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Soul of Rebirth Script by Typh

Version: 1.15 | Updated: 02/19/05

                                           72M 2M;iB                
                                          ;:  8BM2.7Mi              
                               i                MZ   i              
                          iWM  M   MMMXa.     ; MM                  
                        MBMMM  MM iMMr.         M                   
                       2  . MMMMMM8i           M8                   
                              MMMX2WMM@        M  Zr.               
                         MMMMXSirZM2MMM@;      M7MX                 
                           MWMr2SWXMSX  aMMMMMMM                    
                     MMMM8Mi , 7X  ::M7MWBSa2S7M                    
                    2M7W0W ZWMW8 SM2aX0;M;:X;:iMM,                  
                    ,MMSBMMB0aZ0MM@WWWBB7Z  aaaZ 7W7                
                     MW8W0M0Zri0:7SB028ZaMMMBaMWS  M                
                     ,S@ZS..;MM@@BB7aBMMM8MMMW;M;W M.               
                     : :  WMa;8rX22WWi0M:r  0M@M@M  @;              
                     MWMMM,@0;00ZBXXMS;       Za MW2aMMM;    .      
                  ;2@XMBaa  WM8W@MMai    M  r.M,XW8;aaa@aMBMS       
                  SMMX    B: ;:   SXM   aM  M8MM.ZMMMMM.            
             raMMM0      0MMiMM8WMBMiSXMM   M  .@MM .               
            :8M.       MZMM@SM M8@  ,00,Z   rM8ZM                   
           78       rWMBZ8Z:rMi  8: MWa0@M    M@                    
                  .WW@ MMX.0rZWS   MMXXMi2MM iMM                    
                 02 MWiXM.  @:WZMMMM:2a,.0aZXaMM                    
                 MMMi2@WWM7 :8ZZMS7a8ZXZX,2;8 M                     
                  ,BM82aBWB088M 2 r220ra8X2 M;M                     
                  .MB8BZa22;0a02W8. :2.;i02 MrM                     
                  .MB0SrS;aZMMMMMM2B@Z2X2M WMaMM                    
                iSMMS@M0raMMMM:MMMM2MM88 ;.XM7ZM                    
                SM;.XW  MWZ.0    77  rBi08BX,0@M                    
                @M:   MMr  M     Mr   MMMM2 :BM                     
                 .; 0MW    M,    M     7MS:M@WMMMM8                 
               MMMM,MM     ,M    M       XMM288@M0MW                
             MMZ2MMMMa      Z@  8         .M8X0 XMMMi               
            MS2M 2SB8,       i:            MM8W  MXM.X              
            MaM,i0;MS                      rMMMM.ZSM.a:             
            7 M Mar                          SMMMa;W M              
            @B Z M                         .  M 2;ZSiS              
            2M MM                           2ZM  M0 ,i              
             M:Mr                            ,M  Maia               
            MMMBM                             M8;WMMMM              
           0M M0                              M :MBi M2             
         @ WM M;                              M   0Mr M             
           0 SM                               M    aM 0             
          MaSX@                               M     MWrW            
         M7 M2                                M     @rM.M7          
        aM MB                                 0i     MrM WZ         
        M,MW                                  iB      2aM 0B        
       .Maa                                    M         MXM.       
       7MZ                                     ;          ;WM       
       2W                                                   XZ      
Ricard, the Dragoon.
                Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls
                       Soul of Rebirth Script
                             V.  1.1

By: typhlosion5555
Copyright 2004-2005 Jorge Gomez
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

This guide may ONLY be posted at:

            ---Be warned as the script contains SPOILERS.---


Table of Contents:
I. Introduction
II. Soul of Rebirth Script 
IV. Links
V. Credits
VI. Version History 
VII. Contact

| I. I N T R O D U C T I O N   |

Soul of Rebirth is an optional dungeon that can be accessed once
you beat the game, the point of this script is to clearly view
how Soul of Rebirth enhances the plot of Final Fantasy II.

| II. S O U L   O F   R E B I R T H   S C R I P T    |

Minwu's Journey

*Minwu's Memory*
Minwu: Go...through the door.
       You must...take Ultima.
       Do not grieve... This...this was my destiny...
*The scene shifts to the Jade Passage entrance*
Minwu: (What is this place? Am I...dead?)
*Minwu enters the Jade Passage*

Minwu: What's that noise? Is someone there?
*Minwu heads south and sees 3 Black Knights and one person that looks just
like Gordon*

Minwu: Gordon!?
Black Knight: ...
*The young man that looks like Gordon speaks*
????: Not much for talk? (refering to the Black Knights)
      Then let's see how you bleed.
      I'll not flee before a shade of the empire. This I swear on the
      honor of House Kashuan!
*Minwu approaches '????'*
Minwu: Behind you. Look out!
*Battle against the 3 Black Knights*

*Minwu and '????' defeat the 3 soldiers*
????: Minwu? The White Wizard of Fynn?
      It's me, Scott of Kashuan.
*Minwu looks at him surprised*
Minwu: Prince Scott?
       I heard you fell in Fynn...
Scott: So I did. I gave a ring to a young group sent by the rebels, 
       and then...
Minwu: That means that this place must be...
*Scott looks at Minwu surprised*
Scott: So...you're dead too?
       Then, Hilda and Gordon...!
       Are they...?
Minwu: No, Princess Hilda and Prince Gordon are well... Or at least
       they were when I died.
Scott: Then it's true. You're as dead as I am.
Minwu: Yes. Seeing you here has removed all doubt.
Scott: How did it happen? Let me guess. The imperials?
Minwu: No. The decision to yield my life was my own.
       It was the only way to break the seal binding the ultimate magic.
Scott: Ultima!?
       Has the empire grown so powerful that we must resort to such
       a terrible magic?
Minwu: I am confident that my death was not in vain.
       By now the young warriors to whom you have your ring should possess
Scott: Them!?
*Minwu nods*
Minwu: Firion, Maria, Guy... They form the core of our rebel forces.
Scott: I see, But where exactly does that put us?
Minwu: The afterlife, I suppose.
Scott: And Hell, at that, judging by the scenery.
       I did take the lives of many foes while fighting the empire...
*Minwu looks surprised.*
Minwu: Hell...or perhaps Jade!
*Scott looks surprised too*
Scott: The passage to Hell?
Minwu: I don't know.
       Let's find out.

*Scott joins the party!*

Unknown Cave B2: Encounter with Josef

*Minwu sees a bald person at a distance*
*A guy laughs in a crazy way, he's talking with the bald person*
Borghen: Death is sweet, isn't it, Josef?
         Now we have all eternity together!
Josef: Borghen! Hmph, what a surprise...
       Alright. It's about time I settled your hash!
*Borghen laughs again*
Borghen: Die here and you'll come back! I can kill you
         until the end of time!
Josef: What!?
Borghen: Yes, the inmortal body I've so longed for is mine at last!
*Minwu approaches Josef*
Minwu: Careful...he's undead.
Scott: Borghen, you traitorous dog!
Josef: !?
*Battle against Borghen begins*

*The party defeats Borghen*
Josef: Well, if it isn't Minwu!
Minwu: So you're here too, Josef.
*Josef looks surprised*
Josef: The prince of Kashuan! I heard you were mortally wounded
       at Fynn...
Scott: I was...And you?
Josef: After fighting Borghen, we fell into a trap he laid.
       It was a sorry way to go, but at least I helped those
       kids escape...
*Scott looks at Josef, surprised*
Scott: So you were also with them when-
*Josef interrupts Scott*
Josef: And I don't regret a thing.
       They're young, but they've got spirit.
       Now, can either of you tell me where are we?
       Aren't we supposed to be dead?
Minwu: We think this may be the passage to Hell...
Josef: Jade!?
       The passage they say the beasts of Hell used to enter the world
       of the living?
       What are we doing here?
Minwu: There may be still be some task for us to do.
       Something left unfinished...
Josef: An unfinished task, huh?
       Then we'd best finish it!

*Josef joins the party!*

Unknown Cave B5: Ricard, the last dragoon

*Minwu, Scott and Josef see a giant worm near a chest, they approach it*
????: Not so fast. This one's mine.
Minwu: Who...?
*A dragoon appears*
Minwu: A dragoon!
Ricard: This fiend followed me all the way to Hell.
        That's a grudge to end all grudges!
*Boss battle*

*The party defeats the Roundworm*
Ricard: Well, if it isn't the mage who broke the seal on Ultima...
Minwu: So, you too have lost your life...
       What of Ultima, what of Firion and the others?
Ricard: Don't worry. The spell is theirs now.
        We confronted the Dark Knight, who'd proclaimed himself emperor.
        But as we faced him, his master returned, risen from Hell.
        I'm sure it was here that he gained such hideous power...
*Minwu looks surprised*
Minwu: Then Firion and the others...
Ricard: With any luck, they escaped on my wyvern.
        I bought them as much time as I could.
Josef: You too, huh?
*Ricard seems confused*
Ricard: And you are...?
*Josef sighs*
Josef: I'm Josef, I was traveling with them, same as you.
Scott: I am Scott, prince of Kashuan.
       I, too, shared my last words with them.
Minwu: We all have one thing in common: We travelled with them and lost our
Ricard: Are you saying that our meeting here is no accident?
*Minwu nods*
Minwu: The emperor acquires power from Hell...
       We find ourselves in Jade, the passageway to Hell...
       It seems that some fate unknown even to me is at work.

*Ricard joins the party!*

Machanon: The Rebel's last bastion.
*Our heroes arrive at a strange place in the middle of Hell*
Rebel at the entrance: I'm charged of patrolling this area. The city is
                       not safe, so we must remain vigilant.
Rebel near Pub: I wonder if Princess Hilda is alright.
                I'm worried, but there's nothing I can do...
Kid near Weapon shop: Hey, do you know where's my dad at?
Man near Inn: Why are we in this hellish place?
Pirate near teleporter: This warp gate just appeared out of nowhere
                        The other side is crawling with hideous monsters.
                        Stay away if you know what's good for you.
Man near teleporer 2: I wonder what's become of the Emperor... I bet he's still
                      out there inflicting pain and suffering.

Pub NPCs
    Woman 1: What are we doing in a place like this?
             We're supposed to be dead!
    Woman 2: The monsters around here are unlike any I've ever seen. Keep
             your guard up!
    Woman 3: It gives me hope to see people like you here.
    Pirate: Afterlife or not, this is our home!
            Ain't no way we're letting even one of those beasties in!
    Man; The monsters got a lot of us before we finally made it here...
    Old Man: We lose so many to the monsters...
    Captain: I'm dying for a good drink.
             I've survived so far, but what good can these old bones do? 
    Cid's Underling: I get to be his underling even in the afterlife,
                     talk about lucky!

Weapon Shop NPCs
    Tobul: You'll find my finest creations here!
           If you're in the market for weapons, give 'em a try!    

*Minwu sees a familiar face at the pub*
Minwu: Cid! what are you doing here?
Cid: No one's more surprised than me. Who's have thought there'd really
     be an afterlife?
     And to top it off, everyone here died fighting the empire. How do you
     like that?
Minwu: ...
Cid: I gave up my life of a white knight for the lure of the skies,
     and here I am.
     Never thought I'd wind up in Hell for it, but...
     Any way you slice it, this place is different than any story I ever
     heard about Jade.
*Minwu looks surprised*
Minwu: You don't think this is Jade?
Cid: If this is the entrance to Hell, what are innocent little kids
     doing here?
Minwu: ...
Cid: When I first got here, this place WAS just how you'd picture Hell.
     Monsters fed on anyone they could catch-the old, children, you name it.
     By the time we found a place without monsters to build this makeshift
     town, most of the people were already done in.
Minwu: Terrible...
Cid: Since you all showed up, people have started to show some hope.
     It's funny to think of the dead having hope, but there it is.
     As long as I'm defending this village, I'll help you in any way I
     So I'm asking you, find out what in blazes is going on!
     Where are we, and what are we doing here?
Chamber of the Seal: Minwu's Nightmare

Minwu: This place... No! It can't be!
*Minwu walks deeper into the ruins*
Minwu: Just as I thought. The seal!
Ricard: You mean Ultima exists here, too!?
Minwu: The seal I gave my life to break...
       But this time I will not fail!
       Everyone, stand back!
*Minwu concentrates and casts a massive spell that breaks the seal*
*Minwu faints*
*Everyone looks surprised*
Scott: Minwu!
Josef: Hang on, man!
Minwu: I'm alright.
       I died once... That was my destiny.
       Yet this time I lived...
       There must be some vital reason for our presence here after all.

Inside the Chamber: The Crystals

*Upon checking the wind crystal:*
The crystal responds:
I bestow upon thee the swift power of the wind.
Your agility increases!
*The crystal fades away*

*Upon checking the water crystal:*
The crystal responds:
I bestow upon thee the sparkling clarity of water.
Your intelligence increases!
*The crystal fades away*

*Upon checking the earth crystal:*
The crystal responds:
I bestow upon thee the quiet solitude of earth.
Your spirit increases!
*The crystal fades away*

*Upon checking the fire crystal:*
The crystal responds:
I bestow upon thee the power of burning flame.
Your strength increases!
*The crystal fades away*

*Upon checking the central crystal:*
The crystal responds:
Minwu, White Wizard of Fynn, art thou worthy of wielding the mightiest
of spells?
Prove thy strength. Defeat me.
*Battle against Ultima Weapon begins*

*Ultima Weapon fades away*
The crystal responds:
Minwu, White Wizard of Fynn, thou hast shattered the seal and proven thy
I entrust to thee Ultima, mightiest of spells. There is no man more worthy
of commanding it.
*You obtain the Ultima Tome*
*The crystal fades away*

Pandaemonium: Palace of the Lord of Hell

*The party enters the Palace via a teleporter in Machanon*
Minwu: A palace? This must be Pandaemonium, palace of the Lord of Hell!

Unknown Castle 10F: Final Meeting

*The party enters the top floor and sees a strange-looking person*
The Emperor: Welcome, Holy warriors.
Minwu: The emperor!
The Emperor: But not the emperor you have come to know.
*Ricard nods*
Ricard: He is somehow different from the creature I fought...
The Emperor: You must permit me to apologize for his indiscretions.
             Firion and his companions did indeed defeat me. I died once at
             their hands.
             Then came the rift-the split between the light half and the
*Minwu looks surprised*
Minwu: A light half?
The Emperor: Yes. My dark plummeted to Hell, where he gained his fell power.
             Then he became master of Pandaemonium.
Minwu: Then...this isn't Pandaemonium?
The Emperor: Though they look alike, you now stand in Arubboth, palace of
             the heavens.
             The passage you thought was Jade is in fact Raqia, realm of
             the fallen angels.
             Angels who have sinned are twisted into beasts and cast out
             into its depths.
             I found myself here and became lord of Arubboth.
             As for you, Minwu, who forfeited your life to lift the seal
             of Ultima...
             Scott, who fell defending the remote Kashuan Keep...
             Josef, crushed by a falling boulder in Borghen's Trap.
             And Ricard, the last dragoon, who sacrificed himself to my
             dark half...
             You who lost your lives fighting the empire-it was I who brought
             you here.
Minwu: Why?
The Emperor: To beg your forgiveness, of course.
             The good must pat penance for the deeds of the wicked.
             And I mean to.
*Minwu looks surprised*
Minwu: You want us to forgive you?
Scott: Hmph. Is that all?
Josef: You've got some nerve!
Ricard: You mock us!
The Emperor: I expected you'd say as much.
             Reluctance to forgive has long been a human failing.
             It is man's nature to sin, yet you answer sin with violence upon
             Is that not itself a sin?
Minwu: ...
The Emperor: Forgive me and you shall have life eternal.
             You can live in this paradise for all time.
Scott: Forgive you?
Josef: Eternal life, huh?
Ricard: In paradise, no less.
The Emperor: Again, I offer my apologies for the discourtesies committed by
             my dark half.
             Now you...you must forgive me.
*Two souls appear from behind the Emperor*
Elina: Ricard!
*Another soul appears, this time, to the left of the Emperor*
Nelly: Daddy!
*Another illusion appears*
Gordon: Do not be fooled!
*Hilda appears as an illusion*
Hilda: Look. They still continue the struggle!
*We see Firion, Maria, Guy and Leon fighting the Dark Emperor*

*The scene changes again and we're at the Light Emperor's Room again*
*Out of nowhere a voice appears*
Kain: I'm gonna be a dragoon!
Nelly: Don't worry about me!
Gordon: You are the pride of Kashuan, my brother!
Hilda: I will never give up. You can do no less!
*The souls/illusions start to fade away*

The Emperor: Why do you hesitate?
             Do you not desire eternal life?
Scott: I'm already dead.
Josef: I didn't come this far to dishonor myself now!
Ricard: My hopes live on in those who remain!
Minwu: We chose to die.
       But we died so that others might live.
The Emperor: Foolish men...
             If you will not have eternal life, I will give you eternal
*Final Battle Begins*

*Minwu, Scott, Josef and Ricard defeat the Light Emperor*
The Emperor: Fools! You've changed nothing!
             Your bloody legacy...of war and violence will not...end here!
*The Light Emperor dies*
*The scene shifts to the Pandaemonium Throne Room*
Dark Emperor: Unbelievable... Defeated by... insects like you... not once,
              but twice!
*The Dark Emperor dies*
*The scene shifts to Fynn Castle's Throne Room*
*Firion, Maria, Guy and Leon walk towards the trone*
*Gordon and Hilda stand up from their throne and walk towards Firion*
Hilda: It...it's finally over, isn't it.
       It was a long struggle... But with the emperor gone, we've nothing
       left to fear.
       Thank you. With all my heart, I thank you.
*Minwu's soul appears at the left side of the room*
Minwu: ...
*Gordon salutes Firion*
Gordon: With the combined strength of Kashuan and Fynn, we will build
        the kingdom anew.
        Together, Princess, we will create a kingdom even fairer than the old.
        Though once a coward, I now stand here a new man.
        I have all of you to thank you for that. You have my deepest gratitude.
        I'm sure Scott is smiling down on me from above.
*Scott's soul appears at the left side of the room*
Scott: Gordon...how strong you've grown.
*Hilda and Gordon move back to the throne*
*Paul the thief walks towards Firion*
Paul: Look at you. Do you realize what you've done?
      Who am I supposed to steal from with the empire gone? You've put me out
      of a job!
      I guess I'll just have to start stealing from you. Better watch your
*Paul exits Fynn castle*
*Leila walks towards Firion*
Leila: Ye sure showed 'em, Firion!
       You're every bit the bloke I pegged ye for!
       If ye ever feel like tryin' yer hand at piratin'...
       What? That not sit weill with ye, Maria?
       Haha! Looks like your next battle's already begun, Firion!
*Leila walks away, waves goodbye*
*Nelly walks towards Firion*
Nelly: You did it! I'm sure my dad's happy for you too, up there above the
       I'm going to be working here, serving the princess.
       I just wanna do whatever I can to help out!
*Josef's soul appears at the left side of the room, next to Scott and Minwu*
Josef: My Nelly! Such a brave girl.
*Nelly walks away, to the Throne, next to Gordon and Hilda*
*Elina walks towards Firion*
Elina: We've decided to live in Fynn, too.
       Kain will never grow up to be a good dragoon if we're always running
       from our past.
Kain: I'm not running from nothin'!
      I've got my own wyvern, and I'm gonna be the best dragoon ever!
*Ricard's soul appears at the left side of the room, next to Scott, Minwu and
Ricard: You will, Kain.
        The blood of the dragoon flows in you veins.
*Elina and Kain walk away, to the Throne, next to Gordon and Hilda*
*Minwu, Josef, Scott and Ricard look towards Hilda*
Hilda: We must now dedicate ourselves to the task of restoring what was lost.
       Farewell. Words cannot express my gratitude to you all.
*Elina, Kain, Hilda, Gordon and Nelly walk away from the Throne Room*
*Scott's soul looks at Minwu*
Scott: Gordon...look after Hilda for me.
*Guy looks at Firion and Maria*
Guy: War finally over!
*Firion, Maria and Guy nod*
*Minwu, Scott, Josef and Ricard look at Firion's group*
Firion: Yes.
*Maria looks at Firion*
Maria: We can live in peace again. Together.
*Firion looks at Maria*
Firion: ...
*Maria looks at Leon, who is separated from the group*
Maria: Right, Leon?
*Leon walks towards Firion*
Leon: For us, there can be no going back.
*Leon looks away from Firion's group*
Minwu: ...
Maria: But...why?
       Don't go! Firion, stop him!
Firion: Maria... Leon is right. We've been trough too much.
        I can't stop him. Not now...
*Leon walks away from the Throne Room*
Firion: Leon! When the time is right..we'll be waiting.
*Leon nods*
*Firion looks at Maria & Guy, then pats himself on the head*
Firion: Well, we should we going, too.
        This is only the beginning!
*The screen centers around Ricard, Minwu, Scott and Josef*
Ricard: I think that's our cue.
Josef: This is their time, now.
*Scott sighs*
Scott: Do you think they're up to it, Minwu?
*Minwu nods*
Minwu: I believe they are.
       If anyone can change our legacy of violence, they can.
*Scott's soul starts to fade away*
*Josef's soul starts to fade away*
*Minwu's soul starts to fade away*
*Ricard's soul starts to fade away*

               Their long struggle was finally at an end...

                              The emperor... 


                    The monsters plaguing the world...

                    All had vanished without a trace.

                     Peace had returned once more.

                   The wounds of the war would mend...

             ...and the memory of those bitter days would fade.

                but one thing could never be forgotten...

           ...that a band of young heores once saved the world.
                           FINAL FANTASY II

| III. F A Q         |

1.How do I unlock Soul of Rebirth?
Clear Final Fantasy II and save Clear Data once the credits end.

2. Why all of a sudden a guy named Kain talks when Minwu's in the Throne Room?
Kain is Elina's son.
My guess is that he's Kain, the famous dragoon from Final Fantasy IV. It
looks as if Final Fantasy II and IV are connected, seeing as how there's a 
Mysidia in both worlds, and there's only one dragoon remaining in the world.
My theory is that Ricard and Elina were a couple, and Kain is Elina and
Ricard's son. Kain grew up and became a dragoon.
V 1.15 Update: It seems that in FFIV there is a Place Of Jade where you
encounter the final boss... Jade Passage anyone?

| IV. L I N K S     |

First and foremost, this section will ONLY cover Soul of Rebirth links, this
is not the place to advertise or spam any other sites.

Wih that said, here are the current links available that enhance your Soul
of Rebirth experience ^^.


| V. C R E D I T S                           |

-CJayC: For creating Gamefaqs.
-Square-Enix: For making this great game.
-ReyVGM: For giving me a link to his FF2: SoR Ending Screenshot Gallery.
-ASCII Generator: For making my ASCII art.
-Trenton Noga <inurok30@hotmail.com> For information about the Place of Jade
in FFIV.

| VI. V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y           |

0.9 December 16th 2004: First release of the script, up to the Unknown Palace.

1.0 December 17th 2004: Second release, script completed!

1.1 January 5th 2005: Third release, fixed some typos.
                      Added 'Links' Section.
                      Modified 'Credits' Section.
                      Added ASCII art.

1.15 February 19th: Minor Update.

| VII. C O N T A C T                          |

Have any questions? Comments? Do you want to contribute?
Contact me at jorgomez10@hotmail.com or jorgom@gmail.com
with the subject:
Final Fantasy II: SoR

|Copyright 2004-2005| Jorge Gomez
End of Document

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