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Mole Mitts Covered Caves Guide by Golden_Torizo

Updated: 05/01/07




Game Boy Advance


Version ... 2.00 ...5.1.2007
Created ... 3.20.2007
Completed ...4.24.2007 
FAQs Compiled By ... Golden_Torizo
Copyright (c) 2007 All Rights Reserved 


===== Table of Contents =====


Title and System
FAQs Background
Table of Contents
Version History
Copyright Warning
Spoiler Alert
Location of Covered Caves
Covered Cave Items
Contact Information
Copyright Infringement 
Permission to Host Guide


===== Version History =====

Version 1.00...Original Guide. 4.24.2007

Version 2.00...Guide updated to thank a few people and to include sites given 
permission to host my work. 5.1.2007


===== Copyright Warning =====

This work is not to be used in part or parcel, in any form or fashion. It is 
the sole creation of Golden_Torizo and may not be reproduced without the 
expressed written approval of its author, Golden_Torizo.

===== Spoiler Alert =====

This work has been compiled from the video game, The Minish Cap. The Minish Cap 
is a part of The Legend of Zelda Series and was designed for the Nintendo 
System, Game Boy Advance. As such, this work contains information that you may 
not wish to know if you are playing a help free or FAQs free game. So readers 
beware! THIS FAQS CONTAINS SPOILER INFORMATION. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. 
Now that you've been properly warned, let me introduce both the work and its 

===== Introduction =====

I am Golden_Torizo, GT to most who know me here. Yes, that is my actual name. 
Nah! I'm just kidding. My real name is even more peculiar. I have been a member 
of GameFAQs since July of 2004. You'll find me mostly haunting some of the 
Zelda Forums. Shout out to all my buds in the Zelda Forums. Anyway, this is my 
first attempt at a FAQs, so be honest if you give me feedback. We learn from 
our mistakes and I can take constructive criticism.

This Guide is meant to aid you as you explore the covered caves. I'll inform 
you about what is in each chest. I will also let you know about the enemies 
you'll encounter in each cave and where the ladders in the caves will lead you. 
The Mole Mitts are used to dig through the dirt in the Covered Caves scattered 
around Hyrule. This is your Guide through each of those Caves. What are the 
Mole Mitts?  Okay, listen up! As you travel around the land of Hyrule, 
occasionally you'll come across dirt walls with what looks like button holes or 
odd faces in them. These are actually Covered Caves that require you to dig 
through them. That's right! You can't bomb them, so stop your griping. The Mole 
Mitts allow you to dig through these caves like, well, like moles. Right again! 
This game doesn't have one of the patented Zelda Series items, the Shovel. The 
Mitts are an item devised by the Minish to help humans find their hidden booty, 
and indeed they do. The MOLE MITTS can be found in the Fortress of Winds, so 
look closely and don't blink or you'll miss them. When in use they look just 
like mole paws. No kidding! In your items sub-screen, they're to the right of 
the Shield on the second row. Now that we have been properly introduced we can 

If you think your hero needs the exercise let him walk to the wall cites. 
However, if you're on the lazy side like me, use the Wind Crests to get to the 
Zones. What are Wind Crests? Hello, keep up with the Drum Major and stay in 
step. The Wind Crests are your Warp Zones. If you ask me what Warp Zones are 
so help me I'll scream. The Wind Crests are grayish/white slabs that resemble a
tombstone. While there are eight Wind Crest Warp Zones, we only open seven. 
When the slabs are touched they disintegrate to reveal the Warp Zones. Okay,
I'm kind'a nervous but here we go.

===== Locations =====

 == Mt. Crenel ==

To reach this cave on foot, go to the western exit of Hyrule Town. 
When you enter Trilby Highlands you'll likely encounter an enemy called a 
Keaton. It looks like a coyote or wolf to me, but hey. It's not my story. If it 
hits you, Rupees will go flying and disappear before you can collect them all. 
Follow the path around the yellow blocks and cross the mini bridge. Continue 
west to the foothill of Mt. Crenel Base. Climb the vine you watered earlier and 
go up the wall using the Grip Ring. When you get off the wall go west until you 
come to the sign indicating the Crenel Wall. Climb the stairs there and go west 
to the Crenel wall. Make your way to the top and go left then south to find the 
Covered Cave. 

You can also use the Ocarina to get to the Wind Crest on Mt. Crenel. When Jeffa 
sets you down, walk south and jump into the hole below. Descend the two ladders 
as you come to them and go west. Jump off the ledge, go west and start climbing 
the wall. At the top go left and descend the stairs to find the Covered Cave. 

== Trilby Highlands ==

Sorry guys you'll have to walk to this one. Oh, stop ya' whining! It's just to 
the left of Hyrule Town. Hop, skip, or jump over to the exit where you 
performed the Spin Attack for the Guard. Watch out for the patrolling Keaton as 
you follow the path around the yellow blocks to a small bridge. As soon as you 
cross that bridge turn right and head north across another bridge and you'll be 
staring the cave cover in the eyes, or button holes or whatever they are. Now 
that wasn't so hard was it?
You'll find two caves in Trilby Highlands, both in the same area. The one on 
the right needs a Platform. To make it appear fuse with Candy, one of the kids 
in Hyrule Town. You will also need the Flippers to access this cave.

== Hyrule Town ==

This wall is located just south of Mayor Hagen's Town House. In fact, you can 
see it as you stand outside his door. From the bridge at the south entrance of 
town, walk north until you reach the end of where the merchants are selling 
their goods on the red squares. At that point go east and you'll see the Cave.

== Castor Wilds ==

You can enter the Wilds from Trilby Highlands or western South Hyrule Field. 
Both directions will take you Through Western Woods. From Trilby Highlands, go 
south into Western Woods and west at the Castor Wilds sign. Continue north from
there then west at the bridge to enter the Wilds. From South Hyrule Field walk 
west through Western Woods until you can go no further, then go north and west 
crossing the bridge to enter Castor Wilds. 

You will need to equip the Pegasus Boots to get through this dismal area of 
Hyrule. It has swampy basins that pull you under like quicksand. Ugh! Make sure 
you have your Boots on, you'll need them from the start. Race Link across the 
muck and mire to reach solid ground. Climb the vine you see then take the plank 
going northwest, then the one going northeast. Descend the vine you see and go 
southto the Covered Cave. 

For the lazy daisies like me, use the Ocarina and warp to the Castor Wilds Wind 
Crest. From there, go north across the pegged up hole. Keep going north until 
you reach the vine. Climb it and walk the northwest plank then the northeast 
plank. Here descend the vine and go south to the cave. Hey, are we having fun 
yet? Yay!

== Eastern Hills ==

Okay Ladies and Gents, put your walking shoes on. Exit the southern end of 
Hyrule Town and go east, passing through Southern Hyrule Field. As you enter 
Eastern Hills go north before you reach the bridge and climb the steps. Enter 
the gap in the fence and head south into the field. Look to the west and you'll 
see the Covered Cave. If you're in Hyrule Town, leave using the eastern exit. 
The exit is just above the Happy Hearth Inn. Go south when you enter Lon Lon 
Ranch and continue until you reach the gap in the fence. Make your way to the 
field where Eenie and Meenie are working to find this Covered Cave.

== Veil Falls ==

If you use the Wind Crest to get onto Veil Falls, climb down the rocky wall, go 
west and jump into the water. You can now see the left cave. This cave can also 
be reached by exiting North Hyrule Field's northeast exit. Once you enter the 
Falls area, go down the steps and into the water to reach the cave. You will 
need to swim south a bit then east.

To reach the right cave you must fuse with a Minish in Minish Woods. Go to the 
Sanctuary that leads to the Deepwoods Shrine but don't enter. Instead continue 
east to see a pier partially hidden. Follow it to its end. Enter the water and 
swim east to a Mushroom House atop a barrel. If you have infused your sword 
with the fourth element you'll be able to fuse with this Minish. He has two 
fusions, one of which is the Platform to the Veil Falls Cave. Now that we have 
conquered that obstacle, let's get busy. Go back to Hyrule Town and take the 
exit above the Happy Hearth Inn. The exit leads to Lon Lon Ranch. When you 
enter the Ranch you'll see a hole. Go north and enchant the hole with the Cane 
of Pacci. Go north now and down the steps. Holy Cow! Watch out for those sneaky 
Leevers. Keep going east and grab the Heart Piece, then dive in and swim north 
to the Covered Cave. 

== Lake Hylia ==

For this one let's just take the Ocarina out and fly to the Lake Hylia Wind 
Crest. What? I told you I was lazy! Anyway! From the Lake Wind Crest, hop down 
and go north. Cross the bridge and go east then north to some steps. Enter the 
Lake here and you'll see a cave. However, the cave cannot be accessed until you 
have the Roc's Cape from The Palace of Winds, located above the Cloud Tops. 
*When you get the Cape you'll need to do some island-hopping to reach the cave. 
No matter, there's another cave just around the bend. Swim down and around the 
island in the center of Lake Hylia. Good grief! You haven't done this Platform 
yet? Then you will need to high-tail it to Mama's Cafe in town and fuse with 
Mama. She's the woman standing at the bar with her back to you. You know where 
that cave is so onward and upward. 

*The reason you'll need to island-hop or use the Roc's Cape is because for some 
reason, you can climb onto the light blue areas of water in and around Hyrule 
but not the green ones. The Platform to the cave has green around it.

== Minish Woods ==

This is the last of the cave locations. Save your clapping until the end. There 
are so many entrances to the caves in Minish Woods, it's not even funny. Yes, I 
said caves. Take heart though, there's only two of them and they're relatively 
close in proximity. Okay, let's get started. Let's do the Wind Crest entrances 
first. Once Jeffa (the bird that comes when you use the ocarina) drops you off, 
go west across the bridge then south to another bridge. Cross it and go north, 
then left and take the stairs. Exit through the opening and go east across yet 
another bridge. Continue eastward and at the end of the next bridge the cave 
will come into view. To reach the other cave, continue west and you will come
to a pond with steps on both sides. Enter here and go north a bit then east and 
south until you see the cave. It's located below Syrup's Potion Shop. 

When you go south from the Wind Crest you can become Minish and take another 
route to the Caves. As Minish Link enter Gentari's log house, jump down and
go south, following a south, east, south...path until you see the arched 
walkway. Take it and you'll go through a zoomed in area to reach a lily pad. 
Use the pad or wade (you should have the Flippers by now) across the pond 
to another log you can enter. Get to the other side, become big Link again, and 
go north across the bridge on your left. The cave is right there at the foot of 
the bridge. Continue west, cross the pond, and then go north and east and 
finally south to the other Covered Cave in Minish Woods. This cave, by the way, 
is below Syrup's Potion Shop.

Here we go for the walkers in the crowd. You can get to the caves from Eastern 
Hills and Hyrule Town on foot. From Eastern Hills (as you exit Hyrule Town at 
the southern end, go east through Southern Hyrule Town) go east across the foot 
bridge and then north to cross the pond. Continue north a bit from there then 
turn east and south. There you go! To reach the other cave from the point where 
you entered the pond, continue east instead and you'll eventually see the cave 
with the two-hole button or face looking covering. When Ezlo is explaining to 
Link about how Vaati got his powers you can see this covering in the room. 

Hyrule Town has two places where you can start your walk to the caves. In North 
Hyrule Field go the exit, located just above that right corner. Using this exit 
takes you into Lon Lon Ranch. Cross the pegged up hole in front of you. If the 
hole isn't pegged up, go around to the front of the Ranch House, enter and exit 
through the field out back. Walk north then east and up around until you get to 
the hole. Peg it, please! Thank you, shall we continue. At this point you can 
use the Pacci Cane to "enchant that hole" by the wall and use the Whirlwinds to 
cross the pond. However, I'm betting you have the Flippers and would rather 
continue on foot. So continue east then south, fly across the pond. What? You 
don't have the Roc's Cape. Now you tell me! Okay back to the Whirlwind. Use the 
Pacci Cane then jump into the Whirlwind and float south. Walk east til you see 
another Whirlwind and take it all the way across the pond. Follow a south to 
east path until you reach the sign indicating the Mayor's Lake Cabin. Hmm...The 
Mayor must be loaded, huh? Forget I said that! At the sign go south all the way 
to the cave.

Link can also enter using the exit in Hyrule Town. The exit is above the Happy 
Hearth Inn and leads to Lon Lon Ranch. Once you're in the Ranch area walk south 
and you'll pass a Whirlwind. From there go east and cross, err...the pegged up 
hole and continue east and south to the cave. To reach the other cave, go west 
from this cave, then south a bit to cross the pond. Once you're across, go east 
until you reach the cave. 

The entrances here all take you across the pond from one cave to another, so if 
I didn't say so, just do it. I stole that from the Subrosian Smithy's Shop in, 
Oracle of Seasons. We have now covered all the places where you can find one of 
the Mole Mitts Caves, What do you say about sneaking inside each cave to see 
what treasures the Minish hid. Yay! 


== Cave Items ==

Mt. Crenel

Finally, we get to explore the caves. It's almost like Christmas, huh?  Let's 
begin with Mt. Crenel. As you dig through the dirt you'll be met by a Moldorm. 
Hey! It's a Heart Piece. Let's see what else we can find. A spark is here, that 
must mean something good is coming up. Wow, a lot of green Chu Chus but they're 
a piece of cake. The Mysterious Wall has a fusion? That was fun, but we seem to 
be done in here so on to the next cave.

Trilby Highlands

I'll take you through the cave on the left first. The cave has two chests and 
each one has a Blue Kinstone piece. Be careful as you proceed, there is a 
Moldorm roaming around in there. Clear away all the dirt from the north walls 
and you'll eventually find another Mysterious Wall fusion. Climbing the ladder 
will take you to the top of the mound. Once you get up top you'll see the 
elusive Ankle Tingle. There is also a Minish living up there.

You are now entering the cave on the right ladies and gents. Move quickly to a 
chest containing a Red Kinstone. Watch out for the Moldorm! Take the ladder and 
you'll end up in a Fairy Pond. Bye-bye Trilby Highlands.

Hyrule Town

As you enter this cave be warned that a Beetle might attach itself to you. The 
chests you open down here all have a Red Kinstone. Now that you have three more 
Red Kinstones maybe you can fuse with The Stranger in Hyrule town. The ladder 
will give you access to the Bottom of The Well. That chest you see has 100 
Rupees. Continue east and push the peg into the hole. You can use the holes to 
move south then west. You'll find yourself literally at the Bottom of The Well 
in Hyrule Town.

Castor Wilds

Yikes! A hidden Like Like grabbed me. Gimme back my Shield! The chests held a 
Red Kinstone, and 50 Mysterious Shells. That wasn't so bad...I lost my Shield 
but I got it back and Shells to boot.

Eastern Hills

This is a small cave. Be on guard for hidden Beetles. Dig through all the dirt 
with the Mole Mitts and you'll reveal a Mysterious Wall that wants to fuse. 
Don't grab those Red Rupees too fast, one of them might grab back. The one on 
the right is a Rupee Like. It likes Rupees. Get it! 

Veil Falls

I'm going to take you through the left cave first. You will run into a Spark by 
the time you complete the first digging in here. This enemy will give you the 
shock of your life. Use the boomerang to rid yourself of it plus get a Fairy. 
Wow! I sure needed that. Now I see why the Spark was here, it was guarding a 
Heart Piece and 50 Mystery Shells. 

The first thing you'll find in the right cave is a Blue Chu Chu. A miniature 
version of the mini-boss from Temple of Droplets. The chests contain 50 Mystery 
Shells and 50 Rupees.

Lake Hylia

The cave located below the island in the center of Lake Hylia contains 50 
Rupees. However, you get pelted to death by all the Blue Octoroks, and the 
Peahats add insult to injury.

The cave near Stockwell's house is loaded, so let's get started. Enter the cave 
and go right. Near the center of all those holes is a chest containing a Red 
Kinstone. The ladder will take you outside to another ladder. This ladder is 
guarded by a hidden Like Like. Climbing the ladder takes you to the Beanstalk 
Vine. The Vine has 200 Mystery Shells, 200 Rupees, and a Heart Piece.

Let's go back to the start of this cave and proceed to the left. As soon as you 
can go south and you'll find three chests. One chest holds a Red Kinstone, one 
holds a Blue Kinstone and the other has 50 Mystery Shells. Oh oh, a nasty 
Moldorm is in the way. Slash it and move on. Dig through the dirt and find 
another Mysterious Wall that has a fusion. That's all there is in this section 
so let's move on.

Take Link back to where you made the turn to enter this section and proceed 
ahead. You might notice that very narrow dirt strip, dig through it and you'll 
end up at Lon Lon Ranch. Now you know how to get that Heart Piece that's been 
bugging you. Admit it! It bugged me too. 

Okay, one more area and we're done in here. Backtrack and continue left where 
you'll find a chest with a Blue Kinstone, one with a Red Kinstone, and the last 
chest holds 50 Mystery Shells.

Minish Woods

The Covered Cave near the bridge has three hidden Like Likes guarding the 
chests. The chest on your right contains a Blue Kinstone. The one on the left 
has 50 Rupees. 

This cave has a Blue Kinstone piece in the first chest. Empty spaces usually 
mean a hidden Like Like. Yep! There it is. There is also a Green Rupee Like 
trying to look innocent. Dig all the dirt and you'll also find another 
Mysterious Wall.


===== Closing, Credits, Thank You =====

Wow! I can't believe I'm almost done with my very first contribution to 
GamsFAQs. That is of course, if you're reading my Guide. I've had a blast doing 
this and I hope it'll be useful to all of you, indeed all of us who love 
spoilers. I'd much rather know what it is in the chest before I open it. Don't 
you just hate surprises. 

I must honestly say, though I've played only half the games in the Legend of 
Zelda Series, this has gotta be one of if not my favorite. My hat's off to 
Shigeru Miyamoto, and the entire staff of The Minish Cap. Not only is this game 
fun but it makes you work hard to complete it and even harder to get a one 
hundred percent file. It has challenging enemies and superior bosses. The 
dungeons all step out of the norm, especially from the earlier Zelda games, and 
makes you eager to see what's in the next room. Each dungeon outdoes its name.  
The Ice Dungeon in this game is so far above the earlier games it's not even 
funny. And the Palace of Winds is just breath-taking. 

Minish Cap also has some of the most inventive weapons as far as the games I've 
played. You've gotta admit, that Gust Jar and Pacci Cane; I know you'd love to 
have one of each. I would also. The game is not bad to look at and the music is 
great. I can't say I get the Mirror Shield thing, but hey. Who am I to argue 
when the rest of the game is so great? One more thing, I think Vaati would send 
Ganon packing with his tail tucked neatly between his legs. 

===== Credits =====

I must first give thanks to God for allowing me to compile and complete this 
Guide. A hearty thank you to the Contributors Staff here at GameFAQs for 
accepting my work. I must not only thank but congratulate the people who 
produced this game. The Executive Producer, Satoru Iwata; the General Producer, 
Shigeru Miyamoto; Keiji Inafune, the Producer; and Hidemaro Fujibayashi, the 
Director. The entire Staff of, The Legend of Zelda; The Minish Cap, must be 
given credit for this game as well as, Flagship, the Developer of The Minish 

===== Thank You =====

This Guide was composed solely by me However, all the poster in the Game Boy 
Advance Forum here at GameFAQs inspired me to do it. So once again, a shout out 
to all the players in the GBA Forum. Thank you very much. I love helping all of 
you in any way possible, so keep the questions coming. A special thank you to 
the guys in FAQs Contributors-General Message Boards. You guys gave me good 
advice which I hope is evident in my FAQs. Thank you to, honestgamer, to Split 
Infinity, to DeMatt, and to Snkupo. Thank you also to, Drunky, selmiak, 
Kratos_42, TripleJumperMB, and to PeTeRL90. Your advice and support was 
invaluable. I sincerely appreciated the help. Last but certainly not least, a 
most special thank you goes out to my friend, Jawni, AKA Penguin, over at 
GameWinners.Com. Thank you for securing the game for me. 

I would like to thank the following people for requesting to host my guide:

Leo at Neoseeker; Jason at Honestgamers; Dennis at Supercheats;

===== Contact Info =====

I welcome feedback from anyone who wishes to express a view to me concerning 
this Guide. Good, bad, or indifferent, it doesn't matter. At least then I'll 
know you read the Guide. I can be reached by e-mail at kacopia@aol.com. I have 
no problem acknowledging e-mails and any and all mail will get a reply. 

===== Copyright Infringement =====

I did not have a single thing to do with the outlay, production or distribution 
of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. I did however, spend a lot of time and 
eye power on this Guide, and if you knew anything about me, you'd know how much 
that took. I did this guide for you, but not for you to plagiarize or infringe 
upon it. If you wish to post any or this entire Guide on your site, please be 
kind enough to ask for my authorization. Otherwise, this FAQs is the sole 
property of Vonzella Hunt-Finkley and rights to publish it have been given to 
GameFAQs.Com, only. 

Any member of GameFAQs may excerpt a portion(s) of this guide necessary to aid 
another member of GameFAQs. It MAY NOT be reproduced in part or totality for 
exhibition in any other site without the expressed, written permission of the 
owner. There are tons of gaming sites out there and admittedly, I will not go 
door-to-door looking for my Guide. If you do STEAL it, at least have the guts 
to credit me with its authorship. I am Golden_Torizo. 

Any and all characters, places, and items mentioned in this Guide are the sole 
creations of The Nintendo Corporation and its Developers, Flagship, I guess. 
Well, Guys and Dolls, "we've come to the end of the road." I've enjoyed every 
minute with you. THANK YOU ALL! Bye-Bye...

===== Permission Notification =====

The following sites have been given written permission to use this Guide.





The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap 
Mole Mitts Covered Caves Guide 
For Game Boy Advance
Copyright (c) 2007 All Rights Reserved Vonzella Hunt-Finkley



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