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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Relle

    Version: 1.12 | Updated: 12/28/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                       ,'  `.
                                     ,'      `.
                                  ,-'          `-.
                                 \                /
                                  \              /
                                   \            /
           .--.                     \          /
         ,'   |                      |        |.-.    .--.                 .-.
        /     |                      |        ||  \   |  |.   ,'|         (   )
       /    __|           _   _      |        ||   \  | _/ \_/  |.-.  .-.  | |
      |   ,'__ .--.      | \ / |   __|_  .--. ||    \ | \   /   || |  | |  | |
      |   \|  ||  |_   _ |  '  |,-' |  \ |  | ||     \|  \/\|  / | |  | |__| |__
      |    |  ||  | \ / ||     /    |   \|  | ||         |  | |.-| '--' |       |
       \   |  ||  |  '  ||     |  .-|       | ||  |\     |  | || |      |__   __|
        \  |  ||  |     || | | | /  |       | ||  | \    |  | \| | .--. |  | |
      _,'  |  `'  |     || | | | \__|  |\   | ||  |  \   |   \   | |  | |  | |
     |      \     | | | ||_\_/_|    |  | \  | ||  |   \  |   |`._| |  | |  | |
     |     ,'`---'| | | |  \    `.__|__|  \_| ||__|    \_|\__|   |_|  |_|  | |
     |__,-'       |_\_/_|   `.        |       |        ,'   /              | |
                        `.    `.      |       |      ,'   ,'               | |
                          `.    `-.   |       |   ,-'   ,'                 | |
                            `.     `--'       ‘--'    ,'                   \ /
                              `.                    ,'                      '
                                `-.              ,-'   S W O R D C R A F T
                                   `--._    _,--'
                                        \  /                S T O R Y: II
                                        |  |
                                        |  |
                                       (    )
    by Relle
    Winner of the October 2006 FOTM contest!
    Table of Contents
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Updates
    3.  Frequently Asked Questions
    4.  Walkthrough
      4a. Prologue - Where Are We?
      4b. Day 1: Let's Explore!
      4c. Day 2: Seeking Out the Fortresses
      4d. Day 3: Summonite Ho!
      4e. Day 4: I, Robot
      4f. Day 5: Disturbing On So Many Levels
      4g. Day 6: It's a...GUNVALD?
      4h. Day 7: Is it Cold in Here?
      4i. Day 8: Over the Hill and Through the Woods
      4j. Day 9: Ninjas!  Ninjas Everywhere!
      4k. Day 10: The Final Chapter
    5.  Bonus Dungeons
      5a. Goura Labyrinth
      5b. Ruined Factory
      5c. Subterranean Bay
      5d. Glacier Gorge
      5e. Oni Hot Springs
    6.  New Game+
    7.  Mini-Quests
      7a. Cat Lady's Missing Pet
      7b. Little Boy's Lost Items
      7c. Trading Quests
      7d. Rare Medals
    8.  Acknowledgements
    9.  Copyright Info
     1.  Introduction
    Hurray, the sequel's finally here!  And fortuitously, arrived on the one weekend
    in a long time where I've actually had free time.  As before, this is an attempt
    at being completely spoiler-free (i.e. vague as hell) for the story portion of
    the game, which is looking much better so far.  I basically gutted the FAQ for
    the first story to make this one rather than copy/paste into a new file, so
    things might look a little jumbled at first till I fix everything up.  Besides
    that, it's the same general format.  Read on and enjoy!
     2.  Updates
    1.12 - I won FOTM for October 2006!  Yaaaaay!
    1.11 - A couple different people have e-mailed me telling me about the escape
    spell and how you don't really have to walk all the way back to the entrance of
    a dungeon after defeating the final boss.  Sure wish I'd known that the first
    time I played the game...or the second.  Anyway, I finally got around to
    updating various parts of the guide to reflect that you can, indeed, get out of
    dungeons much faster than previously believed.
    1.10 - Finally finished the rare medals.  That's all, folks.
    1.00 - Bonus dungeons done.  Working on sidequests for my New Game+.
    0.92 - Three bonus dungeons done.  Working on the Glacier Gorge.
    0.80 - Main game complete.  Next stop: the bonus dungeons.
    0.76 - Some fixes to the format.  I won't be including a weapon forging section,
    as there's already a complete FAQ on that up already, and anything I wrote
    would just be redundant listwork (and I HATE listwork!)  However, I'll likely
    be writing up sections for the daily sidequests, and a little mini-guide for
    the rampage rabbit when I start my New Game+.
    0.75 - Almost done.  On the last day, anyway.
    0.01 - Just started.  Expect the section numbers and headings to change around
    as I work through just how much of the game I'm going to cover (i.e. do I bother
    hunting down all the techniques and whatnot).
     3.  Frequently Asked Questions
    Q.  Is this game a continuation of the first Swordcraft Story?
    A.  No, it's all different characters/locations/etc.  The game mechanics are
    the same, though.
    Q.  Is this game even better than the first?
    A.  Oh, hell yeah!
    Q.  Have the weapons changed?
    A.  Sort of.  Axes are a little better if you can stand the agi hit.  Spears
    don't work as well for anything but spamming the midair spin move against flying
    enemies.  Swords are still the best in terms of general use.  Drills are great
    for dealing with multiple monsters, but they're typically very slow for the
    later bosses.  Knuckles are quite good, if only for the agi boost.
    Q.  How about crafting?
    A.  There are two important changes regarding crafting.  First, there's no more
    breaking down materials and using the elemental properties.  Second, you're
    limited in how many of each weapon type you can make by how many shapestones
    you have.  Very early in the game you gain the ability to disassemble weapons,
    which restores the shapestone you used to craft it, but not the actual crafting
    Q.  Upgrading weapons?  How does that work?
    A.  Any item that's used to craft a weapon can also be used to upgrade its stats
    once your craftknight rank reaches a certain level.  However, until you upgrade
    a weapon with a particular item, you won't know what sort of stats will come as
    a result.  You only need to use a certain item once to know how it will affect
    any future weapons.
    Q.  I heard using the same shapestone to craft new weapons makes the new one
    A.  True.  Using the same shapestone gives bonus stats to whatever weapon you
    make next with it.  This carries over into each new weapon.  The bonus retained
    by the shapestone is based on that weapon's tech stat and the weapon's base
    Q.  How do you raise your craftknight rank?
    A.  Craft weapons.  It does up faster if you make weapons using the latest and
    strongest materials you've collected (as opposed to just making one weapon from
    ordinary iron ore and disassembling/reforging it repeatedly).  You can tell if
    you're using the good stuff by the size of the sparks that appear when you're
    hammering the weapon.
    Q.  Can you still break boss weapons?
    A.  Yes, but rather than the specific weapon technique, you gain a craftable
    item that will result in the weapon having a special attack as well as much
    better stats.  However, with the new craft system, it's not always worth
    breaking their weapons, unless you fish a lot.
    Q.  OMG!  Breaking boss weapons is too hard!
    A.  At one point in the game you'll be able to buy the hard shell craft item
    from the fishing rewards.  Upgrading a weapon with three hard shells will give
    that weapon the Arm Breaker special attack.  This will reduce a boss's weapon
    durability by 10 each time you hit them with it (unless they have weapon guard
    Q.  Can I get a boss weapon back after forging and disassembling it?
    A.  Yes, the items show up as prizes for fishing.  You can buy multiple copies
    as well, if you have the points.  However, some of the end-game crafting items
    can't be bought and have to be acquired from the monsters that drop them.
    Q.  Does it matter which character I choose?
    A.  As far as I know, no.
    Q.  Does it matter which Guardian Beast I choose?
    A.  Not that I know of, but they all have different dialogue, and they're all
    pretty funny.  Your Guardian Beast doesn't determine what weapons you can and
    cannot forge, so just pick whoever you like.
    Q.  Is there still lesbian joy in this game?
    A.  Yes.  Yes, there is.  All hail Lynn the Horny!
    Q.  Which dialogue option should I pick?
    A.  If I don't specify in the guide, it's just flavor text and has no overall
    bearing on the game.
    Q.  What's the 'tech' stat?
    A.  This is your ability with that particular weapon.  A higher tec stat means
    that weapon will take less durability damage from attacking/blocking, and will
    lose less durability when using special attacks.
    Q.  Does the tech stat carry over onto new weapons?
    A.  When you disassemble a weapon, that shapestone retains half the tech stat
    you built up, and will carry over to the next weapon.  Also, a higher tech stat
    will retain more of the original weapon's stats.
    Q.  What's with durability?
    A.  Rather than replenish after a battle, durability is like a second HP bar.
    You can replenish it with items and by visiting the forge.  Items used to
    restore durability are extremely common, and are often found in the various
    destructable objects and as battle rewards.  You can also buy or create them in
    the shop.
    Q.  Are the sidequests the same?
    A.  Not really.  Every day an old lady in the southwest part of the village
    will be missing a cat, and if you find it, she'll give you an item in return.
    Also, a small boy will be missing...something.  Finally, every day you can
    fight the rampage rabbit you first encounter when you begin the game.  These
    sidequests just give regular items rather than weapon techniques, but they
    take very little time to do, and free stuff is free stuff.
    Q.  How do I Mono Shift?
    A.  At a certain point in the game your gem will be recharged.  When it is,
    you equip it to your guardian beast as an item and use it in battle.  However,
    it only works once before it needs to be recharged again, so use with caution.
    Q.  What stats should I put points into?
    A.  My personal preference is to boost strength and agi so that they're mostly
    equal.  Early on, it's best to raise strength and maybe a little defense, but
    later on it becomes more important to have at least some agility, or you'll get
    squished by bigger and faster bosses.  However, when your agility starts going
    over 200 total (base stats + equipment + weapon stats) you're pretty much able
    to jump over everything in the game and run around like a ninja.  Going from
    200 to 250 shows a slightly noticeable difference (you jump a little higher,
    move a little faster) but in practical terms, it's not a big improvement.  Once
    you start topping 200 total agility, you don't really need to dump any more
    points into it, so just focus on strength and/or defense.  Personally, I never
    touched defense after the first few parts of the game and I did all right.  I
    had to heal a little more, but with the increased agility, I didn't get hit as
     4.  Walkthrough
     4a. Prologue - Where Are We?
    I'd like to know why the hell our hero(ine) is standing on the edge of what
    appears to be a bottomless cliff.  Ignoring that, follow the dialogue till you
    get to the next screen.  Here you choose your guardian beast for the game, and
    you won't have to do any crazy personality test first, either.  Choose whoever
    you like, they're all pretty funny.
    Follow along until you have control, then go downstairs.  More cutscenes, then
    you'll have to go to monument square.  It's the first path north after you
    leave the craft house.  More scenes, then you can either wander around talking
    to villagers or return to the craft house and make your first weapon.  Do
    whichever you like, there isn't much to get out of speaking with everyone
    besides the dialogue.  More cutscenes at the house, and you'll get your first
    weapon.  After even more text, you can have your first walk with your
    guardian beast.
     4b. Day 1: Let's Explore!
    The next day, go see Ryouga.  He's at the house in the southernmost part of the
    village (just keep walking down stairs).  Afterwards, return to where the game
    first started and take the first left as you go north.  More cutscenes abound,
    and eventually you'll have to fight...a Tonka Tank?  Whatever.
    Easiest way to beat it is a three-hit combo and jump over it.  Don't just stand
    there, because the shells it fires hit for a lot of damage.  Once it's down,
    cue more cutscenes, and...holy Snapple!
    Skipping ahead to when you regain control, you need to go back to monument
    square.  Afterwards, return to the craft house and remake your amateur knife.
    It doesn't matter what dialogue option you pick, the end result is the same.
    Eventually, you'll be free to go into the forest via the door on the west side
    of the village.
    Your objective here is pretty simple: get the sword shapestone from the chest
    in the first screen south.  If you happen into any random battles, just be
    careful, since you only have the hammer.  Go back and re-re-reforge the
    amateur knife to move on.
    Return to the forest.  On the first screen south, use L or R to change your
    field weapon to the sword and cut down the grass.  On the next screen, grab the
    axe shapestone from the chest.  If you want, fight around for a bit till you
    encounter a Spirit.  Defeat it for a charged ore, which will create a slightly
    stronger axe.  Either way, return to the workshop and craft said axe to proceed.
    Once more to the forest.  On the second screen, chop down the trees to the west
    with your new axe to proceed.  You'll find a spear shapestone in the chest
    behind more tree stumps.  Go back and forge one.  You should gain a new
    craftknight rank, and the ability to disassemble weapons.  Since your weapon
    inventory is limited in this game, this is a good thing.
    Return to the forest one more time.  Go back to where you got the spear and
    continue on.  A Hound blocks your path.  It's the same as all the dog monsters
    in the first game, so take it out and continue.  Enter the wind fortress and
    explore around for a cutscene.  After more scenes, it's back to the workshop...
    again.  Repair the broken sword (just select Repair, it does it automatically,
    no materials needed) and take it back.
    Once you return the fixed sword, head out of the fortress by the north exit.
    Follow the path till you see a chest.  Circle around and use the spear to poke
    it open (don't ask how you get the item out, though).  There's a slightly hidden
    path to the northwest.  Through it you'll find three chests, one with a drill
    shapestone!  Go back and exit the screen to the southwest to continue.  Here
    you'll find the blue recovery triangle, which will restore your HP (but
    not your durability).  Move along to the next screen, which will introduce you
    to your first boss battle!
     Grass Dragon + Kabuto x2
      HP - 500 (+100)
    This one can be tough if your durability's low.  Try to ignore the Kabutos,
    the boss will continuously spawn new ones if you kill them.  If you rush in
    to attack the boss, he'll counter by spitting a cloud of poison.  Either use
    a sword and take one swing, then jump away, or stop short, wait for the poison
    to go away and jump in with the axe.  The spear has the reach to get in past
    the poison, but it's weaker than the other two.  Don't be afraid to use your
    Guardian Beast if you need a heal, or if a weapon is about to break.
    Afterwards, cue the reunion, then examine the grass on the east side of the
    screen to cue another scene.  When that's over, return to the wind fortress to
    talk with everyone.  When that's all done, go back to the village.  Visit the
    spot where you first met your guardian beast, and you'll find the Rampage Rabbit
    and a kid who is apparently its manager.  You can fight the rabbit every day,
    and it'll be a little stronger each day.  It's a good idea to fight it at the
    end of the day, as it does become much tougher and more aggressive on each
    successive day.  Anyway, go back to the workshop and the day will come to an
    end.  You can now visit Tatiana at the monument square on your nightly walks.
     4c. Day 2: Seeking Out the Fortresses
    View the cutscenes and head upstairs.  Regardless of your choice, Tatiana will
    join you and you'll be off to the Wind Fortress.  Before you go, check in with
    the old lady and find her cat for a bandage.  Also, the salesman will sell you
    an aqua ore for 300b.  Buy it up and use it to craft whatever you like.  I'd
    recommend disassembling your amateur knife and using the shapestone and aqua
    ore to create a new weapon.  Make whatever else you want, then go back to the
    wind fortress.
    A new fortress, you say?  Exit the wind fortress to the north and return to
    where you fought the grass dragon.  Climb down the vine and exit east.  Here
    you'll find the entrance to the roaring cavern.  Fight your way through to area
    3, where the path splits slightly.  Take the southern path to find a rare medal
    and a recovery triangle, and fight around for a bit.  Try to get to level 7-8
    or so.  When that's done, move on to the next screen for a cutscene.
    Afterwards, choose to follow the...ghost?  She'll lead you along until it
    becomes apparent you need to find another route.
    When you go back to the screen with the four-way crossroads, go south.  On this
    new screen, head left and climb up to reach the chest that was behind the wall
    for a new sword shapestone.  Then go right and up the ladder.  If you've forged
    a drill, use it to break through the wall to reach a new axe shapestone and a
    rare medal.  You can also use the knuckles to punch around the boulder, but
    there's nothing you can do with it.  Return to the crossroads and go north.
    Before you proceed further than the grass, make sure your weapons have enough
    durability left.  You're about to go into a boss battle.
     Black Swordsman
      HP     - 450
      Weapon - 150
    Your first battle against a weapon user!  He's not as tough as the grass dragon,
    to be honest, especially if you've played the first game.  Just take in any
    weapon and watch his movements.  It's pretty basic stuff: dash in, attack, block
    his counterattacks, and keep moving.  If you want to break his weapon, the best
    method I've found is to just block and absorb his hits.  He doesn't block very
    often, and it's a very slow process even with a drill.  Heal yourself or use
    weapon shield if needed.
    Afterwards, you'll be back at the workshop.  You'll need to retrieve Tatiana,
    but before you do, repair your stuff and forge whatever you like.  If you broke
    the boss's weapon, disassemble your sword and use his beast crest to make a
    stronger tusk saber.  At this point you should be well-equipped to defeat the
    rampage rabbit for the day, so head over and kick his bunny ass.  Now go back a
    screen and take the first left to find Lynn.  Gee, I wonder what she's doing
    Anyway, after the scenes, return to the roaring caverns.  Follow Nina to the
    north at the crossroads and just continue on the path.  Once you emerge from
    the caves, you'll be right near a teleporter.  Give it a whack and use the
    opportunity to return to the workshop and repair/rest/save.  Return to the
    forest and take the teleporter to the water fortress.  Make sure you have an
    enchant: element spell equipped to your guardian beast.  Head inside and you'll
    find yourself under attack.
     Iron Horse
      HP - 600
    Its biggest advantage is high defense and HP, but it's pretty predictable.  It
    can shoot bullets across the screen, or fire a machine gun at the ground in
    front of it.  It'll also jump and do a diving attack from the air, which is
    easily blocked.  Enchant your weapon with whatever element your guardian beast
    provides (doesn't matter which) and give it a couple whacks, then dash/jump
    away.  If you managed to craft a tusk saber, this'll be over very fast.
    After it's over, head to the next room and talk to Nina.  Then return to the
    wind fortress and pick up Tatiana, and go back to the workshop.  The day will
    end, and you can now visit both Gabriel and Lynn!
     4d. Day 3: Summonite Ho!
    As the day begins, Orin will ask to see you by the waterfall.  It's the place
    with that big red scarf tied to a rock and blowing in the wind.  Before you go,
    if you got the beast crest from the black swordsman, forge a drill with it.
    The special attack it has is ridiculously powerful.  Anyway, go find Orin when
    you're ready.  When you get there, there's trouble afoot!
      HP     - 600
      Weapon - 180
    This guy's not much tougher than the black swordsman, though be cautious,
    because your attacks won't daze him (i.e. you can hit him and he'll still wind
    up an attack in the middle of your swing).  He'll use a special attack, a wave
    beam that drains his durability significantly and has a long range.  If you want
    to break his weapon, wait for him to use that attack and take his durability
    down to 20-30 before blocking your way to victory.
    Once that's over with, head to the water fortress.  After the scene with Lynn
    and Nina (she's a ghost, she's not a ghost, make up your mind, lady!) exit the
    fortress to the north.
    The Lost Woods?  Nintendo's going to pitch a fit.  Walk along till you find a
    cave.  Head inside and explore till you reach a chest with a blaze ore inside.
    Return to the woods, then go southeast.  Ignore the first hole in the ground
    and go to the next screen, then jump in.  Go north and head up the stairs and
    you'll be back above ground.  A little further on you'll find the next fortress
    and a warp point.  Return to your workshop and repair/reforge if needed.  If
    you're at level 11-12, you can probably beat the rampage rabbit now as well.
    When you're done freshening up, return to the thunder fortress.  You'll be
    greeted by a mechanical defense force.  It doesn't matter how you answer, you
    won't fight yet.  Instead, it's a much funnier outcome, especially if you're
    playing as Aera!  Watch the cutscene, and...go Super Saiyan!  ...sorry.
     Clock Knight
      HP - 1000
    This battle is actually more reminiscent of Super Sonic.  Your durability will
    slowly go down on its own in addition to your attacks and blocks.  You'll use
    whatever weapon you previously had equipped before this fight, and be unable
    to change to a different one.  However, it's a very easy fight.  Just do the
    standard attack/block combo and try not to get attacked from behind.  Also, do
    note you have a new special attack, conveniently named 'ultimate move.'  It'll
    do a wave attack that deals about 100-120 damage regardless of which weapon
    you have, but it sucks up 20 durability per use.  I like to use it as a
    finisher. ;)
    Enjoy the cutscene, more proof whoever translated this game was smoking
    something.  And I want some.  Anyway, retrieve the summonite gem from the back
    room (it's the little sparkly thing in the righthand room) and go back to the
    workshop.  You'll need to find Orin, so go back to the woods and warp to the
    water fortress.  Enter the roaring caverns and go back to where you first met
    Nina.  After the scene with Orin and Bruno, warp to the water fortress and go
    to the back room for a scene with Lynn, the eternally horny.
    Anyway, back to the lightning fortress.  Install the third summonite and you
    can finally leave by the back exit.  In the forgotten woods, first go east to
    find a rare medal, then north.  You'll have another case of holes, but first
    enter through the cave door and follow the path.  You'll find another rare
    medal in the midst of some cave moss.  Return to the surface and fall down the
    northern hole, then just walk along till you find the stairs going back up.
    And through the woods we go!  Keep moving till the path splits.  North you'll
    find a hole that will drop you back into the caves, but you'll appear near a
    chest with a fist shapestone.  You will, however, have to drop down and walk
    all the way back.  To the south at the split, you'll run into Gabriel.  After
    you're done talking, go east till you reach a chest with a spear shapestone.
    Afterwards, exit north and keep going till you fall down a hole.
    Head right.  Here you'll find two boulders blocking two narrow tunnels.  Punch
    the west one till you can get through the horizontal passage and snag the
    gale ore from the chest.  Leave and re-enter the room and punch the east rock
    so you can reach the stairs.  Once on the surface, just walk along till you
    come across another teleporter.  If ever there were a time to go back and
    rest/repair, this would be it.  If your rank is high enough to upgrade your
    weapons, attach an aqua ore to the weapon of your choice to help with the
    upcoming battle.  When you're ready, return to the fire fortress and head
      HP - 1280
    There's a trick to this boss.  Attacks made against his chest will do less
    damage, so you'll have to jump and hit his head.  Play this one defensively.
    Make one attack and dash away (don't try jumping away, his sword has a big
    range).  The best time to attack is when he raises his sword above his head.
    When he does this, he's preparing to slam it into the ground, but there's a
    good 2-3 seconds before he actually does it.  If you have the enchant aqua
    spell, use it.
    With that out of the way, retrieve the summonite gem from the back room and
    return to the thunder fortress.  For some silly reason you'll have to visit
    Nina again, so head back there for a brief chat.  Afterwards, return to the
    workshop.  After some shocking (not really) news, you can take another nightly
    walk.  Orin and Nina will now be on the list.  Lynn continues to be horny.
     4e. Day 4: I, Robot
    Here we go again!  Head out when the talking's done.  Make sure to pick up a
    fulgar horn from the salesman, and try forging a weapon or two.  Go to the
    forest, but before teleporting to the thunder fortress, visit the water and
    fire fortresses.  The salesman at the water fortress will give you spices you
    can pass on to the woman who's been trying to cook curry for what seems like a
    week now.  The one at the fire fortress will sell you a leafwyrm thorn for 600b
    (he disguises it as a lecture).  Take the spices to the crazy cooking lady, and
    try your hand at the rampage rabbit before you go.  It's not that much stronger,
    but it now wields a carrot.  Scary.
    When you're all set, go to the thunder fortress.  After all the talking, you
    have the option of recharging your gem (which you should do) and teleporting
    down to the machine dungeon.  Zap yourself on down, it'll be fun!
    Go and explore.  When you reach the first set of conveyor belts, ride across
    and hit the green glowy thing.  Go right and ride the vertical belt down to
    a pair of chests, and then ride the conveyor to the left back to solid ground.
    Head down the nearby stairs to B2.
    Down here, first head left and across the conveyor.  Use the spear to stab the
    crates as you go.  Continue south via the belts for two chests, then ride back
    to where you started.  Now take the southern conveyor belt once and then the
    one to the left.  Drill through the cracked wall for a couple chests and a rare
    medal off to the right.  Return to the beginning and take the south conveyor
    twice.  Keep going till you find a door.  Make sure your weapons have sufficient
    durability and your summon beast is equipped with some good attack spells.
      HP - 1600
    This guy's got some hard defense.  Magic tears through it pretty well, though.
    If you're using Dinah, you can use splash and aqua tornado to kill him off.
    If not, you're in for a long fight.  He has two apparent attacks, one being a
    punch he telegraphs by reaching back and charging up his fingers (Shining
    Fingers!).  He also fires off a ball of electricity after charging both sets
    of fingers.  They're easily avoidable, the only tough part is getting through
    his armor.  If you're having trouble, Mono Shift and beat him up.
    Unfortunately, after the battle you end up falling down a hole.  When you wake
    up...oh look...IT'S A GUNDAM!!!
    I am eternally disappointed that no one thought to jump in and pilot it.
    Anyway, when the cutscene's over, head right.  The left side's blocked off.
    Head up the stairs and use the recovery triangle, then go back down and walk
    through the door on the right to hit B4.
    First off, take the middle vertical conveyor belt.  Walk along till you reach
    a switch and a rare medal.  Hit the switch and go back to the beginning.  Take
    the middle conveyor again and ignore the switch.  Take the next belt to a chest
    with a fulgur horn.  Return to the start and take the middle belt again.  Hit
    the switch this time and take a ride on the same belt you came in on.  Ignore
    the conveyor to the right and go to the next screen.
    Moving on to the next screen, you'll find a recovery triangle and another
    chapter of dungeon adventures.  Don't bother reading it, just switch to the
    drill and break the wall.  Make sure you're ready for a fight before you go in.
     Black Swordsman
      HP     - 1000
      Weapon - 200
    He's much tougher than before, and he'll block a lot more often.  However, it's
    not easier to break his weapon, as his durability goes down very slowly.
    Otherwise, he does a spin attack that'll knock you back, and he'll use magic
    against you.  Definitely be careful here, he can take out a lot of your HP very
    quickly.  The tornado attack is a little hard to avoid, but if you have a good
    sword, you can do a combo, block through his attacks and combo again before
    having to move.  Magic works to a point, but you'd be better off saving a
    couple spells to heal yourself.
    After the battle, you'll be safe...for the moment.  If your guardian beast has
    the escape spell, use it to be transported to the entrance.  Once you do, do
    whatever you need to and return to the workshop to end the day.
     4f. Day 5: Disturbing On So Many Levels
    Craft up some new stuff if you want.  If you got the beast king crest, use it
    to make a sword.  The spin attack is ridiculously powerful if you use it when
    you're right on top of an enemy.  Try to go to the forest to see this stranger
    everyone's talking about.  After a short scene, you'll be on your way.  Return
    to the thunder fortress.  After a brief chat with everyone, go to the back room
    and speak with Bruno.  Recharge your gem if needed and teleport to...???
    Apparently it's the beach.  Examine the glowing stone for another account of
    dungeon adventures if you want.  It just tells you the same as the last one:
    hit lots of switches.  Move along till you encounter...a mermaid!  Snazzy!
    Keep going to find...a pirate!  He calls himself a treasure hunter, but he's no
    Locke.  Hit the switch and follow him!  There's a chest on the island he was
    on, but it's empty.  Keep going till you find three colored switches.  First
    hit the green one and follow the path to the next screen, where you'll find a
    chest with sandstone ore.  Go back and hit the red one and exit to the left.
    Take the leftmost path up to find two chests, and the rightmost path to
    proceed.  Before going anywhere, hug the left side of the screen and exit that
    way for a rare medal.  When you're ready, go check out what's going on with that
    big blob of water.
    Cue funniest sequence in the game (if you chose Aera).  After it's over, go back
    to Bruno and teleport back to the fortress.  After the ensuing cutscene, return
    to the water elemental.  Cue another funny scene, and this time you're in for a
     Aqua Element
      HP - 2000
    He's not too tough if you have a strong weapon.  A sword tends to work best, as
    you can do a standard combo/block maneuver.  He does a short-range water bullet
    attack and causes geysers to come out of the ground, but you can stand between
    the latter and block the former.  He's actually one of the easier bosses yet.
    Must be due to heartbreak.
    Just past the elemental is a recovery triangle.  Use it and move on.  You'll
    come across another set of colored switches.  The blue leads nowhere and the
    red just takes you to a bunch of bushes.  Hit the green and take the upper path
    first to spear a chest, then the lower to reach the next batch of switches.
    The blue leads to a bunch of crates and barrels to smash, the green leads to a
    chest.  The red takes you to the sword you're looking for.
    Okay, I take it back, this is the funniest sequence in the game.  The developers
    had to be drunk or high or both.  Anyway, when you can move again, walk along
    to meet Passeau again, and further are a red and green switches.  Hit the red
    one to reach a chest, and the green to proceed.  Smack the blue switch and keep
    going left across the platforms for a chest, then head north to find Queenie
    and Passeau again.  Unfortunately, they also have a friend with them.
     Lobsta Dragon
      HP - 3000
    This definitely ranks up there on the "Oh bugger" meter.  However, despite it
    looking big and mean, it's fairly simple.  Rush in, do a two-hit combo (three
    hits will get you smacked) and run away.  It'll try to strike you with its
    heads, or spit water globs at you, but they're pretty easily avoidable.  If
    you've saved your Mono Shift, bust it out and take this thing down quickly.
    Afterwards, go back and grab the sword you came for.  Escape and return to the
    workshop after all the talking's done to end the day.
     4g. Day 6: It's a...GUNVALD?
    Craft up some new weapons after the shaking is done, then head out.  Check the
    item shop and buy the diffusion device from the salesman before going to the
    gate.  Hmm, unlucky day.  Make your way through the talky-talks and back to
    the woods.  Stop by the wind fortress to check on the critters, then visit
    Nina and Borgrim.  Much trouble ahead, but something very promising results...
    For future reference, you can now buy the hard shell item from the fisherman.
    Once you're able to upgrade a weapon with three items, put three hard shells
    on for the arm breaker special attack.  It'll make breaking enemy weapons much
    Anyway, return to the village and talk to Rocky to get a kitty badge for running
    his errand.  Beat the rampage rabbit if you haven't already.  Head to the gate
    to pick up Orin so you can fix that Gundam!  When the scene's over, return to
    the thunder fortress and teleport down into the factory.  Walk all the way back
    to the Gundam (falling down the hole is still the fastest way).  Apparently
    it's called a...GUNVALD?  Yeah, that won't have Bandai sending in the lawyers...
    Head left and through the previously locked door when you're able.  You'll be
    down on B5.  First head right and grab an axe shapestone from the chest, then
    return and go south.  Keep going till you find a cracked wall and drill it
    open.  The stairs down are to the northeast on the other side.
    Go left and you'll come across three conveyor belts.  Take the rightmost one
    down and drill through the door you come across.  Inside are two chests and a
    rare medal off to the right.  Return across the same belt and take the middle
    belt.  This one leads to some crates and another rare medal.  Hit the switch
    and go back to start.  Finally, take the leftmost conveyor.  Walk along and
    ride the next conveyor belt you come across and you'll eventually reach the
    droid you're looking for.  Unfortunately, he disagrees.
     Scanner Eye
      HP - 3200
    This guy's an easy kill if you have a decent weapon.  The best way to get rid
    of him is to stand about at the maximum range of your sword and swing at him.
    He'll smash the ground and cause a very short-range shockwave which is easily
    avoided if you take a couple steps back (or jump).  He'll also fire a pair of
    bullets which can be blocked, and do an aimed explosive shot which needs to be
    avoided.  Both are pretty obvious, and if you keep the right range on him, he'll
    keep on hitting the ground and damaging nothing.  Feel free to Mono Shift on
    this guy, you can recharge on your way out.
    Once the droid's dead, head back to the GUNVALD to deliver the part.  Once
    again you'll have to trudge back to Bruno to get out of here.  When you reach
    the surface, head to the village and speak with Toumei at the sealed gate.  For
    some stupid reason you need to make a sword out of anti-demon ore...right.
    They cost 350p, so go fishing till you have the points.  When you craft the
    sword, make sure to use a blank shapestone, one that hasn't been used to make
    any other sword.  When you hand over the weapon to Toumei, it becomes a quest
    item rather than an equippable weapon, so if you happen to use a shapestone
    that has stats on it, it'll be lost forever.  Talk to Toumei after he enchants
    your sword, and show him the red daemon gem.  This does nothing for the moment.
    Now return with the sword to Nina and Borgrim.  What follows is quite possibly
    the greatest battle of all time.  I'm not even going to say anything about it.
    Have fun!
    Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.
     Blade Wing
      HP - 3400
    This can be tough, because this guy's fast and his attacks can't be blocked
    fully.  Aside from a standard stabbing with his tail, he'll dash across the
    screen.  Even if you block, it'll still do half damage.  The best way to avoid
    it is, as soon as you see him rise into the air, run underneath and behind him.
    If your agility is high enough, you can jump over him, but it's tough if you
    haven't been putting points in there.  Mono Shift if you're having trouble, or
    spam attack spells and heal if you're getting hit too much.
    Those sick bastards!  They blew up the Gundam!  Err, anyway, scenes a'plenty,
    and the day will end automatically.
     4h. Day 7: Is it Cold in Here?
    Your first stop today is Tormei at the gate.  After that, you've got your
    marching orders: find another daemon edge.  Go to the thunder fortress and chat
    with Bruno to be sent to the next dungeon.  However, before going there, head
    to the subterranean bay and talk with Sarin.  Rescue Bryan (he's on the same
    island you met him at) to get a shiny seashell.  Take it to a woman in the 
    village on the bridge by the waterfall to the left of the chief's house for
    a pair of enduro boots.  Now go to the glacial gorge.
    Head down till you run into a couple kids.  After scaring them off, move on
    until you come across a big ice patch.  Stand at the very top against the
    wall and walk diagonally down and to the right to hit a snowy patch in the
    middle of the ice.  From there, go right to reach a chest and a rare medal.
    After that, just take the upper or lower path to the next screen (they both
    lead to the same place).  Head right and you'll hear a voice.  Depending on
    what kind of voice you say you heard (man or woman) you'll fight a different
     Nesty (Man/Woman)
      HP     - 1500/1400
      Weapon - 250/150
      Item   - Hero's Badge/Mark of Courage
    Nesty's weapon is determined by the way you answered, actually.  If you chose
    male, he'll use a big two-handed sword.  If you chose female, he'll use a
    smaller shortsword and be much faster.  The choice also affects what item he
    drops if you break his weapon.  Neither one is very difficult, and can be
    beaten with a simple combo/block strategem.  Granted, if you want to break
    his weapon, you'll have a much easier time if you answered a woman's voice,
    so go with that.
    Note: Regardless of which option you pick, if you break his weapon, you'll be
    able to buy both boss items from the fish rewards list.  However, the female
    one has a longer combo and thus can take you out a lot faster, so be careful.
    Much misunderstandings ensue.  Recover at the blue triangle and move on.  For
    this next patch of ice, slide your way over to the snowline along the north
    wall, then slide down on the right side to hit another snow patch.  From there,
    just go right to the next screen.  Here, go right to the ice and slide right,
    up, left against the boxes and up again.  Break the boxes from the top side
    and go up to the next screen.  After more misunderstandings, you'll fight a
    trio of regular monsters.  Use an attack spell to defeat them quickly.
    Afterwards, it's back a few screens to the "glacier."  Drop off the kid and
    go back where you found him.  Use a diagonal movement to get through the final
    ice patch.  Two screens later you'll be introduced to even more ice, and
    multiple exits.  The one second to the right has a bunch of barrels and three
    chests, while the second to the left and rightmost are connected, and lead to
    a rare medal and some things you can poke with your weapons.  The leftmost exit
    will take you on your way.
    Walk along till you stop and say the daemon edge is nearby.  Heal up and repair
    your weapons, then go to the next screen.  Why must we fight?
     Ice Golem
      HP - 4500
    This thing's pretty slow and clumsy, but it hits hard.  If you're close up,
    it'll either pound the ground or breathe ice that causes icicles to fall.  The
    ice breath won't hurt you unless you jump into it, and if you stay put, the
    icicles will miss you.  However, be ready for him to try and smash you.  His
    third maneuver is really stupid.  He grows a pair of wings, flies into the
    air, hovers a few feet toward you and buttstomps the ground.  Big deal.  It'll
    stun you if you're on the ground when he lands, but he doesn't do anything in
    that time, so it's not even a remotely dangerous move unless you intentionally
    walk underneath to peek up his ass.
    So...yeah, beat him up, Mono Shift if you want, etc.
    Sweet potatoes are seventeen kinds of awesome!  No, really.  After retrieving
    the sword, escape back to Bruno to get back to the civilized world.  Head back
    to the workshop to end the day.
     4i. Day 8: Over the Hill and Through the Woods
    More trouble awaits as you greet the new day.  Gabriel will be in bad shape,
    but enough about him!  You're after Passeau!  Make sure you fight the rampage
    rabbit (if you want) before you go exploring.  When you're ready, warp to the
    wind fortress and exit north.  Head through the woods till you run into the
    body snatcher herself.  She'll conjure up a friend for you to play with.
      HP - 5200
    Despite the name, he's not that scary.  His three attacks are a simple swing
    of his scythe, creating a void sphere in front of him and launching a floating
    will-o-wisp.  The first two are easily avoidable simply by getting out of the
    way (blocking reduces damage to half, so only do that if you're not quick
    enough).  The will-o-wisp travels across half the battle map, but you can easily
    jump over it.
    The trick to this boss is agility.  I was able to take it out simply by jumping
    back and forth over it and doing airborne sword swings at its head.  Completely
    dodged his scythe attacks and didn't even trigger his other two until I stood
    around and waited for him to do something.  I actually pulled a flawless
    victory out of my ass simply by jumping around like I had a pogo stick up my
    If your agi isn't high enough to leap over tall monsters in a single bound,
    just resort to the standard attack/run away tactic, and throw in some magic if
    needed.  Simplistic, I know, but it's not a complicated boss.
    After the taunting and whatnot, return to the village posthaste.  Upon arriving,
    you're given the silent treatment.  Well, fine!  Screw you ingrates!  I never
    wanted to save the world anyhow!
    Err...I mean, go to the workshop to get an explanation.  Yeah, they're all
    idiots.  Just because you've been busting your ass to save the world all this
    time means you're secretly in league with the forces of evil.  Oh, the humanity!
    All sarcasm aside, you won't get any answers sitting around.  Rest/repair/save
    and head out!  Warp back to the wind fortress.  In the same place you found
    Passeau will you also find the black swordsman.  And damned if he's getting
    away without a fight!
     Black Swordsman
      HP     - 1650
      Weapon - 250
    Among his attacks his time is a spinning dash, alongside a magic tornado.  He'll
    also enchant his weapon with wind, making him hit that much harder.  But he
    still has a relatively low amount of HP, and if you break his weapon, you get
    nothing for it.  Fight him as before, and Mono Shift if you want a real epic
    battle. ;)
    This time the mask will fall off and reveal the Black Swordsman as...!
    Yeah, like I'd really tell.  Anyway, after all the hubbub a path to the south
    will be revealed.  Head down into a brand-new part of the forest.  Walk one
    screen east and one south.  Here there will be a hole in the midst of some
    trees.  Walk up to it and snag the rare medal on the ground, but don't fall
    down.  Go one more screen east.  Here there are two holes, one in the trees
    and one to the north.  Fall down the northern hole first and smack open the
    chest.  Go left one screen, then south.  Punch the rock out of the way and
    go left to find a cracked wall.  Drill through it.
    Here you'll find a rare medal up and to the right as soon as you enter, and a
    couple chests to the left.  Leave, go back the way you came and head left to
    find the exit.  There will be another cracked wall just above the ladder.
    Return to the screen with the two holes and fall through the one in the trees.
    Follow the path till you reach a dead end (don't fall down the waterfalls) and
    drill through the wall.  Head through the opening and just keep walking.
    Eventually you'll hit the surface, and a little further on you'll find an
      HP     - 1700
      Weapon - 250
    He's actually not that tough, as long as you block anything he throws at you.
    His weapon doesn't hit for very much unless he tries to 'drill' you, and due to
    its short range, if you use a weapon like a sword, spear or axe, you can hit
    him at max range and avoid retaliation easily.  The really hard part is, of
    course, breaking his weapon.  At 250 durability and a drill, no less, it'll
    take quite a while.
    Not ten seconds after you knock some sense into this kid you're thrust into
    the fray once more!
     Gedharm + Gedharm Gunner
      HP     - 1700/1500
      Weapon - 260/NA
    Hey, two on one isn't fair!  Not to mention the gunner is a real pain the ass.
    You can beat Gedharm without touching the gunner, but it's annoying to have it
    shooting at you.  It'll frequently splash shells across the battlefield both
    in front and behind it, but they're easily avoidable.  The problem is, when
    it does this, the background darkens and it counts as casting a spell, so you
    can't hurt it.  Get in close to make it counterattack with a fist or short
    shots rather than the spell and take it out as fast as you can.  Once it's
    gone, Gedharm is just a slightly stronger version of the previous battle.
    However, don't let up on him even for a second!  If he gets time to cast
    spells, he can resurrect the gunner.  This is easily interrupted by attacking
    him, so don't let up.  The item he drops for breaking his weapon is the same
    as Orin's, so if you got it in the last fight, don't bother breaking it again
    this time.
    With all that messy business out of the way, make your way back to the village.
    Hurray, the townsfolk aren't stupid anymore!  Return to the workshop and the
    day will come to a close.
     4j. Day 9: Ninjas!  Ninjas Everywhere!
    Apparently you're just now getting around to saving Bruno, ignoring the fact
    that he's been in danger since yesterday.  Anyway, head out, do whatever
    sidequests need doing (beaten the rampage rabbit lately?) and warp to the
    thunder fortress.  After a lot of chatter, you'll warp to the oni hot springs.
    If you showed Toumei your red daemon gem a couple days earlier, he'll give you
    a second one to use as you please.
    Walk around, smashing stuff up, till you get to an area which is periodically
    filled with steam, obscuring your view.  Go up the ladder (wait for the steam
    to fade if you can't see) and head left to find the source.  Smash the geyser
    with your hammer to stop it (wait, is that even physically possible?) and snag
    the nearby rare medal.  Go back downstairs and open the chest, then exit to the
    right.  Keep walking till you find a nude woman.  I'm not kidding.
     Kuuya + Kohina
      HP     - 1750/1700
      Weapon - 150/130
    What's with all the two on one?  Just so you know, if you break both their
    weapons, you get two different items.  However, it's not that difficult to do
    both of them.  They have certain special attacks that drain off their
    durability.  Kuuya will do a dragoon-esque jump attack if you stand far enough
    away from him, and Kohina will do a quick strike.  Each one drains 10 durability
    per use, and they use them fairly often.  This is actually one of the few
    battles I recommend breaking weapons, since they do most of the work for you
    if you're patient.
    Afterwards, recover and head right.  Take the first path up and smash the
    geyser, then go left from there to get a couple chests.  Exit right.  Hug the
    bottom of this next screen to find a set of stairs going down.  The geyser is
    nearby and to the right.  Snag the rare metal and head up to the next screen.
    Here, go up past the stairs, then right and down another set of stairs to find
    the geyser.  Go back up and left.  Drop down via the waterfall for the chest,
    then exit down.  Keep going till you run into Kohina again.  After a brief
    conversation, hit the next screen for the final daemon edge.  And yes, you
    guessed it, you won't get it easily!
     Shaman Monkey
      HP - 6700
    I've always wondered what the obsession was about monkeys on monk's clothing.
    Depending on your distance, he'll either do an uppercut, throw his beads at
    you, or cast a spell and cause...poison cherry blossoms to fall from the sky.
    O-kay.  When he looks like he's casting a spell, quickly run and jump behind
    him to avoid being hit.  When he whips his beads out, jump back instead of
    running, you won't make it.  If you stay at max sword range and combo/jump
    back, he should do almost nothing but swing his beads.
    Afterwards, you'll return to the hot spring...without the daemon's edge.  What,
    you couldn't just carry it on your back or something?  Run back and get it, and
    once again, you're interrupted...
      HP     - 2500
      Weapon - 150
    Like the siblings, he has a special attack that drains his durability.  It's a
    rapid-fire combo that's exceptionally damaging, and to make matters worse, his
    weapon continuously restores durability during the battle.  The best way to
    trigger the special attack is, of course, to get in close and hope he uses it.
    I had the most success running at top speed either right past him or right in
    front and jumping over him.  If breaking his weapon gets to be too annoying,
    just beat him up like any other fist weapon user.
    Fortunately, after this battle you're at least partially transported back to
    the beginning.  Halfway, at least.  Use escape and return to the thunder
    fortress, then to the workshop to end the day.  Be careful who you choose to
    walk with tonight, it will mean the difference for the ending.  It also affects
    the course of events for the next day.
     4k. Day 10: The Final Chapter
    Regardless of who you walked with the day before, your guardian beast will
    wander off.  Technically this will count as a day, so if you've been doing the
    mini-quests (the cat lady, the boy who can't hold onto his stuff) then make
    sure to check in with them, because they will give items for finding their
    things.  If you chose someone other than your Guardian Beast, go to meet with
    them (if it's someplace outside the village, you'll automatically go there and
    back for once).  If you chose your Guardian Beast, they'll be at the monument
    square, so snag them and enjoy the next few scenes.  When the next day begins,
    there's more trouble afoot.  Like that's anything new.
    When you're free to move, get going toward Nina's place.  Head right two screens
    when you're able to find Toumei.  The crafting item you'll need is a vortex crab
    claw, which you can find off monsters on the beach.  When you've crafted the
    vortex sword, take it to Tormei at the fishing pond and then head for the woods.
    You'll automatically be taken to the thunder fortress, where Passeau waits.
     Passeau + Bone Knight
      HP     - 1500/1200
      Weapon - 270/NA
    Like the Gedharm Gunner, the bone knight is really only there to make things
    difficult.  It's much easier to kill, though.  It does have a massive spin
    attack, so watch out for that.  Passeau is an easy kill, so if you're going to
    break her weapon, you'll have to be patient.  The item given for breaking
    Passeau's weapon (and any future boss items) won't show up on the fishing list,
    so be very careful how you use them.
    Well, glad that's taken care of.  Return to the workshop.  The daemon edges are
    right where you left them.  Examine the lower-right side of your bed (if you
    climb into bed, you're not low enough) to retrieve them.  Head back upstairs to
    learn how to get in to seal Goura, then head for the gate.  But before you can
    actually get on your way, it's round 2!  
      HP     - 3000
      Weapon - 180
    He's the same as before, but with more HP and durability.  He'll do the same
    sort of special move, which drains 20 durability per use.  If you're going to
    break his weapon, dash in close and jump away at the last second to make him
    use it until he gets down to about 20-30 durability.  After that you'll have
    to break it normally.  If you're not trying to break his weapon, it's a much
    easier fight.
    Afterwards...plot twists!  You'll end up back at the workshop.  Go downstairs
    and talk to Blaire.  Despite warnings to the contrary, go right back to the
    gate.  Unfortunately, some big know-it-all thinks he's better than you.
      HP     - 2500
      Weapon - 260
    Ah, an axe user, how novel.  His special move is a tornado spin attack, and
    it's quite painful.  You can jump over it with very high agi, but otherwise
    just block through it or run away.  Otherwise, it's the same as any other
    battle with a non-monster boss.  You can dash in, block his initial swing and
    combo him before he knows what's coming.  Repeat that and don't let up on him
    when he's low on health, otherwise he'll heal himself.
    Return to the workshop to rest/repair/save.  If you broke Blaire's weapon, use
    the item to craft something, as it'll be the strongest weapon you can create at
    this point of the game.  When you're ready, head back to the gate.  Step through
    the glowy part to reach the labyrinth.
    Bust the crates on either side of the room, then use the knuckles to punch the
    rocks out of your way.  Go down the stairs and follow the path till you find a
    couple more boulders.  Punch them both straight up onto the tiles with the eyes
    to open the way forward.  Keep going till there's a split to the right with a
    trio of floating scanners...or something.  Head down that way for a bunch of
    boxes and a couple chests.  Return to the scanners and go down to find...
    something even stranger.  Apparently it's either red ice or some sort of
    slippery strawberry Jello.
    Anyway, you can't do anything here, so stand at the very top-left corner of the
    Jello and slide right.  You'll end up at a spiky-looking hole in the ground.
    Fall through and you'll land in a maze.  Go up and take the first right for two
    chests.  Return and go left, then take the next right to get to the next screen.
    Here, go up and then take the first path down to the maze to pick up a rare
    medal.  Go back up and take the leftmost route down.  Follow the road and you'll
    end up back on B1, behind the rock near the Jello.  Punch it all the way up,
    then slide right.  Punch the second rock up until it's on the edge of the red
    stuff.  Slide left, up, right, and punch it in front of the eye tile.  Slide
    down and back up behind it to knock it onto the switch.  Head back down to B2.
    Go left to find a recovery triangle.  Slide up via the leftmost patch of red
    Jello, then slide right and down to the boulder.  Punch it down through the
    tunnel till you can slide left.  Slide up to two chests, then down the right
    side to a safe spot.  Finally, slide up the middle tunnel to reach the stairs.
    As soon as you hit B3, head around the left corner and go downstairs for a
    rare medal.  Go back up to B3 and fall down the southern of the two holes.
    Keep walking till you find another pair of holes.  Go south past them both and
    go down the stairs for a chest in the lower-right corner.  Return upstairs and
    fall down the left hole.  Head left to find the stairs going up.
    Immediately fall down the hole to the right.  Grab the chest and punch the rock
    out of the way, then go back up the stairs.  Now fall down the left hole.  What
    follows is a series of holes and stairs you have to climb up and fall down
    respectively.  Wait...strike that, reverse it.  Anyway, when you get a message
    saying you're close to Goura, take the path up for a pair of chests, then climb
    the stairs.  Fall down the first hole to the right and go back up for a chest,
    then fall down again.  Take the first set of stairs you see to the right, then
    fall down the hole to the south.  Walk along till you see a hole to your left
    and a boulder to your right.  Punch the boulder away and go right, then down
    to finally reach the stairs leading to Goura.
    Well, almost.  First go up to the door (ignore the switches for the moment)
    to have another seizure, and receive a clue.  The solution is as follows:
    the switches are numbered 1-5 left to right.  You need to activate switches
    1, 3, 4.  So the leftmost, the middle and the one to the right of the middle.
    Head through the door down to B5.
    And here we have a rock puzzle!  It's really very simple.  Go right, up,
    right, up, right to the next opening (don't punch it against the wall!) then
    up till it's directly left of the two red crystals that are right on top of
    each other.  Punch it right to those crystals, then up five spaces (so it's one
    space away from the wall and you can get above it).  Punch it onto the Jello,
    then start heading down till you can slip in to the next rock.  Punch it out
    of the way and go up through the door.  Make sure all your weapons and HP are
    maxed out.
    Watch the cutscenes.  When you get to the point where you can choose to unseal
    the daemon edges or signal your guardian beast, give the signal and watch what
    appears over its head.  When a ! appears, don't give any more signals, just
    unseal the swords.  Just before the last one is unsealed, help arrives!
    Unfortunately, you have to deal with Miss Pris yourself.  
     Spoiler Boss (A)
      HP     - 3500
      Weapon - 300
    Just because I'm finicky about this sort of thing.  Anyway, I don't know what
    the hell kind of weapon she's using, but I want one!  Like other bosses, she'll
    trigger a special attack that drains durability, but as you can see, she has a
    lot of it.  Fortunately, it doesn't regenerate.  Be very, very careful how you
    fight here, because her weapon has a crazy range on it.  Think of your spear's
    poking range, but with the arc of a sword.  Yeah, like that.  Whatever you do,
    do not get hit by her special attack, as it'll take off 700-800 HP depending on
    your defense.  If you happened to break Blaire's weapon and forged something
    with it, it should have the Arm Breaker special ability.  Use that to get her
    weapon down to zero, but if she has the weapon protect spell active (i.e. her
    weapon is glowing) wait for it to go away before beating her down.
    Plot twists upon plot twists...sorta.  Anyway, this next battle is impossible
    to win.  You do 1 damage regardless of your weapon and stats, and he has 12800
    HP.  Just equip knuckles if you have them (for the agi boost) and dodge his
    attacks.  Eventually, the battle will end automatically.  Just don't die,
    it'll mean game over.
    After more cutscenes, head back to the workshop.  Use the Gem of Light to forge
    the weapon of your choice (it doesn't have to be a sword).  Also, if you want a
    complete weapon techniques list, you can craft something from the Gem of Light,
    disassemble it, and get a new one from Glacier Gorge.  You'll find it at the
    very end, at the crystal formation where the daemon edge used to be.  You can
    do this for every weapon type, and this only works during this stage in the
    game.  Once you beat Goura, the crystal formation stops giving out Gems of
    When you've crafted the weapon of your choice, head back upstairs.  Apparently,
    the contingency plan for the village is to die of asphyxiation in space rather
    than be killed by Goura.  Anyway, with the noble weapon in hand, head back to
    the gate.  Speak to the bot to teleport (almost) directly to Goura.  Head up
    to initiate the final battle.
      HP - 12800
    Now this is a whopper of a battle.  Don't worry about durability, your weapon
    will continuously regenerate like Ryouga's.  However, it won't regenerate if
    you Mono Shift.  Goura is the same as he was in the 'hopeless' battle, with the
    same attacks: a charge, a pounce, and a stab with a couple of the swords
    floating around him.  Stay mobile, and hopefully you have enough agility to
    jump over him during the charge (and for pretty much all of the fight).  Since
    you lose durability during Mono Shift, save it for the last 5000 HP or so and
    just use your Guardian Beast to heal if needed before then.
    Anyway, when he paws at the ground, he's about to charge, so jump over him
    immediately and run back to him to get in a quick combo while he reorients
    himself.  He'll hunch up a little when he's about to pounce, and he'll try to
    stab you with the swords if you're close up.  Otherwise, he's big, slow and
    clumsy, and his only real advantage is his HP.
    Cue more cutscenes!  Not to spoil anything, but this is where you really go
    Super Saiyan.  And of course, because no RPG boss since FF4 has ever had less
    than two forms...
      HP - 40000
    No, that HP count is not a typo.  This Golden Mono Shift not only lets your
    weapon regenerate durability, but you'll also hit much, much harder.  Goura in
    this form has several elemental attacks, which you've probably seen used by
    your more human opponents earlier in the game.  Tornadoes, water geysers, a
    meteor shower, and a rain of swords, all designed to ruin your day.  The color
    of the swords is the key to their attacks.  Green brings a tornado, red is
    either a ball of fire on the ground in front of him (which you can easily avoid)
    or the meteors, purple is a series of lightning bolts from the sky, and blue is
    the water geysers.  Rather than jump through him to avoid his attacks, dash
    through him and you should avoid most of his spells entirely.
    Frankly, this fight is more fun than difficult.  You have full access to your
    Guardian Beast abilities (attack spells WILL work against him), and because
    your durability regenerates, you can spam your ultimate move special attack.
    Just have at him, and heal when needed.
    Aaaand the game gets even more silly.  Anyway, watch the cutscenes, and the...
    uh...pantomime, I guess.  Regardless, congratulations!  The main game is now
    complete!  Enjoy the credits, save your game, and prepare for the next set of
    bonus dungeons!
     5.  Bonus Dungeons
    A quick note before we begin.  The bonus dungeons have to be done in order, as
    you'll only find the item to access the next dungeon by defeating the boss of
    the previous one.  Secondly, the items dropped by the bosses can be acquired as
    many times as you like.  Simply leave and re-enter the dungeon, and the boss
    will respawn.
     5a. Goura Labyrinth
    As you saw from the ending, you'll have to go all the way back to where Goura
    was to access the lower levels.  Refer to the previous section if you need
    directions.  When you finally reach B6, slide diagonally along the red Jello to
    reach the chests and the stairs leading down to B7.  Take either one, they lead
    to the same place.
    Down here there will be three boulders, one to the left, right and middle.
    Punch the middle one to the right a couple times, then punch the rightmost one
    left, up, right, up, left, and up to the switch.  Now punch the middle boulder
    all the way right and go to the leftmost rock.  Punch that one up, right, up,
    left and up to the switch.  Head down to B8.
    Here, utilize diagonal movements to reach the safe spots in the middle of the
    Jello and slide over to a small alcove to the left to get a rare medal and a
    tyrant soulstone in a chest.  Head right to find the stairs to B9.
    This here's another maze.  Go left, take the second path up, then left and the
    second path up again for the first chest.  Go back down and head right as soon
    as the road splits, then up.  In area 2, go left at the intersection for the
    second chest (no splits on this route).  Return to that crossroads at area 2
    and go up to find a rare medal, then down to return to area 1.  Head back
    around to get to area 2 again.  Loop back around once more for the third chest.
    From there, go all the way up and left when you can.  You should spot a
    recovery triangle behind a wall.  Bust through the crates and heal yourself up.
    Use an anywhere diary if you want, just in case.  Head down.
    B10 is pretty simple.  At the split, right will be a chest and left is the way
    forward.  In area 2, the left and right paths will lead to the respective
    chests you see on either side of you.  Pick them up if you want and take the
    middle stairs down to B11.  Make sure everything is at max durability and you're
    fully healed.
    Here, you'll find one hell of a boss.
     Death Reaper
      HP - 22000
    Nice HP count.  He's almost exactly the same as the Death boss, except with
    four times the HP.  He'll do the same will-o-wisp and void rift attack, but
    instead of simply swinging his scythe, he'll charge at you.  This is easily
    avoided by just jumping over him after a combo.  If you still have your noble
    weapon, I'd highly recommend using it just due to the longevity of this fight.
    Like the previous Death boss, if your agility is high enough to make sport of
    his dash attacks, just keep jumping over him and hitting him in the head with
    your weapon of choice.  It'll take a while, but it's the safest way considering
    how often he charges.
    Upon his (ha-ha) death he'll drop an onyx lifestone, and you can take the items
    from the chest he was guarding, including a startup switch.  This will be used
    to access the next bonus dungeon.  Cast escape and get on to the next dungeon!
     5b. Ruined Factory
    As with before, you'll have to walk down to the bottom level.  Your destination
    is where you fought that crazy robot for the GUNVALD part earlier in the game.
    Once down there, you'll find the scanner eye and a little Tonka tank that tries
    to blow up the factory.  Examine the little console near the tank to extend the
    bridge leading to the lower floors of the factory.
    Whack the teleporter and head down.  Ride across the conveyor belt and go up and
    around to the vertical belt.  Ride it down to area 2.  Take the first belt
    right, then go left over the next two belts to reach a chest.  Ride the nearby
    conveyor to area 3.  Already there's a blue recovery triangle!  Anyway, head
    down and go right at the intersection to area 4.
    Here, ride the vertical conveyor up and hit the switch, then go back and ride
    the horizontal one to a rare medal and a chest.  Hit the switch to return and
    go back to area 3.  Go up at the previous intersection.  Here, follow the
    conveyors till you reach a switch.  Hit it and return to the beginning, then
    just ride the belts till you reach area 5.  Just head forward to reach B8.
    Whew, big factory.  Take the right conveyor belt down, then go up the left one
    once and ride the belt to the right.  Just keep going along the belts till you
    hit area 2.  Once there, hop down the first conveyor belt and whack the chest
    for an onyx lifestone.  After that, there's only one path to take till you
    reach area 3 and the boss.
     Satellite Eye
      HP - 32000
    Yeesh.  This boss has the same moves as his color swap, he just hits much
    harder.  Stay mobile, as he'll smash the ground and create a small shockwave
    around him that'll hurt you if you're nearby.  The aimed shot and bullets are
    easily avoided and blocked respectively.  This boss is actually easier than
    the reaper, since he doesn't charge you and actually lets you manage a full
    combo occasionally.
    Your prize for this one is a mechanical box, and a water bell from the chests.
    Bash the switch and make your way out of the factory.  Next stop, Subterranean
     5c. Subterranean Bay
    Once again you'll have to go to the very end of the dungeon.  When you do, hold
    the water bell up to the waterfall to open the way to area 16.  Hit the
    teleporter and head up to area 17.
    Whack the red switch to reach a pair of chests.  The green and blue both lead
    to a second set of switches.  Hit the red one again to find a rare medal, then
    go down to area 18.  Keep going till you find another batch of switches.  Smack
    the green and left and up to reach area 19.  Here, hit the red switch and keep
    walking till you find a second set.  Bonk the green switch to reach area 20,
    but before you exit, hit the last blue switch to reach a chest with a mechanical
    box inside.
    Getting closer, at least.  Activate the green switch and go right first for a
    chest.  Now go left and hit the blue switch, then follow the path it creates
    to find the red switch.  Whack that and you'll create a bridge near the blue
    switch leading to the boss.
     Lobsta Supreme
      HP - 42000
    Yep, you guessed it, it's the same as the lobsta dragon way back when, except
    with more HP and more power.  He'll try to take a bite out of you with his
    heads, and fire a stream of bubbles at you.  When he does the latter, quickly
    jump over him and you can get a free combo without retaliation.  This is mostly
    just a very long battle, not really difficult per se.  As long as you have
    weapon shield ready to go, patience will win the day.
    Your reward from the chest is the Snowmelt Powder, and the boss will drop a Cat
    Paw Figurine.  The latter makes weapons with pretty hefty agi bonuses, and
    gives a whopping 30 agi to a weapon if used as an upgrade.  I'd recommend
    returning and getting a few more, they're pretty nice in combination with items
    that give high str and def, but bring a penalty to agi.  Our next fabulous
    destination will be Glacier Gorge!
     5d. Glacier Gorge
    Same song, different verse.  Back to the daemon's edge hiding place.  Examine
    some cracked icicles to the right of the crystal formation that gives out spare
    Gems of Light to break through.
    In area 15, you'll have to do a diagonal slide up and to the right to reach the
    exit.  About in the middle of the ice there's an indentation of snow.  That's
    where you slide from.  Go up to area 16.  Here, stand near the rightmost patch
    of ice and slide diagonally up and right.  You should come to a stop against a
    bit of the wall.  Hold right and press down to slide right to the exit.
    In area 18, slide down on the left side of the ice to reach a recovery triangle
    and a rare medal.  Go back up and slide down on the right side, using the crates
    as a guide.  Go down to area 19.  Here, walk down till you see a couple tree
    stumps near the ice.  Stand directly beneath them and walk right to get the
    chest.  Go back and stand above the trees and slide right, then down, then
    diagonally up and left to reach area 20.
    Slide diagonally up and right to get a rare medal, then up and left to reach the
    chests, then stand on the very edge of the ice and walk up till you end up
    sliding right.  Go up, left, down, left, then hold up to slide diagonally into
    the exit.  In area 21, you can either go up or down, they both lead to the same
    place.  For 22, slide to the small island with the grass and over to the chest
    with a cats paw figurine.  Slide down to another island, then diagonally down
    and right, then up to area 23.  Make sure you're fully recovered.
     Ice Doll
      HP - 52000
    Exactly the same as the ice golem, i.e. big, slow and stupid.  Stay in close to
    avoid being stabbed by the falling icicles from its frost breath, and be ready
    to back away when it tries to...clap you.  Be sure to use enchant flare for this
    fight, it makes it so much faster.  Also, whenever he flies up and attempts to
    buttstomp you, stay a few paces away, otherwise the shockwave will cause a huge
    amount of damage.  It doesn't have a big range, but if you're right next to
    where he lands, it'll hurt.
    This time you'll pick up an unlock talisman and aqua ring from the chests, and
    the boss will provide an angel ice statue.  On to the final dungeon!
     5e. Oni Hot Springs
    All the way to the end again.  Stop and talk to Kohina and Kuuya.  It's
    startlingly incestuous!  Aaaaanyway, moving on.  Break down the cracked wall
    and smack the teleporter, then go up to area 18.  Ignore Toumei, he's not doing
    anything special.
    Up here, keep going until you pass the first waterfall.  Along the southern
    part of the cliff will be a row of bushes blocking some stairs.  Head down the
    stairs to find the geyser causing the steam, along with a rare medal.  Go back
    up and fall down the waterfalls to the right for a couple chests.  Go south for
    area 19.  Just walk along the non-steamy path to area 20.
    More steam, great.  Go up the stairs to the left and carefully make your way
    right.  Don't get caught in the water.  When the path splits, head down to bash
    the geyser, then open the chests before going up to the next screen.  The next
    couple areas are straightfoward, just keep going till you hit the steam.
    In area 23, the geyser is all the way in the northmost part of the area.  Once
    you clear out the steam, there's two routes.  Go right first to area 24.  The
    geyser here will be to the right, and there's a rare medal and a pair of chests
    in the northeastern and northwestern corners of the map.  Now return to area 23
    and go left.  Here you'll find the final optional boss.
     Monkey Extreme
      HP - 62000
    It just keeps getting better and better, huh?  As with the previous monkey, he
    will claw you if you're up close, swing his beads at you (and his range is very
    long) and cast a spell that causes cherry blossoms to fall across the screen.
    The best place to be when he does the latter is behind him.  Like the others,
    this is more long than overly difficult, unless your weapons are underpowered.
    Enchant aqua works well here, as does any water-based attack spells you may
    have available.
    The monkey drops a bushido scroll, the most powerful crafting item available.
    You'll also get a rare medal, and in the chests behind him are a flare bracelet
    and...another bushido scroll.  That's it for bonus dungeons, but not quite it
    for the game.  Read on!
     6.  New Game+
    Yes, that's right, you can use your saved data to start a new game with many
    things carried over.  Here's what you keep:
    * Craftknight rank
    * Techniques
    * Bestiary
    * Stored weapons
    * Money
    * Fishing points
    Now, before you start your new game, go to the fire fortress.  See those five
    open chests in the back room?  Those will store five weapons of your choice to
    be picked up in your new game.  Among the five, I'd recommend crafting one
    weapon specifically with the arm breaker special ability (upgrade a weapon with
    three hard shells) in case you missed breaking a boss's weapon this time around.
    If you didn't (or if you don't care about having a complete techniques list)
    just craft up five of your choice, upgrade them with whatever you like and stick
    them in the chests.
    Bear in mind you won't retain any items you got the first time around.  This
    includes crafting materials, consumables, equipment, rare medals, etc.  You
    also won't start the new game with your stored weapons.  You'll have to reach
    the fire fortress legitimately before you can pick them up.
     7.  Mini-Quests
    I say mini-quests because they have no real bearing whatsoever on the game,
    they're just there for free items.  They can be done starting on the first day
    (the day after you first meet your Guardian Beast, and after you visit Goura's
    Gate for the first time).  For each of these quests, you have to speak to the
    person involved before you can start it (i.e. you must talk with the little boy
    before you can return his lost item).
    Note: For day 10 with the cat lady and the lost boy, the day where your guardian
    beast wanders off will be when they give you the best reward, but you can do
    the same quests the next day (when you go to seal Goura) and get a regular item.
     7a. Cat Lady's Missing Pet
    An old woman's cat will be out and about.  The key to finding said cat is
    talking to the dog which is standing behind her house on a little hill.  He'll
    bark a clue as to the location of said cat.  The reward on the second to last
    day will be a fire ring, then a ninja scroll on the day you go to seal Goura.
    Day 1 - Down the stairs south of the item shop, in plain sight.
    Day 2 - Behind the stairs near the workshop.
    Day 3 - Inside the chief's house, by the fireplace.
    Day 4 - Near Ryouga's house, right by the rare medal freak.
    Day 5 - Cliff Road, by the blue-haired boy.
    Day 6 - In Monument Square, in plain sight.
    Day 7 - Inside Ryouga's house.
    Day 8 - Inside the chief's house on the second floor.
    Day 9 - At the fishing pond.
    Day 10 - Inside the item shop, then outside the craft shop.
     7b. Little Boy's Lost Items
    Every day there will be a boy around town who's lost something (it's never said
    explicitly what).  That item will always be where he was standing the previous
    day.  Just wander around the general area spamming the A button to find it.
    Your final reward will be a water ring.
    Day 1 - In his house, south of the barrel.
    Day 2 - Outside the cat lady's house.
    Day 3 - Across the bridge to the left of the item shop, near the southern
    Day 4 - Near the transshift monument, south of the fence on the left side of
    the stairs.
    Day 5 - To the left of the curry lady's house on the road.
    Day 6 - To the left of Ryouga's house, between it and the stairs.
    Day 7 - Outside the cat lady's house again.
    Day 8 - On the left edge of the bridge to the right of the cat lady's house.
    Day 9 - Just outside the item shop near the cliff, to the right of the sign.
    Day 10 - Near the cliff outside the house to the right of the cat lady's place,
    then to the left of the curry lady's house, like day 5.
     7c. Trading Quests
    Day 1 - Broken watch - Deliver it to the curry lady's husband.
    Day 3 - Eerie mask - Pick up from the lumberjack.  Deliver it to the man in the
    house next door.
    Day 5 - Wheatgrass Juice - Pick up from the curry lady.  Give it to the
    Day 6 - Kitty Badge - Check on the summon creatures in the wind fortress for
    Rocky, then return to him to get the badge.  Deliver it to the girl who hangs
    around with the kid who loses things.
    Day 8 - Mild Spices - Talk to the salesman at the water fortress and give them
    to the curry lady.
    Day 10 - Tablecloth - Pick it up from the kid on the far side of the bridge left
    of the chief's house.  Give it to the old woman outside the chief's house.
     7d. Rare Medals
    *** Woods and Caves ***
    1 - Entry Woods Area 3 - Just down the hill, near a tree.
    2 - Entry Woods Area 4 - Southwest corner, behind some bushes.
    3 - Forest Outskirts Area 2 - Southernmost part of the area, in the midst of
    some trees.
    4 - Forest Outskirts Area 3 - Climb down the vine and it will be to the right
    past a tree blocking your view.
    5 - Roaring Cavern Area 3 - Beside the blue recovery triangle.
    6 - Roaring Cavern Area 6 - In area 5, go right and drill through the discolored
    wall to reach a hidden chamber.
    7 - Lost Woods Area 2 - Almost directly south of the cave entrance, behind the
    8 - Lost Woods Below Ground 2 - Near the waterfall on the lower level.
    9 - Forgotten Woods Area 3 - Southern end of the screen, behind some bushes.
    10 - Forgotten Woods Below Ground 2 - Between a pair of waterfalls.
    11 - Vanishing Forest Area 3 - Near the hole in the ground.
    12 - Vanishing Forest Below Ground Area 8 - Behind a cracked wall in area 7.
    *** Ruined Factory ***
    13 - Ruined Factory B2 Area 2 - Behind a drill-able wall, on the right side.
    14 - Ruined Factory B4 Area 1 - Take the leftmost conveyor belt as you enter.
    15 - Ruined Factory B6 Area 1 - Ride the rightmost conveyor belt and drill the
    cracked wall at the end.  The medal is in the small room to the right.
    16 - Ruined Factory B6 Area 3 - Hop the middle conveyor belt and it will be at
    the end of the path.
    17 - Ruined Factory B7 Area 2 - Take the right conveyor belt from the exit.
    18 - Ruined Factory B7 Area 4 - Use the southmost exit from area 3 and follow
    the conveyor belts.
    *** Subterranean Bay ***
    19 - Subterranean Bay Area 8 - Go left from the aqua elemental.
    20 - Subterranean Bay Area 14 - As you enter, hit the red switch to reach it.
    21 - Subterranean Bay Area 17 - Hit the first blue switch, then the red when
    when you reach the second group of switches.
    22 - Subterranean Bay Area 20 - Hit the green switch to reach a chest and the
    medal in the upper right corner of the area.
    *** Glacier Gorge ***
    23 - Glacier Gorge Area 5 - From area 4, slide right from the snow patch in the
    middle of the ice.  It will be behind a chest.
    24 - Glacier Gorge Area 12 - Take the rightmost exit from area 10.
    25 - Glacier Gorge Area 18 - Slide down the ice on the right side.
    26 - Glacier Gorge Area 20 - Slide up and right from the middle of the ice.
    *** Oni Hot Springs ***
    27 - Oni Hot Springs Area 4 - Right by the geyser causing the steam.
    28 - Oni Hot Springs Area 10 - Left and down from the geyser.
    29 - Oni Hot Springs Area 18 - Right next to the geyser.
    30 - Oni Hot Springs Area 24 - In the upper right corner of the area.
    31 - Oni Hot Springs Area 25 - Received after defeating Monkey Extreme.
    *** Goura Labyrinth ***
    32 - Goura Labyrinth B2 Area 1 - Take the middle exit from area 2 and go south.
    33 - Goura Labyrinth B4 Area 2 - From the entrance of area 1, go left and down
    the stairs.
    34 - Goura Labyrinth B8 Area 1 - In a cubby on the left of the red slime.
    35 - Goura Labyrinth B9 Area 2 - Take the right exit from area 1 and go up and
    left till you run into the 
     8.  Acknowledgements
    Thanks to you, the reader and gamer, for taking the time to read my faq.
    Much thanks to GhostOfLegault for the nice ASCII art up top.  Yes, I reused it.
    Thanks to Atlus and the development team responsible for creating this
    Thanks to CJayC and Gamefaqs for hosting it.
     9.  Copyright Info
    This file is Copyright (c)2006-2007 to its respective author, namely myself.
    All rights reserved.
    This file may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission, except www.gamefaqs.com. Use of
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