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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 03/29/15 LRAPHQ 5.0 252K
FAQ/Walkthrough 01/12/20 CLLi 1.2 232K
FAQ/Walkthrough 07/20/08 Gbness 1.0 291K
FAQ/Walkthrough 08/04/07 Kratos_42 1.41 191K
FAQ/Walkthrough 05/25/08 Lorxhnop 1.95 185K
FAQ/Walkthrough 07/10/07 pool46 Beta 88K
FAQ/Walkthrough 10/17/05 Shaneth21 Final 93K
FAQ/Walkthrough 10/14/04 Zalagren 1.00 170K
FAQ/Walkthrough 03/25/06 Sui89 2.0 193K

In-Depth FAQs

Foreign Language FAQs

Patch Code Lists

Maps and Charts

Chapter 01 Map 6/24/10 MKaykitkats NM 20K
Chapter 02 Map 6/24/10 MKaykitkats NM 29K
Chapter 03 Map 6/24/10 MKaykitkats NM 26K
Chapter 04 Map 6/25/10 MKaykitkats NM 30K
Chapter 05 Map 7/7/11 MKaykitkats NM 108K
Chapter 05x Map 6/28/10 MKaykitkats NM 29K
Chapter 06 Map 6/28/10 MKaykitkats NM 71K
Chapter 07 Map 6/28/10 MKaykitkats NM 49K
Chapter 08 Map 6/28/10 MKaykitkats NM 40K
Chapter 09A Map 6/30/10 MKaykitkats NM 145K
Chapter 09B Map 7/7/11 MKaykitkats NM 49K
Chapter 10A Map 6/30/10 MKaykitkats NM 144K
Chapter 10B Map 7/7/11 MKaykitkats 60K
Chapter 11A Map 6/30/10 MKaykitkats NM 154K
Chapter 11B Map 7/7/11 MKaykitkats NM 53K
Chapter 12A Map 7/1/10 MKaykitkats NM 151K
Chapter 12B Map 7/7/11 MKaykitkats NM 75K
Chapter 13A Map 7/6/10 MKaykitkats NM 138K
Chapter 13B Map 7/7/11 MKaykitkats NM 68K
Chapter 14A Map 7/7/11 MKaykitkats NM 59K
Chapter 14B Map 7/7/11 MKaykitkats NM 81K
Chapter 15A Map 7/7/11 MKaykitkats 68K
Chapter 15B Map 7/7/11 MKaykitkats NM 67K
Chapter 16A Map 7/7/11 MKaykitkats NM 52K
Chapter 16B Map 7/7/11 MKaykitkats H/NM 55K
Chapter 17 Map 7/19/10 MKaykitkats NM 64K
Chapter 18 Map 7/19/10 MKaykitkats NM 55K
Chapter 19 Map 7/26/10 MKaykitkats NM 50K
Chapter 20 Map 7/7/11 MKaykitkats NM/HM 90K
Class Promotion Chart 7/12/05 Rick52 1.1 139K
Final Chapter Part 1 Map (A) 7/7/11 MKaykitkats 61K
Final Chapter Part 2 Map 7/7/11 MKaykitkats 45K
Prologue Map 6/24/10 MKaykitkats NM 19K
Scorched Sand Hidden Items Map 5/31/05 ZhangKhaiEn 1.1 55K
World Map 6/1/10 MKaykitkats 1.00 77K

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