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FAQ/Walkthrough by Shadio X

Version: FINAL | Updated: 03/08/06

    __ __ _              ____                  _ __    __        ___ 
   / //_/(_)___ ___     / __ \____  __________(_) /_  / /__     |__ \
  / ,<  / / __ `__ \   / /_/ / __ \/ ___/ ___/ / __ \/ / _ \    __/ /
 / /| |/ / / / / / /  / ____/ /_/ (__  |__  ) / /_/ / /  __/   / __/ 
/_/ |_/_/_/ /_/ /_/  /_/    \____/____/____/_/_.___/_/\___/   /____/
                         Drakkens Demise
By Shadio X
FAQ, Guide and stuff
Version 3.0 (DEFINATLY the final version!)


1: Introduction
   1-1: "What's the Sitch?" (Version History)
2: "Which one of these do I press to make it go-go?" (Basic Controls)
   2-1: "Fact 3: I know 15 Styles of Kung-Fu!" (Attacking)
   2-2: Heads Up!
3: More Advanced Controls
   3-1: Flagpoles
   3-2: Monkey Bars
   3-3: Edge Grab
   3-4: Dashing/Long Jump
   3-5: Wall Jump
   3-6: Judo Throw
4: Kim's Gadgets
   4-1: Grappling Hook
   4-2: Lipstick/Glue Trampoline
   4-3: Hot Sauce
   4-4: Stealth Suit
   4-5: Mirror
5: The Levels
   5-A: Typical Stuff you'll find in levels
   5-B: The GJ Simulator (GJ SIM)
   5-1: Truth Or Falsetto? (Episode 1)
   5-2: Altitude Attitude (Episode 2)
   5-3: The "Rufus" Factor (Episode 3)
   5-4: Day of the Destruco-Bots (Episode 4)
6: Level Bosses
   6-1: Falsetto Jones
   6-2: Duff Killigan
   6-3: Gemini
   6-4: Shego
   6-5: Dr. Drakken
7: Card Collection
8: "I won't tell Felix about your cheatcodes as long as you don't tell anyone
    I had NO idea what I was doing..." (Cheats)
9: FAQs and Stuff
9: Credits, Contact Info & Legal Stuff

1: Introduction

Welcome to the FAQ.  I'm Shadio X and this is my first proper FAQ for
a game.  Kim Possible 2: Drakken's Demise is a major step up from the 
original game, Revenge of Monkey Fist, which was a bit mediocre IMO.
KP2 way outshines its predecessor in terms of graphics, gameplay and 
(most importantly) longetivity and like its predecessor it sticks with 
the series, using stages based on various episodes of the second series 
of the hit show, unfortunately, there's no FMVs in this one unlike the 
previous incarnation.  This FAQ focuses mainly on giving people tips 
on completing the levels and defeating the bosses, and When I find 
them all, I'll put the card and collectable locations in as well... ;)

SO sit back, hold tight 'cus this is one bumpy ride!

1-1: "What's the Sitch?" (Version History)

IMPORTANT: As of version 1.11 I have changed my E-mail address.  I
will ONLY accept e-mail from ShadioXPossible<at>gmail<dot>com due to too
much spam in my Hotmail inbox.  shadioofsmeg@hotmail.com will still
be used as an MSN Messenger address (if you wanna message me on
Anything involving the FAQ that arrives in my Hotmail Inbox will be
answered up to anything posted on Halloween (31st October),
then I'm gonna stop using it as an e-mail service!
ALSO: As of Version 2.0 I have Changed my AIM address from
ShadioXPossible, due to it being hacked.  New AIM adddress is
ALSO ALSO: ShadioXPossible<at>gmail<dot>com is now my NEW MSN screename.
I also use this for Google's now Google Talk thinger...
Version 3.0 [FINAL] (23rd Feb 2006)
Tidied some stuff up, and added the easter egg.  That's all I did.
Changed teh email.  I assume you can replace <at> with "@" and <dot>
with "."
Added the ASCII too... what a nice touch. 8)

Version 2.2  (31st August 2005)
*brushes even more dust offa the FAQ and sneezes* ahh... anyway:
added minor stuff... a NEW MSN ADDRESS and typos.  this will be the
Definitive final Version of this perticular FAQ as I've lost interest
with the game as well as being busy with personal matters.  I have
Kim Possible 3: Team Possible and am busy FAQing that.  I also missed
crediting Amber (via email) about the A button in 3-4 in the main 
Walkthrough, yet I did it in the thanks bit... =\ lolz, my memory's
gone to pot people... =O

I know I said I'd do a collectables guide for the game... but I'm
canning that too (mainly due to constantly reformatting the system
hard disk so I lost the original, which was about 50% done... :( ) so
Kindly stop emailing me about it please.  It will just be ignored...

Version 2.1 (28th Febrary 2005)
*brushes the dust off the FAQ* I'm back with slight update...  Added
credit where it was dew.  There's also A Cheats section if anyone's
REALLY stuck woith this game (Especially when I've given you pratically
everything you need anyway :P )

Version 2.0 (24th December 2004)
First Off, due to family problems and college, I'd like to apologise
for this version of the FAQ being about a month and a half late...
seriously...I am... anyway - finished the walkthroughs and thus: I
finished this FAQ!  Unless someone has any questions and stuff...
Also, I did more minor boss rewrites

++Merry Xmas FAQ readers!!++

Version 1.5 (29 October 2004)
General tips arn't working...  so now there's a full guide for
the first 2 episodes.  The collectables will now be in a seperate
FAQ once this is done and dusted... Also forgot something from the
HUD (silly me ¬¬') and, thanks to a reader's e-mail (yes - people
think my information is useful :P ), finally found out what the A
button does in Episode 2-4.  The remaining episode guides will be
availiable for version 2.0, coming in about 2 weeks time.  Think
you can wait that long??

Version 1.11 (14 October 2004)
Added some stuff on the HUD and some minor additions and tips...
And a New E-mail Address... Please Keep that in mind...
FAQ!!  I'm working on it now as a SEPERATE FAQ and I'll get it
all sorted AS Soon as I finish the level guides!

Version 1.1 (9th September 2004)
I said I'd do it... and I did - A full rewrite of episode 1-4 to
essentially guide you to the end of the level.  Also did rewrites on
Duff Killigen & Gemini, and I realised that one of the cards in
episode 3-1 requires Judo Throw, and completely missed it -_-'  OOPS!
That's fixed now.  Also some minor edits in most other sections,
including a slight rewrite to the first computer/card walkthrough in
episode 3-2... It was confusing people.
FAQ is now virtually final...  Unless I find something else...

Version 1.01 (14th August 2004)
Minor Stuff Really, added some more information on the GJ SIM and the
Card Collection.  Also corrected some info on some of the Gadgets and
amended some stuff in the episodes/bosses sections.

Version 1.0 (1st August 2004)

Created FAQ - ‘nuff said!

2. "Which one of these do I press to make it go-go?" (Basic Controls)

These are the controls you use 99.9% of the time.  Control differences will
be mentioned if and when necessary in the guide.

D-Pad: Left and Right moves Kim Left and Right respectively.  Use Up and Down 
to make Kim look up and Down to see what's above or below you.  Pressing Down
also makes Kim crouch, allowing her to evade some attacks.

A button: Makes Kim jump.  Used to clear gaps and obstacles, or to get to 
stuff above you

B Button: Makes Kim attack.  Multiple presses makes Kim perform an attack 

L button: Allows you to select a Gadget.  Hold L and a direction to change 
Gadgets.  (See section 4: Kim's Gadgets)

R Button: Allows Kim to use selected Gadget.

2-1: "Fact 3: I know 15 styles of Kung-Fu!" (Attacking)

Attacking is done with the B button and is used to beat the Snot out of 
everyone in the game.  Keep pressing B and Kim will perform combo attacks 
(2 chops and a roundhouse Kick) but there are other methods of attack...

Pressing the A button then the B button allows Kim to attack with a jumping 
kick.  Use this to attack high enemies or to get the first attack in.
Pressing the b button in the middle of a Long Jump has the same effect.

Pressing the B Button whilst ducking makes Kim perform a squat kick.
Particularly useful for the later bosses when you don't want an attack 
to hit you, yet you want to hit back.

When getting up from an edge grab, if an enemy is nearby, you will hurt them.

If you drop onto an enemy's head you will damage them. (Exception: BOSS:
Dr. Drakken (does no Damage) and BOSS: Gemini (can't jump onto his head)

The BEST way to attack someone is with the dash attack, available once you
unlock the Long Jump, as this (more or less) kills most goons you will
face.  This is done by pressing the B button whilst Kim is dashing.

When you obtain Judo Throw, use this against the GREEN coloured enemies.
(Not including BOSS: Shego) as this is the only way to kill them.  Very
often, they block the way to secrets...

2-2: Heads Up!

This section is devoted to the HUD (Heads Up Display) within the game.
The HUD looks something like this:
 _______                                     _________
/A|     \                <F>                /       \ |
\_|      |                                  |       | |
 |_|     |                                  |   <B> | |
 \_\_____|_                                 \_______/ /
  \__|<D>|_|                                 |__<C>__/


...Excuse my ASCII...  It is a bit poor!  If you want a better look at
the HUD.  You can find screencaps somewhere (My site, ATAP will have
them soon).  Anyway - here's what those letters mean:

A. Lives - this is the number of lives.  Collecting KP emblems or
gaining enough collectables to get 1000 points increaces your lives by
one.  Lose all your health or fall down a pit and you'll lose one life.
Lose all your lives and it's game over!

B. This is the current Gadget you have equipped.  See the Gadgets
section for more details on gadgets.

C. Gadget guage - this depleats when you use a gadget, and recharges 
when you arn't.  The GrappleGun and the Mirror recharge instantly when
used, but the other Gadgets need time to charge.  You cannot use a
gadget if it is empty or nearly empty.

D. Life Guage - There's 5 segments to the life guage.  Get attacked by
an enemy, fall long distances or walking in hazardous surfaces will
reduce the guage.  when this is empty, you lose a life, be careful!

E. Boss Guage - This appears with certain bosses, depleat this by
attacking the boss.  When this is fully depleated you will KO the boss
and advance to the next mission!

F. Counter - this goes up when you collect collectabes.  Get this up
to 1000 and get an extra life.

3. More Advanced Controls

The Dashing/Long Jump, Wall Jump and Judo Throw have to be unlocked by beating 

If you need more information on how best to use these manoeuvres, go to the
training mode in the main menu once you've unlocked the particular technique.
Also, Check out the Combos tutorials in Training mode, they may help you
Show the way!!

3-1: Flagpoles

Jump onto a Flagpole or some alternative (they usually look like sticking 
out twigs, pipes etc) and Kim will swing on it.  Press A to Jump off it.
Certain moves and Gadgets can be used after Kim has jumped off.

3-2: Monkey Bars

Jump onto long pipes or sticks etc. and Kim will hand onto it.  Use Left and
Right on the D-Pad to move left and right, and use down on the D-Pad to fall
If you get hit whilst on monkey bars you will fall, so be careful when over
pits, that may cause you to lose a life should you fal into them.

3-3: Edge Grab

If you miss a jump, yet only just miss the platform, more than likely Kim
will hold onto it.  Use either up on the D-Pad or the A button to jump onto
the platform.  If an enemy is nearby, you will hit him.  In certain
situations, you will fall if you get hit and if you get hit whilst climbing
up you'll end up hanging on the edge again.

3-4: Dashing/Long Jump/Dash Attack

If you need to make a Long Jump, when the Grappling Hook will not get you 
there, you have to use this manoeuvre.  Tap left or Right twice and Kim will 
"dash" (she'll do cartwheels) Press A and she will perform a Long Jump.  If 
you press B Kim will perform a kick.  If the Kick hits a normal enemy it'll 
kill them.  (It only stuns the Zombie Snowmen however) This can be used in
combination with other moves and gadgets.

3-5: Wall Jump

If you need to get up in a hurry and you're near 2 narrow walls, use the wall
jump.  Get close to a wall and press A.  Kim will jump off it.  This 
ability can be used multiple times and can be combined with other 
abilities after the jump has been made.  Kim cannot wall jump of the same
wall twice in succession, be aware of this when you are wall jumping.
(in particular, when you are using the DECENDING Wall Jump)

Wall Jumping can be a pain in the butt.  If you've ever done WallJumping In
Metroid games (i.e. Super Metroid and/or Metroid Fusion), use the same sort
of tatics, otherwise the best advice I can give to everyone else is what I
do: Hold the direction whilst jumping towards the wall (i.e. if you're
jumping towards a wall to your right, hold right when you get to the wall),
jump off the wall with A and change direction, holding the direction
when you get to the wall.  You have to be quick to do this perfectly...

Another useful thing you can do is the DECENDING Wall Jump.  You can use
this to fall down narrow chasms or between buildings (like you'll probably
end up having to do in Episode 4 anyway) and it can save life from falling
large distances.  To do this fall down and every so often wall jump between
the 2 walls before falling again.  YOu'll probably notice when you need to
do this when Kim starts to swing her arms around madly as it normally
indicates she'll take damage if, or when, she lands.

3-6: Judo Throw

Use Up and B when near an enemy and Kim will pick him up and throw him, 
instantly killing them.  Judo Throw can be used to break glass in certain 
stages, often leading to secrets.  Unfortunately, Judo Throw cannot be used
on level bosses, Destructo-bots or Zombie Snowmen, (which is strange as Kim's
always throwing Shego around on TV... go figure :\ ) however, you can use Judo
Throw on the goons that both Falsetto Jones and Gemini send at you in their
boss battles.  Done well (or at the right time) Judo Throw can take out more
than one Enemy (i.e. throwing one enemy at a bunch of others)

4: Gadgets

Gadgets are useful tools; they'll help Kim out along the way.  Use Gadgets by
pressing the R button.  To change a Gadget press and hold the L button and
press a direction.  When you press the L button, you'll get this layout:

                            [Lipstick/Glue Trampoline]
        [Stealth Suit]----------[Grappling Hook]----------[Hot Sauce]

In general, this is what you do to equip a Gadget
L *no direction*: Grappling Hook
L + Up: Lipstick/Glue Trampoline
L + Down: Mirror
L + Left: Stealth Suit
L + Right: Hot Sauce

Release the L button to equip the highlighted Gadget.  Note if you make a
mistake with a gadget (i.e. you wanted the Hot Sauce, but highlighted the
lipstick instead).  As long as you are holding the L button you can 
reselect the right choice. You'll have to select manually as if you
release a direction it won't go back to the middle (Grappling Hook).

The Mirror, Stealth Suit and Hot Sauce need to be unlocked.  If you need more 
information on how best to use these Gadgets, go to the training mode in the 
main menu once you've unlocked the particular Gadget.  Also, Check out the
Combo tutorials whilst you're there, They will show you how to coombine
Gadgets with abilities.  They may help you in your quest.

4-1: Grappling Hook [L]

Used for Getting Past Large Gaps, Can be used in combination with advanced
moves.  Press Up on the D-Pad with the R button to fire the Grappling Hook 
upwards.  The Grappling Hook can be used multiple times. When you hit a 
ceiling, Kim will swing in a similar way to the flagpole.  Simply press A to 
jump off.  If you get hit whilst swinging you will fall.  This will be the 
most common Gadget you will use in the game.  You can extend the line of the
grappling hook whilst swinging by pressing Up and Down on the D-Pad.  The
longer the line, the faster Kim Seems to swing.

Sometimes you may be able to hurt enemies by simply swinging into them using
this tool.

4-2: Lipstick/Glue Trampoline [L + Up]

When you see a hole in the floor, use this Gadget to create a trampoline in 
the hole to allow you to bounce higher.  You'll usually find some pickups 
higher up.  You can use this in combination with other moves.  Used on an 
enemy, it ties them up, stunning them.  You can use this twice, before it 
has to recharge.  This gadget is probably the most overused gadget in the

4-3: Hot Sauce [L + Right]

Although this gadget can do damage equal to one hit on an enemy, it's only
real use is to destroy the zombie snowmen found in episode 2, as well as
to melt any ice hindering Kim's path.

4-4: Stealth Suit [L + Left]

This is used to get past goons in order to attack from behind, or to evade 
lasers.  Whilst using the Stealth suit you cannot be harmed unless you are in
acid or lava.  To remove the stealth suit press R a second time.  Note that
Kim CANNOT move when she equips the suit, nor can she use it indefinatly.
It'll require recharging after a small while.

4-5: Mirror [L + Down]

This is used in the late stages of the game to deflect laser projectiles back
at the attacker (Cannons, Gemini's & Drakken's Goons) usually resulting in 
their KO.  Use left or right to change direction.  To stop using the mirror
press R a second time.

Note: The mirror will not deflect the green laser beams found in Episode 3-3.

5: The Levels

Even though the levels are roughly the same, people have been confused with
the general tips I've given so now I'm gonna walkthrough each level instead.
Tips for specific levels will be given separately.

5-A: Typical stuff you'll find in Levels

Targets: These red targets are the collectibles you have to obtain to gain an
emblem in the GJ SIM.  These things add 5 to the counter at the top of the 
screen.  When that counter clocks over 999 you get an extra life.

Specific Items: These look like various items (CD's, Joysticks, Nachos, 
are a few to be named) and also count as collectibles.  These will add 10 
to the counter at the top of the screen.  Each specific item will be 
noted in the level guide so you know what to look out for.

Small first Aid Kit: Because Tacos and Burritos are used as collectibles 
you get your health raised by these beauties.  The small one looks like a 
white cylinder with a red cross and raises your HP by 1 segment.

Large first Aid Kit: Because Tacos and Burritos are used as collectibles 
you get your health raised by these beauties.  The large one looks like a 
white box with a red cross and completely fills your HP.

Cards: These are blue rectangular cards with a ? on one side and the KP 
emblem on the other.  Grab all the cards on a level to get an emblem in 
the GJ SIM.  Finish the level and the cards will appear in the cards 
section in the extras menu (see Section 7: Card Collection)

KP emblem: It's the KP emblem (Green K, Yellow P) touching this gives you 
an extra life.

Computers: There are 2 types of computers.  There's small blue ones that you 
must destroy in order to advance, especially in Episode 3.  The large 
purple ones are only found when playing in the GJ Simulator.  These will
mark the end of the level.

5-B: The GJ Simulator (GJ SIM)

You can use the GJ (Global Justice, if you don't watch the show...)
simulator once you complete at least one level.  
Essentially, if you complete the game, you'll get a level select.  Using the 
GJ SIM you can go to past levels with whatever gadgets/abilities you have 
gained (which you'll need to do to kill all the Goons with Judo Throw).
Get to the purple coloured computer in order to finish the level.
Also you'll notice that on most of the levels have three dots underneath the
level picture (there's only one dot in Episode 4-3 and no emblems on episodes
1-4, 2-4 and 3-4 or on boss levels).  These dots represent 3 things you need 
to do in the level.  The one on the left is the collectibles emblem (target),
the middle one is the Card emblem (a card) and the one on the right is the 
enemy emblem (goon's face, varies with each episode).  To get them:
* Grab all the collectibles in the level (both Targets and the specific items,
  see my upcoming collectables FAQ.)
* Grab all the cards (See Section 7: Card Collection for more information)
* Destroy every enemy (you'll need Judo Throw as this includes the green goons
  Found in various levels)
If you complete at least one of the tasks you MUST complete the level (without
losing every life) in order to obtain the emblem.
The GJ SIM can be accessed through the Extras Menu after loading a game.


Q. You mention Shadow Kim throughout the walkthroughs - who is she?
A. Shadow Kim is the Kim that teaches you how to use the items in tutorial mode
   or when you touch a help icon (?).  She called Shadow kim... well isn't it
   obvious?  Okay...  She looks like Kim and she's a Shadow... that good enough
   for you?  Actually I called her Shadow Kim... I don't really wanna keep
   saying touch the help icon and watch how (move/Gadget) works...

5-1: Truth Or Falsetto? (Episode 1)

* This level is based on the episode Rufus In Show
* the Gist of this episode?  Falsetto's gone and stolen some money.
  But the money isn't his real motive...
* The goons here are dumb to be honest - All they do is walk around waiting 
  to be attacked.  If they see you, however, they'll punch you!

Episode 1-1
* Collectibles: 150  Enemies: 25  Cards: 5  No Specific Collectible
* This episode lets you learn how to use your basic abilities and gadgets,
  They'll be of some use later on!

* You start outside Bueno Nacho.  Head right until you see a help Icon (?).
  It'll show you how to use the Lipstick/Glue Trampoline.  You don't need to
  use this hole (you need Wall Jump to continue from there) so jump over it
  and continue to the right.
* Kill the goon you see and continue right and jump onto a crate.  Jump on
  the flagpoles on the right (keep jumping right on the flagpoles) and kill
  the goon on the ledge you come to.  Continue right and jump up to the
  ledge to the construction site.
* Jump to the right and carry on.  You'll find another help icon (?) teaching
  you how to use the Grappling Hook.  Follow Shadow Kim in a similar fashion
  (you can use the Long Jump later).  Cross the second gap and kill the two
  goons there.  Go right to another gap and kill a goon on the ledge.  Cross
  the final gap on the right using the grappling hook, then jump on the crate
  and jump on the ledge on the left. (Note that you MUST grapple here as the
  Long Jump won't reach that far)
* Head left, being wary of the wrecking balls and jump on the crate, then
  onto the other to the left.  Wait for the girder to come down and jump on it.
  Ride it upwards and jump left, using the grappling hook on the yellow crate
  to advance.  Jump left and you'll (hopefully) land on another girder.  If you
  miss, jump on the crates to the right and jump to the girder on the LEFT from
  there.  Either way, jump left to a crane and wait for another girder.  When
  it shows up jump on it and wait.  When it starts to rise jump left and land
  on another girder.  
* This girder moves left and right (if you miss, you'll probably land on some
  monkey bars, if this happens head right and fall, kill the goon and head back
  to the crates near the second girder, and repeat.  Jump left from the sideways
  moving girder to land on a building  Kill the Goon there and head up. (if you
  land on the ledge with the first aid kit, then just go up unless you wanna
  kill everything else you see...
* At the top of the building, jump on top of the crane to the right, then to the
  girder to the right of it (wait for it to come down first).  Ride the girder
  up and stay to the right.  You should see another girder above you, but you
  can't reach it to advance...  Simply use the grapling hook and ride it from
  there.  When you see a ledge below you drop off and land on it.
* Carry on right and ride the second girder using the grappling hook.  Drop off
  when you see a girder below you and ride that to a crane.  Jump on it and jump
  right.  Carry on going right, killing the 2 goons on the way to end the level.

Episode 1-2
* Collectables: 150  Enemies: 20  Cards: 3  Specific collectible: Nachos
* There are many routes to the end of the level, however, getting to the
  higher routes often requires the more advanced moves and combos, 
  such as the Wall Jump.

* From the start head right and grapple over the pit.  Ignore the flagpole you
  see (you need walljump to advance from ther anyway) and kill the enemy on the
  right.  Grapple over the first pit and jump the second (Watch for pihranna)
  and kill the enemy there.
* Continue to head right, jumping over another pihranna infested gap.  Ignore
  the hole, but if you want, use lipstick and jump to the hole above, fill
  that hole with lipstick and bounce up to find a card.  Continue right and
  grapple over the gap and kill the goon.  Use the grappling hook to get over
  the spikes and kill the goon on the other side.
* Jump on the flagpole he was "guarding" and jump right over the series of
  flagpoles you see to your right (you'll notice a flagpole above the first
  one, jumping to that leads to some collectables a goon and a small first
  aid kit if you need them)  You can drop of the last one.
* You have to be patient for this part.  Jump on the monkey bars to the right
  and head right.  Beware of the pihranna here, if they hit you, you're likely
  to fall in the water and die.  When you're on the other side, kill the goon
  and jump over the gap, via the flagpoles (be careful, another pihranna lurks
  below you.
* Nab the Extra Life there and jump back onto the flagpole.  Follow the rest of
  the flagpoles to carry on.  Jump onto the platforms to the left and grab the
  last one.  Use the large medikit there if you need it and graple to the right
  to advance into the tower.
* The tower seems simple, albeit the spikes on the floor ARE a bit daunting,
  simply follow the series of flagpoles up to the first exit on the right (be
  careful of the spikes on the sides of the tower, they're devious, as they
  like to pop out) which, ironically, leads to the end of the level... but not
  after you've dealt with 2 goons first...

Episode 1-3
* Collectables: 150  Enemies: 20  Cards: 3  Specific collectible: Taco
* When you get the Wall Jump ability, come back here for the goodies on this

* From the start, head right and kill the goon, use the lipstick on the hole
  and bounce right over the bookcase.  Fall down and kill the goon.  Jump on
  the pipe and head right over the acid. Jump to the legdes there and kill the
  goon.  That statue of the wolfhound Falsetto normally has with him must be
  broken.  Hit it with your attack combo (hit B 3 times) twice to break it.
  If you're playing Story Mode wade says that, for some odd reason, the
  traps arn't REALLY there trying to kill Kim... seems supisious to me.
* anyway advance forwards, watch out for spike & chain traps.  The chain
  traps that's lower than the others must be jumped over when it drops.
  Kill the 2 goons below you after that and destroy the statue.  Continue
  right avoiding the wrecking balls and kill the 2 goons to the right.
  Use the flagpoles, then the grappling hook to reach the other sde of the
  acid pool safely.  Now comes one of those awkward moments in this game...
* There's a statue blocking the way, problem is, there's a spike & chain
  trap next to it AND in your way.  If you don't have the energy wait for
  the trap to rise, then run in and attack the state by pressing B 3 times,
  then run away.  repeat this process to break it and move on.  You have to
  do this twice.  After that climb up the ledges, being wary of the spikes
  that pop out and the goon head right at the top to find another
  spike/chain and statue combo.  destroy the statue and head right to
  finish the level.

Episode 1-4
* You'll play as Rufus for this stage
* Button Changes: D-pad moves Rufus and lets him climb/descend ropes and the
  A button makes Rufus Jump.  The B button, and the L & R Shoulder buttons
  do nothing.
* AAAAACK!  You're up against the clock for this one!  Collect the clocks as
  they'll add essential, and precious, time!

* Go right from the start.  Climb the first rope and carry on to the right.
  DO NOT climb the rope when you get to it.  Carry on to the right to press
  the switch.  This will lower another rope down.
* From there go back to that rope you passed and climb it.  Go right and
  climb down the rope you dropped before to get a clock icon, then jump
  off.  Ideally, you should position Rufus about half distance of the vent
  you have to jump to, then jump (truthfully - this can get VERY annoying
  if mistimed...) Go right and meet your first obsticle...
* Fans are a pain.  They start with one blade, the two alternate blades, 
  and continuous blades.  Trick for this is to stand next to the fan and
  wait for the last blade to pass by you before running.  Get past the two
  fans here and jump the gap to press the switch.
* Jump the gap again and climb the rope you just lowered.  Get to the top
  and jump right to a second rope.  Get to the top of that and jump left
  into a passage with three clock items in, then return to this rope and
  grab it.  Jump to the rope onto the right and climb up it.  When you get
  to the top jump left. carry on to the left, stopping only to get a clock
  item after the second collapsing pit (you'll have to jump for it).
  Jump over the rope at the end and press the switch.
* Drop down the pit with the rope and proceed to the left.  Climb the rope
  you lowered to the top and jump right.  Continue right avoiding the fans
  and collapsing platforms (the second fan, and beyond that will have one
  blade, followed by another, be careful with your timing...)  Grab the
  rope at the end and climb down all the way to the bottom for a clock.
  Jump onto the second one and climb down that.  Jump right to a third rope
  and climb down, jump to the gap on the right when you see it.
  (Alternitivly, you can fall to the bottom, but you MUST grab that third
* Carry on right from here and jump on the first rope.  Climb and jump to a
  second rope, then jump to a third.  Jump to the forth, getting the clock
  on the way.  Jump to the fifth rope if you want but I prefer to miss that
  and grab the rope to the right of it.  Jump right to the gap when you
  see it again and go right to another rope.  Go up it and jump right when
  you reach the top.  Press the switch there.
* Go left from there, jumping over the rope you just climbed up.  At the end
  is a rope to climb.  Now go right and avoid the fan.  Jump to the rope and
  climb down for a clock.  Climb up and jump over the gap.  Another Fan...
  And this time there's three blades to cope with.  Time is limeted so try
  to get past as quickly as possible.  Jump to the rope you lowered earlier
  to jump the gap.  Evade the final fan (thank god!) and climb down the rope
  at the end.  Jump the gap and press the red switch to complete the level.
  Falsetto Jones awaits...

Episode 1-5
* BOSS: Falsetto Jones.  See Section 6-1

5-2: Altitude Attitude (Episode 2)

* This episode is based on the episodes Job Unfair and Day of the Snowmen
* The main Gist of this episode: Similar to Job Unfair really, Duff 
  Killagan's stolen a weather machine (the same one as in Job Unfair
  believe it or not...) and wants to turn the Alps into a golf course.
  Dude, ever seen the Elf's Short Course in Mario Golf: Advance Tour?? 
  Mountain courses are HELL!  ... sorry I'm ranting...
* You'll have unlocked the Hot Sauce and the Dashing/Long Jump ability... 
  You'll need them here!
* If you ever watched the episode Day of The Snowmen you'll know that 
  punching the snowmen won't kill them.  It does, however stun them for a 
  while.  Ya gotta use the Hot Sauce to kill them outright! (see... I told
  you this game follows season 2 :P )
* The Zombie Snowmen will either throw snowballs at you or take a swipe at you
  if your close enough.
* Sick of slipping on the blue surface and falling?  That's because it's Ice. 
  Throw some Hot Sauce at it and it'll turn into non slipery terrain.
  It'll regenerate after a while so get going!
* The ice has its uses though...  As you slide in the ice you can duck under
  narrow passages in order to advance.  It's the only way to grab a 
  particular card on episode 2-2.
* The Long Jump will get you to far away platforms you can't get to with the 
  Grappling Hook (too risky or no ceiling) plus whilst Kim is doing
  cartwheels she moves faster!


Q. What are you talking about?!  TWIGS and BRANCHES??
A. Read previous versions of this FAQ?  Seen the card collection guide for
   this episode??  I mentioned then that twigs are like flagpoles and that
   branches are like monkey bars.  Trust Kim - she knows what she's doing ;)

Episode 2-1
* Collectables: 150  Enemies: 20  Cards: 3  Specific Item: Soft Drink (blue)

* Head right at the start.  Shadow Kim will teach you how to kill the Zombie
  Snowmen with the New Gadget you've just recieved.  Kill the snowman and
  use lipstick on the hole to the right of where it was.  Bounce upwards
  to the trees covered in show.  Jump left from the lowest one and after
  that Jump right (if you jump left again climb the branch and drop off for
  an extra life, then continue right) to the top of the cliff.  Shadow Kim
  will show you how to use the newly aquired Long Jump ability, so use it to
  get over the 2 chasms.  Watch out for the ice after the second one.  Kill
  the snowman below you on the right before following the path of twigs
* Jump from the twigs onto a tree and jump right from the tree to more twigs.
  Jump to a ledge on the right and from there lead left over the long chasm
  with the grappling hook.  Once over the other side Kill or stun the snowman
  before jumping onto the branch.  Head left untill you can't go any furthur.
  Drop down onto a twig and jump left. Kill the 2 snowmen here and jump onto
  the nearest twig.  follow the twigs to the right, then jump right at the
  end and use the grappling hook.  Hold down so kim is swinging fast and jump
  off when she is furthest right.  This may take some doing (it does even for
  ME!!) but when you land on the ledge jump oup to the twig and jump left
  from there, be quick about this as that platform WILL collapse!!
* Kill the snowman and jump onto the next ledge on the left.  At the far left
  you can ment the ice here for a large first aid kit if you need it but if
  you don't then jump onto the twig you see, then follow the rest of the twigs
  right.  Here you must jump off and grapple again over to the other side,
  once there you must Long Jump (regular jump wont reach) to the twig and head
  right to some collapsing platforms.  Quickly grab the twig above it and jump
  left from it.  From the next twig jump right and land on the icy platform.
* Head left, where the snowman is and kill him.  Lipstick the hole nearby and
  bound upwards to the right.  Quickly jump left off the collapsing platform
  you're on and onto the far left of the ledge.  The ledge you just stood on
  should collapse too, but not the far left of it.  Use the grappling hook
  directly upwards from here then jump right to another collapsing platform.
  Jump left quickly off that to more collapsing platforms.  Grapple upwards
  from there head right for one last collapsing ledge, then head left from
* Jump right, kill the snowman, then long jump and grapple upwards to get to
  the other side (if you fall you'll have to face 2 snowmen.  If you DO end
  up here, kill them, then head left and climb up the lege on the left of the
  chasm, then try it again.)  Kill the snowman on the right and continue
  onwards to a hole... you know what to do.  Bounce upwards to the left and
  kill the snowman.  Jump the gap and kill a second snowman.  Jump up to a
  ledge from there to find a hole and a third snowman to kill.  Lipstick the
  hole and bounce to the right.  Kill Snowman at the top and long jump over
  gap.  Now there's two ways to the exit,  you can either:
* Fill another hole with lipstick, bounce up and grapple right to the exit
  (if you go this way, head left first so you can get a card.) or:
* Use Hot Sauce on the nearby tree and Long Jump to the exit.

Episode 2-2
* Collectables: 150  Enemies: 20  Cards: 4  Specific Item: Soft Drink (Yellow)
* Remember, after you've jumped away after grappling the ceiling you can 
  grapple again.  This is the only way to get past the huge chasms.

* Jump the three gaps at the start (careful, the ledges are icy, don't long
  jump) then jump on the ledge above you.  Long Jump and grapple left over
  the chasm and grab the twig on the other side.  jump right off that and jump
  onto the path above it.  Go right and kill the 2 snowmen and jump over the
  collapsing platforms on the way untill you come to a twig.  Jump onto it and
  follow the set of twis to a platform.  from here jump onto a branch.  Go
  left and fall onto the tree.  Jump onto the branch to the left and climb
  that to the other side. Just watch out for a golfball...
* Drop off the branch at the end and carry on left.  Jump onto the stump and
  jump left to a ledge, then head right, with the grapplegun, over the chasm
  and onto a twig.  Follow the set of twigs right to a platform.  From there
  jump onto a tree and from that Long jump to the twig on the far left of the
  screen.  Follow these twigs to a branch, ignore it (you'll normally end up
  grabbing a twig just to the left of it anyway) and go left grappling over
  until you see a snowman below you.
* Drop onto it's head twice to stun it, then grapple directly upwards (you may
  need to jump first)and head left to the collapsing platforms.  Jump left to
  a platform with a small first aid kit on it then jump right onto a branch.
  Head right from that and drop off at the end.
* Head right and kill the snowman, then jump over the collapsing pits using
  Long Jump.  Now after all that - you have to go back again... but not over
  the pits this time.  jump and grapple directly upwards and follow the trail
  of targets over the chasm.  once there jump over a few platforms, killing 2
  snowmen on the way.
*  When you can't go left any furthur, head up, using the collapsing platforms
  to an Icy ledge.  Long Jump over the gap and youll see a hole... Time for
  some lipstick.  Bounce up to the twigs and follow them up, then left and
  you'll land on an icy platform.  Jump over to a platform  and climb onto the
  ledge above it.  Kill the snowman here and head up, via the icy platforms
  and trees.  Kill the snowman here and go right, avoiding golfballs, and kill
  the snowman at the end.
* From here jump onto the trees, avoiding more golf balls and kill the snowman
  guarding the exit.  Head towards the Weather Macnine to finish the level.

Episode 2-3
* Collectables: 150  Enemies: 10  Cards: 3  Specific Item: Paper Bags
  (I think they're Bueno Nacho Take-Aways...)
* Watch the glowing red/orange pipes, they'll hurt you if you touch them.
* Some of the Monkey Bars will MOVE!  Time your Jumps and be careful...
  You'll recognise them as the red bars with small yellow and black striped 
* You'll notice in the early part that there's no baddies, you'll see that 
  when you get to the ice part of the ship you'll see enemies.  Even then
  there's only 10 to deal with, you should get the enemy emblem easily.
* Try not to dash through the electric traps, even though it's tempting.
  Take your time or you'll start losing lives.

* Head right dropping off 2 ledges untill you see a stripy bar.  Kim can
  climb on this as if it was Monkey bars.  Do it, as that Icy Water below
  you will hurt you.  At ehe end, fall off and jump on the barrels, one of
  them has no lid so make a bouncy one with the lipstick and jump left to
  the platform above you. wait for a red bar to come down and grab on it
  (those moving monkey bars i told you about earlier...  Let the bar move
  on it's course and drop of when it's at an end (It'll go up, then left a
  bit) and you'll land on a stripy pipe.  Climb left from this and onto a
* there's a Golfball here, be careful.  Long Jump over the gap and jump up
  to the "Cockpit" of the airship.  From here, long jump to the right and
  carry on, being very cautius due to the red pipes ( No Jumping...), steam
  vents (No rushing) and golfballs.  If you time your attack right you can
  destroy them without getting hurt/killed.  Anyway after you've done that
  wait for a bar to arrive and jump on it.  Stay in the middle (trust me)
  as it moves along it's course and drop off at the end and you'll encounter
  the Ice section of the ship.
* All 10 enemies on this level will be around here somewhere, so getting that
  enemies emblem shouln't be a problem here when you have all teh abilities.
  Anyway, kill the snowman in front of you.  Run (No dashing), then duck to
  slide under the staglemites blocking the path.  Kill the 2 snowmen (one on
  the Ice, one on the ledge on the right)  and head right, jumping on the
  ledges.  There's another 2 snowmen (one on ice again, the other on a red
  platform... thaat's half the enemies gone already...)  Jump on that red
  platform and kill a third snowman on the platform above you on the right.
  You'll probably melt the ice blocking the path in killing him but melt
  it anyway if you don't and proceed through for an extra life.
* Go back to thaat red platform where the Ice door was and grapple left.
  When you're near the end make Kim swing faster and jump off to a platform.
  When there wait for the red bar to arrive then jump on it.  Stay in the
  middle again and drop when it stops.  head left, killing the remaining 4
  snowmen on this level on the way (there's a golfball with the last one...
  careful!) See... Told ya getting that enemies emblem would be a cakewalk!
* Near that 4th snowman are some barrels.  Jump on them and then jump on the
  platform on the spinning cog.  There's more of these rotating platforms and
  you've gotta jump on them all to advance.  Jump right from the first two,
  then jump right from the second.  You'll land on a stripy pipe.  Head left
  slowly so you don't get hit be venting steam.  Drop off at the end and
  continue left... oh wonderful! more steam venting, take it easy here.  At
  the end of that obsticle, jump onto the rotating platform, then jump left
  off that to a platform with a sun symbol on it.
* Jump to the platform just above it on the right (the jump won't reach, but
  you should grab the platform)  Ahh... lightning - treat these as you were
  the steam vents about 30 seconds ago.  At the end, jump over the barrels
  and continue right to the exit being wary of the 2 golfballs on the way

Episode 2-4

* Ever played shoot-'em-ups like R-Type?  You'll be right at home here!
* Control differences: D-Pad Moves Kim in any direction, B Button makes Kim 
  fire a laser and the A button makes Kim stick her hands out.  Confirmed By
  Amber (via E-mail) it allows Kim to evade golfballs. L & R do nothing.
* You can hold the B button to fire consistently.
* There are three different types of golf ball:  Grey ones will moves in 
  diverse directions and red ones split into many golf balls.  Blue ones are
  a pain as they home in on you.  Try to destroy those, or evade using the A
* A good strategy here is to stay on the left when the golf balls are coming 
  at you and move up and down whilst firing.  This kills most of the 
  golf balls that get in the way and helps you evade those nasty blue ones.
* When you get to the weather machine, you need to destroy the propellers.
  Best, and quickest, way to do this is to get close to the propeller and 
  fire at it (Holding B helps).  Don't get too close mind or you'll get
  hurt!  Best place is underneath the propeller, so you're shooting the
  propeller's supports.
* As you gradually destroy the machine, the onslaught of golf balls gets
  worse and First Aid kits become sparse.
* there's not much need for a guide for this level as all you're going to
  do is to shoot out or dodge golfballs and destroy the weather Machine's
  propellers when they show up.  (I'm suprised they never did that in Job

Episode 2-5
* BOSS: Duff Killigan. See Section 6-2

5-3: The Rufus Factor (Episode 3)

* Based on the episode The Ron Factor.  Didn't they actually mention the
  "Rufus" factor at the end of that episode??
* the main Gist of this episode?  Rufus, everyone's second favourite
  Disney rodent (... OK - Maybe third...), has myseriously gone missing...
  Kim finds out that W.E.E. (Worldwide Evil Empire, opposite of Global
  Justice), led by the lacky-intolerant Gemini has stolen him.  It's up to
  Kim to get him back!
* You've unlocked the Wall Jump and the Stealth Suit for use on this level.  
  The Wall Jump will come in handy, even on the earlier levels.  The stealth 
  Suit's Underrated.  It makes you "invisible" so you enemy's can't spot you
  and stops you from getting hurt by lasers.
* The stealth suit has a good use: use it so the goon is behind you, and then
  beat the snot out of him.  A good way to sort goons out when you're low on 
  energy/lives.  This meathod is shown when you need to use the tutorial...
* The goons here will be the staple for the goons on Episode 4 so learn what 
  they do and use it to your advantage on Episode 4
* These goons will also use lasers.  Unlock the mirror and come back for 
  a (more or less) easier ride ;)
* IMPORTANT: When you play the GJ SIM on these levels you will NOT find a 
  purple computer to signify the end of the levels.  In 3-1 look for a 
  helicopter, in 3-2 get to the elevator (the one blocked by electricity and 
  in 3-3 jump up the hole on the far right of the level.  I'll remeind you
  again in the walkthroughs...

Episode 3-1
* Collectables: 150  Enemies: 20  Cards: 3  Specific Collectible: Mad Dog

* From the start, head left and grapple over the large gap.  Once over to the
  other side and you'll see a help Icon.  Touch it and Shadow Kim will show
  you how to Wall Jump... pffft!  She makes it look easy... but it isn't,
  however you're gonna need this to get many secrets and to advance later on.
  Anyway, Follow shadow kim up and then head Right.  The Help Icon here will
  show you about the latesty Gadget you recieved: the stealth suit.  Useful
  for when yoou're low on energy.  Get past the guard (or kill him) and head
  right.  Grab the higher up of the two sets of brown pipes (you don't really
  have much of a choice...), then drop to the lower one.  Head right on this
  one then drop to a platform with a hole in it...
* You know what to do by now...  Lipstick the hole and Bounce up to the
  right.  If you arn't feeling confident use the grapple hook.  Either way
  you should land on a purple building.  Kill the goon and jump on the pipe.
  Head right, then drop down on the flagpole below it.  Drop down from the
  flagpole and you'll land on another.  do this for 3 times (when you see a
  small first-aid kit to your left, that's enough) and on the last one jump
  off to the right (unless you need said first aid kit, then jump left, nab
  the kit and Long Jump over the gap.
* If you jumped off the flagpole you'll hang from a ledge, drop off and kill
  the goon on the right.  Jump over the gap and kill the other goon.
  Continue on till you meed a Green Goon.  YOu still can't kill these guys
  yet, so to end the level: jump onto the grey box thing in the background
  and Walljump upwards (Follow the trail of collectables).  You'll nearly
  always land on the platform with the helecopter on it.

  Well, that was a pretty short level...

Episode 3-2
* Collectables: 150  Enemies: 25  Cards: 3  Specific collectible: Bananas
  (apparently it's the Club Banana Emblem)
* When playing the GJ SIM play the level as if you were playing in the main
  game.  To complete this level get to the lift and make sure you go up 
  onto it.
* Be careful of the water in this level.
* you need to smash up the blue coloured computers to advance.  The first one 
  disables the Missile system that blocks the way, the second disables the 
  electric trap guarding the lift at the end on the level.  Both Computers
  take six hits from basic attacks to destroy, or 2 dash attacks.

* From the start, Jump the platforms (you may need to grapple for some) on
  the right and jump on the pink pipe.  Go right on the pipe and jump more
  platforms (may need to use the Grappling Hook again...) until you reach the
  far right end of the level (you won't be able to go further).  Kill the goon
  and jump onto the flagpole to his left.  Jump left from that and kill the
  goon.  Long jump right and walljump up the pipes.  Jump to the platform with
  a hole in when you get to the top.  Kill the goon and plant lipstick on the
  hole.  Bounce, and use the pipe to walljump to the platform.  go left,
  avoiding the lightning traps and kill the goon at the end.  Jump on the next
  platform, drop of the left hand side and defeat the goon near the pink pipe.  
* Jump to the Monkey Bars and fall of at the end.  On occasion you'll jump 
  onto an enemy's head and land on a platform.  Carry on left and Long Jump to 
  the moving platform, then jump left to the platform with the enemy on it 
  (the one with 4 bananas and a target on it).  Jump onto the higher flagpole 
  and jump to the right.  Wall Jump to the ledge and kill the 2 goons, then
  continue to Wall Jump upwards.  If you go right Kill the goon and look 
  right.  More missile systems.  This is where you go afterwards but don't 
  worry about that now. Go back and jump to the two pipes on the left and jump
  onto the flagpole.  Jump off to the left and Wall Jump.  There are three
  flagpoles here, and on all of them go right towards two more pipes.  Jump on
  the ledge, kill the 2 goons and smash up the computer.
* Go to that second missile system, the one I mentioned before that I said not
  to worry about just yet, and grapple all the way past them.  Jump the
  platforms until you get to a moving one.  Jump Left to a second and again to
  a third.  There are two routes here.  The lower way is blocked by the
  electric trap so go up.  Kill the two goons and destroy the computer.  
  Go down the lower route and to the elevator to finish the level (if you have
  Judo Throw carry on left and throw the green thug into the window for some 
  goodies, Just beware of the electricity traps!)

Episode 3-3
* Collectables: 150  Enemies: 20  Cards: 3  Specific Collectible: Sunglasses
* Do NOT rush this level, even though it's tempting.  You've gotta time 
  your runs through the lasers throughout Gemini's base.
* Remember the hole you had to go up in the Story mode to get to Gemini?
  Well, that's how you end the level in GJ SIM.
* Watch out for green lasers, they'll hurt you unless you use the stealth
* When you get to a conveyer belt equip the stealth suit, jump on and use it.
  There are probably lasers on it and you won't get hurt by them!
* watch the criss-crossing lasers, they will more likely to hurt you more than 
  anything else in the level (unless you rush through, that is)
* The cannons that fire lasers at you can be destroyed using the Mirror
  (unlocked later).  They do not count as enemies, however, and should be
  ignored unless they give you a bit of trouble... or you just like blowing
  stuff up...

* Head right when the laser stops firing and jump over the cannon.  Wait for
  the laser to stop again before going in between them (no way those
  criss-crossing lasers stop at the same time so you'll have to wait in the
  middle before the one on the right stops).  Equip the Stealth Suit and jump
  on the convayer belt.  Quickly use the Stealth Suit to get through unscathed!
  Kill the goon on the right.  Shoot!  The Door's locked!! Grab the ledge.
  Wait for the laser to stop then climb up.  Destroy the computer to open the
* Get off that ledge when the laser stops and head through the door.  If you
  walljump on the left where the door was after entering you can get a large
  first-aid kit if you need it, otherwise head right and jump the cannon onto
  the convayer belt.  There's no need for the stealth suit this time as there's
  no lasers.  Jump off at the end to avoid the cannon.  More lasers to avoid.
  The first 3 are easy to get past, the next 2 sets are those awkward
  criss-crossing ones and the last one is just like the first 3 you avoided...
  Go to the far right to see another locked door and another goon.  Kill him,
  then backtrack so you can jump onto the ledge.  Avoid the 2 lasers and smash
  the computer.  Get off the ledge and advance though the door.
* Oh wonderful!!  Here we have the most awkward part of the game I.  Those
  stone blocks move left and right quickly.  Seeing as the only way is up,
  you're gonna have to walljump.  Wait untill the the one on the right starts
  moving to the left and jump onto it's side.  Walljump up to a small ledge.
  Now you have to repeat this same strategy with the next one.  Wait 'til it
  starts moving left then walljump.  Smash the computer here to open the door
  on the left.  Longjump over to the other side
* Kill the goon and enter that newly opened door, quickly jump onto the
  convayer and use the stealth suit to get past the lasers.  On the other side
  wait for the laser to stop befire jumping left over the obsticle.
  Surprisingly the goon on the lower ledge can be killed with squat kicks and
  he won't even notice 99% of the time... :) anyway, there's another convayer
  belt with lasers on so jump on and use the stealth suit.  Carry on going
  left, killing the 2 goons in the way and hop on the next belt with the
  stealth suit on.
* at the end, use the flagpoles on the left to cross the big gap, then kill
  the goon.  Carry on to the left and kill another goon.  Carry on left,
  dropping down whilst avoiding a cannon and 2 lasers and you'll come to the
  most awkward part of the game II.  use the same strategy to get to the ledge
  from the first one.  This next part's a bit awkward, as the platform you're
  on is smaller, and there's spikes directly above you when the blocks move.
  Go to the edge of the platform.  YOu'll see o block moving on (more or less)
  the same level as the platform you're on. Jump off  when the grey platforms
  start moving and walljump off that stone block that's level with the ledge.
  You should make it up and land on a small ledge on the left.
* awkward parts: OVER!! yay ^_^ Wall Jump and grapple over the other side to
  get the Extra Life above you. (you're heading Right again BTW) Jump over
  the cannon and get onto the platform with the stealth suit on to avoid the
  lasers. Kill the goon, then jump onto the ledge and smash the computer to
  disable the electrical trap.  HEad through and kill the 2 goons here if you
  wish, but you need to grab the ledge.  when the laser stops climb up.  Use
  lipstick on the hole and bounce up as high as possible.  From there walljump
  upwards and the screen should fade to end of level (in story mode it will
  fade to a cutscene of Gemini escaping, with Kim thinking she can follow...).
  Sometimes the game can be really awkward at finishing this one...

Episode 3-4
* A swimming level.  The controls are similar to Episode 2-4: The D-Pad allows
  Kim to swim in whatever direction, A Button makes Kim swim faster and B 
  fires the Lipstick gadget at enemies.
* Don't worry about time... Kim has unlimited Air, and the lipstick does not
  need to be recharged after two uses.
* Avoid the Green Jelly Fish (They look more like Metroids to me...) they'll 
  hurt you and the Lipstick does nothing to them.
* Sharks are dumb.  If they see you they'll rush you and bite.  Stop 'em by 
  firing the lipstick DIRECTLY at them (By this, I mean to fire at it's 

* Ok this is the only other "specific level" guide i'm giving besides Rufus'
  Stage:  Start by heading downwards, then heading right when you when you
  can't go down any further.  Avoud the Metroid-like Jellyfish and the sharks
  (remember you can use the B Button to fire lipstick at the shark's mouth,
  rendering them harmless.
* Head downwards again when you can and then head left, avoiding jellyfish
  and sharks.  Here, the jellyfish can swim on circles.  These are the ones
  most likely to get in the way, especially the one's on the far left, as
  they travel quite fast.
* head down at the end again, then left (I'm seeing a pattern here...)
  there's more sharks here then anything else so avoid them and then head
  down and left (if you REALLY need a health boost then after goind down
  here to the floor, go right and grab a large first-aid kit, careful it's
  "guarded" by a shark) heading left, there's more jellyfish swimming in
* At the end, Head down and then right.  Lipstick the sharks and avoid the
  jellyfish going really fast in circles and you'll notice a hole open on
  the right.  Swim into it to end the level.

Episode 3-5
* BOSS: Gemini.  See section 6-3

5-4: Day of the Destructo-bots (Episode 4)

* Based on the Episodes Car Trouble and Blush (I think it's more like Crush
  IMO, but they did that in the first game...  besides this game is based
  on Season 2 remember?)
* The synopsis of this episode??  very well... Robot parts and stuff have
  gone missing and Destructo-bots are rampaging through Middleton.  There's
  been sightings of a woman wearing Green And Black roaming around... Shego!
  Smells like A Drakken plot to me - time to make this game's name known
  and plan his demise!!
* You made it to the last episode?  Good!  You'll have unlocked the last move 
  and gadget: the Judo Throw and the Mirror
* Judo Throw will take out most enemies instantly and can even kill the ones
  in green clothing too.  Essential for many cards!
* The Mirror allows you to deflect laser shots back at the antagonist.  This 
  is useful against one of the bosses here, as well as many (if not all) the
  goons here!

Episode 4-1
* Collectables: 150  Enemies: 25  Cards: 3  Specific Item: CDs

* Start By Heading Right.  Shadow Kim will Show you how to use Judo Throw.
  Throw the goon and jump onto the box.  Grapple over to the other side.
  Kill the goon (You're more likely to jump on his head then anything else
  anyway).  Walljump upwards and touch the help icon you find on the left.
  Shadow Kim will show you the best way to use the mirror on the goon.  Do
  what she does if you want but kill him in whatever way possible.  At the
  end Jump to the flagpole and then jump left to aother flagpole.  Now from
  this jump left and use the grappling hook on the blue wall.  Jump left
  from here and wall jump between the purple wall and the blue one with
  lights on it (this will take a few tries to get right...) Once on the
  ledge atop the blue wall drop off it and kill the goon.
* from here jump right and folow the set of flagpoles to the right and land
  on a blue building (it has a Dr. Drakken billboard on it oddly enough)
  Kill the goon there.  At the end Grapple right and land on a yellow
  platform then drop down to the left onto a flagpole.. drop down to the
  ground and kill the 3 goons on the right.  Jump over th ehole on the
  right ankd kill a 4th goon.  There's a green goon ahead if you carry on
  to the right... now you can make these guys eat floor with Judo throw,
  there is a hole here, use lipstick and walljump up and land on the
  building on the left.  Kill the goon there, then longjump up to the
  entrance to the building on the right.  carry on right, dropping off the
  boxes.  Be very careful of the bomb here floating aroung in circles.
  You can destroy it without taking damage by attacking it.  After dropping
  down there's another bomb here, this will HOME IN on you.  More than likely
  this will blow you up before you can destroy it so try your best to blow it
  up.  Jump over the crate and get out of the building.
* Drop down here, using a decending WallJump so as not to take any damage
  from falling and head right into the building.  Kill the goon here. If you
  want the large medi kit, grapple upwards to get it.  Continue right and Kill
  the goon and exit the building.  Wall Jump upwards and head rignt (the brown
  building) If you Judo Throw the goon here, you might blow up the bomb heading
  for you.  Jump to the yellow platform on the right.
* from there Longjump right to the wall and walljump towards the flagpole.
  Jump Right and walljump to the flagpole above you, then repeat. (this is
  Combo #4 in the Training menu) You'll end up on top of a Red building.
  You'll get caught out by another bomb here, so just kill the goon.  Grapple
  right here and jump right to land on a platform.  Fall Off here to a yellow
  building and continue right to the end.
* NOTE FOR STORY MODE PLAYERS: you cannot advance right to end the level,
  instead find the gold/yelloiw colured Destucto-Bot and kill it.  It's on the
  same yellow building.  Use the Mirror on it and it's shot will kill it.
  DON'T BOTHER WITH JUDO THROW!!! It's waaaaaay too heavy for Kim to throw.

Episode 4-2 

* Collectables: 150  Enemies: 25  Cards: 3  Specific Item: control pads
* Remember: Destructo-Bots are Heavy and cannot be thrown

* From the start Walljump to the top of the yellow building, then jump to the
  ledge to the left.  Jump onto the blue coloured ledge with the hole in it.
  Use lipstick on it and jump to the flagpoles.  If you get the one on the
  left and go left, you can find an extra life on the ledge you jump to, but
  if you just want to get on with the level go right from the flagpoles onto
  a small blue ledge.  LongJump over the gap and kill the goon on the other
  side so you can climb the brown pipe.  YOu should drop off at the end and
  stomp the goon's head.  Equip the Mirror and use it on the Destructo-Bot
  to kill it with it's own laser.
* Walljump from the blue neon sigh and land on a platform, beat up the goon
  and destroy the bomb there.  Long Jump over the gap and kill the goon.
  There's another Bomb here... careful!  Grab the First Aid Kit and take out
  the Destructo-Bot carry on right and kill another Destructo-Bot.  Drop off
  the edge on the right and land on the brown pipe, then head right from
  that.  From here, either  drop down when tou see ground, Kill the goon and
  longjump to the blue platform or follow the pipe all the way to the end,
  then use the flagpoles to get to the blue platform.  Use lipstick on the
  hole and bounce up to the 2 flagpoles.  The trick to this one is to try
  and grab the highest one, so a litle bit of maneuvering is needed.  From
  there, Jump right and walljump off the wall onto another flagpole.  Jump
  right off that one and jump on the crate to get up to the yellow building.
* Head right and kill the Destructo-bot at the end.  When you see the
  girder, quickly longjump to it, then equip the grappling hook and use on
  the girger above you when you see it.  That will take you over the long
  chasm.  Simply head right here to exit the level.

Episode 4-3
* Collectables: N/A  Enemies: N/A  Cards: 3  No Specific collectable
* Kim's using one of her trademark gadgets, The rocket skates.
* Although there are enemies here, they aren't counted, after all, it's
  impossible to get them all!
* Control Differences:  D-Pad left and right gets you started as well as
  increasing and decreasing speed.  Pressing Down on the D-Pad makes Kim
  crouch, allowing Kim to get under obstacles too low for her.  A button
  makes Kim Jump and B button makes Kim attack, wether it's in the air
  or on the ground.
* Attack the following: Crates, satellite dishes and goons
* You can't attack Shego when you get to her, just jump over the bombs she
  throws at you and she'll zoom off.  You need to do this three times
* If you don't crouch near a narrow area you will go off the left side of the
  screen and die.
* If you confront Shego and die afterwards you'll restart at that point 
  (essentially a "checkpoint").  If you die during the Shego confrontation 
  you'll be sent to the "checkpoint" you last went past.  If you die before
  facing Shego even once, or at the first Shego confrontation, you'll restart
  back at the beginning.
* The three KP cards on this level and they're all in plain sight.  Problem
  is, they're just difficult to get to.

Episode 4-4
* Collectables: 150  Enemies: 30  Cards: 3  Specific Item: Microchips 
* The last level, essentially, and it isn't as difficult as you'd think.

* Start by equipping the mirror, then Longjumping the pool of lava.  Kill
  the destructo-bot on the other side.  Jump over the crates on onto a
  conveyer belt.  Kill the goon and jump onto the other belt.  Jump on one
  of the moving platforms here.  When the platform reaches it's highest
  point jump to the right hand wall and walljump (if you can, use longjump
  instead) and you'll land on another movimpg platform.  Jump to the gap
  on the right and kill the destructo-bot.
* head right over the convayer belt and kill the destructobot.  Wait for
  the rail to arrive and grab onto it.  Let the rail run it's course and
  drop off onto a flagpole below.  If you Drop off on the right one and
  swing on it you can get the extra life just there.  Drop off and over
  the convayer belt.  Kill the destructo Bot and head right over the
  convayer belt going the wrong way...  There are maces on this belt so
  you can't use the stealth suit.  Jump over the hole and kill the
  destructo bot, then use Lipsky... uhh... Lipstick on the hole.
  Jump up to the flagpole and jump right offa it.  Try to walljump to
  the left and kill the goon, otherwise if you hang on try to jump left,
  sometimes you'll jump and grab the ledge on the left.
* From Here, Equip The Grappling hook and jump to the flagpole.  Jump
  left and walljump, then use the grappling hook and swing to a flagpole
  on the right.  jump right from there, then jump on the convayer belt
  and kill the goon, then jump on the other convayer belt and Kill the
  Destructo-bot.  Lipstick the hole and jump to a pipe.  Head right on
  the pipe and wait for a moving bar and jump on it.  Be sure to stay in
  the middle whilst it goes down (i.e. stay in the Black and Yellow part)
  otherwise you'll get hurt.  Let the bar follow it's course 'til you
  find a gap in the floor and drop down it (the bar dissapears here
  anyway) You'll land on a pipe.  Head right, watching out for the
  wrecking ball.  Drop off at teh end and grab the platform.  Get on it
  and nab the extra life.  wait for a moving bar to appear and jump on it.
  Stay in th yellow and black area again to avoid getting hurt.  Drop off
  when you see ground and head right.  jump to the flagpole below you and
  use these to decend down to the bottom.  At the last flagpole, you can
  jump right and use the grappling hook to get to the movimg platforms,
  you have to be careful of the saws there, if you don't want to do that
  there's a more difficult way heading straight for you...
* YOu have to drop down from here and hopefully land on a flagpole
  (otherwise you land in lava) Head right over the lava pit and the small
  gap (there's nothing down there besedes a small first aid kit).  Now
  Jump and grapple DIRECTLY UPWARDS (holed Up) and hopefully you'll hit
  moving platform.  Now try and jump onto another moving platform (which
  is the difficult part really, best to jump off  when the platform
  you've grappled on is at it's highest... Either way, Jump right to
  carry on (if you jump left at the top to get a large First Aid Kit
  (which you'll probably need by now :P ) and kill the goon.  Wall Jump
  left and then head right, then drop down the hole (i.e. No lipstick)
  you'll be in the same place.)
* Jump over the crate and head right, watch out for that wrecking ball.
  At the end jump on one of the movimg platforms nearest to you, then
  jump on one of the olatforms to the right.  Kill the destructo-bot
  on the right here if you want but that path doesn't lead you anyware
  so get back on that moving platform tou were on and jump on the one
  on the left, then jump onto the nearest one on the right then jump up
  to a pipe.  If you ever fall right down to the bottom here, there's a
  destructo-bot for you to kill.  To get back up you can either head
  left and jump back onto the moving platform you started on or go right
  and lipstick the hole, then you can bounced on it and try to walljump
  to a higher one.  When on the pipe head right, being wary of the mace
  traps.  at the end drop off to a flagpole.  Follow the flagpoles
  Right, before decending and heading left.  Drop off at the crate.
  Fall down the gap on the right and get teh extra life.  Use Decending
  Walljumps if you want but most of the time you'll land on a
  destructo-bot's head.  Jump and grapple over the lava pit, jump over
  the hole, kill the destructo-bot and head into the double doors on the
  right to enter the final showdown...

Episode 4-5
* BOSS: Shego.  See Section 6-4
* BOSS: Dr. Drakken.  See Section 6-5

6: The Bosses

Each Episode has its own boss (with the exception of Episode 4, which has 2).
Here you'll find some strategies to beat them.

6-1: Falsetto Jones

This is a strange one.  You cannot get to Falsetto because of the Dog 
defending him.  To beat him you simply cage the dog.  The cage is directly 
above where you start.  Face RIGHT and use the Grappling Hook and swing on 
the cage so it moves right and then drop off.  Kill the goon (if you don't
and just swing he'll attack you and you'll fall).  Repeat this process about
three times and the dog will get caged and Falsetto will beg for mercy!

6-2: Duff Killigan

Careful when you start this one, Duff will be hitting his trademark exploding 
golf balls at you.  Run up to him to avoid and hit him (if you don't hit him,
he'll attack you with his club!)  Once you do this he has only two forms of 
attack: He'll either elbow charge at you, A-La Wario.  You can avoid this by 
running to one of the platforms at the side of the screen, jumping onto it and
jumping over him, or onto his head (this seems to do damage to him).  His 
second attack sees him brandish 2 golf clubs and attack you with them.  Run 
away to avoid this.  If you leave him alone, he'll revert to firing golf balls
at you.  To beat Duff simply beat him to a pulp until the energy bar at the 
bottom of the screen is depleted.  A Good tip from the Game FAQs forums (I
forget who... please show yourself) is when he's driving golf bals at you is
to use the hot sauce on him.

6-3: Gemini

Unlike Duff last time, Gemini does NOT have a HP bar, making you think that
this will be difficult.  WRONG!  At the far right of the screen there's a Big
Red Button.  All you have to do is beat Gemini into it.  Gemini has several
forms of attack.  He always starts by trying to create a hole where you're
standing, which can be avoided by running away it as it transforms.  He only
seems to do this once if you're doing this right, but leave him alone and
he'll revert to using this tactic.  Fall down said hole and you lose a life.
He will also slap you if you're too close and will fire missiles at you.  He
can also summon goons, like Falsetto could earlier, but this time that can
actually help YOU.  If the goon tries to fire a laser blast at you, avoid it
by ducking and it will hit Gemini (use squat kicks to attack him whilst 
doing this).  When Gemini isn't attacking with missiles hit him, he'll block,
but will get knocked back to the right slightly.  Kill the goon if you want
but sometimes Gemini will do that for you with his missiles or holes.  As 
soon as Gemini hits the Big Red Button he gets KO'd and you rescue Rufus
and complete the level.

6-4: Shego

In the previous game Shego was a bit lacklustre, not this time, however!  She
will NOT let up on you this time!  She has similar attacks to what Kim has.
She has a Slide attack, a jump kick attack and can slash you with her powers 
active (green glow) either once (with an over head Slash, can be ducked under
and counterattacked with Squat kicks) or twice (run away to avoid.  She will
also try to avoid your attacks by ducking or using backflips.  A decent
strategy is to Wall Jump and bounce on her head three times and runaway (or
you'll get attacked).  Rushing in with standard attacks normally ends up with
you getting pummelled and you're gonna need all the energy/lives in a minute.
Avoid her attacks and beat the HP bar out of her to go straight onto...

6-5: Dr. Drakken

And this time he's built a giant robot!  (Gee... Mad scientists are being
REALLY original for final bosses today aren't they? *glares at the likes
of Dr. Eggman*) Any way Equip the Mirror - it'll help, Greatly!  This boss
is separated into three stages:
First Stage: Drakken has three attacks:  When the mechanical hand spins and
charges energy (glows) he'll shoot a laser at you (deflect with the Mirror),
but if the hand doesn't glow - he's going to rush you like the destructo-
bots did.  When he does rush you run to the wall, do a Wall Jump and hit his 
head.  If he retracts one of his arms he'll try to pinch you at 
close range, avoid by ducking, and use the squat kick to counterattack.  
After a bit of beating him up the legs will explode and Drakken takes to the
Second Stage: Now from here it becomes problematic.  He can still shoot a 
laser at you (can still be deflected at him to deal damage). He will still try
to pinch you from close range.  But he has a new attack: he will bounce on the 
floor in an attempt to crush poor Kim.  To avoid this head to the nearest 
wall and jump off it (best to Dash & Long Jump to the wall).  Drakken flies
too high to punch so you'll have to jump and kick him (A + B).  With another
third of his energy gone, the arms will blow up.
IMPORTANT: If you leave Drakken alone on this stage the legs will regenerate 
and Drakken will be back at full health and you'd have to repeat stage one 
Third Stage: You'd think Drakken should be easy pickings now?  Well, he's 
going to make it difficult for you.  You'll find it helpful to swap the mirror
now for the Grappling Hook.  The machine spits out those annoying homing
bombs from earlier on in the level from the bottom of it making it hard for
you to get a hit on it without taking damage.  Just remember that you can
attack the bombs to make them explode without taking any damage.
Regardless, the machine is flying too high now  for a conventional jump attack
to hit home so you'll have to use the the Grapling hook:  Grapple onto the
ceiling above jump off and attack him.  Once again, you had better not let
up on doing this as if you leave him alone Drakken will regenerate the arms
and you'll be back at stage 2.  Get rid of the remaining energy to make
Drakken's robot to blowup completely.
If you get low on health I noticed small first aid kits at the top left/right
of this section.  To get to them try grappling the left/right hand side of the
ceiling, jump left/right and Wall Jump to it.
I think you can get to it using regular Wall Jumps, but Drakken has to be
nearby as you have to jump onto his head to get high enough to do this, so
this can only be done at stage 1 or stage 2 when you can hit him on the head!
I'm not sure if this method works as Drakken's head is hard to get to when he's
so near the wall...
Congratulations!! You just beat Kim Possible 2!

7. Card Collection

Essentially this section was put in to put some more longevity onto the game.
Many of the levels (except the specific levels, 1-4, 2-4 and 3-4 and the 
bosses) have at least three cards.  Grabbing them all and completing the level
WITHOUT LOSING EVERY LIFE (i.e. no game over) awards you the card emblem in
the GJ SIM (I think you get the cards regardless... I'm not sure).  I'll show
you where I found the one's I got!  Note that they are
NOT in some specific order, this is the order I found them in.  Also, I'll 
tell you if you need a technique, such as Wall Jumping, if it isn't available 
in that level but I won't tell you if you need it if you unlocked it for that 
level & beyond (I won't tell you if you need to use Wall Jump if the card is
in episode 3 as you will have unlocked it by then, yet I will if it is in
episode 1 if you understand what I mean...)

To view the cards you've obtained go into the Extras menu after loading a 
Game or in the pause menu and select Card Collection.  Once there, use the
D-pad to select a card and press the A button to view it.  Use the L and R
shoulder buttons to flick between the two pages.  Pressing the B button
returns you to the main menu (from the collection) and back to the 
collection if you're viewing a card.  When veiwing a card, use the D-Pad or
The L and R shoulder buttons to view other cards withouot having to exit
view mode and finding the card (such a hassle...)

Episode 1-1
Five (5) cards in this level
* {requires Wall Jump} use lipstick on the first hole at the start of the 
  level and Wall Jump on the neon lights to get the card.  Easy as pie!
* {requires Wall Jump & Judo Throw} get to the hole mentioned for card #1.
  Use the lipstick on the hole and bounce up.  Wall Jump between the neon 
  lights and grab the flagpole.  Head left onto the blue light and onto the
  flagpole above it.  Carry on to the left.  Equip the Grappling Hook before
  Wall Jumping the orange neon sign.  Grapple the ledge above and jump right
  to the green ledge you see a green goon.  Use Judo Throw on him and he'll 
  smash the glass window in front of you.  Jump to where the window was.
  Kill the goon and nab the card inside that room.
* {requires Wall Jump} Follow the walkthrough for card #2 but ignore the green
  goon.  Instead, jump left onto the other platform and kill that goon 
  instead.  Use lipstick on the hole and jump up to the card.
* {MAY require Long Jump} Get past the wrecking balls on the construction site
  and jump onto the boxes.  From there you'll see an upward moving girder.
  Jump onto it when it stops.  When it gets to the top jump right for the
  card.  (If you don't feel confident with your jumping skills, come
  back when you have the Long Jump ability and Long Jump there instead,
  altough it isn't needed...)
* {requires the Long Jump and the Wall Jump} This one's easy to miss.  Go down 
  the lower route from the start of the level until you get to the 
  construction site.  Go Right and use the Long Jump (or use the Grappling 
  Hook, if you want the targets) over every hole except the last one.  There 
  are also 3 goons on the way so kill 'em.  Fall down the last one and kill 
  the goon.  Look right and take a Long Jump leap of faith to the vertical
  girder on the right and Wall Jump up (be careful if you fall, you lose a 
  life).  When you get to the top if you grabbed onto the left hand side,
  GREAT, climb up and get the card but otherwise jump the gap and collect it,
  either way is fine!

Episode 1-2
Three (3) cards on this level
* From the Start, go right either jumping or use the Grappling Hook to get 
  over the pits (be careful, some have piranha in them) until you see a hole 
  in the floor.  Above it is a ledge with another hole.  Use the lipstick and 
  jump into the second hole, then use the lipstick on the second hole.  Grab
  that ledge and take the card.
* Take the lower route through the level and go right.  At the far right jump
  on the flagpoles to get up then jump onto the ledges until you get to the 
  entrance to the tower.  From this ledge take a running jump to the left and
  you'll grab the platform with the card on it.  Get yourself up onto it to 
  get the card.
* {requires Wall Jump, Judo Throw and Long Jump} Notice the wooden wall and 
  the string of collectibles going up it after the first pit at the start of 
  the level?  Good, as that's where you've got to go.  You will nearly always
  take a hit from the spikes in the middle but it shouldn't matter.  Get to 
  the top and use the flagpole there to get over the spikes.  Long Jump over 
  the gap onto the right (kill the goon BTW) and use the upper flagpoles 
  there.  On the last one jump right and Wall Jump to the highest one.
  That's how you get onto the platform.  Kill the goon and throw the green one
  into the window.  Go in and grab the card.  Throw the second goon into the 
  other window to continue on.

Episode 1-3
Three (3) cards on this level  
NOTE: To even think about getting these cards, come back with the Wall Jump
ability.  You have the Wall Jump ability?  Good!
* From the start use lipstick on the hole and kill the goon.  Bounce on the 
  glue trampoline onto the pole.  Swing left and kill the goon.  Wall Jump
  off the wall and fire a Grappling Hook directly upwards and swing right
  with it.  Kill the goon and wreck the computer.  This stops the electricity
  trap below you.  Get back to the glue trampoline and bounce to the bookcase.
  Now here's where it's difficult: from there grab the nearest flagpole and 
  jump towards the right hand wall and Wall Jump upwards.  Now this would be 
  fine if it weren't for the spikes at the side - you hit them, you crash to 
  the bottom!  Anyway when you get up there use the Grappling Hook to get all
  the goodies up there, including an extra life and the card.  Just watch out
  for the wrecking ball!
* {requires Judo Throw} Destroy the first dog statue and get past all the mace
  traps.  Kill the two goons and put lipstick into the hole.  Jump up and wall 
  jump to the top (again there are spikes... careful)  Green Goon needs to be
  thrown into window, then follow him.  Kill the goon, jump over the bookcase
  and kill the other 2 goons.  A taco pyramid... pretty cool!  Anyway look
  upwards and you'll see that the card tops the pyramid.  Get to it using the
  Grappling Hook.
* Follow guide to finding the second card on this level until you come to the
  Green Goon.  Kill him (if you want) but continue RIGHT (i.e don't go
  through the window).  Kill the goon and destroy the statue (it's on a
  ledge that's too high for standard attacks so either use running jump
  kicks (NOT DASHING, attacks won't reach otherwise) or swing into it using
  the Grappling Hook (though you may have to jump off and attack from 
  there) ).  Regardless, once it's broken, jump over the rubble and grab the

Episode 2-1
NOTE: for episodes 2-1 and 2-2 branches act like monkey bars and twigs act 
like flagpoles.  I said this earlier inthe FAQ, so consider this a reminder.
Three (3) cards await you on this level
* From the start kill the snowman and use lipstick on the hole to bounce up.
  Jump to the top of the cliff using the trees.  Use your newly acquired 
  Long Jump to jump over the two gaps (it's doable... but if you don't want 
  to you can grapple the first pit instead, but the second one MUST be long
  jumped).  Use the twigs as flagpoles and jump up to the top to the tree 
  then jump to the ledge.  Use the grapple hook to get across the huge gap
  to the left (follow the targets if you're unsure).  Kill the snowman and 
  jump on the twig, then jump onto the branch.  At the end drop off on to 
  the twig and drop off that to the ground.  Kill the two snowmen and stand
  on the stump.  Jump right using the twigs and grapple on the ceiling.
  Hold down so you swing further and faster and jump when your  farthest
  right to get the ledge.  Careful, the ledge collapses so jump on the twig
  to the left quickly.  Jump right after that and kill the snowman, then
  melt the ice wall to the right with hot sauce.  Go into the cavern it
  blocked to get the card.
* There's a hole just before the end of the level you can use the lipstick 
  on.  Use it then equip the Grappling Hook.  Bounce and fire the grappling 
  hook to the left and continue left until the passage narrows.  Hold down
  so you can jump through (you may still need to grapple the ceiling mind).
  Melt the ice wall on the left and go into the room.  Jump and grapple
  upwards to get the card.
* {requires Wall Jump} go right at the start of the level, but don't use 
  lipstick on the hole to advance, well not yet anyway.  Kill the snowmen
  with hot sauce and go right onto a second ledge and kill the remaining 
  snowmen, then go to the edge of the ledge you're on.  Jump and grapple onto
  the wall then jump onto the tree branch on the right.  Go right and land on
  the tree.  Jump and Grapple upwards (hold up then press R) to grapple the
  piece of wood (or Wall Jump off the cliff on the right and fire normally).
  Grapple to the edge of the wood then jump off to the left and Wall Jump onto
  the wooden platform to get the card.  Backtrack and use lipstick on the hole
  to advance.

Episode 2-2
Four (4) cards are on this level
* Jump over the pits at the start and carry on to the right.  Jump to the 
  trees, then onto the branch heading right.  If you land on the tree with ice
  on it melt the ice wall there for an extra life.  But if you fell down to
  another branch (pointing left) Melt the Ice wall and the snowman.  The card
  is to the right of the snowman.
* After you've jumped the pits at the start, grapple left and kill the 
  snowman.  Jump onto the twig and jump right onto the wooden platform.  Run
  right, killing all the snowmen until youcome to a set of twigs.  Use them
  to go right to the ledge.  Use the branch to get to the tree, then use the
  other branch to reach the other side (watch the golf ball).  Kill the
  snowman on the other side and jump over the stump.  Melt the Ice wall and 
  climb up, melt the second ice wall and the snowman.  There's a first aid kit
  here as well as the card.
* {requires Wall Jump} from the second card jump onto the stump you jumped 
  over before and jump onto the ledge.  Equip and use the Grappling Hook to
  get to the other side and onto the twig.  Jump right to the ledge and jump
  right to the tree.  Now Long Jump left to the twig.  Follow the twigs left
  to the branch.  Fall off the branch onto twig and fall off that.  Go left
  and attack the snowman (no hot sauce).  Whilst it's stunned, run towards the
  ice and press down when you're on it.  The ice will let you slide through 
  the narrow gap.  Kill the snowman there for an extra life then Wall Jump off
  the wall you ducked under before to get to the tree.  Jump off that onto the
  ledge to get the card. 
* {requires Wall Jump} From card #3 Get out of the passage the same way you 
  came in (slide using the ice) and jump onto the collapsing platform, then
  onto the one onto the left.  Jump right onto the branch and proceed right
  until you reach a lone twig above a path of ice.  Wall Jump to it and jump
  right.  Wall Jump upwards and go left.  Melt the snowman and the ice wall and
  proceed left.  Wall Jump upwards and head right.  Melt snowman and ice wall 
  and go inside the cavern to obtain the card.

Episode 2-3
Three (3) Cards available here!  All these cards are pretty easy to miss as
they're all near the end of the level.
* After you've avoided the first set of lightning traps jump onto the barrel 
  And jump left.  Avoid the lightning traps here and carry on to the right
  (ignore the hole for now).  You'll see some more of those cogs with
  platforms on them.  They're the only way to get to the card on the other 
  side so jump carefully as there's red pipes underneath and they hurt!
* Remember the hole I asked you to ignore the hole for card #1?  Get to it and
  use lipstick on it to get to the platform above you.  Grab the goodies,
  including an extra life and wait for the bar on the LEFT hand side (if you
  impatient, grapple onto the ceiling and go left, you need to use the
  Grappling Hook anyway to nap the extra life).  When on the other side avoid
  the Lightning traps and get the card.
* {requires Wall Jump} Get past the first set of lightning traps and jump onto 
  the barrel.  Long Jump right onto the blue wall and quickly Wall Jump up.
 (there's a lightning trap there)  Get to the top and go right for the card.

Episode 3-1
Three (3) Cards available here!
* From the start, grapple the blue platform above you to the right and wall 
  jump between the neon sign & the building.  When you get to the top head 
  right and jump on the flagpole.  Head left and finish on the orange neon 
  sign.  Fall off and head left until you see more neon signs.  There's a
  trick to getting up from here.  From a distance, Jump & grapple onto the
  neon sign and hold down whilst Kim is swinging right-to-left.  When Kim is
  swinging left-to-right hold up.  When she starts swinging the other way
  press jump and hold left and press A near the wall to Wall Jump upwards.
  There's probably an easier way - but I haven't found it yet.  Anyway wall
  jump to the neon sign to the left of that to get to a platform.  A hole here
  indicates you use the lipstick... but kill the goon first.  Bound upwards
  and go for the things sticking out of the Ron sign - they act like
  flagpoles.  Jump off to the right on all of the poles and you should get the
  card on the way.
  **EASIER METHOD** From the start, grapple over the pit and wall jump up to
  the top of the orange coloured building.  Kill the goon and jump onto the
  flagpole on the right hand side.  Jump left from the first one, then right
  to the next one.  from there jump right towards the wall and walljump
  upwards and to the top of the green building (if you landed on the other
  building then long jump to the green one).  from there kill the goon and
  long jump to the flagpoles on the Ron sign are, where the card lies in
  wait... (I only figured out the easier way recently - I must have done it
  that way before and didn't realise it)
* Instead of jumping on the flagpole to get to card #1 jump onto the brown
  pipes instead.  You'll land on a platform with (surprise, surprise) a hole
  (gee... shouldn't the people of Middleton get off their butts and FIX those
  things!!) Use lipstick and bounce.  Grapple right so you land on the purple
  building.  Jump onto the pipe and drop off when you're underneath the
  flagpole on the right. When you're on this flagpole drop off it, you'll
  land on another flagpole.  Jump right, kill the goon and grab the card.
* {Requires Judo Throw} Before you have to walljump up to the helecopter to
  end the level, carry on to the right and you'll see a green goon.  Throw him
  into the window and wall jump upwards.  Climb up and kill the goons on the
  way.  When you cannot go any further Wall Jump off the wall and onto a brown
  pipe.  Go left and you'll see the card underneath the pipe.  Drop down when
  you're level with it.

Episode 3-2
Three (3) Cards available here!  Note that you can get these mainly by 
following the guide I gave to get to the computers as they're on the way - 
so most of the descriptions are similar.  Here there's more specific
instructions on how to get the cards.
* Follow the first computer guide 'till you reach the lightning traps.
  Kill the goon at the end and jump on the next platform.  drop down and
  defeat the goon near the pink pipe (Monkey Bars).  Jump to the Monkey Bars 
  and fall of at the end.  On occasion you'll jump onto an enemy's head and 
  land on a platform.  Carry on left and Long Jump to the moving platform, 
  then jump left to the platform with the enemy on it (the one with 4 bananas
  and a target on it).  Jump onto the higher flagpole and jump to the right.
  Wall Jump to the ledge, then Wall Jump to the top of the two pipes then
  fall down to the left to get the card.  (there is a way to walljump between
  the two pipes near the card, but this way is easier, cos waljumping's a
  pain!! ;) )
* From the two pipes (i.e. where you fell off to get card #1) Jump to the
  right to the next one.  From that jump onto the flagpole.  Jump off to
  the left and Wall Jump.  There are three flagpoles here, and on all of
  them go right towards two more pipes.  Drop down the pit to the right
  and nab the card.
  (You can also Wall Jump upwards towards it but my way's easier :P)
* {requires Judo Throw} At the end of the level destroy the second computer 
  (follow the walkthrough) so you can get on the lift to the exit but don't 
  use it yet.  To the left of it is a green goon.  Judo Throw him to break 
  the window.  Go into the far left of the room, being careful of the
  electricity traps, and use the Grappling Hook to get the card.  (You may 
  need to jump upwards to hit the celing, then jump to the right to get it)

Episode 3-3
Three (3) Cards available here!
* When you've done the first annoying Wall Jumping part (the part with the
  moving spiky bricks) mash the computer up on the right then proceed to the
  left.  Use the stealth suit on the conveyer belts to avoid getting hit by 
  lasers.  Drop down, and go past the platform with a hole in it when you get
  the chance and on the far left smash the computer.  Now go right, through
  the conveyers, goons & lasers using the stealth suit.  At the end kill the
  goon and get the card.
* From card #1 get back to the platform with the hole in it (the one I told
  you to ignore before)and use the lipstick.  Bounce up to the flagpole.
  Immediately you'll see the card above you.  Jump to the left and grapple
  upwards where the first aid kit is and grapple to the right for the card.
* {requires Judo Throw} at the end of the level there's a window and a green 
  goon to the right of the exit (By exit on this level, I mean the hole you 
  have to use the lipstick on to get to the vertical tunnel).  Throw said 
  goon into the window and get the extra life.  Go right, jump over the 
  cannon and kill the goon. Repeat this process again and get the card.
  Just watch out for the cannon on the right.  You can always use the mirror
  to destroy the cannons if you think they're gonna be a hastle.

Episode 4-1
Three (3) Cards up for grabs!
NOTE: you have all techniques and items by now so I won't be telling you 
what you need. *evil smirk*
* When you've gone through the red building, drop down the first gap (Wall 
  Jump on the way down so you don't get hurt) and land on the boxes.  Head
  left at the bottom and throw the green goon into the window (he should kill
  the red goon ahead as well).  Wall Jump to the card on the platform above
* From Card #1 go back to the boxes you landed on, jump over them and go 
  through the next building.  Kill the goons and exit on the right.  Jump onto
  the box then Wall Jump up to the top.  Go right towards the yellow building.
  Jump to the platform with the goon on and kill him then Long Jump to the red
  wall and Wall Jump to the flagpole jump right and Wall Jump to the next
  flagpole.  Do this again and jump off the third flagpole to reach the top of
  the red building.  Grab the brown pipe and go left to its end (watch out for
  bombs) and kill the goon.  Go inside the building, kill the remaining goon 
  and Wall Jump for the card.
* I almost kicked myself for missing this one!  Back near the beginning of the
  level, after the blue building with the Drakken sign, drop down on the right
  to the bottom of the level on the right hand side of it. You'll see a hole.
  Use lipstick and jump on.  You can reach a suspicious ledge coming from the
  blue building on the left or you can jump to it via the flagpole.  When your
  in get the card and kill the goon.

Episode 4-2
Three (3) Cards available here!  The cards here are pretty close together,
making life a little easier!  You can actually get these cards in sequence, 
as shown here:
* From the start Wall Jump upwards, jump onto the edge on the left then the 
  blue ledge to the right.  Use lipstick on the hole and jump to left hand 
  flagpole.  Jump left to get an extra life then go back and jump right on the
  flagpole, as well as the other two and land on the platform.  Long Jump to
  the next platform and kill the goon.  Climb the brown pipe to the right and
  you'll get the card on the way.
* From card #1 carry on going right until you fall.  Try to fall onto the 
  yellow building. Go to the far right and Long Jump to the green goon.
  Throw him into the window and enter the building.  Use the Grappling Hook on
  the ceiling and go right.  Watch the bomb and head for the small passage
  you'll see on the right.  The card is in there.  
* Directly after card #2 fall off the ledge and throw the goon into the 
  window.  There's a card there!  Throw the green goon on the right to get 

Episode 4-3
Three (3) Cards to snag!  It helps to slow down when you're jumping on crates 
or onto goons' heads.
* These have to be the most awkward cards to get, mainly because they are in
  obvious, but hard to reach, places - especially when you're always moving.
  Anyway, from the start, kill the goon, duck under the flyway then jump and
  kick the boxes and duck.  Jump and attack the satellite dish, duck again, 
  then jump over the gap.  Jump on the next goons head to get onto the 
  platform then jump on the second goon's head, then kick the satellite dish.
  Jump over the gaps until you see green chevron markings, these will speed 
  you up when touched.  Jump to get the extra life and hit the next chevrons
  so you can jump far enough to get to the next platform and the card.  Fall
  down, defeat the goon and jump the gap to face Shego. (Make sure you fall
  and not jump or accelerate, otherwise you end up in the pit and getting
* After evading Shego the first time, jump and attack the satellite dish and 
  carry on till you see two goons.  Jump on the first one's head, then get 
  onto the second one's head and jump onto the canopy (the first one's 
  optional, but it helps if you jump on him).  Kick the boxes and
  carry on left jump the gaps till you see more chevron markings and jump
  when you skate over the boxes, jump off the end of the platform to get to
  another platform to the card.  Carry on to meet Shego again.
* After you evade Shego for the second time jump the first three gaps and slow
  down.  Jump on the boxes, then jump onto the other boxes.  Jump onto the
  ledge.  Oh goodie... a construction site!  Break the boxes.  You cannot
  reach the next gap by simply jumping, however, there's a goon in the middle
  of the gap.  Best way to get over is to jump, slow down and hit the goon's
  head, then accelerate again.  You'll hit more chevrons to jump the gap and
  then more chevrons.  You'll find the card on the way (you may have to jump).  
  See...? That wasn't so difficult was it?

Episode 4-4
Three (3) Cards available here!
* These cards are probably the easiest to miss in the whole game!  Ok there's 
  a hole right at the end of the level right?  Use lipstick on it and bounce 
  up to the flagpole and jump left from that.  Kill the goon and apply 
  lipstick to the nearby hole.  Bounce up to the moving platforms.  When they
  get to their highest jump to the girder and grab the card.
* From the second moving monkey bar section (which drops down and to the
  left) Fall down the hole on the end and grab the pink coloured pipe and go
  right until the end (watch the wrecking ball) Drop off and grab the 
  platform.  Wait for the monkey bars to appear on the right and take it all
  the way to the end (watch the saws).  Fall on the flagpoles and drop down.
  Go right either by grappling on the ceiling or using the flagpoles below
  and go to the gap into the floor (flagpoles are easier).  Jump over it and
  grapple upwards and (hopefully) hit one of the rotating platforms.  Jump
  onto one of them and jump to the left.  Kill the goon and Wall Jump to the
  platform above you.  Go right, jump over the hole and wreck the computer.
  That stops the lightning trap above you.  Use lipstick on the hole and
  jump for the card.  If you grapple the ceiling it is likely you'll be able
  to get to one of the moving platforms without grappling onto one, but this
  is harder to do mind.
* From card #2 bounce up to the ledge on the right then jump over the gap.
  Kill the destructo-bots on the way whilst running on the conveyers (watch 
  out for the maces, and you can't use the stealth suit because they're 
  going the other way).  Grab the card at the end and smash the computer.
  Equip the stealth suit and use it on the conveyers to escape without harm.

THERE!  Every card found!

8: "I won't tell Felix about your cheatcodes as long as you don't tell anyone
    I had NO idea what I was doing..." (Cheats)

Here's Where All The cheats will go (there're not that many so no harm done

Level Select
Getting the level Select isn't hard, especially if you've been folloing my
guide :P  But I digress, Beat the Game and let the game save.  When you
eventually get back to the title screen load up your completed game and head
into the extras menu.  Look for the Global Justice Sim option and select it.
You'll should then have a level select.  It'll tell you if you've killed all
the badguys/got all cards/collectables.  You can access this earlier but
you'll only get up to the level you're currently on.  You will NOT get any
of the storyline using the Level Select.  You must replay the game on another
save file.

Action Replay
These Codes require you to have a Gameshark or an Action Replay Cartridge for
your GBA.  Make sure you enter the MASTER CODE before you start playing or
you might wreck something within the game... Never Any Good.  The Codes were
found at codejunkies.com.  Thanks to Scott Nelson for letting me know about


Infinite Health

Infinite Lives

Max Score

Easter Eggs
If you have this game, a Nintendo DS and Kim Possible 4: Kimmunicator, place
this game in the GBA slot before playing Kimmunicator and you'll be able to
use the Stelth Suit as a wearable outfit in Kimmunicator.  It's caled Commando

9: FAQs and stuff

If you wanna ask a question about this FAQ or something about the game e-mail
or IM me (see Contact info)

Q. Can I use your FAQ on my site?
A. E-mail me first and ask nicely and I might say yes!

Q. Can I use a PART of your FAQ as part of my FAQ/Site?
A. Again E-mail me first and I might say yes, just give credit where credit is

Q. I've got a better strategy for beating *boss*!
A. Well if you have tell me, if it's good enough (IE it works)I'll put it on
   the FAQ with FULL credit to ya!

Q. Some Method for doing something doesn't work...
A. It should do...  All methods of doing stuff in the game have been tried
   and tested by the authour (me, Shadio X) before being added to the FAQ.
   If it don't work, then it isn't here.  It might be that you're doing
   something wrong (and, to be honest If it's Walljumping: I won't blame
   ya... but my methods still work)

10: Credits, Contact Info and Legal stuff

I'd like to thank:

* ME!  For creating this FAQ! ^_^
* Nullsoft - For Inventing Winamp
* Trapt, Crush 40, Ill Nino and The Offspring for some kick ass music to
  listen to whilst doing this!
* Amber for telling me what the A Button does in Episode 2-4.
* Scott Neilson for finding The Action Replay/Gameshark Codes.
* http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ for the ASCII title

There are the credits... for now

IMPORTANT: As of version 1.11 I have changed my E-mail address.  I
will ONLY accept e-mail from ShadioXPossible<at>gmail<dot>com due to too
much spam in my HotMail inbox.  shadioofsmeg@hotmail.com will still
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ALSO: As of version 2.0, Due to it getting hacked I no longer use the
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ALSO ALSO: As of version 2.2, I now also use ShadioXPossible<at>gmail<dot>com
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tell me and yoou get 100% credit (first come first credited tho...)
Better Strategies: I'm always looking for those, seeing as these are *MY*
strategies for the levels and stuff you might have your own - tell me and
You'll get some credit!
Hints: also very useful
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