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Guide and Walkthrough by Zelikman

Version: 2.01 | Updated: 04/26/2008
FAQ of the Month Winner: July 2006

DK: King of Swing
Author: Cameron White (PanzerJumper[at]gmail.com)

Table of Contents [TOC]
Note: to use the search function, hit Ctrl+F [command+F if you're a Mac user]
and type in the [keycode] of the chapter you need to access.

1. Table of Contents..................[TOC]
2. Introduction.......................[INT]
3. Version Information................[VER]
4. Copyright Information..............[CPY]
5. Walkthrough........................[WLK]
   5.1 Jungle World...................[100]
      5.1.1 Banana Bungalow...........[101]
      5.1.2 Tropical Treetops.........[102]
      5.1.3 Contraption Cave..........[103]
      5.1.4 Puzzling Pyramid..........[104]
      5.1.5 Congazuma's Castle........[105]
   5.2 Wild West World................[200]
      5.2.1 Necky's Canyon............[201]
      5.2.2 Cactus Woods..............[202]
      5.2.3 Madcap Mine...............[203]
      5.2.4 Treacherous Twister.......[204]
      5.2.5 Fire Necky's Nest.........[205]
   5.3 Aqua World.....................[300]
      5.3.1 Risky Reef................[301]
      5.3.2 Lockjaw Falls.............[302]
      5.3.3 Ship of Souls.............[303]
      5.3.4 Kremling Kamp.............[304]
      5.3.5 Davy Bones' Locker........[305]
   5.4 Ice World......................[400]
      5.4.1 Cold Cold Forest..........[401]
      5.4.2 Raging Ravine.............[402]
      5.4.3 Underwater Ruins..........[403]
      5.4.4 Ice Castle................[404]
      5.4.5 Sassy Squatch's Lair......[405]
   5.5 K. Kruizer III.................[500]
      5.5.1 Booster Barrel Skyway.....[501]
      5.5.2 K. Kruizer III Artillery..[502]
      5.5.3 K. Kruizer III Hull.......[503]
      5.5.4 K. Kruizer III Engine.....[504]
      5.5.5 King K. Rool..............[505]
6. Jungle Jam Events..................[JJE]
   6.1 Climbing Race..................[JJ1]
   6.2 Obstacle Course................[JJ2]
   6.3 Attack Battle..................[JJ3]
   6.4 Barrel Blast...................[JJ4]
   6.5 Color Change...................[JJ5]
7. Unlockables........................[UNL]
8. Conclusion.........................[CON]

Introduction [INT]

Greetings. My name is Cameron White, known to board users as Tidus9554
and known by contributor name as Zelikman. After a two-year hiatus of no
activity, I have decided to return to writing FAQs. The primary reason behind
this is because, well, I miss how much fun it is for me to write them.

I must ask your patience in reading this FAQ. Given the unusual layout of this
game, it is rather difficult to write a decent walkthrough without being some-
what vague about the details. I am going to assume that you at least paid
attention to the EXTREMELY useful tutorial given at the beginning of the game;
that will at least help you understand what I'm talking about when I say
"charge up and attack". The things you swing on in this game I refer to as
"pegs"; large platforms of pegs will often be referred to by their sides (i.e
a 3x3 platform means that there are 3 pegs going horizontal and 3 pegs going
vertical - a total of 9 pegs).

Note that this FAQ assumes that you are going for at least one Bronze, Silver,
and Gold Medal in each world, but are not interested in Crystal Coconuts. As
such, all events dealing with Crystal Coconuts (save for the first Coconut)
are set aside and labelled as **BONUS**. The end of this FAQ will also list
all of the Crystal Coconuts and where to obtain them.

Enough jabbering, then. Let's begin!

Version Information [VER]

Kremling: The main walkthrough is complete, including all Medals and Crystal
          Coconuts. There's still the matter of FAQing the Jungle Jam Events,
          but that will come in a later version. I am officially sick of
          playing this game, and equally sick of looking at this guide. Please
          send me a picture of a giant hammer so that I may Photoshop it into
          a picture of myself, thus allowing me to unleash anger in a healthy
Zinger:   Jungle Jam Events is complete. I also changed the search function a
          little bit - for some reason, I didn't like using dots so I changed
          them to zeroes. We can now consider this guide to be complete.
Kong:     Checking format, updating contact and copyright information. Also
          noting my change in contributor name.
2.0:      To prevent confusion, I'm switching the guide versions over to
          numbers. Also gave me an excuse to scan over the guide for any last
          inaccuracies or typos. Hello, Guide 2.0!
2.01:     Updating the copyright to ensure maximum protection. Feeling pretty
          confident that this guide is complete, though. May update the layout
          because this one is really ugly.

Copyright Information [CPY]

This file is Copyright (c)2006-2012 by Cameron White. All rights

This file may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
and private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission, except for all websites
affiliated with GameFAQs. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part
of any public display for profit is strictly prohibited; use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display for no profit MUST
gain written consent by the author before use.

Walkthrough [WLK]

Medals: Bronze (Tropical Treetops), Bronze (Contraption Cave),
        Silver (Puzzling Pyramid), Gold (Congazuma's Castle)
Crystal Coconuts: Banana Bungalow, Tropical Treetops, Contraption Cave,
                  Puzzling Pyramid
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Banana Bungalow| [101]
The first area is easy enough - all you have to do is swing up to the top. Do
so, collecting bananas along the way (you'll need them in a little bit, trust
me). When you reach the top, head right into the next area.

Climb up through this next area, again collecting more bananas. Near the top,
you'll encounter your first enemy, a Dragonfly. Knock him out to collect your
first Crystal Coconut (yay)! Grab the banana at the top, then head right on
the platform to exit. Easy, eh?
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Tropical Treetops| [102]
The second level is nearly as easy as the first. From the start, make your way
up, knocking out Dragonfly enemies as you encounter them, and head right once
you land on the platform.

In the next area, whack the Dragonfly and proceed onward. You'll find a bunch
of slowly rotating pegs which you can hold onto for a ride. If you want the
bananas on the side, you can either throw yourself from the rotating pegs
higher up, or you can use the stationary pegs further down to launch onto the
bouncing tires, giving you easy access to the pair of bananas on each side.

If you're going for completion, the Crystal Coconut can be found in this Bonus
Level, easily accessible from the rotating pegs. Your goal here is to grab
every single banana within the time limit. While this is practically
impossible to do regularly, Going Bananas makes it almost too easy. So, Go
Bananas and move quickly and you'll easily nab the Crystal Coconut for this

Jump onto the platform and head right into the next area. If you came from the
Bonus level, just keep holding down R (or Right on the D-Pad, whichever you
use for movement) and you'll easily jump from the Bonus platform to the other

In the next area, head up and take the Dragonfly out (I recommend dinner and a
movie, but if you're a true pimp, might as well go all the way on the first
date), then progress upward and forcibly remove the barrels from your path.
You'll then come across three vertically-moving platforms of pegs and three
Dragonflies guarding said platforms. Choose a side, then KO the corresponding
Dragonfly and use the platform to continue onward (of course, if you're hungry
for bananas, no one's stopping you from exterminating the other two Flies,
either). From here, use the two slow-moving horizontal platform pegs to
progress up to the top of the level. At the very top is a barrel which
conceals your first medal (a Bronze Medal to be exact). The exit platform is
right there, too. Huzzah!
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Contraption Cave| [103]
From the start, move underneath the pegs, charge up, and release when a rat
is just above you to take him out. Immediately grab onto the pegs and knock
out the other rat, collecting the bananas in the process. From the outer,
smaller platform pegs, KO the Kremling swinging around just above you, then
make your way upward. You'll eventually come across a set of small pegs
surrounding a package of 5 bananas and two swinging Kremlins. You can either
knock out the Kremlins or swing around them, but it's imperative that you grab 
the bananas (I'd knock out the Kremlins anyway, since they also give
off bananas). The arrow platform is immediately following this, so swing on up
and head to the right.

In this next area, you'll notice a new object - a switch with two yellow 
handles. Use your charged jump to reach the handles, then grab hold 
with both hands to activate a row of platform pegs behind the barrels 
just ahead of you. Now progress upward, destroying the barrels and 
snacking on their juicy insides. Notice in the upper right that there's 
another switch here. Grab hold of it to unleash a couple more 
platform pegs. Use one of the two new arrivals to swing over to the 
icy platform and grab the package of bananas, then make your way 
up to yet another switch. Activate it, then use the new platforms that 
appear to KO the rat. From there, swing upward and onto the arrow 
platform, then move right to the next area.

To gain access to the bonus barrel sitting atop this area, you'll need 
to make your way up to the switch hovering just above the arrow 
platform, then use the pegs it reveals to launch yourself over to the 
barrel platform. It's easier to do if you Go Bananas, but I wouldn't 
recommend it because you're going to need your insanity for the 
Bonus Level.

This Bonus Level has barrels... thousands of them. (OK, not really, 
but it's still a substantial number.) You'll have to eliminate them all 
and grab the bananas inside, THEN get to the top of the level and 
grab the Crystal Coconut to be successful. This is IMPOSSIBLE to 
do regularly, so here's what you do. First, Go Bananas and charge-
jump your way through the first two columns of barrels (you can do 
this by shooting yourself into the space between the columns of 
barrels). Combined with you Going Bananas, you can easily clear 
this first column and probably get through most of the second column 
before your insanity runs out. If that should happen, just Go Bananas 
again and continue with your barrel massacre. Don't forget to knock 
out the barrel on the top and grab the banana it contains, then nab 
the Crystal Coconut to clear this Bonus Level.

The final area of this level has a number of carts on tracks with 
wheels attached, from which you can swing with either hand. 
However, the hand you attach to the wheel determines the direction 
you travel. From the ground, you have access to two carts. The one 
on the left will take you up near the Bronze Medal - use your left hand 
to do so. The one on the right will give you easy access to the end 
of the level. I recommend you take the one on the left, so go ahead 
and ride the cart on the left to the top. Here, you'll see some pegs 
and a horizontal cart, which will require you use your right hand to 
move forward. Ride that cart to the pegs on the other side, where 
you'll find another horizontal cart. This one will move forward with 
your left hand, so grab hold with your left hand and move onward. 
(The bat hovering above you has a package of five bananas in his 
possession, in case you're low and need to re-stock.) At the end of 
the cart ride, you'll see two small peg platforms and a barrel - destroy 
the barrel and you'll nab the Bronze Medal!

From those two small peg platforms, jump onto the big orange peg 
platform and ride the cart (grab hold with your right hand lest you 
become bat fodder) to the exit platform.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Puzzling Pyramid| [104]
As this level starts, you'll see an orange peg platform with a wheel in the
center. Grab hold of this wheel and it will move the grey platforms at the top
of your screen. Once you have a clear shot upward into the next area, stop
swinging and jump through the clearing to the next part. Here you'll see two
rats on either side of you; they are safely ignored, but will give off bananas
if you take them out. There's another wheel contraption above you which will
draw out a peg platform for you to use. Take out the Dragonfly, then jump onto
the platform and move onward. There are three barrels blocking your way to the
arrow platform; blast through them and grab the bananas they hold before moving

Yes, it's another wheel contraption. (Don't blame me, I didn't code this
game!) This one will swing the pattern of orange pegs around in a circle -
which direction is dependent, of course, on which hand you use to grab the
wheel. You can use this machine to grab the bananas on either side, or you can
just set it pointing upwards and continue normally. You'll find a similar set-
up with the blue contraption, except this time there are two Dragonflies
guarding the bananas. Again, set the contraption pointing upwards and use the
green pegs to grab the bananas up top, then land on the arrow platform and
head right.

The Dragonfly guarding the bananas on the left has a Crystal Coconut; take him
down to obtain it.

Observe what the Kremling's doing. See how, when he pulls the switch, the wall
retracts a little? That's what you'll need to do. Remove the Kremling, then
grab hold of the stationary handle with your left hand and quickly press R to
continually pull the switch, thus retracting the wall, until the wall is
pressed entirely to the side. Now, launch yourself onto the pegs. Oh noes!
The wall is closing on you! Move quickly or else you'll get squashed and have
to do it again. At the top is a barrel which contains the Silver Medal for
this world, and the exit platform is there as well.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Congazuma's Castle| [105]
As is natural with first bosses, Congazuma isn't that hard. (By the way, I'm
totally convinced that this boss is only named 'Congazuma' so that Nintendo
can subliminally advertise its Donkey Konga video game series for the
Gamecube. I mean, come on - the guy doesn't even have RHYTHM!) All you have to
do is charge up and hit him. This will cause him to glow red and stomp around
a bit, then he'll return to normal. Hit him four times (if you're really bad
at this, retreat to the top of the screen to give yourself some room to heal)
and this battle's over! Grab the Gold Medal to finish this rumble in the
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 

Medals: Silver (Necky's Canyon), Silver (Cactus Woods),
        Bronze (Madcap Mine), Bronze (Treacherous Twister)
Crystal Coconuts: Necky's Canyon, Cactus Woods, Madcap Mine, Treacherous
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Necky's Canyon| [201]
The beginning of this level will introduce you to a new commodity - rocks.
(Congratulations, caveman, you've evolved!) Grab hold of the peg with one hand
and use your other hand to grab the rocks, then let go when you're facing the
wall of broken blocks you're trying to break. Rinse and repeat until you've
successfully broken through the wall, then launch yourself into the opening
you've made and move on ahead. (You can also break all the rocks and then just
waltz right in... whatever floats your banana.)

The next area has a bunch of peg platforms, bananas, rocks, and Little Neckys.
Throw the rocks at the Neckys to defeat them as you progress upward (you don't
have to, but it's easier than using a charge attack and will give you some
practice in throwing rocks). At the top, defeat the final Necky, land on the
platform, and head right to continue.

This final area is rather large, and may require some patience to finish.
First, use your "rock station" (sorry, bad joke) to knock out the two barrels
and Necky that you see from your starting position. Take the bananas, then
travel across the broken peg bridge (move quickly - like Donut Blocks, they
fall after you've been on them for a few seconds) to the next "rock station".
Here, as before, use the rock to destroy the two barrels and Necky, then begin
crossing the bridge. At the orange pegs, however, let go and drop down to the
peg platforms below. To your right, a Necky will be throwing nuts at you while
guarding a barrel which contains your Medal. To your right is another small
broken peg bridge followed by a barrel with an UP arrow painted on it. Head
right and get into this barrel. Whee! Now you're Donkey Kommunist! (Sorry...
another bad joke.) Now you can easily nab both the Medal AND the Crystal
Coconut for this level! First, grab a rock from any of the three stations in
this level. Then, go down to the barrel near the bottom of the canyon that was
being guarded by the Necky and throw the rock at the barrel to unveil the
Silver Medal. Once you've done this, just fly up to the exit platform and
you're done!

If you want the Crystal Coconut for this level, DON'T end it once you find the
Silver Medal. Instead, grab another rock and fly around in the sky a bit until
you locate either a line of bananas leading to another barrel OR you find the
barrel itself. Throw the rock at the barrel to unveil the Crystal Coconut for
this level!
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Cactus Woods| [202]
The first area is standard operation procedure - swing up, grab bananas, smash
Dragonflies, rinse, repeat. Near the top, you'll see a pack of five bananas,
a Dragonfly, and the Bonus Barrel, as well as the arrow platform. KO the Fly,
grab the bananas, and move on ahead.

If you're going for the Bonus, then use the upper orange pegs to launch your-
self onto the platform which contains the Bonus Barrel. The most important
thing about this Bonus Level is to not lost control of DK. Choose your
movements carefully and don't rush and you should be able to easily clear this

Remember your old friends the Zingers from Donkey Kong Country? Well, they're
back in King of Swing, and they're just as annoying given that you cannot
defeat them when their backs are to you. From the beginning of this area,
destroy the barrel and nab the bananas, then make your way to the upper right
and knock out the Zinger blocking your way into the next column. Fall down
into this area and use the 2x2 orange pegs to destroy the barrel, unveiling
the Silver Medal for this stage. Pick it up, then head back up and over the
green thing (I assume it's supposed to be a cactus, given that this is Cactus
Woods) into the next section. Take out any Zingers you need to, destroy the
barrel in the middle and grab the bananas (you'll need those, so don't pass it
up), then head to the upper right and into the next area.

Here, charge up and destroy the barrel to get another banana, then Go Bananas
and go to town on the Beetles in this area. Grab the bananas the Beetles drop
and destroy the barrel before your Bananas lose speed, then head up onto the
next green ledge and Go Bananas again to wipe out three more Beetles (don't
forget to destroy the barrel, either). Grab their bananas, then head up to the
3x3 pegs while grabbing more bananas. The exit platform is right there, and...
you're done with this level!
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Madcap Mine| [203]
When you first start this level, you'll see a weird lever contraption on
a track. Grab the handle with your right hand and rapidly press and release
your left hand on the lever to move along the track, then fling yourself
upward onto the 5x5 pegs when you're below them. You'll see another lever
contraption above this set of pegs - same thing as before, but with hands
reversed - use your left hand to hold onto the contraption and your right
hand to pull the lever. Move yourself all the way across this rail to restock
on bananas, then get up onto the 5x5 pegs above you while either avoiding the
bat or killing it in some fashion (hint: you don't necessarily have to be
holding onto something with both hands to charge up for an attack). Here
you'll see a contraption pointed diagonally - grab the base with your left
and use your right to pull the lever. At the top, grab hold of the pegs, then
commandeer another contraption (grab the base with your left and pull with
your right) to take you to the next area.

This next area is quite annoying - you can grab onto the treadmill, but it's
constantly taking you down to your doom, so you'll have to swing quickly (or
else use frequent charge attacks) to keep moving forward (the box at the
bottom has 10 bananas concealed within it, if you're ballsy enough to break
it). At the top of the treadmill, you'll see two boxes and three rats - kill
the rats and destroy the boxes to reveal stationary pegs that you can safely
grab, with bonus bananas hanging in wait. Swing up to the arrow platform and
continue onward.

Grab hold of the stationary lever with your left hand and, with your right,
pull it quickly to summon a few sets of 5x5 pegs up behind the single
bananas. Quickly jump onto them and use them to get onto the next set of pegs
and switch, because they'll disappear after a while (you can still use them
as they're disappearing into the background, but not for very long). In the
next section, use the green switch to summon green 5x5 pegs up for your use.
See that barrel hanging out on the blue pegs? It's got a little something in
its trunk - notably, the Bronze Medal for this stage! Grab it before the green
pegs disappear, then throw yourself upward onto the orange lever. Grab its
base with your left hand and pull the lever with your right, then keep doing
it until the small 3x3 pegs come down from the heavens. Grab hold of the 3x3,
then ride it all the way to the top, where the exit platform awaits you.

The Bonus Barrel can be found to the left once you've ridden the 3x3 pegs to
the top of the area. Here, all you're doing is ascending the column (hidden
biology joke in that phrase) while collecting bananas, but as you get higher
up, the pegs get smaller. The best method to use here is a combination of
Going Bananas and rapidly alternating between left hand and right hand to
quickly move upward and finish in record time. Just don't forget any of the
bananas, or you'll have to go down and pick them up, costing you time and
maybe the Crystal Coconut that is your reward for finishing this Bonus.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Treacherous Twister| [204]
So, the game's been pretty easy so far, right? Yeah, well, starting with this
level, FORGET ABOUT IT. The difficulty is about to be jacked up to 11, and
this is where it all begins. There are only two areas and no bonus level in
this level... but that's because it takes place in the middle of a freakin'

The number one thing about this level that will royally tick you off is that
whenever you're in the air, the twister will inevitably pull you into one
direction - in the first area, it's to the left, while in the second area it
goes to the right. The only way to counteract this is to fight against the
wind, thereby allowing you to get where you need to go. Remember to keep the
wind at the forefront of your mind as you progress through this level.

From the start, grab the pegs and start moving, being careful not to get blown
off-course by the wind. Soon, you'll run into a Kremling hanging out on some
pegs (why on earth a Kremling is hanging out in a twister is BEYOND me) - knock
him out, but do so carefully. There's another one right above this Kremling,
so take him out as well before you move on. After the second Kremling, you'll
see a 5x5 set of blue pegs on the left. At this point, you can throw yourself
into the wind and catch the pegs before you get caught up in the twister. From
here, progress carefully across the 3x3's while collecting bananas. You'll
soon encounter another Kremling, along with a blue 3x3 and a barrel to the far
left. Take out the Kremling, then use the smaller barrel to jump into the
bigger barrel, taking you to the next area.

That smaller barrel to the far left carries your Crystal Coconut for this
level - use the 3x3 pegs directly below to nail the barrel, then claim your
prize. This is easier to do if you Go Bananas, although it's not necessarily
needed. After you've grabbed the Coconut, get to the very top of the pegs
on the right and throw yourself into the wind to get into the big barrel and
proceed with the level.

The next area is pulling to your right (I mentioned this two paragraphs ago,
but as a safety precaution, I'm printing it again here), so watch out. Make
your way up the first few pegs until you reach the single, rotating pegs. Grab
hold of an outer orange peg when the mechanism stops moving, then make your
way carefully up to the next set of stationary pegs (if you need to rest for
a moment, the blue peg in the middle of the mechanism doesn't move at all).
Continue upward and, eventually, you'll find a split in the path. On the left
are a bunch of rotating platforms with bananas on the far left. The path on
the right is clear and much safer to traverse. If you're low on bananas, the
left path is a risk worth taking - otherwise, stick to the right. At the top,
you'll see another rotating mechanism of pegs. Advance past it to the 3x3
blue pegs above it, then throw yourself up into the wind to get onto the next
set of pegs. To the upper-left of the larger platform is a small rotating
peg mechanism - grab hold of one of the orange pegs, then throw yourself
toward the Bronze Medal floating nearby. IMMEDIATELY grab hold of a peg again,
then fling yourself onto the exit platform to end this frustrating level.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Fire Necky's Nest| [205]
After the incredibly tricky Treacherous Twister level, you're going to feel
rather cheated by this simplistic boss battle. The battle with Fire Necky
won't truly start until he throws what look to be fireballs, but actually
turn out to be rocks - the very rocks, in fact, you will use to defeat this
monster. Simply grab onto a peg near a set of rocks and throw the rocks at
Fire Necky to damage him. Rinse and repeat until he's through! Watch out,
though - Fire Necky WILL make a valiant effort to chase you down. If that
happens, just swing away until he's a safe distance away from your rocks, then
swing back down and continue throwing. If you run out of rocks, wait a while
and Necky will give you some new ones. Don't you just love bosses that help
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 

~AQUA WORLD~ [300]
Medals: Bronze (Risky Reef), Bronze (Lockjaw Falls),
        Silver (Ship of Souls), Silver (Kremling Kamp)
Crystal Coconuts: Risky Reef, Lockjaw Falls, Ship of Souls, Kremling Kamp
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Risky Reef| [301]
As you might have guessed, this level takes place entirely underwater. Fun?
Hardly. Your movements are slower while underwater, so take this into
consideration as you swing around.

From the start, use the green "kelp" pegs to get onto the 5x5 pegs above you.
Collect the bananas and make your way onto one of the two platforms where more
"kelp" awaits you. Use the "kelp" to get onto the triangle, collecting a
banana in the process. Watch out for the Pirana - if you get into his line of
vision, he'll chase you down with his teeth! Defeat or avoid him and continue
upward via the 5x5 pegs on either side of you, then to the triangle pegs in
the top middle. Use these to get onto the 5x5 peg next to the arrow platform,
then land on the platform and continue.

The Bonus Level can be accessed from the final "kelp" column you encounter,
on the left side of the arrow platform. It's advisable to knock out the Pirana
first, although it's not necessarily required to get into the Bonus Barrel.

This is one of the most difficult Bonus Levels in the entire game. Your best
bet is to move slowly, making calculated swings so you don't miss the pegs as
you progress. At one point in the middle, your next peg will be higher up
than you, so you may have to Go Bananas to reach it and finish out the level
with enough time to grab the Crystal Coconut at the end. Don't get frustrated
if you don't get it the first time - just come back later.

The next area has a bunch of starfish jumping around which you will probably
have to get rid of at some point. Your path is all laid out for you in this
area, so get swinging! You'll encounter a few barrels in little alcoves in
the reef - destroy them to reveal some much-needed bananas. There will also
be a row of three barrels blocking your progress twice in this area - you can
destroy all three of them quickly by Going Bananas, or you can just destroy
one to make room for you to progress. The arrow platform is at the top - head
east, young Kong.

This final area is HUGE, full of Piranas who want to eat you and tires to
impede your progress. There's also two new kinds of barrels in this area - big
barrels will launch you forward a great distance, while barrels with a ? mark
on them will cause something to happen nearby, be it causing a door to open or
creating new peg platforms for you to swing on. The Medal is in the upper left
of this area. The path to take is to get onto the rotating blue pegs and allow
them to take you to the upper left of the rotation, where there's a small 3x3
peg underneath a ? Barrel. Hit the ? Barrel to unveil a set of solitary pegs
leading upward - use those pegs to progress up and to the left, where a 3x3
blue peg sits next to the barrel hiding your Bronze Medal. The Big Barrel
right above you will push you through a few single bananas and into another
Big Barrel which will put you back into the main area.

In the lower rightis a ? Barrel and a few Piranas swimming around. Take out
the Pirana, then hitthe ? Barrel to unveil a 5x5 orange peg platform that will
allow you to chargedown the weak rocks blocking the Big Barrel to your right.
The Big Barrel willpush you up through 20 Bananas (!!!) and another Big Barrel
will push you back out to the main area. There's not much else to do in this
level, so make your way to the upper right, where the exit platform awaits
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Lockjaw Falls| [302]
Unlike the last one, this level is NOT underwater. It is still, however, a
challenge, so pay attention. From the start, jump onto the single pegs and
swing until you're on the two green pegs right above the first banana you see.
Charge up, then release when the Pirana jumping from side to side is right
above you to take it out and launch you forward at the same time. Use the
blue triangle of pegs to take out the next Pirana, then the green triangle to
take out the next one. Eventually, you'll get onto two blue pegs underneath
a set of TWO Pirana jumping from side to side. Wait until they're both close
to being lined up above you, then unleash your attack to kill two Pirana with
one hit. The same thing happens a little further up (only with green pegs this
time), and then you're home free for the arrow platform at the top.

In the next area, jump on the 5x5 and wait. Eventually, a bunch of single pegs
will come falling down - much like a waterfall, in fact. Move quickly up this
cascade of pegs by alternating between left and right hands. Take a break by
grabbing onto the 5x5 pegs on the side - you'll get some bananas while you're
at it. Eventually, there'll only be one "pegfall" left, which you'll use to
reach the arrow platform.

The Crystal Coconut for this level can be found by taking down the Zinger on
the right of the screen as you ascend.

See that peg with a blue-and-white border? It's a special peg - grasp it with
one hand and you'll swing uber slowly, but grasp it with the other hand and
you'll go UBER FAST! The first one yields speed to those who grasp with the
left hand - do so and launch yourself to the pegs on the right side. The next
one also yields to the left hand, but be careful not to throw yourself into
the waiting teeth of the Pirana as you swing over to the left side again. The
next one will yield to the right hand, so grab it and swing over to the right
side yet again. The next one (hanging out to the left of the pegs on the right
side) also yields to the right hand - grab hold and swing up to the 4x5 peg
and yet another blue-and-white peg. This one yields to the right hand - using
it to progress upward will get you to a green 4x5 peg underneath a barrel,
which hides the Bronze Medal for this level. From here, just fall to the right
and you'll land on the exit platform.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Ship of Souls| [303]
The first area of this level has cannons firing pegs from one side of the room
to the other. Use these pegs to progress upward (there are smaller platforms
in between cannons, so use those if you need a break) to the arrow platform.

In the next area, you'll encounter a new enemy - ghosts (I'm sure there's an
actual name for them, but the Internet is not helpful, so for sake of
simplicity, I'm just going to call them ghosts). They can harm you while
they're visible, but if you charge up, they'll become transparent - and better
yet, if you attack them when they're near you, they'll be killed! Clear out
the two ghosts in the first area, then grab the bananas and start busting
through some boxes! The box in the upper right contains a pack of five
bananas, while the boxes on the side conceal pegs which you can use to bust
the rest of the boxes. At this point, you'll be attracting more ghosts to you,
so knock them out before you continue. The box at the very bottom contains a
Big Barrel - get in and it will launch you underneath the next column of

After you launch yourself underneath the next column of boxes, the Crystal
Coconut is in the bottom box.

Three more ghosts assault you, so take them out before removing the boxes on
the right - you'll unevil the arrow sign and unblock your path to the right.

See that pearl of a peg floating above you? It's a special kind of peg - grab
onto it and a new set of pegs appear, allowing you to move in any direction
you want! Carefully navigate past the tires in the upper left and you'll come
across the Silver Medal for this level, then make your way out and to the
upper right, where the exit platform lies. If you fall off the peg, don't
worry - it will reappear once you hit the ground. You don't have to knock out
the ghosts, but if they get annoying, go ahead and take them down.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Kremling Kamp| [304]
From the start, climb all the way up, destroying the two barrels in your way,
then knock out the Kremling hanging out on the sliding green peg. Use that peg
to get to the other side of the tires, then descend while destroying the
barrels in your way. There's a wooden platform at the very bottom, so fall if
you need to. Next, head right on the pegs and take out the Kremling on the
vertically sliding green peg. Then, proceed up the ladder of 2x5 pegs (again
destroying barrels in your path) until you get to the top where the arrow
platform is. Proceed onto the next area.

The Bonus Barrel is to the left of the arrow platform. Destroy the four
barrels you see, then head left and take out the Kremling on the moving peg.
Use this moving peg to gain access to the Barrel.

This Bonus Level uses those speedy blue-and-white pegs from Lockjaw Falls.
Use the first one you see to zip up and grab the five bananas above, then
immediately move right and grab the three bananas there before descending to
the next peg. Rinse and repeat for the bottom pegs, then proceed upward and
grab the nine remaining bananas. You'll have to Go Bananas in order to reach
the Crystal Coconut and the arrow platform to exit this level.

In the next area, jump up onto the two pegs and use the rock to KO the
? Barrel and the Kremling swinging around on the peg above you. Use the new
pegs you unveil with the ? Barrel to progress to another ? Barrel which will
give you access to another rock station. Use the rock to knock out the
Kremling to your right and the ? Barrel visible in the upper right. Grab the
pack of five bananas the Kremling leaves behind, then jump up to the new pegs
that the ? Barrel revealed. Here in the upper left, you'll see another rock
station and some spikes guarding another ? Barrel. Wait until you have an open
shot, then use the rock to destroy the ? Barrel. Use the new pegs that the
Barrel reveals to launch yourself over the spikes and onto the arrow platform.

Here, move to the right via the sliding pegs while taking out Kremlings and
bats. At the very right, you'll be able to move up a little and then you'll
see sliding pegs to the left... so, head left. Eventually you'll head up to
a 5x5 peg with a Kremling swinging around on it. Take out the Kremling, then
use the nearby 3x3 pegs above you to swing near a Silver Medal sandwiched
between two spikes. Be careful as you throw yourself towards the Medal, lest
you get hit by the spikes. The exit platform is just over the spikes.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Davy Bones' Locker| [305]
I hate this boss battle. I hate this boss battle SO much. You're in an
enclosed space underwater with sets of spikes around the edges and a bunch of
pegs for you to swing on as the primary battleground. The boss is a giant
snake thing made of bones. He will hide in a hole, then charge you with
snapping jaws, after which he'll just kinda drift around trying (I guess) to
hurt you. Anytime after he comes out of his hole, charge up and attack him to
knock him cold. Then, grab his tail and, with your other hand, move closer to
some spikes. Then just swing him around, making him hit the spikes, until he
swims back to his hole to do it all again. It's long, boring, and repetitive,
I know. But it's also the only way you'll progress, so... enjoy! He'll drop
the Gold Medal when he FINALLY dies.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 

~Ice World~ [400]
Medals: Silver (Cold Cold Forest), Silver (Raging Ravine),
        Bronze (Underwater Ruins), Gold (Ice Castle)
Crystal Coconuts: Cold Cold Forest, Raging Ravine,
                  Underwater Ruins, Ice Castle
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Cold Cold Forest| [401]
This level starts very simply with a ladder of pegs, some rocks, and some
Neckies. Simply move upward, using the rocks to take out the Neckies and allow
you to progress without any trouble. The arrow platform is at the top, so

The next area is where your troubles on this world REALLY start. You'll see a
barrel with a loop-de-loop arrow on it; this is equivalent to the blank
barrels of the Donkey Kong Country games in that you'll have control over
which direction you travel in. Use the L and R buttons to aim the barrel, then
press both L and R buttons at the same time to launch yourself. In this case,
aim it towards the line of bananas leading to the peg platforms and launch.
When you're on top of the peg platforms, grab hold to regain control of your-
self. Right above the tire you pass under when you launch is a pack of five
bananas - feel free to grab it if you're low on bananas. From the peg platform
again, fling yourself into the two bananas lined up underneath the Necky, then
grab onto the peg platform on the other side. From there, knock out the Necky
on the bottom, then use the Launch Barrel at the bottom-right to hit the ?
Barrel squished between two tires. This will give you a set of peg platforms
that will grant you access to the arrow platform. Use the Launch Barrel to get
back onto the peg platform, then swing yourself across to the arrow platform
while avoiding the Necky. Don't move on just yet, though - the Silver Medal is
directly above the arrow platform. Just swing up, destroy the barrel, and take
it. Then, fall back down to the arrow platform and continue.

This final area of the level is ANNOYING. It's a maze of pegs mixed in with a
few tires that will absolutely RUIN your day if you don't have total control
of DK. From the start, make your way up the left side of the pegs, careful not
to hit any tires (trust me, you do NOT want to hit the tires). Eventually,
you'll come across a Big Barrel - use it to propel yourself into the next
section of this area (note: if you're low on bananas, there are two Neckies
at the bottom of this area - one of them yields a pack of five bananas, the
other gives you a pack of ten). From here, you'll have to stay on the sides
and be very limber as you progress upward, because the Big Barrels serve only
one purpose - to hinder your ascension. Use the pegs to move up and around the
barrels, collecting bananas and knocking out or otherwise ignoring the
Neckies patrolling the area. Eventually, you'll come out on the top, where the
exit platform awaits you.

The Bonus Barrel for this level is on the left side, near the very top. This
Bonus Level has, for the time being, no set strategy - your best bet is to use
the Launch Barrels to fire at lines of bananas, picking up collateral on the
way to the next Launch Barrel, rinse and repeat until you get all the bananas,
then get onto the arrow platform where your reward awaits you. If anyone out
there can contribute an actual strategy for this level, I'd be much obliged.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Raging Ravine| [402]
From the start, jump into the Launch Barrel and aim it towards the line of
bananas leading to the next Launch Barrel. Wait for the tire to move out of
the way, then launch yourself to proceed. Continue in this manner (aim for the
line of bananas, wait for the tires to move out of the way, then launch into
the next Barrel) until you eventually launch onto a set of peg platforms next
to the arrow platform. Get onto the arrow platform and proceed. (Quick, I'm
running out of synonyms for the word "proceed"! E-mail me suggestions!)

In the next area, swing over to the rock "station", then use the rock to 
eliminate the Necky on the left. Now comes one of the trickiest parts of the
entire game. You'll see that the peg platforms - your only method of going
up - are both extending out from AND retracting to the ice walls on the side.
In order to proceed, you'll have to be extremely fast, lingering only for
mere nanoseconds on a peg before you swing upward to the next platform. If you
end up swinging onto a platform that's almost entirely retracted into the ice,
grab hold of the platform with both hands and your body extending outward
(away from the wall) and wait until the platform extends again before you
continue. The only other inconveniences will be the Neckies guarding the area,
but you can knock them out easily - the first one with a rock floating in the
middle of nowhere (me: ???), the others with a simple charge attack.
Eventually, with luck and a little skill, you'll make it to the arrow

If you take extra pains to swing onto the very top ledge with the last set of
shifting pegs, you'll find yourself on a very small ledge with a barrel that
contains the Crystal Coconut for this level.

The next area introduces you to a new commodity - bombs. (Wait, I thought this
was a kid's game! WHAT'S GOING ON HERE, NINTENDO?) If you hold onto the bombs
long enough, they'll detonate in your face, making you lose a heart. Throw the
bombs onto the ice, however, and they'll detonate and reveal some peg
platforms for you to use in your ascension. You'll need three bombs to reveal
the peg platform on the right and two to unveil the one on the left, which
also has a pack of five bananas. Make your way up to the next bomb, which is
conveniently placed near a ? Barrel that's out of your reach. Throw the bomb
into the little ice cavern where the ? Barrel is located to grant you access
to a new peg platform. Continuing upward, you'll find a Kremling throwing
bombs at... nothing in particular. A charge attack will take him down easily
enough - then you can continue moving upward. You'll come across one more
bomb and one more ? Barrel. Throw the bomb at the barrel to reveal your exit
peg platforms as well as the Silver Medal for this stage. Swing into the cave
and grab your Silver Medal, then jump out and make your way upward onto the
exit platform.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Underwater Ruins| [403]
At the start, wait for a bit and a column of pegs will start floating up from
the hole in the ground in front of you. Use the pegs to swing upward onto the
peg platforms, then knock out the two starfish bouncing around. Next, swing
onto the next rising column of pegs and use it to ascend (if you need bananas,
there are a few near the bottom of the column of pegs). At the top, head onto
the peg platforms on the left and use them to knock out both Pirhanas. To your
left you'll see a ? Barrel which will open the door on the left leading to a
barrel on top of a green peg platform. Destroy the barrel to grab the Bronze
Medal for this level, then head back to the right and onto the arrow platform
to continue.

In the next area, grab the base of the switch with your right hand and quickly
yank the switch with your left until you've got a clear path upward, then
propel yourself forward and swing quickly up to the next switch. Grab the base
of this switch with your left hand and use your right hand to quickly pull the
switch and reveal another path upward. When your path is completely open,
swing up onto the peg platforms, then onto the switch and grab hold with both
hands QUICKLY to reveal a peg platform which you can use to get out of danger
and onto the arrow platform.

Take out the Pirhana at the top of the next area, then proceed to the right
and lure the other Pirhana into your waiting charge attack. Once both your
adversaries are eliminated, grab hold of the blue switch with both hands to
reveal some peg platforms which will take you to a green switch. Activate this
switch to reveal MORE peg platforms leading to YET ANOTHER switch. Pull this
switch to reveal yet more peg platforms and unleash the fury of three starfish
to the world.

One of the three starfish is guarding a Crystal Coconut, so take out all three
to ensure you don't miss it.

Use this new set of pegs to reach a green lever. Grab the base with your left
hand and use the right to pull the lever, which will drag a green peg platform
over to you. Ride this peg platform over the spikes, then press down with both
hands on the blue switch to progress. There are three more starfish in this
area - take them down or ignore them, whichever floats your banana. At the
bottom is another switch - pull it to open another pathway downward. Destroy
the barrel you encounter to reveal a pack of five bananas, then land on the
exit platform.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Ice Castle| [404]
Continuing on our journey of video game clichés, we have the Ice Castle, where
your pegs have been put in a freezer for about three hours, then unleashed on
your world! The pegs that are snowy white are the frozen ones, and they're
pretty slippery unless you grab on with both hands - that's the only way
you'll be able to keep control of yourself throughout this level.

From the start, swing up and knock out the three big boxes to reveal more pegs
and a pathway upward. Use the smaller ice pegs to swing up onto the two
rotating pegs on your right, then use those two pegs to launch a charge attack
on the box, revealing a switch. Pull the switch to reveal some regular pegs
(finally) which will take you up to a cart on a track. Grab hold with your
left hand to gain access to the ice peg, then land on the arrow platform and

The Bonus Barrel is above the ice peg at the top of this first area. The
layout of this level is essentially two circles of ice pegs with a spot in the
center for one more banana. If you Go Bananas at least once during your trip
around, you should be able to get all the bananas with time to spare. I
personally recommend that you go up the first circle, come all the way around,
then grab the central banana before moving onto the second circle. Rinse and
repeat to nail all the bananas, then grab the Crystal Coconut and leave.

A pack of five bananas awaits you in the next area, as well as a rock-throwing
Kremling. You can use the rock on the left side of the screen to take him out,
or just get under him and charge-attack to take him down. Use the pegs to move
right to another rock station and another rock-throwing Kremling for you to
take down. Continuing to the right, you'll find another rock and another
Kremling to tackle. Just ahead of you is the arrow platform. (There are some
bananas - a bountiful supply - in the sky of this area, but it's not really
worth the effort unless you're desperately low. And if that's the case, then
you probably won't be able to reach the bananas anyway. If you really must
know, e-mail me and I'll replace this cynical message with an actual

Use the first set of ice pegs to reach the column of ice pegs on the right,
then climb upward while collecting bananas. At the top, regain control of
yourself, then take out both of the swinging Kremlings. Use your new peg
platforms to proceed upward. You'll proceed via ice pegs and regular pegs
until you eventually reach the exit platform and a ? Barrel. Knock out the
? Barrel to reveal a set of regular pegs reaching up into the sky. Use the
regular peg platform and the ice pegs to reach the platform where the Gold
Medal is, then jump back down to the exit platform to finish this level.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Sassy Squatch's Lair| [405]
Immediately grab the peg platforms above you when the level starts, as Sassy
takes up the entire bottom half of the screen. When the way upward is opened,
quickly swing up and keep moving until you reach an area with a couple of
bombs. Here's the simple trick to beating this boss: when he opens his mouth,
feed him a bomb. He'll spit up ice shards which will turn into a ladder of
pegs (don't be in the way when he does this or you'll have to heal), then
chase you upwards again until you reach another bomb station. Rinse and repeat
until he/she (it's a she, right? The name of this level is SASSY Squatch's
Lair, after all) is defeated, then grab the Gold Medal to complete this world.
Congratulations, we're almost done with the game!
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 

~K. Kruizer III~ [500]
Medals: Bronze (Booster Barrel Skyway), Silver (K. Kruizer III Artillery),
        Gold (K. Kruizer III Hull), Gold (K. Kruizer III Engine)
Crystal Coconuts: Booster Barrel Skyway, K. Kruizer III Artillery,
                  K. Kruizer III Hull, K. Kruizer III Engine
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Booster Barrel Skyway| [501]
This level begins with only you and a Booster Barrel. There's nothing really
very difficult about this level - simply jump into the Booster Barrel, then
follow the bananas until you reach the very top. Stay to the right as you get
farther up - the Bronze Medal can be found underneath the exit platform in a
field of black spikes. Once you crash onto the exit platform, the level's

The second Zinger you encounter (should be on the right side of the screen)
has your Crystal Coconut for this level - simply Go Bananas to take him out,
then maneuver your way back to the Coconut to collect it.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|K. Kruizer III Artillery| [502]
Aw, don't you love cannons made by crazed poachers who just want to make some
money? Yes, you will be faced with the difficult challenge of getting through
most of the rest of the game without getting hit by cannon fire. From the
start of this level, grab onto the initial set of pegs and collect bananas,
then take out the ? Barrel to reveal a set of pegs to your left, taking you
to another ? Barrel that, when broken, will reveal another set of pegs which
you can use to proceed safely to the pack of ten bananas hanging dangerously
close to the orange cannon on the left. Continue swinging upwards, removing
the troublesome barrels in your way to get more bananas, until you finally
get to the top where the arrow platform is. Press onward and count your
blessings, because that was the EASY part.

In the next area, jump up and grab the pack of ten bananas, then make your way
to the right, avoiding cannon fire (this will be considered a given from here
on out). You will eventually come across a triangle of bananas - grab those,
then continue to the right.

If you drop down from the first of the two moving green platforms you
encounter, you'll find a 3x3 blue peg and a barrel. Destroy the barrel to
reveal the Crystal Coconut for this level. Be careful, though, because there's
an orange cannon right there that's just gunning for your demise!

You will soon come across a 2x2 square of 5x5 pegs with a ? Barrel at the top
and bottom. Taking out either one will create a set of 3x3 pegs which will
carry you to the right. The top ? Barrel will take you directly to the exit,
while the bottom ? Barrel will take you to a Big Barrel underneath a small
barrel - jump into the Big Barrel and it will launch you upward, knocking out
the barrel to reveal the Silver Medal. Use the Big Barrel again to obtain the
Medal and launch yourself up to the exit platform at the same time.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|K. Kruizer III Hull| [503]
Jump up and grab the orange peg with your right hand at the beginning of this
level - this will allow you to arch your way to the blue-and-white-striped peg
without missing a single banana. Grab the blue/white-striped peg with your
right hand in order to gain the momentum you need to carry yourself up and
over the spiked ball and onto the rail cart. Grab hold of the cart with your
right hand and it will carry you to the arrow platform.

Grab hold of the cart with your left hand, then squeeze your way into the
space between the platform where the Big Barrel and tire are located. This
should get the tire to bounce you up to the Big Barrel, consequentially
putting you into the Bonus Barrel. If you miss, keep trying - just be careful
of the spikes on the lower part of the level.

This Bonus Level takes place entirely in the air - you'll be given a Boost
Barrel, which you'll use to navigate around tires in a circle while collecting
the bananas. There are three columns, each with two tires (the second column
of tires is slightly higher up than the first and third columns of tires). It
should not take you much effort to collect all the bananas and grab the
Crystal Coconut for this level.

In the next area, you'll see a bunch of rotating spikes going around the pegs
in a clockwise direction. The spikes are controlled by a Kremling in the
center of the large orange peg platform; taking him down will stop the spikes
from moving. Beyond this contraption are three very narrow vertical corridors
guarded on either side by spikes coming out of the walls. The left corridor
can be traversed using the blue/white-striped peg; simply grab hold with your
right hand and launch when DK is facing straight up. You'll be able to just
grab hold of the blue peg at the top. The middle corridor has a bunch of blue
pegs moving sideways; I find this one to be the hardest to traverse as you
have to grab hold of moving pegs while not touching the spikes. The corridor
on the right has an orange 3x3 peg platform moving up and down the corridor
while three boxes block your way. It doesn't matter which corridor you use, as
all of them will carry you to the final part of the level. Once you're at the
top, simply climb upward while avoiding spikes, then grab onto the switch with
both hands to allow yourself access to the next area.

Eek! The next area takes place almost entirely on treadmill tracks! Follow the
treadmill path to the right, where destroying a box will grant you ten
bananas. From there, launch yourself to the right and into the gap you can
see. This may sound like suicide, but it's not - there's a Big Barrel there
which will fling you up to a green peg. Grab hold of the green peg, then make
your way past the moving spike ball to the two orange pegs beyond it, then
go up to the single orange peg above those two. Voila - the Gold Medal for
this stage! From there, swing over to the switch and grab hold with both hands
to get back to the main level. Use the blue pegs to get onto the platform,
then get into the Big Barrel to launch yourself up to the very top of this
area. From here, just follow the treadmill tracks to the right while avoiding
the spike ball, knock out a ? Barrel, and land on the exit platform. You're
almost home free!
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|K. Kruizer III Engine| [504]
I have some good news and some bad news. The good news: this is the final
level before you take on King K. Rool. The bad news: this is probably the
hardest level ever conceived by humans (Tetris fanboys have no right to get
smart with me until they play this game all the way through). Make sure you
enter this level fully stocked with 300 bananas - you will desperately need

The first area of this level will have you chasing down ? Barrels while
dodging both spike balls AND cannon fire. To simplify things, I'll assume you
can dodge both without being told, so here's a simple list of where each
? Barrel can be found in the level.

1: It's right above your head as you start the level.
2: Appears diagonally down and to the right of the first one.
3: Diagonally up and to the right of the cannon on the right, floating above
   a 3x3 blue peg platform. This barrel will grant you access to the second
   set of peg platforms.
4: Stay on the right side as you ascend the second set of peg platforms and
   you'll encounter it at the very top.
5: Appears in the center of two slowly-rotating spike balls in the center of
   the area. Time your attack carefully so you don't run straight into one of
   the balls.
6: Appears at the bottom right of the first set of peg platforms.
7: Appears at the bottom left of the first set of peg platforms, right near
   where you begin this level.
8: Stay on the left side and ascend the first, then second set of peg
   peg platforms and you'll find it at the top of the second set.
9: Appears atop the center of the second set of peg platforms.

After you bust Barrel #9, you'll gain access to a green switch - grab hold
with both hands to allow you access to the arrow platform.

Before you bust open Barrel #8, get on top of it and use a charge attack to
break the barrel above you. This will unveil the final Crystal Coconut! After
you collect this final Crystal Coconut, you will unlock Wrinkly Kong's Ghost
in the Jungle Jam Events!

The next area will frustrate your brain to its very core. It begins with a
kind of "bridge" of vertically-shifting orange pegs. The vibrations start slow
and progress to being very rapid, making movement almost impossible. There is
no shortcut to this - you HAVE TO TAKE IT SLOW. Start by jumping up and
grabbing the first two pegs you can, then start moving to the right, one hand
at a time. I highly advise you to NOT let go of your back hand until your
front hand has a firm grasp on the peg in front of you. Moving forward in this
manner, you will eventually reach the end of the bridge where two 5x5 orange
peg platforms await you. From here, your journey continues vertically - jump
up and grab the two orange pegs underneath the spike ball, then charge up and
jump past the spike ball to another set of orange pegs and another spike ball.
Launch past this spike ball to reach another set of 5x5 orange peg platforms.

Next, move to the left, where you'll see four vertically-shifting orange pegs
(though thankfully, their pattern is constant, unlike the peg bridge you just
traversed) and a spike ball impeding your progress. Grab onto the third and
fourth pegs while facing upward (fourth peg in your left hand, third peg in
your right) and charge an attack, then release when you're facing at an angle
to get across the spike ball easily. Do the same thing on the next set of four
pegs to get to a 5x5 orange peg platform. From here you'll see a set of three
moving orange pegs, above which are a set of two orange pegs below a spike
ball. Get up to the two orange pegs and launch yourself past the spike ball
to another set of three orange pegs and another set of two orange pegs and -
you guessed it - another spike ball. Use the two orange pegs to launch into
the Big Barrel, which will propel you across the level to another Big Barrel,
which then throws you directly at a set of two orange pegs and a spike ball.
You'll have to Go Bananas to reach the Booster Barrel you see to your right;
once you get into the Booster Barrel, you'll have to be very quick to go
around the Big Barrel. Once you do that, fly over to the platform at the upper
left of the area - you'll find the final Gold Medal (woot!) and ten bananas.
In addition, a set of 3x3 orange pegs opens up, giving you easy access to the
orange switch, making your exit from this nightmareish level a cakewalk.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|King K. Rool| [505]
The final battle takes place in two parts. The first part is essentially just
a climbing race - you versus King K. Rool. Just Go Bananas and don't linger
too long in any one spot and you'll easily beat him.

After the climbing race is an attack battle. The key to beating K. Rool is to
simply not pause for even a SECOND. Once you have a charge, release, regain
your bearings, and do it again. You'll have a lot of "draws" in facing the
King - this is quite natural, so just let it happen. Eventually, you'll be
able to jump him and nail him with an attack. Keep pounding away at him and
eventually he'll fall. There you have it, folks - the story mode for DK: King
of Swing!

Jungle Jam Events [JJE]

The following is a guide to each of the Jungle Jam Events. Remember, however,
that no matter how useful this guide may prove to be, nothing can outdo hard
work and a little patience.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Climbing Race| [JJ1]
This is very simple - all you have to do is beat your comrades to the top of
the level. Each race differs in some way, as noted below. I highly recommend
using characters with high Jump statistics for these races - Dixie Kong and
Wrinkly Kong's Ghost both fit the bill in this respect. If you don't have
Wrinkly Kong's Ghost yet, use Dixie or Diddy Kong until you do.

|Climbing Race 1|
This one is easy enough - each lane has its own column of 5x5 peg platforms,
although all four characters can use any of the other lanes' pegs. Simply beat
your opponents to the top to win.

|Climbing Race 2|
This one is almost the same as the first one, albeit with some changes. You'll
notice that after the first two 5x5 pegs is a 2x5 peg platform. This change is
present in the first two colored pegs (blue and green), then it switches to a
1x5 peg platform starting with the orange pegs.

|Climbing Race 3|
After every two 5x5 pegs in this race, you'll have to cross a bridge of 2x2
peg platforms before continuing onward on 5x5 pegs again. It's especially
important not to miss the jumps on the last bridge (consisting of THREE 2x2
peg platforms on the orange pegs) lest you fall into 2nd or even 3rd place.

|Climbing Race 4|
This race is doubly hard to get through. For one, you're underwater, which is
already a pain on your jumps (for further investigation, play the first level
of World 3). For two, you'll have to cross large scattered single orange pegs
between colors. Take great care in your jumps on this level, or you'll
definitely fall into 4th place quickly.

|Climbing Race 5| [see Unlockables for info on unlocking this course]
After every two 5x5 pegs of THIS race, you will encounter a very narrow 5x2
peg platform, making it hard to keep racing at a single pace. On the green
pegs, the 1st and 4th lanes will have the 5x2 platforms after the first green
5x5 peg platform, with the 2nd and 3rd lanes following that. After that,
you'll encounter something of a ladder of 5x1 pegs and a 5x2 peg platform
following, then you'll reach the orange pegs, where a narrow set of three
5x2 pegs will be the final hindrance to you winning the race. This course is
EXTREMELY hard to win, so be patient if you don't get it the first hundred
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Obstacle Course| [JJ2]
The Obstacle Course levels are almost like the Climbing Race levels in that
you have to reach the top first, but in each of these courses there is a
gimmick which you'll have to take advantage of in order to beat your opponents
to the top.

|Obstacle Course 1|
This course is identical to Climbing Race 1 except for the fact that each lane
has a box blocking the course at the exact same point in the race. The key is
to be able to bust open these boxes quickly and move on, so for this course I
recommend characters with strong Attack ratings - Funky Kong and King K. Rool
fit the bill quite nicely.

|Obstacle Course 2|
This course has a number of horizontally-shifting 5x5 peg platforms which may
impede your progress. Of course, characters with high Jump ratings will have
no problems at all, so I highly recommend using Dixie Kong or Wrinkly Kong's
Ghost for this course.

|Obstacle Course 3|
This course is almost identical to Obstacle Course 1, with one minor switch -
you'll know when you're approaching a box because the peg platform directly
below the box will not be a full 5x5 peg platform. Again, characters with
high Attack ratings will help you out here.

|Obstacle Course 4| [see Unlockables for info on unlocking this course]
This short course consists of the Big Barrels used in the Adventure mode. If
someone is already in the Barrel when you try to get inside, you'll have to
wait until he has launched before you get in yourself. That alone makes this
race extremely hard to win.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Attack Battle| [JJ3]
Unlike the previous Jungle Jam Events, this Event is NOT a race. Instead, you
will be facing off against three other opponents in a closed course of 5x5
peg platforms. Your goal is to hit the other opponents in order to rack up
points while avoiding being hit, as that will take away points from you and
give points to the opponent that hit you. At the end of 40 seconds, the person
with the most points wins the game. As you can tell, the characters with high
Attack ratings will be the most useful to you in these Events.

|Attack Battle 1|
The standard Attack Battle course. Be careful if you somehow end up on the
ground again, as there will be a spike ball patrolling the ground just waiting
to take points away from you.

|Attack Battle 2|
This course differs from Attack Battle 1 in two ways. One: it's smaller. Two:
there are spikes lining the sides of the course. Take care not to launch your
large ape body into the spikes, lest you get points taken away. Again, the
spike ball will patrol the bottom, looking to steal some points away.

|Attack Battle 3| [see Unlockables for info on unlocking this course]
What's the easiest way to frustrate a King of Swing player? Dunk him in the
water! Yes, this course is ENTIRELY underwater, which means all of your
attacks are relatively slower compared to how they do on land. Get closer to
your opponents in order to land the hits you need to secure a win. Again, be
wary of the spike ball patrolling the bottom of the course.
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Barrel Blast| [JJ4]
This Jungle Jam Event is similar to Attack Battle, except that instead of
attacking each other, you'll be aiming to destroy the most barrels within the
40-second time limit. Amateur players should probably stick with the middle-
of-the-road characters (i.e. Donkey Kong and the Kremling). Advanced players
should go with heavier characters such as Funky Kong or King K. Rool.

|Barrel Blast 1|
The course layout is identical to Attack Battle 1 except for the obvious
inclusion of barrels. The first three barrels are spaced out along the top of
the course, and the rest will appear randomly as barrels are destroyed. At
most, there will only be three barrels on the screen at a time, so if you see
that the others are going for one or two other barrels, sneak behind them and
grab the outside points for an easy win.

|Barrel Blast 2|
This course has 16 5x5 peg platforms laid out in squares of four platforms
per section with space in-between each section. There are only two barrels on
screen at any given time. When you destroy a barrel, the new barrel will pop
up on the section of pegs where there is NOT a barrel. Thus, the game gives
you the most obvious method of winning - camp in one spot and let the barrels
come to you!
 ____  _  _ 
(  _ \( )/ )
 )(_) ))  ( 
|Color Capture| [JJ5]
This is a unique Jungle Jam Event - it has no relation whatsoever to the
other Events you've encountered thus far. The course layout is a large square
of 2x2 peg platforms which all start out as grey. Whenever you grab onto a
2x3 peg platform, however, it will switch to your color. The goal is to have
the most of your color on the board when time runs out (40 seconds, as usual).
As of yet, I've discovered no real trick to this - you'll just have to be
super-fast in order to win. Lightweight characters like Dixie, Diddy, or
Wrinkly Kong's Ghost ought to help you in this game.

Unlockables [UNL]

This is a simple list of what's unlockable in this game.

|Jungle Jam Events|
You start the game with a very basic set of Jungle Jam Events. As you progress
through the game and collect more Medals, you will unlock more Jungle Jam
Events. So what's the best way to unlock all the Jungle Jam Events? Why, it's
simple - just collect every Medal in the game!

|Jungle Jam Codes|
In addition to unlocking new Jungle Jam Events by collecting Medals in the
Adventure mode, you can also unlock three new Jungle Jam Events - Attack
Battle 3, Obstacle Race 4, and Climbing Race 5 - by inputting them at a
special code menu. To access this code menu, go to the title screen and press
Up, A, B, and L at the same time. This will take you to the Code Input screen.
Now input the following codes to unlock the events:

65942922 - Attack Battle 3
35805225 - Obstacle Race 4
55860327 - Climbing Race 5

(Special thanks to CaptainDrakesGhost who submitted these cheats to GameFAQs.)

|Special Modes|
There are two special modes you can unlock - Time Attack and Diddy Mode.

|Time Attack|
This mode simply allows you to play any of the regular levels from Adventure
Mode in order to try and beat record times set (presumably) by the programmers
and/or testers of the game. Access it from the Extras menu.

|Diddy Mode|
Collecting every Medal in the game not only unlocks all the Jungle Jam Events,
it also grants you access to Diddy Mode! Accessable from the Extras menu,
Diddy Mode essentially lets you play the Adventure Mode as Diddy Kong, but
with some serious changes to the game, which are listed below:

1. With the exception of bananas you get from defeating enemies and 10-banana
   barrels, there are NO bananas in the game.
2. All the Medals are in each of the levels as they were in DK's Adventure,
   but there are no Crystal Coconuts to collect.
3. While Diddy Kong is faster than DK, his attack is less effective and
   doesn't launch you as far as DK's attack does.
Diddy Mode is extremely challenging, especially considering how few bananas
you can actually get. I intend to write an in-depth guide for Diddy Mode at
some point, so if you do get stuck, don't despair.

|Jungle Jam Characters|
In addition to unlocking new events, you can also unlock new characters to use
in Jungle Jam Events. Following is a list of these characters and how to
unlock them.

|Wrinkly Kong's Ghost|
Collect all 20 Crystal Coconuts as DK to unlock Wrinkly Kong's Ghost. In my
guide, I've outlined all the areas where you can get the Crystal Coconuts as
**BONUS** sections.

To unlock the Kremling, simply gain 6 Gold Medals in Jungle Jam Events.

|King K. Rool|
Add 6 more Gold Medals to the Kremling's requirements (for the mathematically-
inept, that makes 12 Gold Medals) and you'll unlock King K. Rool.

This strange character from Clu Clu Land can be unlocked by completing Diddy
Mode and collecting all 24 Medals as Diddy Kong.

Conclusion [CON]

That about wraps it up for DK: King of Swing! If you have any questions about
anything in this guide, PLEASE e-mail me at PanzerJumper[at]gmail.com and be
sure to give yourself some kind of screen name so I don't have to put your
whole e-mail address in the guide as credit! Please DO e-mail me if anything
in this guide is confusing - as I've stated before, this game is incredibly
hard to write for simply because of the unique layout of the game.

I would like to thank:

For creating a hub where amateur guide writers can gather and allow their work
to flourish.

|My Girlfriend|
For never letting up on the support when, in the course of writing this guide,
I had the sudden urge to smash something against a brick wall.

For reading this guide. Everybody needs an audience, right?


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