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Version: 1.30 | Updated: 01/02/05

Spongebob - The Movie Boss faq (Version 1.30)


If you need any help with this game you can IM me at fissure100 on Aol Instant 
Messanger, or  email me at fissure1@gmail.com

Table of Contents:

Boss Battles:

1.Thug Fish
2.Thug Tug Thug
3.Ice Cream Monster
6.Return of Dennis
7.King Neptune


1. Bikini Booty - the Minigame Stage.

Boss 1 - Thug Fish
(Difficulty - Easy)

Thug fish will shoot crowbars at you, when he does this you can just duck under 
them.After he shoots two crobars he will charge at you. This is your chance to 
jump on his head. After two hits he will start shooting four crowbars, just 
duck under them and jump on his head when he charges and you have this fight 

Boss 2 - Thug Tug Thug
(Difficulty - Easy)

Thug Tug Thug will continuously jump in the air and back onto the ground. He 
will do this a few times. After that he will get tired and this will be your 
chance to jump on him to hurt him. Do this three times for your victory.

Boss 3 - Ice Cream Monster
(Difficulty - Easy)

Our little ice cream shooting friend will shoot ice cream cones at you. Just 
the dodge them for a little bit and the Ice Cream Monster will shoot it's 
tongue at you and get it stuck on the icey pole. When it does this it's your 
chance to go up to it and ground pound it's head.Ground pound his head a total 
of three times for the win against this ice cream fiend.

Boss 4 - Dennis
(Difficulty Medium)

What can we say about our buddy Dennis? Hmm, cool looking, i'll give him that. 
Nut sadly his arsenal of weapons only consist's of stomping on you with his 
spike boots. Dennis will jump through the air doing a flip then slamming down 
on the ground with his spike boots. Eventually he will get stuck and this will 
be your chance to jump on his head. Jump on his head three times and you will 
beat Dennis. After the fight Dennis vows to destroy our little buddies 
spongebob andpatrick. Then a giant golem boot crushes him. What a way to go.

Boss 5 - Cyclops
(Difficulty Hard)

Remember the cyclops golem that stepped on Dennis? He's back. Now this is a 
fight that is hard. This battle takes place in a building on the surface. You 
know what that means. No good water supply for patrick and spongebob. During 
the fight the thermomitor on the right side will fill up. If it gets to the top
 you will lose. Doesn't seem like a big deal at first does it? Well during the 
battle the cyclops will bring his hand up onto the surface and pull down 
spongebob and patrick. IF he succeeds at puling you down, you lose. When the 
cyclops pulls his head up you will have to ground pound the glue bottle so the 
glue gets onto the cyclops eye. Put glue into his eye three times and victory 
is yours.

Added by LiL bLuMaRoO: If you press the arrows and A fast to struggle you can
get out of the Cyclops hand by struggling.

Boss 6 - Dennis is back
(Difficulty - Easy)

Our good friend Dennis is back once again. And here we thought he was dead. 
Sadly Dennis isn't like some of the cool bosses in games that you are suprised 
to see return. Basically since all he does is the same thing as our last 
battle. He will flip through the air and slam his spike boots into the ground. 
Since we know what to do from our last battle just jump on Dennis's head when 
he gets stuck. Do this three times for the final victory against our sunglasses
wearing friend.

Boss 7 - King Neptune
(Difficulty - Medium)

Well, this is it. The final battle. You've waited for this moment for awhile, 
are you ready? You would think the king of the sea would be really hard right? 
Wrong, he may be a little hard but nothing unbeatable. When you start the 
battle you'll notice that plankton's chum bucket mind control healmet is 
sitting on top of kingy's head. Plankton is such an evil little thing. Plankton
tell's Neptune to destroy spongebob and patrick. Neptune repeats it and flies 
up. King Neptune will then have his trident fire a beam at you. Keep dodging 
the beams he shoots at you. King Neptune will then fly across the screen the 
times getting low at each crossing. When he's on the bottom just jump on him to
do damage. Spongebob tries to tell Neptune about the mind control but sadly he 
just won't listen. After you hit Neptune for a second time Spongebob tries once
again to tell Neptune of plankton's diabolical plan. But he still won't listen.
After a third hit you must rapidly press a so you can harness the power of rock
and send Neptune's blast back at him knocking off the Chum Bucket helmet and 
saving the day.

Unlock Bikini Booty 
the minigame stage
Credit goes to: LiL bLuMaRoO

Go to level 1-1 entitled Management Material and go to the second checkpoint. 
Now jump to the cliff to the left and go through the tree trunk. Race through
the level and pick a prize at the end via the roulette. When your finished with
that you can go up the M square where the stage select screen is. There you can
play over any minigames you have completed.

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