GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File05/16/05Samurai Edge64K
100% Support Unlocked!
Save Game File08/26/06Alexander_8664K
All characters unlocked. All in lvl 20. One Save at the choice of Eirika or Ephraim in normal mode.
Save Game File10/14/05Darkloud64K
All support conversations. All characters unlocked. All in lvl 20. Great Stats. One Save at the choice of Eirika or Ephraim.
Save Game File04/16/06code200464K
At Chapter 11, Seth is REALLY strong (Lv20). About 10,000G. Eirika is lv13.
Save Game File12/12/05hdo64K
Completed all missions. All high levels, no characters dead. No cheats used.
Save Game File04/03/16DS97764K
Creature Campaign started, all character have base class, level, stats, proficiency, gear and support. Seth has a stupidly high number of combats. Was cheated, but then all cheat effects were removed.
Save Game File06/10/05Samurai Edge64K
Creature Campaign. Three Maxed Stats Swordsmasters. About 290k of gold and legendary items are in good condition with an unused hammerne. Tower and Ruin finished once.
Save Game File10/18/05iamverydead64K
First file with Seth dead!
Save Game File06/10/05Samurai Edge64K
First save, Eirika on world map, going to chapter 11. Marisa, a level 20/20 assassin.
Save Game File05/15/05Mykas064K
Game saved before chapter 9, Eirika's route.
Save Game File05/27/05scopelenz64K
Just before Eirika Chapter 8. High Franz status and good Eirika status. Nobody died yet. For people who want to get a head start. Lots of good items
Save Game File05/16/05Samurai Edge64K
Sound Room 95% Unlocked!

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File07/01/05Shadow900064K
(Bottom Save) Beaten Game. All secret characters but Selena unlocked, including maxed Lyon. 6 Or 7 other characters maxed. Good Link Arena team built.

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Japan)

Save Game File10/26/04Samurai Edge64K
Chapter 20. A continue of my first play. Both lords are strong. All S weapons have useable owner.
Save Game File10/08/04Samurai Edge64K
Chapter 6: Female Lord and Swordsman at Level 15 with "A" in Sword. Chapter 5X is being played.
Save Game File10/23/04Samurai Edge64K
Chapter17. Both Lords 20/20. Male Fencer/Swordsmaster, 20/20. Male Thief/Rogue, 20/20. And a few other characters promoted at level 20.
Save Game File10/16/04paito64K
Fire Emblem Seima no Kouseki, beaten game, with 3 files, some secrets characters unlocked, all in lvl 20 except secrets
Save Game File10/10/04Samurai Edge64K
The save contains two saves. Continued from my Chapter 6. First save, Chapter 8. Second save is the part which you choose to continue as the Female or Male Lord.
Save Game File10/26/04Samurai Edge64K
Three saves. One at end of chapter 9. One at chapter 20. The other at final chapter. Game finished once with 8% of support.
Save Game File12/28/04Blackguard94K
Two saved files: one, (Eileek Route- Normal) at Ch.20, the other is saved at FreeMap mode (Ephraim- Easy) with all characters (secrets included) at Lvl.20; weapons are cheated, everything else is clean.

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Europe)

Save Game File06/21/06Gargant64K
Just before Chapter 3 Eirika has max strength, skill, speed and defence.

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