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-- for exp? Tech Support
someone would have a save file with both routes completed? Side Quest

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Who to chosse as my final party member? Build 2 2 months ago
Can I have two Creature Campaign Saves? Side Quest 1 3 months ago
Should I promote Vanessa? Main Quest 1 6 months ago
Is there another member card? Side Quest 5 7 months ago
Story or Skirmish? Tech Support 3 11 months ago
Which is easier- Erika's story or Ephraim's Story? Side Quest 11 11 months ago
I am playing FE8 on a Gameboy Advanced SP and my game keeps getting deleted. How do I fix this? Tech Support 1 1 year ago
Where can I get promotion items? Build 1 1 year ago
Can you recruit noval, Fire emble sacred stones? Enemy/Boss 3 1 year ago
Joshua vs. Marsia? General 3 1 year ago

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