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A dummy item for Final Fantasy I, known as the Angel's Ring, was intended to boost Defense by 8, Weight by 1, and lower Evasion by 1 while inducing a Regen-like effect on the wearer, who must be a Mage. It was originally intended to be found on 30F of the Whisperwind Cove dungeon, in the tenth chest. Unfortunately, the only ten-chest map can not be the 30th floor, making this item unintentionally unobtainable.

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In the remake for Final Fantasy I, there are a number of side-dungeons not available in the original Final Fantasy. These are long, winding, randomized dungeons, with most of their bosses derived from other NES and SNES Final Fantasy games (I-VI): for example, the Phantom Train from FFVI or Rubicante from FFIV, among many others.

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Unlike previous ports and remakes, both games feature a standard MP system rather than the 8 tier system originally used.

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