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Reviewed: 10/25/04

A very shallow game

It seems that now every single game that sells fairly well on the consoles needs a portable version. A good idea for marketing profits, but these games always end up being a very reduced version of the original game. Ty is no exception. Not that the console versions of the game are good, I personally find them average, but the GBA version of Ty is even worst. Find out why...

I'll start with what's good.


From a technical view, Ty 2 features pretty good graphics that, while not pushing the GBA's limits, still do the job very well. The look is similar to DKC's graphics, with characters and objects that somewhat look semi-3D. The backgrounds vary from plain to quite nice sceneries like mountains, forests and oceans. However, the nice graphics are wasted in a kind of unpolished level design. Some levels are big, and you'll get lost easily as everything just look the same. There's also a big lack of variety in the levels, as the themes just seem to repeat themselves and never change from the mountains, forests, outback, swamps... so most of the levels just looks identical, except that the design is different.

Music & Sounds

I'm not really into that kind of music, but if you liked the consoles versions' music, you'll like the GBA version's music too, as it's the same. The quality is not as good, but comes close. Like the graphics, the music isn't really varied, and can range from boring to entertaining, but the quality is quite good for a portable game. Sounds are clear and appropriate too.

Now to the bad...


I really don't get what Krome were trying to do. In short, the GBA game is a side-scrolling version of the the consoles games. It's basically the same, with the same story, environments, etc. except that it has been converted into a side-scrolling action/platform game. You start in the Bush Rescue HQ, where you can buy boomerangs and various other items as you advance further into the game, then go into a truck that you can ride across the world map. At the beginning of the game, most of the levels and roads and blocked, so you can't access them yet. You can choose what location you want to go first, there is no real order to do the available levels.

The annoying thing with the world map is that while on the roads between the levels, you'll often come across enemies riding bikes. The view will then switch to a screen where you are on the road with the truck. You then have to drive and push the enemies off the sides of the road while avoiding holes. It's fun the first time, but when you have to do that exact same road level every single time you travel on the map, I say enough is enough.

Then there's the levels. At the start of each level, you will be given a mission like, for example, find this character or hit all the switches throughout the level, etc. The levels are quite simple, they're large, there are platforms to jump on, enemies to kill, and things to collect. But this game doesn't require you to collect that much. The only thing there is to collect in the game is to find the Bilbies in each level. So there's a bit of exploration to do. There's also the opals, which are in plain view, and that are used as money to buy new boomerangs. What doesn't work with this money system is that every time you leave and re enter a level, the opals just reset. You keep what you collected, but when you re enter the level, the opals you collected are still there, so you can just recollect them endlessly until you have enough to buy what you want. It makes the game is bit too easy.

Another problem with the levels is that there is nothing compelling to do while in them. The missions are easy, and the level designs really boring, so wandering into them uselessly is pretty pointless. All you'll end up doing is killing enemies and collecting opals. There's also a fair number of bosses, but they aren't really challenging. You can also control robots to become more powerful during the levels and move boulders and the like, but the game is already too easy.

Last thing are the boomerangs. Unfortunately, one boomerang would have been enough. There's so many boomerangs, but you'll likely only use a few of them. There's a boomerang covered with fire, for instance, but there is nothing to do with it. It's just the same boomerang that all the others ones, except with a different design. There are some boomerangs that have some utility, like the Lashorang, that can grab rings and that lets you swing over pits a la Rayman, but that's pretty much all. Some boomerangs can be thrown farther, etc, but that's really all.

There's just nothing in the game that feels challenging, nothing that makes you want to get further in the game, just no reason to play it at all.


Ty 2 is just yet another platform game, like there are already hundred other ones out there on the GBA, and better ones. It could have been original, with the help of the boomerangs, but it ends up with a very poor level design, no variety, and a quest that's all but compelling. If you like wandering in levels for no apparent reason, searching for items, if you enjoy easy and simple platformers, then you may like Ty 2. Otherwise, if you didn't like the consoles games, then just skip this one.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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