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FAQ/Walkthrough by Redlance

Version: 1.12 | Updated: 02/05/05

The Urbz: Sims in the City

Guide version 1.12

Press control F to find things quickly. Be sure to type the key that is 
next to the section with brackets.

If your looking for a specific mission type in the chapter number first 
then the mission number such as 6-1. There is no chapter 6 though this is 
just a example.




Controls [CS]

Creating-A-Urb [CU]

Xizzles [XZ]

Rep groups [RG]

Mini Games [MG]

Walkthrough [WT]

Tips and secrets [TAS]


Thanks to

11/23 04 Version 1.0 All missions, rep groups and some jobs completed

11/24/04 Version 1.10 added the last rep group trophy, added daddy bigbucks 
to richies, added a Xizzles section. I changed the mission numbers so they 
will have the chapter number in them as well. Added tips and secrets 

11/25/04 Version 1.11 Added the rest of the Xizzles, added where lily gates 
can be found for the mission in chapter 3, added some info for starting 
chapter 5 mission 5 .

Addition to version 1.11 11/28/04 Added all the rep missions, made a 
correction to mission 5-5, added what mission gives you a hover board, 
added a correction to mission none shall pass.

12/10/04 added a few more rep group gifts

2/1/05 Version 1.12 Decided to go to 1.12 with all the add-ons and what I 
added today. Some more time for the cheat ninja, what questions give you 
what Xizzles.

2/5/05 Just adding how to get into the rep group clubhouse finally look in 
the Tips and secret section.
Hello and welcome to my The urbz:Sims in the City Walkthrough. This game 
is a lot like bustin out where you don't really know where to go to start 
a mission unless you wander around. This guide is to help you with that by 
saying who you have to talk to and what you have to do to complete it. I 
hope this guide helps you out in finishing the urbz

Sites that can use this guide: 
If you want to use this guide on your site simply email me and I will most 
likely say yes.

=========================Controls [CS]====================================
D-pad-move around

Start-Use this to look at goals, popularity, how much a individual likes 
you, how high your reputation is with a rep group and how high your skills 

Select-With select you have a map, look at your xizzles, 
save your game and how high you need skills and how much money to make
to get a promotion in jobs.

R shoulder button- Take out hover board/put away board

A button-Action button

B button-hold to run

L button- Hides or shows your status screen.

========================Creating-A-Urb [CU]===============================
When you start creating an urb you will have some menus after you create 
your looks. These menus will determine which Xizzles you can start buying 
and which rep group you belong to.

Rep group menu:
King of Minipolis: streeties

Computer daze: Nerdies

Bright Lights, Big Wallet: Richies

My Guitar Hero: Artsies

Friday Night: 
Pizza & Games - Eager Eager Hippo 
Stay home & sleep - Inzombiac 
Prank call people - Nemesis 
Home from School: 
Drink OJ - Little Piddy Diddle 
Play Street Ball - Sweet Smell 
Navigate to the Mall - Sell Out 
DJ Names: 
Chilly Pie - Play It Off 
Krazy Klaw - Mantis Rapture 
Smooth Money - All Up Ons 
Get into Club: 
Show Off Bling - G'd Up 
Tell Jokes - Jibba Jabba 
Outwit Bouncer - Nerd Level 5 
Muscles Cooler than Brains: 
True - Chillin' Like a Villain 
False - Livin' Large
Contributed by: Choshojo and Mrlooney

Note:This is not exact different combinations will give you different ones. 
But this will giveyou atleast some idea on what you will get.
=======================Xizzles [XZ]======================================= 
You can buy Xizzles at Club Xizzle trade in 3 beads for a Xizzle. More 
Xizzles can be unlocked by playing multiplayer with another GBA.
Xizzles have certain effects to help you out in gameplay.
Sweet smell:

Eager Eager hippo: Hunger erosion slows 30%

Inzombiac:your sleep slows by 30%
Contributed by:Zenithan

Sell out:Gives you 10,000 simoleons
Contributed by:Zenithan 

Sweet smell: Hygiene erosion slows 30%

Mantis rapture: Fun erosion slows 30%
Contributed by: Lightning bolt and Kristina

Livin large: You get 20 % more money from all jobs

Chillin 'like a villain: All motives decrease 10% less
Contributed by: Lightning bolt 

Nerd level 5: gain one free point in every skill

Nemesis: Everyone gains 6 relationship points with you but one person will 
decrease by 100.
Contributed by:Zenithan 

Jibba Jabba:New dialogue option appears sometimes and gets different 
reactions will be called jibba jabba.
Contributed by:Zenithan 

G'd up: when you choose a negative option it will reduce it by 1 
Contributed by: Lightning bolt and zenithan

All up ons:You gain +1 relationship points when you talk to the other sex
Contributed by:Zenithan 

Little piddly diddle:Bladder erosion slows by 30%
Contributed by:Zenithan and Kristina

Play it off:Comfort erosion slows 30%

The names were contributed by: Braxton and Bkam4

If anyone knows what any of the other Xizzles do please let me know.
========================Rep Groups [RG]===================================
There are four groups in the urbz depending on the options you chose to 
your urb with is what group your in. 

You can also change groups by getting 100% relationship with their 
leader and completing the mission they ask you to do.

Artsies: These guys are into art and acting.
Leader: Roxanna Moxie
Members: Pritchard Locksley, Cannonball Coleman, and Theresa Bullhorn.

Nerdies: You will find people like doctors or scientists in this group
Leader: Polly nomial
Members: Sue Pirnova, Maximillian Moore, and Lincoln Broadsheet.

Richies: These people are rich, nothing more to say really.
Leader: Luthor big bucks
Mmebers: Lottie cash, Misty waters and Lily gates 
contributed by: Braxton and Bkam4 

Streeties: This group is more of your average Joe group.
Leader: Darius 
Members: Darius, Crystal, Kris Thistle, and Ewan Watahmee. 

Trophies can be found for the groups that will help increase your rep with 
Artsie trophy: In the bayou after crossing the second plank bridge it's 
past the two plant monsters.
Note: You can only get this after completing the Bye Bye Bayou missio

Richie trophy: Mall second floor check one of the computers.

Nerdie trophy: go to the carnival and follow the main street straight 
passing the carnival agates. You will see a lone tree in a corner go to and 
and search for the trophy

Streeties trophy:In the graveyard where you come out from the swamp it will 
be behind a grave
Contributed by: Braxton and Bkam4 

Gifts: You can get gifts when you're high enough with a rep group. I don't 
know if you have to be a part of the group or not though
Streeties: A stereo that plays any BGM in the game

Nerdies: A mad skillz cerebral data infuser gives one random skill point to 
nay of your skills
Contributed by:Undertaker

Richies: a Sensual Deprevision Chamber that you go in that will fill your 
Contributed by: MissKIA and something who im not sure if they wanted me to 
use the name thy had on there email.

========================Mini Games [MG]===================================
Squeegee Clean: 5:00am-7:00PM The object of the game is simple when the 
pigeons make a mess on the window walk over to it and press A. If your hit 
by any of the droppings just walk to either side of the platform and get a 
new squeegee.

Level 1: Bird watcher, 1 simoleon for every dropping clean
Requirements to get promoted: Complete the mini game once

Level 2: Streaker, 3 simoleons for every dropping cleaned
Requirements to get promoted: 2 body skill, earn 200 simoleons.

Hoopz: 5:00AM-5:00PM When you start this game you will see a black circle 
going back and forth in a little box at the upper left part of the screen. 
Wait for it to get centered then press a. Then a basketball will start 
going up and down try to center it in the circle. Make three baskets to get 
a simoleon Ball

Level 1:Got no game, 4 simoleons for every basket made.
Requirements to get promoted: Body skill needed 1, 100 salary acquired

Level 2:Granny styler, 8 simoleons for every basket made.
Requirements to get promoted: Body skill needed:4, salary 250

Level 3:Sure shot, 25 Simoleons for every basket made
Requirements to get promoted: body skill 7, 350 slary

Doctor max stat!: 6:00Am-11:00PM Find the pattern at the bar in the top on 
puzzle below

Level 1: Intern,
Requirements to get promoted: 2 logic skills, 80 salary

Comic explosion:6:00PM-2:00AM Stand infront of the mike and make the lips 
on the 
top fill up. Be careful of the tomatoes they take away 10 seconds everytime 
hit. Pick up a flower for a 5 second bonus.

Level 1:wise guy, 20 simoelons for every successful joke told
Requirements to get promoted: 2 charisma, 80 salary

Level 2:Prop comic, 50 simoleons for every joke told
Requirements to get promoted: 3 Charisma, 2 creativity, 200 salary

Level 3:Comedion, 100 simoleons for every joke told
Requirements to get promoted:5 charisma, 5 creativity, 400 salary

MotorCross mayhem:9:00AM-6:00PM Try to get in first

Level 1:Novice, How much you earn depends on what place your in 
Requirements to get promoted:2 mechanical,100 salary

Moogoo the monkey:4:00PM-200:AM Place your bets and put down a card. The 
with the lowest card at the end of the turn is out

Level 1: Wannabe primate, Money you make depends on what place you in
Requirements to get promoted:2 logic,130 salary

Yar hey! Bombardi!:9:00Am-5:00PM Try to bump other people into the 
Level 1 :seaman
Requirements to get promoted:2 mechanical, 75 salary

Soul music:  Press the right buttons in order.
Level 1:L'Il fiddler 10 simoleons for every correct note a extra 30 if you 
play it the part correctly.
Requirements to get promoted:1 creativity 100 simoleons.
Level 2: Prodigy
Requirements to get promoted:


Mission 1-1:Slave to the grind
Started by: It will automatically start
Goal 1: Play "Squeegee Clean"
 Kris Thistle will come up to you and ask why your not Cleaning windows. 
Choose any option. Go up to the glowing sign and press A to start the mini 
game Squeegee Clean.

Once you complete this part of the mission you find out your fired Fired 
and Daddy bigbucks bought the tower. Once you get thru this small 
conversation you will come top a screen with different options on the 
bottom. This is how you talk to people but for now part one completed.

Goal 2: Befriend Kris Thistle (relationship 30)
Simple really just talk to her, if you she enjoys what you said you'll see 
some plus signs go up and the relationship bar to the right goes up. If 
she disliked what you said you'll get some negative signs go up and the 
bar will go down. Make the bar go up and the number on the bottom say 30, 
after you have done this a new option called what's up will appear choose 
it part 2 completed.

Goal 3: Give Kris your Squeegee and Bucket
Talk to Kris go to give friendly stuff then choose give gift and select 
your squeegee and bucket to complete this part and the mission

Mission 1-2:Get cleaned up
Started by: giving Kris your squeegee
Goal 1: Take a shower
Go to the elevator and press A then choose the gym. When in the gym go to 
the upper right corner wall and you should see some showers just press A 
when the triangles is over one and choose the take shower option.

Goal 2: Take a nap
Go back to the elevator and choose the law offices this time. If you 
choose the left elevator you will see the bed once you come to the next 
screen. If you chose the right elevator head left and you will see the 

Goal 3: Eat something
Head back to the elevator and go to the tower lobby. There is a snack 
machine here, mission complete.

When you are finished with this mission find Kris in the tower and talk to 
and choose what's up again.

Mission 1-3:Help Kris Thistle
Started by: Talking to Kris Thistle
Goal 1:Move the bed to suite
Go back to the law offices and go to the bed. Choose the put in pocket 
option. Go to the skyline penthouse and place it anywhere you want. There 
is also a shower and toilet up here if you need to use either and don't 
want to go to the gym.

Goal 2:Repair the television
Go to the law offices again where the bed was. Walk up to the television 
to and repair it.

Goal 3: repair TWO drinking fountains
Drinking fountains are those grey boxes and are usually on the left side 
of the building. Go up to one and repair it like you did the television.

Find Kris thistle and talk to her again.

Mission 1-4: Find the key
Started by: Talking to Kris thistle
Goal 1:Earn one mechanical skill point
Go back to the law offices again where the television is. Next to it is 
the work bench go to it to study Mechanical.

Goal 2:Pick the lock to Lily Gates office
Lily gates office is on the same floor your on now. Follow the hallway 
until you see a big door then go to it and pick the lock.

Goal 3:Find the key
I recommend getting full stats before doing this action. Simply go into 
the office and search near the computer. Now go talk to Daddy Bigbucks

Mission 1-5:Get out of jail
Started by: Completing mission 4
Goal 1:Befriend detective Dan(relationship 30)
Just do what you did with Kris

Goal 2: Answer Detective Dans questions
Talk to detective Dan and say yes to be questioned then choose these 
Anything on the first question
"The janitor told me I could stay"
"Real food I was tired of eating junk"
"No, He is finding legal ways to make people miserable"
Either of the next answers and you completed the questioning.

Mission 1-6:Find a place to live
Started by: Completing mission 5
Goal 1:Play the Hoopz minigame
Leave the cell and go left, you will see a basketball hoop and some stairs 
next to it. Go up the stairs and next to the basketball hoop is another 
job sign, Play the game to complete this action.

Goal 2:Earn $150 for rent and taxes
Keep playing Hoopz until you get enough money if you don't already have 

Goal 3:Buy a house.
Leave the prison and go around the street until you come to a green sign 
with a house there will be two of them. Pick the one you want go up to the 
sign and press A. If you have enough money you can buy it just remember 
that you have to pay bills for it.

Now unpack that crate Talk to Detective Dan and get ready for chapter 2.

Chapter 2:

Mission 2-1:Work study
Started by: Sue Pirnova
Goal 1:Befriend Maximillian moore (30 relationship)
Max moore is the doctor of the city. He can be found in the hospital at 
Once again get enough relationship.

Goal 2:Give the Artemisia plant to doctor Max
Your time on this one you have to find the plant and give it to the doctor 
within a hour. To find the plant follow the right street up and you'll see 
a barricade with a small area to the left. The plant is in this area. Go 
back to the doctor and gift the plant to him.
Note: I don't know what to do with the plant if it rots or the if you 
decide to buy a thesis and not give it to the doc.

Goal 3:Write doctoral thesis
Go to the news paper building, it's to the left of the doctors office. Go 
up the 
stairs and gain two logic points on the computer up here. When you have 
two points choose the write thesis option. Go back to doctor moore and give 
he thesis.
Note: One of the sims will offer you a thesis for 300 simoleons don't buy 
it, it 
isn't good enough.

Now that you finished this goal you can study at the university. A quick 
way to 
earn skills if you have the cash for it.

Mission 2-2:Gotta finish the riff
Started by: Phoebe twiddle
Goal 1:Befriend "cannonball" Coleman (rel 30)
Find cannonball Coleman and befriend him

Goal 2:Give saxophone reed to Cannonball Coleman
Buy a reed at the thrift store for 50 simoleons and give it to cannonball

Goal 3:Earn 1 creativity.
There are two choices for this action. Either go to the dumpster in the 
left part of urbania and Critque the graffiti, or study at the university 

Goal 4: Finish Cannonballs song
Choose the write ending to the song they are
"... up to old tricks"
"...so right"
"...and chill as a lake"
"...saxophone reed"

You can now play the stand up comic in the pizza parlor

Mission 2-3:Race for glory
Started by:Dusty Hogg
Goal 1: Gain 500 simoleons for race renovations
Play games until you have enough money then talk to dusty

Goal 2: Talk to ewan watamhee
Find ewan and talk to him

Goal 3:Bring ewan lunch for 3 days (12-1pm)
Buy three corn dogs from the pizza parlor and give them to ewan once a day 
three straight days. You can give them to him by gifting it.

After you finish up talk to dusty hogg to play the motor racing mini game

Mission 2-4:
Started by: Berkley clodd
Action 1:Attend an action between 5:00PM-7:00PM
Go to the thrift store between these times and talk to the cashier

Goal 2:Aquire the shrunken head
By the shrunken head at the auction

Goal 3:Give the shrunken head to Berkley clodd
I think this explains itself:p

For completing this mission you get the hover board. Press R while it is in 
oyur inventory to take it out and R again to put it away. You can also 
place it in yoru house for decoration.

Mission 2-5:Club Xizzle
Started by: Lottie cash
Goal 1: Take crystal out on the town
Note: Make sure you have full stats and the thrift store is near opening 
Talk to crystal and she will want to find a place to go take her to the 
parlor. It's the steps leading down next to your house

Goal 2:Get a bite to eat
Go to the cook and buy her a slice of pizza

Goal 3:Play a game: go up to the games and play on them

Goal 4:Go shopping
Take her to the thrift store

Goal 5:buy crystal a gift
Buy a gift and give it to her if she doesn't want anything there try again 
Note: There is a man on a mat in front of the pizza parlor. Buy a gift from 
him either before or during the date then give it to her.
Thanks to: funnibunnicat for confirming this

You can now enter club Xizzle simply go to the dumpster where youf ound the 
plant and you should see a door on the wall that wasn't there before. The 
password to enter the club is Bucket.

Mission 2-6:Road to SimQuarter
Started by:Gramma hattie
Goal 1: Make 3 friends
Get your relationship to atleats 50 with 3 people

Goal 2:Raise 500 simoleons for the cause
Raise 500 simoleons by doing jobs

Goal 3: earn 2 promotions in LOCAL jobs.
Either find one job and make two promotiosn or two jobs and make one 

You can now go to sim quarters

Chapter 3:

Mission 3-1: Mission for the man
Started by: Detective Dan
IMPORAN NOTE: You must complete mission 3 before you can complete this 

Goal 1:Play moogoo Monkey
Go to the casino in sim quarters to play this game

Goal 2:Follow the directions on the bulletin board
Go to the newspaper building there is a bulletin board there with a message 
you. It will say to search the shrubbery infront of the museum. Do so and 
the next clue. The next clue says the answer lies beyond the grave. You 
have to head to the graveyard.
 Follow the path in the grave yard until you come to four graves with 
mounds and 
head stones. Go to the last one and search it for the next clue.To have 
note would be another Feather in his hat. Time to talk to Berkeley clodd

Goal 3:Give the mysterious brief case to detective dan
Find detective dan and give him the brief case.

Goal 4: Give the rigged briefcase to Giuseppi
Find giuseppi and give him the briefcase

Mission 3-2:Batten down the hatches
Started by: Lily gates
A lot of people seem to have trouble-finding Lily so here is where she can 
be located. In simquarters go to the docks. While going along the main path 
you will see a dock going up with a mini game sign on it, She can be found 
here during certain times of the day.
Goal 1:Earn Creativity 5

Goal 2:Convice ewan to fix the attraction (rel 50)
Get your realthionship to 50 and he will tell you to talk with dusty hogg

Goal 3:Challenge and beat Dusty Hogg (6-7 PM)
Talk to dusty hogg and you will have to race him. I recommend a light frame 
a dragster engine you can easily beat him.

Now you Get Dusty's motorcycle trust me you willw ant that later in the 

Goal 4: Convince Polly to go to the attraction (rel 50)
Find Polly and talk to her

Talk to lily gates after you do you can play the bumper boat mini game

Mission 3-3:None shall pass
Started by: Gramma hattie
Goal 1: Earn 5 body or Charisma
Choose the one you want and raise it either use the bar bell to work out 
body or use the mirror in the thrift store for charisma.

Goal 2:Meet at the cemetery between 11:00Pm-12:00AM
Meet at the cemetery, to find it follow the right path around sim quarters 
you will see the entrance to it.

Goal 3: Guard the cemetery for 4 hours.
You have to answer the right questions to guard it.
Anything for daddy bigbucks
If you have 5 body you have darius shows up.
After the first few question with darius start answering with these
"Sorry, but im nto supposed to let anyone thru"
"I'm so strong I can deflect sunlight with my breath!"
"I'm so tough people call me The Boss"
note: Someone emailed me saying this one was fo real instead of the boss. 
But aslong as you find a way that works.
"I'm so crazy detective Dan kicked me out of Jail!"

If you have 5 charisma Lily gates shows up. I don't have the exact answers 
but be polite to her.
Contributed by:lawragatajar

End of mission

Mission 3-4:Get on the list
Started by: Cannonball Coleman
Goal 1: Earn 2 rep with your group
Look in the rep group list and become friends with at least two members

Goal 2:Take tickets 2-5AM(Club zydeco)
Go to the club and take tickets making sure no Richies get in.
The richies that will come are lottie cash and luthor bigucks.

Mission 3-5:High society
Started by:Luthor L Bigbucks
Goal 1:Find a curator
Talk to Roxanna Moxie

Goal 2:Purcahse one museum exhibit
Go into the museum and you will see plaques. Go to one and press a if you 
to buy it

Now when you go to pay your bills you can also collect your checks. The 
of money you paid depends on how much you payed for a exhibit. More 
give you more cash.

Goal 3: Give 300 simoleons for travel expense
Raise the money then talk to Roxanna again.

Mission 3-6:
Started by: Mambo Lao
Goal 1:Find a sailor coat
Talk to phoebe twiddle and she will say she has a coat. Go back to the 
thrift store and it will be on a coat rack to the far right wall of the 
store. You have to look carefully for the arrow but you will see it. If not 
jus keep hitting A until you find it.

Goal 2:Find a fake beard
Talk to Pritchard Locksley and buy a white beard for 300 simoleons

Goal 3:Find a sailors cap
Talk to polly nomial, Go to the café in the upper right corner of 
SimQuarters and use a computer to buy it online. Wait 1-2 days and it will 
arrive in a package.

Goal 4:Give costume to Mambo lao
When you have all the parts of the costume go back to mambo and give them 
to her.

Goal 5:Talk to Olde Salty
Go to the Casino/riverboat and talk to Olde Salty.None of the answers seem 
to matter so just pick the ones you like.

You then find out how strong daddy bigbucks is and are tkane to the next 

Chapter 4
You awake in the bayou with two strange people.
Note: Incase you need food there is a grill here if you need anything else  
use the house out here.

Mission 4-1:The greatest Fear
Started by: Automatically started
Goal 1:Prove to Clem you aren't a vampire
This is another answer correctly scenario. First 3 questions don't matter 
then choose
"Garlic ice cream"
"Sun bathe on the beach"
"A gnat"

If your having trouble with the plants I find pushing A or B while the 
opposite direction your being pulled will make it put it's head in the 
ground. Or use your hoverboard and ride past them. 

Goal 2:Find the "Dark tree"
Follow the path until you get to some stumps then head up for the dark 

Goal 3:Find a light
Right after you cross the first bridge go up. You will see a glowing object 
next to the plant. To get to the plant follow the edge of the water past 
the columns of rock. Make the plant put its head into the ground and pick 
it up.

Goal 4:Capture the Albino alligator
After you get the light he's in the end of the Dark Tree

When you're done talk to Bayou boo

Mission 4-2: Fiddle with the old man
Started by: Talking to bayou boo after mission 1
Goal 1: Meet at the hickory stump at midnight
Go to the stumps you passed when you were going to the dark tree at night 
to see the Red man.

Goal 2: Fiddle the old man
Choose to play with him

Talk to Crawdad Clem 

Mission 4-3: Bye Bye bayou
Goal 1:Convince Clem to show you out
Give Clem the locket

Goal 2:Meet Boo at mausoleum entrance
Go to the stumps and follow the south path then talk to boo.

After you get out of here talk to gramma hattie. You should see her on your 
way out of the graveyard and you now have glass town open.

Now time for the most annoying mission in the game

Mission 4-4: Running from the law
Started by: Detective Dan
You can't run at all or else you go to jail fun...use your bike a lot in 
Goal 1: Find someone to write the letter.
Talk to gramma hattie if you left the jail get caught again to talk to her

Goal 2:Find a messenger to paradise island
Talk to the kid who is always sleeping in class at the university

Goal 3:Gain popularity 40
If you get your relationship up to 50 with one person you gain 1 
popularity, 75 gives you another popularity but this is not always correct. 
I recommend going to at least 
80 in relationship since it will go slowly down. Continue talking to people 
until you complete it then talk to the boy again.

Goal 4:Find a map to paradise island
This is simple go to the steam boat and all the way to the top floor you 
wills ee the map on the ground.

Goal 5:Bring map back to Gordie
Bring the map back to him then talk to Detective Dan 

For completing this mission you gain the use of the fan boat and the 
ability to run again without getting arrested. Go down the stairs in the 
upper right part of glass town to get to it.

Mission 4-5:Carnival
Once you started this mission the Carnival opens
Started by:Roxie Moxie
Goal 1:Capture the dancing nutria
Go to the fan boat and keep heading down ithout crossing into another area 
until you hit a small island with a bunch of groundhogs on it. Go to one 
and if it's under ground wait for it to come up to capture it.

Goal 2:Give the Dancing Nutria to Roxie
Find roxie and give it to her

Goal 3: Give 5000 Simoleons to Roxi
Raise the money and give it to her as usual

Goal 4:Find a tightrope walker
Talk to misty waters and she will say she needs a date for the film 

Goal 5: Find misty waters a date
Talk to luthor bigbucks then talk to misty waters again.
When all goals are completed talk to Roxie again.

Mission 4-6:The bigbucks players
Started by: Theresa bullhorn
Goal 1:Gain popularity 50
Just do what you did with 40

Goal 2:Convince dusty hogg to perform (50 rel)
You should know what to do befriend him then ask him

Goal 3:convince sue pirnova to perform (50 rel)
Same with dusty

Goal 4:Decorate the stage
Buy or paint some cheap items and put them on the movie theatres stage.

Goal 5:attend the play
Go to the theatre at night to attend it. Talk to Theresa again after it's 

Chapter 5: The last one

Mission 5-1:Reality show
Started by: Talk to the leader of your rep group
Note: be sure to have full stats before doing this mission. There is no 
food bed etc on the island.
Tip: Save before going to the island and see who is there then reload and 
get your ralthionship down with them before coming onto the island.
Goal 1:Travel to paradise island
Get to your boat and follow the river until there is a opening up. Then 
keep going up to get here.

Goal 2:Play the trivia contest
Go around the island picking up coconuts there are four of them and will be 
under palm tree's.When you get all the cocnuts talk to Pritchard and give 
the cocnut as a gift to starts a question worth 2,000 simoleons each.
Question coconut 1: what color is crystals hair? 
answer: red.
Question coconut 2:where is the old school bus located? 
Qusetion coconut 3:which of these people do NOT belong in a rep group? 
Answer:Dusty Hogg
Question coconut 4:Where does the ninja, Heid Shadows hang out?
Answer:At the Carnival

Goal 3:Insult the other contestants
Say things that make negatives
By winning you get 10,000 simoleons
Contributed by:Da boOgRr

Mission 5-2:Back to the drawing board
Started by:Luthor bigbucks
Goal 1:Convince polly to talk (70 rel)
Get her up to 70 then choose the new option

Goal 2: Find the secret lab
Go to daddy bigbucks office between 3-4:00Am with 6 logic and search the 
upper right bookcase.

Goal 3:logic 6
Go to the university until you get enough logic

Goal 4:Return the blue prints to luthor
This explains itself get the stack of blueprints from the stack that is 
right next to you when you enter the lab and return them to luthor.

Mission 5-3:Interview with a Cajun Vampire
Started by:Crawdad Clem
Goal 1: Go back to the mausoleum and as you make your way thru it you will 
find him.

Goal 2: Free bayou boo (mechanical 7)
Go to the university until it gets high enough the look for a pad lock ot 
he chains and pick it

Goal 3:Find a cure for vampirism
Talk to Mambo Lao and she will tell you it takes a large amount of 
chocolate. Get 3 chocolates from the markets a mixer and a oven. Combine 
the 3 chocolates in the mixer for a mix then bake the mix in the oven for a 
chocolate bunny and give it to boo. If you can never make or bake a mix 
then get your cooking higher.

Goal 4: Feed boo chocolate
Give the chocolate to boo

Mission 5-4:Captured!
Started by:The cheat ninja Go to the upper left corner of the carnival and 
talk to the ninja
Goal 1:Befriend Harlan king (rel 30)
Befriend him

Goal 2:Escape the cell
After the small scene just walk out of the cell.

Mission 5-5:Atlantis premier party
Started by: Crystal(if you're a guy) or maximillion moore(if you're a girl)
Thanks to the person who emailed me this.
Thanks to Aurian2: for letting me know about Max moore and someone else who 
emailed me the info but didn't leave a name for letting me know you needed 
to be a girl to start the mission with him.
Goal 1:Find a premier ticket
Talk to lily gates

Goal 2:Impress lily (70 relationship and 70 popularity)
One again get her up enough then get your popularity up enough rest assured 
this is the last one you need popularity for.

Talk to Crystal after you get the tickets

Goal 3:Dress all in black
Go to the thrift store and choose a black top and black pants

Goal 4:attend the premier
Get there around 5:00PM and you should see someone outside. When you get 
close they invite you into the premier.

Time for the final mission

Mission 5-6:Back in time
Goal 1:Find a inventor
Find Sue Pirnova and talk to her

Goal 2:Find 10 nuclear fuel rods
Go to the bayou and you should see some glowing if not leave the screen and 
come back. If they are still not there sleep in the house for the day and 
at midnight go look around again. Continue this until you have 10 then give 
them all to Sue.

Goal 3:Find a contractor
Talk to Ewen and give him 10,000 simoleons

When your all done go to the chopper garage to get your time machine

Goal 4: find the correct date
Find Guiseppi Mezzoalto and he will tell you the date

Goal 5:Use the time machine on the highest point
Go to the roof of king tower and drop your time machine on the area in the 
middle. Use the time machine and go to December 31,1870. Talk to Eprham 
Earl have a small conversation with daddy bigbucks and that's it.

Congratulations you beat The urbz:sims in the city now you can either put 
the game away or keep playing after the credits and finish up anything you 
want to do or buy all the good furniture.

Rep Missions: Rep missions are missions you do for your Rep group. In order 
to get a mission you need between 3-5 points and talk with the group 
Streeties mission:
Goal 1:Annoy daddy b
You have to wait until the end of the game for this. Go to the island where 
you saw him in the end movie and annoy him all you want.

I have recently been emailed that you can phone daddy big bucks and he will 
come over. I tried this before and was never able to get him over but maybe 
you will have better luck than me
Contributed by: Ethan

Goal 2:convice someone to join the streeties
Talk to ewen when your relationship gets high enough he will ask to join.

Goal 3:Get the highest promotion in basketball
This one explains itself

Artsie rep mission:
Goal 1:Get best promotion in comedy club mini game
Speaks for itself:p.

Goal 2:Bake a strawberry Tiramisu
The paper sold by the cheat ninja has the recipe on it. Instead of buying 
it just look at the description and you will see it. 
 Also Gueiseppi will give you the recipe or just add together flour, 
strawberry and vanilla. It will not always work though so save before 
trying to make it. If it doesn't work get a higher skill in cooking.
Recipe contributed by: Undertaker

Goal 3:Clean up the city! Recycle 100 pieces of trash
Finds lots of trash and recycle it.
Note: I got a lot of emails about this one. In order to do it you must find 
100 pieces of trash and recycle them all at the same time. Also trash seems 
to disappear for some reason in the game I have no idea what causes this.

Richies rep mission:

Goal 1:Get best promotion in moogoo monkey mini game.
Get the best promotion

Goal 2: own 30,00 simoleons worth of items
You need a lot of items and a lot of money for this.

Undertaker was nice enough to list the items that helped him out with the 
the richies items goal
Vending Machine - 1,200  
Archtechnology 2-door Refrigirator - 1,650  
Epicurious Gournment Stove - 1,750  
PyroInferno atomic Burner Oven - 3,000  
Manila- 100 Marine Aquarium - 1,950  
Shaker Floor Mirror - 650  
Modern Sculpture - 675  
Brahma 5000 Behemoth Computer - 2,500  
Video Arcade Machine - 1,250  
Robot Monkey Butler - 3,999  
Robot Vacuum Cleaner - 375  
String Theory Super System - 1,700  
Zimantz Unity Stereo - 650  
Amberson´s Magnificent Double Bed - 1,400  
Zebra Faux-Fur Sofa - 820  
Dilly Taunt´s Portable Easel Kit - 290  
GalleLayman Backyard Telescope - 999  
SaniQueen Luxury Shower - 1,500  
Hanging Telephone - 75  
Pee-K-Boo Mfc. Toilet - 380

Goal 3:have 10,000 simoleons in pocket.
Gain 10,000 simoleons.
Contributed by: top two missions someone who im not sure if he wanted me to 
use his name and Undertaker.

Nerdies rep mission:
Goal 1:Get the highest promotion in doctor stat mini game
Get the highest promotion

Goal 2:Create a petrified wood chess piece
You need the craftsmaster pro work bench and a piece of petrified wood. 
They can be found in the bayou, the escape tunnel or paradise island.

Goal 3:Sell 15 giant frogs
Sell 15 giant frogs make sure it's in a row or it won't count. Frogs can be 
found in the bayou.
Contributed by:Undertaker

========================Tips and Secrets [TAS]=============================
Getting into rep group club house-
Fill the your rep bar up all the way then talk to the group leader. They 
will give you a key to there club house.
Contributed by: Cindisundae

Hidden places-
Get 100 relationship with these people and you can have a secret place to 
go. I don't see much point in them myself except to say you have everything 
in the game.
Detective Dan: In the Prison at the upper left corner where the poster was 
will be a hole. Go thru it to find a shortcut to the bayou

Ewen: There will be a new place under the dock to go to.

Phoebe: She will tell you about a man who lived in a dumpster in glass 
town. Go to where the building for club Xizzle and kings tower meet there 
will be a corner with a trashcan there.

Guiseppi: The broken down school bus in Urbania can now be used

Theresa Bullhorn:She will invite you into the projection booth in the 
Contributed by: Email but they didn't lave a name they wanted to be called 

Space station: You need to connect two GBAs together then phone it to get 

Heidi the shadow Ninja A.K.A The cheat ninja: The cheat ninja appears 
between 2-3:00 Am everday or 3:00AM-4:00Am on a Saturday I'm not sure which 
but you'll see her around those times at the carnival 
upper left hand corner between two trees. You can buy some smoothies which 
each has it's own effect. All the stat smoothies cost 999 simoleons and the 
rosebud drink costs 100 simoleons. I recommend doing the body and charisma 
smoothies when you have money to buy them. Leave the others for when the 
university starts costing more than the smoothie so you don't waste money.
Rosebud: Gives you money
Silver-tongue smoothie: charisma
Gourmet berry smoothie: cooking
Clock berry smoothie: mechanical
Buff berry smoothie: body
Mind berry smoothie: logic
DaVinci berry smoothie: creativity
Piece of paper: Has the password for Club Xizzle, which is Bucket.
Contributed by: Tim for the password for Club Xizzle being on the paper.

The cheat ninja will also show up in the sewers behind the poster in the 
JailW between 6:00Am and 7:00AM  and I think the bayou
Contributed by: Lots of people

She will also appear between 10:00AM thru 11:00AM in the space station
Contributed by: chibi
She also appeared for chibi in 2003 by using the time machine and got a 
rose. He doesn't know the time though.

Buy the Nite-Ninja security system to protect your home
Contributed by:Undertaker

Incase you can't afford one do this. Save your game before entering your 
house. If you enter and something is stolen load your saved game run around 
a in a circle for a few seconds or go in a building then go back in. No one 
will have broken in this time.

If you invite people to your house you will be given a gift
Contributed by: different people.

You can put furniture in the secret areas you unlock by talking to people. 
This is good incase your low on a certain stat you can just rest up in one 
of the areas.

Carve wood and sell it you can make a nice amount of money from the stuff 
you need a higher level of crafting for.
Contributed by: Danya

Save money on repairs: Call the repairman over and make sure the broken 
item is on the first floor. When it is almost repaired leave your house the 
go back in. The item won't be completely fixed and you can finish the 
reapirs yourself. This does not work every time however.
Contributed by: Laura

This guide is Copyrighted Courtenay Dickinson 2004. If you have anything 
you want to ask me about this guide or add email me at 
apollo5002(at)hotmail(dot)com .Please do not use without permission and do 
not alter this document in anyway. If you want to add something be sure to 
give me a name so I can give proper credit. If you want to add this on your 
site just email me along with your site name.

=============================Thanks to==================================
The Gamefaqs board where when I got stuck and was able to search around 
and fine the answer eventually thanks guys.

Gamefaqs for hosting my FAQ/walkthrough

The people who E-mailed me with new info thanks guys!


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