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Rep Points FAQ by Allura

Version: 1.2.3 | Updated: 01/09/07

(The Urbz: Sims in the City for GBA/DS)
by Allura Celestine

Version 1.2.2 (11/28/2004)

----- Updates -----

01/12/05 - Added a note about the use of the codes in the code section.  This 
will answer all of the questions I've been recieving, as I'm afraid I haven't 
the time lately to reply to emails.

12/10/04 - Fixed the relationship codes.  I had the -5 endings for the +100 
relationships!  To save you the scroll, the +100 relationship codes should end 
with :64 not :FB.

12/08/04 - Added the Daddy B codes I forgot and changed my email address.  For 
those who emailed to the Netscape address, I apologize for not responding, but 
I'm having trouble accessing that account.  Please email again to 


This is the guide to acquiring all of the Rep Points for each group in The 
Urbz: Sims in the City for the Game Boy Advance.  This guide will only tell 
you that and nothing more, so there are very few spoilers, if any.  If you 
can't understand something in this guide, feel free to email me, but please do 
not ask me about anything else in the game, as those answers can be found in 
the walkthrough available here or on GameFAQs.com.  I'm making this guide to 
answer the questions so many people on the message board there are asking, but 
no one really seems to be answering.  If there are any mistakes, spelling or 
otherwise, please don't hesitate to let me know!

===== Contents =====

1.1 Tips 
1.2 Important Information
  1.2.1 Rivals
  1.2.2 Trophy Locations
  1.2.3 Relationship Points
2.1 Completing Rep Missions
  2.1.1 Streeties Rep Mission
  2.1.2 Nerdies Rep Mission
  2.1.3 Artsies Rep Mission
  2.1.4 Richies Rep Mission
3.1 Streeties Rep Points
4.1 Nerdies Rep Points 
5.1 Artises Rep Points
6.1 Richies Rep Points
7.1 Helpful Codes
8.1 Credits and Contact

===== 1.1 Tips =====

In my experience, it's easier to work with two groups who aren't rivals.  If 
you're going for the Richies Rep Points, try for the Artsies too, getting all 
but the last one -- which requires you to live in a certain place.  It takes 
days to drop a relationship down to -5, so work on two at a time.  Also, be 
sure to save up a lot of money for moving expenses.  You'll understand all of 
this in a minute.

===== 1.2 Important Information =====

What you need to know.

----- 1.2.1 Rivals -----

Streeties and Richies
Nerdies and Artsies

----- 1.2.2 Trophy Locations -----

Streeties - From the Sim Quarter, go down into the Graveyard, then through to 
the passageway at the top, near the Statue of Daddy Bigbucks.  Go through the 
passage, then straight down between the buildings, as if you were going back 
to the Bayou.  Once you get past those buildings, you'll see a couple of 
graves.  Check those until you see an arrow, or simply press the button until 
you pick something up.

Nerdies - Get on the road that leads from Glasstown to the Carnival -- it's at 
the very left of town.  Go all the way up until you hit the wall/fence.  On 
the right, there are two trees sticking out of the pavement.  Walk up to them 
and search around until you see an arrow.

Artsies - Go to the stump in the Bayou where you play the Red Man's Fiddling 
game.  From there, go down and walk around until you see an arrow appear on 
the ground.  If it's not there, try by some of the Venus Fly Traps -- those 
plants that try to eat you.

Richies - Go to the Megamall in Glasstown.  On the second floor, there is a 
row of TVs with two computers on the end.  Walk up to the computers.  You 
should see an arrow appear, but even if you don't, press the pickup button 

Remember, if an arrow doesn't appear where the trophy should be, press the 
button anyway and you'll end up picking it up.

----- 1.2.3 Relationship Points -----

It takes a relationship of 50 to be considered a friend (smiley faces appear 
in their backgrounds).  When you get the group leaders to 100 relationship, 
they give you a point.  Relationships naturally degrade over time by a couple 
of points. If you have all of the points, but then one goes missing, talk to 
the leader again to make sure the relationship is 100, not 99 or less.

===== 2.1 Completing Rep Missions =====

You get these Rep Missions from each Rep Group leader once you have at least 5 
rep points in their group.  To access them, go to your Mission screen and hit 
the up arrow, then move right to the tab with the 'R' on it.  Rep Missions 
take a lot of time to complete, so be patient.

The format for these will be this:
* Mission Goal
	- How to complete it.

----- 2.1.1 Streeties Rep Mission -----

* Seriously annoy Daddy Bigbucks (relationship -50)
	- In the beginning, it's difficult to get to Daddy B, as most of the map 
is blocked off.  Call him up and try to get him to go to your house.  Keep 
calling, as he will most likely say no very often.  It takes a long time to 
get a negative relationship since Sims will only take so much abuse in one 
day.  You can always wait to complete this mission until you can access him on 
Paradise Island, or you can use the code in the code section if you really 
want to get it done quickly.

* Convince someone to join the Streeties
	- Seek out Ewan Watahmee and become friends with him (relationship 50+).  
In the evenings, you can find Ewan in the Chopper Garage, which is located at 
the very bottom of Urbania -- below the police station on the other side of 
the fence.  Just go down past the bus until you see a door.  He can also be 
found at Club Xizzle during midday.  Here are a few things Ewan always likes 
that you talk about: Miniopolis, Books, Construction, Exercise, Bad Pun, 
Market, Entertain, Art.  If none of these are on your screen and you're just 
not sure what he'll like, click over to Friendly Stuff -- the yellow box -- 
then back out.  The talk options will be replaced with a fresh batch without 
having to cancel talking to him and trying to catch him again.

* Get the highest promotion in Basketball
	- The Basketball game is located on the top floor of the police station.  
It's the second minigame you're allowed to play.  The only thing I can suggest 
here is to save your game and practice a little first, then reload and go for 
gold.  The object is to get the hoop and ball in the center.  First, the hoop 
-- represented by a black circle lined in purple -- goes across a bar in the 
upper left hand corner of the screen.  When it reaches the center, hit the A 
button to stop it there.  Next, the ball comes down.  You only have one shot 
to get the ball in the hoop; otherwise it falls to the bottom and sits there 
until you press the button, missing the shot.  It's pretty lenient in the 
first few levels, so if you can't get the ball dead-on center, make sure it 
goes a little below the hoop, not above.  Going above makes it bounce off and 
you miss the shot.  On level 1, everything moves pretty slowly, so it should 
be easy to get the hang of it.  You need to raise your Body skills to advance 
in this game.  Press Select and go to "Jobs" to see what you need to achieve 
to reach level 5 -- the top level.

----- 2.1.2 Nerdies Rep Mission -----

* Get best promotion in Dr. Max Stat Minigame
	- To gain access to this game, you must complete Chapter 2:Mission 1, 
started by Sue Pirnova once you befriend her (relationship 100).  Max Stat 
opens up in the Hospital at the top of Urbania (next to the University).  The 
building is marked by a spinning red + on a white bubble.  This game is fairly 
simple to learn, but a little hard to master if you don't have quick eyes.  On 
the top of the screen, a series of parts appears.  Below that is a whole 
section with just pictures in a table format.  The first level has DNA strands 
(green twisty things), brains, bones, and skulls.  In the bottom part, you 
have to find the series of parts given at the top in the same order they 
appear.  So if he gives you a DNA, bone, brain, DNA, then in the bottom you 
have to find a DNA next to a bone that has a brain next to it and some DNA 
next to that.  It's difficult to explain, but once you try it, it will all 
become clear.  One simple rule, you can only use pictures that are adjacent to 
each other either horizontally (left and right) or vertically (up and down).  
You definitely need Logic, but check the "Jobs" on the Select screen to see 
what else you need to advance.

* Create a Petrified Wood Chess Piece
	- I warn you now that this one may take a long while.  First, you need 
to get your Mechanical skill up to at least 5 or 6 -- wouldn't hurt to go 
higher before trying, since you'll definitely have the time.  To increase your 
Mechanical skill, you have to attend the University between 6pm and 9pm every 
night.  It costs money to do this, and the price goes up with every point.  
Once it reaches $1000 you have a choice.  If you have the Carnival open, you 
can go there every night between 2am and 3am to buy a drink called the 
Clockwork Smoothie from a ninja that appears in the topmost rightmost corner.  
All of the smoothies (except the Rosebud) cost $999, which will save you a 
bundle in Simoleans you'd be paying the University.
	- In the meantime, work on finishing Chapter 3:Mission 6 (The Ballad of 
Pepper Pete) -- since you need access to the Bayou -- and getting your 
relationship with Det. Dan D. Mann up to 100, if you haven't already.  At some 
point, he will tell you about a secret passage from the jail.  He says some 
con busted out, but he covered his tracks and they never found his escape 
tunnel.  If you're in the jail when he tells you this, leave and go back in, 
otherwise just go to the jail.  In the upper right corner, where that poster 
used to be, you'll see a hole in the wall.  Go over there and climb in.  
Sometimes early in the morning, around 3-4am or so, there will be two logs 
located in the tunnel -- one near the squirrel and one at the end right near 
the ladder.  These are petrified wood logs.  Take them home and whittle them 
on one of the Craft benches you can buy from the Thrift store or one of the 
vendors in Sim Quarter.  Save before you whittle!  Not only is this just in 
case you don't get the chess piece, but there's a known glitch that sometimes 
causes items in your house to go missing when you exit the Craft bench screen.  
If that happens, reload and do it again.  If you don't get the chess piece, 
reload and wait for the hour to change, then try again.  Or you can just 
whittle to your heart's content and keep collecting the logs.  But that 
approach takes longer.  Once you get the chess piece, you can either sell it 
or give it to Polly Nomial for some relationship points.

* Sell 15 Giant Bog Frogs to the Deputy
	- You can find one Giant Bog Frog in the cemetery very, very 
occasionally.  Your best bet is to scoot on over to the Bayou during mid-
morning or afternoon.  You can get about three or four a day from there.  You 
can also simply use the code from the code section if you want to get it done 
quickly and don't mind cheating.  The Deputy is the recycling guy waving his 
gun around a la Barney Fife in the jail in Urbania.  If you want extra cash, 
wait until the price for them goes up to at least $150 each.  I've seen it go 
as high as $200, though.  If you don't care about the money, just sell them.

----- 2.1.3 Artsies Rep Mission -----

* Get best Promotion in Comedy Club Minigame
	- This one is fairly simple, but sometimes quite irritating.  The Comedy 
Club Minigame is located in the pizza place between both Brownstone buildings 
in Urbania.  You can't see the pizza place on the map, but you can certainly 
see the Brownstones.  Go down the steps right next to the lady selling stuff 
on a blanket on the street.  This game requires Charisma and I think 
Creativity.  What you have to do is stand in front of the microphone to tell 
the jokes, and then run off to the side to avoid the tomatoes being thrown at 
you.  Each time you step away from the mic, the meter -- the white bars in the 
mouth at the top of the screen -- starts to go down.  To complete a joke, get 
the meter to the max to make the mouth laughs.  You only get money for 
completed jokes.  Also, each time a tomato hits you, it takes time from your 
clock.  Pick up the flowers by walking over them to add time.  If you get good 
enough, you can get this clock up pretty high.  Again, I recommend saving 
first, testing the game out, then reloading.  Be sure to check the "Jobs" on 
the Select screen to see exactly what you need to advance.

* Bake a Strawberry Tiramisu
	- You get this recipe by talking about Cooking to Giuseppi Mezzoalto 
(the crook, and also one of my favorite characters).  You can find him hanging 
around the telephone across from the Miniopolis Chronicle in Urbania, sneaking 
around the stereo at Club Xizzle, but mostly on Olde Salty's Casino Boat just 
below Sim Quarter (hit Select and check your map if you're lost).  I will, 
however, give you the recipe here to save you the time.  You'll need to make 
sure you have a few things before you can begin.  You'll need an oven 
(purchase in any store or online), a good mixer (again, purchase in any store 
or online), strawberries (pick up in the middle of Urbania Park by searching 
the ground where the little red dots are), flour and vanilla (buy both from 
the vendor in Sim Quarter.  The most important thing you need, however, is 
enough Cooking skill points so as not to waste your ingredients.  To get these 
go to the University between 6am-9am until the price reaches $100+, then skip 
that and go to the Ninja in the Carnival between 2am and 3am and buy the 
Gourmet Smoothie.  Or you can do both and make it quicker.  I recommend 5 to 7 
skill points for the least amount of mistakes.  Mix the strawberries, flour, 
and vanilla in the mixer, then bake the mix in the oven.  Save before baking!  
It might explode, but there's also a glitch that causes items in your home to 
disappear when leaving the oven screen.  If either of those happens, reload 
and do it again.

* Clean up the city! Recycle 100 piles of trash
	- This one you can work on throughout the game, even if you haven't 
gotten the Artsies Rep Mission, as the amount you collected before is added to 
the total.  Here are a few places I know of to find trash piles, starting in 
Urbania: the Basketball court on top of the jail during the day, the middle of 
the street leading from the jail toward Sim Quarter at various times of day, 
under street lights on the sidewalk corners around the Urbania Park (these are 
hard to see, so just look for an arrow), in front of the dumpster in front of 
the Second Looks Thrift Emporium, all over the streets of Sim Quarter, in the 
Cemetery during mid-day.  I'm sure there are a few more places, but I 
completed this before I unlocked Glasstown, and once you do, the piles of 
trash stop reappearing.  You don't have to sell all 100 at once, so feel free 
to unload them whenever you get some or when you need the money.  The game 
keeps track for you and will notify you with "Action Completed" when you sell 
your 100th pile.

----- 2.1.4 Richies Rep Mission -----

* Get best promotion in Moogoo Monkey Minigame
	- At first I found this game to be a little difficult, as I didn't quite 
understand the rules or what ended a round.  First, to find this game, go down 
to the docks and up into the boat.  There's a big ol' green monkey dealing 
cards, and usually this is where you find Giuseppi Mezzoalto.  Now, when you 
start the game, you'll have three opponents -- whom you cannot see.  Everyone 
gets a turn to place their bet on whichever cards they think will be left 
after the game is over.  One card is eliminated per round, and any bet you 
have on it is lost.  You can easily keep track of where your bets are because 
everyone gets a different fruit.  In front of you are different colored cards 
with weird monkey faces and numbers on them.  It's wise to put your bets on 
the monkeys that you have corresponding HIGH numbered matching cards.  So if 
you have a crazy purple monkey card with a 7 on it, and a sleepy blue monkey 
card with a 5, place your bets on those on the board.  If you have all low 
cards, place your bets on the OTHER colors.
	- When it's your turn, you place a bet, then you get to place a card.  
All cards are matched by color automatically, so all you have to do is pick 
the one you want to play.  For your first couple of turns, try to put your 
mid-range numbered cards (3-5) on the monkeys you want to eliminate.  If you 
have lower cards, hold those until near the end, when it's more likely the 
others have foolishly wasted their highest cards.  When a card is placed, it 
automatically writes over the card that's already there.  So if Dusty Hogg put 
a sleepy blue monkey 2 down, your sleepy blue monkey 5 will take it's place.  
Everyone gets 3 or 4 turns to place cards, and your stash will be replenished 
as long as their are cards left in the reserve.  Now, let's say the angry red 
monkey hasn't had any cards placed on him the entire round.  The turns will 
continue until a card is placed there.  Once there's a card there, whichever 
monkey has the lowest will be eliminated and you will either win or lose your 
bet.  I've never seen tie 1 to 1 yet, so I'm not sure it can happen.  There 
are three rounds and whoever has the most of his betting fruit left, wins.  If 
there's a tie between you and another player, you win.  I know you need lots 
of logic to advance, and you can get that by doing research on the computer in 
the Miniopolis Chronicle.  You can also go to the University between 2pm and 
5pm, or run to the Ninja at the Carnival between 2am and 3am to buy the Mind 
Berry Smoothie for $999.

* Own $30,000 of items
	- All I can really suggest to make this kinda money is finding a couple 
of games you're good at and playing them every day.  I rake in about $3,000 
each from Basketball, Comedy Club, and the Red Man's Fiddling Game, and 
they're all open at times where you can play them each every day without 
rushing too much.  As for reaching the $30k marker, it's almost easy.  Check 
online and in the Glasstown Megamall for the really expensive items: Sky 
Diving Machine, PyroInferno Atom Burner Oven, Bamboo Bed (which you can buy 
from Paradise Island vendor), Giant Stuffed Gorilla, Robot Monkey Butler, 
String Theory Super System, etc.  Just try not to buy anything that's less 
than $1200-1500 and you should reach the limit in no time.  If you already 
have a lot of items and you get that pesky Fire Code message, store some of 
them in the secret areas given to you by certain Sims when you get 100 
relationship with them. For the record, here are the secret places and who 
gives them to you:
- Ewan Watahmee - Under the docks (head down the plank walk toward the Casino 
Boat, but turn as soon as you see a path split off; keep going until you 
- Giuseppi Mezzoalto - The school bus between the Chopper Garage and the 
Thrift Store
- Phoebe Twiddle - The giant trash can outside the Glasstown entrance to Club 
- Det. Dan D. Mann - Go through the jail's secret passage to get to the place 
where you found the monster scaring Clem and Boo (there's a couch there you 
can't move, but it can still help if you need the space)
- Overall, I only used my apartment (the King Tower Penthouse) and the garbage 
can secret space to keep all of my items.  I purchased more than one of the 
most expensive ones, which were over $3k apiece, and that helped a lot.  Try 
to get rid of dinky, cheap decorations and furniture if you can, and replace 
it with the expensive stuff.

* Have $10,000 in cash
	- The strategy here is pretty much the same as above, but you don't need 
to buy anything.  One or two days of playing 2-3 level 3+ games in a row 
should get you what you need.

===== 3.1 Streeties Rep Points =====

 1 - Befriend Darius (leader requires 100)
 2 - Befriend Crystal
 3 - Befriend Ewan Watahmee
 4 - Befriend Kris Thistle
 5 - Give the leader (Darius) the Rep Group Trophy
 6 - Have anyone but a Richie as your roommate (best to go with a Streetie)
 7 - Get the Richies leader Luthor L. Bigbucks to -5 relationship (see codes 
for help)
 8 - Acquire max Mechanical skill
 9 - Move to either Brownstone Apartment in Urbania
10 - Finish the Streeties Rep Mission

===== 4.1 Nerdies Rep Points =====

 1 - Befriend Polly Nomial (leader requires 100)
 2 - Befriend Sue Pirnova
 3 - Befriend Maximillian Moore
 4 - Befriend Lincoln Broadsheet
 5 - Give the leader (Polly) the Rep Group Trophy
 6 - Have anyone but an Artsie as your roommate (best to go with a Nerdie)
 7 - Get the Artsies leader Roxanna Moxie to -5 relationship (see codes for 
 8 - Acquire max Logic skill
 9 - Move to the City Apartment in Glasstown
10 - Finish the Nerdies Rep Mission

===== 5.1 Artsies Rep Points =====

 1 - Befriend Roxanna Moxie (leader requires 100)
 2 - Befriend Pritchard Locksley
 3 - Befriend cannonball Coleman
 4 - Befriend Theresa Bullhorn
 5 - Give the leader (Roxanna) the Rep Group Trophy
 6 - Have anyone but a Nerdie as your roommate (best to go with an Artsie)
 7 - Get the Nerdies leader Polly Nominal to -5 relationship (see codes for 
 8 - Acquire max Creativity skill
 9 - Move to the Townhouse in Sim Quarter
10 - Finish the Nerdies Rep Mission

===== 6.1 Richies Rep Points =====

 1 - Befriend Luthor L. Bigbucks (leader requires 100)
 2 - Befriend Lottie Cash
 3 - Befriend Lily Gates
 4 - Befriend Misty Waters
 5 - Give the leader (Luthor) the Rep Group Trophy
 6 - Have anyone but a Streetie as your roommate (best to go with a Richie)
 7 - Get the Streeties leader Darius to -5 relationship (see codes for help)
 8 - Acquire max Charisma skill
 9 - Move to the King Tower Penthouse in Glasstown
10 - Finish the Richies Rep Mission 

===== 7.1 Helpful Codes =====

The credit for most of these codes goes to the people on the gamefaqs.com 
message board.  I am only posting the ones that are most helpful to this 
particular guide.

If you've already tried it yourself, you know getting a +100 relationship down 
to -5 takes FOREVER!  Here are some VBA codes to get the leaders of the Rep 
Groups down to -5 in a flash.  I really recommend getting them back up to 50 
on your own (to be sure the smiley face level friendship activates) and then 
maybe using a code to get to 100, but it really doesn't take that long to get 
max relationships.

To get these to work properly in the game, apply them, then talk to anyone at 
all -- doesn't have to be a leader.  If you don't talk to someone, the meters 
will show the change, but the Sims won't recognize it.  It doesn't matter what 
you say to them, just make a + or - change.

Note: These codes are specifically for the Visual Boy Advance emulator (VBA).  
If you aren't using this program to play, I'm afraid you can't use these 
codes, as they cannot be directly entered into The Urbz game.  However, there 
may be an add-on for your GBA system that will allow you to input these codes.  
Please ask someone for assistance at the place you purchased your system or 
the game. 

----- Relationship -5 Codes -----
-5 Streetie Leader Darius - 0300380D:FB
-5 Nerdie Leader Polly Nomial - 0300385D:FB
-5 Artsies Leader Roxanna Moxie - 03003855:FB
-5 Richies Leader Luthor L. Big Bucks - 0300383D:FB

----- Relationship +100 Codes -----
+100 Streetie Leader Darius - 0300380D:64
+100 Nerdie Leader Polly Nomial - 0300385D:64
+100 Artsies Leader Roxanna Moxie - 03003855:64
+100 Richies Leader Luthor L. Big Bucks - 0300383D:64

----- Relationship for Daddy Bigbucks -----
-50 Daddy Bigbucks - 03003809:CE
+100 Daddy Bigbucks - 03003809:64

----- Max (99) Recyclables Codes -----
Three-Eyed Bog Frog - 030038DC:63
Piles of Trash - 030038D8:63

===== 8.1 Credit and Contact =====
Most of the credit for this goes to everyone on the Urbz message board at 
GameFAQs.  Thanks to all who answered questions over and over, and for giving 
ideas about how to complete the missions, find items, and fix problems.

If you have any questions about these Rep Points, or if something didn't work 
for you, feel free to contact me at the address below.  Please do not ask me 
about anything that isn't mentioned in this guide.  I'd certainly be happy to 
help, but you can find most of your answers on the message board or in the 
walkthrough available.  I may update later, though, and include more things 
such as how to complete each Rep Mission and where to get what you need.

Have fun!

email: *****_*****@yahoo.com

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