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Auto-Name Reference Guide by Red_Maxx_XIII

Version: 3.7 | Updated: 03/29/2005

             ___ _             _     ___           _                  
            / __(_)_ __   __ _| |   / __\_ _ _ __ | |_ __ _ ___ _   _ 
           / _\ | | '_ \ / _` | |  / _\/ _` | '_ \| __/ _` / __| | | |
          / /   | | | | | (_| | | / / | (_| | | | | || (_| \__ \ |_| |
          \/    |_|_| |_|\__,_|_| \/   \__,_|_| |_|\__\__,_|___/\__, |
                             _____       _____ _____ 
                             \_   \ _    \_   \\_   \
                              / /\/| |_   / /\/ / /\/
                           /\/ /_|_   _/\/ /_/\/ /_  
                           \____/  |_| \____/\____/  
            ___                              __   __             _     
           /   \__ ___      ___ __     ___  / _| / _\ ___  _   _| |___ 
          / /\ / _` \ \ /\ / / '_ \   / _ \| |_  \ \ / _ \| | | | / __|
         / /_// (_| |\ V  V /| | | | | (_) |  _| _\ \ (_) | |_| | \__ \
        /___,' \__,_| \_/\_/ |_| |_|  \___/|_|   \__/\___/ \__,_|_|___/


      WARNING:  This is not an authorized guide.  It's strictly fan made.
      Also, this guide contains -SPOILERS- for other Final Fantasy games.

Contact Info:

GameFAQs Username:  Graverobber 13
Email:  TheGraveRobberX (at) hotmail (dot) com
AIM:  Graverobber XIII
YIM:  GraverobberXIII
MSN:  TheGraveRobberX@hotmail.com
ICQ#:  327397622
Website:  http://www.wednesdayxiii.tk

Please contact me if my guide has any errors, or if you'd like to contribute.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

That means you stay away from this guide, CheatCodeCentral, you pack of

Do NOT email me to flame me if you think this guide is useless or dumb.
I'm typically a nice guy, but I LOVE being a jerk for absolutely no reason.
You'd really pay if you do give me one.  You should see some of my angry rants
I post at my friend's message boards or my own.  So don't make yourself a
target; don't send me spam mail or hate mail over this guide.  Guides like
this are scattered all over GameFAQs.  Don't single me out just because you're
currently playing this game and I'm an open target.

Table of Contents:

I.  About the Author
II.  About Dawn of Souls
III.  About this Guide
IV.  Updates
V.  Auto-Name References
	A.  Warrior-Knight Names
	B.  Thief-Ninja Names
	C.  Monk-Master Names
	D.  White Mage-White Wizard Names
	E.  Black Mage-Black Wizard Names
	F.  Red Mage-Red Wizard Names
VI.  Credits/Thanks
VII.  Coming Soon

I.  About the Author:

Hello.  I'm Graverobber XIII.  You'd see me around GameFAQs under the username
"Graverobber 13", but I prefer to be referred to as Graverobber XIII because
that's the stage name I wanted to use for my stage name if I got my glam-rock
band off the ground.  I sucked at writing lyrics, so I quit.  To be known as
Graverobber XIII makes me feel better about my failure.  Thumbs up.

I've been playing Final Fantasy games ever since 1999.  I'm mostly a fighting
game fan, but I do play RPGs and First-Person Shooters.

My first Final Fantasy game was Final Fantasy VII.  I never found copies of
FFI or the American versions of FFII or FFIII, so I learned how the FF engine
works from playing VII.

Contrary to popular opinion, I think Final Fantasy V is the best FF game in the
series.  I think the storyline was great.  Sure, it borrowed most of the plot
from the first Final Fantasy and the Japanese Final Fantasy III, but the at
least the characters have names and enemies have importance.  In FFIII, all you
see are monsters that just fight for no reason at all, just because they can.
In FFV, monsters have a reason; Gilgamesh is a badass, Siren likes terrorizing
innocent people for kicks, and X-Death wants to destroy Galuf and the rest of
the Warriors of Dawn.  Well, I shouldn't knock FFIII so bad.  It was translated
poorly by some jerk who thinks the main heroes of FFIII sound great acting like
4 year olds when they should be mature, well-trained-yet-new-to-combat warriors
in the making.

Anyway, I have a fair Final Fantasy game collection:

Final Fantasy I & II:  Dawn of Souls (GBA)
Final Fantasy IV - Hard Type (PSX version, Chronicals)
Final Fantasy V (PSX version, Anthology)
Final Fantasy VI (PSX version, Anthology)
Final Fantasy VII (PSX)
Final Fantasy VIII (PSX)
Final Fantasy IX (PSX)
Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA)

So I have a good understanding of what goes on in some of those games.  I've
only beaten FFI on DoS, and FFVIII.  The rest I've never finished.  I tend to
start RPGs and never finish them.  I usually encounter a new game while I'm
playing an RPG and put the RPG on hold while I play the new game, and when I go
back to the RPG, I forget what I have to do next, or I forget most of the story,
so I just start all over, so that's why I needed help writing this FAQ.  I
never saw many of the characters in the games yet.  I'll get around to beating
my games soon.

Anyway, on with the Guide.

II.  About Dawn of Souls:

Final Fantasy I & II:  Dawn of Souls is much like a combination of the
WonderSwan versions of Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II and the
Playstation Final Fantasy Origins.

Dawn of Souls looks exactly like the WonderSwan and Playstation games, but
there's an important difference:  The Soul of Chaos and The Soul of Rebirth.

The Soul of Chaos is four brand new dungeons in Final Fantasy I, which you
can explore to collect new weapons and armor that never appeared in any other
version of Final Fantasy I.  Each dungeon also contains four boss monsters,
each one guarding an important weapon or piece of armor, and these 16 monsters
are monsters straight from Final Fantasy III-VI, including the King of
Badassness, Gilgamesh.

The Soul of Rebirth is an extension of Final Fantasy II.  After beating the
main game, save your game data to a new slot to select Soul of Rebirth from
Final Fantasy II's menu.  In this extension, you play as the four characters
from the main game that died while fighting for the rebellion against the
Emperor.  I won't spoil who they are, for those who've never played FFII yet.
They enter Soul of Rebirth at the same point they died in the main quest.

I strongly recommend this GBA version of the Final Fantasy I & II bundle,
just for these new features.

III.  About this Guide:

This guide is mainly an informative source.  You see, Final Fantasy I, in
this bundle, includes the feature to allow the CPU to select your part
member's names in case you can't think up your own, since FFI's characters
don't have default names.

Did you know that each of the 6 starting Job Classes have 10 unique names
to choose from, and that all 10 are characters from Final Fantasy I-VI?
I thought that was kinda neat.

I decided to write this guide so that people new to Final Fantasy can know
which characters these names came from and a little bit about those

IV.  Updates:

If I made any updates since the previous version of this guide, they will
of corrections, they will be made posted below:

- I rewrote some of the discriptions below, and I also added more bits of
	info about others.

V.  Auto-Name References:

Listed below are the 10 generated names for all 6 starting job classes, as
well as the games they came from.  Keep in mind, I did 50% of this myself.
If I made any errors, it may not be my fault, so don't flame me via email
or IM.

A.  Warrior-Knight Names:

NOTE:  Names appear on the left, and the origin of the name appears on the

Argus		I was wrong.  I thought Argus was another way of saying Algus,
		a supporter of the Marquis in Final Fantasy Tactics.  I was
		way off.  Âgasu is the Japanese name for the castle in Final
		Fantasy 3 in which you receive the Time Gear.  In the fan-
		translation of the Famicom game, it was changed to Argass,
		which sounds obscene, which is why I hate fan-translations
		of games in which the translator makes things accurate with
		the Japanese version.  Square-Enix will most likely change
		the name to Argus in the DS version of FF3 coming soon.
		Thanks to enigmaopoeia for clearing this up.  I seem to be
		way off with these FF3 references... at least I have a good
		excuse.  Also, a guy named Andy emailed me and told me that
		in Final Fantasy 11, there's a enemy named Argus.  He told me
		this about Argus:

		Andy:  "FYI, this is also the name of a particularly
		ferocious notorious monster in the FF MMORPG, ffxi. Argus
		only shows up in the game once every 24 to 48 hours, and
		competition to claim him is stiff. If you manage to defeat
		him (he's tough!) there is a chance he will drop an item
		worth as much as 10,000,000 gil called the peacock charm."

		I told Andy I was glad there were psychos out there willing
		to pay 100 bucks to buy FF11, then pay more every month to
		keep playing it.  Heh heh.

		Haiiro Hakai from GameFAQs has brought to my attention the

		Haiiro Hakai:  "Argus is a monster with a hundred eyes. He
		was thus a very effective watchdog, as only a few of the eyes
		would sleep at a time; there were always several eyes still
		awake. Argus was Hera’s servant; Her last task for him was to
		guard a white heifer from Hera’s husband, Zeus. Hera knew
		that the heifer was in reality Io, one of Zeus’ many
		girlfriends. To free Io, Zeus had Argus slain by Hermes.
		Hermes succeeded in putting all of Argus’ eyes asleep with
		boring stories, being disguised as a shepherd. To reward good
		service, Hera had the hundred eyes of Argus preserved
		forever, in the tail of a peacock."

		His/her source is:  http://www.arguslounge.com/myth.html

Arus		Prince in Final Fantasy 3; also known as Alus.  I don't know
		much about him, sorry.

Banon		Leader of the Returners resistance group in Final Fantasy 6.
		In the game, Terra, Locke, and the rest of the group had to
		protect Banon on two occasions, or risk being captured by the
		Empire.  In a previous version of this guide, I said Banon was
		Co-Leader of the Returners.  That was because I thought Arvis
		was also a leader in the Returners, and Co-Leader would be the
		proper term for 2 people who are both leaders and have the same
		status.  But I found out that Arvis is a Returners sympathizer,
		so I fixed it.  Stupid mistake on my part.  I suddenly
		remembered that he called himself a Returners sympathizer.  
		I've got to lay off the A1 steak sauce...

Baron		A Castle-town in Final Fantasy 4.  This is the home of the Dark 
		Knight Cecil, White Mage Rosa, and Dragoon Kain, as well as the
		Airship Engineer Cid.  Because of it's possession of the mighty
		Airships, Baron is the most technologically advanced kingdom in
		Final Fantasy 4, as well as the strongest military power.

Desh		Reckless Adventurer with amnesia in Final Fantasy 3; boyfriend
		of Sarina.  I don't know much about him.

Doma		Cyan's home in Final Fantasy 6.  Its citizens were killed when
		Kefka poisoned its water source, causing the slow, plainful
		to pretty much everyone but Cyan himself.  In a rage, Cyan
		stormed the Empire's desert military outpost, where he met
		Sabin and Shadow, and thus officially entering as a key player
		in the storyline.  In a later scene, Cyan has a strange dream
		when he returns to Doma castle.

Giott		King of the Underworld Dwarven Castle in Final Fantasy 4.
		Giott sends Cecil and Co. to steal back the dark crystals from
		the Tower of Babil.

Leo		General working under Emperor Gestahl in Final Fantasy 6.
		Unlike Kefka, Leo is a compassionate human being fighting for
		the good of the world.  Unfortunately, Leo died in a brawl
		against Kefka.

Sasuun		A Kingdom in Final Fantasy 3.  Due to the fact there's no
		official translation to this game, yet, I can't explain
		why Sasuun is important.  In the fan-translation of FF3,
		Sasuun is spelled "Sasoon".  Maybe Square-Enix decided to
		spell it differently, and Sasoon will be made into Sasuun
		for Final Fantasy 3 on the DS.

Zeza		General in Final Fantasy 5; his fleet is trying to take
		X-Death's castle by force.  Zeza is one of the 4 Warriors of
		Dawn, along with Kelga, Galuf, and Dorgan.  Zeza's fleet is
		attacked before it reaches the castle by X-Death's own
		armada, lead by Gilgamesh.  In a plot to destroy one of the
		barrier-generating towers arround X-Death's castle, Zeza
		failed to escape from Barrier Tower when it went up in a
		ball of flames.

B.  Thief-Ninja Names:

Baku		Leader of the Tantalus gang of thieves in Final Fantasy 9.  He
		kicked Zidane out of Tantalus because Zidane lost track of his
		mission in the group.  Later on, Baku allows Zidane back into
		the group.

Biggs		Commonly used name in Final Fantasy; used to be "Vicks" before
		Final Fantasy 7, the first Final Fantasy game to replace Vicks
		with Biggs.  Biggs... Wedge... do I sense a Star Wars tribute?

Blank		Zidane's fellow thief in Final Fantasy 9; gets petrified with
		the Evil Forest.  Dr. Tot created a Supersoft potion from
		items gathered by Zidane, and Marcus left the party to revive
		his friend.

Daryl		Setzer's friend in Final Fantasy 6; rumored to be Gogo in the
		same game, however, the rumor has yet to be confirmed.  Daryl
		died when her airship, the Falcon, crashed soon after she and
		Setzer raced using their two airships.  Setzer restored her
		airship and had it buried in Daryl's tomb.  When Setzer's
		ship gets destroyed when Kefka defaced the planet, Setzer
		rejoins the party and leads his team to Daryl's tomb to
		retrieve the truly last airship in the world.

Gerad		A false identity Edgar takes on in Final Fantasy 6.  As Gerad,
		Edgar joined a gang of thieves and had them lead the way to
		his castle, which was stuck underground.  Celes and Sabin
		follow Gerad underground and into the basement of Figaro
		Castle, where Gerad finally revealed himself to his two
		friends that he was Edgar all along.

Kelga		One of the 4 Warriors of Dawn in Final Fantasy 5.  When Bartz
		and Kelga lock eyes for the first time, they have a spar.
		Bartz manages to block one of Kelga's strongest attacks, with
		this, and Galuf's telling Kelga that Bartz is the son of
		Dorgan, he long time friend and fellow Warrior of Dawn.
		Kelga is very sick, so other than open the northern gate of
		Kelb, Kelga can't do a thing to help the party.  Upon the
		the death of Galuf, Kelga dies too, as he can no longer aid
		his friend.

Puck		Prince from Cleyra in Final Fantasy 9.  In the beginning,
		Puck offered Vivi a place to see "I Want to Be Your Canary"
		in exchange for a lifetime of servitude.  That never
		happened.  It's revealed that he's the prince of Cleyra
		when the party arrives to battle an vicious Antlion.

Sarisa		Faris's real name.  She uses the name Faris to hide her
		being a princess in Final Fantasy 5; originally Salsa in
		the PSX version of FF5.  Unlike in the dull-as-hell fan-
		translation, the American Anthology version of FF5 says
		Faris hid her identity from the pirates because the pirates
		don't respect women on their ship.  She was raised on the
		ship as a boy and developed the cliche pirate accent.
		The fan-translation made Faris talk normal, so that nothing
		disinguished Faris as a pirate other than her hanging out
		with people who wore eye-patches.  The fan-translation
		needs a nice hard blasting in the face with a rail cannon,
		a la Resident Evil 3.  Way to make things NOT make sense.
		Translating games for America so that it's accurate with
		the original Japanese version is NOT always a good idea...

Tuss		Lone Wolf's true identity in Final Fantasy 5.  Lonewolf is a
		pickpocket, making an appearance in both Final Fantasy 5 and
		Final Fantasy 6.  In Final Fantasy 5, you have the choice of
		breaking Lone Wolf out of his cell.  However, if you do, Lone
		Wolf will steal the contents of the treasure chests in one
		of the caves later in the game.  In FInal Fantasy 6, Lonewolf
		appears in the basement prison of Figaro Castle.  It's not
		shown how Lone Wolf gets set free, but you see Lone Wolf
		steal a Gold Hairpin from a sealed chest and holds Mog
		hostage on the cliff on top of Narche mines.  You have the
		option to recruit Mog early by saving him, or take the
		Gold Hairpin and not get Mog until the World of Ruin.  You
		get Gold Hairpins later in the game anyway, so I recommend
		saving Mog; he's quite powerful when you get him, as you've
		seen from the beginning of the game.

Wedge		Commonly used name in Final Fantasy, along with Biggs and Cid.

C.  Monk-Master Names:

Arvis		A Returners sympathizer living in the mining town of Narshe in
		Final Fantasy 6.  Arvis has a secret base in Narshe.  After
		Terra met Tritoch in the nearby mine, Arvis found her and
		removed her Slave Crown, helping Terra regain her senses.

Cinna		Zidane's fellow thief in Final Fantasy 9; gets picked on
		because of his looks.  "I wash up every day you know."

Dorgan		Bartz's father in Final Fantasy 5.  One of the 4 Warriors of
		Dawn.  One day, when Bartz was a small child, Dorgan left
		Rikks to travel the world.  He never returned.  Bartz too
		became a traveler, hoping to see the world Dorgan may not
		have successfully seen himself.

Duncan		Sabin's sensei in Final Fantasy 6.  Believed to be dead,
		Duncan makes an appearance when the world is destroyed and
		teaches Sabin his strongest Blitz attack, Bum Rush.  Though
		He's alive, Duncan may not be for long, as he seems to be
		very ill.

Gorn		King Gorn in Final Fantasy 3; he is the father of Arus.

Maduin		Terra's Esper father in Final Fantasy 6.  Maduin found a woman
		at the gate to the human world and took her in.  Her name was
		Madonna.  The village seemed to love Madonna.  However, the
		Emipre tracked the woman after Madonna's and Maduin's daughter
		Terra was born.  The gate to the human world was sealed, but
		not before Madonna and Terra are sucked into the portal and
		are sent back to Earth.  Later in the game, Maduin becomes
		Magicite, and allows Terra and her allies to summon him in

Marcus		Zidane's fellow thief in Final Fantasy 9.  He shows respect
		to Garnet and Steiner, unlike other members of Tantalus.
		Marcus saves Blank from the Evil Forest using Supersoft.

Owain		Cyan's son in Final Fantasy 6; dies when Kefka poisons Doma's

Owzer		A majorly obese art collector in Final Fantasy 6.  Relm paints
		him a picture of the Starlet Esper, however, the painting is
		possessed and attacks Relm's friends.  The demon's name is

Walz		A castle-town in Final Fantasy 5.  The nearby Tower of Walz
		sinks into the ocean, where the Mime job class can be won from
		Gogo the Mime, who also makes an appearance as an optional
		party member in Final Fantasy 6.

D.  White Mage-White Wizard Names:

Elia		The Maiden of Water in Final Fantasy 3.

Jenica		Reina's nursemaid in Final Fantasy 5; she took care of Reina
		and her sister, Salsa/Sarisa.

Kuku		One of the many moogles that assist Locke in protecting Terra
		in Final Fantasy 6.

Luca		Giott's daughter in Final Fantasy 4; also the second largest
		city in Final Fantasy 10.  Luca's dolls, three Cals and three
		Brinas that can magically combine into one giant Calbrina to
		attack Cecil and his teammates.

Mikoto		The Genome that was supposed to replace Zidane and Kuja in
		Final Fantasy 9.

Noah		A legendary "archmage" in Final Fantasy 3; gave 3 of his pupils
		a gift before dying.

Ruby		Member of Tantalus in Final Fantasy 9, but she really wants to
		act.  You will recognize her from her "Southern" accent.  Ruby
		opens a theater in Alexandria, however, it doesn't do so well.
		Also, this name could reference Ruby WEAPON, one of the 5
		mechanical monsters sealed  underground and released once
		Sephiroth retrieved the Black Materia to summon Meteor. 

Sara		The NES name for Princess Sarah in Final Fantasy 1.  She is the
		daughter of the King of Corneria (Cornelia in the recent
		versions of Final Fantasy 1).  A rouge knight, Garland,
		kidnapped Sara, and the four Warriors of Light must rescue her.
		In Final Fantasy 3, Sara is the princess of Sasuun.  According
		to enigmaopoeia from the GameFAQs forum, Sara, as Sarah, is
		Princess Garnet's real first name.  I never saw this, as I
		haven't done the mini-quest in which that is revealed, but I've
		heard a lot of people support this, as they probably did the
		quest, so I'll just take their word for it.  Another note, in
		the Japanese version of FF3, Sara was spelled in Latin as
		Sara, and Sara is not the same as Sarah.  In the American
		FF1, they are the same.  Well, similar at least.  I'm not sure
		I grasp that idea, which shows how much I remember from Latin
		class, so I'll just take their word for it again.

Sarina		A princess in Final Fantasy 3.  She's also Desh's love.  I've
		been told she wasn't a princess, just a girl who fell ill.  I
		haven't played FF3 and I don't plan to until an official
		English translation comes States side, so I can't confirm this.
Sherko		A little doctor who's has become ill from Toza in Final Fantasy

E.  Black Mage-Black Wizard Names:

Delila		An old woman in Final Fantasy 3; she lives in the sewers.  She
		possesses a pair of Floating Shoes.  I've originally mistaken
		this for "Delita", a character from Final Fantasy Tactics.
		The second "L" looked kinda like a "T."

Gilles		An old man from the town of Amur in Final Fantasy 3; possesses
		the key that lets you enter the sewers.

Gungho		Strago's friend searching for Hidon in Final Fantasy 6.

Homac		One of the elders of Ur, the starting town in Final Fantasy 3.

Kokkol		Master Kokkol is a smith in Final Fantasy 4, living in a house
		in the Underworld.  He requires Adamant to create Excalibur.

Koko		A female Chocobo in Final Fantasy 5; she and Boko have baby
		Chicobos (term from Final Fantasy 8 referring to baby

Nina		The adoptive mother of the 4 heroes in Final Fantasy 3.

Stella		Bartz's mother and Dorgan's wife in Final Fantasy 5.  Stella
		became sick a few years after Dorgan left Rikks, and she died.

Topapa		One of the Elder citizens of Ur and the guardian of the 4
		heroes in Final Fantasy 3.

Zok		Reina's sage friend from Tule in Final Fantasy 5.  Zok
		possesses the key to open up the nearby canal.  While the party
		spends the night in Tule, Zok gives Bartz the key so he and
		Reina can save the crystal in Walz.

F.  Red Mage-Red Wizard Names:

Duane		Katrin's boyfriend/husband from Final Fantasy 6.  Duane loves
		Katrin, but when Katrin becomes pregnant, Duane chickens out
		and hides away from Katrin.  After Phunbaba is killed, Duane
		comes to his senses and decides to accept his responsibility.

Elayne		Cyan's wife in Final Fantasy 6; dies when Kefka poisons Doma's
		water.  After Cyan, Sabin, and Shadow get off the Phantom
		Train, Cyan sees his wife and son boarding the Ghost train to
		go to the afterlife.  Cyan is tortured.

Gill		A talking sage-like turtle in Final Fantasy 5.  Gill knows the
		true story behind X-Death, and how to best defeat the evil
		Black Mage; find the 12 Legendary Weapons using the 4
		Lithographs hidden arround the world.

KluYa		FuSoYa's brother, and the father of Golbez and Cecil in Final
		Fantasy 4.

Kory		An astronomer observing the moon in Final Fantasy 4, in the
		town of Agart.  Funny though, I don't remember the astronomer
		actually having a name, seeing how he's a minor character...

Lalibo		A dwarf in Final Fantasy 5; wishes to dig a tunnel around the

Lola		A woman in Final Fantasy 6, who lost her true love; Cyan sees
		Lola and feels bad for her's loss, so to make Lola feel
		better, Cyan forges the deceased soldier's name and sends Lola
		letters via carrier pigeon.  Cyan mails Lola his final letter,
		where he explains who he really is and why he deceived her.

Mid		The grandson of Final Fantasy 5's Cid in that game.  Cid and
		Mid use parts from the Fire Ship to construct and add onto an
		airship docked within a hidden underground airship dock near
		Crescent Island.  Throughout the game, the two mechanics
		will add onto the airship to allow it to fly higher and
		reach the Ruins of Ronka and combine the airship with a
		submarine to create an Airship/Ship/Submarine combo which
		you can change at will.
Tot		Princess Garnet's former tutor in Final Fantasy 9.  Tot has
		taught Garnet about plays and theater, and more importantly,
		about her ability to summon her Edilons.  Tot now lives in
		Treno.  The party is allowed to use his Gargant tunnel to
		reach Lindblum when they cannot use an airship.

Yura		The gatekeeper of the Esper village in Final Fantasy 6.

VI.  Thanks/Credits:

The following GameFAQs members deserve thanks for aiding me while making this
guide.  Please note, I only credit the people who gave me the info first,
expanded more on a certain character (gave more info to help explain their
use) and I don't credit to people who posted info on characters I already
knew about.

Thank you to the following for helping with some names:

- Yura
- Lola
- Nina
- Owain
- Gerad
- Gungho
- Elayne
- Koko

jvtruman and King Dragoon XXIII:
- KluYa

- Kelga

thriceborn phoenix"
- Luca
- Mikoto

- Sasuun
- Noah
- Elia
- Sarina
- Nina
- Homac

Sky Render:
- Desh
- Arus
- Argus
- Sarisa

- Tuss
- Gorn
- Kuku
- Topapa
- Gilles
- Kory
- Corrections:  way too many to count.  I owe this girl most of all.
	And sorry for mistakenly calling you a guy.  I didn't know you
	were a girl and I just assumed.

- Correction:  Sarisa (I accidentally said her real name was Faris and
	Sarisa/Salsa was her real name, and Fironel20 called me on it).

- Corrections:  Vicks (spelling error), Daryl (showing me that I forgot to
	finish my description, and correcting the word "the".  Heh heh),
	Ruby (sugggesting I reference Ruby WEAPON from Final Fantasy 7).

- Corrections:  a bunch of minor mistakes.  Mostly my having apostrophes
	where they don't belong.

- Argus, and his role as an enemy in Final Fantasy 11.

Haiiro Hakai:
- Argus, and the Greek mythology behind the name, and for showing me
	this site:  http://www.arguslounge.com/myth.html.

- For releasing this game.

- For creating the Final Fantasy series, and for deciding to reproduce
	this onto the Gameboy Advance.

Enix - You were the company who first created turn-based video game RPGs
	in America.  Thank you for your great efforts in the past, and
	thank you for Dragon Warrior, namely I & II for the GBC.  Please
	try to get Square to remake Terranigma on the GBA or DS.  Don't
	hold out on your American fans.  We need to see this game reach
	our side of the Pacific.

The rest of the character names in the guide who were never credited by
the previously mentioned people, I already knew about.  Thank you all
for your assistance with the ones I didn't know.  There were a lot.

VII.  Coming Soon in Version 4.0:

- Nothing at the moment

Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy I-X, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy
Tactics Advance, and Final Fantasy I & II:  Dawn of Souls, as games, are
©1986-2005 Square-Enix.  I do not claim ownership of any of these games,
except for owning legal copies of these games bought from stores, nor do
I own any of the characters, neither names nor designs.

This is the end of the Guide.  Please hit your Back button to go back.

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