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Solo Challenge Guide by Shintaun

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 01/04/06

Final Fantasy I&II Dawn of Souls - Solo Challenge
Written by Shintaun (Matthew Fletcher)
E-mail: shintaun@yahoo.com
Version: 1.6
Created on Microsoft Word using Courier New, 10 point font

Coming Soon------------------------------------------------------(SOON)
Tips and General Information-------------------------------------(TIPS)
Personal Low Level Boss Record-----------------------------------(BEST)
Into the Wilds and The Kings Rogue Knight------------------------(GARL)
The Brigands of Provoka, Demons of Marsh, and The Dark Elf-------(PIRA)
The Boost and More Adventure-------------------------------------(BOOS)
Detour and the Undead--------------------------------------------(VAMP)
Side Trip for the Shield of Promise------------------------------(CLOA)
Frozen Caves and Open Skies--------------------------------------(EEYE)
Waterfalls and Sunken Shrines------------------------------------(KRAK)
Volcanic Travels and Flying Castles------------------------------(MARI)
Time Travel and the end of a Crisis------------------------------(CHAO)
Ship Minigame----------------------------------------------------(SHIP)
Side Quests------------------------------------------------------(SIDE)
Citadel of Trials------------------------------------------------(CITA)
Earthgift Shrine-------------------------------------------------(EART)
Hellfire Chasm---------------------------------------------------(FIRE)
Lifespring Grotto------------------------------------------------(WATE)
Whisperwind Cove-------------------------------------------------(WIND)
To find sections fast press Ctrl+F then include () in the tag to make 
sure you get what you're looking for.

Hello I'm Matthew Fletcher though you can call me Shintaun. I got 
started on this challenge because I thought that there could be nothing 
harder than forcing the Black Mage into a role he is definitely not 
suited for. For the most part your going to be thrown about by normal 
enemies and you should treat almost all normal battles as boss fights 
for quite some time.

The suggested Hp amounts are not a set rule feel free to try these 
battles with less Hp if you so desire. My strategies aren't the only 
ones that will work but they do the job. Most Importantly you should 
have fun with this. If you're aggravated easily this challenge is most 
definitely not for you.

I provide very little information on locations and getting from place 
to place. This is so that you can have a minor reminder of where to go. 
This guide assumes you have a general idea of what your doing and have 
played the game before. This guide also assumes your Hp is roughly
around my recommendations.

The only sites that may use this FAQ are:

If you see this FAQ anywhere else please contact me at
shintaun@yahoo.com so I can take legal actions against them.

COMING SOON------------------------------------------------------(SOON)
1.Lowest Experience White Mage Challenge!

2.Thief version of this challenge!

3.Proper Hp/Strategies for the Soc Bosses!

1.To be the Lowest level possible by Chaos. Which is level 25. You turn
26 at 36,750 Experience. If you fight only those fights your forced to
you gain 33,048. This leaves you 3,701 experience leeway to do with as
you will. To keep up the challenge use up your leeway experience more
towards making a boss give you only one level instead of multiple.

2.You can only cast the spells I have listed.

3.The stat plus items are not allowed at all!!!

4.Avoid grabbing the Masamune it will take out a lot of the challenge. 

5.Don't class change.

6.Never have anyone alive for a battle that's not your solo char.

7.If you have or can buy the spell you cannot use items that cast it. 
Hermes shoes for Haste is a prime example.

TIPS AND GENERAL INFORMATION-------------------------------------(TIPS)
Selectively level always with the goal of 20 or more hp in mind. If you 
must have a secondary stat goal put it as stamina which will help your 
hp gains or agility which will help with your evade and speed.

Accept the fact that your puny black mage is going to be a punching bag 
for quite awhile.

This guide uses Hp recommendations not level ups for the sole reason 
that it is the most important factor in this challenge.

Stats of importance in order are Hp>Evade>Def. Yes only 3 stats will be 
making a difference in your game. Stamina isn't listed because it has 
no bearing on in battle tactics.

This guide uses an acronym I made up FHR it stands for Full Hp 
Restorative. X potions, Elixers and such are FHRs.

You will need to get Elixers from the ship game to complete this

When a Boss Battle lasts for a good number of rounds they will rely more
and more on their Special and Magical abilities. This can make life
easier (Think Omega) or harder (Think Barbariccia).

This part lists the spells your allowed to buy and the spells your 
allowed to use from items. Remember if you can buy the spell your not 
allowed to use the item variant even if you didn't buy the spell.

Black Magic Buy
Level 1. Sleep, Focus
Level 2. Dark, Temper, Slow
Level 3. Hold, Focara
Level 4. Sleepra, Haste, Confuse
Level 5. Slowra
Level 6. Stun
Level 7. Blind

Item Useable
White Magic
Protect, Blink, Silence, Invisera, Heal, Healara, Exit, All Nul spells

Black Magic
Slow, Confuse, Haste, Saber

Personal Low Level Boss Record-----------------------------------(BEST)
Melee Black Mage Records.Just in case your wondering about those boss
fights at the same level. I saved before the boss. Killed it then I
reloaded the game. I just barely missed having a Lowest level Chaos
fight...So these values might get an update if I go through again.
Garland:       Level 5  Hp:125 Recommended Hp:100
Pirates:       Level 6  Hp:147 Recommended Hp:150
Piscodemons:   Level 10 Hp:241 Recommended Hp:250
Astos:         Level 10 Hp:241 Recommended Hp:250
Vampire:       Level 15 Hp:358 Recommended Hp:300
Lich:          Level 16 Hp:380 Recommended Hp:400
Evil Eye:      Level 17 Hp:403 Recommended Hp:400
Dragon Zombie: Level 18 Hp:427 Recommended Hp:400
Kraken:        Level 18 Hp:427 Recommended Hp:400
Marilith:      Level 18 Hp:427 Recommended Hp:400
Blue Dragon:   Level 18 Hp:427 Recommended Hp:400
Tiamat:        Level 20 Hp:431 Recommended Hp:500
Death Eye:     Level 24 Hp:583 Recommended Hp:500
Lich Past:     Level 24 Hp:583 Recommended Hp:500
Marilith Past: Level 24 Hp:583 Recommended Hp:500
Kraken Past:   Level 25 Hp:610 Recommended Hp:500
Tiamat Past:   Level 25 Hp:610 Recommended Hp:600
Chaos:         Level 26 Hp:638 Recommended Hp:600
Into the Wilds and The Kings Rogue Knight------------------------(GARL)
Choose your party one of which has to be a Black Mage, the rest is up 
to you. Put your Black Mage at the bottom of the lineup and unequip 
everyone else. Jump into a battle and keep using the worthless 
equipment of knives and clothing until your Black Mage is alone at 
which point RUN!!!

Now go into Cornelia finally and spend a night at the Inn. Sell the 
excess equipment then head on down to the Black Magic Shop and purchase 
Sleep and Focus. Don't bother buying anything else.

Sleep will be the backbone of your survival for a long time so get used 
to relying on it almost every fight!!!

Talk to one of the guards blocking your exit and be sent to the king. 
What's this? The princess has been captured!!! Eh who cares time to go 
outside and train for a while.

Stay close to the town so that your fighting only goblins, start out 
the battle by casting Sleep then inflict a stabbity doom at first on 
the ones who are awake if 2 or more are awake you might want to cast 
Sleep again.

Make sure to save before your level up and keep trying to make sure 
that you get over 20 hp when you do, this will make life a lot easier 
and is pretty much a requirement of this challenge so get used to it.

Level until your doing 2 attacks and note you will feel godly taking 
down goblins in one attack at this point. Don't let it get to your head.

When your feeling confident stock up on as many potions as you can 
purchase. Then head northwest to the Chaos Sanctuary.

You'll want to avoid fights here considering some monsters can kill you 
very fast. The only item you really want here is the Leather cap. Go 
left of the entrance. But if you must there is a potion and a tent in a 
room to the north.

When all that's said and done head back to the entrance, then walk 
straight up and talk to the guy in armor. Boss Fight!!!

Boss Battle: Garland
Hp: 212

I recommend having 100 or more hp for this fight.


If you kept your levels low, cast Focus so that you can get off 2 
attacks every round. When your Hp gets under 50 you should use a 
potion. I've seen him do 46 damage on his critical, so it's a better 
safe than sorry thing. Other than that just hack away at him until you 

When you finish with the talk sequence and such. Stay at the Inn if 
needed and then cross the bridge and head east to Provoka.

The Brigands of Provoka, Demons of Marsh, and The Dark Elf-------(PIRA)
Head to the Armory and buy Leather Gloves, then to the Black Magic shop 
to buy Temper and Dark. Temper will be used almost every fight from 
this point on in the game so your lovely mp isn't so worthless. Make 
sure you have a good amount of potions about 5-10 will do then talk to 
the pirate leader and prepare for an annoying boss fight.

Boss: Pirates x9
Hp: 24

I recommend having 150 or more hp for this fight

The Hp is laughable but the Pirates can take very good size chunks of 
your life so don't get cocky. Start off by casting Sleep. Hopefully 
that Sleep spell hit almost all of the Pirates. Next cast Dark, which 
should hit almost all of the Pirates. Now that most or all of them are 
blind you should unequip all your armor for the extra evade. Trust me 
those few evade points will really help you here. Use a Potion if you 
need, if not cast Temper. Just attack you should one hit them now and 
if too many wake up cast another round of sleep and heal when 

If you don't have Dark don't worry. It will be harder to win and rely
more on luck, but you can get by using Sleep. Just don't let more than
3 Pirates be awake and you'll do fine.

When that's said and done hop into your newly acquired ship. You can 
play the minigame now or later but you will need a few FHR's for 
an upcoming boss. Meaning you have to get under 1 minute. I know this
is a pain but its needed.

I suggest training a bit on the sea. Sleep is a must like usual but is 
worthless on Sharks because of its miss rate. If you dock at Cornelia 
you will have access to the cheapest Inn in the game so you can save 
money as you train.

You'll want about 1000 gold so that when you go south to Elfheim, you 
can buy the Copper Armlet and Dagger. Both of these items can be found 
in Marsh cave if you want to save money or just head down there to take 
on the piscos. Chances are training around Elfheim is going to be a 
pain for you at the moment so resting at the Inn after a single battle 
will probably become a common thing.

Sleep stops being that useful here so feel free to stop using it soon.

When you feel your ready and you have a few FHR's then head west 
to the Marsh cave.

The only treasures of interest here are Dagger and Copper Armlet. Head 
to B3 then go down two rooms and right one for a Boss Battle.

Boss Battle: Piscodemon x2
Hp: 84

I recommended 250 or more Hp for this one.

Their attack is a real pain so you're going to have some problems here. 
You might even gain an eternal hatred for these creatures. You need to 
play the ship game and get some FHR's. Temper twice and take them down.
Healing should come every other turn. Sometimes you should heal 
immediately. You'll understand when you try it. 
Note with this strategy you have to get really lucky!

Another strategy is to get 400 max Hp and then do the fight. This is
easier but requires a lot of leveling. You need only one FHR as well!
Temper twice then use the FHR. Then attack until you win. It's simple
but it works.

Exit Marsh Cave and either rest at the Inn in Elfheim first or just go 
north to fight Astos

Boss Battle: Astos
Hp: 420

I recommend Hp 250 or more

He's got a lot of nasty tricks, though his instant death spell will 
probably be what gets you. Cast Temper 2 times or more. Then you can
cast Haste. (If you don't have Haste get a Hermes shoe from the ship)
If he gets a Slowra spell off on you just recast Haste and go back to
attacking. A few potion uses and you should win.

The Boost and More Adventure-------------------------------------(BOOS)
After the fateful battle take your ship just north of Cornelia and walk 
into Matoya's cave, get the JOLT TONIC then head back to Elfheim. 
Awaken the prince and get the MYSTIC KEY. While lots of places have 
goodies, I'll only list those that are of use for making your Black 
Mage more dangerous.

In Cornelia castle there is a Mythril Knife and the TNT, Astos' Castle 
has the Power Staff and last but certainly not least is the Silver 
Armlet in the room on the lower left corner of B3 in the Marsh Cave.

Mythril Knife and Power Staff are going to be your choice weaponry for 
a good long time so pick which you want to use the power staff has 1 
more attack power while the Mythril Knife has 15 more accuracy. I 
personally chose the Knife for two reasons.

1.I prefer Stabbity Death
2.The accuracy boost could either give me one more hit earlier or 
ensure more hits depending on monster evasion

Now a paragraph solely to the Silver Armlet when you put it on you will 
be overjoyed. After all those hard and long fought battles against 
monsters that treated you like a rag doll you will feel like a god!!! 
Those monsters now usually hit for, around 1 damage!!! Feel free to 
take revenge but remember your trying to keep your level low.

Get back on your ship and head northwest to the Dwarf Colony. There is 
a couple rooms with chests here so grab them of course, then talk to 
the Dwarf all the way to the south. After a nice cinematic 
sequence...NOT. You will have a way out into the Ocean.

Detour and the Undead--------------------------------------------(VAMP)
While your next destination is due west don't go there yet. Instead 
head south until you can head west without being stopped almost 
immediately by land. Keep heading west until you reach a dock. Avoid 
all battles and Head into the town of Crescent Lake.

In Crescent Lake buy a bunch of Hi Potions then head back to the canal 
opening. Then head a bit west to the town of Melmond. The only thing of 
use here is the Black Spell Slowra buy it when you can. Head west and 
south until you come to the Cavern of Earth. No important chests here 
pick up what you want then go down to B3 for a Boss Fight!

Boss Fight: Vampire
Hp: 280

I recommend 300 Hp or higher for this one.

He has really high attack power and he can Paralyze. If Gaze hits 
chances are your going to die. Cast Temper 3 times and then Haste. Then
attack until Vampire dies. Heal as you see fit but remember he goes
first and can do over 100 damage.

Grab the STAR RUBY and head out. Go to the cave northwest of the Cavern 
of Earth and give the STAR RUBY to the giant. You can go south for 
chests if you want. Use the stairs to exit then head south to visit 
Sarda. He will give you the EARTH ROD and send you back into the Cavern 
of Earth. 

Head back down to where you fought the Vampire and go north you'll find 
a stone slab. Press A and the EARTH ROD will destroy it. There are 
chests but once again nothing you need grab if you want. Head down to 
B5 for another Boss Fight!

Boss Fight: Lich
Hp: 1200

I recommend 400 Hp or higher.

His attacks can stun you and he has 3 spells to immobilize you! They 
are Sleepra, Hold, and Sleep. So keep your Hp above halfway if you can.
His other spells can also do a number on you, but can be halved if you
get the blue, white, and red curtains from the ship game. Cast Haste
and about 5 Tempers, then attack your way to victory.

Side Trip for the Shield of Promise------------------------------(CLOA)
Time to go back to Cornelia. From there head northwest and enter the 

Earthgift Shrine

Your sole objective here is to get either the desert floor or the 
forest floor on B4. This is so you can get the Elven Cloak. This will 
be your best shield defense wise in the entire game!!!

When you're done go to B5 and talk to the Spirit in the northwest room.

Boss Battle: 2-headed Dragon
Hp: 4500 

This Boss has insane attack power!!! You should cast a few Slowra 
spells immediately. After you tame his attack haste and temper your way 
to victory. He gives the Bard's Tunic, which will give you a slight 
defense boost, but you will get something better soon.

When your done head back to Crescent Lake and talk to the Sages in the 
northeastern corner of town. One will give you the canoe.

Head back to your ship now and follow the shoreline north until you're 
in a little enclosure of water in which head west to the river.

Frozen Caves and Open Skies--------------------------------------(EEYE)
Go up the river and then go west, until you get to the Cavern of Ice. 
What your after is the LEVISTONE. You can ignore all the chests without 
regret though there is a sizable sum of cash here. After finding your 
way actually to the stone you get into a fight.

Boss Battle: Evil Eye
Hp: 162

If you got this far you have more than enough Hp.

The only real problem you'll have here is when It paralyzes you. Cast
Haste and 2-3 Tempers, then stab It to death.

After It dies grab the LEVISTONE and get out of there. Canoe back to 
your boat and follow the shoreline down until you see a river leading 
up. Get on the river then head left and walk into the desert. You will 
see an Airship rise from the sands.

Now you can fly anywhere unhindered. But you can only land on flatlands 
barring deserts of course. Fly to the northwest land on your map.

Waterfalls and Sunken Shrines------------------------------------(KRAK)
Land next to the river and canoe up it. Go inside the waterfall and go 
left then down into a room. Now talk to a Robot for the WARPCUBE. Then 
Grab the chests and equip the Ribbon. This is literally the best helmet 
in the game. It provides immunity to all status effects, and is like an 
instant Nulall spell. It's much harder to die from an instant death 
spell while having this equipped but note you "CAN" die from them 

The Defender you just grabbed casts Blink when used. This is probably 
the 2nd most useful spell in this type of challenge and is a requirement 
pretty much for certain bosses.

Head back to your airship and fly to the northwest a bit and land near 
the desert. See that patch of sand that's by itself go there. Buy the 
FAIRY for 40,000 gold. You can buy Giants tonics here for a 200 max hp 
boost in battle remember that. Then hop back on your airship and head 
west to Gaia. Your FAIRY should fly northeast so go there and talk to 
her she will give you the OXYALE.

Go into the armor shop and buy a Protect Ring. This is pretty much the 
best glove you will get. If you didn't take the side trip to the 
Citadel of trials buy the Ruby Armlet here if you feel you need the 
defense. When that's taken care of hop back down to the river you took 
to go into the waterfall. This time head east, to Onrac.

Go to the docks and talk to the girl next to the barrel. She will float 
away. Hop into the barrel for a soothing cinematic sequence. Head up 
all the way then right to start on your path to the top of this place. 
When you reach the top make sure to grab the Diamond Armlet and the 
ROSSETTA STONE. Diamond Armlet is pretty much the 2nd best armor in the 
game for you so cherish it. Descend down to the bottom of this place. 
Make sure to get the Giants Gloves then go through the semi maze like 
ways to another Boss Fight.

Boss Battle: Kraken
Hp: 1800

I reccmmend 400 Hp.

Cast Blink 3 times, then cast Haste followed by 4-5 Saber spells. He
should fall easily enough.

Once that's done head to Melmond and talk to Dr.Unne. He will teach you 
Lufenian. After that's done head back to Crescent Lake.

Volcanic Travels and Flying Castles------------------------------(MARI)
Head west and land your Airship next to the Volcano. Nothing is of 
interest here so head down for a Boss Fight.

Boss Battle: Marilith
Hp: 1440

I recommend 400 Hp.

Cast Blink 3 times. Then cast Haste and 4-5 Saber spells. She should 
fall easily enough.

Head North of Crescent Lake until you come to a desert then follow the 
right edge up until you see a pond. Land near that and trek down to 
Lufenia. Talk to the guy on the lower left hand side of the docks to 
get the CHIME. Head back to the Airship then land south of the desert.

Trek northwest in the desert and enter the Mirage Tower. Climb the 
tower to the top and prepare for a fight with a Blue Dragon. 

Boss Battle: Blue Dragon
Hp: 454

Your current Hp is more than enough.

Cast Blink 2 times to take his attack down a notch. Then Cast Haste
followed by 2 Saber spells. Obliterate him! 

After the battle go up onto the platform and press A. You'll be
transported to a Floating Castle. Be sure to pick up the White Robe on
the second floor. White Robe will cast Invisira. No other chests are of
importance. Go to the end of the dungeon.

Boss Battle: Tiamat
Hp: 2400

I recommend 500 Hp.

She is a cut above the other Fiends and it shows. Cast Blink 4 times,
then cast Haste and 5 Saber spells. Make sure your Hp is always above
175 at the end of the turn. This is a precaution you should take! Her
magic and poison gas hit hard.

Time Travel and the end of a Crisis------------------------------(CHAO)
With all of the Fiends vanquished head back to the Chaos Shrine. Press 
A next to the Black Crystal then go into the past. There are really no 
chests of note. I recommend 500 Hp for all the bosses in this section.

Boss Battle: Death Eye
Hp: 360

Treat this battle as you would any random encounter. Just note the 
third spell he casts is Dispel. If it hits you then all of your 
immunities vanish!!! That's right, his instant kill spells become a 
real threat! Chances are you won't have to worry about retrying this 
fight unless you're unlucky.

After you kill Death Eye play the Lute at the Stone Slab and head down 
the ladder. Note the Revived Fiends have new tricks to take you on with.

Boss Battle: Lich Past
Hp: 2800

The main thing to worry about here is the fact that Flare really hurts!
Cast a few blinks, 5 Sabers and then Haste. Heal yourself if
your Hp gets near the 250 mark. Attack a few times and you win!

Boss Battle: Marilith Past
Hp: 3200

Cast Haste, 4 Blinks and 6 Sabers. She should prove to be an easier
fight than Lich! Depending on how she acts you might not even need
to heal! Give her the stabbity death she deserves!

Boss Battle: Kraken Past
Hp: 3600

Okay his attack just plain Hurts...You can expect to die a few times
if he decides to do nothing but attack at the start. Get 4 Blinks off
like usual, 6 Sabers and Haste. Cure as you see fit and go in for the 

Boss Battle: Tiamat Past
Hp: 5500

Tiamat is a real pain this time around. Her physical attack makes 
Kraken seem like a plush bunny that cures you! Pray she doesn't attack
until you get your Blink spells cast! With that said.
Cast Blink 5 times, Saber 7 times and then Haste. You're in for a long
battle if your using Hi potions to heal. Keep your Hp above 200 during
the fight. A few more attacks than usual and She should fall.

And with the death of the last fiend for the second time,it's time for
the grand finale...Of the normal Bosses. 

Final Boss Battle: Chaos
Hp: 20000

Cheapness incarnate that's how I'll describe him. Hi potions are no
longer of any use. So it's time to use up those FHR's! Start off the
fight by casting Blink 2 times. If you feel you can survive two more
turns then use a Giant's Tonic now. Use one of your FHR's. Now use
Giant's Tonic until your Hp reaches 999. Once that's done use Blink
2 more times and keep in mind to never let your Hp drop below 400!If
your Hp is getting close take the turn for an FHR! Cast Haste and then 
cast 10 Sabers. If Chaos still hasn't cast Curaja then cast Saber a few
more times.
After he casts Curaja start the assault! Keep in mind that you need to
stay above 400 Hp at all times. Out of the blue he should cast Flare!
It did a whopping 333 to me. It can probably dish out more. I expect
that at the end of the fight you've probably used over 10 FHR's just to
take Chaos down! When you kill him bask in the glory of your victory.
You still have the Soul of Chaos bosses to worry about though.

Ship Minigame----------------------------------------------------(SHIP)
Get on the Ship (not the airship) and hold A then press B 22 times. 
This will start the 15 tile slider game which gives you a prize based 
on your time. Here I'll list my strategy for completing this minigame. 
If you need another strategy feel free to visit Blacksniper's Level 11 
Class Change Faq.

X means the numbers here don't matter yet. The steps show what even 
beginner should be able to get the tiles too.

Step 1 
from here move 3 left and 4 up 

Step 2 
from here move 13 down and 9 left 

Step 3 
move 7 left and 8 up 

Step 4a the tricky one (idea is to get 10 to trail just behind 14) 

Step 4b  
from here move 14 down and 10 left 

Step 5 rotate the final 3 pieces into their respective spots

Side Quests------------------------------------------------------(SIDE)
In here is the optional dungeon information. From the Citadel of Trials 
and the four Bonus Dungeons.

Citadel of Trials------------------------------------------------(CITA)
After you obtain the CANOE sail to the Dragon Islands then go east. 
Park your Ship on the river just north of the Citadel of trials and 
walk the short distance to it. Talk to the old man then head northwest 
to start the trials. Always take the lowest teleporter.

On the final floor grab the Ruby Armlet and the rest of the chests. Yes 
the Ruby Armlet is the only thing of value in here.

Boss Battle: Dragon Zombie(s)
Hp: 268

Your current Hp should be more than enough.

Start the battle off by casting Blink twice. Then cast Haste and 3 
Tempers. They should fall easily enough. If you're lucky they will drop
a Megalixer!

Earthgift Shrine-------------------------------------------------(EART)
Head Northwest of Cornelia for this one.

Only item of interest here is the Elven Cloak. Which is the best shield 
defense wise. It's located on B4, make sure to get either the Desert or 
the Forest to grab this item.

Boss Battle: 2-headed Dragon
Hp: 4500 

This guy's attack is insane!!! You should cast a few Slowra spells to 
tame it. After you tame his attack Haste and Temper your way to 
victory. He gives the Bard's Tunic.

Boss Battle: Cerberus
Hp: 4000

Use a Blue Curtain at the start of the battle if your not wearing a 
ribbon. Then just Haste and Saber/Temper. You'll need a good amount of 
Hi potions for this battle. Cerberus drops the Kotetsu.

Boss Battle: Echidna
Hp: 4800

Echidna spends most of her time using Earthquake so you don't have to 
worry if you're wearing a Ribbon. Cast Haste and Saber/Temper yourself 
to an easy victory. She drops X potion.

Boss Battle: Ahriman
Hp: 5000

This boss loves to cast magic spells on you left and right and has a 
respectable physical attack. Needless to say a Ribbon is a must. Hi 
potions might not be enough to take him down if your ill prepared. He 
drops Dry Ether.

Hellfire Chasm---------------------------------------------------(FIRE)
This one is found on the Dragon Islands. The island that has two holes 
and is marsh covered has the entrance. These strategies assume your 
wearing a Ribbon for them all.

On B5 you find Scarmiglione and Cagnazzo.

Boss Battle: Scarmiglione 1
Hp: 4000

He casts spells a lot but remember to have your Hp high before you 
strike the final blow. Cast Haste and Saber/Temper then take him down. 
You won't have any time to heal before the next battle starts so do it 

Boss Battle: Scarmiglione 2
Hp: 7046

He's back from the dead and nastier than before. You should start out 
by using Giant Tonics to get your max Hp up. His poison gas hits real 
hard. You might just have to use a FHR depending on your levels. You 
should use a few Blink spells to make his attack worthless. Other than 
that Cast Haste and Saber/Temper then take him down. He drops Lunar 

Boss Battle: Cagnazzo
Hp: 7968

Not nearly the threat Scarmiglione posed. Cast Blink a few times to 
make his attack worthless to buy you some healing room from Tsunami. He 
drops Light Curtain.

On B10 you can find Barbariccia and Rubicante.

Boss Battle Barbariccia
Hp: 12954

Her attack really hurts. Cast Blink a few times and then cast Haste and 
Saber/Temper then take her down. As the fight drags on she will use 
Cyclone more and more so your Hi potions won't make much progress 
during the later stages of the battle. She drops Braveheart.

Boss Battle: Rubicante
Hp: 15000

He has a high attack so cast Blink about 4 times. Some of his magic 
attacks can really do a number even with the Ribbon but you shouldn't 
have too much trouble. If you want some precautions you can use Giant 
Tonics to raise your max Hp. Other than that cast Haste and 
Saber/Temper until your ready to take him out. He drops Kikuichimonji.

Lifespring Grotto------------------------------------------------(WATE)
The whirlpool you see coming out of the canal is the Lifespring Grotto.

On floor 5 you'll find Gilgamesh.

Boss Battle: Gilgamesh
Hp: 8888

This guy can do either insane physical damage or crappy physical 
damage. So you should use Blink about 4 times then just Saber/Temper 
and Haste yourself to Victory. If your Unlucky he can kill you at the 
start in a single hit. Most damage I've seen him do is 759!!!

On floor 10 you'll find Atomos.

Boss Battle: Atomos
Hp: 13000

This boss will really nail you with high-powered magic. Using Blink is 
up to you not a real necessity here. Be prepared to see Wormhole and 
Comet used over and over near after the fight gets underway a bit. 
Haste and Saber/Temper then take him down.

On floor 20 you'll find Omega and Shinryu. Go left for Omega and right 
for Shinryu.

Boss Battle: Omega
Hp: 35000

This is the hardest boss in the game and will be the longest battle 
you'll ever have. Expect over 50 rounds of pain here. The only way to 
win here is to have him start the battle with a Wavecannon and 
Earthquake. With you casting Blink both times. Follow that by a FHR and 
2 more Blinks. Raise your Hp max to 999 with the Giant Tonics now. Then 
cast Invisera 4 times. Then proceed with the major amount of 
Sabers/Tempers needed to pierce his armor. Keep your hp above half 
throughout the entire fight and expect to use a lot of FHR's.

Boss Battle: Shinryu
Hp: 35000

This is a really hard battle but surprisingly not even in the top 
three. This is just really long after you get the setup done and takes 
a lot of FHR's. Shinryu does almost pure magic and it wouldn't be 
surprising if he did nonstop flares. If he does that you can restart to 
save on some FHR's. Start out by using a Giants Tonic, and then use a 
FHR. Repeat that until your Hp is 999. When that's done Blink 4 times 
to tame his physical attack. Add in 4 Invisera spells for good measure. 
So long as you have an ample supply of FHR's the rest is a cakewalk. 
Cast Haste and a bunch of Saber/Tempers (not nearly the amount Omega 
required) then take him down.

Whisperwind Cove-------------------------------------------------(WIND)
This one is found on the river heading to the Frozen Caves. These 
strategies assume you have a Ribbon equipped.

On B10 you find Typhon.

Boss Battle: Typhon
Hp: 10000

Just a note of forewarning if you dare want to kill this monster, 
expect to fail a lot!!! His Snort attack is bound to kill you before 
you can kill him. Cast Blink a few times so you don't have to worry 
about His attack killing you. Then cast Haste then Saber about 10 
times. Hope you can take him down before his Snort blows you away. He 
drops Genji Helm

On B20 you find Orthros

Boss Battle: Orthros
Hp: 17000

This guys a pushover literally. Cast Blink 4 times and he won't cause 
much damage at all. His only other ability is Ink, which causes 
blindness. Cast Haste and Saber/Temper to your hearts content then 
attack for an easy victory. He drops Rune Staff.

On B30 you find Phantom Train

Boss Battle: Phantom Train
Hp: 9999

This thing is annoying. Expect a nearly endless stream of Acid Rain 
attacks. Cast Blink to take his attack down a few notches. Then use 
Giants Tonic until you're at max Hp. Only bother using FHR's to heal 
here. Cast Haste and Saber/Temper until you feel your ready. Expect to 
use over 2 FHR's in this battle. He drops Megalixir.

On B40 you find Death Gaze

Boss Battle: Death Gaze
Hp: 30000

This is insane you need way more luck to win this battle than Typhon. 
You have to not only get lucky to where he casts a good deal of spells 
immediately so his physical attack doesn't rip you apart. Him doing the 
spells immediately is very very rare. You have to deal with two more 
factors. His instant death spells can kill you even when you have 
Ribbon and Protect Ring. He can cast Dispel, which will cause his 
instant death spells to have a higher chance of hitting. Caste Haste 
and a lot of Saber spells. Hope with all your sanity that you won't be 
taken out before you take him out! He drops Lightbringer.

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