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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jet2x5

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/16/13

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                                 The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap © Capcom

                    THIS GUIDE USES A U.S./NTSC GAME VERSION                    


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                    | Table of Contents              |             00.00
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Easier navigation through this guide has been made by the use of Find Codes.
You can use the Find tool in your browser (Ctrl + F) and type in the correct
code listed by what you wish to find from the Table of Contents below.

Table of Contents- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 00.00
Introduction - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.00
     About Me / Donations- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.01
     Story - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.02
     Controls- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.03
Logbook, A History of Changes- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 02.00
Walkthrough- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.00

     The Journey Begins
        1. The Picori Festival - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.01
        2. Head for Deepwood Shrine- - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.02
     The Mystical Elements
        3. Earth Element - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.03
        4. Interlude #1- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.04
        5. Fire Element- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.05
        6. Interlude #2- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.06
        7. Pegasus Boots - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.07
        8. The Golden Kinstones- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.08
        9. Ocarina of Wind - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.09
        10. Learn to Swim- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.10
        11. Interlude #3 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.11
        12. Water Element: Prelude - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.12
        13. Water Element- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.13
        14. Interlude #4 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.14
        15. Wind Element - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.15
     The Final Struggle
        16. Wrapping Things Up - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.16
        17. Infusion and Extras- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.17
        18. Son of a...- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.18
        19. Final Fight- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.19
        20. Post-Game- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.20
Extra Materials- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.00
     Figurines - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.01
     Kinstone Fusion
        Types of Kinstone- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.02
        Fusion List- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.03
     Skill Upgrades- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.04
        Weapons- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.05
        Utilities- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.06
        Special- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.07
     Magical Heart Upgrades
        Heart Upgrade A (2 Hearts) - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.08
        Heart Upgrade B (2 Hearts) - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.09
        Heart Upgrade C (3 Hearts) - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.10
        Heart Upgrade D (5 Hearts) - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.11
        Heart Upgrade E (3 Hearts) - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.12
        Heart Upgrade F (3 Hearts) - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.13
The Journey Continues: Sidequests- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.00
     The Cucco Game
        Run #1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.01
        Run #2 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.02
        Run #3 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.03
        Run #4 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.04
        Run #5 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.05
        Run #6 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.06
        Run #7 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.07
        Run #8 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.08
        Run #9 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.09
        Run #10- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.10
     Item Holder Upgrades
        Wallet - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.11
        Bomb Bags- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.12
        Quiver (Arrows)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.13
     Gregal and the Ghost- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.14
     Percy and the Monster-Lady- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.15
     Marcy and the Swordsman Newsletter- - - - - - - - - - - 05.16
     The Last Bottle - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.17
     The Mirror Shield - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.18
Credits- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 06.00
Legals, Copyright and Info - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 07.00
                    |                                |
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                    | Introduction                   |             01.00
O===================|                                |===================O

| About Me / Donations                                             01.01 |

Hi; the name's Duane! I started writing some video game guides/FAQs when
I was just a kid. Across a couple years, I put out fifteen (15) guides,
and then life took over and I pretty much vanished.

It's been a decade or so and I'm a student trying to work my way into the
world, though I have a few years before I can get there. I intend to pick up
the pace, at least as much as I can, with these guides, and get some heavy
hitters out there finally, but again, this passion of mine costs time,
and, well, time really is money.

So I would like to say, and this is by no means some requirement, that if you
enjoy this guide (or any of my other guides), then PLEASE consider giving
a little donation, even if it's just a tiny bit of something. ANYTHING will
help me, as I have many things that I need to address, let alone the fact that
gaming itself is an expensive hobby. But in the long run, the reason I ask is
this MOST importantly:

Donations will help me write more and more guides, and therefore give YOU
more and more of what you wish to see.

If you donate through PayPal, please visit

[ https:// www . paypal . com/webapps/mpp/send-money-online ]

or navigate to PayPal yourself and choose "Transfer" -> "Send Someone Money"
and use the following email address

[ maidenrocks99@gmail.com ]

If you use the link, ensure to remove the spaces from it before going!

THANK YOU very much, everyone.

| Story                                                            01.02 |

Link is off on an adventure again! After taking Zelda to the festival, he
watches a ceremony for the winner of the sword fighting competition. It turns
out the winner is an evil wizard, Vaati, who plans to take the items inside of
the Bound Chest of Hyrule. After disposing of everyone except Link and Zelda,
he breaks the magical sword, the Picori Blade, off of the chest, then opens it.

Evil masks/creatures fly out of it and away. He goes to the chest to find it
empty. Its not what he wanted. Zelda tries to stop him but Vaati casts a stone
spell at her. Link tries to stop him from it, but it knocks him away. Zelda is
turned to stone, and Vaati disappears. After awakening, Link is told he is to
go search for the Minish people so they can fix the Picori Blade, which will
defeat Vaati. Let the quest begin!

| Controls                                                         01.03 |

D-Pad = Move/Move menu cursor
A Button = Uses A button item/Swim/Talk/Assign items to A button
B Button = Uses B button item/Cancel/Hide underwater/Assign items to B button
L Shoulder = Use Kinstone Bag
R Shoulder = Depends on the situation, this is like the action button
Start = Bring up the menu
Select = Makes Link talk to Ezlo
                    |                                |
O===================|                                |===================O
                    | Logbook, A History of Changes  |             02.00
O===================|                                |===================O

Version 0.1 / Jan 21, 2005 / GUIDE STARTED

Version 0.2 / Jan 22, 2005 / DEEPWOOD SHRINE COMPLETE

Version 0.3 / Jan 22, 2005 / TEMPLE OF FIRE BEGAN

Version 0.4 / Jan 23, 2005 / ELEMENT SANCTUARY COMPLETE

Version 0.5 / Jan 24, 2005 / THE GOLDEN KINSTONES BEGAN

Version 0.6 / Jan 25, 2005 / FORTRESS OF WINDS COMPLETE

Version 0.7 / Jan 26-27, 2005 / TEMPLE OF DROPLETS BEGAN

Version 0.8 / Jan 28, 2005 / PALACE OF WINDS BEGAN

Version 0.9 / Jan 29, 2005 / "SON OF A..." BEGAN

!---------Version 1.0 / Jan 29, 2005 / EVERYTHING COMPLETE            ---------!

Version 2.0 / Jan 15, 2013 / Update contact information, guide info, copyrights,
                             some stylistic changes and so on. Making a revival
                             of my guides!
                    |                                |
O===================|                                |===================O
                    | Walkthrough                    |             03.00
O===================|                                |===================O
                                 [NOTE 1]
ONE HUGE NOTE: if you are afraid of spoilers, then be wary! I will likely
divulge some things along the way, if not good portions of things.

                                 [NOTE 2]
I will refer to the main character as his proper name, Link, throughout the
whole guide.

                                 [NOTE 3]
Whenever I list tasks and stuff to do, I will put in parentheses beside them,
any of the following:

NEEDED - Part of a questline, e.g., story progression, side quests, etc.
RECOMMENDED - Optional; I recommend you do this, but you don't have to.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Optional; but it'll help a lot, so you probably should
                     do the task.
MISSABLE - Anything that can be missed if you don't do it soon or even
           immediately in some cases.

| The Journey Begins                                                     |

After the introduction, we'll find ourselves at Link's home...or something.
Anyway, moving on...

  The Picori Festival                                             03.01
Once you awaken, head downstairs. Enter the right room, and after talking,
Zelda leaves. Open the chest for a score Rupee equal to 20 of them. Now you
can leave. Follow Zelda all the way to Hyrule Town.

                             Hyrule Town
Once here, follow Zelda everywhere, and keep talking to her. Once she wins the
shield, take it and equip it. Head to the northern area and exit. Follow up
here and after the Princess is hit by a Deku Scrub, you must help her. Shield
up and deflect what it shoots right back at it. Now continue north.

                             Hyrule Castle
Here, just head up until you meet the minister. Now some blabbing happens.
After, some evil wizard named Vaati comes up. He talks of the Picori Blade,
which is stuck in a chest the soldiers carried out, and the Bound Chest of
Hylian lore, which is the same chest. Vaati knocks the four guards away and a
spell conjures the Picori Blade out of the chest, but it breaks. The Bound
Chest opens and 8 masks/beings appear and fly in a big circle.

Like ragdolls, people - the minister and king - are thrown away. A magic light
emits from Zelda and stops her from being harmed. Vaati knows that Zelda will
only cause him trouble and he shoots a magical stone spell at her. Link tries
to use his shield to save her, but to no avail; the princess is now stone and
rock. Vaati peers into the chest and finds nothing else. He was looking for a
specific force, but it looks like it wasn't here. He will disappear.


Link will awaken in a room. Once he does, you'll regain control. Now would be
a good time to figure out if you like using the shield with the A or B button,
but assigning it to them using the menu. You can access the menu by pressing
Start. You may have already done this, but ah well. Now exit to the left.

After some more talking, you will be sent on a quest to find the Picori people
and get them to make a new Picori Blade, while soldiers are sent to find Vaati.
Our destination is the Minish Woods, and inside there, the Deepwood Shrine. We
will obtain the Broken Picori Sword, which is not usable, the Smith's Sword,
our usable weapon, and a map of Hyrule. You can access this by pressing Start
and then L, if you are at the Items menu when it comes up, or by press R if
you're at the Quest Status menu when it comes up.

Now let us set off on the mystical quest!

  Head for Deepwood Shrine                                        03.02
Now you should exit and head back to the south area. Also take note, if you
didn't know, the flashing red checkmark on your map is the destination. Press
A while highlighting the Minish Woods to zoom in and see exactly where the
destination is.

Anyway, outside the castle, you will discover, GASP, enemies! Just one slice
with the sword will kill these cheap ones, but beware, harder enemies will
appear in the game later on. Now, down at the bottom, the path will be blocked.
Boo hoo! From the area where the carpenter people are, head east and slice the
stumps. Go on through.

                             Lon Lon Ranch
Beware of these moles! When one pops up, they'll go underground them jump back
up with buddies to form a pillar of moles. You must hit the mole on the bottom
to collapse the pillar, and then kill all the littles moles that have fallen.
Anyway, continue on the path. At the bottom where the little floating tornado
is, you'll notice an opening in the gate with a sign above you. Well, ignore
it. You probably thought we're going in there, but not yet. Head to the very
bottom and continue on. We'll be in somewhere called the Eastern Hills.

Here, if you want, go in the house on the left and smash the pots. If you're
lucky, you'll "strike gold" and get a green Rupee, equal to ONE Rupee. Now,
just go down the path and cross the eastern bridge.

                             Minish Woods
We're here! But we still have to reach the shrine. Head east until you come to
a smaller bridge. Cross it and you'll come to a split. Head down, then west,
then northwest. You'll see a cutscene where some cap is being attacked. After
the cutscene, head left and grab the Piece of Heart <1>. Head back to the two
way split. Once there, the two Octoroks will attack you. Just reflect the rocks
they shoot or slice them. Now we'll talk some, and the cap thing, named Ezlo
will follow you. Run away, and he'll tell you to wait up. Do it twice more and
he'll jump on your hat. Now we're officially wearing the cap thing!

You can now press Select to gain hints from or just talk to Ezlo. Go
back down and when you come to the stump, the cap will speak. He will talk
about the Picori, other known as the Minish. They are TINY people, who use the
stumps like this one to go through a portal. This portal can shrink people, but
Link will require Ezlo's help. So, jump on the stump and press R.

This part I find annoying. You are EENSY WEENSY SMALL. This means no more going
across puddles, no moving across tall grass, and most of all, running into
enemies, no matter which ones, is a DEATH WISH. Ah well, it can't be helped.

Move left and go through the log. At this tiny puzzle, just move onto the lily
pad when it comes near, and get off when it reaches the other side. The place
on the other side is actually a village!

                             Minish Village
Initially, you won't be in town. Run past the leaves and acorns, and then you
will arrive. What sucks here is that, once you get here, all the Picori come
out, but you can't understand them. They all run away and guard there homes.
All over town, the Minish won't let you inside almost anywhere. Head to the
northeastern area, and underneath the clovers is a port like thing. Enter over
here and find a Piece of Heart <2>. Head back west and into the big crystal
building. The Minish guy here speaks English. He says you need a Jabber Nut.
Head southeast and down the eastern path until you reach a bridge. Cross it and
go inside.

Go up and push the middle box that is sticking out, to the left or right. Go up
and get the Jabber Nut on the left. Test it with the Minish guy here. Now exit
and go to the northwest. Enter the building here and talk with the Elder. He
tells that to reforge the blade, we must first infuse it with the Four Mystic
Elements. He will take the map and mark the element places:

Earth - Where we are
Fire - Northwest
Wind - Southwest
Water - East

Now go see Festari, the guy whom gave us access to the Jabber Nut. He will step
aside and let you through. Back in the Minish Woods, just go up through the
passage, then through the shrine gate. Enter the shrine.

| The Mystical Elements                                                  |

  The Earth Element                                               03.03
                              AUTHOR'S NOTE
In dungeons, you will need small keys and such to unlock rooms and stuff, so in
order to keep track of the amount of small keys you should have, I will put a
number inside of bracket marks. For example, if you have 5 keys, and I tell you
to unlock a door, then I will say: "Now unlock the door [4]." so it shows that
you will now have 4 keys left. Catch my drift? Good.

Also, dungeons will be denoted exactly like normal areas, except they will be
surrounded by four dashes, two on each side. Like so:

                           --Deepwood Shrine--
Upon entrance, head up and push the statue left. Continue on through. Kill the
slug things, which take two hits, and light up all the fire pots. Use the chest
for a small key [1]. Use it on the door above [0]. Now go in the next room.
Here, slugs will drop down. Evade them and go up to the lever. Pull it out and
cross the new bridge. Grab the mushroom and pull it all the way back until Link
turns red. Still hold R, but let go of any directional buttons. Link will fly
over the water.

Evade the new unstoppable Mushroom thing, and go up the steps. Light the vines
using the pot thing. Now go inside the barrel. Go through the other side, then
to the left, down, then up the steps. Go around the statue, and DO NOT move it
until you are on the right side of it. Push it left onto the button then go
stand on the other one. The vines will light. Go back in the barrel. Now it
will move when you run. Run down until the you see stairs at the bottom left
and you hear the lock-in noise. It is a clank sound. Now exit via those stairs.
Take the left exit.

Kill the thing, then go to the mushroom. Use the same technique, pulling back
until Link is fully red. Let go and you'll land at the end. Throw the pots and
go up and open the big blue chest. You'll get the Dungeon Map. Go down and jump
off. Back to the mushroom. You see the streak on the ground? Then you see the
little space dividing the streak? Pull the mushroom until that space and let go
of it. Now exit to the left.

Go to the pot, but DON'T break it. Push it all the way to the right and onto
the switch. Cross the bridge and exit at the bottom. In here, pull the left
statue to the left. Go into the spot it was, then pull it right and onto the
switch. Now pull the right statue onto the other switch. Get the small key from
the chest [1]. Push a statue away and go back.

Cross back and go right again. In here, head right then down, and push the
block. Go back into the barrel room. Go in the barrel and run until stairs
appear at the top right and the clank sounds off again. Exit via those stairs,
and use the key on the right door [0].

Go to the right and pull the mushroom. Stop at the end of the streak mark.
Fling across and go left. Press the button, then pull the mushroom until Link
turns red. Fling again and exit right. Kill all the slugs here, and pull the
statue on the right, all the way to the right. Go back around and push the left
one onto the switch. Exit up.

Kill the Scurriers and grab the key [1]. Exit left. Go up the stairs and up
again. Jump off on the right then go under the underpass. Kill the Scurriers.
Exit left. In here, head down a bit and you'll be ambushed by four Mushrooms.
Continue around, press the button, then use the key on the top left door [0].

                             MINI-BOSS: MADDERPILLAR

This thing is a big PUSHOVER. When it comes near, strike its head. It will turn
gray and the tail will turn into a heart. Run to and strike the tail. The beast
will turn red and zoom around. After it regains normalness, repeat the process.

Your reward will be a new item, the Gust Jar. Look in the Items section for a
description, or read the game description.


After reaping you goods, we must move on. Equip the Gust Jar and use it on the
cobwebs around the room. After clearing the doorways, head south for a goodie,
a Piece of Heart <3> and go back up, then east. Out here, as you can much see,
are the Mushroom fiends again. Now you can kill them though. Suck them up by
holding down the jar button, and wait for them to turn gray. Release the button
and slash them. Now, suck up all the spores that are on the ground.

There should be a crapload of buttons revealed. Press them all to unlock a warp
portal on the ledge where the Piece of Heart is, and two chests. The two chests
together gain you a total of 20 Mysterious Shells. Check the Figurines section
for info on these.

Now head south. In the barrel room, go back in the barrel. In here, run until
the cobwebbed door passes by. Gust Jar it to open it up. Then move until you
see water down below that door. Run through the door to fall down to it. Here
at this area, use the Gust Jar to pull the lily pad to you. Go onto it, then
face right and tap the Gust Jar button.

Keep shooting the Gust Jar left and right until you align with the waterfall.
Once done, face up and keep tapping the button you shoot yourself down it. Then
shoot your way over to the right. Once reaching the right side, make your way
up. Beware, you'll meet flies along the way.

Go up just until you see the passage on the right. Then shoot your way there.
In the next room, make your way around to the ladder. Up here, destroy every
jar EXCEPT the one on the same row as the button, and make sure its the right
one, not the left. Push it onto the button then get back on the lily pad. Shoot
around to the next area.

Shoot up onto the ground. Here, push the right block up, and the left one to
the left. Use the big chest. You'll get the Compass, which shows you all the
treasures, even hidden ones. Head over to the left and push the pot onto the
button. Get back on the lily and shoot your way over to the small spot and get
on the land. Open the chest for a small key [1]. Go back across the lily and go
up the stairs. Out here, suck up on the spore group on the left and push the
button. Open the chest for 20 Shells. Go back down the stairs. Get on the lily
and shoot yourself all the way back to the first room.

Coming out of the passage, shoot your way up, then left. Beware of the falling
slugs. Once you strike land, unlock the door [0]. Go up here and grab the
mushroom. Fling across and destroy the pots. Use the Gust Jar to bring the
mushroom on the right all the way across the water. MAKE SURE YOU'RE AT THE
RIGHT EDGE WHEN YOU DO THIS. You'll fling across once the mushroom reaches you.
Do the same with the next one. Then go down, back up against the right wall,
and suck up the next mushroom thing to fling across. Open the chest, and you'll
get the Big Key.

Go down and press the button. Step on the red button and we'll be back at the
entrance. Clear the left door of cobwebs and go up the stairs. Push the block
in front of the chest to the right and open it for 20 Rupees. Go back
downstairs and go on the blue portal. Grab the Piece of Heart <4> and jump
down. Now go down one room. Push the left block out of the way and kill the
Mushroom guys. Suck up the spores and press the button. Open the chest for 20
Shells. Go back in the barrel and run until stairs are at the bottom right.
Take them and head out of the room.

From across the water, use the Gust Jar and mushroom to fling all the way
across. Head out again. Go down once more. Back in the entrance, push the right
statue. Clear up the right doorway and go up it. Use the Gust Jar to fling
across to the left side, then go to the bottom and fling to the top. Now would
be a good time to save. Unlock the Boss Door.

We'll see outside that a ChuChu appears and decides to melt into the Shrine.
Back with Link, big drops of ChuChu goo will fall down. Finally, the ChuChu
itself falls. Normally, Link could take it easily, but at his current size,
this thing is HUMONGOUS!

                             BOSS: BIG CHUCHU

Immediately move out of the way. This thing is a slow mover, but don't let that
fool you. For what we're about to do is give it a speed boost. Pull out the
Gust Jar and start sucking up the goo at the bottom of it. It will start moving
quicker in your direction because of the pull, so if it gets too close, let go
so a gust of air pushes it a little. Then you run. If the ChuChu, at any time,
stops moving, then get ready to run. It will jump in the air and fall down to
try and squish you. Anyway, keep repeating that process.

Sooner or later, the ChuChu will wobble. This is when you make sure you are not
near it. It will topple over only when it thinks you are close enough, so be
quick and run upwards or downwards past it. It should fall over. This is your
chance! Strike it as much as you can with the sword. After some good slashes,
it will get back up. Just repeat the whole process all over again. It should
go down in a total of 3-5 completed processes, depending on how many slashes
you get in.

One note though, is that after it takes enough damage, it will get back up and
jump around a consecutive 5-6 times, I think. Either that, or its after the 3rd
time of falling and being slashed, I could not tell which.

Finally, if you need health, break one of the four pots in the room. And don't
be afraid to be a little risky, if it comes to bringing the creature down,
because ALL of the pots have hearts in them.

After toppling the ChuChu, it will explode. Then the purple Earth element will
float down to you. Link will grab it. Ta-da, quest done!


Now, grab the Heart Container and go through the portal. Back outside, Ezlo
says to go see the Elder.

  Interlude #1                                                    03.04
Now do exactly as Ezlo said, go see the Elder!

                             Minish Village
After talking with the Elder, we discover the next destination is to head to
Mount Crenel, and talk to a man named Melari. The Elder opens a curtain to the
left, which should've held a window, but doesn't. Leave through that doorway as
instructed, and exit the village.

                             Minish Woods
Go left through the log, and enter the shroom house. Talk to this fellow, whom
is Belari, and he'll give you a Bomb Bag. Now we have 10 bags, and can carry
others we find. Problem is, the maximum is 10 that we can carry. This will be
fixed later. :) Exit for now.

Go down and go to the stump. Press R and we'll be to normal size again. Ah, how
wonderful! Go north, and check the stone. It will blow up and Ezlo will talk a
bit. Now leave across the bridge. Go down and plant a bomb on the cracked rocks
to blow 'em up! Head down and cross the bridge.

                             Eastern Hills
Back in plain daylight, yes! Pull the mushroom and fling across the gap. Shrink
again (for a second, I promise!) and go into the shroom house. Talk to the guy
and he'll mention Kinstones. He says come back when you get one. Leave and get
back to normal size. Plant a bomb on the stones and go up. Plant another one
at the cracked wall thing. In the cave, open the chest for 20 Shells. Head

Plant another bomb at the rocks and go up. The carpenters are blocking the path
back to the castle and such, so it looks like its time to go west. Do so and
follow the path.

                             South Hyrule Field
Head to the southeast part. Go west a little and up the stairs. Enter the place
and you'll recognize its your place. You can talk to the smith or go upstairs
and sleep to refill your health. Now leave.

Go north towards Hyrule Town, but stop before it. Go left then down and bomb
the entrance. Here are fairies. They will ressurect you once you die, but we
need to carry them in bottles. We don't have any yet. Leave and go back up.

Go into Hyrule Town.

                             Hyrule Town
Upon entrance, you'll be bombarded by some guy and kids. The guy apparently
knows about Kinstones and says that fusing pieces together can make good things
happen. He gives you a Kinstone Bag. Now we can carry Kinstones! He'll put a
Kinstone in your bag, then explain Kinstone Fusing. Now when you regain control
of Link, just press L. At the Kinstone Screen, we find out he is Hurdy-Gurdy
Man? Whatever. We would choose a Kinstone right now, but since we only have
one, just press A. The two will fuse together. You now unlocked a door in the
southeastern corner of South Hyrule Field. Trot back there to find a Piece of
Heart <1>.

Back in Hyrule Town, go up to the shops area. Use the Gust Jar to clear off the
dirty rug on the right. Now, you can do some Sidequests so check them out in
that section. Anyway, I'll list the somewhat good stuff here.

Spinning Action (NEEDED)
We need to learn that Spin Attack, so let's go see a swordsman. At the entrance
way, there's a dojo thing to the left. Enter it. Talk to the guy, Swiftblade,
and follow all his directions. We'll learn the Spin Attack, passed down through
generations of Zelda games. He'll give you the Tiger Scroll for it so if you
forget it, then you can review it from the Status menu.

Increase Your Wallet! (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
This is optional, yes, but I HIGHLY recommend it. From the entrance, enter the
red house to the right, the one with a Rupee on top. Talk to the clerk,
Stockwell, and buy a Big Wallet. Even though it costs 80 Rupees, you can now
carry 300 Rupees total instead of 100. Now would be a good time to play a
couple rounds of The Cucco Game. Look for it in the Sidequests section.

Increase Your Wallet! Again! (RECOMMENDED)
Now here is another quick thing. Head to the northeast part of town. Also,
a quick note, you need the Big Wallet to do this. Anyway, enter the yellow
rectangle home here and take the right doorway. Climb the ladder and down here,
open the chest. You'll get R3 Kinstone. Climb back up and go inside. Press L
to start Kinfusion with Hagen, the mayor. Use the R3 and a puddle will dry up
at Lon Lon Ranch. You can't head there now though, so hold on.

This is just a smart thing to do in advance. Go up to the entrance of Hyrule
Castle. To the right of where the guard is blocking, is another stone thing.
Check it and it explodes or whatever. You'll see why you should do this later.

Hey, My Bread Has Kinstones!
There's no real need to do this, but you can. Head into the shop area and enter
the top right one. Buying bread gives you a chance of finding Kinstone Pieces
in them. (Don't ask.)

Now to move on. Head to the northwest and talk with the guard. He wants you to
show him the Spin Attack so do it. Now we can leave.

  Fire Element                                                    03.05
                             Trilby Highlands
Head left and take the ladder. Bomb the right wall and go inside. Deflect the
Deku Scrub's shots and he'll give in. Talk and buy the Bottle for 20 Rupees.
Now leave and follow the path to the west.

                             Mt. Crenel's Base
Go left and climb up the vine. Up here you'll get your 20 Rupees back, yeah!
Now, go back down. Take out the bottle and trap some water. I'm serious, TRAP
IT! Now drop it on the sprouting bean. Climb the new vine. By the way, don't
waste a bomb on that cracked doorway. All it is, is another Scrub telling of
his friend whom has a bottle.

Continue on the path. Kill the jumping Tektites and continue. Beware of the
falling rocks, and once you see white spores, stay clear. Before continuing,
bomb the wall behind the trees at the top. Here are fairies and some Rupees.
Don't catch the fairies yet, because you need the bottle for something else.
Touching them will harm you, so suck them up if you feel like it. Once you
reach the bottom, there is a split. If you need more bombs, head all the way
left and enter the cave. Get the Scrub here on speaking terms and you can
buy 10 Bombs for 30 Rupees. Damn, these guys are freaking expensive little
cheapskates. (Did I contradict myself?) By the way, this guy will Kinfuse with

Now, to move on, only head right. The gamemakers were tricky here. Between the
two fences, bomb the wall. It will open up. Kill the ChuChus and climb up. Go
up and bomb the cracked rock. Change into small form and move to the little
valley-looking thing by the toxic looking liquid.

Here, go through the valley. At the end, bring out the bottle. Empty or use
whatever is in it, then capture the goo. Go back to normal size and head back
to the fork. Head left and bomb the top wall. Kill the ChuChus and go up the
ladder. Do as Ezlo says and jump in the whirlwind. You'll be shot into the air
and using Ezlo as a parachute. He'll flatten soon, so quickly move left and
into the other whirlwind, then land on the cliff.

Follow the left path, and at the end, plant a bomb. The innocent but guilty
wall will open. Plant 3 more bombs inside, 1 for each stone. Reap the rewards,
which is a Piece of Heart <2>, 50 Rupees, a Kinstone Piece, and maybe some
goodies from the exploding stones. Leave.

If you got a B2 Kinstone, which you probably did, you can go fuse with the
Scrub I said you could with earlier, and some vines in North Hyrule Field will
fall down to reveal another door.

Now, go back some and take the ladder. Up here, clear all the spores. You'll
reveal a hole in the ground and a Minish portal. Use the portal. Now, you can
do 3 things:

1) Jump in the hole and talk to the Forest Minish. He talks about how green
beans need Mt. Crenel Mineral Water to grow. Good thing we have it. Now check
the chest for a Kinstone Piece.

2) Go into the little valley on the left. At the end, pick up the bean (Link
must be uber-strong) and take it out. Drop it in the big hole beside the

3) Climb up the vine on the right. Go through the maze and get a B2 Kinstone
Piece at the end.

Grow back to normal, then slosh some Mineral Water on the green bean you put
in the ground. Climb up it.

                             Mt. Crenel
Go up the ladder. By the Crenel Wall, there are two small rock formations. Put
a bomb between them, and go in. Grab a fairy in the bottle and get the Piece of
Heart <3>. Exit.

Go back down and head east. Go across the north bridge and bomb the wall. Enter
it and break some pots. Kill the ChuChus and open the chest for a B2 Kinstone.
Go upstairs and kill these ChuChus. Bomb both breakable rocks and push the now
accessible right stone up. Then push the top one up. Kill the ChuChu. Exit.

Out here, travel over via whirlwinds. Head up, then go right. Bomb the wall.
Deflect his shots, then talk with the Scrub. Purchase the Grip Ring. Now we
can climb walls. Slash all the grass and see if you're lucky enough to stumble
some missing Rupees or Bombs.

Exit outside. We can now also carry heavy rocks, so throw them at some enemies
to take out frustration. Now go back left and down the ladder. Head left and
jump down. Go left and begin climbing the Crenel Wall. Up here, WATCH OUT FOR
BOULDERS. They reduce half a heart per hit.

Climb up and to the right. Go onto the platform with a sign. Bomb the wall.
Inside, put a bomb down, then pick it up, and throw it in the water. The great
Mayfly Fairy appears and asks you a question. DO NOT CHOOSE GOLD OR SILVER.
She will deplete you bombs to 0. Say neither, and you're rewarded with a Big
Bomb Bag. Now we can carry 30! Yay!

Now finish the climb to the top. Up here, you can go left and climb down the
ladder here and enter the cave. There will be a hermit here who blabs, and then
you can fuse with, but he's a Shared Fuser so check that section.

Go up and right then fling across. Now it will magically begin raining. How
wonderful. Use the stone to shrink, then go to the valley at the bottom. Make
your way through here, but beware the water. Being hit by raindrops now is like
being hit by a boulder while climbing the Crenel Wall. Outside, regain your
normal size. Go left and push the boulder into the hole. Go right and push the
boulder here in around to where the hole you just filled is. Push it over it
and push it up then into the other hole. Push the other rock out the way and go
down the ladder.

Now go down the path and take out the masked birds. Here comes a tricky puzzle.
I have divided what to do into numbered objectives. I hope you understand:

1) Push the top stone left.
2) Push the bottom one left.
3) Push the one right above you to the left.
4) Push the one below you down.
5) Push the bottom on down.
6) Go up and push that one up.
7) Go around to the two stones in a little column. Push the bottom one right.
8) Push the one below that down.
9) Push the one up and right from you to the right.
10) Push the one below you down.
11) Push the one to your left to the left.

Now you're free, so exit. Go right and into the next cave. Clear out the pots
on the left and use the Gust Jar in the up direction. A mushroom should come
down and you'll fling. Now go down the stairs. Drop a bomb then pick it up.
Go to the edge of the broken bridge and throw it. Exploding will cause the
button to make the bridge grow. Exit now.

Head into the next cave. Now is another boulder puzzle. Here's how to push it:

1 down, 2 left, 2 down, 3 left, 1 up, 1 left, 1 up, 1 left

Push the statue and go down. In here, push the very bottom stone left. Then the
one above you up. Go left and push the one there to the left. Open the chest
for a B1 Kinstone. Exit and use the portal. Go up to the valley. Once out,
you'll be in somewhere else.

                             Melari's Mines
Run along the path and make your way to the bottom. Talk to Melari, the big guy
dude. Now we need to go get the Fire Element. Go up one floor and talk to the
Minish. He'll let you pass. Outside, return to normal size. Check the stone for
another explosion thing, and head up.

                           --Cave of Flames--
Now you're in the dungeon. Its hot here, but luckily, we have no time limit.
Go right and in here, either bomb the wall, or hit one of the creatures twice
and throw them at the wall. In this room, take out the shield and bounce into
the creatures. They'll flip over so kill them. Open the big chest for the
Compass. In here, use the Gust Jar to get the safe Rupees. The non-safe one
won't budge. Get close to it and start slashing. A Like-Like appears and takes
about 7 hits to kill. You'll also get your Rupee. Go up. Go left through the
underpass, go up the ladder, and come around to the bottom. Go right and into
this place. Hop in the mine cart.

After the wild ride, you'll crash some bats and jump off. Run to the left and
bomb the wall. Kill the birds and hop in the portal. Now its tricky. Take the
small tunnel, then run past the turtles. Take the next tunnel, then the bottom
tunnel. Take the following tunnel afterwards.

You should be in a misty room. Run around the left side and jump off the little
opening. Go into the portal. Now kill the ChuChus. Also, you discover that to
extinguish the fire, you oddly enough just slash it. Now climb the ladder and
open the chest for the Dungeon Map.

Go back down and across the stone things. Beware that they crumble after you
cross them. Head left and open the chest for a Kinstone Piece. Step on the
button, then cross back over to the right. Continue around the room and exit.
Cross via the crumbling platform. Now strike all the Roly Polys. Once they roll
up, pick them up and throw them in the holes. Open the chest for 50 Rupees. Go
up and to the middle. Jump down and into the whirlwind. Fly to the next one and
then fly around and land. Climb the ladder and push the stone onto the button.
Once the door opens, push the normal stone out of the way. Now pull the stone
with the chest on it, over to the hole and push it in it. Now you can open the
chest for a small key [1]. Exit and head all the way back right. Ride the mine

Back here, open the door [0]. Run across and strike the switch. Get back on the
cart. On the way, you'll pass a Piece of Heart. We can get it later. Now head
left then up. Now jump your way over. The cart here is fallen so we gotta go on
foot. Cross the mine tracks and on the other side, destroy the pots. Bomb the
wall and go through. Now pick up the lovely Piece of Heart <4>. We should have
another completed heart. Hoorah! Now go back up and up again.

Run up and jump off to the left. Walk to the middle of the area.

                             MINI-BOSS: SPINY CHUCHUS
Oh no! We're ambushed by 7 Spiny ChuChus. The first objective is to get out of
the circle. So, once they start moving towards you, and couple will change into
their spike forms. Now is the time to be prepared, as all the others will jump
on you like hell. So if there is the option to shield them, do so. Then run out
of the circle.

Now just take any of them on with hacks and slashes, and some Spin Attacks.
They all will fall quickly.

Your reward will be the opening of the west door, and a big chest. Open up the
chest for a new utility, the Cane of Pacci. This can flip things and charge
energy into holes, so you can boost jump out of them instead of normal jumping.


Head into the next room. Step on the first rock and quickly flip the next one
with the Cane of Pacci. Charge energy into the hole and jump in it, then out
of it. Press the button which reveals a blue portal and opens the door. Exit.

Run out and flip the mine cart. Ride it to the other area. Once out, push the
pillar with a chest on it into the hole. Open it for a small key [1]. Ride back
and go up, then jump down. Open the door [0]. Down here, go into the portal.
Move west and evade all the traps. Go through the tunnel, then trek through the
stone maze, and grow big again. Now red things in the maze have become traps,
so follow the directions:

1) Head right, then up. Make sure the blade starts heading right, and hide in
the hole. Once it reaches the other end, jump out and fool it into going left
again. Go around the right corner.

2) Get the next blade to come to the right. Once it stops, get it to go up,
while you hide to the right. Run out and round the corner.

3) At the bottom, quickly run right and hide in the hole space thing. Once the
blade reaches the end, run out and quickly escape.

Now flip the cart and ride it. Flip the switch and ride it again. Here, flip
all the Roly Polys and throw them in the four holes on the bottom right. Pull
the pillar all the way to the hole in the top left. Flip the switch, climb the
ladder, and go up. Here, jump down into the hole, jump out and charge the other
hole. Flip out of it onto the ledge. Open the chest for a G1 Kinstone. Drop
back down.

Head right and extinguish the flames. Flip the moving rock. Get onto it when it
is heading back up, and get off on the little side-land part. Extinguish the
fire and hit the switch for a red portal. Flip the moving platform on the right

Since the platform we just came on sank, you must flip it again. Ride it to the
bottom and flip the other one. Get on that, and flip the moving one to the
right and get on that. Once it reaches the piece of land, get off and run up
a bit but don't get on yet. Take out the Gust Jar and clear the pots. Now ride
to that piece of land. Here is the tricky part. Do the following:

1) Get on the first platform, then flip the 3rd one when you can.
2) Get on the 2nd one and quickly get on the 3rd, and flip the 5th.
3) Get on the 4th and move to the 5th and get off at the top.

Hopefully you didn't fall in. Anyway, go up. Climb the left ladder and jump off
the top thing. Charge the top hole and flip to the left. Jump off and charge
the next hole and flip into the whirlwind. Land on the ledge and head right. Go
to the end and jump into the whirlwind. Ride immediately right and hover in
front of the chest, then press R. You'll drop down, so open the chest for a G2
Kinstone. Now leave the area by heading around the stone and taking the middle
path then around the other stones. Head back left.

Make your way back to the whirlwind we just got off of. Jump in it again and
follow the floor tiles and land on the next ledge. Head down to the bottom and
jump into the next whirlwind. Float down past all the rocks and into the next
whirlwind, but fly to the ledge next to you. Open the chest for 100 Rupees!
Yeah! Jump back down, charge the hole, and flip into the whirlwind. Land
outside of the fire on the next piece of land. Extinguish it and charge the
hole. Flip to the left.

Jump into the next whirlwind, then fly to the next one, then the next one, and
finally land on the bottom left land. Open the chest for G3 Kinstone. Charge
the hole and flip to the whirlwind. Ride to the next one then to the big
platform in the middle. Open the big chest for the Big Key. Jump off at the
top left. Once you land, flip the left platform when it comes by. Wait for it
again, then get on it and get on the other one to the left. (Don't go to the
boss door just yet.)

Get back on the left land. Go back left. I forgot a little treasure, but it
won't take more than a second. Charge the bottom hole and flip left. Go to the
top and jump off. Open the chest for B2 Kinstone. Push the top stone. Now go
back right and ride the platform to the top boss door. Open it up.

In here, crack all the pots. As far as I know, they contain Hearts and two
fairies, so you can heal yourself and capture one if you need it. Now jump down
the big hole.

                             BOSS: GLEEROK
This is some big turtle dragon. It will spit fire everywhere, so extinguish
them when needed. Anyway, run counter clockwise and try to beat the Gleerok in
speed. If you get a clear shot at its shell, hit it with the Cane of Pacci. The
shell will flip and land on the Gleerok's back. Run back to wherever its head
is, because it will fall and make a bridge. Run across and slash at the weak
spot. Once you get enough hits, the Gleerok starts to sink, so run back across.

Keep repeating this process, it should only have to be done 3-4 times. Also,
after about the second time falling in, it will cause a tremor everytime it
does so, and will cause rocks to fall. Evade them. This will make the lava pit
grow, too, so hide in a corner.

The Gleerok will explode and fall into the lava. The room will cool down and
the lava kind of freezes into rock. Now Link gets the Fire Element. Once that
is done, go up and get your Heart Container, and step in the portal.


Outside, shrink and head back to Melari's Mines.

                             Melari's Mines
Go back down and talk to Melari. He says that he remade the sword but it still
needs all the elements. He calls it the White Sword, and we actually get it as
a weapon. Heck yeah! Now we need to head to the Elemental Santuary to infuse it
with the two elements we have. He says that it is a place stuck between the
Minish World and Human World. He tells that the door to it is in Hyrule Castle
and opens every hundred years. He tells you of the shortcut down the moutain,
so head back west.

                             Mt. Crenel
Regain your size and examine the White Sword. Now we're rocking! Jump down,
climb down the ladder, then the next one. Jump off the bottom side. Now you can
climb the Crenel Wall again and go to the hermit to fuse if you want. See
Shared Fusers in the Fusion List. Anyway, continue your trek down the
mountain. Climb down the vine.

Before leaving though, I recommend going to the forest Minish who told us about
the green seeds. You can now fuse with him for 200 Rupees. See Optional
Fusion #3 in the Fusion List.

                             Mt. Crenel's Base
Go down and climb the ladder. Jump off the ledge. You can fuse with the Scrub
in the cave if you haven't done so already. Now head east, then up from the
split. At the top, go right, then down, and right into the Trilby Highlands.

                             Trilby Highlands
Now you can go right then up into the Royal Valley. Charge the hole, flip up
and hit the switch. Now you can have an easy shortcut via the bridge, from the
Royal Valley to the path to Hyrule Castle. Anyway, there's some things to do
so let's have an interlude.

  Interlude #2                                                    03.06
                             North Hyrule Field
Go to the northwest area. Bomb the rock by the sign pointing to the Royal
Valley. Climb the ladder, then down the stairs, and voila! There is your Piece
of Heart <1>.

Now go to Hyrule Town.

                             Hyrule Town
There are quite some good things to do here now. So here they are.

Scroll down to the Fusion List and do Optional Fusion #3. Then scroll down to
the Sidequests and read up on this. It is Section 05.14.

You can now become Minish. From the entrance, enter the cafe on the left. Flip
the pot over will the Cane of Pacci and you can use the portal.

NOTE: You still can't reach the wallet we got from the INCREASE YOUR WALLET!
AGAIN! subtask from earlier, if you want to know. But this is a good thing

Head to the northeast of Hyrule Town. Exit east. Here, bomb the rocks and go
southeast. Exit south then head down a bit. Charge the hole on the right
and flip up. Go right and enter the tree thing. In here, go up to the fountain.
When the fairy appears, tell her you'll give her all your Rupees. Tell her that
again, then she'll let you keep them and reward you a bigger Wallet.

Go to the cafe and turn Minish. (Use above mentioned strategy.) Head out and
go to the bread shop. Enter from the back. Go behind the cook and climb the
stove to the top, while watching the steam. Go left and enter the left hole.
At the end of the path is a chest with 100 Rupees.

You know, there's lots of people to fuse with now, random or not. Check the
Fusion List.

Shrink yourself in the cafe. Go outside and cross the bridge. Go to the north
east by the Inn and climb the vine. Go in the back of the Inn. Grow, and voila!

Head out the northeast exit of Hyrule Town. Go north and charge the hole. Flip
up and go up. Go around, climb the ladder, and go right. Voila, AGAIN!

Head back to Swiftblade's dojo now. He'll teach you the Rock Breaker, which
contradictly allows you to break...pots. Yup. Pots. Oh, but rocks too. But his
example was pots...

Shrink into a Minish. Head west across the small wood plank. Go up and talk
with the dog, Growler, whom you can also fuse with, if I'm correct about him
not being switchy. After talking to him, he moves. Come back as tall Link when
you have to take the northwest path. Voila! You now have access to the water
windmill place, which is the Carpenters, whom are potential fusers, and Carlovs

His place is the tree at the bottom. In here, speak with Carlov. He lets you
give him the Mysterious Shells you've collected for a chance at Figurines.
Collecting all will win you the Carlov Medal. Check the Figurine List for more

I suggest doing this after you do the REAP YOUR...WALLET? subtask and the 100
RUPEES! subtask, since you need 300 Rupees for this. Go to Stockwell's shop,
and if you bought the Wallet upgrade earlier, there will be a Boomerang. It
costs 300 Rupees and is very useful.

I think that's all to do now. So head up to the castle.

                             Hyrule Castle
Go all the way to the north. In the room, talk to the king and minister. You
can Kinfuse, too. Now go back to the entrance and down the left stairs. Go on
up into the courtyard and into the Elemental Sanctuary.

                             Elemental Sanctuary
Go up to the next room. Next, put the sword in the pedestal. After the elements
get infused, a tablet appears. Get Ezlo to read it. Now charge up for a Spin
Attack and wait until the bar fills. Step on one tile, and then go to the next.

You stay this way until the bar runs out, you leave, or you press R. Now go to
the bottom. Charge up and step on the right button of the left side, then go to
the left button of the right set. Step on the buttons, then press R.

Now leave the sanctuary.

                             Hyrule Castle
Leave the castle.

                             North Hyrule Field
Walk down and Vaati appears. Some talking reveals that Ezlo is actually Vaati's
master, but cursed into a hat. They talk of a hat which fills the wearer's
desires, and he leaves. You are trapped with two Spear Moblins, so kill them.

After killing them, Ezlo talks some. Both him and Vaati were Minish. Ezlo made
a cap called the Minish Cap. (You thought Ezlo was the Minish Cap, huh?) Vaati
put it on without permission. Vaati is now on a quest to steal the light force.
Finally, Vaati turned Ezlo into a cap to stop him from leaving. Now we know
what Vaati thought was in the Bound Chest. We should get the next two elements,

  The Pegasus Boots                                               03.07
Head south to Hyrule Town.

                             Hyrule Town
Head to South Hyrule Field. Above your house is another stone thing. Check it
for an explosion.

Head to Mt. Crenel's Base. Climb up the vine then the wall at the top. Climb
the next 3 walls on the right and enter the cave. Clone yourself and hit the
switches. Enter the door. The bottom left corner has a Piece of Heart <4>, and
the top left and right corner chests contain 50 Rupees each.

Now talk to Grayblade and follow his instructions to learn the Roll Attack.

Head to Trilby Highlands to continue the quest.

                             Trilby Highlands
Go to the area where we bought the bottle. Down here, charge up and clone your
self with by making one standing together with you, like side by side. Now you
can push the huge stone out of the way. Climb the ladder. Up here are some
Blue Octoroks, a Spear Moblin, and a bombable wall. Bomb the wall and grab the
Kinstone Piece from the chest inside. Outside, kill the enemies.

Now, you can go to the bottom left and talk to Percy, the poet, whom is inside
the tree. He can't get to his home. He talks of dropping a Kinstone Piece in
the Hyrule Town Inn, but if you bombed the wall, you'll have the same type of
piece, a R3. You can fuse with him, but apparently the American version doesn't
want you to just yet.

Anyway, head to the bottom right, kill the enemies and go up. Kill the Keaton
here, and if you're lucky, you'll get a Kinstone Piece. Now climb the ladder
and push the rock. If you think you want to help Percy, don't bother. You can't
even get into the Inn right now, and I'm not sure it'll let you fuse right now
anyway. Also, by the ladder and rock we just pushed, is a bombable wall,
between two stones. Inside is a fairy grotto.

Now head south. We'll see a cutscene of Vaati at Hyrule Castle. Apparently, he
possesses the king as in the next scene, the king is telling the royal guards
to go find the light force. Now we are back with Link. Magically, you can go
back and help Percy now if you want. It requires an R3 as I said. It will make
a tree in Western Wood move. If you leave the tree, and go back in, Percy is
gone! Guess he slipped out...the back door? Anyway, head back south into the
Western Wood.

                             Western Wood
Here, going to the bottom left will let you find Percy. You can kinda start a
Sidequest here. Look it up, "Percy and the Monster-Lady." It's in Section
05.15. Go to the northwest and enter Castor Wilds.

                             Castor Wilds
Go near the swamp and Ezlo says you can't walk fast enough to get over it. Trek
back to Hyrule Town.

                             Hyrule Town
Here, you can do some more things.

Now that we have a TOTAL CRAPLOAD of Kinstone Pieces, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
you Kinfuse with anyone you can. One of your first people should be the Postman
whom you can now fuse with. You couldn't before. To catch him, enter the shoe
shop and exit. He should come down the middle isle there, so chase after him.
He requires a B1 Kinstone Piece. That reveals a new Sidequest, "Marcy and the
Swordsman Newsletter." Look it up in Section 05.16.

If you cleared the dust of the right rug all that time ago, a new guy, Beedle,
has opened shop. He sells Picolyte, which help you find various goodies. You
need to pay for them and put them in bottles. You must drink it for the
Picolyte to take effect. They temporarily make it easier to find items, by
making that certain item appear more after killing enemies, chopping bushes,
and so on. You can also drink more than one at a time, although if you mix two
types, the more recent one will only take effect. If you drink two of the same
kind though, it'll SUPER-MAXIMIZE your chances of finding them.

Here is the list of the current goodies:

   Red Picolyte - Find hearts - 200 Rupees
   Green Picolyte - Find Shells - 200 Rupees
   White Picolyte - Find Kinstone Pieces - 200 Rupees

Head over to the Eastern Hills.

                             Eastern Hills
NOTE: Here's a new hint. When the moles stack up, do the Roll Attack to kill
them all in one fell sweep.

There are two farmers, Eenie and Meenie. They are at the top left farm area.
Kinfuse with both of them. Eenie's fusion will make the Goron at Lon Lon Ranch
break through the first wall. This is one step closer to the last bottle. No,
there isn't only two bottles. But by the time you finish this Sidequest,
there'll only be one bottle left to find.

Meenie's fusion will make a chest appear on the Crenel Wall at Mt. Crenel. The
chest contains a B1 Kinstone Piece.

NOTE: It is wise to do Meenie's first unless you already have a B1, as that is
what Eenie wants. It is said to be a glitch that if you stop the fusion with
Eenie because you don't have the piece, and then leave, you'll come back and
find he won't fuse anymore, and you'll miss out on the last bottle and the
Biggoron fusion.

CHECK THE SIDEQUEST, "The Last Bottle" for more info. It's in Section 05.17.

                             Hyrule Town
Here is the final extra available right now.

Yes, the Inn is NOW open. Go inside. Here you can stay, but for quite the
price! There is a 50 Rupee room, 200 Rupee room, and 400 Rupee room! But, for
each room comes a prize. The 50 Rupee room comes with a Green Kinstone. The
200 Rupee room comes with a Blue Kinstone. And finally, the 400 Rupee room
comes with a Red Kinstone. I still wouldn't bother with it though. Anyway...

You can do a Shared Fusion with the guy, Bindle, walking in the lobby. He is
also switchy, so you may need to leave and come back a couple times. There is
also an upstairs. Go up there and into the top room. The bottom right pot
contains the R3 Kinstone that Percy mentioned. Also, the people in this room
can fuse with you.

Now to continue the quest. Go to the shoe shop.

The shoemaker falls asleep and knocks off the shoes. Use the pot to turn Minish
and climb up there. Talk with the three Minish. They say you need to get some
Red Potion from Syrup the witch to awaken Rem, the shoemaker. Now its off for
the Minish Woods!

Outside, head to Lon Lon Ranch. We can't access the woods from the Eastern

                             Lon Lon Ranch
Talon is back and Malon no longer bars the Minish entrance, but now their key
is missing, and we can't go towards Lake Hylia. So shrink and enter. Regain
size and bash the pots. Once you find the key, go back out and give it to
Talon. He allows you to use this path whenever you like. Go to the other side
of the house now.

You can do four things:

You can fuse with Malon and Talon. Malon is now selling Lon Lon Milk in Hyrule
Town, and Talon is inside the house.

If you've Kinfused with the mayor of Hyrule Town, you've probably been waiting
for like forever to get that wallet. Now you can. Go down the stairs and open
the chest. The Big Wallet can hold up to 999 Rupees and is the final upgrade.

In the yard, there is a cave to the top left. Enter it, clone and push the big
stone. In the chest is 50 Rupees.

Malon is now selling Lon Lon Milk in Hyrule Town. You can, but if I were you,
I wouldn't buy it yet. Let's wait until we have a 2nd bottle so we can hold
the milk and a fairy.

Now, at the very top left, like around the hill and stuff, there's a boulder
to push into a hole to open the path. And theres a hole at the top too. Charge
it and flip up. Shrink and walk the brown plank to the right. Drop down the
hole and open the chest for a R1 Kinstone.

To progress the story, head eastwards towards Lake Hylia. Here, there is
nothing but a house with Fifi, a dog whom you can fuse with as a Minish, and
a dead end. Fuse with her if you want, and head back. Go back up to the top
and charge the hole again. Flip up, go right, and jump in the whirlwind. Fly
to the ledge. Land and jump in the next whirlwind. Fly across the water and
land. Head east.

                             Lake Hylia
Go to the bottom, head west and push the boulder in to make a path. Up the
stairs, you can jump in the whirlwind, fly left to the next one, and ledge on
the ledge. Jump down and push the boulder into the hole. Here is where that
Goron digging the wall was, or is, depending on if you did the fusion with
Eenie or not. You can fuse with the Goron, either outside or in the cave, and
he wants a B2. After that, a Goron appears in Hyrule Town and sets up a
Kinstone shop on the top right rug. HELL YEAH! Now we can buy Kinstones.
Anyway, either go back to Hyrule Town and buy them if you want, or go back east
to Lake Hylia.

Back here, head south.

                             Minish Woods
Head southwest and down to the pond. To the right is a Piece of Heart <1>. Now
go up and right and go to the hut. Inside, talk to Syrup. Buy the mushroom for
60 Rupees. Now trek back to Hyrule Town.

                             Hyrule Town
First things first:

Go back to the shoemaker. Press R on him, and he'll finish the Pegasus Boots.
You can get the boots for free. Now you assign them and hold the button. You
will dash like mad. You can also hit things like glittering trees to uncover
portals or closets to open them.

Now we can do extras.

Go back to Swiftblade and talk. Follow his directions for the Dash Attack.

Go to Stockwell's shop. If you have the loot, buy the Big Bomb Bag for 600

Now go travel to places like Minish Woods (normal entrance) to get your fusion

If you have the Goron Kinstone shop, go buy some.

If you have the Goron Kinstone shop open, buy some and fuse with more people.

Go into the cafe. Push the top cabinet to the left. Shrink, climb, and go in
the tunnel. Up here are fusionable Minish folk. Go right and through the
door. Outside, walk the plank to the shop. In here, kill the enemies. Open the
chest for 10 Shells, and go in the top right door. Down here, climb and regain
size. Try to snatch the bottle, but Stockwell won't let you keep it unless you
feed his dog, Fifi. Remember her? Go do so.

Also, if you fuse with the dog here, a chest appears in a cabin in the bottom
right of Lake Hylia.

Stop by Lon Lon Ranch. Go into the yard. At the top left, dash into the tree.
Shrink, then take the mini-path on the right. At the end is the Piece of Heart

  The Golden Kinstones                                            03.08

Now head back to Castor Wilds.


                             Castor Wilds
Use the Pegasus Boots to jet across. Then, jet down and quickly move left. Head
to the northwest and go into the top cave. Go down the stairs, then down the
next ones. In here is a hidden boss.

                             SUB-BOSS: DARK NUT
Bring out your shield and sword. Defend, and after blocking each of his attacks
at you, slice him. He should go down quickly.

After his defeat, you'll get Golden Kinstone Piece #1.

Go out and climb the vine. Take the northeast bridge and climb down. Go into
the top right cave for an arrow selling Scrub. We need a bow first, so you
can fuse with him (OPTIONAL FUSION #11) or leave. Back out, head left and dash
over the mud. Don't fall in the blue mud otherwise known as water.

At the end, shrink. Enter the left area valley and get out the Gust Jar. Shoot
yourself across. Out here, fall down the hole. Kill all the Scurriers and open
the newly appeared chest. It has the Bow! Yay! Now leave and regain size. Head
back to where we were. Now, shoot the ugly statue here with the Bow.

It will awaken, so back up and take two more shots. Go right and aim at the
statue when it turns. This is tricky, shooting from the side, you must be up
a little bit so the arrow hits the eye at the angle. After the 3rd shoot, he
dies. Climb the vine he blocked.

Go left and jump in the whirlwind. Fly down left and land on the area below the
log and left of the water. Head down and slice the grass around the tombstone.
Push it up to reveal stairs. Go down them. Down here is a Piece of Heart <3>
and another sword master.

This is the ghost of Swiftblade, the First. Sadly, you need all 7 Tiger Scrolls
before you can train with him. After getting the heart, leave.

Run across the mud to the right. Heading to the bottom left reveals 3 statues
whom you can fuse with, but you need the Golden Kinstone Pieces. Let's finish
finding them, ok? Head east. Over here, push the rock up for a new path short-
cut, check the tombstone thing for another explosion, and kill the statue guy.
Climb up and head northeast.

Jump into the whirlwind and fly southwest. Slice the weeds and enter the cave.
The chest has Golden Kinstone Piece #2. Head out and push the left rock for a
new path shortcut.

Take that new upper path we just made. Go back to the cave where we had to
fight the Dark Nut. Go up the vine, then head northeast, then southeast. Climb
down and go right. Kill the statue guy. Go up and left. Push the stone down
for a shortcut, then head northwest. Enter the cave. In here is Golden Kinstone
Piece #3.

NOTE: Back at that Dark Nut cave, climb the vine again. Head southeast and then
southwest. Kill the statue and go northwest. Open the chest for a Kinstone
Piece. BEWARE, 2 Like Likes appear disguised as Rupees.

Go back to the southwest, to the three mystery statues. Fuse with all 3 of
them. After that, head to the new path they made.

  Ocarina of Wind                                                 03.09
In the new place, we are someplace related to wind, of course.

                           --Wind Ruins--
Bomb the upper right cave for a B2 Kinstone. Continue on. At the path's end,
watch out for the Armos. Walk up to it, then back away when it moves. Now kill
it. Continue the path. At the bottom, you see another one, but you have to
activate this one. Shrink and enter the hole.

Talk to the Minish and open the chest if you want. Now leave. Go to the Armos
and climb it. Inside, flip the switch. Leave and regain size. Now kill the
Armos. Go around and push the rock. Exit east. Kill the Tektites and go up.
Kill the Tektites here to open the path. Go up and then exit to the northeast.
Shrink in the portal.

Head west and use all the vines to climb down. Once you reach the three vines,
go down the 2nd one. Here is a Minish entrance. Navigate the cave for a Piece
of Heart <4>. This should be Heart #9. Booyah!

NOTE: The above Piece of Heart got forgotten in the list, so it is Piece of
      Heart #3 in Heart Upgrade F, the second set. Check section 04.13.

Now head back to the portal. Regain size, then slice all the grass and kill the
ropes. Shrink again, and go to the Armos via the now cleaned path. Turn him on
and regain size. Kill him and push the stone left. Exit to the bottom right.

Here, kill the first 3 Armos. Once you get near the 3rd one though, (3rd from
the right) the last Armos will jump up and run, then block your path. So after
taking care of the first three, the area on the right opens up. So go open the

The right contains 50 Shells and 50 Rupees. Now go shrink. Outside, the 4th
Armos is back in his place, so go shut him down. Regain size and continue.
At the bottom path, move along and kill EVERY enemy, Spiny Rock Beetles and
Ropes alike. After that's done, the path to the Fortress of Winds. What? You
thought you were finished? Heck no. Get going!

                           --Fortress of Winds--
Once you enter, there are four doors. Follow my path to make it through this
place alive.

Enter the leftmost door. Here are stairs and two skulls. Go up the stairs. Here
are Stalfos, skeletons whom either push you off or do a super-jump to BODY SLAM
you. Kill them and the Keese, then head up. In the next room is an eye and a
set of 6 skulls. Watch the middle two, they fly at you. Shoot the eye with an
arrow and move on.

In the next room, there's a four Stalfos ambush. A funny thing to do to these
guys is to shoot them with the Cane of Pacci, or use the Gust Jar.
I'll leave you to find out what happens. Head down. In this room, there's
two Like Likes, one as a green Rupee on the left, one as a red Rupee on the
right. The Spark here can be dispatched with the Boomerang.

Head up the ladder. Go to the northwest room. On the platforms, shoot the four
eyes in the room. Now head up. Take out the Bow, then clone yourself on the
tiles aligned with the buttons. Step on them. Cancel the clone then kill the
statues, which are called Eyegores. The big chest contains the Compass. Double
back and take the right door.

Kill the Ropes and clear the covered tiles. First, clone yourself vertically
and push the right stone all the way, then push the bottom one to the left.
Go back and clone yourself horizontally and push the first stone all the way
up. Pull the lever. A key falls down the hole to the bottom. Drop down the hole
as you take no damage, and knab the key [1].

Go back to the room and choose the next door.

This is the third room from the left. Go up the stairs here, then kill the
Spark with the Boomerang. Slash the skulls and kill the Stalfos. Also, if
you use the Cane of Pacci on them after clearing the skulls, they might just
walk off into the hole.

Now, the left chest has a Kinstone Piece. The left lever opens the door. The
right lever reveals a right chest with another Kinstone Piece. Leave to the
bottom. In here, take the ladder. Exit up and head left. Take out the active
Armos, and clear the skulls. Clone with the two end tiles and go out to the
right. Step on the switches and go through the door.

Here, enter the portal and head back to that room. Activate the Armos, then
go through the crack. Regain size and push the stone. Now kill the Armos and
pull the lever. A key falls down. Don't follow it yet, go back and shrink. Then
drop down.

Down at the bottom, enter the tunnel. Grow and grab the Piece of Heart <1>.
Push one of the lower left blocks to move out. Once out, go back to Room #3
for the small key [2].

Head for the 2nd room.

Go up the stairs, and kill the Stalfos. Go up and kill both Eyegores. Now climb
the stairs and open the chest for the Dungeon Map. Now head up. There are two
paths. You MUST take the left path first, so open the door [1].

Get on the moving platform and evade the stones. Go to the left room. In here,
is a Wall Master. They are big black or blue hands that come down and snatch
you. If you are caught, you're sent back to the dungeon beginning. We DON'T
want that, do we? Watch for its shadow, and when it comes down, WAIL ON IT.

Shoot the two eyes and cross into the next room. In here, try to exit to the
bottom door.

                             SUB-BOSS: DARK NUT ELITE
This is an upgraded Dark Nut. Follow the same strategy though. Planting bombs
for a trap or doing a Dash Attack in his back works too. About four times
should do it. A blue portal appears.

Exit south. In here, beware of the traps. Roll counter clockwise around the
room twice. First time, hit the switch. Second, exit south. In here, head
east. Bomb in between the skulls. Go in and open the chest for a new utility,
the Mole Mitts! Assign them and dig the sand to the right. Open the chest for
100 Rupees. Go back out, then to the right. Jump down. Head all the way south
and through the door at the bottom.

Dig out the pillar and push it to the button. Open the chest for a Kinstone
Piece. Go up the ladder. Up here, push the top right stone. The red portal
appears. Step into it.

Head down. Dig to the left and all the way to the hidden door. Enter
it. In here, you fight two Wizzrobes. When they appear, just slash. Your
reward is a 80 Shells. Exit and dig left to uncover another piece in the
chest. Now dig all the way east. There is a big Rupee, equal to 50. Now go
back to Door #1. Climb up two floors. Dig to the top right and gain the
Kinstone Piece from the chest. Climb that next ladder and dig to the switch.
Hit it and open the new chest for another Kinstone Piece.

Also, on the third floor of Door #3, there is another Kinstone Piece in a
chest. Climb the ladder and up here is the final chest with a Kinstone Piece.

Go back to Door #2 and take the right path [0].

Equip your Pegasus Boots. Pull the lever, then IMMEDIATELY after you here the
bleeping, go left a tiny bit, turn up, and start to dash. No matter if the
bridge is there or not, once you start dashing, it'll appear. The reason you
dash is because after completing itself, the bridge goes back.

Go up and right. In here are 3 Floor Masters, like Wall Masters, but more
annoying and less sneaky. Wall Masters surprise you, but Floor Masters just
move around and attempt to grab you. Floor Masters are also more annoying and
hard to stop, because of their speed. Take them all out the best you can.

The reward is a portal. Don't use it, head right. In here, go to the bottom.
Hop in a hole and wait for the spike logs to pass over. Jump out and go right
and up. Here, push the left statue to the upper left switch, and the right to
the lower right switch. Go up and kill the Ropes. Clone on the lower left and
upper right tiles. Now walk down in a way as to not let the clone touch the
stones or statue. Postion yourself on the remaining switches. Grab the small
key that falls [1]. Use it on the bottom left door [0].

Go back to the portal and shrink. Run through the room we just got the key
from and go left. Go into the Minish hole and grow. Hit the switch. The key
will drop into the hole next to the top right one. Dig a backwards L shape via
the bottom and right sides to avoid any Sparks, then get the key [1]. Shrink
again and exit. Hop off the little ledge and grow.

Head right, down, and through the door. In here, dig into each Moldorm part
and kill them, then take any goodies from the pots. The right one holds a big
Rupee, which is 100. The bottom left holds Shells. Now climb the ladder.

Go up. Kill the Stalfos and flying skulls. Open the door [0] and go through.
Drop down the right hole. Open the chest for the Big Key. Push the stone and
jump off. Go back to the room where you could choose the left and right paths.
Exit via the south door. Climb the ladder, save, and open the big door.

Kill the Sparks with the Boomerang and refill with the skulls. Go up.

                             BOSS: MAZAAL
This is a big machine created by the Wind Tribe of Minish people. First thing
to do is to avoid his slamming hands. To harm him, shoot the eye in one of his
hands, and it will fall. Slash the eye until the hand shorts out. Do the same
to the other hand and the head will fall too. Shrink with either portal, then
enter the mouth of the head.

Inside, run up and hack the glowing pillar until it explodes. A crane thing
comes and carries you out. Grow back and repeat the process. Also, watch for
the hands when they try to grab you, or when he rarely shoots a laser at you.
That laser makes you Minish. Finally, a hand will smash and create mini-spiders
to fall down. Just slash them into tiny million pieces, WHHEEEEEHEEEHHHEEEE!
The 2nd time inside, you must dig to reach the pillar, and be carried out again
by the flying thing. After the 3rd pillar is destroyed, Mazaal falls.

After the destruction of this thing, you get a reward...erm, a Heart Container?
NO WIND ELEMENT! Killing that bastard was for nothing? Nope, go up into the
next room. Go up to the tablet and read it. A bird drops an ocarina on the
ground. Pick it up to get the Ocarina of Wind. We learn that the Tribe of Wind
once lived here, and once they went to Heaven, they took the Wind Element. At
least it's safe...or is it?


Outside, pull out the Ocarina of Wind. THIS is what the exploding tombstones
were for. They were Wind Crests. Play the Ocarina, and a bird flies and carries
you off. You can now choose from the places you found a Wind Crest at.

  Learn to Swim                                                   03.10
Now when the screen appears, fly to Lake Hylia.

                             Lake Hylia
This is the eastern place on the screen. Once here, shrink. Go inside the
mushroom house. Fuse with the Forest Minish to make something happen in Western
Wood. Fly to Western Wood and enter the tree that just got opened. In here
is a Piece of Heart <1>. Go back to Lake Hylia. Go back in and talk to the
Minish twice. Leave outside and jump off to the left.

Man, we're so close but yet so far. Looking on the map reveals the Water
Element is here at Lake Hylia, but we can't get it yet. Bring out the Ocarina
and fly back to Hyrule Town.

                             Hyrule Town
Here are two extra you should do first.

Go inside the shop with a purple ghost. Talk to Simon and pay 10 Rupees to play
the game. Kill all the monsters for a Piece of Heart <2>. You should also fuse
with Zill (the kid) outside. He can fuse thrice with you.

Search around Hyrule Town for fusers. You may soon or have already found a
fuser who makes a fusion where the northeastern fountain in the Hyrule Castle
Garden will reveal stairs. Go there now and inside is a Piece of Heart <3>,
which is also a RANDOM FINDING.

Now we must continue on with the game for now. Make sure you talked with that
Minish at Lake Hylia. Go to the northwestern area to the library.

                             Hyrule Library
Talk to the women at the counter. Go upstairs and talk to the old guy. Go out
the bottom door. Flip the pot and shrink. Go back inside. Go towards the Minish
trail. Talk to the Minish to learn they can't get to the Elder, Librari,
because humans misplace the books. Librari is also the one who knows the
whereabouts of the Temple of Droplets, in Lake Hylia. We need to find him.

Grow back and go downstairs. Talk to the left girl. Now we need to find a
Hyrulean Bestiary.

Go to the bottom right house, near the Cucco Lady's. A note says the woman is
next door. Go there and talk, now go inside the right house. You can't get to
the book, and need to be Minish. Empty a bottle and fill it with water (north-
west area) and bring it to the left house down there. Extinguish the fire, then
shrink and go in there. Up on the roof, cross over the to the chimney and go in

The cat here can fuse with you, yet tries to smack you when you get close. I'd
advise to forget it. Make it to the ladder and push the book off. Go back and
grow big. Return the book for info on the next one.

Now we're after a Legend of the Picori book. Go to the southwest and enter the
normal house. Talk to Dr. Left. Leave and enter the water windmill place.
Shrink and go enter Dr. Left's via the Minish hole. Enter the Minish home in
here. Talk to him for a clue.

1. Cross the bridge that spans the rapid flow...
Grow as big Link. Get a water bottle and pour it on Dr. Left's chimney fire.
Shrink and go in it. Pay a visit to the Minish in the mushroom if you want.
Go to the hole in the upper right house. Talk to the Minish and exit through
there. Cross the right bridge. Part 1, check!

2. Through the land of the fearsome beast...
Oh no, not CATS! Go around the way and enter the crack. Avoid the cats, and go
through the bottom. Enter the fountain hole.

3. Until you reach the misty falls...
Kill the Sluggulas. Exit right. Kill the Scurriers and energize the hole. Flip
up. In here, kill the blue Scurriers. Open the chest for the Power Bracelets.
Now head all the way back to Dr. Left's.

Push the left cabinet, then the right one. Climb up and enter the hole. Go to
the bottom left. Use the Gust Jar to clear the dust. Clone yourself vertically
and run to the top right. Jump on the book with the guy for it to drop. Grow,
return it.

Finally, the last one, A History of Masks. Hagen has it, so go to him. Equip
the Pegasus Boots and ram the wall by the masks. Flip the pot, shrink, and talk
with the Minish. Hagen left the stupid book at his cabin. They mark it. Fly to
Lake Hylia, then head south into the Minish Woods. Go to where Syrup the witch
was. There is a sand entrance near there, it is a circle in the wall, colored
red. Enter it with the Mole Mitts.

Dig up and take the right path. Kill the Like Like and clear the dirt. You can
fuse with the symbol here to help with the Gorons on Lon Lon Ranch (Sidequest,
"The Last Bottle") and head back. Go north and take the ladder. Out here, head
east, then down, then right into Hagen's Cabin. Despite the note, from Hagen
expressing his words of wisdom, says to ram into the problem headlong, it does
not work here.

Well, sort of. Go outside then north. Ram the glittering tree and discover a
portal. Shrink then enter the water valley. Make it across with the Gust Jar
and enter the home. (If you fused with Fifi, Stockwell's dog, there'll be a
chest in the water valley.)

Inside, use the lily to cross, then go over to the cabinets. Use your uber-mini
strength to push the right cabinet. Climb up and push the book down. Regain
size and return the book. Back there, Sturgeon (old man upstairs) returns the

Go upstairs, shrink, and back to the bookshelf. Talk to the first Minish for
50 Rupees. Climb the blue book binding then make your way up and round to the
middle right section. Enter the green clover book. You can do OPTIONAL FUSION
#17 with Librari now. Now talk to Librari. He'll drop you into a cave and make
you do a trial to get an item.

Push the stone above the bottom left one, then push that one. Head south. Kill
the Sluggulas then use the Gust Jar to cross. Kill the Sluggulas here and bash
the pots for a refill. Head up.

                             SUB-BOSS: 2 SCISSOR BEETLES
This is an easy battle. Just attack them from the back or sides. For a quick
kill, stun them with the Boomerang and let loose some combos. You can take them
down within about 10 hits.

Your reward is a new item, the Flippers. This allows you to swim! Hoorah!
Even as a Minish! Press A to swim faster, and B to dive underwater.


Now swim left and down. At the four-way split, head left to find a chest. But
it's frozen and unreachable for now. Go back and head down. Exit to the south.

  Interlude #3                                                    03.11
Now we're back in Hyrule Town.

                             Hyrule Town
Climb up the Library and regain size so we can continue. Now for some good ol'
useful extras!

With you Flippers, you can finish this. Check out the Sidequests section on
this. For finishing the last run, you'll get a Piece of Heart <4>. This makes
Heart #11.

Head to your house. Go to the right of it and charge the hole. Flip up and talk
to the freak who thinks you're a fairy. Fuse with him and he'll tell all his
brothers about you. Now you can go find and fuse with them too. After you're
done with all of them, you get the Magical Boomerang.

NOTE: If you talk to any of the Tingle Brothers twice, they'll tell you how
      many Kinstone Fusions are remaining, anytime you do it twice.

Here is all the siblings and their locations:

   * Tingle - South Hyrule Field
     Go to the east area and use the hole and Cane of Pacci to flip up. Fuse
     a G3 with him. Press Ctrl + F and search TINGLE FUSION and find the fusion
     with him for more info.

   * Ankle - Lon Lon Ranch
     Go to the yard and enter the cave. Clone and push the block. Go up and
     fuse a G1 with Ankle. Press Ctrl + F and search TINGLE FUSION and find the
     fusion with him for more info.

   * Knuckle - Trilby Highlands
     Go to the northwest. Swim to the left red sand wall and dig it. Inside, go
     to the ladder and climb. Fuse a G2 with him. Press Ctrl + F and search
     TINGLE FUSION and find the fusion with him for more info.

   * David Jr. - Lake Hylia
     Fly to Lake Hylia. Go around to the top, and go down the stairs on the
     right. He is on the stump. Fuse a G3 with him. Press Ctrl + F and search
     TINGLE FUSION and find the fusion with him for more info.

Once all of them are done, head to North Hyrule Field.

                             North Hyrule Field
Here, enter each tree and press the buttons, grabbing the chest goodies along
the way. Once all are down, head outside and a ladder is in the middle of all
the trees. Go down it and open the big chest for the Magical Boomerang. This
is an upgrade of the Boomerang. It's not that big a change, but it IS more
useful. Press a direction before throwing it for it to fly that way. As in,
you can throw diagonal now, and so forth.

Go to North Hyrule Field. Go to the northwest and swim up. There are a bunch
of rocks and two openings in them. Swim into each one to find chests. One has
100 Shells, the other has 200 Rupees.

Remember when we fused with the farmer earlier in this same Sidequest? Or if
you didn't, I'll explain. Anyway, this is the quest for the last bottle in the
game. You see that Goron digging at the southwest of Lon Lon Ranch? In that
cave is the last bottle. What you need to do is a series of Kinfusions to help
them bust through to the end. Here is what we need to do:

   1. If you already fused with Eenie the farmer, forget this. Anyway, go to
      the Eastern Hills. At the top left is a farm with two farmers digging up
      crops. Fuse with the top one, Meenie. He wants a B1 piece. After that,
      the Goron busts down the first wall.

   2. Go to the Minish Woods, via the south exit from Lake Hylia. Go down and
      right then dig the red sand entrance. Go up and right, then take the
      right path. At the end, dig against the wall to find a symbol. Fuse a B2
      with it. This makes a 2nd Goron appear and bust the 2nd wall.

   3. Go to Trilby Highlands. Head to the northwest and dig the left red sand
      wall. Inside, at the top right is another hidden symbol. Fuse a B1 with
      it. This makes a 3rd Goron appear.

   4. Go back to the Eastern Hills. In the farmland with the farmers is a red
      sand wall. Dig it, then dig to the top right of the cave. Fuse a B2 with
      the symbol. This makes a 4th one appear and break the 3rd wall.

   NOTE: You can go to the cave now and open a chest with 200 Rupees.

   5. Go to Mt. Crenel. Climb the Crenel Wall to where the Crenel Hermit is.
      There is a red sand wall there. Dig it. Inside, there is the Mysterious
      Wall at the top right, and a Piece of Heart <1> on the west side.
      The 5th will arrive.

   6. You have to jump to get here, which requires the Roc's Cape. We need to
      come back later.

Go to the Inn. Go upstairs and to the left room. Here are 2 beautiful ladies,
and 1 ugly one. Fuse an R3 with the green one, Farore (she's the ugly one).
Gorman appears in town. Go speak with him to learn he needs a girl to live
in the house he made.

Go back to the Inn. Talk to the girl you want to give a house to. You can only
give a house to two of them, so I'd pick Farore (left) and Nayru (middle) for
their charms (you'll see later). I would have liked to picked Din because
she is "hotter" than Farore, but ah well. Hell, I'm joking, but Farore is drawn
ugly, seriously. Anyway, so talk to Nayru first, I'd recommend.

Now go to the house where Gorman was again. Inside, talk with the girl you
chose. Talk to her again, and you can get a charm in one of your empty bottles.
Once you have a charm, you drink it to gain a boost. The charms are as follows:

    Farore = Attack and Defense
    Din = Attack
    Nayru = Defense

Now, go to the northwest area of town. Talk to the carpentor, Bremor. Fuse a
R1 with him. Then, leave and re-enter Hyrule Town twice. A new house is born
underneath the Post Office. Talk to Gorman. Now go get another girl to rent it.
Voila; the second charm! The Town Minish that used to live in the mushroom
there is now inside the home. Enter as a Minish and push the cabinets. Anyway,
this house I recommend for Farore.

Go to the carpenter house. Shrink and exit to the top. Head through Dr. Left's
via the chimney, head northeast and into the house, out the other end, and
through the little yard with the cats. Climb down the vine and enter the
fountain hole again. In here, swim left and break the pots. Grab the Piece of
Heart <2>.

Next, swim up, then left. Enter the room and open the chest for 100 Rupees.

Buy some Lon Lon Milk from Malon. Head back to the Minish Woods and enter the
Minish village. Enter the place you got the Jabber Nut (east barrel house)
and go down. Talk to the guy twice at the top right. Talk again and give him
the Lon Lon Milk. Fuse with him if you want, then leave. A while later, his
Pico Bloom will blossom, and Beedle will start to sell Yellow Picolyte which
help find Rupees easier.

1. In Minish Woods, go to the bridge before the top-down split. Dig the red
sand cave there. Dig your way through and beware the three Like Likes lying in
ambush. Open the chests for 50 Rupees and a Kinstone Piece.

2. Go to the Minish village and exit west. Go up, left, then up and look for
the three Minish holes. Enter the left one for a Piece of Heart <3> and a
Kinstone Piece. The middle and right ones have Kinstone Pieces.

Go to South Hyrule Field. Enter your home. You can fuse with Smith (OPTIONAL
FUSIONS #31 and #32). #31 will merit in a chest in Eastern Hills. Go there
and open it for the 3rd Empty Bottle.

                             Eastern Hills
1. In the lower left corner, enter the mushroom home. Fuse a B2 with the Minish
   and go to the bean that sprouts. Climb it for 200 Shells, 200 Rupees, and
   a Piece of Heart <4>. That gives us Heart #12! Now we're rolling.

                             Castor Wilds
1. Fly there. Look for a sand cave in the east. Enter it for 50 Shells and a
   Kinstone Piece. You must dig the chests out.

2. Go to the upper right area of the swamp. Swim through the water. On the
   other side is a Piece of Heart <1>. You must push away the blocks.

                             South Hyrule Field
1. Go to the lower left area. Ram the glittering tree to find a portal. Shrink
   and go inside the Minish house. Fuse a R2 with the Minish. Now Syrup the
   witch will make Red Potions, upgrades of Blue.

2. While still small, swim all the way up from where you just were, to find
   an entrance in the water. Here is a Piece of Heart <2>.

                             Trilby Highlands
1. If you fused with Candy (little girl at the Inn) then you can access the
   red sand cave here. Go to the west and swim to the platform that the fusion
   made. Dig it. Open the chest, then dig deeper in the cave. Climb the ladder
   for a Fairy Grotto.

                             Hyrule Castle Garden
1. Go to the bottom right. Cut all the grass and climb down the ladder. Head
   one room up to see another Sword Master, but we can't train now. Grab the
   Piece of Heart <3> and go.

2. Ram the glittering tree in the southeast. Shrink and head to the northeast
   through the hedge and down the hole. Fuse a G2 with the Minish to raise a
   tree in the east part of Western Wood. Go there and dig for 2 Giant Red

                             Mt. Crenel
1. Go to Melari's Mines. You can fuse with some of his workers for random
   effects. Fuse a R2 with him to make a beanstalk appear on Mt. Crenel. Climb
   it for a group of 160 Rupees and a Piece of Heart <4>. Geez, Heart #13

2. Also in Melari's, do OPTIONAL FUSIONS #37-40.

   so, scroll up to QUEST FOR THE MAGICAL BOOMERANG and do it. Now, fly to
   Lake Hylia and go back up to David Jr. Fuse a G2 with him. This makes a
   chest appear on the Minish path to Melari's Mines. Go there and open it for
   200 Shells.

4. If you did the LON LON MILK? part apart, then go to the hot spring and get
   the mineral water in an empty bottle.

                             Veil Falls
1. Come here via the Lon Lon Ranch north exit. Swim to the far end. The first
   Rupee is fake, and so is one in the set of four. Dig into the cave for 50
   Shells and 50 Rupees.

2. Go to North Hyrule Field and enter here via the northeast corner. Jump in
   the water. Right near you should be a Piece of Heart <1>.

                             Mt. Crenel (again)
1. Go to South Hyrule Field. If you haven't done the Magical Boomerang quest,
   then do so. Now go fuse with Tingle again. He wants a R2 piece to make a
   Gold Tektite appear in the middle of Mt. Crenel. Its defeat wins 100 Rupees.

                             Minish Woods (again)
1. Go back to the researcher, if you did the LON LON MILK? part above. Talk to
   him. He needs the Mineral Water so give it to him. Now we wait again. You
   can also fuse with him for random effects. Now Beedle will be selling
   Yellow Picolyte.
Now, there's more goodies back in Hyrule Town. Head there.

                             Hyrule Town

Go to Stockwell's shop. He is selling a bigger quiver for 600 Rupees. It allows
the carrying of 50 Arrows.

Yeah, if you helped out the researcher the first time and saw the Yellow Pico
Blooms blossom and talked with him, Beedle will now sell Yellow Picolyte. It
helps find Rupees easier.

Go to the Wind Ruins. So it's not Hyrule Town, so what. Go to the south and
shrink. There should be a Minish hole here. Enter it and fuse a R3 with the
Minish. Now a beanstalk appears at the midnorthwest. Climb it for the

Go to the shop with a box and balloons on top. Inside, talk to Mr. Fat Pig.
You can play the game for 10 Rupees. After paying, head back. You must choose
from 2 chests. One has Rupees, one is losing. Also, if you get the winning one,
your earnings are doubled. If you keep playing the game, its like gambling. If
you get it right 7 times in one game, you'll get 999 Rupees! Awesome! But the
game is tough, so don't really expect it. Quit when you feel you might lose it.

The following two things listed are needed for later:

Head sort of northeast from the shops to see a yellow sand cave. Dig in it.
Inside, dig through the cave. Before you go down the ladder, you should have
found four chests with Kinstone Pieces in them. Down here, open the chest for
100 Rupees.

Then... YOU MUST DO THIS TO CONTINUE HERE LATER: Push the rock to the right
into the hole.

Go to the lower right of town. Jump down the well. Go right and swim up. Open
the chest for 100 Rupees.

Then... YOU MUST DO THIS TO CONTINUE HERE LATER: Head up and push the rock
into the hole.

Back in town, there are two final things to take care of:

This is a missable Sidequest and upgrade. Go to section 05.14.

Go to the cafe. Fuse with the blonde woman, Mama, whom wants a G1 stone. A
platform appears in Lake Hylia to reach a sand cave. Go there and dig it.
Inside is 50 Rupees.

  Water Element: Prelude                                          03.12
Now head back to Lake Hylia.

                             Lake Hylia
There's some goodies to do before the dungeon.


Left across the water from Hagen's cabin is another part of land. By the way,
when swimming to it, look below you for a Piece of Heart <2>. Anyway, on that
land, enter the tree hut. Down below is another Piece of Heart <3>. See how
many pieces we get with the Flippers now!?

Anyway, talk to the swordsman. Follow his directions. Your hearts will become
a quarter of one to do the move, but will refill after you're done. You will
get the Peril Beam. Also, outside, push the rock to the northwest up, to create
a path.

JESUS CHRIST! Look at this, its one after another. Since I divided the Heart
Upgrade section by each Heart Container from a boss, Heart Upgrade D has
a ton of hearts in it. Anyway, fly to Lake Hylia. Head north and drop into the
water left of Stockwell's home. Press B to dive and get the Piece of Heart <4>.
This is Heart #14. Only 6 more to go! And we get 2 or 3 or more within the next
half hour or so!

1. Go to Hagen's cabin. Shrink and swim to the lower left. Here, enter the
   hole. You'll be in Minish Woods. Swim around to the top right and enter
   the hole. At the end of the path is a Kinstone Piece.

2. Now back at Hagen's cabin, stay shrunken. Swim ALL THE WAY to the northeast.
   Enter the hole in the water. Go all the way around the path for a Kinstone

3. Head south some from that hole just mentioned and climb the vine. Enter the
   Minish hole. Fuse with this guy a B1 to make a beanstalk grow all the way
   north in Lake Hylia. You can't get there yet.

That's all for now!

  Water Element                                                   03.13
Now it's time for another dungeon. (BOOOO!) Head into the open waters and
to the Water Element symbol on the map. Shrink on top of the ice thing.

                           --Temple of Droplets--
Wow, down below is the boss door. That means the dungeon must be huge if they
put the boss door in the beginning room. It's a classic Zelda thing. Also, the
floor is ice, and we can fall off to our doom. Hoorah! Anyhow, let's make the
best of it. Another thing, the ice cubes here are like stones you push in
normal dungeons, except they slide all the way when you push them. Make your
way north and exit. In here, IMMEDIATELY HEAD RIGHT.

In here, kill the Scurriers and head downstairs. Push the lever left. Sunlight
comes through, so that must mean...head upstairs. Drop down. Push the frozen
key down, then right. Pick it up [1]. Go back upstairs, then left, then open
the left door [0].

Fall down here. Now here's a puzzle, and a solution:

1) Push the upper two blocks (empty and Big Key) left. Push the bottom one left
   and down, then left again.

2) Push the Big Key block up, then left, then down, then left, then up, and
   finally right.

You'll get the Big Key, yet the dungeon still has WAY MORE to go. Push the
lever then go back up and right. Backtrack and open the boss door. Inside, go
down to find the Water Element...frozen. Head down below to see a HUGE Octorok
guarding it...frozen. Ha. Exit to the left. Here, head down. Through the
tunnel are Rupees, and at the bottom is the Dungeon Map. Look at it to discover
this place has around 37 ROOMS! Oh my Lord, this'll be long.

Head back up and into the water. Dive when the spike log comes back over you.
Go left. Swim next to the waterfall and dive. Move left and right while diving
to find 3 blue Rupees. Kill the Sluggula and go down. Here, swim to the right
then all the way down. Use the Gust Jar and mushroom to fling. Press the

Fall down the waterfall. Here, dive under the log and go down. Press the switch
and read the tombstone. Swim east, and when you see the stone formation like
a pot, go inside it and dive around to find a key [1]. Go back to the waterfall
and climb the wall beside it. At the top, go up and use the key on the door to
move on [0]. On the other side, go down and press the switch. Get on the lily
and use the Gust Jar to boost around the way. Go down the waterfall.

Shoot the Gust Jar a couple times to boost the lily down past the log. When
it comes rolling up, jump in the water and dive under it. Get back on the lily
and head right. Shoot around the stones and go to the platform. Press the
switch. Get back on and shoot your way right. Here you must fight the first
Mini-Boss again, the Madderpillar. After he's dead, head up for the Compass.

Now go back and head up. Go to the switch and hit it. Go over to the left
ice platform. At the top is a chest of 50 Rupees. Now head down to the blocks.
Move the top block: down, right, down, left, and up. Make sure you killed the
enemies before that, and didn't move ANY blocks.

Now get back on the lily. Take the new path all the way to the top right. Get
off and enter the room. Exit via the top, and don't fall off in the darkness.
Go up, kill the Sluggulas, and go upstairs. Here, you are ambushed by three
Scissor Beetles. The Magical Boomerang works wonders. Use the same strategy
as previous. A blue portal appears. Now exit south.

Head left and go down. Clone yourself and push the big lever left. Half the
middle of the room is engulfed in sunlight and a big ice clump melts. Now jump
off. Take the path behind the melted clump. Go up then right. Pick up the
Kinstone Piece along the way. In here, navigate the ice path. Taking the first
left side will get you a Kinstone Piece. When you reach the traps, wait for the
opening. Then go in the middle. When the left side is open, go there and finish
the path. Exit left.

Go up then down the stairs. Drop down the hole, push the lever. Go upstairs and
cross the thing. Push this lever then go back downstairs and push the lever
again. Open the chest for a small key [1]. Push the lever again and go upstairs
to continue. Push the other lever again then go upstairs once more. Head down
then open the bottom door [0]. In here, push the bottom lever. Oh God, goo
drops down. Its another Big ChuChu and its blue and electrified this time.

                             MINI-BOSS: BIG BLUE CHUCHU
This is basically the same as the original fight, but electrifying. Wait until
his energy goes away before sucking up the goo. It'll come back on and off
every so often. When its on, you can't use the Gust Jar. About 3-5 complete
processes kills him.

Your reward is another new utility, the Flame Lantern. This essentially melts
ice, so what better place? This also lights dark rooms a little and puts fire
in torchs.


Go up and melt the ice. Go downstairs. Melt the chest and open it for 100
Rupees. Go right. You'll be in a dark room. Before going right, like the
lantern. Move right to be ambushed by more Scissor Beetles. You must have the
lantern lit to see them clear enough, so that means no Boomerang and stuff,
unless you feel like continously swapping the sword and Boomerang every time
you do something. You can light the torchs but they go out after a couple of
seconds. After you win, exit right.

Here, keep it lit. Go to the bottom right and light the torch to continue. The
chest here has a Kinstone Piece. Keep continuing and light the second torch.
Over in the west side of the room is a bombable wall. Do it. Inside, kill all
the Scurriers for a key [1]. Go back out and finish off the maze. Exit at the
top left by unlocking the door [0].

In here, kill the Scurriers. Exit on the left side. Go up to exit here. Finally
the room will be light again. Go up, then left and exit. Here, clone and push
the top one left twice. Clone again and push the one above you down twice.
Clone again and push the third one down once. Clone once more and push the
first one right again. Exit up.

In here, do the following:

1) Melt the block on the left.
2) Go to the left side of the room. Push this one down and left.
3) Go to the cloning tiles. Clone on the bottom one of the top set, then the
   top one on the bottom set.
4) Go down, then left until you get to the space before the rock thing blocks
   your way. Go up, then go all the way left and hit the switches.

Exit down. In here, evade the fire things because if you're hit here, you run
like crazy. Push the top right block up. Exit left. Melt the ice and clone,
then push the block below right. Exit via the ladder. In here, you need to
light all the torchs, which WILL blow out. If you're clumsy on the ice, light
it in an S form. If you're good on the ice, you can light them any way. Exit

In here, dive under the first two logs, run past the third, and dive under the
fourth. At the end are some Scissor Beetles. Kill them. Exit bottom right. Hit
the bottom right switch to make a red portal. Bust all the pots to see an
arrow pointing to say a bombable entrance. Well, obviously. Bomb it and go in.
Here, bring out the lantern and burn the web in front of you. Now you must
fight TWO Madderpillars. Shouldn't be too hard.

After the win, exit right. Now go up, then follow the icy path and up the
stairs. Bravo, this is the last room except fighting the boss, woohah! Go right
and clone then push the big lever. The rest of the middle lights up. The Water
Element thaws. You can get it now...or not. Ezlo says something isn't right.
The big Octorok thaws and sucks it up. Now follow it, or go back to get some

Go back to the lily pad (left exit from Octorok area) and take it down the
waterfall. Go back to the three-way split: left, right, up. Take the up,
and keep going up. Land on the ice and melt the chest. You'll get 100 Shells.
Now go over to the left side where the pillars were cleared. Take the left
area entrance. Thaw this one for a Kinstone Piece. Manually swim back to the
waterfall, climb, and go back to the Octorok room. Follow where the Octorok

Follow where the big Octorok went into.

                             BOSS: (HUGE) OCTOROK
It will spit rocks at you to begin with. Hit them back with your sword. After
3 hits, it switches to frozen form. The room freezes, so does the Octorok
(almost completely) and it turns purple. Now it keeps alternating between
trying to suck you up and spit you out, and freezing you. Now, keep running
around and if you get behind it, set its tail to flames with the Flame Lantern.

This causes it to run wild and rocks drop. Now it switches back to rock
spitting, so repeat that. Then set him on fire again, and knock back more
rocks.  He will be more "attackive" (aggressive) and walk around. Also, keep
the Flame Lantern on, as he'll darken the whole room and try to ram you.
Finally, this guy should go down.

Your reward will be the Water Element and a Heart Container. Woohoo! Go on with
your bad self. All the elements are done, right? What...what? The Wind Element
is still there? WHAT!? Oh no...


Step on the portal. Back at the entrance, step into the circle. You'll be
outside. Here, the spirit of the first king of Hyrule appears. His name is
Gustaf. After he disappears, there is a mark in the only blank space left on
the map. Now off to the Elemental Sanctuary.

  Interlude #4                                                    03.14
Go to Hyrule Castle Garden.

                             Hyrule Castle Garden
Vaati, possessing the king, has ordered every guard not to let anyone in. Ah
well. Go to the bottom left and enter the opening. Make it to the end without
being spotted. At the top, to the right are stairs to a Fairy Grotto, if you
did SHARED FUSION #2. The group of bushes can be chopped to reveal a ladder.
Climb down. Here, go to the end and press the button. Exit right.

                             Hyrule Castle
Go up and into the garden, then the Elemental Sanctuary.

                             Elemental Sanctuary
Place the sword into the alter. Now it turns blue. You can now make three
copies of yourself. There's something to do in Hyrule Castle Garden before
you leave.

                             Hyrule Castle Garden
Go to the bottom right and slice the bushes if they are still there, then
climb the ladder. Go up and light the torchs. Talk to and follow Grimblade's
instructions. You learn Sword Beam, the opposite of Peril Beam. This allows
you to shoot beams if your hearts are full. Now head back to Hyrule Town.

                             Hyrule Town
Oh man, so much to do.

Go to mayor Hagen's home (not cabin) and go down the ladder in his yard. Clone
yourself three times and push the stone up. Go left and push the rock into the
hole. Pull the statue out from the passage. Go up and pull the pillar with the
chest all the way down to the empty hole at the bottom. Open it for 200 Rupees.

Go back up, and bomb the stones. Bomb either the left or right stones and open
the other chest for 100 Rupees.

Go from where you are above and bomb through either side of all the stones.
At the top, you'll come out in the school. Now it can be normally accessed.
Go right and you can do a shared fusion with the teacher, whom appears to be
the only one who does OPTIONAL FUSION #62. That means you can finish all the
fusions for an award without this.

Now, you can flip the pot and shrink then go into the yard. There's a Minish
valley at the top right. After doing one fusion, I forgot which, a chest will
appear there. Anyway, also, exit via the bottom left hole in the room and climb
the roof. Regain size and open the chest for a Kinstone Piece.

Also, in that Minish valley, a stone at the end blocks a Piece of Heart. We
have to come back when we can have four Links, three of which are clones, and
push it away.

Go to the Minish village in the Minish Woods. Fuse a R3 with the Elder. Exit
town to the left and enter the house. Now you can talk to Belari to be able to
get Remote Bombs. These go off whenever you detonate them. You can only set one
at a time though. Talk to Belari again whenever to switch back to normal.

Also, you can fuse a R1 with Belari for a Bomb Bag Upgrade to appear at the
Wind Ruins in the northeast corner.

Now that you have the Flame Lantern, you can finish this. You'll get 50 Rupees
and 100 Shells. Also, if you didn't do a shared fusion with him yet, you

If you have been doing this (previous called LON LON MILK? and PICOLYTE) then
go see the researcher again. Now his Blue Pico Bloom has blossomed. Talk with
him and go to Hyrule Town. Beedle will now sell Blue Picolyte which helps you
find Bombs and Arrows and that sort of stuff.

Now the researcher needs one final thing, Red Potion. Do OPTIONAL FUSION #34
to get Red Potion. You must buy it from Syrup the witch for 150 Rupees. Go back
to the researcher and give it to him. We'll come back later.

1. Go to the Happy Hearth Inn. Go upstairs, light the torchs, and go outside.
   Open the chest for a Kinstone Piece.

2. REMEMBER, do the Gregal and the Ghost Sidequest NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW if you
   have not done so already.

Now go to North Hyrule Field.

                             North Hyrule Field
Go to the top left and down the ladder. Clone yourself and push the big stone.
Climb the ladder. Up the stairs will be a chest of 200 Shells if you did
SHARED FUSION #15. Now, exit at the top left.

                             Royal Valley
Ezlo is scared of this place. You're not...right? Equip the Flame Lantern and
go through the path. Ghinis (ghosts) will attack (lick) you, so watch out. Down
the stairs are some fence pieces. Bomb between them for a cave. Inside, talk
with the Great Dragonfly Fairy. Answer no/no/yes/no/no for the next quiver
upgrade, which should be the last. Go back outside and trail the path.

At the path end, it looks dead (no pun intended) but if you step on the brown
dirt to the north, you continue. Here, you need to find signs telling you the
way to go. If you don't want to waste time finding them, then go:

Up, left, left, up, right, and up.

Here, go around the gates to the top right. Enter the home. Dampe, the grave
digger lives here. Talk with him and he'll believe you on the ghost king
story. You'll get the graveyard key. Outside, two red crows will swoop down
and steal the key. Equip the Flame Lantern and Pegasus Boots. Look around and
find the tree the bird is in. Don't get too close, line yourself up, and ram
it. Now use the key on the graveyard gate.

Inside, to your left is a ghost, Spookter. Fuse a B2 with him for the chest
mini-game in Hyrule Town to work on difficulties. Leave and come back, then
fuse a B1 with him to move his brother from the Minish entrance to Anju's
home. Now, at the top left is a movable grave. Enter it and clone to move the
stone, for a Piece of Heart <1>.

Go outside, and break the rocks at the bottom right. Clone and find your way
to the switches at the top. They open the top grave. Go inside.

                           --Royal Crypt--
Inside, burn the mummies then kill the Stalfos that appear from the wrappings.
Grab the key [1]. Go up and use the left mushroom to fling. Avoid the left
and right doors (fakes) and open the middle [0]. Go up. In here, head left.
Make two clones on the left set of tiles, and step on the other single one.
Navigate across and hit the switches. Grab the key [1]. Go back to the split.

Go right. Now, do the same thing, but switch the use of the tiles. Make the
clones on the right set this time. Navigate around the blocks. If you need to
avoid the trap, you can move left slightly and the clones will start to flicker
(they will be touching some blocks) and that's when you need to step back right
before they disappear. Hit the switches and claim the key [2]. Go back to the

Go up and unlock both blocks [0]. Go up. In here, head up, kill the ambush of
Ropes, and exit north. Now, light all the torchs. Two mummies appear, so light
them up and give the Stalfos a taste of sword (or Sword Beam). Exit north.

In here, the east and west pot sets are FULL of Rupees and Shells. Up the
stairs is Gustaf again. You'll get a Golden Kinstone Piece again and told to
use it with the "source of the flow." What is that? Hmm...you'll be transported

Now, go to Dampe and fuse a B2 with him for a grave at the top right open up.
Also, a 2nd fusion with Dampe reveals a hole at the Wind Ruins. Inside the
top right grave lives Gina, the Ghini. Fuse twice with her for a waterfall
at Hyrule Town open up and a tree in the Western Wood raising. Also, 100
Shells are in the chest here.

Now, talk to Dampe for him to say, "Left, left, left...up, up, up...Dang,
what's that last turn again?" Go back to the sign follow path beginning. Go
left 3 times, and up 3 times. Open the chest for 200 Shells. Going up again
takes you to the graveyard with another "da-da-da-ding!" That's the classic
Zelda sound...ahhh.

Now go back and exit south from the dirt that takes you to the sign path.
Jump down. Now, you should go get the results of the fusions you did in the
valley, then head for North Hyrule Field. Take the northeastern exit there
for Veil Falls. BUT, make a detour in Hyrule Town first.

                             Hyrule Town

Fuse with the three girls to make Joy Butterflies appear. Catch them to get

  Farore - Fuse a R1 with her. Go to Castor Wilds for the butterfly. It ups
           digging speed.
  Nayru - Fuse a R2 with her. Go to Royal Valley graveyard for the butterfly.
          It ups your swimming speed.
  Din - Fuse a R3 with her. Go to the Wind Ruins for the buttefly. It makes you
        shoot arrows faster.

100 Shells (RECOMMENDED)
Go to the Library roof. Shrink and enter the hole water hole left of the
Library. Swim up then left. Melt the chest.

Now head off to Veil Falls via North Hyrule Field.

                             Veil Falls
Now, go up and fuse the Golden Kinstone with the Source of the Flow. Turn on
the lantern. Go east and up the stairs. Kill the Wisp with the Boomerang. It
won't hurt you, but it will latch onto you and prevent sword use for a while,
then reappear. Bomb the wall between the rocks. Inside is 50 Shells. Upstairs,
push the big stone and exit for 100 more Shells. Back in the main area, exit

Out here, kill the Rock ChuChus. Continue on by climbing the wall. At the top,
check the Wind Crest. Go into the cave. Bomb the right wall for 50 Shells.
The upper left stairs leads to a room with Rupees, a red Rupee Like Like, and
some Rupees under the water. The stairs to the right lead up where we need
to go. Upstairs, the chest has 100 Rupees. Exit via the bottom right. Outside,
go right and climb.

                             Veil Springs
Up here, you hear weird noises and see something huge moving in the back. That
is the Biggoron. We'll get to him WAY later. Head left. Go into the HUGE

                             Cloud Tops
Up here, talk with the girl, Hailey. Fuse a G2 with her to make a Golden
Tektite appear on the climb of Veil Falls. Head right and fuse a R2 with
Gale, the woman, to open a waterfall on Veil Falls. Go back there. Inside is
a Piece of Heart <2>. Now, back on Cloud Tops, talk with these two girls.

Jump into the red whirlwind. Head right and open the chest for Gold Kinstone #1
of Cloud Tops. Drop down the hole. Kill the Cloud Pirahna and take the next
whirlwind. Up here, use the Mole Mitts to clear the white snow stuff. Go left
and drop down the hole. Fuse CT Gold Kinstone #1 with the Mysterious Cloud. Go
back up. Fly west and land.

Drop down. Kill both Cloud Pirahnas for CT Gold Kinstone #2. Go back up. Dig
west. Jump into the whirlwind and fly directly west. Land on the part with the
chest. Open it for CT Gold Kinstone #3. Go up and dig out the hidden chests.
Both have 50 Shells. Now fly to the platform below this one. Drop down. Go
up, keep a little distance, and shoot 3 arrows into this guy. Go up and fuse
CT Gold Kinstone #3 with the Mysterious Cloud.

Go back up and fly all the way southwest. Dig out the chest for 50 Shells. Drop
down. Kill the Cloud Pirahnas. Go up and shoot this bugger with arrows again.
Go up and fuse CT Gold Kinstone #2 with the Mysterious Cloud. Enter the red
whirlwind and open the chest for CT Gold Kinstone #4. Drop back down. Head down
then fly up the right red whirlwind. Drop down the right hole. Kill the Cloud
Pirahnas here and claim CT Gold Kinstone #5.

Fly up the red whirlwind. Up here, grab 50 Shells and fly to the bottom right.
Dig out the empty space and fall down. Kill the Cloud Pirahna and jump in the
whirlwind. Go up and drop down again. Now fuse CT Gold Kinstone #5 with the
Mysterious Cloud. Backtrack to the beginning and fuse CT Gold Kinstone #4
with the 1st Mysterious Cloud.

The cloud now opens up and another huge whirlwind appears. The two girls leave.
Follow them.

  Wind Element                                                    03.15
Enter the...

                             Wind Tribe
NOTE: It does not say Wind Tribe in the game, but I'll use this to identify
      the place, as its their home.

Up here, check the Wind Crest. If you haven't done the Gregal and the Ghost
Sidequest, YOU MISSED OUT. Once you approach the house, Ezlo will say he has
a bad feeling. If you go inside, the old man will be dead and you missed out
on some goodies and an upgrade.

If you DID do the Sidequest, then once inside, go up one floor and into the
room at the top left. Talk to the old man to get the Light Arrows, SUPER
UPGRADED ARROWS. Also, you can fuse with the girl, Caprice, here. A chest will
appear on Veil Falls.

Back downstairs is Gale and the Stranger from Hyrule Town. On the third floor,
you can fuse with Flurris. The first fusion will make a creature, a Golden
Rope, appear in Castor Wilds. Leave and come back in for the second fusion,
which raises a tree in Western Wood. Go there and dig for 6 giant green Rupees.

Also, up here in the left room are 3 Kinstone Pieces. Head up to the fourth
floor. Go into the left room. Here you can fuse twice with Siroc the tribe
wise woman. After you're done, talk with her. Go back out in the hall and talk
with the girl. Go up to the roof. Go all the way north and jump in the huge

                           --Palace of Winds--
This place is gonna be LONG. It has 5 freaking floors, both OUTSIDE and INSIDE.
First, we go through the 5 floors on the outside, then we start back on floor
1 and make it up through the inside. That's a lot, eh? Let's begin.

NOTE: A substitute for the Boomerang is the Bow! But I really recommend the
      Boomerang, and better yet, doing the Magical Boomerang quest.

Follow the path. Make the switch blue and cross both bridges. Over here, change
it to red. Beware, enemies can change it back and the bridges switch again.
You can fall. It's best to take out the flying enemies when they are over
nothing with the Magical Boomerang. They'll fall to their doom. Anyway, cross
the left bridge.

Once across, throw your Boomerang back across to hit the switch. (Quicker way.)
I really recommend getting just even the NORMAL Boomerang if you don't have it
yet. Anyway, move north. Across, go left and push the block down. Throw the
Boomerang to make the switch red. Make three clones, cross the bridge, and push
the big stone up. Exit north.

Get on the moving platform and go around the blocks. The Magical Boomerang
works wonders here, so you can throw northeast to blow the bombs before you
reach them, if not, you'll have to quickly maneuver around them. Get off on the
platform to the left, run up, and get back on the moving one. A moving bomb is
at the top. Get off on the left. Exit this area.

Kill the Stalfos and go onto the grating platform thing. I'll refer to these
as 'grating' from now on. Anyway, exit at the top left. Go down and throw the
Boomerang to make the switch blue. Go to the end of the bridge. When the log
rolls left, quickly chase it and go up beside the switch. Hit the switch to
turn it red, wait for the log to roll right, and cross the bridge. Now, you'll
have to go back, plant a bomb, and run back. The bomb will turn the switch
blue and the top bridge appears. Cross it. Up here, go into the middle.

                             MINI-BOSS: WIZZROBE AMBUSH
First there are two Wizzrobes. Stun them with the Boomerang and kill them.
All of the sudden, four more appear. Do the same strategy. After they are
dead, amazingly, SIX appear. You'll probably lose some health, but keep
After your miracle victory, a chest appears. Open it for the Roc's Cape. This
will now allow you to jump, etc. Press the button once to jump, hold it to
"fly" which is mainly a little glide.
Equip it and glide right. You should land on the puffy clouds. Continue along
the cloud trail by continuously gliding upwards.

Kill the crow that flies at you instantly. Glide right, then do it again. Over
here is a puzzle. I'll use a map for this.

***  *****************
*  B1  B4            *      * = Wall
  B2  B5     T1      *      B = Block
 B3  B6    T2  T3    *      T = Clone Tile
   B7    T4  T5  T6  *      The top space is an edge, the bottom three are
**                   *      places where pillars would come up to block your
**                   *      path.
******  ***  **  *****

1) Push B3 down.
2) Push B2 up, then B1 up.
3) Push B4 right.
4) Clone using T4, T5, and T6.
5) Go through the bottom spaces.
6) At the bottom are four buttons. Get in the spaces between the four, there
   should be only three inbetween them total. Now swing left and hit those
   switches and quickly turn right and hit the last one.
7) Cancel the clones.

Now you have to face two Spiked Beetles. Kill them the normal way (flip and
attack) or push them off the edge with the shield. Exit right.

Go around to the top without being blown off. Jump right and head down. Right
when the bottom vents stop, run out and left, then jump and glide into the
hole. Wait for the vents to stop, jump out, and quickly charge the hole with
the Cane of Pacci. Flip left. Up here, exit on the left grating.

Jump on the panel to flip it. Go left and kill the red Rupee Like Like. Jump
up to the grating. Go left. When the moving platform is underneath the panel,
jump. Do the same to get onto the next grating. Head up. Follow the next cloud
trail up.

Go over to the clone tiles. Make two white bubbles appear, but don't clone
yet. Wait for the platform to get over here, clone, and get it on. Take it to
the end. Get off, climb the ladder, and push the big block. Exit down. Here,
push the blocks underneath the symbols. Go onto the moving platform. Jump to
the left one, back to the right, back to the left, back to the right, and
finally jump down.

Jump up through the paneling and exit right. Go right, jump down to the moving
platform, jump up to the next grating, back down to the platform, then up again
and exit right. Go up and hide in the holes under the log. Charge the right
one and flip right. Go over and create some clones. Make one on the top left
tile, bottom left, and you stand on the bottom right. You will hit the switches
and create a portal. Use it and exit via the bottom tunnel. At the other end,
push the pot off. Now here's another drawing.

* 01  02  03  04*       * = Wall
*05  06  07  08 *       ## = Pots
* 09    10-11 12*       10-12 = These two are side by side, touching each other
*13  14  15  16 *
* 17  18  19  20

Push 20 left, 12 up, 08 up, 11 down, 10 left, 07 up, 10 down, 06 up, and 09
down. Exit via the tunnel. Go up and exit via the top tunnel. Here, go to the
top right and regain size. Go down and use the Boomerang to hit the switch.
Collect the key and exit right [1]. Glide right, go down, and backtrack left
to the spiked log. Hide in the holes and open the left door [0]. Exit through

Climb the cloud trail.

We're almost inside! Anyway, exit at the top left. Wait until the first set of
vents stop, and go to the end of the first half of the bridge. Wait for the
second set to stop, glide, and climb the stairs. Now, push the top block left,
and the middle right to the right. Glide over the spikes. Go down, and wait for
the vent to die. Glide right when you see it start moving again so you're
boosted across. Head up and exit there.

Glide across the platforms and exit at the top. Go up and climb this small
trail. (No, not to floor 5.) Glide right. Go down and onto the grating. To
the right is a Kinstone Piece. Go back down the stairs and glide right. Sadly,
you can't get the Piece of Heart yet, so use this stack, glide right, and climb
the trail.

So close! Exit down and you'll be, inside someplace. One part of the temple.
Wee! But there's new enemies. Pull out your Bow and shoot them down. If you
have the Light Arrows, charge them up for good effects. They both drop giant
green Rupees and after they're dead, a small key [1]. Exit at the top left [0].

Kill the enemies and exit left. In here, kill the Stalfos. At the bottom left
set of pots, throw the bottom right one. Push the top right one onto the bottom
left switch. Clone to get the remaining ones. Exit left.

In here, hit the button to start the vent. Boost glide across and exit right.
Or...try to. You'll be ambushed by two Spear Moblins and two Ice Wizzrobes.
They will freeze you, so take them out first, by stunning and attacking. Now,
its a little hard. If they are on the other side of the vent current, you'll
need to be a little bit higher than they are for the Boomerang to hit them,
as the vent current will blow it down some. Also, that would be a good time to
do the same with arrows, if you stun them on the other side. After, take out
the Moblins. Exit right.

Glide across the gap. Here are two Red Stalfos. Here's something funny to do.
If they are at the top, try to swing at them and they'll both jump off. Exit
right. In here, do the switch/vent/boost thing again. Once across, push the
left block left, and open the chest for a small key [1]. Now push the one on
the right to the right, then the one above you up. Open the top door [0]. Exit
through it.

In here, open the chest for...the Big Key!? Go back to the room with the gold
knight enemies (Ball & Chain Soldiers). Open the big door. Wait, all there is
are some skulls (containing hearts) and an arrow pointing down. Guess its time
for another plunge. Jump down.

Wait, this is inside? Ah well. Try to go up. You'll be ambushed by an upgraded
Dark Nut. The easiest way EVER to beat this guy is simple. Hold up the shield,
walk forward, and he'll swing. Evidently, he'll miss, so hit him back, and
guess what, he falls. HAHA! Now a blue portal appears. That takes you to the
beginning. And a bridge appears to. Cross the bridge.

Inside, use your Flame Lantern. Go right and open the big chest for the
Compass. Now head left and up the stairs.

We're on our way BACK to the top. Go up and right. Kill the Red Stalfos and
fall down the middle hole. Open the chest for a small key [1]. Go back upstairs
and head down. Here, bust the pots. Then, take out the Bow and shoot all three
flying enemies down. Clone in the left, middle, and right spots. Go to the
bottom and do the sword frenzy switch technique. Go through the door, hop all
the logs, and open the chest for another small key [2]. Go right, jump down,
and open the door [1].

Go down and jump into the whirlwind. Go counter clockwise to the top. Avoid the
bombs as best as you can. Exit up. Go up to the top and hit the switches.
This is a shortcut for later. Go back down and up the stairs.

From here, you can go left and drop down. You'll fight a Wizzrobe and Ice
Wizzrobe. After the win, you'll get a Kinstone Piece. Go back up to 3F. Go
right, up, and left. In here are three Fire Wizzrobes. Do the same Boomerang/
Slash strategy. Your win will merit the Dungeon Map. Go left.

Kill the Floor Masters and pull the lever. Exit down quickly. In here, go
right and up the stairs.

Well, the inside trip isn't so bad. It's less annoying, that's for sure. Go
left and up. Push the blocks, jump across, and go up. All the way up is that
Piece of Heart <3>. Rock on! You'll have to drop back down and come back up
to F4. Now, head right. Throw the Boomerang when the bomb is near the blocks.
Glide across.

Go to the top right. Up here, light the torchs to make a red portal. At the
bottom, unlock the door and go up [0].

Bomb the right wall. Outside is a fight with Fire Wizzrobes and Stalfos. At the
top left, there is a bombable entrance. Go inside and bomb the blocks. Go up.
In here, go around the bombs without setting them off or the door closes. Push
the block between the two at the top left, upwards. Then, push the left one
left. Exit.

In here, open the chest for a key [1]. Go back out into the first room. Drop
down one of the 9 cracks in the group.

Open the door [0]. Go up. Out here, navigate the maze of enemies. Watch for
the Wizzrobes (Ice AND Fire). Once at the bottom right, push the stones and
jump across. Go to the top. Glide right and climb the clouds. Up here is a
Kinstone Piece. Go back down, glide left, and climb these clouds. Save the
game and enter the big door. Use the skulls to heal, then jump in the huge

                             BOSS: GYORGS
These flying manta ray things are the enemies. Once the red one comes to you,
quickly jump on it or you'll fall. Now, the Gyorg will open up three of its
eight eyes. Form clones in the same way, then SLASH THE HECK OUT OF ITS EYES.
It should go down within seconds. Now, the blue one flies over. Board it and
you'll fly away from the exploding red one. (How do creatures start to explode
like THAT?)

Now, the blue one will try and knock you off with its tail. Play jump rope with
it. This one has four eyes, and will open one each time. After it is hurt
enough, the red one comes back all fixed. (???) Jump on it. Do the same as last
time, except now it'll probably take two times to do it, AND the blue one will
be shooting energy balls at you, which will destroy the clones. After you stop
it this time, repeat the blue process. The difference now is that green little
Gyords will fly at you. Just slash 'em.

The third time attacking the red one, the blue will fly around shooting now.
It's tough moving the clones, but you can do it. Now, you need to jump on the
blue one, one final time. Now you will be moving, so jumping = death, AND the
green Gyorgs are flying at you. Luckily, the blue one doesn't swing the tail
now. Keep attacking those eyes and you'll be done. Oh, wait, no you won't!
The blue one will die, so jump onto the red one before it's too late!

Now, do a final eye kill on this baby, except with green Gyorgs. Great. After
you killed it, the red one dies and you land back on the palace.

The Wind Element will fall right into Link's hands. Grab the Heart Container
and go into the green portal


Time to end all of this mess!

| The Final Struggle                                                     |

  Wrapping Things Up                                              03.16
Head on to Hyrule Town.

                             Hyrule Town
Time for the rest of the extras, baby!

Go to Swiftblade and follow the instructions for the Down Thrust.

NOTE: Ok, so all these sword techniques weren't NEEDED. Ah well. I just thought
      you really should use these.

If you have all 7 Tiger Scrolls, go to Castor Wilds. At the southwest, enter
the grave of Swiftblade the First. Follow his instructions for the Great Spin
Attack. This allows you to continously link about 10 Spin Attacks in a row,
but you must repeatedly press the sword button after the first spin. You can
also control the direction you Spin Attack in, it's awesome (as in move WHILE
Spin Attacking).

You can find and fuse with hidden trainers to access faster charging of certain

   Grayblade: You should know where he is. He is at Mt. Crenel, at the
              midnortheast cave. You need to clone to get in. Fuse a R1 to
              open a waterfall in Castor Wilds. Scarblade there will teach
              you to charge your (Great) Spin Attacks faster.

   Waveblade: Go to Lake Hylia and head southeast to Hagen's cabin. Swim west
              until you strike land. Enter the tree hut and fuse a R2 with him
              to open a waterfall in North Hyrule Field. Go there to find
              Greatblade, who will teach you to do the Great Spin Attack longer
              for more...greatness?

   Grimblade: Go to Hyrule Castle Garden. At the southeast are some bushes.
              Chop them and go down the ladder. Fuse a R3 with him to open a
              waterfall at Veil Falls. Go there to find Splitblade, who will
              teach you to charge your cloning meter faster.

NOTE: You may have done this earlier. I recommend this if you haven't.

Fuse with the three girls to make Joy Butterflies appear. Catch them to get

  Farore - Fuse a R1 with her. Go to Castor Wilds for the butterfly. It ups
           digging speed.
  Nayru - Fuse a R2 with her. Go to Royal Valley graveyard for the butterfly.
          It ups your swimming speed.
  Din - Fuse a R3 with her. Go to the Wind Ruins for the buttefly. It makes you
        shoot arrows faster.

Go to the center of the town. Above the shops is a bell. Jump into it for the
Piece of Heart <4>. 17 Hearts! Only 3 more to go!

Go to Lake Hylia. The Piece of Heart <1> in the middle of the water is now
available because you can jump to it.

From the above piece, go up and dig the cave. Digging left all the way and
exiting southwest will give you the Piece of Heart <2> at Lon Lon Ranch. The
northwest area has Kinstone Pieces, and following that path leads to 50 Shells.
The southwest path has more Kinstone Pieces.

NOTE: The southwest also has THE LAST MYSTERIOUS WALL. Fuse with it for the
      last Goron to appear (as long as you fused the other walls). This is

The northeast has more pieces and a ladder. Following that path will take you
to the beanstalk that grew if you did OPTIONAL FUSION #45. Up here will be
200 Rupees, 200 Shells, and the Piece of Heart <3>.

You would have to follow the above path to reach the last Mysterious Wall.
Anyway, after getting all of the walls broken, head to Lon Lon Ranch. Enter
the cave and go through it. At the end is a big chest. Open it for the last

Keep doing those fusions. At this point, I only have 5 more to go!

Keep getting those Shells and Figurines. You can't get the final Piece of Heart
without them all. We'll have to come back to this later.

Now it is time to continue and end the quest.

  Infusion and Extras                                              03.17
Head back to Hyrule Castle Garden.

                             Hyrule Castle Garden
Go through the garden again for the castle entrance. Head through to the

                             Elemental Sanctuary
Put the sword in for the final element. Now the White Sword becomes the
Four Sword! Booyah! Now you can make three clones, for a total of 4 Links.
Link will charge and swing the sword, which causes a beam to shoot the tablet.
The tablet explodes and a dark doorway appears on the wall. Now, if you charge
and do a Spin Attack, you can shoot a beam that breaks people's curses.

We have to exit via the top, it won't let you go out through the bottom. Go
up and inspect the stained glass. You'll see the beginning sequences again.
Then, you hear Vaati. He followed you as the king. He tells Ezlo that he was
so kind to give him his own magic cap AND bring him here, but that he requires
him no longer. The king sort of, explodes or disappears, and Vaati appears.

He shoots Link with a magic ball that knocks him out. Vaati leaves to go get
the light force (if you watched the scene, it is inside Princess Zelda) while
Link is still unconscious. Ezlo will wake Link back up. He talks about how
Vaati DISGUISED himself as the king (apparently not possessed) and waited for
them to reforge the sword.

Now its time to find Vaati.

  Son of a...                                                     03.18
Exit the Elemental Sanctuary...WHAT! The castle is different. Just great, they
lay us with ONE MORE DUNGEON.

                           --Dark Hyrule Castle--
Head down and free the turned-stone people. You learn Vaati took the Princess
to the roof. Just great. Anyway, after you free them, go back into the castle.
Looking upon your map, you see 5 floors. This is just too much. Ah well. :)

Go down and you'll find fairies and goodies in pots. Go back up and left. Watch
out, touching the Spear Moblin's spear will take off a whole heart! :( Head
up and navigate the room. Don't fall down the hole. Exit north. Kill the Wisps
and Stalfos. Bomb the right wall and go through. Shrink, then head back to the
rotating fire room. Drop down, go up and through the tunnel. Regain size, and
flip the switch. Enter the right cell and free the king of Hyrule.

Talking to him will let you know he wants to stop Vaati. He says he'll only
hold you back, though. You'll get a key from him [1]. Go upstairs again and
all the way down. Open the bottom door [0]. Continue the path to the end. Go
down the steps (not staircase) and up for the Dungeon Map. Now go upstairs.

Now you can exit via the bottom to go back to town for some more extras. I

                             Hyrule Town
Now basically everyone is inside their homes or gone. The only people I spot
outside are the soldiers, Malon, Postman, Goron merchant if you got him, the
guy by the cafe, Anju, and Beedle.

Go to the Funday School. Shrink and go in the yard. Go into the valley at the
top. At the end, move the big block for the Piece of Heart <4>.

Go to the Goron cave at Lon Lon Ranch. If you finished the "The Last Bottle"
quest, then fuse with the sixth (eastern) Goron. Then, Biggoron appears, and
he's HUGE. Go to the top of Veil Falls (Veil Springs) to see him. He'll tell
you to come back after you accomplish something big (beating Vaati.) We'll
do that.

Yeah, do what it says. UBER-FUSE with EVERYONE. Talk to Tingle twice to see
how many you have left.

Go to the Minish Woods village. Go to the northeast and swim to the little
house by the water. Fuse with the Minish. Fly to Veil Falls, climb down, and
jump off left. Go and dig in the cave. Up is the Piece of Heart <1>.

Go to the same Minish and fuse again. Fly to Lake Hylia, shrink, and enter
the hole. Go to the end of the cave. Go up the ladder and into the mushroom
home. You'll find Librari again. He'll give you the Heart Container. You can
also fuse with him if you didn't before (back at the Hyrule Town Library).

Do OPTIONAL FUSIONS #14, #15, and #16. Go to Castor Wilds. Shrink at the top
left. Take the first lily pad down. Go through the log. Go down and right, then
through the next log. Once at the southeast, swim through the water to a Minish
hole at the top right of this area. Inside, navigate the maze. Once through,
kill all the enemies. At the end is the Piece of Heart <2>.

NOTE: Because of a mixup, I misplaced a Piece of Heart. I'm going to restate
      it because if I put it in its proper place, I'd have to be switching the
      whole list and parts of the guide around. You probably already have
      collected all the Pieces of Heart except 1 now anyway, so if you did,
      just ignore this.

Go to the Wind Ruins. Once you reach the 2nd Minish portal, shrink. Go back and
down two sets of vine. Now, take the 2nd one from the left. Enter the hidden
cave. At the end is the piece.


Now its time to head back to the castle.

                           --Dark Hyrule Castle--

Exit at the top. Here, head left and up. Make the white spheres on the clone
tiles at the top, but don't create the clones until the cannons all shoot. This
will knock the cannonballs back. Exit at the top. Kill the Floor Masters and
watch out for the fiendish pots. Exit right. Here is a floor tile puzzle.
Follow the pattern below. The letters mean the tiles, and # signs mean blocks.
You must follow the tiles via the alphabet way (ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW).

# P Q T U #
# O R S V W
# N M L K #
# # H I J #
  # G F E #
  A B C D #

If you mess up, hit the switch to reset. Now go right, then down. In here is
a clone puzzle. It is best for you to make the spheres on both the right set
ones, and the right one of the left set of tiles, and Link steps on the far
left one. DON'T create the clones until the trap reaches the top and starts
begins to go down. IMMEDIATELY, when it starts to go down, create the clones.
Then you sort of "chase" the trap with Link while making sure the clones don't
hit the blocks. Once at the bottom, you'll have to try and make it to the
buttons before the trap touches the right set of clones.

Open the chest for a small key [1]. Jump down and go back in the main hall.
Go right and up the steps. Open the door and go downstairs [0].

Go right and up. At the top, clone Link at the bottom right, two tiles above
that, then the one above the bottom left, and two tiles above that. Charge
a Spin Attack, then move up quickly so all the clones and Link are lined up
with the cannons. Let the Spin Attack go when they shoot. Exit up.

Kill all the Keatons and set a bomb at the bottom left. Exit through there and
go up in the next room. Take the stairs.

Go up and you'll find a Red Dark Nut. Do the same technique for the other
Dark Nuts. After you win, go right for the Dungeon Map. Go back and pushed the
throne and go down. Use the Flame Lantern to navigate to the end. Go back
upstairs, right, and up again.

Exit south. Use the whirlwinds to the right to evade the cannons. Go down and
kill the Moblins. Exit left. In here, make clones and evade the fire. Push the
big block down and exit right. Go down and follow the whirlwinds again. At
the bottom, go left. Throw the Boomerang at the switch and cross the bridge.
Over here, hit the switch on the other side. Bash the pots for extras. Head
back and up. In here, clone and hit the switches. Go through the big door.

Kill the Ball & Chain Soldiers for the doors to unlock and a red portal to
appear. Take the left path.

Go up and jump on the moving platform. Jump onto the grating and hit each
switch with the Boomerang. Get back on the platform and get off at the bottom.
Drop and pick up a bomb. When it is about to blow, throw it to the rocks. Take
the platform across and exit up. Go right and kill all the Sparks. Exit up.

Kill the Dark Nut here. Now Dark Nuts appear everywhere (big door rooms). A
blue portal appears. Go back down and heal up if you need. Exit left and fight
the Red Dark Nut. After that, go up. Kill everything: Stalfos and Wall Masters.
At the top, shoot all the eyes while evading the fire. Go left, push the top
and middle blocks left, and the bottom one down. Fall down the hole then go up
the stairs. Press the switch, then take the next stairs up. Get the small
key [1]. Go back down.

Push the middle block right and the bottom one down. Backtrack to where we
fought the Red Dark Nut. Go down and through this room. Now you must fight
two more Dark Nuts, both look like Elites or something. Your best bet is
repeatedly doing the Dash Attack. You'll probably lose 3 hearts at max. Exit
down after you win.

Now here's another crappy tile puzzle drawing:

A # # # # # # #
B W X Y # 3 4 #
C V U Z 1 2 5 #
D # T S R Q 6 7
E H I J # P O #
F G # K L M N #

This one, follow the alphabet (ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ), then the numbers
from least to greatest (1234567). Hit the switch to reset if you messed up. Exit
down. In here are four Ghinis. Find the real one and kill him. Exit again. Out
here, go left and inside again. Go downstairs (right) for pots of bombs and
arrows. Go upstairs (left) to go on. Open the chest for a key [2] and backtrack
all the way to where we fought the Dark Nuts. Exit right from there.

Go right again and kill the Red Dark Nut here. Exit down. In here, go to the
right set of clone tiles. Make a clone at the top right, left, bottom left,
and put Link on the bottom. Go to the bottom and FIERCE SWING left and right
to hit all the switches. Exit right. In here, press the button and go upstairs.
Get the small key and backtrack to the big boss door room [3].

Go back all the way around but go to the northeast room. Fight these two
Dark Nuts and exit up. In here, light all the torchs in a quick clockwise
formation. Exit up. Kill the real Ghini again and exit right. Go upstairs
and get the final key. Go back to the top room with the Sparks. Go up twice and
unlock all the little blocks.

Clone at the top right and push the big block. Open the chest for the Big
Key. Go back to the boss door. Save and enter it.

Try to cross the bridge and you'll hear Vaati talk. Three more chimes of the
bell of Hyrule and he becomes like a god. Now, you must hurry. Either jump over
the Ball & Chain Soldier, or fight him. Go up. Here, the bell chimes once. Only
two more! Kill all the Keaton and clone for the switches. Exit up. In here,
the bell chimes again. Now you must fight three Dark Nuts! Don't use the Dash
Attack, you'll be mauled. Just shield and sword tactics now.

Exit up. Vaati is out here. He wants to deal with Link. You will fall through
a hole...

  Final Fight                                                     03.19
It looks like it is time to fight Vaati and end his reign, once and for all!

                             FORM 1: VAATI REBORN
First off, just kill the floating eyes. Once they're gone, let loose on the
eye in his body. If you don't kill them in time, or you just attacked him,
he will: a) shoot fire or b) shoot a dark energy ball. The flames are easy
to avoid, and if you get hit by the dark ball, you lose a crazy amount of
hearts and can only sit there. The ball moves slowly, though.

In phase 2, four eyes will be sent out instead of two. This only comes after
enough damage to the big eye. Also, the eyes shoot lasers. When you attack him
in phase 2, he'll be warping around. Then, he'll do one of his attacks again.

After you give enough damage, phase 3 starts. There are now four eyes covered
with dark energy. Use the Gust Jar to suck it up, then kill them. Repeat the
big eye slashing process and you win.


And wow, we are transported to a dark place...and Vaati's back.

                             FORM 2: VAATI TRANSFIGURED
Take out your Bow. Shoot each of the eight purple things Vaati has around him.
Four will turn red. Those are your targets. Clone in that pattern and ATTACK.
The targets change with each time you have to uncover them. After the eyes
are destroyed, attack the BIG eye, which is Vaati. Well, basically everything
here is Vaati, I think.

About 6 or 7 completed processes will win this thing.


Now, you'll be back in the castle. You'll go out onto the bridge. Heal and
save, I advise. Now go up and free Zelda. The castle starts to crumble. We
see Zelda and Link back at the entrance. Ezlo says to go back to the sanctuary,
so do so with the path given. Right before you enter, a lightning bolt hits
in front of you. Vaati is still alive, argh!

                             FORM 3: VAATI'S WRATH
This looks like the cross between his last form, and some dragon like arms
and stuff. Vaati has two attacks. One is to put his arms through the ground
to try and get you, and the other is shooting electric balls. First, wait
until an arm is through the ground. Then, use the Cane of Pacci on it. Go
to the portal and shrink. Come back and go inside the arm.

Inside, there are little eye things moving around. Find the one with the
brighter red eye and attack it. Once it is gone, the arm is too. Repeat this
with the other arm. But, the 2nd one will require the use of the Flame Lantern
to light the place up.

Once the arms are gone, Vaati grows tiny little wings, and the four eyes on the
bottom open up. Now the energy ball attack is the only one left, but he now
shoots a lot. Also, after each attack, the four eyes shoot their own energy
balls. Clone and reflect these back with the sword. That's when you go up and
slice the heck out of his eye.

Do this about 3 times to FINALLY win!


Vaati will explode. We see the Minish Cap that Vaati wore fall down. Link is
transported back to the castle along with the cap. Ezlo will come off Link's
head and the curse will be lifted. He is a Minish, but is normal sized? Hmm.
Ezlo also refers to the Minish Cap as the Mage's Cap. Ezlo uses magic to put
the cap on Zeldas head. White triangle shadows (Triforce) will shine from Zelda
and the cap disappears.

We see the castle being reborn. Everyone is being freed. Then, we see some
Octoroks in the Minish Woods poof into smoke (haha!). Same with the Tektites
on Mt. Crenel. Then, the garden where Zelda, Link, and Ezlo are is reborn.
Ezlo says that the hat is falling apart. Vaati's heart was evil, so the cap
reflected that. Now, the goodness from Zelda coupled with Vaati's darkness
and has made a miracle.

The place shakes, and the Elemental Sanctuary door starts to flash. Ezlo says
that the Minish Door (I thought that was the Elemental Sanctuary door?) opens
every 10 years (I thought it was 100?) and it is about to close (it hasn't
been a full day yet from that 100 years!?). Apparently, the programmers goofed
up here with story typos, I'm guessing.

Ezlo says he is going to return to his homeland. He gives Link a green cap,
and then turns Minish and leaves through the door. It closes behind him. Now
the credits roll.

"Thus did Link's quest come to an end. But surely, this is not the end of Zelda
and Link's adventures in Hyrule. The legend will continue...as long as the
power of the light force echoes throughout the ages."

  Post-Game                                                       03.20
This is for after the game has been completed. Only hardcore-gamers will likely
do this stuff. After the credits roll, save your game when you can choose to.
Reloading it from the menu will let you continue the game, from right before you
fight Vaati, except that you'll be back in the main hall.

Now, here's what we can do, which all of this is optional, so I'm not gonna
list anything by them:

You can go back and beat Vaati continously and keep laughing.

You can finish all the fusions and get the Golden Tingle Statue.

You must have the "The Last Bottle" quest done. Go to Lon Lon Ranch and fuse
with the last Goron, on the right. Go to Veil Falls and climb to Veil Springs.
Biggoron is here (you may have done the above already) and wants to eat your
shield. Let him do it, then wander around for like 15 minutes without a shield.
Collect all the Pieces of Heart or whatever. Come back for the Mirror Shield.

Go to Hyrule Town. Collect all the Figurines from Carlov and get the Carlov
Medal. There are 136 Figurines, you can only get the last 6 after beating
the game. After getting the medal, show it to the guy sitting by the cafe.
You will access the shop with a gold statue on it. Inside is the Piece of Heart
and some goodies. It probably will be your final one, for Heart #20. You will
also get 600 Rupees and the Sound Test.

You could do this before, but I'll list it here. Go back to the researcher
and the final orange Pico Blooms have blossomed. Talk to him and go back to
Hyrule Town. Beedle now sells Orange Picolyte, which raises your chance of
finding fairies.

And that's all! Hope you had fun, and I hope the guide helped you a lot!

-----------------------------THE     END---------------------------------------

                    |                                |
O===================|                                |===================O
                    | Extra Materials                |             04.00
O===================|                                |===================O

| Figurines                                                        04.01 |

Figurines are cool little statuettes of people and things on your journey. You
will meet a guy along the way who collects Mysterious Shells. If you have
enough, give him some and you'll unlock a Figurine. There are 136 in total. By
the end of the game, if you give him all the shells, you get 130 Figurines. The
other 6 are unlocked by beating the game. He will then have those 6 in the
list of available Figurines.

The man is named Carlov, and is located in the Southwest area of Hyrule Town.
Once you get all 136, you get the Carlov Medal. Show this to the man near the
cafe for a prize: probably your FINAL Piece of Heart, three 200 Rupee Rupees,
and the Sound Test.

Here's a list of the Figurines:


  Name: Capless Link

  Description: A young boy who lives in Hyrule. He is close friends with
               Princess Zelda.

  Name: Ezlo and Link

  Description: A young boy on a quest with Ezlo to restore the Four Sword. With
               the sword's power, he hopes to remove the curse on Princess

  Name: Princess Zelda

  Description: A bright and cheery princess from Hyrule's royal family. She
               loves to sneak out of the castle to visit her good friend, Link.

  Name: Ezlo (Cap)

  Description: A strange creature that looks at first like a cap. He speaks
               roughly and treats Link like a child, but he actually really
               likes Link.

  Name: Sorcerer Vaati

  Description: When the young Minish donned Ezlo's magic cap, he took this evil
               form. Now, he searches for the light force in his quest to
               become all-powerful.

  Name: King Daltus

  Description: The king of Hyrule. Reported to have been a fine swordsman, he
               appeared in the Picori Festival tournament as a youth and fought
               to a draw with Smith.

  Name: Minister Potho

  Description: The supporting pillar of Hyrule. He is also in charge of
               Princess Zelda's education, so when she goes missing, he gets

  Name: Smith

  Description: The finest swordsmith in Hyrule. As a young man, he was a great
               swordsman. He and King Daltus are friends and enjoyed a pleasant
               rivalry as youths.

  Name: Mayor Hagen

  Description: The mayor of the town of Hyrule. He's a big collector of odd
               masks. He's built a shelter into his garden just in case
               monsters ever attack Hyrule.

  Name: Marcy

  Description: Second in command at Hyrule's post office. She's mellow and
               laid-back, entirely unlike the high-strung and easily excitable

  Name: Stamp

  Description: A busy, hardworking postal employee, although he can be a touch
               edgy. The stamp he uses is his own personal one, so please don't
               borrow it. Thanks.

  Name: Rem

  Description: The proprietor of Rem's Shoe Store. Using his "secret
               technique," he makes shoes in his sleep. Princess Zelda is his
               single biggest source of income.

  Name: Dr. Left

  Description: A gruff-talking academic type who is obsessed with studying the
               Picori. He doesn't seem to be aware that they are actually
               living in his own house.

  Name: Carlov

  Description: A sculptor of finely crafted figurines. Many consider him the
               best sculptor in all of Hyrule. He enjoys collecting Mysterious

  Name: Borlov

  Description: Owner of the Chest Mini-Game Shop. Carlov's younger brother. He
               detests gambling, but he has made the biggest gamble of all:

  Name: Stockwell

  Description: The handy neighborhood gear seller, also called Stockwell the
               Well-Stocked. He complains that he's been too busy lately to see
               his dog, Fifi.

  Name: Simon

  Description: His mysterious dungeon-simulation game is very popular in
               Hyrule. It gives players the illusion of fighting real monsters
               in real dungeons.

  Name: Gorman

  Description: He wants to rent out his house in town, but he's too overbearing
               to attract a tenant. He doesn't even seem to realize what the
               problem is...

  Name: Anju

  Description: This young woman tends to her cuccos in Hyrule Town. If you help
               her gather her loose cuccos, she'll give you a reward.

  Name: Brocco

  Description: Hyrule's vegetable vendor. He sells fine produce. He also argues
               constantly with the fruit vendor, Pina, over the health benefits
               of vegetables.

  Name: Pina

  Description: Hyrule's fruit vendor. She hates vegetables, so she won't even
               sell tomatoes, even though they technically ARE fruits. Freak.

  Name: Beedle

  Description: Though he is an adult, he is very good at finding Picolyte made
               by the Minish. And he is very, VERY convincing about their
               healthful properties.

  Name: Postman

  Description: A very serious mail deliveryman. He continues to make every
               delivery right on time every day.

  Name: Crenel Hermit

  Description: A hermit who lives on Mount Crenel. He has lots of Kinstone
               pieces. He brags that he won the festival  tournament when he
               was younger.

  Name: Monster Lady

  Description: A weird old lady living in Percy's house without his permission.
               She doesn't want you to turn on the lights. She might actually
               be a...

  Name: Dampé

  Description: The gravedigger at the cemetery. They say he has the power to
               speak with the dead. He fuses the Kinstones he digs up with the
               local ghosts.

  Name: Gustaf, Royal Spirit

  Description: The spirit of an ancient king of Hyrule who wishes to secure
               peace in his land from beyond the grave. He was very fond of the
               people of the Wind Tribe.

  Name: Syrup

  Description: A wizard who lives in the Minish Woods. She sells magic items
               with odd powers. She's looking for an apprentice to whom she can
               teach her mystic spells.

  Name: Great Butterfly Fairy

  Description: The Great Butterfly Fairy of Minish Woods. She provides you with
               a larger wallet, allowing you to carry more Rupees with you.

  Name: Great Mayfly Fairy

  Description: The Great Mayfly Fairy of Mount Crenel. She provides you with a
               larger bomb bag, allowing you to carry more bombs with you.

  Name: Great Dragonfly Fairy

  Description: The Great Dragonfly Fairy of Royal Valley. She gives you a
               larger quiver, allowing you to carry more arrows with you.

  Name: Percy

  Description: A poet who lives in Western Wood. He comes home from a long
               journey to find his house occupied by an unwanted guest. Poor

  Name: Nayru

  Description: She's looking for a house in Hyrule to move into. She is
               descended from a line of oracles in the land of Labrynna.

  Name: Farore

  Description: She's looking for a house in Hyrule to move into. She's a very
               helpful person, but people take advantage of her kind nature. 
               This really bothers her.

  Name: Din

  Description: She's looking for a house in Hyrule to move into. She is a
               famous dancer from the land of Holodrum.

  Name: Joy Butterfly

  Description: A rare butterfly said to bring happiness to those who catch it.
               If you see one on your journeys, try to grab it!

  Name: Gina

  Description: A strange Ghini who wants to fuse Kinstone pieces, which is
               somewhat peculiar for a monster. She has a lot of pieces, so
               keep on fusing!

  Name: Festari

  Description: A Minish living in Minish Village. He speaks some human
               languages. He sees that Link is human with one look. He's a bit
               of a human enthusiast.

  Name: Gentari

  Description: The elder of the Forest Minish. He has lived among humans for a
               long time. He knows where the four elements are. He has a twin
               brother in Hyrule's library.

  Name: Forest Picori

  Description: Not visible to the eyes of adults, they delight in making humans
               happy by hiding helpful items and Rupees under grass and rocks
               all over the world.

  Name: Librari

  Description: This Town Minish elder is Gentari's twin brother. Those large
               wings that he is so proud of are trophies from a duel with a
               cucco as a young Minish.

  Name: Town Picori

  Description: These Minish like humans so much that they moved from Minish
               Village into Hyrule itself! They try to make humans happy, but
               it sometimes backfires.

  Name: Melari

  Description: He lives with his seven apprentices in Mount Crenel, which
               contains all the mineral riches they will ever need. He seems
               gruff, but he's trustworthy.

  Name: Mountain Picori

  Description: These seven students followed Melari from Minish Village to
               Mount Crenel. Their song is actually a sign that they are
               full-fledged Mountain Minish now.

  Name: Goron

  Description: These rock- and iron-eaters once lived on Mount Crenel in
               Western Hyrule. Now their numbers are few, and they live quietly
               in a cave.

  Name: Minish Vaati

  Description: Before he became a sorcerer, he was a simple Minish. He had
               always been entranced by the evil that lives in the hearts of

  Name: Vassals

  Description: These vassals serve the king of Hyrule. They are loyal and
               diligent. Like the king himself, they are courteous yet frank.

  Name: Library

  Description: The Royal Hyrule Library. Although the library is well loved,
               many forget to return their books, causing no end of trouble for
               the librarians.

  Name: Blade Brothers

  Description: All of these self-trained swordsmen have won the fighting
               tournament at the Picori Festival before. They see great
               potential in Link.

  Name: Wheaton & Pita

  Description: This couple bakes bread in Hyrule. Their tasty pastries hold a
               secret... If you're extra lucky, there'll be a helpful item
               hidden inside!

  Name: Funday School

  Description: This is where all the children of Hyrule learn. Link and
               Princess Zelda studied here, too. The two teachers are twins
               named Tina and Dina.

  Name: Mama's Cafe

  Description: This is the best place in town to relax. You can also pick up
               some good tips, from the latest gossip to observations about
               the world.

  Name: Happy Hearth Inn

  Description: This generous inn gives a gift to every guest who stays the
               night. Guests can unwind in the lobby on the second floor.

  Name: Zill and Friends

  Description: Zill's the one with the drippy nose. He likes to wander around
               town with his friends. He knows a lot about Hyrule, and he
               might even give you some tips!

  Name: The Carpenters

  Description: These carpenters may be rough around the edges, but they do good
               work. They may seem tough, but they're in touch with their
               feminine side.

  Name: Young Couple

  Description: Romio and Julietta grew up next door to one another. They're
               dating now, but they plan to marry once they get their pets'

  Name: Peaceful Hyrule 1

  Description: Carlov's Peaceful Hyrule Scenery Series No. 1

  Name: Peaceful Hyrule 2

  Description: Carlov's Peaceful Hyrule Scenery Series No. 2

  Name: Peaceful Hyrule 3

  Description: Carlov's Peaceful Hyrule Scenery Series No. 3

  Name: Cucco!

  Description: With a boisterous crow and a cute crest, these feathered friends
               are the most popular pets in Hyrule. The baby chicks like small

  Name: At Lon Lon Ranch

  Description: This small ranch lies just outside Hyrule Town.
               Father-and-daughter team Talon and Malon run it, and they sell
               the finest milk in Hyrule!

  Name: The Wind Tribe

  Description: The people who built the Wind Ruins. They now live above the
               clouds, suspended by their own magic ability to control the

  Name: Gregal & the Ghost

  Description: An old man plagued by an evil spirit. Coming to his aid will
               bring you benefit in the end, so if you meet him, you must find
               a way to help him.

  Name: Tingle Siblings?

  Description: Tingle (in green) and his twin younger brothers Ankle
               (in purple) and Knuckle (in blue). They believe fusing Kinstones
               will help them meet fairies, so they are recording Kinstone data
               on their maps. David Jr. is not technically a relative.

  Name: Eenie & Meenie

  Description: The Hyrulean vegetables grown in their fields are exquisitely
               delicious. Apparently, Brocco sells the best of their crops.

  Name: Goron Merchant

  Description: This Goron appears when you successfully fuse certain Kinstone
               pieces. He will sell you expensive, but rare, Kinstone pieces.

  Name: Spookter & Spekter

  Description: Ghosts from the Royal Valley. The one in the blue cap is
               Spookter, and the one in the red cap is Spekter. Spookter tries
               to be scary, but he's just not.

  Name: Sluggula

  Description: Appears in Minish dungeons. They drop from the ceiling
               unexpectedly. They are slow, so take your time, and defeat them
               one by one.

  Name: Scissors Beetle

  Description: Appears in Minish roads dungeons. These monsters have sharp
               mandibles. Hit them when they shoot these away. Avoid their
               attacks to get in close.

  Name: Moldworm

  Description: Appears in Minish roads. They come out of the ground when they
               sense prey. If you get swallowed, you'll take damage and get all
               dirty! Watch out, because when you're all dirty, Pestos will
               come after you.

  Name: Spiked Beetle

  Description: Appears in dungeons. Covered in hard, spiny shells. Few attacks
               work on them. You have to flip them over to hurt them.

  Name: Eyegore Statue

  Description: Appears in Castor Wilds. They move when you put an arrow in
               their eye. No other attacks work. You can always just let them

  Name: Business Scrub

  Description: Appears in caves, etc. Normally stay underground. They'll pop
               out and spit seeds at you, but if you get to know 'em, they're
               not so bad.

  Name: Armos

  Description: Appears in the Wind Ruins. Built by the Minish for the Wind
               Tribe long ago. They look like stone statues, but if you get too
               close, they move!

  Name: Keese

  Description: Appears in various areas. These bats live in dungeons and caves.
               Their movement is unpredictable, so use ranged weapons from a
               safe distance.

  Name: Keaton

  Description: Appears in various areas. This thieving fox preys upon travelers
               and merchants. He may not be strong, but he will attack very
               quickly, so be careful.

  Name: Ghini

  Description: Appears in the Royal Valley, etc.  These dark beasties are
               attracted to light, and if they attack you, they may suck your
               life away!

  Name: Gibdo

  Description: Appears in the Palace of Winds. These mummies keep coming at
               you when you attack. It's better to fight from a distance if you
               want to avoid damage.

  Name: Rollobite

  Description: Appears in dungeons. His hard shell protects him from swords,
               but once he rolls into a ball, you can use the Gust Jar to draw
               him in.

  Name: Spark

  Description: Appears in dungeons. They cling to walls and move quickly.
               Normal attacks may not work, but the boomerang is pretty

  Name: Dark Nut

  Description: Appears in Castor Wilds. These armor-clad soldiers are tough.
               Use your shield and rolling skills to find an opening in their

  Name: Red Dark Nut

  Description: Appears in the Palace of Winds. These Dark Nut commanders are
               strong, but if you relax and wait for your opening, you can
               still defeat them.

  Name: Chaser

  Description: Appears in dungeons. They move quickly to chase you once they
               spot you. Your shield will block them, but keep on your toes!

  Name: Rock Chuchu

  Description: Appears in Veil Falls. These tough Chuchus wear rocks on their
               heads. The rocks protect them from damage, so you'll have to
               find a way to knock the rocks off before you'll be able to
               destroy them.

  Name: Moldorm

  Description: Appears in various areas. These guys move quickly and randomly.
               Trap them in a corner and take them out quickly.

  Name: Door Mimic

  Description: Appears in the Royal Crypt. They look like doors, but they're
               really traps! If you get too close to one, it will fall down on

  Name: Peahat

  Description: Appears on Mount Crenel, etc. These strange beasts hover on
               propeller-like leaves. You can pull them out of the sky with
               your Gust Jar.

  Name: Helmasaur

  Description: Appears in various areas. Their fronts are protected with metal
               masks, but their backsides aren't! Pop off that mask for an easy

  Name: Wall Master

  Description: Appears in dungeons. If these guys grab you, they'll send you
               back to the start of the dungeon. Dodge them as they fall, then

  Name: Floor Master

  Description: Appears in dungeons. If these guys grab you, they'll send you
               back to the start of the dungeon. Watch out when he attacks with

  Name: Acro-Bandits

  Description: Appears in the Eastern Hills, etc. Five of them pop out at once.
               If you smack each one as they pop out of the ground, they're a
               piece of cake.

  Name: Bob-omb

  Description: Appears in dungeons. They often gather in groups in narrow
               areas. Once activated, they go a little crazy. Take them out
               with arrows.

  Name: Bombarossa

  Description: Appears in dungeons. They float in the air and explode when
               touched. Walk carefully, and you may escape unhurt...

  Name: Like Like

  Description: Appears in caves, dungeons, etc. Don't let them grab you:
               they'll eat your shield if they hold you long enough. Swing your
               sword to escape.

  Name: Rupee Like

  Description: Appears in caves, dungeons, etc. This Rupee Like has a Rupee
               dangling from its head stalk. This clever lure attracts greedy
               and delicious heroes.

  Name: Rope

  Description: Appears in various areas. They'll come straight for you if they
               spot you. Just swing your sword when they charge at you.

  Name: Boulder

  Description: Appears on Mount Crenel, etc. These huge boulders come crashing
               down from cliff walls. They fall in a random pattern, so watch
               your step!

  Name: Ball & Chain Soldier

  Description: Appears in the Palace of Winds. They're not fast, but that iron
               ball is a bruiser! Try to hit them after they swing the ball.

  Name: Spiny Beetle

  Description: Appears in various areas. They hide under common rocks and
               grass. Be careful, because they can pop out when you least
               expect it!

  Name: Spear Moblin

  Description: Appears in Minish Woods, etc. They rush you on sight. They also
               block head-on attacks with their spears, so circle around to

  Name: Bow Moblin

  Description: Appears in various areas. They fire arrows at you on sight.
               Block these with your shield and then close in to attack.

  Name: Cloud Piranha

  Description: Appears in the sky. They swim through clouds like fish in water.
               Attack them in that brief moment when they pop out!

  Name: Mulldozer

  Description: Appears in Minish roads, dungeons, etc. There are red and blue
               ones. They may look small and weak, but their hard shells make
               them formidable.

  Name: Pesto

  Description: Appears in Minish roads, dungeons, etc. There are red and blue
               ones. The blue ones are stronger and throw things down on your

  Name: Puffstool

  Description: Appears in Deepwood Shrine. These mushroom beasties scatter
               spores all over dungeons. When their caps are red, they are

  Name: Wizzrobe

  Description: Appears in the Palace of Winds, etc. They fire magic bolts from
               afar. Hit them when they appear so they don't cast another

  Name: Fire Wizzrobe

  Description: Appears in the Palace of Winds. They wield fire magic. Hit them
               when they appear so they don't cast another spell!

  Name: Ice Wizzrobe

  Description: Appears in the Palace of Winds. They wield ice magic. They're
               weak against fire, so attack with fire for a quick battle!

  Name: Wisp

  Description: Appears in dungeons. They float in midair. They won't hurt you,
               but if you touch them, you won't be able to use your sword for
               a while.

  Name: Octorok

  Description: Appears in various areas. There are red and blue ones. They've
               appeared in every Zelda game to date. They spit rocks, so be

  Name: Golden Octorok

  Description: Appears in... Well, we're not sure! The legendary Golden
               Octorok. It can't be confirmed, but they are said to shoot
               chunks of pure gold...

  Name: Golden Tektite

  Description: Appears in... Well, we're not sure! The legendary Golden
               Tektite. Its basic attack is the same, but it has much more

  Name: Golden Rope

  Description: Appears in... Well, we're not sure! The legendary Golden Rope.
               It's much more aggressive than the normal ones: it will attack
               you on sight.

  Name: Crow & Takkuri

  Description: Appears in various areas. The black one is Crow. If you touch
               Takkuri, he will steal Rupees from you, so be careful!

  Name: Lakitu

  Description: Appears in the sky. They float on clouds. They don't move, but
               they do throw lightning bolts. Steal their clouds with the Gust

  Name: Stalfos

  Description: Appears in dungeons. Blue ones jump, and red ones throw bones.
               See what happens when you remove their heads with the Gust Jar.

  Name: Beetle

  Description: Appears in various areas. They appear under rocks and grass. If
               they grab you, you won't be able to move. Swing your sword to
               get away.

  Name: Chuchu

  Description: Appears in various areas. Chuchus come in many colors. Each
               color is a little different, but ranged weapons work well
               against all.

  Name: Tektite

  Description: Appears on Mount Crenel, etc. They move by jumping long
               distances. Their movement can be unpredictable, so attack them
               when they are still.

  Name: Trap

  Description: Appears in various areas. A trap with sharp blades. Some are
               triggered by nearby intruders, while others follow a set path.

  Name: Leever

  Description: Appears in Wind Ruins, Veil Falls. These baddies move freely
               underground when attacking. You never know where they will pop
               up, so keep your shield raised and at the ready!

  Name: Madderpillar

  Description: Appears in Deepwood Shrine, etc. This caterpillar moves in a
               zigzag pattern. If you hit him on the nose, he gets upset and
               starts running around.

  Name: Spiny Chuchu

  Description: Appears in various areas. These Chuchus project spikes from
               their bodies at the first sign of danger. Try a well-placed

  Name: Big Octorok

  Description: Appears in the Temple of Droplets. Frozen solid by the power of
               the Water Element. He's been frozen so long that his hunger is

  Name: Gyorg Pair

  Description: Appears in Palace of Winds. Females are larger than males. They
               fly around the Palace of Winds, preying on adventurers.

  Name: Biggoron

  Description: This is a legendary Goron with a body bigger than a mountain.
               This Goron is so big, in fact, that no one has ever seen all of
               it at once.

  Name: Big Green Chuchu

  Description: Appears in Deepwood Shrine. A perfectly ordinary Chuchu. Though
               not much of an enemy usually, they are terrifying to anyone

  Name: Gleerok

  Description: Appears in the Cave of Flames. A Gleerok with a hard, rocky
               shell found in Mount Crenel. Hiding in lava, this beast spews
               fire on everything it sees.

  Name: Mazaal

  Description: Appears in the Wind Ruins. Constructed by the Wind Tribe to
               repel intruders, this sturdy machine cannot be destroyed by any
               external force.

  Name: Big Blue Chuchu

  Description: Appears in the Temple of Droplets. An ordinary blue Chuchu.
               Fighting him while Minish-sized is daunting, but just try to
               avoid that electric attack.

  Name: Zelda & Link

  Description: These two became fast friends because of Smith and the king of
               Hyrule. Zelda wishes that the sometimes unreliable Link were
               just a wee bit stronger.

  Name: Minish Ezlo

  Description: The Minish Ezlo, before he was cursed by Vaati. He is a famous
               Minish sage. Even among Minish inventors, he was renowned for
               his amazing creations.

  Name: Black Knight

  Description: Appears in Dark Hyrule Castle. This is the strongest Dark Nut,
               with a good balance of attack and defense. They will do anything
               to stop you.

  Name: Vaati Reborn

  Description: The sorcerer Vaati took this form after draining the power of
               the light force from Princess Zelda. The evil beams from his
               eyes are devastating.

  Name: Vaati Transfigured

  Description: Once Vaati's body has been shattered, this dark form rises up,
               all that remains of the evil sorcerer. Only the sacred Four
               Sword can defeat him.

  Name: Vaati's Wrath

  Description: This is the embodiment of purest evil, the final form of the
               power-mad Vaati. Its mind is consumed with a hunger for
               destruction. Find its weakness.

| Kinstone Fusion                                                        |

Kinstone Fusion is something new to the Zelda series, and rather challenging
and annoying at the same time. But most of it is worth it.

There are 100 Fusions total: 10 Plot, 72 Optional, and 18 Shared.

Once you get all of them done, then besides all the goodies from the fusions,
you get the Golden Tingle Statue if you talk with Tingle.

NOTE: Once you get to the Tingle brothers quest thing, you can talk to any of
      them twice in a row to see how many Kinstone Fusions you have remaining.

  Types of Kinstone                                               04.02

G1 = A half circle with a missing triangle section. [Green]
G2 = A half circle with a missing square section. [Green]
G3 = Similar looking to a P, but the straight edge of the P is rounded. [Green]

R1 = Two spikes are pointing to the right, the cut parts shape like a 3, with
     triangular corners. [Red]
R2 = It looks like a slice of something, like pie or cake. [Red]
R3 = Looks like some weird fork, with three prongs. [Red]

B1 = Sort of shaped like and L. [Blue]
B2 = Semi-circle with a cut, which is deep at the top, and curves out at the
     bottom. [Blue]
  Fusion List                                                     04.03

                            FUSION LAYOUT
WITH: The person who you fuse with.
WHERE: Where the person is found.
WHEN: When they are found. (PLOT FUSIONS only)
WHAT: What the fusion does/result of fusion.
PLACE: Where the result of the fusion is.
PIECE: The piece required. This will use a codename for the piece. Look above
       for them.
REWARD: What you gain from locating the result of the fusion.
PREREQUISITES: If you need something to either do the fusion or get the reward.
NOTE: Any extra notes.

                             PLOT FUSIONS
Take note that these are fusions that you MUST do to progress the story, and
these are forced upon you.

WITH: Hurdy-Gurdy Man
WHERE: Hyrule Town
WHEN: After completing Deepwood Shrine
WHAT: Removes thorns to open doorway
PLACE: South Hyrule Field / Southeast corner
REWARD: Piece of Heart

WITH: Mysterious Statue
WHERE: Castor Wilds / Southwest
WHEN: After getting Pegasus Boots
WHAT: Makes big stone weaker
PLACE: Same place
PIECE: Golden Kinstone Piece
REWARD: If rock breaks, then the path to Wind Ruins opens

WITH: Mysterious Statue
WHERE: Castor Wilds / Southwest
WHEN: After getting Pegasus Boots
WHAT: Makes big stone weaker
PLACE: Same place
PIECE: Golden Kinstone Piece
REWARD: If rock breaks, then the path to Wind Ruins opens

WITH: Mysterious Statue
WHERE: Castor Wilds / Southwest
WHEN: After getting Pegasus Boots
WHAT: Makes big stone weaker
PLACE: Same place
PIECE: Golden Kinstone Piece
REWARD: If rock breaks, then the path to Wind Ruins opens

WITH: Source of the Flow
WHERE: Veil Falls / Northwest
WHEN: After completing Royal Crypt
WHAT: Opens itself
PLACE: Same place
PIECE: Golden Kinstone Piece
REWARD: Entrance to cave

WITH: 2nd Mysterious Cloud
WHERE: Cloud Tops
WHEN: Anytime
WHAT: Further progress
PLACE: Same place
PIECE: CT Gold Kinstone #1

WITH: 3rd Mysterious Cloud
WHERE: Cloud Tops
WHEN: Anytime
WHAT: Further progress
PLACE: Same place
PIECE: CT Gold Kinstone #3

WITH: 4th Mysterious Cloud
WHERE: Cloud Tops
WHEN: Anytime
WHAT: Further progress
PLACE: Same place
PIECE: CT Gold Kinstone #2

WITH: 5th Mysterious Cloud
WHERE: Cloud Tops
WHEN: Anytime
WHAT: Further progress
PLACE: Same place
PIECE: CT Gold Kinstone #5

WITH: 1st Mysterious Cloud
WHERE: Cloud Tops
WHEN: Anytime
WHAT: Further progress
PLACE: Same place
PIECE: CT Gold Kinstone #4

                             OPTIONAL FUSIONS
These are fusions that you do not have to do, and often result in optional, but
great, rewards. I list these in the order of availability. If some of the order
is off, sorry, but this is based on my experience. Take note that these are also
"fixed" and will always be with the exact person that I list.

WITH: Hagen, the Mayor
WHERE: Hyrule Town, northeast / Yellow rectangle house
WHAT: Dries up puddle revealing stairs
PLACE: Lon Lon Ranch
REWARD: Bigger Wallet

WITH: Forest Minish
WHERE: Mt. Crenel's Base
WHAT: Makes chest appear
PLACE: Same place you do the fusion
REWARD: 200 Rupees

WITH: Stranger
WHERE: Hyrule Town, northwest / Yellow house
WHAT: Reveals teleport which takes you to a house
PLACE: South Hyrule Field / Tiny bit south of Hyrule Town entrance
REWARD: 3 Kinstones, and if you do the Sidequest - 100 Shells, and something
        later on. (Look up Sidequest "Gregal and the Ghost)
NOTE: Do this early as you can miss a very valuable Sidequest if you don't.

WITH: Postman
WHERE: Hyrule Town, random
WHAT: Person event
PLACE: Hyrule Town Post Office
REWARD: New Sidequest - Marcy and the Swordsman Newsletter

WITH: Percy
WHERE: Trilby Highlands, southwest tree
WHAT: Moves tree so Percy can go home
PLACE: Western Wood
REWARD: New Sidequest - Percy and the Monster-Lady
NOTE: Percy becomes a Shared Fuser after this. Find him outside his house.

WITH: Eenie
WHERE: Eastern Hills, farmland
WHAT: Makes Goron break through first wall
PLACE: Lon Lon Ranch
REWARD: Begins the "The Last Bottle" Sidequest.

WITH: Meenie
WHERE: Eastern Hills, farmland
WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Mt. Crenel / Halfway up Crenel Wall
REWARD: B1 Kinstone

WITH: Candy
WHERE: Hyrule Town / Inn upper floor
WHAT: Reveals land to access mole door
PLACE: Trilby Highlands
REWARD: R1 Kinstone and Fairy Grotto

WITH: 1st Goron
WHERE: Lon Lon Ranch / Southwest
WHAT: Makes a Kinstone-selling Goron appear and set up shop
PLACE: Hyrule Town
REWARD: A Kinstone shop
NOTE: If you purchase all the Kinstones from the Goron in Hyrule Town, you must
      leave and come back for him to restock. After clearing out his stones for
      I believe 3 times, it takes a while for him to restock again.

WITH: Fifi
WHERE: Lake Hylia / Stockwell's home
WHAT: Makes chest appear
PLACE: Lake Hylia / Bottom right cabin, back Minish path
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WITH: Business Scrub
WHERE: Castor Wilds / Arrow Scrub
WHAT: Removes thorns
PLACE: Minish Woods / Center
REWARD: Random Kinstone Piece selling Scrub

WITH: Forest Minish
WHERE: Lake Hylia / Mushroom house by Wind Crest
WHAT: Removes thorn
PLACE: Western Wood / Center
REWARD: Piece of Heart

WITH: Business Scrub / Sells random Kinstone Pieces
WHERE: Minish Woods / Center in tree
WHAT: Reveals creature - Golden Octorok
PLACE: Western Wood / Southeast
REWARD: Giant Blue Rupee - 100 Rupees

WITH: Zill / By Simon's Simulations
WHERE: Hyrule Town
WHAT: Reveals lily pad
PLACE: Castor Wilds / Northwest
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WITH: Zill / By Simon's Simulations
WHERE: Hyrule Town
WHAT: Reveals lily pad
PLACE: Castor Wilds / Northwest
REWARD: Kinstone Piece + Underwater cave containing Kinstone Piece and Piece
        of Heart

WITH: Zill / By Simon's Simulations
WHERE: Hyrule Town
WHAT: Reveals lily pad
PLACE: Castor Wilds / Southwest
REWARD: Kinstone Piece
NOTE: Ride OPTIONAL FUSION #15's leaf to get here.

WITH: Mysterious Wall
WHERE: Minish Woods / Red sand entrance by Hagen's cabin
WHAT: Makes 2nd Goron appear and break down 2nd wall
PLACE: Lon Lon Ranch
REWARD: Further the "The Last Bottle" Sidequest
NOTE: You had to fuse with this 1st for the effect to be the same.

WITH: Librari
WHERE: Hyrule Town / Library upper floor bookshelf
WHAT: Reveals creature - Golden Octorok
PLACE: Wind Ruins / Southeast
REWARD: Giant Blue Rupee - 100 Rupees

WITH: Tingle
WHERE: South Hyrule Field / East of house
WHAT: Opens tree, northwest
PLACE: North Hyrule Field
REWARD: Further the "Magical Boomerang" quest

WITH: Ankle
WHERE: Lon Lon Ranch / Above cave in yard
WHAT: Opens tree, northeast
PLACE: North Hyrule Field
REWARD: Further the "Magical Boomerang" quest

WITH: Knuckle
WHERE: Trilby Highlands / Northwest
WHAT: Opens tree, southwest
PLACE: North Hyrule Field
REWARD: Further the "Magical Boomerang" quest
NOTE: Dig northwestern red sand wall

WITH: David Jr.
WHERE: Lake Hylia / North
WHAT: Opens tree, southeast
PLACE: North Hyrule Field
REWARD: Further the "Magical Boomerang" quest

WITH: Forest Minish
WHERE: Trilby Highlands / Northwest Minish home by Ankle
WHAT: Reveals stairs under puddle
PLACE: Trilby Highlands / West
REWARD: Rupee Horde - 15 Blue Rupees

WITH: Mysterious Wall
WHERE: Trilby Highlands / Northwest red sand wall cave
WHAT: Makes 3rd Goron appear
PLACE: Lon Lon Ranch
REWARD: Further the "The Last Bottle" Sidequest
NOTE: You had to fuse with this 2nd for the effect to be the same.

WITH: Mysterious Wall
WHERE: Eastern Hills / Northwest from farmers
WHAT: Makes 4th Goron appear and break 3rd wall
PLACE: Lon Lon Ranch
REWARD: Further the "The Last Bottle" Sidequest, chest with 200 Rupees
NOTE: You had to fuse with this 3rd for the effect and reward to be the there.

WITH: Mysterious Wall
WHERE: Mt. Crenel / Crenel Wall by Crenel Hermit
WHAT: Makes 5th Goron appear
PLACE: Lon Lon Ranch
REWARD: Further the "The Last Bottle" Sidequest
NOTE: You had to fuse with this 4th for the effect to be the same.

WITH: Mysterious Wall
WHERE: Lake Hylia / North sand cave
WHAT: Makes 6th Goron appear and break final wall
PLACE: Lon Lon Ranch
REWARD: Further the "The Last Bottle" Sidequest / Ends if last wall
PREREQUISITES: Mole Mitts and Roc's Cape
NOTE: You had to fuse with this last for the effect to be the same.

WITH: Farore
WHERE: Hyrule Town / Inn upper floor
WHAT: Makes Gorman appear
PLACE: Hyrule Town / South
REWARD: Allow 1st house to be rented, allows access to one charm

WITH: Bremor (carpenter)
WHERE: Hyrule Town / Northwest
WHAT: Makes 2nd house available
PLACE: Hyrule Town
REWARD: Allows access to one charm

WITH: Business Scrub
WHERE: Minish Woods / Middle tree
WHAT: Reveals hole in ground
PLACE: Castor Wilds / Northwest
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WITH: Smith
WHERE: South Hyrule Field / Your home
WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Eastern Hills / Midwest

WITH: Smith
WHERE: South Hyrule Field / Your home
WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Trilby Highlands / Northeast
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WITH: Forest Minish
WHERE: Eastern Hills / Southwest
WHAT: Sprouts bean
PLACE: Eastern Hills
REWARD: 200 Shells and Piece of Heart

WITH: Forest Minish
WHERE: South Hyrule Field / Southwest
WHAT: Makes Syrup the with work harder
PLACE: Minish Woods / North
REWARD: Red Potion from Syrup / Buyable

WITH: Forest Minish
WHERE: Hyrule Castle Garden / Northeast hole
WHAT: Raises tree
PLACE: Western Wood / East
REWARD: Dig for 2 Giant Red Rupees - 200 Rupees a piece

WITH: Melari
WHERE: Mt. Crenel / Melari's Mines
WHAT: Makes beanstalk
PLACE: Mt. Crenel / Northwest
REWARD: Climb for 160 Rupees and a Piece of Heart

WITH: Mountain Minish / Northwest miner
WHERE: Mt. Crenel / Melari's Mines
WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Mt. Crenel's Base / Minish road to hot spring
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WITH: Mountain Minish / Outside east bedroom
WHERE: Mt. Crenel / Melari's Mine
WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Mt. Crenel / Minish road with falling rain
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WITH: Mountain Minish
WHERE: Mt. Crenel / Melari's Mines / Kitchen
WHAT: Reveals creature - Golden Tektite
PLACE: Mt. Crenel / South
REWARD: Giant Blue Rupee - 100 Rupees

WITH: Mountain Minish / Western near exit
WHERE: Mt. Crenel / Melari's Mines
WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Minish Woods / Across bridge from Wind Crest
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WITH: David Jr.
WHERE: Lake Hylia / North
WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Mt. Crenel / Minish road to Melari's Mines
REWARD: 200 Shells

WITH: Tingle
WHERE: South Hyrule Field
WHAT: Reveals creature - Golden Tektite
PLACE: Mt. Crenel / Middle
REWARD: Giant Red Rupee - 200 Rupees

WITH: Forest Minish
WHERE: Wind Ruins / South hole
WHAT: Beanstalk grows
PLACE: Same place / Midnorthwest
REWARD: Quiver upgrade

WITH: Mama
WHERE: Hyrule Town cafe
WHAT: Platform for sand cave appears
PLACE: Lake Hylia / Middle of water
REWARD: 50 Rupees

WITH: Forest Minish
WHERE: Lake Hylia / Northeast
WHAT: Beanstalk grows
REWARD: Piece of Heart, 200 Rupees, 200 Shells
PREREQUISITES: You need the Roc's Cape and Mole Mitts to reach beanstalk

WITH: Gentari / Elder
WHERE: Minish Woods / Minish village
WHAT: Makes Belari make an idea
PLACE: Left of Minish village
REWARD: Remote Bombs

WITH: Belari
WHERE: Left of Minish village
WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Wind Ruins / Northeast
REWARD: Bomb Bag upgrade

WITH: Spookter
WHERE: Royal Valley / Graveyard
WHAT: Makes chest mini-game owner think
PLACE: Hyrule Town
REWARD: Choosable difficulties in mini-game

WITH: Spookter
WHERE: Royal Valley / Graveyard
WHAT: Moves ghost
PLACE: Hyrule Town
REWARD: Minish entrance to Anju's

WITH: Dampe
WHERE: Royal Valley / Graveyard
WHAT: Opens grave
PLACE: Same place / Top right
REWARD: New fusions and 100 Shells

WITH: Dampe
WHERE: Royal Valley / Graveyard
WHAT: Reveals hole
PLACE: Wind Ruins / Center
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WITH: Gina
WHERE: Royal Valley / Graveyard / Northeast grave
WHAT: Opens waterfall
PLACE: Hyrule Town
REWARD: 200 Shells

WITH: Gina
WHERE: Royal Valley / Graveyard / Northeast grave
WHAT: Raises tree
PLACE: Western Wood / Midnorth
REWARD: 100 Shells

WITH: Farore
WHERE: Hyrule Town / Inn or house
WHAT: Reveals Joy Butterfly
PLACE: Castor Wilds
REWARD: Faster digging

WITH: Nayru
WHERE: Hyrule Town / Inn or house
WHAT: Reveals Joy Butterfly
PLACE: Royal Valley graveyard
REWARD: Faster swimming

WHERE: Hyrule Town / Inn or house
WHAT: Reveals Joy Butterfly
PLACE: Wind Ruins
REWARD: Faster arrow shooting

WITH: Hailey
WHERE: Cloud Tops
WHAT: Reveals creature - Golden Tektite
PLACE: Veil Falls
REWARD: Giant Blue Rupee - 100 Rupees

WITH: Gale
WHERE: Cloud Tops
WHAT: Opens waterfall
PLACE: Veil Falls
REWARD: Piece of Heart

WITH: Caprice
WHERE: Cloud Tops / Wind Tribe
WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Veil Falls / Northeast
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WITH: Flurris
WHERE: Cloud Tops / Wind Tribe
WHAT: Reveals creature - Golden Rope
PLACE: Castor Wilds
REWARD: Giant Blue Rupee - 100 Rupees

WITH: Flurris
WHERE: Cloud Tops / Wind Tribe
WHAT: Raises tree
PLACE: Western Wood
REWARD: 6 Giant Green Rupees - 300 Rupees
NOTE: Dig for them.

WITH: Tina / Purple teacher
WHERE: Hyrule Town / Funday School
WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Trilby Highlands
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WITH: Siroc
WHERE: Cloud Tops / Wind Tribe
WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Royal Valley / Graveyard northwest
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WITH: Siroc
WHERE: Cloud Tops / Wind Tribe
WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Royal Valley / Graveyard northeast
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WITH: Grayblade
WHERE: Mt. Crenel / Midnortheast cave
WHAT: Opens waterfall
PLACE: Castor Wilds / Northeast
REWARD: Talk to Scarblade to charge (Great) Spin Attacks faster

WITH: Waveblade
WHERE: Lake Hylia / Southwest tree hut
WHAT: Opens waterfall
PLACE: North Hyrule Field / West
REWARD: Talk to Greatblade to do Great Spin Attacks longer

WITH: Grimblade
WHERE: Hyrule Castle Garden / Southeast
WHAT: Opens waterfall
PLACE: Veil Falls / South
REWARD: Talk to Splitblade to fill your clone meter faster

WITH: Forest Minish
WHERE: North Hyrule Field / Southeast hole under rock
WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Wind Ruins / Southeast in middle of pillars
REWARD: 200 Shells

WITH: Forest Minish
WHERE: Western Wood / Southwest
WHAT: Grows beanstalk
PLACE: Same place
REWARD: Rupees and Kinstone Piece

WITH: Forest Minish
WHERE: Minish Woods village / Northeast mushroom house by lake
WHAT: Platform to get to sand cave
PLACE: Veil Falls / Center
REWARD: Piece of Heart, 50 Shells

WITH: Forest Minish
WHERE: Minish Woods village / Northeast mushroom house by lake
WHAT: Reveals hole
PLACE: Lake Hylia / By Wind Crest
REWARD: Heart Container

WITH: 6th Goron (right)
WHERE: Lon Lon Ranch
WHAT: Reveals Biggoron
PLACE: Veil Falls / Veil Springs
REWARD: Biggoron appears, access to Mirror Shield quest after game
NOTE: You must have completed the "The Last Bottle" quest before you can do

                             SHARED FUSIONS
These are fusions shared by several people. They can be done from any one of
the people listed in the Shared List. All the people on the Shared List will
do any of the Shared Fusions in the list below that, so just keep searching.

                             NOTE: "SWITCHY" FUSERS
If the fusers in the Shared List have SWITCH beside them, that means they
are "Switchy." Being Switchy is just an annoyance in the game. Sometimes they'll
fuse, sometimes they won't. You must leave and keep re-entering for them to do
it. It sucks, but ah well.

                             SHARED FUSERS LIST
Crenel Hermit - Crenel Wall, northwest - Does 5 fusions total
Mutoh - Carpenter house, the leader - SWITCH
Mack - Carpenter house, sawing on left - SWITCH
Doyle - Carpenter house, sawing on right - SWITCH
Brent - Carpenter house, holding plank - SWITCH
Malon - Lon Lon Ranch, girl - SWITCH
Epona - Lon Lon Ranch, girl's horse - Normal
Talon - Lon Lon Ranch, owner - SWITCH
Anju - Hyrule Town, cucco lady - SWITCH
Festari - Minish Woods village, priest - Normal
Business Scrub - Mt. Crenel Base, southwest cave - Normal
Chai - Hyrule Town cafe, woman on right - SWITCH
Hurdy-Gurdy Man - Hyrule Town cafe - Normal
June - Hyrule Town, near entrance - SWITCH
Breve - Hyrule Town cafe, old woman - SWITCH
Baris - Hyrule Town cafe, sitting man - SWITCH
Forest Minish - Forest Minish village green mushroom home - SWITCH
Forest Minish - Forest Minish village barrel house, researcher - SWITCH
Forest Minish - Forest Minish village barrel house - SWITCH
Forest Minish - Forest Minish village lakeside mushroom home - Normal
Romio - Hyrule Town, owner of Rolf - SWITCH
Berry - Hyrule Town, Romio's sister - SWITCH
Rolf - Hyrule Town, dog in house east of Stockwell's (MINISH MODE) - Normal
Julietta - Hyrule Town, Romio's lover - SWITCH
Verona - Hyrule Town, Julietta's mother - SWITCH
Jim - Hyrule Town, Julietta's brother - SWITCH
Scratcher - Hyrule Town, Julietta's cat (MINISH MODE) - Normal
Purry - Hyrule Town, cat on bridge (MINISH MODE) - Normal
Cucco Chick - Hyrule Town, chick on top of dojo (MINISH MODE) - Normal
Lolly - Hyrule Town, boy at top left water fountain - Normal
Klaus - Hyrule Town, old man in front of library - Normal
Brocco - Hyrule Town, green veggie seller - Normal
Pina - Hyrule Town, fruit seller - Normal
Growler - Hyrule Town, dog blocking path midwest - Normal
Town Minish - Hyrule Town, inside top of Carpenter's house - SWITCH
Anton - Hyrule Town, outside game shop - SWITCH
Percy - Western Wood, outside his home - Normal
Bindle - Hyrule Town, Happy Hearth lobby - SWITCH
Satchel - Hyrule Town, upstairs of Inn, in chair - SWITCH
Lolly - Hyrule Town, boy in upstairs of Inn - SWITCH
Marshall - Hyrule Town, old man above inn - SWITCH
Town Minish - Hyrule Town, above cafe - SWITCH
Town Minish - Hyrule Town, above cafe - SWITCH
Forest Minish - Hyrule Town, above cafe - SWITCH
Joel - Hyrule Town, Inn upper floor, snot kid - SWITCH
Sturgeon - Hyrule Town, Library upper floor, old man - Normal
Library Minish - Hyrule Town, Library upper floor, left bookshelf - SWITCH
Library Minish - Hyrule Town, Library upper floor, left bookshelf - SWITCH
Dottie - Hyrule Town, old woman by fruits - SWITCH
Town Minish - Hyrule Town, mushroom home above researchers - Normal
Sheila - Hyrule Town, girl walking by bell - SWITCH
Tina - Hyrule Town, Funday School purple teacher - SWITCH (VERY SWITCHY)
Harrison - Hyrule Town, Funday School - SWITCH
Erik - Hyrule Town, Funday School

EXTRA NOTE: Tina technically counts as a normal fuser; she is the only one who
            does OPTIONAL FUSION #62.

                             SHARED FUSIONS LIST
WHAT: Releases vines
PLACE: North Hyrule Field / Mideast
REWARD: Fairy Grotto

WHAT: Opens door
PLACE: Hyrule Castle Garden / Under northwest water fountain
REWARD: Fairy Fountain, and if you turn Minish, 50 Shells

WHAT: Opens door
PLACE: Hyrule Castle Garden / Under northeast water fountain
REWARD: Piece of Heart, and if you turn Minish, 50 Shells

WHAT: Reveals creature - Golden Rope
PLACE: Hyrule Castle Garden / East
REWARD: Giant Blue Rupee - 100 Rupees

WHAT: Reveals chest on Minish path
PLACE: Lon Lon Ranch / Mideast
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WHAT: Reveals chest beside bushes
PLACE: Minish Woods / East of Deepwood Shrine
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Minish Woods / Northwest
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Minish Woods / Midwest
REWARD: 200 Rupees

WHAT: Reveals creature - Golden Octorok
PLACE: Minish Woods / Northwest
REWARD: Giant Blue Rupee - 100 Rupees

WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: South Hyrule Field / Right side of your houses, in bushes
REWARD: 200 Shells

WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Minish Woods / Mideast
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WHAT: Reveals creature - Golden Rope
PLACE: Eastern Hills / West
REWARD: Giant Blue Rupee - 100 Rupees

WHAT: Reveals door
PLACE: South Hyrule Field / Under northwest water
REWARD: Rupee Horde - 15 Blue Rupees

WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Lon Lon Ranch / Northwest
REWARD: 200 Rupees

WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: North Hyrule Field / Northwest
REWARD: 200 Shells

WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Hyrule Town / Minish path in side school yard
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Minish Woods / South by pond in a hole
REWARD: Kinstone Piece

WHAT: Reveals chest
PLACE: Minish Woods / Path to village
REWARD: 200 Rupees

| Skill Upgrades                                                   04.04 |

There are many new skills you can learn throughout the game, and all of them
will be listed here. This is also listed by order of getting them.

Tiger Scroll #1 - Spin Attack (SPOT 1)
HOW TO LEARN: Talk to Swiftblade and follow his instructions
WHERE: Dojo to the left of the entrance in Hyrule Town
WHEN: After coming back to Hyrule Town and getting the Kinstone Bag
CONTROLS: Hold attack button until the sword lights up, then release

Tiger Scroll #2 - Rock Breaker (SPOT 5)
HOW TO LEARN: Talk to Swiftblade...and bash a pot.
WHERE: Dojo to the left of the entrance in Hyrule Town
WHEN: After getting White Blade infused with two elements
CONTROLS: Press...attack???

Tiger Scroll #3 - Roll Attack (SPOT 6)
HOW TO LEARN: Talk to Grayblade and follow his instructions.
WHERE: Mt. Crenel - Start at the base, climb the vine, then the wall at the
       top. Climb the next 3 walls on the right. Enter the cave, clone yourself
       and press the switches. In the next room is Grayblade.
WHEN: After meeting Vaati the 2nd time
CONTROLS: Run and press R to roll, and when the roll is almost done, press the
          sword button

Tiger Scroll #4 - Dash Attack (SPOT 3)
HOW TO LEARN: Talk to Swiftblade and follow his instructions.
WHERE: Dojo in Hyrule Town
WHEN: After getting Pegasus Boots
CONTROLS: Equip Pegasus Boots and Sword, then dash

Tiger Scroll #5 - Peril Beam (SPOT 4)
HOW TO LEARN: Talk to Waveblade and follow his instructions.
WHERE: Tree hut in southwest Lake Hylia
WHEN: Right before entering the Temple of Droplets
CONTROLS: Get to one heart left and swing your sword

Tiger Scroll #6 - Sword Beam (SPOT 2)
HOW TO LEARN: Slice the bushes and climb the ladder.
WHERE: Bottom right of Hyrule Castle Garden
WHEN: After completing Temple of Droplets
CONTROLS: Swing your sword with hearts full

Tiger Scroll #7 - Down Thrust (SPOT 7)
HOW TO LEARN: Talk to Swiftblade and follow his instructions.
WHERE: Dojo in Hyrule Town
WHEN: After completing Palace of Winds
CONTROLS: Jump and swing your sword at top of jump (can't glide)

Tiger Scroll #8 - Great Spin Attack (SPOT 8)
HOW TO LEARN: Find Swiftblade the First's spirit
WHERE: Castor Wilds / Southwest grave
WHEN: After getting first 7 scrolls
CONTROLS: Same as Spin Attack, but after first spin, repeatedly press sword

Skill Upgrade #1 - Quicker Spin Charge
HOW TO LEARN: Fuse with Grayblade and find Scarblade
WHERE: Mt. Crenel / Castor Wilds
WHEN: After getting all 8 scrolls
CONTROLS: Charge for a Spin Attack

Skill Upgrade #2 - Longer Great Spin Attack
HOW TO LEARN: Fuse with Waveblade and find Greatblade
WHERE: Lake Hylia / North Hyrule Field
WHEN: After getting all 8 scrolls
CONTROLS: Pull off a Great Spin Attack

Skill Upgrade #3 - Faster Cloning
HOW TO LEARN: Fuse with Grimblade and find Splitblade
WHERE: Hyrule Castle Garden / Veil Falls
WHEN: After getting all 8 scrolls
CONTROL: Charge for cloning

| Items                                                                  |

This is the Item glossary, where you can look up any keepable items that you
obtain in the world of Hyrule and other places. All the items are listed by
the order they are found in.

  Weapons                                                         04.05

Smith's Sword
===============You obtain this when you begin the quest for Deepwood Shrine.
               *Equip it to either button and press that button to attack.

Gust Jar (Holding)
====================The Gust Jar is a weapon if you have hold of something,
                    like a pot or other enemy. Release the button to shoot them
                    at something.

======The simple and generic bomb.
      *Equip it and press the button to plant a bomb where you stand.

White Sword
=============The newly forged Picori Blade.
             *Equip it and press the button to attack.

White Sword (Infused w/ Earth + Fire)
=============This is after you go to the Elemental Sanctuary and infuse the
             White Sword with the Earth and Fire elements. It is the same
             except it allows you to clone yourself on flashing tiles.
             *Equip it and press the button to attack.
             *Cloning: Charge Spin Attack and hold. Step onto flashing tile,
                       then, still holding the charge, go to another one. A
                       clone will appear.

===========You get this from Stockwell's. You must have bought the first bottle
           from him. You can stun enemies and so forth with this. This also
           kills Sparks.
           *Equip it and face somewhere. Press the button to throw.
           *Later replaced by Magical Boomerang if you do the quest.

=====This is obtained in Castor Wilds. This can shoot arrows far away.
     *Equip it, hold the button to pull back, release to shoot.

Magical Boomerang
===================This is an upgrade, which allows you to press any direction
                   before throwing to send it that way. This allows for
                   diagonal throws and such.
                   *Same directions as Boomerang.

White Sword (Infused w/ Earth + Fire + Water)
=============You get this after the Temple of Droplets and the infusing.
             *Same as previous infused sword.
             *Allows two clones.

Light Arrows
==============You get this from the Gregal and the Ghost Sidequest. Charge
              normal arrows until you here the sound and see yellow sparkling,
              then release.
              *Same as normal, but do above description.

Four Sword
============You get this after you infuse the White Sword with ALL the elements
            in the game (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind).
            *Same as previous sword.
            *Allows three clones.

  Utilities                                                       04.06

========You obtain this when Zelda wins it at the festival.
        *Equip it to either button and hold that button down to defend with it.

Ezlo the Cap
==============The cap guy being hops on your head after you rescue him. Well,
              he follows you, until he figures you're too fast, so he hops on
              for the ride.
             *Press Select to gain intellect from Ezlo.

Gust Jar
==========Suck up things and shoot stuff
          *Assign to either button and hold to suck in.
          *Tap to shoot.

========Umm...to carry things in. Almost anything.
        *Assign it to a button then tap it to imprison whatever you're facing.
        *If you have something, like water, press the button again to drop it
         on something else.

Cane of Pacci
===============You get this after beating the Cave of Flames mini-boss. It will
               flip things over and charge energy into holes so you can flip
               out real high.
               *Assign it and press it to do its thing.

Pegasus Boots
===============These things will make you run uber-fast. Crash into glittery
               trees to uncover portals, or into closets to open them.
               *Assign and hold the button.

Mole Mitts
============You get these in the Fortress of Winds. These can dig through sand
            and the weird looking gray/red/etc. colored circular doors in walls
            like in Hyrule Town and on Mt. Crenel.
            *Assign it and press the button to dig.

Ocarina of Wind
=================A transport tool. Play it to get a bird to come and fly you
                 to any of the places you exploded a tombstone, a Wind Crest,
                 *Assign it and press the button to play.

Flame Lantern
===============You get this in the Temple of Droplets. This melts ice and will
               light dark rooms a little bit.
               *Assign it and press to light. Press again to put out.

Roc's Cape
============This is from the Palace of Winds. This allows you to jump and
            *Assign it and press to jump. Hold to glide.

Mirror Shield
===============You get this from doing the Biggoron quest thing. It will send
               a energy wave when you deflect things.
               *Same as shield.

  Special                                                         04.07
Broken Picori Sword
=====================This is utterly useless, but you'll need it to reforge the
                     full Picori Blade.

Map of Hyrule
===============This is a map of Hyrule. The map gets more complete as more
               places are explored.

Jabber Nut
============This allows you to understand the Minish.

Dungeon Map
=============This will allow you to map the current dungeon. This is found in
             a big blue chest in any dungeon.

=========This, like the map, is found in dungeons. It shows the place of
         treasures, even hidden ones.

Small Key
===========This is a normal key found in dungeons that unlock normal doors.

Big Key
=========This is a huge key found in dungeons that unlock the boss room doors.

Bomb Bag
==========This lets you carry 10 Bombs with you and is given to you by Belari,
          after completing the Deepwood Shrine level.

Kinstone Bag
==============This lets you carry Kinstone Pieces. You obtain it from a man
              in Hyrule Town, after completing the Deepwood Shrine level.

Kinstone Pieces
=================These are pieces of mystical stone. Fusing them with other
                 people will result in good things. See the Kinstones section.

Tiger Scrolls
===============These are scrolls given to you so you can review learned skills.
               Look in the Skill Upgrades section to see all about them.

=======Get this from any water hole. You must capture it in a bottle. This
       grows plants

Mt. Crenel Mineral Water
==========================Get this at the toxic looking swamp thing at Mt.
                          Crenel. This grows a certain plant species.

Grip Ring
===========You get this from a Scrub on Mt. Crenel. It costs 40 Rupees, I
           believe. This lets you climb walls and pick up heavier rocks.

Power Bracelets
=================Have super strength, even as a Minish!

==========These allow you to swim. Even as a Minish! Go Link!
          * A makes Link swim faster, and B makes Link dive underwater.

| Magical Heart Upgrades                                                 |

  Heart Upgrade A - 2 Hearts                                      04.08
Piece of Heart #1 - Minish Woods
                  * After the cutscene of Ezlo being attacked, head
                    left and you'll see it.

Piece of Heart #2 - Minish Village
                  * Go to the northeastern part of town.

Piece of Heart #3 - Deepwood Shrine / B1
                  * Once defeating the Mini-Boss, head south.

Piece of Heart #4 - Deepwood Shrine / B2
                  * Once pressing the button that opens the blue portal, go
                    back to the entrance room and step on it. You'll be taken
                    to the Piece of Heart.

Heart Container - Deepwood Shrine / 1F
                  * Heart Containers are like Pieces of Heart, but they
                    automatically give you a heart upgrade.

  Heart Upgrade B - 2 Hearts                                      04.09
Piece of Heart #1 - South Hyrule Field / Southeast corner
                  * PLOT FUSION #1

Piece of Heart #2 - Mt. Crenel Base / Northwest section
                  * Go up to the northwest area, and bomb between the trees.
                    It looks like it won't open, but it does. Inside, bomb the
                    top stone for the piece.

Piece of Heart #3 - Mt. Crenel / Hidden cave
                  * Climb up the ladder. Bomb between the two rock formations
                    beside the Crenel Wall. Inside are fairies and the piece.

Piece of Heart #4 - Cave of Flames / B1
                  * There are two long halls in the middle of the floor, if you
                    look at the map. Once you reach the bigger room above the
                    top hallway, bomb the eastern-bottom wall and go through.
                    The Piece of Heart will be there.

Heart Container - Cave of Flames / B3
                * After defeating the Gleerok, it'll appear.

  Heart Upgrade C - 3 Hearts                                      04.10
Piece of Heart #1 - North Hyrule Field / Northwest cave
                  * Go to the northwest. There is a sign pointing to the Royal
                    Valley. Bomb the rock by it and climb the ladder. Head
                    down the stairs and there it is.

Piece of Heart #2 - Hyrule Town / Back of Inn
                  * Shrink then head northeast. Climb the vine by the Inn and
                    head in the back. Grow, and voila!

Piece of Heart #3 - Veil Falls
                  * Exit at the northeast of Hyrule Town. Head up, charge the
                    hole, and flip up. Go around and down the ladder. Head to
                    the right for it.

Piece of Heart #4 - Mt. Crenel
                  * On your way to Grayblade's cave. It is in the same room as


Piece of Heart #1 - Minish Woods
                  * From the top left entrance, go down and left. On the top
                    right side of the pond is the piece.

Piece of Heart #2 - Lon Lon Ranch
                  * After getting the Pegasus Boots, take out the tree in the
                    top left area of the yard. Shrink and go into the mini-path
                    on the right. At the end is the piece.

Piece of Heart #3 - Castor Wilds / Swiftblade the First's grave
                  * In the southwest area is the grave of Swiftblade the First.
                    The heart is here.

Piece of Heart #4 - Fortress of Winds / Room #4
                  * Fall down from the top floor of Room #3, as a Minish.

Heart Container - Fortress of Winds
                * After you defeat Mazaal, it appears.

  Heart Upgrade D - 5 Hearts                                      04.11
Piece of Heart #1 - Western Wood / Tree in center
                  * OPTIONAL FUSION #12

Piece of Heart #2 - Hyrule Town / Simon's Simulations
                  * Do Simon's simulation game and kill all enemies.

Random Finding - Hyrule Castle Garden / Hidden door
                  * SHARED FUSION #3

Piece of Heart #3 - Hyrule Town
                  * Finish "The Cucco Game" Sidequest


Piece of Heart #1 - Mt. Crenel / Crenel Wall
                  * Go to the platform where the Crenel Hermit is. Dig the
                    red sand wall to the left. Inside is the piece.

Piece of Heart #2 - Hyrule Town / Northwest fountain hole
                  * Take the path we did for the 2nd book return, until you get
                    inside the fountain. Swim left and break the pots. Grab the

Piece of Heart #3 - Minish Woods / Southwest
                  * Exit left from the Minish village. Go up, left, then up.
                    Enter the left tunnel. Go to the end for the piece.

Piece of Heart #4 - Eastern Hills / Bean sprout
                  * OPTIONAL FUSION #33


Piece of Heart #1 - Castor Wilds / Northeast
                  * Go up here and swim through the water. Go into the cave
                    and push the stones for the piece. Push these stones:
                    Top right, the stone after the one under that, then the one
                    sticking out.

Piece of Heart #2 - South Hyrule Field
                  * Go to the southwest and ram the tree. Shrink and swim all
                    the way up to a Minish water entrance. Inside is the piece.

Piece of Heart #3 - Hyrule Castle Garden
                  * Go to the bottom right and chop all the grass away. Go down
                    and up. Here is a Piece of Heart.

Piece of Heart #4 - Mt. Crenel / Northwest
                  * Go to Melari. Fuse a G2 with him to make a beanstalk appear
                    in the northwest.


Piece of Heart #1 - Veil Falls / Northeast exit from North Hyrule Field
                  * Jump into the water and near you should be the piece.

Piece of Heart #2 - Lake Hylia / South
                  * Head to Hagen's cabin. Go north of it and jump into the
                    water. Swim left to find the piece.

Piece of Heart #3 - Lake Hylia / Southwest
                  * Enter the tree hut. Downstairs is the piece.

Piece of Heart #4 - Lake Hylia / Northwest
                  * Drop into the water left of Stockwell's home. Press B to
                    dive for it.


Heart Container - Temple of Droplets
                * After you defeat the big Octorok, it appears.

  Heart Upgrade E - 2 Hearts                                      04.12
Piece of Heart #1 - Royal Valley / Graveyard
                  * Top left grave is movable. Clone inside and push stone.

Piece of Heart #2 - Veil Falls / Northwest
                  * OPTIONAL FUSION #57

Piece of Heart #3 - Palace of Winds / 4F Inside
                  * Upon entrance, go left and up. Push the blocks and jump
                    across. Go all the way up.

Heart Container - Cloud Tops / Top of Wind Tribe building
                  * After beating the Gyorgs, you get it.

Piece of Heart #4 - Hyrule Town / Center
                  * Jump into the bell for it.

   Heart Upgrade F - 3 Hearts                                      04.13
Piece of Heart #1 - Lake Hylia / Center of water
                  * You need to jump to this.

Piece of Heart #2 - Lake Hylia / Lon Lon Ranch
                  * Go to the above piece. Hop up to the sand cave and dig it.
                    Dig to the southwest and exit for the piece.

Piece of Heart #3 - Lake Hylia
                  * You must have done OPTIONAL FUSION #45. Then, go to the
                    cave mentioned right above this. Dig to the northeast, take
                    the ladder, go left and down this one, then dig to the
                    end. This ladder will take you to the beanstalk if you did
                    the fusion.

Piece of Heart #4 - Hyrule Town / Funday School
                  * Go into the Minish valley in the yard. At the end, make
                    three clones to push the block.


Piece of Heart #1 - Veil Falls / Center
                  * OPTIONAL FUSION #70

Heart Container - Lake Hylia / Hole by Wind Crest
                  * OPTIONAL FUSION #71

Piece of Heart #2 - Castor Wilds / Southeast
                  * Do OPTIONAL FUSIONS #14, #15, and #16. Go to Castor Wilds.
                    Shrink at the top left. Take the first lily pad down. Go
                    through the log. Go down and right, then through the
                    next log. Once at the southeast, swim through the water to
                    a Minish hole at the top right of this area. Inside,
                    navigate the maze. Once through, kill all the enemies. At
                    the end is the piece.

Piece of Heart #3 - Wind Ruins
                  * Once you reach the 2nd Minish portal, shrink. Go back and
                    down two sets of vine. Now, take the 2nd one from the left.
                    Enter the hidden cave. At the end is the piece.

Piece of Heart #4 - Hyrule Town / Bottom left shop with gold statue
                  * Collect all 136 Figurines. The last 6 come from after
                    beating the game. Then, you'll get the Carlov Medal. Go to
                    the man sitting beside the cafe. Show it to him and he'll
                    let you in the shop that was locked. Grab the goodies and
                    the piece.

                    |                                |
O===================|                                |===================O
                    | The Journey Continues          |             05.00
O===================|                                |===================O

| The Cucco Game                                                         |

LOCATION: Hyrule Town / Southeast section
HOW TO START: Talk to the woman guarding the yard with a Cucco in it
HINT: You shouldn't do this game until you get some Wallet Upgrades, cause you
know, why waste all the masses of Rupees you get? Read section 05.11 for info
on upgrades.

---------------QUEST BEGIN

   Run #1                                                          05.01
Conditions: -Get 2 chickens in the yard
            -Do in 25 seconds
            -No entering houses or leaving town
Rewards: NOTE, you MUST follow my strategy to get these items.
         +60 Rupees
         +10 Shells

Strategy: Run up and grab the white one. Throw him in. Go left and pick up the
          gold one. Run right a little and throw him. He runs northeast a tiny
          bit. Pick him up again, and throw him in the yard.

  Run #2                                                          05.02
Conditions: -Get 3 chickens in the yard
            -Do in 25 seconds
            -No entering houses or leaving town
Rewards: NOTE, you MUST follow my strategy to get these items.
         +70 Rupees
         +10 Shells

Strategy: Do the last strategy. Then grab the white one to the left of the

  Run #3                                                          05.03
Conditions: -Get 4 chickens in the yard
            -Do in 30 seconds
            -No entering houses or leaving town
Rewards: NOTE, you MUST follow my strategy to get these items.
         +80 Rupees
         +20 Shells

Strategy: Do the last strategy. Then grab the white one at the northeast.

  Run #4                                                          05.04
Conditions: -Get 5 chickens in the yard
            -Do in 45 seconds
            -No entering houses or leaving town
Rewards: NOTE, you MUST follow my strategy to get these items.
         +90 Rupees
         +20 Shells

Strategy: Forget the last one! Grab the gold one at the left. Grab the two up
          at the northeast. There's a white one to the left of the house by
          where you got the gold one, and another one north from that.

  Run #5                                                          05.05
Conditions: -Get 5 chickens in the yard
            -Do in 50 seconds
            -No entering houses or leaving town
Rewards: NOTE, you MUST follow my strategy to get these items.
         +50 Rupees
         +30 Shells

Strategy: By the looks of conditions, this got easier. Well it didn't.
          THIS IS NEAR IMPOSSIBLE! It doesn't matter which order you go in,
          just get these guys. And by the way, there is no way to win this one
          with a gold chicken, NO WAY.
          1. Northeast
          2. Above the house left of the woman
          3. Across the bridge left from the above house
          4. Above the said bridge
          5. North
          That was so freaking hard. I got the last chicken in with 0.5 on the
          clock! It took my 10 tries! Argh, God, I'm so frustrated now!

  Run #6                                                          05.06
Conditions: -Get 5 chickens in the yard
            -Do in 45 seconds
            -No entering houses or leaving town
Rewards: NOTE, you MUST follow my strategy to get these items.
         +130 Rupees
         +30 Shells

Strategy: You're probably gonna scream. Well, don't. It gets easier. This is a
          remake of Run #4, an easy one. Here's what to do.
          1. Grab the gold one to the left.
          2. Cross the bridge and grab the gold one. Throw him across the
             bridge. Catch up with him and bring him as close to the gate as
             possible, and line up with the woman. Throw him and he'll run in
             the yard. :D
          3. White one in the northwest.
          4. White one to the north in the water by the two ladies.
          5. White one between the left house and bridge.

  Run #7                                                          05.07
Conditions: -Get 6 chickens in the yard
            -Do in 50 seconds
            -No entering houses or leaving town
Rewards: NOTE, you MUST follow my strategy to get these items.
         +160 Rupees
         +Kinstone Piece (I got a R2)

Strategy: This is a LITTLE tougher.
          1. White one to the left.
          2. Same as 1.
          3. Gold one to the left.
          4. White in the northeast.
          5. White in the north.
          6. White in the northwest.

  Run #8                                                          05.08
Conditions: -Get 7 chickens in the yard
            -Do in 60 seconds
            -No entering houses or leaving town
Rewards: NOTE, you MUST follow my strategy to get these items.
         +190 Rupees
         +Kinstone Piece (I got a R3)

Strategy: This is a neverending game, ARGH!
          1. Same as 1 in the last game.
          2. Same as 1 in the last game, but a gold chicken.
          3. Same as 3 in the last game.
          4. Same as 4 in the last game, but a gold chicken.
          5. Same as 5 in the last game.
          6. Same as 6 in the last game.
          7. Run across the bridge. There is a white one above you.

  Run #9                                                          05.09
Conditions: -Get 2 chickens in the yard
            -Do in 55 seconds
            -No entering houses or leaving town
Rewards: NOTE, you MUST follow my strategy to get these items.
         +20 Rupees
         +Kinstone Piece (I got a R1)

Strategy: Prepare for DEVASTATION.
          1. Run all the way northwest to the rugs. Go left behind the shops to
             find a white one.
          2. Go back to the rugs and run up the north stairs. Take the left
             path and cross the mini-bridge. There's a white chicken.

  Run #10                                                         05.10
Conditions: -Get 3 chickens in the yard
            -Do in 55 seconds
            -No entering houses or leaving town
Rewards: NOTE, you MUST follow my strategy to get these items.
         +Piece of Heart
         +110 Rupees

REQUIRES: Flippers

Strategy: ARGH. This is the final one. Problem is though, look above this.
          The new thing, it requires Flippers! >:(
          Come back once you have them.
          1. Run across the bridge and to the water. There's a gold one.
          2. Gold one in the northeast.
          3. West side, across the plank thing. You can swim across the water
             with the Flippers.

---------------QUEST END

REWARD: Some goodies and Piece of Heart

| Item Holding Upgrades                                                  |

These are upgrades you can get throughout the game to increase the capacity
of holding items, like a bigger Wallet or Bomb Bag.

---------------SIDEQUEST BEGIN

  Wallet                                                          05.11
Upgrade #1
LOCATION: Stockwell's Shop
HOW TO GET: Buy it for 80 Rupees
CAPACITY: 300 Rupees

Upgrade #2
LOCATION: Minish Woods Fairy Fountain
HOW TO GET: Head northeast out of Hyrule Town. Proceed south from Lon Lon Ranch
            and go down a tiny bit. When you see a hole to the right, charge
            it and flip up. Then head right and into the doorway thing. Here,
            tell the fairy "yes" twice.
CAPACITY: 500 Rupees

Upgrade #3 (FINAL)
LOCATION: Lon Lon Ranch / Stairs under water puddle
HOW TO GET: Kinfuse with the mayor of Hyrule Town, after getting the Kinstone
            Bag / You can't get the upgrade yet, though
CAPACITY: 999 Rupees

  Bomb Bags                                                       05.12
Upgrade #1
LOCATION: Mt. Crenel / Mayfly Fairy Cave
HOW TO GET: Climbing the Crenel Wall, climb to the right and land on the
            platform. Plant a bomb and go inside. Drop another bomb, pick it
            up, and throw it in the water. When the fairy appears and questions
            you, answer "Neither."
CAPACITY: 30 Bombs

Upgrade #2
LOCATION: Stockwell's Shop
HOW TO GET: Buy it for 600 Rupees
CAPACITY: 50 Bombs

Upgrade #3 (FINAL)
LOCATION: In the Wind Ruins, in front of the Fortress of Winds
HOW TO GET: Find Belari, the dude who gave you the first Bombs. Kinfuse with
            him to make the chest appear at the location.
CAPACITY: 99 Bombs!

Remote Bombs (EXTRA)
LOCATION: Left of Forest Minish village
HOW TO GET: Head to the Forest Minish village in Minish Woods. Go to the Elder
            and Kinfuse with him. After talking, now head left of the village
            and to Belari again. Talking with him allows you to swap Bomb types
            unless you want to change back, which you do by telling him so.
            Remote Bombs only let you place 1 at a time, but you can detonate
            whenever you want.

  Quiver (Arrows)                                                 05.13
Upgrade #1
LOCATION: Stockwell's Shop
HOW TO GET: Buy for 600 Rupees after getting Flippers
CAPACITY: 50 Arrows

Upgrade #2
LOCATION: Wind Ruins
HOW TO GET: Near the beginning, find the Minish. Fuse a R3 with him for a big
            stake to grow somewhere else in the ruins. Find it and get the
CAPACITY: 70 Arrows

Upgrade #3 (FINAL)
LOCATION: Royal Valley
HOW TO GET: After getting third element and infusing, go to the Royal Valley.
            Head down the first steps, then bomb between the two pieces of
            fence. Answer the Great Dragonfly Fairy's questions - no, no, yes,
            no, no - to get a bigger quiver.
CAPACITY: 99 Arrows!

Light Arrows (EXTRA)
LOCATION: Cloud Tops, Gregal's home
HOW TO GET: Do the Gregal and the Ghost Sidequest before it's too late. Too
            late is when you come back looking for the Wind Element. He'll be
            dead. When you do come back, enter the house again and talk to
            Gregal for them.

---------------QUEST END

REWARD: Upgrades

| Gregal and the Ghost                                             05.14 |

TASK: There is an old guy in a building whom is cursed by a ghost. You need to
exorcise him.

NOTE: This quest IS MISSABLE. If you don't heal him via the teleport route,
then you'll run into the house in Cloud Tops, while searching for the Wind
Element. Sadly, the old man will be dead then, and you'll miss out on 100
Shells and the Light Arrow Upgrade.

---------------QUEST BEGIN

To start off, do Optional Fusion #3. (See Fusion List.) After, go to the
teleport that appears. In here, climb up the stairs, getting the three Kinstone
Pieces from the chests on the way. At the top is a sickly old fellow. Bring out
the Gust Jar and suck up at the ghost. Keep holding the button and moving left
and right, back and forth. Soon the ghost will be caught. The old man will be
better, so talk to him to get his thanks.

---------------QUEST END

REWARD: Talking to him will net you 100 Shells. Later on, in the quest for the
Wind Element, the second time you come to Cloud Tops, come back to this guy.
He'll then give you the Light Arrow Upgrade.

| Percy and the Monster-Lady                                       05.15 |

OBJECTIVE: You need to see who the stranger in Percy's house is.

---------------QUEST BEGIN

You need to go inside Percy's home and light all the things. You'll see the
Monster-Lady, a Bow Moblin. Don't reveal her identity and you'll get 50 Rupees.

---------------QUEST END

REWARD: Go back out and back in and talk to Percy. You'll get 100 Shells.

| Marcy and the Swordsman Newsletter                               05.16 |

OBJECTIVE: Erm...read the Swordsman Newsletter.

---------------QUEST BEGIN

This isn't really more of a quest, just more of a sidething. You unlock this
after fusing with the Postman. A woman in the Post Office will allow you to
sign up for an issue for 200 Rupees each. For each issue, you must find a
Blade Brother and earn a new technique. Other than being tedious and expensive,
these things are really nothing else, so just read them here, is my advice.

    Some Walls Go Boom...
    It may look like a regular wall, but it may be something you can
    blow up. There's actually an easy way to tell. And I'm here to
    teach you! Build up the power in your sword and start stabbing the
    wall. If you pay attention, you'll find that some spots make a
    different sound!

    Teach us, Teacher!
    Monsters got you? Don't give up! Start mashing buttons! You might
    be able to escape quickly!

    Swiftblade's Gossip Column
    The Magical Boomerang...Somewhere in Hyrule, you can find an
    incredibly handy boomerang. It's designed so you can change its
    direction after you throw it! Or so I've been told. But it's just
    a rumor...

    Swiftblade, Signing Off!
    That's it for our first issue! We plan to bring you helpful questing
    hints every week, so check your mail! See you in issue 2! Until next
    time, warriors!

    This Year's Must-Have Item!
    Have you seen those sparks that move along walls? Your sword
    doesn't work, so maybe you've just given up fighting them. But have
    you tried ALL your items? Like...what about your boomerang? Give
    that a shot! You might be surprised at the results!

    Teach us, Teacher!
    Monster took your shield? Well, don't get all down about it. All
    hope is not lost. Beat him up quickly, and you might just get it

    Swiftblade's Gossip Column
    The Mirror Shield...A beautiful, glimmering shield capable of
    reflecting monsters shots. You can use it to turn their attacks
    back at them. Or so they say...But it's just a rumor...

    Swiftblade, Signing Off!
    Issue 2 is out the door! We've got our first reader mail! Let's
    answer it now! "Hey, Swiftblade, what's your best feature?" That
    would be my eyebrows! I spend a lot of time grooming these suckers!
    See you in issue 3! Until next time, warriors!

    Got a Bone to Pick?
    You're sure to run into more than a few skeletons on your journey.
    That's why this week's newsletter is dedicated to all you bone-
    breakers! A good, solid whack to the head should do the trick.
    That's their weak spot! Try smacking them with a beam from your
    Cane of Pacci. You should also try your Gust Jar. That head should
    just pop right off! They go all to pieces once they lose their

    Teach us, Teacher!
    Those darn Bob-ombs! If you hit them with your sword, they'll run
    all over the place and explode! But don't you worry. This
    newsletter's here to teach you how to cope! Your best bet is
    arrows! One shot can take them down! You can fire from a safe
    distance, too! There's also your Gust Jar...Draw them in and
    shoot them out, and they'll even blow up whatever they hit!

    Swiftblade's Gossip Column
    Light Arrows are amazing...They go through grass! They fell a
    monster with one strike! They're handy! They're dandy! They're a
    super-duper-ultra-item! Or so it seems...But it's just a rumor...

    Swiftblade, Signing Off!
    We've got more reader mail this week! "Hey, Swiftblade!  How many
    siblings do you have?" There are nine of us, not counting the ghost
    of Swiftblade the First. I'm the oldest, but again, that's if you
    don't count Swiftblade the First! See you in issue 4! Until next
    time, warriors!

    Seek Out The Strong!
    Have you ever seen a golden monster? When you fuse Kinstone pieces,
    you might get the rare chance to meet one. They're much stronger
    than the regular version of that monster. Of course, if you beat
    one of 'em, you'll get something REALLY good! If you see one, go
    fight it instantly! Just drop everything and go!

    Teach us, Teacher!
    Those thorny little thorn monsters! Your sword doesn't hurt 'em at
    all! But if you bump 'em with your shield up, they'll totally flip!
    There are other ways, though. Flip 'em with a bomb! Or your Cane
    of Pacci! Or with a well-placed down thrust! How's that for
    options? Your head must be swimming at the possibilities!

    Swiftblade's Gossip Column
    Remote Bombs...Here's a secret: you can blow them up whenever you
    want! How cool is that?! Or so it seems...But it's just a

    Swiftblade, Signing Off!
    I went to Lon Lon Ranch the other day. I saw the ghost of
    Swiftblade the First defeat a cow with his bare hands! It was kind
    of sad, really...See you in issue 5! Until next time, warriors!

    Fire Up That Chilly Chump!
    Have you seen a sorcerer who throws cold curses at you? Yeah, the
    one who keeps disappearing! That's him! Well, next time he shows
    up, whack him with your lantern! Fire against ice! It's the law of

    Teach us, Teacher!
    Those pig-faced Moblins...You see them around the Minish Woods,
    right? They're big and dumb? Well, they're also rich! Beat one up
    for some quick cash!

    Swiftblade's Gossip Column
    A tidbit about amulets...I hear that there's a mysterious amulet
    that raises your abilities if you use it! Well, that's what I
    heard, anyway...But it's just a rumor...

    Swiftblade, Signing Off!
    I went to Smith's the other day. The old guy's still looking pretty
    good. But I AM a little concerned about the guy in green tights on the
    hill there...See you in issue 6! Until next time, warriors!

    Here's What You Do!
    Have you seen a monster wrapped in bandages? It tries to grab you?
    Well, here's a pro tip: bandages burn easily, especially on a mummy!
    I don't have to spell this out, do I? Yeah, you know what I'm about
    to say! That's right, it's time to light up their world! FWOOOSH!

    Teach us, Teacher!
    Those heavy-handed Floor Masters...And their irritating friends,
    the Wall Masters...They're really annoying, but if you beat one,
    they say you'll be rich!! But it's just a rumor...Don't complain
    to me if it turns out to be wrong.

    Swiftblade's Gossip Column
    Rupee-stealing nasties...Those Rupee-camouflaged creeps have been
    ripping a lot of you off lately. I've heard that you greedy
    adventurers are getting soaked! In fact, I hear that the greedier
    you are, the more it takes! Or so it seems...But it's just a

    Swiftblade, Signing Off!
    We've got reader mail again! "Hey, Swiftblade, do you have a
    hobby?" Training! See you in issue 7! Until next time, warriors!

    For Real Swordsmen Only
    You know the Roll Attack, right? Yeah, the one you do midroll! I
    bet Grayblade told you to attack just as you finish the roll, right?
    Well, actually, you can do it just as you start the roll, too! But
    the timing is very tricky! You can do it! Hone your skill! The
    journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step! Or...

    Teach us, Teacher!
    Camouflaged shell-shockers...These fiends festoon themselves with
    grass and rocks to deceive your eyes. But you can remove their camo
    without trying to pick them up, you know! Hit them with that Cane
    of Pacci! Suck them with the Gust Jar! How do you like that!? Now
    you're a camo-buster!

    Swiftblade's Gossip Column
    Those short-fused Bob-ombs...I told you about them in issue 3, but
    here's another thing...Apparently they drop bombs at a higher rate
    than other enemies! Or so it seems...But it's just a rumor...

    Swiftblade, Signing Off!
    The next one is our last issue! After that, it'll be time for me to
    put down my pen. As much as I like writing, I'm a teacher at heart.
    But I know you'll miss me when I'm gone. I'm like a star! A
    superstar! Issue 8, the last one, is coming soon! Hope you're
    looking forward to it! Until next time, warriors!

    The Way To The Sacred Blade
    Have you ever wished you could unleash your Spin Attack a little
    faster? Or perhaps split faster? Or maybe you wanted a longer
    Great Spin Attack? It's only natural to want these things. Every
    warrior wants to be his best! So now for some good news! I haven't
    confirmed it, but there MAY be a way! All of these things could be
    yours if you only figure out how to do it!

    Teach us, Teacher!
    The one-eyed statue Eyegore...You have to shoot him with an arrow
    to make him move...But if you beat him, he almost always drops
    spare arrows for you! So don't you worry about running out of
    arrows once you've beaten him! Just fire away!

    Swiftblade's Gossip Column
    Armos, fabled creations of the Minish. I hear that they drop
    Kinstone pieces when you beat them! Or so it seems...But it's
    just a rumor...

    Swiftblade, Signing Off!
    That's all the news for you! If you get lonely, just come over and
    spar for a while! And thanks for reading! I hope you've enjoyed it
    as much as I have. And now, let me sign off one final time with
    that oh-so-familiar farewell...Until next time, warriors!

---------------QUEST END


| The Last Bottle                                                  05.17 |

OBJECTIVE: Do all the Goron fusions to break down the last wall in the Lon Lon
           Ranch cave. There will be the final bottle. You also get to do the
           last Sidequest, "The Mirror Shield."

---------------QUEST BEGIN

To start this quest, you can do it after coming back from Castor Wilds the
first time. What you need to do is head to Eastern Hills and talk to Eenie the
farmer. He is in the northwest part, farming, and is on the top. Perform with

Now, do the following fusions in this order:


INTER-NOTE: After getting the 4th Goron and breaking the 3rd wall, enter the
            cave for 200 Rupees in a chest.


INTER-NOTE: You need the Roc's Cape for the last one.


Now, head to Lon Lon Ranch and go to the southwest. Enter the cave, and at the
end, the last bottle will be there.

---------------QUEST END

REWARD: Bottle - The last one in the game.
        New Sidequest - "The Mirror Shield"

| The Mirror Shield                                                05.18 |

OBJECTIVE: Obtain the ancient Mirror Shield.

PREREQUISITES: Sidequest, "The Last Bottle" complete
              The game complete, and saved

---------------QUEST BEGIN

Make sure you have completed the Sidequest, "The Last Bottle." Also, you must
have beat and saved the game.

Now head back to that cave and go to the last Goron on the right. Talk to him
and fuse with him. He requires a R3 Kinstone. Now, at the Veil Falls,
Biggoron will appear. Go there and talk with him. He wants to...eat your
shield? Let him do so and go around shield-less, collecting the last Heart
Pieces and whatever you want.

Come back later and he will give you your reward. Don't ask me how.

---------------QUEST END

REWARD: Mirror Shield

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