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Arcane Labyrinth Guide by Mr Jingles

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/27/08

Final Fantasy II: Anniversary Edition Arcane Labyrinth FAQ Version 1.1
By Gamefaqs user Mr Jingles

Hi and welcome to my FF II Arcane Labyrinth FAQ. It's designed to give you a
little help in solving the Arcane Labyrinth puzzles. My written English isn't
the greatest so please try to put up with it.
In case you care, this is my second guide so I only have little experience
writing these. I'll update it as often as I can but I can be kinda busy with
Uni. While it won't take you around by the hand, it'll give level hints and
directions for some of the more complicated levels.
I also need reader help with a few things. I'll give full credit too :).
Feel free
to contact me at the address below.

Legal Stuff:

Sorry, but I have to say this.
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any other web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.
Copyright Sam Bonifacio 2008.
This guide is for use on the following sites:
If Strikebang.com ever starts hosting guides, they're welcome to use it
without permission.
The FF Wikia can use it too if they want as long as they ask.
Sorry, but only having it on a few sites makes it easier to keep
track of.
No exceptions.
Feel free to print a copy as long as you're not making any money out of it. I
didn't get anything for writing this.

Contact info : Minoan (dot) ferret (at) gmail (dot) com
Please no spam or insults, and only email in English. NO 1337 SPEAK!

To find the level you need help with, simply ctrl+f to find it.
Levels are listed in the order you'll likely get the words in.

Wild Rose

Gained word: Tracking
Level hints gained: None
Goal: Fight and kill all the enemy knights.
This first level isn't too difficult to accomplish. Simply walk around and
you'll see knights and other guys facing each other. Talk to the knights to
fight a Soldier. There are 5 groups all up. When you're done, talk to the
man who was never fighting a knight to gain your first new word. Follow
the general path of the level for the exit.


Gained word: none
Level hints gained: Mirror
Goal: Get to the exit.
Admittedly I don't understand the mechanics behind this level, but the
flames probably have something to do with it. If anyone knows could you
please drop me a line. You'll be credited :).
To gain your first level hint instead of a word, follow these directions
whenever you reach an intersection. From the start go South, south, west,
east, east.  Talk to the soul to gain a hint on the Mirror level. If you go
in any direction other than the one stated, each step will throw you into a
fight against a Big Horn, and this can be quite difficult right at the
To reach the exit from that starting point go east, south, then take the right
hand path down, then the left hand path down.


Gained word: Mirror
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Obtain mythril for the old man from the wells.
To reach the man, go north, take the down-right path, follow it to reach a
chest and then go down from that.
Take the left path down and you'll see the exit. To the far right is the man.
Talk to him and he'll ask you to
find him mythril. Check the wells around the level to find it (it's randomn)
and give it to him for the Mirror word.
The wells also contain random encounters, and sometimes, but rarely, they're


Gained word: none
Level hints gained: Darkness
Goal: Get to the exit.
Pretty straight forward level. The left and right sides are mirror images of
each other.
The exit is on the right side and on the left in the same (relative) place is a
kid who tells you about the darkness level.
The only difficult part is when you take to the left side, as periodically
you'll hear a tone and notice pink light things floating upwards. When this
happens your controls are reversed. i.e. up is down, left is right and vice
versa. It switches on and off every now and then, and beware that you can
fall off the sides. Don't worry if this happens. You'll find a warp point
that returnsyou to the start.


Gained word: Aquifer
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Fix the overloaded dreadnought engine.
No, this isn't the Palamecian dreadnought. You want to do exactly the opposite
for this one.
To start with, talk to the soldier to the left of where you start, and make
your way towards the large engine/reactor
thing in the centre. Watch out for the aquares that light up red as you'll
wind up fighting a Sergeant enemy, and they can be a pain at low stats. You'll
also find Sergeants blocking your way, so talk to them and kill them to get
past. Once you reach the engine, 'talk' to it and use a blizzard tome or
antarctic/arctic wind (whatever it's called in this game) to calm it down.
This shuts down the red lights but not the stationed sergeants. Return to the
start and talk to the soldier from the beginning to gain a new word.
The exit is in the outside 'box' that you start in.


Gained word: Cave
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Hunt the adamantoise.
Talk to the boy in the upper left who'll tell you about a monster lurking in
the sewers,an adamantoise, the same as the Snow Cave boss (note: weak to ice).
Walk around to find it. Some people say you need to find it in the water,
but I've found it on land and without talking to the boy first. Just do
whatever works for you. You'll find the exit by following the general path of
the level.
Thanks to Rinoa for confirming (by finding out the hard way!) that you can
encounter Adamantoise on land and without talking to the boy first, even as
the first enemy you'll get in the level.


Gained word: Wizard
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Find the old man's box.
Talk to the old man, who'll mention that is box is hidden under one of the blue
stones in the level. It's random so you'll have try them all yourself. A
wrong one will pit you against 5 or so Stunners, and occasionally a stone will
have nothing beneath it. Upon finding the box (it can take a while) give it
to the old man for your new word.
The exit is to his left.


Gained word: Candelabra
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Defeat the 4 sorcerers and save the girl
Towards the top left you'll see a passage blocked with four blue orbs. Scattered
about the level are four traditional FF looking black mages. Talk to them to
fight a sorcerer and remove a blue orb from the pasage. Once they're all dead
talk to the girl to get the word. Exit to the upper right.


Gained word: none
Level hints gained: ???
Goal: Reach the exit.
Straight forward level this time. The lights in here go on and off, and you
can fall off the edge too. Same deal as the Mirror level though. Simply use
the teleporter to start over. The exit is in the lower left and pretty easy
to find. As of now I haven't found if there's a level hint in this place,
and any input would be much appreciated.


Gained word: Wind
Level hints gained: none
Goal: help with repairs by getting hammer, nails and saw.
I haven't written detailed directions yet but this isn't too hard. Three guys
are looking for hammer, nails and a saw to repair their ship. Talk to the
various sailors (right word?). one will tell you to check the crate near him
for nails, while the other tools are held by the various sailors. They say
what they're looking for, so it's not too hard. I'll make more detailed
directions if there's demand. The exit is in plain sight to the north.


Gained word: none
Level hints gained: ???
Goal: Reach the exit without being blown away
This is similar to the previous Mirror and Candelabra levels in that you can
fall off the edge, but this time it's considerably harder. A constant wind
blows and its direction is indicated by flying debris. A few seconds after it
starts blowing, you'll be blown one square in whatever direction it's moving.
It helps to stand one square in the opposite direction of the wind to avoid
being blown away. The exit is to the top right, but it'll probably take a few


Gained word: none
Level hints gained: Goddess' Bell
Goal: Warm the cold soul
Wandering the level are flaming souls (why are souls in this game shown as
flames anyway?) and talking to them will force a fight with 2 mine enemies.
One of them, however, is 'good' and complains of being cold. This one resides
in the bottom left corner and needs something to warm up. Remember the
dreadnought level? Give this guy (I assume it's a guy since he mentions his l
ove as a 'she', although I know it could still technically be a woman. I'm not
being sexist here.) a hot item like a fire tome or hellfire and he'll give you
a hint on the Goddess' Bell level. Exit to the top right.

Goddess' Bell

Gained word: Dense Fog
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Follow the bell
What you have to do is follow the ringing sound, which increases
as you draw nearer to your goal and decreases as you get further away. When
you get next to the source, you'll see a sparkle located near the right of the
map. Talk to it for the word.
The exit is near the north in a hall filled with pillars. You can't miss it.

Dense fog

Gained word: none
Level hints gained: Dragoons
Goal: Open the locked chest
To the left of the starting point is a locked chest which you can't open just
yet. Towards the north you'll find an explorer who wants whatever's in the
chest, namely the ancient text. To open the chest, go east from him, then take
the second north path. Keep following it to find an obvious switch on the wall
that looks like a plate or something. Hit it, open the chest and then return
the ancient text to the explorer. He'll tell you the story, and how to solve,
the Dragoons level. The exit is to his north.


Gained word: none
Level hints gained: Wyverns
Goal: Despatch the spirits in order.
Okay, I thought I knew how to do this but I got the story wrong from the above
level wrong. No wonder I got stuck... Rinoa sent in how to solve it so rather
than re-writing I'll just copy and paste. Thanks :).

"The reason you're struggling so much with Dragoon is that you interpreted the
story in Dense Fog wrong. The story is that the Laird was to kill the dragoons
Orga, Vishuss and Maya. The three of them were brothers: Vishuss being the
eldest and Maya being the youngest. However, the story reads that they were
killed in reverse order of their ages. The explorer then asks you to repeat
it. So, in the Dragoon level, you have to kill Maya, then Orga, then Vishuss.
After that, the Laird (a blonde man) will appear somewhere in the middle of the
level, near the broken bridge. He gives you a clue how to beat the Wyvern


Gained word: Darkness
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Speak to the wyvern. N.B. You'll need Goddess' bell and Pendant
key titems, and a potion.
I recommend you do this immediately after to Dragoons level as there will
be no random encounters. It makes navigating this place much easier.
In a large room to the south you'll find a sleeping wyvern. Wake it with the
Goddess' Bell key item, then talk to him using the Pendant key item. Give
it a potion to heal it and it'll give you your word. Exit to the west.


Gained word: Thundercloud
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Free the spirits from the darkness
This one's one of the more frustrating levels. At first glance it looks like
one simple path, but in the middle area is an invisible floor. It's easier with
a map, and one was made by Gamefaqs member Galya15. I haven't been able to
contact him or her for permission but by linking to it I hope I'm not breaking
any rules. After all, it was made to help people. If you're the author,
(cartographer actually) please contact me for full credit. Thanks.



Gained word: none
Level hints gained: Mask
Goal: Harness energy for the man
I was way off when I first attempted this. I thought it was just a generic maze
and man was I wrong. Good thing Rinoa came to the rescue again with the

"In this one, from the beginning, go straight down and to the right, and a man
will ask you to harness energy for him. If you run for a little while over the
electric squares and then go back to him, he'll give you a clue on how to pass
the Mask level."


Gained word: Desert
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Give items to the Fire Gigas to receive cryptic tablet and give to
explorer. You'll need a potion, ether and elixer.
This place is horrible to navigate. Make your way north and you'll eventually
see a Fire Gigas infront of an altar. Talk to him and choose not to fight,
and then he'll ask for a potion, then an ether, and finally an elixer. After
that he'll vanish. Talk to the statue to receive a cryptic tablet, and locate
the explorer and give it to him for the word. You probably passed the exit on
the way through, but in any case it's to the east of the explorer.


Gained word: Oasis
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Sink in the quicksand.
Find a column in the north-west of the map and head directly south of it.
(some of the explorer guys drop hints to do this.) Eventually you'll fall
through some quicksand. Talk to the explorer down there for the word and take
the teleporter back out. The exit is directly south of where you warp out to.


Gained word: none
Level hints gained: Ekmet Teloess
Goal: Guide the spirit to the pillar.
You'll find a spirit to the west of where you start. To guide him to the
pillar, answer him: Yes, yes, yes, no, no, yes. Once you arrive he'll tell
you about the Ekmet Teloess level. Exit is in the south east.


Gained word: Tundra
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Get the doppleganger onto the red switch.
This is frustrating. You'll notice another Firion in this level that moves when
you do. It goes left and right as you do, but its up and down are reversed.
Your goal is to get it on the red switch, and it isn't easy. The only real
solution I can offer is playing around yourself, and this does take a while
but just be paitent and keep trying. You can talk to it and choose to reset
if you so wish. The exit is way to the north.


Gained word: Greed
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Don't take the beaver's treasures.
Relatively straight-forward. Don't steal from the chests that are guarded by
beavers. Other chests are fine. Also note that the spiked floor hurts you at
the rate of one HP per step. The lone beaver in the south east of the level
will give you the word provided you didn't open any guarded chests. Feel free
to loot them on subsequent trips.


Gained word: Authority
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Give gold to the greedy mask-king. You'll need a gold needle, shield,
armour and cuirass.
Make your way north and you'll find a throne room with one of those masked
guys from the Tropical Island. The greedy little prick will ask you for a
gold needle, shield, armour and cuirass. Once you sate his greed he'll give
you a new word. Note that all these items can be purchased in Fynn once it
has been liberated.


Gained word: none
Level hints gained: Woodlands
Goal: Give the king spirit and wisdom. You'll need Saint's Spirit and Sage's
In this maze-like castle, you'll find a throne room to the north. Talk to the
seated king and he'll as for the spirit of a saint (Saint's Spirit) and the
wisdom of a sage (Sage's Wisdom) Give these to him and he'll give you a hint
for the woodlands level. Thanks to Rinoa for the level hint. I didn't have
enough items to do it a second time for the guide.

Ekmet Teloess

Gained word: Woodlands
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Choose a path and defeat the behemoth
Head north and you'll find 3 paths, increasing in difficulty from left to
right. The left path has a boy who lets you past for nothing and you fight
a behemoth for no reward.
The middle path pits you against a king behemoth for a phoenix down. You'll
have to give the old man a Unicorn Horn to pass.
The right path makes you fight a Dark behemoth and you must tell the knight
'Ekmet Teloess' to pass. By winning you'll gain Woodlands.
Exit to the west of the level


Gained word: Fire
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Kill four worms for glory
Talk to the boy and he'll mention some worms on the move to the south. Head
south and you'll see them (can't miss 'em). Talk to the lead one to fight a
Roundworm, the same as the Leviathan boss. Several will spawn but to finish
the level you only need to kill four as per the Authority guy's instructions.
Thanks to Rinoa for telling me that you only need to kill four. I thought
it was all of them.


Gained word: Cauldron
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Save the cat from the fire

Head north through the damaging fire to find a woman loking for her
'Elizabeth', a cat. Head east from her and down slightly and you'll
see a cat. Talk to the cat to rescue it and return it to the woman.
She'll grant you the next word for your efforts. Exit is to the north.


Gained word: none
Level hints gained: Ultima Tome
Goal: Find the man inhabiting a cauldron
This level is full of cauldrons, and each one has a surprise in store.
The man at the start says he saw a head in one, but he forgot which one,
so you'll have to search them all. You can either get a random fight
or item, but sometimes you'll find one full of poison that'll inflict
poison on your whole party. Eventually you'll find the old man down
one (I think it's random) and he'll tell you how to do the Ultima
Tome level.

Ultima Tome

Gained word: Sorcery
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Help with research with a Toad Tome
Head up and left and you'll find a mage, who needs help with research
and needs a free tome. Give him a Toad Tome (that he hasn't studied)
and he'll give you the next word. Exit to the north.
By the way, he won't take the Ultima Tome from you for some reason...
It's not like I'll ever use it anyway.


Gained word: Soul
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Help the mage by killing his creations.
Throughout the level you'll find half a dozen or so Chimeras. 'Talk'
to one and a mage'll pop up and offer to boost your magic if you help
him by killing his creations. Agree to do so and fight a Chimera
Sphinx. I've never noticed much increase in my magic in these fights
but you can just kill them with weapons anyway. After tracking down
and killing them all (5 or so) you'll be given the next word.
The exit is to the west, slightly south of where you started.


Gained word: Mercy
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Guide the souls to their graves.
Talk to the old man standing near one of the graves (third from
the right) to find out you have to guide the souls to their graves.
At random grave areas you'll find flame-souls that just need to be
pushed towards the top area of the graves. There are 3 in total.
You can talk to the souls and read the graves to find out
who goes where if you get stuck.
Talk to the old man when finished to get the next word.
The exit's on the North-western most grave.


Gained word: none
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Get healed for free
Very easy and straight-forward level. Follow the path and talk to
the big goddess-statue to be completely healed for free. That's it.
You should be able to find the exit easily enough.


Gained word: Giants
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Find the old man
As you might have guessed, the electric floors hurt you at 1HP
per step. Anyway, you'll have to make your way through secret
passages, and most will allow you to bypass the electric floors
altogether. Thick black walls are usually secret passages.
You'll find an old man that can be reached by a secret passage
near the exit. Talk to him for the word and exit to his west.


Gained word: Utopia
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Reach the giant's leader
This can be hard at low levels. The only enemies are the 3 types
of Gigases; fire, ice, thunder. You can tell the apart by their
sprites. Talk to them to fight, but unlike FF MQ, you can't avoid
them. Follow the path while taking out the Gigases and you'll
reach the leader, a fire Gigas. Talk to him and he'll give you the
keyword. Exit is nearby.
Thanks go to Rinoa for correcting me on this one. I originally had
that you had to fight the leader. That's what happens when you try
to write from memory.


Gained word: none
Level hints gained: Palamecia
Goal: Raid the treasures
In the eastern part of the level you'll find a room full of chests.
I'm not sure how it works exactly but after opening several chests
one wil contain a tablet giving a hint to the Palamecia level.
Once this happens, the remaining chests will open and you'll loose
whatever what was inside.
Exit to the south east.


Gained word: Iron Bars
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Escape the traps and pitfalls and find the trapped man.
This is probably THE most frustrating one of them all. As of now
I can only recommend trial and error since you have to fall down
a certain random hole to find a man trapped at the bottom who'll
give you the keyword. Take note of where you've fallen before on
some paper for a much easier time. Remember the most obvious
way usually has a trap in it. Sorry i'm not much help but this
is one where you'll have to help yourself.

Iron Bars

Gained word: Chronicles
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Gain entrance to the pirate's cell.
Talk to the guard to fight a pathetically easy soldier who'll
drop a note mentioning the keys are in the darkness or something
along those lines. Yup, it's another walk-through-black-walls
level. Near the start you'll see a pirate in a cell. He's
your goal. Now the keys that the note mentions are floor
switches hidden within the dark walls that make a chink sound
when tripped, opening a cell door/gate. They are located in
the left hand wall, the right hand, one the the walls of the
central cells (go through an opened gate). Once you have
the cell next to the pirate open, make your way through
the walls to the left hand cell and through the bottom wall
to get to him. Talk to him for the word and exit to the north


Gained word: Miasma
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Help reshelve the 10 books
Remember Bartz and the playboy in FFV (RPGe's SNES translation)?
Similar deal here with reshelving books. Talk to the woman left
of the entrance who asks you to find ten books and reshelve them
to her right. Check all the shelves for the books 1-10 (it might
help to jot down the numbers when you get them). The placement
seems to be random and you might get into a battle against a
Green Slime at times, cf. the pots/wells of previous levels.
Once the books are all collected and reshelved, talk to the
woman again for the next word. Exit directly north of where
you started.
(Anyone find the two words Chronicles and Miasma together
interesting? A reference to Crystal Chronicles perhaps...)


Gained word: none
Level hints gained: Jade Passage
Goal: Release the traveller's friend's monsterised souls.
I hate this place. The yellow clouds that drift over the
screen are more than just asthetic pleasantrys. They hurt.
(Where's the Chalice when you need it?)
And so do the yellow acid pools. You may need to keep an eye
on your HP. Talk to the ghost near the start who tells you that
his friends were killed and turned to monsters by the miasma.
Anyway, talk to the ghosts around the level (they look the
guys in Wild Rose) to fight 4 Skulls. You'll find one in
the eastern path, one on the south-western path and the
third and final one on the south-east path. Talk to the
original ghost when finished for the word and exit to the north.

Jade Passage

Gained word: Oblivion
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Find the passage behind the waterfall
Rememebr walking behind waterfalls does very slight damage.
I wouldn't have had a clue if I didn't solve the Miasma level
first on what to do here. Make your way to the southern lot
of waterfalls and go behind the south-western most one and walk
up. Open the chest to fight Beezlebub again and defeat him/it
to gain your next word. Take the stairs to the left up to
find the exit.


Gained word: Hope
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Find Deumion in the besieged town.
This is the town of Perseria, and you'll be seeing more of it later.
If you played FF IX you might remember the Ramuh quest that told
Josef's story and mentioned 33 towns. Perhaps this is another
one of them since the main story has nowhere near that number?
It plays an important part in Deumion's story as you'll see. To the north
you'll find a blonde woman searching for her son, who you'll find to
the north-east. He's the only one not running around and can be
identified by his silver hair and blue head band. Look familiar?
Anyway, talk to his mother afterwards and exit just south of where
you found him.


Gained word: Destruction
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Find Deumion in the maze
The exit is directly north of the start behind a soldier. Talk to
it to fight two Beast Demons. These guys are scattered all around
the level blocking off corridors but they're no real threat, and you'll
have to fight several to progress. Head all the way east then north and
folow the path. The last soldier will be a tough-ish fight against three
generals. Head north after that and right into a trap. Luckily a certain
silver-haired man will save you (as if you really needed it) and give you
the next word. Head all the way back to the start to the exit.


Gained word: Guardian
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Help create the ultimate destructive magic.
First talk to the people in the main hall to learn of their last-
ditch attempt to win the war. Then make your way through this huge
but enemy-less level (thank Yevon). Talk to the southern-most
black mage who requests that you bring him three different
coloured pieces of Magicite from the labs. Trek about the level
and examine the pots and other furniture next to the various black
mages until you have three pieces and then return them to the mage
from the beginning. Next talk to the General in the main hall twice
to gain the next word. I guess this is how the inventors of the atmoic bomb
must've felt...
Anyway, Exit to the north-west.


Gained word: none
Level hints gained: none
Goal: Reach Deumion before the guards do. Obtain the Light of Hope.
Once again I'll let Rinoa take over with the explanation. EVen after
hours of fiddling I couldn't get this and now I've finally got the
answers. hopefully this'll help a lot of people :). (Slightly edited)

"Okay, this one's got a really long explanation. Bear with me. I finally
worked it out. ^^
If you give him the Light of Hope, you can apparently continue to claim weapons,
but obviously if you  select Destruction, you won't be able to!
Secondly, in this level it's important to keep your step count as low as
possible while following my directions. Too many steps and you won't be
able to catch the guards at the junctures.

Okay, you complete this stage as follows.

1.) Talk to the guards directly below you.
2.) Talk to the boy on your left.
3.) Take the path just above and to the left of the boy. Follow that path
until you reach the first fork down, and take that until you can go right,
where you should see a man in white. Talk to him.
4.) Continue to the right. You'll be directly under the guards. Talk to them.
5.) Once they run off, continue to the right, past the main road if you're
still on the left of it, and then take the very next fork down. When you hit
the top of the house, you should be able to see the guards convening in the
bottom left of your screen. Head down to the left to talk to them again.
6.) They'll run off again. Go back to the right except this time take the first
path down, rather than going back up. You'll hit a house, so move right and
continue going down until you can go left again. Then go left, and you'll be
able to see the guards. Scoot around the house and go to talk to them.
:: Here you'll see a scene of Deumion and his mother running for their house,
before the soldiers follow them. ::
7. DO NOT PURSUE THE GUARDS. Instead, head up and take the second path to your
left. Follow that to the very last fork leading down, and head down from there.
You'll run into the soldiers right outside of Deumion's house, except while
they're usually at the door, they'll be a few feet away. Run into the house
and you'll witness a scene. After the scene, you'll be back outside the house.
A few feet up from Deumion's mother will be a glimmering light. Pick it up,
and you're done!"

Me again. As you might know you can give Deumion the Light of Hope and be
rewarded with Revive tome. The magic takes all your MP and compeltely heals
everything, even enemies.
But say Destruction to him and you'll be thown into a fight with Deumion.
He doesn't have a Bestiary entry so I don't know his stats, but don't
expect him to be a pushover. He was made guardian for a reason. But if you've
come this far, even he probably won't be able to stand in your way. Just be
ready for a long fight. After winning you'll receive the Destruction tome
which completely consumes MP and leaves only 1HP of the caster and destroys
everything else on the screen. I felt like a right bastard when I killed him
off, so I just reset and got Revive instead. Take Destruction if you can live
with it on your conscience :(...
Mind you, come end-game you don't REALLY need either.

Change Log:

12/3/08 V 0.3
Guide started and several levels finished. I don't want to do too much off the
bat in case it gets rejected.

13/3/08 V0.6
Added all words up to Authority.

2/4/08 v0.6
Tried re-submitting due to demand
Added words up to Sorcery

Resubmitting. Gamefaqs won't say why it's rejected or anything. If this fails,
I'll go elsewhere. Added words to  Utopia and finished guide outline.
Nearly finished guide.

9/4/2008 v1.0 (finished)
Finished bar a few slight omissions I'll need reader help with. Don't
reject it for that please Gamefaqs. It's as finished as it'll get right now.
If anyone can help with any of the levels I'm stuck on, please contact me.

added Supercheats.com to host list

Completed/fixed Aquifer, Authority, Dragoons, Woodlands, Giants, Thundercloud
and the annoying Guardian thanks to Rinoa who contributed an email that was
like a guide in itself. Sorting out other hosting requests too.


Gamefaqs for the site and hosting this guide and giving me $30 for my last one.

Rinoa, my one and only contributor to date for helping fill in some (huge) gaps
correcting/contributing entirely to levels Aquifer, Authority, Dragoons,
Giants, Thundercloud and Guardian. Without her help I'd still be attempting to
the Light of Hope in vain. Now I need to find something else to occupy my bus
trips :). The email was essentially another guide for the AL. And thanks for
out the missing keyword for Destruction.

Myself for writing this late at night to hopefully help out people who keep
asking on the boards.

Various board members (whose names I can't remember sorry) for helping me with
the odd level when I first played through.

My dog if I had one

My ferrets for walking across the keyboard and 'contributing' with
hints and tricks. They originally told me how to do the Guardian level but I
couldn't read it...

Squenix for yet another remake of a remake of a remake of a remake. You really
know how to get my money...

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