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FAQ/Walkthrough by Pluslerules

Updated: 02/23/07

The Legend of Zelda:
The Minish Cap

---1. What little I have of an introductory with no sentence to shift
to the contents---

This is obviously a FAQ for Minish Cap.   I like to call it the Minish FAQ.

---2. Table of contents---
1.What little I have of an introductory with no sentence to shift to
the contents
2.Table of contents
3. The beginning
4. Minish Woods
5. Earth Element
5a. Deepwood Shrine
6. Fire Element
6a. Mt. Crenel
6b. Cave of Flames
6c. After the Cave of Flames
7. Ocarina of Wind
7a. Before Castor Wilds
7b. Castor Wilds
7c. Wind Ruins
7d. Fortress of Winds
8. Water Element
8a. Before Temple of Droplets
8b. Temple of Droplets
8c. After Temple of Droplets
9. Wind Element
9a. Royal Valley
9b. Veil Falls
9c. Cloud Tops
9d. Palace of Winds
9e. After Palace of Winds
10. Sidequests
10a. Tiger Scrolls
10b. Kinstone Fusions
10c. Pieces of Heart
10d. Figurines
10e. Weapon Upgrades and 3 more empty bottles
11. Saving Hyrule
11a. Dark Hyrule Castle
12. Credit
13. Copyright
14. E-mail
15. The end

---3. The beginning---

Zelda walks into your house, wanting to go to the picori festival.
Eventually, you'll wake up and start playing.   Walk downstairs, then
to the door to the right.  After a bit of talking you'll get the
smith's sword.   After some more talking, grab the 20 ruppees from the
chest, and follow Zelda, because it's the only thing you CAN do.

You'll arrive in Hyrule Town.   Zelda runs to a man telling a story.
Talk to her and she'll run over to another man telling another story
in the upper left corner. Talk to her and she'll run over to yet
another man in the upper right corner talking about a swordsman
tournament.  Talk to her and she'll run over to Pina (running the
lottery in the lower right rug). Zelda wins the lottery!   She could
pick a heart-shaped stone (a heart container)…a magnificent gem (100
ruppees)…and a teeny-tiny shield.   Zelda picks the teeny tiny shield
and gives it to you.

Go up to the next area (the two kids blocking the way will be gone).
What a pain, Zelda gets hit by a business scrub.  No trouble though,
just keep out your shield and wait for it to try and hit you.   Once
the business scrub is hit, it'll go away.   Poor business scrub…

Anyway, go north and head to the next area.   Keep going north until
you walk up to somebody (Minister Potho, in particular) and you'll
give him the smith's sword.   Zelda leaves but she was a bit of an
annoyance…   The picori sword is shown and… darn it Zelda came back
(but with the king!)! Vaati, champion of the competition approaches
the blade… But he wants more than to touch it!   After four soldiers
attacking him (and evidently getting knocked down), Vaati opens the
chest and turns Zelda to stone!   Unfortunetely for Vaati, there was
nothing in that chest exept a pile of monsters.

Jump out of bed (by moving the pad to the right) and go to the next
room (to the left).

After a bit of extra talking, the king tells you that only the picori
can fix the blade, and that the broken picori blade needs to be taken
to the Minish Woods.   Potho says that the soldiers need to start
searching for the picori immediately, but the king replys that only
children can see the picori.   Guess who needs to take the smith's
sword and deliver the borken picori blade? YOU.   The king mentions
after you get the tools that you should start your search at Deepwood
Shrine, and Smith marks the location for you.  Head south to the next
part of the castle, go around the wall in the middle, and go south to
the next castle area.   For the last part of the castle, again, head

Yay for south. Keep going south until you see road construction
(killing octoroks on the way if needed), then head right and slash the
trees with you sword. Progress to the next area.

On the way you'll see acro bandits (yellow mask except for blue around
the eyes), beat them as they fall to the ground.   Oh, and don't
forget to head south.

Progress…south…until you get to a wall.   At that point, go right
across the bridge.

---4. Minish Woods---

Head right until you hit a wall, beating octoroks as needed, then head
south avoiding chu chus (green blobs) until you see a stump.   Head
left, up, left, up, left. "Hellllllp!!! Help meeee!!!", cries a
cap…wait…a cap? Whatever. Anyway, go back to where the cap is and beat
the two octoroks after he says don't just stand there.   Apparently
he's been cursed by Vaati too, and that's why he's a cap. Also, his
name is Ezlo.  Keep walking until he yells at you for the third time,
and he'll jump on your head.

Now, go back to the stump.   Ezlo says the stump is…important.  OK,
maybe it is.   Ezlo blabs about how you're too big to see the minish
and how minish are picori and oddly enough, that stump makes you
smaller.   Jump on the stump and press R.   You'll come out of the
stump INSANELY tiny.

Go left, but this time, down to the fallen tree…now go through it.
You'll come across a puddle and some lily pads. Hop onto one of the
lily pads, because you can't swim and a puddle is an ocean to minish!
 Once the lily pad gets near the next piece of land, step on the next
piece of land.

Head north, for that's all you can do.   Eventually, you'll get to
Minish Village.   Some minish will come over to you and yell pico pico
ri.   Head right, up, right, up, left, and enter the house to the
north.   Speak with the Minish in here, and he'll tell you about the
jabber nut (it makes you understand minish).   As he said, head…south,
then right across the bridge, and go down the ladder which leads you
into the barrel house.  Push the block in front of you to either the
left or the right (it doesn't matter which) then head left and eat the
jabber nut.  Exit the barrel house via ladder and head back to
festari's house, but not in it.   Go all the way left instead, and go
up the ladder and into the house.   Talk to the Minish inside.   After
a bit of talking, he marks where the elements are on your map and
tells you that there's an element inside of Deepwood Shrine, which is
behind Festari's house.   Go to festari's house, and speak with him.
Go through the door, and through the small crack in the wall and head
inside Deepwood Shrine.

Some things to do before entering

First Piece of Heart:
Turn bigger again via the stump and head next to deepwood shrine and
grab that heart piece!

Second Piece of Heart:
Go just right of festari's house and there's another board besides the
one leading to his house.   Go on the board until you come across a
piece of heart at the end!

5. Earth Element

---5a. Deepwood Shrine---

Walk forward until you see 3 statues.   Push the one closest to you to
the right, and head to the next room.

Kill the sluggullas or leave them, it doesn't matter.   Just push all
four switches, grab the small key from the chest, open the door, and
progress to the next room.

Roll forward, don't walk, for two sluggulas will fall from the
ceiling!   Beat them as they fall or right after.   Anyway, go forward
and pull the lever, steps will appear.   Grab the mushroom and pull it
until you get to the end of the track, and let go of R.   Progress to
the next room after beating another sluggula that falls from the

Avoid the Puffstools, as they're currently invincible, head up the
stairs, and push the switch.   Go through the door of the barrel and
go through the other door.   Go up the stairs, go around the statue,
push it on one switch, and stand on the other.   Go back in the barrel
and move until you see the southwest door open and go through it.
Progress to the next area.

First, pull the mushroom to the left across both dirt tracks, go up
the stairs that should be next to you now, and open the chest.

| You found a dungeon map!               |
|Check it on your map screen.            |
|Lighter rooms are ones you've visited.  |
| The blinking room is your location.    |
| Press Up or Down on *control pad* to   |
| check different floors.                |

Go south and jump the ledge.   This time, only pull the mushroom
across the first dirt track.   Progress to the next area.

Beat a pesto (a fly) and two sluggulas that fall from the ceiling,
then push the pot on the switch.   Go across the steps and go to the
next area.

In here, push one statue 3 times, go around it, and push it twice.
For the next statue, pull it with R once.   Open  the chest.

|You got a small key!                     |
| Use it to open locked doors and blocks. |
|You can use it only in this dungeon.     |

Push one of the statues twice, and backtrack to the room with the
barrel (to get across the room with the mushroom push a block to the
right forward once).   Back in here, enter the barrel and walk in it
until you can go in the northwestern stairs.   Go through the stairs
and unlock the door.   Progress to the next room.

Pull the mushroom to the right across the dirt track, hit the switch
to your right, and pull the mushroom in front of you until your face
is red.   Progress to the next room.

Beat 4 sluggulas that fall from the ceiling, then beat two more that
were on the floor the whole time.   Now, pull the statue to the right
on the other side of the switch, then push the left one on the switch.
 Progress to the next room.

Beat the Mulldozers and take the small key.   Go to the next room, go
up the stairs and jump the ledge.   Go down the stairs.

First, head to the right.   Push the right block forward and the right
block to the right.   You got the compass!   Use it to find the
locations of hidden items.   Press START and then L or R to view the
map screen.   Now head left.   Push a pot on the switch, and go back
upstairs.   Head to the left room.

Roll across the dust as the things with red heads appear.   Hit the
switch to open the door, and head back to the start of the dungeon and
break pots for recovery if needed.   Once you're done with your
errands, go through the locked door and fight a mini boss.

Mini Boss: Madderpiller:
Hit his head, then his tail, but after a while of hitting his tail,
run away as he'll go mad and be untouchable, but you're vulnerable
always.   Repeat this process 2 or 3 times and he'll be beaten.

Open the chest.   You got the Gust Jar!   Hold the button to draw
things in, and release it to fire them out!   Set it to A or B on the
items screen to use it.   Suck up the web on the bottom right with the
gust jar and go through the door.   You got a piece of Heart!   Now go
back to rooms to where there was a lot of dust (right before the
madderpiller's room).   Suck up the Puffstools, their heads'll turn
grey and they're now vulnerable!   Suck up the whole room's dust, too,
you'll be able to step on quite a lot of switches!   The middle left
switch opens a portal, which you can access at the beginning of the
dungeon (warping in it gives you a piece of heart!), the lefternmost
switch makes a chest with 10 Mysterious Shells, and the switch next to
the leftmost switch makes a chest with 10 more Mysterious Shells
appear. And the room before that, there's a switch under the dirt that
makes a chest with 20 more Mysterious shells appear!   Anyways, go
back to the barrel room and suck up the spider web inside the barrel
with the gust jar, and fall in the hole.

Suck in the lily pad with your gust jar so you don't drown, and push
the lily pad with balls of dust the gust jar makes.  Push yourself
down the waterfall.   Push yourself left, then up, then right.

Push your way up the stairs, and push a pot on the switch.   Now
progress past where the statues were blocking the way.   Does this
room look familiar?   Yes.   Now push the lily pad to the place where
the chest you couldn't get is, and open the chest.   You got a small
key!   Backtrack to the room before the statues in the water blocking
the way were.   This time, take the upper path and speed though (mash
the gust jar button) because sluggulas are falling as you move!   Open
the locked door.

Pull the mushroom as far as you can, and pull the next mushroom with
the gust jar.   Pull the next mushroom like the last one, and same
with the next, but from as far away as you can.   Open the chest.
You got the Big Key! Use it to open big doors.   Hit the switch, and
warp on the warp you just made.

You're now at the entrance.   Suck the left spider web with the gust
jar, and go up the stairs.   Push the block in front of the chest to
the right.   Open the chest.   You got 20 ruppees! That's great.
Back at the entrance, suck the right spider web this time.   Go up the
stairs, and suck in the mushroom.   Now go down and right and suck the
mushroom again.   Just to warn you, you're about to fight the boss.

Boss: Big Green ChuChu:
Keep sucking his…the bottom of his body until he moves his head while
moving.   Avoid him then, because if he falls on you, you get hurt.
Once he falls, repetitively slash him.   Roll away from him when he
tries to jump on you.   Repeat this process 3 times to beat him.

You got the Earth Element!   The power of the earth is the source of
all living things.   The Earth Element is the embodiment of that
power.   Walk into the heart.   You got a Heart Container!   Your life
energy has increased and been replenished!   Now step on the warp.

6. Fire Element
---6a. Mt. Crenel---

Head back to Gentari's (the minish elder) house and talk to him.   He
tells you to go to Melari, at mount crenel, to fix your broken picori
blade, and directs you to a door.   Head out the door, and go through
the stump, but don't get bigger yet, rather, go in the mushroom house
and talk to the minish.   He gives you bombs.   NOW get bigger.   Go
north and check the tomb…   What is it?   Ezlo hasn't the foggiest.
Anyway, go to the left and then south, and blow up the rocks with
bombs.    Head to the next area.

See the mushroom?   I'm sure you know the what to do with it by now,
grab it until your face is red, and release the control pad.   Blow up
the rocks, and progress.

First, blow up the wall that looks like it's made out of rocks and
claim your 20 mysterious shells.   Back out of the cave, slash the
grass next to the stairs as there's a spiny beetle under there.    To
beat the Peahats, use your gust jar on them, and blow them into the
wall after they're sucked.    You can also uncover a Spiny Beetle by
using your gust jar on the grass to the right.   When you're done with
beating enemies, go to the next area.

Here, you could bomb the rocks but that's currently pointless (it acts
as a shortcut later though).   Instead, beat the acro-bandits and head
to the next area.   Here, it's as simple as cutting down 3 small trees
and going to Hyrule Town.

You'll be interrupted by the Hurdy-Gurdy Man giving you a kinstone bag
and a kinstone tutorial (press L when there's a bubble over the
person's head, and match the pieces).   You could go back to South
Hyrule Field and get the heart piece in the tree, but if you want to
advance, head inside the house with a chick on the roof (chick, not
chicken, there's a difference) and let the spin attack be taught to
you.   Say you understand, and after he does it, press and hold B (or
A as the case may be), then release.   If you forget it, he gives you
a tiger scroll.

Exit the house, and talk to the northwest guard and show him your spin
attack.   You may now progress to Trilby Highlands.   Do so after
sucking up the dust on the lower right rug.

Beat the Keaton by first striking him from behind, then run away when
he charges and hit him again.   After that, beat the octorok and you
can safely follow the dirt road.   Do so, and enter Mt. Crenel's Base.
 Blow up the rock wall to the right of the plant that hasn't grown
yet.   Beat the Business Scrub (if you forgot how, just keep your
shield out) and talk to him.   He says he has a friend in Trilby
Highlands.   Go back to the entrance of Trilby Highlands and go down
the ladder.   Blow up the rock wall to your right and beat the
business scrub.   Buy his bottle (if you don't have 20 ruppees there's
one at the top of the far left plant at Mt. Crenel's Base).

Go back to Mt. Crenel's Base, and get some water in your bottle (swish
your bottle near the small rocks), then water the plant that hasn't
grown yet.   Climb the now-grown plant.   Go north, then west.
You'll see a rock wall between two trees.   Bomb it, you'll need the
fairies eventually.   Now head south beating tektites as needed.
Here, instead of going left, go right and bomb near where the sign
says no bombing (to be specific, between the gates).   Beat the
chuchus or avoid them, your choice, but afterwards go up the ladder.
Blow up the rock here, then turn minish via the rock.   Head past
where the rock was, and go between the trees.   Avoiding or killing
the mulldozers, head north until you see green water.   Scoop it in
your bottle.

Now you can take the left path (from before where the chuchus were).
First head through the open door, and beat the business scrub and take
your mighty bombs.   This time, bomb the rock wall to your right, then
your…up?   Can't find the grammar for that.   Anyway, suck up the
keese (easier then slashing them) then pull the mushroom to cross the
gap.   Go up the stairs.

Ezlo says once you take off the Helmasaur's masks, they're no
challenge at all.   Pull of their masks with the gust jar, but keep
sucking until you get the whole helmasaur.   Release it.   Repeat this
process until you've beaten all of them, and go back outside of the

Jump into the whirlwind and use the control pad to turn to the next
one.   From here, first, go all the way left then north.   Throw a
bomb in between the trees.   Set off three bombs, all in front of a
rock.   The north part has a piece of heart, the east part has 50
ruppees, and the west part has a blue kinstone piece.

Back where you got to from the second whirlwind, go just north this
time.   Clean up the poison or whatever it is with the gust jar and
eventually you'll uncover a minish crack and a rock.   Turn minish via
the rock and head towards the not-yet-grown green plant.   You'll
arrive in a minish road.   Beat the enemys here now, because you won't
be able to on the way back.   Anyway, progress north until you get to
the plant.   Grab the plant with R, and throw it into the empty hole
(outside of the minish road).   Get bigger, than poor the Mt. Crenel
Mineral Water on the plant, then climb the now-grown plant.

You're now on Mt. Crenel!   Head right beating tektites (and two spiny
beetles) as needed, then bomb at the end of the bridge.   Go up the
stairs here, unless you want the kinstone piece in the chest.

Go near the white chuchu, but not next to it.   Set a bomb there, and
go behind the bomb.   The Spiky Chuchu should go right into it.   Hit
it while it's paralyzed.   Beat the red Chuchu now, then break the
pots for more bombs.   Then, bomb the two rocks.   For this puzzle,
push the right block up, bomb the Spiky Chuchu, and push the north
block up.   Exit the room.

Here, jump on the whirlwind to the next whirlwind like last time, and
go up the ladder.   Beating spiny beetles, Peahats, and tektites on
the way, go to the rightmost part of the area, and bomb the rock wall.
 Beat the Business scrub with your shield, and get your grip ring for
40 ruppees.

Exit the business scrub's room, and climb down the more blackish wall,
and the next.   Now go all the way left, and climb the ladder.   Climb
the wall (ignore the boulders, they hardly ever actually hit) until
you get to the first ledge.   On the ledge, put a bomb to the right of
where it says no bomb throwing.   In this cavern, throw a bomb in the
fountain.   When the fairy asks if you threw in the golden bomb or the
silver bomb, say neither.   You got a big bomb bag!

Back on crenel wall, climb all the way up this time.   Beat all the
enemys here, as you don't want your mushroom pulling interrupted.
Pull the mushroom, and you'll land on a raining platform.   Turn
minish via the rock, and roll through the minish road to the south, as
if you don't, you'll be hit by a raindrop.   Oh, and it's recommended
that you roll on the north side of the minish road as the raindrops
can't go through leaves.

Once you've made it out of the minish road, get bigger via the other
rock.   Now, go west and push the boulder into the hole.   For the
next boulder push it… left, up, up, left, up, up, left, left, left,
left, left, down, left, left, left, left, left, left, left, left,
left, left, left, left, up, up, up, up, right.   Push the next boulder
2 times.   Now climb down the ladder.

Beat the Helmasaurs and for the first set of blocks, push the upper
one left.   For the next set of blocks, push the bottom one to the
left.   For the next set, push the lower one left, then the upper one
up, but then, instead of going left, go down and push the only block
you can push down, now progress left like you were going to.  The next
block set, push the lower one right.   Back at these bloacks, push the
upper block to the right, the bottom right and bottom left blocks
down, and the remaining block to the left.   Exit the room.

Roll to the next room so you don't get hit by spiny beetles.   In this
room, beat the Helmasaur, and rather then pulling the mushroom, push
the pots into the pit, and suck the mushroom in front of where the
pots were, and go down the stairs.

In here, throw a bomb at the switch, and cross the bridge.   Exit the
room and head to the next.

In here, push the boulder down, left, left, down, down, left, left,
left, up, left, up, left, then push the statue.   Go down the stairs.

Here, push the bottom block left, and the upper one up.   Now push the
middle one to the left.   Yay, kinstone piece.   Exit the room.

Shrink, and go to the minish road.   Beat the mulldozers or leave
them, but go to the door at the bottom left of the road.

In melari's mines, just follow the path until you get to the end.
Talk to the biggest minish, Melari.   He takes your broken picori
blade to repair, and informs you that the fire element is in a mine
the humans dug.   Talk to the minish blocking the nearest door to you,
and he'll move.

Get bigger via the stump and check the exploding tomb.   Anyway, go up
the ladder and enter the mines.

---6b. Cave of Flames---

Slash one of the bob-ombs twice, then throw it at the rock wall.   You
could also use a bomb.   Go to the next room.

Flip the Spiky Beetles with your shield, then slash it twice.   Repeat
this on the other one, and claim your compass.   Head to the next

Suck the ruppees with your gust jar, and repetitively slash the
remaining ruppee, because it's a ruppee like, not a ruppee!   Head
down the stairs.

Avoid the bob-ombs, then go up the steps.   Follow the tracks until
you reach a cart.   Beat the Helmasaurs, and hop in with the brave
Ezlo.   Hop out with the now anguished Ezlo, and progress to the next

Beat the Chuchus, break the pots, avoid the bob-omb and go to the next area.

Beat one bob-omb and use the gust jar on the other for easy aim at the
rock wall.   If it explodes before you send it to the wall, use a

In here beat all of the Helmasaurs and shrink.   Head through the
minish door in the northeast corner.   Avoid the Spiky Beetles and
head to the room to the right.   Now head through the minish door to
the southeast, then two south minish doors.   Circle around until you
see a small crack between rocks.   Jump, avoid lava, and get bigger.
Now that you're bigger again, you can slash away the lava with your
sword.   Beat the Chuchus, and quickly go to the platform via the
black platforms THAT SINK INTO THE LAVA.   Open the chest for a
kinstone piece, hit the switch, and go to the other platform, quickly.
 Before going to the next platform,  suck one or two pots with the
gust jar, as you'll fall into the lava.  If you didn't break the
bottom pots do so, then quickly head to the next platform.   Head
through the door.

In here, get on the moving sinking platform and get on land as soon as
possible.   Slash the worms, or blow a puff of air at them, then grab
them and put them in all the holes.   The chest contains 50 ruppees.
Break the pots and head up the steps.   Jump in the whirlwind, go in
the next whirldwind, turn around and drop to the next platform
(eventually).   Head up the steps, and push the block in front of you
up, then step on the switch to open the door, but, you're not done
here yet.   Push the chest on the pink thing all the way in the hole,
and claim your small key!   Head to the next area, AKA, about 5 rooms
before this.

Get back in the cart, and when you get out, open the locked door.
Walk on the track so you don't fall, then hit the switch with your
sword.   Get back in the cart and you'll be in an old area, but you've
only been here minish.

Head to the left, beat the spiked beetles, and head north.   Go in the
hole, hop out after the traps hit the hole, and walk on the track
(rolling between the traps).   Break the pots and blow the rock wall
up.   Claim your piece of heart, then go to the next room.

Hop down, with your bombs equipped.   Put down a bomb in the middle of
the room, as the mini-boss, a horde of spiky chuchus, come falling
from the ceiling!   Keep bombing until they're all beaten.   Open the
chest for a new item, Cane of Pacci!   It flips things over.   Head to
the next room.

Get on the sinking platform, and use your cane of pacci before getting
on the next one (other wise you'll just get hurt).   Now that you're
across the lava, use the cane of pacci on the hole and getting the
hole.   Get on the switch to make the blue warp appear and to open a
door.   Head to the next room.

Roll so you don't get hit by the Traps, then use your cane of pacci to
turn the upside down cart right side up.   Hop in.    In here, simply
push the chest in the hole and get your small key.   Head back to the
room where the blue warp is, and open the locked door.   Head

At the moment, ignorer the switch and shrink.   Go between the traps
(between the pebbles), preferably rolling, and head through the minish
door at the end.   Go through the path in between blocks, as the red
traps won't hurt you as a minish.   At the end of the path, get
bigger, and go in the alcoves in between the blocks, because otherwise
those red traps will hit you!   Once you've gotten past all the red
traps, use your cane of pacci on the cart, and get in.   Hit the
switch I told you to ignore a minute ago, and get back in the cart.

Here, use your cane of pacci on the rollobites and throw them in the
holes until all of the holes are covered.   Once done, pull the switch
on the pink thing in the remaining hole (in the upper left) and it it.
 Go past the statues that used to be there and progress.

First, jump of the north edge to get a blue kinstone piece, then push
the upper block to the right.   Kill the keese, and use your cane of
pacci on the upper hole.   Go up the cliff, get your kinstone piece,
drop down, and progress east.

Swipe your sword against the flame so you don't get hurt, and
repetitively swing your cane of pacci (not in front of the sinking
block in front of you) until you hit the spiked sinking block.   Once
it comes to the sinking block in front of you (on its way down, not
up) get on it, then quickly shoot your cane of pacci downwards.   Once
you get on the next sinking block, immediately swing your cane of
pacci to the right.   When your on the next sinking block, go to the
upper right corner of the block and keep running north until you get
to the next platform.   Use you cane of pacci on the upper row of
pots, then the sinking block.   Once on the platform with the pots,
get ready for devastation.   First, swing your cane of pacci upwards,
then right.   Once on the third sinking block, swing the cane of pacci
again.   Once on the fifth sinking block, you should be able to make
it to the platform to the north.

Jump down the cliff, and use your cane of pacci on the hole to the
north.   Get on the cliff and jump off it (leftwards).   Here, you'll
find a hole and a whirlwind.   Use your cane of pacci on the hole, and
jump into the whirlwind.   You're going straight north.   Head east
until you get to another whirlwind.   Jump in it, and onto the
platform.   Go through two whirlwinds, then go on the upper platform
(easy to miss, but you just go northwest from the first platform you
can take a break on).   Jump in the next whirlwind, and stop at the
platform (it comes after 3 whirlwinds).   Take your kinstone piece,
and go in the next whirlwind.   After another whirlwind, you'll see a
platform.   GET ON IT.   Take the big key, and jump to the north.
Slash the four flames and hit the switch.   Go on the red warp, and
heal up at the entrance.   After you're done healing, take that one
last upside down sinking platform (use the cane of pacci) and head
through the boss door.

If you got hurt in the lava… More pots!   Anyway, go down the hole.

BOSS FIGHT:   Gleerock

Roll until you get an angle to his shell.   Use the cane of pacci on
it, and climb on his neck, and repetitively hit the jewel on his back.
 Once your not doing anymore damage, quickly get off of him, as he'll
sinnk into the lava.   Roll and hug the wall at the same time, because
boulders are falling and the lava widens!   Keep rolling after the
madness ends too, because more madness is coming!   Repeat the process
3 times to win.   You got the Fire Element! *I accidentally skipped
the rest of the description*      You got a Heart Container!   Your
life energy has been increased and replenished!   Head out the green

---6c. After the Cave of Flames---

Shrink via the rock and head to melari.   He gives you the
not-so-broken picori blade-- he calls it the white sword!   He also
says that there's a sanctuary in Hyrule Castle you need to go to to
infuse the elements into the blade.

Head out of melari's mines again, and get bigger.   Jump the ledge
that's just south of you.   Go down the ladder and head all the way
right.   Go down the multiple walls until you get all the way to the
bottom of Mt. Crenel's Base.

Back in Trilby Highlands, go up the northeast bridge and head east.
Beat the Keaton, and use your cane of pacci on the hole.   Go on the
cliff and hit the switch (it makes life easier).   A bridge will form.
 Go across it, and head to Hyrule Castle.   Once in the castle, head
north a room, then go downstairs (the stairs are next to the king's
room) and go to the front of the big square wall that seemed to be
blocking our path for no reason if you went here before.   Head
through the door that didn't use to be there, and then the next, and
then the next.   Drop the sword in the pedestal in the middle of the
room.   You're forced to read the newly appeared tablet which says
"Fill your sword with power and walk on the glowing tile. . .".
Charge up, but don't release, a spin attack on one of the glowing
tiles, then move to the next one.   Meet me and myself.   Head all the
way south and repeat the process.   Have both you and yourself stand
on the two switches and head out of Hyrule castle.

You'll meet Vaati and find out that Ezlo was actually minish and was
cursed by him to look like a hat among other things, but don't be
alarmed, you don't need to fight him, just two black moblins (use the
same tactics as you did on the keatons to beat them).   Anyway, head
back to Mt. Crenel.

7. Ocarina of Wind

---7a. Before Castor Wilds---

Take the shortcut and keep climbing upwards until you get to a cavern.
 There's a pattern of glowing tiles that looks like this:

[x] [ ] [ ] [ ] [x]
[ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

The Xs are where you should duplicate.   Go through the holes in the
wall, and on both switches.   Head through the door, and talk to
Grayblade (after getting the piece of heart and 100 ruppees!).   He'll
teach you a Roll Attack, which you do by rolling and then pressing the
sword button as you rise.   When you're done, head to Hyrule Town.

Go talk to Swiftblade as, amazingly enough, if you've learned the Roll
Attack he'll teach you yet another new skill--Rock Breaker (it's much
more useful then it sounds)!   When your ready to do it, just slash
your sword next to one of the pots.

Alright, I'll finally let you advance again.   Head to Trilby
Highlands, and back to cavern where the Business Scrub that sold you
the empty bottle was.   Clone yourself, and push the block as far as
it can go.   Out here, to prevent annoyance, go east then north rather
then south and push the boulder in the hole.   Now you can head south.

Ah, the joy of Vaati brainwashing the king and asking for the guards
to search for the light force.    Once that cut scene's over, head
south, then all the way east, then north, and across the bridge.

Here, go in the mud and quickly come out so you don't fall in and lose
health.   Ezlo will still think you drowned due to good glitches.
Head back to Hyrule town.

Head in the store with a shoe on it, and Rem will fall asleep.
Shrink via the upside down pot, and go up the stairs that used to be
blocked by the shoes.   Talk to one of the minish (it doesn't matter
which) and they'll tell you that they're making Pegasus Boots (which
you need – badly) but only Rem can do the finishing touches, and he'll
almost never wake up.   Although, they say that a wake-up mushroom,
which syrup has, will wake him up, and they mark Syrup's Hut on your

To get there, you'll need to do too much.   Head to Lon Lon Ranch for
starters.   Directly at where the ranch is, you'll find Malon and
Talon (the owners) have locked themselves in.   Shrink via the stump,
and head through the minish door to the left of the human entrance
(which is  locked).   Inside, grow via the upside down pot and break
the pot in the upper right corner.   Inside is the key to the ranch.
Head out the way you came in, and talk to talon.   He'll now let you
take the shortcut to lake hylia from the ranch whenever you want.

Head through his house and come out the other door.   In the ranch go
all the way north, then head west.   Push the boulder, then use the
cane of pacci on the hole near you.   On the cliff, jump on the
whirlwind and head to the next cliff.   On this cliff, do the same
thing, except, instead of going to the next cliff, hover right over
the pond, then head east.   Instead of going south go west, push the
boulder, go back, and THEN head south.   From here it's easy.   Just
head up the stairs, into the house and by the wake-up mushroom.

Head back to Rem and press R next to him, and he'll give you the
Pegasus Boots.    Back to Castor Wilds!

---7b. Castor Wilds---

I would like to tell you before I begin this section that instead of
saying use your Pegasus Boots I will be saying dash.

Dash to left platform, then go as far left as you can on the platform.
 Dash south, while holding the control pad left.   Start by going
west until you reach a cavern; enter it.   This  part is simple.   Go
downstairs, then take a left, and head in the next room you see.
Here's the tricky part: Beating the Dark Nut.   Keep walking around
him until he tries to hit you.   Immediately hit him when he does.
Eventually he'll die, and you can take the gold kinstone piece.   Head
out of the cavern.

See the vine to the left of you?   Climb up it, and take one bridge
north, then climb down.   Head west and dash west, stopping to turn
around a few times.   Once you've gotten to the stump, shrink, and
enter the minish road to the north of you.   That's right, you need
the gust jar again.   Keep puffing air, avoiding the crystals, until
you get to the end.   Roll off of the lily pad, then fall in the
crack.   Beat all of the mulldozers and take your bow.   Head back the
way you came, and get bigger.

Remember that weird statue with the eye we saw near the stump?   Shoot
an arrow at its eye.   Try to shoot while it jumps, as it'll keep
jumping and you'll never hit him when he's about to jump.   Climb up
the vine he was standing in front of, and take the whirlwind across
the pond, and onto the land.   Here, head all the way south then dash
east.    Check that exploding tomb then kill the eygore statue.   Head
up the vine after pushing the boulder north of you.   Take one bridge
north, then jump in the whirlwind.   Drop down at the second shore.
Head in the cavern and just take the gold kinstone piece from the
chest (possibly after beating 2 ropes).   Outside of the cavern, cut
the grass to your right and push the boulder.   Cross the boulder, and
then the boulder you put in the hole earlier.   Climb up the vine 2
bridges north, then 1 southeast.   Climb down the vine and beat the
Eyegore Statue.   Dash to the near platform, then head north until you
get to another cavern.   Take the gold kinstone piece.

Out of the cavern again, head south and push the boulder.   Cross it
and retrace your steps to where you found the tomb.   From there, head
as far south as you can go, then dash west.   Fuse kinstones with all
3 of the statues here and head onward.

---7c. Wind Ruins---

Follow the path a bit until you get to a road block… You're in front
of a perfectly normal statue, right?   Wrong.   You're in front of a
perfectly abnormal statue.   Touch it, then mash B so he doesn't hit
you.   Once he's beaten, go south and beat the tektites.   The Armos
near you won't budge unless you turn it on… how do you do that?   Turn
minish, go up the ladder in the middle of his shield, and flick the
switch.   Once you've beaten the Armos, push the boulder so you don't
need to do that again.

Beat the Tektites, then climb up the ladder.   Beat these Tektites and
the statue will disappear.   Head up the ladder.

Beat the Tektites and go up the steps.   First, slash the grass and
beat the Ropes normally, then shrink and turn the Armos on.   Beat it,
beat the tektites and push the boulder.

Switch off the Armos at the end of the row, or you can't progress.
Beat the other Armos if you wish to get the chests, then head south.
Beat every enemy in this little path (Ropes [snakes] and Spiny Beetles
[beetles under rocks]) to progress.

Just head up the steps and into the fortress here.

---7d. Fortress of Winds---

First, head through the door to the left and head upstairs.   Beat the
Stalfos (wait for them to try and jump on you, back away, and hit them
twice) and Keese and progress north.

Here, shoot the eye avoiding the two skulls in the middle (they'll
come flying at you!).   Here, just beat all four Stalfos and head
through the south door.

It's best to ignore the green ruppees.   Instead,  go for the path
that has a green one, a blue one, and a red one.   Slash the red one,
it's a ruppee like.   Avoid the Spark and climb the ladder.

Here, avoid or kill the Spiky Chuchu and head through the north door.

Get on the first moving platform here, and try to get to the next.
Hit the two eyes north of the second platform to enter the north door.

In here, form on the glowing tiles in the chart shown below:

[x] [ ] __ __ [x] [ ]

Move around the Eyegore Statues and step on the two switches.   Beat
the two Eyegore Statues that activate to get the compass.

Head to the room before this, and head to the east door and east eyes
via the platforms.   Shoot the eyes like you did with the north door
to get in the east door.   Here, beat all the Ropes and slash the
bottom section of skulls.   Clone yourself and move the only block you
can get to all the way to the right.   Clone again, and move the other
block to the left.   Now you can safely push the first block up.
Pull the lever, and fall right with the key, then grab it.

Head out  of the south door, and go two doors to the right and go up the

Slash the right skulls and beat the Stalfos (avoiding the spark), and
pull the lever (avoiding the spark) to get a kinstone piece.   Repeat
the process with the left side of the room, but the chest is already
there this time.   Instead, the lever opens the door.

Simply go up the ladder.

Beat the Spiky Chuchu and go through the door…

Slash all the skulls and beat and Armos to reveal glowing tiles.

Clone like this:  [x] __ [ ] [ ] [x]

Then hit the switches near the entrance to the room.   Shrink, and
head back to the room where you cloned.   Turn the remaining Armos on,
and head through the tiny crack between the walls that are blocking
another shrink-thing.  Get bigger and push the block.   Beat the
Armos, pull the lever, fall in the hole, and take the key.

Head out of the room, go one door left, and go upstairs.

Beat the four stalfos first, believe me, it makes life easier (I've
tried not doing it).   After that, activate one of two eyegore statues
and beat it.   Go north, but one tile away from the trap.   Head left,
 then up the steps and take the dungeon map.   Roll down the steps so
you don't get hit by the traps and progress through the left locked

Here, there's a moving platform, but there are blocks that make you
fall that don't move also!   Avoid the blocks (right or left tile,
middle tile, right or left tile, middle tile, right or left tile) and
progress up the steps.

Keep moving until you see a shadow.   Get away from the shadow, and
when the wall master falls down, shoot it with an arrow.   After
beating the wall master, shoot the two eyes and progress.

Head to the south door and a Dark Nut will appear.   Use the same
tactics on it as you did in castor wilds (move around him in a circle
and hit him after he tries to attack you).   The blue warp will
appear.   Progress through the south door like you were going too.

Follow one set of traps until you can hit the switch, then keep
following it until you get to the south door.    Pretty easy, huh?

Head right until you come across two skulls and a space between them.
 Bomb the wall right between the skulls, and get your mole mitts.
Dig through the pale wall and get 100 ruppees if you wish, then head
out of the room and keep going right until you fall off the cliff to
where you started.

Head through the locked door to the right this time.   Equip your
Pegasus Boots, because you need 'em!   Pull the lever and run over to
the bridge and dash across it.   Head up the steps.

Shoot the floor masters, and, if they get too close, even slash them.
 Once they're all beaten, head through the door.

Slash the skulls (especially the second set, they'll fly at you.   Hit
them before they hit you) and then go through the part with the
rolling spikes, avoiding them by hopping in the holes and jumping out
when they pass you.   Once past the spikes, go north and beat the
ropes.   After that, push the statues on the northwest and southeast
switches, then clone like this:
__ __ [x]
__ __ [ ]
[ ] __ [ ]
[ ] __ __
[x] __ __

Navigate around the statues and blocks and step on the remaining
switches, and grab the small key.   Head to the locked door in the
section where the spikes are and open the locked door, but don't enter
the room.   Instead, head back to the previous room and shrink.   Head
back to the room you were just in, and head through the minish door.
Head to the section with the spikes, and go in between the rolling
spikes, avoiding the holes this time.   Once you finally get to the
door that used to be locked, enter it.

Head left and then north, you'll see a minish door.   Head through it,
and get bigger.    Step on the switch.    Dig, trying to avoid the
sparks (hard to do, but possible).   After you got the small key,
shrink again, and head out the minish door.   You'll see a tiny break
between the rocks that doesn't have steps; jump off it, and get
bigger, immediately slashing to the right, as the floor masters will
probably come after you.   After they're beaten, head right and
through the door.

It's impossible to get through here without fighting at least one
Moldorm, so dig towards the ladder beating a moldorm or two (trap it
in a coner and slash it twice).

Head through the door, open the locked door, and fall through the pit
to the right.   Take…the big key!   Then, push the block and jump off
of the cliff.   Head left, up the steps, and even more left and jump
off yet another cliff.   It's recommended you take the shortcut (roll
up the steps to where you got the dungeon map, then jump off of the
cliff), then head through the south door.

Dig your way to the statue and pull it onto the switch, claim your
kinstone, and go up the ladder, then head through the door (digging to
it).   Push the northeast block east, and if you don't have a
boomerang, head through the red warp, heal up, then come back and go
through the boss door.   If you do, head through the boss door, use
your boomerang on the two sparks, use one fairy and scoop the other in
a bottle.   Head through the door.

BOSS: Mazaal:
To dodge his slamming, simply roll out of the way.   To dodge his
grabbing, if it's his right hand go left, left go right.   When you
get a chance, shoot one of his hands and slash it repetitively.   Do
this with the other hand also and his head will fall down.   Shrink,
and go in his mouth.   Slash the pillar with blue under it
repetitively.     Now he'll have two new attacks and he'll be harder
to attack when you're in his mouth.   To dodge his lasers, stay to the
right or left.   If you do get hit by his shrinking laser, just go
over to the upper left or upper right corner and get bigger again.
In his mouth, you now have to dig to find the pillar with blue under
it.   Once you do find it, slash it repetitively.   Repeat the process
3 times to win.

Take your Heart container and go to the next room.   Here, just keep
going north and check the tomb.   You get the Ocarina of Wind.   You

8. Water Element
---8a. Before Temple of Droplets---

Get out you Ocarina of Wind and wind over to Lake Hylia.   Shrink, and
enter the mushroom house.    Talk to the minish, he tells you that
Librari has gotten into the temple of droplets, ehich is where the
water element is, and that Librari's currently in Hyrule Town's
Library.    This triggers the library to open.   Warp there if you've
checked out the tomb in north Hyrule Town.(isn't hanging on tiny
bird's talons fun kids?).

Head into the now-open Library and go upstairs, then out the door.
Use your cane of pacci on the pot, then shrink.    Head through the
minish door to the left of the human door, then head to the northwest
bookshelf and speak with the minish in front of you.   He/She (I still
can't tell…it?) says that no one can get to the library because there
are checked out books (you climb on the books later).   So get bigger
and go downstairs, and talk to the librarian to the left.    Great, we
need to return books.

The first book, A Hyrulian Bestiary, was checked out by a girl with a
cat.   You still have that empty bottle?   Good; now scoop up
some…water, yes, water.    Just go to the water and use you empty
bottle.    Now, head to the house just to the right of the shop.   One
fireplace is out, one is burning.   Poor water on the burning one.
Now use your cane of pacci on the pot and shrink.    Go through the
fireplace you just poured water on, and you'll magically go up it.
Go to the next fire place and you'll not-so-magically fall down.
Avoid the cat, it WILL bite, and go up th tiny steps near the
bookshelves.   Push the book south, go back the way you came, get
bigger, and get the book.    Return it to the library.

Talk to him again and he mentions Legend of the Picori, which was
checked out by a somewhat absentminded scholar.   This one takes a
long time, but start by heading to Mama's Café (the building with tea
on top of it).    Use the cane of pacci on the pot.    Shrink, and
exit via the minish door in the southwest corner.    Now that you're
outside, head to the half-broken bridge and go across the board.
Head north and talk to the dog to prevent this annoyance happening
again, then enter the house with a wooden roof via the back of it, and
get bigger via the pot.    Head out the door, and try to enter the
house with a blue roof.   He says you can come in, but don't until you
get some water.    Pour water on the fireplace, shrink in the
carpenter's house, head back in the building (there's a minish door to
the right of the human door), head through the minish door and talk to
the  minish (otherwise you can't progress) and he'll tell you about a
magic tool that allows little people to push things.   This time, head
out the fireplace and into the next house (there's a minish door to
the left of the human door) and head through the minish door to the
right of the minish.   Head right, then south, and across the bridge,
and north, and you'll see a hole between plants next to the minish.
Roll around and hope the cats don't swipe you until you see a vine.
Go down it, and enter the…fountain?

This is a fountain?   Anyway, beat the ssluggula and go through the
door.   Here, beat the Mulldozers, use your cane of pacci on the hole
and jump.   Easy task:   Beat the four Mulldozers and take the power
bracelets.    Head back to Dr. Left's house (in the place with the
cats you can now push the crate forward for a shortcut) and move both
bookshelves to the left.   Go up the stairs, and talk to the minish in
green that's on the other side of the book to your left.    He says
the place needs cleaning.   Let's do just that; get out your gust jar
and suck until you see glowing tiles.   Clone like this:
[ ] [x]
[ ] [x]

Avoid the nails and such, and go on the end of the green book to the
far right.   After a while, it'll fall.   Finally go back to the
carpenter's house, get bigger, and claim your book.   Return it to the

Talk to him again to learn that the next book was A History of Masks,
which was taken by Mayor Hagen.    Head to Hagen's House (south of the
school) and talk to him.   He confirms that he checked it out…or did
he?   Dash into all of the masks (ram the walls) for some money and a
path.   Use the cane of pacci on the pot and talk to the minish in the
minish room beyond the minish door.    They mark the mayor's lakeside
cabin, which he left his book at.    Get ready for a long hike.

First go to south Lon Lon Ranch and go across the boulder I  told you
to push way back before you went to Syrup's Hut.   Head to the steps
right next to Syrup's Hut, but not there.   Instead, dig through the
odd shaped wall next to the sign that says no digging.    Dig north,
and kill the green ruppee, then dig more north until you go up the
ladder.   Go down the steps, and into the house.   Check the note, it
says if you can't solve a problem, ram headlong into it.   I recommend
you ram headlong into the tree behind the cabin with your Pegasus
Boots, and shrink.

Head south to the minish road and get out your gust jar.   Puff
yourself over to the cabin, and take the lily pad so you can go down
the small stairs.   After that, push the bookshelf you can push to the
right, and push the book.   On your way back it won't be as easy.
The minish road is full of pestos.   Once you've gotten to the stump,
get bigger and get the book.   Warp to Castle Town and return it.

Yay, every book is returned.   Shrink and head back to the bookshelf.
 Talk to the minish to get 50 ruppees and climb up the books until
you come across a book with a clover on it, and what seems to be a
door.   Enter what really is a door and talk to Librari.   Open secret
mystery panel!

You're surrounded by blocks.   Go in the corner and push southwest
block left, and the next block down.   Progress south.

Beat the sluggulas and suck the mushroom with you Gust Jar.   Progress.

Beat the sluggulas and go north.   Here, beat the scissors beetles
(get behind their jaws, slash them, evade their flying jaws, hit them,
repeat) and take your flippers.   Swim north to the waterfall and dive
to get 50 ruppees, then, swim all the way to the exit (south, south,
south), then swim to shore and climb up the ladder to get to the
second floor of the library and get bigger.

Head to Lake Hylia and from the small stump that you can't shrink on,
swim east, south, west, north until you get to a white blob of ice.
Hop on it, and shrink to enter the Temple of Droplets.

Some things to do before entering the Temple of Droplets

Dash Attack:   Head to Swiftblade's house where you can learn a new
move now that you have the Pegasus Boots.   But don't dash right out
of the room, or you'll have to do it over again.

Peril Beam:
If you have 10 hearts, swim in Lake Hylia south and west of Temple of
Droplets, and enter the tree.

Piece of Heart:
In Waveblade's tree, you'll see a piece of heart.   Grab it!

Piece of Heart:
You know that building in Lake Hylia that's just sort of there (it's
actually Stockwell's house)?   Dive in the middle of the pond to the
left of it.

Piece of Heart:
Just south of where Waveblade is, you can swim to to get a piece of heart.

Kinstone Piece (Red):
Now that you have the flippers, shrink near Hagen's lakeside cabin is
again, and go through the minish door in the puddle.   This takes you
to Minish Woods.   Swim south, east, and north to find another minish
door.   Here, carefully walk across the ice beating sluggulas until
you get to a chest.

Piece of Heart:
From Syrup's Hut, go west and south.   I didn't have time to put this
in the walkthrough before, just couldn't find a place for it.   Sorry.

---8b. Temple of Droplets---

Ezlo mentions that he'll turn into a hatsicle soon, but that's not
really going to happen.   But he also mentions that the floor's made
of ice, and that's true, so walk slowly.   Anyway, push an ice cube to
the north and go north to a door.

Go right, and quickly, for pots are flying and torches are throwing
flames at you.   Here, go down the stairs and push the lever.   Go
back upstairs and fall down the hole.    Now push the ice block down
and right and get the key, and push the block to the right so you can
go back upstairs.

Now go left instead of right since you can, fall down the hole, and
push the blocks like this:   Push the bottom block south then west,
then push the top one west.   Now push the big key west, north, west,
south, west, north, and east.   Take the big key, already, and head
back to the main room (to do this you need to push the lever so the
sunlight closes and you can cross the platform).

Push a block south, and open the boss door.   There's the element..!
But something's not right.   It's trapped in ice!   Head through the
southwest door.

First head south, and claim your ruppees and dungeon map.   Then head
north, avoiding the rolling spikes by diving.   Head east, and swim to
shore.   Beat both sluggulas and the one that falls from the ceiling,
and swim east until you get to shore again.   Here, simply sucking the
mushroom with the gust jar, step on the switch, and go down the

Dive under the rolling spikes and check the inscription in the
southwest corner, which says "The way forward is hidden in the bottom
of the pot".   Step on the switch and progress.    Here you see blocks
that are shaped to form a pot.   Dive in the middle of it.   You look
awfully silly standing on the water like that, but you got your small
key.    Head back the way you came (right before the waterfall, which
you'll need to climb a wall and push a block north to get back to).

Head north and you'll see a locked door.   Open it.    Swim to the
lily pad and use your same gust jar methods to get back to the pot
(but to get past the rolling spikes you'll need to get off the lily
pad, dive, and swim back on), then head a little east.   You'll see a
platform you can't swim too.   Get on it from the lily pad, and step
on the switch, but don't figure you don't need the lily pad anymore,
because you do.

First beat the Pestos and head east.   Fight the Madderpiller the same
way as you did in Deepwood Shrine (attack his head, then his tail) and
head through the door.   Take the compass and get on the lily pad
again.    This time head north.

Step on the switch on the platform to prevent further annoyance, and
swim over to the next platform.   Beat the mulldozers and pestos and
push the ice blocks like this:   Push the northernmost  block down,
and the rightmost block left, down, left, up.   Now get back on the
lily pad and go north and east.

It's dark here, but easy.   Just go east, north, east, north.   There
are two sluggulas and two falling sluggulas here.   Go up the stairs.

Beat the scissors beetles (hit them from behind, run away from their
pincers and slash them repetitively).   The blue warp will appear.

Head through the south door, head west, clone yourself, and push the
lever.   This causes sunlight to shine on have of the element and an
ice block.   Head through the path that the ice blob used to block.

Go through the north door, claim your kinstone, and progress.   Beat
the pestos here and take the east path for a kinstone piece, then head
south like you might've been planning on doing.   You'll see a very
inconvenient set of traps.   Head in there when there's an opening and
stay in the center until there's another opening.   Trying not to fall
off the ice, progress through the door.

Head through the door here, head down the stairs (two sets of them),
push the lever, go back up the stairs (one set), push that switch, go
back downstairs and push the switch again.   Take your small key and
use it up the two flights of stairs.

Push the switch here and…

MINI BOSS: Big Blue Chuchu:
Use the same tactics as you did with big green chuchu, but this time,
he'll have sparks.   Just run away from him when he has his sparks,
the gust jar won't do any good then.

Get your Flame Lantern and head back out the door.

Use the Flame Lantern on the ice blobs, you'll be surprised at the
result.   Head downstairs.   Use the Flame Lantern on the frozen
chest, claim your 100 ruppees, and use the flame Lantern on the ice
blobs.   Beat the Mulldozers and progress.

Keep out your flame lantern so you can see, beat the scissors beetles
and progress.

First head south and east, break a pot, and light the torch.   This
makes a block disappear.   Go past where the block was and follow the
path until you see a fork in the road.   Take the east path for a
kinstone piece, then the west to light another torch and demolish
another block.   There's a fork in the road very near here; take the
farther left path until you get to a wall.   Blow it up.   Here, beat
all the mulldozers (if you're low on health that's harder than it
looks and sounds) and take the small key.   Head out of the cavern
again and take the right path at the next fork in the road.   Get the
kinstone piece, light the torch, and go past where the block was.
Here head north then south, light the torch and take the chest, then
open the locked door.

Run for you life to the next door.   Here, keep your flame lantern out
and just follow the ice path.   In here, head through the door north
and west to the next door.

First clone like this:
[ ] [x]
[ ] [x]

And push the uppermost block left.   Then clone like this:
[ ] [ ]
[x] [x]

And push the lowest block right over the glowing tiles.   Now clone
the same way and push the block north of you once.   Now clone the
same way you did the first time and push the uppermost block right.
Head through the door.

Here, before cloning, push the first ice block you see left, and the
next one down and left.   Now clone like this:
[ ]
[ ]

Avoiding the blocks, try to stand on the switches.   Had through the door.

Push the block that's not in the pattern properly north, but that's
not as easy as it looks.   Afterwards, head through the door.

First beat the mulldozers, they're very annoying in this case, then
burn ice blob to reveal glowing tiles.   Clone like this:
[ ]  [x]
[ ] [x]

And push the block as far as you can.   Head through a small path,
beat the mulldozers and progress.

Light all the torches.    Much, much, much more annoying than it
sounds.   Head through the door.

Dive under the rolling spikes, and eventually you get to scissors
beetles.   Preferably ignore them and head through the door, but you
can beat them if you wish.

Before you do anything here, step on the switch to reveal the red
warp.   After that, bomb the bombable wall the arrow is pointing at.

Get out your lantern and get ready for the not-so-ultimate challenge!
 Beat two madderpillers!   Head through the door, and then the next.

Run through here to avoid being hit by your average ceiling-slugs and
go up the stairs.   Beat the mulldozers here, go through the door, and
then the next.   Clone yourself and push the switch.    The element
finally unfreezes, but so does big octo!   Heal up and head through
the real big door (it always says you can open big doors with the big
key, but you don't need it).

BOSS: Big Octorok:
First get out your teeny tiny shield to reflect his big huge chunks at
him until the room freezes.   Get out your flame lantern and burn his
tail (if you can't do it immediately, turn the opposite direction he
does until you get to the tail).   He now has three new moves: ramming
the wall to make boulders fall from the ceiling, which you can avoid
by rolling around; making the room dark, just use your lantern when he
does this; and sucking you, which you can avoid by rolling away from
his mouth.

You got the Water Element!   Water quenches thirst, ends drought, and
nourishes life.   The Water Element is the embodiment of that power.
 You got a Heart Container!   Head out through the green warp.

---8c. After Temple of Droplets---

After you leave, Gustaf, Royal Spirit, will tell you to stand before
him, and only then, will the path open, and marks where to see him.
He's right, but for now let's head to Hyrule Castle Garden.

Here, head to the southwest corner of the garden and wait for the
guard to stop facing you.   Follow him until you get to the second
alcove; hide in it.   Then wait for the next guard to not face you ,
and when the path opens, run behind some grass.   It's starting to get
tricky.   When the next guard faces left, after a few seconds,
scramble over behind the grass he's walking around.   Now when the
next guard faces the other way, immediately follow him until you get
to an alcove.   Hide as far as you can in it.   Now head north until
you get to some grass.   Cut it all and go down the ladder it was

Beat the ropes down here, and follow the path avoiding the oddly
shaped tiles, they'll vanish if you stand on them for a few seconds.
At the end of the path, steep on a switch to open a door.   Go through
it.   You're in the castle.   Head east and north to get to the
sanctuary, then infuse the water element to the blade (drop the sword
in the pedestal).   Meet me, myself, and I.

Head south and clone your self anyway you want, as long as it includes
the following:
[ ] [x] __ __ [x] [ ]

You can fill in the extra space wherever you like (even at the
northernmost part of the room if you want to), and head back to the
castle garden the way you came.

There's a guard east of you.   Talk to him to get out quickly.
Before you leave though, head to the west part of the garden that's
not blocked.   Head all the way east and slash the grass.   Head down
the ladder and through the door.   Take the piece of heart, and light
the two torches and talk to Grimblade.   He'll teach you Sword Beam
(attack when you have all of your heart full).   Now you can head back
to north hyrule field.

Head immediate west and bomb a rock..   Head down the steps into the
cave.   Before pushing the block, go downstairs.   Go back up the
stairs and clone yourself
[x] [ ]
[x] [ ]
[x] [ ]

Push the block and go up the ladder, then go up the steps and head east.

9. Wind Element
---9a. Royal Valley---

Keep your flame lantern out until you get to Dampé's house, you're
going to need it.

First, kill a Ghini (a white ghost [hit him before he sucks your
hearts]) and bomb near the wall (between some gate-like things to be
specific)   Here, answer all of these questions to the great fairy:

Would you tell me of things you've seen on your adventures?:

The first element you found was the Fire Element, was it not?:

Your grandfather's name is Smee, isn't it?:

Melari of Mount Crenel has seven apprentices, does he not?:

The Blabber Nut gives one the ability to understand the Minish, does it

The robe of the current king of Hyrule, Daltus, is white, is it not?:

She gives you a large quiver.   Head out of the cave.

Head south, west, and north, avoiding Takkuris (red crows that steal
your money).   For this maze, go up, left, left, up, right, up.   Now
head through the gates (north then east) until you get to a house
(Dampé's specifically) beating Ghinis on the way.   Speak with Dampé,
he gives you the graveyard key, which ironically enough, you need to
give to him to use in a few minutes.   Head outside the house.

A Takkuri steals your graveyard key!   Head back to the end of the
maze, but not back in it.   Instead, ram into the tree that the
Takkuri with the graveyard key has with the pegasus boots.   Pick up
the graveyard key, and go talk to Dampé who's standing next to the

First, push the grave in the middle (I've tried progressing without
doing that, it doesn't work), then break the rocks in the southeast
corner.   This reveals glowing tiles.   Clone on them, and wak over to
the three switches and step on them.   Enter the grave.

First, get out your flame lantern and get behind each gibdo, then walk
through them.   If you have your lantern on like I told you to,
they're patches will burn and the items will fall, and on top of that,
they turn into stalfos instead of those annoying gibdos.   Head
through the door.

There are three mushrooms here.   Pull the one to the left (all the
others lead to a bottomless pit), then open the middle locked door
(the others fall on you).

Head right first.   Clone yourself and avoid both the trap and blocks
until you get to three switches.   Step on them all and take your key.
 Now head left.   Clone yourself and get on the platform, avoiding
blocks (they appear in this order: left, right, middle), then step on
the switches and take your key.   Push the right block down and the
left one left to take a shortcut.   Now go straight forward.
Demolish the blocks with your keys and progress.

You'll get a surprise party from a pack of ropes, kill them as a
reward for doing such a nice thing.   Head through the door.

Light all the torches, burn the gibdos, beat the stalfos, and
progress.   Step forward.   The royal spirit gives you a…kinstone
piece?   Whatever.

---9b. Veil Falls---

Now that your out of there, beat the nearby Ghini and warp to Hyrule
Town (it's the closest warp to our destination).   Now head to the
northeast corner of North Hyrule Field.   Bomb the rocks after beating
two crows and some octoroks, and head through the path.

Head south, and swim over to your piece of heart, then fuse kinstones
with source of the flow (that blue wall).   Head through the passage
it opens up.

Here, get out your lantern, because there are disappearing floor tiles
and you don't want to fall in!   Beat some keese and head up the
stairs in the northeast corner.

Here, use your gust jar on the wisp and head out of the cavern.

Hit the Chuchus with the rock on them three times to beat them, then
climb up the wall.   Check out that tomb warp, and then head into
another cavern.

Beat the Helmasaurs and keese, then go up the stairs.   Beat more
Keese and Helmasaurs, take your 100 ruppees, and head out the right
exit, and climb up the wall.   Here, simply head east, go up the
ladder, and into the whirlwind.

---9c. Cloud Tops---

I would like to note that I hate this part and it took me about and
hour to get past so this part of the FAQ may not be very helpful, but
I'll still try.   Sorry for any inconvenience.

First head east to the red whirlwind.   Here, take the gold kinstone
piece, and hop in the hole in the cloud, then head north to the next
red whirlwind, as it's not worth it to beat the cloud piranhas.

Dig through the clouds (..?) and fall in the next hole, and fuse
kinstones with the cloud (..?).   Head back up the red whirlwind.
Now jump in the regular whirlwind, then another, and land on the next
platform (cloud?) you see.   Fall in the hole.

Beat both the cloud piranhas here (wait for them to jump, then hit
them twice), and take your gold kinstone piece.   Head back up the red

Dig through the clouds and ride the whirlwind until you get to another
platform in the northwest corner.   Dig through the south set of
diggable clouds to claim a gold kinstone piece.   Now head through
whirlwinds in a zigzag to get to another cloud.   Hop in the hole

Get out your gust jar, and suck away that Lakitu's cloud, then hit him
2 times.   Now progress north to fuse kinstones with another cloud,
and head back up the red whirlwind.

Now hop in the whirlwind, and then the next, then turn southwest to
another cloud.   Dig through the clouds to get 50 mysterious shells,
then hop down the hole.

Ignore the cloud piranhas for now, and focus on the lakitu.   Suck his
cloud like last time, then fuse kinstones with a cloud.   Go south and
east to another red whirlwind.

Beat the two cloud piranhas here to make a gold kinstone piece appear,
take it and head up the red whirlwind next to you.

Take your 50 mysterious shells and hop in a whirlwind, heading south.
 You'll get to a cloud with nothing on it, or so it seems.   Dig
enough and you'll fall into a hole; head right back up via another red
whirlwind.   Now head north and fall into another hole.

Fuse Kinstones with another cloud.

Now, sorry to be such a pain, but I did mention earlier that I'm bad
at this area, and also, I didn't know where to put this but…remember
where you beat the second lakitu? Yeah, go back there and go through
the north red whirlwind this time.   Now open the chest for a final
gold kinstone piece.

More pain, but you'd need to go back to the beginning anyway, so do so
and fuse kinstones with one last cloud.   Now, go up the whirlwind
(but if you want the light arrows take on the quest now if you haven't
already or the gregal will die after a few steps!).

Check the tomb and head inside.   You can ransack the treasure if you
wish, but to advance talk to the old woman (Seroc) on the top floor.
She says the wind element is in the Palace above the sky.   Talk to
the girl (Hailey) standing in front of the stairs and she'll move (you
don't need to of course, but if you talk to her from the left she'll
walk right through you!).   Head up the stairs and heal up with the
fairies inside the pots.   When you're done healing (and catching
fairies in bottles), head into the whirlwind.

---9d. Palace of Winds---

We're above the clouds now…Hold on!   1. Why aren't we in space and 2.
why don't we need space suits to breathe?!   Oh well…  Anyway, head
west and north.

Beat a Peahat, then slash the red switch.   Now head up the bridge,
then the next.   Now slash the blue switch, then set a bomb near it.
Quickly go across the bridge, then wait for the bomb to do its work.
Head up the bridge, beat another peahat, and push the block between
the torches down.   Now shoot an arrow at the switch.   Beat the two
Stalfos, then clone yourself (there are glowing tiles under the
skulls) and push the block north.

Here, go on the left side of the block, then as far right as you can
get, get on the platform, catch up with the moving platform, and try
to avoid the bomb going through the slit between blocks.   If you
can't, he won't be there next trip.

Use you cane of pacci on the stalfos then shoot an arrow at it so it
doesn't make it VERY difficult for you.   Now, avoiding flames and
bob-ombs, head west.

Instead of gazing at those clouds, shoot an arrow at the switch and
cross the bridge.   Now, avoiding the rolling spikes, get to the
switch and slash it and leave a bomb next to it.   Cross the bridge
and the next once it's available.   You'll see two wizzrobes here.
Beat them both (slash them three times) to make four more appear.
Beat them to make six more appear.   Beat them to make the Roc's Cape
appear.   Get it.   Fly with the roc's cape, right over to those
clouds you ignored earlier.   Keep jumping in them until you get to
the next area.

Counterattack the crow with a slash, then stay to the left side of the
cloud until the chuchus commit suicide.   Then, hop over to land with
the roc's cape.   Fly over to the next platform, then the next (you
hover right over those bombs!).

Push the first block up, the next one up, the next one up, and the
last one right.    Clone like this:
__ __ [ ] __ __
__ [ ] __ [ ] __
[x] __ [x] __ [x]

Then get in between each switch and swing your sword.   This causes
Spiked Beetles to appear.   Beat them (if you forgot how, shield them
then slash them) to open the door.    This takes patience, but if you
don't want to die, you need to get in every hole except the first one
until the fans turn off, then hop into the next one.   Once you've
gotten to the third fan, after it turns off, fly over to the next
platform, then wait for the fans to stop.   Amazingly enough, you can
now just roll past where the fans are and not get blown away until you
get to the last two.   Once you do, when there's an opening, use your
cane of pacci on the hole  and jump up there.

See that panel?   Hop above it to get under it, and repeat to back on
top.   For now, hop on it once, there's no need to do it twice, then
head to some ruppees.   You may be thinking "Ooh!  Red ruppee!", well,
slash it because it's a ruppee like, rather then a ruppee.   Now hop
under the next panel.   Head left and you see another panel.   When
the moving platform goes under it, hoop on it.   When the moving
platform gets under the next panel, hop.   Beat the crow or leave it,
but hop up above those clouds.

I hate this part…Get two clones ready, and when the moving platforms
come, get you, yourself, and…the opposite of I onto the right side of
the platform.   Once you get to the next platform, quickly move to the
block and push it.

I hate this part even more.   Push the three rightmost blocks into the
abyss, and beat the crows.   Now get to the end of the right platform,
fly over to the left and get to the and of it, once you get past the
set of blocks fly back to the right platform, once you past the next
set of blocks, back to the left one, avoid the crows, and once you get
past the next two sets of blocks back to the right platform then fly
south, and hop under the panel.

When the moving platform is under the panel, hop, do the same at the
next panel, and do it quick, because it keeps moving.   Repeat the
other way around.

Hop under the panel for starters.   Now head north to the rolling
spikes.   Hide in holes or fly over the rolling spikes as needed, and
use your cane of pacci on your last hole.   Now clone like this:
[x] [ ] [ ]
__ __ [ ]
[x] [ ] [x]

You should automatically hit all the switches with a spin attack.
Shrink, and head through the minish door.

Push the first pot until it falls, then next left, the one north of
you up twice, the one south of you south, the one to your left left
twice, the south one south, the left one left, and the north one
north.   Head through the next minish door.   Back here you'll see a
minish door in the middle of the section with the rolling spikes.
Make a run for it.

Head north and get bigger, then fire an arrow at the switch.   You get
a small key, and the door opens.

Fly over and head south to find out you were just here…but head back
to the section with the rolling spikes and open the locked door to the

Fly up, up, up, u…Anyway, beat the moblins and head west.   It won't
be for very long but there's an opening eventually when both the fans
are off.   Fly over to the other side (you'll be pushed by a fan, but
it doesn't matter).   Push the middle of the top row of blocks left,
and the one to your right (the middle row of blocks) right.   Fly
across the spikes, the chuchu, the spikes, and then ignore the next
chuchu and go down the steps.   If you get the timing right, you can
fly with the fan pushing you.   That's the only way to get across

I recommend you ignore the lakitu's, but they're not that hard to
beat.   Anyway, fly across the platforms.

It's impossibly to fly that far with out higher range, so, get to the
top of those clouds, and fly across the gap.   Unless you want a
kinstone piece, ignore the bow moblins and that whole platform and
just fly over to the next set of clouds.   Fly on top of all of them,
and fly to your heart's content.   Now, go up a last set of clouds,
which actually lead somewhere.

Avoid the Stalfos for now, and go through the south door.   Here,
there are Ball & Chain Soldiers.   To beat them, when they hold their
ball & chain still, they're going to swing at you.   Fly right over
them when they do that, then slash repetitively.   You got a small
key.   Use it to open doors to your left.

Beat the Stalfos and progress left.   Beat he Stalfos here, and break
one of the pots in the bottom row.   Then push a pot on one switch,
and clone in the order of the other three.   Progress.

Step on the switch, and try to fly with the wind.   When you approach
the door, spear moblins and ice wizzrobes (beat the ice wizzrobes
with…a lantern?) appear.   Beat them to progress.

Use your cane of pacci on these stalfos so they don't shoot bones at
you while flying.   Once that's done, fly over to the stalfos, beat
them, and head through the door.

Gah, more switch and far flying.   Use the same methods, but it's
still as annoying.   Push the block in front of the chest left and
take your small key.   You pushed one side now the other.   The only
way to not-get-trapped here is to push the middle east block right,
and the north one north.   Open the door.

Take the big key, and go back to the room with the ball and chain
soldiers, and open the big door.

Heal up via breaking the skulls, then fall through the hole.   A Red
Knight (guess on the name, but I know something that looks just like
it but black is called black knight) appears.   I once lured him to
the edge and beat him in one hit (pushed him right off), but that's
hard to do so stick with jumping over him with roc's cape, then
hitting him.   A BLUE WARP appears and so does a bridge…   I thought
this was supposed to be coming through the boss door?   ..Oh well.
Head north for now.

Get out your Flame Lantern and head right.   Take your Compass, then
head left beating stalfos and gibdos with the usual cane of pacci and
flame lantern tricks.   You'll see stairs.   Go up them.

Head south.   You'll see Peahats, and an insane amount of cracked
flooring.   Beat as many peahats without touching the flooring as you
can, clone yourself like this:
[x] [ ] [x] [ ] [x]

And make your way around the pillars, then hit all the switches.
Head through the door.

This looks very disturbing, having there be three rolling spikes and
no holes, but it's very easy to dodge.   Fly right over them!   Now go
up the steps, take your small key, and jump the ledge.

You can now progress north.   Eventually you'll come across tow
stalfos and a fire worm (real name please?).   Beating them won't do
any good, so fall down the hole.

Open the chest, it contains another small key.   Jump the ledge and
head back to the room with the Peahats and cracked flooring, and take
your immediate right and open the door.

First fly into the first whirlwind, and fly around in a half-circle
avoiding bombs.   This is much easier then it sounds.

Burn the gibdos and beat the stalfos, then head north.   You can
either slash directly between the switches here, or, just use a spin
attack.    There's no point to go back through the door as it just
leads to a few rooms before here, but it's an easy shortcut if you end
up getting a game over later.   Head up the stairs.

First head north.   Amazingly enough, you can use the lantern to beat
the fire wizzrobes here.   Take your dungeon map and head through the

There are two ways to beat the floor masters here:   1. hack at 'em,
or 2. act as a sniper and shoot from afar (2 is easier).   Once
they're beaten, pull the lever to open the door.

It's best to quickly run to the stairs here, but if you want danger
near the fire go ahead.   Up here, first go west then north, and push
all the blocks.   Fly over to the door.

You got a piece of heart!   Go figure.   Head back to the last room
and fall down the hole.   Head back to the room you fell in ( I know
it's a pain, but you have full hearts now so it's not so bad) and head
east.   Shoot an arrow, use a boomerang, sword beam, or whatever on
the bomb just before it gets to the bomb rocks.   Fly across, then
east and north, beating gibdos and stalfos as needed.   Light the two
torches here, it makes life easier, for it makes the red warp appear.
 If you have any long range weapon, believe it or not, it'll barely
make it to the switch here and open a path to 200 ruppees.   Once
you're done with all this crap, head through the locked door.

Beat the gibdos, then bomb the rock wall.   Here, beat the stalfos and
fire wizzrobes if you wish, then bomb the northwest wall.   One last
bomb.   Bomb the bomb rocks then head through the door.

This is insanely annoying, but better if you have the boomerang.
Carefully walk in the path the bombs aren't in (the switch closes the
door, not open), and when you get to the blocks in the northwest
corner, if you have the boomerang (actually I'm not sure, I've only
tried the method with the magical boomerang but here goes), hit the
one bomb near the blocks and not the switch, then the next.   At the
end of the maze, push the middle block up and the one to your left
left.   Head through the door.

Take the small key, and head back to the room before the bomb-infested
one (to get back in the maze push the middle block down instead of up,
then push the left block left).   You're not going to believe this
but…   fall from the cracked flooring.   There's a door here.   Open
it with your key.

First head east and fly over the spikes and moblins, then push the
block in front of the chest for a kinstone piece.   This time, head
north, east, south, east, north, east, south, east, flying over
everything unless it's in front of the blocks you need to push.   Once
you get to a dead end, slash the skulls.   You see an odd pattern
here…push both the blocks, head just left of the odd shaped patterns
and tap the roc's cape button twice (holding right on the control pad
of course).   Once you head north, fly over to the other platform and
then up the clouds for a kinstone piece, then head up the clouds that
were next to you before I told you to get the kinstone piece.

Open the real boss door, heal via crushing the skulls, leaving, coming
back, and crushing them again, then head up the whirlwind.

First jump off of the blue Gyorg when he gets to the red one.   Clone
in the pattern the eyes appear, then slash them all repetitively.
When the blue gyorg comes, hop on him.   When one of his eyes opens,
slash it then fly, repeat, repeat, repeat, then hop onto the red gyorg
again.   Do what you did last time, but only charge up two, then get
away from a bubble, but don't stop holding B, then run up to the eyes
and keep slashing them.   You'll have to do it around 2 times this
time.    Repeat the process, but this time you get on the blue gyorg
you'll have to avoid the tail AND baby gyorgs.   The baby gyorgs keep
coming along with the bubbles in the next round on the red gyorg too,
so be cautious!

You got the Wind element! Bla bla bla… take the heart container then
the green warp.

---9e. After Palace of Winds---

Use your ocarina of wind to warp back to Hyrule Town.   Head to
Swiftblade's house, he'll teach you the Down Thrust (at the peak of a
hop, press the sword button), that is, after you hop into the town
bell to get a piece of heart.

Now head back to the castle garden like you did to infuse the water
element, and head through the maze (if you forgot how, see after
temple of droplets), then head to the sanctuary.    Drop your sword in
the pedestal one last time, and head through the door you
automatically opened with a spin attack.   It says the exact same
thing it did at the beginning of the game, except, this time, it
includes that zelda has the light force within her.   Vaati appears.
 Head out of the sanctuary, this time, having you, yourself, the
opposite of I, and Link on the switches.   What an odd-looking place…
and this is where we came in?

Leave Potho and the guard to the left alone, I never did like them
anyhow, and do a spin attack on the guard blocking the path, then
speak to him.   Gah, he says to help the others.   Do so and head
through the path.

Head west, beat the moblin, and head north.   Dodging the flames here
is actually really easy if you take your time doing it.   Once your
past them all, use the gust jar on the wisp, and the cane of pacci on
a stalfos.   He'll pick up another head which would've been another
stalfos.   Repeat, repeat, then beat him.   It;s pointless to go down
the stairs, so use a bomb in the southeast corner.

Shrink, and head back to the room with the flames.   Devastating? No.
 Simply fall through the hole that's in between the last 4 flames.
Avoid the spark here, and head north until you get to a minish door.
 Head through it and get bigger…   Hey!   You're in jail!   Just step
on the switch.    Now un-curse the king, he'll give you a small key.

Head back to the room outside the sanctuary, and open the locked door
(the south one, the west one will fall).   Beat the stalfos and
wizzrobes and head south, then down the steps.   Go up the other steps
to get a dungeon map, then head up the stairs you saw.

I advise you head south out of the castle now.

10. Sidequests
---10a. Tiger Scrolls---

If you've been following this guide, you should already have 7/11
skills, and 7/9 tiger scrolls.   Now for the 8th and final tiger

Great Spin:   Head back to Castor Wilds.   Do you remember that
tombstone?   Push it.   Take the Piece of Heart and talk to
Swiftblade, the first.   He'll teach you the Great spin attack (mash
the sword button after releasing a spin attack) which allows you to
run and do the spin attack at the same time.

Even though you've gotten every tiger scroll, you're not done yet!
Fuse kinstones with Grayblade back on Mt. Crenel, and head inside the
waterfall at Castor Wilds.   Scarblade may seem like a ripoff, but
believe it or not, he really does make it so you can unleash the spin
attack quicker.   But there are 2 more people just like Scarblade!

Head back to Grimblade and fuse kinstones with him.   Head back to the
waterfall in Veil Falls.     Splitblade really does make you able to
split faster.

We're still not done!   Head back to Waveblade and fuse with him, then
head back to the waterfall in North Hyrule Field.   Like the others,
Greatblade really does make you able to perform the great spin attack

---10b. Kinstone Fusions---

This is a list of all the people you can fuse with, they're location,
and the reward (note that some might not want to fuse with you):

Hurdy-Gurdy Man (automatic in Hyrule Town); Piece of Heart
Mysterious Wall (Mole Cave in Trilby Highlands); Goron in Lon Lon
Ranch gets stronger (rock wall 1 breaks)

Goron (Lon Lon Ranch); makes Goron Merchant appear in Hyrule Town
(sells kinstone pieces)

Mysterious Wall (Mole Cave in Eastern Hills); Goron comes to help
other Goron in Lon Lon Ranch (rock wall 2 breaks)

Eenie (Eastern Hills); Goron comes to help other 2 Gorons in Lon Lon Ranch

Mysterious Wall (Mole Cave in Lake Hylia); Goron comes to help other 3
Gorons in Lon Lon Ranch (rock wall 3 breaks), 200 ruppees

Mysterious Wall (mole cave in Mt. Crenel); Goron helps other 4 Gorons
in Lon Lon Ranch

Mysterious Wall (mole cave connecting minish woods to lake hylia);
Goron helps other 5 Gorons in Lon Lon Ranch (rock wall 4 breaks),
empty bottle

Candy (Hyrule Town, hotel basement); mole cave in trilby highlands
(contains red kinstone piece, and a fairy fountain)

Postman (runs along hyrule town); marcy appears in the post office
(sells swordsman newsletters)

Business Scrub (Castor Wilds cave); opens up a tree house (contains a
business scrub)

Forest Minish (mushroom house in northwest corner of the south most
part of eastern hills); Beanstalk grows in eastern hills (area just
north of the minish [contains 200 mysterious shells, 200 ruppees, and
a piece of heart])

Forest Minish (southwest western woods); Beanstalk grows nearby
(contains 16 red ruppees and a red kinstone piece)

Forest Minish (east lake hylia [swim to as a minish via the stump near
the mayor's lakeside cabin]); Beanstalk grows outside of mole cave
(contains 200 ruppees, 200 mysterious shells, and a piece of heart)

Spookter (ghost in north Royal Valley); makes hard difficulty in chest
mini-game shop

Dampé (house in royal valley); opens grave (leads to ghina, a ghini
that loves kinstones)

Spookter (ghost in north Royal Valley); Spekter leaves from in front
of the minish door in the chicken lady's house (you can fuse with a
chicken if you haven't gotten to dark hyrule castle, but otherwise it
doesn't do anything special)

Random (somewhere [there are some fusions that different people do,
and only one of them is with a blue kinstone]); allows you to go in a
tree house in North Hyrule Field (contains fairy fountain)

Stranger (house with yellow roof in Hyrule Town); allows shortcut to
Palace if Winds (if you do it early enough, it also starts the light
arrow quest)

Smith (South Hyrule Field, your house); chest appears in eastern hills
(contains empty bottle)

Hagen (the mayor, in the house with the ladder to the right of it in
Hyrule Town); a puddle disappears in Lon Lon Ranch and stairs appear
(there's a wallet down there)

Percy (the southwestern-most tree in Trilby Highlands); causes a tree
leading to Percy's house to open.   In her house, light the torches
and find out that the monster lady was a moblin.   Leave and enter
again  after getting the moblin's 50 ruppees to talk to percy and get
100 mysterious shells.

Melari (melari's mines); Beanstalk grows (contains 8 red ruppees and a
piece of heart)

Forest Minish (near lake hylia warp); tree house in the middle of
western wood opens (contains a piece of heart)

Forest Minish (southwest corner of South Hyrule Field); Syrup makes
the Red Potion

Forest Minish (southwest corner of wind ruins); Beanstalk grows in
north Wind Ruins (contains quiver upgrade)

Farore (hotel in Hyrule Town); Gorman offers selling his house to one
of the goddesses

Bremor (once you've sold gorman's house to a goddess he'll be in the
northwest corner of Hyrule Town); boss builds a building (it'll take 2
ins and outs of buildings before it's done though) that you can sell
to another goddess

Grayblade (Mt. Crenel); opens the waterfall that leads to Scarblade in
Castor Wilds

Belari (just outside Minish Village); chest appears in wind ruins
(contains bomb bag upgrade)

Gentari (northwest house in minish village); Belari makes the Remote Bombs

Farore (Hotel or her house); Joy butterfly appears in Castor Wilds
(allows you to dig faster)

Nayru (Hotel or her house); Joy butterfly appears in Royal Valley
(allows you to swim faster)

Din (Hotel or her house); Joy butterfly appears in Wind Ruins (allows
you to shoot arrows faster)

Gale (Cloud Tops or Palace of Winds, depending how far you are); a
waterfall will reveal a door in Veil Falls (heart piece inside)

Waveblade (Tree in Lake Hylia); opens the waterfall that leads to
Greatblade in North Hyrule Field

Grimblade (under a ladder under a patch of grass in Hyrule Castle
Garden); opens the waterfall that leads to Splitblade in Veil Falls

Forest Minish (swim to his house from the piece of heart to the right
of festari's house, and this will be his third fusion); opens a crack
in Lake Hylia.   After beating what I call the "one-room-dungeon", go
inside the mushroom house and talk to Librari.   He'll give you a
heart container.

Goron (cave in Lon Lon Ranch [the one furthest to the right, i.e., the
sixth one]); Biggoron wakes up.

Forest Minish (second fusion; minish house to the right of festari's
house); a mole cave appears in veil falls (there's a heart piece in
the cave)

Tingle (east south Hyrule field, use your cane of pacci on the hole
near him to get to him); tree house opens in North Hyrule Field
(inside is a red kinstone piece and a switch that turns on the first
of 4 torches)

David Jr. (north Lake Hylia, all you have to do is get there); a tree
house opens in North Hyrule Field (inside is 200 mysterious shells and
a switch that lights the second of 4 torches)

Ankle   (Lon Lon Ranch, enter the cave behind malon and talon's house,
push the block and go up the ladder); a tree house opens in North
Hyrule Field (inside is a red kinstone piece and switch that lights
the third of 4 torches)

Knuckle (Trilby Highlands, dig through the west mole cave and head up
the ladder); opens a tree house in North Hyrule Field (inside is a red
kinstone piece and the fourth and final switch; this causes a ladder
to fall; head down it and take your magical boomerang)

I would like to say that I'll still be saying thee location, but, I
won't be saying reward, because almost all the fusions are shared.

Anju (southeast Hyrule Town, in front of the chicken pen)

Ankle (Lon Lon Ranch, right outside the ladder from the cave)

Anton (inside the chest mini-game shop in Hyrule Town)

Baris (sitting inside Mama's Café [the building with the coffee cup on
top of it in Hyrule Town])

Beedle (sitting on the southeast carpet in Hyrule Town if you've cleaned it)

Berry (inside romio's house [the one to the left of the house where
you retrieved A Hyrulian Bestiary])

Biggoron (right before the vortex in Veil Springs)

Bindle (Hyrule Town)

Borlov (person that runs the chest mini-game shop in Hyrule Town)

Bremor (sawing inside the carpenter's house)

Brent (holding a brick in the carpenter's house)

Breve (Inside Mama's Café)

Brocco (northwest carpet in Hyrule Town)

Candy (running around the hotel in Hyrule Town)

Caprice (Palace of Winds [not the dungeon])

Carlov (figurine maker in the tree in Hyrule Town)

Crenel Hermit (crenel wall)

Zill (Hyrule Town)

Forest Minish (in Minish Woods [sorry I forgot where >_<])

Cucco (on top of the cucco house in Hyrule Town)

Cucco Chick (on top of Swiftblade's house in Hyrule Town)

Dampé (the only house in Royal Valley)

David Jr. (Lake Hylia)

Din (in the hotel or in her house)

Dottie (Hyrule Town)

Doyle (sawing in the carpenter's house)

Dr. Left (in his house, just down the steps the dog used to block in
Hyrule Town)

Eenie (making crop in eastern hills)

Elsie (a cow in Lon Lon Ranch)

Emma (runner of the hotel in Hyrule Town)

Epona (horse in Hyrule Town [next to Malon])

Erik (in the school in Hyrule Town)

Farore (In the hotel or her house)

Festari (in diamond house in minish village)

Fifi (dog in the house in lake hylia)

Flurris (Tower of Winds, 2f)

Forest Minish (throughout Hyrule)

Gale (Tower of Winds, 1f)

Gentari (northwest house in Minish Village)

Gepper (walking around in Mama's Café in Hyrule Town)

Gina (behind the far right tombstone)

Gorman (walking around in Hyrule Town [if you've fused kinstones with

Goron (in the cave in Lon Lon Ranch that the gorons dig in)

Goron Merchant (on the northeast carpet n Hyrule Town if you've fused
kinstones with a goron)

Grayblade (Mt. Crenel)

Grimblade (under patch of grass in Hyrule Castle Garden)

Growler (inside Romio's house [house to the right of the shop])

Hailey (Tower of Winds, 3f)

Harrison (inside the funday school in Hyrule Town)

Herb (sitting outside Mama's Café in Hyrule Town)

Hurdy-Gurdy Man (inside Mama's Café)

Jasmine (occasionally outside of Mama's Café in Hyrule Town)

Jim (inside the house where you got A Hyrulian Bestiary)

Joel (walking around upstairs in the happy hearth inn)

Julietta (inside the house where you got A Hyrulian Bestiary)

June (Hyrule Town)

Keely (Hyrule Town)

King Daltus (Hyrule Castle)

Klaus (Library)

Knuckle (Trilby Highlands, dig through the west mole cave)

Librari (Library or the middle of Lake Hylia [long string if he's in
Lake Hylia])

Lila (Hyrule Town)

Lolly (basement of the happy hearth inn)

Mack (sawing in the carpenter's house)

Maggie (Library, in charge of returns)

Malon (Hyrule Town or Lon Lon Ranch)

Mama (inside MAMA's Café)

Marcy (inside the post office if you've fused with the mailman)

Marshall (Hyrule Town)

Mayor Hagen (in the house with the ladder to the right of it)

Meenie (making crop in eastern hills)

Melari (melari's mines)

Moka (inside Mama's Café)

Mountain Minish (melari's mines)

Mutoh (inside the carpenter's house)

Nayru (in the hotel or in her house)

Paige (Library, in charge of checking out books)

Percy (outside her house in western woods or in it, there's a
different fusion when she's in the tree house)

Pina (southwest rug in Hyrule Town)

Pita (inside wheaton and pita's shop)

Postman (running about Hyrule Town)

Potho (Hyrule Castle)

Rem (inside his shoe shop)

Rolf (used to be blocking the steps to the west side of town)

Romio (inside house to the right of the shop)

Satchel (Hyrule Town)

Scarblade (waterfall in Castor Wilds)

Sheila (Hyrule Town)

Siroc (top floor of tower of winds)

Smith (in your house)

Spekter (north Royal Valley)

Splitblade (waterfall in Veil Falls)

Spookter (Hyrule Town)

Stamp (in the post office in Hyrule Town)

Stockwell (owner of the store)

Stranger (in the house with a yellow roof)

Strata (Tower of Winds, 1f)

Sturgeon (Library, 2f)

Swiftblade (south most house in Hyrule Town)

Swiftblade, the first (Castor Wilds)

Syrup (Syrup's Hut, north minish woods)

Talon (Lon Lon Ranch)

Tina (purple teacher inside the funday school)

Tingle (south Hyrule Field)

Town Minish (throughout Hyrule Town)

Verona (inside the house where you got A Hyrulian Bestiary)

Waveblade (tree in Lake Hylia)

Wheaton (in Wheaton & Pita's shop)

Zill (Hyrule Town)

---10c. Pieces of Heart---

Here, I'll list every piece of heart (including the ones I've already

#1, Minish Woods:   Head to deepwood shrine (unshrinked), and you'll
find a piece of heart just lying there.   No booby trap or anything,
just pick it up.

#2, Minish Village:   From Festari's house, head on the dock partly
hidden by trees.   Eventually you'll see a piece of heart.

#3, Deepwood Shrine:   After you beat the madderpiller, instead of
heading out the way you came, suck up a spider web blocking a door in
the southeast corner.   There's a piece of heart here.

#4, Deepwood Shrine:   Head back to the room just before where you
beat the madderpiller.   Suck like a mad man, and you'll find 3
switches.   One of them triggers the blue warp.   Head in it back at
the entrance and take your piece of heart.

#5, Mt. Crenel:   In the southwest corner, if you get there by
accident, at what appears to be a dead end, put a bomb.   Drop another
bomb near the bomb rock to the north.   Take your piece of heart.

#6, Mt. Crenel:   Bomb between the two spikes that don't hurt you to
the right of crenel wall, and take the piece of heart in the middle of
the fairy fountain.

#7, Cave of Flames:   Once you get to the first room with a flipped
cart, instead of heading north once you get past the track (on foot),
go south and bomb the rock wall.   There's a piece of heart here.

#8, Veil Falls:    In north Lon Lon Ranch, you'll see a hole.   Use
your cane of pacci on the hole, and head up the cliff; you should be
in veil falls.   Follow the path until you get to a piece of heart.

#9, North Hyrule Field:    I can't see why they even put it here it's
so easy to get.   Head in the cave linking north hyrule field to royal
valley, and go downstairs.   There's a piece of heart right there.

#10, Hyrule Town:   In Romio's house (the house to the right of the
shop), use your cane of pacci on the pot, shrink, and head out the
door.   Head near the hotel door and you'll see a vine; go up it then
head east to the patch of flowers behind the hotel.   Get bigger and
take the piece of heart.

#11, Minish Woods:   From Syrup's hut, just head west then south.
There's a heart piece waiting for your arrival.

#12, Mt. Crenel:   Head to Grayblade's training room, and take the
piece of heart in the southwest corner.

#13, Hyrule Castle Garden:    In Grimblade's training room, there's a
piece of heart in the southwest corner.

#14, Lon Lon Ranch:   Dash into the tree in the ranch and shrink via
the stump it left behind.   At the end of the minish road to your left
there's a piece of heart.

#15, Castor Wilds:    Head to Swiftblade the first's training room and
take the piece of heart in the southwest corner.

#16, Wind Ruins:   In the room with the second-to-last-stump, instead
of turning on the armos, head east and then down the vine.    Now head
down the west vine, then the middle vine.   At the end of this cavern,
there's a piece of heart.

#17, Fortress of Winds:   In the main room, head to the room to the
right and progress until you get to the room where you got the second
small key.   Shrink, and fall through the hole, then head through the
minish door.   Get bigger and take your piece of heart.

#18, Mt. Crenel:   Head to the crenel hermit, then left.   There's a
mole cave here.   Dig north (the west path), east, and south to find a
Moldorm and a piece of heart.

#19, Hyrule Town:   When Simon's simulations opens up, if you beat
every enemy you get a piece of heart.

#20, Hyrule Town (fountain mini-dungeon):   At the beginning of the
fountain mini-dungeon, simply swim left, break a pot and take the
piece of heart.

#21, Veil Falls:   Again, I don't know why the heart piece is even
here.   From the north Hyrule entrance, instead of going across the
stone bridge, swim over to a nearby piece of heart.

#22, Lake Hylia:   In the pool next to Stockwell's house, dive for a
piece of heart.

#23, Lake Hylia:   In South Lake Hylia, you'll find a piece of heart
on a small piece of land you can only get to by swimming.

#24, Lake Hylia:   In Waveblade's training room, you'll find a piece
of heart in the southwest corner.

#25, Minish Woods:   Outside of Gentari's house, instead of getting
bugger, swim across the puddle, go across the bridge and go through
the left ice-infested cave to find a piece of heart.

#26, Castor Wilds:   Swim near the waterfall and into the cave.   Push
the northeast block left, then go two blocks down and push that block
left, then push the one in the middle north.    Take the piece of

#27, Castor Wilds:    After a bit of kinstone fusing, quite a bit of
lily pads will appear in castor wilds.   When you get the lily pad
south from the stump, shrink, get on it, go through the
non-shrinking-stump, then head south and east.    Head through another
non-shrinking-stump, then head east, south, and east and swim until
you get to a minish door.   Take the second-rightmost path until you
get to a piece of heart (pushing blocks on the way).

#28, South Hyrule Field:    Shrink via running into the tree in the
southwest corner, then head down the vine and swim until you see a
minish door.   There's a piece of heart here.

#29, Hyrule Town:   Complete the Cucco mini-game.   Please don't ask
me for advice, I suck.>_<

#30, Royal Valley:    In north Royal Valley, push the northwest grave
and enter it.   Clone yourself and push the block to get the piece of

#31, Palace of Winds:    In the right side of the U shaped room on 4f,
push the blocks and fly to the door.    After walking north a bit,
you''ll see a piece of heart.

#32, Hyrule Town:    Ring the town bell by jumping in it, and take the
piece of heart if leaves.

#33, Lake Hylia:   Just east of David Jr., you see platforms you can't
swim to, but they can be hopped too!    Hop over to that piece of

#34, (Lake Hylia to) Lon Lon Ranch:    Northeast of the Piece of Heart
you'll see yet another non-swim-platform.     Diagonally hop over to
it, then fly to the mole cave.     If you dig west and south you'll
end up at the otherwise inaccessible part of Lon Lon Ranch; there's
also a piece of heart.

#35, Hyrule Town:    After collecting 130 figurines, talk to the man
(Herb) sitting outside Mama's Café.    He'll open up the locked house
for you, which has two chests, sound test, and a piece of heart.

#36, Hyrule Town:    You should be able to get in the Funday School by
now; if you can, do so and use your cane of pacci on the pot and
shrink.   Head out the east minish door and go into the minish road.
 At the end, you'll find a rock.    Clone yourself and push it and
you'll find all 3 red kinstone types, along with a piece of heart.

#37, (fuse in Hyrule Town) South Hyrule Field:     After your first
kinstone fusion (with Hurdy-Gurdy Man), a Tree house in the southeast
corner will appear.     There's a heart piece inside.

#38, Eastern Hills:     Shrink via the stump in the southwest corner,
and fuse with the minish.   There's a piece of heart along with two
chests up here.

#39, (fuse in Lake Hylia) Western Woods:   Warp to Lake Hylia and fuse
with the minish in the mushroom house just north of you.    This opens
a tree house in Western Woods, which contains a piece of heart.

#40, Mt. Crenel:   After fusing with Melari, go up the beanstalk.
There's a piece of heart.

#41, Lake Hylia:   Fuse with the minish to the east (shrink at the
lakeside cabin and swim over to a vine, then fall in the crack), and a
beanstalk will grow.    Dig through a mole cave and eventually you'll
get to a beanstalk, and a piece of heart to go.

#42, (fuse in Tower of Winds) Veil Falls:    Fuse kinstones with Gale
(on the cloud tops or 1f of Tower of Winds), and enter the waterfall
in Veil Falls.   There's a piece of heart here.

#43, (fuse in Minish Village) Veil Falls:   Fuse with the minish in
the house to the right of the piece of heart to the right of festari's
house twice.    This causes some land to appear in front of a mole
cave in Veil Falls.    Dig in it and you'll eventually find a piece of

#44, (random fuse) Hyrule Castle Garden:   After doing the random red
kinstone fuse, the right fountain will dry up.   Go down the stairs to
find a piece of heart.

Heart Container, (fuse in Minish Village) Lake Hylia:   The third time
you fuse with the minish in the house to the right of the piece of
heart to the right of festari's house, a minish crack will appear.
Warp to Lake Hylia and fall down the crack and go through the
"one-room-dungeon".    Meet Librari in the mushroom house and talk to
him, he gives you a Heart Container.

---10d. Figurines---

Here, I'll list every figurine.   To get figurines, you need to give
Carlov (in the southwest tree house in Hyrule Town) Mysterious Shells.

Capless Link
Ezlo and Link
Princess Zelda
Ezlo (Cap)
Sorcerer Vaati
King Daltus
Minister Potho
Mayor Hagen
Dr. Left
Crenel Hermit
Monster Lady
Gustaf, Royal Spirit
Great Butterfly Fairy
Great Mayfly Fairy
Great Dragonfly Fairy
Joy Butterfly
Forest Picori
Town Picori
Mountain Picori
Minish Vaati
Blade Brothers
Wheaton & Pita
Funday School
Mama's Café
Happy Hearth Inn
Zill and Friends
The Carpenters
Young Couple
Peaceful Hyrule 1
Peaceful Hyrule 2
Peaceful Hyrule 3
At Lon Lon Ranch
The Wind Tribe
Gregal & the Ghost
Tingle Siblings?
Eenie & Meenie
Goron Merchant
Spookter & Spekter
Scissors Beetle
Spiked Beetle
Eyegore Statue
Business Scrub
Dark Nut
Red Dark Nut
Rock Chuchu
Door Mimic
Wall Master
Like Like
Ruppee Like
Ball & Chain Soldier
Spear Moblin
Bow Moblin
Cloud Piranha
Fire Wizzrobe
Ice Wizzrobe
Golden Octorok
Golden Tektite
Golden Rope
Crow & Takkuri
Spiny Chuchu
Big Octorok
Gyorg Pair
Big Green Chuchu
Big Blue Chuchu
Zelda & Link
Minish Ezlo
Black Knight
Vaati Reborn
Vaati Transfigured
Vaati's Wrath

---10e. Weapon Upgrades and 3 more empty bottles---

What have you got in your inventory?   Four Sword, Gust Jar, Cane of
Pacci, Small Shield, Mole Mitts, Flame Lantern, Bombs (capacity 10),
Pegasus Boots, Roc's Cape, Ocarina of Wind, Arrows (capacity 10 or 30,
I forgot?), and an empty bottle?    Well there's a lot more where that
came from!

50 arrows:    For a capacity of 50 arrows, answer all of the questions
correctly that the great Dragonfly Fairy asks (located at the
beginning of Royal Valley).    For details see section 9a. Royal

70 arrows:   After getting a bow, a large quiver is available at
Stockwell's shop.    Buy it (it costs 600 ruppees, I'll get to how to
afford it later) for 70 arrow capacity.

99 arrows:   Fusing Kinstones with the Forest Minish in Wind Ruins
causes a beanstalk to grow.   Atop the beanstalk is a giant quiver,
which holds 99 arrows.

Get a 200 ruppee-containing wallet:   Simply purchase it from
stockwell's shop (it costs 80 ruppees).

Get a 500 ruppee-containing wallet:   Use your cane of pacci on the
hole in north eastern hills and enter the tree house (contains a great
fairy fountain).   Tell the great fairy you'll give her all your money
twice to get a bigger wallet.

Get a 999 ruppee-containing wallet:   Fuse with Mayor Hagenand a
puddle in Lon Lon Ranch will disappear, revealing stairs.   In the
cavern you'll find a giant wallet.

Get 30 bombs:   On Crenel Wall, bomb to the right of where the sign
says "No bomb throwing!", then throw a bomb in the fairy fountain to
make a great fairy appear.   When she asks if you threw in the golden
bomb or the silver bomb, reply "Neither" and she'll give you a bigger
bomb bag.

Get 50 bombs:   After purchasing the wallet at Stockwell's shop, a
boomerang will appear (if you don't have the magical boomerang).
After purchasing that, a bigger bomb bag will show up.    Buy it for
600 ruppees.

Get 99 bombs:   Fuse kinstones with Belari (the minish that gave you
bombs) and a chest will appear in wind ruins.   Open it for a giant
bomb bag.

Boomerang:   After purchasing the bigger wallet at Stockwell's shop, a
boomerang will show up in its place.   You can buy it for 200 ruppees.

Magical Boomerang:   After fusing kinstones with Tingle, Ankle, David
Jr., and Knuckle, and standing on all of the switches, a ladder will
appear in between all the tree houses.    Go down it and open the
chest for a magical boomerang (which you can turn direction after you
throw it)

Remote Bombs:   Fuse kinstones with Gentari and then talk to Belari.
He'll give you the remote bombs (which only go off when you want them

Light Arrows:   Fuse kinstones with the Stranger and take the portal
that appears early on.   On the second floor you'll find Gregal,
possessed by a ghost.   Suck up the ghost with the gust jar and he'll
give you 100 Mysterious Shells.   Come back later in the game (after
you get to the Tower od Winds), and speak with him.    He'll give you
the light arrows.    Note that this MUST be done before getting to the
Tower of Winds, or Gregal will die.

Mirror Shield:   Okay, I know you can't get this yet but I'll be
assuming you have every special item except this when I get back to
Dark Hyrule Castle.   Anyway, after beating the game and saving, feed
your shield to biggoron and don't buy a new shield.   When he spits it
back out (this will take a while), instead of your old teeny tiny
shield it'll be the mirror shield, which sends attacks back at the

Empty Bottle #2:   Fuse kinstones with Smith (your grandfather) and a
chest will appear in Eastern Hills.   Open it for an Empty Bottle.

Empty Bottle #3:   Fuse kinstones with all 6 mysterious walls and
eenie (check the kinstone section to find out where they are), and
open the big chest at the end of the cave.   There's an Empty Bottle

Empty  Bottle #4:   In Mama's Café, push the shelf with coffee stuff
all the way left then shrink and go through the minish door.   Now
head east, then across the minish bridge, and into the store.   It's
easier to just fall rather than beat the mulldozers and go down the
stairs, so do so and get bigger.   Lift the empty bottle and Stockwell
says he'll give it to you if you can feed the dog food to his dog,
Fifi.   Once you get to Fifi, press R next to his doggy dish and
you'll get the empty bottle.

11. Saving Hyrule
---11a. Dark Hyrule Castle---

For now, just head north to the next room.   Beat the Keese and
Moblins here, then head west and north.

Avoid the bullets and head north until you get to floor tiles.   Clone
yourself (still avoiding bullets), then slash until you hit all the
bullets at the same time.   This beats those statues and makes the
pillars disappear.   Head north.

Beat the floor masters and head east.

From the first tile, head east, north, north, east, south, south,
east, north, north, north, west, west, west, north, north, east,
south, east, north, east, south, and east.   Head through the door.

Beat the Keese and Moblins, then head south.   Clone yourself, avoid
the trap and the blocks, and stand on the switches.   Take the small
key and head back to the main room.

Open the locked door to the right, and head downstairs.   Beat the
wizzrobes (and a stalfos) and head north.

Beat the stalfos and clone like this:
[x] [ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ] [x]
[x] [ ] [ ] [ ]
[ ] [ ] [ ] [x]

And charge a spin attack.   When the bullets come at you, release it.
 If it works, head north, if it doesn't, try again

Beat all the Keatons (easier than it looks), then bomb the southwest
wall.   Avoid the fire as best you can, and head north.   Quickly roll
past the traps, then head up the stairs, and one more simple thing:
Head through the door.

Beat the Red Dark Nut here (hop over it with Roc's Cape, slash it,
repeat), and head east to get the Compass.   Head back to the last
room, push the chair left, and head down the stairs.

Get out your Flame Lantern and head to the stairs in the next room,
beating keese and gibdos (stalfos if you burn them).

Head to the next room, then the next, then the next (avoiding the
spark [or beating it with the magical boomerang]).   Here you'll have
to go through a barrage of whirlwinds (and shooting statues to go),
but it's easy to get past if you can aim the whirlwinds good.   At the
end, beat the moblins and go through the door.

When the flame here just goes north, clone and head to the small
alcove to the south until the flame passes you.   When the flame does
pass, push the block and head through the door.

Beat the Keatons and head south.   Another easy-to-navigate whirlwind
string.   At the end, head south and east. Until you get to what
appears to be a dead end.   Beat the Keatons and moblin, and use the
boomerang on the switch to your right.   Ignore the moblins and head
through the door.

Clone like this:
[ ] [x] [ ] [x] [ ]
[ ] __ __ __ [ ]
[ ] __ __ __ [ ]
[x] [ ] [ ] [ ] [x]

And slash all the switches.   Head through the door.

Beat the Ball & Chain Soldiers and the Red Warp ironically appears,
along with the two doors opening.   Head through the left door, then
the north.

Get on the platform as it gets to you, then hop when you get to a
panel.   Hit both switches with the boomerang, then hop back to the
platform, then the beginning of the room.   Suck the bob-ombs with the
gust jar, and shoot it as soon as you get to the bomb rocks.   Head
through the door.

Head right, hit the sparks with the boomerang to get some fairys, then
head north.   Beat the Black Knight here, and a million new Dark Nuts
will appear along with a blue warp.   For now head south and east.

You'll see two more Dark Nut's here.   Beat them and head north.
Avoiding the flame, keep lighting torches until they're all lit.
Head north.

A lot of Ghini's are here, but you only need to beat one—all the
others are fake.   The real one will turn red when you hit it, the
others will just blink.   Head east, then go upstairs.   You got a
Small Key.   Head to the northwest room (2f).

You'll meet another Red Dark Nut here.   Beat it and go north.

Beat the stalfos with the cane of pacci trick, and walk around until
you see two shadows under you.   That's right, more wall masters.
Once everything's beaten head north (avoiding the flame) and shoot all
4 eyes.   Head west.

Push the middle block west, and the south one south.   Fall through
the hole, beat the gibdos, and head up the stairs, hit the switch,
then go up more stairs and take the small key (all the door is for is
to have some pots with hearts in them).   Head to the southwest room
(2f) now.

You'll meet two more Dark Nuts.   Beat them and head south.

Head all the way south, east, north, east, two steps north, left,
north, two steps east, south, east, south, west, south twice, east
three times, north, west, all the way north, east, south twice, east,
to open the door.

Same Ghini thing as last time.   Head through the south door.

Beat the moblins and keaton and head in the tower to the left, and go
upstairs for a key (the only reason to go downstairs is to break some
pots).   Now head to the southeast room (2f).

You'll combat another Red Dark Nut.   Once he's beaten by hopping, head

Here, you could duplicate and hit the switches, but it's easier (still
hard, but easier) to set a remote bomb near one switch, and do a spin
attack on the other three and press the remote bomb button at the same
time.   Head through the door.

Simply stand on the switch to go upstairs and take your small key (the
only reason to go downstairs is to beat gibdos).   Head to the
northmost room (2f).

Unlock all four blocks, and slash the skulls to the right to reveal
glowing tiles.   Push the block only three times (so you can each the
chest and the pots with hearts in them), then head up the steps for
the last Big Key in the game.   Get some fairies and prepare for the
final battle.

When you're ready, open the big door.   You're really being timed
here, unlike usual, so hurry up here!

First, ignore the Ball & Chain Soldier (i.e. Fly over him) and head up
the stairs.    Beat all the Keatons, clone, step on the switches, and
head through the door.   You must beat both Dark Nuts and the Black
Knight before the last bell rings to head through the door, so try
your best.

BOSS:   Vaati Reborn:
When you get the chance, beat all the eyes revolving around Vaati
(each eye takes one hit, and there are 4 of them).   Once they're all
beaten, Vaati will start warping around.   Stay in the middle of the
room, and when you get the opportunity, slash the eye in his stomach
like a madman.   After a while, he'll cover the other eyes in
darkness.   Use the Gust Jar to make them vulnerable again, then hit
them like before.   To dodge the flames, just roll around like a
maniac; to dodge his eyes shooting lazers, simply go between the eyes.
 If you ever get low on health, smash a pot or two.

Do a Spin Attack on Zelda and…ah, crap vaati's still alive.

BOSS:   Vaati Transfigured:
First shoot arrows at all the closed eyes around him, when all four
red eyes open, clone in that order and slash the eyes.   He's now
vulnerable so hit him maniacally.   To dodge electricity, just move.
To dodge the darkness spikes, just go around them.   To avoid the
rocks, roll around like crazy.   If you're low on health or arrows,
smash some of those darkness spikes that are supposed to hurt you and
not heal you.

When he finally dies, take Zelda through the only path you can (the
wrong ones are blocked by stones).   Once you get to the
sanctuary…guess who?

FINAL BOSS:   Vaati's Wrath:
Main on running around until he digs his arms in the ground.   When it
pops out of the ground, shoot it with the cane of pacci, shrink, and
go in the small opening in the arm.   You're goal is to beat the eye
that has its pupil moving around.   In the second arm, you'll need the
flame lantern.   Once he's armless, he'll grow wings.   Avoid the
electricity, and when the other four eyes turn blue, clone and slash
repetitively.   If it hits all the eyes at the same time, head near
the large eye and hit it repetitively.   Eventually he'll die.

When the "master of the world", "god", etc. dies, Ezlo and Zelda
restore peace to Hyrule (why don't I get to do it?).   Save and you'll
be able to get 6 new figurines and the mirror shield.

12. Credit

I would never have been able to beat the game without A l e x's
walkthrough, and never would've beaten Vaati without Goldenchaos's

13. Copyright

I detest copyright so I don't mind if you don't give me credit, but
please do NOT claim this as your own; I spent 2 hard weeks of typing
on this.

14. E-mail

If you have any problems with the walkthrough or need to know
something about the game that isn't listed in the walkthrough, you can
e-mail me at plusle.rules@gmail.com <mailto:plusle.rules@gmail.com>.


Version 1, February 23rd 2007: FAQ finished

15. The End

I would just like to say this:
Good bye. *slams door*


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