
                someone gave me the form of a chimera...
Mustang:        ....

Chimera:        ...We will not let any more criminals become sacrifices.

Mustang:        And that is why you're letting the criminals escape and 
                making the public fall into a panick.
Chimera:        ...Then you can just stop us.

After you defeat it...

Chimera:        We- We won't forgive you...
                We won't forgive you, the military!
Hawkeye:        ....Lets go, Colonel.

Mustang:        ...Yes.

Switching back to Ed and Al, continue left into the next area. When you 
reach the second cell, Ed and Al will be reminded of Lt. Colonel Martins 
from the first game. Afterwards, check the bed to find Martin' diary.

Ed:             A diary...
                What's this...
Al:             Could it be Lt. Colonel Martin's diary?!

Ed:             It really is!
                It's got Aston Martins written on it!
                It really isn't a good idea reading it...
Al:             Ye- Yeah...

Ed:             Just a little wouldn't matter!

Al:             Yo- You can't, Nii-san!

Ed:             It's alright!
                Lets see...
                O Month X Day
                Another day with just enough food.
                At this rate, my Sakura will wither away...
                Oh yeah, it looks like a guy with a moustache got brought 
                into the next room today.
                He moaned about being beaten by a tiny national alchemist.
                I can't really tell him to shut up.
                O Month T Day
                The moustache guy got tranported to a different cell today.
                Now I can have some peace and quiet.
                I wish they would bring in a cute girl.
                O Month S Day
                "Could it be a cute girl?!", I thought...
                Then it turned out they brought it a noisy pea sized boy 
                and a suit of armour. You can't wear armour in here.
                The pea and armour destroyed the cell and came to talk to 
                me! What ARE these guys thinking?!
                They asked me to join them and we had a fight.
                I thought it was a bad idea but they weren't going 
                to get out by themselves...
                I lost on purpose and joined them.
                Just then, a face I knew appeared...
                It was the incompetent Mustang.
                As usual, he appeared like a guy with no respect...
                It seemed the pea and armour got fooled by him.
                Well, my life in the cell comes to an end.
                Writing my diary to waste my free time also comes to an 
                I'll hide this under my bed in commemoration.
                ...So he done things we didn't see.
Al:             Ye- Yeah.

Now go to the last cell to the left. You'll find a cat there. Afterwards, 
make your way back to the cell with the 3 control panels in it. Check the 
pot in the first cell to find a steel card. It increases your defense 
greatly for a while in battle. Now exit the cell and follow the path to the 
next row of cells. Ignore the first cell and go into the second. Check the 
pot there to find a Seal of Oath. Description says it's proof of vowing to 
retrieve everything. Leave the cell and keep following the path til you 
reach the stairs.

Al:             Nii-san, there's stairs leading down.

Ed:             ...That means this is where we meet up.

Al:             Might be.

Ed:             But, none of them are here...
                Did they stray off the route?
                Al, don't go any further.
Scar:           You have a good sense, Full Metal Alchemist.

Al:             Scar-san!

Scar:           Being able to meet you here means God is siding with me as 
                as usual!
Ed:             We can't fight you right now.

Scar:           Don't worry, Full Metal Alchemist.

                I will release you from the problems you hold.
                With death!
After you beat him...

Scar:           You can fight well, Full Metal Alchemist...
                I'll leave your life for a little longer!
Ed:             He's gone...

Al:             Nii-san, right now we have to hurry and suppress the riot!

Ed:             You're right.

Winry:          Ed!

Ed:             Winry, you alright?

Winry:          Yeah.

Viola:          We sorted our bit out.

Winry:          We found all sorts of things along the way!

"Obtained 3 Healing Medicine Sets".

Mustang:        We're done here too.

                It seems this riot is caused by talking chimeras...
Viola:          It seemed that way over here too.

Winry:          Then that means this riot really was caused by the 
                Reperarey too...
Ed:             Yeah.

Al:             Well, the leader might be inside.

Mustang:        Yes, lets hurry.

Go north but don't go into the north room yet. Turn left and check the pot 
to the top-left corner to find another Legendary Tool then the bottom-right 
corner for an Intensifying  Protein which increases your attack power for a 
while during battle. Leave the room and go to the room to the right to find 
some other items that heal or chages your stats. Finally, we can go fight 
the leader...

Ed:             And he appears.

Chimera:        From your appearance, you must be the military...
                And national alchemists?
Mustang:        A female voice...?

Ed:             Yeah, a few here.
                What business do you have with us?
Chimera:        There are... That's good.
                Allow me to give my thanks.
Ed:             No thanks.
                More importantly...
                Do you know Fagott?
Chimera:        He is a poor man. He was used by the military, made to 
                take all their crimes and was banished.
Winry:          What do you mean he was used?

Chimera:        Under the command of the military, he used alchemy to 
                create chimeras like me.
Winry:          Chimera?!

Mustang:        ....

Chimera:        When he was banished, he lowered his head to us.
                He regretted how he used alchemy to create us mutants.
                Then he said he would look after us...
                We were happy about that...
Ed:             And so, Fagott thought of taking revenge on the military by 
                those bombings?
Chimera:        You don't understand his heart.
                ...I will clear him of the humiliation he got from national 
In battle...

Chimera:        I will defeat you for Fagott...

                And for us, chimeras!
Ed:             We have to important requests!

                Withdraw from the prison!
                And let us see Fagott!
Chimera:        What greed.
                I refuse both!
After you win...

Chimera:        Taking on this number of opponents is no good...
                I'll have to withdraw.
                I'll remember this, military dogs!
Viola:          Damn it!
                They got away again!
                And we got a clue as well...
Ed:             It can't be helped that they've got away.
                For now, we've got the riots to settle down...
Mustang:        Yes. Lets leave the rest to the others.
                Lets return to HQ.
Viola:          Grr...

Winry:          Viola...

Lust:           You.
                It troubles us when you just decide on your own to cause 
                riots and bombings.
?:              You people huh...

Lust:           It's troublesome not to use the "Philosopher's Stone" that 
                you have efficiently...
                A low level alchemist like you only succeeded in chimera 
                alchemy thanks to it.
?:              Even if that's the case, what of it?

Lust:           We also have our conditions.
                I'm sure you don't want us to take that "Philosopher's 
?:              ...I have my own ideas.
                Be quiet until I can reach a conclusion...
Lust:           Conclusion?

?:              Yes, a perfect human alchemy.
                Being able to revive a human being!
Gluttony:       Lust, can I eat him?

Lust:           Huhuhu, no.

?:              What actions I am currently taking is my way of achieving 
                my goal...
                ...Those actions aren't far from what you people want 
Lust:           ...Yes, we are using each other.
                We agree that you have the advantage.
                That's why we were wondering if you could make your moves 
                for our benefit.
?:              ...I'll think about it.
                Excuse me.
Lust:           We're counting on you.

Envy:           Hey, is it alright leaving him like that...?

Lust:           Oh, it's Envy.

Envy:           He's no great alchemist after all.
                We should just kill him.
Lust:           When we know he's useless we will.
                Killing him is simple...
Gluttony:       I want to eat him.

Lust:           Not yet, Gluttony.

Envy:           ...Well, I'll go see how that tiny Metal boy is doing.

Lust:           You can't kill him.

Envy:           Of course.

Lust:           We don't know what you'll do in a frenzy.

Envy:           Heh!

Back at HQ.

Jan:            Colonel, please take care of the responsibility for these 
                bombing incidents.
Mustang:        I know.
                If I don't deal with it properly, I'll get demoted.
Hawkeye:        So because of that, will you 4 people continue the 
                investigation please.
Ed:             Got it.
                ...But we've reached a dead end.
Winry:          Yeah... Maybe we should continue looking for Fagott-san.

Al:             Yeah, I think so too.

Viola:          I agree that we should see Fagott too.

Ed:             Since all members have reached an agreement, lets catch 
Winry:          But Ed, where are you planning to look?

Ed:             Hmmm, at these sort of times...

Mustang:        It'll be safe to search Fagott's home.

Ed:             I was just about to say that too!

                Alright, lets go to Fagott's home then!
Al:             Colonel, good luck dealing with the incidents.

Mustang:        Yeah...
                Thanks for that.
So, head on over to Fagott's place. The door won't be there naymore since 
Ed left without fixing it. Once inside...

Viola:          But what should we look for?

Ed:             We'll just investigate any place that's suspicious.
                First, we'll start on the first floor.
Random battles will now take place inside the mansion with chimeras. Head 
over to the room to the right and check the both cupboards. You'll find a 
healing capsule in one. Now return to the stairs and check the desk on 
your way back. At the stairs, check the telephone then go into the left 
room and check the fire place. Now you can go to the second floor. Make 
sure you examine ALL of the above. Otherwise, you can't go up yet.

The chimera battles on this floor seem tougher. Anyway, go up the stairs to 
your right and check the desk (I also checked the stained windows on the 
way up). Check the painting on the wall too then go on south to the room 
with the bookcases. Check the right one to find a healing item and then 
check the other 2 bookcases.

Head on left past the banister and check the locker, desk and memo board. 
Nothing here except the locker's locked. Go into the room above with the 2 
bookcases. Check the one nearest the stairs first then the next one. Ed 
will find a book put in the opposite direction. Pick the first option to 
fix it and he'll hear a sound. Return to the locker and examine it. It'll 
be open this time. There's a button inside so choose the first option to 
press it. A loud noise is heard. Return to the stairs to find a hidden door 
and go in. Once inside...

Ed:             Looks like a study...

Al:             Nii-san... All the books here are about how to make flowers 
Winry:          So it's not data about chimeras huh...

Ed:             We can't say that.
                Usually alchemists write what their researching about in 
                their own code.
Al:             That's why this will take time for us to check.
                We can't say anything until then.
Winry:          So that's how it is.
                Being an alchemist has a lot of work huh.
                This note...
                It has Lila Amore written on it.
Viola:          Lila?!
                Give it to me!
Winry:          Viola...
                So you really were suspecting Fagott-san...?
Viola:          This diary... It's my sister Lila!

Winry:          What?! Really!

Ed:             Winry, what's wrong?

Winry:          Looks like the national alchemist that Viola hates is 
Ed:             Is that true?

Viola:          Mustang told us what the reason for Fagott getting deprived 
                of his qualifications...
                It's the same situation as when the accident happened with 
                my parents.
                And this is my sister's diary...
                There's no reason just to expect him now is there?
Winry:          Then he really did...

Viola:          Damn it!

Winry:          Viola!

Ed:             Winry!
                Don't let Viola go alone!
Winry:          OK!


Winry:          Viola, wait!

Viola:          Winry...
                I'm going.
Winry:          What are you going to do going alone!

Viola:          I'm taking my revenge on Fagott!
                I must!
Winry:          ....Viola.
                I'll tell you the reason why I'm fighting the Reperarey...
Viola:          What are you talking about.
                It has nothing to do with me!
Winry:          ...That maybe.
                But, I want you to hear it.
Viola:          Winry...
                I'll hear it.
Winry:          Thanks, Viola.
                ...There is only one reason why I'm fighting...
                So that there won't be anyone who'll have sad memories 
                because of the bombing incidents...
                That is all.
Viola:          Just... that?

Winry:          Yes...
                It's the same what the Reperarey are doing but...
                It's not a good thing to hurt people...
                What's driving them is because of hatred, isn't it?
                I was thinking if hatred is born from the hearts of people 
                that are hurt...
Viola:          ...And?

Winry:          I think your feelings are the same as the Reperarey at the 
                Hatred towards the military that the Reperarey have...
                You ahve hatred towards Fagott-san...
                I'm sure sad things will be done because of that hatred...
Viola:          Now that you've told me that... What am I supposed to do 
                about my feelings?!
Winry:          Viola...
                Forgive Fagott-san.
Viola:          What?!

Winry:          Doing that will free your heart from hatred...
                You'll break the link to hatred!
Viola:          I... I'm not the sort of person who can do that...
                That's why I'm going!
Winry:          Viola, you can't go!
Viola:          You guys!

                Winry, lets fight!
                You alright?!
Winry:          Ye- Yeah!
                They might know where Fagott-san is!
Viola:          You're right.

In battle...

Viola:          If you guys do as we ask, you won't get hurt.

Man:            This is to protect Fagott.
                We will kill you.
Viola:          You guys saying you'll protect Fagott.

                Quit fooling around! That guy killed my parents!
Winry:          Viola!
                Our goal is to hand them over to the military.
Viola:          I know!

After you win...

Viola:          Winry...

Winry:          Yes?

Viola:          My feelings won't change...
                But I understand the way you think...
Winry:          Thanks...

Ed:             Hey, you alright?

Winry:          Yeah, I'm alright...
                More importantly, lets hand these guys over to the 
                They might know where Fagott-san is...
Ed:             Yeah, you're right.
                We have no business here now so lets return to the East HQ.
Viola:          Fagott...
                I will get you...
Back at HQ...

Mustang:        Haganeno, you came back at the right time.
                Lend me hand.
Ed:             I don't want to do anything bothersome.

Mustang:        Now, don't say that. You have to fight.
                The residents of the towns and villages are in a rebellion.
Hawkeye:        We were informed that there are chimeras with the 
Mustang:        They're just making use of the resident's fear of the 
                bombing incidents.
Hawkeye:        And that's where we want all of you to calm them down.

Winry:          It's finally the people of the towns and villages too...
                Where is it happening?
Hawkeye:        Reglotaria, Nelvo and Koko. Those 3 places.

                Please go to Reglotaria first.
                Major Armstrong is having a tough battle there alone.
Ed:             Understood.

Mustang:        And don't injure the residents please.

Ed:             Yeah, leave it to us!

Winry:          Lets hurry, Ed!

Ed:             He- Hey!
                Wait, Winry!
Mustang:        Viola-san...

Viola:          What is it?

Mustang:        ...I want to understand your feelings.
                But, you are working with the military's investigation 
                right now...
Viola:          ...I understand.
                First we'll sort out what's before us.
                Just like Winry...
                I don't want to let the unfortunate people grow hatred.
                We'll deal with Fagott afterwards.
                After that...
Mustang:        What?

Viola:          I said bad things about you once but I take it back.

Mustang:        Oh? What's this about?

Viola:          You have a warm heart but you just don't show it to people, 
                do you?
Hawkeye:        !!

Mustang:        !!

Ed:             Hey, Viola!
                Hurry up!
                You'll get left behind!
Viola:          OK, coming!

                You can just call me Viola.
                Don't use "-san" with me.
Mustang:        I understand.

                She says some interesting things that young lady.
Hawkeye:        It seems she has an eye for people...

Mustang:        Hmmm, looks like I'm not rubbish.

Hawkeye:        Colonel, please use that warm heart of yours to sign these 
Mustang:        All- All of these?!

Hawkeye:        Of course.
                Why would you leave any out?
Mustang:        ....

At Reglotaria people are running around panicking...

Ed:             This is bad!
                We didn't expect all this!
Al:             Nii-san!
                We have to find Major Armstrong!
Winry:          Ed, over there!

Ed:             Major Armstrong!

Armstrong:      Oh, Edward Elric!

                I'm so grateful that you can come help me even while you're 
                busy with the bombing incident investigation!
                Oh, that lady over there is?
Viola:          I'm Viola!
                Due to some reason, I'm working together with Winry and 
                everyone else!
                More importantly, what's the situation?!
Armstrong:      Yes, that's right!
                The situation is serious!
                Just when the residents are upset with 2 bombing incidents, 
                chimeras appeared and panick struck...
Ed:             Chimeras?!
                Where are they coming from?
Armstrong:      That I do not know.
                They're coming from unexpected places...
                I am ashamed...
Ed:             Woah!
                Like I said, you don't have to take off your clothes!
Winry:          Ed, lets get Lute-san to help too!

Armstrong:      It seems Lute-dono hasn't returned.
                I went by his house a moment ago but he was absent...
Ed:             We'll have to do it by ourselves!

Armstrong:      I'm evacuating the residents!

Al:             Then we can find the chimeras and exterminate them!

Ed:             Yeah.
                Everyone ready?
                Lets go!
First, organise your party. You should find that it's changed now that 
Armstrong is back. Afterwards, head left to find the first chimeras. 
They're really just the same as the usual random chimera fights but you can 
see them. Head south to the southwest corner of the town to find another 
one. Finally, there's 2 more groups just behind the military building where 
bombings took place earlier. After that...

Ed:             Haa...
                Is that all of them?
Al:             Yeah.
                For now, we don't see any around...
Ed:             There's still more!

Chimera:        That is disrespectful...
                Do not think of me as the same as the other chimeras...
Al:             It- It talked?!

Chimera:        What disrespect again...
                I'm just like you.
Al:             So- Sorry!

Ed:             What are you apologizing for, Al!

Al:             Er, but I...

Ed:             You're one of the experiments too?

Chimera:        Ah, yes.
                Even though it wasn't you who made me into this form...
                If you're a military dog then it has nothing to do with 
                All the more if you're after Fagott...
Ed:             Then take out your anger on us!
                We'll make a stand!
After you defeat it...

Chimera:        Fagott was the one who saved us...
                Please... Don't arrest him...
Ed:             We have suspcions about Fagott...
                If we find out it's a misunderstanding, we'll set him free.
Chimera:        He... Doesn't know anything...
Viola:          Fagott...

Winry:          ....

Armstrong:      There are still towns to be saved.
                Lets head for Nelvo!
Ed:             Yeah!

At Nelvo...

Viola:          Chimeras!
                Where are the villagers?!
Winry:          Looks like they're all taking refuge!

Viola:          Ed, lets destroy all the chimeras!

Ed:             I know even if you didn't tell me!
                We'll take them out one by one!
Go take out the chimera group to the right first then go inside the house 
behind it. Look... It's a kittie. No wait... It's chimera! After you've 
taken care of that, exit the house and kill the ones at the door of the big 
house. Once you've done that be ready to fight another group inside. After 
that, exit the house and go to where Viola's house is to defeat another 
group. Finally, the last one will be in the shed near the entrance. It's on 
top of some hay and it seems it won't come down. So, Al suggests Ed acts 
crazy to lure it down. Just press any button you like until it does and 
defeat it.

After all the chimera are defeated, a soldier will come to inform Al and 
the others that the situation in Koko is getting worst. With that, they 
rush there right away.

Another chimera extermination mission in Koko. I chose to go in a clockwise 
direction starting from the left. Defeat the first chimera group you come 
to then go into the shop. You'll find there's nothing there but once you 
leave again, you'll get ambushed. Afterwards, continue in a clockwise 
direction and kill the chimeras you see then you're done. Don't forget the 
one near the old book store that sells books on alchemy. Once you've killed 
all of them...

Ed:             Phew!
                Looks like that's all of them...
Al:             Yeah.

Chimera:        There is still me!

Viola:          You again!

Chimera:        It looks like I'm fated to meet you people again...

Ed:             Of course!
                We're here to wipeout your evil deeds!
Chimera:        Don't make me laugh!

After you win...

Chimera:        I was... Made into this form by Fagott but I don't hate 
Viola:          You have no hatred?

Chimera:        He is also a victim of the military... Just like me.
                The ones I should hate are the military and not Fagott...
Viola:          You...
                You should be hating him...
                ...He's the one that made you that way!
Chimera:        You... don't know Fagott.
                That's why you think that way...
                I want you to... not blame him.
                He is... an important person to us...
Viola:          An important person?

Chimera:        Don't you think that...
                Having an important person taken away from you sad...?
Ed:             We want to see Fagott and talk to him!
                Tell us where he is please!
Chimera:        I can feel... that girl wants to kill him.
                Are you... planning to kill him with those hands...?
Viola:          ...I don't know.
                I don't know what I want to do...
Chimera:        Then... go... see him.
                ...He is... at the Cruz... Ruins.
                Please... don't blame him...
Viola:          ....

Ed:             We're going back to East HQ...

Back at HQ...

Mustang:        You were a great help calming down the rebellion.
                Now, is it true that Fagott is in the Ruins of Cruz?
Ed:             Yeah.
                We were informed by a talking chimera but I think we can 
                trust it...
Al:             I think so too.
                That chimera said it wanted us to talk with Fagott-san...
Mustang:        ...I understand.
                Then we're aiming for the Ruins of Cruz.
                Everyone here will head there.
Ed:             Yeah, you're right.
                Lets get this case over and done with quick!
Al:             Yes.
                Lets go see Fagott-san!
Viola:          Yeah, I have no objections.
                I want to see Fagott and hear what his true thoughts are...
                After that...
                I will decide what to do...
Winry:          Viola...

Ed:             ...Winry.

Winry:          ...What, Ed?

Ed:             ...From here, much more dangerous things may happen...
                Knowing that, will you still be coming with us?
Winry:          ...Yes, of course!

                I want to fight so that no one else will have sad 
Ed:             ...OK.
                I will protect you.
Winry:          ...Yes!
                Thanks, Ed...
Ed:             Fagott's in the Ruins of Cruz.
                Lets go!
Before you go, go left and head up the stairs to the second floor. There 
will be a dying plant there. To fix it, you'll need a nature card with 
black soil on it, around a Nature 7-4 card. You'll get some relaxing mint. 
After that, go inside the first room, the communication room. You'll find a 
black cat towards the end at stand number 4. Now you can leave for Cruz. 
Once you're there...

Viola:          Fagott is here in these ruins somewhere...

Ed:             But...
                Is there anything to hide in these ruins?
Al:             Yeah... It's just all stone.
                There's no place to take shelter from the rain and wind 
Winry:          I wonder if he has a tent setup?

Ed:             Why would he something that stupid?!

Winry:          We don't know that!

Viola:          You guys...
                We were in such a good mood back there as well...
Ed:             Not really!

Winry:          Not at all!

Al:             Now now, Nii-san and Winry.
Randy:          Yo, sorry to keep you waiting!

Cate:           Yaho, Yoroi-kun.
                You been well?
Al:             Cate-san.
                And following her is Randy-san too.
Randy:          Yes, following her is Randy~!

                I mean what do you mean following!
Winry:          With each other as usual I see...

Randy:          ....

Ed:             What are you guys doing here?

Mustang:        After I was informed that Fagott was in these ruins, I got 
                them over to investigate.
Cate:           It's true.
                He was making us do all sorts of miscallaneous jobs after 
Mustang:        That is your job.

Hawkeye:        So did you find out anything?

Randy:          Ane-san, about that...

Hawkeye:        ...Don't call me using weird names please.

Randy:          Sorry.
                So, there seems to be a secret entrance deep within.
Cate:           In a large place with stepping stones where the wall is a 
                different colour.
Mustang:        I see.
                Then Fagott must be in there, right.
Cate:           Don't know about that.

Mustang:        ....Well, that will do.
                So, you two return to East City.
Cate:           No fair! That's boring!
                We want to come too!
Hawkeye:        No!
                Go back!
Randy:          Cate, Ane-san says so too...
                Lets go back.
Hawkeye:        Don't call me with weird names!

Randy:          Ye- Yes Maam!
Al:             Cate-san, there's a lot of work to do.
                So please, can't you go back?
Cate:           Hmmm...
                If Yoroi-kun says so...
Al:             Ho.

Cate:           Bye, Yoroi-kun.
                Lets play next time!
                Bye bye!
Randy:          Well, Ane-san.
                Excuse us.
Hawkeye:        Grr!

Ed:             My my...
                Even Al was troubled.
Winry:          It's hard being a popular guy huh.

Al:             Well...

Ed:             Why are you going all dreamy for!

Winry:          What are you angry for!

Ed:             I don't know but I'm pissed!

Al:             No, No~!

Mustang:        Haganeno, what are you doing.
                Leave it and go.
So, lets make your way to the area with the stepping stones. I don't know 
if you noticed it the first time you were there but, there was a wall which 
was partly green. To get there, once you've gone down the pillar and jumped 
across to the first stepping stone, jump up, up, left, left. Once you're 
examine it.

Ed:             Looks like this place is the one they were talking about.

Al:             Yeah, if you look closely it's the only place that's a 
                different colour...
Armstrong:      Then I shall give it a try.

                Here we go!
                I can't move this by myself.
Al:             Ah, I'll help too.

Armstrong:      Muuuun!

Al:             Nnnnnn~!!

                ...It's- It's no good.
                It's too heavy!
Ed:             You two are alchemists right?
                Use your head.
Al:             ...Ah!

Ed:             We'll deal with a wall like this in one shot with a Stone 
Al:             Nii-san, a Stone Card's an orange coloured card isn't it?
Ed:             Yeah, that's right.
                We'll be able to do it right away so lets go for a Stone
You're standing on stone which means it'll be easy to draw out stone cards 
when you throw away old ones. So, examine the wall and pick the first 
option to say you're ready.  5-3 is just roughly what you should get. As 
long as you get an orange card with a big lump of stone on it then, you've 
got the right card. I managed to make a Stone 6-3 card.

Inside, take the path to your left first to find a Mind Strike. Next go 
north until you reach a fork. Take the northeast path here to find a 
healing gold next to a pool. Follow the path back and go right now until 
you reach some stairs. Head down it to find a Family Heirloom which is a 
weapon handed down in the Armstrong family.

Go back up the stairs and return to the fork. Follow the path left this 
time and go down the stairs. Go on down to the centre where there's a pool. 
You'll find a treasure box with a healing medicine set in it. You can also 
use the pool here to replenish your HP. Go on south and follow the path 
until you reach some stairs. Go up to find a Wizard Cat's Lucky Charm which 
keeps the body in good health. Return to the pool and replenish your HP if 
you need to and go left down the stairs. Follow the path round and you'll 
meet Randy again.

Randy:          Heeey!

Al:             Huh?
                Didn't you go back?
Randy:          Yeah, just a sec.

Ed:             ....

                Who are you?
Al:             Nii-san, will you cut it out...

Randy:          What are you talking about!
                It's me! Me!
                Randy Rover!
Ed:             ...You're not Randy.
                He wouldn't do a self introduction of himself...
Randy:          Damn!
                I really can't act like an idiot can I?
After you beat the fake Randy...

Envy:           We'll leave it here this time round.

Ed:             What!

Envy:           If I fight too much, that Lust will be really fussy again.

                Well, see ya!
Ed:             Wait!

Mustang:        Haganeno!
                We have things ahead that we need to do!
Ed:             Heh, fine!
                Lets hurry on ahead!
Follow the path right, pick up the Legendary Tool and go up the stairs. 
Before going down the stairs here, take the stairs up at the bottom to 
find some earrings that Winry likes. Return down the stairs and go down the 
ones in the centre. Check the chest to the left to find a photo with 
memorie of Viola's sister, Lila. Afterwards, go up to meet Fagott and his 

Cravis:         If it isn't Colonel Mustang.
                What could I do for you?
Mustang:        Fagott, you are under suspicion for 2 cases.

                One is the bombing incidents and the other is continuing to 
                perform the forbidden act of human alchemy.
Cravis:         I don't remember doing either.

Chimera:        Military dogs!
                Don't talk nonsense!
In battle...

Chimera:        We won't hand Fagott over.
                We need him!
After you win.

Cravis:         Stop.
                This battle is meaningless.
                ...You must stop fighting.
                You must also not perform other actions such as the 
                bombings that'll affect citizens too...
Chimera:        ...So you noticed?
                That all those things were linked to us...
Cravis:         I only noticed it recently...
                That's why I thought of hiding here.
Chimera:        ...We wanted to take revenge on the military.
                The military who made us into this...
                We will never forgive them...
Cravis:         You won't forgive them...
                The one who made you into chimeras is none other than me.
                ...You should be taking revenge on me!
Chimera:        ...Since you're telling us to, we'll stop the bombings...

Cravis:         Thanks.

                Colonel Mustang.
                I'm sorry for the trouble there but I'm innocent.
Mustang:        You're saying you're not linked to the bombing incidents?

Cravis:         I know nothing of it.

Mustang:        And what about the forbidden human alchemy case?

Cravis          After I was deprived of my qualifications as a national 
                alchemist, I had stopped chimera alchemy.
                Colonel Mustang...
                I regret what I done at the time...
                It was a foolish move...
Viola:          You're the one who killed my parents!
                Will you admit to that?
Cravis:         ...I can admit to doing cruel things to the Amore couple 
                under the command of the military.
Viola:          ...Didn't you feel anything when you done those experiments 
                that changed people into non-human beings?
Cravis:         I have nothing to say...

Viola:          What happened to my sister Lila!
                Why was it said she was missing?!
Cravis:         ...You heard about the accident?

Viola:          Yes, I do.
                After that, she was being transported to the hospital but 
                she went missing...
Cravis:         According to Lute's report, Lila was in a critical state 
                and was being taken to the hospital...
                ...It was then that Lila was taken away by someone.
Winry:          Wait a minute!
                Lute-san said he didn't know about the accident...
                Didn't he say that he was only an assistant at the research 
Ed:             Now that you mention it...

Cravis:         That can't be.
                I'm certain that he was at the scene of the accident...
Chimera:        Fagott-san, there is something I have to tell you...

Cravis:         ...Lets hear it.

Chimera:        The one who got us to take revenge against the military is 
Ed:             Lute?!

Winry:          No- No way!
                A person as kind as him...
Mustang:        Don't judge a book by its cover huh...

Cravis:         ....
                So it really was so...
Ed:             Fagott-san!
                You know the reason why he's taking revenge on the 
Cravis:         Lute thinks that the military took his lover away from him.
                That must be his motive...
Viola:          That bastard!
                He was leader of the Reperarey...
                And all this time he was pointing the suspicions to me?!
                I'll never forgive him!
Winry:          ...Calm down, Viola.

Viola:          First, I'll catch that guy then I'll knock him out!
                Then I'm getting to tell me about Lila!
Lute:           That I can't ignore...

Viola:          Lute?!

Lute:           Viola-san, you said you're going to catch me and knock me 
                out? It's impossible for you!
Cravis:         Watch out!

                Sorry... everyone.
                Everything's... my... fault...
                If only... I gave up... on my research...
Chimera:        That's not true!

                Even if you stopped your research, someone else will be 
                told by the military to continue!
                Then we may have gone through situations that are far 
                Fagott-san, you were doing great!
Cravis:         Thank... you...
                For... comforting me...
                This is... for not being able to...
                Repay for your... family...
                I'm... sorry...
Viola:          ...Fagott's...
Winry:          ...He is, Viola...
                You done your best, Viola...
Ed:             Lute.
                You were the leader behing the bombings?
Lute:           Yes, that's right.

Ed:             And you were the one who used people for chimera alchemy 
Lute:           Yes, that's right.
                So what if I was the one?
                There are far more unknown inhumane experiments that the 
                army has done!
                Fagott's case was just the tip of the ice berg!
Ed:             ...Don't you feel anything using alchemy to change humans 
                into chimera...?
Lute:           It's simply for experiments.

                This chimera here originally had a human body that was 
                badly injured. So she had to be healed using alchemy...
                But it failed and she became this terrible form.
Ed:             Alchemy you say but it wasn't even healing alchemy!

Lute:           Such high level alchemy is impossible for me.
                That's why I used chimera alchemy.
                ...The Lila I loved is no longer here.
Viola:          ...Lila?
                Is that chimera Lila...?
Lute:           To be precise, Lila was what it was.
                It's no longer Lila now so I don't need it.
Viola:          Quit fooling around!

Lute:           Please play with them now.
                I have to continue my research so I'm going back.
Viola:          Damn it!
Ed:             ....He's saying that...
                This chimera's Viola's little sister?
Winry:          Wh- What shall we do?

Viola:          Urgh!

Winry:          Viola!
                You alright?!
Viola:          Even though she's state, a sister's a sister.
                I won't let you lay a hand on her.
Ed:             ...Viola.
                We don't intend to attack your sister...
Winry:          ...We have no reason to fight her...

Viola:          ...Aren't you going to kill my sister because she's 
Mustang:        ...What's happened has happened.
                We can isolate your sister and let her live...
Al:             Trust the colonel and leave everything to us.
                I'm sure we'll manage something!
Viola:          ...You're going to... save Lila?

Mustang:        With the current level of alchemy, it's impossible to 
                return her back to normal.
                ...But ist's possible for her to live.
Hawkeye:        If you look closely, you know what you have to do.

Viola:          Yeah, I understand...
                ...I'll trust you people.
Mustang:        We'll do as much as we can.

Hawkeye:        I will help too.

Ed:             Winry!!

Winry:          Eeeed!

Viola:          No!
                Stop it, Lila!
Winry:          Viola!!

Viola:          ...Ed, help me.
                I want to free my sister!
Ed:             ...Viola, you know what that means don't you!

Viola:          ...I know.
                I'm prepared to do what I've decided to do!
                So what will it be? Will you help me?
Ed:             ...OK.

In battle.

Ed:             You alright, Winry!!

Winry:          Ye- Yes, I'm alright!

Viola:          I'm sorry, Lila.

                I'll help you...
                I'll free you from that form...
After you win.

Viola:          ...Lila, I will take revenge for you for being made into 
                this form...
Lila:           O...
Viola:          Lila!
                You understand me?
Lila:           I understand you... Onee-chan.
                I've... become a chimera, haven't I?
                Did that person do it?
Viola:          That person...?
                You mean Lute?
Lila:           Yes. He's important to me...
                Onee-chan, don't hate him.
Viola:          ...Lila, you're saying to forgive him?

Lila:           Yes. I'm sure he's in pain because he made me into a 
                Tell him...
                That I love him. That I was happy that I met him...
Viola:          ...I understand... I will.
                But... Where is Lute...
Lila:           He's in the outskirts of Central City...
                ...There is a research lab that was used long ago...
Viola:          Hey, Lila...
                ...Do you love him that much?
Lila:           I love him...
                As much as you Onee-chan...
Viola:          ...I'll let him know.

Lila:           After that...
                Save... Save... him...
Viola:          ...Lila... Open your eyes...
                Lila... Lila...
Winry:          Viola...

Ed:             Winry...

Winry:          Ed...

Ed:             Lets...
                Stop Lute going on a rampage...
                He's... a victim too.
Winry:          ...Yeah.

Mustang:        ....
                Lets... go back to HQ...
Back at HQ.

Mustang:        As you all know...
                According to Viola's sister, Lila's information...
                We know where the one behind all the bombing incidents, 
                Lute's whereabouts.
                First lieutenant.
Hawkeye:        There is a deserted research laboratory in the boundary 
                between the Central Area and East City.
                It was used as the military's alchemy research lab but...
                It was abandoned long ago and is now sealed off.
                The laboratory is also where Cravis Fagott belonged to.
                According to the information I mentioned, Lute Saxophon 
                should be lurking there...
Mustang:        ...And that's how it is.

Ed:             I see.

                Now that we know, we just have to go there and catch him!
Winry:          ...Just a little longer.
                Just a little longer and everything will finish, Viola...
Viola:          ....

Winry:          What's wrong, Viola?!
                You look terrible!
Viola:          I'm... alright...

Winry:          Viola!!

At the hospital...

Winry:          You alright, Viola...?

Viola:          Yeah...

Winry:          You were hurt when we fought with Lila-san...
                Why didn't you tell us?!
Viola:          I couldn't say something like that...
                At an important time like this.
Winry:          You can...

Mustang:        ...You must rest.
                You are not permitted to leave.
Viola:          What are you saying!
                I'm alright...
Winry:          Don't push yourself, Viola!
                You have to rest!
Armstrong:      She's right.
                You must take good care of yourself for the sake of
Viola:          Grgh...
                I'm sorry... everyone...
                In the most important moment I...
Ed:             Don't worry about it!
                We'll take care of everything!
Winry:          Yes, Viola...
                You take care of yourself and rest.
Viola:          O- OK...

Al:             If Cony was here, she would be able to use her healing 
                alchemy to heal her...
Ed:             There's no point talking about someone who isn't here!

Al:             You're right but...

Mustang:        Haganeno.
                I hate to say this but, we must go.
Ed:             Yeah.

                See you, Viola.
Winry:          We'll be back, Viola.
                You don't have to worry about anything.
                We'll do it...
Viola:          Yes, I know.
                Tell Lute...
                Tell him Lila's feelings...
Winry:          I will.

Viola:          Winry!

Winry:          What is it?

Viola:          Here...
                It's a tool that's precious to me.
                I got it from my master.
                It's really easy to use so, use it please.
Winry:          But it's so precious to you...

Viola:          It's OK, take it.
                I want you to use it.
Winry:          OK, thanks.
                I'll use it carefully!
Viola:          If you use that tool badly, I won't give you it to you
                for free!
Winry:          Use it badly you say!
                Who do you think I am!
                I'm Winry Rockbell from Rizenbeul and I have the blood of 
                of a panther! I won't use it badly!
                Or so I say!
Viola:          Hahaha!
                Then I don't have to worry!
Winry:          OK.

Exit the hospital. Before you leave, exit the area from the south. Go into 
the house there and you'll catch a robber. Afterwards, go back in the house 
to fix the broken window. Remember the stone card you used to open up that 
secret entrance at the ruins? Well, you need a similar stone card here. 
Around an orange Stone 6-3 card with a picture of a block of stone on it. 
If you find it hard to draw stone cards, just leave the house and stand on 
the stone outside. Go into the Alchemy screen and discard a few cards. Once 
you've fixed the window, talk to the man again to get a Legendary Tool.

Exit to the left and go into the house there. You'll find a yellow cat. Now 
continue left to where the library is. Head down south from there to where 
there's two houses. One witha red roof and one with a brown roof. Go into 
the one with the brown roof and examine the clock. Once again, you'll need 
a stone card to fix it. Around a Stone 5-6 card that has the picture of a 
blue crystal on it. After you fix it, you'll get another cat.

Leave the house and exit through the north. Continue north until you reach 
the next exit. Go left here past the house that had the broken floor and 
into the house beside it. You'll find 2 love cats there. Next, go into the 
inn to the right and go upstairs. You'll find a yellow cat on the bed. 
Afterwards, go to the Central HQ. Take the stairs to the right then go into 
the far room to the left. Check the shelves to the back to find a .44 
Magnum and another healing item. Now you can exit and go to the lab. 
Prepare for a welcome party though.

Ed:             We're in.

Mustang:        Yes.
                I'm sure it was locked...
Ed:             Then that's means we're right.

Winry:          Lute-san's... inside.

                ...Lets go, Ed!
                We have to stop Lute-san quick!
Ed:             He- Hey!

Armstrong:      Winry-dono!
                It's too dangerous to go alone!
Ed:             No time to talk!

                What a rough welcoming party!
After you win...

Ed:             Winry, be careful.

Winry:          I- I will.
                Thanks, Ed.
Ed:             Wha- What...
                If anything happened to you, Bacchan would kill me.
Al:             Nii-san, what are you blushing about?

Ed:             I- I'm not blushing!
                Lets hurry on!
Check the shelves to your right for a healing drink. Head on up until you 
reach the crossroad and take the path left. Go down the stairs there then 
go into the room to the right. You'll find a darts set. Return up the 
stairs to the crossroad and go north. Turn right at the end and go up the 

Now, while you make your way around this level, avoid the holes. Go into 
the room to the right then right again. Go round the holes and go up the
flight of stairs. Go south here into a narrow corridor and follow it left 
then into the next room to find Lust.

Lust:           Oh, it's the Hagane boy.
                You've finally arrived here.
Ed:             ...So you guys wreally were here too huh.

Lust:           Oh? Then that means you met Envy too.

Ed:             ...Yeah.

Lust:           Looks like he didn't kill you.
                I didn't know if he was or not...
                Did Envy play with you for me?
Ed:             Like I would know!

Lust:           My my.
                You don't know how to listen do you, boy.
                How about a little punishment?
Ed:             ?!

Lust:           Gluttony,
                Play with them but don't kill them
                You mustn't eat them either.
Gluttony:       OK, got it.

After you beat them.

Lust:           Don't forget that we let you live.

Ed:             What?!

Lust:           We don't have a lot of spare time either.
                See you, Hagane boy.
                You mustn't come after us.
Winry:          Ed... Those people just there were...

Ed:             You don't need to know...
                You don't need to...
Winry:          ...Huh? Oh... OK...

Al:             ....

Ed:             Lets go. We're looking for Lute.

Return to the second floor and make your way to the southwest corner of the 
floor. You'll find stairs going up. Go up and search the shelves that are 
at the end to find another Legendary Tool. Fall down the large hole in the 
corner. Go right and check the shelves for a stimulating protein then fall 
down the hole in the room.

Once down the stairs, there's only one path you can go. Follow it until you 
reach a fork. There will be stairs at the end of each side. It doesn't 
matter which one you go down. Once you're downstairs, follow the path south 
to the circle and replenish your HP. Then you're ready for the final fight 
with Lute.

Lute:           You came this far huh...

Ed:             Lute!

Lute:           ...This is the second time you people came to interfere 
                with me. I want you to snap out of it and stop 
Ed:             ...Second time?

Lute:           Yes, that's right.
                Allow me to show you something interesting...
                You've seen this haven't you?
Al:             Nii-san, this chimera...
                It's the one Daimler-san had!
Ed:             Yeah... Then it was handed to Lincor...
                What's this thing doing here...?
Lute:           My formal name is Lute D. Saxophon.

                "D" standing for Daimler...
                Dart Daimler is my father.
Ed:             What?!

Lute:           This chimera... He's called Bristol.
                I gave it a name for my father.
Armstrong:      ...Then that chimera wasn't made by Daimler!

Lute:           My father only done alchemy as an interest...
                He had no talent that was greater than mine!
Mustang:        But Lincor who used that chimera said that it was made by a 
                former national alchemist...
                ...I'm sure you're not one!
Lute:           It's true that in the records, it's said that Fagott made 
                it. But I was really the one who made it.
                It was convenient for me.
                Just being an assistant meant that no one was suspicious!
                Now that you mention it, you people fought Lincor and won, 
                am I right?
Ed:             You knew Lincor?

Lute:           Yes. He was the former nation alchemist, Colonel Royce who 
                was thought to be dead, right?
                I had great interest in Lincor's healing alchemy.
                It's was some wonderful alchemy.
                With the knowledge of Lincor's bio-alchemy and Edward-kun's 
                talent... I... I could have made Lila!
                But you all destroyed that chance!
Ed:             ...You can't make a person.
                I'm sure you as an assistant know that!
Lute:           Not true!

                With stone, I'm sure I will succeed someday!
Al:             !!
                Nii-san, that red stone!
Ed:             ...Yes, that's it.

                Lute, that red stone you have in your hand...
                How did you get a hold of it?

Lute:           I have no need to tell you!
                ...That's our conversation over.
                This chimera will be your opponent.
                If you want this red stone then defeat Bristol.
                Defeat Bristol who I made with the power of this red stone!
                But I don't think you'll be able to defeat it that easily!
Ed:             Wait!

In battle...

Ed:             Damn, he sure has some bad hobbies making chimeras.

Al:             It looks stronger than before.

Ed:             Yes, it might be a long battle.

After you defeat it once...

Ed:             Damn it, it's strong!
                At this rate...
                Wh- What the!
?:              So weak!
                You guys really are useless without me!
Winry:          Viola!

Armstrong:      Viola-dono!

Al:             Why!

Viola:          We'll talk later!
                First we must take care of this thing!
                It's weakened now!
                Just a little more and we'll defeat it!
                Keep up the spirit!
Ed:             Man, you're the one to talk!

Mustang:        Hmmm...
                We mustn't let a lady talk like that!
Hawkeye:        Edward-kun!
                Organise yourselves!
Ed:             Yeah!

After you're done organising your party.

Al:             Viola brought some items with her!

Ed:             Now the fight will be easy!
                Thanks, Viola!
Viola:          Just stop talking and gather together before the enemy!

Ed:             Got it!

After you defeat it.

Ed:             ...Phew, we defeated it somehow.

Armstrong:      That was one tough victory.

Ed:             You were a great help, Viola!

Winry:          Viola!
                Is your injuries alright?!
Viola:          Yeah.
                They're perfectly fine!
Winry:          But how did you heal such heavy wounds...

Viola:          Well, it's kind of unbelievable but... A girl I don't know 
                suddenly came and visited me.
                She used some mysterious alchemy and healed my wounds in 
                the blink of an eye.
Al:             That couldn't be...
                What's the name of that girl?
Viola:          Well, she left without telling me her name...

Al:             I- I see...
                Nii-san, could it be Cony...?
Ed:             Huh?
                It couldn't have been that much of a coincidence...
Viola:          Well, first she stumbled over my dropper.
                It was pretty noticeable.
Ed:             It's Cony... It must be.

Viola:          She said she was asked my Colonel Mustang.

Ed:             The colonel?

Mustang:        ...Wh- What?
                It was First Lieutenant Hawkeye's idea.
                I just let her use my name.
Ed:             Heh, I thought so.
                It's just not like the colonel to do such things.
Mustang:        Grr, I can't ignore that one, Haganeno.

Hawkeye:        In any case, it's good that you made it.

Winry:          Colonel Mustang, Riza-san!
                Thank you very much!
Viola:          Hey, Winry!
                Why are you saying thanks before me!
Winry:          Because...
                I'm so happy!
Viola:          You...
                Helped me in the end.
                Thanks, you two.
Mustang:        Yes, that's the important. thing.

Hawkeye:        I just done what we should have.
                But it's good that you seem well.
Viola:          Yeah. Now I can tell that Lute myself what Lila's feelings 
                Come on Ed, Al, Winry!
                Lets move on!
Winry:          OK!

Al:             Yeah!

Ed:             Just you wait, Lute!
                We'll stop you!
                Then we'll get that...
                Philosopher's Stone!

Lute:           Lila... I want to see you soon.

                What do you want?
Lust:           Return the stone to us please.

Envy:           I knew it was too good an item for you!

Lute:           I won't hand this back.
                I still haven't got Lila back yet...
                Lila... Become one with me...
                If you become one with me then...
Lust:           ...This one's a fool too.
                We've lost another precious stone...
Envy:           I told you so, didn't I?

Gluttony:       Lust, can I eat him?

Lust:           No, it'll damage your stomach.
                We have no use for him anymore.
                Lets go.
You may want to go back to the circle to replenish your HP before you move 
on. Afterwards continue up the corridor. Ed will say there's no turning 
back and asks if you still want to go no [Yes/No]. You will be fighting 
Lute twice. Once you're there...

Winry:          Look, Ed!
                Lute-san's unconcious!
Ed:             Winry, wait!
                We don't know what will happen!
Viola:          But...
                What on earth happened...?
Armstrong:      Mu!
Viola:          Wh- What's with this great pressure I feel?!
Mustang:        His power's too high!
                He's causing the air to vibrate too?!
Ed:             Lute!!

Lute:           I...
                Have finally... obtained...
                The ultimate alchemy...
                I've resurrected Lila...
Viola:          Don't talk rubbish!
                Lila isn't here anymore!
                Lila... She thought of you until the very end...
                You're the on ehtat's the fool!
                I've become one with Lila!
                Lila continues to live within me!
                I've got Lila back...
                The Philosopher's Stone broke but...
                I've got Lila back!
                I have no need to make use the blood of the military to 
                complete a Philosopher's Stone anymore...
Ed:             That's the reason why you targetted the military and caused 
                those bombings?!
Lute:           That's right.
                I... I couldn't forgive the military who took Lila away 
                from me...
                That was why I was going to use the blood of the military 
                to complete a Philosopher's Stone and ressurect Lila!
Viola:          What about when you attacked the Village of Nelvo?!
                That village had nothing to do with the military!
                You're the guilty one there.
                I was planning to wipeout Edward-kun and the others for 
                And the chimeras that Fagott made were of no use.
                They failed in the end...
Ed:             You... You used the vengeance they had in their heart 
                against the military?!
Lute:           Yes... They for their vengeance...
                And I for the Philosopher's Stone...
                We both had our advantages.
Ed:             Quit fooling around!

Lute:           Heh, I'll destroy the whole military after all!
                I still can't forgive them for taking away Lila!
                And then!
                And then I will have no trouble!
Viola:          Stop it!
                Lila doesn't wish for that!
Mustang:        Do you think we'll just let you perform such actions?

Armstong:       It will involve the innocent civilians!

Al:             We...
                We can't let you do such a thing!
Hawkeye:        To protect those precious to us!

Winry:          ....
                Yes, to protect those precious to us...
                Lute-san, I'm sure you were the same too at the start...
                Even I was like that...
                I wanted to help the ones precious to me...
                I wanted to protect the ones precious to me...
                Even though your ways were wrong...
                Our starting point was the same...
                Because Lila loved you that much!
                You can't be a bad person!
                Remember who you really are...
                Those memories of happiness with Lila...
                Remember them!
Lute:           ....
                I- I...
Winry:          Lute...-san?

Lute:           Hu, huhuhu...

                Is that all you have to say?
                I'll start of my killing you interfering people first!
Ed:             ....Lute.
                Where did you go...?
                Your heart...
                Has it been taken...?
                Your love... Your mind... Your memories...
                Have they been taken...
                I will stop your frenzy!
                That's... That's our promise...
                With Lila!
In battle.

Lute:           I've become one with Lila.
                You think you can win!
Viola:          I told you!
                Lila is gone!
Ed:             Take it easy on him.
                That's also Lila's wish.
Winry:          Yes...
                We will...
                Fulfill our promise with Lila!
After you defeat him the first time...

Al:             He's- He's strong...

Ed:             He sure is!

Winry:          Look!
                He's starting to change!
Armstong:       Th- This is...

Viola:          What on earth!

Ed:             Frenzy?!
                Has the power of the Philosopher's Stone expired?!
Mustang:        He's lost his senses...
                He's coming, Haganeno!
                Organise the party!
After you've done that...

Ed:             This time we'll really beat you.

                Lets go all out!
There's 3 parts to him. The top part will probably take the longest to 
defeat. I chose to use Al, Ed and Mustang for this round. After you've 

Lute:           ....I... Aah...

Viola:          These were Lila's last words.
                "I love you. I'm happy that I met you."
Lute:           Lila... I love you too...
                I wanted us... to be together forever...
                By... By your... side...
                I wanted to... stay by your side...
                I wanted to... protect your smile...
Viola:          Lila died smiling while thinking of you...

Lute:           Re..a...lly..?
                Lila... I was... wrong...
                Now we'll... really be... one...
Back at HQ.

Mustang:        Now the serial bombings are finally resolved.
                It's thanks to everyone.
                Especially the civilians who helped to solve the case.
                Winry Rockbell and Viola Amore, I thank you.
Winry:          Colonel Mustang. I wasn't helping the military.
                I was helping Ed and Al.
Viola:          I'm the same as Winry.
                I wasn't working for the military.
                I was working for myself.
Mustang:        I see...
                Then there is no need for an award from the army.
Viola:          It's just a scrap of paper.
                I don't need such a thing.
                Right, Winry.
Winry:          Ahahaha. You're right!
                If it's something that's useful to us Auto Mail engineers 
                then we would want it.
Mustang:        ...Unfortunately, we don't have such things.
                There's one final thing I must say.
Winry:          What is it?

Mustang:        What you have seen and heard must not be known to the 
Winry:          ...I understand.

Viola:          I got it.
                It's up to the military.
Mustang:        Yes, it is.

Viola:          Well, I'm going home.
                See you, Mustang.
Mustang:        Yes.

Ed:             Well, we're off too.

Mustang:        Haganeno, good work.

At the gates...

Winry:          Ed, what's wrong?
                You've got a deep expression on your face.
Ed:             I've been thinking about the military.

Al:             About performing forbidden human alchemy right?

Ed:             That, Lincor and all sorts of things...
                The military isn't very trustworthy.
Viola:          ...My family became a sacrifice for the military.

Winry:          Lute-san and Fagott-san too...

Viola:          ...I understand how Lila could forgive Lute...

Winry:          Being able to think like that means...
                You've grown up, Viola.
Viola:          Don't tease your seniors!

Ed:             Lute...
                His deep feelings for Lila was the reason for his rage.
Winry:          Yes...
                You're right...
Viola:          It's time to return to Nelvo.

Winry:          Can we go there to have fun next time?

Viola:          Of course!
                I'll be going to Rizenbeul too!
Winry:          Sure!

Al:             We'll visit you too if we're nearby.

Viola:          Yeah!
                The vilage doesn't have anything but you're welcome.
Ed:             Then I can have someone else to maintain my Auto Mail 
                instead of that "someone".
Winry:          Hey, Ed...
                You not satisfied with my maintenance?
Ed:             Ju- Just kidding!

Viola:          Hahaha!
                If Winry's customer got taken, I'll go mad!
Winry:          ....

Viola:          Winry, you crying?

Winry:          I'm not.
                ...We'll be able to see each other again soon.
                We will won't we?
Viola:          Yeah.
                We're alive.
                We can see each other anytime.
Winry:          Eheheheh, you're right.
                It's a promise.
                We'll have an Auto Mail meeting.
Viola:          Yeah, and we'll talk overnight.

                Ed, the military has a dark side but, have confidence in 
                yourself in what you're doing.
Ed:             I'm a military dog.

Winry:          What are you talking about. You guys have a goal!
                You guys just have to go with the flow.
Viola:          It's just as Winry says.
                Well, I'm off.
                Take care.
Ed:             You too.

Winry:          Take care, Viola!

Viola:          Yeah, we'll see each other again.

Ed:             Well...
                Lets go home too.
Al:             Yeah, Rizenbeul huh!

Winry:          You can relax there for longer this time right?

Ed:             Hmmmm, what shall we do...
                If there wasn't such a noisy girl there...
Winry:          What's that supposed to mean!

Ed:             O- Oh no! I let my mouth slip...

Winry;          What?!

Al:             Awawawa, stop it you two.
                We're in the streets~
Winry:          Hold it, Ed~!

Al:             Haaa...
                Nii-san. I wonder if he can get back to Rizenbeul safely...
After the credits, there will be a bundle of side quests for you to find 
and do just like the first game. It has nothing to do with the main story 
really so it's up to you if you want to continue.

Ed:             Hello.
                Is Lt. Colonel Hughes here?
Hughe's Wife:   Oh, welcome.
                Sorry, Edward-kun.
                He hasn't come back yet.
Ed:             You serious?
                He told us that he had something to tell us to he called us 
Hughes:         Hey, Ed.
                Sorry for getting you to come all the way here.
Ed:             It doesn't matter.
                So, what did you want to talk to us about?
Hughes:         The truth is, the General's announced the opening of the 
                second battle tournament.
Ed:             Again?!

Hughes:         The General has ordered that the last tournaments champion 
                participates too.
Ed:             I don't want to.
                There's no problems if the last champion isn't there.
Hughes:         Come now, don't say that.
                Everyone's excited about these sort of events.
Winry:          Sounds fun!
                Can I go watch?
Hughes:         Yeah, you're welcome to watch!
                Please take Ed to the courtyard...
                Of the Central HQ so that he doesn't run away.
Winry:          Yes sir, understood.
                You'll go won't you, Ed.
Al:             Lets go, Nii-san.
                I'll participate again too.
Ed:             ...I've already been entered haven't I?

Hughes:         Of course.
                I done all the application for you.
Ed:             Just as I thought...

Hughes:         I'll go on ahead.
                You must come!
                Papa's going to work now~
Elithia:        OK, have a safe trip.
                Do your best, papa!
Hughes:         Papa will win with Elithia cheering me.

Ed:             You won't be joinging will you...

Hughes:         Hahaha, who knows!
                Well, it's the courtyard in Central HQ.
                Got it, Ed.
Ed:             Yeah yeah, the courtyard right.

Al:             Lets go, Nii-san.
                You can't refuse since it's the General's orders.
Ed:             You can say that again...
                Guess I have no choice. Lets go.
                The courtyard of Central HQ right?                
Winry:          Right, lets go!

So, lets head to the courtyard. Once there, you'll see everyone's gathered. 
Go talk to Hughes and he'll ask if you're ready to start. Pick the first 
option when you're ready. Just like the last game, the tournament is a 1v1 
match with you playing as Ed only. There will be a total of 7 rounds where 
you fight a Macho Man then...

Cate with an Al Doll    - As usual, Cate doesn't show her respect for Ed.

Armstrong               - Says he'll avenge Cate because he's the one who 
                          trained her and Ed's beaten her now. He thinks 
                          she's dead too...
Winry                   - Hughes suggested she try it out. Now she can see 
                          how good her Auto Mail really is. She wins, Ed 
                          must go back for regular maintenance while if Ed 
                          wins, he goes whenever he feels like it.
Randy                   - Ed teases the guy again and acts like he doesn't 
                          know him.
Finally, the last 2 opponents are Al and Mustang. That's your first piece 
of proof now.

Go back into the HQ and go into the room in the far right where Sheska is. 
Talk to her. She asks Ed to go to Koko to buy some books for her because 
she's too busy to go there herself. In exchange, she'll give Ed something 
good. There's 4 books she wants and they are "Understand Alchemy Right 
Away", "History of the Auto Mail", "Top 100 Shops" and "Megane and Me". So, 
lets head to Koko.

Once there, go into the first shop to the left. Check the 2nd bookcase from 
the right and Winry will find 2 books with similar names. Pick the second 
option to get "Megane and Me". Afterwards, onto the next shop. Go on up and 
then right past the stacks of books. Go into the shop and check the 
bookcase with the blue books to the right. It's just in front of the 

Winry:          Th- This is!
                The rare special issue of the Auto Mail News magazine!
                There's a special supplement attached too!
Ed:             What's that?
                Is it really that good?
Winry:          The Auto Mail News is a magazine aimed at Auto Mail 
                enthusiasts. And there's only 3 copies of this special 
                It's an extremely rare book that only selected people can 
Ed:             Haa... Oh really...

Winry:          I want it, I REALLY want it!
                Buy it for me, Ed!
Ed:             ...Buy it yourself.

Winry:          The price is at a premium now so I can't buy it...
                I want iiiiit.
Man:            You girl over there.
                You want that rare special issue that much?
Winry:          I do!

Man:            It doesn't seem like you're lying with those burning eyes 
                of yours. OK, I'll exchange it for something.
Winry:          What will you exchange it with?

Man:            You over there. You're an alchemist right?
                I'll exchange the special issue for a diamond material 
Ed:             Huh? You asking me to prepare one for you?
                Has nothing to do with me...
Winry:          Pleeee~ase, Ed!

Ed:             ...OK.

Man:            Well, once you have the card ready, talk to me. I want a 
                diamond card.
Leave Winry's magazine for now and lets get Sheska's book first. Go to the 
bookcase in the back row, second from the left. Once again, there's 2 
similarly named books. Pick the second option to get "History of the Auto 
Mail". Next, leave the shop and onto the next one to the right. Check the 
bookcase next to the stack of green and orange books. I don't think I need 
to tell you which one's the right one here... (First one).

Finally, go into the shop where Ed performed alchemy earlier on. Go to the 
the very back bookcase and pick the first option to get "Understand Alchemy 
Right Away". Now that we have all 4 books, we can go give to them to 
Sheska. But, before you leave, talk to the man there and he'll give you one 
of those Legendary Tools as thanks for fixing up his shop. Now you can go 
back to Central HQ and give Sheska the books. You'll get your second piece 
of proof. If you want to know how many "free events" you've completed so 
far (which is only 2), you can exit the room and take the stairs to the 
left. Talk to the General's secretary and she'll give you a percentage 

Once you're ready, head to the library to find Cate and Randy.

Randy:          Hey, Cate...
                Is there something good here?
Cate:           Don't know.
                Have a look yourself.
Randy:          Don't say such mean things.

Al:             Huh? Cate-san and Randy-san?
                What are you two doing here?
Cate:           Ah, it's Yoroi-kun!
                I'm so happy I can see you here!
Winry:          You like Al, don't you?

Cate:           Yeah!
                He's so cool. That's why I like him!
Winry:          Hee, I see.
                You're popular, Al.
Al:             It's not what Cate says!

Ed:             So, what are you two doing here?

Cate:           I won't tell the Full Metal Alchemist.

Ed:             Grrrrr!

Al:             What are you doing?

Cate:           The truth is, I got the qualification to take the national 
                alchemist exam. So, I'm going to have the exam soon.
Ed:             And that's why you're here to study at the library?

Randy;          Well, that's right.

Winry:          Will you make it, studying now?

Randy:          Well, we didn't really do much studying.

Cate:           Stop going all dreamy!

Randy:          I'm not going all dreamy!

Cate:           That's why you're not done with the paper part yet!

Randy:          I'm good at real combat but not as much with papers.

Winry:          That's nothing to be proud about...

Ed:             He's just a muscle idiot.
                If it was just real combat then he would be able to become 
                a national alchemist.
Randy:          Muscle idiot?!
                I'm just bad at sitting still and thinking!
Cate:           That's why I'm worried.

Al:             Hey, Nii-san.
                Lets help them so that they pass the exams.
Ed:             Leave it.
                They're not children so they'll do it somehow.
Winry:          You're saying that sort of thing again!
                We caused them a lot of trouble during the bombing 
Al:             Yeah. That's why we should help them to pass, Nii-san!

Ed:             OK.
                I'll help.
                If I'm helping then you MUST pass.
                Got it?!
Cate:           Waaai! Now I can be with Yoroi-kun for a while.

Al:             Hahaha...

Randy:          Then do something about the papers for me.

Ed:             What are you saying!
                Write it yourself!
                We won't help you with that!
                Listen, Cate!
                You can write your essay too right?
Cate:           Yeah. I have it done in my head already so I can write it 
                onto paper whenever.
Randy:          No matter how she looks, she's REAL brainy.
                Right, Cate.
Cate:           Appearance means nothing!
                I was smart already!
                Well, I'll get busy writing.
                Just a minute.
A moment later.

Cate:           I'm finished.

Winry:          Amazing! Cate will no doubt be able to become a national 
Cate:           Heheheh, you think so?

Winry:          I do, I do!
                The problem now really is...
Randy:          ...Me?

Ed:             What kind of essay you want to write?
                Your alchemy research theme is?
Randy:          My research theme is muscles and alchemy.

Ed:             I see...
                Then lets find books relating to that.
Randy:          O- OK!

Ed:             To write an essay, we'll choose 2 reference books.
                Choose them properly.
Randy:          Got it. Lets start.

Ed:             First, choose from these two.
                Top, "Magic and alchemy."
                Bottom, "The Body Structure and Alchemy".
                Which one is your theme?
                "Magic and alchemy."
                "The Body Structure and Alchemy".
I think you should know which one's the right one. Still, it's fun to watch 
Ed's reaction when you pick the first. ou won't move on until you pick the 
second choice. Next is "Human Engineering and Alchemy" or "Transformation 
and Alchemy". Pick the first choice. Afterwards, Randy will come up with an 
essay with the title, "The Kind Diet Machine for the Body Made by Alchemy" 
and Al thinks that'll do for Randy. Now it's time for practicing the real 
combat part of the exam so they go to the open fields. First it will be Ed 
v Randy followed by Al v Cate. After you beat them, Al and Ed will approve 
of their skills saying that they'll pass and they leave. Still worried that 
they won't pass, Ed and the others decide to go watch them during the 
actual day of the exam.

Head back for the HQ for the exam day.

Winry:          They're late...
                They still have time to register?
Al:             The time's nearly over!
                I wonder if something happened?
                So worrying.
Ed:             Man... They didn't run off at the last moment did they?

Winry:          Ah, there they are!
                Just made it!
Randy:          Phew, we made it somehow!

Cate:           Geez! It was because you wanted to stretch all of a sudden!

Ed:             Stretch?!

Randy:          Well, I was kind of nervous so...
                I stretched a little.
                But now that I've stretched, I'm not nervous now!
Al:             You stretched in the streets?
                While people watched?
Randy:          Yes.
                Everyone couldn't take their eyes of my muscles!
Winry:          Geez, never mind that.
                Hurry up and register!
Randy:          Oh, that's right!

Ed:             What's wrong?

Randy:          It's not here...

Cate:           Oh no, me too...

Winry:          What do you mean... "not here"?

Randy:          I've lost my essay...

Cate:           Nishishi, me too.

Al:             Yo- You're joking!

Ed:             I told you not to forget it didn't I!

Randy:          We didn't forget it!
                We lost it!
Cate:           Nyahaha!
                What are you so steamed about?
Al:             What are you two going to do about the exam?!

Randy:          What are we going to do...

Reception:      The time for registering for the national alchemist exam is 
Cate:           It's over...

Randy:          Yeah. It can't be helped that we couldn't do it, Cate.

Cate:           You're right...

Al:             No...
                But you two worked so hard...
Ed:             Well, wait.
                Didn't this situation happen before?
Al:             Losing the essay at the qualification exam...
                Ah, Cony was like that too!
Ed:             Right.
                Back then, the General came and gave her a special exam.
                Just like that time, he'll come over from that way this 
After all the waiting...

Winry:          He's not coming...

Ed:             Nahahahaha...
                Maybe it's the time of day!
Randy:          Well, it can't be helped!
                Hey, Cate. Lets go home.
Cate:           Yeah, lets.
                Yoroi-kun, bye bye~
Al:             O- OK.
                Bye bye...
Ed:             What's with them...?
                They worked that hard...
                Didn't they want to become a national alchemist?
Winry:          ....


Randy:          Damn it!
                Don't bluff!
                You should have cried!
                If you done that then they might have accepted us!
Cate:           It's too late now!
                It was because you were stretching!
Randy:          It has nothing to do with that!
                We lost our essays!
And now you have the 3rd proof (12% done). Talk to the reception and she'll 
ask Ed to deliver a letter to Armstrong. Some muscle guy had left it here. 
So, go into the courtyard where Armstrong is.

Armstrong:      Edward Elic.
                What can I do for you?
Ed:             We came here to bring you a letter from the reception.
                Here you go.
Armstrong:      Wh- What is this...
                This is a letter of challenge!
Al:             A letter of challenge?
                It's not a very upfront one is it...
Ed:             From who?

Armstrong:      Hmmm, there's no name written on it anywhere.

Ed:             Lets see...
                I want to challenge your muscles.
                We shall decide which of us has the perfect muscles.
                The place will be Mount Tedesco.
                Don't run away. From a comrade.
Winry:          He's a comrade and he's challenging him?

Ed:             A macho comrade right?

Al:             Do you have an idea of who the opponent could be?

Armstrong:      Not at all...

Ed:             I think Randy's suspicious.
                He's a macho too.
Armstrong:      But suspecting people recklessly is not a good thing.

Al:             It could be true.
                How about we ask Randy-san...?
Ed:             I agree with Al.

Armstrong:      If you want to that much then lets ask them.
                Lets go to East HQ.
                I'm sure Randy is training in the soldier's training 
So lets go to the back of East HQ to ask Randy.

Armstrong:      Randy Rover.
                Sorry to bother you while you're training.
Randy:          Oh, it's the Gowan Ossan.
                I'm doing the training you asked!
                {"Gowan no Ossan" literally means "middle aged man with 
                 fine skills".}
Armstrong:      No, it's not about that.

Ed:             Did you had a letter to the major at the reception at 
                Central HQ?
Randy:          What's that about?
                I didn't do that!
Armstrong:      So it really wasn't you...
                I believed in you!
                Randy Rover, do you remember?
                That time when we exchanged punches!
Randy:          Yeah, I remember!
                That was the time I got to know you!
Armstrong:      Continue your training.
                I will go meet the one who sent my the challenge letter.
Randy:          Ossan, I'm going too!
                Then I'll have a match with that muscle man too!
Armstrong:      Umm, very well!

Ed:             Heh, it's not Randy.
                I was wrong huh.
Al:             Hey, it's about time we went to Mount Tedesco.
                Shouldn't we go now?
Armstrong:      Lets do that.
                Come, lets go together!
So, go to Mount Tedesco and make your way up the mountain. You'll see the 
guy just as you go right but he won't answer you until you get to his 
level. Once you get to the spring, all you have to do is jump right from 
and follow the path to find the macho man. Before you do that, head on up 
north into the next area. Follow the path up to the house at the peak and 
go inside it. Check all the chests to find some items and 2 Legendary 
Tools. You should now have a total of 10 Legendary Tools. Just 10 more 
to go... Now you can make your way to the macho man. Once you're there...

Man:            You're here...

                Since you don't appear much I thought you would run away.
                Hmm? We've got quite a lot of spectators.
                Who are these people?
Ed:             Don't mind us.
                Just have your match.
                We'll watch.
Man:            Then we shall start.
Armstrong:      Yes, I have no objections.
                So, explain the rules of the match.
Man:            We shall project our muscles and these spectators shall 
                be the judge of the beauty of them.
                Got it?
Armstrong:      Very well.

Ed:             We- We judge?

Armstrong:      Please, Edward Elric.

Man:            I'll start first.
Winry:          Ur... Amazing muscles.
                But, I don't like them.
Armstrong:      Next will be me.
Al:             Uwaah! The major's so COOL!

Man:            Hey, spectator!
                Be honest about who's more amazing!
                Me or this Ossan?
Randy:          Hold it!
                I'll show off too!
Man:            Who are you?!
                Doesn't matter.
                Now, decide amongst us!
Ed:             We just have to be honest right?

Armstrong:      Just tell us what you feel in your hearts without lying.

Ed:             I'm saying it.

Man:            Hurry it up!

Ed:             I don't know who's better.

Randy:          Whaaat?!
                Why do you not know?!
Armstrong:      Very well!
                Next pose!
Man:            Alright.

                How about this? You can decide right?
Ed:             No. I told you I don't know...

Winry:          ...We really don't know.
                So just get along and finish this.
Man:            You think I'll let it go just like that?!
                Now that it's come to this, we'll have a match of punches!
After you win...

Man:            Damn it!
                Why can't I win!!
Armstrong:      Your muscles truly were splendid.

                The way you projected those muscles were a work of art.
                But you forged your muscles to fight.
                That is wrong.
                I am forging my muscles for myself.
Randy:          What the Ossan says is right!
                There are people who call me a muscle idiot.
                But they do not know the feelings and spirit I put into my 
Armstrong:      We do not forge them for people to understand.

                We live to show our muscles!
                That is fine by itself...
Man:            ...I see. You guys really do love your muscles.

Randy:          Yes. You understand?

Man:            Yes, it's true that I couldn't help but think that my 
                muscles I forged were cute at first...
                But I forgot those feelings...
                ...Will you forgive me?
Armstrong:      Of course.
                We are the same!
                Lets show how we came to know each other!
Ed:             ....

Winry:          ....

Ed:             Lets go home...

Al:             Ye- Yeah. Let go...

And that's the 4th proof. Now lets go find a good spot for a diamond card 
to get that magazine for Winry. If you talk to the guy that wanted the 
diamond card or check the library, it'll say there's a place in the Ruins 
of Cruz where drawing diamond cards is easy. Once again, I don't know if 
you noticed it the first time round but, in the area with the stepping 
stones there's a spot with some shiny shards.

So, return to the ruins to the area with the stepping stones. Make your way 
up to the area above the secret entrance and you should find the spot. 
Before you start getting some diamond cards, you might want to head to the 
exit to defeat the fake Ed first (probably one of Cate's dolls again). Head 
on right into the next area to find it. He's really not that hard to beat. 
All you need is one diamond card anyway.

Once you're ready, return to and stand on the shards. Go into your alchemy 
screen, throw away some cards and you should get a few Stone 7-1 diamond 

The fake Ed turns out to be... Envy!

Envy:           Yo, Haganeno Chibi-san!

Ed:             ...Yo- You're!

Envy:           You really are tiny.
                It's been a long time since my eye level went that low.
Ed:             Whaaaat!
                Don't call me tiny!
Envy:           Don't be angry.
                You done your best but you can't win against me.
                It's a wise decision not to make me angry, Haganeno Chibi-
Ed:             Damn it!

Envy:           That's right, be a good boy now.
                We're the ones who're letting you live.
                Don't forget that.
Winry:          Ed...

Ed:             I'll beat you one day.
                No matter how long it takes, I'll beat you...
Pickup the cat and head to Koko to give the guy the diamond card now. Winry 
will be happy, you get the 11th Legendary Tool and also the 5th proof.

Now lets head to East City, Mustang's office. You'll find Hughes' entire 
family there. Hughes is taking a long vacation so he's here in East City 
for a tour. His daughter Elithia decides she wants to play hide and seek 
with everyone and Al's "it".

Now to find everyone in East City. Go to the following places and talk to 
the people you find:

1. HQ 2nd Floor, communications room.
2. HQ 2nd Floor, reference room.
3. Courtyard, southwest corner.
4. Hotel, room on 2nd floor.
5. Alchemy Research Lab next to hotel.
6. Brown roofed warehouse to the west block.
7. Southwest corner of the west block.

While you're there, head into the deepest part of the sewers and check 
the barrels there for the 12th tool and an Alchemy Circle Card. Al, should 
be able to handle the enemeies by himself.

8. Southeast corner of the west block. In the open grounds.
9. Behind the clock tower in the east block.

Finally, return to Mustang's office to find Mustang. Seems he didn't go 
find a place to hide. Exit the room and go back in again. Mustang keeps 
saying "Ouch!" which means there must be someone hiding under the desk. And 
it's the last person... Elithia! As thanks for playing with Elithia, Hughes 
hands out photos of his daughter. Now you have the 6th proof.

Leave Mustang's office and you'll see Jan standing at the reception. 
Robberies have been on the rise recently despite warning the civilians 
about it. Now you must go on patrol with Hawkeye to prevent them going on 
the increase.

Leave the HQ area then head for the east block. A girl will bump into 
Hawkeye and she loses her gun. She thinks she left it back at HQ so head 
back there again to take a look. Return to Mustang's office to find that 
it's not there either. Ed thinks the girl who bumped into Hawkeye was 
suspicious so lets go find her. Go to the west block to find her along with 
a macho man. At this point, there will be a 1v1 fight with Hawkeye VS Macho 
Man so that she can save the girl.

After you win, you'll find out that the girl was responsible for all the 
robberies. She was inspired by a novel about a female robber. Hawkeye lets 
her off this time and makes her promise not to do it again. After that, the 
girl is inspired to become a "cool soldier" like Hawkeye and runs off. 
Mustang shivers at the thought of having more female soldiers like Hawkeye 
in the army. Now you have the 7th proof.

Return to Mustang's office to find that info has just come in that the 
prisoners are planning an uprise again. The reason is unknown for now so 
you are split into 3 teams once again to prevent it from happening.

First, Ed's team. Go into the first cell to find some healing items and 
don't forget to close the door. Then ignore the other cells and head 
straight for the exit. Turns out the prisoners want to porotest so that 
they can go outside and bathe in the sun.

Go into the next area and ignore all the cells. Just head straight for the 
exit to find the next group of prisoners. After defeating them, Armstrong 
will find out they're complaining that they aren't treated like humans 
here and he takes it into account.

Now for Winry's group. Just head on right and follow the path round til 
you reach the end. Defeat the prisoners then continue into the next area. 
Ignore all the cells once again and just make your way to the end. Defeat 
the prisoners there and you will move onto the last group.

Once again, the objective's simple. Ignore all the cells and just follow 
the path to defeat 2 groups of prisoners. Then the 3 groups will meet up to 
fight the leader. It turns out he was also a former soldier and wants to 
improve the conditions of the prisons. Defeating them, Mustang will say 
that he will make a request to the higher ups for him. Now you have the 8th 

Go into the room next door and talk to Jan. There's a letter addressed 
to Ed. It's from Bald and he wants to settle the score between them on a 
train he's taken over... again. Just like earlier on in the game, make your 
way to the roof to find Bald. He says he's got a new Auto Mail from 
Rushbarey and being the Auto Mail enthusiast she is, Winry leaps forward 
and asks him to show it to her... Bald answers he can have a look after 
they defeat him. 9th proof now.

Go to the west block to find Scar in the open grounds. As usual, he is out 
hunting down national alchemists. Defeat him to get the 10th proof. Ed is 
also worried that he can't defeat him on his own because of Scar's great 

After that, go to the central block to find someone who looks like Bald 
in the southwest corner. Defeat him to get the 11th proof. The person turns 
out none other than to be Envy. As usual he called Ed "chibi" and it ticks 
him off. But he doesn't fall into the usual rage. Winry asks them who the 
person was but they say it's best if she doesn't know.

Return to Mustang's office and you'll find out that soldiers patrolling the 
old laboratory sighted a huge chimera there. Just when Mustang was saying 
the case was over and everything was too peaceful. Everyone is gathered to 
go exterminate it at the lab before it gets out.

Before we do that, there's a couple of other things to take care of so that 
we get a better grade when we complete the game.

First thing to do is to find all the Legendary Tools and cats. Your alchemy 
completion rate for Ed should also be reaching the 100% mark. My one 
is at 96% at this point. These help to unlock other "free events" in the 
game. I also suggest you have Mustang in your party while looking for the 
below. One of the events require that his level of trust with the leader of 
the team is a yellow happy face to be unlocked.

Lets go for the remaining tools first. The ones can find for now are at:

1. Rizenbeul, Southeast barn in the top right corner.
2. Mount Tedesco, Small house in mountain in the left barrel.
3. Mansion, Left flower bed at the front.
4. Reglotaria, Northwest bench.
5. Nelvo, South workshop.

That will come to a total of 17. The other 3 we'll go for later. Now for 
the remaining cats:

1. Central City, East Block, The bench in front of the fountain.
2. Central City, Central Block, In a blind alley to the southeast.
3. Reglotaria, A house south of Lute's home. Plant flowers in a vase
    and talk to the lady.
4. Reglotaria, On top of a wooden box in the southwest
5. Fagott's Mansion, 2nd floor in the corridor.

At this point you will have another fight with Scar who was hunting down 
another national alchemist. Scar will say that one day when the public 
decides to turn on the military, Ed will be killed. After you defeat him, 
you will also get your 12th proof.

6. Central City, On the roof a house in the path above.
   Stand at the steps and wait for the cat to come down.
7. East City, East Block, Within a shop in a container to the left.
   The container's full of black Auto Mail parts.
8. Sewers, 3rd Area, Go to area where the wide stairs are and lean against 
   the west wall. Starting from where the pots are run down to the bottom 
   left corner while leaning against the wall.
Now we will have a total of 26 cats. That's not all of them but enough to 
unlock the other events. It's time for some quiz fun. Return to Central 
City to visit Sheska. Talk to her and she says she started looking after a 
pet cat but, since she's so busy she has no time to look after it. Al can 
have it but he'll need to pass a test first. Note that during this quiz, 
you MUST answer within 5 seconds. The answers to Sheska's questions are 
bottom, bottom and top. That's your 13th proof.

Exit the HQ and head to her house to pickup the cat. Sheska's house is just 
south of the library and it has a red roof. Then return to Sheska for 
another quiz. The thing is, Sheska got hold of a Legendary Tool and she'll 
give it to them if they can answer her questions. Winry's all excited of 
course. Once again, there's a 5 second limit and the answers are bottom, 
bottom, top. And that's your 14th proof plus your 18th tool.

Now go to Winry's home in Rizenbeul. Just when Ed and Al thought they could 
stay longer this time, Ed remember's he's still to give an evaluation 
report in. So, he rushes for the next train. Just then, who other than Bald 
hijacks the train again. AFter you defeat Bald, Ed ends up not making it in 
time but Bradley gives him a deal. If Ed goes to the old lab to exterminate 
some chimeras then he will let it go this time.

So, head to the lab where Lute was carrying out his experiments. Go north 
to the crossroad then follow the path left til you reach stairs going down. 
Take the stairs down and head north to the next room. Search the cages for 
the 19th tool. Return to the crossroads and go north to find the first 
chimera. The second one is on the top floor and the last 2 are in the 
basement where you fought Lute. That's your 15th proof.

The remaining 7 events before the final 3 are the following:

Scar. Find him deep inside the sewers in area 4 to fight him, then again at 
Rizenbeul next to the graves. Be prepared when you fight him the 3rd time, 
though. He's much stronger.

Some humiliation for Colonel Mustang. To unlock this event, his level 
of trust with Ed must be at least a yellow happy face. Then you can go find 

Ed gets a little adjustment. To unlock this one, you must have all 20 
Legendary Tools. Then you go to Winry's home.

Meet the cat god. To unlock this (you guessed it), you must find all 30 
cats before going to the secret area in the ruins where Fagott met his 
tragic death.

The dungeon of memories. For this one, the Alchemy Handbook must be 
completed at 100%. Once you've done that, visit the Alchemy Research lab in 
East City. There will now be a man standing in front of an entrance in the 
wall at the back.

A visit from Cony. You'll meet her at Central automatically once you've 
cleared more that 88% of the free events.

Once you have all the above done, you can go through the events below to 
finish the game off.

Return to the old lab. Once inside, Ed and the others will catch sight of 
the Homunculi. This spells trouble...

Now make your way to the top floor to find the 3 Homunculi who tells Ed 
that they're interfering with the creation of the Philosopher's Stone. Envy 
decides to take the form of Hawkeye this time. After you defeat them you 
get the 23rd proof. It also turns out they were just Cate's dolls. Ed asks 
if all they said were lies and Cate replied she copied their memories too 
so she doesn't know.

Make your way to the southwest corner of the floor where there's stairs 
going up. Take the stairs up to the next room and drop down the hole in the 
corner. Go east into the next room and drop down the hole there again. Take 
the stairs down and follow the path til you find another Al. Talk to it and 
defeat it to get the 24th proof. Once again, it's Envy. The real Envy this 
time. He's taking the form of Ed and the other's to play around.

Continue on to the point where you fought Lute to find another Bristol. 
Then after that, Gluttony and Lust.

Lute had created 3 Bristols in total and this will be the last. Just to 
make sure there's no else around who can create chimeras, Mustang suggests 
they go in further to check. Just then Gluttony and Lust will appear. 
Instead of saying no to Gluttony this time, Lust lets him eat the girls. 
Winry is surprised but obviously, Ed isn't going to let them.

Once you beat them you get the last and final proof...

Lust:           That was more fun than usual.
                This is how it should be. Otherwise it's boring.
Mustang:        Monsters...

Lust:           Don't say such rude things.

                Don't forget we can appear before the boy anytime.
Ed:             Ku...

Lust:           Lets go, Gluttony.

Viola:          Such strong people...
                Ed, you're being targeted by them?
Ed:             ...I don't know if they're targetting my life or if they 
                want to use me.
Mustang:        As a military dog, we will always have a few enemies.
                Right, Haganeno.
Ed:             Yeah, you're right.

Armstrong:      Edward Elric.
                You're my comrade.
Ed:             I'm happy that you think so~!!
                Bu- But I'm suffocating here~!
                Let me go~!
Hawkeye:        We'll deal with them later.

                This time, we've safely solved the case of the giant 
Al:             It seems there's no other suspicious people around here.

Ed:             Haa... Haa...
                Yeah... Le- Lets go home.
                I'm tired.
Winry:          Ed, Al.
                Lets go home to Rizenbeul together.
                We'll rest for a while then go travelling again.
Ed:             Lets go that.
                Right, Al?
Al:             Yeah, lets go back to Rizenbeul.

And that's it! After the credits, you will get a summary screen listing:

Play Time
No. of Victories
No. of Escapes
Ed's Alchemy
Winry's Alchemy Moves
Free Events Completion Rate
Fastest Clear Time
Highest Damage

Then followed by your rating as an alchemist.

Congratulations! You have beat the game!

9.  Location of Legendary Tools and Cats

Just like its predecessor, there are cats scattered throughout the game for 
you to find. New in this game are 20 Legendary Tools that also needs to be 
found for some free events to be unlocked after completing the game once. 
Below are the locations of those 20 tools and the 30 cats you must find.

While some are around all the time, others only appear at certain times of 
the game which means you'll only have ONE chance to get them.

The Legendary Tools:

1.  Rizenbeul, Southeast barn
2.  Sewers, Inner most barrel
3.  Mount Tedesco, Small house in mountain in left barrel
4.  Mount Tedesco, Small house in chest
5.  Mount Tedesco, Small house in chest
6.  Central, East Area, Inside hidden warehouse
7.  Central, East Area, Man in front of hospital
8.  Mansion, Left flower bed at the front
9.  Koko, After handing diamond card to the owner in Auto Mail bookshop
10. Koko, On the roof of the Auto Mail bookshop
11. Reglotaria, Northwest bench
12. Reglotaria, Put out the fire in Lute's home
13. Nelvo, South workshop
14. Central, After catching the robber in a house and fixing the glass
15. Prison, Innermost area in the pot of the northwest cell
16. Koko, Talk to the owner of the alchemy bookshop
17. Ruins, Southeast of the secret area in second floor down
18. Lab 3rd Floor, Southwest of room in the workdesk
19. Lab, One floor down in a container in the west room
20. Central HQ, Complete Sheska's quiz.

The Cats:

1.  Rizenbeul, Right at the start of the game
2.  East City, West Block, Southeast of the plaza
3.  East City, West Block, Inside a bin
4.  East City, West Block, Within the passage in the southwest
5.  East City, East Block, Within a shop in a container to the left
6.  East City, East Block, At the base of the clock tower
7.  East HQ, Northwest of the training grounds
8.  Sewers, 3rd Area, Listen to the corner of the west wall where the large 
    stairs are.
9.  Central City, On a small wooden box that lies in the path linking 
    the south and west
10. Central City, On the roof a house in the path above.
11. Central City, West Block, After you bump into a man.
12. Central City, East Block, The bench in front of the fountain
13. Central City, Central Block, Second floor of the hotel
14. Central City, Within the warehouse south of the houses.
15. Central City, Central Block, In a blind alley to the southeast.
16. Central City, Central Block, In the house north of Hughes' home
17. Central City, Central Block, In the house north of Hughes' home
18. Central City, Central Block, The house in the northwest. Fix the floor.
19. Koko, Inside the shop where no one's there
20. Central City, South Block, The house next to Sheska's home. Fix the clock.
21. Reglotaria, A house south of Lute's home. Plant flowers in a vase
    and talk to the lady.
22. Nelvo, Light the fire in the house to the north.
23. Nelvo, The innermost house.
24. Central City, South Block, At the register of a shop in the east
25. Prison, In one of the cells where Martins was kept.
26. Fagott's Mansion, 2nd floor in the corridor.
27. Reglotaria, On top of a wooden box in the southwest
28. Ruins, On top of a stone wall.
29. East HQ, Communications Room, 2nd Floor
30. Central HQ, Complete Sheska's Quiz

10. Credits, Conclusion & Contact Info

They've made quite a few changes to the game. Mostly for the better. While 
in the last game there were no experience points to level up your 
characters, they've decided to add that in this time round. It's put 
meaning back into all those random battles again. There also seems to be 
the addition of items that can be equipped by the characters but, most of 
the time it's unclear what they do.

The graphics during the dialogues remain lively as ever as you watch the 
faces change as the words are printed out. They seem to have re-done most 
of the expressions for Sonata. The Japanese characters (Kana) also jumps 
out now to stress things from time to time which adds to the story telling.

The Alchemy Handbook feels easier to view and sort this time. While viewing 
Ed's handbook during a battle was pointless in the the first game, this 
time round you can pick something from the book and will pick the cards for 
you. While this might be useful to some, I found it pretty useless because 
of the way the cards randomly appear. You didn't always have the cards you 
need and it still takes time to browse through it. It'll be better if you 
just stuck to picking out random combinations. Especially when you want to 
complete your alchemy entries along with Winry's ones.

As for gameplay time, this game stretched out about 5 hours longer than the 
last coming in at around 21 hours. I would say it's probably because the 
side quests after you complete the game once, have been more than doubled.

Overall, this game had the same feeling as the last except with the 
addition of experience points, it's more enjoyable now. If you liked the 
last, you'll want to play this.


If anyone wants to use this FAQ on their own site or for any
other purposes, please leave everything in this guide intact. And if
anyone wants to contact me, feel free to do so by sending an e-mail to

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