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Support Conversation FAQ by Littledgn

Version: Final | Updated: 09/21/2007

-----Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones-----
      ~Support Conversations FAQ~
	    (By: Littledgn)

     ---The Version Information!---
5/22/2005- Started making the FAQ,
	Added Conversation List, 
	Also added numerous, but not all supports (14 or so)
	Added some Special Pairings (11 or so)

5/24/2005- Sent to GameFAQs, hope they accept it and post it up

5/25/2005- Sent updated version, twice.
	Added more double endings and supports.

5/27/2005-Another Update! Yay! I guess.
	Added more stuff almost everywhere and fixed some errors.

5/31/2005-Added more supports, yay.

6/03/2005-Yet another numberless update

6/06/2005-Update number 7! Still not totally done yet. (Boo!)

6/12/2005-Sent another update. Woo. Added more Supports.

6/21/2005-More Supports, almost done.

6/26/2005-Supports...all...done! Woo! (Hope I didn't miss any.)
	Added new section to complete, Battle Conversations
	(Not originally my idea, but volunteers are offering to do it.)
	Everything else is done, I think.

8/1/2005-Removed Battle Conversations
	Decided to call it version 1.00

8/17/2005-Apparently, Tana/Syrene was missing. Added it in.

8/21/2005-Fixed yet another error. Bound to have plenty more emails sent in...

9/6/2007-Two years later an error was found. And it was fixed too.
Death Lines somehow became alphabetized.

 ---The Handy Dandy Table of Contents---

~Table Of Contents
	1. Conversation List (Ctrl+F List)
	2. Support Conversations
	3. Special Pairings
	4. Death Lines
	5. Special Thanks
	6. Questions/Comments/Errors
	7. Copyright Information
        ---Conversation List---

If you are having trouble finding a support, use this list.
If you are having trouble using this list, search for one of the character's
names in the support. Then use the corresponding number next to it in the

Eirika/Ephraim   [1111]
Eirika/Seth      [1112]
Eirika/Saleh	 [1113]
Eirika/L'Arachel [1114]
Eirika/Tana	 [1115]
Eirika/Innes 	 [1116]
Eirika/Forde	 [1117]
Seth/Franz	 [1118]
Seth/Garcia	 [1119]
Seth/Natasha	 [2111]
Seth/Cormag	 [2112]
Gilliam/Garcia   [2113]
Gilliam/Franz    [2114]
Gilliam/Syrene	 [2115]
Gilliam/Moulder  [2116]
Gilliam/Neimi    [2117]
Franz/Forde      [2118]
Franz/Amelia     [2119]
Franz/Natasha    [3111]
Moulder/Vanessa  [3112]
Moulder/Colm     [3113]
Moulder/Syrene   [3115]
Vanessa/Syrene   [3116]
Vanessa/Lute     [3117]
Vanessa/Forde    [3118]
Vanessa/Innes    [3119]
Ross/Garcia      [4111]
Ross/Lute	 [4112]
Ross/Amelia      [4113]
Ross/Ewan	 [4114]
Ross/Gerik       [4115]
Neimi/Colm       [4116]
Neimi/Garcia     [4117]
Neimi/Amelia     [4118]
Neimi/Artur      [4119]
Colm/Marisa      [5111]
Colm/Rennac      [5112]
Colm/Kyle        [5113]
Garcia/Dozla     [5114]
Innes/Gerik      [5115]
Innes/Tana       [5116]
Innes/Joshua	 [5117]
Innes/L'Arachel  [5118]
Lute/Artur 	 [5119]
Lute/Knoll       [6111]
Lute/Kyle        [6112]
Natasha/Joshua   [6113]
Natasha/Knoll    [6114]
Natasha/Cormag   [6115]
Cormag/Duessel   [6116]
Cormag/Tana      [6117]
Cormag/Artur     [6118]
Ephraim/Kyle     [6119]
Ephraim/Forde    [7111]
Ephraim/Myrrh    [7112]
Ephraim/Duessel  [7114]
Ephraim/Tana     [7115]
Forde/Kyle       [7116]
Kyle/Syrene      [7117]
Amelia/Duessel   [7118]
Amelia/Ewan      [7119]
Artur/Tethys     [8111]
Artur/Joshua     [8112]
Gerik/Tethys     [8113]
Gerik/Marisa     [8114]
Gerik/Saleh	 [8115]
Gerik/Joshua	 [8116]
Tethys/Ewan  	 [8117]
Tethys/Marisa	 [8118]
Tethys/Rennac 	 [8119]
Marisa/Tana	 [9111]
Marisa/Joshua	 [9112]
Saleh/Myrrh	 [9113]
Saleh/Ewan	 [9114]
Ewan/Dozla	 [9115]
L'Arachel/Dozla	 [9116]
L'Arachel/Rennac [9117]
L'Arachel/Joshua [9118]
Dozla/Myrrh	 [9119]
Dozla/Rennac	 [2211]
Duessel/Knoll    [2212]
Tana/Syrene      [2213]

       ---Support Conversations---

Eirika/Ephraim [1111]

Eirika/Ephraim C

Ephraim: Eirika, are you all right?

Eirika: I am fine, Brother.

Ephraim: I'm right here, so please call me if you need anything. I'll always
be nearby.

Eirika: Yes, thank you. But you do understand that I am here to fight, don't
you? I cannot ask you to watch me constantly. I am your sister, not your ward.

Ephraim: Eirika...

Eirika: Wait, don't... What are you--?

Ephraim: You looked a little upset... I thought I would stroke your face
like I used to...

Eirika: Please stop it. You're treating me like a child...

Ephraim: Oh, I'm sorry. It's just an old habit... Besides, you were always
the one who pestered me to do it when we were little. Don't you remember?

Eirika: N-no, I don't remember! That was such a long time ago... Ahh... Dear
brother, please try to remember where we are right now. What would our
companions say if they saw us in such a personal moment?

Ephraim: Yes, that would be embarrassing... Forgive me, I did not mean to do
anything you would find unpleasant.

Eirika: N-no... I didn't mean that... It's just--

Ephraim: So, you really do want me to stroke your face?

Eirika: No! I mean, look...

Ephraim: Ha ha, you always did blush so easily! You haven't changed at all!

Eirika: E-enough! Brother...you are starting to anger me!

Eirika/Ephraim B

Eirika: Yaa... Yaa!

Ephraim: Eirika, try taking a deeper step forward when you lunge. Otherwise,
you might find it hard to dodge the counterthrust of a foe. That's why you
always want to end a duel with a single blow. Don't give you opponent the
chance to return the attack.

Eirika: Ah, Brother! Thank you for the instruction! I suppose I still have a
lot of learn.

Ephraim: No, not at all! Rather, I am surprised at your rapid progress after
such a short time! I think you would give me an excellent match were we to

Eirika: You really think so? And yet, I feel... Sigh... If only we lived in a
world where such skills were not even necessary.

Ephraim: I see... You're a peaceful soul. All of this fighting... It must be
hard on you.

Eirika: It is... I just pray that this fighting will end as swiftly as
possible. No one desires this war. So why must it continue?

Ephraim: ...Indeed. And yet there is fighting in every generation.
In ancient times, our ancestors fought all manner of evil beast.
But once the beasts were subdued, man then fought against fellow man...
So we learned from Lyon.

Eirika: I know... But if men understand the futility of fighting,
why do they do it? We could gain so much more by cooperation than by conquest.

Ephraim: You may be right... ...But I think... I understand why.

Eirika: Why, Brother...?

Ephraim: I pray for peace to return to our fair Renais. I know that war
brings only sorrow. And yet, somewhere in my heart... There is a lust for
battle that cannot be stilled. It screams within me when I clutch this

Eirika: Brother...

Ephraim: Perhaps it is because I am a man. Perhaps it is because I was
raised to fight. I enjoy the practice of my art. I find pleasure in the
battle victorious. And the stronger I become... The more strongly the call
of arms sounds within my ears. I want to see how great is the skill that I
have acquired. It may be crass and low, but I cannot deny it.

Eirika: Brother...

Ephraim: You would disdain me for this?

Eirika: No, I could never... But, Brother, listen. No matter why you
fight... Please ensure that this fighting brings good to our people and
to our kingdom.

Ephraim: Of course. I am not so far gone as that. And I could not bear
to see you cry for our people. Besides, I would fear the judgment of your
mighty sword.

Eirika: Brother, I--!

Ephraim: Ha ha! I'm joking, of course.

Eirika/Ephraim A

Eirika: Just...a bit longer.

Ephraim: Yes, you may be right. There may be an end to this fighting soon.
We may yet defeat the evil in this land and return it to the hands of men.
Then, Renais may enjoy its former glory.

Eirika: Yes... You will be crowned king of Renais, and I will help you
rebuild our land. We will make it a happy and prosperous country, free of
conflict. Just as we three used to dream about...

Ephraim: We...three. Lyon was here with us, wasn't he? We three had so many
grand ideas for the futures of our lands.

Eirika: Yes... We talked about a lot. But Lyon...

Ephraim: ......

Eirika: Brother... Brother...please promise that you won't ever leave me
alone. Please...promise...

Ephraim: Of course. I would never leave you. Why could you ever think I
could do something like that?

Eirika: Brother...

Ephraim: I know better than anyone how you feel, dear sister. Even since we
were born... No, even before... We two have always been together. And
together... we will always stay.

Eirika: Yes, dear brother...


Eirika/Seth [1112]

Eirika/Seth C

Eirika: Seth.

Seth: What brings you, Princess?

Eirika: How fare you, Seth? Ever since the castle fell you have been
protecting me, despite your own injuries...

Seth: Would that I could have served you better, my lady... You were not meant
to see such things. But my wound has closed up, and it does not affect my
lance arm...

Eirika: Wait. Show it to me. Look. The wound has closed, but it has not yet
fully healed.

Seth: ...... What made you think of this, my lady? 

Eirika: Your fighting is as superb as ever, Seth. But when you raise your 
lance, I see a flicker of pain on your face, as if you were merely enduring
it... But it only lasts a moment. Perhaps it is all just my imagination.

Seth: Your Highness, please put your mind at ease. My wound has healed. 
There is no reason to worry.

Eirika: I would that were so, Seth. Please do not overextend yourself. 
I beg this of you. Without you, I may not be able to continue this quest...

Seth: You praise me too much, my lady...

Eirika/Seth B

Eirika: Hrrngh... Hahh! What do you think?

Seth: You sword arm is magnificent, my lady. You have improved yet again.

Eirika: Thank you. It is only because I know my brother will scold me if I do
not practice every day. But I still am nowhere near your level of skill, Seth.

Seth: ...My lady, I hardly think...

Eirika: Perhaps next time, you could spar with me and help me learn some
technique? The basics I've learned from my brother all apply to skills with
the spear. If I could learn the sword techniques of the Knights of Renais,
then perhaps I could be even stronger. I would be of greater help to you on
the battlefield.

Seth: Yes, but... Princess Eirika, I think you should stay away from the
front lines. You are of the royal family of Renais. Please leave the fighting
to me...

Eirika: Still... How can I just watch from afar while others risk their
lives for me? I cannot rely on you always. I must learn to protect myself.
So please, continue to observe as I practice.

Seth: Princess Eirika...

Eirika/Seth A

Eirika: Seth, do you have a moment? Could you help me practice a bit right

Seth: ...Princess Eirika. Before I do, there is something I must say to you. 

Eirika: Yes, what is it?

Seth: Please forgive my rudeness... Princess, I am merely your subject.
Recently, you have been too close to me. It is not becoming of a noble of
Renais to fraternize in this way with her subjects.

Eirika: Oh... But I... it's just that your wound has not yet... I was

Seth: It's true. The wound I received the day our castle fell has not yet
healed... Perhaps it will afflict me to the end of my life. But it would be
a mistake to assume you owe me a debt for this wound. This thought should
not rest beneath the crown you soon must wear.

Eirika: But still, you suffered for me...

Seth: Lady Eirika. You are a noble of Renais. The nobility should not favor
one subject over another. How can they maintain their fealty if you treat
one so differently?

Eirika: ......

Seth: You may have to forego such attachments just to defend your country.
There will be times when victory in battle demands a sacrifice. If you
cannot send your men to die, then you are not fit to rule.

Eirika: ...... I understand... Seth... You are correct. I had forgotten my
place, and I had forgotten my duty. Please forgive me.

Seth: ...... 

Eirika: That night... We fled from the soldiers of Grado... You held me
tight, keeping me safe from the enemy's blades... Perhaps... I did feel
something more for you then. But... it was improper for a queen of Renais.
And with my father dead, I suppose that is my station. I am a queen, and
you are a knight in my service. If I do not keep this in mind, then I will
never be able to rebuild our kingdom.

Seth: I thank you for your understanding, my lady. Now, if you will excuse

Eirika: ......

Seth: Princess Eirika. If you would allow me to say one more thing...

Eirika: Seth...?

Seth: ...That night... I felt what you felt. When I held you in my arms as
we rode into the night... It was the first time since I was knighted that I
forgot my duty. I thought of you not as my queen, but rather as someone I
wanted to protect from all harm. I wanted to leave everything behind... To
take you far away to someplace where we could be together... Those were my

Eirika: Seth...

Seth: Please forgive me. I swear to you that I will never again forget my
duty in that way. Now, please excuse me. When I see you next, it will be as
a Knight of Renais... And I will lay down my life to protect my queen.

Eirika: Seth...


Eirika/Saleh [1113]

Eirika/Saleh C

Eirika: Master Saleh!

Saleh: ...

Eirika: Master?

Saleh: ...

Eirika: ...

Saleh: ... ...Oh, I'm sorry, Princess Eirika.

Eirika: It's all right. Were you... praying?

Saleh: Not exactly. It's called Valega.

Eirika: Valega?

Saleh: Yes.

Eirika: What is it? Is it something to do with Caer Pelyn's cultural history?

Saleh: Yes, in a sense. Think of it as a kind of wish. A very pure wish. It
is a wish that expands far beyond individual desire.

Eirika: I see. I don't claim to understand, but it sounds very interesting.
If you don't mind, I'd like to hear more about it later.

Saleh: If you like.

Eirika: Yes, I would.

Eirika/Saleh B

Eirika: Master Saleh.

Saleh: Princess.

Eirika: What you were telling me about Valega was most enlightening. It
sounds as though you align your desires with the world around you. By
knowing the vastness of creation around you, you come to know yourself.
And then, by transcending you selfish needs, you wish for a better world.
What you told me, it helped me rediscover the importance of that unselfish
wish. It's the reason for the war we fight now... The dream of a better
world. Because of you Valega, my own conviction was renewed.

Saleh: Ahhh. I'm glad to hear that. ... Princess Eirika, you remind me of
the warrior princess, Nada Kuya.

Eirika: Nada Kuya? 

Saleh: She's one of Caer Pelyn's ancient heroes. 

Eirika: I'd like to hear about her.

Saleh: I've been told she was a strong woman, beautiful and proud. She
spoke with the voice of nature, and she lived at one with the earth.

Eirika: But you called her a battle princess...?

Saleh: Well, in ancient times, Caer Pelyn was invaded by a foreign nation.

Eirika: Really?

Saleh: And leading the charge against the invaders was Nada Kuya. She
carried a narrow sword made from a fang gifted to her by the dragonkin.
With her dragon blade in her hand, she drove Caer Pelyn's enemies away.

Eirika: Wow... Quite a story. And you think I--

Saleh: Yes. You remind me of her.

Eirika: No, no... When Grado invaded Renais, I was paralyzed. I couldn't do
anything. It is only because of the sacrifices of others that I could even

Saleh: But now, you are here. With your strength, courage, and dignity.

Eirika: Master Saleh...

Saleh: If you achieve victory, the legend will become reality. You will
become the Nada Kuya of this age.

Eirika: I see... Yes, I see! I have a reason to fight. I have things to
protect. I fight for the future. The future of Renais, the future of my
people. Thank you, Master Saleh. Your stories always give me the courage
to fight on.

Saleh: I'm glad to hear that.

Eirika: I pray your wisdom guides us through this war.

Saleh: I will do what I can.

Eirika/Saleh A

Eirika: ...

Saleh: ... What troubles you, Princess Eirika?

Eirika: Oh, Master Saleh. No, nothing. My mind was somewhere else... Oh,
and in the middle of a battle... I'm sorry.

Saleh: Don't be sorry. I am not going to judge you for how you think or act.

Eirika: Thank you. ... I was just remembering my home. I was thinking about
the last time Renais was at peace.

Saleh: ... 

Eirika: There were the most beautiful mountains, the clearest rivers... The
scent of wildflowers filled the air. The sky was clear and bright. This was
before war scarred the hills and scorched the skies. It was a wonderful
place. Every day was filled with hope and possibility. My brother and I
would go hunting with Prince Lyon. ... I would make lunches for us. Ephraim
would tease, but Lyon was happy. I... I miss that time so very much.

Saleh: Princess Eirika... I give you my word that you will once again see the
Renais you love restored.

Eirika: Master Saleh... I do hope so. But first, you and I must concentrate
on the battle at hand. We must win. Thank you, Master Saleh. Your homeland,
caer Pelyn, was also a most beautiful place.

Saleh: We had nothing special. But, because of that, we had... everything.

Eirika: I didn't understand that before. Now, I think I know what you mean.

Saleh: I am glad.

Eirika: When we have to fight no more, please, let me visit you in Caer
Pelyn. I would like to know more about your home. About Valega and Nada Kuya.

Saleh: You are welcome anytime. Caer Pelyn and I will welcome you with open


Eirika/L'Arachel [1114]

Eirika/L'Arachel C

L'Arachel: Good day to you, Princess. What a funny thing that we should meet
here! It is providence, I tell you!

Eirika: L'Arachel, it is NOT providence. It is not even a coincidence. We
agreed to meet here when we planned out our battle strategy. Wait... Don't
tell me that you don't remember that!

L'Arachel: We planned this? I suppose I simply don't usually worry about
such trifling details. And here we are, so I suppose that our plan must be

Eirika: I suppose you're right.

L'Arachel: Still, divine providence or not, isn't it strange and wonderful?
A beautiful princess traveling with sucha ragged bunch as this... You could
have told me much sooner, you know!

Eirika: My apologies. Necessity demaned that I conceal my identity at the

L'Arachel: Oh, it is no longer any worry. To be honest, I believe I had
figured out your ruse from the very moment we met. I said to myself, "This
lovely woman could only be of my own superior breeding." After all, you could
never truly fool a woman with my keen mind.

Eirika: My. How... impressive.

L'Arachel: There is something about nobility that simply cannot be hidden
from its kin! Why, Eirika, certainly you must have felt the same thing upon
seeing me? You surely saw a refinement and grace of carriage surpassing that
of common folk?

Eirika: Err... Aheh... Yes, why... the very first time I met you, I could
see that you... You were very far from common.

L'Arachel: Exactly. Far from common. I could not have put it better myself.
It's simply impossible to travel incognito these days.

Eirika/L'Arachel B

L'Arachel: Take that! And that and that and that!

Eirika: L'Arachel? What you are doing?

L'Arachel: I'm practicing! I want to be prepared for when those fiends next
show up. You never can tell where or when they'll appear, after all. And if
they were to appear and I were to unable to prepare a magical attack...
Well, I'd like to be ready to whack them with this staff of mine.

Eirika: Ahhh... Don't you think that's a bit, well, dangerous? Perhaps you
should stop. If monsters appear when I am around, I promise I'll come to
your aid.

L'Arachel: That's simply no good, Eirika. You know how those monsters can be.
I insist that I be able to hold my own, relying on nothing but my skills.

Eirika: I've been curious about something, L'Arachel... Why are you so
obsessed with fighting monsters?

L'Arachel: ...My parents were kind people. I would be like them if I am able.
My home of Rausten is so near to Darkling Woods. We experienced many sudden
raids. My parents took it upon themselves to defend our people against the

Eirika: I had no idea...

L'Arachel: Yes, but my parents are gone now. I've been told that they passed
away when I was but an infant. They... gave their lives defending many
helpless people.

Eirika: I'm so sorry.

L'Arachel: Oh, you needn't be sad. I would not want for that. No, it's
wonderful that they gave their lives battling that filth. I was so young
that I do not remember their faces, if I must be honest. However, that does
not diminish the pride I feel for what they've done.

Eirika: Don't you feel lonely at the loss of your parents?

L'Arachel: No! Not at all! What do you take me for? Some kind of weakling?

Eirika: No, I see that you are strong indeed, L'Arachel.

L'Arachel: I should say so. But... would you not say that you are strong,
too, Eirika? Your father stayed in his castle, fighting the forces of Grado.
He had a noble death, don't you think? Your father was a great man.
You must be quite proud of him.

Eirika: Well... yes. He refused to take even one step in retreat from the
advancing Grado soldiers. But still... I mean, I... I would have thought no
less of him if he had fled. Even if he were no longer a brave king...
Still... I would be happier if he were still alive.

L'Arachel: Eirika... I do understand you. Everyone would tell me of my
parents' bravery, of their honor... But I will never see them. I will neve
 know them for myself. Oh, what I would give if I could have met them...
just once.

Eirika: L'Arachel...

Eirika/L'Arachel A

L'Arachel: Eirika... Please hold for a moment.

Eirika: What is it, L'Arachel?

L'Arachel: About what we were discussing earlier... I would not want you to
get the wrong idea. I was not saying I was lonely because my parents were
dead. I am not that weak, you know? I have never even... cried... when
thinking of my parents.

Eirika: I know, L'Arachel. You are a very strong person. We are lucky to have
you with us.

L'Arachel: I hope you do not think this all too sudden, but... Here. Look at

Eirika: What's this...?

L'Arachel: This ruby has been in Rausten for generations. It is a valuable
gem. I would be honored if... I would like for you to have it.

Eirika: What? No, I couldn't! It's far too precious to accept...

L'Arachel: No, I mean it. Please, accept this as a gift. Here. I won't allow
you to refuse.

Eirika: L'Arachel... Thank you. I will treasure it. I so wish I had something
to give you in return...

L'Arachel: You needn't feel that way. Here, I've an idea... Once we've put an
end to all the monstrosities in our lands... Invite me to Renais. Does this
plan please you?

Eirika: Yes... certainly. Of course.

L'Arachel: Then we are agreed! Now, you had better not go dying in battle on
me. Not until then, at any rate. Do I have your word?

Eirika: Yes... let us both live long enough to look back on this time. I am
sure that, when we do look back, it will be as the best of friends.


Eirika/Tana [1115]

Eirika/Tana C

Tana: Ah, Eirika. Shall we right together a while?

Eirika: Tana, you seem well. And yes, I'd appreciate the company.

Tana: I feel I should apologize. I'm afraid I haven't been very much help to
you, Eirika. To be honest, I'm still in training, and not quite battle-ready.
Perhaps you'd fare batter if I were not traveling with you...

Eirika: Tana, that's not true at all. You've been a great help to us. I have
seen you in action. I know what I'm talking about.

Tana: Thank you, Eirika. Heh... I feel so foolish now.

Eirika: Why is that?

Tana: I look on you as a sister, Eirika. And yet, even though we're the same
age, you seem so much more mature.

Eirika: Hardly...

Tana: It is you who even gave me the courage to leave the castle. I wanted to
be out on my own, like you, to patterns my life after yours. I'm simply glad
that we are friends.

Eirika: Me too, Tana. I'm glad you came. You help to remind me of better

Eirika/Tana B

Tana: Oh, Brother... I'm going to get you for this, Brother...

Eirika: What's wrong, Tana? Has something happened to Innes?

Tana: My brother is so cruel! Listen to what he said to me! He told me that
I was just in everyone's way... He said I should just go back home to

Eirika: Oh, dear...

Tana: I'm so depressed. He's always like that, too. He just makes fun of me
and insults me and teases me. I hate him so much!

Eirika: Tana, your brother has a strange way of showing his concern...
But he IS concerned about you. You can see that, can't you?

Tana: Yes, but...

Eirika: Even my brother gets angry at me when I put myself at risk, even
for a good cause. Your brother is harsh and rough of speech, but he doesn't
want you to get hurt.

Tana: Well... I suppose you're right.

Eirika: Why don't we go speak with him later? I'll be right beside you.

Tana: Ah...all right. But Eirika... I still envy you.

Eirika: Me?

Tana: You and Ephraim as so close... You understand one another. It must
be... so nice. I wish my brother and I shared that kind of connection.

Eirika: Well, we are twins, you know. I think that makes us slightly
different from normal siblings.

Tana: But you two never fight or anything, do you? How do you two maintain
such a close relationship?

Eirika: I... Well... Isn't that normal for twins?

Eirika/Tana A

Tana: Eirika, are you all right?

Eirika: I am, thank you, Tana. I always feel better when you're around.

Tana: I've been wondering... Eirika, do you think I've grown stronger?
I mean, stronger than when I was cooped up in the castle at least?

Eirika: Yes, of course you have.

Tana: Really?

Eirika: Tana, you should have more confidence in your abilities. If I had
to rely on my own blade alone, I would not survive. But with you around, I
know I can keep fighting.

Tana: You think? I guess I'm still not sure. Still, it is nice to hear you
say that. Eirika, we'll get through this, two of us. And when we do, let's
sit together and just relax.

Eirika: Sure, Tana. But first, we'll have to apologize to King Hayden.

Tana: Oh... Father... I wonder if he's still mad.

Eirika: Yes, you probably should.

Tana: Say, Eirika. Could you...

Eirika: Of course... I understand. You and I will speak to him together.
Don't you worry.


Eirika/Innes [1116]

Eirika/Innes C

Innes: Eirika. I know this might seem sudden, but... I've decided I must
protect you for a while.

Eirika: What? What do you mean by that?

Innes: I was in a difficult situation at Carcino. I... must admit that I owe
you much for you help that day.

Eirika: I... I see.

Innes: So now, I've decided to protect you in battle. I don't know how to
say this, but... It is unacceptable that I remain indebted to you.

Eirika: Oh, you and your fool pride--

Innes: Regardless, you can count on me. No arrow can reach all enemies, but
I guarantee your safety. Will you accept my oath?

Eirika: Er... Sure. I accept. Thank you, Prince Innes.

Innes: Follow me, then.

Eirika: Uh, wait a moment, Innes. You're an archer... Wouldn't it make more
sense if you stayed behind me?

Innes: ......

Eirika/Innes B

Innes: ...What are you doing?

Eirika: What is it now, Innes?

Innes: I told you I was going to protect you.

Eirika: Right.

Innes: And yet, whenever an enemy shows himself, you rush in and attack!
...Everyone's going to think you're the one protecting me.

Eirika: Well, I can't help you with your image problems, Innes. You're an
archer, while I have to fight up close.

Innes: That is unacceptable. I said that I would protect you, and I was
being quite sincere.

Eirika: And I appreciate that. It's nice to know that, when I cross swords
with the enemy, you're never far from me, with your bow close at hand.

Innes: Eirika... You are so kind... You're so different from that... brother
of yours.

Eirika: No, not as much as you think. Maybe you only see him as a warrior, as
competition, but he is a fine and gentle man, capable of great compassion.

Innes: ...If you say so. I suppose I cannot doubt it if it comes from your

Eirika: Prince Innes, please, try to befriend my brother. I know he would
want this as well. I don't know why you dislike him. When I am alone with
him, he is so kind.

Innes: Forgive me, but I can bear no more of this talk. When I see you look
that way, I feel only jealously for this Ephraim.

Eirika: What--?

Innes: He is... a hard man to forgive. Perhaps there is only one way to
settle this.

Eirika: Prince Innes...?

Eirika/Innes A

Innes: Eirika. Forgive the intrusion, but I must speak to you at once.

Eirika: Prince Innes? What is it?

Innes: First, just listen to me. Is there... anyone who lays claim to your

Eirika: What? N-no... There's nobody like that.

Innes: I see. Then let me speak frankly. Eirika, it seems I have fallen in
love with you.

Eirika: Wh-what!? This is no place for jokes, Innes! Why would you say
something like that?

Innes: This is no joke. I am absolutely serious. These feelings surprise me
as well. I don't know what to do. Fighting at your side all this time, the
emotion just exploded within me. I love you. I could not bear to see you in
the arms of another.

Eirika: P-Prince Innes! I... I...

Innes: No, Eirika. Do not answer now. I have not yet bested Ephraim. I have
not earned the right to woo you.

Eirika: Wha--? Why are you bringing my brother into this?

Innes: With a man like him around, I can see why you show no interest in
suitors. If I prove myself superior, you will surely accept my hand. If I
fail, I release any claim to your affection. But I swear it on the depth of
my love that I will destory that man. Eirika, I will expect your answer then.
That's all I have to say.

Eirika: Innes! What an... infuriating man! Why does he have to be so...

Eirika/Forde [1117]

Eirika/Forde C

Forde: Aaaah...

Eirika: Forde, you're looking in rare form today.

Forde: Ah, Princess! Yes, I'm trying not to overextend myself today. I see
you're looking well, too. Except for...

Eirika: Yes, Forde? What is it?

Forde: Well... I was just thinking about something... Princess, do you find
that your armor leaves a bit too much... exposed?

Eirika: I beg your pardon?

Forde: You know, too exposed. Especially around the... er... midriff, if you
will. Aren't you worried that, in the heat of battle, it might, eh...

Eirika: Fly up like this?

Forde: Augh! Oh... Uh... You were... just joking. Wow. Don't scare me like

Eirika: Oh, I'm sorry. That must have seemed rather unladylike. Honestly,
though, I do rather like this armor. It's easy to move around in. I think
that freedom of movement is far more important to me in combat.

Forde: Well, sure. I guess everyone has his own preference. I've gotten many
long years of use from my armor.

Eirika: I can imagine. Now that I look at it, I can see all the scars from
all your fights.

Forde: A knight's greatest pride are the scars his armor bears for him. This
battered shell of mine is only the true badge of valor... ... THe only real
sign that I've weathered blade and arrow for king and country.

Eirika: Forde...

Forde: Oh, and... Well, in my case... Some of these dents are from me falling
off my horse. Heh... Oh, and some come from falling asleep in my armor and
rolling onto my weapons. Kind of a lot of them, actually. Heh...

Eirika: You stood by my brother when he and I were separated, didn't you? I
never got a chance to thank you.

Forde: Oh, it was nothing. Really. To be fair, Ephraim probably saved my hide
more often than I his.

Eirika: I doubt that. My brother rushed into battle without thought for
consequence. I think, if nothing else, you restrained his natural
recklessness. I owe you a debt. Both you and Kyle.

Forde: Princess Eirika...

Eirika: Forde, Renais thanks you. May you always stand beside us.

Forde: At your service, Princess.

Eirika/Forde B

Forde: Princess Eirika! Good to see you.

Eirika: Ah, Forde. Yes, it's good to have you fighitng at my side again.
It's only because of your skill that I'm fighting here today.

Forde: Well, we all seem to be deep in this fight, milady...

Eirika: Yes, there's no pulling back now.

Forde: So it would seem. My lady, leave the fighting to us soldiers. Even if
there be an unholy hail of arrows, we would ride into them for your sake.

Eirika: Ha ha... Why, thank you, sir knight! ...Say, Forde.

Forde: Yes?

Eirika: What will you do when all this fighting is over?

Forde: When the fighting is over? Hm... Good question. Well... I suppose I'll
return to Renais... and take a very, very long nap.

Eirika: That does sound like you. And then?

Forde: Then? I would like to return to my painting, I think.

Eirika: You paint?

Forde: Yes, milady. I paint. In the past, I've tried to be quiet about this
little hobby of mine. However, quite a few of our group have unearthed my
hidden secret.

Eirika: Is that so? Well, I'd love to view your work sometime.

Forde: Ah, I'd be honored. It's hardly worth of such an audience, but I'd be
glad to show it to you.

Eirika: I look forward to it. Oh! And...

Forde: Yes?

Eirika: Would you ever consider... doing a portrait of me?

Forde: I'm sorry?

Eirika: Is that distasteful to you?

Forde: No! No... It's just that I so rarely do portraits.

Eirika: So, it would be a bother?

Forde: Not at all! A bother? Really. This request comes from my princess.
I'd be more than happy to.

Eirika: Thank you, Forde.

Eirika/Forde A

Forde: Princess Eirika.

Eirika: Forde.

Forde: You asked me earlier what I would do when all this fighting ended...

Eirika: I remember...

Forde: Well, I should have asked you, too. What will you do when this
fighting ends?

Eirika: Me?

Forde: Yes.

Eirika: I... ... I'd like to restore Renais and bring happiness back to her

Forde: ...Princess Eirika...

Eirika: It is not enough that this war end... that we go home again. It's not
enough that my brother become king. These things aren't enough to make a good

Forde: ...

Eirika: People deserve happiness. They are the reason that we rule. Without
the people, there can be no Renais.

Forde: To live happily, to be proud of our nation... To restore the happiness
of her people...

Eirika: Yes, that is my dream now. It is an abstract goal, and perhaps a
little vague, but...

Forde: No, not at all!

Eirika: How so?

Forde: I mean, rebuilding a country, now THAT is an abstract goal. But what
you've described, that is a wonderful ambition. I've never been so proud to
serve the kingdom of Renais.

Eirika: Forde...

Forde: I've come to a decision! I know I've already sworn an oath, but... I
want to renew that vow. Please, let me help make your dream come true! I'll
do anything I can to help you... as long as it doesn't require heavy lifting.

Eirika: Thank you... I'm very grateful to you, Forde. It feels like this war
might never end, and our people give in to despair quickly. But thanks to
people like you, who smile in the face of sorrow, they can be saved.

Forde: Oh, no. You make too much of it. I'm nothing special. I simply cannot
allow myself to worry when there's fighting to be done. You're the special
one. You have such a profound effect on us all.

Eirika: ...Me? How so?

Forde: It is because of you that we can go on. You and the prince are here,
risking your lives for the cause. Your guidance, your leadership... It gives
us a reason to live as well.

Eirika: A reason... to live?

Forde: Yes... To restore that radiant smile to your own lovely face.

Eirika: Oh!

Forde: I fight to see you smile again, to drive the worry from your face. If
I can do that, then I will be more than happy to paint your portrait.

Eirika: Forde...

Forde: We'll do it together. Every day is another step closer to the end of
war. One step closer to making your dream come true.

Eirika: ...Agreed!


Seth/Franz [1118]

Seth/Franz C

Franz: General!

Seth: Franz. How are you holding up?

Franz: Fine. I may be young, but I'm every bit a Knight of Renais.
I'll fight to the end of protect the princess, just like you, sir!

Seth: Good, good! That's the spirit! You know, you're looking much improved
from when we set out.

Franz: Hm. Do you really think so, General?

Seth: Oh, definitely. You seem much more sure of yourself. All doubt has left
your face. By the time you reach my age, you'll be the finest spear- and
swordsman around.

Franz: Honestly? Sir, do you really believe that?

Seth: ... I do... But we are in a battle right now, Franz. Concentrate on the
enemies before you, and don't get too cocky.

Franz: Yes, sir!!! You know I'd never let you down, sir!

Seth: Don't be too eager for success. Know your limits.

Franz: Yes, sir!

Seth/Franz B

Franz: General!

Seth: Ah, Franz. Every time I see you, you're getting better and better.
Your parry is a little stiff, but you are clearly improving.

Franz: Are you serious? Do you really think so, sir?

Seth: ... Why is it that, when I compliment you, you always ask me that?

Franz: Oh, so sorry... I appreciate your praise, sir.
I mean, you're General Seth, the Silver Knight. You're my hero.

Seth: Hahaha... No more flattery, Franz. Please.

Franz: But, General, it's true! Do you remember when Grado's forces overran
Castle Renais? Despite grave injuries, you outcharged the enemy, broke their
lines, and escaped. And then, you delivered the princess, on your own,
to Frelia safety. If I were you, I doubt I could have survived such a
challenge... You are the only person I know who can make impossible feats

Seth: What pressure you put on me! How can I possibly fail now?
You would lose all faith in me! Ah, but, Franz, you're still young.
You will grow into a remarkable warrior, I have no doubt. Be confident.
I'm counting on you. Train your mind and hone your skills.

Franz: Really? Do you really think so, General?

Seth: ... Franz... That's enough.

Franz: Oh, right! Sorry, sir!

Seth: All right, back into the fray! Let's go, Franz!

Franz: Yes, General! And remember, I've got your back!
Seth/Franz A

Seth: You're doing well, Franz.

Franz: Oh, General!! How are you, sir? I'm so honored that you came to talk
to me.

Seth: Must you always overreact? ... Honestly, Franz... I'm the one who
should feel honored.

Franz: I beg your pardon? What do you mean, sir?

Seth: When I was just a squire, there was one knight whom I admired above all
others. His skill with sword and spear was legendary. He was truly peerless.
We squires learned the meaning of chivalry watching him serve the king.
Ten years back, we received word that an infamous assassin was hiding in
Renais. This knight hunted him down in secrecy so as not to alert the
assassin. He hounded the villain and killed him, but he was mortally

Franz: Ten years ago? But that's when--!? No, it couldn't be...

Seth: ... Yes, Franz. It was the greatest knight in the history of Renais.
Your father.

Franz: ... I was so young when my father died. And our mother passed away
before he did. Forde and I were almost always alone. Oh, I remember how I
used to cry like a babe about my father being gone so much. Forde would
always remind me, "He is serving the royal family to protect Renais." Forde
was so proud of our father, but he was also a little bit sad. I remember a
deep scar he had on his shoulder, probably in battle. My brother and I used
to climb up his shoulders and vie for his attention. I grew up hearing what
a great knight he was, but I remember only his shoulder.

Seth: ... You probably have no idea how much you resemble your father. Your
swordplay, how you tilt the lance, your loyalty to Renais... You've certainly
inherited your father's spirit. It is an honor to see the skill I once
idolized developing in you, his son.

Franz: I... I am so flattered to hear that. Thank you very much, General.
Someday, I will become a knight even greater than my brother or my father.
To restore Renais, the kingdom to which I've sworn my blade, I will fight on!

Seth: Thank you, Franz. Let's do the best we can. For Renais, and for your

Franz: Yes, General!


Seth/Garcia [1119]

Seth/Garcia C

Seth: Sir Garcia. Your fighting form remains impeccable, despite your years
of retirement. Fantastic... How I admire you.

Garcia: No, General Seth, I still have a long way to go. I've lost so much

Seth: Sir Garcia...

Garcia: No, no honorifics. I gave up my title years ago so I could raise my
son. I'm old and rusty, General. The man I am now is not fit for such fine

Seth: ...

Garcia: But listen, General. I'm not finished yet!

Seth: What do you mean?

Garcia: I'm telling you... I'm not yet done! This is not the end of me!

Seth: ... He has a warrior's heart. Is it pride that keeps him from accepting
his limitations? I'm afraid that we have awakened an incredible warrior.

Seth/Garcia B

Garcia: General.

Seth: Garcia. Did you come all this way to talk to me? I'm grateful.
Thank you.

Garcia: Don't make a fuss. Might give me second thoughts before I do it again.

Seth: Ah, right. Sorry, sir!

Garcia: Heh... You know, you remind me of myself as a young man.

Seth: Back when you were in Renais?

Garcia: That's right. Oh, I was so ambitious then, focused on proving myself
in battle. His Majesty commended my valor many times, he did.

Seth: His Majesty always watched over us. Hardworking soldiers received words
of praise to drive them to greater glories. The lazy ones, he spurred to
action, giving them a reason to improve... He was a great king. He earned
the trust and respect of his people.

Garcia: ... What a loss we've all suffered.

Seth: When Castle Renais fell, it was all I could do to save Princess
Eirika. I've never felt so powerless in all my time as a knight... ...
I was mortified.

Garcia: ... I'm sorry. I wasn't blaming you for King Fado's death.
I am the one who surrendered his duty to live a carefree life with his son.
I have no right to cast blame on anyone but myself...

Seth: Garcia, you needn't feel that way. You're fighting for Renais again,
at the side of her crown prince and princess! There's no shame in that.

Garcia: General Seth...

Seth: If you are still true to our late king, then let's win this war
together. And together, we shall visit His Majesty's tomb to report our

Garcia: Yes! You have my word!

Seth/Garcia A

Seth: Garcia.

Garcia: Ah, General Seth!

Seth: You seem much recovered from your poor spirits the other day.
In fact, you seem quite energetic!

Garcia: I've finally accepted that I'm only ever truly alive when I'm

Seth: Ah, now that is the great Garcia I remember from my youth! Yes,
all hesitation is gone from your face. You're in rare form!

Garcia: Yes, and that hesitation is gone for good, I dare say. Except...

Seth: Yes?

Garcia: To tell you the truth... I am not ashamed of the life I've lived.
I'm not sorry that I abandoned my old life to raise my son.

Seth: Sir Garcia...

Garcia: That decision made me who I am now. It's time I embraced both of
these aspects of my past.

Seth: ...

Garcia: I can only say this in hindsight, but... It is not so bad to have
a family.

Seth: Garcia, I can see it in your eyes. You don't need to tell me.

Garcia: Heh... I see! Well then, Seth. There is only one solution for it!
You should marry! It will do you good to have a family to go home to.

Seth: Ah, Garcia... You may br right, but I'm afraid it will take me some
time to get there...


Seth/Natasha [2111]

Seth/Natasha C

Natasha: Oh, General Seth, how do you do?

Seth: ... Sister Natasha, good day to you. I appreciate the care you give our
wounded, but be sure to care for yourself, too. I heard about what happened
the other day. It could have turned out badly...

Natasha: I'm sorry to have worried you. When I see an injured person, I must
help. I seldom think of the consequences to myself. I shall be more careful
in the future.

Seth: Grado doesn't know what they've lost, Natasha. You're indispensable to
us. If you were injured, our entire strategy could be slowed or lost
altogether. Take care of yourself first, and worry about us later.

Natasha: Seth, you are the one who is indispensable, far more than I am. You
race into danger, acting as a decoy or rescuing people alone. You're the one
who is reckless. I wish you would watch yourself.

Seth: I'm sorry. I didn't realize I'd been causing you so much worry.
I promise to be less reckless. But you, don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Natasha: Yes, General. May you be guided to safety.

Seth/Natasha B

Seth: Sister Natasha? Are you well? I heard you collapsed last night.
Maybe you should rest more, instead of risking yourself on--

Natasha: Oh, General Seth... I'm sorry about that... We had many wounded,
and I drained myself healing them all. However, I rested well last night,
and I am fully recovered. I'm sorry for giving you so much cause to worry
once again.

Seth: Oh, boy... You and Eirika... What am I going to do about you?
You seem hell-bent on throwing away your lives in this conflict.

Natasha: ... Oh, I see... I always become a liability in battle.
All I do is cause you worry and concern.

Seth: You're always the first to race into battle to heal an injured person.
Do you know what the others have started calling you?

Natasha: ... They're calling me names?

Seth: They've taken to calling you "the healing spirit."

Natasha: ... A healing spirit? Oh, no... I'm far from it. Why, I--

Seth: ... When you first joined us, I was not sure I could trust my life to
you. You're from Grado, and we've seen the treacheries of which they are
capable. But I've watched you, and I know now that I was wrong. I'm grateful
for the kindness and compassion that you've showed us all. My men are right.
You are a healing spirit, sent to rejuvenate us all. We're fortunate to have
you as our friend.

Natasha: ... Friend...?

Seth: More than a friend. You are an irreplaceable asset to our cause.

Natasha: Oh, my... I'm sorry... ... Please, return to the battle. And may you
be guided to safety.

Seth: ... Sister Natasha... If I am injured, I will not be reckless. I will
race to your side. And I know that you will take care of me when that happens.

Natasha: Y-yes, of course I will! Oh, but... I hope that it doesn't.

Seth/Natasha A

Natasha: General Seth.
Seth: Sister Natasha. How are you?

Natasha: Well, thank you. And you?

Seth: Yes, I'm fine. But it's only because you've been beside me as I've
fought. You were always the one to heal my broken body.

Natasha: You have that wrong, General. You're the one constantly rescuing me.
When I'm surrounded by enemies, when I'm separated from the others...

Seth: Sister Natasha... Do you plan on returning to Grado someday?

Natasha: ... Yes. I must return to the temple. Our people need my services.

Seth: Is that... what you really want?

Natasha: ... General Seth...

Seth: Could anything sway you to stay in Renais instead?

Natasha: ... General Seth, what are you...

Seth: ... I'm sorry. I'm-- I'll  be more direct. Sister Natasha...
When this war is over would you... come live with me?

Natasha: Oh! But, Seth... I'm a cleric. I'm sworn never to...

Seth: I know you're a cleric. You've given your life over to a divine
calling. But would the Everlasting nor smile upon the love shared by its

Natasha: ... Seth, I-- Yes, I believe so.

Seth: I vow upon the sacred oaths you have sworn that I will make you happy.

Natasha: Seth... I hope you keep that promise. I'll wait for you until this
war is finally at an end.

Seth: I will keep my promise, Natasha. I will.


Seth/Cormag [2112]

Seth/Cormag C

Cormag: You're pretty good with a spear.

Seth: Thank you. I don't think I've introduced myself. I'm the leader of the
Knights of Renais--

Cormag: I know you. Of course I know you. You're General Seth, the Silver

Seth: ... Yes, that's right. And you are Cormag, the renowned wyvern rider
of Grado.

Cormag: If the legendary Silver Knight knows my name, I can't be doing too
bad, huh?

Seth: You and your brother, Glen, are famous even among the Knights of
Renais. We have no wyvern riders in Renais, and your stories are favorites
among the men. I've been watching over your combat style since you joined
our forces.

Cormag: Oh, is that so? Well, tell me: what do you think?

Seth: I'd love a chance to spar with you.

Cormag: Not a chance. I could never beat you.

Seth: So you say, but I can see in your eyes that you'll never accept failure.

Cormag: Heh... And all this time, I thought you were just another loyal
dullard. Guess I was wrong. We should chat some more sometime.

Seth: Yes, I think I'd like that. Perhaps once things have eased up. I'm
looking forward to it, Cormag.

Cormag: Sure thing.

Seth/Cormag B

Cormag: Hey, Seth.
Seth: Ah, Cormag. Good timing. I had something I wanted to ask you.
Your family, are they all soldiers?
Cormag: Why do you ask?
Seth: Your skill with the spear is amazing. Have you trained since you
were a child?
Cormag: No, I come from a long line of dirt-poor farmers. I wielded a
plow, not a spear. When we were kids, Glen and I had to chase birds and
animals from our fields. We used sticks and stones, and I think that
helped with our aim, to be honest.
Seth: Is that so... So why did you join the army?
Cormag: It's a funny story, really. ... The emperor's caravan passed
through our village one day. My brother and I watched the glorious
procession from the top of a tree. Then, a stray dog started to harry
the horses pulling the emperor's carriage. We threw rocks to drive off
the mutt, but some soldiers decided to arrest us.
Seth: Why? You were trying to help...
Cormag: Yes, well. We didn't just hit the dog. We got a few of the
soldiers as well.
Seth: Ah-ha... So, what happened next?
Cormag: Well, the emperor shows up in the room the soldiers had thrown
us. He looks around and, in this very calm but stern voice, says to the
soldiers: "What are you men doing, arresting mere children? They were
trying to help!" Then, he invites us to dine at his table, and it was a
luxurious feast, I tell you! Now, we were just kids. We lacked the
basic courteosies. We were just filthy. And we kept droning on about
the most idiotic things: chores, the village... But he listened to us
intently, and that fatherly smile never left his face. And he said,
"You lads are good at driving off dogs with stones... Your skills are
wasted in the fields. Let's see how you fare with spears instead."
Seth: And that's how you were recruited.
Cormag: Exactly. It's difficult to ignore such a commanding presence.
But... the emperor changed. I still can't believe what's happened.
Seth: ... I was born into a family of knights, so it was a given that I
should be one, too. I trained in spear and sword. I studied chivalry
and swore my oaths of fealty. And because of my hard work, the late
King Fado treated me like a second son. ... It's funny. You and I are
from different worlds, but we share the same loyalties.
Cormag: True... But King Fado is dead now. And my emperor is the one
that killed him... My emperor is as good as dead to me.
Seth: ... I already serve a new lord. Cormag, you will find a ruler
worthy of your loyalties, too.
Cormag: Yeah, I hope so...

Seth/Cormag A

Seth: Can I have a word with you, Cormag?
Cormag: Oh, Seth. Of course. What can I do for you?
Seth: I've been thinking about your story and I've come to a decision.
Cormag: Hm? What are you talking about?
Seth: ... Cormag, listen. As a General of the Knights of Renais, I'd
like to offer you a post.
Cormag: What? You want me to join the Knights of Renais?
Seth: Yes, exactly. I've been watching you fight, and I've been
thinking about this for some time. Since we've been speaking, I've seen
more than just your fighting prowess. I've seen that you're a strong
and noble person as well. You are a man I would risk my life fighting
beside. Prince Ephraim will be a great king. Would you fight for him
with me?
Cormag: I really appreciate it. Thanks, Seth. But... Grado is my home. I
can't trade loyalties to Renais just like that.
Seth: ... I knew you would say that.
Cormag: Emperor Vigarde is my only lord. My duty now is to correct the
mistakes he has made. That's why I'm here. I hope you can understand.
Seth: Yes, of course... Still, I'm glad that I met you.
Cormag: Same here, Seth. Now, let's get this war over with, shall we?
Seth: Yes, and when it's done, we'll get together and tell some
Cormag: I'm looking forward to it!


Gilliam/Garcia [2113]

Gilliam/Garcia C

Garcia: Sir Gilliam.
Gilliam: Well, if it isn't Garcia...
Garcia: Your armor suits you. Must have taken a lot of training to
fight in it, eh? And it probably takes a lot of strength to wear, too.
Gilliam: I don't want to brag, but... None of Frelia's knights can
match me for strength. Oh, is that so? You know, in my day, they said I
was without equal. 

Garcia: Hm... What do you say, Gilliam? Let's arm-wrestle!
Gilliam: You mean... right now?
Garcia: Oh, why not! It won't take more than a minute.
Gilliam: ... Very well. I accept your challenge.
Garcia: Excellent! I'd expect no less from a true knight! Let's go.
Gilliam: All right...
Garcia: Hah!
Gilliam: Ng! ... You beat me. Well, I've got to hand it to you, Garcia.
Garcia: Ha ha! Don't feel bad. You almost had me for a minute there.
I'm impressed!

Gilliam/Garcia B

Garcia: Sir Gilliam.
Gilliam: Yes, Garcia?
Garcia: About that match the other day...
Gilliam: What, you mean when we arm-wrestled? That was a GREAT match.
Garcia: Yes, well... I've been thinking. Now, if I remember correctly,
I was using my sword arm... But you're left-handed, aren't you? You
were using your off hand.
Gilliam: Huh? Oh, well... I didn't want to say anything, but...
Garcia: I knew it! All right! We have to have a rematch using our OTHER
Gilliam: Garcia, are you-- Fine, fine. I accept your challenge.
Garcia: Let's try this again!
Gilliam: Yes...
Garcia: Hah!
Gilliam: Hmmmmm...!
Garcia: Hm... See, this time, you beat me.
Gilliam: True, but it WAS your off hand this time, and it was still
close. Garcia, you really are amazing.
Garcia: Ha ha ha! You know, I feel good about this. I lost, but I feel
good. With a great knight like you at our side, we've nothing to fear.
Gilliam: Don't be silly, Garcia. You're an amazing fighter. With you in
our midst, our forces are invincible!
Garcia: Ha! Let us fight together, then, and watch our enemies fall like
Gilliam: Gladly!

Gilliam/Garcia A

Gilliam: Garcia...
Garcia: ! Oh, Gilliam...
Gilliam: Sorry to bother you. You just seem to have something on your
Garcia: I do. I was... I was just thinking about my son, Ross.
Gilliam: Ah, Ross. He's a good lad.
Garcia: It's...a wonderful feeling to have a son, Gilliam. I was so
happy to learn I had a boy who could follow in my footsteps. Do you
have children?
Gilliam: Oh, no... You know what the life of a soldier is like.
Garcia: Aye, I remember it well. But I still found a wife. Don't you
have anyone?
Gilliam: I-- Well, to be honest... There is someone I've had my eye on,
but what do soldiers know of love? I don't know how to win a woman's
Garcia: Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, don't take it too hard. These are tough
times for romance. As time passes, the world will change. No, WE will
change it. Wait for your time. When the world changes, people change.
Soldiers change. Just wait.
Gilliam: ... You're right. When this war ends, I'll be ready to face a
different type of battle.
Garcia: Yes. And when you do wed, you must be sure to invite me and my
boy. It will be a great celebration.
Gilliam: Yes, of course, my friend.


Gilliam/Franz [2114]

Gilliam/Franz C

Franz: Say, Sir Gilliam, can I ask you a question?
Gilliam: What is it, Franz?
Franz: Are you disturbed about fighting with me?
Gilliam: Why would you say something like that?
Franz: You and I are from different lands. We have different
backgrounds... I thought that might've made you feel uncomfortable.
Gilliam: Blast. I don't need to answer that.
Franz: Sir Gilliam!
Gilliam: Listen: I'm here by my king's order, and his order alone. I'm
well aware that we have diverse backgrounds and experiences. I don't
care who I pair up with. You can't always have your own way. That's
just how it works in Frelia. It's luck of the draw, you follow? Do they
let you swap partners until you find that special someone back in
Franz: Oh, no! No, no, no... That's not what I meant. It's just... I
was worried that I might be slowing you down with my lesser skills.
Gilliam: Franz, you're wasting your time worrying when there are better
things to be done.
Franz: Like what?
Gilliam: Like training, of course. Quit your worrying and show me how
good a Knight of Renais can be.
Franz: I could ask for nothing better. Please!

Gilliam/Franz B

Gilliam: Franz, I can see your training has paid off.
Franz: Yes, and I have to say, I'm surprised. I feel the energy flowing
through me. I think it's because of my resistance training, actually.
Gilliam: Frelia's resistance training, you mean. You mean to tell me
that you have no training like that in Renais?
Franz: We do have a system to strengthen our chest, arms, shoulders and
legs. However, that's where we stop. We don't train each individual
Gilliam: Every muscle acts in relation to each other muscle. How can
you neglect the fingers? That's how we Frelians think.
Franz: Fascinating how our countries can have such distinct training
systems, isn't it?
Gilliam: And you've been training with our system every day without a
single complaint! I'm impressed.
Franz: Oh, that's because, each night before I go to sleep... I do our
traditional relaxation exercises.
Gilliam: Relaxation exercises?
Franz: Before going to bed, flex each muscle you used, and you'll wake
up feeling refreshed.
Gilliam: What, no fatigue the following day?
Franz: That's right. That's what it's for.
Gilliam: That's wonderful!
Franz: I can teach you if you like.
Gilliam: Please.
Franz: Fantastic! We'll start tonight!

Gilliam/Franz A

Gilliam: Well, Franz, it looks like there's a lot I can learn from
Franz: Why the change of heart, Sir Gilliam?
Gilliam: I've been doing your exercises every night and I feel
Franz: I'm glad you like it.
Gilliam: I appreciate Renais much more, thanks to you.
Franz: Really? I'm glad. I'm thrilled that the great Sir Gilliam
approves of the training in Renais.
Gilliam: Thrilled? You're overreacting.
Franz: No, honestly! I am thrilled. It's a small thing, I know... But
when someone recognizes the fine qualities of Renais, I get a thrill.
Renais is a small country, but it contains much that is good.
Gilliam: I don't know Renais, but I do know how you feel as a fellow
knight. The more we are away, the more we think back on our beloved
Franz: I'm flad that I'm not alone in this.
Gilliam: Chin up, lad. Be proud of your country, Franz, Knight of
Renais. As your friend from neighboring Frelia, I'm glad you're proud
of your home.
Franz: Yes, Sir Gilliam! Thank you very much!


Gilliam/Syrene [2115]

Gilliam/Syrene C

Syrene: Gilliam, long time no see.

Gilliam: Syrene. ... It's been a while. You look great.
Syrene: Likewise, Gilliam... ... ... Heh.
Gilliam: What is it, Syrene? Is there something on my face?
Syrene: Oh, it's nothing. Don't worry about it. You're still one of the
best-looking men in Frelia's army.
Gilliam: You know I hate it when you tease me. What is that smile
about? You're making me very nervous.
Syrene: You were with me on my first mission as one of Frelia's pegasus
knight elite. Do you remember?
Gilliam: Was I really? I hardly remember. I have a tought time
picturing the famous Syrene as a green recruit. That was a really long
time ago.
Syrene: Oh, really? What do you mean by that?
Gilliam: Oh, nothing. Nothing. Just that you've always been one of
Frelia's finest warriors.
Syrene: Gilliam... This mission matters more to me than that first
mission did.
Gilliam: I understand. Much more hangs in the balance if we fail.
Syrene: We won't fail. I won't allow it!
Gilliam: Don't be a hero.
Syrene: Thanks, Gilliam. I'm grateful that you're here with me.

Gilliam/Syrene B

Syrene: Gilliam, how are you doing?
Gilliam: Everything's fine for now, but-- Syrene? You look pale. Are
you feeling unwell?
Syrene: I'm fine, Gilliam. Don't worry about me.
Gilliam: ...
Syrene: ...
Gilliam: ... Syrene. People come to you when they need advice, right?
Syrene: They do, yes. Why do you ask? Don't tell me you need some
advice from me.
Gilliam: Yeah. Can we talk?
Syrene: Oh... well... Of course.
Gilliam: People come to talk to me, too. Must be... the wisdom of age or
something. But I don't know what to say. What do you do if you have no
advice to give?
Syrene: That happens all the time. But I've learned something... People
feel better as soon as they let it out. They just want you to listen.
We're fighting a war. It's only natural that people get scared and need
Gilliam: Do you... get scared?
Syrene: ... Gilliam. Is this all just an attempt to probe me for my
Gilliam: Oh, er, don't be--
Syrene: Don't worry. If I ever have any problems, I'll be sure to come
to you.
Gilliam: ... I'm always here.
Syrene: Thanks, Gilliam.

Gilliam/Syrene A

Syrene: Gilliam! I'll be right there!
Gilliam: Syrene! Don't be a hero!
Syrene: ... Gilliam, you're always telling me to be careful... You know
full well I watch over everyone. It's what I do. But you... You're the
one who always watches over me.
Gilliam: Syrene...
Syrene: You know why I stay close to you? Just to hear you say that.
Gilliam: ...
Syrene: Gilliam...
Gilliam: Is that... all you wanted to hear me say?
Syrene: What do you--?
Gilliam: Syrene... When this war is over... ... ... ... Let's get
Syrene: ... Gilliam!
Gilliam: Don't answer now. When this war is over... When we get back to
Frelia... Wait until then, will you? Wait until then to tell me.
Syrene: Gilliam... You needn't wait that long. You already know my
answer. ...But if that is what you want, Gilliam, then yes! ...I will
wait until the war is over before I give my answer! Gilliam... Good
Gilliam: Syrene... Good luck to you.


Gilliam/Moulder [2116]

Gilliam/Moulder C

Moulder: Gilliam, did you hear something?
Gilliam: No, Moulder. I didn't hear a thing.
Moulder: Was it just in my head? Hm. That can't be good.
Gilliam: Moulder, you've been working yourself too hard. You should
Moulder: No, I'm not tired in the slightest. I'm fine. I cannot believe
you don't hear it! Is something wrong with your ears?
Gilliam: Moulder, please. I know I've seen many battles, but I'm
younger than you are. My hearing is fine.
Moulder: Then why can't you hear it? I'm starting to worry about that
Gilliam: Your ears are playing tricks on you.

Gilliam/Moulder B

Moulder: There it was again! That sound I told you about. Gilliam, did
you hear it?
Gilliam: Oh, not again. No, Moulder. I don't hear anything.
Moulder: Is it really just me? Am I the only one who can hear it?
Gilliam: Maybe you should describe the sound to me. Is it a dull noise?
A chirp? If it's louder, I should be able to hear it.
Moulder: No, it's nothing like that. It's soft... a melody of some sort.
Gilliam: A melody? Are you saying someone is playing music during a
battle? What kind of music? What sort of instrument is it?
Moulder: I can't explain it. It's so... heavenly.
Gilliam: Heavenly? You don't suppose it's some sort of... sign, do you?
Moulder: Gilliam, I would be happy if you didn't say such things.
Gilliam: Oh, sorry. But Moulder... You're the one dedicated to
spiritual matters. I would be surprised if--
Moulder: I said enough of that, Gilliam. I must be imagining things.
That's all.
Gilliam: A melody only you can hear. Sounds mysterious to me.
Moulder: I agree. Especially because I can't explain the cause. I must
say, I'm worried. Gilliam... If something were to... happen, well... I'm
counting on you.

Gilliam: Moulder, we've been friends for a decade and a half. I'll
protect you. Besides... it's my duty as a Knight of Frelia.
Moulder: I know I can count on you, Gilliam. I know that better than
any man. You have my gratitude.
Gilliam: Of course, Moulder.

Gilliam/Moulder A

Gilliam: How are your ears today, Moulder? Can you still hear that
Moulder: No, I haven't heard it for a while. I guess it was a
hallucination after all.
Gilliam: Regardless of the cause, I'm glad that you don't hear it
Moulder: I'm relieved, too, but... I also miss it somewhat. The melody
was haunting me, and I finally remember what it was.
Gilliam: And? What was the song?
Moulder: That was the music played at King Hayden's coronation.
Gilliam: Frelia's coronation hymn. Ah, I remember it well... It is a
strong song, and Frelia's knightly choir performed it well.
Moulder: I was the one who carried the crown to the throne. I was so
nervous that I might drop it!
Gilliam: I remember that you were the one to bear that regal burden. I
was a mere recruit, stuck in the back with the other whelps. You know,
I remember now... Your hands shook like you were frozen!
Moulder: Yes, and then someone shouted, in a loud voice, "Get ahold of
yourself, man!" The crown slipped, and I fumbled to catch it! I was so
Gilliam: I'm so sorry. I was young. You know, I felt so bad that I have
spent years making it up to you. I acted before I thought. I'm sorry
for all the embarrassment I caused.
Moulder: That's right! I believe I met you the very next day. Aha! I've
figured it out!
Gilliam: Figured what out?
Moulder: That melody--I could only hear it when I was with you. That
Gilliam: Yes?
Moulder: It was a sign. A sign from above that we must both return to
the basics.
Gilliam: Return to the basics? What does-- Ah. Of course.
Moulder: Yes. We must remember who we were and what drove us to join
this cause.
Gilliam: I believe you are right...


Gilliam/Neimi [2117]

Gilliam/Neimi C

Neimi: Gilliam... Gilliam! Sir Gilliam!
Gilliam: Be quiet, Neimi! Someone will hear you!
Neimi: Oh... I'm sorry. I just wanted to tell you there's a scratch on
the left side of your armor.
Gilliam: Oh, that's nothing. My armor is covered in scratches. This
one, I got defending Border Mulan in a siege years back. And this one
goes back to my very first fight as a knighted soldier. Each of these
is a story. Each one is a mark of pride.
Neimi: Yes, but I'm worried about this one near the glide clip. I can
repair it. Just... don't go anywhere!
Gilliam: Neimi, don't go off by yourself! We're in the middle of
battle! One false step, and our strategy could be ruined--you might
create an opening! You put not only yourself but all of us in peril
when you do that!
Neimi: Oh! I didn't mean to-- ... Sniff...
Gilliam: Don't cry, Neimi. Save your energy for fighting.
Neimi: Y-yes, sir! I'm... I'm sorry.
Gilliam: Listen. This is my armor. I take good care of it myself. Don't
worry about other people's armor. Worry about yourself. Understood?
Neimi: ... Yes, you're right. I'm so sorry... Sorry for... for messing
Gilliam: I... do appreciate your concern. If you see something, bring it
to my attention, and I'll fix it.
Neimi: I will! Thank you, Sir Gilliam!

Gilliam/Neimi B

Gilliam: Neimi. You seem to be adjusting to the rigors of combat well.
You're a skilled archer after all.
Neimi: Oh... I'm so glad to hear you say that! I was so sad after we
talked last. I didn't know what to do, but then, I decided to focus on
my archery.
Gilliam: That's the spirit, Neimi. So, have you been training by
yourself? I never mastered archery. I'm sorry I can't help you train.
Neimi: No, no... Thank you, but I've been thinking about this a lot.
First, I need to sharpen my vision so I can target more easily.
Gilliam: Sharpen your vision? Good eyesight seems essential in a good
archer, but... How can you improve your vision? I don't understand.
Neimi: My grandfather taught me to stare into the distance and concentrate.
My grandfather taught me everything I know about the bow. My grandfather
was-- He was a great archer. One time, a snake was attacking a bird nest on
a tree in a mountain far away. He aimed at the snake and shot it down.
Gilliam: Incredible. He was able to pick out and hit a snake from that
distance? Your grandfather must have been a great archer.
Neimi: Yes, he was. And that's why I've been staring into the distance.
I've been training constantly on the field, and my vision has improved.
See that tree in the distance? I can spot the bugs crawling on its
Gilliam: I'll be impressed when you can hit each of those bugs from
Neimi: But... that would be cruel!
Gilliam: There's no need to shoot bugs. You only need to shoot our
enemies... ... using your keen eyes and the skills your grandfather gave
Neimi: Don't you worry! You can count on me!

Gilliam/Neimi A

Gilliam: Neimi, I wanted to ask about your vision-training regimen.
Neimi: Ah, where I stare into the distance and concentrate?
Gilliam: Yes. I've been trying it out myself, but... I've had some
Neimi: Problems? What do you mean?
Gilliam: Whenever I'm training, people start to avoid me. It's not just
that. Even animals run away from me when I'm at it.
Neimi: And you're just... You're just staring into the distance?
Gilliam: Yes. Standing perfectly still, staring into the distance.
Neimi: Maybe it's... because you look scary... I used to get that a lot.
Cormag said I was frightening him. He thought I was angry at him.
Gilliam: I look... scary? Hm... I have refined my scare to intimidate my
foes in battle. You may have a point. No wonder people get scared when
they see me glowering into the distance. You know, I might almost
consider it a compliment of my knightly prowess!
Neimi: I have an idea... Perhaps if you smile, it might not be so
Gilliam: ... Like this?
Neimi: ...
Gilliam: It's still scary, isn't it?
Neimi: Uh... Maybe it's because you're crossing your arms. How
about... holding some flowers instead? That might help.
Gilliam: You want me to stare into the distance... smiling... and holding
Neimi: I think that would look good...
Gilliam: You're just being nice, Neimi. Your keen vision is a gift, and
your training may improve it... But I know I can never imitate it. It's
yours and yours alone. I place much faith in your sharp eyes and steady
Neimi: Th-thank you, Gilliam! I won't let you down!


Franz/Forde [2118]

Franz/Forde C

Franz: Brother.

Forde: Hey, Franz.

Franz: I'm glad to see you're still in one piece! After that last battle,
I was starting to get a little worried.

Forde: I'm glad you're all right, too. Good job out there, by the way.
Your fighting form is perfect.

Franz: Thanks, Forde. I keep thinking about this war... What do you think
will happen?

Forde: Dunno. I mean, whatever happens happens, right?

Franz: Always quick with a joke... But I'm serious this time. What do you

Forde: Hey, I was being serious. We are the best and brightest of our age,
but we face overwhelming numbers. If you ask me, all I can say is that I hope
we win.

Franz: It takes more than just hoping for it. We need to FIGHT for it.
We are Knights of Renais, and it's our duty to fight.

Forde: Sigh... You're so serious. You're just like Kyle. If you take the
battle too seriously, you're sure to make a mistake.

Franz: You think so...?

Forde: Of course! It's good to be responsible, but you have more pressing
concerns at times.

Franz: All right, Brother. I know what you're saying.

Franz/Forde B

Franz: Brother... Are you painting again?

Forde: Hm? Yes, well... it's a hobby. You fish, don't you?

Franz: Yes.

Forde: What do you like about fishing?

Franz: Well... it's different than hunting for other animals. More patient.
And yet, when I hold a fishing pole, I feel my spear arm is getting stronger.

Forde: When you're off duty, you should stop thinking about spears and swords.

Franz: ... There's more...

Forde: Yeah?

Franz: I feel at peace.

Forde: ... Hm. Fishing sounds nice. Lets you relax, purge your heart of the

Franz: Yes, exactly.

Forde: And that is important, isn't it? In battle or in daily life, you just
have to stop and rest, right? Hey, you should take a break sometime and go
fishing around here!

Franz: Ha! In the middle of a war? You can't be serious. How could I possibly
do that?

Forde: Hey, I'm not saying you should go right in the middle of a battle.
Do it when you're off duty. Maybe you can help replenish our food supplies.

Franz: Really?

Forde: Sure, yeah. You go catch us a big fish, and I'll eat it. It's a deal!

Franz: Huh? Oh... right.

Forde: Now, I've something to look forward to.

Franz: Hm... Was this all just about you getting some fresh fish to eat?

Franz/Forde A

Franz: Brother.

Forde: Franz, that was the best fish I ever tasted. Thanks.

Franz: I was feeling guilty a little while I was fishing though.
I was off duty, but still... we are in the middle of war. I guess it's fine.
General Seth seemed to like it well enough, too.

Forde: Yup. And as long as everyone's happy, there's no harm done.

Franz: ... Brother. I've realized something.

Forde: Huh? What's that?

Franz: You are my role model.

Forde: Franz, what's with you? All of a sudden, you--

Franz: No, it's not sudden at all. Come to think of it, I became a soldier
so I could be like you. And now, I'm going to work harder so I can be a great
knight like you.

Forde: That... That doesn't make any sense. Have you seen how lazy I am?
Seriously. There are MUCH better role models out there for you to

Franz: No, no. You like to act lazy. It's part of your charm, isn't it?
But once the battle starts, everyone sees how sharp a warrior you are.

Forde: Is that so?

Franz: Yes, it is. And I also know that you like to play the part of the
fool for no other reason than to give these weary soldiers a reason to smile.

Forde: ...

Franz: And your sword and spear skills surpass those of any knight in the
service of Renais, Frelia, or any other kingdom.

Forde: Wow. Your flattery is far more than I deserve...

Franz: The only reason you paint is to acquire a better understanding of
geography, so that you can use that knowledge in battle...

Forde: Nah... It's just a hobby. Don't give me too much credit.

Franz: I'm not. Think about it. You only paint landscapes, isn't that true?

Forde: ...... ... The last portrait I ever painted was of Mother...

Franz: Mother?

Forde: Never mind. Not important. Anyway, I'm shocked. SHOCKED. Yeah,
if you need a role model, look to General Seth.

Franz: Of course I admire General Seth. But that's just admiration.
You're still my role model.

Forde: ... Well, I can't tell you what to think. I just hope you don't
regret this later.

Franz: Don't worry. I won't.

Forde: Hm. Whatever you say.

Franz: Yes. So, that's that. Now, make sure you don't get yourself killed
in a fight. Bye.

Forde: Franz... I need you to survive this war. You and I will go home
together. When this war is over, you and I will go home and rebuild our


Franz/Amelia [2119]

Franz/Amelia C

Franz: Oh, hello there. You're... Ah, it's Amelia, isn't it?

Amelia: Hm? Oh... Yes, and you're Franz.

Franz: That's right. How are you? Getting the hang of things?

Amelia: Oh, yes. Quite! You know, everyone here is so much friendlier than
the folks in Grado. I'm glad there are so many people around me age traveling
with us.

Franz: Yeah. I think I'm about the same age as you are, too. You know what
that means? That means, from now on, you're my rival.

Amelia: What?

Franz: What do you say?

Amelia: Um... Well, does that mean... I have to fight you?

Franz: No, no. It's nothing as complicated as all that. We'll just work
together. See, I'll try to be better than you, and you try to be better
than me! Every day, try to be a better person than you are today. It's
easier to do when you've got someone to work with.

Amelia: I see... But why?

Franz: Yes, well. Um... My brother's a knight, too, and he's had someone
like that for a long time. I've always been envious of the competitive
relationship he has. They compete, and they argue, and they bicker... But I
know they respect one another, and they grow together. I envy that.

Amelia: Um... I'm not sure I can be like that.

Franz: Ha ha ha. Don't worry about it. It doesn't matter who you are. All
that really matters is that we have someone like that in our lives.
Besides, you are a qualified soldier, are you not?

Amelia: Er... I'm not honestly sure I'm even qualified to be out here.

Franz: Same here. That's why I picked you. Let's work together.

Amelia: All right! I'm not sure I can live up to your expectations...
But I'll do my best.

Franz: Good. It's nice to meet you, Amelia.

Amelia: It certainly is!

Franz/Amelia B

Amelia: Oh, Sir Franz!

Franz: Amelia, hello. Call me Franz.

Amelia: What? But...

Franz: We are rivals, right? There's no need for the formality of titles.

Amelia: Oh, of course not, sir!

Franz: Ha ha ha... You did it again.

Amelia: Well, then... I got it, Franz.

Franz: Good.

Amelia: Ha ha... I'm not used to being so casual.

Franz: Can I ask you, what do you think of this war?

Amelia: What?

Franz: I still don't understand why Grado chose to invade Renais. Grado
and Renais were allies. Their royal families were close friends. Why,
Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika are friends with your Prince Lyon.
I detect something funny here. I simple cannot believe a friendship so
strong could end so abruptly. How many lives that been destroyed by such
a seemingly random turn of events? Perhaps the prince and princess know
more of the truth, but...

Amelia: I...

Franz: Oh, I'm sorry. I don't mean to besmirch your homeland's name.

Amelia: No, it's all right. I wonder what drives Grado's ambitions now, too.
I was born in a rural village and raised in Grado's countryside. Ever since I
was a little child, I took pride in my home's origins. Grado, of course, is
named after the legendary hero who saved all of Magvel. I thought I lived in
a country that believed in justice and peace. But this war... It's something
different than all that.

Franz: Amelia... I'm sorry. This war must be especially painful for you...

Amelia: I'll be fine, Franz. But thank you, though. It was wrong of Grado to
invade Renais. Nothing can justify it. Grado has no right to destroy whole
nations, ruin people's lives. This is all so... so wrong! I began this war as
a soldier is Grado's armies. But now... I just want to believe... I want to
believe in justice! I want to know I'm doing the right thing!

Franz: Amelia... I understand it all very well. Your love of your homeland...
Your sense of justice, of honor... If there's anything I can do to help you,
please let me know. We are rivals, but that doesn't mean we can't also be
friends, right?

Amelia: Franz... Thank you.

Franz: I won't let you down.

Amelia: No, neither will I!

Franz/Amelia A

Franz: Amelia. Can I ask you something?

Amelia: What is it?

Franz: Why did you become a soldier?

Amelia: Hm? ...... ... Because I was alone.

Franz: Alone?

Amelia: When I was little, I lived in a remote village with my mother.
One day... bandits raided our village and took my mother.

Franz: Oh!

Amelia: I had no father... My mother was my only family. She was so sick...
and so very weak...

Franz: ...

Amelia: When the bandits came... I hid under the bed... I hid there...

Franz: Amelia...

Amelia: I wanted to protect her! I... wanted to be strong! Even if I couldn't
win... I wanted to fight! To protect the only person dear to me...
Oh... ......

Franz: ... I see now... Thank you for telling me your story. I want you to
know this, Amelia. ... My parents are gone, too.

Amelia: You... too...?

Franz: Yes... Well, I do have a brother, though. But I don't remember my
mother. But I swore that I would live my every moment to its fullest.
I swore to my parents that I would live a long life for them and be happy.
Amelia... You're living the same way, embracing each passing moment.
You believe in yourself, and your faith burns in you, making you shine.
I don't know what it is you plan to do with your life, but as long as we
travel the same path, would you let me walk beside you? I have my own path
to follow, I know, but... I believe we're both walking toward the same goal.

Amelia: Franz...?

Franz: You don't like that?

Amelia: No! That's not it. I'm... very happy! Franz...!

Franz: Amelia, I'll protect you.

Amelia: Franz... Thank you... I'm really happy. But... I want to protect you,
too. I am a soldier of sorts as well, you know. So... let me be your shield
to protect you...

Franz: And I will be your sword and fight for you. From now on. You're not
alone anymore, Amelia.

Amelia: Thank you, Franz.


Franz/Natasha [3111]

Franz/Natasha C

Franz: Sister Natasha.

Natasha: Hello, Franz. How are you doing?

Franz: I'm doing fine, thank you. Everything is fine. And you look like you're
doing well, too. I'm relieved.

Natasha: Yes, but it's all thanks to everyone's care and concern, really.
I'm grateful for all the attention everyone has paid to my safety.
That goes for you, too, Franz.

Franz: Oh, pshaw, Sister Natasha. I am just a pawn, really. I don't do

Natasha: You are too modest, Franz. I'm telling you the truth.

Franz: Thank you.

Natasha: By the way, that's a very interesting satchel you have.

Franz: Huh?

Natasha: It's not military issue, is it? I haven't seen any of the other
cavaliers carrying one like it.

Franz: Oh, this old thing? To tell you the truth, I made it myself.

Natasha: Really?

Franz: Yes. This pouch holds a skin of water, and this pocket is for food.
There's also a pocket for herbs... I can find everything very quickly.
Oh, and I've also fixed it so that it won't shake about while I'm riding.
It's easy to carry on one shoulder or sling over both. And it goes with

Natasha: That's nice! You're so handy.

Franz: Thank you. It's... probably my only redeeming trait. Uh... Would
you like one? I can make one for you.

Natasha: Really? That would be wonderful. But... are you sure?

Franz: Yes, of course. No problem.

Natasha: Thank you, Franz.

Franz/Natasha B

Natasha: Franz. That satchel you made is ingenious. Really.

Franz: Really? Good... I made yours more lightweight than the one I made

Natasha: Thank you so much. I'll cherish it. Oh, ouch!

Franz: Hn!? Sister Natasha, are you all right? What's wrong?!

Natasha: My hair...

Franz: Oh... Your hair's gotten pinched in your clip.

Natasha: Ow...

Franz: Oh, don't move. Let me help you.

Natasha: Thank you.

Franz: ... ......

Natasha: .........

Franz: Got it.

Natasha: Thank you so much.

Franz: But your hair's still... Ah, I know. Hold on a moment.
Let... me... see...

Natasha: Hm?

Franz: Ah. Here it is.

Natasha: A comb...?

Franz: Your hair is messed up. Would you like me to fix it?

Natasha: Yes, please. But where did you get that comb...

Franz: Excuse me for a moment. ......

Natasha: ......

Franz: ... This comb is a memento of my mother.

Natasha: Your... mother...?

Franz: Yes. See, when I left home, I was afraid of something bad happening.
So I thought I'd take this comb with me as a good-luck charm. I usually keep
it in front of the portrait of my mother Forde painted.

Natasha: I see...

Franz: Yes... ... ...... There! All done.

Natasha: Um...... It looks good. Much better than when I do it myself...
Franz, you trule are a remarkable handy person. When you're near me,
I find myself comforted by your presence.

Franz: Don't be silly. The pleasure's mine.

Natasha: No, I mean it. Thank you. I hope that this marks the beginning of a
long friendship.

Franz: As do I, milady. As do I.

Franz/Natasha A

Natasha: You're holding up beautifully.

Franz: Oh, no, Sister Natasha. I'm still such an amateur...

Natasha: You're serious and focused, Franz. You grow stronger every day,
and you're sure to be a wonderful knight!

Franz: Thank you... But I've never excelled in either the spear or sword,
and I'm a small man. I'm not much when compared to the likes of our other men.

Natasha: There are many types of knights. Some are strong, some are swift,
and others are intelligent. You possess a wonderful talent that no other
man can match.

Franz: Me...?

Natasha: Yes. You have a pure heart. It is stronger than any spear, and it
possesses its own brand of power. You should have more confidence.

Franz: Sister Natasha... ...... A... pure heart... Thank you very much.
I'll take your words to heart and try to be more confident.

Natasha: That's good.

Franz: Oh, by the way. Here you go...

Natasha: Hm? Oh, that's--

Franz: Yes, it's my mother's comb. I would like it if you chose to keep it
with you.

Natasha: Franz...

Franz: I've let myself believe that it protected me from harm. Now, I
would like to believe that it protects you, too...

Natasha: ... Franz, I can't. This is something you should keep.

Franz: Sister Natasha?

Natasha: You took this comb because you believed your mother was protecting
you. This comb embodies all your memories of and feelings for your mother.
It should remain in your hands. That's where it belongs.

Franz: Sister Natasha...

Natasha: But I do thank you... It is a remarkable tender gesture. I'm very
happy. ... Franz... The only reason I fight on with confidence is because you
are with me.

Franz: Well... that's just not true.

Natasha: No, I'm serious. You see, for me, you are the person who makes me
feel... Well, strong. Strong and confident. Your presence is better than a
good-luck charm or anything else. I hope that you and I spend more time
together, fighting for this just cause.

Franz: Yes! Thank you for all your kind words. I certainly hope so, too.

Natasha: Together, let's restore peace to all countries, not just Renais and

Franz: Yes, Sister Natasha. It is a noble cause, and we will bring victory!

Natasha: Then let's fight. For victory and for friendship.

Franz: Yes, my lady!


Moulder/Vanessa [3112]

Moulder/Vanessa C

Moulder: Vanessa, how are you holding up?

Vanessa: Father Moulder. We are struggling, but I'll pull through somehow.
Say, Father Moulder...

Moulder: You want to know about Prince Innes, don't you? He's doing well.
I was worried for a moment, but he'll be fine.

Vanessa: Oh! I, uh... Thank you. ... How did you know?

Moulder: Well... You see, as a priest, I've met people from all walks of
life. SOme of them--like you-- well, I can read them like an open book.

Vanessa: You... can read my mind? That's so... embarrassing.

Moulder: No, no. It's not like that. I just mean you are a pure,
straightforward girl. That's a compliment worthy of a knight.

Vanessa: Do you think so? Thank you, Father.

Moulder: Hm. Say, would you like to hear a story from the prince's youth?

Vanessa: I'd like that, Father. Very much!

Moulder: Hm... Oh my! You know, I think we'd better take care of our enemies,

Vanessa: Look out! Over there! Stay here, Father. I'll take care of this.

Moulder: Yes, I think that would be best.

Vanessa: Tell me your story another time, though. I'd like to hear it.

Moulder: I'd be delighted. Another time, then.

Vanessa: Yes, Father!

Moulder/Vanessa B

Moulder: Well, do you have time for that story I promised?

Vanessa: Certainly, Father.

Moulder: It was over ten years ago, when the prince was just a child.
There was a ceremony at the castle, with a trick archer of sorts.

Vanessa: A trick archer?

Moulder: Yes. He was a very famous and undeniably skilled archer from abroad.
He was to shoot a tiny target that had been placed in the distance.
However, in the middle of the show, someone stopped him from shooting.

Vanessa: Oh, no... It wasn't--

Moulder: Yes, it was young Prince Innes. He said, "That's not far enough!
Move the target back farther!" Then, he insisted on trying himself.

Vanessa: That's so like him!

Moulder: Isn't it? King Hayden tried to stop him, but... Well,
you know how he is. He doesn't listen to anyone. And so, it became a contest
between our prince and this foreign archer.

Vanessa: So, what happened?

Moulder: First, they established the ground rules. Each person was to shoot
at the target. If both arrows hit, they increaed the range.
They simply continued to move the target back until one person missed the mark.

Vanessa: Sounds simple enough.

Moulder: Ah, but the two were evenly matched. Every shot was a perfect
bull's-eye. The crowd cheered, and the target moved ever farther back...
But then it came to the turning point. THe foreign archer said,
"This is no test. Let's move the target back more."
It seemed like a bravado, but the archer actually had a clever tactic in mind.

Vanessa: Clever? How so?

Moulder: They had been shooting for some time, and the archer's arms had
grown weary. Precision archery is far more taxing than the battlefield,
you see. So even though he was a skilled archer, he was at the limits of
his endurance. He was still hitting the mark accurately, but his arm was
quivering more and more. Everyone knew that the prince was on the verge of

Vanessa: I don't understand. They were shooting at the same target,
shot for shot, right? Why would moving the target make any difference?

Moulder: Yes, they were still shooting at the same target.
However, the archer suggested that they move the target much farther
away... Much farther than any child Innes's age could hope to loose an
arrow to.

Vanessa: Oh, that IS clever!

Moulder: Even the archer, with his trained arms, was firing at this maximum
range. In fact, he almost missed the target! Then, it was the prince's turn.

Vanessa: And...?

Moulder: It was clearly too far away for the young prince to hit the target.
But His Highness was undeterred. He drew his string and fired up into the sky.
The arrow did not merely hit the target. No, it was a perfect bull's-eye!
You see, the prince arced his shot to extend his range beyond its limits.
To his a target this way requires incredible skill, but the prince did it.
And then he turned to the archer and said,"Shall we move the target back
farther?" The archer looked so crestfallen. He admitted defeat,
and it was settled.

Vanessa: That's amazing...

Moulder: That it is.

Vanessa: Thank you very much, Father Moulder! That's incredible!
I'm even more--

Moulder: More... what?

Vanessa: Oh... No, nothing.

Moulder: I'm glad you liked the story. Keep up the good work, Vanessa.

Vanessa: Yes, sir!

Moulder/Vanessa A

Moulder: I'm glad to see you well, Vanessa. You do your fellow pegasus knight
proud. We are blessed to have you fighitng at our side.

Vanessa: You credit us warriors too much, Father. Without healers,
we would all be lost. Nothing I say can tell you how much I value your
presence here.

Moulder: We are all doing our part in this war. No need to thank me.

Vanessa: I'm serious! Without your help, we would never survive these

Moulder: I'm gratified by that. Thank you.

Vanessa: Father... Thank you again for the other day.

Moulder: Hmm? Oh, you mean that story?

Vanessa: Yes.

Moulder: Ah... You know, you remind me of myself, twenty years back.

Vanessa: Huh?

Moulder: Oh, never mind... ... Good luck to you, Vanessa. I don't know where
this will lead, but I'm sure the prince knows your feelings.

Vanessa: Father Moulder, I only aspire to be worthy of his greatness.
I expect nothing in return.

Moulder: Are you sure?

Vanessa: ...

Moulder: Well, do what you think is best for you. We all carry many
burdens... To country, family, duty, honor... However, we are all ultimately
free to embrace or reject those burdens. If you find yourself in need of
spiritual guidance, speak to me.

Vanessa: Father Moulder, you're so kind. Thank you. I'm so grateful to have
you on the field with me.

Moulder: Vanessa, we fight for the greater good. We fight for our country,
for our friends, and... for ourselves.

Vanessa: You're right, Father. In so many things.


Moulder/Colm [3113]

Moulder/Colm C

Moulder: Colm, you dolt! Don't you see what you've done!?

Colm: Hey! That's no way to be! I was trying to do you a favor here.
It's not my fault if I accidentally burned your package lighting my torch!
Moulder: That's exactly what I'm talking about! You're always so careless!
My spare robes were in that bundle! Oh, and now look at them!
They've been charred black!

Colm: Oops... Those were your clothes? Tch! That IS a shame. My mistake.
I apologize.

Moulder: This isn't the first time this has happened, Colm!
And it was my robes of office then, too! I'm starting to wonder if you have
it in for my clothes.

Colm: Oh, no, no. Don't be silly! And besides, only the bottom has been
singed. Just trim it off and wear it short. See? Why, I'm sure you'll set the
world of fashion on fire with your new look!

Moulder: That's what you said last time about the sleeves.

Colm: Oh, er... Really? Ha ha ha! Well, sorry. I'm sorry. No, really.
I deeply regret this.

Moulder: You don't look particularly sorry. You look rather pleased with

Colm: No, I'm sorry! Truly! Seriously!

Moulder: If that's the case, then you can just spend tonight reflecting
upon what you've done.

Colm: Me? Are you kidding?

Moulder: I want you to take some time to reflect on the consequences of your
actions. Colm, I'm only doing this because I care. I care about the condition
of your soul.

Colm: ... You really know how to lay on a guilt trip, don't you? Sigh.
I'm in trouble now... Shoot!

Moulder/Colm B

Moulder: Colm. Did you do what I asked of you?

Colm: Of course, Father Moulder! In fact, I've set aside a little time each
night to reflect on my day's deeds!

Moulder: Good. I'm glad to hear you've taken my suggestion to heart.
Might I inquire as what manner of thing you're reflecting on?

Colm: Well, I reflected on how hungry I was, and so I packed some extra
salted pork today.

Moulder: Did you say... salted pork?

Colm: Yes. See, on reflection, it had been a while since I'd had salted pork.

Moulder: ... What about the day before?

Colm: Hm... The day before... Oh, yeah! I was reflecting on how much walking
we'd done, and I realized I needed new shoes. I figured, next chance I get,
I'd go out and steal me a new pair!

Moulder: Colm... I'm not sure you understand what it is I asked you to
reflect upon.

Colm: You told me to think about what I'd done during the day and to reflect
on it.

Moulder: I told you to think over the things you did and feel sorry for
having done. I wasn't talking about what you wanted to eat or whether you
needed new shoes! That is not the point of all this!

Colm: Did it ever cross your mind that... maybe I haven't done anything I'm
sorry about?

Moulder: Don't be foolish! Think back on the things you've done during the
day. Then, think about the troubles you caused and vow not to repeat them!
Do you understand me now? This is for your own sake! I'll come back in a few
days. Keep thinking!

Colm: ... I thought that whole self-reflection thing was going a little too
well. Fine, Father. I'll do it. I'll do it.

Moulder/Colm A

Colm: Yawn... Oh. Let me guess. You want to hear what I've been reflecting on.

Moulder: Exactly. Although... I noticed that you look sleepy. Are you well?

Colm: I... was up late last night thinking about everything. I couldn't sleep

Moulder: That's unfortunate. Did you have so much that you regretted doing?
Hm. Well, let me hear it. Tell me what's on your mind.

Colm: All right, well, here goes.

Moulder: Hmmmmm... That's...

Colm: How's that? I'm doing good, aren't I?

Moulder: I'd say so. You're going over your every action, from waking to

Colm: Well, that's what you told me to do.

Moulder: Well done, my lad! I've never heard so much thought go into what
you've done before! Compared with the salted pork, your transformation is
impressive! It's a little extreme, but......

Colm: But the funny thing is... I've started noticing all these things
about me I didn't know before. I keep saying, "That was wrong" and
"I'll do better next time." So... I'm not repeating the same mistakes over
and over.

Moulder: I had noticed that your behavior has significantly improved of late.
You look sleepy now, but your face seems far more peaceful as well.
It seems that you're finally growing up, thanks to these quiet moments.

Colm: Heh... You know, I think that's the first nice thing you've said to me!

Moulder: You're coming along just fine. But... go easy on yourself, all right?

Colm: How come?

Moulder: If you stay up all night thinking about your day, you'll make
yourself sick. You've already mastered the art of learning from your own
experiences. I don't want you falling into old habits because of a little
illness. I have high expectations of you, my son.

Colm: Thank you, Father Moulder. I'm glad that you do. It's only your
expectations that have made me become a better man.


Moulder/Syrene [3115]

Moulder/Syrene C

Syrene: Father Moulder, you look tired. We've been asking so much of you

Moulder: Don't wory about me. I'm rather more worried about you, Syrene.
You had only just been transferred to this unit when we left Frelia.
I'd imagine it must be odd not having any familiar faces around.

Syrene: I've already learned everyone's name and field of specialization.
Don't worry about me.

Moulder: Impressive. You've been paying attention.

Syrene: To beat your enemy, know your allies. Without knowing the skills of
your own men, you can never win a war. I don't want to die just because I
didn't know what to expect from my troops.

Moulder: I was worried about how well you were integrating into our group.
You seem to have matters well in hand, though. I'm proud of you, Syrene.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me anytime.

Syrene: Thank you, Father Moulder. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Moulder/Syrene B

Moulder: Syrene, you said you'd already learned everything about our
little band. Did anyone in Frelia go over the details with you before you

Syrene: No, Father. Things were rather hectic in Frelia before we left,
as you know. Everything I have learned, I've learned on the job, so to speak.
People... confide in me, and I learn by observation.

Moulder: Interesting. So, even though you're new, they know they can confide
in you?

Syrene: Yes. The ladies seem most comfortable speaking to me.

Moulder: I understand. Even a man of the cloth is still, at heart, a man.
It must reassure them to know that there is anothe woman to whom they can
speak. There are many women among us. If I cannot be "father" to them,
please, care for them as a mother.

Syrene: With all respect, Father, I refuse to minister to their needs as a
mother would. I am still young and unworthy. I prefer to speak to them as a

Moulder: Ha ha ha ha... Yes, of course. Please excuse me. Help them, then,
as a sister would.

Syrene: Yes, Father! Now, may I have a word with you? As their sister?

Moulder: I beg your pardon? Me? What? Has someone... complained about me?

Syrene: Well, I'll let you know the day after the next new moon.

Moulder: Must I wait until then? Is it so terrible that I need must prepare
myself for the news?

Syrene: Rest easy, Father! It's only a suggestion, not criticism.

Moulder: Hm... What could it be?

Moulder/Syrene A

Moulder: So... Last night was a new moon. And that means today is the day.
I've been going mad wondering, Syrene. What is your suggestion?

Syrene: Ah, right you are, Father. It is indeed the promised day. Well, then.
On behalf on everyone, I have two words for you. Father Moulder?

Moulder: Y-yes...?

Syrene: Happy Birthday!

Moulder: What? Birthday? Oh... Oh, yes! Why, today is my birthday, isn't it?

Syrene: It is a fine tradition to celebrate one's birthday, Father.
In a war, uncertainty surrounds us every moment of every day. Instead of
worrying about tomorrow, let us celebrate life today. That should encourage
us all to keep going, wouldn't you say?

Moulder: Yes, indeed. To share the joys of life is very important. Thank you,
Syrene. In this chaos, I would have forgotten my own birthday.

Syrene: You exhaust yourself caring for others, but you pay no attention to
yourself. We are all so grateful to you, Father. So many different people
came up to me to ask how we could show that gratitude. You are a man of
great virtue, and an inspiration to us all.

Moulder: I am touched... At my age, I thought all my happy birthdays were
well behind me. I'm a little embarrassed at that...

Syrene: You must remember to take care of yourself, Father. And thank you.


Vanessa/Syrene [3116]

Vanessa/Syrene C

Vanessa: Captain Syrene!

Syrene: Vanessa! How are you? I was worried about you!

Vanessa: I'm fine, ma'am. Thank you for your concern. Glad to see you doing
well too.

Syrene: Vanessa, you know you don't need to talk like that when we're alone.

Vanessa: But we ARE on duty.

Syrene: Let me put it this way, then. This is an order from your captain!
When we're alone, you are to speak to me as if we are at home.

Vanessa: Yes, ma'am!

Syrene: Vanessa. Sigh. Did you listen to a word I said?

Vanessa: Y-yes.

Syrene: Ha ha ha! Yes, that's it! Oh, by the way, I have something for you.

Vanessa: What is it?

Syrene: Here you go. Father wanted me to give it to you. But this is...
The war god Fale's amulet!

Vanessa: Yes, this is a battle amulet. 

Syrene: I received one before I left home, too. You were summoned so suddenly
that Father didn't get a chance to give it to you. And Mother wanted to tell
you, "Never be apart from this amulet."

Vanessa: But...

Syrene: She also wanted you to relax and do your best. And to get a good
night's sleep always.

Vanessa: Well, I do try.

Syrene: Maybe others don't notice, but I know you too well, Vanessa.
I know you don't get enough rest when you feel overwhelmed with
responsibility. But, to be at your best, you need to take care of yourself,

Vanessa: Yes, ma'am--I mean, Sis.

Syrene: Vanessa: I'll be right by your side tonight, so just relax.
You need a good night's sleep.

Vanessa: Thank, Sis. I sleep better when you're around.

Vanessa/Syrene B

Vanessa: Captain... I mean, Sis.

Syrene: You look better, Vanessa. Did you sleep well?

Vanessa: Yes. First time in a long time. Thank you, Sis.

Syrene: I've been meaning to ask you...

Vanessa: Yes?

Syrene: You don't seem to have much appetite lately.

Vanessa: Well, I've just been--

Syrene: I told you, Vanessa, I know you too well. So, who's the lucky guy?

Vanessa: What?! That's just crazy! I don't know what you're talking about!

Syrene: You know I can tell when you're lying. Plus, you not eating is a
dead giveaway. I mean, when's the last time you said no to a cookie?
It's not a criticism. One of your most charming qualities is how you can
outeat anyone. It's because of someone special, isn't it?

Vanessa: Well, Um...

Syrene: But, Vanessa, first and foremost, you have to take care of yourself.
I'll support you no matter what, but no one is worth losing your health over.

Vanessa: Thank you, I guess. I'll do my best... Sometimes I think that if I
were more like you--you know, a great knight, an attractive woman, and just
all-around perfect--I'd have a better chance with him. ... Hmmm. That didn't
sound as pathetic in my head as it did out loud.

Syrene: Don't be silly, Vanessa. You may not know it, but I'm sure that
person likes you for who you are.

Vanessa: Do you really think so? I've always wanted to be like you. You've
always been my role model. But, I feel like whenever I finally catch up to
you, you're already gone. You've already moved on. I'll never catch up with
you, no matter how hard I try.

Syrene: I'm very proud of you, Vanessa. And as your older sister,
I recognize your talent more than anyone else. You should be more confident.

Vanessa: I feel better after opening up to you. It's hard not to compare
myself with you, but I have to get past that.

Syrene: That's the spirit. And remember, you have to take care of yourself.

Vanessa: Yes, I know. As always, thanks, Syrene.

Vanessa/Syrene A

Vanessa: Hi, Syrene. Thanks for talking the other day.

Syrene: Are you feeling better now?

Vanessa: Well... It's not that easy, but I quit comparing myself with you.

Syrene: You might not know this, but there's something about you I've always

Vanessa: About me? What do you mean?

Syrene: You have an inner fortitude that I will never be able to match.

Vanessa: Inner... fortitude?

Syrene: Do you remember when Father collasped? Mother and I were so panicked
that we didn't know what to do. You were the youngest of us all, but you
gathered nuts in your small hands and went to the village to sell them.
Then you came home with medicine for him.

Vanessa: Well, I don't know what to say.

Syrene: When you face a difficult circumstance, your true self emerges.
You were very young, but had the presence of mind and ingenuity to help
Father. You comforted me and Mother, and you rescued Father. I've always
respected your strength, and wished for some of it myself.

Vanessa: But... you were the on who joined the Knights at such an early age,
and it was you who supported our family.

Syrene: I emulated your strength. I wanted to support my family like you did.
It's always been my goal. And I respect you more than anyone else.
I wish you could be as confident in yourself as I am of you. No matter what,
you'll always be all right.

Vanessa: All right, then. I have to tell you! The person I love is--

Syrene: Wait, Vanessa! Wait until the war is over to tell me. When everything
is over, bring him home. I'll go home a little ahead of you, and wait for you
two with Father and Mother. We'll make your favorite meal... Is that enough
to convince you?

Vanessa: Yes. I'll do my best... For this war and also for him.

Syrene: That's my girl. Don't worry. You'll be all right.


Vanessa/Lute [3117]

Vanessa/Lute C

Lute: Pegasus!

Vanessa: You must be Lute!

Lute: And who are you?

Vanessa: I'm Vanessa. I'm captain of Frelia's pegasus knights. And this here
is Titania. We're both pleased to meet you, Lute.

Lute: Ah, the pegasus, the proud, winged horse. You know, they only attach to
someone they accept as their master. And did you know that pegasi fly by
kicking the air, not by flapping their wings. It's a common misconception,
but wings are mainly used for gliding.

Vanessa: ... Yes, as captain, I learned all this long ago. Plus, if they
flapped their wings constantly, no one would be able to ride them.

Lute: In some countries, the word pegasus means "fountain" or "ocean."
Different cultures have different stories about the creation of the pegasus.
In one legend, there was a monster who could turn anyone into stone.
When the monster died, its blood seeped into the ground. There, a pegasus was

Vanessa: Interesting... You are very knowledgeable.

Lute: I know.

Vanessa: ... Well! Thank you for the lesson. I'm glad we're on the same team.
It was nice meeting you.

Lute: Yes, nice to meet you, Titania.

Vanessa: I'm Vanessa!

Vanessa/Lute B

Lute: Titania.

Vanessa: Um... No.

Lute: I meant... Vanessa, right?

Vanessa: I'm happy to know that I've made such a strong impression on you,
Lute. ... So, what can I do for you?

Lute: It's common knowledge that pegasi have strong resistance to magic.
I developed a new counterattack to that power, but it still needs refining.
I guess what I'm saying is... Can I try it out on Titania?

Vanessa: What?! No! Of course not!

Lute: I was joking.

Vanessa: Sigh. You said it with such a straight face... You definitely had me

Lute: Thank you! That's so sweet of you to say.

Vanessa: It wasn't a compliment! Besides, you really don't seem like someone
who has much of a sense of humor.

Lute: Is that right?

Vanessa: Yes... And it seems like your magic is the real thing. When you
defeated the enemy the other day, I saw a sharp flash of magic from above.

Lute: Gee, I wonder why that happened...

Vanessa: Because... you're good?

Lute: Why, yes! You are 100 percent correct! For once.

Vanessa: My point is, we don't have enough mages in Frelia, so we're
counting on you. When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a pegasus
knight like my sister. I was also interested in magic, but I just didn't
have the talent.

Lute: Well, you are a great pegasus knight, so it's worked out fine. Besides,
I am also interested in becoming a pegasus knight.

Vanessa: Where are you in your training?

Lute: I'm at 98 levels out of 158 levels total.

Vanessa: That's very impressive... Anyway, let's just do our best out there,
shall we?

Lute: Of course.

Vanessa/Lute A

Vanessa: Lute, did you know this? The wings of a thousand pegasi are an
incredibly potent aphrodisiac.

Lute: I... I didn't know that... OK, now I really need Titania's help.

Vanessa: Wait! Wait! I was just kidding! Hush, Titania! Hush! I was joking!

Lute: I see... I was, um, kidding, as well. Heh, heh?

Vanessa: Hee hee! Consider it payback. But, Lute, I never thought you would
try to steal the wings right off her back! Guess the battlefield is a lonely
place! Ha ha ha ha! You know, I'm often told that I need to loosen up and not
be so serious. I'd always tried to be like my sister. She's very strong, as
both as a knight and a person. Maybe I've tried too hard. But it's so much
easier to loosen up with people like you around. Thanks!

Lute: I see.

Vanessa: When I'm with you, I can relax and just be myself.

Lute: Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.

Vanessa: That was a compliment! Jeez. You're a tough one... When this war
is over, would you like to come visit me in Frelia? You could ride a pegasus
if you'd like.

Lute: That would be an illuminating experience. But I have to start reading
up on pegasi behavior now, so I won't get thrown off. Do they like carrots?

Vanessa: Well, I don't know about that. I'll let you do your research.
I must go now. See you later, Lute.

Lute: Yes, Vanessa.


Vanessa/Forde [3118]

Vanessa/Forde C

Vanessa: What's that down there?! Whoa, Titania! Whoa, girl! Let's stop here!
Are you hurt?! Are you all right?!

Forde: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Vanessa: Huh?

Forde: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Vanessa: You have GOT to be kidding me! Sleeping while a war is waging?
Bold warrior, it's time to wake up. Hey! Lazybones! Get up!

Forde: Snargleblagh... hmph? Zzzzzzzzz...

Vanessa: Oh boy... Let's go, Titania. It's clear that Mr. Slug here needs his
beauty rest.

Forde: Zzzzz... Huh? Did someone say something?

Vanessa/Forde B

Vanessa: Oh, look who's actually awake today.

Forde: You must be one of Frelia's pegasus knights.

Vanessa: I'm Vanessa.

Forde: Yeah, that's right. Vanessa. I'm Forde. Nice to meet you. By the way,
what do you mean by me being awake?

Vanessa: Just the other day, I was flying by and saw you lying on the ground.
I thought you were hurt, but when I got closer, I saw that you were just
sleeping! I couldn't believe my eyes. I was so disgusted that I just left you
there. But then I started to worry about enemies spotting you, so I went back.
By the time I got back to where you were, you were already gone.

Forde: I catch them off guard that way and then attack. That's my strategy.

Vanessa: I seriously doubt that.

Forde: Ha ha ha! But anyway, thanks for your concern.

Vanessa: You really don't stress or plan much, do you? So different from our

Forde: The prince of Frelia? Ah, you mean prince Innes. I think he's almost
100 percent stress. But I'm sure he's quite the ladies' man. I bet you have a
crush on him, too. You're blushing, so I must have hit a nerve!

Vanessa: I-I don't! I didn't say anything!

Forde: A romance between a prince and his knight? What scandal! What intrigue!
It's alright, though. You can love anyone you like. You must have lots of
competition, seeing how he is a prince. It's much easier to date someone you
can be yourself around. Someone like, say, me would be ideal for you. What do
you say?

Vanessa: Um... Let's go, Titania. We've wasted enough time here.

Forde: You don't have to run away like that! OK, see you! Watch out for those

Vanessa/Forde A

Vanessa: I think I misunderstood you.

Forde: Yeah? So you understand me now?

Vanessa: I guess so. You've been working for me from behind-the-scenes,
haven't you.

Forde: Yes. But don't worry. I'm used to that sort of misunderstanding.

Vanessa: Well...thank you.

Forde: Heh heh heh. You're welcome. of course. So, how about all that other

Vanessa: What do you mean?

Forde: Am I too far a cry from a prince?

Vanessa: Um...

Forde: I felt an energy...

Vanessa: Energy? What are you talking about?

Forde: Everyone has a different type of energy. Some energies can heal
hearts, others, spread courage. When you first saw me sleeping,
I was dreaming of running across a field. I felt this warm energy engulfing
me, blowing across my face like a summer wind. It must have been your energy
that made me feel that way.

Vanessa: My... energy?

Forde: Would you like to feel my energy, too?

Vanessa: Um... I'll certainly think about it.

Forde: Wonderful! I'll be waiting for your answer, Vanessa.


Vanessa/Innes [3119]

Vanessa/Innes C

Innes: Vanessa, are you all right?

Vanessa: Prince Innes! Yes, I'm fine. I'm glad YOU are fine, sir.

Innes: Good, Vanessa. Your contributions to this war and also Frelia as a
whole have been very valuable.

Vanessa: Thank you for your kind words, sir. I was so worried when a
messenger from Carcino told us you were in danger. I worried for your safety.

Innes: Nothing is going to happen to me. It's still very strange to me that
you are grown up and worry about me now. When you first joined the knights,
you were just a girl. You've really grown, Vanessa.

Vanessa: Well, um... I'm still learning.

Innes: You are a great knight now. I'm counting on you, Vanessa.

Vanessa: Yes, I'll protect you at any cost.

Innes: Ha ha ha! Vanessa, you don't need to protect me. It's the other way
around. As the prince of Frelia, I have the duty to protect you.

Vanessa: Oh, yes! I didn't mean to offend!

Innes: Pshaw! But remember, I am counting on you.

Vanessa: Thank you, Prince!

Vanessa/Innes B

Vanessa: Your skills are so polished now! I bet you could shoot down a drop
of rain!

Innes: You flatter me, Vanessa, but my skills aren't quite there yet. But
I've noticed that you have improved quite a bit since this war started.

Vanessa: Oh! Thank you, sir.

Innes: You make me confident in battle.

Vanessa: Me?! Oh... Er...

Innes: Yes, you! With such a skilled knight at my side, I feel secure and
can be my best in battle.

Vanessa: Oh...

Innes: Besides...

Vanessa: Yes?

Innes: I can always sense you trying to protect me at any cost. Normally,
I don't need any help, but you are the exception. I'm grateful for your help.

Vanessa: Thank you very much! It is my duty to protect you at any cost!

Innes: Ha ha ha. Your duty, huh. That's fine, Vanessa. No need to worry
about risking your life. I'm pretty unstoppable with you beside me.

Vanessa: You'll have to use a spatula to peel me off your side!

Vanessa/Innes A

Innes: What's wrong? You're spacing out.

Vanessa: I'm sorry, Prince Innes! Watching you shoot that arrow reminded me
of something.

Innes: What's that?

Vanessa: The time you demonstrated your archery skills at the king's birthday
ceremony. You shot three arrows simultaneously, and hit three different
targets... I was so impressed. I still remember that moment like it was

Innes: Well, even though there were three targets, they were only about an
arm length apart. It wasn't like shooting three enemies in battle. It's only
an exhibition trick.

Vanessa: Even so, you couldn't have done it without strong accuracy and
concentration. It made a very strong impression on me... I've admired your
skills ever since then.

Innes: Vanessa... Was it my skills you were admiring... or was it me?

Vanessa: What?! Um...

Innes: Just kidding... Kind of. But I'm impressed you remembered it. I had
forgotten until just now.

Vanessa: I have...always been watching you... and always been admiring you...
I hope that doesn't sound too creepy.

Innes: I don't know what to say... I've always known you as a knight.
A great knight, in fact. But when this war is over, I would like to get to
know the other side of you. The woman. ... Ahem. Yes. Let's go, Vanessa. Don't
ever leave my side from now on!

Vanessa: Don't worry, Prince Innes! I would follow you anywhere!


Ross/Garcia [4111]

Ross/Garcia C

Ross: Hmm...

Garcia: Ross.

Ross: Oh! Hi, Dad.

Garcia: What are you thinking about?

Ross: Nothing... Well, maybe just... What was Mom like?

Garcia: Your mother... Well... Where do I start? In many ways, she was very
similar to Princess Eirika.

Ross: Princess Eirika?

Garcia: Yes, she was gentle, but also very strong. She could share others'

Ross: I see.

Garcia: What's wrong? Do you miss her?

Ross: I was just thinking... When was the last time we visited her grave?
Not since we left the village and started this journey... It's been so long.
She must be lonely...

Garcia: Ross...

Ross: When the bandits attacked the village, we had to leave.
But Mom's grave is still there.

Garcia: Yes.

Ross: Dad...

Garcia: Ross. Let's go home when this war is over. To the village where
Risa rests.

Ross: Dad...

Garcia: We can rebuild the village again, just the two of us. After all,
that's where we belong... You, me, and... your mother.

Ross: Yes! All right. But I'll have to be a lot stronger to help with that.
So we'd better start training, Dad!

Garcia: If you insist. Show me what you've got!

Ross/Garcia B

Ross: Eeeyeeergh!

Garcia: That all you got?

Ross: Aww! Mmmmgrrrr... Ha!

Garcia: Gah! Ha!

Ross: Gah... Wahhhhhh!!

Garcia: Hm?! Haaaah!

Ross: Whoa!

Garcia: All right... Good. That's it for today.

Ross: Whew! Wow!

Garcia: Whew.

Ross: You're so strong, Dad.

Garcia: Ha ha ha! You're finally getting the hang of it, boy! Your stroke is
heavier, and your swing has definitely improved.

Ross: Yes. I've been practicing all the time, even when I'm not in battle.
Maybe someday, I'll even surpass you!

Garcia: You're getting stronger, no doubt about it. But I'm not going to LET
you win. You'll have to get there yourself.

Ross: Now you're talking! The higher the hurdle, the bigger the reward.
Alright, I'm going to practice my swing! See you later, Dad!

Garcia: All right, boy. *Ross leaves* Risa, you'd be so happy.
Ross has grown into a strong young man.

Ross/Garcia A

Garcia: Ross.

Ross: What is it, Dad?! Ow... Ow! Ow! What are you doing? That hurts!
You're crushing my shoulder!

Garcia: Ross...

Ross: What's wrong, Dad?

Garcia: Ross... I'm going to be sentimental for a moment. Bear with me.

Ross: Huh?

Garcia: You may be almost grown, but you're all I've got in this world.
It's true that your skills have improved, but don't act foolishly.

Ross: Huh?

Garcia: There's no greater tragedy than when a parent must bury his child.
Do you see where I'm going with this?

Ross: Yes... I understand. It's just weird to hear you talking like this...
I guess I have been getting a big head. No one is invincible.

Garcia: Yes, that's right. And when you start to think you are, that's
when you're the most vulnerable.

Ross: I was just all puffed up when you said I had improved. I'll be careful
from now on. I haven't told this to anyone, but I guess dads can see these

Garcia: No matter how old you'll get, you'll always be my son.

Ross: Yes, and I'll always look up to you!


Ross/Lute [4112]

Ross/Lute C

Ross: Hey, you!

Lute: I hope that maniac isn't talking to me. I'll pretend I can't hear him.
La la la.

Ross: You, over there! Mage woman!

Lute: Are you talking to me? Firstly, my name isn't "Mage Woman," nor is it
"You." Why don't you lower your voice and act a little more civilized? Who
are you?

Ross: I'm son of the warrior Garcia, Ross.

Lute: So, you're "Son-of-warrior-garcia-ross." That's an unusual name.
I'm Lute, genius mage extraordinaire. You've probably heard of me. So,
Sir Son-of-warrior-garcia-ross, how may I be of service to you?

Ross: My name is ROSS! You're kind of weird. Hey, you can use magic, right?

Lute: Yes, although to be more accurate, I don't just "use" magic. I am a
master of all magic. Please don't make that mistake again.

Ross: Wow, that's really great.

Lute: Well, maybe for you. For me, I'm just that good. It's normal.

Ross: Isn't it hard to remember all those spells?

Lute: Well, I think for the average person, it probably is a difficult task.
But for me, it is as simple as using a hint of fragrance when baking a cake.

Ross: I... have no idea what you mean. Wait a second! Does that mean even I
could learn magic?

Lute: No.

Ross: Hey! At least pretend to ponder the question for a little bit before
you answer.

Lute: Ok. Bye.

Ross: Hey! Hey, wait a minute!

Ross/Lute B

Ross: Hey, mage lady! I mean... Let's see... Lute!

Lute: Hello, Sir Son-of-warrior-garcia-ross.

Ross: It's ROSS! You left in the middle of the conversation!

Lute: Thank you, but it's no big deal.

Ross: That wasn't a compliment! So, by the way...

Lute: So long.

Ross: What the heck? Hey, wait a minute! I was telling you not to leave

Lute: What do you want?

Ross: Well, nothing in particular. I just thought we could chat... or

Lute: Well, THAT doesn't sound very productive nor strategically important,
but... If you want to, please go ahead.

Ross: OK. Um. Let's see. What to talk about. You know, my mom used a little
magic, too. She passed away a while ago... But, that's why I thought I might
be able to use magic, too. Last time, you said no right away, but you hadn't
heard the whole story.

Lute: Do you want to be a mage?

Ross: No, not exactly.

Lute: Well, then you should keep following your own instinct instead.
Everyone has his or her own talent. I figure the path you are taking now is
appropriate for you.

Ross: Yeah.... Maybe you're right. Well, it's not like I was torn between the
two or anything. I kinda just wanted to talk with a female mage like you.

Lute: Um, you're welcome, I guess. I'm glad I could be of your service.

Ross/Lute A

Ross: Yo, Lute.

Lute: Hi, Son-of--I mean--Ross.

Ross: Hey, you remembered my name finally.

Lute: Because I'm good.

Ross: Huh?

Lute: Are you here to insult me today?

Ross: Where'd you get that from?! You are as strange as ever.

Lute: Thank you very much.

Ross: That wasn't a compliment! Have you always been like this?

Lute: You mean, have I always been brilliant? Well, I've been me. So, yes.
I've been surrounded by books for as long as I can remember.

Ross: You studied magic since you were a kid?! Did you do anything for fun?

Lute: Well, there's my monk-watching habit.

Ross: Huh? Never mind. How about your mother and father?

Lute: I don't have any memory of my parents. But according to my grandmother,
they are traveling in distant lands.

Ross: Oh... So you have a grandmother. What is she like?

Lute: She's like an elegant goldfish that's been sun-dried with a wildflower.

Ross: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Lute: OK then. So long.

Ross: Hey! Hey, Lute!

Lute: Yes?

Ross: You may be a great mage, but you don't seem to be physically strong.
So, from now on... Well... I'll be at your side to protect you.

Lute: Well, that's very kind. But you know that the more likely scenario is
that I'll be protecting you.

Ross: That's not what you're supposed to say! You're just supposed to say

Lute: OK. Yes.

Ross: Man... I might not seem that tough now, but someday I will grow up to
be a man as strong as my dad. You wait and see!

Lute: OK. I'll look forward to it. But I won't get my hopes too high.
Disappointment is a cruel mistress.

Ross: You! Grrr! I'll show you!


Ross/Amelia [4113]

Ross/Amelia C

Amelia: Zowie!

Ross: Ugh! Hey! Ow! What the heck?!

Amelia: I'm so sorry! I'm just very clumsy. Are you all right?

Ross: Oooooow!

Amelia: E-excuse me.

Ross: You! You're from Grado, aren't you! This was a sneak attack, wasn't it!
Then prepare yourself for battle!

Amelia: Oh, no! Please listen to me! It's true that I am from Grado, but I am
now on your side!

Ross: You must think I'm pretty gullible! You can't trick me like that!

Amelia: But I'm telling the truth! I am on your side! I didn't attack you!
I tripped and fell into you, but it was an accident!

Ross: Right... Let's say for a second I buy this story. But how can you
explain tripping when there's nothing around to trip on?

Amelia: There was a dent over there, and--

Ross: Huh? Oh, you mean that. I see. You tripped on that thing, huh?

Amelia: Y-yes!

Ross: How could you have tripped on that? I can barely even see it! Hey,
isn't that spear a little heavy for you? You're so small. Need a little help?

Amelia: Not really. It's much lighter than other knights'. I'm working on
building up more power, but I'm getting the hang of it.

Ross: Hmmm... I noticed that your armor is very shiny.

Amelia: Um, yes. Thanks, I guess. I'm always polishing it.

Ross: That's a sure sign of a new recruit! Watch our for hazing. You might
as well be wearing a sign taped to your forehead that says "I'm a rookie!"

Amelia: Oh... Um...

Ross: Don't worry. I've got your back.

Amelia: What?

Ross: But in exchange, you must cover ME when someone attacks me with a sword!

Amelia: Oh... OK. I'll do my best! Um... Say...

Ross: What is it?

Amelia: Thank you... for believing me that I'm not your enemy.

Ross: There's no point in fighting with someone on your own side. OK, let's go!

Amelia: Yes!

Ross/Amelia B

Ross: Hey!

Amelia: Oh, hi, um...

Ross: I guess I haven't told you my name, huh. I'm Ross, the son of the
warrior Garcia.

Amelia: I'm Amelia. Nice to meet you, Ross.

Ross: Likewise. By the way, it looks like you're getting better at battle.

Amelia: Yes. It's mostly because you and others are helping me out.
I'm also getting the hang of my spear.

Ross: I see. I was once a rookie too. Everyone has to start somewhere.
We're young, and we start at the bottom of the chain, you know?
But we'll get stronger, both os us. So let's work hard, all right?

Amelia: Yes!

Ross: Good, good. Oh, by the way...

Amelia: Yes?

Ross: I have something for you. Now, where did I put it? Hmm... Ah,
here it is.

Amelia: Thanks... Um, what is it?

Ross: Isn't is obvious? It's a necklace.

Amelia: I can see that, but... Why?

Ross: I bought it. I mean, I bought it a long time ago. There was a kid
selling this on the street, and he just wouldn't leave me alone. I didn't
need it, but he seemed really hungry, so...

Amelia: That's very kind of you, Ross.

Ross: Oh, it's not a big deal. A-anyway, it's yours now.

Amelia: What?! I couldn't!

Ross: No, it's yours.

Amelia: But...

Ross: Don't you like it?

Amelia: It's not that. It's very pretty! It's just...

Ross: Then keep it.

Amelia: Thank you. It's so lovely.

Ross: You should have just accepted in the first place. Why are you acting
so reluctant?

Amelia: Well, I've always lived very... modestly.

Ross: Huh? What's that got to do with it?

Amelia: I could never afford something like this... So to me, everything is
so very precious... And I couldn't take something that was precious to you...

Ross: I see. Please just take it and enjoy it.

Amelia: If you're sure... Thank you.

Ross: Of course! Besides, I've always looked better in earrings than
necklaces. Just kidding! OK, let's go, Amelia.

Amelia: Ha ha ha! Sure.

Ross/Amelia A

Amelia: Hi, Ross.

Ross: Hey, Amelia. I heard you're getting better.

Amelia: Yes, I'm getting there.

Ross: Well, it's a hard road to get to where we think we should be.

Amelia: Yup, that's true.

Ross: As for me, my father was always the warrior in the family. I've always
wanted to be just like him. I think I'm just finally starting to get close to
that goal. But anyways, how are your parents?

Amelia: Well... I don't talk about them much...

Ross: Oh! Um... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...

Amelia: No, no. It's fine. My father has been gone for as long as I can

Ross: I see.

Amelia: I was living with me mother, but... But she is... no longer with me.

Ross: I see... Sounds like you've had a rough life...

Amelia: Well...

Ross: I'm sorry I brought up something painful.

Amelia: Um...

Ross: Um... I've got it! I'll be your big brother!

Amelia: What in the world are you talking about?

Ross: Your brother! And you'll be my sister! Yeah! This is the best idea I've
had in a while. It doesn't matter that we're not blood relatives. The army is
like a family, so we are like siblings! So it's decided, then. You're my
little sister from now on. So you're not alone anymore. You can call me big
brother, OK?

Amelia: Um... This is all kind of... sudden. I don't know if I'm ready to--

Ross: Never mind all that! We're brother and sister from now on. All right,

Amelia: How old are you anyway?

Ross: Huh? What's that got to do with it? You know... Old enough to show you
the ropes.

Amelia: Wait a minute... You're probably the same age as me!

Ross: What?!

Amelia: In fact, I'll bet I'm a little older...

Ross: Grrrrrr! Be quiet! I said I'm the big brother. It doesn't matter the
exact date we're born. I'm the big brother. Any way you look at it, I'm the
older one!

Amelia: Ha ha! You're too funny! It's so cute when you get mad! Hee hee hee!

Ross: Grrrrr.

Amelia: Thanks for the laugh.

Ross: Hmph! When this war is over, I'll take you to my village.

Amelia: What?

Ross: Haven't you been listening to anything? We're brother and sister now,

Amelia: Um, right.

Ross: From now on, you and I are going to share both joy and sorrow as a
family. OK?

Amelia: If I didn't know better, I would think that you were proposing to me.
Ha ha ha!

Ross: What! That's not what I'm talking about at all! You twisted my words
up! Just forget it! Anyways, let's go!

Amelia: Ha ha ha! Thanks... BIG BROTHER! Hee hee!


Ross/Ewan [4114]

Ross/Ewan C

Ross: Here you are. I finally tracked you down.

Ewan: Hi. Um. Who are you?

Ross: I'm Ross. You?

Ewan: I'm Ewan.

Ross: Hey, Ewan. Nice to meet you. I've been looking for someone around my
age. Let's hang out sometime, OK?

Ewan: Sure, but do we have to wait until "sometime"? How about now?

Ross: What are you saying? We're in the middle of a battle!

Ewan: The others are fighting well, so the two of us won't make much
difference. Besides, even though I just started using magic the other day,
I'm pretty good. If something does happen, we'll be OK.

Ross: Well, I'm pretty confident in my skills, too. But, you know--how to put
this delicately--it's the matter of morale.

Ewan: You certainly are dedicated. That's a surprise.

Ross: Hey!

Ewan: Why don't you prove your dedication by answering this brainteaser?

Ross: Like a riddle? Sounds fun!

Ewan: Yes. It'll be really fun to watch you struggling to come up with an
answer. Ha!

Ross: Hey! What's that supposed to mean? Well, whatever. Let's do it.

Ewan: OK, here it is. Ross, do you know what a balance is?

Ross: Of course I do! Who doesn't? It's a type of scale with small plates on
both sides to put weights. When both sides are the same weight, it balances.
So that was the riddle? Easy!

Ewan: Ha ha ha! You're too funny! No, that was just the setup for the
brainteaser. Here's the real question. Assume there are 25 pebbles.

Ross: Pebbles?

Ewan: Yes, they're really small. As small as peas. They are all the same
color and shape. In this group, there's one pebble that's lighter than all
the other pebbles.

Ross: And I must tell you the way to find that pebble?

Ewan: Of course not. What kind of challenge is that? The question is, how
many times do you need to use the balance to find that one rock?

Ross: How many times? Uh... It's not... 24, is it?

Ewan: What?! Oh! Ha ha ha ha ha! That's the first time I've heard that one!
I see. So you were thinking that you'd measure the pebbles one by one!
That's great, Ross! You're too funny!

Ross: That's not a compliment, is it. You think I'm an idiot!

Ewan: That's not true. Actually, it is. Ha ha ha! And did I mention how
perceptive you are, too?

Ross: Oh, you! Just you wait! I'll figure it out! I just need some time
to think about it.

Ewan: The anticipation is killing me.

Ross/Ewan B

Ross: Hey, you!

Ewan: Oh, hi, Ross.

Ross: I have an answer for your brainteaser!

Ewan: You got it, huh? That's amazing!

Ross: Y-yeah. The answer is...

Ewan: Yes, yes?

Ross: Four times!

Ewan: You must have worked really hard to figure that out!

Ross: See! See! I told you I'd get it! Fighting's not the only thing I'm
good at.

Ewan: However, that's not the correct answer.

Ross: What do you mean? I can't believe it! Ugh! If that's not the right
answer, then what is?

Ewan: You were close. The right answer is three times.

Ross: Only three times? How? Tell me!

Ewan: The key is how many pebbles you put on the scales at first.
First, put eight rocks each on either side of the scale.
The side with the lighter rock will be higher than the other, right?
Or, if the sides are balanced, it means that the lighter rock is in the rest
of the pile. So that was one turn on the balance. The rest is pretty easy to
figure out. Let's assume that the lighter rock was in the remaining pile of
nine rocks... Then you'd put three rocks on each side of the scale.
So that's the second turn. If either side of the scale tips,
then the rock is in one of those two piles. If the scale is balanced,
then the rock is one of the remaining three rocks. So, now you've figured
out which group of three pebbles has the lighter one. What you do now is put
one rock from this pile on each side of the scale. If the scale is balanced,
then the remaining pebble is the lighter one. And that was the last turn on
the scale. Did you get all that?

Ross: Huh? Well, I think I got it...

Ewan: What?! I just explained it all very clearly. You still don't get it?
That's really...

Ross: Really what?!

Ewan: Um, nothing. Forget it. A ha ha ha ha!

Ross: "A ha ha ha" what? What do you mean "forget it"?

Ewan: Anyway, it's been fun hanging out. Let's get together again sometime,

Ross: It wasn't fun for me at all! Hey!

Ross/Ewan A

Ewan: Hi, Ross.

Ross: Oh, it's you again.

Ewan: That brainteaser was fun, huh? Did you get it yet?

Ross: I already told you I didn't have any fun! If that's what you consider
fun, you must have had a pretty bad childhood!

Ewan: Well, I was an orphan.

Ross: Oh...

Ewan: My sister and I were abandoned when I was really young, before I could
even talk. She became a dancer and raised me all on her own. I'm really
grateful for her.

Ross: You were an orphan? I-I'm sorry. I had no idea.

Ewan: How could you know? Don't worry about it. I don't even remember being
abandoned. And because of that, I got a chance to travel around, and meet
lots of people. Like you. So, I'm not sad at all.

Ross: I see... Hey, I just had a great idea. Let's be brothers?

Ewan: Huh?! Like blood brothers? I'm really not into slicing myself up for
people I just met.

Ross: No, no, no. Just, you know, brothers! Now call me "Bro," Bro!

Ewan: Um... OK... Bro.

Ross: Say it like you mean it! Oh, never mind. It'll just sound forced.

Ewan: I told you so.

Ross: Well, just call me Ross for now. But, you can consider me a brother
from now on.

Ewan: What do you mean by that?

Ross: I mean that I will be a friend who you can rely on and trust conpletely.

Ewan: That's very kind, considering I really haven't known you for very long.
But thank you. You're a nice guy, even if you're not very sharp.

Ross: Hey! No need to insult me! A simple "Thanks, Bro" will be enough!

Ewan: Ha ha ha ha ha. You're so funny! By the way, do you have a girlfriend?

Ross: W-what! Of course not! Did you forget? We're in the middle of a war
right now! I have to focus on that!

Ewan: Huh. A ha ha ha ha!

Ross: What's that for? How about you? Do you have one?

Ewan: I have a lot of them!

Ross: What?! A lot of them! Oh well. We're still pretty young. Better to not
get tied down.

Ewan: Good luck, Ross!

Ross: Don't talk like it's not your problem, too!

Ewan: Hey, Ross. I think we're going to be friends for a long time. In fact,
I know it.

Ross: OK. Boy, you're such a laid-back guy...


Ross/Gerik [4115]

Ross/Gerik C

Ross: Um... Ahem. Are you Sir Gerik by any chance?

Gerik: What do you want, boy?

Ross: Oh, my name is Ross. I'm the son of warrior Garcia.

Gerik: I see...... So, Ross, are you an axeman?

Ross: Yeah! Don't be fooled by my appearance. I'm actually pretty good.

Gerik: Ha ha ha! If you say so.

Ross: Well, I think so. But it's important to keep improving.

Gerik: Why is that so important to you?

Ross: My father is such an amazing warrior. I've always wanted to be worthy 
of the title "son of Garcia" And I want to be able to go home and rebuild my 
village. After that, I want to go on a voyage and train in the open ocean. 
And after that, I'd like to go back home. To do all this, I need to be the 
best warrior I can be.

Gerik: Those are admirable goals. I'll help you out sometime. 

Ross: How? You'll give me a lesson? Are you serious? That's great!

Gerik: I might not be able to beat your father, but I could teach you a thing 
or two. Why don't you try landing a hit on me?

Ross: That'd be great! But before we start, let me go practice on those guys 

Gerik: It's great that he's so eager to learn, but he's really not ready to 
go solo yet! 

Ross/Gerik B

Gerik: Ross, didn't you say that you wanted to go on an ocean voyage to 
train yourself? The sea is a great place to train because it strengthens 
both the mind and body.

Ross: Have you ever been on a voyage?

Gerik: Of course. I've escorted many commercial ships before. It's 
embarrassing, but I got seasick for the first few days. That was very 
painful. But I got used to it in a few days. It was a long trip. Mother 
Nature was more brutal than the enemies who pursued us. But after the 
voyage ended, I realized that I grew up a lot. The sea is an amazing 
combination of brutality and expansiveness. 

Ross: Now I definitely want to go on a sea voyage.

Gerik: By the way, Ross, how's your injury from our last session?

Ross: Oh, that little thing? It healed right up!

Gerik: Ha ha ha... You sure are tough, boy!

Ross: Sir Gerik?

Gerik: Yes?

Ross: What should I do to be strong like you?

Gerik: That's a tough question... I would have to say that it's all in 
the mind.

Ross: Mind?
Gerik: If your desire to win is stronger than your opponent's, you have 
already won. Your mind is your most important weapon.

Ross: Come to think of it, I have noticed that. At our last lesson, before 
we even started, I was thinking that I could never win. I guess it was 
like admitting defeat before even trying. All right! You've convinced me! 
I'll start strengthening my mind as well as my axe skills. Thank you, 
Sir Gerik. I can't wait until our next lesson!

Gerik: His energy is refreshing, but I must teach him patience next time.

Ross/Gerik A

Ross: Hey, Sir Gerik...

Gerik: What is it, Ross? You seem down today.

Ross: Why is the sword stronger than the axe? 

Gerik: What are you talking about? Just use a stronger axe to beat a sword.

Ross: That's not what I mean! I want to be strong enough to split a silver
sword with an iron axe.

Gerik: Your father...

Ross: What about him?

Gerik: He could defeat many swordsmen with just one axe. 

Ross: So you've seen him in battle?

Gerik: Just once. He was leading a unit of the Renais army. He was swinging his
axe at the front line. 

Ross: Wow, my dad was really strong, wasn't he!

Gerik: He was more than just strong. He was like a war god. I have to be honest
with you, Ross. I was on his enemy side at the time.

Ross: What!?

Gerik: I was a mercenary hired by the other side. It was a fierce battle
against Garcia's unit, and we ultimately had to retreat. Come to think of it,
this is a  perfect example of the power of the mind. You see, I was so
intimidated by Garcia that I had lost even before I started.
That was an unforgettable faliure for me. After that, I swore myself that
I would be as strong as him with a sword. 

Ross: Wow, I can't believe Dad beat you down like that! He's the greatest. But 
you're pretty good too. 

Gerik: Someone who lost to your father?

Ross: Yeah! You might have lost that time, but you became a great swordsman 
because of it! OK. I'm going to stop moping around. From this moment on, I will
destroy swords with my axe. You are my witness, Sir Gerik!

Gerik: Truly, you are the son of the warrior Garcia.

Ross: That's not all! I'm also the best student of the master swordsman Gerik!

Gerik: When did you become my student?

Ross: When I met you! Oh! enemy detected! I'll catch you later! Give me another
lesson someday, Sir Gerik. I'll be much stronger by then, and maybe I'll win a 
match with you!

Gerik: I believe he will surpass Garcia someday. 


Neimi/Colm [4116]

Neimi/Colm C

Colm: Neimi.

Neimi: Oh, hi, Colm... How are you doing?

Colm: This is no time for pleasantries! You need to concentrate in battle!

Neimi: I was just being polite...

Colm: I never thought I'd see you on the battlefield.

Neimi: Well, I might not be the best, but when something needs to be done...
I do it.

Colm: It's amazing how war affects people. I mean, look at you.
You're a bumbling crybaby, but even you've pulled yourself together

Neimi: Uh...

Colm: When we were little, you followed me everywhere, tripping and crying...

Neimi: Oh! Sniff... Why are you always so mean? Waaa!

Colm: And now look at you! You're still following me everywhere, tripping
and crying, but now you're doing it on the battlefield. Will you PLEASE
stop your boo-hooing?

Neimi: Sniff... Ok... I'll try...

Colm: Man, you can't do anything without me, can you! And stop crying!

Neimi: But... Sniff...

Colm: What is it ?!

Neimi: You're the one who's... making me cry.

Colm: Ugh!

Neimi/Colm B

Neimi: Whew!

Colm: What are you doing?

Neimi: Oh! C-Colm... I-I was just restringing my bow...

Colm: Wow. You really take after your grandfather. The way you handle your
bow is great!

Neimi: Grandpa taught me how to shoot when I was little...

Colm: Yeah. Your grandfather was a really top-notch archer.
I still remember how he tried to shoot me.

Neimi: W-well, Colm... That's because you were stealing fruit from our tree.

Colm: He really taught me how frightening an archer with a good shot can be.

Neimi: But... He never hurt you. He just wanted to scare you. He missed on

Colm: No, he was aiming for me. I was just too fast for him to hit me.

Neimi: He never missed a target when we went hunting.

Colm: Well, then, I guess I'm just faster than wild animals.

Neimi: Hee hee! Ha ha ha!

Colm: Hey! You're laughing at me, aren't you?

Neimi: Hee hee! That's not true... It's just that... You haven't changed much
since then.

Colm: What's that supposed to mean?

Neimi: J-just that you exaggerate a lot. But now that I think about it,
you've always been at my side.

Colm: Not always! And now especially, I can't always be there to protect you.
I have many responsibilities to this unit, you know.

Neimi: I know...

Colm: But I can't leave you alone, either.

Neimi: Thank you...

Neimi/Colm A

Neimi: Waaaaaah!

Colm: Neimi! What's wrong?

Neimi: Oh... Sniff... Colm...

Colm: What's wrong? Did someone attack you? Are you hurt?

Neimi: No...

Colm: Did someone say something mean to you? Did someone steal your mirror

Neimi: That's not it...

Colm: Then what is it?

Neimi: I j-just... have something in my eye...

Colm: What?!

Neimi: Whew! It's gone now.

Colm: I thought you were hurt!

Neimi: Colm...

Colm: What's the matter now?!

Neimi: Uh... I'm sorry for alarming you... But... I'm happy that-- I mean--
Thank you for caring for me...

Colm: No need to get all mushy about it. You shouldn't cry so much.

Neimi: I know. The other day, when I was in battle, I was remembering all the
times you helped me when we were little.

Colm: Oh?

Neimi: Like that time I fell into the river and you came and rescued me.
Or the time I broke Grandpa's bow. You helped me fix it. All the times
bullies picked on me, you defended me.

Colm: Seriously, Neimi. You've always been such a crybaby.

Neimi: Yes, but... Because you were there with me, I was never sad...
When Grandpa died, you were by my side the whole time, holding my hand...

Colm: Neimi...

Neimi: Thank you, Colm. For then and now... I like you a lot...

Colm: Oh... If anything is troubling you, come see me first, all right?
I'll take care of anyone who makes you cry.

Neimi: I will...

Colm: I think your haplessness is permanent. But don't worry,
I'll take care of you.

Neimi: Oh! Sniff... Colm... Sniff...

Colm: Oh, no. I made you cry again, didn't I.

Neimi: Sniff... Yes... But for different reasons this time.

Colm: That's better.

Neimi: Sniff...

Colm: Neimi... I'm the only one who can make you cry. For now and ever,
got that?

Neimi: All right...


Neimi/Garcia [4117]

Neimi/Garcia C

Neimi: Sir?

Garcia: ...

Neimi: Sir... Garcia...?

Garcia: Don't come near me right now, Neimi!

Neimi: Oh! I-I'm sorry! I was just... wondering what you were doing.

Garcia: I'm preparing myself for the battle. Please don't come near me right

Neimi: Are you trying to get psyched?

Garcia: Yes. To prepare myself for battle, I visualize the enemy in front of
me. Then, during battle, I can focus all my attention on them. If you want to
survive this war, you must focus all your attention on the enemy.

Neimi: I-I see. Please excuse me now!

Garcia: Wait!

Neimi: Y-yes, sir?

Garcia: I apologize for yelling at you.

Neimi: That must be how he became such a brilliant warrior! I must go focus

Neimi/Garcia B

Garcia: Neimi! That gauntlet...

Neimi: Y-yes?

Garcia: That gauntlet! The one embroidered with the gold falcon...

Neimi: Huh? Oh, this? My late grandfather gave it to me. It was too big for
me, so I resized it to fit my hand. He was the one who taught me how to use a
bow... This is a keepsake he gave me.

Garcia: Is your grandfather's name Zethla?

Neimi: How in the world...? Did you know him?

Garcia: Of course. He was THE master archer. He was known as
"Single-Arrow Zethla." He had amazing accuracy and could shoot any target,
moving or still, with one shot. "No second arrow for Zethla" was what people
would say. Renais tried to recruit him many times...

Neimi: Now that I think about it, when Grandpa went hunting, he would only
take one arrow with him. Me, I always took many arrows...

Garcia: So, it WAS true!

Neimi: He never did join the army, even though recruiters did come by often.
He said it wasn't in his nature...

Garcia: I know. In fact, I visited him once when I was young.
He was wearing the gauntlet that day, and it left an impression.

Neimi: I see... Renais is such a big country, I never would have thought that
you knew him. It's a small world.

Garcia: Indeed. I can't believe Single-Arrow Zethla's granddaughter is
fighting in this war. I'm encouraged by this fact. I'm counting on you,

Neimi: What?! YOU'RE counting on... ME?

Garcia: Yes.

Neimi: Um...I'm...happy to hear that. I-I'll do my best not to let you down!

Garcia: Good. Then let's go.

Neimi: Yes, sir!

Neimi/Garcia A

Garcia: Neimi, I'm sorry if I startled you yesterday.

Neimi: Huh? Oh, you mean when you were preparing yourself for the battle?
No... I was just surprised by your... enthusiasm for this war.

Garcia: I used to be like this all the time. I was always preoccupied
with battles, to the point of neglecting my family. And now, here I am,
back on the battlefield. I'm sure my wife is somewhere sighing.

Neimi: Oh, no, Sir Garcia! I'm sure your wife understood how you felt.

Garcia: I think it's hard to understand when you are not a soldier.

Neimi: In times like this, you have to fight to stay alive.

Garcia: You've lost family too, didn't you?

Neimi: Yes. But I can't keep crying. I have to be strong and keep going.

Garcia: Neimi...

Neimi: You quit the army and lived in a mountain village with Ross because
Renais was not at war, didn't you?

Garcia: Yes.

Neimi: You don't seem to be the type of person who enjoys fighting for its
own sake. I think you know the emptiness and pain of war more than anyone
else. I can see that just by looking at you! Em... I'm sorry if I'm being

Garcia: No, Neimi. Thank you. You are very perceptive. You'll make some lucky
guy very happy someday.

Neimi: Oh... Um... This is kind of embarrassing.

Garcia: Don't be embarrassed! Oh, by the way, please take this.

Neimi: What is it? Oh, this haircomb is lovely!

Garcia: I bought this for my wife when I was still in the Renais army.
But...I never had the chance to give it to her.

Neimi: Sir Garcia...

Garcia: I'd buried her with some of the things I'd brought back.
I don't know why, but I couldn't bring myself to bury this, though.
I don't need it. What would I do with it? You'd make better use of it.
It will give you a reason to keep using that mirror of yours, too.

Neimi: Sir Garcia! This is too much! Thank you! I will take good care of it!


Neimi/Amelia [4118]

Neimi/Amelia C

Neimi: Whoa... That's beautiful! Your armor, I mean. It's so shiny.

Amelia: Th-thanks. Ah... Er...

Neimi: I'm Neimi.

Amelia: Oh, my name is Amelia. Nice to meet you, miss.

Neimi: Miss? Oh, no. I'm just Neimi. It's nice to meet you, too.

Amelia: All right, Neimi it is.

Neimi: Anyway, your armor is really lovely. That color reminds me of the
michew berries that grow in my hometown.

Amelia: Oh, I've had michew berries before! They're really shiny, and
they're sweet and a little tart when you eat them. I just love them in pies...

Neimi: Oh, I know! I didn't think they grew anywhere else. They're so yummy!

Amelia: Tell you what: if we come across any in the field, we'll stop and
pick them.

Neimi: That sounds like a good idea.

Amelia: Maybe we can use some of the supplies to bake some michew pies for
everyone. One bite, and they'll forget all about their exhaustion.

Neimi: I agree. I'll keep my eyes peeled, and if I see any, I'll pick some
for you.

Amelia: Ha ha! That's great! Now we've got something to look forward to,
hm? Oh, we'd better get back to the battle.

Neimi: Aw... All right, Amelia. But let's talk some more again.

Amelia: Oh, you bet! I'm really glad I met you, Neimi.

Neimi: Me too, Amelia.

Neimi/Amelia B

Neimi: Amelia, can I ask you a question? Why did you become a soldier?

Amelia: Hm? Well... It's... I wanted...to become strong.

Neimi: Strong, what do you mean?

Amelia: All my life, I've felt helpless, like I needed someone to defend me.
I didn't want to feel that anymore. But what about you, Neimi? What are you
fighting for?

Neimi: I'm not really sure how I wound up getting involved in this whole war.
It just...sorta turned out that way, you know?

Amelia: It doesn't matter how you wound up here. Your skill with the bow is
amazing, Neimi. I'm not sure how to put this, but... You seem more battle
ready than most of the trained soldiers I've met.

Neimi: Hmm mm mm... Thanks. My grandpa taught me everything I know.

Amelia: Really?

Neimi: We used to go hunting together when I was little... Oh! That reminds
me! I used to have a pet fox, a little kit I found out hunting one day.

Amelia: Wow! A fox kit? I've never seen one before. Was it cute?

Neimi: He was adorable! So small, and he had such soft and fluffy fur.
It was so cute watching him try to run his fastest on those short little legs.

Amelia: Tee hee.

Neimi: What about you? Did you ever have any pets?

Amelia: Me? Well, I don't-- Oh! I did! I used to have a little pet bird.

Neimi: Oh, what kind?

Amelia: Hm. Well she had beautiful feathers, I remember that. They were all
blue and yellow and orange. She used to sing to me.

Neimi: She was a songbird? That sounds nice.

Amelia: It was. Whenever I felt lonely, she would sing her song to cheer me
up. I let her go when I left my village and joined Grado's army.

Neimi: That's so sad... I think I'd like to get another pet when the war is
all over.

Amelia: Really?

Neimi: Definitely. You should get one, too. Once this war is over, I mean.
When everything is at peace again, we should each get a pet.

Amelia: That sounds great! And then we could have our pets visit one another.

Neimi: I'd like that.

Amelia: Me, too.

Neimi/Amelia A

Amelia: I just noticed something, Neimi. There are a lot of female soldiers
traveling with us, aren't there?

Neimi: You know, you're right!

Amelia: It's nice to see. It wasn't like that in Grado's army. It makes me
feel much more at ease.

Neimi: I was really nervous when I started up, but then I spoke more with the

Amelia: I've started noticing that some of the women are getting...friendly
with the men. I thought it was, you know, just the camaraderie of the field
or whatever. But I'm starting to think that's not the case, if you know what
I mean. I'm starting to think maybe it's something else entirely.

Neimi: Hee hee hee... So um... Is there any boy you like?

Amelia: Hm? Why do you ask? Or...is it that you have someone YOU like?

Neimi: I do. He's someone who's always watched over me, stood by my side.
He used to make me cry, but I...I love him.

Amelia: That's amazing! You know, I'm a little jealous of you... Have you
told him how you feel?

Neimi: Uh-uh...

Amelia: Well, you have to tell him! I'm sure he likes you, too, Neimi.

Neimi: I will. Someday. Not today. But someday, I will.

Amelia: There you go.

Neimi: But you never answered my question!

Amelia: What, me? I...er... I honestly never spoke to any of the men in
Grado's army.

Neimi: But you're not in Grado's army anymore! What about now?

Amelia: Huh? Oh, er, well... I'm...not so sure...

Neimi: Ha! You do, don't you!

Amelia: Uh... Mm-hm...

Neimi: Don't worry. I'm sure he likes you, Amelia.

Amelia: Why do you say that?

Neimi: Well, you're so... You're so cute, and you're so nice. How could
anyone NOT like you?

Amelia: Neimi... Thanks. That's really sweet of you. I'm happy to hear you
say that!

Neimi: Be sure you tell him how you feel!

Amelia: You, too! I'm not the only one suffering here!

Neimi: Hee hee hee. All right. We're in this together!


Neimi/Artur [4119]

Neimi/Artur C

Neimi: Oh... Brother Artur...

Artur: Yes? And you must be...

Neimi: I'm... Neimi.

Artur: Ah, Neimi. I'm sorry that our introduction has been so delayed.
And please, just call me Artur. "Brother" is too formal.

Neimi: Oh... All right, Artur it is.

Artur: Very good. Ack!

Neimi:  What is it? What's wrong?

Artur: Oh, nothing. Sorry. But...that hand mirror hanging from your waist...

Neimi: Oh, this? It's a keepsake from my mother. I had it stolen from me
once, so I've made this leather strap for it. I can tie it to my belt and
take it with me everywhere now.

Artur: It's... Excuse me, but may I look at it for a moment? Hm... Yes, well,
that is interesting. If my memory serves, this is quite a valuable mirror.
It is a gift given only to clerics of the highest order. Few of these mirrors
exist, and for you to have one means your mother...

Neimi: Yes, she was a cleric... When I was young, an illness...

Artur: Say no more. I understand. But seeing you and the mirror she left you
tells me something. Your mother was a good person, benevolent, faithful, and
caring. And you are the product of her care, filled with the same light.

Neimi: Thank you... It makes me happy to hear that.

Artur: I'm delighted to have met you. We shall have to speak again.

Neimi: I hope so, Artur! See you soon.

Neimi/Artur B

Artur: Neimi, it's an honor to speak with you again so soon!

Neimi: Oh! Artur! Yes, I'm happy to see you.

Artur: That's an impressive bow. Am I to understand that you're an archer?
I've heard the others speak highly of your skills.

Neimi: Thank you. And I was watching you use your magic. It was pretty

Artur: Oh, it was nothing. I'm just a novice. Oh! Neimi, I see you've put your
mirror away, have you?

Neimi: Hm...? Huh...? I don't... think... I did...

Artur: What? What does that mean?

Neimi: Oh, no! I've lost it! What am I going to do?

Artur: Lost!? How could that happen!? That mirror is a precious artifact, not
to mention an important keepsake!

Neimi: The leather strap... It's torn... Ohhhh... Sniff... Waaaaaaah!

Artur: Oh, don't-- Please don't cry. Don't worry. We'll look for it together.

Neimi: Sniff...

Artur: Any idea when you lost it?

Neimi: I think I... sniff... had it with me when the battle started. It was
...right there on my belt... Sniff...

Artur: Then it must be around here somewhere, right? I'll go look over here.
You check the ground back there.

Neimi: All... All right...

Artur: ......

Neimi: ......

Artur: I couldn't find it here... Any luck there?

Neimi: ... Sob... Sniff... I can't...find it...

Artur: Don't worry. It has to be around somewhere. Just keep looking. I'll ask
the others, too.

Neimi: All right... I'll just go look over here...

Artur: Oh, Neimi... Sigh... How am I ever going to find it in the middle of a
battlefield? I suppose I simply must have faith. Yes, that's it. Faith will
guide me to her mother's mirror.

Neimi/Artur A

Artur: Neimi!

Neimi: Artur...

Artur: Look, I found it! Here...

Neimi: Oh...

Artur: I've been asking around since the last time we spoke. I found out that
our convoy master had found a mirror lying on the ground. When I asked to see
it, imagine my delight when I saw it was your mirror!

Neimi: ... Sniff... I'm so... so happy!

Artur: ... You know, when I was looking for your mirror, I was reminder... I
had similar experience when I was young. It's why I chose to be a monk.

Neimi: What happened?

Artur: One day, when I was just a little boy, I had lost a toy, and I was
crying. I lived near a monastery, and one of the monks saw me sitting there
weeping. He spent his day trying to find out why I was so sad and to cheer me
up. It was so trivial--that toy was nothing but a trinket, but to me, it had
value. I later found out a friend of mine had taken it without asking, but...
Anyway, I was very happy that someone had stopped to show so much concern. To
everyone else, I was a petty child weeping over a toy. To this monk, however,
I was a sad and lost soul, crying out in need. He was so kind, and he spent so
much of his day on a child's tears. I admired his attitude, even then. It was
then that I realized that I could honor his deed by becoming a monk.

Neimi: And... that's why...

Artur: Yes, that's why. Oh! Your mirror! Here you go.

Neimi: Oh... ... I'm... really happy...

Artur: Ah. Just as I thought.

Neimi: What?

Artur: Your smile is delightful. It's a vast improvement on those tears. The
heavens themselves must have wanted to see that smile and conspired to help me
find your mirror.

Neimi: Thank you, Artur... I'm so grateful.

Artur: No, Neimi. I'm grateful to you. Talking to you makes me feel at peace.
I feel like... some of the others make light of me from time to time."

Neimi: Oh, that's only... It's just because you're so honest and pure of
heart. Someone I know... teases me a lot, too. All the time, he teases me.

Artur: I see... I'm sorry to hear that.

Neimi: Well, it's not that he's all bad. He can be very kind, but... But
you're kind, too, Artur.

Artur: Thank you. You know, when you meet someone, that person reflects back
at you like a mirror, revealing within them the emotions that you project.
Angry people bring out the anger within others, just as sullen, hopeless
people bring out nothing but the sorrow within all those to whom they speak.
Do you know why so many people seem kind to you, Neimi? It is because you
yourself are a kind person. You bring that out in others.

Neimi: Oh, Artur... That's so kind-- I mean... Er... Thank you.

Artur: Please, Neimi. Always hold that kindness close to your heart.

Neimi: I will...


Colm/Marisa [5111]

Colm/Marisa C

Colm: Hey, you! Have you seen a scary-looking woman?

Marisa: ... Scary-looking woman? Is she your sister?

Colm: NO. I don't have any sisters. The woman I'm talking about was
beautiful, but also very scary. Have you seen someone who fits that

Marisa: I don't think so. Beautiful but very scary... What do you mean by

Colm: Well, I'm not exactly sure, either. I just heard from one of Gerik's
mercenaries that there is a woman sword fighter here. Apparently,
she's very talented and was hired for an unbelievable sum.

Marisa: A woman sword fighter??

Colm: Rumor is that if you speak to her without thinking, she's likely to
attack you out of nowhere.

Marisa: Is that so.

Colm: Maybe her face is scarred from fighting. Yeah, that's probably it!
She's beautiful, but has a very sad past behind that scar. And that's why
she's so scary!

Marisa: A scarred face? A sad past?

Colm: Or maybe it's just because her lover was killed, and she's trying to
avenge him. That seems equally plausible, doesn't it? Anyway, if you see her
around, would you tell her that I was looking for her? See ya.

Marisa: Well, I'm the only female sword fighter here. I guess he was looking
for me. He is so clueless...

Colm/Marisa B

Colm: Oh, hi, Marisa! I'm sorry for what I said the other day. I figured out
that you were the scary woman I was talking about. I'm Colm. Nice to meet you.

Marisa: OK. So, what did you want from me?

Colm: Oh, nothing special. I just wanted to meet the famous swordswoman.
I was going to challenge you to a match, but I've seen you fight and know
how good you are. You'd beat me senseless.

Marisa: I'll accept that match with you anytime.

Colm: Well, I don't know how else to say this. YOu're scaring me.

Marisa: Scaring?

Colm: Yeah. It sounds funny, but you never look at the enemy... I mean...
you don't care about the enemy at all.

Marisa: I have no idea what you're talking about. Speak English.

Colm: I mean... Even when the enemy is right in front of you, you aren't even
looking at him. You're fighting something else.

Marisa: Something else?

Colm: I'm not that smart, and I don't know much about swords. So I can't
exactly say who or what it is you are really fighting.

Marisa: I see.

Colm: Um... What I mean to say is good luck in all your battles. Um...
That's it. See you later!

Marisa: The enemy... I'm really fighting?

Colm/Marisa A

Marissa: Colm.

Colm: Hi, Marissa.

Marissa: I was thinking about what you were saying the other day.

Colm: You mean about you not fighting the enemy in front of you, but
something else? Is that what you're talking about?

Marissa: Yes.

Colm: What about it?

Marissa: Do you want to know? What I'm really fighting with?

Colm: Huh? Y-yeah...... If you want to tell me, sure.

Marissa: What I'm really fighting with is...

Colm: ...

Marissa: My father.

Colm: Your father?!

Marissa: Well, to be more precise, his shadow.

Colm: Was he a swordsman also?

Marissa: He was one of the most famous swordsman in Jehanna. He was also a

Colm: I see why you're so good.

Marissa: Ever since I was a child, my father taught me how to live as a

Colm: Since you were a kid?

Marissa: The harsh conditions of Jehanna breed strength and ruthlessness.
The only way to survive is by being a mercenary.

Colm: Oh.

Marissa: My father is my parent, my teacher, and above all, a mountain I must

Colm: A mountain?

Marissa: Once I conquer the mountain, I can accomplish anything I want.

Colm: That must be a...big mountain. So, where are you on the mountain?
A third of the way up? Halfway up? Or can you already see the summit?

Marissa: ... I'm only at the base.

Colm: You still have a long way to go, huh?

Marissa: ... Yes. I don't even know where the summit is yet.

Colm: Well, then, you don't know how long it will take, do you?

Marissa: I'll just keep climbing. Even if it takes me forever...

Colm: Oh, I see. Well, good luck. I'm sure you'll make it to the top.

Marissa: Yes. Someday. For sure. You're... a nice guy.

Colm: Ha ha ha! Oh please. You're embarrassing me.


Colm/Rennac [5112]

Colm/Rennac C

Colm: Hey, you! I know your secret.

Rennac: Huh? My secret?

Colm: You're a thief, too, aren't you? Do you think that's acceptable
behavior for someone in the princess's entourage?

Rennac: Ha ha ha! Where'd you learn a big word like entourage, boy?
Not that it's any of your business, but Her Highness already knows about
my... hobbies. You're not, by any chance, trying to threaten me, are you?
That's funny. I never thought I'd be reprimanded by a boy!

Colm: Hey, old man, don't talk down to ME! I'm not a boy. I'm Colm!
And I'm not threatening you, either. I was just surprised that you're a thief
because you dress so nicely.

Rennac: I assume you're in the same trade. Those rags are a dead giveaway.
Well, you may not take any pride in your appearance, but I'm different.
Do you see this jacket? It has silk embroidery, a trend I started in Carcino.
Where are the stitches, you ask? They're on the inside of the jacket.
But I'm not going to show you. The truly cultured man cares about every
detail. it would be a waste of my time to even try to explain it to a poor
urchin like you.

Colm: Why are you bragging about something so lame? And I'm not a poor
urchin! Man, I've never met anyone as annoying as you!

Rennac: Oh, don't be so sensitive, little urchin. If you want to be like me
make more money. Improve your skills. The name of the game is making money.
Money is all that matters. It's your way out. Work hard and escape from

Colm: First of all, I don't want to be like you! Second of all, I'll show you!

Rennac: Well, don't pull a muscle, little urchin!

Colm/Rennac B

Rennac: Hey, urchin, have you made any money yet?

Colm: Stop calling me urchin! I heard your dad is a wealthy merchant in

Rennac: Yes. So what? My father is a wealthy merchant, and his son is a
thief. Great family, huh?

Colm: If you're rich, you don't need to steal. You can just buy whatever
you want.

Rennac: You're so green, boy. Greener than the fruit I left out for a month.

Colm: What's that supposed to mean? I've never had dried fruit, so I don't
know what you're talking about!

Rennac: Oh, that's too bad. Listen, urchin. Merchants are always stingy.
It's part of who they are. And my father was especially stingy.
He gave us nothing for free. We had to work for everything we had.
So my brothers and I learned the value of hard work from a young age.
And this just happens to be my job. Get it?

Colm: It's not easy being the son of a merchant, huh? Forced to work from a
young age. I had a tough childhood, too. I always had to hunt and garden
with my dad. I guess our lives aren't so different after all, huh?

Rennac: Er, a little hunting and gardening is quite different from actual
work. You can see that just by looking at how you and I turned out.

Colm: Well! I'll show you! Maybe you'll wake up one morning and find that
something important to you is gone! Consider yourself warned, old man!

Rennac: You know, warning people of your plans isn't really the most
effective thieving strategy. Anyhow, I look forward to seeing what you
can muster.

Colm/Rennac A

Rennac: Hi there, urchin. I haven't heard you bragging in a while.
I thought maybe you gave up on your big plans.

Colm: I'm more persistent than you think I am. I came to see you because I
remembered-- Wait, haven't you noticed yet?

Rennac: Noticed what?

Colm: Ha ha ha! I won!

Rennac: What? Did you actually steal something? Don't tell me... A ha!

Colm: So you finally noticed! Yes, I secretly stole only the embroidery
off your precious jacket. So, how's that for stealth? That's some pretty
fine thieving, if I do say so myself.

Rennac: I see. The embroidery IS missing. Good work. It's a little early
for a victory celebration, though. The embroidery was a pony, correct?

Colm: Huh? Yeah...

Rennac: Unfortunately for you, that was a fake. I knew you would try to steal
it, so I replaced it with a fake beforehand. The real embroidery is of a
phoenix. But I won't show it to you. Nope, never.

Colm: You! That's a cheap trick!

Rennac: In this business, anything goes. However, I'm impressed that you got
as far as you did. I definitely don't want you for an enemy.

Colm: Heh heh heh... Same here, I guess. I'm glad that we're on the same
side. Now give me my boots!


Colm/Kyle [5113]

Colm/Kyle C

Colm: Kyle, do you have a minute?

Kyle: What is it, Colm?

Colm: Well... it's about Princess Eirika.

Kyle: Is something the matter with her?

Colm: It was a while ago, but when she went to bed, she was...

Kyle: What happened after she retired to her room? Colm, don't toy with me.
Just tell me!

Colm: The princess looked like she was having trouble falling asleep. She kept

Kyle: Having trouble falling asleep?

Colm: Yup.

Kyle: That's not good. It's very important for her to get enough rest during
this tough march. This war has been very hard for Prince Ephraim and Princess
Eirika. I'm sure she's probably spent a few nights worrying, but--

Colm: Hey! I just remembered that I have this secret remedy my mother used to
make. It started off as a freckle cream, but it turns out that it works pretty
well with insomnia, too.

Kyle: Really. That's a good idea. I'm sure Prince Ephraim and Lady Eirika
would love to have something like that.

Colm: OK, then. I'll give it to her next time I see her. I'll let you know how
it goes.

Kyle: All right, Colm.

Colm/Kyle B

Colm: Kyle, big news!

Kyle: What is it this time, Colm?

Colm: It's about Prince Ephraim.

Kyle: What? What happened?

Colm: He's just like me!

Kyle: Just like you? In what sense?

Colm: He hates studying, too!

Kyle: And...? That doesn't seem like news or anything.

Colm: It's big news for me! And for you, too! The future of Renais is not
looking good if he hates studying as much as I do.

Kyle: Don't worry about it. He might not like studying much, but no one is as
bad as you. Besides, if you're bringing this up to denigrate him, you are in
serious trouble.

Colm: Not at all! I'm just worried about Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika.

Kyle: I understand. But this news was really useless. In the future, please
only bring me relevant information.

Colm/Kyle A

Colm: Kyle, I have some useful news!

Kyle: Finally. What is it?

Colm: Heh heh heh... Well, it's a secret about you.

Kyle: A secret about me? What is it?

Colm: You have a girlfriend! Her name is Meriella! You send letters to her all
the time, don't you!

Kyle: Oh, that. I've been meaning to tell you about her.

Colm: I'm so glad to hear that, Kyle. Let me know if you need to talk to
someone. Long-distance relationships can be hard. I can't believe it! Stuffy
old Kyle is in love!

Kyle: In love? Me? I think you're confused. Meriella is not my girlfriend. She
is one of my teammates.

Colm: Workplace romance, is it? Say no more. I understand.

Kyle: Just shut up and listen to me. Meriella is the alias we use for Renais
knights on undercover missions.

Colm: Alias? Like a secret code?

Kyle: Precisely. We send mail addressed to Meriella, which only the Renais
knights know. The contents are always the same: We let them know that Prince
Ephraim and Princess Eirika are safe. It's all written in secret code. That's
the letter I was sending.

Colm: Even though we're in the middle of a war, does it really have to be so

Kyle: Yes. Better to be safe than sorry.

Colm: I see. Well, would you like me to deliver that letter?

Kyle: No. Every single soldier is important in this war. We need you here.

Colm: Really? You value my service? Neat!

Kyle: Um... Yes. Although you do bring me some pointless tidbits, you have
also a big help.

Colm: Great! This is so encouraging! Until recently, I thought I'd never have
any real connections with the knights. But it's different now. Now, I consider
everyone involved in this war, especially the knights like you, to be my
friends. I will always fight for my friends!

Kyle: Thank you, Colm. Civilians and knights... Together, we'll restore peace
in Renais.


Garcia/Dozla [5114]

Garcia/Dozla C

Garcia: You must be Dozla.

Dozla: That's right! Who are you?

Garcia: My name is Garcia. Sir Dozla, I've been hearing a lot about you lately.

Dozla: Only good things, I hope! Ha ha ha! I've heard of you, too, Sir Garcia.
Mostly about your incredible strength! Hey, would you mind lifting this
boulder? Just kidding! Ha ha ha!

Garcia: Ha ha. It's not a big deal. Are you normally this... energetic?

Dozla: Well, I stuffed myself, so I'm feeling pretty great!

Garcia: You can't fight on an empty stomach. Eating is very importatnt to
keep up your strength. Especially breakfast. I've heard that in some cultures,
they call breakfast "first break."

Dozla: What's that? What do they break?

Garcia: A fast...

Dozla: A fast what? Huh? Speak plainly! I don't understand all this talking
in circles.

Garcia: We don't eat anything while we sleep, so it's as if we are fasting.
So, the meal you eat in the morning breaks that fast. This means that
breakfast is an especially important meal.

Dozla: Huh. Who would have thunk it? The only thing I consumed this morning
was knowledge!

Garcia: What do you mean?

Dozla: Just that I make it a point to learn other disciplines. You have to if
you want to grow as a fighter.

Garcia: I completely agree. Young men in this army are strong in their
specific fields, but weak in others. The art of complete training has been
lost on the younger generation, I'm afraid.

Dozla: Yes, that's right! Back in our day, fighters had to learn many
disciplines in case they had to fill in for a wounded teammate.
I've always wanted to learn archery. The delicate precision is the opposite
of fighting with an axe.

Garcia: Me, too. Why don't we meet sometime and study it together?

Dozla: That's a great idea!

Garcia/Dozla B

Dozla: Garcia!

Garcia: Hello there, Dozla!

Dozla: I had a great time last time!

Garcia: Yes, indeed.

Dozla: I just love sparring! It's like having a conversation, except with

Garcia: You DO know that you're not supposed to swing the bow like an axe,
right? Ha ha!

Dozla: I was only clowning around! I'm recalling that a certain someone
loaded the arrow in the wrong direction and nearly impaled his shoulder.
Hmmm. Now, who could that have been?

Garcia: That was a defect in the arrow!

Dozla: Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm sure!

Garcia: Maybe you just can't teach old dogs new tricks.

Dozla: I don't believe that's true at all. You're magnificent with an axe.
How hard can it be to learn something new?

Garcia: No, you're the great one. You're a menace to the enemy!

Dozla: Where did you learn to fight like that?

Garcia: Well, I used to lead troops in Renais. I learned the basics there...
Once I retired, I was living on a mountain. My daily chores involved swinging
an axe, although just for splitting firewood.

Dozla: See? You learned how to apply your skills to different fields.
Maybe archery just isn't our thing. We should try something else.

Garcia: What do you suggest?

Dozla: How about magic?

Garcia: Hmmm...

Dozla: It can't be that difficult to learn. As far as I can tell, it's just a
bunch of arm waving and shouting gibberish.

Garcia: You do have a point.

Dozla: Let's practice sometime soon.

Garcia: I'm looking forward to it... Mage!

Dozla: Ha ha ha ha! Yes, indeed!

Garcia/Dozla A

Garcia: That did not go as well as I had hoped.

Dozla: Well, that's not entirely true, is it.

Garcia: It would have helped if you hadn't whacked me in the head with the

Dozla: I didn't mean to hit you! You just got in the way when I was...

Garcia: I still have a lump on my head.

Dozla: I feel badly about it, all right? Besides, I think you're forgetting
that I also healed you with that staff!

Garcia: No, you didn't! You burned my beard clear off!

Dozla: Oh, yes. That's right. I'm sorry.

Garcia: Hmph.

Dozla: You have to admit, though, you looked quite dashing without that beard.
It took at least ten years off of your appearance. No, at least twenty!

Garcia: You really think so? I can't stop smelling burnt hair.

Dozla: But, wait! At least give me credit for making it grow back that quickly.

Garcia: ... Very well. It grew back nicely. Thank you.

Dozla: You're welcome!

Garcia: This little foray into other disciplines has certainly taught me a lot.

Dozla: Me, too! After all this, sword fighting should be a piece of cake!


Innes/Gerik [5115]

Innes/Gerik C

Gerik: Hey Prince! How's it going?

Innes: Gerik... I'm sorry you had to see that ugly side of me.

Gerik: Huh? What do you mean?

Innes: At Renvall, when you stayed by me. If not for your loyalty,
I would have fallen into the hands of those mercenaries.

Gerik: Ah, well, that's my job, innit? But what's your point? This is
unlike you, Prince.

Innes: I've guided men into battle countless times before that day.
I've always tried to be a model commander, to guide others by my example.
But... I found that many of my soldiers wanted a less severe example to

Gerik: Ha ha ha...

Innes: But you're different. I've known that from the day we first met.
How do you stay so composed in the heat of the battle?

Gerik: I don't know how to answer that... I suppose it's just in my nature.
Long discussions on the battlefield, however are not. Let's go already.

Innes: Ahh...

Innes/Gerik B

Innes: Nice work, Gerik... I see the desert tiger is still as fierce as ever.

Gerik: I can't believe my skill with the blade is known in circles as high
as yours. Let me tell you, I didn't get into this line of work because I
like fighting. It was a twist of fate that started me in this path...

Innes: Really? But I've heard of your fame from no less a person than my
father. He tells me your name was once known from shore to shore on this

Gerik: The past is the past. I was just doing what I had to. If I hadn't,
I never would have survived. But there's something about combat that doesn't
agree with my nature.

Innes: If that's the case, then why are you with these mercenaries?

Gerik: Ahh... The answer is so simple, you'll probably laugh. Back when I was
a kid, a friend from my village said he wanted to be a mercenary. He said he
was going to be famous, the greatest warrior in all the land. No matter how
many times I told him to give it up, he wouldn't listen to me. Well, one day,
he left for Jehanna. I didn't know what else to do so I went with him and
joined the guild, too. Stupid reason, isn't it? Anyway... I didn't
particularly like fighting, and while I wasn't opposed to the money, I
certainly wasn't in it for fame... I just couldn't let my friend go off and
get killed.

Innes: And where is this friend now?

Gerik: He went off and got killed.

Innes: I see...

Gerik: So there was no reason for me to continue being a mercenary...
But then there were other men who I considered to be my friends. I couldn't
bring myself to abandon them... And so the years passed and here I am.
The thing is I can't stand to see my friends die. But you're in this business
long enough, people around you get killed. It happens. The only thing you can
do is keep moving forward and try not to think about it. So... Yes, I'd have
a problem if you got yourself killed. I've got no place else to go, and I'm
tired of trying to forget.

Innes: Hmph... Do you really think I'd lose so easily? It won't do for you to
underestimate me.

Gerik: Oh, uh ... Right.

Innes/Gerik A

Innes: Gerik.

Gerik: Eh?

Innes: There's something I've always assumed to be true...
Those born to royalty can't show others any weaknesses or deficiencies.
If they're not perfect at all times, their enemies will take advantage of

Gerik: Yeah? So?

Innes: But meeting you has made me rethink that belief. My father told me
before I left that I should watch you and learn from you. At that time, I
believed that there was nothing a mercenary could teach me. Now I know better.
I am thankful to both my father and you.

Gerik: That's enough of that. In my opinion, you're much finer than I could
ever be. The way you live, your manners and your bearing... I could never
pull it off.

Innes: Me? What do you mean?

Gerik: Look at you! You're full of confidence. You're got pride. When I first
met you, I thought, "What a high-handed dandy."

Innes: Did you just call me... a dandy?

Gerik: But that's just who you are. Being proud is not always a bad thing.
You must have worked yourself near to death to preserve that pride.
What I mean is that you never make excuses for losing or being beaten up.
No matter the pain you face or hardship, you keep fighting to honor that pride.
It's what defines you, and I can't say that I don't admire it.

Innes: It comes naturally. I will be king one day, and I will make Frelia
the greatest nation in all the world. It will be a wonderful kingdom of
wealth and power. When that day comes, I will command you to become general
and lead Frelia's armies. No, I'll have you come and ask me to make you

Gerik: Ha ha ha! I can't wait! 


Innes/Tana [5116]

Innes/Tana C

Tana: Innes!

Innes: Tana...

Tana: I'm so glad to find you safe! Everyone back home is worried.
Don't you worry, though. I'll protect you from now on.

Innes: ... Tana, what are you doing here? You have no place on the
battlefield. I want you to return to Castle Frelia immediately.

Tana: Why does everyone say that!? I am one of Frelia's pegasus knights and
a trained soldier! I studied with Syrene and Vanessa, two of Frelia's finest!

Innes: And you're also a Frelian princess. You should not be fighting.
What would happen if you were injured?

Tana: No! I'm not going back!

Innes: Tana!

Tana: I won't go back!

Innes: Why does she always have to be like this?

Innes/Tana B

Tana: Did you see me out on the battlefield, Innes?

Innes: ......

Tana: I knew I made the right decision, coming out here. I feel like our
strategy is becoming much better, as is our fighting. You do agree,
don't you, Innes?

Innes: I grant you some small credit for your achievements on the field of
war. However, I still insist that you return to Frelia.

Tana: Why!?

Innes: It's true that you've gained some experience out on the battlefield.
But your ignorance of the world around you is simple appalling. It must be
tough for a pampered castle brat like you to interact with soldiers.

Tana: If you can say something like that to your own sister, I'm more worried
about you. Even when you're right--and your judgment is good, I know--you're
so blunt that I don't think many people will want to listen to you.

Innes: Never mind about me. This is about you, Tana. If you keep traveling
with us, someone might take advantage of your naivet￾E More than anything,
I can't allow that Ephraim to--

Tana: What are you saying? Do you really think Ephraim and I--

Innes: No. Even if you're not interested in him in the slightest, I... I
simply do not want to see you get hurt.

Tana: Innes, what are you suggesting? If that's the way you're going to be,
I just won't talk to you anymore!

Innes: Tana, wait. I'm not finished! Blast...

Innes/Tana A

Tana: Oh, Innes! Why can't you understand?

Innes: Why can't you listen to your brother? Why are you always so stubborn!?

Tana: You're the stubborn one, Innes! Why can't you understand how I feel?
You're my only brother, and I have no one else whom I can rely... I don't
want to waste our time together arguing!

Innes: Tana...

Tana: You don't know how much I envy Eirika and Ephraim their closeness.
They understand one another's thoughts and feelings perfectly all the time!
Why aren't we like that? Why do you never understand me, Innes?

Innes: Tana, wait. I don't say these things because I hate you.

Tana: That's a lie! You're always so mean to me, Innes! You make no effort to
understand how I feel.

Innes: That's not true. I'm still your brother, and I think I know you better
than anyone else.

Tana: ... Do you mean that, Innes?

Innes: Absolutely. Do you remember that incident with the crown?

Tana: Hm... ... Oh! I remember. It was when I was very little, and I lost
Father's crown. He was so angry with me. I thought he would never stop yelling.
I was so terrified of his wrath, and I just couldn't stop crying.
I honestly believed Father would throw me in the dungeon! But you searched
the castle from top to bottom, and you found the crown. And I remember what
you told Father when you brought it back to him: "I took your crown, Father.
I wanted to see what it would look like on my head." I remember how happy I
was when I heard Father laughing at your words. I thought I was the luckiest
girl in the world to have a brother like you.

Innes: I know how you feel better than anyone else. And that's no lie.

Tana: Innes... I understand now why you said what you said. But please,
forgive me for being here, for not going home. I simply wanted to be near
you, my beloved brother.
Innes: ... You win. I'll let you stay. But you be sure to apologize to our
father when we return home. And don't worry too much. I'll be there with you
when you do.

Tana: Really? I love you, Innes! You're the best brother anyone could have!

Innes: And you are quite a handful, Sister.


Innes/Joshua [5117]

Innes/Joshua C

Joshua: Hey, you're Prince Innes, aren't you? I'm Joshua. Nice to meet you.

Innes: I'm sure.

Joshua: Well, now that we know each other... What say we play a quick game of
chance, hm?

Innes: Hm? What are you planning on doing with that coin?

Joshua: We're gonna have a little wager. What else? If I'm going to fight
alongside someone, I want to know him. And there's no better way to get to
know someone than a friendly wager! So... what do you say to a starter bet
of... 1000?

Innes: Here? You can't be serious...

Joshua: Hey now, I always take gambling seriously. Always. Whether you live
or die on the field often comes down to luck. Every fight, you're putting
your life in someone else's hands. You should be glad to meet up with such a
lucky guy.

Innes: You may rely on luck, but I prefer raw skill. However, we might as
well. Put your money where your mouth is.

Joshua: Now you're talking! Right, here we go! Heads or tails? What's your

Innes: Tails.

Joshua: Let's see what we've got... Oh, well... It's heads. Too bad, Your
Highness. You lost.

Innes: What? That's impossible. I saw--

Joshua: C'est la vie. Look closely. See? It's heads.

Innes: That's strange... My eyes never fail me, but I could have sworn---
Hm. There seems to be more to betting than meets the eye.

Joshua: Figure that out already? You're a quick study.

Innes: Yeah. Let's try that again. I'll get it this time...

Innes/Joshua B

Innes: Tails.

Joshua: ... Heads again. That's ten losses in a row.

Innes: I don't care. Double or nothing. Tails.

Joshua: Shouldn't you stop soon? Maybe you've got the cash back home, but
you're on the road. And I'm willing to bet you're not carrying much on you.

Innes: No. Keep going. I don't feel like quitting on a bad streak.

Joshua: Fine, fine... But then can we call it quits? You've let me win enough
and I don't want to bleed you dry.

Innes: No. I won't let you leave. Not while you're still ahead. Hurry up. We
don't have the luxury of time here.

Joshua: What's that saying? The cooler the head, he hotter the bets?
Something like that. And you seem pretty cool most of the time. I guess the
old saying is true.

Innes/Joshua A

Innes: Thanks for waiting. Let's get started.

Joshua: You can't be serious. You want to keep going?

Innes: Just flip the coin.

Joshua: ...Oh, brother. Your Highness, I have a little admission to make
here. You have no chance of winning. The whole thing is rigged.

Innes: Rigged...

Joshua: Yeah. You flip the coin... like this. Then catch it in the hand.
I'm the one holding the coin. I can turn it over any way I choose just by
moving my palm a bit. Like this.

Innes: Hmm... That's how you did it. I knew you were up to something.
It was straining my disbelief that you could keep winning like that.
Strange that I couldn't catch on to your little trick, though.

Joshua: That's nice of you to say, but I'm sure you must have suspected.
There's a guy who hangs out near a pub in Jehanna. He's real smooth.
His secret is to mix just enough loses to make it plausible.
If you ever go there, you'll know the guy I'm talking about right away.

Innes: Interesting. I've never had any experience with this sort of thing.
One only has so much time when he's groomed to become the King, you know.

Joshua: I can imagine. But a king must have a wide range of knowledge,
don't you think? When I was a journeyman, I lost a lot of money to scams
like this. I started learning these tricks they couldn't be used on me
anymore! It's all rubbish, innit? But it's not a bad thing to add to your

Innes: I must hand it to you, you have a point, Some things, you can only
learn firsthand, on the field.

Joshua: Well, I've given away enough of my secrets for one day. I'll give
you back all the money I took you for, so go easy on me.

Innes: Wait.

Joshua: Hm?

Innes: There's no need to give it back. That I failed to see your trick was
my own failing.

Joshua: You serious? All right. Good deal. You're a good man.
Let's just call this your tuition fee, eh?

Innes: ... Wait.

Joshua: Now what? What is it this time?

Innes: We're still in the middle of the bet. We'll pick up where we left off.

Joshua: Are you saying... you want to keep going?

Innes: Naturally. You've revealed your secrets to me. My luck is bound to
change. I feel a winning streak coming on.

Joshua: ... Oh, brother. Well you're persistent, I'll give you that much.
Call it in the air.

Innes: ... Tails.


Innes/L'Arachel [5118]

Innes/L'Arachel C

L'Arachel: Well, hello.

Innes: Imagine meeting you here.

L'Arachel: Yes... You know, I believe this is our first chance to speak
privately. I am L'Arachel of the Theocracy of Rausten. It's a pleasure to
meet you.

Innes: I believe you already know my name. I am Innes, prince of Frelia.

L'Arachel: Speaking of Frelia... Oh, I remember, the seafood was delicious

Innes: Yes, I would agree that the fish of my homeland is not unpleasant.

L'Arachel: Yes. However it does not compare with that of my home, Rausten.

Innes: Is that so? I know not what the fish your country has to offer,
but I have a hard time imagining they could be much tastier than our own.

L'Arachel: Your doubt is not surprising. Once this war is over, you must
come and visit Rausten. I think it best if you try a wide variety of our
fish for yourself.

Innes: That's a good idea. I will most certainly do so. And perhaps you have
not tasted all the fish Frelia has to offer. To be sure, you should visit
again. Perhaps a culinary exchange is in order. It may change your opinion.

L'Arachel: We'll see. Very well, I accept your invitation.
I will visit your country once more and taste your national dishes.

Innes/L'Arachel B

Innes: L'Arachel.

L'Arachel: Yes?

Innes: Are you sure you're supposed to be here? I wonder if you're truly here
with the permission of your superiors.

L'Arachel: Of-of course I am! What gives you the right to speak to me in
such a manner?

Innes: Well, I have heard a bit about your wild behavior...

L'Arachel: H-how rude you are! If I were not a holy woman, I would beat you

Innes: How savage YOU are. Perhaps you could learn self-control by observing
Frelia's pegasus knights. Yes, there's something I'd like to show you.
When the Frelia's pegasi gather in Walles Forest... It's a spectacle of
such beauty...

L'Arachel: If it is beauty you seek, then Rausten is second to none.
Do you know of Rausten's lofty peak Mount Mimir. I pity those who die
without having gazed upon its breathtaking beauty.

Innes: ... If you recommend it so highly, then yes, I would indeed
like to see it.

L'Arachel: Yes. That would be splendid indeed. But there are many more
equally beautiful places in Rausten.

Innes: Then perhaps you should tell me about them for future reference.
And in return, I shall take time to tell you about the beautiful places
in my kingdom.

L'Arachel: Yes, I would love to hear more.

Innes/L'Arachel A

Innes: The Theocracy of Rausten certainly sounds like a spectacular land.

L'Arachel: As does Frelia, much more than I imagined it would. And yet...

Innes: You mean to ask which is the most spectacular? Is that it?

L'Arachel: What? That's no question at all! Rausten is clearly superior in
every way.

Innes: I expected you would say so. But what of the truth? Your opinion is
subjective, is it not?

L'Arachel: Well.. um.. All opinions are subjective, but I'm sure an objective
evaluation would yield the same result.

Innes: To prove that, we will need some fair and impartial third in our

L'Arachel: Indeed! And I have a splendid idea. Let the pair from Renais
judge. Surely Ephraim and Eirika can come to a proper decision.

Innes: Of course I agree completely. I think I should remind the two of
all the wonder Frelia holds.

L'Arachel: Then it's decided. They will visit both of our homes, and we'll
show them such splendor as to leave them breathless. Invitations to visit
our two nations will surely have them overjoyed.

Innes: It would only be natural.

L'Arachel: It would be natural. Very well then, let us deal with this evil
and take those two home with us. First and foremost, it is a competition to
see whose land is more magnificent!

Innes: I can see the whole affair has you very enthralled. I cannot say where
this little competition will lead us... But I am more than happy to go up
against you.

L'Arachel: Don't blame me if you regret our contest later, though. You may
be composed before others, but you'll surely be lonely on your own.

Innes: Be warned yourself. Your words may prove embarrassing to you later.

L'Arachel: It's not a problem. This is just another contest in the name of
all that is holy and true.

Innes: Ah, very well then.


Lute/Artur [5119]

Lute/Artur C

Lute: Hm... I wonder if... Oh, I see...

Artur: What are you doing, Lute?

Lute: Oh! I was just observing this chemida beetle.

Artur: You haven't changed at all, have you, Lute?

Lute: What do you mean?

Artur: You spent most of your time sequestered in your room, studying your
books. On the rare occasion you went outside, you were paralyzed with

Lute: Of course! There are so many fascinating things to be learned from
nature! There are a great many books out there, and I have read most of them,
of course. But I've found that what is written can differ greatly from how
things truly are. Take this chemida beetle, for example. I've been reading
from "The Glossary of Falibrian Entomology" lately. According to the
glossary, their wings fall off once they reach maturity. However, I
have just found an adult beetle whose wings still work perfectly!
Exceptions do exist to the rules my books outline. This is a rare specimen.
I wonder, should we take it back with us?

Artur: Sigh... I hope this isn't another of your pranks.

Lute: My... pranks?

Artur: Do you remember when I loaned you my copy of "Lux Aeterna"?
You replaced my bookmark with the tail of a sedgel lizard.
You scared ten years off my life, I swear it!

Lute: Did I do that?

Artur: And! Knowing full well that I have a... mild... fear of spiders,
you caught a small army of them and unleashed them in my room!

Lute: I thought that if I immersed you in the thing you feared,
maybe you might be able to overcome your fear entirely!
And I went to a lot of trouble trying to catch those spiders!

Artur: ... Why would you do that?

Lute: Well, I did get a bit of a kick out of the experience myself.
Why? Did it bother you?

Artur: YES! Oh, don't worry about it. At least you did it because you cared
about me, right? I'll just accept it as the best gesture of kindness you can
manage, Lute.

Lute/Artur B

Lute: Are you tired, Artur?

Artur: Huh...? Oh, no. I'm... ...... You're right. I am tired. How could you
tell, Lute? I was trying my best not to show it

Lute: Oh, come on! There's no one better than me at spotting things like this!
I can tell, you're mentally exhuasted.

Artur: I don't know what I expected, but... I had no idea war would be
like this. One battle after another, overwhelming odds... and monsters!?
In this day and age, we're fighting monsters from legends and epics?
I know how much is at stake, but sometimes... I get so tired.

Lute: When you're tired, there's nothing better than a good meal and a long
sleep. And if you look at page 990 of "De Floris Mysticis," there's a special
herb that, once decocted into a potion will help relax your muscles.
Look for the parfina flower, and reduce it into a thick syrup before drinking.
Oh, and I hear music helps you sleep. If you like, I can hum something for you.

Artur: Thank you. However, I think I'll pass on your offer, delightful though
your humming must be. You must be tired as well. Take care of yourself,
and rest when you can.

Lute: I will. In fact, maybe I'll just hum to myself instead. Will you be all

Artur: I'm fine. I feel quite refreshed, in fact.

Lute: Refreshed? How so? Was it some new kind of magic?

Artur: Perhaps, from a certain point of view. Your every word has nutured my

Lute: Hm. I'm not sure I get it, but as long as you're feeling better!

Lute/Artur A

Artur: Hello, Lute.

Lute:  ......

Artur: What is it? You look like you have something on your mind.

Lute: Oh. No. I was just thinking about monsters.

Artur: Monsters?

Lute: Yes. All these monsters are our enemies, I know, but... they're not all
bad, are they?

Artur: What are you talking about?

Lute: They're kind of cute, don't you think? I mean, like those revenants,
for example.

Artur: It's fair to say I will never understand your tastes. Besides, I
thought you enjoyed using them as, well, magic practice.

Lute: Oh, I do. I do indeed. I use my magic to rip them to shreds... with
love, of course.

Artur: Your way of expressing love is somewhat frightening...

Lute: Do you think so? Thank you.

Artur: No... That wasn't a compliment. ... Should I, ah, expect you to attack
me with magic, too?

Lute: Hm? Why would I attack you with my magic?

Artur: You don't get it?

Lute: No. Your strange logic baffles even my brilliant, brilliant mind.
That's why I'm curious.

Artur: Really? You don't get it?

Lute: No, I don't!

Artur: You really don't?

Lute: Stop that!

Artur: I'm just giving you a hard time, Lute. All right. I'll just come
straight out and say it.

Lute: Finally!

Artur: It's because I like you.

Lute: What!?

Artur: In fact, I love you, and I'm hoping perhaps that you love me.

Lute: Oh! Oh!!!

Artur: Now, do you understand?

Lute: Er... Um... A-according to "A Young Girl's Primer to Nazonian Magic,"
that most ancient tome long sought by, er, the terrible Demon King himself...
it's not uncommon for a party to assign feelings of... er, love to the
reanimated hordes they confront on the battlefield,and considering my
incredible brain and the remarkable skills I--

Artur: Lute?

Lute: Well, that is... What I mean is...

Artur: What's wrong with you? I don't often see you lose your cool.

Lute: Th-that's because...

Artur: Yes?

Lute: Well... My books don't tell me anything about how to deal with love!

Artur: Heh... Heh heh heh... Ha ha ha ha!!!

Lute: I'm sorry. I'm a little out of my depth when it comes to love.

Artur: No, you're not. Love needs no textbooks. Just be yourself, and listen
to your feelings.

Lute: Is... that all I need to do?

Artur: I promise.

Lute: ... Er, excuse me...

Artur: Yes?

Lute: Well, er...

Artur: Yes?

Lute: I'm glad... you're here.

Artur: I am, too, Lute.


Lute/Knoll [6111]

Lute/Knoll C

Lute: ......

Knoll: Er...

Lute: ......

Knoll: Er, excuse me... If at all possible, uh... would you mind not stalking
me like that?

Lute: You noticed, huh?

Knoll: What did you expect? You've been at my back for days. I can't help but
notice! What do you want from me?

Lute: Aaagh!

Knoll: Hey! What was that for?

Lute: You dodged, huh? I knew your presence would be dangerous to me.

Knoll: Hm? What do you mean by...

Lute: Gah!

Knoll: Stop! P-please! Stop!

Lute: You did it again. Hm. This isn't good. Nobody else has dodged me twice.

Knoll: Wh-what are you saying--

Lute: You're quick at escaping, too. You're dangerous. I'm afraid I can't
let you threaten my natural superiority.

Lute/Knoll B

Knoll: You must be...

Lute: You must be Knoll. I've been researching you. I also plan to find out
your Achilles' heel before too long.

Knoll: ... Why would you do something like that?

Lute: Because there's no one better than me.

Knoll: I'm sorry?

Lute: I said there's no one better than me. And if there is, I have to stop
him. I can't have you threatening my natural superiority here.

Knoll: Threatening your--

Lute: I've seen you. You use magic, and that makes you competition. And you
use dark magic, which makes you the enemy of light.

Knoll: That's a common misconception, actually, about dark mages. And
besides, we're allies here.

Lute: No, not until we make it clear who is superior.

Knoll: Oh, fine...

Lute: What, you think you're better than me?

Knoll: I never said that! Look, we're on the same side here. Does it matter
who's better?

Lute: Matter? Of course it matters! How could you possibly think it doesn't?
Personally, I think I'm clearly superior to you. Don't you agree?

Knoll: Do what you like.

Lute: ...... That was close. You were trying to trick me, huh? That's dirty

Knoll: ...... What I'm saying is...

Lute: It's not safe for me here. I must retreat... for now.

Knoll: ......

Lute/Knoll A

Lute: ......

Knoll: Lute...

Lute: Can I-- I just wanted to say I'm... sorry.

Knoll: Gotten over yourself, have you?

Lute: No, but I've been watching you, and I've noticed something when you
fight. Suffice it to say that I am not convinced that there's no one better
than me.

Knoll: I... see...

Lute: I must have miscalculated your abilities at first. I don't know why I
thought you could have been better. Anyway, I'm sorry that I overestimated
your skills. Well, if you'll excuse me.

Knoll: You know, I think you may have missed the point.

Lute: ......

Knoll: What seems to be the problem?

Lute: ... No, nothing. See you...

Knoll: ... Oh, hold on. Lute.

Lute: Yes?

Knoll: Why don't you stay and chat for a moment? Now that I'm not a threat to
you, we can relax and talk. If you don't mind, of course...

Lute: Hm... All right. As long as we're in agreement about who's superior
around here.


Lute/Kyle [6112]

Lute/Kyle C

Kyle: Hey, you.

Lute: ...... I'm sorry, were you talking to me?

Kyle: There's nobody else here, is there?

Lute: And who are you?

Kyle: I beg your pardon. I should have introduced myself. Kyle, of the Knights
of Renais.

Lute: Ah, I see. And I am Lute, mage of profound genius.

Kyle: Very well, Lute. The pleasure is mine. To tell you the truth, I've been
looking for you.

Lute: Has someone issued a search notice? Or is there a bounty on my head? Or
is this perhaps a private matter?

Kyle: I... guess it would be that last one. I have a favor to ask.

Lute: What would it be? My requests are classified into seven categories and
25 items.

Kyle: I don't know how it would be classified, but... I want you to help us

Lute: Why?

Kyle: I'm a strong believer that morale is best served by good leadership. A
unit of knights, all trained by Renais's finest generals. But we're fighting
no ordinary foe, and we need more diverse skills. That's where you come in.
Because you can use magic, you could be invaluable in helping me develop
unique battle strategies.

Lute: So that's what you wanted me for, is it?

Kyle: How about it? Would you do it?

Lute: Sure. Anything you say. I don't mind.

Kyle: I should warn you, I spend my time on the front line. I ride out to meet
the enemy head-on rather than attacking from afar. It's a much riskier
prospect than supporting from the rear guard. Is that going to be a problem?

Lute: I have no objections.

Kyle: Excellent! I appreciate your help. I expect we'll be able to generate
some stunning tactics together. You don't need to stay at the front the whole
time. I'll give you a cue when to approach.

Lute: Got it. I'll do whatever you say.

Kyle: I'm counting on you.

Lute: You have nothing to worry about. There's no one better than me!

Lute/Kyle B

Kyle: Lute.

Lute: Yes, sir.

Kyle: I was right about you. You've been a great help to us all.

Lute: Well, of course I have! I told you there's no one better than me!

Kyle: Magic is an incredibly powerful force, isn't it? Sturdy armor, tough
hide, it makes no difference to magic. I'm in awe of it.

Lute: You're not so bad yourself. You're an incredible fighter.

Kyle: Thanks.

Lute: Have you trained a lot?

Kyle: Yep. When I was young, there was a lad I hated losing to. Every day,
I trained harder and harder in hopes of defeating him.

Lute: So what happened? Did you finally beat him?

Kyle: Uh... Not as such, no. But I haven't lost to him in a while, either.
We're evenly matched. I think we force one another to improve.

Lute: I see. It's always good to have someone against whom you measure
yourself. Aren't you glad you have this personal adversary?

Kyle: Uh-huh. You know, I think this is the longest conversation we've had.

Lute: Really?

Kyle: Well, uh... Not to sound rude, but I didn't take you as the kind to be
interested in others.

Lute: No, it's not rude at all. I just... got a little interested in you.

Kyle: I see. Keep up the good work.

Lute: Yes, sir.

Lute/Kyle A

Kyle: Hooo... What a fight! How are you holding up, Lute?

Lute: No problem, sir. I could keep this up all day!

Kyle: That's good to hear. But don't push yourself... You're vital to my

Lute: Of course I am! There's no one better than me!

Kyle: I'd have to agree. This would be a lot harder without you along.
This might seem forward, but... What do you do when you're not, well,
fighting in wars?

Lute: Me? Oh, I'm a student of magic.

Kyle: I guessed that much. What I mean is, do you have any hobbies?

Lute: Hobbies?

Kyle: That's right. Take me, for example. I like to collect carved figurines
of animals. I have a small collection of them back home at Renais. How about

Lute: Does monk-watching count?

Kyle: Monk-watching? What are you talking about? Maybe I should ask a
different question. Do you have any favorite foods?

Lute: Out of everything I've had, curry of dried toad is my favorite.

Kyle: Er... right... Do you enjoy cooking?

Lute: I don't cook much, but I'm sure I'd be good at it. I mean, I can cook
with a single work, no fire necessary!

Kyle: Ha!

Lute: I'm sorry?

Kyle: Ha ha ha ha ha! I never get bored talking to you. I can't explain it,
but I find you so refreshing!

Lute: Really? I like talking to you, too.

Kyle: ...... Lute.

Lute: Yes, sir?

Kyle: Why don't you come to Renais once the war is over?

Lute: Why not? No objections.

Kyle: Ha! No objections? That's your answer? Well, all right, then. Let's
focus on getting through this war first, though.

Lute: Yes, sir.

Kyle: I'm glad to have you with us.

Lute: Me, too, sir.


Natasha/Joshua [6113]

Natasha/Joshua C

Joshua: Hey, I've been hearing good things about you lately. Everyone's real
happy you've been helping to heal them.

Natasha: Really? That's nice to hear. I do what little I can, but I'm glad if
I've been helpful.

Joshua: Oh, you have been, rest assured. You don't just mend flesh. Your smile
 eases all our pain. So, I may have lost our bet... but everything seems to
have turned out for the best, right?

Natasha: Joshua... I just do what I can to help and stay out of everyone's

Joshua: I'm just saying, you've saved a lot of lives out there. We've got
other healers, I know, but you're more than that. You're special. I may be
the most cynical of our lot, but even I can see that.

Natasha: Joshua... You're far too kind.

Joshua: Don't be so humble. You deserve the praise.

Natasha: If...if you say so.

Joshua: Well, I do. So keep it up.

Natasha: I'll do what I can.

Joshua: ...Nice smile.

Natasha/Joshua B

Natasha: Oh! Aaaaaah!!!

Joshua: Watch out! Nngh!! An arrow?! Did someone set up a trap for us? Or is
there someone here? An archer? Where is he?

Natasha: Joshua! You saved me. Thank goodness you were near.

Joshua: Yeah, well... I just happened to be in the neighborhood is all.

Natasha: You make light of it, but I truly appreciate that you were nearby.

Joshua: Well, uh... Are you all right?

Natasha: I'm fine, thank you. But it's only thanks to you, Joshua. You saved
me. I'll try to be more attentive to my surroundings.

Joshua: Yeah, well... It's not always easy, you know? Especially when you're
working. You concentrate pretty hard when you're doing your healing thing.
Just focus on your work, and I'll keep an eye on you. Sound fair?

Natasha: Oh, no... I couldn't ask you to spend all your time protecting me.

Joshua: What, you don't want me to?

Natasha: It's not that at all! I rather like-- .. Um, never mind.

Joshua: ...... Say, you want to make a bet?

Natasha: Another...bet? Right here? In the middle of this battlefield? What
did you intend to bet on this time?

Joshua: That you're gonna fall for me, sooner or later.

Natasha: What!?

Joshua: I'm betting yes, personally.

Natasha: Oh... This isn't the time for jokes... I-I just don't know.

Joshua: Hey, don't go running off! Sigh... I wasn't even joking...

Natasha/Joshua A

Joshua: Ouch...

Natasha: Joshua, are you all right? Do you need medical atten--

Joshua: Natasha, how did you get here so quickly?

Natasha: ...... I just...happened to be in the neighborhood. Are you hurt?

Joshua: Ugh. Yeah... But it's only a scratch. Still, if you could...take care
of it. Please?

Natasha: Yes... ......

Joshua: ......

Natasha: ...... ...All done.

Joshua: Thanks. ...... Say, Natasha. Want to make a bet?

Natasha: On what? If this is another of you little jokes, I--

Joshua: Will I make you happy? That's what we'll bet on. Are you in, or what?

Natasha: What?

Joshua: That's everything I've got. I can't up the ante any more. So how about
it? Are you in?

Natasha: Are you...serious?

Joshua: Look into my eyes, and decide for yourself.

Natasha: ...... I...

Joshua: "I serve the people," is that it? Listen, does it make any difference
if you serve them in Grado or Renais? You can come with me. It'll work out,
you'll see. I'll make it work.

Natasha: Joshua...

Joshua: Natasha.

Natasha: ...... ...... I will...

Joshua: ......

Natasha: ...... accept your wager.

Joshua: You will?

Natasha: What I'm betting is my future. My happiness.

Joshua: Natasha... ... I can't afford to lose this one.

Natasha: You're right... And I hope from the bottom of my hear that you win.

Joshua: Don't worry. In a pinch, I never lose. Well, I mean, I lose sometimes.
But not this time!

Natasha: At least...you won our last bet.

Joshua: Hm? Oh! Oh, yeah... That you'd fall for me.

Natasha: ...

Joshua: ...That was easy. This bet, this is going to be a tough one. I'm gonna
have to work at it. But knowing that I've won one bet already, at least I've
got that.

Natasha: This war is terrible...but at least it brought us together.


Natasha/Knoll [6114]

Natasha/Knoll C

Natasha: Master Knoll...

Knoll: I know you... You're Natasha, from the temple.

Natasha: Yes. I remember seeing you many times back in Grado. But this is the
first time we've ever actually spoken.

Knoll: I don't know what it is, but clerics and mages seem to be like oil and
water. And we mages can be an enigmatic bunch at times. Shadowy and
sinister... Or at least, that's how I've always imagined you clerics saw us.

Natasha: Oh, no! I never-- Well, no. You're right. We had few dealings with
the mages. But that's in the past. I have a question for you, Master Knoll.

Knoll: I think I can guess. It's about the Sacred Stones and Prince Lyon, is

Natasha: It is. My mentor died... trying to warn us about the threat our
Sacred Stone posed. I want to know the truth. What is Emperor Vigarde up to?
What is Prince Lyon's role in this?

Knoll: There are as many truths out there as there are people to tell them.
Perhaps it's best simply to choose the truth with which you are most

Natasha: ......

Knoll: In the eyes of your mentor, I would imagine we must have seemed quite
evil. He imagined our magical studies using the Sacres Stone were sacrilege.
I suspect he quite loathed the ancient magics he called "dark."

Natasha: You're wrong... My mentor wasn't like that at all! And isn't that
war the direct result of all your dark magic research?

Knoll: ......

Natasha: ......

Knoll: Hm... Well, I suppose you are right about that. Your magic stems from
faith in the unknowable, the divine presence. In contrast, dark magic stems
from knowledge, from understanding. We distrust what we do not understand,
and we strive to know the unknowable. Perhaps our disciplines truly are

Natasha: ......

Natasha/Knoll B

Knoll: ... Our researches ended in miserable failure. Grado's Sacred Stone
was shattered. Prince Lyon, corrupted... And this whole tragedy that unfolds
around us even now. It's true. We mages have triggered this age's greatest

Natasha: But why? What was it all for? What did you hope to accomplish with
the power of the Sacred Stone?

Knoll: All Prince Lyon wanted was to help people... and we are his servants.

Natasha: Help people?

Knoll: We read of a spell entitled the time shear. It causes, in effect, a
hole in time. This spell warps time, punches a hole through cause and effect.

Natasha: ......

Knoll: We lack the knowledge to reproduce this ancient spell today. Prince
Lyon, however, was convinced that we could unravel its secret. He felt we
could use it to predict--and even prevent--future events.

Natasha: ... Prevent... the future?

Knoll: Oh, we dedicated years to studying this spell. You see, the greater
the disaster, the farther it sends ripples through time. We learned to read
these ripples from the future, hoping to save lives. If we could know when a
disaster would strike, we could evacuate people. We could save millions of

Natasha: But... It seems so, so blasphemous. That worldly creatures should
take control of fate, it--

Knoll: Are you saying that, knowing the future, we should do nothing? We
should simply allow people to die in order to preserve "fate"?

Natasha: I...

Knoll: I'm sorry. I don't mean to sound hostile. Prince Lyon himself was
troubled by these same doubts, you see. But we pressed on with our studies.
We felt it was our duty, in the interest of all Grado's people.

Natasha: ......

Knoll: Perhaps we were bitter that we receive no credit for aiding Grado.
That we receive no accolades for our research, for the benefit it brings.
I do not know. But we pressed on, nonetheless. The misconceptions linking
the ancient magics to "evil" die hard and slow. Prince Lyon sought to change
that. He wanted, as we all wanted, to prove that our magic had good uses.

Natasha: Prince Lyon would never--

Knoll: With our aid, Prince Lyon predicted a great storm rising in the south.
He barred ships from leaving port, and, oh, how the people complained. But
the storm came, and the seas raged. We saved countless lives. And Prince Lyon
cared not at all if the people loved him for it. He only wanted them to be

Natasha: ......

Knoll: And now, I see it all so clearly. All our research amounts to nothing.
All I can do now is lament our hunger for knowledge. Our greed.

Natasha/Knoll A

Natasha: Master Knoll...

Knoll: ... Still have questions, do you? I have told you all that I know.

Natasha: I'm not sure you did. You said that you could see... ripples of
future disasters, is that it? And the greater the disaster, the more clearly
you could read it? Does that mean you saw something? Some tremendous disaster
to come?

Knoll: ......

Natasha: And in knowing the disaster, Lyon thought he could prevent it.
Could he have... Was he studying the Sacred Stone to find a way to prevent
this disaster?

Knoll: And what will you do, now that you know this, too? Haven't you called
such knowledge blasphemous?

Natasha: I... don't know what to do. If my mentor were here, I think he might
be able to guide me. But I'm still so inexperienced. I feel lost in this

Knoll: ......

Natasha: But how can I not act on this? If I do nothing, knowing that
something terrible will happen... If I could have helped... I... I don't know
what to do.

Knoll: ... Within five years, half of Grado will be destroyed.

Natasha: Destroyed?

Knoll: In the southern half of the continent, there will be a terrible quake.
The ground will shake violently. The earth will crack open wide. Cities will
fall. Fields will burn in the earth's hot blood. Few will survive. This is
what we have foreseen.

Natasha: How-- How can this--

Knoll: I advise you to leave Grado. You might be able to escape the disaster
if you head north to Renais or Frelia.

Natasha: No... I can't do that. When this disaster strikes, people will need
help and healing. If I could help them even a little by staying behind...

Knoll: You would willingly risk certain death to save a handful of people?

Natasha: If I died serving Grado, I would have no regrets, Master Knoll.
Thank you for sharing this. I will make the most of this knowledge.

Knoll: ... Spoken like a true cleric. You would drop everything without
hesitation just to help others. This is the difference between mages and
priests. Knowledge versus sacrifice. Perhaps you might allow me to join you
when the time comes...

Natasha: Master Knoll?

Knoll: If I am to honor Prince Lyon's intentions, I cannot flee this. I am
not sure how best I can help, but I do not want anyone to die. Not if, by my
action, I can save them.

Natasha: I understand how you feel, Master Knoll... Let our strengths be
united, then, for the common good.


Natasha/Cormag [6115]

Natasha/Cormag C

Cormag: Oh, great. Perfect timing. You're a priestess, aren't you?

Natasha: Y-yes. I am. How many I--

Cormag: Sorry, I'm in a bit of a hurry here. Uh, could you heal this little
guy for me?

Natasha: Heal... who? Do you mean that kitten?

Cormag: Yeah, what's the matter? Can't you do kittens?

Natasha: No, that's not it. It's just, I was a little surprised to--

Cormag: Whatever. Doesn't matter. If you can heal him, hop to it!

Natasha: Oh, yes... Sorry. ... There. He should be fine now. Aren't you a
lucky little kitty? This sweet man saved you!

Cormag: Sweet man? Me? Heh. Lady, you don't know me. But thanks for saving him.

Natasha: Not at all. I couldn't let the little guy suffer.

Cormag: The name's Cormag. I'm glad I ran into you.

Natasha: I'm just glad I could help. My name is Natasha.

Cormag: Well, I owe you one for saving the cat. If you need any help, just
call out, and I'll be here.

Natasha: I shall rememeber that, Cormag.

Natasha/Cormag B

Cormag: Hey, it's Natasha, right?

Natasha: Yes, that's right. How is the kitty doing?

Cormag: I took him back to his mother. I figured he belonged back with his mom.

Natasha: I agree.

Cormag: How about you? Where are your parents in all this?

Natasha: I haven't seen them since I joined the clerical order. We would
write, but it's been a while since I heard from them. I wonder how they are.
I've been worried about them.

Cormag: Are you from Grado, Natasha?

Natasha: Yes, I am.

Cormag: I thought so! You know what? That's where I'm from, too! Where were
you born? I'm from the south myself.

Natasha: I was born in a village near the Renais border.

Cormag: Ah, well, you've got nothing to worry about then. When I joined the
army, I was stationed near the border. Worst thing you've got to worry about
there is bandits.

Natasha: Really? That's so good to hear. Thank you for telling me that. I get
so worried.

Cormag: Ah, there. That's a nice smile you've got there. Cheers me up just
looking at it, it does. Don't worry too much about your parents, Natasha.

Natasha: I won't, Cormag. And thank you. I mean it.

Natasha/Cormag A

Natasha: ... Hello, Cormag.

Cormag: What's the matter? You've got your gloomy face on again.

Natasha: Doesn't this all get hard for you?

Cormag: This what?

Natasha: ... Ever since this started, we've been fighting nothing but Grado
soldiers. These are our countrymen. Our families...

Cormag: ......

Natasha: Every battle we win, I see only how many casualties we've caused.
I'm a healer, but to win this, I must turn my back on my countrymen. I have
to let them suffer, when all I want to do is help them. But...

Cormag: ... But what?

Natasha: Grado is responsible for all of this. Our homeland... Grado has
caused so many deaths now. We have no choice but to fight.

Cormag: Ah. You see it now. That's the sad irony of the battlefield. I ride a
wyvern and use my spear to bring low men who should be my allies. We each
joined this cause in hopes of bringing Grado to its senses. Our country has
set the world on its ear, and it's up to us to right things.

Natasha: I suppose...

Cormag: ... You know something, Natasha? You should never be ashamed of the
fact that you're from Grado. You have no debt to pay, no burden of guilt to
bear. Grado was once a magnificent country. Do what you can to restore that
glory. It took only a handful of men to turn Grado down the wrong path, but
perhaps a mere handful of soldiers can set things right again.

Natasha: I understand, Cormag. I'll do what I know to be right, no matter
what. I feel like a heavy fog has been lifted from my heart. Thank you.

Cormag: Ah, I just wanted to see that lovely smile on your face again.
You and me, we've got lots of talk about, I think. Let's do this again.

Natasha: I'd love to.


Cormag/Duessel [6116]

Cormag/Duessel C

Duessel: Cormag...
Cormag: Sir Duessel.
Duessel: Are you well?
Cormag: I am as you see me. Fine in every respect.
Duessel: I'm not talking about your flesh. It's your heart I'm worried for.
Cormag: ......
Duessel: I'm here because I made the decision for myself to leave Grado.
Luckily for me, one of the leaders here is an old acquaintace of mine.
I'm not saying my heart is at ease, but I have found something to believe in.
Something to fight for. And yet, you...
Cormag: I, too, made a choice to be here. There's no need for your concern.
Duessel: ......
Cormag: I believe in myself. Therefore it matters not where I am.
So no matter where I go or what I do, I'm sure my brother would understand.
Duessel: Cormag.
Cormag: And besides, General Duessel, you're here in this army with me.
There's no shame in fighting alongside the man once known as Obsidian.
Duessel: Mm. Cormag, let us emerge victorious from this war, for the things
we both believe in.
Cormag: Yes.

Cormag/Duessel B

Cormag: Sir Duessel.
Duessel: Well met, Cormag. I'm impressed by your skills.
Cormag: They're still far below yours, General Duessel. By the way, I have a
favor I've been meaning to ask of you.
Duessel: What is it? Please tell me.
Cormag: Your stories tell of a small lance you carry like a treasure.
May I see it?

Duessel: Stories, you say? Am I the subject of stories now? Interesting.
Here is the lance you're talking about. Examine it at your leisure. 
Cormag: It... It really is... It's a Gavaleus...
Duessel: Oh! You've heard of Gavaleus, have you? You must know quite a bit
about the crafting of weapons. This is one of Gavaleus's final works. I have
quite a collection of weapons, but this is among the most beautiful of them.
While it can be used in battle, I would never dull its shine with blood or
dirt.  If I ever use this lance, I vow that it will be only in my own final
Cormag: It shines as thought it could light up the soul of its wielder.
You're right. I would hesitate to stain its beauty with blood, too.
Duessel: Ah, so you grasp what I mean? Cormag, you have a discerning eye.
Cormag: Thank you. And yet, I know that I will never be your equal, General
Duessel: Come, now. You know, your brother asked to see this lance once as
Cormag: My brother?
Duessel: Yes. You two are so alike. His comments mirror your own almost
Cormag: Is that so?
Duessel: For warriors, our weapons are our lives. I'm glad to know you
understand that. Someday, you'll be a splendid wyvern knight to equal your

Cormag/Duessel A

Duessel: Cormag... I've something I want to show you. Here it is. This lance.
What do you think of it?
Cormag: My! It has such power! It sends chills down my spine... I am not
nearly strong enough to wield a weapon sich as this.
Duessel: Hm, you think so? Merely holding this lance makes me tremble with
dread. Not overly so, but enough to stop me from wielding it in combat.
This lance... It can drive its wielder to madness.
Cormag: Madness, you say?
Duessel: Yes, Cormag. It's a magic weapon of dark design that's been in my
family for ages. Legend states that the leader of our house must always carry
it, but never use it. We are prohibited from wielding it until such a time as
madness itself rules the day. It's a part of my legacy, and yet... I...
I made a grave error... I allowed Valter to use this lance.
Cormag: You let Valter--
Duessel: Yes... ... We were in the middle of a battle.
Valter had broken his lance, and when I wasn't looking he somehow took this
one. From that moment, he was changed... He killed everyone--even retreating
men. I took the lance from him when I realized what had happened, but it was
too late. Madness had awakened within Valter and was coursing through his
body. From then on, he hungered only for battle and for blood... It's not as
though Valter was a gentle lamb before, but now his appetite for violence
increased many times over. It's all because of this cursed lance.
Cormag: ...... That odd light playing around the point... I thought it looked
familiar. It was Valter... It's the same light Valter had in his eyes on the
battlefield. Valter's insane because of this lance. ...... Sir Duessel, if it
please you, would you let me have this lance?

Duessel: What? You? B-but...
Cormag: Are you worried that I will end up like Valter?
Duessel: N-no... ......
Cormag: This lance--someone needs to master it. It's just a feeling I have.
A weapon is only as good or evil as the man who wields it. In the hands of
someone just, it can be a righteous weapon. In the hands of the wicked,
it's a danger to all. Believe me, I have not been seduced by this lance.
I merely want to see it used for the purpose for which it was forged.
Duessel: ...... I understand you, Cormag. I'm going to let you have it.
I have no son. I had not yet decided to whom I should pass on this legacy.
Now I see that leaving it to someone whom I trust and believe in is best.
As with me, your admiration of weapons is balanced by a healthy respect.
You also have a good eye, and you possess tremendous strength. The day you
are able to wield this lance may not be far off at all. If the madness in
this lance can be tamed, it may very will be a weapon without equal... I never
had the courage to wield it, but I would love to see it used righteously....
I am entrusting it to you. I hope you will use it one day.
Cormag: I accept your gift, Sir Duessel. I would receive it once this battle
is finished and our hearts are calmer. If I were to take it in the heat of
battle, I might become Valter the second. It is a possiblity that I cannot
Duessel: Yes, I see. Cormag... I'm counting on you. I look forward to the day
I can see this lance wielded correctly.
Cormag: Understood. Until that time comes, please try not to get yourself
killed, General Duessel!
Duessel: Ha!


Cormag/Tana [6117]

Cormag/Tana C

Tana: Hello, Sir Cormag.

Cormag: Princess Tana! That still sounds so odd to me. You know, I had no
idea you were a princess at first. But please, just call me Cormag. There's
no need for honorifics with me.

Tana: Cormag it is, then. I had a favor to ask of you.

Cormag: What would you have me do, Princess?

Tana: I'm prone to attacks from archers when I'm on the battlefield...

Cormag: That makes two of us. It's a common problem for airborne soldiers.

Tana: I thought perhaps we could keep watch for archers and warn one another.

Cormag: Hm. Yes, you've got a good idea there. A "buddy system" of sorts.
But if you saw an ally in danger, you'd warn him regardless, wouldn't you?

Tana: Well, of course! But we're so high up that I was worried. If I saw an
archer, I didn't think my voice would carry to you in time. Perhaps the
neighing of a pegasus or the cries of a wyvern could carry far enough to warn
the others.

Cormag: Oh! I see... Yes, we might not be able to hear each other in the hear
of battle. But our steeds can be louder than either of us could. And trust me,
my wyvern's shriek can pierce your ear from two leagues away. A brillant idea,
Your Highness.

Tana: Really? Thank you.

Cormag: Right, so if we see anything out there, we'll have our mounts call
out, right?

Tana: Yes, and thank you, Cormag.

Cormag/Tana B

Tana: Cormag, thanks for warning me about that archer the other day. Your
wyvern startled me, but I think you may have saved my life!

Cormag: Well, you should thank him, then. I can't take credit for it. I
mean, he started shrieking out to you before I even saw that bowman.

Tana: Really? That's amazing... In that case... Thank you.

Cormag: The bond between a wyvern and rider is close, and this guy's a smart
one. I'm sure you and your pegasus are the same, wouldn't you say?

Tana: Oh, yes. It's the same with every knight and her pegasus. It's so sad
to see how war has changed by the way we relate to our animal allies. It's
taking such a tremendous toll on these beautiful creatures.

Cormag: I agree. This whole war is ludicrous. War itself is madness, even
more so if it's for greed or the fantasy of power.

Tana: I hope our efforts end this war quickly. I don't want to see anyone
else die.

Cormag: Nor do I. But you cannot race headlong into battle. We'll need you to
help rebuild our shattered nations, after all. We soldiers are expendable,
but you regal types aren't.

Tana: Cormag, don't say that!

Cormag: But it's true.

Tana: No! No life is expendable!

Cormag: Your Highness...

Tana: Don't throw your life away. Promise me, will you?

Cormag: ... As you wish, Princess. I'll be careful.

Tana: I have your promise, Cormag.

Cormag/Tana A

Tana: What are you fighting for, Cormag?

Cormag: What makes you ask?

Tana: I saw you fighting earlier... and for some reason, it made me sad.

Cormag: I see. I can think of many reasons why a man would fight. Atonement,
revenge, entertainment... For power... For fun... But I don't know the
reason I am fighting anymore.

Tana: Cormag...

Cormag: What more would you expect from a man who's lost his faith? A man
whose emperor has gone mad, whose homeland is collapsing?

Tana: ...... What are you going to do when the war is over?

Cormag: I'll help rebuild Grado, of course, but I'm not sure beyond that.
I doubt that I'll remain in Grado for long, though. They've branded me a
traitor. I'll find no home awaiting me there.

Tana: Then why don't you come to Frelia? You can join us as an airborne

Cormag: And what makes you think a traitor like me would be welcomed in
Tana: You're no traitor, Cormag. You've stayed true to your beliefs. That
sadness I saw in you comes from your own country's betrayal of those beliefs.
Your sadness runs as deep as your faith in Grado once ran. I want your faith,
your strength, and your passion to serve Frelia now.

Cormag: I appreciate the offer, but I cannot reforge the oaths I've broken.
I'm sorry.

Tana: It's all right. I understand your feelings. However, if you ever wish
to serve your beliefs again, remember my offer.

Cormag: I might just give up this soldering nonsense and go into woodworking.

Tana: Then I'll track you down in your woodshop and ask again.

Cormag: You may not look it, but you're pretty strong willed for a princess.
I'll think about your offer.


Cormag/Artur [6118]

Cormag/Artur C

Artur: So, this is a wyvern...
Cormag: Hey, what's going on here? Don't get too close now. It may look calm
now, but it's got a dagerous side. Like me.
Artur: S-sorry! Oh, the name is Artur.
Cormag: I'm Cormag. Nice to meet you.
Artur: You, too, Sir Cormag. It's a pleasure.
Cormag: So... Interested in wyverns, are you?
Artur: It's not so much interest as it is, well, fascination, if you will.
The way they fly in the sky at will... and their powerful limbs.
I've seen them from a distance before, but I've never seen one up close...
Do you think it would mind if I were to touch it?
Cormag: Nah, go right ahead. But wyverns can be proud. They won't warm up to
anyone they think unworthy. Took me three years before this one would let me
ride on his back. Oh, he hated me at first. Always snarling and snatching at
me... I don't know how many times he threw me when I tried to ride him.
Artur: R-really? Maybe I should keep my distance then.
Cormag: No, he seems to like you.
Artur: How do you know?
Cormag: He hasn't tried to eat your face yet, for one thing. Maybe he can
sense you, what'd you call it, fascination? Yeah, maybe it won't take too
long for you two to be friends.
Artur: Hm. Well then, it's very nice to meet you, Sir Cormag's Wyvern?
Cormag: His name's Genarog. Next time you're around, come say hi.
Artur: Thanks. I will!

Cormag/Artur B

Artur: Sir Cormag!
Cormag: If it isn't Artur. What's the rush?
Artur: I've been thinking about how to become friends with Genarog.
I was thinking perhaps he might like it if I gave him something.
Cormag: You want to give Genarog a gift?
Artur: Yes. It's an amulet made of a star stone. According to legend,
those who carry star stones are blessed from above. It's customary to wear
them as amulets in Renais, and I thought...
Cormag: I see... But that's your amulet, isn't it?
Artur: No need to worry for me, Sir Cormag. I pray every morning and every
Cormag: Well, if that's the case, then we'll take it. Look at that, Genarog!
All right, Artur, I want you to place it in his saddlebag.
Artur: I'm a little scared, but I'll give it a try! All right...
The saddlebag... This one right here? There you go... ... Sir Cormag, look!
Genarog licked my hand!
Cormag: Whoa, not bad... Not bad at all, Artur. I've never once seen him
lick anyone's hand but mine.
Artur: Really?
Cormag: Yeah, and it took him two years before he'd even do that! You and he
seem to be getting along famously, as they say.
Artur: That makes me happy, Sir Cormag. I'm glad he likes the amulet.
Cormag: I think he likes you more than he likes that amulet, honestly.
Artur: Really, Sir Cormag? May I talk to him again?
Cormag: Sure, anytime. We're looking forward to it. Both of us.

Cormag/Artur A

Cormag: I should apologize to you, Artur.

Artur: What's wrong, Sir Cormag? Did something happen?

Cormag: The star-stone amulet that you so generously gave Genarog... It got
shattered when an archer attacked us. It's not all bad, though. That stone
stopped the arrow cold. Saved both me AND Genarog, it did. Had that amulet
been not there, we wouldn't be here right now.

Artur: That's unfortunate, but I'm glad the amulet worked! I'll have to make
a prayer of thanks for the stone's protection.

Cormag: Well, we owe you, Artur. And it's not exactly a perfect trade, but...

Artur: What's this? This... This looks like a wyvern stone!

Cormag: A wyvern stone? Are they rare?

Artur: Yes, very! Where on earth did you...

Cormag: Genarog had it. I didn't have any idea what it was. I figured maybe
you'd know something about it. And it looks lik I was right, wasn't I? You
know what it's worth? Well, like I said, it's yours. Keep it.

Artur: A-are you sure!?

Cormag: Sure. You don't mind, now, do you, Genarog?

Artur: Th-thank you... I mean it... Sir Cormag, Genarog... Wyvern stones are
like dragonstones, only far more rare. Mages covet them. Having one focuses
your powers, refines your magical control. But nobody knows where they come
from or how to craft them. There are no more than a handful of wyvern stones
in the world today. I never thought I'd even see one, much less hold one in
my hands.

Cormag: So it's a big deal, eh?

Artur: It most certainly is, Sir Cormag. Genarog... I can't thank you enough.
You've made one of my dreams come true.

Cormag: I'm glad we were able to help you, Artur.

Artur: I'll cherish this wyvern stone always. ... By the way, Sir Cormag, do
you have a dream?

Cormag: ... My dream. Hmph... My only dream right now is to undo the damage
Grado has done. I want Grado to be a peaceful nation again, ruled by a gentle

Artur: I'm sure you'll see your own dream realized, Sir Cormag. After all,
we're fighting to make that dream come true. You and Genarog have made my own
dream a reality. And you know that I'll do what I can to make yours real, too.

Cormag: Genarog was right. You are a good lad, Artur. Tell you what. If we do
restore peace, you must visit my homeland. And when you do, I think Genarog
would like to take you flying.

Artur: I'd love to, Sir Cormag. I look forward to visiting Grado in better


Ephraim/Kyle [6119]

Ephraim/Kyle C

Kyle: Prince Ephraim!

Ephraim: Kyle, what's the matter?

Kyle: Prince Ephraim... You charged at the enemy line after you were injured,
didn't you?

Ephraim: Oh, that? That was nothing. Don't worry about it.

Kyle: It's not the injury I'm worried about. You're not supposed to do things
like that!

Ephraim: If I retreat at the first scratch, command will fall apart.

Kyle: My lord, you are the future of Renais, the commander of this army. If
something were to happen to you, morale would be shatterred. We would lose
this war. All because of your misplaced pride.

Ephraim: Fine, Kyle. I'll hang back and let you knights lead the charge. But I
don't have time to talk about this now. I'm leaving.

Kyle: He says he's going to stop being so reckless, but I know better. I have
to stop him before he gets himself killed...

Ephraim/Kyle B

Kyle: Do you remember what we agreed to last time we talked, Prince Ephraim?

Ephraim: Sigh. High command must remain behind the vanguard and let the
soldiers fight. And if he tries to take the van, any unit, regardless of
rank, may stop him.

Kyle: Yes, exactly. So you do remember it.

Ephraim: And now, every time I try to lead the charge, my own men stop me!
They waste themselves worrying about my safety when their own is at risk.
Look, I agreed to your plan at the time, but this is just ridiculous. I'm
going to revoke the order.

Kyle: No, Prince! I know I've told you this before... But you have to
remember, you're the future of Renais--

Ephraim: And if we fail because I do not join the battle, we have no future!
I do know I bear much responsibility, but I simple must revoke the command.

Kyle: I'm sorry, Prince Ephraim, but I can't allow you to do that. I'm going
back to the fight. Make sure you hang back, sire. Go on.

Ephraim: ... Sigh... That blasted Kyle. I know that he's simple concerned
about me. Come to think of it, he's always been like that. I can't recall a
moment when he HASN'T been overly worried about me. But that order really
needs to go.

Ephraim/Kyle A

Kyle: My lord prince... I must apologize.

Ephraim: What is that, Kyle? What do you need to apologize for?

Kyle: The other day, I was injured on the battlefield. You raced to my side
without a moment's hesitation. As I lost consciousness, I heard you say
something I won't forget. "Treat this man as you would my own brother. Help
him, regardless of cost."

Ephraim: And why must you apologize for that?

Kyle: I ought to have been the one riding to your aid, my lord. And that you
would consider a lowborn knight like myself a brother... All these years,
I've though of myself as nothing but a loyal retainer. I failed to understand
that our bond runs deeper.

Ephraim: ... Since I was a child, you've taught me how to be a warrior. A
prince is raised to be detached. Distant. To rule the people from above. I
could not afford to feel any real affection for anyone. Just Seth, Forde...
And you, Kyle. You were the only ones. I realize that much separates us,
but I still consider you family. Although... you do worry about me too much.
And you have to stop snapping at me.

Kyle: Prince Ephraim, when I was injured the other day, I came to a
realization. I was wrong. The decision I made you agree to the other day
was wrong. You belong on the front lines, like any of the noble warriors of
Renais. It will do the men's morale good to see you fighting at their side.
From now on, fight as you must! I will be beside you, and I will protect you
as you fight at our side.

Ephraim: Thank you, Kyle. I was so caught in my worry that I couldn't fight
well. And I will make a concession to you as well. I will not be so reckless
anymore. I know I have an important position. Are we in agreement, Kyle?

Kyle: We are, my lord. Let's ride on together!

Ephraim: Sounds good, Kyle... Don't fall behind!

Kyle: Yes, sire!


Ephraim/Forde [7111]

Ephraim/Forde C

Ephraim: Hey, Forde...

Forde: Yes? Oh! What is it, Prince Ephraim?

Ephraim: ... What are you hiding?

Forde: ... What are you talking about? We are in the middle of a battle, you
know. Pay less attention to me and more to our enemies!

Ephraim: No, no, Forde. Give it up. Come on--let me see it.

Forde: ... Fine.

Ephraim: ... What is that? Is that a painting?

Forde: This? No, no... No, it's a topographic map! Yes. For strategy. We need
to plot out our strategy, don't we? During battles, I like to look at this map
and analyze enemy lines...

Ephraim: But... that's clearly a landscape painting.

Forde: ...

Ephraim: Did you paint this?

Forde: Er... Yes. A long time ago.

Ephraim: This is impressive, Forde. You're good with both a sword and a brush!
You know, when Eirika and I were young, we'd sneak out for long horse rides.
We used to watch the sunset sink behind the mountains while we talked for
hours. Your painting reminds me of those days.

Forde: ... Prince Ephraim...

Ephraim: But... during a battle probably isn't the right place to indulge your
hobby. What if something happened to you?

Forde: I'm no fool, Prince Ephraim. I always stay alert on the battlefield.
I'll cut down any enemy that crosses my path. Well, Prince... Good luck!

Ephraim: Heh... You're all talk.

Ephraim/Forde B

Ephraim: So, Forde... Now goofing around today, are you?

Forde: Of course not! I never fool around in a battle.

Ephraim: ... Yes, but only in battle. Next to Franz, you seem like you're
always half asleep.

Forde: You surely understand how difficult it is to be compared with one's
siblings. Next to you, the princess seems so kind and thoughtful. And caring,

Ephraim: I see your point. Yes, it's rough being held to your sibling's

Forde: Isn't it, though? So let's stop all this and get back to the fighting.

Ephraim: ... Although...

Forde: Hm? What is it, Prince Ephraim?

Ephraim: ... Eirika has never been far from my side--in good times and bad.
Without her... I'm not sure I could lead my people back from this disaster.

Forde: ... I think I understand what you mean, Prince. When we lost our
parents, I was shattered. Franz helped me get back on my feet. If I didn't
have his help then, I don't know where I'd be today...

Ephraim: We are who we are now because they have always stood by us. ...
Let's end this war quickly, Forde. For them. Especially for them.

Forde: ... Yes.

Ephraim/Forde A

Forde: How are you doing, Forde?

Ephraim: Me? Oh, I'm fine as long as I've got a sword in my hand. ... Oh, by
the way, Forde. When you have some time, would you show me your painting again?

Forde: You'd like to see it? Why the sudden interest, Prince?

Ephraim: The scene you painted, it's the Renais we once knew... Those
magnificent fields and tranquil farming villages... When I look at it, I can
forget, for a second, that we're on a battlefield. I want to restore the
Renais you painted. I want to restore these landscapes that fill me with joy
looking at them. I wanted to see the painting again so that I could carry it
with me in my heart.

Forde: If you like it, Prince Ephraim, I'd be honored if you would take it.

Ephraim: ... Really? Are you sure, Forde?

Forde: Yes, of course. Please take it.

Ephraim: Thank you, Forde! It is truly beautiful. ... Did you study painting?

Forde: No. I just... When we were young, I would paint for Franz. ... Our
father spent much time away, and Franz wept every night, missing him. But I
was just a child, too. I didn't know how to make him stop crying. One day, I
showed him a drawing that I'd made of our parents... And Franz stopped crying.
I've been painting ever since...

Ephraim: ... I see...

Forde: ... I've a thought... In exchange for this painting, there's something
you can do.

Ephraim: ... What is it, Forde?

Forde: Once you've achieved your goal, once you've restored Renais to the way
it was... Can I have a vacation?

Ephraim: Is rest all you ever think about? If you want that vacation, earn it!

Forde: Right, right. I'll just keep risking my life protecting you then,

Ephraim: You do that. I'm counting on you, Forde.


Ephraim/Myrrh [7112]

Ephraim/Myrrh C

Myrrh: ...Ephraim.

Ephraim: Myrrh! I'm happy to see you. You're still so young. Don't push
yourself too hard today, all right?

Myrrh: I won't... I have a favor to ask. Do you have time for me?

Ephraim: What is it, Myrrh?

Myrrh: ...

Ephraim: Don't be nervous, Myrrh. You can ask me anything.

Myrrh: Ephraim... May I call you... "brother"?

Ephraim: Wha... What? Myrrh... What's come over you?

Myrrh: ...I was watching you and Eirika together. You looked so close.

Ephraim: Of course we're close. She is my sister, after all.

Myrrh: I envy her. I...wish that I had a brother like you. That's why I
ask... Even if just for this journey... Please be my brother.

Ephraim: I don't know what to say... I wasn't expecting you to ask anything
like that...

Myrrh: No...? I'm sorry. I should not have asked...

Ephraim: Oh... No, Myrrh... Wait. I'm not saying no.

Myrrh: So, it's all right?

Ephraim: Uhhh.... Sure. Of course. If it will make you happy.

Myrrh: Yes... It does. I'm come speak with you again soon...Brother.

Ephraim: Oh, my... Eirika... Myrrh... How can I say no to that look? I guess
sisters are my weakness.

Ephraim/Myrrh B

Myrrh: Hello...Big Brother.

Ephraim: ... Myrrh, don't you find that to be a little awkward?

Myrrh: ...Is it?

Ephraim: I mean... You're a dragon, correct? And if I'm right, you're also
far older than I am...

Myrrh: That's correct... So, should I be your big sister?

Ephraim: Well, that doesn't seem right, either. You look so much younger
than I do. That would be odd...

Myrrh: I am...very old. Perhaps "mother"? I...don't like "grandmother."

Ephraim: ...Let's not dwell on this. "Sister" will be fine. Well. Did you
have something you wanted to ask me?

Myrrh: I did... You see, Brother, I have a favor to ask of you.

Ephraim: Yes?

Myrrh: In the forest...I was always with my father. Even when I slept, he was
there, watching over me.

Ephraim: Yes?

Myrrh: So...Brother. Would you...stay with me at night and watch over me?

Ephraim: No! Myrrh, I understand your insecurity, but this is simply not
acceptable. Especially when we are on the march.

Myrrh: ...

Ephraim: Oh, don't look so sad. When you see Eirika next, why don't you ask
her? I'm sure she will agree. If you and I are brother and sister, then
surely you and she are sisters, too. How does that sound?

Myrrh: Yes... I'll do that. Thank you, Brother.

Ephraim/Myrrh A

Ephraim: Hey, Myrrh... When this war is over... What will you do? Have you
thought about where you will go?

Myrrh: ... I've lived in Darkling Woods even since I was a child. I think
that I shall spend the rest of my life there.

Ephraim: On your own? Do you have anyone waiting for you in the forest?

Myrrh: I... I am on my own now. But you need not worry. I am a dragon, after

Ephraim: ... I've been thinking, Myrrh. If you would like, you can live with
us in Renais.

Myrrh: What?

Ephraim: When this war is over... When we restore peace to Magvel... Eirika
and I will be going back to Renais to lead our people. Would you like to live
in the castle? With us?

Myrrh: Oh, but... I would not want to inconvenience you.

Ephraim: It's nothing you need worry about. Castle Renais is a vast place.
I'm sure we could spare a room for a small girl like you. And besides, you
are my sister, right? Family should stay together, don't you think?

Myrrh: ... But... you must not forget that I am a dragon. I must think about
it. I would love to, but... perhaps I shouldn't, and so... I must think about

Ephraim: As you wish.

Myrrh: But... Thank you for the offer. It makes me very happy. Thank you,


Ephraim/L'Arachel [7113]

Ephraim/L'Arachel C

L'Arachel: Oh, Ephraim! Why are you here? Do you not have somewhere else to

Ephraim: I'm sorry? What do you mean?

L'Arachel: Why don't you go fight someone or break down a wall or something?

Ephraim: We all have our roles to play in this battle. I'm waiting for the
right moment.

L'Arachel: Are you speaking honestly with me? Are you not simply making an
excuse so that you have time to chat with me?

Ephraim: ... There's no glory in dragging out a war without good reason.

L'Arachel: It does me good to hear that. If you or any of your good men are
injured, come to me at once. I'll wait for you here, and I'll heal your
wounds swiftly.

Ephraim: Yes, well, that's why you're here, isn't it? We're counting on you.
We fight with confidence only because we have your healing skills.

L'Arachel: Naturally! And today, I will serve you as well as I can, as
always. Watch for me!

Ephraim: She seems so reliable... and SO assertive. Are women of Rausten all
like that?

Ephraim/L'Arachel B

L'Arachel: Ephraim, wait a minute.

Ephraim: Yes?

L'Arachel: I've heard such interesting things about you from so many people.
I thought it best to ask you directly: You are a reckless man, are you not?
It seems an attitude unbefitting a commander, wouldn't you say?

Ephraim: Don't speak to me that way. If I can save a life by taking a risk
myself, I'll do it. This is war, and war is risky. I have no problem with that.

L'Arachel: ... Oh, dear. I'll bet your body is just covered scars under
that armor, isn't it? I can heal them all for you. Let me see them.

Ephraim: Thanks. Let's see...

L'Arachel: Oh! Oh... Oh my! Wh-what are you doing?

Ephraim: I have to take my armor off if I'm going to show you the scar on
my shoulder--

L'Arachel: Cad! Beast! Pervert! Devil! I simply will NOT allow you to take
advantage of me in my confused state!

Ephraim: Conf-- What!? Wait, L'Arachel! What about my scars..?

Ephraim/L'Arachel A

Ephraim: L'Arachel... You don't have to be so defensive. Why don't you come
talk to me?

L'Arachel: ... That depends. You're not going to try and attack me again,
are you? You won't go ripping the armor from your... well-toned body, will

Ephraim: L'Arachel... that was all just a simple misunderstanding.
But I apologize if I offended your sensibilities in removing my armor.

L'Arachel: Well, I suppose I can forgive you for this one indiscretion.
I wasn't prepared. I never saw a man's naked body before...

Ephraim: Naked... I was only showing you the scar on my shoulder,
like you asked!

L'Arachel: A naked shoulder is a big deal! I was so shocked.
Why, I could hardly sleep at all that night!

Ephraim: ...? What's wrong, L'Arachel? You seem different somehow.

L'Arachel: N-no. Everything is fine... Please, don't look at me in such a
vulgar, leering way. I find it very inappropriate.

Ephraim: Oh. I'm sorry. I had no idea. I certainly would never--

L'Arachel: What!? Are you saying you do not find me attractive?

Ephraim: No! I... what do you want me to say?

L'Arachel: How can you be so calm at a time like this? Don't you see what
you've done!? Ahhhh! I'm so frustrated! Don't ever forget this, Ephraim! I
hope that, someday, some girl comes along and gets YOU all rattled, too!

Ephraim: ... I just do NOT get her. She is rather cute, though.


Ephraim/Duessel [7114]

Ephraim/Duessel C

Ephraim: Duessel, can we speak?

Duessel: Oh, Prince Ephraim. Of course, my friend.

Ephraim: I feel I should apologize for making you side against Grado in this.

Duessel: Bah. What nonsense! Please, use me however you would to end this war.

Ephraim: I want you to know how honored I am to fight at your side again.
Show me a little of your skill with the spear, like when you taught me.

Duessel: Hmm... Ephraim, your skills have grown significantly since then.
Why, the first time I met you, you could hardly hold a spear! I couldn't even
bring myself to lie and say you weren't THAT bad!

Ephraim: ... There's no need to be cruel! I realize how helpless I was then.

Duessel: Let me finish! Even then, your strong will was most impressive.
On your first day wielding a spear, you chose to challenge ME! I remember how
enthusiastic your attack was. You were determined to win. But... you were
destined to lose that day. Still, I was quite shocked. You weren't trying to
learn my skill. You were trying to steal it from me! And I thought an
apprentice was supposed to be obedient to his master.

Ephraim: When you fight, you must respect your opponent, not obey him. ...
Besides, you knocked me out so quickly, I hardly touched you.

Duessel: I never dreamed of testing my skills against a prince of Renais.
After that match, though... Oh, I changed my mind. I knew it would be
interesting to teach my skills to someone like you.

Ephraim: Now, you're the one speaking nonsense! Ah, I know... Let's duel
again after this battle! I'm older now, better trained. I'm sure I can beat
you this time.

Duessel: Hmmm... Yes, fine. I'd like to see if you've been keeping up with
your training.

Ephraim/Duessel B

Duessel: ...

Ephraim: Duessel, do you have a moment?

Duessel: Oh, Ephraim. Of course.

Ephraim: ... Were you thinking about Grado just now? You looked distracted.
I wonder, was it the wrong decision to send you fighting against Grado?

Duessel: ... You've no need to worry. My reasons for leaving Grado are my
own. It doesn't matter who I'm fighting. My resolve won't be weakened.

Ephraim: That is good to hear... Actually, I'm here for a rematch. I have no
idea how you beat me last time, but this time, I can do it!

Duessel: Hmm. It looks like you haven't learned your lesson yet. You know,
they used to call me Obsidian. I was one of the Imperial Three. I'm not about
to let a young punk like you best me at the spear!

Ephraim/Duessel A

Ephraim: Phew...

Duessel: Nicely done, Ephraim. There's nothing left for me to teach you,
it seems.

Ephraim: That's utter nonsense. I still have much to learn from you, Duessel.
I intend to be the greatest spearman Magvel has ever known. I gave up on
sword after seeing how they fare against spears. Sword, axe, spear, bow...
and even magic. I've seen them all. The spear always comes out on top. And I
want mine to be the best spear around.

Duessel: Hm... That's a bold statement. But you may yet be the one who can
prove it true, lad.

Ephraim: ... I thank you, Duessel. It's only because of the skills you have
me that I'm alive and here now. Our countries were friends, but you taught me
like family...

Duessel: I am a warrior. All I can do is improve my skills and pass them on
to a student. And if you best me using the skills that I taught you, well...
That's just the nature of war. The young surpass the old. And I am glad to be
fighting at the side of such a worthy student.

Ephraim: Duessel...

Duessel: I know that I've been branded a traitor. I'm prepared for that.
But I do have one regret... I regret that I betrayed my emperor...

Ephraim: You never betrayed him. You remain as loyal to him now as when you
swore your oaths. No, it is Grado who has betrayed the ideals it once held
dear. And now, as then, you are my teacher. Nothing has changed. No, you are
no traitor. If anything, you are the last true man of Grado.

Duessel: Ephraim... Hm... Yes. A student should not inspire his teacher.
Ephraim. Be strong. Remain true. Believe in yourself, and act in accordance
with your beliefs. ... No matter what happens, be a strong king.

Ephraim: Yes, you needn't worry about that. Such has been my intention since
the day I first held this spear. No matter what the future holds... I'm never
going to change. I will let my faith and my beliefs drive my every action as


Ephraim/Tana [7115]

Ephraim/Tana C

Tana: Oh, Ephraim! I'm so glad to see you.
Ephraim: Tana, you should pull back to a safer location. What would we do if
you were attacked by archers?
Tana: But...I want to go where you go. I feel safer when I'm close to you,
Ephraim: I'm sorry, but I won't be able to protect you if I get into a duel.
I have to focus on fighting our enemies.
Tana: Oh, no... Please, Ephraim, don't speak to me like that. I've trained
with Frelia's finest pegasus knight. I can fight, too!
Ephraim: But...
Tana: I'm sorry if I've been following you too closely lately...
But I promise that I won't be a burden. I'll work my hardest. So, please!
Don't make me stay behind and wait for you.
Ephraim: Tana... All right. If it's what you want. We'll go together.

Ephraim/Tana B

Tana: Ephraim, do you remember when we first met?
Ephraim: ... Ah, of course! It was at Castle Frelia, wasn't it? Erika and I
had been invited to visit for your birthday celebration.
Tana: Oh, I'm so glad you remembered!
Ephraim: King Hayden seemed so delighted that we'd come to visit.
I think that was the first time I met Innes, too.
Tana: So, Ephraim, what did you think of the dress I was wearing?
Ephraim: I... Hm... I'm sorry, but I don't think I got a good look at it at
the time. Perhaps you don't remember, but as soon as I arrived, Innes
challenged me. We ended up having an archery match right when the party began.
I think Innes won that match.
Tana: Do you remember my hair? I was so happy with it!
Ephraim: Your... hair? Uh... Well, right after our archery match,
Innes challenged me to the spear. I think I won that match!
Tana: I'll bet you don't even remember what I said afterward!
Ephraim: Er, Innes can be persistent. After spears we moved on to jousting.
That time, I think it was...
Tana: Oh, you! You only remember what happened with my brother! You don't
care about me at all, do you?
Ephraim: Oh, no, no! That's not true. It's just...
Tana: Fine! Why should I care about you when you can't even be bothered to
care about me? You just keep having fun with my brother and don't pay me any
mind at all!
Ephraim: Tana, wait a minute! Hey! Don't go off on your own! ...What is she
so upset about?

Ephraim/Tana A

Tana: Hello, Ephraim. Shall we take a break together?
Ephraim: Well, you're in a better mood today!
Tana: Huh? What do you mean?
Ephraim: Oh, nothing. never mind. So, uh, what can I do for you?
Tana: Eirika helped me prepare lunch. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure
it's delicious. Would you like to eat with me?
Ephraim: ... Tana. This is a battlefield. It's all right to take a break,
but let's not let our guards down.
Tana: ... You're always like that. You're so stiff and formal and detatched
all the time.
Ephraim: Tana... What's the matter with you? You've been acting so odd lately.
Tana: Yes, I am acting funny. And it's all your fault, Ephraim! Whenever I
try to talk to you, you always keep your distance! No matter how hard I try,
you never open up to me.
Ephraim: That's not true...
Tana: Is there someone else?
Ephraim: What...?
Tana: It's just... You never pay any attention to me. You never have...
It makes me so sad. All I want is to be near you more and more.
Ephraim: ... Tana, you're still just a child at heart, aren't you?
Tana: Ephraim! Don't talk about me like that...
Ephraim: No, I meant it as a compliment. Because you're so young, your words
have such a simple, honest purity... I do appreciate your affection.
Tana: Ephraim... Do you think you could make more time for me, so we can chat?
Ephraim: Yes...of course. But we don't have the luxury to stop and chat on
the battlefield. We have an obligation to end this war first. Let's go.
Tana: Yes, all right. I'll see you later. I'm looking forward to it.


Forde/Kyle [7116]

Forde/Kyle C

Kyle: Hello, Forde.

Forde: Hmm? Oh, Kyle! How have you been?

Kyle: What are you doing out here? Are you-- Are you painting?

Forde: No! I-- Well, yes. Actually, I'm not so much painting as sketching. I
use this piece of charcoal to draw and shade, like this.

Kyle: You know we're in the middle of a battle, don't you? What if someone
attacks while you're distracted?"

Forde: Calm down, calm down. I just like to keep a record of our battles with
these pictures.

Kyle: You're just rationalizing! You're a cavalier--it's time to to start
acting like one.

Forde: Fine, fine. I'll stop. As you command, Sir Kyle, commander of the
Knights of Renais.

Kyle: ... Oh, brother. Do you have to make everything so difficult?

Forde: If you don't want the hassle, stop telling me what to do!

Kyle: Then stop fooling around on the battlefield. Seriously, wasting my time
on an idiot like you is just stupid.

Forde: Huh? Did you say something?

Kyle: Nothing! If you have so much time to waste drawing, let's have a quick

Forde: What! You want to spar? Now?

Kyle: Yeah, that's right. I don't waste time. I take care of my weapons, my
horse, and myself. And not just that--I also make sure our morale is good and
our men are safe.

Forde: You're thorough, aren't you?

Kyle: I'm a knight. It's my duty.

Forde: You really need to take yourself less seriously.

Kyle: And you need to take your duty MORE seriously.

Forde/Kyle B

Forde: Yaaaaaaawn... Oh, why am I so sleepy?

Kyle: Forde! Are you falling asleep on the battlefield!? What is wrong with
you, man!?

Forde: What are you so fired up about? You're really ruining my nap.

Kyle: You have no sense of self-preservation, do you? What is wrong with you?
You lack even the common sense of an infant, you know that?

Forde: Oh, you're one to talk. When you were a baby, you were planning out
strategies to take over the nursery. You were stuck up then, and stuck up now.
And STILL the ladies liked you!

Kyle: You leave them out of this! Women have nothing to do with it.

Forde: They don't? Oh, come on! Isn't it important to have an heir to carry
your standard when you're gone? Take your sister, Mia--she married into a nice
Frelian family, didn't she? I'm just curious who would ever settle fo such an
uptight knight as you. You ever think about that? You think you might meet her
in this war?

Kyle: That's not what I'm here for!

Forde: Ha ha ha ha. Of course not. But I bet you're still a ladies' man, huh?
I know you--you're a perfect gentlemen, always nice to the ladies. I remember
when you were little, you were always the first to help when you saw a little
girl crying. You would go running up to lend a hand. I still remember how
impressed I was that you would do that. It was cool.

Kyle: I just could never turn my back on someone in need. It is what's
expected of a knight.

Forde: Yeah, but you weren't a knight yet!

Kyle: Well, it's... expected of someone who aspires to be a knight, too!

Forde: You've got an answer for everything! But, I have to admit, you've also
got my respect. You're a good guy.

Kyle: ......

Forde: Wow! Now you're embarrassed.

Kyle: Forde!

Forde/Kyle A

Kyle: Whew...

Forde: What's wrong, Kyle? You're the one who looks tired this time.

Kyle: Oh, Forde. It's you. I was just lost in thought for a moment. I figured
that I could use a little breathing room. I guess that's why you paint your
landscapes, isn't it?

Forde: That's right. You see it now? Everyone needs a little space to think,
even on the battlefield.

Kyle: Well, I wouldn't go so far as to approve of painting during a battle.
What if the younger soldiers started to copy your example? However, I see your
point. Everyone needs a way to clear one's head. So... How long have you been
doing those drawings, anyway?

Forde: ......

Kyle: What's the matter? Forgotten when you started?

Forde: ... I started drawing and painting when my mother died.

Kyle: Really?

Forde: When I was young, I won a tournament for training swordsmen...

Kyle: I remember that. I took second place.

Forde: She seemed far more pleased at a picture I'd drawn of her than at my
victory. She kept that picture near her always, and she looked at it often.
She rejoiced more in my skill with the brush than in my skill with the sword.
I never understoood why... Not until recently, at any rate.

Kyle: Your mother was very kind. I remember that about her. I'm sorry that she
fell ill while you were so young.

Forde: I feel lucky--I have my memories of her, after all. Franz, though... He
was too little to talk or even walk. That's why I kept that picture of her
hanging in our home.

Kyle: So that's the story behind that picture in your house... I didn't
realize you draw it. I remember watching you practice swordplay when we were
little. I wanted to be like you, and I was irritated that I didn't practice
more. I got so upset with myself when I lost the tournament to you. That's why
I work so hard to keep practicing and improving my skills.

Forde: ... I didn't know ...

Kyle: ......

Forde: Oh, man. It's not like me to get this introspective. What is it about
you that makes me talk so much? Come on, let's go.

Kyle: Heh. All right. Oh, and Forde...

Forde: What?

Kyle: When this whole war is over, teach me how to paint.

Forde: Yeah, all right. Fine. But we both have to get out of here alive first.
Kyle: It's a deal.


Kyle/Syrene [7117]

Kyle/Syrene C

Kyle: You're Syrene, aren't you? Commander of Frelia's pegasus knights?
Syrene: I am. And I know who you are. You are Sir Kyle, cavalier of Renais.
Kyle: I'm honored that you know my name. I don't believe we've met, have we?
Syrene: We met once, about ten years ago or so. You may have forgotten.
Kyle: Ten years ago... Wait, you're... THAT Syrene!?
Syrene: So, you've finally remembered me?
Kyle: Do I ever! I didn't think I'd ever see you again.
Syrene: Well, Sir Kyle, you certainly have turned out well.
Kyle: Oh, please. Let's do away with honorifics, shall we?
Syrene: Of course, Kyle. Ah, you haven't changed at all. It takes me back.
Kyle: I barely recognized you, Syrene. You look completely changed.
I had no idea you'd become a knight--a pegasus knight, no less!
Syrene: That's nice of you to say. So I've grown, have I?
Kyle: You've grown a lot. It's a shame we have to be reunited on a battlefield.
Syrene: You're right about that. We ought to sit down and talk soon.
Kyle: I'd like that, too, Syrene. But let's finish off this lot first,
shall we?
Syrene: All right, but don't try to be a hero like last time, alright?
Kyle: A hero? What did I do?
Syrene: Well, that's your homework. See if you can't remember.

Kyle/Syrene B

Syrene: How are you holding up, Kyle?
Kyle: The war is tough, but my sword arm is strong, and I am well.
Syrene: Mmm. That's an awfully stuffy response.
Kyle: Stuffy? It's accurate. Isn't that enough? But that's beside the point.
I still can't figure out what you were talking about.
Syrene: Oh, your homework? You've been thinking about it all this time?
You're so serious! I was right. You haven't changed in the slightest.
You've always been this way. Remember when I tried to show you around
Frelia's castle town? You said, "I'm here to do my duty. Not to sightsee,"
and you went back inside. You went home without even trying Frelia's fabulous
seafood! King Hayden thought I'd been remiss in showing you our fair city.
Kyle: I'm sorry about that, Syrene. I had no idea... I was on a special
mission to deliver a letter to King Hayden. I didn't have any time for
sightseeing, like I'd said.
Syrene: Are you seriously apologizing for that? It was so long ago!
Kyle: Ha, ha, ha... You're right, you're right. ... I know I was only there
for three days, but that was a memorable trip. I grew up in landlocked
Renais. I'd never seen the ocean. Not before you showed it to me.
Syrene: You didn't show any interest at all in local culture or cuisine.
But when I asked if you'd like to go to the sea, you got so excited!
Kyle: It was intense. I felt so small, standing there, staring at the sea.
Look over the waves, I hoped that I could be that strong, that persistent.
Syrene: I think that's the only time I've ever seen the real you.
I know we only spent a half day together, but it was such fun.
Kyle: Really? I'm glad to hear that.
Syrene: Maybe sometime, we can do that again.
Kyle: I'd like that. Let's use that hope to drive us on. When we've restored
peace, we'll go see the Freliam coast again.
Syrene: Yes, definitely.

Kyle/Syrene A

Kyle: What's wrong, Syrene? Are you hurt?
Syrene: No, I'm fine, but I'm worried about my pegasus...

Kyle: Here, let me take a look. Hm. Looks like he's got a wound here that
hasn't properly healed. I can fix this up for you. It's nothing serious,
but you might want to get him some proper care later.
Syrene: Thanks, Kyle. You're a lifesaver. It was careless of me not to have
noticed the injury.
Kyle: Your pegasus is smart. He may have hidden it from you so as not to
worry you. It's not your fault, Syrene. You shouldn't worry about it.
Syrene: No, I'm just not fit to be a pegasus knight. I'm so pitiful. If you
hadn't seen that injury, I could have put us both in danger. I could have
cost us both our lives.
Kyle: You're being too hard on yourself. If you were in danger, I would have
been at your side in an instant. I'm sure you would do the same, wouldn't you?
Syrene: ... Yes, gladly.
Kyle: We just have to help one another out if something happens. You and I
have been friends for over ten years, after all.
Syrene: For over ten years?
Kyle: That's right, Syrene. You did the same for me back then.
Syrene: ...Back then?
Kyle: It was on the day I left Frelia. Near the border, I came upon some
bandits harassing a poor merchant. I tried to help him, but I was outnumbered.
Badly. When they saw I was a knight, they wasted no time surrounding me.
I thought that was it for me, but then, out of nowhere, you show up.
You and I drove off those bandits, and you saved my life that day.
Syrene: I see you've finished your homework.
Kyle: Oh, so that's what you wanted me to remember! "Don't be a hero" indeed!
Syrene: You'd left Frelia before I could give you a going-away present.
I went out hoping to catch up to you, when I saw you surrounded by bandits.
You were fighting all those bandits on your own to save that merchant...
I'd never seen a knight so dedicated tot he protectioin of the innocent.

Kyle: Going-away present... You're talking about this, aren't you?
Syrene: The wooden pegasus I carved for you! ... You still have it?
Kyle: Of course I do! After we dealt with those bandits, you said to me,
"Keep this, and remember Frelia." How could I possibly misplace it? I carry
it with me as a reminder. As long as I have this, I feel like I'll always
have someone watching over me. Actually, I started collecting wooden
figurines since you gave me this. But I always carry this one on me.
Syrene: I'm glad to hear it's meant so much to you.
Kyle: I'll treasure it always.
Syrene: ...... ... Kyle... When we're all at peace again, won't you visit
Frelia once more?
Kyle: You know... I was thinking about that, too. I think I really missed out
by not having Frelian seafood. This time around, I won't miss it. And I
should see some sights, too. Will you show me around, Syrene?
Syrene: Yes, I'd love to. I've been told I can fry up a mean fish, too!


Amelia/Duessel [7118]

Amelia/Duessel C

Amelia: Ah, General Duessel!

Duessel: Oh, it's you, Amelia.

Amelia: Yes! Oh, but you're not injured at all, are you, General Duessel?
We've all been struggling so hard, and yet you don't seem tired at all.
You are an impressive man. It's all I can do simply to stay alive out here,
it feels like.

Duessel: ......

Amelia: What is it? General Duessel? Is something wrong?

Duessel: Oh, um, sorry. Your... From the first time I laid eyes upon you,
your face... I was sure I'd seen it before...

Amelia: Huh? Is that so? You mean before now? Or before I even joined Grado's

Duessel: Yes, that's right, but I can't recall... Getting to be my age has
its price.

Amelia: Don't be silly! I happen to think you're still quite young, General

Duessel: Well, now you've got my attention! What was it you wanted this old
soldier for?

Amelia: It's just that, even among the younger knights, there's no match for
you. And, uh...

Duessel: Ha ha! I'm not so old that you need to worry about propping up my
ego, lass.

Amelia: Ah... uh... I'm sorry.

Duessel: No, no. There's no need to apologize. I quite enjoy talking to you,
in fact. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this army who feels that way,
either. The fighting's fierce, Amelia. You watch yourself! When you're near
me, I'll make sure I keep a good eye out for you, too. I'll be there in a
flash if you need me. Go ahead and fight without worry.

Amelia: Ah, y-yes, sir! Thank you very much. Fighting alongside you, General
Duessel, is a great honor. Well, I'll be moving on now.

Duessel: Be seeing you! ... But... I just can't remember where...

Amelia/Duessel B

Duessel: Amelia.

Amelia: General Duessel.

Duessel: It seems like you've grown quite comfortable with the spear.

Amelia: Yes, sir! I have, sir. Thank you.

Duessel: You did well to choose the spear as your weapon. It suits your
height well. It also extends your reach and enables you to strike with force.
More force, even, than a sword could bring to bear in a battle. All weapons
have their own unique characteristics. You're familiar with the idea that
some weapons are strong against others?

Amelia: Isn't that what they call... the weapon triangle?

Duessel: Yes, it is. And from the looks of things, your affinity for the
spear is quite good. If you continue to practice, you should continue to
improve and grow stronger.

Amelia: Really? Ah, thta makes me happy.

Duessel: Mm. To begin with, the spear is quite a deep weapon... Yet the
attacks comprise three surprisingly simple movements. Right step, left step,
and thrust.

Amelia: Right step, left step, and thrust... I'm following you.

Duessel: Excellent. But listen, Amelia.

Amelia: Y-yes?

Duessel: Because they are so simple, they are easy to learn but tough to
perfect. They are the strongest and most pure of techniques. When you
practice them, practice perfecting each gesture. And remember, the spear is a
subtle and powerful weapon.

Amelia: Yes, sir!

Duessel: Now, it goes without saying that other weapons have their good
points, too. Swords are easy-to-use, all-purpose weapons, and axes possess
devastating strength. You should learn to use each weapon type. If you can
master them all, you'll be an unstoppable force. This is, of course, if you
can overcome your own natural affinities. To begin with, you should work on
mastering one weapon type. Then you can gradually change weapons until you
can use them all. That's what I have done, you understand. That's called
being multi-proficient. I'd like to tell you more about different weapons,
but that lecture must wait.

Amelia: ... Wow... General Duessel, you know so much about weapons, don't
you? I didn't even realize how caught up I'd become. All right!

Duessel: What is it? Where are you rushing off to?

Amelia: I want you to practice the things you've told me about. The
basics--right, left, thrust. Right?

Duessel: Mm, that's correct. But... I'm happy to see you so enthused, but do
you have any reason to rush so?

Amelia: Um, well... There's someone--one of the Knights of Renais--to whom I
do not want to lose.

Duessel: Ah.

Amelia: It's not that we're going to fight, or that I want to defeat him or
anything... It's just that we're kind of keeping track of the other's
progress, and... It's just a thing we do.

Duessel: I see. I think that should prove to be a good source of motivation
then. Get to it.

Amelia: Yes, sir! Oh... I think I'll, um, go and practice over there...
I'd be nervous in front of you, so I'm going to practice on my own. I'll
be back to show you later.

Duessel: All right. Understood.

Amelia: Great! See you later!

Duessel: Ha ha... Such energy. I feel energized just being around her. She's
just a girl now, but someday she'll be a woman of grace and beauty. ... Oh,
that face... where have I... ...... !! Wait... could it be? Yes! I remember
now! That's definitely it. Amelia! Amelia! Where could she--

Amelia/Duessel A

Duessel: Amelia! There you are.

Amelia: Oh, General Duessel.

Duessel: I've been looking for you. And now I've found you.

Amelia: Um, wh-what's happened? I've never seen you in such a rush.

Duessel: There's something I'd like to ask-- No, something I'd like to tell

Amelia: Er, all right. What is it?

Duessel: I remembered. I told you that I thought I'd seen your face before,
didn't I?

Amelia: Uh, yes.

Duessel: Well, I remembered.

Amelia: Oh, is that it? Please don't keep me waiting, tell me.

Duessel: ...... Amelia. What is your mother's name?

Amelia: ! ...... ... My mother...

Duessel: ......

Amelia: My mother's name is... Melina...

Duessel: And what happened to her?

Amelia: When I was just a child, she was stolen away by bandits. My father
had already passed away, so I was totally... sniff... I'm sorry... ......
I was left... all on my own... ......

Duessel: ...... I was right... You can rest easy, Amelia. Your mother is
alive and well.

Amelia: What!?
Duessel: It happened a few years back. I was leading a patrol near the Grado
border. We unexpectedly rode up on a group of bandits, and a battle ensued.
When we had taken care of the bandits, we rescued a lone female captive. We
figured she had been taken from some village, but she was in shock. In fact,
her distress was so great, she had forgotten much about herself. Her body was
in such a weakened state that she could barely walk. We felt such pity for
her that we took her to a peaceful village we knew of. There, we set up a
home for her where she could recover and live quietly. Some years later,
she was restored to her former vitality. Slowly, she began to recall the lost
memories of her past. Only recently did she remember that she had once had a
daughter. I took time off my duties and visited the village where she had
lived. But the villagers told me her daughter had left the village some time
ago. With no clues as to the girl's whereabouts, I'd almost given up hope of
finding her. And then, in the strangest of places...

Amelia: I-it can't be! Th-that woman... What is her name?

Duessel: Her name is Melina... Amelia, she's your mother.

Amelia: What!? Are you... Are you sure?

Duessel: Yes, I am. I see Melina's face reflected in your own. There's no
mistake. Isn't it wonderful, Amelia?

Amelia: My... mother... Sniff... Thank you... Thank you...

Duessel: Mm...

Amelia: Sniff... aaa... Aaa... waaaaaaa!!

Duessel: ... Amelia...

Amelia: Waa... Thank... you... Waaa... Thank... you... Sniff......

Duessel: I, uh, I'm so happy for you, Amelia... Sniff... Oh, no. Old age must
have loosened these dry, old tear ducts... Sniff... sniff...


Amelia/Ewan [7119]

Amelia/Ewan C

Ewan: Hey, What's your name?

Amelia: Me? I'm Amelia.

Ewan: Ah. Amelia... My name's Ewan. Hi!

Amelia: Hi, Ewan. It's nice to meet you. So, are you fighting with us?

Ewan: Yep, I am. I'm a mage.

Amelia: Really? You look like you're only about my age. That's neat.

Ewan: Ha ha! Ah, I'm nothing special compared to my teacher. You want to see
some magic?

Amelia: H-here? Now? But... isn't that dangerous?

Ewan: Oh don't worry. Magic isn't just for combat. For example... Voila! It
can do stuff like this!

Amelia: Wow... They're so pretty! All those little lights, spinning around
together... Is this really magic?

Ewan: This? This is magic used to make girls happy.

Amelia: Hm? Ah! Oh, Ewan, stop teasing.

Ewan: Ha ha ha.

Amelia: Ha ha.

Ewan: You should show me how good you are with your lance sometime.

Amelia: Huh? Um, all right. But... I'm sure you'd be bored.

Ewan: That's not true. And even if it were, it's simply a matter of how you
make it fun.

Amelia: How you...make it fun?

Ewan: Uh huh. Like this war, for example. Well, Amelia, I'll see you later!

Amelia: Hey! ....... Ewan sure moves at his own pace... How you make it fun?
Hmm... That seems like a good rule to live by, when you think about it.

Amelia/Ewan B

Amelia: Ah... Whew. This looks like a good place to take a break.

Ewan: ...! ......  Boo!

Amelia: AHHHHH!

Ewan: Ha ha ha! Amelia, it's me.

Amelia: Ah! Ewan? Why did you do that? I thought you were one of the enemy!

Ewan: Ha ha ha. We talked about this remember? How you make it fun? I just
wanted to make our meeting here a little more fun.

Amelia: Well, it wasn't fun for me at all.

Ewan: Ha ha ha. Oh, yeah, Amelia? Do you remember you promised me to show me
your lance work?

Amelia: Um...yeah. I remember. Well, all right. Here. Watch closely.

Ewan: Oh, I will.

Amelia: ...... HA! ... YAH!

Ewan: That's good.

Amelia: AH! ... WAH!

Ewan: Neat.

Amelia: ...... ... YAAAH!!

Ewan: That was great!

Amelia: Thanks.

Ewan: You're good, Amelia. You're as good as any of the other knights.

Amelia: Do you mean that? Whew... To be honest, I have been practicing even
harder lately. But it was all worth it to hear you say that. Thanks.

Ewan: Really? No, thank you. I like your outfit, too.

Amelia: Huh? Oh, I get it. You're teasing me again, aren't you, Ewan? What
was it, again? "Making things fun"?

Ewan: Ha ha ha. No, that's not at all what I was doing.

Amelia: Hmm... I'm not sure I should believe you.

Ewan: Ha ha ha. Princess Eirika has a similar outfit. Is that a popular style?

Amelia: Um...I don't know. But it's easy to move in, so...

Ewan: I see. I think it's cute. Especially that stain right there.

Amelia: Oh... Ewan, you're such a twit!

Ewan: Ha ha ha.

Amelia/Ewan A

Ewan: Amelia, have you traveled much?

Amelia: Travel? Hm, let's see... I went from Silva to the capital on my own
once. Now that I think about it, I'd never left Grado until now.

Ewan: Oh, really? My teacher--he's the great sage Saleh from Caer Pelyn--took
me out on a training journey for many months once.

Amelia: Where did you go?

Ewan: Lots of different places across Magvel. We went to Renais, Frelia,
Rausten, and Jehanna. Oh, and we went to Grado, too.

Amelia: Wow, that sounds great.

Ewan: Yeah, it was a lot of fun! There were so many new things to see. Say,
Amelia, I just had an idea...

Amelia: What is it?

Ewan: When this war is over, and we're all at peace, why don't you and I take
a trip together?

Amelia: Huh? Just the two of us?

Ewan: Sure, why not? Does the idea bother you?

Amelia: No, it's just...

Ewan: There's so much I want to show you, Amelia. How the dark green forests
refract the morning sun into a million burning emeralds. The melancholy
spectacle of the sun sinking slowly beyond an endless horizon. The win gently
coercing vast fields of wheat to dance, heroic mountain peaks... Oh, and the
gorgeous flower beds that fill your vision with brilliant colors! There are
so very many spectacular places in the world. I want to see all of them
again...but this time I want to see them with you. When you see them, you'll
really understand how wonderful it is to be alive. The feeling will fill your
heart and make you want to sing with joy!

Amelia: That's so...eloquent, Ewan. ...... But I understand what you're
trying to say, and yes. Let's go! I want to see all of it and more!

Ewan: Great! Then it's settled. You know what? This gives us something to
look forward to while this war goes on. Just thinking about it makes my heart
beat faster.

Amelia: Ha ha. You know, Ewan, being around you fills me with so much energy.

Ewan: And I'm happy when you're around, too.

Amelia: I'm looking forward to our trip. It's one more reason for us to work
quickly to put an end to this war.

Ewan: Yeah, let's do what we can, beacuse we're definitely taking that trip!


Artur/Tethys [8111]

Artur/Tethys C

Tethys: Child, come here a moment.

Artur: Child...? Are you talking to me?

Tethys: Yes, that's right. Come here for a moment, I won't bite.

Artur: How may I help you, my lady?

Tethys: Would you spin yourself around right there?

Artur: ...What? Spin Around? Like... Like this? 

Tethys: Hm... Not bad. Not bad at all. You have a graceful form. And you're
quite beautiful. It'd be a waste to let you stay a simple clergyman.

Artur: Beautiful? Me? Do you really think so?

Tethys: Yes, you have a lovely face. Say... Would you like to dance with me?
I think you have the potential. I could use a partner. When this war ends, I
think it should be you.

Artur: I... don't know about that. Dancing probably isn't my thing.

Tethys: You never know until you try. Anyway, from what I can see, I think
you've got what it takes. Trust me. There's no future in this church
business. Be a dancer.

Artur: I'm afraid I have to disagree. I feel this is my calling, you see.
Er... If that's all you wanted, would you excuse me?

Tethys: Oh, oh. Yes, fine. Only... What's your name, child?

Artur: I'm A-Artur.

Tethys: I'm Tethys. I'm a dancer. Don't forget.

Artur: Hm? T-Tethys?

Tethys: That's right. I'll see you later, child. Think about what I told you
about becoming a dancer, won't you?

Artur: I really don't think it's for me...

Artur/Tethys B

Tethys: Do you remember the dance steps I showed you the other day, child?
No? I'll show them to you again. Pay attention, as you'll be going next.

Artur: Tethys, we're in the middle of a battle. Can't this wait until later?

Tethys: My, aren't we confident! No, we can't have that. We have to practice.
I refuse to have a partner who's too lazy to practice daily.

Artur: No, you're not following me. I'm not your partner. I don't want to--
Would you please stop calling me "child" in front of everyone!

Tethys: What's wrong with looking young? After all, you have such lovely
skin. May I... touch your cheeks?

Artur: Oh... Ah, normally, people wait for an answer before they start...
er... well, touching me. Um... Would you please stop?

Tethys: Amazing! It's like velvet to the touch! You have such smooth skin!

Artur: Er... Excuse me... Ah... I really must protest... P-please...

Tethys: Tell me... What's your secret?

Artur: I... I don't have any secrets! Oh... You meant my skin. Well, I just
rub manon leaves on after I wash.

Tethys: Manon leaves? Those scratchy things? I always thought they would
just leave a rash. Hm. Maybe I should try... I'll see you later, child.
I'll be checking up on your progress, so be sure to practice those steps.

Artur: ...Huh? But... But I don't want to be a dancer... I... Sigh...

Artur/Tethys A

Tethys: Well, look who's come to see me! I'm glad to see you showing some
initiative. You must be practicing a lot, hm? Well, show me what you've got!

Artur: Please! I have a name! I am not a child! My name is Artur! And... I
really must protest about becoming a dancer. I have no interest in learning
how to dance, do you understand?

Tethys: I'm glad you're here, because I have something I wanted to tell you.

Artur: Y-you do?

Tethys: I scrubbed my face with manon leaves, just like you said, but look...
I got a rash, just like I thought I would. Look here, on my cheek.

Artur: Uh... Maybe you scrubbed too hard?

Tethys: Well, here... Take a look.

Artur: I'm not sure this is the right time. We're in the middle of a battle.

Tethys: We'll be fine. It'll only take a second. We'll be done in a flash.

Artur: Fine, fine... But let's be quick.

Tethys: Come on, you're not looking right. Get closer. Closer...More. Look
right around here... See? It's red, isn't it?

Artur: ...A little, but... it's not that bad. Whoa!! I-if you turn you head
so suddenly like that... your face is... It's so close to my...

Tethys: Hm mm mm. You're blushing. Are you all right, child?

Artur: I-I'm fine, but... Every time you're around, my heart...

Tethys: Starts thumping?

Artur: Y-yes...

Tethys: To tell you the truth, you look just like my first love.

Artur: Is... Is that so?

Tethys: But he moved, and I never saw him again. Oh, it brings back such
memories... He and I couldn't have been much older than, say, ten.

Artur: ...Are you telling me I look like a ten-year-old child?

Tethys: Yep. Those sparkling eyes are totally him.

Artur: ... I see... I know someone who looks like you, too.

Tethys: Oh, really? Who would that be?

Artur: ...My mother. She called me "child" when I was little, just like you
do now. I used to like that then, but now that I'm older....

Tethys: ...Oh... A bit of a mama's boy, are you, Artur?

Artur: Excuse me? Mama's boy?

Tethys: Tee-hee... Very well. I shall mother you. Call me "mom," child.

Artur: ... Er... I... I'm not sure about this. Besdies, I used to call her
"mother," not "mom," so...

Tethys: I'm only kidding. I just love teasing you. However, I am serious
about you becoming a dancer. Your good looks and graceful movement tell me
you have the talent... You would make a fine partner. Just think about it,
will you?

Artur: Oh, I forgot--that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I don't want
to--- ...Er, excuse me, Tethys, would you wait up for me!?


Artur/Joshua [8112]

Artur/Joshua C

Joshua: Hey, you there.

Artur: Yes?

Joshua: You a monk or something?

Artur: Yes. I came from Renais. My name is Artur.

Joshua: I'm Joshua. So, uh... You want to make me a bet?

Artur: A bet?

Joshua: Sure! Call it in the air: heads or tails?

Artur: ...?

Joshua: What's the matter? All you have to do is say heads or tails.
So what's your call?

Artur: I have no idea what this is about, but I'll say heads for now.

Joshua: Right, so I get tails. Here, we'll flip now. Annnnnnd...
Right! Tails. I win.

Artur: You win. Um... What do you win?

Joshua: Well, now, you have to do whatever I tell you.

Artur: What? Why do you say that?

Joshua: You lost, right? Since you lost, you've got to do what I tell you.
So when this battle's over, I want you to train with me.

Artur: Train? What are you talking about? Look, I only said heads because you
pressed me to! I don't remember you saying anything about what we were
betting on.

Joshua: You shouldn't worry so much about the tiny details! You'll waste your
life, worrying so much! Now, about that training. I always have a tough time
fighting against people who use magic. I think it's got something to do with
getting the timing right... I don't really need to polish my technique too
much. However, I've noticed that these battles just keep getting harder.
So, I figured I should train with someone who can use a little magic!

Artur:  I commend your attitude, but I really can't help you... My evenings
are pretty full as it is, so...

Joshua: Hey, now! A deal's a deal. I'll be waiting, so don't be late!

Artur: Fine... But just for a little while!

Artur/Joshua B

Joshua: Hey, Artur. I wanted to thank you for training. I learned a lot from
it. I hope you're not too exhausted for today's training session.

Artur: Well, actually... Could we not do this today?

Joshua: Hey, now. Show a little enthusiasm, why don't you? An attitude like
that ain't gonna win you any battles!

Artur: You may be right, but I just can't keep up with you. If you keep
exhausting me in training, I'll be no good when the real fighting begins. I'm
trying not to let it show, but I'm really worn out today.

Joshua: Then let's make a bet. If I win, you do what I tell you.

Artur: Joshua, I'm quite drained, and we still have much fighting to do. You
should just rest tonight.

Joshua: Don't worry about me, Artur. So, heads or tails?

Artur: Fine... Heads.

Joshua: Great! You're heads, and I'm tails. Here we go! Incredible! Tails! I
win again!

Artur: ... Could I see that coin?

Joshua: What for? Are you suggesting that I would actually cheat?

Artur: ... No. Sorry.

Joshua: So it's a deal. I'll be waiting for you tonight. Don't forget!

Artur: Fine... ......

Joshua: ... You're hopeless. Don't look so tired. It gets me all worried, and I
can't go back to the front being all worried. Listen, just take a day off. Get
some rest, all right?

Artur: But I lost the bet.

Joshua: The deal was, if I win, you do what I tell you. And what I'm telling
you to do is take it easy.

Artur: Joshua... I appreciate it. I've never done much fighting. I think I'm
just worn out. It's exhausting, having to keep your guard up all the time. But
your kindness has rejuvenated my frazzled nerves a little.

Joshua: Well, we're still fighting, so don't let your guard down. Stick close
to me today, and I'll watch over you. But don't skip tomorrow's training!

Artur: I'll be there.

Artur/Joshua A

Joshua: Hey, Artur! You're looking pretty pleased with yourself today. Care to
make a bet? If I win, we'll hit the training again tonight.

Artur: No need for bets, Joshua. I'll be happy to train with you.

Joshua: You're volunteering? Are you feeling all right? Did you take a blow to
the head?

Artur: No, no. I'm fine. I'm just offering to help you out. It's easier than
losing another bet to you.

Joshua: What do you mean? You've got even odds of winning.

Artur: You must be joking! Out of the past 21 coin flips, I've won two, and
you've won 19! Those are impossible odds to beat, so there's only one answer.
You must have divine betting power or something. If I can help you train, I
will, but I don't want to lose anymore.

Joshua: Hmph... But that's no fun! All right, you don't have to train with me
if you don't want to bet.

Artur: ... Excuse me?

Joshua: I don't have any divine power. You've won 11 out of 21 coin toss so
far. We're about even. I was...cheating. just a little, though.

Artur: You cheated? I felt so guilty when I accused you earlier. I guess I
just treated--

Joshua: Yep. That's your problem. I know trust and faith are important to you
monkly types. However, you can never trust your foe. If we were gambling for
your life, and not for training, you'd be dead 19 times over. Well, I mean,
you can only die once, but you get my drift.

Artur: ... I'm speechless...

Joshua: Ha ha ha. Good thing I'm a reasonably fair man, huh? No harm done, and
you even learned a little something, didn't you?

Artur: I suppose.

Joshua: So here's the deal. I want you to keep being my partner. But this
time, I'll be teaching you a little bit about wagers.

Artur: What's more important to you, Joshua? Gambling or training? I guess I
don't even have to ask you that, huh? But no more cheating!


Gerik/Tethys [8113]

Gerik/Tethys C

Gerik: Tethys. How are you feeling?

Tethys: Oh, Chief. Thing are as fine as one could expect. But I've been
dancing so much I've worked up quite a sweat. At this rate I may even lose
a few inches off my waistline. Who knows, maybe my figure will be even more
alluring than before.

Gerik: Ha ha ha! Well, I'm not sure that's even possible, but keep up the
good work. Your dancing has had quite a restorative effect on the troops.

Tethys: Really? I'm happy to hear it. I must keep dancing then, mustn't I?
Oh, I almost forgot, Chief. I have good news, and then I have better news.

Gerik: What's the good news then?

Tethys: I hear today's meal is one of your favorites, herbed stew.

Gerik: Oh, that is good news! It's been quite a while since I've had any.
And the even better news?

Tethys: In this next battle, you'll get your hands on some sort of an
incredible treasure.

Gerik: A treasure?

Tethys: Yes, that's right, some sort of treasure.

Gerik: Ha ha ha! I see. I don't know what it might be, but I can't wait for
it. Nor for today's meal.

Tethys: I'm going to continue dancing a bit longer so as to work up a
healthy appetite.

Gerik: So tell me, Tethys, when did yo first start dancing?

Tethys: Oh... Well that would have been...

Gerik: Hm? What's the matter?

Tethys: Um, well... Yes, it was long ago. Back when Ewan was still young.

Gerik: What is it, Tethys?

Tethys: ... I'm sorry, Chief. I'll explain it another time. Can we drop it
for now?

Gerik: Tethys...

Gerik/Tethys B

Tethys: Chief. The truth is, Ewan and I? We were abandoned by our parents.

Gerik: ... Oh, I see...

Tethys: Um... I wandered about with little Ewan in tow. He had no idea what 
was happening. I was a child myself with no job. We went to bed hungry every 
night, and our clothes were rags...

Gerik: ...

Tethys: Then one day I said to myself, "We cannot go on like this!" I 
watched a dancer on the street corner and memorized all of her moves. I 
wasn't a very coordinated child and it was so difficult. I didn't have real 
shoes, so my feet were a mess of blisters, and I fell so many times I was 
covered in cuts and bruises. It was painful. And miserable. And very,very 
difficult. But I never cried. Because if I were to cry, he would cry. And 
I loved seeing Ewan's smiling face. I wanted him to smile all the time, so I 
worked hard so he could.

Gerik: Tethys...

Tethys: Tee hee hee. What a sad and miserable tale. I'm sorry. I was 
reminded of it all just recently, and I was overcome with emotion... But 
that's how I earned the dancing skills and the physique I have now! All of 
the hard work back then has made me the woman I am today. What do you say to 

Gerik: I'm not sure what to say. So before you met up with us, the two of 
you had a rough time of it, did you?

Tethys: Ok, that's enough. The past is the past! You mustn't tell anyone 
about this. I don't share this story with others. I only told you because 
you're the chief. A story of toil and hardship doesn't quite fit my 
mysterious image, does it? You know what I'd like? For you tell me more 
about you.

Gerik: Sure. Another time, though, OK?

Tethys: Alright. Let's see this thing through to the end. If we do our best, 
good things will come out of it. And then better things after that. Right, 

Gerik: Right, Tethys. You be careful.

Tethys: Of course! And you too, Chief!

Gerik/Tethys A

Tethys: Um, Chief, there's actually one thing I've been wanting to ask you.

Gerik: And what's that?

Tethys: Sorry if this brings up any bad memories, but how'd you get
that scar on your face?

Gerik: This? I got this beauty when I had just started out as a mercenary.
I was still a novice, but I was feeling pretty good about my swordsmanship.
I got to a point where I was arrogant enough to believe no one could beat me.
Then one day it happened... It's something I've never been able to forget.

Tethys: What happened?

Gerik: It was just another battle. I'd been hired on as another sword and
then I met him. He was a knight from some country of another. I had fought
knights on several other occasions and had beaten them all. Even though he
was a bit tougher, I was sure I'd defeat him in the end. That's what I
thought. But... His strength was beyond me. I may as well have been using a
broomstick to fight. I remember thinking, "What a tiny little world I've been
living in." He crushed me effortlessly, and the wound he inflicted became
this lovely scar.

Tethys: I see...

Gerik: I was truly frightened. It was the first time I'd experienced fear as
a mercenary. So this knight saw how scared I was and said, "Go." He didn't
kill me. He let me escape.

Tethys: ...

Gerik: I was humiliated and ashamed. My eyes were finally opened to my own
weakness. It goes without saying I lost every shred of self-confidance.
I still dream about it sometimes. It wakes me up every time. I've never
forgotten that knight. He thought I was weak and pathetic.

Tethys: Chief...

Gerik: I was young and stupid. This scar is my punishment.

Tethys: But that knight spared your life. Because of that, good things and
better things have happened?

Gerik: What do you mean, Tethys?

Tethys: First of all, Chief, you're alive. If you had died, all the good
times you've had since that day, and all the joy you're sure to have from
this day onward, wouldn't exist. And another thing, because you lived, you
made many friends and you met me. I also don't think that knight thought you
were pathetic. I think he saw a young man with his whole life ahead of him.
That's why he let you go.

Gerik: Tethys...

Tethys: Yep. I'm sure that's it. So try thinking about it in a more positive

Gerik: Ha ha ha. You're right. I was a lot calmer after that. And while I've
had hard times, there've been far more good times. I guess you could say I
owe my success as a mercenary to that knight.

Tethys: Yep. You've got your knight, and I've got my dancer. Thanks to the
two of them, the two of us are here now. Say, Chief, why don't we become like
them? I think we should work at being inspirations to other people.

Gerik: Hm...good idea. Thanks, Tethys. I think I'll sleep soundly tonight.

Tethys: Good. You know, Chief, I'm really happy.

Gerik: Yeah, me, too. I've got a life I enjoy and good companions. All that
and a wonderful woman to love. Everyone should be so lucky.

Tethys: Oh! Chief!

Gerik: Whoa! ... Hey now... This is a battlefield. This isn't the place for

Tethys: No one's looking...

Gerik: Um... Oh, all right...


Gerik/Marisa [8114]

Gerik/Marisa C

Gerik: Hello, Marisa.

Marisa: Chief.

Gerik: How're you doing? Your sword still sharp?

Marisa: Same as always.

Gerik: You're not seriously injured or ill, are you?

Marisa: No.

Gerik: I see. So you can continue on?

Marisa: Yes. Why all the questions?

Gerik: Oh. I'm the commander, you know? I'm supposed to check on you now and 
then. Well, see you later.

Marisa: Wait.

Gerik: Hm?

Marisa: I'd like you to keep talking. I don't mind talking to you.

Gerik: You know, we've known each other for a long time, so I understand 
you... But listen, Marisa, it wouldn't hurt you to be a bit more sociable. 
Not for me, mind you, but some of the others have a hard time working with 

Marisa: ...

Gerik: Speaking of which, when I first met you, you were always working 
alone. I remember thinking how odd that was. I figured a woman as beautiful 
and talented as you would have men all around her.

Marisa: Don't need 'em.

Gerik: You see, that's what I'm talking about! Your beauty belies your 

Marisa: Chief?

Gerik: Hm?

Marisa: Do you like sociable women?

Gerik: Um... sure, I guess. I mean, doesn't everyone? If you go to an inn, 
aren't the sociable gals the most popular?

Marisa: I understand. Ok. I'll be more sociable. This better?

Gerik: Huh!?

Gerik/Marisa B

Gerik: Say, Marisa.

Marisa: Hello.

Gerik: Listen, you've been acting a bit odd lately. You don't talk to me as 
much as you used to.

Marisa: ... I'm practicing.

Gerik: Practicing? Practicing what?

Marisa: Being sociable.

Gerik: Oh... Because it's you I'm going to assume that you're serious. You 
know what I said before? I wasn't really serious, so don't worry about it.

Marisa: But. I've practiced. I'm a bit more sociable.

Gerik: In what way? You don't appear to have changed at all.

Marisa: You're wrong. Let me show you.

Gerik: What? You're going to be sociable? This I've got to see. Well, go 

Marisa: You won't laugh, will you?

Gerik: No, I won't laugh.

Marisa: Truly?

Gerik: Yes, I promise.

Marisa: Here goes... Hello, Gerik! Wonderful day for a battle, isn't it!

Gerik: ...

Marisa: Why are you looking away?

Gerik: N-n-no... reason... Mmha... Bwa ha ha ha ha!

Marisa: Oh!

Gerik/Marisa A

Gerik: C'mon, Marisa, don't be like that.

Marisa: ......

Gerik: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh. Are you still mad?

Marisa: I'm mad.

Gerik: Forgive me. I really and truly apologize. Still mad?

Marisa: I'm still mad.

Gerik: Sigh. OK, I get it. What do I have to do to get you to forgive me?
I don't have much gold, but I could get you a snack...

Marisa: You're the chief. You don't have to apologize. Just give orders.

Gerik: Well, I know, but I was wrong. I was the bad guy. My crime was not
being sensitive to your feelings. I tell you what, I'll buy you anything you

Marisa: You're soft. Leaders are normally harsher than you. You're too nice.
Too nice to all of us. That's why...

Gerik: That's why what?

Marisa: Nothing.

Gerik: Well, I said too much and I'm sorry. You're fine just the way you are.

Marisa: Really?

Gerik: Yeah, of course.

Marisa: Th-then... If you would... I wouldn't be mad anymore.

Gerik: Hm? What did you say?

Marisa: Nothing. Forget it.

Gerik: C'mon, it wasn't nothing. If it'll put you in a better mood, I don't
have a problem with...

Marisa: Forget it!


Gerik/Saleh [8115]

Gerik/Saleh C

Gerik: Hello, Saleh!

Saleh: Gerik...

Gerik: Imagine! You and me fighting together. Life's full of surprises,
isn't it?

Saleh: I suppose so.

Gerik: So, what do you think of our commander?

Saleh: I'm here. That's your answer.

Gerik: Good point. You know this job seems to have more meaning than any of
my previous ones. And it's not because it deals with the continent and all
the nations and all that. I simply want to accomplish my employer's goals.
That's my prime motivation.

Saleh: I think it will all work out. As long as you and I are here...

Gerik: Ha ha ha! Well said. No one can touch us, is that it? I do imagine
with us in the field we'll win most battles, eh? Can't get overconfident,

Saleh: Mm. ......

Gerik: Huh? What is it?

Saleh: Gerik... Do you...

Gerik: Do I what?

Saleh: Nothing... Pay me no mind.

Gerik: C'mon, now. What is it?

Saleh: Forgive me. It's nothing...

Gerik: All right... Well then, let's get going. When there's a break in the
fighting, we should get together for a meal.

Saleh: Very well. We'll eat to our mutual good fortune...

Gerik: Yes, to luck!

Gerik/Saleh B

Gerik: Tell me, Saleh, how fares the elder?

Saleh: She hasn't changed a bit.

Gerik: Is that so? You know I was so surprised the first time I visited Caer
Pelyn. The elder's eyes... they were not the eyes of your average person.
They were filled with a lifetime's wisdom and seemed to look right through
you. Deep... and sharp. And they were so clear. I've looked into the eyes of
many people, but no one had eyes like hers. But the thing about the elder is
that her eyes weren't harsh, or judgmental. That's what I like about her.
Actually, when I first met her, she intimidated me. But she treated me with
such kindness. She's why I grew to enjoy Caer Pelyn, even if it doesn't have
any nightlife! I want you to take good care of the elder, Saleh.

Saleh: Yes, I intend to.

Gerik: You say the right words, Saleh, but are you being sincerely

Saleh: Considerate? When I'm home, I look after her personal belongings. I
also take care of her meals and watch over her health...

Gerik: That's only natural. You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?
That's just like you, though.

Saleh: Is there... something else I should be doing?

Gerik: Next time you go home, make sure you take her a gift. Bring her some
jewelry or something that's popular in town.

Saleh: But... I don't know what she likes...

Gerik: Oh, please, Saleh. That's not the issue. Simply receiving that sort of
present from her grandson will make her happy.

Saleh: Oh... is that so?

Gerik: That's what I'm trying to tell you.

Saleh: I understand. I'll take it into consideration.

Gerik: When we next pass through a city, I'll help you pick something out.

Saleh: That would be helpful.

Gerik: Studying magic is all well and good, but you should pay attention to
these things, too. And in your case, you need to work on understanding
women's hearts.

Saleh: ...... I'll look into it.

Gerik: Ha ha ha. I'll help you out in that area, too.

Gerik/Saleh A

Saleh: Gerik...

Gerik: Hm? What is it, Saleh? You look even more serious than usual.

Saleh: Gerik... You truly despise me, don't you?

Gerik: Huh?! What?

Saleh: I...

Gerik: ...

Saleh: Your friend, I...

Gerik: Don't say it, Saleh! That was an act of fate. Right? All you did was
brush those sparks away from yourself.

Saleh: Gerik...

Gerik: Listen, we're mercenaries. We end up working together with old foes,
and crossing blades with former allies. It's just part of the job. My friend
Zabba died by your act. That much is true. And at that moment, I could think
of nothing but avenging him! But after that, you saved my life... We became
friends. That's the truth of it, isn't it?

Saleh: Yes...

Gerik: I trust you now. You are my friend. I'm not lying to you. I don't lie
to my friends. That's something I don't do.

Saleh: And you are my friend. Since that day, it's you who has saved me time
and time again.

Gerik: We're all human after all. Helping our friends is part of our nature.

Saleh: Gerik... You... You're a good man...

Gerik: That's enough of that! You keep that up and I'll be blushing like a

Saleh: Ha!

Gerik: Hey! Ha ha ha! I caught a rare glimpse of you smiling. Listen, Saleh,
I know we're not risking our lives here, but this war's not our whole lives.
Let's not do anything stupid. We're going to get past this. Then you're going
to haul your carcass back to Caer Pelyn and care for the elder!

Saleh: Yes... And you'll visit, too.

Gerik: Sure. When things calm down I'll let you throw me a feast. I can't
wait to have Caer Pelyn's famous mutton stew again.

Saleh: We'll be waiting for you, Gerik.


Gerik/Joshua [8116]

Gerik/Joshua C

Joshua: You're Gerik, right? Head of that band of mercenaries?

Gerik: Where's your respect? I've got a title. Use it.

Joshua: Oh... My mistake. Pardon me. I'm Joshua. I heard you once commanded
a band of over a hundred mercenaries. I've been wanting to talk to you.

Gerik: Huh. So that's what you're heard, is it? You look a bit on the rough
side. Yeah, I can see it in your eyes. You're no ordinary swordsman, are you?

Joshua: ... It's just like they said. You're a natural leader.
Commanding and observant--it's a rare combination.

Gerik: Ah, thanks. So what brings you over here anyway? Didn't just come to
say hello, did you?

Joshua: You ARE a sharp one.

Gerik: Not half as sharp as your sword, from what I've seen out there.

Joshua: Actually, I'm here with an offer, but I didn't want to rush into it.
I'd hate to mess this one up. I can't go into the details just now,
but it's a big job. I'm guessing it'll pay pretty well, too.

Gerik: I see. Well, you have me curious. I'm looking forward to hearing your

Joshua: You should be.

Gerik/Joshua B

Joshua: Hey, Gerik.

Gerik: Is that you, Joshua? So, I hear you like to gamble.

Joshua: You hear right. Care to try your luck?

Gerik: Ha ha ha. I'll pass. But tell me, why do you like gambling so much?

Joshua: I've got my reasons. Mostly, I just like to believe in my own luck.

Gerik: Luck?

Joshua: Oh, yeah... See, you can have all the skill in the world and still
have a bad day. It doesn't take much for the most fortunate man around to
have a fall. A royal family at the height of their power gets betrayed,
and that's the end. It's life really, innit?

Gerik: Hmm... You've got a point there. But you know, Joshua, you don't want
to use luck as an excuse. Don't blame luck when you lose a fight. Blame
yourself, but not luck. Renais didn't fall because of bad fortune.
It was malice that did it. You're right--there's good luck and bad, but it's
no excuse for failure.

Joshua: Well, that's a good point you've got there. But I think I'll just
keep believing in my luck for now.

Gerik: Whatever works for you. If you're an even match against someone, sure,
luck is a factor. But you're not counting on luck alone, are you? You're a
fine swordsman, and that's not all lucks doing there?

Joshua: You're far too observant. We're lucky to have you on our side.

Gerik: That's the best compliment a mercenary can get.

Joshua: Call it a hunch, but I think this is the start of a long friendship.

Gerik: You think so, huh? I wonder if that's just a lucky guess.

Joshua: Well, I'm a lucky guy.

Gerik/Joshua A

Gerik: Hey Joshua, I don't mind a little friendly gambling with my men,
but would you mind not fleecing them too much? It's demoralizing.

Joshua: Hm? Oh, you're talking about those guys? Man! They wore me out!
They just kept losing and losing and losing, and they still wouldn't give up.
If they risk so much on a bet, they might risk too much in battle.
You're their commander. You should go have a word with them.

Gerik: Ha ha ha... Good point. I'll talk to the boys. But, Joshua...
I'm going to ave to win back the money you took from my men.

Joshua: It's about time! I've been waiting for you to put the challenge to me.

Gerik: Oh, I'll do more than just challenge you.

Joshua: So if you win, I'll cough up your men's money. And if I win...

Gerik: What's it going to be? Come on, out with it.

Joshua: I want you to join me when this war is over.

Gerik: ... That's all you want? Well, it doesn't sound like your standard
mercenary assignment, but you've piqued my interest. This sounds like a big
bet. I'm not sure what I get you're after in all this, but... Fine. You've
got a bet.

Joshua: Great, then let's go... How 'bout we flip a coin?

Gerik: That's it? I'm wagering my life on a coin toss? Eh, why not? Flip it.

Joshua: Heads or tails. What's your call?

Gerik: ... Heads.

Joshua: Which leaves me with tails. ... Here it goes... Hup!

Gerik: ......

Joshua: ... Ready to see what it is? ... Look! It's tails!

Gerik: I won. Now, let me have the men's money back.

Joshua: ... Wait, you called heads...

Gerik: I sure did. But you cheated. Open your left hand. There--you palmed
the coin and swapped in a fake one.

Joshua:... You ARE observant. Not a lot of people can see through that.
You're right. You win. Here, I'll give you back the money.

Gerik: Ha ha ha. Thanks, Joshua. I'll get this back to the men.

Joshua: Mind if I ask how you found me out? I like to think I've gotten
pretty good at that trick.

Gerik: Before I became a mercenary, gambling was my one true love in life.
I've had to learn to see through a LOT of tricks in my day.

Joshua: So, wait... You just pretended not to be interested in gambling?
You're really something. You pulled a fast one on me. Today's not my--

Gerik: Not your lucky day? Don't say that, Joshua. You were just out of your
league is all.

Joshua: I'm starting to think maybe I was. But then again, maybe not...
Maybe today was just YOUR lucky day.

Gerik: Ha ha ha. I like your enthusiasm. And I'm glad you appreciate my
gambling prowess.

Joshua: I havn't given up on you yet. When this war is over, let's have us a
quick duel. If I win, you come work for me.

Gerik: You're on. Just make sure you stay alive until then.

Joshua: Don't worry. I'm feeling lucky.


Tethys/Ewan [8117]

Tethys/Ewan C

Ewan: Hey, Tethys! Check out my magic!?

Tethys: Ewan! How many times am I going to have to say it? This isn't a field
trip. Please promise me you'll behave.

Ewan: Oh, you don't have to worry about me. But since I'm here, I'd like to
be of use. Otherwise I'm just in the way. You gotta let me do something.

Tethys: You have a point, but you're still too young.

Ewan: Too young? I'm not a child anymore! I can look after myself!

Tethys: What are you talking about? You're not a full-fledged mage, are you?

Ewan: Well, no, not yet. But someday I'm gonna be one of the best mages ever!
These soldiers recognize my talent. That's why I'm on the battlefield.
Just watch me! You won't say that I'm too young or inexperienced if you saw

Tethys: Wait! Ewan, wait up! Oh, he's gone... Only a child would say
something like, "Just watch me."

Tethys/Ewan B

Ewan: Hey, Tethys. You've been getting pretty chummy with that guy lately.

Tethys: What do you mean, Ewan? Who's "that guy"? 

Ewan: You know, THAT guy. Look, he's right over there... And that guy waving
his sword around... I'd say you've been a little too friendly with all of them!

Tethys: Too friendly? I wonder. I think chatting now and again is normal.
Wait a minute... Ewan, are you feeling jealous?

Ewan: D-don't be stupid. That's not it at all!

Tethys: Hold on. You know, that man told me he found a frog in his boots the
other day. And that man woke up to find half his moustache shaved off.
You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?

Ewan: N-no. This is the first I've heard of it.

Tethys: Really?

Ewan: Um, yeah...

Tethys: Ooh! It WAS you, wasn't it? Ewan, you can't do things like that.
Even if it is kind of funny.

Ewan: But they're morons? All they do is get you to dance, and then they run
arround on the battlefield challenging each other to "contests of strength
and valor"! They're dumb braggarts, and I was just taking 'em down a peg.
But I'm not jealous!

Tethys: All right, all right. I'll keep your secret this time, but you must

Ewan: They're the troublemakers, you know? Oh... OK. I got it. I'll leave 'em
alone. But, Tethys?

Tethys: What is it?

Ewan: I'll always be here to protect you. I'm not too young for that!
So instead of always helping those guys, dance for me once in a while.
I know it'll make me stronger!

Tethys: Ewan...

Ewan: I'll see you later! You gotta promise to dance for me!

Tethys/Ewan A

Ewan: It's not such a good idea for you to dance too close to the front lines.

Tethys: Hee hee! Thanks for worrying about me, Ewan. But are you sure it's
not just the jealousy talking?

Ewan: Th-that's not it at all! It's dangerous! That's it!

Tethys: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But you know, Ewan... Since you joined up with
the army, you really have gotten stronger.

Ewan: I have, haven't I? So I'm no longer a novice, right?

Tethys: No, you've truly grown. I'm glad, but also a little sad.

Ewan: Hmm. So when I'm a full-fledged mage, you're gonna be sad?

Tethys: I guess so. A little sad, anyways. I'm so much older than you that
I've always thought of you as a child. That's why I always thought I had to
protect you.

Ewan: You know, at the beginning of all of this I really was treating it like
a game. Then I saw the dangers you faced to help everyone. I knew I couldn't
treat it like a game any longer. Battles threaten people's lives and need to
end quickly. That's why I need to boost my powers. I want to help you and the
others. I have to become a full-fledged mage to really do my part. So, don't
be sad. I just want to protect you...

Tethys: Ewan...

Ewan: You've been looking after your little brother for so many years. Now
it's my turn to return the favor. I mean, I am the man of the family. So
from now on, I'm gonna be helping you out.

Tethys: Thanks you. Ewan. Hearing you say that makes me very happy. It proves
to me how much you've truly grown. But that doesn't mean you need to rush off
on your own or anything. If I thought you didn't need me anymore, I would
feel really sad.

Ewan: There's no reason to get all weepy. No matter how old I get, you'll
always be my big sister. My one and only.


Tethys/Marisa [8118]

Tethys/Marisa C

Tethys: Say, Marisa, you're left-handed, right?

Marisa: How did you know that?

Tethys: Well, when you're carrying a sword, don't you always have it in your
left hand?

Marisa: No, I can use either hand.  But my left hand is stronger.

Tethys: So that's like a warning sign: left hand equals danger.

Marisa: Warning sign...

Tethys: So why is it you always sleep on your right side?
You know you never roll over in your sleep?  And even the slightest noise
causes you to spring up.  Do you ever really sleep?

Marisa: I have to do that. Otherwide I wouldn't survive.

Tethys: Wouldn't survive? You must be exaggerating.

Marisa: I sleep with my dominant arm up. That way, if I'm attacked, my good
arm is ready to go.

Tethys: Huh... Do all sword fighters sleep that way?

Marisa: If your dominant arm is cut, you're at a disadvantage in battle.
That means death. 

Tethys: But doesn't your arm ever fall asleep? Aren't there times when you
can't use it?

Marisa: No. My father trained me when I was a child, so that doesn't happen.

Tethys: When you were a child? How? Kids always roll around in their sleep.

Marisa: My father placed blunt swords at my sides when I slept to keep me
from moving.

Tethys: Your father did that? But that's so dangerous...

Marisa: No, the blades were rounded and dull. And it worked. I don't roll
over when sleeping.

Tethys: Wow, sword fighters have some intense training methods, don't they?
I'm glad I was an average kid. I mean, I was poor, but at least I slept freely.

Tethys/Marisa B

Marisa: Tethys. Are you right-handed?

Tethys: Will wonders never cease? You actually started a conversation.

Marisa: When you dance, you often begin by putting your right foot forward.

Tethys: Now I'm really amazed. I can't believe you noticed. But footwork in
dancing has nothing to do with being right- or left-handed. Dancing is a way
of expressing feelings through body movement. All of one's experiences are
incorporated and displayed in the way one dances.

Marisa: Experiences? What kind of experiences?

Tethys: That, my dear, is my little secret. Mine may be a bit unique, though.
My life's taken some odd turns, but it's because of them that I started
dancing.  And when I'm dancing, I'm happy.

Marisa: Hmmm. Your dances give people courage. Dancing suits you.

Tethys: Doesn't it, though? All the mercenaries tell me that, too.
Now that you understand my dancing, you're truly a member of Gerik's team.

Tethys/Marisa A

Tethys: Tell me, Marisa, have you ever thought about wanting to be reborn?

Marisa: Reborn?

Tethys: You know, coming back as someone else after you die? If you were
going to be reborn, what you like to be? Perhaps a beautiful dancer like me?

Marisa: I'm fine with being me. I can't imagine anything else.

Tethys: I thought that's what you'd say. Actually, I thought of lots of
things, but really can't imagine any other life. I guess that means that in
spite of all the hardships we've faced, we're really happy.

Marisa: I suppose so...

Tethys: Living in this age means that we face many bad things and then worse
things. Yet... We're alive, so that means we also get good things and then
better things, too. In tough times, I sometimes think I'd like to be reborn
in another time, but the important thing is not to give up and to live your
life to the fullest.

Marisa: When you die, life is over. There's no such thing as being reborn.

Tethys: Well, you may be right.

Marisa: We only get one chance. So all I can do is keep fighting.

Tethys: After all's said and done, you truly like who and what you are, right?
We have completely different lives, but we have that in common. That and the
same man, right?

Marisa: What?! What do you mean?!

Tethys: You can't hide it from me. I guess I should ask, do you think you're
hiding it?

Marisa: I-I'm hiding nothing. Nothing at all!

Tethys: What an interesting reaction. Youth is so cute.

Marisa: Wh-why are you smiling?! Ah...

Tethys: Don't be so embarrassed. We're going to be around each other for a
long time. We should talk.

Marisa: I've got to go!

Tethys: There's no need to run away. We may be rivals, but we're still friends.

Marisa: I'm not running away! I'm just... leaving!


Tethys/Rennac [8119]

Tethys/Rennac C

Rennac: Are you Tethys, the dancer who captivates all audiences?

Tethys: Who are you?

Rennac: Oh, you don't know me? That's so disappointing. I am Rennac of
Carcino. I beg your indulgence...

Tethys: It's a pleasure to meet you, Rennac. However, I'm a bit busy at
the moment. Perhaps we could talk another time.

Rennac: Is that so? Very well then. Another day.

Tethys: Yes.

Rennac: And perhaps I could have you dance for me and me alone.

Tethys: Hm? I will of course dance if your ask, but... For you and you alone?
Are you perhaps attempting to woo me? If that's the case, you should stop.

Rennac: No, no, that's not what I was intending at all. Yet many women who
say they're not interested end up in my arms all the same.

Tethys: Well, if that's the case, maybe I'll keep an eye on you. If you
turn out to be a catch, I'll rethink my stance.

Rennac: It's a deal then. I ask that you observe my conduct closely.
Good day.

Tethys: Oh, dear... I think he took me seriously. I hope he doesn't get his
hopes up too high.

Tethys/Rennac B
Rennac: Ah, the beauteous Tethys. It's a pleasure to see you again. Well?
Have I made an impression yet?

Tethys: Well...  You seem to be... unobjectionable. Yet you've a long way to
go, I think.

Rennac: That's a bit severe, isn't it? Is there something specific you desire?

Tethys: Oh, well... perhaps you could bring my something?

Rennac: Bring you something? A gift, is that it? Very well. What shall it be?

Tethys: Um...

Tethys/Rennac A

Tethys: Oh...

Rennac: Tethys. I've been looking for you. You haven't been avoiding me,
have you?

Tethys: Oh, of course not. Hee hee...

Rennac: The object you spoke of the other day? I have it here.
Please take a look.

Tethys: Um. Oh, yes. That. Of course.

Rennac: You forgot what you asked for, didn't you?

Tethys: That's, that's... not true.

Rennac: OK, then take a look. Here it is.

Tethys: Ooh..

Rennac: What do you think?

Tethys: It's nice. Very pretty.

Rennac: It's as big as a fist. Notice how the red, white and blue colors
play across the surface of the gems.

Tethys: It really exists.

Rennac: Did you say something?

Tethys: No, nothing. Pay me no mind.

Rennac: Well, I brought it to you as promised. So this proves that I've
worthy, does it not?

Tethys: Yes. I now realize that despite your appearance, you're a very hard
worker. Does that make you a good catch? Hmm... I'm still not convinced.

Rennac: Really? How disappointing. Is there something else you desire?

Tethys: Let me see... There is this...


Marisa/Tana [9111]

Marisa/Tana C

Tana: Oh! You're one of Gerik's mercenaries, aren't you?

Marisa: Frelia's princess...

Tana: Yes, that's right. I'm Tana. What's your name?

Marisa: Marisa.

Tana: Nice to meet you, Marisa! I just wanted to tell you all how much I
appreciate you all. Mercenaries, I mean. It's because of you that we're doing
so well.

Marisa: It's my job, and I'm doing it. No need to thank me.

Tana: But I'd always heard mercenaries were renegades, cutthroats, and oath
breakers. You're nothing like that though. So that's why I wanted to thank
you--for fighting so hard for us.

Marisa: It's not out of loyalty to you or to any kingdom. I'm happy as long
as I have a chance to swing my sword.

Tana: Oh... Is that so... But it doesn't matter to me! You're helping is now,
and I know you'd never betray us.

Marisa: I don't care what you think.

Tana: But-but... Oh, wait! Well... She doesn't talk much, does she...

Marisa/Tana B

Tana: Oh, Marisa.

Marisa: ......

Tana: What is it? What's the matter? Oh! Have you never seen a Pegasus?

Marisa: ... Magnificent.

Tana: Is this your first time ever seeing a Pegasus up close?

Marisa: Yes. I've fought beside Pegasus knights, but I've never been this
close before.

Tana: Well? What do you think?

Marisa: ... I thought they would have more delicate legs, because they fly
so much.

Tana: Oh, they can gallop quite quickly. They don't always have to fly.

Marisa: Interesting. ... It is truly magnificent. Powerful and beautiful.

Tana: Would you like to touch him? Pet his head. Achaeus likes that.

Marisa: Touch... him?

Tana: Of course. Be my guest. Unless you're... scared?

Marisa: I'm not scared. ... Very well. ......

Tana: That's it... ...... See? He is happy.

Marisa: Your Pegasus is named... Achaeus... That is a good name. A strong name.

Tana: Thanks. Syrene named him. She's a Pegasus knight. She's sort of my
mentor. Someday, I want to be as graceful and strong as Syrene. And then,
like Syrene, I'll pass my experience on to the next generation.

Marisa: I see. I have no goal but to master my swordsmanship.

Tana: Oh, but that's a fine dream! Then let's keep working, shall we?

Marisa: ... Yes.

Marisa/Tana A

Tana: Marisa, is it difficult to improve your swordsmanship?

Marisa: It is. I practice daily. I've fought a thousand men and won each time.
And still, I have seen only the barest glimpse of what I could achieve.

Tana: Really... Maybe you shouldn't press yourself so hard.

Marisa: ......

Tana: I can see how dedicated you are to becoming a better swordfighter.
But if you focus too much on a lofty goal, you might not notice when you
reach it. And I have no doubt you will reach it.

Marisa: ......

Tana: What is it, Marisa?

Marisa: Why do you waste your time speaking with me, Princess?

Tana: Oh, I am not supposed to do that?

Marisa: It's not a matter of whether you should or should not.

Tana: At first, I thought you were brusque and...maybe a little intimidating,
too. But you're not like that at all. You're just shy--and a poor

Marisa: A poor-- You know, many of my fellow swordsmen still fear me.

Tana: I'm sure they do. Your grace with the sword is something else.
But when you're not fighting, you're completely different. More pensive.
You're so dedicated to your goal. You have that far-off look in your eyes,
like you're lost in thoughts of love or something like that.

Marisa: You've already made up your mind, Princess, so there's no point in my

Tana: Then we agree! Oh, but there's one more thing. Just call me Tana. You
don't have to keep calling me "Princess."

Marisa: Why?

Tana: We're friends now.

Marisa: Friends?

Tana: That's right! So just call me Tana. I don't want you to worry about
royal titles and formality when we talk. You say you've dedicated yourself
to the sword, but... that doesn't mean you can't have a friend ot two, does

Marisa: ......

Tana: ...... Well, Marisa?

Marisa: ...... No, that doesn't sound... bad.

Tana: Great! Boy, I don't know what I would have done if you'd said no.
But there it is. We're friends now, right, Marisa?

Marisa: As you say, Tana.


Marisa/Joshua [9112]

Marisa/Joshua C

Joshua: Hey, I hear you're good with a sword...

Marisa: Who are you?

Joshua: I'm Joshua. And you?

Marisa: Marisa.

Joshua: It's a pleasure. By the way, you ever hear this?

Marisa: Hear what?

Joshua: Well, I guess it was popular for a while, way back when. But when two
swordsmen met on the battlefield--even allied swordsmen--they would duel it
out to test one another's worth with the blade. So what do you say? Don't you
think it's time to revive this tradition?

Marisa: ... You want me to kill you?

Joshua: No, no, no. I'm not saying we have to fight to the death! It's just a
simple test of skill.

Marisa: ... Fine. As long as I get a chance to whet my blade's appetite.

Joshua: Er... Great! Now, what say we make this more interesting? If I win,
you owe me, and if you win, then I owe you.

Marisa: Owe me what?

Joshua: ... I'm not quite sure yet. How about... Ah, yes. how about you owe
me a favor.

Marisa: I'm not following you.

Joshua: No?

Marisa: But it doesn't matter. I'm not going to lose to you.

Joshua: Now you're talking.

Marisa: Then let's get started.

Joshua: Whoa! Hold your horses! Where's the hurry? Let's do this another day.
After all, I like to savor the anticipation a little bit.

Marisa: I don't get it, but fine.

Joshua: Great! We're all set then. Next time we meet, we cross swords. Deal?

Marisa: ... There's nothing to anticipate. You're simply going to lose.

Joshua: Well, I don't know about that. See you later. I'm looking forward to

Marisa: Same here.

Marisa/Joshua B

Joshua: Oh... Tsk!

Marisa: ...!

Joshua: Dang...! There!!

Marisa: Ha! ...

Joshua: Whew... After a match like that, I can be happy with a tie!

Marisa: ......

Joshua: You're better than I thought.

Marisa: You're not too bad yourself.

Joshua: Heh... Thanks. But remember, I was at a slight disadvantage, so...

Marisa: I must admit, I did hold you at a slight disadvantage. However, we are
closely matched, despite our incompatible styles. I simply couldn't land a
decisive blow. But it was all worthwhile. After all, I've learned, and that
is worth far more than any wager.

Joshua: I see. You're a quick one, aren't you? How did you get that good?

Marisa: Fighting is all I have.

Joshua: You live for the sword, eh? I prefer rolling the dice to swinging the
sword, you know?

Marisa: ... Why is that?

Joshua: Whew... I thought you'd never ask. You're asking how I got hooked on
gambling, right? Let me see... There's not much to tell. I guess by the time
I realized it, it was already too late. I'd grown bored of everything before
I discovered gambling. But then I saw it--gambling was like life, in short
little bursts. Life itself is just one big gamble! That's how I see things.

Marisa: I see. ... I don't know anything about gambling, but it was a good
duel. We must try this again soon.

Joshua: What, with no wager? That doesn't sound very fun.

Marisa: Suit yourself.

Joshua: You mean that? Then we'll have another bet. I'll win next time. See
you later.

Marisa: See you.

Marisa/Joshua A

Joshua: There!

Marisa: Ho!

Joshua: ...... How's this?

Marisa: Oof...

Joshua: Whew... Looks like I won this time.

Marisa: ...... I made a mistake.

Joshua: No, you're just having a bad day. And it's not like I had a decisive
victory this time. I'd say we're still just about even.

Marisa: All that matters is that I didn't win. You won the bet. What do you
want me to do?

Joshua: Oh, you remembered our last bet! That makes me happy. All right, here

Marisa: ......

Joshua: I want you to be my partner for a while... How's that sound?

Marisa: What? Your partner?

Joshua: Don't get the wrong idea. I just meant for training. And gambling.

Marisa: So, nothing would change...

Joshua: Well, I suppose, but there's still a point to it all.

Marisa: What's that?

Joshua: If I train with you, I'm going to become a better swordsman. And if
we train together, maybe we'll each learn something.

Marisa: I could ask nothing better.

Joshua: And there's something that I want to do soon when the war is over.
It's something that can't be done in a single day or overnight. You could
probably call this the biggest gamble of my entire life. I'm going to have to
hone my skills, and I'll need someone to help me. What do you say, Marisa?
Won't you lend me a hand?

Marisa: I'm good for fighting, and not much else.

Joshua: You think? I doubt that's true. Well, think about it.

Marisa: ... I'll do it.

Joshua: I know this is a gamble, but... gambling is my hobby.

Marisa: I see that.

Joshua: Well, don't let me down.

Marisa: I won't. But try to keep it interesting, all right?

Joshua: Heh. Then I'll do my best to keep you entertained. And remember what I
said... Life is a gamble. You never know what'll happen. But don't worry, I'm
sure you won't be bored. Besides, how often do you meet someone you can spar
with? Not to mention someone who can actually beat you!

Marisa: I'll win next time, though.

Joshua: That's the spirit, Marisa.


Saleh/Myrrh [9113]

Saleh/Myrrh C

Myrrh: ......

Saleh: ......

Myrrh: ...... Um...

Saleh: May I help you?

Myrrh: Saleh, wherever we go, you're always at my side. Don't you ever do
anything YOU want to do?

Saleh: I came from Caer Pelyn. I have been entrusted with the honor of being
your escort. Protecting you, Great Dragon, gives my life meaning.

Myrrh: Great Dragon? Please, there's no need to call me that. My father is
the great one. I've done nothing. I'm not great at all.

Saleh: It is true, Great Dragon, that your exalted father once saved mankind.
On that day so long ago, he shielded us from evil. He is our true saviour.
However, mankind has forgotten that most sacred debt we owe him. I do, as we
all must, what I can to atone for that crime of neglect.

Myrrh: ......

Saleh: Great Dragon, does my presence bother you? If it does, please do not
hesitate to tell me. I would remove myself at once and not bother you again
until needed.

Myrrh: ... It's fine. Do whatever pleases you.

Saleh: ... Thank you.

Saleh/Myrrh B

Myrrh: ......

Saleh: ......

Myrrh: Um...

Saleh: Yes?

Myrrh: There's something I wanted to ask. You're from Caer Pelyn. Do you know
if my father has ever visited your village?

Saleh: He has. I myself have never seen his noble personage. However, I have
heard that Dara met him once when she was young. Some monsters had wandered
into Caer Pelyn, and the Great Dragon saved us.

Myrrh: Really? I wonder why my father chose to help you.

Saleh: That, I cannot guess. We poor humans cannot hope to grasp the thinking
of the Great Dragon.

Myrrh: ... My father has dedicated his life to protecting humans. For the
longest time, I could not fathom why he would do this. But now, after
spending time with all of you... I begin to understand how he felt.

Saleh: Great Dragon...

Myrrh: I'm sure that I-- that I will continue to fight, as he did, for all

Saleh: I am truly grateful that you feel that way, Great Dragon.

Saleh/Myrrh A

Myrrh: ......

Saleh: ......

Myrrh: ......

Saleh: Great Dragon... I know I'm being rude, but I've a favor to ask.

Myrrh: What is it?

Saleh: Would you please come to our village?

Myrrh: To Caer Pelyn? But...

Saleh: Dara and the other villagers would be overjoyed to see you.
The village is quite spare, but we would do our best to entertain you.
You could stay for as long as you wanted...

Myrrh: ... Saleh, you made that request on my behalf, didn't you?

Saleh: No, not at all. I apologize. I have been disrespectful.

Myrrh: No, I'm pleased. However... I doubt I should stay too long.

Saleh: Why is that?

Myrrh: It's because I'm a dragon. My father explained it to me. We are both
human and monster. And because we are both, we are also neither.

Saleh: ......

Myrrh: We have the power of dragons; therefore, we cannot live together with
humans... We have the hearts of humans; therefore, we do not belong with
monsters. We are outcasts in this world, never a part of either community.
And so we live our lives alone, never to be understood by anyone.

Saleh: But there are humans whose actions make them monsters in the eyes of
others. I do not think of you as such when there are many worse monsters
among my own kind. Regardless, I believe the villagers would be most pleased
to have you visit.

Myrrh: Saleh... Thank you. Your words have cheered me up a little. Please
wait for my answer. When all of this is finished... When peace returns, I'll
give you my answer then.

Saleh: I understand.

Myrrh: And when I do return to Darkling Woods, I will not be sad. Because of
the time I've spent with you, the memories you've given me, I shall not be
lonely. I shall never feel like an outcast again.

Saleh: Lady Myrrh...


Saleh/Ewan [9114]

Saleh/Ewan C

Saleh: ......

Ewan: Teacher!

Saleh: ...... Oh, Ewan!

Ewan: You were practicing Valega, weren't you? "To know the harmony of heaven
and earth, body and spirit" ... right?

Saleh: Yes, you are correct.

Ewan: Um... "To contemplate oneself" ... And... what was the rest?

Saleh: "To contemplate the world and to envision all creation. Thus, to be

Ewan: Oh, that's right. Doesn't it get to be a bother finding a quiet place
like this, though?

Saleh: Contemplation takes time, Ewan. It doesn't matter where, so long as
you do it.

Ewan: Oh... Well, if Valega is an important part of Caer Pelyn's culture and
history, I think I might give it a try.

Saleh: Really? And I wonder how many days you'll last at that.

Ewan: Heh. I guess you're right. Knowing the harmony of the heavens sounds
tough. Do you have anything easier I could practice in the meantime?

Saleh: Hm. Let me think. Your skill level is still quite low, but...

Ewan: Thanks, Teacher. I first remember when you first decided to teach me
some magic. I was so excited that I went out and practiced over and over again.

Saleh: You must pace yourself. Using too much magic can drain both body and

Ewan: Yeah, Boy, I know that. After that time, I was so tired that I couldn't
stay awake. I was so tired that I slept for a full day. I woke up in bed...

Saleh: Technically, it was two days.

Ewan: Oh, so that was you who carried me home?

Saleh: Mm-hm.

Ewan: Now that I think about it, no one else would have bothered! Thank you.

Saleh: Ewan, don't push yourself too hard. Magic is no game.

Ewan: I know, and don't worry!

Saleh/Ewan B

Ewan: Teacher.

Saleh: What is it, Ewan?

Ewan: Do you remember a few years ago when you went to visit Commander Gerik?
That was when I met you and followed you back ot Caer Pelyn. I never said
thank you for taking me in, Teacher. I've never regretted it.

Saleh: I remember it clearly. I kept thinking, "What have I gotten myself

Ewan: If that's the way you felt about it, why did you let me be your student?

Saleh: Your eyes.

Ewan: My eyes?

Saleh: You had a spark in your eyes. I knew that I saw an exceptional talent
for magic in those eyes.

Ewan: Wow. That's really something. I would never have guessed.

Saleh: I'm sure, as your training progresses, that you will feel your power

Ewan: I'll train even harder, then! Back when I first started, I... thought
you were kinda scary.

Saleh: Me?

Ewan: Well, you don't really talk much. I always thought you were angry with
me, and I didn't know why.

Saleh: All that because I was so silent all the time?

Ewan: Yep. But after a while, I figured out it was just the way you were.

Saleh: Ewan, you can never find truth in words, spoken or unspoken. Truth
lives within the heart.

Ewan: But othet people can't see what's inside your heart, can they?

Saleh: If you can trust one another, you can see. And you will understand.

Ewan: Oh! Is that how it works? I think I get it now. But talking is so
important in building friendships, isn't it? We use words to communicate
things like feelings and ideas. But all that stuff, it's just on the surface.
Does that mean that if people use their hearts, they can communicate without
using words?

Saleh: That's right.

Ewan: You really are great, Teacher. You teach me by making me teach myself,
and I mean more that just magic... ... Remember how angry you were at me that
one time? Back when I took out that magic tome?

Saleh: ...... I wasn't angry that you took the tome out with you. It's that
you took it with you without asking and went for a stroll. And then you
stopped to play in the river...

Ewan: That's right. Then I dropped it and SPLASH!! Right in it went... It
wasn't in the water long, but those pages were totally illegible...

Saleh: That utter carelessness--No, your lack of consideration. That's what
made me angry.

Ewan: I'm s-sorry. But I never took any books with me when I went to the
river after that.

Saleh: And there were other things, as well.

Ewan: Oh, you don't mean... that? Oh, yeah. ha ha ha.

Saleh: Unbelievable... I've never had a student so troublesome as you.

Ewan: But I promise to be much more careful in the future!

Saleh: Is there even a shred of truth in those words?

Ewan: Y-yikes!

Saleh: You rascal...

Saleh/Ewan A

Saleh: Ewan.

Ewan: Oh, Teacher.

Saleh: Ewan... If something happens to me, take all my scrolls and magical
items, and... keep them for your own.

Ewan: What? Why would you say that?

Saleh: This conflict has grown bitter. I'm not sure I'll see it to its end.
And... if something does happen, I want you to care for Dara. Watch over her
and Caer Pelyn.

Ewan: Oh, come on! There is no way anything is going to happen to you, Teacher!
And besides, if you weren't around, I would have no clue what to do.

Saleh: Ewan... Don't underestimate yourself. One day, you will surpass me.

Ewan: Huh? Really? Do you mean that, Teacher?

Saleh: It all hinges on your efforts.

Ewan: I won't let you down!

Saleh: Only those who choose magic can handle it. And you are special even
among them... Be confident. You have a rare gift that others can never

Ewan: Teacher... If you really mean that, then there's no way I'm going to
let you die.

Saleh: Ewan...

Ewan: I'll be at your side protecting you. If the two of us combine our
power, we can get through anything that arises!

Saleh: Whew... Protect... me? I had no idea until this moment how dependable
you've become.

Ewan: Right! That's because I'm the great sage Saleh's number-one student!

Saleh: Well spoken, Ewan. Come on, follow me. I'll use this war to teach you
every last bit of the magic I know. My dear, sweet student.

Ewan: Sounds good, Teach!


Ewan/Dozla [9115]

Ewan/Dozla C

Dozla: Hello, laddie.

Ewan: Oh, hi! Uh...

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! The name's Dozla.

Ewan: I'm Ewan. It's nice to meet you, Dozla, sir!

Dozla: Aren't you a little bundle of energy? I bet you're a regular
troublemaker. So, what were you so lost in thought over? You having any

Ewan: Nope, nothing. I don't have any problems. I was thinking of something
interesting. You want to hear about it?

Dozla: Sure. Tell me everything.

Ewan: Well, I was thinking of how much fun it would be if I could do

Dozla: Uh-huh.

Ewan: Some battlegrounds are full of plants and stuff, but others are dreary
and dead.

Dozla: Yeah.

Ewan: If a place like that were suddenly filled with beautiful colors, it'd
be neat, right? Like if it could suddenly become a flower garden.

Dozla: Ho ho, a battleground becoming a lovely flower garden? Aye, that would
be nice. It would help heal the hearts and minds of the soldiers. But how
would you do it? Do you have some sort of magical powers or something?

Ewan: Yeah, I do, but I've decided that wouldn't be the best way. If I did
that, people would be more impressed by the magic than by the flowers.
I think it would be better to make it something that anyone could do and enjoy.

Dozla: Oh... It's all too difficult for me to follow, but it sure sounds like
a nice dream. If you could pull it off, I'm sure people would really enjoy it.

Ewan: Ha ha... I haven't really thought much about how I would do it. I was
just thinking how nice it would be, that's all.

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! That's fine. That's what young people are supposed to do.
Many great things come from the daydreams of youth.

Ewan: Really? Do you think so? All right! I like you, mister.

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Is that so?

Ewan: Yep. And I'm going to call you Uncle Dozla from now on! It's about time
for me to get going. I'll talk ot you later, Uncle Dozla!

Dozla: All right, laddie! Till next time!

Ewan/Dozla B

Dozla: Ho, laddie.

Ewan: Uncle Dozla!

Dozla: So, you're in high spirits today?

Ewan: Yep! I'm always in high spirits. How about you, Uncle?

Dozla: Oh, I'm doing as well as can be expected. I'm a bit tired, actually.
I'm a bit closer to the ground than everyone else, so my legs tire easily.
Gwah ha! It would be nice if there were an easier way to move around,
wouldn't it?

Ewan: Oh, that reminds me. I've been thinking of something. Do you want to
hear about it?

Dozla: What's this? Have you come up with yet another fabulous idea?

Ewan: Yep!

Dozla: Well, what is it?

Ewan: Coaches! You're familiar with coaches, right?

Dozla: Uh-huh.

Ewan: And we've got a coach in our convoy because it can carry people and

Dozla: Yeah, they're useful enough. They're nice if you're traveling far with
wounded men, children, and whatnot. But without roads, they're almost useless,
and forget about dense forests. Oh, and they can be quite vulnerable in a
battle. Not very useful at all, really.

Ewan: Exactly! So I was thinking about coaches that could travel in the air...

Dozla: What's that? Are you talking about using pegasus knights?

Ewan: That's what I was thinking at first. But you know, that probably
wouldn't work. I mean, a pegasus can get mighty picky about who it lets ride
him, right? I haven't really thought about how to actually make a flying
coach, but... But wouldn't it be amazing if one really existed? It would be
fast, and all that stuff like bad roads and forests wouldn't matter!

Dozla: Ho ho ho ho!

Ewan: And even if people lived far apart, they could visit one another
quickly! What do you think?

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! It's fantasic! And it would be useful, that's for sure!
Sounds like fun, too. I'd sure love to ride about in a flying coach. Think
about it--the land spread out below, glittering dawn skies... and the wind!
Ah, it all sounds like a dream.

Ewan: I hope it becomes reality someday.

Dozla: Me, too. I like the way your mind works, laddie. Let's talk more later.

Ewan: Yep!

Ewan/Dozla A

Ewan: Ah, Uncle Dozla. Listen to this, will you? I've been thinking about
something new.

Dozla: Ooh, I can hardly wait.

Ewan: Imagine people far away from each other talking.

Dozla: Far away? You mean, like, if you and I were maybe... 100 paces apart?

Ewan: Nope. Farther than that.

Dozla: All right, 1,000 paces!

Ewan: Not even close. Farther still!

Dozla: 10,000 paces? You must be kidding.

Ewan: No, I'm not. And even farther than that! For example... What if one
person were in Frelia, and the other person were in Rausten?

Dozla: What?!

Ewan: That's right! Anyone you could think of, you could talk to. I read
about magical devices that could do the same thing, but... Wouldn't it be
better if anyone could do it, and not just mages?

Dozla: Impressive! I think I see it... People could send and receive
important messages instantly, is that it?

Ewan: No, even better than that! I'm not talking about just sending messages
back and forth. I mean like if they could talk, just like you and I are now!
We wouldn't need messengers at all! It would all happen instantly!

Dozla: I just can't wrap my head around this one, laddie. It's too much for

Ewan: Great, isn't it? You could contact your people in Rausten from anywhere,
at any time!

Dozla: My, oh my... You've got quite an imagination, don't you? The things
you come up with always surprise me, laddie.

Ewan: Ha ha ha. I used to get in trouble for always thinking up these
outlandish things.

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! That's a shame, laddie. After all, I'm sure a lot of the
things we have now seemed outlandish once. If nobody dreamed, nothing new
would ever be created, would it?

Ewan: Uncle Dozla... You always have time to listen to my ideas, Uncle.
It makes me really happy.

Dozla: It's always worth the time to listen to you youngsters and your ideas.
It's sad, but I know people who are so busy that they've no time to spare.
But me, I've got time. As you know, I'm one of Princess L'Arachel's men. I'm
not the brightest fellow around, so she doesn't give me a lot to do. But that
gives me lots of free time, and I'm always happy to spend it with you.

Ewan: Thank you. I think you're the bset, Uncle Dozla!

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! What a nice thing to say. And I think you're the best,
laddie. I think when you're fully grown, you're going to be a great and
interesting man.

Ewan: Do you really think so?

Dozla: I do. It's that sparkle in your eyes that convinces me.

Ewan: Yahoo! Ha ha ha.

Dozla: I'm looking forward to the day when I see one of your ideas made

Ewan: And that day will surely come. It's weird... but there are times when I
can almost picture a world like that.

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Now that would be something. I'll have to make sure I live
long enough to see it.

Ewan: Yep! And you'll have to stay my friend, too!

Dozla: Well, of course!


L'Arachel/Dozla	[9116]

L'Arachel/Dozla C

L'Arachel: Oh, I cannot believe it. There is something very wrong with this

Dozla: Hm?! What is it? What's happened, Princess L'Arachel?

L'Arachel: Hello, Dozla. Listen to this. The other day, I paid a visit to a
nearby village. I found something inconceivable there. Not one of them had
ever heard of the beautiful banisher of darkness before.

Dozla: What?! Even with your anonymous campaign to rid the world of
monstrosities? I cannot fathom how those people could be so uninformed!

L'Arachel: Last night, I was so distraught that I quite nearly drowned my
pillow in tears. This will never do, Dozla. I must be more famous. The entire
world must know of my legend. The troubadours must be made to sing my praises
far and wide.

Dozla: And I'm sure they will!

L'Arachel: The five heroes who banished evil... My own sacred ancestor... Oh,
to be like them... I so long to be praised by the masses, too.

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! And you shall be, Princess!

L'Arachel: But I get the feeling that we're going to have to change our
methodology. Appealing to the common people is of the utmost importance.
First and foremost, we need a plan of action. A means to win their hearts.
Please, Dozla, I want you to think of something, too.

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Leave it to your trusted Dozla!

L'Arachel/Dozla B

L'Arachel: Dozla, have you thought of any good plans?

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Prepare yourself for joy, Princess L'Arachel! I, Dozla,
have come up with a plan of masterpiece proportions!

L'Arachel: Oh! That is good news! Don't keep me waiting, Dozla. Let me hear it.

Dozla: Gwah ha! Here goes! All of the heroes from the dawn of time had two
names, did they not? So what you need, Princess, is another name. Something
with oomph!

L'Arachel: Oh, Dozla! What a splendid idea! An alias would make it easier for
the people to remember me. Very well, Dozla, we must come up with a wonderful
epithet for me.

Dozla: Hmm... Aha! It's come to me, Princess L'Arachel! How do you like the
sound of "the green-haired battle princess"?

L'Arachel: Um, no. I want something with more force. Something with more...
impact. I've got it! What do you think of "the beautiful princess of peerless

Dozla: Oh! It's fantastic! You're amazing, Princess L'Arachel! What a splendid

L'Arachel: Of course it is. L'Arachel, "the beautiful princess of peerless
beauty"! It has such a nice ring to it. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

Dozla: Gwah ha!

L'Arachel: What we do now is vital to our success, Dozla. It wouldn't do for
me to ride about calling myself by my own nickname. It must be spread about
in a nonchalant manner. Dozla, starting now, I want you to refer to me
exclusively by my epithet, "L'Arachel, the beautiful princess of peerless
beauty," when you're among the soldiers. And don't forget to slip it into
everyday conversation, too.

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Understood, Princess L'Arachel!

L'Arachel/Dozla A

L'Arachel: How is it progressing, Dozla? Is it working?

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! You will be pleased, Princess L'Arachel! Just recently I
saw a group of villagers together gossiping. They'd seen a suspicious young
woman in fantastic garb riding around at night. And they called that enigmatic
woman "the beautiful princess of peerless beauty"!

L'Arachel: Yes! They were most certainly talking about me then. At least, I
am becoming known amongst the people of the land. Those three long trips I
took around the area were worth the trouble.

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! You're so right, Princess L'Arachel! There can be no doubt
that the villagers were appropriately impressed.

L'Arachel: Yet I find it passing strange. How is it that no one has appeared
to imitate me? The beautiful banisher of darkness was well enough known,
after all. It's only natural that someone somewhere would have aspired to be
like me. The fact that no imitators have appeared has me very worried, I must

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! How right you are! But you are peerless, Princess
L'Arachel, as your nickname says! It would be impossible for anyone to claim
your beauty as her own!

L'Arachel: Well, that is true. It certainly was not easy for me, after all.
Yet now, I am destined to be remembered in the future as a hero. I wonder how
my legend will be passed on after I leave this earth. I am so looking forward
to it. "The beautiful princess of peerless beauty," L'Arachel... Ah... How
enchanting. Already, I weep for the world that will one day be robbed of my

Dozla: Gwah ha ha!

L'Arachel: I must do something spectacular this battle to ensure my name is
remembered. Let's go, Dozla.

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Ready as ever, Princess L'Arachel!


L'Arachel/Rennac [9117]

L'Arachel/Rennac C

L'Arachel: Just a moment, Rennac.

Rennac: Yipes!

L'Arachel: And what do you mean, "yipes!"? Is meeting me honestly such an
unpleasant affair?

Rennac: It's just that my job becomes difficult when noisy people like you are

L'Arachel: Noisy? How rude! Couldn't you have said showy? Or flamboyant

Rennac: But that would be lying. You really are noisy. Do you even realize
that you were yelling just now?

L'Arachel: Yell? Me!? Why, I never! You've gone too far! Rennac, you would do
well to remember your number one priority is guarding me.

Rennac: That's not the case anymore. These people respect my abilities and
value my skills.

L'Arachel: Very well, I grant that you've made yourself useful out here.
However sir,you know nothing about how to treat a lady. You would to well to
refine yourself.

Rennac: Now, who's being rude? I happen to be quite the gentleman. For
instance, I have some small renown as a fabulous dancer.

L'Arachel: You? A dancer? I wonder if you're not merely flattering yourself...

Rennac: You don't think I can dance? Then test me! You'll see how well I can
dance! Come on, get off your horse.

L'Arachel: Me? Dance with you? Do you believe I would dance with a commoner?
Please our stations would never permit it.

Rennac: It's not a matter of station. If you would permit us to dance, you
would see. Unless... Wait a minute, maybe YOU'RE the one who can't dance!

L'Arachel: Rennac! You overstep yourself! All right! If you dare speak such
blasphemies, then I have no choice! When next we meet, I'll test your
vainglorious boast myself. But remember, my dancing with one such as you is a
rare occasion. Because it will be so special, I expect you to be most
grateful. Got it!?

Rennac: Yeah, yeah. I get it.

L'Arachel: Well, I suggest you devote yourself to practicing while you've the

Rennac: Now, you're the one who's gone too far! I'll make you eat your words.

L'Arachel/Rennac B

L'Arachel: So...Rennac. We finally meet again. Do you remember our agreement?

Rennac: Princess L'Arachel! Well, of course I remember, but... Surely,
this isn't the place for a, er, dance off, is it?

L'Arachel: Stop your complaining! You will make yourself available at MY
leisure, sir. Now, then, shall we dance?

Rennac: Are you serious?! In this place? It's preposterous! It's

L'Arachel: Very well, let us begin.

Rennac: Yes, yes, I know what happens next. Oh bother...

L'Arachel: 1... 2... 3... Slow... slow... Quick, quick, slow... Ah!
Y-you... Not bad... No, good... Very good, actually... You CAN dance!
You're much better than I imagine you'd be.

Rennac: Thank you. My father was a merchant. We found ourselves invited to
many balls. It was my job to dance with the wive and daughters of his
associates. I found that I had a taste for it, and with practice, I
improved my skill.

L'Arachel: Is that so? I see... It's not fair you kept that secret.
You're dance skills were quite adequate. Your treatment of ladies, however,
is still sorely lacking. Next...

Rennac: Uh, oh... I really have no time to chat. I must be going. Farewell.

L'Arachel: W-Wait a minute, Rennac! Ooh! ...... I don't know why, but...
I'm quite vexed. 

L'Arachel/Rennac A

Rennac: Sigh...

L'Arachel: Don't you know that it's rude to sigh when you see someone,
Rennac? You may be a fair dancer, but your smooth moves belie your gruff
manners. You should learn from me. If you were truly happy, you would not
sigh so. Tell me, Rennac, what is it that makes you happy?

Rennac: Makes me happy? Let me see... Uh... I've never really thought about
it. If pressed, I'd have to say gold.

L'Arachel: Gold, did you say? So if you had gold, you would be happy. Is that

Rennac: Well, if you have enough gold, you can buy whatever you desire.
Mercenaries work so that they can get paid. It's why they fight. Knights
fight because of a sworn oath, but there is more... They've been promised a
certain social status by fulfilling their oaths.

L'Arachel: So, by getting what you desire, you can become happy? Is that it?

Rennac: What do you mean?

L'Arachel: Rather than lament over what you do not possess, you should
treasure what you do. That's a very important lesson to learn, don't you
think? Isn't that the true road to happiness?

Rennac: Princess L'Arachel... I know you mean well to say things like that.
But coming from someone who has everything, it means very little.

L'Arachel: This has nothing to do with my station in life. And as for you,
what need have you for money or fame? You have me! Merely serving me must be
the greatest pleasure man can know.

Rennac: So, that's what this is about, is it?

L'Arachel: Your employer is sweet and lovely. That is something most people
dream of having. Surely you cannot aspire to happiness greater than this.

Rennac: ...... I've always wondered, Princess, how your ego grew so large.

L'Arachel: You complain far too much! Come, Rennac. It's time to go.
Follow me, and try not to lag.

Rennac: Ah, Princess L'Arachel! ... Perfect... True happiness? Is this really
what happiness feels like?


L'Arachel/Joshua [9118]

L'Arachel/Joshua C

Joshua: So, is today my lucky day? Or... Tails, hm? Oh well. Luck's just not
on my side today, I guess.

L'Arachel: Oh, may I ask what you are doing?

Joshua: Hm? Oh, I was just checking my luck. Looks like today is not set to
be one of my better ones.

L'Arachel: That's not good! Perhaps if you gave up that coin for some good,
honest prayer... I have no need of luck, you see, for I benefit from divine

Joshua: That sounds nice. I'd love to have a bit of that myself. All right,
let's have a quick bet to see which is better. We'll test your divine grace
against my good old luck.

L'Arachel: Oh, I could never give in to such a vile sin. Gambling is a pox,
a boil upon the fair skin of mankind.

Joshua: That's going a bit far, don't you think?

L'Arachel: Gambling corrupts the masses, and I'll have none of it. Which is
the more noble: to earn your keep or to swindle it? And besides, this is a
battlefield, not a gambling hall. No, I simply will not indulge in such
spiritual pollution here.

Joshua: Oh, you're really making too much of a big deal out of it. This is
just a coin toss. You can flip a coin just about anywhere. Let's see...
Well, heads or tails? What is it?

L'Arachel: Since you refuse to resist the evils of temptation...
I shall have to teach you a lesson you won't soon forget. Heads!

Joshua: I knew you'd come around! Right, so let's see here... Hey! It's
heads! You really are lucky!

L'Arachel: Huh? I won? Well, of course I won! I shouldn't be so surprised.
It was fate. One as blessed as I could never lose at something so base as

Joshua: Great, so let's keep going. How about putting down some money this
time? 100 gold coins?

L'Arachel: That's fine. Anything I win will, of course, fund only noble

Joshua: That's my girl... Are you ready? Heads or tails, what's your call?

L'Arachel: Heads. What else?

L'Arachel/Joshua B

Joshua: Hi, there.

L'Arachel: Hello, Joshua.

Joshua: Do you have a few minutes to spare? I wanted to win back my money.
You were doing pretty well the other day. I was overconfident. But today,
I'm feeling lucky.

L'Arachel: I accept your proposal. But remember, I think that gambling is an
immoral, inexcusable pastime. You can tell it is wicked, because of how good
you feel when you win.

Joshua: Can't disagree with you there. Last time, I went easy on you because
you were an amateur. Don't think I'm gonna throw away my money like that

L'Arachel: I would never ask you to go easy on me, Joshua. After all, I have
righteousness on my side, and I need no favors.

Joshua: Righteousness? Is that what you've got? And to think, you were the
one telling me gambling was wrong!

L'Arachel: Oh, but it is wrong. I meant to teach you a lesson, and your
lesson continues. When done for a just cause, surely gambling could not
possibly be wrong. Now, let's see the color of your money!

L'Arachel/Joshua A

L'Arachel: Look, Joshua! I won again!

Joshua: Arrrgh!

L'Arachel: What do you mean, making such rude noises in front of a lady!?
You're slowing down the game!

Joshua: Hold on, give me a break! You got me. I've lost. I've had enough.
It's just like you said. I shouldn't gamble anymore.

L'Arachel: Are you quitting on me? Where's your spirit?

Joshua: ... Man. I just don't get it. Not at all. You must really have some
sort of divine powers on your side. I mean, I've been fixing every single
game, and I still can't wi--

L'Arachel: Fixing? What do you mean? The game's not broken. I'm doing fine!

Joshua: Uh... No, I -- Nothing. Anyway, I'm all done. I don't want to play
with you anymore. Go take someone else for a ride.

L'Arachel: A ride? Like on a horse? What are you talking about?

Joshua: Look, what I'm trying to say is... You don't know anything, and you
STILL managed to beat me!

L'Arachel: What do you mean, I don't know anything? Oh! Such disrespect! What
do you know, other than gambling? Tell me that!

Joshua: Hm? Let's see... I know how to survive in a desert, for one thing.

L'Arachel: I think we're all quite familiar with the hardships of travel by
now! If that's all you've got, don't go around telling me I'M the ignorant one!

Joshua: Aaaah! Enough already! Fine! Fine! I was wrong!!! Anyway, the point
is I'm not gambling with you ANYMORE!

L'Arachel: Oh! He ran away! ...Why do they always run away? Who will I play
with now? Oh, I have an idea! We can build a gambling hall in Rausten! Yes,
I'm brilliant! I simply must bring this up with Uncle next time I see him!


Dozla/Myrrh [9119]

Dozla/Myrrh C

Dozla: Oh! You there, lassie. Are you lost?

Myrrh: I... I'm not lost. I'm traveling with Ephraim. I'm his... friend.

Dozla: Oho! in that case, you and I are allies, are we not? My name's Dozla.
It's an honor to meet you!

Myrrh: Uh-huh...

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! You're a quiet lassie, aren't you? And you're so tiny, too.
Seeing you takes me back to the days when Princess L'Arachel was a child.
Tell me, lassie, how old are you?

Myrrh: ... It's impolite to ask a woman her age. That's what Ephraim says. I
think you're being rude.

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Aren't you the sassy one! You're still young. I don't think
you need to worry about age just yet.

Myrrh: And how old are you?

Dozla: Me? I'm all of forty-seven years old.

Myrrh: And I am... 1,200 years old. Roughly.

Dozla: Huh? Gwah ha ha! Stop teasing me, lassie! You don't have to be shy. Just
tell me how old you are.

Myrrh: I did. And I said I'm 1,200... Roughly.

Dozla/Myrrh B

Dozla: Hrmph! Princess L'Arachel! Princess L'Arachel! Where are you?

Myrrh: ......

Dozla: Oh, lassie. What luck meeting you here. Do you know where I might find
Princess L'Arachel?

Myrrh: ... I do not. But that's not important. Where is Ephraim?

Dozla: If it's Prince Ephraim you're after, just follow the sounds of combat!
There's no better way to motivate your troops than to stand by their side!

Myrrh: That L'Arachel person is probably with Ephraim. I saw her next to him
speaking to him on quite familiar terms. For some reason, it made my chest
feel... funny.

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! It must be love!

Myrrh: Love? This feeling is... love?

Dozla: Mm. I've tasted the sweet and the sour that life serves up, and I
know love. You, my dear, are in love with Princess L'Arachel!

Myrrh: I'm not so sure about that...

Dozla/Myrrh A

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Are you all right, lassie? There's no need to worry. No
matter how many enemies pop up, I'll protect you.

Myrrh: I appreciate it... I do feel safe when you're nearby... Somehow, you
remind me of my father.

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! I get that a lot! So tell me, little one, where is your
father, anyway?

Myrrh: ... My father... ......

Dozla: Er... What's wrong?! Did I ask something that I shouldn't have? I-I'm
sorry, lassie. Please don't cry...

Myrrh: I'm not crying... I'm not crying...

Dozla: Ah! What do I do? Wait. Just think. I must have run across something
like this before. When Princess L'Arachel was a babe, and she would begin to
cry... She would tug on my beard! That would always make her happy. C'mon,
lassie, grab a handful of my beard and give it a good, strong yank!

Myrrh: ...... You are strange, Dozla.

Dozla: What?

Myrrh: But you were worried about me. That makes me happy. You're a nice
person after all.

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! You've stopped crying. Hm, that's a good thing.

Myrrh: Yes. Thank you.


Dozla/Rennac [2211]

Dozla/Rennac C

Rennac: Ah... Why has fate chosen to treat me so cruelly?

Dozla: Ah, Rennac. You look so pleased to have been reunited with Princess
L'Arachel. I'm glad we're all in one piece!

Rennac: You haven't changed, Dozla. Your ability to misread other people
still ruins all conversation. I am lamenting, old man! I am raging against
my horrible misfortune! You're a vassal sworn to serve Princess L'Arachel.
You're supposed to be here. I, however,am not. I'm temporary. Got it?
I'm an employee! I am NOT a vassal!

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! You're just as interesting as ever. You're still hard to
follow, but...

Rennac: This is not a conversation for you to enjoy, and it's not at all hard
to follow! It's not that I don't enjoy being in this army, but traveling her
her again... I mean, I haven't even been properly paid for the last job.

Dozla: Oh, so it's about money, is it? In that case, you've no worries,
Rennac. All you have to do is see Princess L'Arachel safely back to Rausten.
Once that's done, His Majesty will pay you any amount you desire.

Rennac: That's what I heard the last time, but do you have any idea how much
I desire? When he hears it, His Majesty may very well explode!

Dozla: Hmm, so about 1,000 gold pieces?

Rennac: Huh? You can't even buy a proper blade at that price!

Dozla: What, 5,000 then?

Rennac: You've got the wrong number of zeros, old man.

Dozla: Oh, my apologies. So you want 500 gold, eh?

Rennac: No! That's smaller! It cannot get smaller! I want more! It's 50,000!
50,000 gold! And I'll bend 50,000 ears to get it if I have to!
Someone must listen!

Dozla: Oh, right. I understand! You need 50,000 ears, is that it?
Very well, when we return to Rausten we'll get 50,000 people together!
Wait... that's 100,000 ears. Well anyway, you'll have all the ears you need!

Rennac: Its just a figure of speech, old man. Bah! I was a fool to complain. 

Dozla/Rennac B

Rennac: Life is... a fickle beast, is it not, old man?

Dozla: Why are you so solemn, Rennac? You can't win battles if you've no hope!

Rennac: This journey has taught me the hollowness and transience of life's
pleasures. Ah, to what end do we toil on this unforgiving earth?
Why do we live?

Dozla: Why do we live? Well, if you're not alive, then you're dead, and...
Er... if you're dead, then you can't eat, and... What was I saying?
I think I must be getting hungry. I wonder what's for dinner. My belly's a

Rennac: It must be nice to have no worries other than what to eat, old man.
And not just you, either. I'm sure that a certain young lady has nothing to
worry about, either.

Dozla: What's that? Do you mean Princess L'Arachel? That girl believes the
world will turn out just as she envisions it. I doubt the word "worry" even
has any meaning to her in the first place.

Rennac: What a completely envious position to be in. I may not look like it
now, but I'm the son of a wealthy Carcino merchant. I believed that you could
move the world if you but had the gold. Money was everything, and with money,
nothing was beyond my reach! I adored money! I loved money! You see?

Dozla: What good fortune for you that your father was a thriving merchant.

Rennac: That's just it... There are people who can do anything without money
at all... She's overbearing and egotistical, yet she us has us jumping
through hoops. That's a skill normal people don't possess.

Dozla: That's Princess L'Arachel! She makes the impossible possible!
You're with her becuase she made a deep impression on you, too, right?

Rennac: A deep impression? It's more like I'm in shock, and my brain's been

Dozla: What? Your brain's frozen? That'll never do! Did you forget to wear a
hat? Let me at it. I'll thaw it out.

Rennac: Knock it off! I was speaking figuratively! You know? As in not
"literally"? You're too strong to joke around like that! Stop it!

Dozla: Gwah ha ha! Just teasing you!

Rennac: Sigh... What a pair you two make... You know, you're the only one who
can keep up with Princess L'Arachel, old man.

Dozla/Rennac A

Dozla: You know, Rennac. I was just thinking about something. These battles
are tough on an old man like me. I might not make it through to see the end
of this.

Rennac: Where did that come from? It better not be an omen.

Dozla: I want to see Princess L'Arachel in her wedding dress one day.
That's my one wish in life: to see her happily wed.

Rennac: Telling me about it isn't going to make it happen. Trying to find a
worthy prince who's willing to take Princess L'Arachel? That's no easy task
to accomplish.

Dozla: If I end up food for the crows, if I cannot escort the princess home,
I want you to take care of her for me.

Rennac: What? Why? No, I won't do it. You can't make me! Sorry, but NO!
You're the vassal, old man. I'm nothing more than an escort, a thief.
When this war's over, I'm going to collect my pay and then disappear.
You got it? Once Princess L'Arachel settles down, she'll probably never
leave Rausten again.  It's got nothing to do with me.

Dozla: That's cold, Rennac... I'm disappointed. I'm sure she'll be so lovely.
Princess L'Arachel, the bride... If I gently close my eyes, I can envision
what a glorious spectacle it will be.

Rennac: If all you need is someone to listen, I'll play along. What kind of

Dozla: The loving couple exchanging their sacred vows. The joyous citizens of

Rennac: "Congratulations, Princess L'Arachel!" "Our condolences, Prince."

Dozla: The newlyweds will smile and wave as the royal coach passes through the
crowds. Can you see the flowers? The silver and gold inlay and the gems
glittering in the sun? What? They have a gem-encrusted coach? 

Rennac: Now that's something I must see. I'll be on the street,
waving a flag, then I'll race up and offer my congratulations!

Dozla: Would you really? That's happy news. Princess L'Arachel will be
so surprised to see you running after them!

Rennac: Yeah, and then she'll look at me with that smug face and say,
"Oh, Rennac. Whatever are you doing here? Come along! Fall in and follow us."

Dozla: And then Princess L'Arachel will set out across the continent on her
honeymoon... I've got it! You'll be her gaurd on her honeymoon! Fantastic!
That's wonderful!

Rennac: N-no! You're getting carried away!

Dozla: Now you're a true vassal to Princess L'Arachel, body and soul.
Gwah ha ha!

Rennac: I've got a terrible feeling I'll never get away from Princess


Duessel/Knoll [2212]

Duessel/Knoll C

Duessel: Don't tell me you've joined up here as well, have you?

Knoll: ... General Duessel. Prince Lyon no longer holds the capital. My
reason for remaining is gone...

Duessel: Knoll, I have something I would ask you. What exactly happened to
His Majesty and Prince Lyon?

Knoll: ...... Do you have the courage to hear that answer? I think perhaps
that it will not be an answer you want to hear.

Duessel: What does that mean?

Knoll: Are you familiar with a certain foreign anecdote of comedic nature?
It involves two starving men and a single loaf of bread. If they break the
loaf in two, both men will die of starvation...

Duessel: Knoll, I'm not asking for a riddle. Let's not waste any more time
here. I'm ready to hear the truth. Nothing you tell me could surprise me.

Knoll: If that is your wish, General Duessel... I will speak frankly. This is
something that Prince Lyon does not know. Something that no one should know.

Duessel/Knoll B

Knoll: We students of ancient magic, along with Prince Lyon himself, were
researching certain arcane techniques lost long ago. We were able to reproduce
one... phenomenon, but only briefly.

Duessel: ......

Knoll: I should be more concise. Prince Lyon and I pierced the veil that
clouds our futures.

Duessel: What? You... could see into the future? How is that possible? What
magic is powerful enough to--

Knoll: Time is like the water of a river: it flows ever on, never stopping.
Certain disturbances can cause ripples that speed swiftly downstream. If you
can see the water, you can read the flow, the ripples, the waves.

Duessel: Hmm...

Knoll: It is possible, General. Possible and, at times, easy. Just think of
it: If you knew a storm was coming in advance, you could evacuate everyone in
its way. If you could see what was to come, you could help those who might
have died. Prince Lyon explained this to us with much joy in his voice and
heart. His power would, at long last, be able to help the citizens of Grado.

Duessel: ......

Knoll: We continued our work. There were ceremonies, rituals--such horrors...
And then we saw it. In the near future, Grado would be ravaged by catastrophe.

Duessel: A catastrophe? Do you...

Knoll: No, it's not the conflict in which we are currently embroiled. This
event is still in our future. We saw Grado. We saw the earth crumble. We saw
our people dying. We saw the shape our future would take.

Duessel: What? That's madness... Idiocy! I've lived a long life, and I've
never heard of anything like that. Not ever.

Knoll: I am not surprised that you do not believe me, General. We could not
believe it, either. We tried to disprove what we had seen. But nothing could
shake the vision. In this disaster, Grado would be destroyed. Countless would
die. Those who died quickly would be spared the slow horror of starvation.
This was when the emperor died, by the way. Lyon was shattered by despair.
He devoted himself to research, and then came the Dark Stone...

Duessel: So that's what happened? Is that when the decision to invade Renais
was made?

Knoll: I don't know. Only one person knows the truth behind that.

Duessel: ......

Knoll: I have told you only the truths I have seen.

Duessel/Knoll A

Knoll: ......

Duessel: Knoll.

Knoll: Is that you, General Duessel?

Duessel: You're tired, aren't you? Worn to the bone. I understand how you
feel, but on the battlefield, this only invites death.

Knoll: You are probably right... And yet that might be best.

Duessel: What are you planning to do from here on?

Knoll: I do not know... I have lost my way. Perhaps I should have been
executed in the capital.

Duessel: ......

Knoll: I once studied dark magic alongside Prince Lyon. He was such a gentle
soul. You could see it--he was too kind to survive. Prince Lyon dreamt of
finding happiness for all of Grado's citizens.

Duessel: ......

Knoll: And now, Prince Lyon is no more. I have lost everything.

Duessel: I have also lost everything. And we have both lost our ways. We are
dead men who have stayed too long away from our graves. But remember,
Knoll... You cannot see the future, but you can look back at your past.
Look and learn. And remember. What gave your life meaning, and what has taken
meaning from you now?

Knoll: ......

Duessel: If you still hold the convictions that guided you in Grado, you can
start anew. That... That is what I must do. We may be diminished by our shame,
but we are not dead yet, my friend.

Knoll: General Duessel... I am not as strong as you. Still, I believe you are
right. I, too, shall search for a new path.


Tana/Syrene [2213]

Tana/Syrene C

Tana: Syrene!

Syrene: Princess Tana! You've put the whole court in an uproar, you know?
Running off to fight with this troop without a word to your father?

Tana: I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused, but I'm fine.

Syrene: I was ordered to watch over you and ensure your safe return. I intend
to stay by your side and serve as your bodyguard, Princess.

Tana: I'm happy to have you at my side, Syrene. Honestly, I was starting to
get a little fed up.

Syrene: Why is that, Princess?

Tana: I saw that letter my father had sent. "Defend Tana to the death"!? Is
he serious? The soldiers think so--they won't leave me alone! I appreciate
the concern, but I'd like a LITTLE privacy!

Syrene: Ha ha ha... That does sound like King Hayden. He looked so sad when
you left. It was more than I could bear.

Tana: ... I know. I feel bad... Hey, Syrene. Doesn't this remind you of when
we were children. When we were together, it was like I finally had an older

Syrene: That was my first assignment after graduating from the academy. I'd
been asked to watch over you. It was a huge job for a young knight. But I
enjoyed my work. You were always so kind. I miss those days.

Tana: I was so lonely when you got promoted to the pegasus knights. But now,
I'm glad to see you've risen so high. It means that, even out here in the
battlefield, we can spend time together. I want to talk about the old days,
about Frelia and my father.

Syrene: Yes, let's. Shall we go now?

Tana: All right, but don't forget about tonight!

Tana/Syrene B

Tana: Hello, Syrene! I'm so glad we talked the other night. I had so much fun.

Syrene: I did, too, my lady. I was quite surprised, in fact. The young
Princess Tana I once knew has grown so much.

Tana: Y-you think so? Tell me, how have I changed?

Syrene: You're so serious now. This war has made you serious. You're not the
same princess I remember from my youth.

Tana: I know that I've lived a sheltered life being the princess. I know that
I've taken my family's wealth for granted. When I saw what the war had done to
the people of Renais and Frelia, I knew that I needed to do something to
change things. And you know what? You taught me something I never forgot.

Syrene: ...I did?

Tana: Yes, that's right. Your strength and pride as a pegasus knight. Your
graciousness and kindness as a human being. Your example is a lesson that has
stuck with me, Syrene.

Syrene: I'm honored to hear that I've had such an impact on you. You truly
are a kind lady. Serving the Frelian royal house has been my greatest joy.

Tana: There's...another lesson I was hoping you could teach me.

Syrene: If I can help, I would be glad to.

Tana: I'd like you to teach me...cooking.

Syrene: I can make some traditional Frelian dishes, but I'm no gourmet
chef... But if you don't mind, then I'd be happy to teach you what I know.

Tana: Thank you! When I return home to Frelia after this war is over, I hope
to cook my parents a proper meal to apologize for running off.

Syrene: I'm sure they'll be surprised to see how much you've grown out here.
Surprised and pleased. They'll certainly forgive you for going off on your own.

Tana: Sometimes, I wonder... I do hope that they forgive.

Syrene: Of course they will. They're angry because they're concerned. If you
return safely, they will be relieved, not upset.

Tana: You're right... Thank you, Syrene. But it can't hurt to ease their anger
with some good food!

Syrene: Right you are, milady. I'll teach you everything I know about food. 

Tana/Syrene A

Syrene: That food you made the other night was fabulous. The soldiers told me
about it.

Tana: Really? They were talking about my food? I was so nervous.

Syrene: You've learned the basics well. That's a solid foundation for all
Frelian food. Take care of yourself, milady. I look forward to hearing how
your parents respond to your cooking.

Tana: You take care of yourself, too, Syrene. It's your duty to protect me,
right? Then I want you to fulfill your duty and promise to go home with me!

Syrene: I shall do what I can. But the battlefield can be a dangerous place,
milady. If something happens to me, see to it that you return home safely.

Tana: Syrene... You're like a real sister to me. I've always admired you.
You've taught me so much already, and there's so much more that I can learn
from you... So you can't die. You have to come back home to Frelia with me.
No matter what.

Syrene: Princess Tana... I shall never leave your side, milady. But if
something should happen to me... If, perchance, I were to...to die, I would
die happy knowing you were safe. Please don't waste my sacrifice. Make it
home, safe, alive, and well.

Tana: I will. I promise. But you have to promise me... Promise that you will
do everything in your power to return home with me.

Syrene: I will, Princess Tana. We will return to Frelia together. I promise. 


         ---Special Pairings---

-Ross, His Father's Son & Amelia, Rose of the War

Amelia traveled to Ross's hometown, where she decided to remain. Over time,
the two fell in love and were wed. Years later they had a son who grew into a
warrior. As he grew in skill and strength, he surpassed even his father.

-Amelia, Rose of the War & Ewan, Enthusiastic Student

After the war, Ewan and Amelia set out, as promised, on a trip around the
world. Their deeds along the way made small legends in the regions they
visited. In time, Amelia gave birth to a daughter, and they settled down.

-Amelia, Rose of the War & Duessel, Obsidian General

Upon their return to Grado, Duessel reunited Amelia with her mother.
The two wept with joy, giving thanks to Duessel. Afterward,
Amelia became the most trusted companion of the man once known as Obsidian.

-Ewan, Enthusiastic Student & Saleh, the Well of Wisdom

Master and student returned to Caer Pelyn to study in peace.
Ewan worked hard, and in time, his power grew to rival Saleh's.
As equals, the two continued their studies together and expanded their
knowledge ever more.

-Ross, His Father's Son & Garcia, the Warrior Reborn

Father and son returned to Ide, where they toiled together to rebuild their
village. Ross grew to become a greater warrior than even his father.
When he himself had a son, that child continued his family's legacy.

-Franz the Faithful & Amelia, Rose of the War

Franz brought Amelia home with him to Renais. Amelia spent a short time
in Renais's army, but once she and Franz were married, she retired her
commission. The two had a daughter who grew to be a great knight herself.

-Forde, the Wild Knight & Vanessa, Dutiful Rider

Forde's love for Vanessa grew after the war, and although she loved him as
well, she placed her duty to Frelia first. Undeterred,
Forde moved to Frelia himself. Over time, the two were wed.

-Colm, Good-Natured Thief & Neimi, the Tearful Archer

The childhood friends became lovers first, then husband and wife. Worried for
Neimi's well-being, Colm gave up his adventurer's ways. Neimi passed on her
grandfather's skill in archery to her own son and daughter.

-Artur, Saint of Light & Lute, Prodigy

Artur and Lute were married upon their return. Artur handled the housework,
but otherwise, their lives were unchanged. When they had a son, Lute's
interests shifted from studying Artur to studying her son's baffling habits.

-Joshua, the Tempest King & Natasha, Sacred Healer

When Joshua returned to Jehanna, he took Natasha as his bride and claimed
the throne as its rightful heir. Natasha was the perfect companion, and
together, they carried the mighty desert nation to great glory.

-Seth, the Silver Knight & Natasha, Sacred Healer

Natasha returned to Renais with Seth, where the two were wed.
The reconstruction of Renais kept them busy, but when all the work was done,
they settled down to live their days in peace and happiness.

-Joshua, the Tempest King & Marisa, the Crimson Flash

Joshua returned to Jehanna with Marisa, where she pledged service to the
crown and became the top swordfighter in the land. Joshua still loved games
of chance, but when it came to Marisa, she was ever the winner.

-Joshua, the Tempest King & Gerik, the Desert Tiger

After the war, Joshua challenged Gerik to a duel in hopes of pressing him to
move to Jehanna. The match ended in a tie, but Gerik was impressed by
Joshua's swagger. From that day forward, Gerik never left Joshua's side.

-Kyle, Ardent Knight & Graceful Syrene

After the war, Kyle visited Frelia, where he was greeted with a warm
reception by Syrene. After the two retured, they were wed. They raised a
daughter whose skill in martial arts and etiquette excelled.

-Kyle, Ardent Knight & Lute, Prodigy

After the war, Kyle and Lute were married in Renais. Kyle's friends were
disturbed by his choice of brides, but they could not deny his happiness.
Before long, they had a son, and Kyle dedicated himself to his upbringing.

-Kyle, Ardent Knight & Forde, the Wild Knight

Sometimes, the greatest friends also differ greatly in personality.
When Kyle and Forde returned home, they were celebrated in song and story.
They lived their days in happiness, as dearest friends and toughest rivals.

-Silent Gilliam & Graceful Syrene

Gilliam and Syrene returned to Frelia, where they were married.
All agreed they were a perfect match, and their union was blessed by the
crown and the order of knight. The two continued their unwavering service

-Graceful Syrene & Vanessa, Dutiful Rider

Sisters Syrene and Vanessa returned to Frelia after the war for a
long-overdue talk. They talked of love and war, of friends now gone.
Together, they renewed their bond as siblings and vowed never to let
that bond fail.

-Tana, Winged Queen & Cormag, Aloof Lanceman

Cormag returned to Grado to assist in the reconstruction of his country.
Shortly after, he left to wander on his own. Tana spent years looking for
him. In time, she found him and knighted him in Frelia's service.

-Innes, King and Strategician & Vanessa, Dutiful Rider

At Innes's request, Vanessa moved into Castle Frelia where she continued her
duties as a knight of the realm. Thereafter, they had a child and lived
happily with the blessings of all around them.

-L'Arachel, Queen of Light & Innes, King and Strategician

Stories tell of the sparks that flew between L'Arachel and Innes when they
first met. As the love between them flourished, so too did the bond that
united their two nations.

-L'Arachel, Queen of Light & Dozla of the Steady Axe

L'Arachel was, in time, made queen of Rausten, with Dozla at her side, as
always. Later, Dozla wept like a baby when L'Arachel was wed. His emotional
outburst is remembered as much as, if not more than, the ceremony itself.

-Gerik, the Desert Tiger & Marisa, the Crimson Flash

Gerik remained a mercenary, and Marisa became his company's fencing
instructor. Gerik returned the affection she gave him, although he was
troubled to learn she was clumsy at everything but fighting.

-Gerik, the Desert Tiger & Tethys, Beloved Dancer

Gerik and Tethys remained bound to no nation and beholden to no authority.
They bought themselves a leisurely retirement. Gerik taught fencing to city
youths, and Tethys found many stages on which to dance.

-Eirika, Restoration Queen & Saleh, the Well of Wisdom

After the war, Eirika and Saleh returned to their respective homes.
Eirika visited Caer Pelyn when she could. Eventually, she left Renais in the
care of her brother and wed Saleh. Their daughter resembles the legendary
Nada Kuya.

-Eirika, Restoration Queen & Tana, Winged Queen

Following the war, Tana and Eirika remained the best of friends.
They visited one another when time permitted, and as they grew older,
their children shared a bond of friendship as close as Eirika and Tana
themselves did.

-Eirika, Restoration Queen & Innes, King and Strategician

After the reconstruction of Renais, Innes challenged Ephraim to a duel.
The match ended in a tie. After the fight, Eirika acknowledged her
love for Innes, and the two were wed with Ephraim's blessings.

-Eirika, Restoration Queen & Seth, the Silver Knight

Upon their return to Renais, Eirika and Seth were wed, with the blessings of
Ephraim and all of the Knights of Renais. The tale of the love that grew
between a princess and her loyal knight became a beloved romance in Renais.

-Eirika, Restoration Queen & Forde, the Wild Knight

After the war, Eirika and Forde returned to Renais. Eirika spent her days
toiling in the reconstruction of Renais, and he was her faithful supporter.
His portrait of Eirika captured the smile he had thought lost forever.

-Myrrh, the Great Dragon and & Saleh, the Well of Wisdom

Myrrh returned to Darkling Woods, but at Saleh's request, she eventually
moved to Caer Pelyn. In time, the townsfolk learned to treat her not as the
Great Dragon but rather as a normal girl, and she was happy.

-Ephraim, Restoration King & Myrrh, the Great Dragon

After the war, Ephraim returned to Renais and Myrrh to Darkling Woods.
They both turned they attention to their respective duties but never forgot
one another. Though Myrrh never again left Darkling Woods, Ephraim often
visited her.

-Ephraim, Restoration King & Eirika, Restoration Queen

Busy days awaited Eirika and Ephraim as they struggled to rebuild Renais.
Their work gave new hope to those ravaged by the war, and with Eirika's
constant help, Ephraim grew to be a trusted and honorable king.

-Ephraim, Restoration King & Tana, Winged Queen

Once Renais was stable again, Ephraim and Tana were wed.
Innes protested vocally, but when he saw how happy Tana was,
he gave the marriage his blessings. Renais and Frelia are now bound by
blood as well as friendship.

-Ephraim, Restoration King & L'Arachel, Queen of Light

Ephraim and L'Arachel each returned home after the war, but L'Arachel
visited Renais often. Over time, the two were wed. Their marriage threw
Rausten into turmoil, but L'Arachel's self-centeredness carried the day.

[More Coming Soon?]

          ---Death Lines---

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Death Quotes

Amelia: I... I did well, didn't I?

Artur: The rest... is up to you.

Colm: To think of it... Me... In this place... Neimi...

Cormag: Blast! My brother would never have gone out like this...

Dolza: Ha ha ha! I couldn't have asked for a better ending!

Duessel: This... This is nothing!

Eirika: Brother... I’m sorry.

Ephraim: Forgive me, Eirika.

Ewan: I'm sorry, Teacher... I never...

Forde: Ah, Prince Ephraim... It... It was fun while it lasted.
-Ch.5x: Oh, that hurt... I'm sorry, Prince Ephraim. I have to fall back.

Franz: I'm sorry, General Seth...

Garcia: I have no regrets. This was always my fate.

Gerik: If you live on the battlefield, you know this day will come...

Gilliam: I was prepared for... anything...

Innes: I won't give up... Not here... Not in this place... I'll keep going,
even if I have to crawl...

Joshua: I... I guess my luck finally ran out... Heh.

Knoll: In this darkness, I will find peace.

Kyle: Prince Ephraim! Lead us to glory...
-Ch.5x: I was careless... My apologies, Prince Ephraim. I must withdraw.

L'Arachel: This will never do! I find it hard to say, but I must beg your

Lute: I... I don't want to die...

Marisa: I lost...

Moulder: I am sorry, I believe this is as far as I go...

Myrrh: ... I'm so sorry... I can'y help you any longer.

Natasha: My fate is irrelevant... The world must have... light.
-Ch.5: I can't let myself die here... Someone has to hear my tale...

Neimi: You were right, Colm... I was a klutz. Sorry...

Orson(Ch.5x): This wound... It will slow me down. I must retreat.

Rennac: Great. This just what I needed...

Ross: I... am a warrior to the very end!

Saleh: I’m sorry, Grandmother... My duty...

Seth: Urgh￾E My apologies. I must withdraw.

Syrene: So this is the end. ... Vanessa...

Tethys: The dark rider I foresaw... He was coming for me...

Tana: I've long been prepared for this day... Too long...

Vanessa: Please... Forgive me...

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