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Boss FAQ by Cyril

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/03/06

                       Final Fantasy 1&2: Dawn of the Souls
                                 Boss Guide
                               GameBoy Advance
                          By: Cyril [Stephanie Nutter]
                                 Version: 1.2
                        Last Updated: November 27th, 2005

This guide is meant to serve as a boss guide to both games of Final Fantasy I 
and Final Fantasy II in the game Final Fantasy: Dawn of the Souls.  Since 
there are minor changes in this version of the game compared to older 
versions, this guide will not work as well with the original games as it 
should.  Note that if you go too far ahead in the guide that there will be 
some boss spoilers (theres not a whole lot of story there to spoil >.>;).  I 
suggest using this guide as a last resort, or if you're having trouble in the 
main games. 

Note:  If you specifically want to go to a boss you are having trouble with, 
use the Control-F feature on your keyboard and type the name in.  That will 
allow you to avoid scrolling, and potential spoilers.

Control F quick help: 

Final Fantasy 1: -prt1-
Final Fantasy 2: -prt2-

Type those in and it will take you immediately to the section you are looking 


*=*=                           Final Fantasy I                             *=*=


This section is for the first part of Final Fantasy: Dawn of the Souls, Final 
Fantasy I. Because Job Classes play a pivitol role in Final Fantasy I, I will 
go over my choices of those first. Because it it your game though, you are 
free to play however you decide.

****                         Table of Contents                            *****

                               1: Introduction
                               2: Job Classes
                               3: Important Magic
                               4: Gear/Money Issues
                               5: Bosses
                               6: Optional Bosses
                                     Earthgift Shrine
                                     Hellfire Chasm
                                     Lifespring Grotto
                                     Whisperwind Cove

****                            Introduction                              *****

Welcome to the Final Fantasy I section of my Final Fantasy: Dawn of the Souls 
boss guide.  If you are new to my guides, or have never used a boss guide 
before, let me be simple.  I tend to go overboard, and I apologize in advance 
for that.  >.>;  But I feel it is better that way, because some people dont go 
through an entire guide and read every bit (really, how many people are 
actually going to read this introduction anyway?). 

This guide goes from the start of the game to the end, but only gives 
strategies for the bosses. If you are having any trouble, the very first thing 
I can advise you do is check your levels and your gear.  If you were having a 
lot of trouble in the normal battles in a dungeon then theres probably a 
reason why you are going to have trouble with the boss.  If you do not have 
the best gear possible on your characters (and this is difficult before a 
certain point, because of lack of money) then try to spend some time levelling 
to get some better.  That is usually the main reason you can not win a 
battle.  If you are -still- having trouble then, that is when I suggest you 
look at my guide.  

Good luck, and happy hunting^^

****                             Job Classes                              *****

Because this is a boss guide, I am not going to go in-depth into what classes 
do what, and what they can equip.  I will give you my advice though, and 
opinions.  Having beaten Shinryu and Omega with my setups, I am confident that 
they at least -work-, even if they are not the best.  What are the best, you 
can find out on your own^^. 

There are 6 main job classes in Final Fantasy I.  They are:

Red Mage
White Mage
Black Mage

Each class has its own distinctive characterstics, and abilities.  Monks tend 
to use Barefisted types of attacks, and can not wear heavier armors.  Thiefs 
prefer Daggers and Katanas over heavier Swords that Warriors use.  Black Mages 
can use Daggers and Staves, compared to a White Mages Hammer and Stave. Red 
Mages are and odd, but extremely useful combination that take a bit to 
effectively master the use of.  

What Job Combinations are the best?

Well, thats a hard decision.  I prefer three combinations, though how you play 
depends on what you like best.  In each combination I like a Black Mage and a 

My preferred Combinations are:

Red Mage
White Mage
Black Mage

In this combination, the Red Mage, Black Mage, and White Mage buff the party 
the very first turn.  Yes I said Black Mage >.>; The Black Mage should be 
buffing the Warrior with Haste the first turn since it will allow you to do 
more damage quickly.  After that, have the White Mage focus on healing and 
buffing the party.  The Red Mage should Buff himself up, and then attack 
physically. Also, Red Mages can help with healing when the White Mage cant do 
it all.

White Mage
Black Mage

More of a practical attack combination.  Sadly, your Black Mage has to spend 
most of his time buffing the Thief and Warrior (about 4 turns total) reducing 
the amount of damage you do as a whole.  This can also be done with two Red 
Mages, but healing can be an issue sometimes.  The Warrior is your main 
attacker and should always get atack buffs first, the White Mage heals and 
uses party buffs, and the Thief atacks and gets your secondary attack buffs.

Red Mage
Black Mage

This is a bit harder to work with.  The Red Mage is constantly Busy, and your 
Black Mage will have to help with buffing more often then not.  But also you 
will be a lot strong and able to take down monsters faster.  The only real 
downside to this is that theres no Healra type spells that a White Mage has, 
and so full party healing can become an issue in some of the longer, harder 
boss fights at the end of the game (especially the optional battles).

Once again, those are the combinations I prefer.  There are others, but that 
is what I like best.  Experiment, and see what works for you. 

****                          Important Magic                             *****

This section goes over what spells I feel are very important to have when you 
are beating the game.  Some people dont use White Mages or Black Mages, but if 
not, just ignore those spell specifics.

If you dont have money to buy every spell in the area, then I suggest starting 
with these spells, and working for the rest of them once you have the money.  

This is not a full spell list, this is just going over the spells that I think 
you will use more often then not in your boss battles in the game. Obviously, 
spells like "Cure" and "Fire" will be useful, so I'm just going to go over the 
ones that might be overlooked^^;

White Magic:

Note that whoever your healer is, should have access to every available Cure 
spell at the time.  Also, expect them to buff whenever they can.


Level: 1
Useable By: White Mage, White Wizard, Red Mage, Red Wizard, Knight

Very useful in the beginning, Protect lowers the amount of physical damage 
recieved.  Have your main buffer (usually a Red Mage, if not, make sure the 
White Mage has it) use this on your weaker characters on your first 
opportunity.  It helps quite a bit.  


Level: 3
Useable By: White Mage, White Wizard

This spell is used like an all target Cure spell. Very useful to have out of 
battle as well as in.  Sadly, only White Mages and Wizards can use it.  


Level: 5
Useable By: White Mage, White Wizard, Red Wizard

This spell replaces your need for a lot of Phoenix Downs, as long as your 
healer isn't dead.  Useful, and saves you a tiny bit of money.  Yay^^;;  Costs 
quite a bit of MP though, so use it sparingly, if you can.


Level: 5
Useable By: White Mage, White Wizard

Probably the most used out of battle spell, this spell cures 100-200 HP to all 
members.  While in battle end-game that is not a huge amount, and during the 
mid levels the MP cost is too high to use it, it becomes useful once your 
level and your MP levels become high enough.  Get this as soon as you can.


Level: 6
Useable By: White Mage, White Wizard, Red Wizard

You only need one character with this spell.  This spell lets you completely 
exit a dungeon from whatever floor you are on.  Very nice, especially if you 
are weak and need to exit in an emergency setting.  


Level: 6
Useable By: White Mage, White Wizard, Red Wizard

This should probably always be a White Mages first move in later boss 
battles.  Much like the spell Protect, except it works on all members of your 
battle party at once. Useful and fast.  


Level: 6
Useable By: White Mage, White Wizard, Red Wizard

Much like the spell Protera, this spell is like Invis, except works on all 
members.  This helps you evade, which can help on strong physical attackers. 
Usually, your White Mage wont have enough time to cast this so a Red Mage is a 
character who will use it most.


Level: 7
Useable By: White Mage, White Wizard

Much like the spell Healara, Healaga cures your entire party at once. This 
will be used a lot in battle end-game by your White Wizards and Mages when 
bosses start spamming their AOE attacks.


Level: 8
Useable By: White Mage, White Wizard

Though it comes with a huge MP cost, Full-Life restores a dead character 
completely to life. Very very useful on monsters with strong AOE attacks.

Some other spells worth noting:


Black Magic:

As well as having every available magical elemental attack spell in their 
inventory, Black Mages (and Red Mages) should have access to a few other 
spells as well. The two best physical buffing spells in the game are under 
Black Magic, so be absolutely sure one of your characters has access to them.


Level: 1
Useable By: Black Mage, Black Wizard, Red Mage, Red Wizard

An often overlooked spell that can stop enemies from attacking you for a few 
rounds.  Use this early in the game and master its use, it helps.  A lot. 


Level: 2
Useable By: Black Mage, Black Wizard, Red Mage, Red Wizard

An absolutely imperative spell by the end of the game, Temper raises a single 
targets physical attack power.  This should always be one of the first spells 
cast by your Red Mage (or Black Mage, if you dont have a Red) in battle, only 
Haste preceeding it.  Use it on your Warriors, Thiefs and Monks and you will 
be very happy with the results.


Level: 4 
Useable By: Black Mage, Black Wizard, Red Mage, Red Wizard

Another extremely imperative spell at the end of the game.  This spell doubles 
the targets number of attacks, pretty much doubling their attack power.  With 
this spell and Temper cast on your attacker(s) you can well triple your base 
damage, easily.  Very important.


Level: 5
Useable By: Black Wizard, Red Wizard

This spell allows you to go one floor back in a dungeon.  If you think you 
missed an item in the dungeon, or just want to go back for whatever reason, 
use this spell. Otherwise, Exit is a bit more pratical then this spell.


Level: 7
Useable By: Black Wizard

Though this spell is only usable by a Black Wizard, there is an item in the 
game that lets you cast it on other members.  That is why I am mentioning it 
here, because it is useful in that manner.  Saber raises on characters Attack 
and Accuracy significantly, and with Haste and Temper added to this you do 
good damage.

Note:  Saber as a base spell can only be cast on the caster, you need an 
outside item to cast on other members.


Level: 8
Useable By: Black Wizard

Technically, this is supposed to be the strongest attack spell in the game. 
The only reason I'm mentioning it here is because it tends to be very useful 
on enemy groups end-game and in the optional dungeons.

Some other spells worth noting: 


****                         Gear/Money Issues                            *****

Early in the game, its hard to make money. You find yourself having a 
difficult time choosing between gear and spells, and what to buy.  Usually, I 
buy spells first, since you can find gear in dungeons.  But, only buy the 
spells that are absolutely imperative at first (elemental attack spells, 
curing spells, buffs) and wait until later when you have more money to get the 
less imperative spells.

Spells I suggest buying before all others:

Cure, Cura, Dia, Fire, Fira, Thunder, Thundara, Blizard, Blizara, Heal, 
Healara, Temper, Haste, Life

Once you have the imperatives, you can buy whatever other spells you need or 
feel are important. 

Try to keep your attackers weapon upgraded to max at all times, if that is 

****                               Bosses                                 *****

This section goes over the bosses in Final Fantasy I.  It goes through how you 
encounter them in the game.  Use Control-F and the 'Boss #' if you are having 
any difficulty finding anything^^.  The status information I found is from the 
in-game Bestiary, which is unlocked for each boss after you defeat it. 

And without further ado >.>; I present my boss guide!

Boss  #1: Garland
Boss  #2: Pirates x9
Boss  #3: Piscodemon x(Random)
Boss  #4: Astos
Boss  #5: Vampire
Boss  #6: Lich
Boss  #7: Marilith
Boss  #8: Evil Eye
Boss  #9: Dragon Zombie x2
Boss #10: Kraken
Boss #11: Blue Dragon
Boss #12: Tiamat
Boss #13: Lich (Part 2)
Boss #14: Marilith (Part 2)
Boss #15: Kraken (Part 2)
Boss #16: Tiamat (Part 2)
Boss #17: Final Boss

Boss  #1: Garland
Location: Chaos Shrine
Suggested Level: 3
HP: 212      |  ATK: 15      |  ACC: 27       |  DEF: 8      |
AGI: 6       |  INT: 12      |  EVA: 12       |  MDF: 64     |
Gil: 250     |  EXP: 130     |  Treasure: Longsword

Garland, as the games first boss, is not exceedingly difficult but poses a 
threat to a party that is not well equipped.  If you spent the time levelling 
up in Cornelia to get spells and equipment, you should not have a problem with 
Garland, if not, prepare for a rather bumpy ride.

Garland has high magic defense, so he takes less damage from magical attacks 
then from physical. Note that by no means does this mean that Garland takes 
bad damage from magic, he still takes quite a bit of damage from magic.  He 
will probably take 30-50 damage from a normal Thunder or Fire spell from a 
Black Mage (if you have one).  Red Mages do better attacking physically then 
magically, because of their low magic attack power.

On the first round, have your main White Magic user (either a Red Mage or a 
White Mage) cast Protect on your weaker defense members so that they takes 
less damage from Garland's strong physical attacks. With your Healer curing 
when needed (every round, or every few rounds, dependant on your luck) no one 
should die.

Garland's attacks are not the strongest, but he tends to be quite fast. Heal 
when you get the least nervous at all, which is key in this game to survival.  
You never know when the boss is going to give it all in that key mega-attack.

Note: The spell "Temper" you can buy in Pravoka is exceedingly important for 
the rest of the game.  Buy it for all Black Magic users you have in your party.

Boss  #2: Piratex9 
Location: Pravoka Town
Suggested Level: 7
Status (each):
HP: 24       |  ATK: 10      |  ACC: 2        |  DEF: 0      |
AGI: 6       |  INT: 3       |  EVA: 12       |  MDF: 35     |
Gil: 40      |  EXP: 40      |  Treasure: Leather Shield

From the start, this battle looks quite overwhelming. The enemies outnumber 
you 2 to 1, and you probably dont have the money to afford the best equipment 
and spells for this point.  Fortuneately for you, the Pirates are a lot weaker 
then they look, weaker then the normal enemies you were facing on the way to 
Pravoka, actually.

The easy way to win this battle is to cheat a bit.  Have your Black Magic 
caster (probably a Black Mage) cast the Sleep spell on the Pirates, and 
hopefully, at least half of them will be asleep after its cast. This is a 
level 1 spell bought in Cornelia, so if you don't have it, and want it for 
this battle go load a save and get it^^.

The Pirates have decently weak physical attacks even without Protect. To your 
mages they should only do around ~10-15, but that ~10-15 adds up each turn if 
they all target the same person. Thats why the sleep spell is helpful. 

Attack them physically.  With your attackers you should be one hitting them.  
Your Black Mage (if you have one) should sleep them for the first two or three 
rounds of battle, and then focus on attacking with magic.

Singally, the Pirates aren't strong, but its when you can not kill all 9 
quickly is when they get difficult.  

Boss  #3: Piscodemon x(Random)
Location: Marsh Cave
Suggested Level: 12
Status (each):
HP: 84       |  ATK: 30      |  ACC: 21       |  DEF: 16     |
AGI: 33      |  INT: 18      |  EVA: 66       |  MDF: 98     |
Gil: 300     |  EXP: 276     |  Treasure: None

The number of enemies you fight in this boss encounter is randomized. The 
lesser is better of course, as it is easier that way. Typically, you will 
fight 3 or 4 of them at once, which is not too bad. This battle should not 
last more then two rounds. 

Hopefully, you had enough money to buy either the spell Fira or Thundara while 
you were in Elfheim. These spells target all enemies on screen and will make 
short work of the Piscodemons. After a single casting, you only need a few 
more atacks to finish a single boss off. Compared to the previous bosses, the 
Piscodemons have quite a bit of defense, and high stats.

If you have two black magic users (such as a Black Mage and a Red Mage) have 
them both cast spells like Thundara and Fira.  This alone should kill all of 
the Piscodemons in one round, or at least more of them. If you only have one 
black magic user you wont have it so easy, but you should still be able to 
pick off one or two Piscodeoms in the first round, and kill the rest of them 
the second.

Be very careful, their attack power is extremely high.  It is well enough to 
one-hit a lower level mage.  They can do over 100 damage a hit if you are 
unlucky.  This will either be a fast battle where you slaughter the enemies, 
or one where you will die quickly.  If you get unlucky and your mages die 
first, then it get get messy quickly.  Make sure you enter the battle at full 

If your healer has any time, cast Protect on weaker characters.  Though the 
battle will be over quickly, this should help keep them alive a bit longer 
then they would normally last. Of course >.>; I suggest having your White Mage 
(if thats your healer) cast Heal every round instead of worrying about Protect.

Boss  #4: Astos
Location: Western Keep
Suggested Level: 13
HP: 420      |  ATK: 30      |  ACC: 42       |  DEF: 18     |
AGI: 39      |  INT: 24      |  EVA: 78       |  MDF: 170    |
Gil: 2000    |  EXP: 2250    |  Treasure: Mythril Sword

Hopefully, before you went to the Western Keep you went back to Elfheim to get 
some new spells and to heal up from your venture into the Marsh Cave.  I also 
suggest having a few Phoenix Downs (2 or 3, if you have the money for them) as 
well as the spell Haste.  Haste and Temper are spells from now on that I will 
say to use on your attackers to make battles easier and quicker. 

Astos has access to the spell called Death.  This spell instantly kills a 
party member it is targeted on.  If you're lucky, or have high levels, it will 
not hit, but most of the time it will.  That is why you need those Phoenix 
Downs. Fortunately, this spell is not widely used in this game, as Astos is 
one of the only bosses (and there are only a few normal enemies) that has 
access to it. Astos also has access to the level 4 spells (Fira, Slowra, etc) 
which are very strong on your party.  Fira can do 100+ to all members.  Try to 
keep your entire parties health over 110 at all times, if possible.

Silence works on Astos at times, and thats stops him from casting his Death 
spells, but thats somewhat -iffy- and I wouldnt rely too much on it.  If you 
have Temper and Haste the battle will be over before it really matters too 
much, anyway.

As a single target, Astos has surprisingly low HP, especially compared to what 
the first boss in the game had compared to him. Still, you need to worry more 
about the power of his attacks over how much damage you do to him. Constantly 
be prepared for the Death spell, and use a Phoenix Down on someone the turn 
after they die.

On the first turn of battle, have a Black Magic user (or if you have two, even 
better for you^^) cast the Haste spell on your main attacker(s).  On the 
second turn cast the Temper spell.  If you have two Black Magic users 
(Red/Black Mage) cast these spells on the first turn so that your main 
attacker can be as strong as possible from the very start.

Astos can cast Haste on himself, but he uses magic on your party more often 
then anything, so dont worry too much about it.  Focus on keeping your party 
alive and healthy.  With Temper and Haste on your attackers Astos probably 
wont last more then 3 attacks, maybe not even that. 

Boss  #5: Vampire
Location: Cavern of the Earth, B3
Suggested Level: 20
HP: 280      |  ATK: 76      |  ACC: 39       |  DEF: 26     |
AGI: 36      |  INT: 26      |  EVA: 72       |  MDF: 75     |
Gil: 2000    |  EXP: 1200    |  Treasure: None

The Vampire has less HP then some of the monsters you faced in normal 
encounters in the Cavern of Earth, but that does not mean he is not 
dangerous.  He is mainly dangerous because he has strong physical attacks. His 
physical attacks will do well over 100 damage to any mage type, and even 
Warriors will take quite a bit of damage from him.

If you attack constantly from the very beginning you will not have any trouble 
killing him.  You should not even have to worry about Temper/Hasting your 
attackers.  The Vampire is Undead, so Dia type spells (Dia, Diara) and Fire 
(Fire, Fira, Firaga) work well on him. Diara should do ~100 and Fira should do 
~160+ if cast by a Black Mage.  Your physical attacks will be weak against the 
Vampire, so you should probably rely more on a magical assault to take him 

With a strong assault on the first round, you should take him down without him 
getting more then one attack off.  If not, he should be close to dead to let 
you kill him the second round.  This battle is quick, but the Vampire is still 
dangerous because of his power.

Also, remember to save some MP to get out of the Cavern of Earth. You still 
need to walk all the way out. orz.

Boss  #6: Lich
Location: Cavern of the Earth, B5
Suggested Level: 23
HP: 1200     |  ATK: 40      |  ACC: 49       |  DEF: 40     |
AGI: 12      |  INT: 30      |  EVA: 24       |  MDF: 129    |
Gil: 3000    |  EXP: 2200    |  Treasure: Dry Ether
As you should notice right off the bat, Lich's stats are off the chart 
compared to previous bosses. His HP is high, so expect this battle to take a 
while.  Also note that Lich is technically not based off earth, rather, he is 

Like all undead, Lich is weak to Fire and Dia type spells. Hopefully, you 
bought the Firaga spell (you should of had plenty of money for it after your 
first trip through the Cavern of Earth) as this will be strong on the Lich, 
doing ~250+.

On your first turn, or turns (depending on Black Magic users) cast Temper and 
Haste on your physical attackers.  Because of Lich's extremely high defense, 
you will not be able to damage him well without those spells on.  You might 
want to cast Protect on weaker members to recude the damage taken. Also, 
equipping a Rune Blade on your attacker will add extra damage (or so it seems).

Lich seems to prefer physical attacks, though he can cast a wide cariety of 
spells which can be very strong. As long as he sticks with the physical 
attacks, you will be fine, but you need to be really careful when he starts 
casting, as that is when he is at his strongest.

With a strong assault of Tempered/Hasted attacks and Firaga's, Lich should go 
down in a few rounds.  Just make sure that you have strong cure spells ready 
when necessary.

Boss  #7: Marilith
Location: Mt. Gulg, B5
Suggested Level: 28
HP: 1440     |  ATK: 40      |  ACC: 63       |  DEF: 50     |
AGI: 24      |  INT: 32      |  EVA: 48       |  MDF: 183    |
Gil: 3000    |  EXP: 2475    |  Treasure: Golden Apple

Unlike what you might think by looking at her, Marilith is not weak to Ice 
spells. She has rediculously high magic defense, and decently high physical 
defense making her hard to damage as a whole. The easiest way to kill her off 
is by debuffing her as best as possible by what spells you have, as unlike 
most bosses, she is vulnerable to spells like Sleep, Confuse, and Silence. 
Note that this is somewhat risky, as it is not 100% to land them, and can just 
end up as a wasted turn on your part.  You can win the battle just as easily 
without debuffing her, but it helps.

On the first round of the battle, cast Temper and Haste on your attackers, and 
if you learned the Protera spell in Crescent Lake (I suggest you do >.>;) cast 
that. Like you might expect from her graphic, Marilith has extremely strong 
physical attacks that can do upwards ~200-250 damage without Protect.  The 
damage goes down to ~150 or so with Protect, which is much more survivable.  
Heal with a Cura or Curaga after each attack, and try to keep over 250 HP each 
round.  If you don't, Marilith might decide to get strong and one-hit your 

Fortunately, Marilith prefers her strong physical attacks to anything else, so 
she will just atack one character over all of them most of the time.  This 
makes her attacks more survivable.

Physical attacks work much better on Marilith then do magical attacks. 
Marilith is resistant to Fire and Lightning, so even a level 3 (the -ga type 
spells) spells will only do around 100 damage. If you must attack with magic, 
use Blizzara rather then Firaga or Thundaga. You should more focus on buffing 
your main attackers attacks then using magical attacks to defeat Marilith.  A 
strong physical attacker with Temper and Haste should do well over 400 a hit. 
That should take Marilith down in a few rounds, as long as you can keep your 
team alive.

Boss  #8: Evil Eye
Location: The Cavern of Ice, B3
Suggested Level: 30
HP: 162      |  ATK: 30      |  ACC: 42       |  DEF: 30     |
AGI: 6       |  INT: 20      |  EVA: 12       |  MDF: 92     |
Gil: 3225    |  EXP: 3225    |  Treasure: None

While not really a true boss, the Evil Eye is still much stronger then a 
normal monster in the area.  He guards the chest that contains the Levistone 
in the Cavern of Ice, and you must kill him to get it. He has very little HP 
and low stats, but its his spells are what make him strong. 

The only threat from this monster is his wide spell variety and decent 
defense.  With strong physical and magical attacks you should be able to take 
him down before he ever gets an attack off on you though. You might (or 
probably will) one hit him with a strong attack.

Boss  #9: Dragon Zombie
Location: The Citadel of Trials, 3F
Suggested Level: 33
HP: 268      |  ATK: 56      |  ACC: 67       |  DEF: 30     |
AGI: 12      |  INT: 26      |  EVA: 24       |  MDF: 135    |
Gil: 999     |  EXP: 2331    |  Treasure: Megalixir

Much like the Evil Eye, this is not truly a boss, but a strong enemy that 
guards the Treasure Chest containing the Rat's Tail. Also like the Evil Eye, 
you should not have too much trouble with these monsters.

As their name implies, the Dragon -Zombies- are undead, and therefore and weak 
against Fire and Dia spells.  On your first round cast the Firaga spell and 
your strongest Dia type spell while your attackers do what they do best, 
attack.  If this all out offensive does not kill them straight off, then they 
will most certainly die the next round.  

The Dragon Zombies are not strong physically, probably hitting as hard as the 
normal monsters in the area. Luckily, they will die in so few attacks that 
they will not get anything too strong off on you.

Boss  #10: Kraken
Location: The Sunken Shrine, 1F
Suggested Level: 38
HP: 1800     |  ATK: 50      |  ACC: 90       |  DEF: 60     |
AGI: 42      |  INT: 32      |  EVA: 84       |  MDF: 160    |
Gil: 5000    |  EXP: 4245    |  Treasure: Kikuichimonji

Like most everything else was in The Sunken Shrine, Kraken has a definite 
weakness towards Lightning spells. Though his defense is high, you should be 
able to break it easily compared to Marilith's, even exploiting this one 

If you picked up the item "Giants Gloves" in the Sunken Shrine, then you have 
a new way to buff your physical attacker.  This item casts the spell Saber on 
the character who uses it.  So on the first round of battle while you are 
buffing your main attackers with Haste and Temper, have one of your attackers 
use the Giants Gloves (they are unlimited use items) which will add another 
power up to their attack, as well as a bit off accuracy bonus (not that they 
should need it). With all of these buffs and a good weapon, its possible to do 
well over 1,000 damage per attack to Kraken on the second round of battle.

Kraken tends to focus mainly on physical attacks, so spells like Protera help 
a lot.  Cast that as soon as you can, on the first or second round, if 
possible.  Krakens attacks, with Protect, do over ~150-180 damage.  He also 
has the AOE attack Ink which tends to miss more often then it hits, so it is 
not really a problem.

The spell Thundaga should do over 400 damage to the Kraken.  If your White 
Mage/Wizard (if you have one, that is) gets bored one turn, then select the 
item "Gauntlets" from the item menu.  This item uses Thundara on all enemies 
with no MP cost.  While it will not be as strong as a Black Mage/Wizards 
Thundaga, any damage helps, eh?

Heal anyone who gets below 250 HP, and this battle should be over before it 
even starts fully.  

Boss  #11: Blue Dragon
Location: Mirage Tower, 3F
Suggested Level: 43
HP: 454      |  ATK: 92      |  ACC: 86       |  DEF: 20     |
AGI: 48      |  INT: 28      |  EVA: 96       |  MDF: 200    |
Gil: 2000    |  EXP: 3274    |  Treasure: None

Like the Evil Eye and Dragon Zombie before it, this is not truly a real boss, 
but rather a strong enemy that you need to kill before using the warp pad up 
into Tiamat's domain. The Blue Dragon is quite a bit stronger then the normal 
enemies in the area, but he is still low on HP and quite weak for a boss 

Magical attacks as well as physical work on the Blue Dragon.  Because his HP 
is so low, you really do not need to power up your attacks with buffs.  That 
just wastes time, as the battle will be over quickly enough as it is. Use 
spells like Firaga or Blizzaga to do a lot of damage, and perhaps even one 
hit.  The spell Flare is a bit pricy MP-wise at this level, unless you have 
done the Lifespring Grotto and killed Atomos for a Judgment staff.  Note that 
the Blue Dragon is a Lightning element and is strong towards Lightning based 

The Blue Dragon likes to use Thunderbolt.  This spell hits all members for 
around 75 damage.  This is the most damaging of his attacks, and his only area 
attack. His normal phyaical attack power is up the roof (92!) so be careful of 
that.  I suggest casting Protera with your White Magic users (Red/White 
Wizards) to reduce the damage he can do with those physical attacks.

You -should- be able to kill him in the first round.  But be careful of those 
physical attacks, they can be extremely dangerous on low level characters.

Boss  #12: Tiamat
Location: Flying Fortress, 5F
Suggested Level: 50
HP: 2400     |  ATK: 53      |  ACC: 80       |  DEF: 80     |
AGI: 36      |  INT: 45      |  EVA: 72       |  MDF: 200    |
Gil: 6000    |  EXP: 5496    |  Treasure: None

There are two ways to defeat the mighty Tiamat.  The cheap way >.>; or the 
real way. 

If you want to try and win through the cheap way, Tiamat is weak to Stone 
spells.  That means if you have a Black Wizard, you can cast the level 7 spell 
Break on her (yes Tiamat is female) over and over again.  Eventually you can 
get a one-hit kill from this method of killing her. This is a rather low 
chance of working though, and I much prefer fighting the battle the normal 

Tiamat likes to use Thunderbolt on all of your members.  This spell is 
Lightning based, and does around ~100-150 to all members. A timely Healara 
cures that mess up, but be careful because Tiamat is quite fast and tends to 
act before your members do.  Also, Tiamats physical attacks are quite powerful 
as well, so keep your entire parties HP over 300 at all times.  Also, watch 
your MP, its easy to forget about it after such a long trip through the Flying 
Fortress. To reduce damage, you might want to cast Nulshock and Protera.

Tiamat also has access to the ability Poison Gas. This spell is just another 
one of her area attacks that hits all members for over 100 damage per hit. 
With all of her area attacks at her disposal, you may find Tiamat prefers them 
over her physical attacks.  Its just as well, as both are quite strong and 
hard to defend against.

Tiamat has high physical defense as well as magical defense.  She is hard to 
attack no matter what, but with powered up physical attacks 
(Temper/Haste/Giant's Gloves [Saber]) you will be able to break through her 
defenses.  The spell Flare works as a good offense in this battle, if you 
bought it in Lufenia.  Tiamat is strong to every other elemental spell 
(Fire/Lightning/Ice) so if you do not have Flare, your Black Wizard is going 
to be on secondary healing duty during this battle.

Boss  #13: Lich (Part 2)
Location: Temple of Chaos, B1
Suggested Level: 55
HP: 2800     |  ATK: 50      |  ACC: 64       |  DEF: 80     |
AGI: 24      |  INT: 34      |  EVA: 48       |  MDF: 140    |
Gil: 1       |  EXP: 2000    |  Treasure: None

Lich has been much powered up since your last encounter with him in the Cavern 
of the Earth.  Since this is technically the past, he is not yet as weakened 
as he was in the form we fought him in originally.

Lich has oddly weak physical attacks for a boss at this point. They are still 
strong enough to finish off a weakened party member, but they are not whats 
strong enough to kill you. As in the previous battle, Lich tends to use 
magical attacks.  If you have the spell NulBlaze or the item Red Curtain you 
might want to use it at the start to prevent damage from any spells he might 
decide to cast on you. 

If you picked up the Excalibur from Mt. Duergar, Lich will seem to have 
extremely low defense.  With powered up physical attacks (Haste/Temper/Giants 
Glove's [Saber]) you can slaughter him in 2-3 rounds with just physical 
attacks alone. Don't cast many spells if you can avoid it, you still have a 
long way to go in the Shrine, and you dont want to waste MP.

Boss  #14: Marilith (Part 2)
Location: Temple of Chaos, B2
Suggested Level: 55
HP: 3200     |  ATK: 60      |  ACC: 63       |  DEF: 80     |
AGI: 30      |  INT: 41      |  EVA: 60       |  MDF: 183    |
Gil: 1       |  EXP: 2000    |  Treasure: None

The battle with the original Marilith is only slightly harder then the battle 
with the Lich. Marilith has more HP then the Lich, and higher stats, but do 
not let that fool you.  With good gear, Marilith is still not too much of a 

The first thing to remember during this battle is to try to conserve MP.  Do 
not go crazy nuking on the boss.  She is easy for a reason, and is just meant 
to distract you from your main target.  Also note that Marilith is no longer 
weak to spells such as Sleep or Paralyze. Confuse works though, and if it 
lands (big, -if- there) then she might attack herself. You need to kill her 
the old fashioned way this time.

Marilith has strong physical attacks, so use Protera as soon as you can. If 
you have MP to spare, cast Invisra too. Her attacks will do well over 150 to 
even a fully equipped Warrior, so be careful. Keep your HP over 400 at all 
times. Marilith also uses the Firaga spell, which hits all members for around 
~100 damage.  This is more of an annoyance, since you want conserve MP.  If 
possible, try to cure this with the Healing Staff instead of Healara, but do 
not hesitate to cure when necessary. Nulblaze or Red Curtains work to dimish 
fire type damage from these spells as well.

Strong physical attacks are the key to taking Marilith down.  Especially with 
the Excalibur, her defense will seem quite low to you now.  
Temper/Haste/Giant's Gloves (Saber) on your main attackers, and save your MP 
as much as possible, I dont know how much to stress that. 

Note that if you do choose to use magical attacks (in such a case that you 
brough a large amount of Ethers into the final dungeon with you) that Marilith 
is strong to Fire, Ice, and Lightning.  Flare works though, so use that if you 

As long as you keep your HP and MP up, Marilith falls quickly.

Boss  #15: Kraken (Part 2)
Location: Temple of Chaos, B3
Suggested Level: 55
HP: 3600     |  ATK: 60      |  ACC: 114      |  DEF: 80     |
AGI: 49      |  INT: 41      |  EVA: 98       |  MDF: 200    |
Gil: 1       |  EXP: 2000    |  Treasure: Eye Drops

Unlike the first battle, Kraken is no longer weak to Lightning type spells. 
Like the first battle though, Kraken prefers to sue physical attacks over 
anything else.

Prepare for this battle by casting Protera on the first round.  If you have 
another White Magic user, cast Invisra as well to try to reduce the total 
damage done to your party from Krakens attacks. On a mage type character, 
Krakens attacks can do well over 300 damage. Keep your HP over 500 at all 
times, and heal after each attack, but try to use items instead of MP (still). 
Luckily Krakens attacks are mostly single target so you only need to worry 
about curing one person at a time, even if it will be with high level items or 
cure spells. Kraken still has access to his Ink ability which has the ability 
to blind every member of your party. But thats no threat (well, not too much) 
because it does not do much damage.  If it hits a physical attacker, use Eye 
Drops (or the White Magic spell Blindna) as soon as you can.

As always, try to finish this battle with strong, powered up physical attacks. 
Haste/Temper/Giant's Gloves (Saber) on Kraken work well.  Kraken has a 
strength towards Fire magics, though no resistance to Ice or Lightning.  If 
you are going to cast anything, cast Thundaga or Blizzaga.  Try not to use 
Flare because of its high MP cost. 

Kraken may take a few rounds more then the other bosses to defeat because of 
his higher HP.  But with good gear it still should not take too long.  Thats 
the goal, to get through these as quickly as you can and get to the final 
enemy to save the world.

Boss  #16: Tiamat (Part 2)
Location: Temple of Chaos, B4
Suggested Level: 55
HP: 5500     |  ATK: 75      |  ACC: 85       |  DEF: 90     |
AGI: 45      |  INT: 38      |  EVA: 90       |  MDF: 200    |
Gil: 1       |  EXP: 2000    |  Treasure: Rune Staff

A step up in difficulty from the other four Fiends, Tiamat has much higher 
stats and HP.  She also no longer is weak towards Break, so you can not one-
hit her this time.

This time, you should use your MP, but only if you have the Ether's to 
replenish it. The final boss is next so feel free to go all out on Tiamat if 
you feel you will be suitably prepared for the next boss if you do so.

Tiamat is quite fast this time around, and much more powerful.  Her physical 
attacks will do about 300 damage to a fully equipped mage, so use Protera and 
Invisra is possible, as soon as you can. Tiamat still has access to her area 
attacks.  Thunderbolt is still quite weak, doing about ~100-120 to all 
members.  Nulshock can help reduce the damage of this spell if she is using it 
often. Poison Gas does about ~100 to all members as well. Make sure to use 
Healara (or a Healing Staff, if you do not have a White Wizard) after each 
area of effect spell. Try not to let your HP fall below 400.

Tiamat also has access to Scourge. This spell has the ability to instantly 
kill every member of your battle party.  Cast NulDeath if you have it (I 
suggest that you get it for the optional dungeons, if you do not have it now) 
and hope it misses. "Protect Rings" will help you stop instant death 
abilities. If you have 4, equip them on all members you can. If someone does 
happen to be hit by the spell, raise them as soon as you can, hopefully with 
Full-Life (if possible).

Tiamat has higher defense then the other four Fiends but its still not 
intensely high.  Because of her high HP and defense she will take longer to 
defeat.  The spell Flare works well on her. Well, as well as any black magic 
spell works on a boss end-game. Buffed up physical attacks with Temper/Haste 
and the Giants Gloves will kill her, but it will still take a bit longer then 
the other fiends. Just remember that if you do not have the MP or items to 
spare, do not go all out in this battle.

Boss  #17: Final Boss
Location: Temple of Chaos, B5
Suggested Level: 60
HP: 20000    |  ATK: 170     |  ACC: 200      |  DEF: 100    |
AGI: 50      |  INT: 40      |  EVA: 100      |  MDF: 200    |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: None

The time for the final battle has come! I wont say the name of the final boss 
here, to prevent anyone being spoiled, so whenever I name the final boss, Ill 
just use the term final boss. 

If you look up, the final boss has rediculous stats.  High HP, attack, 
defense.  His magic defense is average/low though, if thats any compensation 
to anything.

If possible, you might want to cast NulAll at the very start of the battle. 
This is a rather slow process, casting it on all 4 members though, so you 
might want to just use NulBlaze, NulShock, and NulFrost all together. This 
will lower the damage from the final bosses magical type attacks.

Lets start off simply >.>; you will need to heal every round.  The final 
bosses physical attacks will do ~400+ damage.  This is half of maxed HP total, 
so even with everyone at 999 HP, he will be powerful.  Protera is a must, and 
Invisra helps as well. Curaga after each physical attack, and do your best to 
keep everyone at full HP every round.  Its difficult sometimes, but use items 

The final boss also has access to all sorts of level 3 
Blizzaga/Firaga/Thundaga spells.  These spells do anywhere from ~100-200 
damage to all members.  While these are the weakest of his attacks, you should 
still be careful of them.  Heal with a Healara (or, with no White Wizard, use 
Cura and have someone secondary heal when necessary) after each -ga type 
spell. He also has access to instant kill spells like Earthquake, which can 
potentially kill all members of your party in a single attack.  Luckily spells 
like this have very low hit rates and will probably always miss. Just in case, 
you might want to use "Protect Ring" to protect against instant death.

The final boss can also use personal elemental spells as well.  These spells 
include Blaze, Cyclone, and Tsunami. These spells do from ~100-300, depending 
on the character, spell and level.  Once again, heal everyone after he uses 
these area attacks. If you keep everyone over 500 HP at all times, you should 
not have too much trouble surviving.

Ever so often, the final boss uses spells like Slowra. Its not often though, 
and much of the time they do not hit.  Use a Remedy to cure the status, if it 
is one that can be cured by items. These spells are the least threat the boss 

So >.>; how do we take down the monstrosity?  Well, the same way we took down 
every other boss before this^^.  Powered up physical attacks with 
Haste/Temper/Giant's Gloves work to do over 1,000 damage a hit to the final 
boss. Flare is a Black Wizards best offense on the final boss, but it only 
does around 500-600 per casting.

Keeping your physical attackers alive might be a bit difficult.  They tend to 
take about twice as much damage from spells that your mages do.  Remember not 
to let anyone get below 500-600 HP in case something bad comes up. Also, if a 
physical attacker dies, remember that you need to recast your buffs on them.  
You might need to stop your attack for a few rounds if someone dies to get on 
the recovery.

As long as you are capable of healing each round this battle is survivable.  
Just make sure to watch your MP, especially your healers.  If your healer runs 
out of MP then this battle can become very dangerous indeed.

*****                        Optional Bosses                              *****

There are many Optional Bosses in Final Fantasy I: Dawn of the Souls. This 
section mainly consists of the bosses that are located in the Shrines, which 

Earthgift Shrine (Earth)
Hellfire Shrine (Fire)
Lifespring Grotto (Water)
Whisperwind Cove (Wind)

You gain access to the Shrines as soon as you defeat the corresponding Fiend 
of Element.  I dont suggest trying to take on the Shrines at that point 
though.  I would wait until at least level 50, though its possible to do it 
before then.  My first run through Lifespring Grotto (the first Shrine I ever 
did) I did right after I defeated the Kraken, which was around level 45. 

The strongest bosses in the Shrines should not be attempted until 70+, and 
even 70 is a bit risky. 

Note:  I like to do these bosses at as low of level as possible, so I can 
write the strategy when the fights are truly difficult, rather then when they 
are easy.  You might choose to do them earlier or leater then I do, and that 
is up to you.

Boss List:

Earthgift Shrine (Final Fantasy III?):
FFI Optional Boss  1: 2-Headed Dragon
FFI Optional Boss  2: Ahriman
FFI Optional Boss  3: Cerberus
FFI Optional Boss  4: Echidna

Hellfire Chasm (Final Fantasy IV):
FFI Optional Boss  5: Scarmiglione
FFI Optional Boss  6: Cagnazzo
FFI Optional Boss  7: Barbariccia
FFI Optional Boss  8: Rubicante

Lifespring Grotto (Final Fantasy V):
FFI Optional Boss  9: Gilgamesh
FFI Optional Boss 10: Atomos
FFI Optional Boss 11: Omega
FFI Optional Boss 12: Shinryu

Whisperwind Cove (Final Fantasy VI):
FFI Optional Boss 13: Typhon
FFI Optional Boss 14: Orthros
FFI Optional Boss 15: Phantom Train
FFI Optional Boss 16: Doom Gaze

FFI Optional Boss 1: 2-Headed Dragon
Location: Earthgift Shrine, B5
Suggested Level: 40+
HP: 4500     |  ATK: 60      |  ACC: 50       |  DEF: 50     |
AGI: 30      |  INT: 10      |  EVA: 30       |  MDF: 50     |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: Bard's Tunic

The 2-Headed Dragon is in the top left corner of Earthgift Shrine's Boss room.

As in the normal game, you want to buff up on the first few rounds with Haste, 
Temper, and the Giant's Gloves (Saber) combination.  This will allow you to 
pierce through the boss's defense no matter what level you are, and if you are 
high enough level with good gear, you will probably even be able to one hit 

The 2-Headed Dragon hits for around ~150-200 at lower levels, which is not too 
hard. He tends to prefer physical attacks over magical attacks, so use spells 
like Protera and Invisra to reduce the total amount of damage you take.  
Because they are mainly single target atacks, you shouldn't need to worry too 
much about healing unless a member gets under 250 HP.

He has low magic defense, but he is resietant to every element, so magic 
attacks do not work the best on him. If you are doing this battle at a low 
level, magic attack will be pretty much useless, doing around ~150 damage. Non-
elemental spells work (such as Flare) though.

If you keep up with the strong physical assault that Tempered/Hasted/Sabered 
you shouldn't have any trouble, but remember to keep your HP high, as the 2-
Headed Dragon has a high number of attacks (5+ at times).

FFI Optional Boss 2: Ahriman
Location: Earthgift Shrine, B5
Suggested Level: 40+
HP: 5000     |  ATK: 60      |  ACC: 65       |  DEF: 50     |
AGI: 30      |  INT: 50      |  EVA: 25       |  MDF: 100    |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: Dry Ether

The Ahriman is in the top right corner of the Earthgift Shrine's Boss room.

Be careful, the Ahriman is the strongest boss in the Earthgift Shrine.

The Ahriman uses Earthquake, which has the ability to instantly kill all of 
your members, but most of the time it will miss.  If it does hit, revive the 
character (usually it wont hit more then one) immediately before he uses it 
again. A White Wizard with the Full-Life spell is nice for this. Also, 
the "Protect Ring" which protects against instant death helps a lot. Other 
then this attack, Ahriman's physical attacks are pitifully weak, doing less 
then 100 per hit (they usually do less then 60, actually). Even though his 
physical attacks are weak its not that you need to worry about.

You really need to worry about his Blaze ability.  This spell usually does 
~200-300 to all members.  This is his strongest ability, and his ability he 
uses least often, luckily.  Make sure you have some heavy healing after each 
use of this, especially on your weaker characters. Healaga should do the 
trick, but if you do not have a White Wizard then use Curaga and items.  He 
also has access to Icestorm, which does about the same amount of damage (~200-
300) to all members.  Once again, Healaga does the trick, or a few Curagas.  
Make sure to stay above 300 HP at all times, as you never know when he is 
going to use these abilities.

As always, use Temper/Saber/Haste on your first rounds with your Black Magic 
users and your Giants Gloves to power up your attacks.  Ahriman is resistant 
to all elemental spells, so spells do not work too well against him.  Physical 
attacks take him down quickly, probably in only a few rounds.  If you're 
strong enough he will not live long enough for you to see spells like Blaze 
and Earthquake.

The Ahriman likes to use spells like Cura to cure himself, but thats only for 
about 180 or so.  If your attack is high enough, that will not mean much. You 
should be able to do more damage then that with an unbuffed physical attack, 
or a spell from a Black Wizard (which are quite weak in this battle).

As long as you keep your HP above 300 the Ahriman is not a difficult foe.  
Also, if you do not have a White Wizard you may need to have someone other 
then your main healer (whomever that may be) cure after a Blaze or Icestorm 
attack if you are low level.

FFI Optional Boss 3: Cerberus
Location: Earthgift Shrine, B5
Suggested Level: 40+
HP: 4000     |  ATK: 40      |  ACC: 60       |  DEF: 50     |
AGI: 50      |  INT: 40      |  EVA: 50       |  MDF: 60     |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: Kotetsu

The Cerberus is located at the lower left hand corner or the Earthgift Shrine 
Boss room.

Cerberus likes to use the AOE spell Thunderbolt, which hits all 4 of your 
members.  This spell damage ranges from ~150-250.  If you have it, Nulshock is 
nice to help reduce damage.  Keep ypur HP over 300 at all times to prevent 
deaths.  He seems to prefer using this spell over his physical attacks, so 
your healer might spend more time healing then anything else. Cerberus's 
physical attacks are rather weak and not much to worry about.

Note that like most other bosses in the Earthgift Shrine that Cerberus is 
strong versus all magic types and takes very little damage from magic.  
Therefore, it is better for any Black Wizards you might have to focus more of 
buffing your other members then to attack.  Their attacks will be near 
worthless, doing only around ~200 with elemental spells.

At the start of the battle, as always, use Protera, Temper, Haste, and the 
Giants Gloves on your main attacker(s). Because of his low HP, this full 
assault will allow you to kill off the Cerberus quickly. Attack constantly and 
as long as your attacks don't die, Cerberus falls quickly.  Cerberus is 
probably the easiest boss in the Earthgift Shrine.

FFI Optional Boss 4: Echidna
Location: Earthgift Shrine, B5
Suggested Level: 40+
HP: 4800     |  ATK: 50      |  ACC: 50       |  DEF: 50     |
AGI: 30      |  INT: 30      |  EVA: 1        |  MDF: 70     |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: X-Potion

Echidna is in the bottom right corner of the Earthgift Shrine's Boss room.

Echidna, like the Ahriman uses the Earthquake spell. Earthquake has the 
ability to instantly kill every member of your battle party. "Protect Rings" 
can help you against this spell. Also like the Ahriman, Earthquake naturally 
misses most of the time, even without rings.  Ahirman's seems to hit more 
often then the Echidna's does, though.  Unless you are very low levelled 
(below 40) you should not have to worry too much about this spell.  If it does 
happen to hit someone, raise that persom immediately.  if you can, with Full-
Life.  If not, with a normal Life spell or a Phoenix Down.

Like every other boss in the Earthgift Shrine, magical attacks are severely 
resisted by the Echidna.  He is strong vs all elements, and therefore it is 
hard to damage him with magic.  Physical attacks are the way to go.  
Temper/Haste/Saber (Giatns Gloves) will allow you to break through Echidna's 
defense, which seems to be the highest of all the bosses in the Earthgift 

You don't really need to worry too much about Protera in this battle. The 
Echidna tends to use Earthquake over and over and over, only sometimes 
stopping to use a physical attack.  As long as you can keep your members alive 
from each successive Earthquake you don't need to worry about his physical 
attacks that much.

If any of your attackers get killed from Earthquake, revive them immediately.  
Remember to recast Temper/Haste/Saber before they start fully attacking as 
well. Physical attackers tend to be the most likely canidates to die in a 
casting of Earthquake.

FFI Optional Boss 5: Scarmilglione
Location: Hellfire Chasm, B5
Suggested Level: 45+ (50+ suggested)
Status (Set 1):
HP: 4000     |  ATK: 19      |  ACC: 50       |  DEF: 10     |
AGI: 10      |  INT: 160     |  EVA: 10       |  MDF: 140    |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: None

Status (Set 2):
HP: 7046     |  ATK: 46      |  ACC: 40       |  DEF: 20     |
AGI: 10      |  INT: 100     |  EVA: 10       |  MDF: 140    |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: Lunar Curtain

If you have played Final Fantasy IV, this battle will be somewhat familiar to 
you. Like the battle in Final Fantasy IV, he has two forms.  The first form is 
only a prelude for the real battle which is his true form.

Scarmiglione in his first form is somewhat weak.  He has a very low attack 
power, and surprisingly low HP for a boss.  There is no reason to use Protera, 
as Scarmiglion only uses magical attacks.

His magical attacks are the only real threat he poses, and they only do 
slightly over ~100-150 each. They are only level one spells though, and only 
target one member at a time.  Try to keep your HP as high as possible during 
this part, as well as sparing as much MP as you can.  You still have a second 
part to this battle to fight.

Try to use items to keep your HP up if you can, as you still have 5 more 
floors until the very bottom of the Chasm as well as the rest of this battle 
to finish.  Because Scarmiglione tends to use Lightning spells only, Nulshock 
works to reduce damage.

Use strong physical attacks and the first form of Scarmiglione should fall in 
a short while. try to take him down in as fast of while as you possibly can, 
so you do not waste any more HP or MP then necessary.

Scarmiglione's second form is much stronger then his first form.  It has 
double the HP and much higher attack power. Unfortunately, your buffs from the 
first form of the battle do not carry over to this battle.  You will need to 
recast Haste, Temper, Saber (Giants Gloves) on all of your physical attackers.

Scarmiglione is technically undead (you killed his first form >.>; and 
therefore he comes back undead) so he is weak to fire and Dia type spells.  
Firaga and Diaja work well, as does Holy, if you are willing to use the MP on 
those spells.  I suggest using not too many attack type spells unless you have 
plenty of Ethers on you, or unless you want to exit the Chasm at this point.  
If you are planning to go forward to either of the latter two bosses at the 
end, then you should try to conserve the amount of MP you use.

Scarmiglione's strongest attack is called Poison Gas.  This attack does 350+ 
to all members.  Unless all members' base HP is above 400, I do not suggest 
attempting this battle. This move can easily one hit a low level Black 
Wizard.  Also, keep your HP over 500 at all times in case he wants to use it. 
A timely casting of Healaga remidies the Poison Gas, but make sure you heal to 
full after each Poison Gas. Luckily, Scarmiglione does not use this move too 
often, unless he is at low HP.

Magical attacks do not work too well against Scarmiglione.  He has high magic 
defense, even against spells he is weak against (Dia and Fire types).  Powered 
up physical attacks are the way to go.

Scarmiglione's physical attacks are nothing to worry about.  They are weak 
compared to everything else he has in his arsenal.  As long as you keep your 
HP up, theres not a whole lot Scarmiglione can do to stop you, other then 
Poison gas >.>;.

FFI Optional Boss 6: Cagnazzo
Location: Hellfire Chasm, B5
Suggested Level: 45+ (50+ suggested)
HP: 7968     |  ATK: 44      |  ACC: 80       |  DEF: 20     |
AGI: 20      |  INT: 55      |  EVA: 5        |  MDF: 180    |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: Light Curtain

Unlike Final Fantasy IV, Cagnazzo does not go into his shell, or have a water 
barrier of doom.  His doom will come without warning, and most likely every 

Cagnazzo likes to use his special ability, Tsunami, almost every turn.  He is 
very very dangerous because of this.  Tsunami is an area attack that does 250+ 
to all party members.  Cagnazzo also likes to cast Haste on himself and attack 
physically for quite a bit more damage then he would normally.  With Haste on, 
his normal attacks will do upwards 250 damage a hit, so if possible, Dispel 
Haste with a White Wizard. 

Cagnazzo is one of the only monsters end-game that magic works decently on.  
He is weak to Thunder type spells, so cast Thundaga over and over on him to do 
decent damage (around 500 per casting).  If your healer does not have anything 
to do for a round, have him/her use the Gauntlets item to use a cost free 
Thundara spell.

As always, cast Temper/Haste/Saber (Giants Gloves) on your main attackers.  
Cagnazzo is not strong defensivelly and you can pummel him quite easily. To be 
on the safe side though, you might want to have your healer cast Healara (or 
use a Healing Staff if you have no White Wizard) each turn, in case Cagnazzo 
decides to cast Tsunami when you least expect it.

Also, ever so often Cagnazzo will start spamming Curaga spells when he is 
close to death.  Curaga heals him for around 400 HP. Thats not a whole lot, 
but its enough to be a minor annoyance. Just keep up the constant attack at 
this point and Cagnazzo falls under your wrath.

FFI Optional Boss 7: Barbariccia
Location: Hellfire Chasm, B10
Suggested Level: 45+ (50+ suggested)
HP: 12954    |  ATK: 88      |  ACC: 100      |  DEF: 10     |
AGI: 60      |  INT: 60      |  EVA: 60       |  MDF: 190    |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: Braveheart

Unlike in Final Fantasy IV, Barbariccia will not cover herself in her 'hair'. 
You are free to full attack her at will.

Barbariccia has a few main attacks.  She tends to use Ray quite often, which 
will miss much more often then it will hit (if it hits at all).  Her physical 
attack power is very strong, and can do over ~250, though her defense is 
moderately low. She takes a lot of damage from physical attacks, which, as 
always, will be your main form of attack.

Her most devastating ability of all is Cyclone.  This attack hits all members 
of your party for ~300+ points of damage. Throw a strong healing spell (such 
as Healaga) out on all members as quickly as you can after Barbariccia uses 
this spell.

Strengthen your characters physical attacks with Temper, Haste, and Saber with 
the Giants Gloves.  Magical attacks do not work too well on Barbariccia, as 
her magical defense is high.  You might try to cast some status spells on her, 
as she is not resiliant to everything as most bosses are (that is, if you have 
the time). Also note that Barbarriccia is strong to Lightning spells, so they 
will be practically worthless on her.  

Barbarriccia has amazingly low defense.  Because of this she takes damage 
quite a bit more quickly then it seems possible.

Keep all members HP as close to max as possible.  Barbariccia is very fast and 
will probably attack before you, and you never know when she will use two 
Cyclones in a row (pray that she does not). If you are low levelled or even 
mid levelled, expect to have some members die.  Raise characters with Full-
Life if possible, and keep up your assault. Also, watch your MP.  The 10 
floors to the bottom of the Chasm might have taken more MP then you have 
realised, and if you run out at a crucial time, that would be very, very bad.

FFI Optional Boss 8: Rubicante
Location: Hellfire Chasm, B10
Suggested Level: 45+ (50+ suggested)
HP: 15000    |  ATK: 88      |  ACC: 150      |  DEF: 40     |
AGI: 50      |  INT: 65      |  EVA: 30       |  MDF: 220    |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: Kikuichimonji

Unlike Final Fantasy IV, Rubicante does not open or close with his cloak.  He 
will keep it closed the entire battle.  He also does not absorb any elemental 
magic, so feel free to attack him with magic in any manner you wish.  

Rubicante is strong no matter how he attacks. Rubicante's single target fire 
attacks (Scorch) do 200+ to a single member. His physical attacks a force to 
be reckoned with as well, so make sure you cast Protera as soon as you are 
able to. Even with protera they will probably do over 250 a hit, so keep your 
HP up. 

Rubicante also uses Firaga, which does ~150-200 to all members of your party. 
He also has the weaker Fira which does slightly less to all members. After any 
of his attacks, make sure you heal the member(s) affected.  Rubicante can be 
very dangerous when your party is on the recovery after someone dies. If 
anyone has the spell Nulblaze, try to use that as it will help.  Also the item 
Red Curtain causes this effect as well. 

Rubicante has high defense, so even with physical attacks powered up with 
Temper/Haste and the Giants Gloves you will find yourself doing less then 
normal damage.  Magic is very weak on Rubicante, even Blizzard spells, which 
you would assume to be his weakness. Actually, he is strong versus Blizzard 
magics. Use Thundaga or Flare attack spells against him, as they will do more 

Be prepared for a long battle. Rubicante has high HP and defense, as well as 
strong attacks.  As long as you heal every round, and watch your MP though, 
you should not have any issues.  You might want to equip your Flame Mails, if 
you are willing to lower your physical defense for fire defense (that is, if 
hes spamming more spells then he is attacks). 

FFI Optional Boss 9: Gilgamesh
Location: Lifespring Grotto, B5
Suggested Level: 45+ (50+ suggested)
HP: 8888     |  ATK: 70      |  ACC: 110      |  DEF: 50     |
AGI: 20      |  INT: 20      |  EVA: 10       |  MDF: 220    |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: Genji Gloves

This battle plays out very much like one of the earlier Gilgamesh battles in 
Final Fantasy V. He attacks with mainly very very strong physical attacks, and 
has the ever entertaining Excalipur attack.

On the first round, make sure you cast Protera.  Gilgamesh's physical attacks 
are brutal no matter what level you are.  At low levels they can do over 350 
to a single character. If he gets enough hits off and gets a critical though, 
he can do well over 600+ to a low defense mage. Luckily, there is always a 
chance that Gilgamesh will use the Excalipur attack which does 1 damage to the 
targeted character. Hopefully he uses Excalipur more often then he uses 
Excalibur, though it seems quite random. You might want to cast Invisra to 
help reduce damage as well. Fortunately, Gilgamesh rarely uses his area 
attacks, and focuses on his strong physical attacks. His only area attack, 
Wind Slash, does around 100 damage to every character.  That is by far his 
weakest attack and you should actually be greatful when he uses it.

Gilgamesh sometimes buffs himself up.  Protect is among one of the most 
annoying spells he can cast, as it lowers the damage you do to him 
considerably.  If you have Dispel, use it as soon as you can so you can 
continue damaging him effectively.

As always, use Temper/Haste/Giants Gloves to Saber up your physical attackers. 
Magic attacks work decently in this battle, though not the best. Flare puts a 
nice 500 or so damage onto Gilgamesh.

Near the end of his HP, Gilgamesh seems to power up quite a bit.  His physical 
attacks hit for more damage and he attacks with them more often.  If your HP 
are not at max low level characters will most definitely be one hit.  I've 
seen even Knights take over 500+ damage at level 50 from Gilgamesh at this 
point.  Wizard types will take quite a bit more. But at the point he is close 
to death he is easy to kill and you should have no problems unless more people 
then you can handle die off.

FFI Optional Boss 10: Atomos
Location: Lifespring Grotto, B10
Suggested Level: 45+ (50+ suggested)
HP: 13000    |  ATK: 50      |  ACC: 80       |  DEF: 70     |
AGI: 10      |  INT: 130     |  EVA: 10       |  MDF: 200    |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: Judgment Staff

In Final Fantasy V Atomos was just a normal boss, but in my opinion, was 
always one of the most annoying in Final Fantasy history.  Luckily, unlike 
Final Fantasy V he does not suck up your characters, but he can still 
instantly kill them with his standard Wormhole attack.

Atomos has a few main forms of attack.  He has Wormhole, a simplified version 
of his original suck-up attack from Final Fantasy V.  This attack is an 
instant kill move if it hits, though it only works on one character at a time. 
Luickily, like most death spells, this does not hit too often, and can be 
prevented with items like the "Protect Ring". Atomos also prefers the spell 
Firaga, which is a nasty spell that does around ~200-400 to all members.  His 
physical attacks are not too strong (for a boss) doing about ~100-150 a hit 
with Protera cast.

Make sure you raise someone the turn they die (if they die).  Atomos can start 
using Wormhole or Firaga over and over and things can start getting brutal for 
your party. A timely casting of Healaga helps after a Firaga spell if you have 
a White Wizard/Mage. If not, cast Curaga and use potions with other characters 
when needed and try to stay over 500 HP on all characters.

Magical attacks work decently well against Atomos.  Stick with Flare though, 
as it will do the most (500+ most of the time). Physical attacks work 
defenctly as well, though Atomos has rather high defense and takes a bit less 
damage then a normal boss.

On your first few rounds, buff up like normal with Protera and 
Haste/Temper/Giants Gloves on your attackers.  If you have the spell Nulblaze 
you might want to use it to lower the damage from Firaga spells.  Nuldeath 
also works, if you find yourself being hit with Wormhole more often then not.

Atomos has decently high HP, so if you are low levelled expect this battle to 
take a while.  Attack with buffed up physical attacks and spells like Flare 
while keeping your party very healthy (500+) HP and Atomos should fall in 
time.  Just make sure to have the Life spell ready!

FFI Optional Boss 11: Omega
Location: Lifespring Grotto, B20
Suggested Level: 70+
HP: 35000    |  ATK: 115     |  ACC: 200      |  DEF: 190    |
AGI: 76      |  INT: 40      |  EVA: 95       |  MDF: 220    |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: Murasame

Like Final Fantasy V, like Dawn of the Souls.  Omega and Shinryu were the 
hardest monsters in V, and Omega and Shrinyu are the hardest monsters in Dawn 
of the Souls.

Omega has the highest defense of any boss in the entire game.  At a whopping 
190 it will be extremely hard for you to damage him with physical attacks, 
even powered up with Haste, Temper, and Saber. This will probably be one of 
the longest battles you have fought in this game as well, since you must rely 
on magic as a primary form of offense to take down Omega's 30000+ HP.

Make sure one person is always healing per round, whether it is a White Wizard 
casting Healara/Healaga or someone using the Rune Staff.  Even if your party 
is at full HP at the last round, you never know when Omega can give off his 
ultimate attack and devastate your party. Wave Cannon does 300+ to all members 
of your party. Omega has very strong physical attacks as well, so cast Protera 
whenever you have time.  They will easily one-hit a lower (70 or below) Black 
Wizard with good gear.  They normally do around ~500-600, depending on your 
level. Invisra helps a lot as well.

Note: Personally, I find this battle quite difficult with no White Wizard, as 
Healara from the Rune Staff is definitely not strong enough to keep Omega's 
damage at bay. If you have no White Wizard, I suggest having two Rune Staves 
and having two people use them each round. Then you should use Tempered up 
physical attacks, or Thundaga each round to kill Omega off. Pretty much the 
same as I said above >.>;

Omega has access to the spell Earthquake, which can instantly kill all party 
members if it hits.  Equip the "Protect Ring" as always to prevent an instant 
death. If it hits anyone revive them the turn after they die and try to time 
it so you can cure them that same round (with characters with lower speed 
acting to use items).

Also, prepare for Omega to get the first attack every round.  He cheats a lot 
like that >.>; Fair warning.  

As with most battles late game, your magic power is severely dimished on 
bosses.  Even Thundaga (the bosses weakness) will only do ~600-700 per 
casting.  Because of Omegas 190 defense physical attacks will be practically 
worthless unless you use multiple rounds of the spell Temper on them.  Keep 
casting Temper over and over on a single physical attacker and eventually you 
will start doing decent damage to Omega. This will take 5+ rounds of Temper 
casting to start doing decent damage though.  Thats kinda a waste if you only 
have one Black Magic user, and so you have to decide which form of attack you 
want. You can either have the slow and steady form of attack with Thundaga 
which works every round, or you can work up to being powerful with Tempering a 
single characters Physical attacks every round. 

Note that if one character dies, it becomes extremely difficult to win this 
battle.  Especially with no Full-Life.  If you have a Full-Life, and can get 
it off it is still possible.  But when someone dies, Omega likes to start 
using Wave Cannon like crazy, and the character you keep reviving will just 
die over and over again, and you will be unable to cure your party members as 
well as you are one member down trying to revive someone.  So at all costs, 
try and keep people from dying! 

As long as all members are kept at maximum HP and someone is curing each round 
there shouldn't be an issue to winning.  But do not get cocky and not cure 
every round, as thats when Omega will win.

FFI Optional Boss 12: Shrinyu
Location: Lifespring Grotto, B20
Suggested Level: 70+
HP: 35000    |  ATK: 220     |  ACC: 200      |  DEF: 60     |
AGI: 87      |  INT: 70      |  EVA: 20       |  MDF: 220    |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: Ragnarok

If you played Final Fantasy V, he was the hardest monster in the game to 
defeat there.  In this game he is toned down quite a bit, but he is still 
harder then most every other monster in the game, not counting Omega. I 
suggest waiting until after you have completely gotten through the Whisperwind 
Cove before taking on this boss.  That way you will have the levels and gear 
to effectively kill Shrinryu.

The first thing you should look at are Shrinyu's stats.  His base defense is 
very low, but his attack is very very very high, as his is accuracy (so he 
will hit more often then not). He also has a massive 35000 HP.  A level 70 
party will probably have trouble with this boss, so you might even want to 
wait until level 80.

Theres a very simple but effective strategy to killing Shrinyu.  Every round 
you need to have two people casting Healara or higher.  The best way to do 
this is to have a Rune Staff (or two, or three >.>;). Because Shrinyu uses 
very strong area attacks over and over again, and even healaga is not strong 
enough to cure the damage completely, you need someone else to help with the 
healing.  Without two people healing, you will have some issues staying alive 
during this battle.

Note: You get a Rune Staff from the boss Orthros with a 100% drop rate on 
floor B20 of the Whisperwind Cove.  You can also get one from Tiamat on B4 of 
the Temple of Chaos (past). Tiamats has a bad drop rate, though.

Simply put, dedicate two characters to healing each round.  If you do not have 
a White Wizard, you -need- two Rune Staves. With a White Wizard you need an 
additional Rune Stave to help with the extra damage.  Cast Healaga every round 
(no matter what) start from the first round of battle, and have a second 
character of your choosing use the Rune Staff use that for every round of the 
battle from then on out. Be absolutely sure to watch the White Wizards MP if 
you have one and use Dry Ethers/Elixirs when necessary (under 100 or so).

Even with these two characters healing, you will still take damage from 
Shrinyu's attacks.  Every few rounds you might have to have an additional 
person throw out a healing item to someone to make sure they don't take more 
damage then they can tolerate. With this strategy, you should be able to win 
if you are level 70 or so.

Some of Shrinyu's attacks include Flare, for around ~400 to all members, as 
well as the attack you will remember from Final Fantasy V, Tidal Wave, for 
~300-500 to all members of your party.  He also has an extremely devastating 
physical attack, courtesy of his 220 attack power. Shinryu also has access to 
Dragon-only type attacks such as Thunderbolt and Icestorm.  These attacks tend 
to do ~200-300 to all members of your battle party. While not as devastating 
as Tidal Wave or Flare, they can weaken you so he finishes you off the next 

Physical attacks work against Shrinyu far better then magic does, though he 
has decently low magic defense.  With only 60 physical defense, physical 
attacks are the way to go.  Temper them up as best you can, though spend 
multiple turns doing it, and do not neglect healing to Temper/Haste.

Expect this battle to take a long time.  And try not to let anyone die, if 
possible.  If someone dies, then things can go badly very quickly while you 
try to revive them.  Its hard at lowers levels when Shrinyu's physical attacks 
can one-hit your Black Wizards, but luckily he doesn't use them too often so 
they will (hopefully) be safe.

It is debatable which of the two bosses on 20F of the Lifespring Grotto are 
harder. Shrinyu hits harder, but doesn't last as long as Omega.  Shinryu 
pretty much requires you to have gone through the Whisperwind Cove, though 
even having gone through Whisperwind Cove it is very difficult to damage 
Omega. Either way, both bosses are challenging.  Have fun going through 
Lifespring grotto twice to fight them both though -_-;;;

FFI Optional Boss 13: Typhon
Location: Whisperwind Cove, B10
Suggested Level: 55+
HP: 10000    |  ATK: 70      |  ACC: 70       |  DEF: 100    |
AGI: 10      |  INT: 40      |  EVA: 0        |  MDF: 190    |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: Genji Helm

Apparently, this boss (I wont spoil who it is for you) has either been badly 
mistranslated, or he has changed his name magically :O! He still has his 
signature attack (which you will remember if you played Final Fantasy VI, 
painfully) though it does not have a 100% hit.

As in Final Fantasy VI, Typhon is weak towards Blizzard spells.  Though, if 
you have the Judgment staff you might want to use that to cast Flare on him 
instead of using MP to cast Blizzard. Remeber that you still have 30 more 
floors to go after this, so conserving MP is the wise thing to do. 

Typhon's Snort attack will miss most of the time if you are levelled 
properly.  This attack is an instant kill if it hits. Note that I do not 
believe Protect Rings stop this attack, but they might.  If your character 
happens to be hit with it, raise them as soon as you can (as always). If its a 
physical attacker, remember that you have to rebuff them before they will do 
full damage.

With Protera castm Typhon's physical attacks (which are his main form of 
attack) are the only thing you need to worry about.  While he only attacks one 
member at a time with the attacks, make sure to keep the entire parties HP 
over 300, as you never know who he will target. With Invisra on, Typhon will 
have a hard time hitting your members, so cast that as well. With only 
physical attacks, Typhon is not too strong at all.

He does have decent defense though.  Try to conserve MP whenever possible by 
healing with Healing Staves and using things like Thor Hammers or Judgment 
Staves to cast instead of using MP.  Temper/Haste/Giant's Gloves to power up 
your attackers and just whack away at him.  He has 10,000 HP, so it might take 
a while to reduce it, but be patient and eventually he'll fall.

FFI Optional Boss 14: Orthros
Location: Whisperwind Cove, B20
Suggested Level: 55+
HP: 17000    |  ATK: 60      |  ACC: 80       |  DEF: 40     |
AGI: 30      |  INT: 20      |  EVA: 0        |  MDF: 180    |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: Rune Staff

Another good friend of yours, if you have played Final Fantasy VI. Once again, 
his name has either been badly mistranslated, or he has magically changed it 

Orthros has a very large amount of HP, almost as much as the final boss 
himself.  Expect this battle to take a long time. Luckily, Orthros has low 
defense, so you can damage him quickly and effectively. Note also that Orthros 
has a weakness to Fire and Lightning magics, though you might not want to use 
them. I suggest sticking with Judgment staffing Flare spells to save MP.  
Though, if your White Wizard is bored for a turn or two, you can have her use 
the Gauntlets or a Thor's Hammer to cast Thundara.

Like Kraken, Orthros has the ability to use the near harmless Ink attack.  
This attack will miss most of the time, but when it hits, it causes 
Blindness.  If this status is on a physical attacker, cure it immediately with 
some Eye Drops or the spell Blindna, as it will impair their ability to hit 
drastically. Ink does no damage, luckily, since Orthros likes to use it as a 
main attack form.

Have your White Magic user use Protera on the first round to lower the damage 
from Orthros's physical attacks. They are quite strong, and will do ~250+ even 
with Protectra on, and good gear.  Expect them to do ~350+ to weaker mages. 
Invisra helps to raise your evasion as well. Because Orthros has no major area 
attacks that hit all members, you only need to protect your characters from 
his physical attacks.  

Strong physical attacks powered up by Haste/Temper and the Giant's Gloves work 
well on Orthros.  Because all of his stats are naturally low, he takes a lot 
of damage from these attacks. Strange >.> 'Orthros' seemed a lot harder in 
Final Fantasy VI. . .
PS: He's so cute!

FFI Optional Boss 15: Phantom Train
Location: Whisperwind Cove, B30
Suggested Level: 55+
HP: 9999     |  ATK: 200     |  ACC: 50       |  DEF: 80     |
AGI: 30      |  INT: 40      |  EVA: 0        |  MDF: 180    |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: Megalixir

Sadly, a single Phoenix Down is not all it takes to kill him this time. The 
Phantom Train is quite a bit stronger then he was in his previous appearance, 
and his attack power has gone up, up up~ orz.

The Phantom Train is tehnically undead, therefore, he is weak to Fire and Dia 
type spells.

The Phantom Train has a few forms of attack.  He has Acid Rain, which is a 
strong area of effect attack which hits all members of your party for ~200-300 
damage. Unfortuneately, the Phantom Train likes to use Acid Rain over and over 
again, forcing you to use strong cure spells. This is where a White Wizard's 
Healaga becomes useful. 

Also note his very high attack power. His physical attacks are very strong, 
and coupled with Acid Rain, you will probablyneed to heal after each round. 
Use High level cure spells if you have the MP (and the items to recover MP) 
and try not to let a member fall below 500 HP.

On the first round, cast Protect to lower the damage from the Phantom Trains 
physical attacks.  Then buff up your attacks with Haste, Temper and the Giants 
Gloves. You can damage this boss decently with Firaga (it will do more then 
Flare), though I tend to prefer Diaja over Holy because of the MP cost. The 
Phantom Train has average defense, so your attacks will break him down soon 
enough.  He has surprisngly low HP for such a late in the game monster. 

As long as you cure every turn, and sometimes make someone a secondary healer 
where the extra damage that was not cured originally is healed is fixed, then 
no one should die.

FFI Optional Boss 16: Death Gaze
Location: Whisperwind Cove, B40 <- orz!
Suggested Level: 60+
HP: 30000    |  ATK: 90      |  ACC: 200      |  DEF: 150    |
AGI: 95      |  INT: 50      |  EVA: 30       |  MDF: 220    |
Gil: 0       |  EXP: 0       |  Treasure: Lightbringer

By far the hardest boss in the Whisperwind Cove, Death Gaze is a welcome sight 
to those of us Final Fantasy VI fans. Unfortunately, he does not drop Bahamut 
this time ;;.

Note: Death Gaze can Dispel all of your buffs at once.  Remember to recast 
them the turn after they get Dispel'd, before you forget.

Death Gaze likes to use many different types of Death spells.  "Protect Rings" 
are your friend in this battle, and if you do not have those (why not >.>?) 
then I highly suggest NulDeath.  If you do not have NulDeath. . .then 
hopefully you have a few Lunar Curtains. Otherwise, Doom Gaze can kill off a 
few members at a time just from the Death spells he casts.

Doom Gaze's physical attacks do about ~400-600 damage each, so keep each 
members HP at max at all times.  Even with Protect on the damage is not 
reduced by much. Invisra also does not help too much in this battle as Death 
Gaze has too much ACC. Still, it is worth it to cast it to get some extra 
evasion just in case he does happen to miss. Also, its worth it to note that a 
low level Black Mage (65 and below) will easily be one hit by Death Gaze's 
physical attacks. 

Technically, Death Gaze is undead.  Therefore he is weak to both Fire and Dia 
type spells. You need to use this to your advantage this time around, because 
Doom Gaze has rediculously high defense.  Even with good gear he does not take 
a whole lot of damage Actually, its the second highest defense in the game 
second only to Omega's. The spells Flare and Holy work well, though your White 
Wizard probably wont have a turn off healing to cast Holy.

I found the best way to overcome his defense is to constantly cast Temper on 
your main attacker over and over again.  The effect stacks, and your attack 
raises higher and higher after each casting.  Eventually your attack will 
raise to a level where you can damage Death Gaze normally.  Though note that 
if you stop casting Temper, the effect slowly wears off and your attackers 
total attack stat slowly goes down.

A few other things to expect in this battle: it takes a LONG time.  Even with 
casting Temper over and over.  Even if you don't decide to do that (you think 
its too cheap) you're only doing a few thousand damage per round maximum (most 
likely less then that) and Death Gaze has an extremely high 30,000 HP. Be 
prepared to set in for the long run.  Watch your MP closely, if it falls below 
200 use Elixirs or Dry Ethers if possible.

Lastly, when you win this battle and exit the Whisperwind Cove you get the 
strongest weapon in the game from the final Treasure Chest.  The Ultima Weapon 
is somewhat overpowered, but it helps you a lot in the Omega and Shinryu 

Thats it, thats every boss in Final Fantasy I, from beginning to end, 
including the optional dungeons.  If you still need help skip forward to the 
miscellaneous section and send me an Email~



*=*=                          Final Fantasy II                             *=*=



After a long and grueling time of writing for Final Fantasy I, we finally come 
to Final Fantasy II.  Many people dislike this Final Fantasy game because of 
its odd gameplay style and lack of levels.  It is a bit odd, but you get used 
to it eventually.

****                         Table of Contents                            *****

                               1: Introduction
                               2: Roman Numerals
                               3: Useful spells
                               4: Bosses
                               5: Soul of Rebirth

****                              Introduction                            *****

On to the second part of my guide now.  If you are just skipping down to this 
section and passing my Final Fantasy I part, I will say it again.  I tend to 
be obsessive with everything I do, so bear with me.  Also, if there is a 
particular strategy that works in a battle, I will say it each battle.  This 
is not to bore you to death, but rather in case someone is looking for help on 
a particular boss fight.

This guide goes from the start of the game to the end, but only gives 
strategies for the bosses. If you are having any trouble, the very first thing 
I can advise you do is check your stats and your gear.  If you were having a 
lot of trouble in the normal battles in a dungeon then theres probably a 
reason why you are going to have trouble with the boss.  If you do not have 
the best gear possible on your characters, then try to spend some time 
levelling to get some better.  That is usually the main reason you can not win 
a battle.  If you are -still- having trouble then, that is when I suggest you 
look at my guide. 

****                             Roman Numerals                           *****

If you know how to read Roman Numerals, skip this section entirely.  But, some 
people were not tought to read Roman Numerals, and this section is for you.  
The bosses in this game have attacks that use Roman Numerals (Earthquake X, 
Flare XVI) and to know and expect the power of these attacks you need to be 
able to translate Roman Numerals.  Here's a quick Roman Numeral chart.

   1   |   2   |   3   |   4   |   5   |   6   |   7   |   8   |   9   |
   I   |  II   |  III  |  IV   |   V   |   VI  |   VII | VIII  |  IX   |

  10   |  11   |  12   |  13   |  14   |  15   |  16   |  17   |  18   |
   X   |  XI   |  XII  | XIII  |  XIV  |  XV   |  XVI  | XVII  | XVIII |

No monster should go higher then 18, so you shouldn't need anything higher 
then that.

****                            Useful Spells                             *****

There are a few imperative spells to get in Final Final Fantasy II, and this 
section goes over them, quite quickly though.  This is not a spell guide, just 
a brief guide to spells mentioned in my guide that will be useful throughout 
the game.


At least two characters need this spell.  By the end of the main game one 
character will probably be at at least level 15 with it, and your secondary 
should be at 12, it is that much used.  Cure is your most used spell.


At least two people need this spell.  This spell revives a character from 
death (AKA the KO status).  This will happen quite often in this game, so 
level this spell up early. 


Your four basic elemental spells, you need these spells to exploit elemental 
weaknesses on your enemies at all times.  While only your black magic caster 
needs these, its often good to have someone else with them, though not 


One of the best spells in the game probably, it lowers damage from physical 
attacks.  Near the end of the game where physical attacks can one-hit your 
characters this spell becomes extremely important to have at high levels.


Another exceedingly important spell, and the -only- way to damage bosses 
physically late in the game. This spell raises your physical attack power.  
When one casting of Berserk does not work, then use multiple to power up your 


At least two people need access to this spell.  This spell cures status 
effects that do not wear off after battle (such as Petrify, Poison, etc). 
Basuna cures things such as Confusion and Mini, and not nearly a imperative.


While not an imperative spell, this is one of my personal favorites.  Drain 
does damage to the enemy while restoring your HP.  Higher levels of this spell 
can restore a lot of HP.  Be careful though, this spell cures undead and deals 
damage to your character.


Not the safest spell to use on later bosses, but a nice spell on normal 
enemies. This spell drains (or depleats) an enemies MP. On bosses you might 
accidentally drain the entire bosses MP if the spells' level is high enough. 
That would be very very bad if the boss has strong physical attacks.  Still 
nice to save some Ethers in a normal dungeon though.


Flare and Holy are the end game Damage dealing spells.  Flare is based on 
Intelligence, while Holy is based on Spirit.  Holy is good to teach to your 
main White magic user (AKA your healer) because he tends to have higher Spirit 
after all that curing.  Flare is good to teach to your black magic user.

Other spells:

These are some other spells of Interest:

Death (you need this at high levels to be effective)
Shell (lowers magic damage, not imperative, not many strong magic using bosses

****                                Bosses                                *****

This is the main section of my Final Fantasy II: Dawn of the Souls Boss 
guide.  Strategies for every boss and minor boss will be in-depth here. 

If you are having trouble finding a certain strategy, highlight the bosses 
name below (along with the entire FF2Boss#) on the list and use it in Control 
F to try to easily locate it.  This is a big guide and finding things at times 
can be difficult^^.

Boss List:

FF2Boss#  1: Sergeant
FF2Boss#  2: Adamantoise
FF2Boss#  3: Borghen
FF2Boss#  4: Red Soul
FF2Boss#  5: Chimera xRandom
FF2Boss#  6: Lamia Queen
FF2Boss#  7: Behemoth
FF2Boss#  8: Gottos
FF2Boss#  9: Big Hornx4
FF2Boss# 10: Roundworm
FF2Boss# 11: Fire Gigas
FF2Boss# 12: Ice Gigas
FF2Boss# 13: Thunder Gigas
FF2Boss# 14: White Dragon
FF2Boss# 15: Green Dragon
FF2Boss# 16: The Emperor
FF2Boss# 17: Blue Dragon
FF2Boss# 18: King Behemoth
FF2Boss# 19: Red Dragon
FF2Boss# 20: Zombie Borghen
FF2Boss# 21: Tiamat
FF2Boss# 22: Beelzebub
FF2Boss# 23: Astaroth
FF2Boss# 24: Final Boss

FF2Boss#  1: Sergeant
Location: Semitt Falls, B5
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Minwu
HP: 420         |  MP:  10         |
ATK: 35         |  ACC: 2-70       |  DEF: 25         |
EVA: 1-30       |  MDF: 3-50       |
Gil: 150-300                       |  
Treasures: Mythril Helm, Mythril Axe, Mythril Armor, Mythril Bow

This first boss in the game requires you to have a character who has been
-hopefully- levelled to be a dedicated magic user. The Sergeant has high 
defense, and is hard to damage with physical attacks.

The Sergeant focuses mainly on using physical attacks, which are very very 
powerful. Use Minwu's Protect spell on your weaker characters on the first 
rounds possible.  If the Sergeant gets lucky and gets a critical his damage 
can go well over 100 per hit that round. Normally, his physical attacks do 
around ~50 a hit.  Keep your HP over 100 at all times, if possible.

Note that keeping anyone with less then 100 HP alive in this battle can be 
difficult at times.  The Sergeant likes to target them first most of the time, 
and he takes them down hard.  Usually only your magic user (usually Maria) has 
that low of HP by this battle, but if anyone else does I suggest levelling a 
bit more before attempting the fight.

Because of his high physical defense, you need to attack the Sergeant with 
spells.  Fire works well, since you probably got a Tome of the spell in the 
cavern on the way to the battle.  A level 1 Fire spell does around 30 a hit.  
A stronger level 3 spell should do around 80 per casting.  Its worth it to 
level your spells :O!

If someone dies, revive them with Minwu's Life spell.  The next round do your 
best to cure them, and hope they do not die again the next round. If Minwu 
starts running low on MP, then use items to recover HP instead of spells.

FF2Boss#  2: Adamantoise
Location: The Snow Cavern, B6
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Josef
HP: 675         |  MP:  0          |
ATK: 45         |  ACC: 2-75       |  DEF: 60         |
EVA: 0-0        |  MDF: 1-50       |
Gil: 300-750                       |  
Treasures: Diamand Shield

The Adamantoise has an odd weakness to Ice magics.  Strange, because of his 
location and pretty much every other enemy in the cavern was weak to Fire. . .

Hopefully you obtained and saved the item Antarctic Wind from the upper levels 
of the Snow Cavern.  This item causes a high level Blizzard spell when used as 
an item.  Because of Adamantoise's weakness to Ice, it is ideal to use on him. 
When used by a magic user, this item will do over 500 damage to the 
Adamantoise, effectively knocking off 80% of his HP in a single round.

The Adamantoise likes to use very powerful physical attacks.  His normal 
attacks will do over 100 damage to a single member.  Keep your HP over 200 at 
all times (or at max, if possible). Use Protect, if someone has it learned to 
help reduce damage from his strong attacks.

Physical attacks are very weak on the Adamantoise, as his hard shell protects 
him from their damage.  It is best to focus on Blizzard spells to damage him.  
If no one has Blizzard learned, then hopefully you found that Blizzard Tome in 
the Cavern.  That will give you a bit of a head start on damage. It only takes 
a few level 3+ Blizzard spells to kill off the Adamantoise.

If you somehow misplaced your Antartic Wind (AKA used it in battle, or 
whatnot) or never got it, this battle will be much longer.  You need to have 
someone cure each round, either with items or with the Cure spell.  Hopefully 
someone knows Blizzard, else this battle will be painfully long. Josef tends 
to do the best damage physically on Adamantoise, as his bare fists are quite 

FF2Boss#  3: Borghen
Location: The Snow Cavern, B1
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Josef
HP: 240         |  MP:  20         |
ATK: 25         |  ACC: 1-75       |  DEF: 17         |
EVA: 1-40       |  MDF: 3-50       |
Gil: 600-600                       |  
Treasures: Hi-Potion, Mythril Knife

The weakest boss you have fought thus far, the only real challenge he poses is 
surviving after all of the battles and the Adamantoise boss at the end of the 
Snow Cavern. 

Borghen has no particular weaknesses.  He is much like a normal enemy with 
high attack power and high HP.  You probably will not need to worry about 
Protect in this battle, as Borghen will fall quite quickly.

Use your remaining magic on Borghen, as well as strong physical attacks. If 
you were strong enough to kill the Adamantoise, you will probably kill Borghen 
off in a single round.  But make sure that you are healthy before going into 
the battle because his attack power is still a bit higher then the normal 
monsters in the cavern.  Borghen focuses on normal attacks, and does not use 
special moves.

FF2Boss#  4: Red Soul
Location: Kashuan Keep, 4F
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Gordon
HP: 540         |  MP:  30         |
ATK: 35         |  ACC: 1-80       |  DEF: 40         |
EVA: 1-60       |  MDF: 4-40       |
Gil: 18-150                        |  
Treasures: None

The Red Soul absorbs most types of magic, including Ice, Fire, Lightning, 
Poison, Death, Mind, Body, and Matter.  He also is quite hard to penetrate 
with physical attacks, and has decently high HP.

So now comes the problem.  How do we kill something like this?  Well ... the 
easiest way is to use the Ancient Sword.  This sword has an Additional Effect 
of Curse on an enemy. The Curse effect does not work the first time you 
attack.  It might actually take quite a few rounds for it to work.  But when 
it does, that is your signal to attack with your strongest physical attacks

Note: Make sure that after the Red Soul gets Cursed, you change your weapon 
from the Ancient Sword.  The Ancient Sword is a rather weak weapon, even 
though its attack power is high, it will not do any significant damage to the 
Red Soul.

The Red Soul uses attacks like Scourge VIII and Fire VIII to damage all 
members of your party for about ~30-50 damage.  He tends to prefer magic 
attacks over physical attacks though.  If you fought a few Ogre Mages on the 
way to this boss, your magic defense will have probably been raised a few 
points.  That will help. Also note that he has access to all the base 
elemental spells, and they are at level VIII as well.  If any of your 
characters have the spell Shell, and you have the extra MP to use you can cast 
it on weaker characters to protect them from the Red Soul's Magic spells.

Hopefully, you saved up a lot of MP so you can have some area Cure spells.  To 
area cure yourself press the up button when Cure is targeted on the top 
character in your formation.  This should cure all your characters (that are 
alive) at once.

With no Ancient Sword, this battle is still possible, it just takes a lot 
longer.  Because you wont be doing too much damage to the Red Soul per round, 
you just need to be very patient and slowly whittle away at his HP.  Use items 
when needed, and cure spells when possible.

FF2Boss#  5: Chimera xRandom
Location: Deist Cavern, B5
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Leila
HP: 700         |  MP:  80         |
ATK: 60         |  ACC: 4-75       |  DEF: 50         |
EVA: 1-50       |  MDF: 3-50       |
Gil: 450-900                       |  
Treasures: None

After all the long hard battles to get here you have ... a boss. Note that 
this battle is something like the battle with the Piscodemons in Final Fantasy 
1, and the number of Chimeras you will fight at once is randomized.  Normally, 
it is about two or three.

Compared to some of the monster sets in the Deist Cavern the Chimeras are very 
easy *cough* Hill Gigas *cough*.  They have 700 HP each, though they have no 
particular weaknesses.

Hopefully by this point someone has been levelling up the spell Protect. Use 
this on weaker memebrs as soon as possible to reduce damage from physical 
attacks. The Chimeras also use Blaze VII, which does ~30 damage to all members 
of your party.  If you use Sap on them to reduce their MP they wont be able to 
use it any more, though. If you have plenty of MP though, it might be 
preferable for them to cast Blaze over them using their physical attacks. Make 
sure to cast an area Cure on all members after a Blaze VII attack.  The 
Chimera's physical attacks do about 100 damage to a member with no Protect 
on.  It is really your choice on how you want to fight the battle.

Because the Chimeras have no particular strength or weakness, this tends to be 
a rather toned down battle compared to most other bosses.  You can kill them 
however you want, though I highly suggest killing one off at a time.  By 
killing one off at a time you can reduce the damage done to your party slowly, 
and allow yourself to recover easier in case anything bad happens.  They have 
a bit of a high defense versus Leila's physical attacks at times, so you might 
want her to stick with higher levelled Thunder spells.

Try not to let anyone fall below 250 HP, just in case something die happens 
and you need to revive someone.  That should let a character survive two 
normal physical attacks.  Use items when necessary, and this battle will be 
over quickly. 

FF2Boss#  6: Lamia Queen
Location: Altair, Rebel Hideout
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Leila
HP: 1290        |  MP:  370        |
ATK: 50         |  ACC: 8-95       |  DEF: 50         |
EVA: 2-75       |  MDF: 7-40       |
Gil: 15000-15000                   |  
Treasures: Diamond Curiass, Protect Ring, Gold Hairpin, Sage's Wisdom, Ribbon

That was an awfully naughty scene wasn't it? >.>;;  The Lamia Queen likes to 
use a lot of status effects to inderectly damage your party members.

The main danger the Lamia Queen poses is her Charm IX ability.  This is much 
like Confuse, except you will only attack your own party members. Charm IX can 
hit all members at once.Hopefully a few characters have levelled the Esuna 
spell to clear the effect of the Charm. Also, you will probably want to cast 
Protect on all of your characters to lower the damage from your own attacks to 

Strangely enough, the Lamia Queen is very strong herself when she is not 
Charming your members.  She can easily do over ~300 to a member with Protect 
on.  Keep your HP at max at all times to prevent being killed.  Also, her 
normal physical attacks have the additional effect of Sleep on them, which is 
annoying if it gets your healer or a strong attacker. 

If the Lamia Queen uses Blink on herself, expect to be unable to hit her with 
physical attacks for a while. Her evasion seems to rise up the room at this 
point, so use magic to take her down.  Of course, she does not always use 
Blink, thats only the what-if, if you get unlucky.

FF2Boss#  7: Behemoth
Location: Coliseum
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Gordon
HP: 2000        |  MP:  0          |
ATK: 90         |  ACC: 3-95       |  DEF: 65         |
EVA: 1-40       |  MDF: 4-50       |
Gil: 0-0                           |  
Treasures: None

As you might expect, Behemoth has very strong physical attacks.  Luckily, he 
does not have access to Meteor (which you might also expect >.>;).

Cast Protect on your characters as soon as possible.  Hopefully its powered up 
a bit by now so that it never (or at least rarely) misses.  You really don't 
want to spend any more turns then you have to casting Protect.  If you have 
the spell Blink, you should cast that as well.  Raising your evasion helps 
considerably, though it is not something you have to do to win.

The Behemoth is surprisingly weak to magic. As long as your spells are level 5 
or higher, you should not have much difficulty damaging the Behemoth with 
magic.  Note that because of the Behemoths high defense it is somewhat hard to 
damage him physically, though. Be patient and whittle him down with magic and 
you'll be fine.

Behemoth has quite high HP (2000) so expect this battle to last a while.  As 
long as you have Protect on, you shouldn't have any trouble taking the 
monstrosity down though.  This is only the beginning, so try to save your MP 
as much as you can. 

FF2Boss#  8: Gottos
Location: Castle Fynn, 4F
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Leila
HP: 2000        |  MP:  80         |
ATK: 70         |  ACC: 6-90       |  DEF: 60         |
EVA: 1-65       |  MDF: 5-40       |
Gil: 1200-3000                     |  
Treasures: Bacchus's Wine, Ripper, Haste Tome

After such a short but dangerous trek up here, hopefully you are resonably 

On your first rounds, cast Protect and Shell (if possible) on all of your 
members to reduce the total amount of damage that Gottos is capable of doing. 
When he powers up (which he usuallly does his first round) Gottos has very 
very strong physical attacks, which will probably do over 600 damage even with 
Protect on.  If you have Blink, cast that as well, though it might not help 
too much.  Hopefully by this point Cure is rather high levelled (it should be, 
if you've been using it a lot) and will cure the damage that Gottos does in a 
single casting. Make sure to cure everyone to full after each attack.

Gottos has rather low magic defense, so magic attacks work well on him. His 
physical defense is low, for a boss as well.  If you have Berserk (and have 
time to cast it) use it on your physical attackers to power up their physical 

If you can Curse the boss, thats even better for you to lower the damage he is 
capable of doing. Gottos likes to cast Haste on himself, and if he gets that 
off, it will be very bad.  There will be a lot of One-hit kills if he gets if 
off. Hopefully he wont cast it, and only focuses on physical attacks

This boss, other then his strong physical attacks, has nothing other then 
normal. You might want to try and get the Haste Tome to drop from him, though. 

FF2Boss#  9: Big Hornx4
Location: Tropical Cave, B5
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Leila
HP: 1140        |  MP:  0          |
ATK: 50         |  ACC: 4-85       |  DEF: 50         |
EVA: 1-60       |  MDF: 6-30       |
Gil: 750-1500                      |  
Treasures: None

These were normal enemies around the Mysida region.  You may have fought them 

They have quite high HP singlly, though taking them down one at a time is far 
preferable to trying to use area spells on them. Note that they have much 
lower magic defense then physical defense, so if your spell levels are high 
that is the easy way to take them down.  Unfortunately, they have no 
particular weaknesses.

They are not strong singally, only hitting for ~100 or slightly over each.  
Keep your HP over 600 at all times so that if all four of them decide to 
attack the same person one round that person can survive.  Unfortunately, they 
don't like to miss too often.

If someone levelled up the spell Holy it is quite a bit more powerful then 
some of the base magic spells.  I also tend to like the spell Drain, but you 
need to have it at very high levels for it to damage properly.  Any magic 
works on these really.  As long as you can keep your parties damage reduced, 
and your HP up there should not be any real danger.  Much like the Chimera 
battle, this one is rather laid back.

Unlike many bosses previously, physical attacks work fine on these.  If you go 
all out on a single Big Horn, it should be dead in one round, at most two 
depending on your spell levels and gear. With one down the battle gets much 
easier. Slowly whack away at them one  at a time and the battle should be over 
fairly easily.

Note: If anyone needs healing quickly, remember that Leila tends to get the 
first attack all the time.  She can use a healing item on a character earlier 
then anyone else.

FF2Boss# 10: Roundworm
Location: Leviathan, 3F
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Ricard
HP: 2500        |  MP:  0          |
ATK: 120        |  ACC: 6-95       |  DEF: 100        |
EVA: 1-10       |  MDF: 4-50       |
Gil: 2250-3000                     |  
Treasures: None

First off, note Ricard's low HP total compared to yours.  Unless you've been 
running from a lot of encounters, his HP will be almost half of yours, so you 
will need to protect him more then any other character during this battle. 

The Roundworm focuses on using very very strong physical attacks.  These 
attacks can do well over 700 HP of damage, which can easily one hit a weaker 
character (Like Ricard >.>;).  Cast Protect on the first round(s) of battle to 
reduce the damage some. Blink might help as well, though I tend not to have 
time to cast it after the first round of battle. Expect some people to die if 
you do finish the battle off quickly.  Revive them with the Life spell or a 
Phoenix Down.  If you see no way of them living through a single attack, you 
dont really have to cure them other then to keep them alive, but thats your 
choice. I prefer trying to keep everyone at max instead of keeping that one 
person weaker hoping the boss will target him every round.

While the roundworm has no particular weaknesses, he is somewhat resiliant to 
physical attacks (he has a very large defense of 100). Spells work fine 
though, so hopefully at this point you have two or so characters who can use 
magic somewhat profeciantly.  If not, then just use physical attacks and the 
battle will end as it normally does.  Note the Berserk spell raises your 
attack power.  If you have it, then cast it on your main physical attacker(s) 
to make their attacks break the Roundworms defense and make it an easier boss 
to defeat.

FF2Boss# 11: Fire Gigas
Location: Mysidian Tower, 3F
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Ricard
HP: 1800        |  MP:  240        |
ATK: 100        |  ACC: 6-95       |  DEF: 100        |
EVA: 1-40       |  MDF: 4-50       |
Gil: 900-1500                      |  
Treasures: Flame Sword, Flame Armor, Confuse Tome

As his name impies, the Fire Gigas absorbs Fire attacks and is weak to Ice 
attacks.  Like the Roundworm, he has very high defense versus physical attacks.

The best attacks against the Fire Gigas are Blizzard spells.  Hopefully your 
magic user has a decently high levelled Blizzard spell in his/her aresenal. 
The Ice Bow also works, if anyone has Bow skill levelled.  If you are having 
trouble damaging the monster physically, you might want to cast Berserk on a 
physical attacker every round to raise their damage output against the Gigas. 
Note that with high enough levelled Blizzard spells, you might be able to kill 
the Gigas in 2-3 rounds with those alone. 

Note: The Ogrekiller axe works well on all of the three Gigas bosses in the 
Mysidian Tower.

The Fire Gigas has very high attack power (also like the Roundworm) so make 
sure you cast Protect on everyone the first round. The Fire Gigas's attacks 
will probably do well over 600 damage per hit, but can do over 700 to someone 
with lower defense. Keep everyone at full HP every round to prevent deaths.

Try to conserve MP as best you can, as there is still a very long way up the 
tower.  Use items to heal your HP when you can instead of cure spells (if 
possible).  This battle should be over quite quickly.

FF2Boss# 12: Ice Gigas
Location: Mysidian Tower, 5F
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Ricard
HP: 2000        |  MP:  140        |
ATK: 120        |  ACC: 7-95       |  DEF: 120        |
EVA: 1-50       |  MDF: 4-50       |
Gil: 900-1500                      |
Treasures: Ice Brand, Antarctic Wind, Stop Tome

Much like the Fire Gigas Battle, the Ice Gigas absorbs Ice spells, and is weak 
to Fire spells.  Also like the Fire Gigas, the Ice Gigas has very high attack 
and HP stats.

Surprisingly, you should actually be better prepared for this battle then you 
were the Fire Gigas battle.  Before the battle, you should equip all of your 
Fire gear (weapons and armor) which reduce Ice damage, and caure Fire damage. 
Weapons inclue the Flame Sword and Flame Lance. Armor includes the Flame Helm, 
and Flame Shield.  You probably found this armor on the Fire levels previous 
to the Ice levels (or bought some of it). Well, hopefully, at least.

Like before, Fire spells work well against the Ice Gigas.  As does the 
Ogrekiller Axe.  Higher level Fire spells should do over 1000 damage to the 
Ice Gigas.  This Gigas has slightly higher stats then did the Fire Gigas, but 
with high powered spells, and Fire gear you shouldn't notice too much of a 
difference (if anything, he will seem weaker).

This Gigas likes to use special attacks over physical attacks.  Still, you 
should cast Protect the first round just because he does use attacks (and they 
are quite powerful). If you have Shell or Wall levelled, use them to help 
prevent damage from the Ice Gigas's spells. Also note that this Gigas is quite 
fast and likes to attack before your members. The Ice Gigas's primary attack 
is Boulder, which should do around 350 to a single member of your party.  This 
isnt too bad, but keep everyone over 700 HP at all times, and cure someone 
with a Hi-Potion (hopefully you brought a lot to the tower >.>;) after each 

If for some reason you do not have the Fire spell, or have any Fire weapons 
(why not >.>?) use the Berserk spell (hopefully you have that >.>;;;;;) to 
raise your attack power and break through the Gigas's defense.  You have to 
recast often though, as its effect is only temporary.

This Gigas should fall just as quickly as the previous. Just remember to 
change back into your old weapons and armor after you finish the battle.

FF2Boss# 13: Thunder Gigas
Location: Mysidian Tower, 7F
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Ricard
HP: 2500        |  MP:  370        |
ATK: 150        |  ACC: 8-95       |  DEF: 150        |
EVA: 1-60       |  MDF: 4-50       |
Gil: 1200-1500                     |
Treasures: Wizard's Staff, Black Robe, Confuse Tome, Flare Tome

By far the most challenging of the Gigas battles, the Thunder Gigas's only 
weakness is to Poison type spells.  The only realy poison type spell is 
Scourge, which you may, or may not have levelled. Even worse is it has 
extremely high defense, so it will be hard to break through with physical 
attacks. Also, remember that he absorbs Thunder type spells, so don't cast any 
on him.

On the first round cast Protect immediately.  The Thunder Gigas can do 900-
1000 damage with normal physical attack to a character without Protect on him. 
Like the Ice Gigas, this boss uses Boulders IX as well.  This is the weaker of 
his abilities, only cauing about 300 to a single character.  The bosses 
weakest attack ios Thunderbolt XII, which also does around 300 to a single 
character.  Because of the damage that this Gigas can cause very very quickly, 
you might want to have someone healing every round, just in case.

Note: The Goldhairpin can help lower damage from the Thunder Gigas's thunder 
based attacks, if you have a few of them on you, I suggest equipping them.

Because of the bosses high stats, there are two main ways to damage him.  
Obviously, physical attacks dont work too well, even with the Ogrekiller, but 
they do work.  The Ogrekiller does around 300 a hit normally, so if you can 
keep your party alive for long enough for the strong man character to take the 
boss down with that weapon, go right ahead.  Magic works as well, whenever you 
aren't healing.  Berserk your attacks up, if you can. 

If you are really desperate, you can probably get a Death win if your Death 
spell is powered up.  I did this once accidentally while trying to choose 
another spell.  

FF2Boss# 14: White Dragon
Location: Mysidian Tower, 9F 
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Ricard
HP: 2500        |  MP:  140        |
ATK: 150        |  ACC: 6-95       |  DEF: 120        |
EVA: 1-75       |  MDF: 5-50       |
Gil: 3000-15000                    |
Treasures: Betrayal Fang, Ice Bow, Antarctic Wind, Genji Gloves, Wind Flute

Oddly enough, the game considers this fight a true boss. It is not like the 
Gigas, rather he is a monster found in a box on floor 9F on the Mysidian 
Tower. He is completely optional.

The White Dragon likes to rely on the sheer force of his physical attacks to 
take you down. Use Protect immediately, and prepare to use Phoenix Downs or 
the Life spell when you die.  I suggest treating this battle a lot like the 
battle with the Thunder Gigas because they both have extremely high attack 
power, and can decimate you quite easily.  Heal every round if you have to (I 
suggest it, actually).  If you are lucky, the White Dragon will use Icestorm 
over and over, which only does about 150 to each character.  Thats the weakest 
of his attacks, and what you want him to do.

To quickly take down this foe, you need to exploit his weakness to fire.  Like 
you did with the Ice Gigas, equip gear with fire properties, such as the Flame 
Sword, or Flame Lance. High level fire spells from a mage should do over 1000 
damage a hit as well, which can take off 1/2 of the semi-bosses HP in a 

Kill this boss as quickly as possible, before his strong attacks start wearing 
you down. 

FF2Boss# 15: Green Dragon
Location: Cyclone, 6F
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Ricard
HP: 3000        |  MP:  190        |
ATK: 150        |  ACC: 6-95       |  DEF: 150        |
EVA: 1-75       |  MDF: 8-40       |
Gil: 3000-15000                    |
Treasures: Betrayal Fang, Healing Staff, Acid Phial, Diamond Helm, Gaia Drum

Much like his breathen the White Dragon in the Mysidian Tower, the Green 
Dragon is a completely optional boss fight that you engage in by opening a 
treasure chest.  The music that plays is boss music, and therefore, it is 
technically a boss fight.

The Green Dragon is poison elemental, and if you remember the Thunder Gigas, 
this means he has a weakness to Thunder type magics.  Note though, that he 
absorbs spells like Scourge.  If you are using the Poison Axe from earlier in 
this dungeon, you should unequip it before this battle. It does very little 

The Green Dragon likes to use Poison Cloud XVI, this attack does from 50-200 
damage to all members of your party.  It is poison elemental, so it is hard to 
block against, but if you have any Gold Shields, they will help. Also, the 
Green Dragon likes to yse exceedingly strong physical attacks.  These attacks 
can do up to 900 damage per hit, so cast Protect on everyone on the first 
round. Also, I highly sugging having someone cure every round.  The Dragons' 
attacks are relentless, and because of their power can overwhelm you quickly 
if you do not.  

Note that without Haste or Berserk, hurting this Dragon will be very difficult 
with physical attacks.  He has extreme physical defense.  So if you have these 
spells, use them to their fullest.  Because of the bosses naturally low magic 
defense, a strong casting of Thunder should do well over 1000 damage.  You 
only need a few castings of Thunder to take the boss down, as long as you're 
surviving the damage you take.

FF2Boss# 16: The Emperor, Royal Guardx2, Wood Golem
Location: Cyclone, 7F
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Ricard
Status (The Emperor):
HP: 3000        |  MP:  190        |
ATK: 70         |  ACC: 6-80       |  DEF: 75         |
EVA: 1-65       |  MDF: 6-40       |
Gil: 15000-15000                   |
Treasures: Elixir, Eye Drops, Phoenix Down, Cottage, Diamond Armor, Defender

Before you get to go head on with the Emperor, you have to face his guards.  
You first fight a set of two Royal Guards (which should be easy, you've been 
fighting them throughout the Cyclone). The second set of enemies is four Royal 
Guards. Once again, this is the same you have been fighting throughout the 
Cyclone.  Try not to use any magic other then Cure's in these battles, to save 
it for the boss battle. Also, be weary, they can poison you.

The fight with The Emperor himself has him accompanied with 2 Royal Guards and 
a Wood Golem.  The first order of business is to get rid of the Wood Golem 
because of his strong physical attacks.  A strong Fire spell should take him 
down to 25% health, where another weaker spell can kill him off with ease 
(physical attacks do not well on the Golem).  While your magic casters are 
killing off the Wood Golem have your other two characters focus on killing the 
Royal Guards.  Hopefully you can kill off a Royal Guard and the Wood Golem in 
a single turn. 

On the second round, kill off the second Royal guard and start buffing.  The 
Emperor prefer magic atacks, so use Shell instead of Protect.  You can also 
cheat a little by absorbing his MP with the Osmose spell. You might need to 
have to have someone cure on this round as well, depending on how much damage 
you trook from the Guards and the Golem.

The Emperor uses spells like Thunder X, Fire X, and Ice X.  These spells are 
surprisingly weak, and do less then 30 damage per character. His physical 
attacks are also quite weak, doing less then 100 per hit. He also uses 
annoying Slow spells, lowering the amount of damage you can do to him.

Surprisingly, The Emperor has very low defense compared to just about every 
other boss you have been fighting in the previous hours of the game.  Its 
literally half of the Dragon's and Gigas's defense.  Normal attacks work just 
fine on the Emperor, and actually, because hit attacks are rather weak, this 
is a good battle to level up your magic in >.>;;; The Emperor has higher magic 
defense then physical defense.

FF2Boss# 17: Blue Dragon
Location: Jade Passage, B2
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Leon
HP: 3500        |  MP:  240        |
ATK: 180        |  ACC: 8-100      |  DEF: 150        |
EVA: 1-75       |  MDF: 8-40       |
Gil: 15000-15000                   |
Treasures: Dragon Armor, Holy Lance, Dragon Shield, Betrayal Fang, Wizard's 

Like the dragon bosses before it, the Blue Dragon is an optional boss which is 
encountered by opening a chest on floor B2 of the Jade Passage. This is the 
Thunder elemental dragon, and is therefore weak to Poison (Scourge) type 

The Blue Dragon has a very high attack power of 180.  Cast protect on all 
characters immediately to reduce damage from the Blue Dragons physical 
attacks. Even with protect the Blue Dragons attacks can break the 1200 damage 
mark.  Keep your HP at maximum at all times.  Because of the Blue Dragons high 
physical defense, use the spells Haste and Berserk (if you have them) on your 
physical attackers to boost their attack power and help them break through the 

Unlike some of the other Dragons, this dragon likes to use physical attacks 
mostly.  This is bad news, because of the sheer power of his attacks.  
Remember to have someone healing every round because of this danger, or maybe 
two people if you need it.

Poison Axes work well on the Blue Dragon, seeing that they are poison 
elemental and that the Blue Dragon is weak to poison. If you have axe users 
(Leon is proficient with axes, but another character may be as well) equip 
them with the axes to add a bit of extra damage.  Higher levels of the spell 
Scourge are your best friend in this battle.  It will cause the most damage to 
the Blue Dragon.

FF2Boss# 18: King Behemoth
Location: Jade Passage, B3
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Leon
HP: 5000        |  MP:  0          |
ATK: 150        |  ACC: 8-100      |  DEF: 120        |
EVA: 1-50       |  MDF: 8-30       |
Gil: 15000-15000                   |
Treasures: Twist Headband, Power Vest, Power Armlet, Death Idol, Yoichi's Bow

You need to treat this battle much like your battle with the original 
Behemoth.  This monster uses only physical attacks, and unlike the dragons, 
has no elemental weaknesses.  This battle might take a while^^;

As with all physical type bosses, cast Protect on the very first round.  Oddly 
enough, the King Behemoth has a lower physical attack power then did the Blue 
Dragon (which should be a relief) but his attacks are still a force to be 
reconed with, doing over 900 a hit.  Also, the King Behemoth has somewhat 
lower defense then the Dragons you fought previously, making him easier to 
damage.  Even so, you should still cast Haste and Berserk (if possible) on 
your main attacker(s).

You might want to expect people to die in this battle, or at least expect to 
be curing a lot.  Leon is most likely still a lot weaker then your other 
characters, and the weak end of your party, HP-wise. With someone curing each 
round there shouldnt be too much trouble keeping people alive, but if there is 
make sure that you always have someone who can backup.

Note that this battle might take a bit longer then a normal dragon battle 
because of the lack of weaknesses that the King Behemoth has.  Any type of 
attack works well on him though, because he has decently low defense (as long 
as you can buff up your attacks) and low magic defense.  He also has higher HP 
then the bosses you have faced previously.

FF2Boss# 19: Red Dragon
Location: Jade Passage, B4
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Leon
HP: 5000        |  MP:  450        |
ATK: 180        |  ACC: 8-100      |  DEF: 180        |
EVA: 1-75       |  MDF: 8-40       |
Gil: 15000-15000                   |
Treasures: Dragon Armor, Holy Lance, Dragon Shield, Black Garb, Hermes' Shoes

The king of Dragons of the treasure boxes, the Red Dragon has by far the 
highest stats of them all. As you might expect, the Red Dragon is fire 
elemental, and is weak to ice type spells.

Cast Protect on the first round to soften damage from the Red Dragons 180 
attack power.  Like the Blue Dragon, the Red Dragon's physical attacks can do 
upwards 1200 damage even with Protect on your characters. Keep everyone at 
full HP at all times, and have someone healing every round. The Red Dragon 
also uses Blaze XVI, which is the weaker of his attacks.  This does around 150 
to all members of your party.  Still, it can be an annoyance, as it presses 
you into the danger range of being killed by the Red Dragon's physical attack 

High level Blizzard spells are the best way to break through the very high 
defense of the Red Dragon (180!).  Physical attacks will be practically 
useless unless they are buffed up with berserk or Haste, so unless you have 
those spells, and they are powered up, you might want to have your physical 
characters doing other things.  A strong Blizzard spell should do well over 
1500 a casting though.  This alone should take the boss down in a few rounds, 
as long as your caster doesn't die in the process.

FF2Boss# 20: Zombie Borghen
Location: Pandaemonium, 5F
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Leon
HP: 2500        |  MP:  370        |
ATK: 120        |  ACC: 6-95       |  DEF: 120        |
EVA: 1-60       |  MDF: 10-100     |
Gil: 3000-3000                     |
Treasures:  None

Remember him? Our old buddy Borghen is back from the dead, and just as easy as 
before >.>; Well not quite but you get the picture.

This is the easiest of Pandaemoniums battles.  Looking at Borghens stats, you 
still need to be cautious.  With an attack of 120, Borghen is capable of 
dealing out the damage (around 500 an attack), so cast Protect on the first 
round. Borghen also has a defense of 120, which at this point is rather low, 
but your attack power will be visibally dimished if you do not cast Haste or 
Berserk each round. Do not worry too much about buffing your physical 
attackers, other then Protect though, this battle will be over before you even 
finish doing it.

Note that Borghen is technically undead.  Therefore, he is weak to Fire type 
spells. A few strong castings of Fire is all it takes to really crush him. 
Though he has quite high magic defense, he is so weak to fire that it will not 
be noticable.  A single fire spell will take at least half of his HP off.  

This battle is more meant to distract you from your goal, which is the final 
boss.  Try not to use too much MP in it, other then nuking the boss with Fire, 
Protect, and Cure spells for keeping your party alive.  Because the boss is 
easy it should not be difficult to do such.  If you are strong, the battle 
should end before the first round is even over.

FF2Boss# 21: Tiamat
Location: Pandaemonium, 5F
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Leon
HP: 5000        |  MP:  450        |
ATK: 150        |  ACC: 8-100      |  DEF: 180        |
EVA: 1-80       |  MDF: 8-70       |
Gil: 15000-15000                   |
Treasures:  Elixir, Phoenix Down, Life Tome, Holy Tome, Flare Tome

Ok, so I lied a bit earlier when I said that the Red Dragon was the king of 
box dragons >.>;.  Well, not really.  Tiamat is the queen, as she is female 
(so the myths say).

As always, note her attack power first.  At 150, she is worthy of the Protect 
spell on the first round.  Her physical attacks are quite brutal.  She also 
uses Blaze XVI, for around 150 to all members of your party. Her Thunderbolt 
XVI is quite a bit weaker then her Blaze, and that only does around 60 to all 
members. She also has access to abilities like Icestorm and Poison Gas. 
Luckily, Tiamat prefers to use her breath abilities over her physical attacks.

Because of her high defense (180), powered up physical attacks are the only 
way physical attacks work.  If you have a Blood Sword, that works rediculously 
well, almost cheaply well on certain bosses end-game. If spells like Holy and 
Ultima are powered up, they work well as well, though I tend to like having my 
Holy caster separate from my Black Magic caster because Holy does not rely on 
Intelligence, rather Spirit to determine damage (much like Ultima). Flare also 
works. Tiamat is weak to Body type spells, though strong to Mind. She absorbs 
Lightning, Ice, Fire, and Poison type spells, so you need to cast non-
elemental type spells only.

Because Tiamat likes to use her breath type attacks mainly, try to use items 
to heal instead of spells. If your black mage has Drain, I suggest using that, 
as it does quite a bit of damage as well as healing your character. Try to 
compensate for not using MP by using extra items, because theres still quite a 
while to go in Pandaemonium and you need to save as much as you can get.

This battle may take a while, depending on your capabilities and spell 
levels.  As long as Tiamat does not start using physical attacks every round 
though, the battle should not be difficult to survive.

FF2Boss# 22: Beelzebub
Location: Pandaemonium, 6F
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Leon
HP: 5000        |  MP:  450        |
ATK: 150        |  ACC: 8-100      |  DEF: 180        |
EVA: 1-80       |  MDF: 8-70       |
Gil: 15000-15000                   |
Treasures:  Black Robe, Betrayal Fang, Hermes' Shoes, Sage's Wisdom, Gaia Drum

No witty comment this time ; ;

The demon Beelzebub likes to use powerful magic, such as Flare XVI on your 
party members.  Usually, he targets a single member at a time rather then all 
members at once.  His stronger spells do around 700 or so, so cast Shell to 
reduce damage taken.  This does not mean he doesn't use physical attacks, as 
he does, and they can cause well over 1000 damage with no Protect.  So make 
sure you cast Protect along with Shell. Note that although a minor effect, 
Beelzebub's attacks can poison you.  If this is causing you grief, cure it, 
though I suggest waiting until after the battle.

Like Tiamat, Beelzebub has very high defense (180) so damaging him with 
physical attacks is difficult.  Unless you buff your attacks up with Haste and 
Berserk, your attacks will do almost no damage at all, and if they do any, it 
wont be anything worth mentioning. Magic attacks are the way to go on 
Beelzebub, though he has no particular weaknesses to exploit. Strong Holy 
spells work well, with a caster of high Spirit.  Once again, I recommond Drain 
to help cure your casters, though unless it is very very very high levelled it 
wont cure for significant damage, so always have someone on hand with a cure.

Note that Beezelbub is resitant to Ice and absorbs Fire magic, so don't cast 
those types of magic on him.

Beelzebub is good boss to replenish your magical supply on with Osmose. He has 
a lot of MP, all ripe for the picking. Dont take it all though (or try not to) 
as then Beezlebub will only use physical attacks, and his attacks are very 

FF2Boss# 23: Astaroth
Location: Pandaemonium, 6F
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Leon
HP: 7000        |  MP:  540        |
ATK: 150        |  ACC: 8-100      |  DEF: 180        |
EVA: 1-80       |  MDF: 8-70       |
Gil: 15000-15000                   |
Treasures: White Robe, Mythril Mirror, Spider's Silk, Saint's Spirit, Wind 

The fallen angel Astaroth guards the last chest, and is the last optional box 
boss in the game. He is, unfortunately, the hardest. Note that you should put 
caster characters who wont be physically attacking in the back row before the 
start of this battle.  It is very important that you do this!

As always, cast Protect on the first round (its probably rather high levelled 
now, is it not?) to lower the damage Astaroth can cause from his physical 
attacks.  Though his attack is only 150, the attacks can still do over 1000 
damage each. If Astaroth gets lucky, he will do well over 2000 damage per 
attack. He also has the same 180 defense that the last 3 bosses in 
Pandaemonium had.  That defense is hard to break, so use Berserk and Haste if 
and when you have the time.

One of Astaroth's most annoying abilities is his high level Drain skill.  He 
will Drain around 400 HP from a character to heal himself quite often.  Also, 
his physical attack has the ability to drain as well, which can be even more 
dangerous.  His physical attacks are unnaturally powerful, and drain 75% of 
the damage they do into health for Astaroth. Make sure you do not cast Osmose 
on him, as his Drain spell is far far weaker then his physical attack and 
drains far less HP.

Now, this battle is very very hard if Astaroth is being an ass and decides to 
prefer physical attacks over magic.  His physical attacks are not only 
devastating, but they cure him, making it very difficult to damage him.  

The easiest way to win this battle is to cheat a little with the Blood Sword.  
This sword does a lot of damage and heals the wielder for the number of HP is 
damages for.  Pretty much the same effect of Astaroths weapon. If you have 
high level Slow, Blind, or other debuffing type spells, you can try those as 
well, to lower the damage from his physical attacks. Also, note that Astaroth 
is resistant to Fire, Ice, and Lightning magic, so they are going to be rather 
useless against him.  Other spells such as Holy, Ultima, and Flare work well 

One thing to note is that this battle would be not much different from any 
battle with a Dragon earlier in the Jade Passage (they had strong physical 
attacks, and decent magic attacks) if there was no Drain effect on Astaroth's 
weapon.  Thats the only real dilemna that this battle poses. As long as 
Astaroth is casting, that is your chance to damage him as best you can, and 
hope that he does not start attacking any time soon.  

Expect this battle to take a while.

FF2Boss# 24: Final Battle
Location: Pandaemonium, 10F
Party: Firion, Maria, Guy, Leon
HP: 15000       |  MP:  540        |
ATK: 180        |  ACC: 8-100      |  DEF: 210        |
EVA: 2-80       |  MDF: 16-70      |
Gil: 0-0                           |
Treasures: None

Note: Before this battle, I suggest putting characters who you wont be using 
to attack physically (such as the person you will be using as a healer, and 
your black magic user >.> they are different people right?) in the back row to 
reduce the amount of damage done physically.  Like the Astaroth battle, the 
final boss can recover HP from physical attacks.

With the final battle at hand, you need to be well prepared.  Like many 
battles before this, the final boss has extremely high defense and is hard to 
damage normally.  The only way you will be able to damage him physically is 
with either the Blood Sword, or with the spells Berserk and Haste on your 
characters. Note though, that the final boss likes to cast Dispel on your 
entire party, meaning you have to rebuff all of your spells.  

The Blood Sword is the best, and easiest way to win this battle.  But if you 
do not want to use it, or do not have one, prepare for a long battle.  Like 
Astaroth, the Final boss has the ability to drain HP with his physical 
attacks. Unfortunately, the final bosses physical attacks all tend to do 
around 2,500+ damage each hit, and cure the boss for around 1700. Luckily, he 
tends to use magic quite a bit more then Astaroth though, so he wont heal 
himself as much. Protect wont help too much, because of the sheer power of his 
attacks. Also, the Yoichi's Bow casts Berserk III on all members at once, so 
use that on the first round to raise the damage of your attacks.  Note that 
unless a character has weapons like Excalibur and Masamune, they will probably 
will be unable to damage the final boss, even with Berserk.

Note: Expect to be one-hit a lot in this battle by the final bosses physical 
attacks. They are extremely powerful.

Strong spells (level 7 or above, though level 10 is better) such as Flare, 
Ultima, and Holy work well to slowly whittle down the final bosses health. A 
single attack from the Blood Sword should do well over 1500 damage, but if 
your HP is high, it might do over 2000.  Some people argue using the Blood 
Sword is the -cheap- way, but that is for you to decide.  It is perfectly 
possible to defeat the final boss just using spells and powered up attacks, it 
is just quite slow.

The Final boss likes to use level XVI spells of all forms on your party. 
Flare, and Curse are some of his favorites. Make sure to always have an Esuna 
or Life ready.  You also might want to always have someone curing, just in 
case because you never know what attack he is going to use. With someone 
curing every round you should survive with a little amount of deaths. 
Hopefully >.>;

Also, you probably don't want to cast Osmose on the final boss, as you 
actually -want- him to cast on you. His physical attacks are much more 
dangerous, since they heal him, then his magical attacks.  Use Ethers or 
Elixirs to keep your MP up, and if his spells are damaging you too badly, cast 
Shell, though the final boss will probably Dispel it.

Note the final boss has one big area attack that is his and hit alone, called 
Starfall X.  This attack does 300-400 to all members of your party.  While 
minor compared to the rest of his attacks, that can bring you into one hit 
range of his physical attacks. He tends to only use this attack when he is low 
on health, though.

*****                         Soul of Rebirth                             *****

After beating the main game, and saving it after the credits, theres a mini-
after game to play.  The Soul of Rebirth places you in the hands of four new 
characters, and lets you see the world through their eyes.  These are all 
optional bosses, and your spell levels and whatnot will be reset.  Note that 
your HP totals from the main game are not, so any characters you used in the 
main game will have their HP totals remaining from then.


Soul of Rebirth Boss #1: Sergeant, Black Knight x2
Soul of Rebirth Boss #2: Zombie Borghen
Soul of Rebirth Boss #3: Roundworm
Soul of Rebirth Boss #4: Ultima Weapon
Soul of Rebirth Boss #5: Black Dragon
Soul of Rebirth Boss #6: Yamatano Orochi
Soul of Rebirth Boss #7: Lucifer
Soul of Rebirth Boss #8: Steel Giant
Soul of Rebirth Boss #9: Beelzebub Soul
Soul of Rebirth Final Boss

Soul of Rebirth Boss #1: Sergeant, Black Knight x2
Location: Unknown Cavern, B1
Party: Minwu, ???? <- (thats his name at the moment)
Status (Black Knight):
HP: 1150        |  MP:  0          |
ATK: 30         |  ACC: 3-80       |  DEF: 20         |
EVA: 1-70       |  MDF: 5-40       |
Gil: 0-0                           |
Treasures: Diamond Shield, Yoichi's Bow, Hi-Potion, Sun Blade <- <- Wow!
HP: 420         |  MP:  10         |
ATK: 35         |  ACC: 2-70       |  DEF: 25         |
EVA: 1-30       |  MDF: 3-50       |
Gil: 150-300                       |  
Treasures: Mythril Helm, Mythril Axe, Mythril Armor, Mythril Bow

In the normal game you have fought many of these enemies before.  The 
Sergeants were the normal games first boss, and the Black Knights were the 
enemies that killed your four party members at the very start of the game and 
separated you from Leon.

Because Minwu has such low HP compared to ????, you need to watch it, and make 
sure that you cure him whenever he gets below around 200. Fortunately, Minwu's 
spell levels have not been reset from the normal game, so they are all level 6 
and above.  Unfortunately, you dont have the items you had when you beat the 
game, so you have to use magic sparingly.

You shouldnt need to cast Protect, but make sure you watch your HP. The Black 
Knight is by far the more Dangerous of the three foes in the battle, so 
eliminate him first.  He can do up to 100 damage to weaker characters with a 
single attack. If you find yourself taking damage too quickly, you should cast 
Protect though, to save MP in the long run.

Note that ????'s physical attacks may seem quite weak.  If you look at his 
magic, he actually has some developed spells.  All four of his base black 
magic spells (Fire, Ice, Lightning) are at level 4, and are much stronger then 
his physical attack.  They should do around 150 damage to the monsters.  Minwu 
will probably be useless physically, so just have him cast Cure spells and 
whatnot to save your small party from damage.  

After the Black Knight falls, take care of the Sergeants one by one.  The 
battle gets much easier at this point.

This is actually a rather difficult battle, for the first battle in Soul of 
Rebirth @@;

Soul of Rebirth Boss #2: Zombie Borghen (again)
Location: Unknown Cavern, B2
Party: Minwu, Scott, Josef
HP: 2500        |  MP:  370        |
ATK: 30         |  ACC: 3-95       |  DEF: 5          |
EVA: 1-60       |  MDF: 10-100     |
Gil: 3000-3000                     |
Treasures: None

Unlike the boss you fought at Pandaemonium, this Borghen, twice defeated is 
quite a bit weaker then his predecessors.  He has high HP though, and with the 
little weapons and armor you have at the moment, it might take a bit to lower 

Like the previous Zombie Borghen battle, Borghen is weak to fire magic.  He 
also has a pitiful 5 defense.  You should be able to take him down quite 

Unlike most battles, each character in this battle has a clearly defined 
role.  Scott should be casting Fire each round to do the maximum damage 
possible on Borghen. Josef is strongest with his bare hands physically, and 
should be attacking.  Minwu should be casting Protec and healing your Party 
from any damage that Borghen causes.  Don't let any member fall below the 150 
HP range, as thats when it becomes dangerous. Note that Borghens attacks can 
ccause Paralyze for a turn or so.  This isn't too extreme, but it can be a 
minor annoyance if you are trying to Cure someone, or more then one character 
gets Paralyzed.

A strong level 4 Fire spell from Scott should do over 600 damage.  This alone 
is enough to take Borghen out in a few rounds, not mentioning Josef's 
attacks.  Minwu will probably be at a disadvantage here, being unable to 
damage the boss well, and will probably quite bored, especially if you are 
trying to conserve MP.

Strangely enough, this form of Borghen is the hardest yet.  After all thathe 
still didn't die...Will we ever see the end of him?

Soul of Rebirth Boss #3: Roundworm (Round two)
Location: Unknown Cavern, B5
Party: Minwu, Scott, Josef, Ricard
HP: 2000        |  MP:  0          |
ATK: 25         |  ACC: 4-95       |  DEF: 10         |
EVA: 1-10       |  MDF: 4-50       |
Gil: 2250-3000                     |
Treasures: None

After all those hard battles to get here, you finally have a new member. If 
you remember from the previous roundworm battle, he had high defense and 
extremely high attacks.  Not much has changed, except for that his stats have 
been lowered accordingly to fit your HP.
Also unlike the previous Roundworm battle, Ricard will most definitely be 
stronger then he was previously HP-wise, and probably be the last to die from 
the Roundworm.

The Soul of Rebirth sets of jobs for your party pretty much from the start 
(Minwu healer, Scott Black Magic user, Josef and Ricard physical attackers) 
but because some people are stubborn and like to change things around, I will 
just mention -black magic user- or -healer- when I mention casting spells from 
here on out, like I did in the normal guide. 

On the first round, have Minwu cast Protect on all of your members, the 
Roundworms attacks are quite damaging, and you definitely need Protect to 
lower the damage (Pretty much like a normal battle anywhere early in these 
Soul of Rebirth stages). Scott can either cast Black Magic, or attack 
physically, though I suggest he cast and get him used to casting more to use 
him as a black mage later on.  Any spell works, really. Josef and Ricard 
should do what they do best, attack physically.  Ricard probably wont have any 
gear on him, so his attacks wont do too much damage, so he will be the 
leeching end of the party. Fortunately, Josefs attacks will do damage for 
Ricard and him, even without gear so don't worry about that too much.

If you were able to survive a few encounters to raise your stats before coming 
to this battle, this fight shouldnt be too much of a problem. With Protect on, 
the Roundworm's attacks will be greatly dimished and you shouldn't have any 
trouble with damage.

Note: Before any battles from here down, you need to spend a -long- time 
levelling.  You need to pretty much get your party to as strong as you were to 
beat the original game in this Soul of Rebirth. You need strong spells like 
Holy, Flare, and eventually, Ultima. Each of these spells should be level 7 or 
higher to do damage to bosses.  Also, someone should have access to all 
elemental spells at level 7 or higher, but two people with access is even 

Another very important thing is Haste and Berserk.  Because, quite obviously, 
you do not have the gear that Firion and his party did (you can get a few 
Poison axes from the Deaths Knights, if you have someone adept with axes) you 
need to have some other way to raise your attack power.  And the Blood Sword 
trick does not work in Soul of Rebirth, because there is no Blood Swords. 
Haste and Berserk should be at a minimum of level 3, though 4 or 5 would be 

Like in the main game, Protect is a must, though Minwu already has that 
covered from the start, as well as Shell, Esuna, Life, and Cure.  You might 
want to have someone else with Esuna though, just in case something happens to 

From here, you can prepare your party how you want. Note that Soul of Rebirth 
was meant to be a lot harder then the main game, so don't level too much.

Soul of Rebirth Boss #4: Ultima Weapon
Location: Chamber of the Soul
Party: Minwu, Scott, Josef, Ricard
HP: 15000       |  MP:  500        |
ATK: 150        |  ACC: 9-100      |  DEF: 190        |
EVA: 1-80       |  MDF: 8-70       |
Gil: 0-0                           |
Treasures: None

This is an optional fight in Soul of Rebirth.  Looking at the monsters HP, 
attack, and defense, you can tell it is going to be a long, intense fight. 
Unless you have spent a long time powering up, do not expect to be able to 
defeat this boss. Defeating the Ultima Weapon gives you access to the Ultima 

With Protect, and the best base armor you bought from Machanon, expect the 
bosses physical attacks to do over 1500 damage a hit.  If everyones HP total 
is not over that, you are probably not going to have a good chance of winning 
this battle. And with 15,000 HP you need to be as strong as you can to beat 
the boss, as well as be able to outlast him. Fortunately, he does not absorb 
your life like some of the more annoying enemies at the end of the normal 
game.  Unfortunately, you have no Blood Swords to take his HP down quickly. 

Note that along with his high defense (190 :O!) he has resistance to all three 
elemental spells, as well as Poison, Death, Mind, and Matter.  

So >.> with our pitiful stats, how do we beat him? Well. . . We spend a long 
time levelling first.  Minwu who almost definitely has the lowest HP should 
always go in the back row. You should also save right before you fight, and in 
case you dont think you can win, you can do it to the best advantage you can 
get.  You always want to try and start with a Pre-emptive attack, so you have 
a turn to cast Protect and Berserk (or/and Haste) on your characters without 
fear of retaliation.

Other then his physical attacks, Ultima Weapon likes to use spells Earthquake 
X for around 180 damage to all members, and Flare XVI (the same spell the 
final boss of the base game used) for around 750-900 to a single member. Cast 
Shell to help reduce damage, but do no cast Osmose or Sap type spells, you 
actually want him to use magic. Ultima Weapon has other area spells, but they 
all do around the same damage as Earthquake X.

This battle will be managable as long as Ultima Weapon sticks with his area 
attacks over his physical attacks. His physical attacks are clearly the most 
devasatating thing that the Ultima Weapon can do to your party. If he sticks 
with magic, you'll be fine as long as you have built your magic skills up.  

Expect this battle to take a long, long, long time.  Because even with Berserk 
on your attacks will do very little damage (if any). You will need to cast at 
least 4 rounds of Berserk on your attacker to make him do any decent damage at 
all. Spells like Holy and Flare are the best way to damage Ultima weapon, and 
even they are quite weakened against the monstrosity.

If you are still having trouble after levelling and levelling, and hes only 
usiong magic attacks, then I might suggest getting a few Poison axes.  You get 
those from the Beast Devils in the Unknown Cave.  Beast Devils are most often 
found on the waterfall screen where the Tome seller resides.  These weapons 
tend to do the most damage to Ultima Weapon, if you can get them, and have 
someone with axe levelled decently (it doesnt take long).

Note: If you are able to defeat the Ultima weapon you will be able to defeat 
the rest of the bosses in the final area of Soul of Rebirth, hopefully. As 
long as you have the items, and spell levels you shouldn't have trouble. 
Remember to consult your Bestiary to see what monsters drop weapons and armor 
that are worthwhile to your cause, you need all you can get.

I highly suggest getting 4 Diamond Curiasses from the Orukat's, as well as 
other Diamond gear from the Chaos Riders (who are much either then their 
breathen who inhabited the normal games final dungeon). Lamia Matriarch's drop 
Thunder Spear's and Ribbons if you get lucky, and Chimera Brains drop Cat's 
Claws.  Theres more you can get, but thats just a minor guide to help you.  If 
you are lucky enough to encounter a few Black Dragons (and strong enough to 
defeat them with ease) you can fight them off to recieve the stronger Dragon 
Armor's.  Black Dragons also drop Holy Lances for Ricard, a nice upgrade (and 
secondary weapon once he gets his Wyvern Lance).

Soul of Rebirth Boss #5: Black Dragon
Location: Unknown Palace, 5F
Party: Minwu, Scott, Josef, Ricard
HP: 5000        |  MP:  450        |
ATK: 180        |  ACC: 8-100      |  DEF: 180        |
EVA: 1-75       |  MDF: 8-40       |
Gil: 15000-15000                   |
Treasures: Dragon Armor, Holy Lance, Dragon Shield, Black Garb, Hermes' Shoes

The final Dragon-in-a-box, the Black Dragon is the king of them all, kinda@@.
The box contains the Wyvern Lance, Ricard's ultimate weapon.

You might have fought Black Dragons as a normal random encounter on the way 
here. Black Dragons are very powerful, using both magical attacks and physical 
attacks strongly, unlike many of their predesessors.  As always in Dragon 
battles, cast Protect on the first round, as the Black Dragon has an attack of 
180. That 180 attack can lead to criticals of 1700 damage to a character with 
low Stamina (ouch :X). The Black Dragon also has the ability to cast Flare 
XVI, like many bosses in the final Soul of Rebirth dungeon. This spell does 
from 800-1000 damage to a single character, so be absolutely sure someone is 
healing every round or people will die. 

Unfortunately, the Black Dragon does not have any particular weaknesses.  He 
has a very high 180 defense, so physical attacks will be worthless.  To break 
through 180 defense at this point, you need to cast multiple layers of the 
Berserk spell.  With multiple layers cast (it usually takes around 2-3 rounds) 
you will be able to break through the Black Dragon's defense decently. 

The spells Holy and Flare work very well on the Black Dragon, though any high 
level magic you prefer does. Because he has no particular resistances, you 
might want to try for a one-hit kill if you desire.

Compared to battles like Lucifer later on in this dungeon, this is an easy 
battle. Better get used to fighting this guy, you'll probably fight at least 3-
4 more of them on your trip to the bottom.

Soul of Rebirth Boss #6: Yamatano Orochi
Location: Unknown Palace, 5F
Party: Minwu, Scott, Josef, Ricard
HP: 8000        |  MP:  450        |
ATK: 160        |  ACC: 9-100      |  DEF: 190        |
EVA: 1-80       |  MDF: 8-70       |
Gil: 15000-15000                   |
Treasures: Elixir, Phoenix Down, Life Tome, Holy Tome, Flare Tome

This battle is much like the Tiamat battle in the normal game, except Yamatano 
Orochi has higher stats and HP.  She (I am referring to Yamatono Orochi as a 
she, because Tiamat is female) has an extremely high defense of 190, so expect 
to either spend abour 4 turns casting Berserk on one character to cause 
physical damage, or for physical damage to be worthless.

Before this battle, I suggest going to get the Wyvern Lance, which is just a 
few steps away in the door to the right of Yamatono Orochi.  This is the 
strongest weapon possible for Ricard, and will help his damage considerably.  
There is only a normal monster-in-a-box encounter, no boss, for the Wyvern 

Like Tiamat, Yamatano Orochi likes to use area attacks, but she also has an 
attack of 160.  Use Protect on the first round, as always. With Protect her 
attacks will still do 1200 damage or so.  Her Thunderbolt XVI attack does 
around 60 to all members (which is not much compared to the normal monsters in 
this dungeon). She also has Poison Gas XVI, which does from 50-150 to all 
members. She also has access to other breath spells.  Unfortunately, Yamatano 
tends to use her physical attacks more then Tiamat did.

Spells like Flare and Holy are the best ways to damage Yamatano Orochi, but 
they need to be high levelled to do much damage.  Also a two-three times 
Berserked up Wyvern Lance works wonders on her. Note that you should not cast 
any type of elemental spell (Poison, Ice, Lightning, Fire) of Yamatono, or she 
will absorb it to gain HP back. Because of this, the only type of spells I 
suggest are the ones mentioned above (Holy, Flare, Ultima).

If you were able to defeat Ultima Weapon before this, then you should have no 
trouble with Yamatano Orochi. Other then her physical attack, she has nothing 
devasating going for her, fortunately.

Soul of Rebirth Boss #7: Lucifer
Location: Unknown Palace, 5F
Party: Minwu, Scott, Josef, Ricard
HP: 10000       |  MP:  540        |
ATK: 160        |  ACC: 9-100      |  DEF: 190        |
EVA: 1-80       |  MDF: 8-70       |
Gil: 15000-15000                   |
Treasures: White Robe, Mythril Mirror, Spider's Silk, Saint's Spirit, Wind 

Lucifer must be treated a lot like Astaroth.  Unfortunately, he is much 
stronger then Astaroth, and has more HP. You also have no Blood Swords to make 
it easy this time.

Like before, you'll be safe as long as Lucifer casts magic.  If you fought 
Astaroth in the first game, you remember that his physical attacks do massive 
amounts of damage, more then his physical attack power would show, as well as 
drain your HP and add to his. He had a permanent Blood Sword effect going for 
him. Lucifer also likes to use debuffing spells like Blind XVI often.  Thats 
actually what you want, but make sure you keep an Esuna ready, in case it gets 
on your physical attacker.

If Minwu is not in the back row, you should put him there now, as with anyone 
else you will not be having attacking physically.  You want your characters 
taking the least damage as possible in this battle, so Lucifer gets little HP 
from you. Protect helps a little bit, but not much. Have someone cast Berserk 
on your physical attacker 3-4 times (or more, depending on how quickly you'd 
like to kill off Lucifer) and you should be able to break his defense 
physically.  High level Holy spells work very well on Lucifer, as does Flare.

This battle will pretty much be you damaging Lucifer, and him gaining HP back, 
over and over again.  As long as you can keep doing more then around 2000 
damage a round (which he gains per physical attack) then you can win this 
battle.  If Lucifer starts using physical attacks only though, this battle 
might become quite difficult. The only thing I suggest then is more Berserk on 
your attacker, and curing every round.  If he starts using physical attacks 
only, sometimes he will completely overpower you with his criticals, and 
regain full HP before you can outdamage it back.  You might have to reset at 
this point, so you do not exhaust your supplies more then you need to. 

Lastly, note that Lucifer is resistant to Fire, Ice, and Lightning.  Those 
spells will be rather worthless on him. Lucifer is probably the hardest of 
these bosses only because of his HP drain abilities. 

Soul of Rebirth Boss #8: Steel Giant
Location: Unknown Palace, 6F
Party: Minwu, Scott, Josef, Ricard
HP: 6500        |  MP:  540        |
ATK: 180        |  ACC: 12-100     |  DEF: 200        |
EVA: 0-0        |  MDF: 14-100     |
Gil: 3000-15000                    |
Treasures: Genji Helm, Genji Gloves, Genji Armor, Excalibur, Aegis Shield

The Steel Giant has the lowest HP of any boss in the Unknown Palace, but he 
has the highest attack power.  Cast Protect immediately.

The Steel Giant, as you might expect, prefers physical attacks.  With an 
attack power of 180, he doesn't need much else.  That's a full 20 points 
higher then the other bosses in the Palace.  He also has the other bosses 
defense, making him hard to dent physically.  You need to use two or three 
rounds of Berserk to make much of a dent in the Steel Giants thick armor. 
Oddly, sometimes the Steel Giant likes to use spells like Flare XVI as well as 
his attacks, this spell does around 600-800 to a single member. Fortunately, 
the Steel Giant is very slow and will have his turn after all of your members, 
most likely.

The Steel Giant is very very weak to Thunder Based attacks.  Hopefully at this 
point, two or three of your characters have the Thunder spell at at least 
level 5 or 6.  If Scott has his Wild Rose, and a high level Thunder spell, he 
can do over 2500 per casting (the Wild Rose maxes out his Intelligence and 
Strength).  Any other Thunder spell over level 5 should do at least 1000 
damage.  If you have two people with access to Thunder, then this battle goes 

If only one person has access to Thunder spells (Scott most likely, as when 
Soul of Rebirth started, his Thunder was at level 4) then you have two 
choices.  One is to let him focus on attacking with Thunder spells while 
everyone else focuses on healing and keeping alive.  The second if the same 
double or triple Berserk casting on a Physical attacker strategy.  I prefer 
the Thunder strategy in this battle, as it tends to end the battle faster. 

Note that the Steel Giant absorbs Fire spells, and is resitant to Ice, Body, 
Death, Mind, and Matter. Even if you have Flare and Holy (or Ultima) up at 
high levels, Thunder is still the best way to go in this battle.

PS: You might want to save right before this battle.  The Steel Giant drops 
some -excellent- items that your party might need.  

Soul of Rebirth Boss #9: Beelzebub Soul
Location: Unknown Palace, 6F
Party: Minwu, Scott, Josef, Ricard
HP: 8000        |  MP:  450        |
ATK: 160        |  ACC: 9-100      |  DEF: 190        |
EVA: 1-80       |  MDF: 8-70       |
Gil: 15000-15000                   |
Treasures: Black Robe, Betrayal Fang, Hermes' Shoes, Sage's Wisdom, Gaia Drum

With the final optional boss we come to fight in the Unknown Palace comes, 
once again, the Beezlebub.

As always, cast Protect on your first turn to reduce damage from Beezlebubs 
160 attack power.  Beezlebub is weak to fire magic and fire magic only, and 
that is the best way to damage him.  Like the Steel Giant, any fire spell 
decently levelled should do the trick on damaging him. Also like the Steel 
Giant (and every other boss in the Unknown Palace)  Beezlebub likes to use 
Flare XVI for 800-1000 damage to a single member of your party.  

Your fire spells (level 5 and higher work best) should do around 1000 damage.  
Scott with the Wild Rose weapon works best, because it caps his Intelligence 
off at maximum.  His Fire spells should do well over 2500 damage if properly 
levelled. Hopefully, you have someone else with Fire levelled as well, so they 
can do another 1000 a round.  If not, then its still possible to damage 
Beezlebub with multiple castings of Berserk (2-3) and very strong physical 

Strangely enough, when Beezlebub is not physically attacking or using Flare 
XVI, he likes to buff himself up with Blink type spells.  Very interesting, 
and odd.  @@;; Also note that Beezlebub Soul absorbs Lightning and is 
resistant to Lightning, Ice, Body, Poison, Death, Mind, and Matter.

This is a strangely easy boss battle if you have your spells levelled 
properly.  If not, expect it to take some time.  Keep your HP over 1500 at all 
times (strangely low, as normally physical attacks do more damage then that) 
and you should be fine.

Soul of Rebirth Final Boss
Location: Unknown Palace, 10F
Party: Minwu, Scott, Josef, Ricard
HP:  25000      |  MP:  540        |
ATK: 180        |  ACC: 9-100      |  DEF: 220        |
EVA: 1-80       |  MDF: 16-70      |
Gil: 0-0                           |
Treasures: None

Note: Before the battle, any characters you wont have physically attacking 
(such as Minwu, and perhaps Scott) put in the back row to lower the physical 
damage done to them. I actually had Josef in the back row because he just kept 
casting Berserk on Ricard.  Odd yes, but it worked.  The less physical damage 
done to a character, the less chance of being one-hit, and the less HP the 
final boss will heal.

Supposedly the hardest boss in the game (though not really >.>), the Final 
Boss of Soul of Rebirth should play out much like the final boss of the 
original game, without the Blood Swords (ouch!).  The Final boss has 25000 HP, 
and 220 defense, meaning this battle is going to take a long, long time. Also, 
remember that this boss likes to cast Dispel XVI quite often, so if you multi 
cast Berserk, it might only last a few rounds, but those few rounds are better 
then none.  Dont't let up on it! Actually, I've noticed this boss likes to 
cast Dispel quite a bit more then the normal final boss, and casts it 2 or 
three turns in a row.

As with the previous final boss, the main problem (as with Lucifer/Astaroth) 
is that with each physical attack, he drains a bit of your HP for his own. >.> 
ok not a bit. You need to be able to do at least 3000 damage a round to 
sufficiently damage the final boss to stop him from healing. The Final bosses 
physical attacks, like before, are far more devasating then his magical 
attacks, and are easily capable of one-hitting your characters if your party 
is weak.

The final boss is resistant to most spell types, so spells like Holy, and 
Flare (which should be rather built up at this point) work best on him. A good 
level 10 casting of Holy or Flare should do around 1000 damage to the final 
boss.  If you can get off Berserk for a few levels without the final boss 
Dispelling it, you should be able to do 2000 total. Hopefully you will have a 
good head start on damage by the time he starts physically attacking.

Note that because the final boss has such a large array of attacks (like 
Blind, Curse, and whatnot) as well as Flare XVI (as all bosses at this level 
do) it is quite hard to predict what he will do next.  Sometimes, the boss 
will sue a lot of physical attacks, and sometimes he will use none at all.  
Hopefully, you will fight him when he uses very little physical attacks, or 
none at all (which I got lucky a few times and did).  If he uses a lot of 
physical attacks, the battle becomes very difficult, especially if he starts 
teaming it with Dispels that stick often. You might need to reset if this 
happens, and try again. 

Otherwise, I suggest treating this battle like a Lucifer/Astaroth battle where 
the boss has quite a bit more HP then it seems because he keeps draining it 

Well, after you beat the final boss, watch the real, complete ending to the 
game.  Congratulations^^


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Thank you for reading my guide.  It has taken a lot of effort writing out this 
guide, and I hope you have enjoyed it, or that it has helped you in some 

If you are still stuck after all I have written here, you can Email me at 
ereekairyn@yahoo.com for help.  I am busy in real life, and may be a bit 
slow in replying though. 


I took no information from anyone to make this guide, at the moment at least. 

Version Information:

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Version 1.1, November 27th 2005: Thanks to christoph771@comcast.net for
pointing out a huge mistake in my guide itself. I fixed it.  The transition
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As always, dearest wishes to:

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