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  1. As the question says, I am at the final boss in FFI, and I have no clue what enemies are down there to kill that drop elixirs. If anyone has this information, I'd be very appreciative of them to give it to me. Thanks in advance.

    User Info: dibbion

    dibbion - 6 years ago
  2. Thanks, this is helpful, but I have another piece to add to the puzzle. Megalixirs. I have no clue how often dragon zombies drop megalixirs, so I'm forcing encounters with them in front of the throne in the Citadel of Trials. After numerous battles, I have no megalixirs. I might try going into the latter two souls of chaos in search of elixirs. I would also like to know what towns sell these items, as I have searched each town (to exclude Lufenia, as they only have magic shops), and I have yet to find an item shop that sells elixirs and megalixirs. Again, thanks for the help. It is very much appreciated.

    User Info: dibbion

    dibbion - 6 years ago
  3. Thanks, Poryhedron. I understand that there are no in-game shops that sell megalixirs and plain old elixirs. That is the only viable explanation. I have already beaten the fiends, thus the reason I said the final boss. I have already beaten the game (This was my first time on the computer, but my third time overall.), and am now playing its sequel.

    User Info: dibbion

    dibbion - 6 years ago

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  1. Sadly, there is no store anywhere in the game that sells Elixirs or Megalixirs. By collecting items from the last two Souls of Chaos, though, you can greatly reduce your need for MP (imagine having four each of items that let you repeatedly cast Flare, Invisira and Healara for free). After grinding Souls of Chaos, typically the only use I have for my party's actual MP is repeatedly casting Temper on the swordsmen in the party, and that doesn't cost much (There's no equip item that lets you cast Haste, but in Whisperwind Cove you might luck into a chance to buy Hermes' Shoes from a store, and trust me you'll have the cash to buy several dozen of them.)

    Oh, and regarding access to the Souls of Chaos...each Soul of Chaos is blocked by a statue of one of the four Fiends. To access a Soul of Chaos you must simply kill the matching Fiend, in the present.

    User Info: Poryhedron

    Poryhedron - 6 years ago 2   0


  1. As far as my FAQ tells me, the only enemy known to drop Elixirs is the Death Eye, which is in the Chaos Shrine of the past, where you refight the various bosses from before, like the Lich.

    The Soul of Chaos dungeons have some, but whether you need to beat the game first to fully access them is unknown to me, but I'm pretty sure they're available. Note that the amounts may vary because the order of the rooms is random, and sometimes the chests are, too, so consider these "optimal" numbers.

    - Earthgift Shrine: 0
    - Hellfire Chasm: 0
    - Lifespring Grotto: 8
    - Whisperwind Cove: 16

    User Info: KeyBlade999

    KeyBlade999 (FAQ Author) - 6 years ago 1   0

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