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  1. My current party is a Knight, Red Wizard, White Wizard, and Black Wizard and I want the best possible profile. What is the best equipment (I already have Ultima Weapon for my Knight) that I can equip with?

    (Final Fantasy I)

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    MasonTheGamer - 10 years ago

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  1. You can get the Masamune in Chaos Shrine (The past one), which is the best weapon for one reason: any character can equip this. Also, you can get pretty powerful equipment in the Floating Castle (The place you can battle Tiamat the first time you encounter him). As for the spells, the most powerful spells are in Lefein (The place where you need the Slab to be able to understand what the locales can tell).

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  1. There is good armor for sale in Whisperwind Cove, the 4th bonus dungeon, opened after defeating Tiamat. Yes, I said its for sale. There are 2 shops where you can purchase unusual armor and weapons. One of them is the floor that has all mages walking around on it. Its also possible to buy any spell on this floor. Another floor looks like a town, and there is one building you can enter, which sells equipment and supplies. The best shields for wizards are called Elven cloaks, and they found randomly in treasure chests in the first bonus dungeon, Earthgift Shrine. The best weapon that I found for a White Wizard was called the War Hammer, and I believe it can be bought in Whisperwind Cove. The best weapon for Black Wizard was a knife called Orichcalum, and it is found randomly in a treasure chest in one of the 4 dungeons, but I don't know which one. It has a side effect of giving its user 1/4 of the HP the target lost, but will not work on undead enemies. They will be healed and you take damage. The best weapon for Red Wizard that I found was a sword called Lightbringer. Sages Surplices can be bought at Whisperwind. Hope this helps. When I find Orichalum again, I will post which dungeon I got it in. Good luck!

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  2. I believe that it has to be these, strategically.


    Ragnarok, Masamune, or Ultima weapon
    Hero's shield
    Dragon mail, Diamond armor, or Genji Armor
    Genji Gloves or Pro Ring.

    Red Wiz-

    Kikuichimonji, Masamune, Ligthbringer, or Ultima Weapon
    Pro Cloak or Elven Cloak
    Diamond Armlet
    Pro Ring

    White Wiz-

    War Hammer, Thor's Hammer, Masamune, or Ultima Weapon
    Zephyr Cape or Elven Cloak
    Sage's Surplice, Diamond Armlet, or Ruby Armlet
    Pro Ring

    Black Wiz-

    Gladius, Cat claw, Orchalium, Masamune, or Ultima Weapon
    Elven Cloak, Pro Cloak, or Zephyr Cloak
    Ribbon (See a trend)
    Ruby Armlet, Sage's Surplice, or Diamond Armlet
    Pro Ring (See a trend)


    Mrasame, Sasuke's Katana, Masamune, or Ultima Weapon (cat claws also work though i suggest not using them)
    Elven Cloak
    Genji Armor or Dragon Mail
    Pro Ring or Genji Glove


    Unarmed, Ultima Weapon, or Masamune
    No shield or Cloak
    No Armor
    Pro Ring

    You need a Pro Ring and a Ribbon on all four charecters, to protect against all status ailments and all killing moves, because pro ring only guards against instant death, not moves like quake or warp. People say that the Hero's Shield does the same thing as a ribbon but i got killed by quake with it so it doesn't. This allows you to use Rune Staffs to hel and Judgement Staffs to attack without using MP, which is good, especially for Red Wiz's because thier best weapons are ones better put on Ninja's or Knights, except for lightbringer, but chances are if your looking on this site you don't have it, so it's best for Red Wiz and Black Wiz too buff and use judgement staves, while the white mage buffs and uuses rune staff, but Red Mage can switch between dealing magic damage with the judgement staff, healinh with healing staff or rune staff and dealing physical damage. For Masters, even though the two armors bring his defence down, he needs the intant death protection, I didn't list the tiger mask as a helm because i don't think it is worth it.

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  3. For the hero, the Genji equipment is best I believe. I also found a Sage's Surplice which is armor I equipped on my Black Wizard. I think my Red Wizard had the Zephyr Cape. My Master has a Tiger Mask. I think everyone wore some kind of ring (can't remember but it has more defense than a Ribbon). Also I found Ultima Weapon in B.40 of the Whisperwind Cove. (have to fight a bunch of bosses like Typhon and Death Gaze)

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  4. You could get the zephyr cape to use for all party members as a shield early.
    With the HLM as a leather cap
    ARM as diamond armlet
    and GLV as leather gloves
    And masasume as the WEP.

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  5. For the knight the best armor is crystal equip: helm, mail, shield, gloves( random from treasure chests in bonus dungeons) and best wep is ragnarok, which you get for killing shinryu, the hardest boss in the game. he is in the lifespring grotto, 20th floor, room on the right. you should give ultima weapon to a white or blk mage so they have high attack when they arent using magic. for all mages and master the best glove is crystal ring, then for blk mage gaia gear and sages mitre, white mage gets light robe and sages mitre, red mage gets red cap and red jacket, and elven cloak is best shield for all mages.

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  6. Also, dont bother farming death machines for genji armor unless you just want all the items, cause it isnt the best armor for either the knight or ninja

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  7. For my team (Knight, Ninja, White Wizard and Black Wizard), I use:

    Ragnarok (Drops from Shinryu)
    Hero's Shield (Chest guarded by Shinryu)
    Crystal Helm (Whisperwind Cove)
    Crystal Mail (Whisperwind Cove)
    Crystal Gloves (Whisperwind Cove)

    White Wizard:
    Rune Staff (Drops from Orthros)
    Elven Cloak (Earthgift Shrine)
    Sage's Mitre (Hellfire Chasm)
    Light Robe (Whisperwind Cove)
    [Here I would recommend the Angel's Ring, but that's impossible to get without some codes, so I think Protect Ring is the better arm item for mages]

    Black Wizard:
    Judgment Staff (Drops from Atomos)
    Elven Cloak (Earthgift Shrine)
    Sage's Mitre (Hellfire Chasm)
    Gaia Gear (Lifespring Grotto)
    [Same as the White Wizard]

    Of course, that's my opinion, because I tend to chose not only for the defense, but also the benefits a armor gives. For Red Wizards, I guess it would be the same as the Black and White Wizards, except for the weapon and body armor, which should be the Lightbringer and the Red Jacket respectively. If you still have doubts at which to use, give a look at Terence Fergusson's Equipment FAQ and compare the stats and bonuses of the armors/weapons. (Also, if it gets hard to find any of these items in the SoC dungeons, see the Soul of Chaos Guide by the same author.)

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  8. For attack go for the strongest sword for attack or ultimate sword. Just make sure you put the ultimate sword on the guy with the most health and attack.

    For defense use the gear that increases defense the most but make sure you look at the ability it gives also.

    It's really your choice of the best gear, what you might think is the best someone else might not think.

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