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Zelda. Pure Zelda. ON THE GBA!!! 08/14/06 andymancan1
Finish the game? Naw man, I've still got stuff to do! 07/24/12 21cDigitalBoy
Mini-ish and Normal-ish, but no Large-ish? 01/19/05 Azp2k32
Old Formula With New Twists Makes a Great game! 05/05/05 BASHERS33
What happens when Nintendo takes no risks 01/09/06 brutusmuktuk
A Minishcule effort 05/15/05 clarkisdark
Oh Nintendo. How could you? 11/15/04 DKamikaze
Significant Shrinkage 07/31/06 Genjuro Kibagami
Truly Worthy to be Part of the LOZ Legacy! 03/23/05 HM Master
This Legend was well worth the wait. 12/06/04 Kaas
The Best Zelda Game Since A Link to the Past? 10/06/08 LordShibas
The Minish Cap: One of my favorite titles that still stands today as a great game 04/29/14 metagross252
I take my hat off to this game. 01/07/15 nastynate3118
Nintendo and Capcom triumph again! 06/28/06 Osafune2
A worthy, if slightly underwhelming, addition to anyone's GBA library. 01/23/05 Phediuk
It's not about length. Minish and Humans alike would get a full adventure out of this. 07/14/08 Rango
Heir To The Golden Throne 01/31/05 Rottenwood
Yup, another excellent Zelda game. 12/15/05 ShadowGuardian9
This was such a let-down.... 02/28/07 SireAzmodan
Link may be small in stature, but big in fun! 01/04/12 sneggid
Short but Sweet 01/23/06 soniclink15
Big Things Come in Minish Packages 01/11/12 SuperPhillip
A great addition to the Zelda series. 01/09/07 Toblerowned
Sleepy, Grumpy, Bashful, Dozy, Beaky, Link & Titch 02/13/06 Tom Clark
Now This is a Title Worthy of Your GBAs Attention. 12/04/08 Vyse_skies
Slightly De-minished yet still kickin 01/26/05 ZeonAce0079

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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - Mike Matei Review from Cinemassacre

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