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Guide and Walkthrough by neofan12s

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/14/2005

|        Mario Pary Advance         |
|	  neofans1@yahoo.com       |			
|	    FAQ/Walkthrough        |
  Table of Contents          | 
---------------------------- |
I.    Introduction           |
II.   Updates                |
III.  Controls               |
IV.   My Review              |
V.    New Game               |
VI.   Menus                  |
VII.  Walkthrough            |
      A.How To Play          |
      B.Town Quests          |
      C.Desert Quests        |
      D.Seaside Quests       |
      E.Horror Quests        |
      F.Snow Quests          |
      G.Forest Quests        |
      H.Bowser Quests        |
VIII. Characters             |
IX.   Minigames              |
      A.Regular              |
      B.Duel                 |
      C.Bowser               |
      D.Gambling             |
X.    Play Land              |
XI.   Party Land             |
XII.  Challenge Land         |
      A.Mini-Game Attack     |
      B.Game Room            |
      C.Duel Dash            |
      D.Bowser Land          |
      E.Shop                 |
XIII. E.Gadd's Gadgets       |
XIV.  Bonus Board            |
      A.Rules                |
      B.Made Up Rules        |                
XV.   FAQ                    |                  
XVI.  Legal Rights           |    
XVII. Credits                |
-NOTE- If you need to find anything, Press CTRL+F To find what you 
are looking for. It will help you find everything much faster!

Mario Party, first introduced for the N64. Two other sequels appeared,
which grew to be a bit successful. The game introduced much fun as players
had to travel around a gameboard, play numerous minigames, and collect stars
to win. Later it appeared to the next generation console, Gamecube. Mario 
Party 4 wasn't as "good" as the first, since it was pretty much the same thing. 
Two other sequels appeared, 5 and 6, which again, same o same o. Now it has 
come for the Gameboy Advance, many question why GBA, why not the DS? And will 
it be any good, and how different will it be? Let us find out ^_^ 

Version 1.0 - Because there is already a Gadget FAQ in Gamefaqs, I'm sorry
to say that I will not be updating this FAQ anymore, and that this is most
likely the final version. If you don't see an update for more than 4 months, 
that means I will most likely never update it again. 

Version 0.97 - Another update for the week. I finished Play and Party Land 
sections, which leaves me with only one section left, the Gadgets =0
I can tell that list is going to be really big, bigger than the mini-games,
so it's going to be probably around one or two weeks before I get to update.
What takes me so long to update is that school takes away all of my time,
and sports, which only leaves me the weekends to work on all of my FAQs. 
Note that I have many other FAQs to work on, and I'm already starting on
another, so please be patient for the final update real soon!

Version 0.95 - This is the update for the week. I finished the Character 
section, Challenge Mode section, and added/completed Bonus Board section. 
Again, I will *try* to complete the Party/Play Land Sections, and the Gadgets, 
just looking at them makes me want to faint, theres too many =D!

Version 0.9 -This a BIG update. I have finished typing all the quests, and it's
a BIG list. It took me like three days to type it all down. I fixed a lot of 
things, changed mini-game names, and "cleaned" everything. I also finished the
Mini-Game list, and I divided many things into sections, so they shall be much
easier to find. I still need to finish things like the Gadgets, it's a very
long list so it's going to take a couple of days for me to finish it. I never
expected this FAQ to get so BIG. Anyways, continue using this faq, because
it can only get better ^_^.

Version 0.8 - First version of the FAQ, completed a lot of things, and by the 
time the English version comes out, I will have already a lot of things 
completed. I will have to wait for it to come out though, because I need the
official names, and EXACTLY how to do everything.

The basic controls are:

{In Menus}
Control Pad   - Scroll through menus.                
A Button      - Select your choice.
B Button      - Go Back.

{In Gameboard}
Control Pad   - Move through the board spaces.
A Button      - Hit the Mushroom block/Make Decisions
B Button      - Cancel Decisions
L Button      - A screen where you can see the stars/characters, save, and quit.
R Button      - Scroll through the Map, Press (A) to get a closer look and make 

{In Minigames}
(When Playing Minigames not in Gameboard) -
Start         - Pause/Press (A) to Restart the game/Press (B) Go back to 
                selection screen.
L/R Button    - Flip between the pages in the minigame selection screen.
The rest of the controls all depend on what game you are playing, look in the
minigame for the controls and details of all the minigames.

--------IV.My Review--------
Here is my review of the game, since I am too lazy to actually 
put it up in the review page, I might as well just do it here
while I am at it.

Graphics (8.0)
Well, since its a GBA game, I will go by GBA Standards. The graphics aren't
too glorious as Kingdom Hearts, but it does have a Mario Party style, so
it evens out. There isn't much you can say, but overall, the graphics
are just "pretty".

Sound (7.5)
Again, since its a GBA game, I'm not expecting glorious Star Wars Sorround
Sound music, so I don't really care about GBA music. It does sound playful,
but sometimes it repeats a lot, and when music gets repetetive, it annoys
the player to the point where the whole game becomes repetetive. So overall,
its alright, nothing too good.

Gameplay (9.5)
Well, the whole point of the game is to get all the stars and destroy
Bowser's evil plots. You get the stars by going around a huge game 
board with many different areas, completing tasks and finding minigames
along the way. Once you complete certain tasks, like giving an item to
a certain someone, you will get a star. The more stars you collect, the
more "tunnels" open up to Bowser, where you get to have fun humiliating
him. The main game can be completed in a short time, but only if you
know what you're doing.The only hard part to this game are the number of 
turns you have, which are determined by the number of mushrooms you have.
You do a minigame every three mushrooms, or if you land on a special spot.
Once you run out of mushrooms, you fail, and have to start all over from 
where you began. But once you get a star, you never lose it, so don't worry.
There are 50 unlockable minigames, and there are a lot more when you play
the main game. The minigames are fun and rarely fustrating. There are also
four characters which you can choose to play with from the beginning, which
include Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi. Whoever you choose determines where
you will start in the huge gameboard. The game is very fun, but will it 

Replay Value (8.0)
Just let me ask you this question, did the console Mario Parties have
huge replay value? It was only major fun when you play with other people, 
and the same applies here. There are some minigames which can be great fun
when you play with others, and it applies here. With 50+ minigames, many, 
MANY fun and pointless gadgets to play with, and beating minigame records, 
it adds to a lot of playtime. Maybe around 15+ hours, it all depends on how
you look at it, and how you play games.

With normal GBA graphics and music, its an O.K. game. But with the cool and fun
minigames, it adds a unique twist and flavor of the classic mario parties. This
game can leave you playing just the minigames for hours, because it will leave
you wanting to beat your records, and everyone elses too. This game gets very 
addicting, you just have to know what you are doing.

--------V.New Game--------
Alright, when you start of, a star will be floating around the screen, 
and then you will have to input some information for you "passport" 
before you begin the partying.

~The first thing they ask you, is for your name. (You can press 'L or R'
to reach the Roman letters.) After you input your name, press Start and 
finish it. Then you will be asked if everything is o.k., the first 
option is Yes, and the second is No.

~The second thing they ask you is for your birth month. 1=January, 2=Feb.,
3=March, etc. Again you will have to confirm, you have to do it for every

~Then comes the fun part, you can create your face. The things you can
customize are as follow:
1) The Shape of your face, you have 8 choices.
2) Then comes the Upper Hair, this determines if you are a boy or girl.
   There are 18 choices, I don't know specifically for some who is a
   boy or girl, because like 2 look really weird ^_^
3) Then comes the Lower Hair, which involves the forehead area. 
   There are 16 choices.
4) Then come the eyebrows, you have 8 choices.
5) Next you can change the look of your eyes, again 8 choices.
6) Can you guess the next option? Why its the nose, now can
   you guess the number of choices...well anyways its 8...
7) Next is the mouth, 8 choices again.

~Next, you are asked to put your hobby down. Why, I'm not sure of 
that yet.

~Now for last thing here, just write any comment, "be creative!".

~The star then asks you to tell it about your biggest dream. Please
don't e-mail what youre best dreams were either :P
Then it asks you to tell your silliest secret...why the star wants 
to know, I have no clue O_o.

Congratulations, you are done!!! Now you can watch the intro movie,
Toad just says to have fun playing the games, but of course, Bowser 
comes and crashes the party. He blows all the games away to Shroom 
City, and he goes there too, so its up to you to get them back!

This was up some people had the Japanese version, and didn't know
where to go, I'm leaving this here because maybe someone doesn't 
know what places are, or where they lead... 
--BIG THANKS TO Titney for when we only had the 
Japanese version and we didn't know where to go ^_^--

~Title Screen
{Party World} - Leads you to the main game screen.
{Passport} -    Delete, Edit, and Trade passports.
{Bonus Board} - It is played with a paper board game from Nintendo.

~Party World
{Shroom City} -    Help out the locals and beat all the quests!
{Play Land} -      Play with or give mini-games and Gadgets!
{Party Land} -     Play Battle games with your friends...or foes!
{Challenge Land} - Earn coins in a variety of mini-games!

~Shroom City (L) Button Screen
{Quests} -      Look at how many and which quests you have seen
{Characters} -  A list of the all the characters you met already.
{Save} -        Save the game.
{Quit} -        Quit the game.

~Play Land Menu
{Star Case} - Play any of the minigames you've earned.
{Red GBA} -   Give away a mini-game with a single Game Pak.
{Penguin} -   2-4 Players can play Multi-Pak Penguin Race
{Blue Case} - Check out the gadgets and play with them.
{Blue GBA} -  Give away a Gadget with a single game pak!

~Party Land Menu
{Duel Battle}       - Play duel games with a single game pak!
{Secret Battle}     - Play a Secret Battle! You need two game paks.
{Mini Koopa Battle} - Play Koopa Kid Battle! Two game paks needed.
{100 Player Battle} - Play 100-player battle with no link.
{100 Player Attack} - Play 100-player attack with no link. 

~Challenge Land
{Blue Coin} -      Minigame Attack!
{Star Pouch} -     Game Room!
{Crossed Swords} - Duel Dash
{Green Koopa} -    Bowser Land
{Coin and Goods} - Exchange coins for Party Goods


~~~~VII.A.How To Play~~~~

Now we get to the real game. This involves going around a really 
huge game board trying to collect stars from everyone to stop Bowsers
foolishness. When you start you get to pick between Mario, Luigi, 
Peach, or Yoshi. The the Dice character (Tumble) asks if you know how
to play. The first one is yes, second is no. Choose whatever, because 
you still have to go through a first time tutorial, and get your first 
star.  Depending on who you picked you will have to do a certain task
for everyone, Let me get the basics down before you go around 
completing quests...

You have mushrooms in the upper right hand corner of the screen, the 
number of mushrooms determines how many turns you have left. Every 
block you use costs one mushroom. You can increase the number of 
mushrooms by one of the two methods:
1) Every minigame you successfully complete, earns you three 
mushrooms. Or you can earn six if its a super special minigame.
2) If you land on one of the (M) spaces, either Koopa or Tumble will 
come out. If Koopa comes out, you each wager one mushroom in the minigame,
if you win you keep your mushroom, but ff you lose you lose your mushroom. 
But if Tumble comes out, and if you win the minigame, you get +2 mushrooms, 
and if you lose, you don't lose anything.

You can also lose mushrooms if you land on a (-) block, which makes you 
lose one mushroom.

There is also a (Dice) block, if you land on it, you get an extra block, 
without the cost of losing any mushrooms. The longer you continue landing 
on it, the bigger the blocks get.

Every three mushrooms used gives you a chance to play a minigame. A 
roullete comes out, it will either have known minigames, or unknown 
minigames. The unknown minigames have (???) on them, and I found out that 
even if there is two known and one unknown, it will !ALWAYS! land on the 
unknown minigame. This only applies for the Japanese version though, so it 
makes things a little easier to find them all. But in the English version, it 
can land on the old ones, so its not as easy. The only ones that appear in the 
roullete are the ones in the first three pages of the minigame list. The rest 
are unlocked by completing quests that include Duel quests, Casino-type games, 
and Bowser games...

Thats pretty much it, you go around, talking to people and completing their 
quests.Keep in mind that you can only do one quest at a time, and that even 
when you do complete a quest, you may have to go back to that area to complete 
other character's tasks. Most of the tasks are easy, they include solving 
mysteries, completing minigames, delivering/picking up items, doing "love" 
tasks, etc. As a reward for completing the quest, you can either get a mini-game
or gadget.

You have to keep completing quests in order to unlock some specials that Bowser
has. For example, in order to reach Bowser for the first time, you have to c
omplete three quests, for the second time, ten quests, etc etc.

Sometimes while you are happily moving along, Koopa Kid might pop out of 
nowhere. Four things are possible, 
1)Bowser will warp you without any choice to do anything about it.
2)You will play Rock-Paper-Scissors, if you lose, you will warp.
3)If you lose, instead of warping, a block will be placed right in front of you,
blocking your way.
4)If you win the game, Koopa will just leave, but he will come back sooner or
later, and sometimes it pisses you of too!

I'm going to list the quests by the Area they appear in. I am not listing them
by quest names, but rather the place they appear, that way you can be able to
find them much easier. They are also in alphabetical order.


Bob-omb Avenue
Type= Bomb
Character= Bob-omb
Quest= Find the Password
He hangs with the Bob-omb gang, and in order to get in, he will give you
a Gadget if you know the password. You should reply with how should I know,
because really, how would you know? He tells you to go to the Item shop and
buy a Bob-omb Figure to learn the password. So head over there, buy the
figure, and he will tell you the password. If you are too lazy to do it,
the password is Baboom. 

Type = Bomb
Character = Bob-omba
Quest = Flowers are a Blast

What he wants is a gift, which is a flower. He says you can find a healthy 
flower in the desert, if you do, he will give you a gadget. You don't have 
to move very far, just check your map with (R), check the desert area, and 
look for a plant icon, the only there is a Pirahna plant, but that will do.
Just go back to Bob-omba to recieve your gadget!

Chain Chomp
Type= Duel
Character= Chomp
Quest= Chomper Stomper
Game= Chainsaw

He loves duel games, so to get his Game, you have to challenge him to a 
duel. You face him in Mini-game 35 (look in mini-game section for an 
explanation on what to do..) Beat him to complete the quest, and recieve 
your reward!

Goomba House 
Type= Item Search
Character= Goomba
Quest= Kind Goomba

This is easy, he just asks to go to the train station and pick up a 
ticket. Just move a little to the left, buy a ticket, and give it back 
to Goomba. Give him the ticket, and he gives you a Gadget.

Goombob Manor
Type= Love
Character= Goombob
He needs you to find a lovely seashell. He wants to give it to a girl 
named Goombetty O_o. He says you can find it in a beach, so with that 
in mind, look at your map, and look for something with Beach in its name, 
in this case, Sandy Beach! Head the long way over there, pick up a shell, 
go back, and get your Gadget. Phew, that was a long trip...

Mushroom Condo
Type= Adventure
Character= Mr.E
Quest= Hey, UFO!
Mr.E Seeker heard that a UFO landed on the rooftop. He questions Fly
Guy, and he says he can summon the UFO. You then are left with two
choices, summon the uFO, or VFO. Pick whatever and then you will play
a mini-game. Fly Guy will raise either a (A) flag, or a (B) flag. 
Press the corresponding buttons to raise and lower. If you do it
consistently, the UFO will come down. For winning you get a Gadget!

*3rd Floor
Type= Love 
Character= Flutter
Quest= Hearts A-Flutter
The problem with Flutter is that she is in love, but she is too shy
to talk to him, so your job is to tell that person how she feels.
She doesn't know his name, but she will never forget his blue *eyes*
If you still don't know who it is, well.........its Mr.I!
When you go see him, (NorthEast/Horror Area) he says he has his eye
on someone else, so tell her he is sorry. Go back and tell her the
truth, and the Gadget will be yours!

*2nd Floor 
Type= Item Search 
Character(s)= Kamek Crew
Quest= Kamek Crew Live!
They got flavor, but they need a place to perform, so you have to go
look for one. They say that a stadium will do just fine. And that you
can find one in the desert. With that in mind, check you map for a 
stadium in the desert, and you will find Mushroom Stadium. Go there,
and you will find Bullet Bill, who ironically is a big fan, he gives
you a live venue free of charge. Head all the way back to the 2nd 
Floor, and get your gadget!

*1st Floor 
Character= Mushbert
A Crazy nut for the Toad Force V T.V. show lives here, you will need 
to come here to complete different quests.

Type= Bomb
(You can't see this, but its a hidden choice under the first floor)
Character= Big Bob-omb
Quest= Big Boss Bob-omb
Game= Dice Game
You win if you get the higher number three times, its all luck, 
you both roll the dice, and if you win three times, you get a Gadget!

Thwomp House 
Type= Mystery  
Character= Thwomp
Quest= Weeping Thwomp.

Looks like Thwomp has been robbed. Supposedly he got robbed by 40 coins, enough
for two stars ^_^. Now you get in a cool 3D view of the house, you can 
search for things looking for clues. Check them carefully, because when you
finish, Shroomlock asks for what the clue tells the secret. You can choose 
between the Sandbag, Punching Bag, Trash Can, Books, or Door.

I will give you a clue, so I don't spoil the fun, it has to do with
size. The answer is quite funny. For winning you get a Gadget!

Town Bank 
Type= Mystery
Character = Koopa
Quest= Probably A Robbery?

Koopa has just been robbed! Shroomlock comes in and asks about what happened.
Supposedly the power went out, and went they went back on, everything was
stolen. The three people there at the time were Goombob, Paratroopa, and Mr. I.

Paratroopa - He runs the Item shop in the Town area, if you ask him about the
money, he said he was shocked about everything, but he did see a bunch of 

Goombob - He lives in a mansion (hint), in the Town area. He said he couldn't
see anything, but he could hear the safe open.

Mr.I - He is in the far right of the Horror Area. So its right near the town.
When you ask him for the money, he get's upset of being accused. He said he 
saw nothing, but he did hear coins jiggling.

Once you go back to bank, Shroomlock will ask for you opinion on who the culprit
is. If you can't figure out who it is, heres a hint, the room is totally dark, 
so nobody can't see a thing. Which means somebody is lying...>.>
If you get it wrong, you have to do it all over again. Anyways, Koopa let's the
prankster go.

Town Game Room A
Type= Gambling
Character= Monty Mole
Quest= Winners Keepers
This character is in a losing streak, so it's your job to beat the game and
end his slump.
Game= Scratch'Em

This game is pure luck, I recommend betting at least three so that if you can
hopefully get four turtle shells or three mushrooms to get more than one coin
that you started with to win.

Town Game Room B 
Type= Gambling
Character= Amp
Quest= Losing Streak
Amp keeps losing in the gambling games. He thinks if you can win once, then
his luck might change. 
Game=  Match'Em

This game is the slot machine game. Just keep betting five and hope for the
best, if you get any three in a row, consider yourself won. You win once you
get more than one coin than you started with.

Type= Item Search
Character= Shyguy
Quest= Locomotionless

Shy Guy's problem is that the train hasn't been running because he has 
run out of coal. Your job is to get some coal, which is located in a
store somewhere in the Town. BUT, its not in the item shop =D
If you are stuck and don't know where it is, its located in the 
vending machines west of the Town. Once you go back and give
Shy Guy the coal, you will recieve a Gadget!


Klepto Ruins
Type= Adventure
Character= Klepto
Quest= Treasure of Mystery!

Another typical treasure hunt. There is a vulture there called Klepto. 
He has a treasure chest, but it has a lock, so you need to find the code
for it. You have to enter a four digit number, which is also his favorite
word. The code is "4444" It's funny because now that it's opened, Mr.E 
isn't intersted anymore, but Klepto is surprised at your skills so he
gives you a Gadget!

Mushroom Field
Type= Sport
Character= Hammer Bro
Quest= Hammerama
This Bro practices everyday with his team to try and be the best hammer
thrower there is. Give it a try and see if you can beat him....

When you start the game, consecutively presss (A) and then (B). This game is
extremely easy, you just have to use two different fingers for the different 
buttons. If you see yourself swinging faster, keep it up and check how easily
you can beat him. For winning...you get another Gadget!

Mushroom Stadium
Type= Sport
Character= Bullet Bill
Quest= A Speeding Bill
This guy thinks he is the fastest of them all, but are you going to take
that, of course not! Challenge him to a race and determine the winner.

The race is held at a track, and to you win you must be at the finish line
first...you run by repeatingly tapping (A). You have to this really fast,
or else you pretty much lost. Keep trying to get faster, once you do win
you get a Gadget!

Type= Item Search
Character= Pokey
Quest= Mysterious Riddles

Oh my...once your in, you cannot get out, the only way out, is to solve
his Riddles of Mystery! Anyways, you must solve all three riddles:
1) What golfs, parties, and rides on a kart? 
If you don't know this, you shall get slapped....~Mario
2) What has spikes, fiery breath, and a temper?
Again.....very easy...~Bowser
3) What is green, but is related to red?
Not that hard, think brothers -_-...~Luigi

once you answer them all, you get another Gadget!

The Hammer
"The mighty hammer can carry you far. Master the spin, and soar over 
pyramids." After this, you will see Mario with the hammer. If you
already did the Hammer Bro quest, you will know what to do. You just
have to consecutively press (A) and then (B). Do this fast and you will
be sent to the pyramids. This will lead you to the pyramids where you 
will meet.....Kamek!

Type= Gambling
Character= Kamek
Quest= Game Mage
Game= Pair'Em

This game is pretty tough, but in order to win you must have at least
31 coins. I just bet 1 coin on the clouds, and I made sure to get rid
all of them, because its the easiest in a way. You can get rid of them
in pairs of two, except you have to get rid of them in a triple pair
once in order to evenly get rid of them. Once you do get rid of them,
and get your coins, and your game.


Duel Tower
Type= Duel
Character= Mouser
The tower is a testing ground for duelists. The duelists greeting 
is a battle cry, which is CHAAARGE! Mouser is the host and you
must pass through all three floors of the Duel Tower.

Character= Whomp
Quest= Duel Tower 1F
Game= Stair Scare
This game is nothing, just press (A) as fast as you can so you
can reach the top first. once you win you get to the second floor.

Character= Salvo
Quest= Duel Tower 2F
Game= Volleybomb
This game is again pretty easy, just jump and smash when you can
which will give an almost defenitve win. Look in the Duel section 
for this game and a better explanation if you are having trouble.
Once you win, you will face a fierce opponent.

Character= Mouser
Quest= Duel Tower 3F
Game= Chicken!
This game is even easier than the last, just fake out as long as 
can, and when you see the shadow about the drop, and you get a 
certain "feeling" telling you to leave, then leave! Again
look in the Duel minigame section if you are having trouble.
Upon completion you will get three mini-games!

Lakitu House
Type= Toad Force V
Character= Lakitu
Quest= What's that Line?
This guy is a Toad Force V fan. He is another nut, but he cannot 
remember a quote from episode 28. You have to look for someone
who knows the big line, and he lives in the condo in the town,
om the first floor. When you go there, ask for episode twenty
eight, and you will find out the line is "I'm an iron 'shroom."
Go back to Lakitu, tell him the line, and get your Gadget!

Mushroom Beacon
Type= Duel
Character= Blooper
Quest= Blooper Battle

Blooper is training to become a duelist, and he wants you to help 
him. You will play Hammergeddon, if you need help beating your
opponent, check the Duel Mini-Games Section. If you win, you
will get the Hammergeddon minigame!

Mushroom Library
Type= Item Search
Character= Mechakoopa
Quest= Mathemagician!

This guy is a mathematician, he discovered Mechakoopa's Theorem! 
Tell him to ask you questions, and easily answer them all. If you 
don't know them (If you don't...for shame) then here they are...
1) 10 + Y = 1000, Y = 1000 - 10, Y = 990
2) 10 X Y = 1000, Y = 100
3) 10 X Y = 0, Y = 0
For EASILY answering them all, you get a Gadget...

Mushroom Pool
Type= Sport
Character= Cheep Cheep
Quest= Swimmin' Wimp

There is a swimming meet coming up, but Cheep Cheep isn't focusing
very good. You have to put some confidence in him by losing to
him "naturally". Although it may seem easy to lose, its actually
not that easy. If you tap (A) extremely fast, you will get ahead 
of him, but the problem is that if you slow down, he will speed up,
and if he gets too far away from you, then Cheep Cheep will be on
to something. I suggest you get very ahead of him because the 
track is long, so keep going fast until you see the ending, thats
when you slow down to let him win. Just don't get TOOOO far ahead 
of him...once you let him win naturally, you will recieve a Gadget!

Mario Vaudeville
Type= Item Search
Character= Dolphin
Quest= Comedy Bomb

This is funny, this guy is a stand-up comedian, but he can't get
any laughs from people, so its your job to press (A) and laugh
to make him feel better.

This game is actually pretty hard, because you have to laugh at 
the right times, you can't just laught throughout the whole thing. 
What I did to get the Gadget, was just keep on laughing in the 
beginning, until he says "Woo, Go Dolphin" for the first time. 
You should get some company by then, so its best NOT TO LAUGH
when you have those dolphins. As he continues, more dolphins
are bound to come, and you have to start laughing again when 
he reaches the punchline, which is, "Forget the questions, 
Give me the answers!". Keep laughing when he says that, until
the end. If you have about 10 dolphins, then you have 
succeeded, if not, keep on trying!

Sushi Cliff
Type= Mystery
Character= Sushi
Quest= Sploosh
Apparently someone fell of the cliff, but it was just Shroomlock. But
the problem lies in that he didn't fall, he was PULLED. Someone tried
to ruin his suit, and there were three witnesses there! 

Blooper- He is an innocent by-swimmer, and he swears by his *tentacles*
that he didnt do it.

Dolphin- He was just passing by, he swears by his *fins* that he didn't 
do a thing.

Cheep Cheep- He says he is not *gill*-ty...

The clues are pretty much the fact that he was pulled from the cliff
onto the sea, but what fish did it? Check what fish type of hands can
grab something, and the answer will click. Check who has arms, and
who doesnt...

For solving the crime, Sushi will give you a Gadget!


Boo Cemetery
Type= Mystery
Character= Boo
Quest= True Blue Boo
Oh no, the precious golden Boo statue is gone! It's always in the
cemetery, so somebody stole it. But something is weird, why are
there four Boos, there are supposed to be three! So it's your job
to spot the imposter Boo. Carefully see the way the turn, the
fake one is the one who turns in the opposite direction from the 
rest. If you get it right, it will turn out to be Koopa Kid!
For helping them out, you get a Gadget!

Horror Condo

*2nd Floor
Type= Adventure
Character= Snifit
Quest= Condo of Mystery!
The mystery here is that the Horror Condo is rumored to be haunted.
Your job is to make a ghost appear because so far nothing spooky
happened. Just head to the Boo Cemetery and they will spook the whole
Condo up, because it's their job. Head back to the second floor to get
your Gadget.

*1st Floor
Type= Toad Force V
Character= Ninji
Quest= DVD for Me
He wants a Toead Force V DVD, some guy in the Mushroom Condo has a 
spare, so get one from him. Head to the Town Condo, in the first 
floor, and you will recieve the DVD. Go back to the first floor
of the Horror Condo to get a Gadget.

Type= Toad Force V
Character= Lantern Ghost
Quest= Nerd Force V
You need a Toad Force V figure because everyone fan must have one!
You can easily get one in the item shop, so get there and get one!
Once you get it, head back to Horror Condo's basement, and get 
the Gadget.

Type= Love
Character= Mr.I
Quest= Love that Princess!
This quest is for Princess Peach only. When you start playing as
Peach, head the long way over to Mr.I, just seeing you will make
him so happy that will give you a Gadget!


Ice Game Room
Type= Gambling
Character= Penguin
Quest= Engaging Game
Game= Drop'Em
Penguin needs money because he wants to buy a ring so he can propose.
Just win back the money, and you get another game! This game easy to
win, but if you are having trouble, check the Gambling Mini-game
section to get some detailed help!

Ice Stadium
Type= Sport
Character= Mr.Blizzard
Quest= Cool as Ice
This guy is a pitcher, and if you can hit a home run, you will get a 
Gadget. This game takes excellent timing in order to win. Just try
to hit it early so it doesnt be a foul, and it can be a straight hit.
Hit it correctly, and you will get your gadget!


Dance Stage
Type= Sport
Character= Hulu
Quest= Jungle Jive
Like all the other sport games, just do well to get your reward. 
Press the buttons Hulu shows you to complete the dance. Even if
you miss a few, you can still get the Gadget, just keep on
going at a steady pace, and he will give you a Gadget!

Jungle Game Hut
Type= Gambling
Character= Hoot
Quest= Debt's a Hoot
Game= Stop'Em
Hoot is on heavy debt because of his losing streak, so if you
beat the game for him, and he will be happy. When you play,
you will think it's pretty easy, but it's actually not. You 
can easily win if you it in the first try, but if you continue 
losing, it get's hard to catch back up. For a detailed 
explanation on how to win, look in the Gambling Mini-game
section. For winning you get the game!

Loch Dorrie
Type= Adventure
Character= Dorrie
Quest= Dino of Mystery
First of all, you need to be Yoshi to do this quest. Just go to 
him as Yoshi, and Dorrie will be really happy knowing its not the
only dinosaur around. He will give you a Gadget as a token
of friendship.

Petal House
Type= Love
Quest= Blossom of my Heart
He has fallen in love, and he saw her once in the town. He says
she is fragile, like a *butterfly*. She *blossoms*. You are 
supposed to give her his poem of love. Go see Blossom in the
third floor of the Town Condo. After he gets rejected (=P),
you will get a Gadget!

Spear Thicket
Type= Duel
Character= Spear Guy
Quest= Mustached Hero
Game= Tank-Down
To do this quest, you must have a mustache, so you must either 
be Mario or Luigi. Right after agreeing to do the quest, you
will be in a duel. Win to recieve the game! This game is one
thing, PURE FUN! Look in the Duel Mini-game section if you
can't win to get some hints.

Ukiki House
Type= Mystery
Character= Akiki
Quest= Monkeynapping!?
They mayor of the town is missing! A note was found in the floor, and
it says, "We have your uncle!" Shroomlock has a sprained ankle so he
can't go anywhere, but you will have to figure out the secret code
in the letter. If you just read all the capitalized letters, it will
read, "I am at the lake". Head to the only lake in the forest, 
Loch Dorrie! There you will find Ukiki and he will give you a Gadget.


Blue Pipe/Bowser Stadium
Requirement= 3 Quests Completed
Type= Sport
Quest= Goal Tenderizer
This is easy soccer, Bowser is the goalkeeper, and you have to get at
least 3 out 5 in. Just kick it to the arrow pointing up so it will go
underneath Bowser, and he will never get it =)

Afterwards, you will have to have a battle.
Game= Splatterball
This is a sniping game, but first it randomly selects how many Koopa 
Kids you have to snipe. If you get a low number like 40, then this
is easy, if its big, then you are going to have a tougher time. 
I suggest you always hold B so you go fast, and just have fun! If you
need detailed help, look at at the Bowser Mini-game section!
For winning you get a Gadget!

Light Blue Pipe/Mt. Frostbite
Requirement= 10 Quests Completed
Type= Adventure
Quest= Chillin' Villain
He is going to saY something, and you have to respond with a 
witty joke. If you answer all three questions correctly, you win!
1)What does a fashionable snake wear? A boa-tie
2)What do you say when you trip someone? See you next fall!
3)How do you know if it will rain today? Wait till tommorow.

Game= Crushed Ice
You have to crush all the Koopa Kids before your time runs out. Again,
there will be a randomizer to find out how many Koopas you have to crush.
If you get a low number you can just hold one button and go fast
and crush many Koopas. But if you have a lot, be more strategic to
kill of the Koopas. If you need a lot of help with it, check the
Bowser Mini-game section!

Red Pipe/Bowser Mansion
Requirement= 15 Quests Completed
Type= Mystery
Quest= Bowser:Accused!
A painting has been stolen from the museum! Bowser is accused and
Shroomlock is already there. You have to prove he did it and Bowser
will give you a Gadget. Bowser said he didn't leave home all day
yesterday, he also hates toads and twilight, which is what the 
painting is about. He also never ever saw that painting! Also, 
there is no way to hide a painting in the mansion, so he couldn't
possibly have hidden it. If you can't figure it out, the flaw
in the mansion. How could he have possibly known if he was able
to hide it or not? Anyways, prepare for a battle!

Game= Mush Rush
You have to again smash all the Koopa Kids...and again there is a 
randomizer. You have to smash the number of Koopas given, while
protecting three little mushrooms. This game is pretty easy, and
shouldn't be too hard. If you need extensive help, again look
at the Bowser Mini-game section.

Yellow Pipe/Bowser Toy Shop
Requirement= 30 Quests Completed
Type= Toad Force V
Quest= Bowser's Toys
This time you have to do a Cartoon Quiz on Toad Force V. He
will ask five questions, and you have to answer them all
right in order to win.
1)What letter is on Toad Force V's forehead? ~V
2)What is Toad Force V? ~A Robot
3)What does Toad Force V fight for? ~Peace
4)What is the famous line in episode 28? ~Iron Shroom
5)What is the name of Toad Force V's hero? ~Jack

Game= Slammer (Duel Game)
This game requires fast reaction. Wait until the randomizer
picks someone, then you have to quickly press (A) if you get
chosen, if not, press (B) to defend and it will attack the
other person. If you need more help, again check the Bowser-
Mini-game section...

Black Pipe/Bowser Hideout
Requirement= 25 Quests Completed
Type= Bomb
Quest= Boss Bowser
If you win the duel, Bowser will give you two Gadgets! In the
duel, you have to guess if the card given is bigger or smaller
than the last card. If you guess correctly three times, you
win! This game is easy if a card like 10/9, or 1/2 are shown
because obviously its going to be lower than 10/9, or higher
than 1/2. You will just have to guess if its in between like 5.
Once you finish that, you will have a battle.

Game= Koopa Kappa
You have to drop capsule lids on the Koopa Kids, and you will 
also have a randomizer to determine the number. This game is so
easy, you just have to drop the correct lid, on the correct Koopa,
where the arrows are pointing. This game should be passed without
even trying...for winning, you get two gadgets!

Pink Pipe/Bowser Pad
Requirement= 30 Quests Completed
Type= Love
Quest= Bestest Buds
If you want to win you need to find the perfect gift for him. One
that will warm his cold heart. You have to go to the item shop
and pick either a necklace, ring, or bracelet. He likes rings more
than necklaces, and he likes bracelets just as much as necklaces.
He also likes rings more than bracelets. Go to the store and buy him
a ring, go all the way back, to find out you have to play a game...

Game= Peek-n-Sneak
Sneak past all the Koopa Kids before your time runs out! Again
there is a randomizer. This is a pretty tough game at first, but
once you get used to, you can probably go on forever. Run when you
see many Koopas with their backs turned over, but slow down when you
see one looking, and the other two with their backs turned. You don't
really have to dash a lot because you get a lot of 20+ seconds that
can make you go on forever. Win the game, win the gadget!

Orange Pipe/Bowser Game Hall
Requirement= 35 Quests Completed
Type= Gambling
Quest= Game King
Game= Watch'Em
You have to find Koopa Troopa three times in a row. Koopa 
is in a pipe, out of three. Bet whatever money you want, 
and never lose your eye on him. If you are good at these types
of games, then you will do a good job. Once you win, you will
get another gadget!

Purple Pipe/Bowser Lab
Requirement= 40 Quests Completed
Type= Duel
Quest= Bowserstein!
Bowser built a scrary monster, and an even scarier one. You get
to pick which one you get to face. Pick the scary monster,
because if you picked the very scary one, you will just have
to start all over. Once you pick the scary monster, you will
face a Naval Piranha.

Game= Koopa Kurl
You have to throw shells to get the highest score. This game 
is extremely hard (for me that is). Try to mess up your opponent
as much as you can, especially when they are on a 2X space. 
Look in the Bowser Mini-game section for a much better
explanation on how to get a high score.

Bowser's Gate
Requirement= 49 Quests Completed
Quest= Final Showdown
Game= Trap Floor

This is it, the final showdown before you can get all fifty 
gadgets. Your goal is to drop all the Koopa Kids off the 
screen. For the final showdown, this game is extremely 
easy. You should drop the Koopas in patterns of (A)(B)(A).
It is pretty hard at first, but once you get used to it, you
will be able to pass it all.

Throughout the game, you will find many characters who have
Gadgets and Mini-games. You must do quests in order to do them!
Anyways, here is a list of all of them in case you are missing 
one. This is the setup I will use in alphabetical order:

Profile the game gives...
And the Description the game gives...

If you need to know where some of the characters are located,
press and hold 'CTRL and F' and type the character to find 
in what quest the character belongs to...anyways, here is the
long list!

Ukiki's adorable little niece.
She's a little bit of a tomboy. She looks up to her uncle Ukiki.

Lives in town and loves to play games.
Loves to play games. Has a short fuse and gets mad easily.

---Bib Bob-omb---
Lives in a secret room somewhere in town.
The head of the Bob-omb gang. Quite mellow in his old age.

A duelist at the Mushroom Beacon.
He trains hard at the lighthouse. He trains to be a master.

Lives in town. Loves the word "Victory!"
Belongs to a shadowy gang of some sort. He's very nice.

Lives in town and just loves flowers.
Belongs to a shadowy gang. She just loves strange flowers.

One of the mischievous Boos at Boo Cemetery.
Boo love to play pranks, buit they're fiercely loyal. 

Pops up all over. Has the hots for Peach.
He's an awful person who makes mayhem for Mario and his friends.

---Bullet Bill---
Trains at Mushroom Stadium.
A brash and boisterous soul , but he IS the #1 Sprinter.

---Chain Chomp---
A duelist living in town.
Mouser used to take care of it. It loves to duel any passerby.

---Cheep Cheep---
Practices swimming at mushroom Pool.
A great swimmer, if only he could get over his insecurities.

Trains Cheep Cheep to swim.
Once, he was a champion, but now, he trains future champs.

Performs at Mario Vaudeville.
He's not a very funny comdedian. He's lost all his confidence.

Lives in Loch Dorrie and looks lonely.
Just a big, sad dinosaur looking for a soul mate.

Lives in Mushroom Condo.
She's a hip girl who knows her trends. Looking for a boyfriend.

---Fly Guy---
Lives on the rooftop of Mushroom Condo.
A strange and reclusive tupe. No one knows much about him.

Lives in Goomba House. Digs dancing.
He's considerate and caring. He likes to share with friends.

Goes to school with Goombob.
The best student at her school. Plays violin beautifully.

A rich kid who lives in Goombob manor.
He's got a big curhs on a girl in town. His folks are away.

---Hammer Bro---
A world-champion hammer thrower.
A champion, through and through. Loves a good challenge.

Lives in the jungle and loves to play games.
Loves to play games, but his bad attitude makes him lose.

Teaches at the Dance Stage.
A sensitive dance instructor who cries at the drop of a hat.

The Game Mage out in the desert.
He has never lost a game. Once, he was Bowser's mentor.

Lives in the Klepto Ruins.
Protector of treasures. Holds the key to the ancient lock.

Works at Koopa Bank.
An all-business chap who just can't stop cleaning.

---Koopa Kid---
Pops up everywhere. Idolizes Bowser.
He adores Bowser and obeys him. He's not too bright.

Lives in Lakitu House.
A huge fan of Toad Force V. Loves to quote the series.

---Lantern Ghost---
Lives in Horror Condo.
A huge fan of Toad Force V. Runes the TFV Fam club.

---Mecha Koopa---
Works at Mushroom Library.
Discovered Mechakoopa's Theorem. Often lost in thought.

---Monty Mole---
Lives in town and loves to play games.
Loves to play games, but hates losing his money in the process.

The most challenging duelist in Duel Tower.
This perfect duelist has even battled it out with Bowser!

Plays baseball at the Ice Stadium.
An ace pitcher with the Snow-town Ice Stars.

Loves to unravel any unsolved mysteries.
Shows up when mystery rears its mysterious head. Cowardly.

A reclusive gent in the horror area.
A gentleman at heart, but a bit gruff from time to time.

Lives in Shroomlock House.
She loves gossip as much as she loves her dear Shroomlock.

Lives in Mushroom Condo.
A huge fan of Toad Force V. Knows all about the show.

Lives in Horror Condo.
A huge fan of Toad Force V. Wants a special DVD of the show.

Runs Junk, the item superstore.
A big-brother type, who looks after everyone in town.

Plays games in the icy regions of Shroom City.
Loves to play games. He wants to buy a ring for Pengwen.

---Petal Guy---
A forlorn poet living in the jungle. 
He's a lovestick artist. Writes poetry to the woman he loves.

---Piranha Plant---
Grows in the desert. Loves water.
It's pretty and healthy, but also quite dangerous.

Guardian of the desert.
He challenges strangers to answer three riddles before leaving.

A "skill" duelist lurking in Duel Tower.
He seems lazy, but his skills are top notch.

Detective of Toadland Yard. Loves ice cream.
A brilliant detective, but a bit on the lazy side.

---Shy Guy---
Works at the Train Station.
He works without complaint and without rest. He's diligent!

Lives in Horror Condo.
Loves to be scared. Wants to see a ghost more than anything!

---Spear Guy---
A duelist living in the jungle.
He hides in the jungle, waiting for a duelist with a mustache.

Always near Sushi Cliff (in the water).
Has a sharp tongue and even sharper teeth. Hates crooks.

Lives alone in Thwomp House.
He looks mean, but he's really just lonely. HJe wants friends!

Lives in Mushroom Condo.
Heads up the popular rap act "Kamek Krew".

Lives in Ukiki House.
A kind soul who loves kids and all kinds of baked goods.

A "power" duelist lurking in Duel Tower.
Based on power alone, he's even stronger than Mouser himself!

There are 50 minigame that you can unlock, but there is actually more
since there are some that you can play in the Main game. Also, my high
scores aren't really "high", those are just my scores, some may be 
ridicously low, but that doesn't mean you have to make fun of me ;)
-!NOTE!- The scores you first get in the real game won't add to your high
score, so if you're going for a high score, do it in the minigame list.

Press (L or R) to move between the pages of games.

If you ever want to leave a mini-game, press Start, and then press (B).

These are all the mini-games you can play anytime, they are listed in the
order they are placed when you want to play them. First up are the Regular
games, which you play as you move along the board every three turns. After
that are the Duel games that you play in many Quests. Then its the Bowser
games that you play inside the tubes when you go meet Bowser. Finally are
the gambling mini-games that you can also play in Challenge mode, but you
won't earn any money here.


1)Boo-Bye- Controls= (A) Jump, (D-Pad) Move
There are boos coming after you, one hit from them and you lose. The only
way to stop them is to use the paintings. Once the boos of the same color
get near them, they will get sucked in them. For example, if there is a red
boo, you need to get it in the red boo painting. The three colored boos are 
White, Red, and Blue. The more points you get, the faster and more in the 
numbers they become.
~My High Score= 2800

2)Grabbit- Controls= (A) Run, (B) Slide to catch bunnies (D-Pad) Move
The point of this game is to go around and catch the bunnies walking around.
If you get too close to them, they will get frightened and they will try to 
leave at the nearest hole, you will then have to chase after them. You can 
catch them with (B), and you can run with (A), becareful though, if you miss 
the bunnies and hit the wall when you try and catch them, you will lose some 
time. A good thing to do is to catch them going diagonally because sometimes
they move and mess you up.
~My High Score= 8 

3)Chomp Walker- Controls= (D-Pad) Move
The point of the game is not to get hit by the Chomp who is on a leash. You 
have to keep walking him without him hitting you. If an (!) pops out on his
head, then dodge if he goes after you. You increase your score by just staying 
alive longer. There are also foods around that increase his speed. Also try
not to get near the foods because he will notice it and attack you at the same
time. ~My High Score= 1280

4)Cloud Climb- Controls= (D-Pad)Move, (A)Jump when not in a cloud or booster
You have to keep jumping the clouds all the way to the top. There are boosters 
along the way to make things faster, but there are also electric things which 
slow you down a lot. Reach the goal at the top and make your time faster and
~My High Score=36"80

5)Barrel Peril- Controls= (A) Hide in Barrel, (B) Run, (D-Pad) Move
The purpose of this is cross the finish line, the only problem is that there
are Chomps all over the place, and once they notice you, they will attack you.
Press (A) to hide in your barrel and they won't hurt you. If you don't hide in 
time, they will send you flying back, not too far though. Its best that you 
hold (B) as you will finish MUCH faster.
~My High Score= 45"68

6)Big Popper- Controls= (A) Swing Fan, (D-Pad) Left/Right
There is a score multiplier in the middle, this is where you have to blow 
the bubbles into. Press (A) To use your fan and try and move them in the 
middle. If they do, they pop, and your score increases. The faster you do it,
the higher the multiplier becomes. As seconds pass, the multiplier decreases,
so do it fast. You have 60 seconds, but there are red bubbles that give you +5 
seconds if you pop them in the multiplier. If ever you cannot reach a bubble 
in time and it pops in the floor, you lose. If the time reaches 0, you lose.
~My High Score= 1858

7)Forest Jump- Controls= (A) Jump, (D-Pad) Move, (Down) Crouch
You are in the middle of nowhere, and there is a nasty breeze hitting you 
from all over the place. There are also logs, your job is to either jump 
over them, or duck under the ones that jump really high. Always go on the 
opposing side of the wind, if not you will have a greater chance of getting
hit by a log, and making you leave. There are big fat logs, or skinny ones.
They either stick on the ground, jump constantly, or jump really high. Keep
going without getting hit, and do it fast and constant, and your score will 
start to become combos.
~My High Score= 1390

8)Switch Way?- Controls= (D-Pad) Move, (A) Jump, (A+A) Ground Pound
Here you have a giant maze, with classic dungeon music playing ^_^ The goal is, 
to reach the Goal Line, but its tough as its way up high. There are platforms
that if you pound them, they will be either going Horizontal (<-/->) Or 
Vertical. If its not going the way you want it to go, pount it again. You can
also jump under them choose which way. Follow the maze to the top, and do it 

9)Amplifried- Controls= (D-Pad) Move
This is one of my favorite, because it gets you intense. You are on a small 
platform,and there are electric balls all around you. They move around fast and
make a line. That line quickly becomes electricity, and if you touch it, you 
lose. When you reach around 80 points, more of the balls become involved, and 
form complex lines. Try to stay in the middle in the beginning, and go in the
opposite direction of each line. If you are too close, hope that you can get 
to an opening in time. This game is very intense, and is one of my favorite!
~My High Score= 1150

10)Flingshot- Controls=(A/B)Keep pressing to fly longer,(D-Pad)Move
In the beginning, keep pressing A, and then B, then A, etc. The faster you 
do it, the farther you will be thrown, then just keep on flying. You will 
see small tornadoes, use them to either fly higher, or fly farther. In the
beginning, I like to fly high, then when I see I'm falling, I use one or two
final tornadoes to fly horizontally. The longer you fly, the higher your score.
~My High Score= 8057

11)Spookey Spike- Controls= (D-Pad)Slide to get the ball,all four directions.
Boo is serving in volleyball, and you just have to return all the beachballs. 
Press either of the four directions to get the ball, this game requires quick 
actions, because if you're too late to press it, you will miss the ball. Even 
if you miss one ball, its game over. When you reach around above 50, Boo moves 
to the right or left instead of staying in the middle, and the balls start 
getting faster.
~My High Score= 80

12)Bob-ooom!- Controls= (A)Drop/Recieve Bomb, (D-Pad)Move Left or Right
O.K., there are some bowser statues and you have to blow them up, you get
a bomb, and you have to have perfect timing to drop the bomb and blow them 
up. Sometimes you get a bomb that is already about to blow up, so drop it
right away. If you're too late and the bomb explodes on you, you'll get dizzy
and lose precious time. When there are statues in pairs, its best to hit it 
right in the middle to double your score, and if possible you can even destroy 
4 at a time. You also get second bonuses to increase your time of just 60 
seconds. When the time drops to 0, you stop.
~My High Score= 4940

13)Real Cheep- Controls=(L/R)For pressing Combinations,(D-Pad)Move the line
This is a fishing minigame, once a fish bites, press the button combinations 
you see in the bottoms, using (L or R). Try to catch the one with the biggest 
shadows, to increase your high score. The bigger the fish, the better your 
score. ~My High Score= 830

14)Shell Stack- Controls= (A) Jump
There are two pipes on each end, and they shoot turtle shells. You have to 
time your jump to land on top of the shell. The longer you stack up, the 
faster they go. You can tell if its going to go fast or not depending on the 
pipe color, for example, if its green, its going to shoot a slow green turtle,
but if its red, it will shoot a fast red one. From slow to fast the colors 
are: Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.
My Sad Score= 14

15)Bill Bounce- Controls= (A) Jump, (D-Pad) Move
This game is pretty easy and hard, there are 6 Bullet Cannons, three on each 
side. They are stacked up in three columns, and they shoot bullets. Just jump 
on top of them and your score multiplies. Its best to stay on top, but it 
takes practice because you have move while jumping at the same time. If you
keep going without never falling, your score gets really high.
~My High Score= 10180

16)Bunny Belt- Controls= (A) Input Selection ,(B) Start over Combination
All you have to do is look above your character and you will see a button
combination, it involves four buttons in your D-Pad, and then A after that.
Do it as fast as you can and correctly too. If you mess up just press B, but
sometimes it may be easier to just continue. Once you reach 10 bunnies, the
combination will change, and you gain 10+ seconds. Repeat the process, and 
try to go real fast...
~My High Score= 77

17)Pest Aside- Controls= (A) Water Plant ,(B) Disinfect Plant ,(D-Pad) Turn
There are four flowers, one up, down, right, and left of you. A little bubble 
will appear with either a bug or a water drop. You have to either water it or 
disinfect it according to what it tells you. Try to move quickly with the ones 
that pop up first. If you make a mistake with a high score, consider yourself 
lost. If you're too late to care for the plant it will die, which means game 
over for you.
~My High Score= 1770

18)Melon Folly- Controls= (B) Speed Up ,(D-Pad) Jump throughout the rafts
There are watermelons on rafts, and you have to collect them all without falling
in the water. There is also a large piece of watermelon, gives you 1000 points 
if you leave it for last. There are 10 seconds in each stage, and for every 
second left when you complete it, you got 10points. In the later stages, you 
have to think hard and act fast holding (B) to beat the timer. If you fall, or 
the timer reacher zero, you lose.
~My High Score= 13,180

19)Sort Stack- Controls=(A)Take/Replace Book with Right ,(B)Same as A but Left
(D-Pad)= Move around the bookshelf. The purpose of this is sort all the books
out of the same color, meaning put them all together. The Green are in the 
bottom, the Yellow are next,then the Blue, then last Red. This game takes lots
of practice, and fast action too. Because once the time is up, the game is over.
~My High Score= 800

20)On the Spot- Controls= (D-Pad) Choose the side to hit Thwomp
This is a pure memory game. A thwomp pops up, and arrows appear on sides of his 
body. For example, an arrow will appear on his right side, and then the top. You
have to remember where to hit it. Then, press the right button, the up. If you 
mess up once,you lose 5 seconds of your time. You gain seconds depending on how 
fast and hard the game went. You lose when the time reacher zero.
~My High Score= 42

21)Koopa Krunch- Controls= (A/B) Swith blocks sideways or upways ,(D-Pad) Move  
This is just like tetris, only there are nasty turtle shells that kill 
everything. You  have your usual colored blocks, and have to have them in at 
least pairs of three to destroy them, giving you points. The shells just stack
up, but once you get your red shell, you destroy all the shells that are 
together. So make sure you keep them together. Later in the game, different
colored blocks start to appear, and they move down a lot faster too, so make 
sure you act fast, because if everything stacks up, you lose. You also get
many extra points if you clear the whole board.
~My High Score= 740

22)Floor It!- Controls=(A)Opens Right,(B)Opens Left,(D-Pad)Move Up/Down.
Your character is on an elevator, and think of it like a taxi. You have to 
open the door depending on where they are at, and leave them in where they 
belong.For example, if you get boos in your elevator,drop them of all the 
way at the top where they belong. You have little time, so its good to act 
fast.Sometimes though, one of the guys will have a clock on them, which give
you a time boost. Also, the elevator might start moving fast, when the place 
flashes red. The more customers you satisfy, the more points you get. The 
maximum number of people you have can excluding yourself is 4. If you
leave someone waiting too long outside they will just leave.
~My High Score= 910

23)Dreadmill- Controls= (D-Pad) Run
There are two conveyor belts, one moving fast one side, and the other the 
opposite. Every couple of seconds they either increase in speed, or switch
sides. The point of the game is to move all the way to the right, crossing 
the finish line. The main problem is that there are many blockers that stop 
you, and make you lose time. Just keep going,and try not to get hit.
~My High Score= 31"71

24)Stompbot XL- Controls=(Hold A) Accelerate, (B) Brake, (D-Pad) Move
The point is to avoid the lava that keeps increasing in the bottom, and all 
the lave pools. You have Three hearts, and everytime you hit the lava pools
it will decrease by one, but there are also heart refills all over the place.
There are also small blocks that you can break, but slow you down. Try to last 
as long as you can, because if you go too slow, or if you are out of hearts, 
you lose.
~My High Score= 151

25)Go-Go Pogo!- Controls= (A)Jump High,(D-Pad)Move while jumping left or right.
You are on a pogostick and you have to reach your goal all the way to the 
right. There are tubes all over the place with the flowers that bite you. 
The safe pipes are the blue ones, and the ones with the flowers are the 
green ones. If you touch them, you lose. There is also lava in the floor 
so don't fall, and try not to hit any of the flames that go up or you 
will lose. 
~My High Score= 31"03

26)Sled Slide- Controls= (A) Accelerate, (B) Brake, (D-Pad) Rotate/Move
This is something like Mario Kart only you are sliding in the ice, and there 
is no one else but you. The only hard part is the turning, there are some 
major turns that make you hit the walls or spin you like crazy if you turn 
too much. Try to let go of the accelerate or brake as you turn, it make 
things smoother and gives you a faster time overall.
~My High Score= 1'28"43

27)Flippin' Out- Controls= (A) Jump, (D-Pad) Choose where to jump
There are a whole bunch of poles on the wall, and you have to jump all the
way to the goal in the right side. Keep jumping through each of the stages
to reach the goal. You can jump up, down, right, left, and the diagonals. 
There are also poles that move up or down, or even disappear. If you dont 
catch it, just hope that you reach some other pole, because if you fall all
the way down you lose. There is also 30 seconds, but after each stage you beat
you get 8 seconds more. 
~My High Score= 1230

28)Sea Monkey?- Controls= (A) Accelerate Boat, (D-Pad) Rotate
Well, you are on a boat, and there are a whole bunch of monkeys (10) drowning
in the water. You have to save them all and try and make your time as fast 
as possible. If you miss one just quickly turn and get it. The hard part 
about this game is the turning, and the rocks. If you hit a rock, you lose 
approximately 2 seconds of time. So save those monkeys ^_^
~My High Score= 40"51

29)Outta My Way!- Controls= (A+B) Move Blocks,(A) Jump,(B) Punch,(D-Pad) Move
This minigame took me so many tries in order to beat it. Its a maze like the 
other one, only this one invovles with enemies. There are those giant blue 
blocks, and those are the ones that you have to deal with. Try many 
combinations of moving the blocks together in order to reach the goal. Remember
this one took me many tries. The other enemies there are Walls that fall on 
you if you get close, just jump on top of them when they're on the ground. 
The other one is the vertical worm, just punch all the pieces to kill it.
~MY High Score= 1'15"55

30)Broom Zoom- Controls= (D-Pad) Move
Your character is on a broom, and you have to collect the rings to get the 
points. The more rings, the more points. There are blocks and electric balls
that hurt you and stop your combo, because the more rings, the more your 
combo increases. Try not to get hit at all, and your score will get really 
high. The less delay between each ring you get will increase the score each 
ring gets, so try to stay all the way in the front of the screen, though
theres a higher chance of getting hit. There is no timer (finally) and all 
you have to do is reach the goal in the end.
~My High Score= 22849

In the duel mini-games, you have no high score, and you will be able to pick
which opponent you will face. This is when you finally face against 
computer AI, unless you link and face a friend. Some of these are tough,
and some of these are completely easy to figure out. Try your hardest, and 
you can conquer hard mode!

31)Tankdown- Controls= (D-Pad) Move, (A) Punch, (Hold A), Charge up
This game is pretty fun, you are on a kart, with a punching glove attached.
You and your opponent have five hearts each, every time you your opponent, 
one heart is taken away. But if you Charge fully before you hit, you will 
take away three hearts. You can also punch through anything that gets in
your way. Though with this great power, comes the extreme lack of speed, 
which allows your opponent to get around you and surprise you because of 
he lack of light. I suggest you charge up, because one good blow will
give you a great advantage.

32)Hammergeddon-  Controls= (A) Jump, (B) Throw Hammers, (D-Pad) Move
Remember the first Mario, and when you battled Bowser, he used to throw those 
annoying hammers? Well this is kind of like that, but you and any opponent 
can do that too. You can pick any of the three remaining characters,and battle 
it out with him/her. Each of you have three hearts, the first to lose all 
three loses. If you and your opponent are really good, you can also hold up
to throw the hammer straight up, and try and push him/her into it. You can
also throw it really low by holding down if there is a short distance 
between the two of you.

33)Stair Scare- Controls= (A) Climb Stairs
This is one of the easiest mini-games out there. Just tap (A) as fast as you
can to make sure you are the first to the top. Even in hard mode, this game 
doesn't take much skill to complete. But against human players...thats a 
different story.

34)Chicken!- Contorls= (A) Flee, (B) Fake out
There is a giant Thwomp thats about to fall, all you have to do is stay 
under him the longest to win. You should use the fake out a little before
his shadow is completely falling to fool the opponent and make him leave
faster. But the Computer AI wont fall for it that easily, so you should
just stay under him until you finally see him fall, that's when you should
use your quick reactions and Flee.

35)Chainsaw- Controls= (L + R) Press constantly to cut the rope.
Each of you have a saw so you can cut the rope. Press L and then R constantly 
to cut the ropes. If you too fast you may get tired, you can tell if you are 
going to get tired by the number of sweat drops. Once you are tired you lose 
precious cutting time. The one to cut the rope first wins, well, because the 
other one dies. I suggest you do it in a steady motion (at least two sweat
drops) and occasionally go really fast (5 sweat drops). After a couple of 
seconds of going really fast, slow it back down to the steady motion.
Repeat this process and you will even beat hard mode...

36)Volleybomb- Controls= (D-Pad) Move, (A) Jump, (B) Swing Hammer
You are playing volleyball, but instead of a ball, you are using a bomb, and
instead of using your hands, you use hammers. That pretty much describes this 
game. You and your opponent have three hearts, and you can take one out from
your opponent by either letting the bomb bounce on their floor, hitting your
opponent with the bomb, or letting it explode as it starts to get red over 
time. You can also do lobs by holding up as you are swinging your hammer
to mess up them up. Or you can do low shots by holding down as you swing.
If the ball bounces on the median, just move back because most likely it
will hit you. If you do a low shot from far away most likely it will hit
the net and go back right to you. Those are just some things you might
want to keep in mind.

37)Koopa Kurl- Controls= (D-Pad) Aim, (A) Set Power, (R) Check Court
This is pure curling. If you don't know what it is, you have to throw
the shell slowly in the ice so it will reach a specific area where you
can gain points. Compared to every single mini-game there is, this is the 
most complicated and strategic. This is the last duel game you get, and 
it's the hardest. I try to do what the computer does, and that is throwing
it at a small angle, like a small tap to up or down. Then you should throw
the shell lightly, do not throw it very hard unless you want complete 
moving of the shells. Even so, you should never throw it super hard. There
are two different rounds, in the first one, you start, and then your opponent
starts. You have three shells per round, so use them VERY wisely. If your
opponent ever gets on a 2X area, try to move it out right away! Keep 
practicing and you will eventually get better. This can get frustrating 
at times...

38)Slammer- Controls= (A) Hammer, (B) Defend
First of all, you must be patient until a clear picture is formed. If the 
picture shown is yours, then in less than a second, you should press (A).
If the picture shown is not yours, then press (B) as fast as you can. If
do this correctly, you can attack your opponent before he/she gets any chance
to defend. If you defend correctly, the hammer will bounce of you and attack 
your opponent. Do this five times and you win! If you press (A) or (B) while
the picture is still randomizing, then the hammer will hit making you lose
a heart. If you press the wrong button when you were supposed to do the other
one, the hammer will hit you. This is also frustrating, but it helps to have 
extremely fast reactions.

These are the mini-games that you get to play when you go inside a 
Bowser tube and beat him in a specific task. These aren't that hard,
but are kinda fun. First you get to pick what number of Koopas you
are going to face. Although the game doesn't record it, see how far 
you can go and maybe you can even face time and do 99 Koopas!

39)Mush Rush- Controls= (A) Swing Right, (B) Swing Left
You have three mushrooms, and the Koopa Kids will come from the left and 
right to try and take them. Sometimes they might do fake-outs and suddenly 
move in the other way. Always hit the ones that are closest, and try to time 
your hits, because if you don't do it well, the Koopas will just be pushed 
back a little. If you see an exclamation mark, that means the next hit will 
send the Koopa rolling taking anyone in its way. If a mushroom gets taken, 
the other two will be moving which may things a little more easier, and more 
harder too. As you get around 30 and 20 Koopa Kids left, they will start 
moving a lot faster which makes things MUCH harder. I didn't lose a mushroom 
until they started moving fast, so if you have one left, hang on as long
as you can.
~My Highest Number of Kills= 99

40)Crushed Ice- (D-pad) Move
You are on a giant Koopa killing machine! The only problem is that you are
on ice, there are two giant blocks in the middle, and you bounce a lot. 
Koopa Kids are skating and your job is to crush them all. Try not to 
slow down because it takes a while for you to speed up again. In Quest 
mode, this is pretty easy so you should just go really fast and try
to randomly squish as many as you can.
~My Highest Number of Kills= 85

41)Peek-N-Sneak- Controls= (D-Pad) Left/Right, (B) Dash
You have to sneak by as many Koopa Kids as you can, because if you get
caught, you lose. Try to dash whenever you see groups of Koopas, and they
ALL have their backs turned. Whenever you see a question mark upon them, 
that means you successfully snuk past them. One thing I learned is...
Never take a chance. This is because time is not really factor, because
if you do a good job and continue sneaking past them, you might get a 
20+ second bonus. Take your time, and think it out. If they are about to
turn, hide in the pillar, don't risk it. Sometimes its best not to 
dash at all, for example when you have a koopa watching, the next one
has his back turned, and the one after him is also watching. There you
shouldn't dash because once you sneak past one, the other is already watching.
Therefore take your time, don't risk it, and think it out!
~My Highest Number of Sneaks= 99

42)Splatterball-Controls=(A)Shoot,(B)Move the aim faster,(R)Reload,(D-Pad)Aim
There are koopas all over tha mansion, are your job is to snipe them out. 
Choose the number of koopas you want to face, I suggest put as many as possible
just to see how many you can kill. Hold B so you can move faster, but that is 
only for the skilled at FPS games. Try not hit any toads because that will cut 
your ammo limit by 1, which makes things a lot harder. 
~My Highest Number of Kills= 49

43)Trap Floor- Controls= (A) Blue Traps, (B) Red Traps, (R) All Traps
This is the game played at the very end, with the last encounter with Bowser.
This is also by far one of the most easiest Bowser mini-games there is.
The only way you can lose is by letting a Koopa get to the middle floor, and
if one does get there, they will dash toward you and scorch you. The way I 
solved this was by doing them in patterns of B--A--B. Or you can just press R 
to open every trap, just don't press it soon the Koopa can fall all the way 
down. There really isn't much to talk about, and it's pretty easy to figure out.
~My Highest Number of Kills= 99

44)Koopa Kappa- Controls= (A,B,L,R) Drop Capsule
Koopa Kids are on capsules, and they use it to cross a hole, so they can reach 
you. You should not let five Koopas in because then they open the hatch and 
scorch you. The only way to stop them is by dropping the correct capsule to
the corresponding Koopa Capsule. For example, if you see a Koopa on a (B) 
Capsule, then press (B) when they reach the arrow mark. It get's harder and
faster over time because then you have to press two buttons at a time, and then 
you have to do it really fast, which *in a way* reminds me of DDR.
~My Highest Number of Kills= 99

These are Casino-type games, and I call them Gambling games because well...
you gamble. When you play them in your case you won't gain any coins, but
you won't lose any either, so it makes it good practice for whenever you 
want to play them in Challenge Mode. In here you start playing a game
with 800 coins, so it allows you to bet high, just as you possibly would
in Challenge mode to allow a full practice benefit.

45)Scratch 'em- Controls=(Scratch Card),(L/R) Go to other Screen,(D-Pad)Move
First you make your bet, bet whatever you want. Then you have to scratch 5 
cards,just hope that you at least get 3 of whatever. Below is a list of all 
the things you can get:

5 Stars= BetX100     5 Mushrooms= BetX50      5 Turtles= BetX20
4 Stars= BetX30      4 Mushrooms= BetX10      4 Turtles= BetX5  
3 Stars= BetX10      3 Mushrooms= BetX5       3 Turtles= BetX1

There are also cards with no spaces, and there is a bomb which destroys 
everything in a 3X3 Area. Its all luck so becareful.

46)Match 'em- Controls=(A) Stop/Start Slots,(D-Pad)Bet Higher,(L/R)See Menu
This is a typical slot machine, make your bet higher pressing up to allow
more possibilites of winning. The highest bet is only 5 coins. Below is a 
list of winning combinations:

3 Stars=     BetX250   3 Eggs=      BetX50   3 GreenShells= BetX10
3 Flowers=   BetX150   3 Clouds=    BetX30   2 GreenShells= BetX5
3 Mushrooms= BetX100   3 RedShells= BetX20   1 GreenShell=  Bet X1

47)Watch 'em- Controls= (D-Pad) Change Coins, Pick Pipe, (A) Confirm
First of all, you can bet up to 99 coins. After you bet, Koopa goes in
a tube, and you have to watch that tube EXTREMELY good. At first it may 
seem like the easiest way to gain some easy coins. But after the second
one, it starts to get VERY tough and requires quick eyesight, and a lot
of luck if you lost the tube. If you keep on winning, you money adds up
very quickly, though not as much.

48)Drop 'em- Controls= (A) Drop the Coin
Another casino game, this involves dropping the coin, you have to get it 
into the box. The hard part are those dots that move your coin around. 
The box also moves, so you have to have pefect timing, and a little luck, 
to get it in. If you do get it in, you have a chance to either get
50, 30, 20, 10, of 5 more coins. Good luck!

49)Stop 'em- Controls= (D-Pad) Change Coins, Choose, (A) Pick/Spin/Stop
First you have to place your bet out of five choices, Diamond, Heart, 
Clovers, Spades, and a Star. This game is purely luck, so try not to
gain a lot of money here, though you could because if you land on a 
star, and if you bet 99 coins, then you win around 3000 coins. If you
have a lot of coins to spare with nothing to buy, then you can have 
fun and maybe even gain more coins...

50)Pair 'em- Controls= (D-Pad) Change Coins, Place Card, (A) Start/Flip
I have to say this is the one of, if not, the toughest of the Gambling
games there is. Like always, you first place your bids on the group
of cards you think you can finish. All of them are odd numbers because 
that means that you have to at least once finish them in a pair of three.
After that, you can do the rest in groups of twos. You can't do them all
in twos because take the star for example, which has three cards, if you
do a group of two, then you are left with one card, that you can't do 
nothing with and will mess up your entire game. I suggest you don't try
this game if you want to win money, but try this game for the fun and
challenge of it. I have to say, I can play this game for a long time,
and I can never win any money of it ^_^

--------X.Play Land---------
Besides going to Shroom City, this will most likely be the second 
place where you will spend most of your time playing this game.
So, let's get detailed on what you could do...

Red Case
The first option allows you to play all of the mini-games you have
seen and unlocked in Shroom City. You start out by choosing which
character you want to play as. The big list is divided into 5 pages.
The first three include all the mini-games you unlock by playing
the games in the random roullete that appears in Shroom City. 
The last two pages include all the Duel, Bowser, and Gambling games.
The first three pages also include all the records you have beaten
in those games, so try to get extremely high scores!

The second option allows you to give away a mini-game with only 
one game-pak. You can choose all of the mini-games you have 
unlocked, and you can also choose what character you want to play
as. I don't have much detail into this because I haven't tried it, 
but if anyone has, please send me some details into multiplayer
games, because I desperately need it ^_^

The third option allows you to link up to four players who have
the same Mario Party Advance cart, and you can play a Penguin Race.
Again, I don't have much info, but supposedly the higher records
you have, the faster your Penguin will go. My guess is that the 
race will probably be like the Sled Race, but who knows...

Blue Case
This option allows you to play all the Gadgets you have unlocked 
or bought. They are also divided unto pages like the mini-games.
The last page is full of all the mini-games that you bought and
unlocked when you beat the game. Gadgets are pretty fun, but 
only some ask to play for more, because once you get the gimmick
the gadget is made of, you'll most likely never play it again, 
except for some like Mini-Bowling ^_^.

Blue GBA
Just like the mini-games, you can give away a single Gadget with 
only one game-pak. Again, I don't have much detail on it, but
it can be pretty fun I guess. If you would like to add anything,
please tell, I don't bite =)

--------XI.Party Land---------
This option allows you to play with all your friends! Here you can
have tournaments, play games, and just have fun. This place is full
of options that allow you to play with one or two game paks, or not
even a link! 

Duel Battle
The name pretty much gives it away. Here you can play Duel Mini-games 
with only a single game pak. You get to choose your character and 
your opponent's character, and finally the mini-game. As you choose the 
linking starts, and the mini-game begins!

Secret Battle
For this you need two game paks. You get to play all sorts of mini-games,
and if you get to beat your opponent enough, you get to know your
opponent's secret that he/she told in the beginning of their game.
Thats why this is called a "Secret" Battle.

Koopa Kid Battle
Here you play Bowser Mini-games, and you need two game paks to play.
I don't really know much because I can't link at all, because I don't
really have friends who play GBA, their all PSP fans -_-
Anyways, the rules say you start with 100 Koopa Kids, and you have
to Double your Koopa Kids in order to win. Also, if you lose all of 
your Koopa Kids, you lose.

100 Player Battle
For this you don't need a Game Link, and up to 100 people can play.
Will anybody ever play with that many people and only one GBA, 
I doubt it =P. Anyways, you have to win only twice in a row in order
to win. After you choose the number of people that will play, a
mini-game is randomly chosen, and the one who get's the highest record
wins. After you finish your round, you pass the GBA along to the other
player. Remember, you have to win twice in a row in order to really win.

100 Player Attack
Again, no Linking needed. This is almost like the other one, but you 
get to select the mini-game. You then set a record, and you get to 
see how long it takes for someone to beat your record. Once someone
does break it, then the it's game over. Thats why it's best to have 
the best person at these type of games to go first, then let 
all of the other weak persons go.

-------XII.Challenge Land---------
This is the place where you gain coins. There are 5 places in this menu. 
You can gain coins playing minigames and completing them in certain 
conditions, you can play play casino games, play challenge games, and 
play versus Koopa Kid. You can also exchange your coins for some of 
E.Gadd's Gadgets.

~~~~XII.A.Mini-Game Attack~~~~
This is one of the fastest way to gain coins. First of all you get to 
choose what character you want to use. The main point of the game
is to continue winning mini-games under tough conditions. The more mini-
games you have, the longer you can continue gaining coins. If you lose
anytime, you will lose all the money on the left hand screen that kept
saving up. If you want keep the money, press (L) before you play a mini-

First you are given a choice of three random mini-games. Obviously choose 
the one that you are really good at, therefore you will be able to win 
easily. If all the choices are hard for you, you can use a card to help
your situtaion out, like for example one card lets you practice. You
can use them before you play a mini-game by pressing (R).

If you go high enough, you can get a lot of money. At first this is good
for to get some money that you can waste gambling ^_^

~~~~XII.B.Game Room~~~~
You can unlock this mode when you unlock at least one Gambling Mini-game.

When you first enter here you get to choose your character. If you have no
coins to spend, Toad will gladly give you 10, but you must not tell 
anybody =). This place is pretty much like a casino. You get to play all
the casino style mini-games you unlocked while doing quests. Inside
the casino you get to walk around and choose which game you want to play.

You then normally play the games, bidding money, and hopefully multiplying
that money. If you want a more thorough explanation on each of these 
mini-games, check the Casino Mini-game section (IX.D.)

~~~~XII.C.Duel Dash~~~~
You unlock this mode once you unlock at least three Duel Mini-games, but
you will only be able to play Easy Mode. The more you unlock, the more
longer/harder you will be able to play.

First you get to choose your character and your opponent. Then you get
to choose the level of difficulty, they determine two things, the
amount of money you get, and how long you have to play:

Easy= 1,000 Coins/3 Turns
Normal= 10,000 Coins/5 Turns
Hard= 50,000 Coins/8 Turns

You play only Duel Mini-games, and they are pretty tougher than when
you play them in any other mode if I do say so myself. This is one of 
the hardest ways to get coins, probably second to Mini-game attack.
But if you get good enough, getting money here will be a piece of 
cake. So if youre running out of things to do, practice hard on these
games, and max out your coins! If you need specific help on a certain
mini-game, check out the list I have here, or go to the mini-game faq
in gamefaqs for an extremely detailed faq!

~~~~XII.D.Bowser Land~~~~
You unlock mode once you unlock all the Bowser-Minigames, 
meaning you have to beat the game...

This is by far the easiest way to make money, since the Bowser 
mini-games aren't that hard. First of all you start by choosing 
your character. Bowser says that if you wait too long then he
will end the game for you, but that never happened to me O_o.

You start in a roller coaster type game and you move around.
The flashing number above you means how far you will move. 
There are seven spaces in total, the last one is the goal 
point and you won't play anything there. After you land in
one of the six, you will play a Bowser-Minigame, and there
will be a randomizer to determine how many Koopas will be there.

After you finish, you will get a certain amount of money. I think
it's all random, because once I finished a trial with only playing
one mini-game with three koopas, and I earned 2,000 coins! A second
time I played just one mini-game with around fifty koopas and I 
earned around 11,000 coins. So I'm guessing it's all random, but
there could be some sort of formula to this... 

This is the shop where you can buy Gadgets.

Pretty Poster = 100
Sun Poster    = 4000
Moon Poster   = 3000
Coin Poster   = 10000
Heart Poster  = 1000
Bowser Poster = 1500
Bonus Track   = 2000
Passport+     = 1000
Credits       = 2000
Power Star    = 100,000

The Pretty Poster through the Bowser Poster are just regular 
Gadgets, you can only view them. The Bonus Track is just a song,
Passport+ lets you hold up to 30 passports instead of 10. 
The Power Star Gadget it just a star that shines and moves around
and glimmers. Thanks to CFalcon who was the first to tell me =D

-------XIII.Gadd's Gadgets-------
There are 60 gadgets which you can play from. You can unlock them by 
buying them as just said above, of by unlocking them throughout 
Shroom City.They don't cost a lot (though some do) so you can unlock 
most real fast. 

-------XIV.Bonus Board-------
The Bonus Board is the third choice in the main menu. If you buy a 
new game, or maybe you could get one from Nintendo, you get a 
Board that you can use to have more fun. With it, you can play with
up to three other people, and pass around the GBA to have more fun.
In the GBA Bonus Board Mode, you can roll the dice, (if you don't 
have any) play Gadgets so everyone can play, and get stars!

This is a condensed version from 'CPFace' from the Gamefaqs Message
Boards. Big Thanks!

Number of Players: 2 to 4 

Select a character and place it on that character's start space. 
Place the Star Piece on one of the four star spaces. Start Mario 
Party Advance and select Bonus Board from the title screen. Decide
before you begin if you'll be moving clockwise or counterclockwise.

On your turn, select the die and press A to roll it and move that
 many spaces.

Nothing happens on yellow spaces.

On a star warp space, move the star piece to a different star 

On a pipe space, move to the matching pipe.

On an E. Gadd space, select the Gaddgets on the Game Boy and press 
(A) to start the roulette. All players crowd around the Game Boy 
and play the game. Some games have a single winner, and some have 
a single loser:

Single Winner
Dart attack -- closest to 100 wins
Shroom drop -- first to drop the shroom wins
4-P Pinball -- last standing wins
Block Punch -- Whoever breaks the block wins
Attack Frog -- First to three points wins
Chicken Race -- Closest to the edge wins

When there's a single winner, it becomes that person's turn after 
the minigame.

Single Loser
Bomb Game -- loser trips the bomb
Egg Panic -- loser breaks the sack
Stick to It -- the stick points at the loser

The loser goes back to start.

If you get Compat-i-com, pick an opponent to play against. If you 
get over 50%, move their piece to your space. Otherwise, move your
 piece to their space.

If you land on the Star Piece (by exact count?) select the Star on
the GBA and press (A). Players take turns trying to find the star, 
with the player who landed on the Star Piece going first. Whoever 
gets the star wins the game.

Instead of using the same rules over and over, you can just make up
your own. For example, here is one from 'CPFace', which is to add
a more traditional style Mario Party using Mario Party Advance.
Thanks again =D,  Anyways, here is how it goes...

Step one: Draw up a new gameboard and fill it with the following 
kinds of spaces:

-Plain Blue
-Plain Red
-Bowser Red
-Green Question Mark (if you want to have special things happen in 
your game)
-Six "star spot" spaces labelled 1-6

Add other Mario Party elements to taste -- Boo, Koopa, Item Shop, 
Bank, etc.

Step two: Each player gets a scorecard to keep track of coins and 
stars. Alternately, break out your Monopoly set and use the dollars
as coins. Each player starts with the traditional 10 coins.

Step three: Boot up Mario Party Advance and select Bonus Board. 
Roll the die and place the Star on the star spot with the same 
number that you rolled.

Now you're ready to play.

Each player rolls a die. (For the full effect, roll a d10 instead of 
the Game Boy die.) There are different effects for different spaces:

Blue space: Gain 3 coins.
Red space: Lose 3 coins.
Green space: Effect you decided on when you designed your board.
Bowser space: Pick a random minigame on the Game Boy and play against 
the other players. If the player who landed on the Bowser space wins 
(or is one of the winners in a game with a single loser), all other 
players lose 5 coins. Otherwise, the player who landed on the Bowser 
space loses 15 coins.

If you pass by Boo, you have two choices. Pay 50 coins to steal a 
star from a friend, or roll the die three times (or a d10 two times) 
and take that many coins from one friend.

If you want, gain 10 coins from passing start. (Remember Mario 
Party 1?)

The star doesn't count as a space. If you pass it, you can pay 20 
coins to get a star. If you do that, roll the die on the Game Boy 
to move it to a different spot on the board. A star spot without a 
star is just the same as a blue space.

After everyone has taken a turn, select a random minigame on the 
Game Boy and get into teams based on which space everyone's landed on. 
(For a green space, flip a coin.) Everyone plays the minigame, and the 
results depend on how teams are arranged:

Free-for-all:If everyone's on the same color, the single winner gets 
10 coins.For games with a single loser, all winners steal 5 coins from 
the loser.

1 on 2, 1 on 3: If the single player wins, or is one of the winners 
in a game with a single loser, he steals 5 coins from each opponent. 
If the single player loses, he gives 5 coins to each opponent.

2 on 2: For games with a single winner, the winner's team wins. For 
games with a single loser, the loser's team loses. Each player on the 
winning team gets 10 coins, each player on the losing team loses 
10 coins.

Keep track of how many rounds you play. If you like, add bonuses in the 
last five rounds, like doubling the value of red and blue spaces. Whoever 
has the most stars at the end wins.
Again, full credit goes to CPFace from the Mario Party Advance Gamefaqs
Message Boards!

Now we reach the 'Frequently Asked Questions' If you have any
questions about the guide, email me at neofans1@yahoo.com 
Any questions not about my FAQ WILL BE deleted. I will like to 
thank all the people who take the time to ask questions, although 
it's impossible for me to answer all of them, I can answer some. I 
did get most of these questions from emails from people. Thanks for 
asking questions everybody!

-How come the guy in the 1st floor town condo won't give anything!?
You can't get anything from him. PERIOD. You only go to him
to complete two different quests. They are to find a quote, 
and to get a DVD. In order to get the one you are missing there,
you must do a quest that is under the first floor. It's invincible
so you won't see it, but its still there!

-Can I create more than one passport?-
Nope, sorry. You might get the impression that you can create one,
but you can only hold more than one passport. This is so you
can trade passports to friends who have this game. So if you
have a sibling, share the game =P

-What are some of those weird E.Gadd minigames?-
You can call them minigames, but they don't really take any strategy.
Its better to play those for the hell/fun of it. They are kind of
pointless, but fun for some.

-Where do you get coins to buy stuff?-
You get them in Challenge Land, play several of the modes you have
unlocked there and you will get many coins. 

-How is this game different than the others?-
Well it has GBA graphics, completely different one player mode, but 
the minigames have the same style.

-Can you please send me a link to the ROM, plz plz plz?-
Sorry, can't send roms, can't send rom links. PERIOD

-How many games and stars are there?-
Ironically, there are 50 minigames, 50 quests, plus many extras.

-Why do you stink so much at the minigames?-
Maybe it has something to do with my genes...^_^

-Can I steal all of your information?-
NO! Now read down...................

---------XVI.Legal Rights---------
Copyright 2004 - Luis Jacob Mendez

.................The part I Hate/Love about writing FAQS. For one, 
I can finally finish it, but on the other hand, why bother since 
people don't read it........

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this 
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
All I'm asking for is for you to at least ask and (most likely) I will
let you use this FAQ in you website.Just ask, thanks!

The only websites this FAQ should be on are:
-Gamefaqs (for now) 

This is who I'd like to thank for helping me, even in some small things.

-God (For everything......duh!)
-Hudson+Nintendo (For making the game)
-CJayC (For posting this FAQ up, yay it's my fourth)
-Me (For writing this)
-Titney, for giving me translations for the menus. THANKS!
-The Gamefaqs Mario Party Message Board for some minigame name suggestions,
-CPFace for the unique idea of making your own Bonus Board rules + game! 
-CFalcon who was the first to tell me what the Power Star does! Many 
 others also told me, so thanks!
-Everyone who emailed me, helped me out, and supported me, THANKS!

Now I end this classicaly by saying......		          ~fin

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