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Soul of Rebirth Walkthrough by sco412

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/14/07

Soul of Rebirth Walkthrough - v1.0
by: 'sco

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Pre-Adventuring Tips
 2A. Stats 'n Stuff
 2B. Characters 'n Stuff
 2C. Available Spells 'n Stuff
 2D. Actual Tips 'n Stuff
3. Walkthrough
 I. I'll Be Seein' You Again
 II. Training Session:  Part I
 III. Training Session:  Part II
 IV. Obtaining ULTIMA
 V. Back into the Unknown Palace
 VI. I'll Be Seein' You...  In Hell
4. Revisions/History
5. Legal crap

1. Introduction

  Here we go again.  This is my second walkthrough.  While technically it's
for the same game, it's not.  This walkthrough is for Final Fantasy I & II:
Dawn of Souls, more specifically, Final Fantasy II Soul of Rebirth.  I already
have a walkthrough on Final Fantasy II, however, the walkthrough follows
closer to the NES and PSX versions, rather than the GBA version.  The GBA
version differs slightly than the other two, and I'm too lazy to write another
walkthrough on the same game.  So, I decided I'd just type one up on an
extra feature, belonging solely to the GBA version.  That is, the Soul of
Rebirth quest.  Now that we know what the heck this is, and why it's here,
let's move on to the Pre-Adventuring Tips.
Oh yeah, and checkout my site at: http://www.scoff2j.com

2. Pre-Adventuring Tips

  As I mentioned earlier, this version of FF2 is slightly different from the
other versions(PSX, NES, etc.).  The game is still "intact" as the differences
don't totally change it.  Also, since this is a Soul of Rebirth guide, I'm
assuming you've already beaten the main game and generally know what's going
on.  With that said, this section won't be as in-depth as it could be, but I
will touch on some important aspects of FF2.

 2A. Stats 'n Stuff

  As you probably know, stats are really nifty in any RPG.  Also, as you may
know, FF2 has a unique way of increasing stats, rather than the standard
"level up" and such.  Knowing exactly HOW to increase your heroes' stats can
improve your chances of success, so we'll breeze through the Hows and Whys
in this section.
  MaxHP- lose a lot of HP in a battle, randomly increases after so many fights
  MaxMP- lose a lot of MP in a battle
  STRENGTH - attacking a lot
  AGLILTY - having a high EVA%
  STAMINA - lose a lot of HP during the battle
  INT. - cast many Black Magic spells
  SPIRIT - cast many White Magic spells
  MAGIC - lose a lot of MP during a fight
  EVASION - be target of a lot of physical attacks with high hit counts
           **Only increases Evasion Count, not base percentage
  M.DEF - be target of a lot of high level spells
           **Only increases M. DEF Count, not base percentage

 2B. Characters 'n Stuff

  Our heroes in the Soul of Rebirth quest are Minwu, Josef, Ricard, and
Scott, Gordon's brother who gave your party the Ring in the main game.  All
of the heroes, with the exception of Scott, were in your party in the main
game.  So however you had them before they left the party, determines what
they will be like when you get them during the quest.
  This means you have a slight advantage in determining how each member is
equipped, and what spells they can use.  Unless of course you're like me, and
stripped them 'naked' your first time through. (d'oh)  Regardless, as long
as you at least kept BLINK and BARRIER on Minwu, you should do fine.  Not
every weapon and spell can be obtained in Soul of Rebirth.  Therefore you can
modify your heroes to give you an edge before their quest.

 2C. Available Spells 'n Stuff

  Here are a few lists of the stuff you can expect to find in SoR:
|   MAGIC                                                                 |
|    White                              Black                             |
|-------------                      -------------                         |
| CURE                               FIRE                                 |
| LIFE                               BLIZZARD                             |
| ESUNA                              THUNDER                              |
| BASUNA                             SCOURGE                              |
| PROTECT                            FLARE                                |
| SHELL                              SLEEP                                |
| BLINK                              STUN                                 |
| SAP                                CONFUSE                              |
| MINI                               BLIND                                |
| HOLY                               CURSE                                |
| ULTIMA                             TOAD                                 |
|                                    WARP                                 |
|                                    HASTE                                |
|                                    BERSERK                              |
|                                    AURA                                 |
|   WEAPONS                                                               |
|    Knife                   Sword                   Axe                  |
|--------------          --------------          --------------           |
| Knife                   Broadsword              Axe                     |
| Mythril Knife           Mythril Sword           Mythril Axe             |
| Orichalcum              Ancient Sword           Ogrekiller              |
| Cat Claws               Wing Sword              Poison Axe              |
|                         Flame Sword             Rune Axe                |
|                         Sun Blade                                       |
|                         Excalibur                                       |
|                         Wild Rose                                       |
|                                                                         |
|    Spear                   Staff                   Bow                  |
|--------------          --------------          --------------           |
| Javelin                 Staff                   Bow                     |
| Demon Spear             Mage's Staff            Mythril Bow             |
| Flame Lance             Power Staff             Flame Bow               |
| Thunder Spear           Wizard's Staff          Ice Bow                 |
| Holy Lance              Stardust Rod            Yoichi's Bow            |
| Wyvern Lance                                                            |
|   ARMOR                                                                 |
|    Shield             Helm               Armor              Gloves      |
|--------------     --------------     --------------     --------------  |
| Buckler            Leather Cap        Clothes            Leather Gloves |
| Mythril Shield     Mythril Helm       Mythril Armor      Mythril Gloves |
| Golden Shield      Giant's Helm       Golden Armor       Thief's Gloves |
| Ice Shield         Gold Hairpin       Flame Armor        Giant's Gloves |
| Diamond Shield     Twist Headband     Diamond Armor      Diamond Gloves |
| Dragon Shield      Diamond Helm       Genji Armor        Genji Gloves   |
| Aegis Shield       Genji Helm         Silver Cuirass     Power Armlet   |
|                    Ribbon             Diamond Cuirass    Protect Ring   |
|                                       Power Vest                        |
|                                       Black Garb                        |
|                                       Black Robe                        |
|                                       White Robe                        |

 2D. Actual Tips 'n Stuff

a. Preplan Your Characters

  It'll be too late once the main game is over, so before Minwu, Josef, and
Ricard leave the party, make sure they have the best gear and spells possible.
Equipping spells not normally available can give you an edge in certain
situations.  Minwu starts with a high leveled BLINK, and the BARRIER spell,
as well as other useful spells like TELEPORT and DISPEL.  Ricard also has
access to many useful spells including OSMOSE, DEATH, and even ULTIMA.  Some
other spells that are hard to find in SoR like BLIND and CURSE would be
useful to have and built up off the rip.
  On top of spells, Ricard also has access to a few very useful weapons.
You can equip the Blood Sword on him before he leaves.  You won't be able to
use it in the main game, but you'll be able to wreak havoc in SoR.  Other
nifty items to think about would be the Defender, Healing Staff, Dark Bow,
an extra stuff like the Black Garb, Gold Hairpin, etc.
  Think about it.  The beginning of SoR is probably the hardest part.  It'll
be beneficial to make it as smooth as possible.

b. Keep EVA% High

  EVA% is your evasion%.  Keep it as high as possible, because it's simply
one of the most important and overlooked stat.  I can't stress it enough,
a high EVA% is crucial to success.  Let's take a look at why you want a
high EVA%.

1. Attacks will miss you
2. Raises your AGL
3. Faster turn in battle
4. Escape battles easier

  Avoiding an attack is better than trying to absorb it.  Plus, if you avoid
the attack, the annoying status effects, like instant-death, won't connect.
On top of that, a high EVA% gives you a better chance to achieve and increase
to AGL after a battle.  Most importantly though, a high EVA% DIRECTLY effects
when a characters turn is in battle.  You CANNOT use BLINK to enhance this.
Attacking first will help tons in this game, especially when trying to set
up your defenses before the enemy strikes.  Now let's look at ways to increase
a character's EVA%.

1. High AGL
2. Equipping shields
3. NOT equipping chunky armor

  As you can see, EVA% and AGL are intertwined.  Your AGL represents your base
EVA% before all of your equipment you pile on.  Shields are the easiest way
to boost EVA%.  Most weapons offer a small increase as well.  Finally, your
armor dictates how low your EVA% will drop.  The Genji Gear has incredible
defense, and looks cool, but how cool will you be when you attack dead last
in battle?  Armors such as Robes and Cuirasses are best.  Many Helms and
Gloves can bog you down as well.  Check your status screen often to get a
feel for what's goin' on.

c. Save Often, Just Not TOO Often

  Remember to save, just don't save when half your team is dead with no way
to revive them, your other two guys have about 126 HP combined with no
potions or ether, AND you're in the middle of the dungeon.  C'mon dude, use
your head.  You CANNOT teleport out of these dungeons, so don't save in
hopeless situations.  The majority of people will find this common sense, but
you'd be surprised at just how many'll...  ahh...
  Just remember to save before you enter the dungeon.  And every so often
while building up your characters.  You don't want your last three hours of
gains to vanish before your eyes because some stupid monster "Ambushed" you
and killed everyone with a single DEATH spell.

3. Walkthrough


 I. I'll Be Seein' You Again

  After giving his life, Minwu awakens in a dreary place.  He stumbles upon a
character surrounded by imperial guards.  Gordon?  Could it be?  What is he
doing here?  There's no time for questions though, as the guards attack.
  Unlike the first battle in the main game, you don't want to lose this one.
Have Minwu cast BLINK ASAP.  Once you do that, this battle will be easy.
Simply have your fighter attack, and have Minwu heal, since his attacks may
be useless.  Cast PROTECT for a little added security.  Eventually though,
the guards should perish.  If you're lucky, the Black Knight will drop a
Sun Blade.
  Once you have won the battle, the character reveals himself as Scott,
Gordon's brother.  This assures Minwu that he IS dead.  After a small chat
about their situation, the two decided to check out the surroundings.
  Take this opportunity to PUT MINWU IN THE BACK ROW.  Unless you buffed him
up in the main game, Minwu's HP is probably low, and his gear sucks.  Be sure
to keep a shield on Scott, and his EVA% high.  You may consider to unequip
some of his Mythril Armor to help boost his EVA% higher.  Also, keep Minwu's
EVA% up also.  Although he is in the back row, a higher EVA% will help him
act faster in battle, which is good.

  Once you're ready, grab the chest to the right for an Elixer, then head
DIRECTLY west, all the way.  You should see a door.  That's where you wanna
go.  The place looks familiar, yeah?  Just like the Jade Passage, yeah?  Well
guess what.  It is.  Just mirrored.  Now that you know this, you shouldn't go
around gettin' lost now, k.
  Okay, now that you're through the door, and down the steps.  Head north.
Keep going north, and you should see a familiar face.  *gasp* Josef!  Let's
talk to him, shall we?  We shall.
  Well, it seems Josef has company.  Yes, it's his buddy, Borghen.  That's
right, Borghen's back, and badder than ever.
Well... not really.

|BOSS FIGHT:  ZOMBIE BORGHEN                                                 |
|   HP:2500   MP:370                   |                                     |
|  ATK: 30  HIT%: 3-95%                |                                     |
|  DEF:  5  EVA%: 1-60%  M.DEF:10-100% |                                     |
|  WEAKNESSES: FIRE                    |                                     |
|  STRENGTHS: ICE, BODY, MIND          |                                     |
|  ABSORBS: DEATH                      |                                     |
|  Yeah, he's back, but don't worry, he's actually a bit weaker than the     |
|Zombie Borghen in the main game.  His attacks can paralyze a character, but |
|not much more than that.  One cast of BLINK and you should be good to go.   |
|Burn him with FIRE, CURE him, smack him around, it doesn't matter.  Any     |
|fight with Borghen is guaranteed to be an easy one, yeah?                   |
  After whoopin' Borghen(yet again), Josef joins the group.  Again, as with
Minwu, depending on how you left Josef in the main game, determines how
powerful, or weak, he'll be now.  Most likely, he's still got crappy gear, and
bare-handed.  Also, his HP and EVA% is probably low.  I recommend giving him
a weapon to train with, and a shield ASAP.  Swords an Axes make good choices,
as you can find the Excalibur(very rare) and the Rune Axe later on.  If you
want to keep him bare-handed, that's up to you.  Barehands are powerful, but
neglect the ability to use a shield and dual-wield, which can boost EVA%,
helping him act faster, and stay alive longer.

  Anyway, now that you have Josef, grab the chest to the north for some
Thief's Gloves.  Give to Josef since he may or may not have a weapon, and in
need of an AGL boost.  Come back out and head west.  You should bump into a
chest with a Hellfire inside.  Grab it and go south.  Now you should bump
into yet another chest with the Ancient Sword inside, useful for cursing
annoying enemies.  From here head west to the southwest corner, then head
north.  Now, at the northwest corner, go into the door, and down into B3.
  Follow along the path, and ignore any doors you come across.  Grab the
chest along the way for a Silver Cuirass.  Once you make it to the bottom,
you can walk behind the waterfall to find the 'secret' spell shop.  You can
buy BERSERK, HASTE, HOLY, and FLARE from this guy, if you've got the Gil.
Head all the way to the southwest corner, and go inside the last door to find
the steps to B4.
  From the steps head north, you should see a chest.  Grab it for a Hi-Potion.
Continue all the way north, the enter the door to the west.  Inside is...
TREASURE!!  A Demon Spear, some Eyedrops, an a shield, of GOLD.  Yay, a
shield.  Okay, once you leave the room, head west.  In the northwest corner
is a chest with the AURA spell inside.  Grab it and head south.  Go into the
door and down the stairs to B5.
  On B5, follow the path north.  Along the way, you should notice a big blue
worm, and more importantly, a chest.  Grab it for an Ether, then go ask the
big worm what it's doing in a place like this...  just be sure to heal up

|BOSS FIGHT:  Roundworm                                                      |
|   HP:2000   MP:  0                  |                                      |
|  ATK: 25  HIT%: 4-95%               |                                      |
|  DEF: 10  EVA%: 1-10%  M.DEF: 4-50% |                                      |
|  WEAKNESSES: none                   |                                      |
|  STRENGTHS: none                    |                                      |
|  ABSORBS: none                      |                                      |
|  Ricard appears from outta nowhere to join in the fray.  Assuming you      |
|didn't strip him in the main game, Ricard should easily be the best equipped|
|and most powerful character in the party.  This should make this easy fight |
|even easier.  The Roundworm's stats have been greatly reduced.  Just smash  |
|n' bash your way to victory.                                                |
  After a quick chat, Minwu believes that it was no accident that the four
met each other here.  Richard officially joins the group, and the party
continues onward.
  Continue following the path, ignore the door, and grab the chest for a
Protect Ring.  Follow along west, and you should see another chest.  Inside
is a Hi-Potion.  Head all the way south and around to find the door and steps
to B6.
  Head south, the west to find a teleport thingy.  Step on it, and you will
be transported to a town.  This is Machanon.  Yay, an actual town!

  Machanon has a lot of people, an inn, some shops, a shrine to revive fallen
heroes, and two other teleport thingys leading to different areas.  The one
in the southeast corner leads to the the spell Ultima, and the Ultima Weapon,
who will destroy you, the teleport in the north part of town leads to an
Unknown Palace, mysteriously similar to Pandaemonium.  Oh, and you will be
TELEPORT WILL NOT BE THERE.  Take this time to waltz around town, buying
weapons, armor, etc. to upgrade your champions.
  Once you've completed your tour of the town, and 'upgraded' your equipment
an' spells a bit, head back into the Unknown Cave using the teleporter you
came out of earlier.  Don't attempt the others just yet, you don't want to see
'em, in fact, you don't want anything to do with 'em.  Getcha weight up

 II. Training Session:  Part I

Here are my basic stats, gear, spells beforehand:
|Minwu|                         |HP : 387       |
|-----|   Right: Staff          |MP : 144       |
|     |   Left : Mythril Shield |STR:  13       |
|     |   Head : N/A            |AGL:  25       |
|     |   Armor: Clothes        |INT:  16       |
|     |   Glove: Protect Ring   |SPR:  57       |
|         Magic: Cure    Lv 8    Wall     Lv 5  |
|                Life    Lv 7    Dispel   Lv 3  |
|                Basuna  Lv 6    Silence  Lv 4  |
|                Esuna   Lv 3    Sap      Lv 4  |
|                Barrier Lv 7    Fog      Lv 6  |
|                Blink   Lv 6    Swap     Lv 3  |
|                Protect Lv 6    Teleport Lv 4  |
|                Shell   Lv 6                   |
|Scott|                         |HP : 900       |
|-----|   Right: Ice Shield     |MP : 100       |
|     |   Left : Wing Sword     |STR:  33       |
|     |   Head : Leather Cap    |AGL:  38       |
|     |   Armor: Mythril Armor  |INT:  30       |
|     |   Glove: Leather Gloves |SPR:  30       |
|         Magic: Fire     Lv 4                  |
|                Blizzard Lv 4                  |
|                Thunder  Lv 4                  |
|                Flare    Lv 1                  |
|                Cure     Lv 5                  |
|                Life     Lv 1                  |
|                Blink    Lv 1                  |
|Josef|                         |HP : 473       |
|-----|   Right: Ogrekiller     |MP :   5       |
|     |   Left : Mythril Shield |STR:  28       |
|     |   Head : Leather Cap    |AGL:  25*      |
|     |   Armor: Silver Cuirass |INT:  10       |
|     |   Glove: Thief's Gloves |SPR:  10       |
|         Magic: Aura    Lv 1                   |
|                Haste   Lv 1                   |
|Ricard|                        |HP :1642       |
|------|  Right: Demon Spear    |MP :   5       |
|      |  Left : Golden Shield  |STR:  57       |
|      |  Head : Mythril Helm   |AGL:  28       |
|      |  Armor: Leather Armor  |INT:  16       |
|      |  Glove: Mythril Gloves |SPR:  26       |
|         Magic: Cure    Lv 1                   |
|                Berserk Lv 1                   |
*represents stat WITHOUT equipment bonuses

Tips for fighting and training in the Unknown Cave:
  -BLINK is your friend
  -Shields and EVA% are your friends too
  -Hunt for high ranking monsters: i.e. Gil Snapper and Flan Princess
  -Get your 'useful' spells to about 6 or so
  -Increase your weapon/shield skills to about 7, if they aren't higher
  -Minwu's TELEPORT is godly, build it up
  -if you're gonna use ULTIMA, start preppin' now

  Once you begin to have a much easier time with the enemies, and you've got
your spells and weapon skills where you need them, it's time to move on.
Don't worry, you should notice when it's time to go.  Also, remember to pile
in a buncha gil so you can stock up on Ethers and Hi-Potions.

 III. Training Session:  Part II

Here are my basic stats, gear, spells beforehand:
|Minwu|                         |HP : 586       |
|-----|   Right: Power Staff    |MP : 230       |
|     |   Left : Ice Shield     |STR:  16       |
|     |   Head : N/A            |AGL:  28       |
|     |   Armor: Clothes        |INT:  16       |
|     |   Glove: Protect Ring   |SPR:  65       |
|         Magic: Cure    Lv 9    Wall     Lv 6  |
|                Life    Lv 8    Dispel   Lv 4  |
|                Basuna  Lv 6    Silence  Lv 5  |
|                Esuna   Lv 5    Sap      Lv 5  |
|                Barrier Lv 8    Fog      Lv 7  |
|                Blink   Lv 7    Swap     Lv 4  |
|                Protect Lv 6    Teleport Lv 6  |
|                Shell   Lv 7                   |
|Scott|                         |HP :1282       |
|-----|   Right: Ice Shield     |MP : 165       |
|     |   Left : Wing Sword     |STR:  34       |
|     |   Head : Leather Cap    |AGL:  44       |
|     |   Armor: Mythril Armor  |INT:  37       |
|     |   Glove: Leather Gloves |SPR:  38       |
|         Magic: Fire     Lv 5                  |
|                Blizzard Lv 5                  |
|                Thunder  Lv 5                  |
|                Flare    Lv 6                  |
|                Cure     Lv 6                  |
|                Life     Lv 3                  |
|                Blink    Lv 6                  |
|Josef|                         |HP :1013       |
|-----|   Right: Ogrekiller     |MP : 131       |
|     |   Left : Ice Shield     |STR:  29       |
|     |   Head : Leather Cap    |AGL:  33*      |
|     |   Armor: Silver Cuirass |INT:  17       |
|     |   Glove: Thief's Gloves |SPR:  10       |
|         Magic: Aura    Lv 6                   |
|                Haste   Lv 6                   |
|Ricard|                        |HP :2122       |
|------|  Right: Flame Lance    |MP :  90       |
|      |  Left : Golden Shield  |STR:  58       |
|      |  Head : Mythril Helm   |AGL:  36       |
|      |  Armor: Leather Armor  |INT:  19       |
|      |  Glove: Mythril Gloves |SPR:  35       |
|         Magic: Cure    Lv 6                   |
|                Berserk Lv 6                   |
*represents stat WITHOUT equipment bonuses

  Okay, once you're ready.  Go into the portal at the north in of Machanon.
This'll take you to the Unknown Palace.  We're close, but not quite ready to
tackle the Ultima Weapon and get ULTIMA.  The monsters in the Unknown Palace
are more powerful, but hold higher rank, and yield better drops.  Use these
tips while in the Unknown Palace:
  -BLINK is still your friend
  -BARRIER is definitely your friend; this will nullify the many status
   ailment spells the enemies cast
  -stay near the exit for now, in case you need to make a quick escape
  -enemies attack in mixed groups, BLINK and BARRIER in a single round will
   help tremendously
  -Purobolos and Mini Satana drop the TOAD spell, it is godly like TELEPORT
  -use Minwu's DISPEL to eliminate enemy immunities, combine this with TOAD
   and/or TELEPORT to destroy any foe

  Get your useful spells to about 8 or so, and weapons to about 8 or 9.
Using the tips above, you shouldn't really have a problem with the enemies
here.  Increase your stats, HP, and MP a little, and you should be good to
go.  Like before, when you really start stomping the baddies super-easily,
you're probably ready to tackle the Ultima Weapon.

 IV. Obtaining ULTIMA

Here are my basic stats, gear, spells beforehand:
|Minwu|                         |HP : 929       |
|-----|   Right: Wizard's Staff |MP : 277       |
|     |   Left : Ice Shield     |STR:  16       |
|     |   Head : Gold Hairpin   |AGL:  30*      |
|     |   Armor: Clothes        |INT:  16       |
|     |   Glove: Protect Ring   |SPR:  87       |
|         Magic: Cure    Lv10    Wall     Lv 6  |
|                Life    Lv 8    Dispel   Lv 6  |
|                Basuna  Lv 6    Silence  Lv 6  |
|                Esuna   Lv 6    Sap      Lv 5  |
|                Barrier Lv 8    Fog      Lv 7  |
|                Blink   Lv 8    Swap     Lv 5  |
|                Protect Lv 6    Teleport Lv 8  |
|                Shell   Lv 7                   |
|Scott|                         |HP :1580       |
|-----|   Right: Ice Shield     |MP : 233       |
|     |   Left : Wing Sword     |STR:  37       |
|     |   Head : Gold Hairpin   |AGL:  49*      |
|     |   Armor: Black Robe     |INT:  44*      |
|     |   Glove: Leather Gloves |SPR:  43       |
|         Magic: Fire     Lv 6                  |
|                Blizzard Lv 6                  |
|                Thunder  Lv 6                  |
|                Flare    Lv 8                  |
|                Toad     Lv 8                  |
|                Cure     Lv 8                  |
|                Life     Lv 3                  |
|                Blink    Lv 7                  |
|Josef|                         |HP :1509       |
|-----|   Right: Ogrekiller     |MP : 176       |
|     |   Left : Ice Shield     |STR:  32       |
|     |   Head : Gold Hairpin   |AGL:  36*      |
|     |   Armor: Silver Cuirass |INT:  22       |
|     |   Glove: Thief's Gloves |SPR:  10       |
|         Magic: Aura    Lv 7                   |
|                Haste   Lv 8                   |
|Ricard|                        |HP :2459       |
|------|  Right: Flame Lance    |MP : 152       |
|      |  Left : Golden Shield  |STR:  62       |
|      |  Head : Mythril Helm   |AGL:  45       |
|      |  Armor: Black Robe     |INT:  25*      |
|      |  Glove: Mythril Gloves |SPR:  36       |
|         Magic: Cure    Lv 7                   |
|                Berserk Lv 8                   |
*represents stat WITHOUT equipment bonuses

  Okay.  Now that you've gotcha weight up some.  You may be ready to fight
the Ultima Weapon.  By now, everyone's EVA% should be around 90, if not 99.
If not, drop some armor(EVA is better than DEF anyway), and/or equip a
shield.  Attacking first will help you in almost every battle, especially
when you have to get your buffs off ASAP.  Anyway, you got your EVA% up, a
little bit of HP, and some weapon and spell skills.  You should be set.
  Alright, once you've rested up, head to the southeast part of Machanon to
find the portal that leads to ULTIMA.  Even if you're not interested in
obtaining ULTIMA, you can still find crystals in the Chamber of Seal that
will boost your heroes abilities.
  Minwu recognizes the Chamber upon entering.  After traveling a bit further,
Minwu must once again break the seal forbidding ULTIMA.  This time, however,
he doesn't die.  But he's already dead so...  Anyway, you can go through the
door now.
  Inside are five crystals like the main game.  The bottom-left boosts Josef's
AGL by 10, the top-left boosts Scott's INT by 10, the top-right increases
Minwu's SPR by 10, and the bottom-right boosts Ricard's STR by 10.  The
crystal in the center contains ULTIMA, but to obtain it this time, you must
fight the Ultima Weapon.

|BOSS FIGHT:  Ultima Weapon                                                  |
|   HP:15000  MP:500                                             |           |
|  ATK:150  HIT%: 9-100%                                         |           |
|  DEF:190  EVA%: 1-80%  M.DEF: 8-70%                            |           |
|  WEAKNESSES: none                                              |           |
|  ABSORBS: none                                                 |           |
|  As soon as the battle starts, cast BLINK and BARRIER, hopefully they are  |
|properly leveled.  This will make the Ultima Weapon's offense basically     |
|consist of its FLARE spell, which causes around 850 or so damage, depending |
|on the target's M.DEF.  Now you can focus on breaking through the beast's   |
|defenses.  Looking at the stats, this is obviously gonna tough, but there   |
|are a number of ways to do so:                                              |
|-THE HARD WAY                                                               |
|  Use spells such as FLARE and HOLY to chip away at the monster's massive   |
|  HP.  It can be tedious, but hey, it works yeah?  Other attack spells have |
|  elemental properties, which the Ultima Weapon is strong against, so FLARE |
|  and HOLY work best.                                                       |
|-BERSERK+HASTE                                                              |
|  Simple, cast HASTE on your best fighter, the have him attack while another|
|  party member casts BERSERK on him repetively.  Therefore, preferably,     |
|  whoever has the BERSERK spell is NOT the fighter, so you can have your    |
|  fighter attack while he's being buffed.  The BERSERK-HASTE combo is a     |
|  classic.  You can't go wrong.                                             |
|-DISPEL+TELEPORT/TOAD                                                       |
|  The good thing about this version of FF2 is that all the spells work.  If |
|  Minwu has it high enough, he can cast DISPEL on the Ultima Weapon,        |
|  removing it's immunity to the Matter element.  The perfect opportunity for|
|  a TOAD or TELEPORT spell.  If you've got those spells built up, along with|
|  decent INT or SPR, you can be done with this fight in a round or two.     |
|  Once you are able to pull this off, rest assured that you are now an      |
|  unstoppable god.                                                          |
  Okay, now that you have ULTIMA, let me explain how it works.  ULTIMA isn't
like your ordinary, everyday spell.  It's damage is based on how high your
weapon skills are, and how high your spell levels are.  What this means is
that someone with no spells and skill levels with only one or two weapons
will suck at ULTIMA.  However, the more spells a character has, at higher
levels, and the higher mastery with multiple weapons he or she has, the
stronger ULTIMA becomes.  Then, of course, the higher level ULTIMA is, the
more times it will hit, increasing the damage it does.
  Since Minwu starts with so many spells, he becomes an excellent candidate
for ULTIMA.  Remember, the more spells a character has, the better.  Obviously
everyone can use the same weapons, and those are easy to build up.  So, let's
recap, ULTIMA's damage is roughly equal to:

      (total_wpn_skill_lvls + total_spell_skill_lvls) x ULTIMA's lvl

  Remember, this is just an estimation for a single target shot.  Multiple
target's will do less damage, but you already knew that, yeah?  So again,
remember, this is just an ESTIMATION.  So no dumb e-mails about how your
ULTIMA did more or less damage.  Sometimes ULTIMA does have a damage boost,
which is random, and cool.  So, there.

  Now that all that's outta the way, you're ready to enter the Unknown Palace
again, but this time to win the game.  Rejoice.

 V. Back into the Unknown Palace

  Okay, now that your party is fully rested, and you've stocked up on
Hi-Potions and Ether, you should be ready to head into the northern portal
again, and into the Unknown Palace.  You may or may not have explored a bit
beforehand, regardless, I'm gonna walk you through it, because, well, this
is a walkthrough.  Anyway, the team is pumped up and ready to go, so let's
get crackin'.
  The place looks familiar, yeah?  Well if the Unknown Cave looked like the
Jade Passage, but mirrored, and Machanon looked like Poft, but mirrored, that
means the Unknown Palace, which, looks like Pandaemonium but only...  you
guessed it, mirrored.  Again, there's no excuse for getting lost.  Also, you
may not make it to the end your first time through.  So remember, YOU
CANNOT TELEPORT OUT.  You have to exit on foot.  Be sure to save enough
power to make it out alive.

  Alright, from the portal, head south.  Follow along the bottom of 1F.  Once
in the southwest corner, go north, into the northwest corner.  Head east, and
you should see the steps to 2F.  Make your way around, and climb up them.
  Once on 2F, go south, then up the small steps to the right.  Head all the
way north for a chest with an Ether inside.  Head southeast from the chest.
Go down the steps here, around, then back north towards the portal to 3F.
  Go south from the portal.  Then go west to see a chest.  Make your way to
it for some Genji Gloves.  Head back to the portal, and continue north from
there.  At the top of 3F, go all the way west, then all the way south, then
all the way east.  Go down the small set of steps into a small corridor.  Go
west.  You might think it's a dead-end, but you can walk through the wall.
This should save you some steps.  Go southwest to find the portal to 4F.
  There are four doors north of the portal.  Go through the one all the way
on the right.  This'll take you to 5F.  Go through the first three doorway
thingys.  Once you go through the third, continue ALL the way north.  Once
you can't go anymore, go ALL the way east.  You should go through the wall,
into a corridor.  Go ALL the way north, then west to find the way out, and
reach the chest with the Wyvern Lance.  Beware, it's guarded by a Black
Dragon.  Just blast it with a decent leveled TOAD or TELEPORT.  Watch out for
it's FLARE though.  Head south from the chest, through the little doorway
thingy.  Head north at the next doorway thingy, all the way to the top of
5F.  From there go west.  Don't stop going west.  You should be able to walk
through two walls before a pillar gets in your way.  Go south a couple steps,
then DIRECTLY west, to find a secret passage to a small room with a chest.
Before you grab the chest, and the Wild Rose, heal up the party.  We could
have a fight on our hands.

|TOUGH FIGHT:  Lucifer                                                       |
|   HP:10000  MP:540                  |                                      |
|  ATK:160  HIT%: 9-100%              |                                      |
|  DEF:190  EVA%: 1-80%  M.DEF: 8-70% |                                      |
|  WEAKNESSES: none                   |                                      |
|  STRENGTHS: FIRE, ICE, BOLT         |                                      |
|  ABSORBS: none                      |                                      |
|  Cast BLINK ASAP.  Lucifer's attack has the drain property, so you'll      |
|really want to avoid his attacks.  He has a few tricky spells also, so cast |
|BARRIER if you have a low M.DEF.  From here, there are a couple of ways to  |
|end the fight.  Since you have the Wild Rose, you can use it as an item to  |
|cast BERSERK 16 on the entire party.  A VERY useful feature.  This will     |
|allow your fighters to attack through Lucifer's high DEF.  Spells like      |
|FLARE, HOLY, and even ULTIMA damage him.  Once you have your defenses       |
|buffed, this fight should be easy, as the Wild Rose will give you all the   |
|offense you'll need.  For a quick win, try a decent leveled(lvl. 9 or so)   |
|TELEPORT or TOAD, I told you it was godly.  With Lucifer outta the way, and |
|the Wild Rose in your possession, head back to 4F.                          |
  Back on 4F, walk around to the next door to the left.  This will take you
to the other part of 5F.  Once through the door, go east, and through the
doorway.  Take two steps west, then go ALL the way up.  You should be able to
walk through the wall just to the right.  Take the doorway on the right-hand
side to discover a chest containing the Stardust Rod, and another boss

|TOUGH FIGHT:  Yamatano Orochi                                               |
|   HP: 8000  MP:450                  |                                      |
|  ATK:160  HIT%: 9-100%              |                                      |
|  DEF:190  EVA%: 1-80%  M.DEF: 8-70% |                                      |
|  WEAKNESSES: none                   |                                      |
|  STRENGTHS: MIND                    |                                      |
|  ABSORBS: FIRE, ICE, BOLT, POISON   |                                      |
|  Yamatano Orochi absorbs all elemental attack spells, so only non-elemental|
|attacks spells like FLARE and HOLY will damage it.  Use the Wild Rose, or   |
|cast BERSERK on your fighters.  Yamatano Orochi has a variety of attacks,   |
|but nothing scary.  If you turn the beast into a frog, you get bonus points.|
|After you're done here, head back to 4F.                                    |
  Now take the door ALL the on the left-hand side.  This'll take you to 6F.
There's only one way to go here.  Follow along the corridor to stumble upon
a chest.  A Steel Giant guards the Ribbon inside.  The Steel Giant has high
DEF, absorbs FIRE, and is strong against everything but it's only weakness:
THUNDER.  It's M.DEF is very high, so either cast THUNDER, or buff your
fighters and attack.  After you defeat the giant, get back to 4F.
  Go through the final door, to the right.  Once inside, make your way through
the first three doorways.  Just before you go through the fourth one, check
the wall to the right to find a secret passage.  This'll take you right to a
chest with the Bracers, and Beelzebub Soul.

|TOUGH FIGHT:  Beelzebub Soul                                                |
|   HP: 8000  MP:450                                       |                 |
|  ATK:160  HIT%: 9-100%                                   |                 |
|  DEF:190  EVA%: 1-80%  M.DEF: 8-70%                      |                 |
|  WEAKNESSES: FIRE                                        |                 |
|  ABSORBS: BOLT                                           |                 |
|  Beelzebub Soul is weak against FIRE, so fry this critter.  Like the other |
|bosses, it has a high DEF, so buff your attacks before striking.  Beelzebub |
|Soul is resistant to many elements.  If you have a high level DISPEL, mix it|
|with a high leveled TELEPORT or TOAD for an instant K.O., if not, stick to  |
|damaging the big bug.  Beelzebub Soul has a variety of attacks, so keep your|
|guard up with BARRIER and BLINK.                                            |
  Continue east from the chest.  Check the eastern wall for another shortcut.
Make your way to the southeast corner of 6F to find the portal.  You'll be
teleported to another part of 4F.  Follow along the top towards the northwest
corner to find another portal, taking you to 7F.
  Start heading east.  You should spot a chest above you, grab it for a
Genji Helm.  Continue east, and up the steps.  Walk all the way around 7F to
wind up in the southeast corner.  Another portal is there.
  Now on 8F, there is a chest in the southwest corner with the Aegis Shield
inside.  In the northeast corner is another chest with the Genji Armor inside.
And finally, in the northwest corner is the portal to 9F.
  A simple floor is 9F.  Simply head southeast to find the portal to 10F.
All this looks familiar, yeah?  And once on 10F, simply head straight up to
find what you're looking for.  You know the drill.  Heal up and get ready for
a fight.  This is "The Big One."

 VI. I'll Be Seein' You...  In Hell

Here are my stats before approaching the final boss:
|Minwu|                         |HP :1196       |
|-----|   Right: Stardust Rod   |MP : 376       |
|     |   Left : Ice Shield     |STR:  19       |
|     |   Head : Ribbon         |AGL:  36       |
|     |   Armor: Clothes        |INT:  16*      |
|     |   Glove: Protect Ring   |SPR:  99*      |
|         Magic: Cure    Lv10    Wall     Lv 6  |
|                Life    Lv 8    Dispel   Lv 6  |
|                Basuna  Lv 6    Silence  Lv 6  |
|                Esuna   Lv 6    Sap      Lv 5  |
|                Barrier Lv 9    Fog      Lv 7  |
|                Blink   Lv 8    Swap     Lv 5  |
|                Protect Lv 6    Teleport Lv 8  |
|                Shell   Lv 7    Ultima   Lv 8  |
|Scott|                         |HP :1925       |
|-----|   Right: Aegis Shield   |MP : 233       |
|     |   Left : Wild Rose      |STR:  41*      |
|     |   Head : Ribbon         |AGL:  53       |
|     |   Armor: Black Robe     |INT:  54*      |
|     |   Glove: Power Armlet   |SPR:  46       |
|         Magic: Fire     Lv 6                  |
|                Blizzard Lv 6                  |
|                Thunder  Lv 6                  |
|                Flare    Lv 8                  |
|                Toad     Lv 8                  |
|                Cure     Lv 9                  |
|                Life     Lv 3                  |
|                Blink    Lv 8                  |
|Josef|                         |HP :2041       |
|-----|   Right: Rune Axe       |MP : 200       |
|     |   Left : Ice Shield     |STR:  39*      |
|     |   Head : Gold Hairpin   |AGL:  55*      |
|     |   Armor: Silver Cuirass |INT:  23       |
|     |   Glove: Bracers        |SPR:  10       |
|         Magic: Aura    Lv 7                   |
|                Haste   Lv 8                   |
|Ricard|                        |HP :2858       |
|------|  Right: Wyvern Lance   |MP : 173       |
|      |  Left : Golden Shield  |STR:  75*      |
|      |  Head : Mythril Helm   |AGL:  54*      |
|      |  Armor: Black Robe     |INT:  29*      |
|      |  Glove: Diamond Gloves |SPR:  36       |
|         Magic: Cure    Lv 7                   |
|                Berserk Lv 9                   |
*represents stat WITHOUT equipment bonuses

  Okay, once you're healed up and ready, it's time to talk with the big
angelic looking thing sitting on the Emperor's throne.  He starts runnin' his
mouth about how he brought you here, and wants your forgiveness, blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah.  We all know the Emperor is underhanded and sneaky.  So let
us get to the point and kick the crap outta 'im.  We get to be this clown's
one-way ticket straight back to hell.

|FINAL BOSS:  Emperor                                                        |
|   HP:25000  MP:540                                             |           |
|  ATK:180  HIT%: 9-100%                                         |           |
|  DEF:220  EVA%: 1-80%  M.DEF:16-70%                            |           |
|  WEAKNESSES: none                                              |           |
|  ABSORBS: DEATH, MATTER                                        |           |
|  Okay, this go around with the Emperor is similar to the last.  The Emperor|
|still has a bunch of attacks to use, although he doesn't seem to use his    |
|physical attack as much.  Regardless, use BLINK to be sure it doesn't hit   |
|you.  The damage can be massive, and it has drain properties.  In the       |
|Emperor's bag o' tricks are: SLOW16(crippling a fighter's attacks),         |
|HOLY16(which does a little damage to everyone), FLARE16(which can hurt one  |
|character a lot), BLAZE16(don't worry about this one), DISPEL16(which can   |
|eliminate your elemental defenses, and make that ribbon you should be       |
|wearing useless), and his best spell, STARFALL16(can cause high damage to   |
|the entire party).  You can cast HASTE to counteract SLOW, and BARRIER to   |
|counter DISPEL.  Casting BARRIER can also block SLOW and reduce the damage  |
|of some of the Emperor's spells.  And remember to keep your HP up, in case  |
|the Emperor decides to smash someone into oblivion.                         |
|                                                                            |
|  For offense, spells like HOLY, FLARE, and ULTIMA work okay.  You can try  |
|DISPEL, but the Emperor's M.DEF is really high.  Even if it did work, the   |
|Emperor absorbs Death and Matter elementals, which means those instant-death|
|spells won't work.  You should have found the Wild Rose.  Have Scott use it |
|to buff the entire party's attacks.  This, combined with the more powerful  |
|weapons you should've found along the way will allow you to break through   |
|the Emperor's DEF.  Tear away at his high HP, while keeping your party      |
|healthy.  Eventually, the smackdown will be laid once again on the pesky    |
|Emperor.                                                                    |

Congratulations, you've just won Soul of Rebirth.
Now sit back and relive the ending one more time.

4. Revisions/History

Version 1.0 --- [02/12/2007]

5. Legal crap

This walkthrough is copyright (c) 2007 to 'sco

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private use.
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Anyway, do what you do, tear it up, save it and delete it, read it, use your
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