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Guide and Walkthrough by deffkryz

Version: v0.9-pre-1 | Updated: 09/22/2004

      __    __  __  __        ______  ____        _____   __   __   ___
      \ \  / / / / / /       / ____/ /  _/       / __  | / /  / /  /  /
       \ \/ / / / / / ____  / /___   / /  ____  / / / / / /__/ /  /  /
        \  / / / / / /___/ / /_  /  / /  /___/ / / / / / ___  /  /__/
        / / / /_/ /       / /_/ / _/ /_       / /_/ / / /  / /  ___
       /_/ |_____/       |___  / /____/      |_____/ /_/  /_/  /__/
                          __/ /

                       \                             /
                        \   Reshef of Destruction   /
                         \     FAQ/Walkthrough     /
                     /                                 \
                    /   Copyright 2004 - end of days    \
                   /              deffkryz               \

                    (ASCII-"Art" Copyright 2004 deffkryz)
 Game:        	Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction
 Platform:    	GameBoy Advance
 Players:	1
 Genre:		RPG/Strategy/Card Game
 Publisher:	Konami
 Type of File:	FAQ/Walkthrough
 Author:      	deffkryz
 Version:     	0.9-pre-1 (09/22/04)
 Document Size: 102243 bytes
                         \                           /
                          \   I. Legal disclaimer   /
 All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
 respective trademark and copyright holder.
 This FAQ is copyrighted by C. Heumann aka "deffkryz". This document may only
 be posted on my permission that is definitely NOT given by this document or
 in the document itself. Though I am German I will NEITHER translate it to
 German NOR give a permission to do so.
 This document MAY NOT be used commercial and only be found at the following
  - GameFaqs.com     www.gamefaqs.com
 Parts of this FAQ may be copied without asking. But you have to put my name
 as source in the FAQ that should be created. These parts are:
  - Card Codes
 The following parts may be used to recreate a FAQ but NOT be copied. I
 wouldn't mind being mentioned in your FAQ: ;)
  - The game basics
  - Cheats
 These parts may NEITHER be copied NOR be used to recreate:
  - Walkthrough
  - Formatting
  - Card List
 Herewith I guarantee that no other FAQ referring to "Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of
 Destruction" was consulted while creating this document!

                         \                            /
                          \   0. Table of contents   /

  I. Legal disclaimer
  1. A word from the author
  2. The game basics
    2.1 Normal control
    2.2 Duel control
    2.3 Menus
        2.3.1 Game menu via L/Select/Start
        2.3.2 Trunk
        2.3.3 Deck
        2.3.4 Duel: Card menu
        2.3.5 Duel: Duel menu
    2.4 Duelling...
    2.5 Summon advantages/disadvantages table
    2.6 Differences to "The Sacred Cards"
  3. The story so far...
  4. Walkthrough
    4.0  Before you continue...
    4.1  The beginning
    4.2  The Egyptian Exhibition
    4.3  Domino Pier
    4.4  Italy
    4.5  China
    4.6  Free time
    4.7  Canada
    4.8  Galappagos Islands
    4.9  The Neo Ghouls are comin'
    4.10 Need of help
    4.11 Paradox
    4.12 Pegasus Island
    4.13 Dungeon
    4.14 Pegasus Castle
    4.15 The Final Battles
    4.16 Hints
    4.17 Deck summons [X][!]
         4.17.1 Yugi Muto [!]
         4.17.2 Joey Wheeler [!]
    4.18 Hall of Eternity [X]
    4.19 Combos [X]
         4.19.1 Strong monster without any own tributes
         4.19.2 The Winged Dragon of Ra (Battle Mode) - easy summoning
  5. Cheats
    5.1 Visualboy Advance
    5.2 Action Replay/Gameshark
    5.3 CodeBreaker
  6. Card Codes
  7. Glitches [1]
  8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  9. about me
    9.1 Some things...
    9.2 If you want to contact me [1]
    9.3 My favourite cards (within this game)
    9.4 Disliked cards
    9.5 My deck
 10. Version History
 11. Credits
  A. "To Do & Find Out"-List
 [1] Update!
 [!] incomplete/To Do!
 [X] NEW!!!
                      \                                 /
                       \   1. A word from the author   /
 Okay... er... Hi! (Maybe this is somehow outdated? I don't care anyway...)
 As you might not know: I'm German, and it has been a very long time since I
 had to work on a longer text than a few lines. So my English might be read a
 little bit odd. Sorry for that...
 I'm trying to develop a complete FAQ that may be useful for gamers that do
 not play RPGs like these very often with ALL information I was able to gather
 and to test.
 Okay, now that you've passed this passage, you may continue - if you want...
 (I hope so... ^-^)
 Have fun!
                          \                          /
                           \   2. The game basics   /
 Well, where should I start? Though the controls were not changed since "The
 Sacred Cards" it might be useful to remind you. ;)
 All others that didn't play through "The Sacred Cards" should at least look
 over this section because the gameplay is almost completely different from
 other Yu-gi-oh! Card Games such as "World Championship Tournament 2004".
 2.1 Normal control   /
 Directional buttons - Moving your alter ego (and Yugi and this other dude)
                       the same direction you pressed.
                   A - Talk to other characters
                       Continue talking
                   B - Running (hold to run)
                       Cancel Menu
      L/Select/Start - View Menu
                   R - Challenge other characters to duel
 2.2 Duel control   /
 Directional buttons - Choosing card/field 
                   A - Confirming action
                       Selecting card
                       Open card's menu: Attack, Defend, Tribute, Effect
                   B - Cancel menu
                       Open secondary duel menu: Details, Discard, Turn End
                   L - Show's your monsters' attack and defense points
                   R - Switch to view your opponents' side of field
        Select/Start - (none)
 2.3 Menus   /
____________/                          ________________________________________
                                        \   2.3.1 Game menu via L/Select/Start
 Status - Watch you stats (Name, Duel level, Deck capacity, Life points,
  Trunk - Complete list of all cards
   Deck - List of cards currently in your deck
                                                               \   2.3.2 Trunk
    Left - Add to deck if possible
   Right - Remove from deck if possible
 Up/Down - Next card below/ahead
       L - Cycle through view (ATK/DEF, type/element, Cost, Name)
       R - (none)
       A - Open Menu (Details, Move to Deck, Return to Trunk)
       B - Close Menu
           Return to Game Menu
  Select - Cycle through Card order (No., Name, ATK, DEF, Type, Summon, Qty.,
           Cost, Stars, Effect)
   Start - Reorder menu
                                                                \   2.3.3 Deck
      Up/Down - Next card below/ahead
            L - Cycle through view (ATK/DEF, type/element, Cost, Name)
 Left/Right/R - (none)
            A - Open Menu (Details, Add to Trunk)
            B - Close Menu
                Return to Game Menu
       Select - Cycle through Card order (No., Name, ATK, DEF, Type, Summon,
                Qty., Cost, Stars, Effect)
        Start - Reorder menu
                                                     \   2.3.4 Duel: Card menu
 To enter this menu you have to place your card cursor on one of your monsters
 that are on your side of the field and press the A-button.
  Attack - Lets your monster attack.
  Defend - Sets/Switches your monster in/into defence mode.
 Tribute - Sends your monster to your graveyard to summon or set a higher
           levelled monster
  Effect - Activates the card's effect when it's in the first turn the card
           is set to attack mode
                                                     \   2.3.5 Duel: Duel menu
  Details - Shows the card's details
  Discard - Sends the card to graveyard, DO NOT MIX UP WITH TRIBUTE!
 Turn End - Ends your turn...
 2.4 Duelling...   /
 Okay, if you know who to duel within "The Sacred Cards" you don't need to
 read this section. There are no big changes but the use of some single cards.
 You may hold up to five cards in your hand not more. Only one card per turn
 may be drawn by each player except from using "Pot of Greed". If you already
 have five cards in your hand you may not draw a sixth card as you might know
 it from other Yu-Gi-Oh! games such as "The eternal duelist soul".
 You may summon a normal or an effect monster up to Level 4 without tributing
 other ones. From level 5 up to level 6 you need one monster as tribute. Level
 7 and 8 monsters need two. All other normal monsters need three. Note that
 you can only summon or set up to one monster card within your actual turn
 except due to the monster card's effect or a card combo.
 Therefore you need to select a card on your field so it's menu appears.
 Select "Tribute" to send that card to the graveyard. This card MUST NOT have
 attacked or being set to defense mode within the turn you want to tribute it.
 After tributing enough monsters you may summon (or set) the monster.
 But remember:
 You may set or summon just ONE(!) monster from your hand within a single turn.
 If you were able to activate a monster's effect to summon new monsters (i.e.
 due to the effect of "King's Knight") the "new" monster (as well as the
 monster that effect has been activated) is neither able to attack nor to be
 Traps may be set within you turn. They are activated automatically if your
 trap fits to counter your opponents move - if you want or do not want.
 You may set up to five trap/magic cards on the second row on your field.
 Since "The Sacred Cards", it may no longer be the monster with the higher
 attack defeats a weaker one by default. If your monster type is in summon
 advantage of the opponent's monster it may send it to the opponent's
 graveyard even when it's weaker - but in that case without damaging your
 opponent's life points.
 If it's in defence mode and being attacked it also destroys the opponent's
 monster. It will not be destroyed if it's weaker.
 I'll give you several examples:
 You summon a monster with summon Aqua i.e. "7 Colored Fish". This monster
 (and any other Aqua-summon typed monster) can destroy automatically every
 pyro-summon typed monster i.e. "Flame Swordsman" without exception.
 If your opponent's monster is a thunder-summon typed monster i.e. "Z-Metal
 Tank", your "7 Colored Fish" will be sent to your graveyard, even when your
 oppenent's monster is in defence mode. If the opponent's monster is stronger
 you will also lose life points.
 Check chapter 2.5 below this section to view a table of summon advantages 

 Most traps/magic cards/monster effects don't work on the three Egyptian God
 Cards Slifer, Obelisk and Ra. The only magic card that work on them is
 "Swords of Revealing Light" which prevents any monster on your side of the
 field to attack your opponent's monsters or your opponent directly by the
 card's menu entry "Attack". Also every power weakening or strengthening effect
 will work on the God Cards without limit.
 Another fact is that god cards can be destroyed by a stronger card, i.e.
 any other Egyptian God card or a card of which ATK is stronger than 4,000.y The
 only God Card that probably can't be destroyed is Slifer. It's ATK and DEF is
 basically at 4,000 but will grow by every card in your hand.
 Cards that might become or that are stronger than 4,000 are:
 - Dark Paladin, powers up by every dragon monster on the field and the
 - Slifer the Sky Dragon, up to 11,500 
 - F.G.D.
 - Master of Dragon Soldier, powers up by every dragon monster on your side of
   the field
 A card's effect that is described on the card itself may usually be activated
 on the first turn it is summoned in attack mode. Besides the effect that may
 be activated by the card's menu entry "Effect", the card might have a
 secondary effect if a specific type of monster is summoned. These effects
 last until the card that has activated this effect disappears from the field.
 2.5 Summon advantages/disadvantages table  /
 You can be much more successful in duels if you learn these type advantages
 and disadvantages. 
  /            |              |                \
 |   Summon    |   Advances   |   Disadvances   |
  /            |              |                \
 |   Divine    |   (none)     |   (none)        |
 |             |              |                 |
 |   Pyro      |   Forest     |   Aqua          |
 |   Aqua      |   Pyro       |   Thunder       |
 |   Thunder   |   Aqua       |   Earth         |
 |   Earth     |   Thunder    |   Wind          |
 |   Wind      |   Earth      |   Forest        |
 |   Forest    |   Wind       |   Pyro          |
 |             |              |                 |
 |   Shadow    |   Light      |   Dreams        |
 |   Dreams    |   Shadow     |   Fiend         |
 |   Fiend     |   Dreams     |   Light         |
 |   Light     |   Fiend      |   Shadow        |
 2.6 Differences to "The Sacred Cards"   /
 These cards may be summoned without any special ritual [19]:
  - Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
  - Cosmo Queen
  - Fiend's Mirror
  - Fortress Whale
  - Garma Sword
  - Gate Guardian
  - Hungry Burger
  - Javelin Beetle
  - Mask of Shine & Dark
  - Millennium Shield
  - Performance of Sword
  - Psycho-Puppet
  - Sengenjin
  - Serpent Night Dragon
  - Skull Guardian
  - Super War-Lion
  - Tri-Horned Dragon
  - Yamadron
  - Zera the Mant
 These cards have different, added or removed effect or changed from trap to
 magic card (or vice versa) [3]:
  - Dragon Capture Jar (is now a trap card)
  - F.G.D. (may now destroy opponent's monsters on the field)
  - Thunder Nyan Nyan (is now destroyed, if there is a non-light monster on
    the same side of the field)
 These cards have a completely new look [9]:
  - Axe of Despair
  - Blue-Eyes White Dragon (1st version)
  - Dark Magician (1st version)
  - Injection Fairy Lily
  - Monster Reborn
  - Red-Eyes B. Dragon (1st version)
  - Senju of the Thousand Hands
  - Soul of the Pure
  - Sword of Dark Destruction
 New Cards [52]:
  - Aeris
  - Berserk Dragon
  - Blade Knight 
  - Byser Shock
  - Chiron the Mage
  - Command Angel
  - Cyclon Laser
  - Dark Flare Knight
  - Dark Jeroid
  - Dark Magician Knight
  - Dark Paladin
  - Dark Shade
  - Dark Titan of Terror
  - Des Feral Imp
  - Different Dimension Dragon
  - Exodia Necross
  - Gernia
  - Giant Rex
  - Gil Garth
  - Gradius
  - Helpoemer
  - Jack's Knight
  - Jam Breeding Machine
  - Kaiser Sea Horse
  - Kamionwizard
  - Keldo
  - King's Knight
  - Last Tusk Mammoth
  - Lava Golem
  - Mirage Knight
  - Newdoria
  - Nightmare Penguin
  - Orgoth the Relentless
  - Penguin Torpedo
  - Perfect Machine King
  - Puppet Master
  - Queen's Knight
  - Rhaimundos of the Red Sword
  - Ruklamba the Spirit King
  - Satellite Cannon
  - Shinato, King of a Higher Plane
  - The Winged Dragon of Ra (Phoenix Mode)
  - The Winged Dragon of Ra (Sphere Mode)
  - Vampire Lord
  - X-Head Dragon
  - XY-Dragon Cannon
  - XYZ-Dragon Cannon
  - XZ-Tank Cannon
  - Yamata Dragon
  - Y-Dragon Head
  - YZ-Tank Dragon
  - Z-Metal Tank
 Removed Cards [148]:
  - Acid Crawler
  - Air Eater
  - Akakieisu
  - Amazon Fighter
  - Ancient Brain
  - Ancient Lizard Warrior
  - Ancient One of the Deep Forest
  - Ancient Sorcerer
  - Ancient Tool
  - Anthrosaurus
  - Arma Knight
  - Armored Rat
  - Asura Priest
  - Beaked Snake
  - Beautiful Beast Trainer
  - Beautiful Headhuntress
  - Behegon
  - Bio Plant
  - Bladefly
  - Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (2nd Version)
  - Blue-Eyes White Dragon (2nd Version)
  - Blue-Winged Crown
  - Bottom Dweller
  - Brave Scizzar
  - Commencement Dance
  - Contract of Mask
  - Corroding Shark
  - Cosmo Queen's Prayer
  - Curse of Millennium Shield
  - Curse of Tri-Horned Dragon
  - Cyber Soldier of Darkworld
  - D. Human
  - Dark Artist
  - Dark Gray
  - Dark Magician (2nd version)
  - Dark Prisoner
  - Disc Magician
  - Dorover
  - Dragon Statue
  - Drooling Lizard
  - Dryad
  - Eldeen
  - Embryonic Beast
  - Eyearmor
  - Fairy Bird
  - Flame Viper
  - Fortress Whale's Oath
  - Fungi of the Mask
  - Garma Sword Oath
  - Gate Guardian Ritual
  - Gatekeeper
  - Ghoul with an Appetite
  - Giant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames
  - Giganto
  - Giga-Tech Wolf
  - Gorgon Egg
  - Graveyard and the Hand of Invitation
  - Great Bill
  - Gruesome Goo
  - Guardian of the Labyrinth
  - Guardian of the Sea
  - Hamburger Recipe
  - Hero of the East
  - Hibikime
  - Hitodenchak
  - Hourglass of Courage
  - Hurricail
  - Hyo
  - Hyosube
  - Invader of the Throne
  - Javelin Beetle Pact
  - Job-Change Mirror
  - Kageningen
  - Kamakiriman
  - Kattapillar
  - Key Mace #2
  - King Fog
  - Leo Wizard
  - Liquid Beast
  - Lord of the Lamp
  - Lord of Zemia
  - Mabarrel
  - Madjinn Gunn
  - Man Eater
  - Man-eating Black Shark
  - Masked Clown
  - Master & Expert
  - Mech Mole Zombie
  - Meda Bat
  - Midnight Fiend
  - Mystery Hand
  - Mystical Capture Chain
  - Neck Hunter
  - Night Lizard
  - Novox's Prayer
  - Obese Marmot of Neferiousness
  - Pale Beast
  - Protector of the Throne
  - Psychic Kappa
  - Puppet Ritual
  - Red-Eyes B. Dragon (2nd version)
  - Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon
  - Ressurection of Chakra
  - Rivival of Dokurorider
  - Rivival of Sennen Genjin
  - Revived Serpent Night Dragon
  - Rock Spirit
  - Royal Guard
  - Sand Stone
  - Sectarian of Secrets
  - Shining Angel
  - Skull Stalker
  - Sorcerer of the Doomed
  - Spear Cretin
  - Spherous Lady
  - Steel Ogre Grotto #1
  - Stone Armadiller
  - Stone Ghost
  - Supporter in the Shadows
  - Swordsman from a Foreign Land
  - Synchar
  - Tainted Wisdom
  - Tenderness
  - Terra the Terrible
  - That Which Feeds on Life
  - The 13th Grave
  - The Drdek
  - The Thing That Hides in the Mud
  - The Wandering Doomed
  - Tongyo
  - Trial of Nightmare
  - Turtle Oath
  - Turtle Tiger
  - Twin Long Rods #2
  - Tyhone
  - Tyhone #2
  - Ultimate Dragon
  - Unkown Warrior of Fiend
  - War-Lion Ritual
  - Water Element
  - Water Girl
  - Water Magician
  - Winged Egg of New Life
  - Wretched Ghotst of the Attic
  - Yaiba Robo
  - Yamadron Ritual
  - Yashinoki
  - Zera Ritual
 Even when you are cheating:
 God Cards may no longer be an "Ante Card"!
 You may just have one of each of the following cards in your deck [68]:
  - Black Luster Soldier
  - Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
  - Brain Control
  - Castle of Dark Illusion
  - Chakra
  - Change of Heart
  - Cocoon of Evolution
  - Cosmo Queen
  - Crab Turtle
  - Dark Flare Knight
  - Dark Hole
  - Destiny Board
  - Dian Keto the Cure Master
  - Dokurorider
  - Dragon Capture Jar
  - Exodia the Forbidden One
  - F.G.D.
  - Fiend's Mirror
  - Fortress Whale
  - Garna Sword
  - Gate Guardian
  - Great Moth
  - Harpies Feather Duster
  - Heavy Storm
  - Helpoemer
  - Hungry Burger
  - Javelin Beetle
  - Larvae Moth
  - Left Arm of the Forbidden One
  - Left Leg of the Forbidden One
  - Magician of Black Chaos
  - Mask of Shine & Dark
  - Master of Dragon Soldier
  - Megamorph
  - Messenger of Peace
  - Millennium Shield
  - Monster Reborn
  - Multiply
  - Newdoria
  - Obelisk the Tormentor
  - Ookazi
  - Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth
  - Performance of Sword
  - Pot of Greed
  - Psycho-Puppet
  - Raigeki
  - Relinquished
  - Right Arm of the Forbidden One
  - Right Leg of the Forbidden One
  - Sengenjin
  - Serpent Night Dragon
  - Skull Guardian
  - Slifer the Sky Dragon
  - Spirit Message "A"
  - Spirit Message "I"
  - Spirit Message "L"
  - Spirit Message "N"
  - Super War-Lion
  - Swords of Revealing Light
  - The Winged Dragon of Ra (Battle Mode)
  - The Winged Dragon of Ra (Phoenix Mode)
  - The Winged Dragon of Ra (Sphere Mode)
  - Thousand-Eyes Restrict
  - Torrential Tribute
  - Tremendous Fire
  - Tri-Horned Dragon
  - Yamadron
  - Zera the Mant
 These cards are semi-limited which means you may take up to two cards into
 your deck [4]:
  - Crush Card
  - Final Flame
  - Soul of the Pure
  - Widespread Ruin
                        \                              /
                         \   3. The story so far...   /
 Well, here we are! "The Sacred Card"'s sequel starts...
 Reshef of Destruction arises and the three Egyptian God Cards are turned into
 stone (well actually they just turn grey... -_-').
                            \                      /
                             \   4. Walkthrough   /
 4.0 Before you continue...   /
 STOP! This text contains MANY spoilers! I suggest reading the part you got
 stuck in (use your editor's search engine) and get some hints. I know that
 spoilers reduce the fun of almost everything (TV series, movie, game, books
 4.1 The beginning   /
 In the meantime, you and Joey are waiting for Yugi who is obviously a little
 late... There's a new tournament to come so Joey wants to check out your
 -er- so-called deck.
 Finally Yugi arrives and is quite upset (almost crying this wimp...):
 The Millennium Puzzle and Yami are missing. So you, Joey and Yugi have to
 look for it.
 (It doesn't really matter which options to choose, if there is at least just
 one right the questioning cycles until you select the right one... -_-')
 Tea's waiting at the Clock Tower Square and is shocked by the bad news. But
 it comes even worse. Ishizu appears reporting that all Millennium items
 disappeared and asks you for help (again). You have to save the world (again)
 from a Dark Being. This time it's Reshef. To resurrect him it was necessary
 to gain the power of all three Egyptian God Cards that turned into stone - as
 seen: Slifer the Sky Dragon, Obelisk the Tormentor and The Winged Dragon of
 You need to find the Millennium Items to restore their power, so you can
 fight Reshef. Okay, you have no other choice as to start this new adventure.
 Before leaving to your first aim you should check out the other duellists to
 win some extra cards. When you try to talk to Tea, she'll leave the Clock
 Tower Square wishing you the best. You may even go to Trusdale's Card Shop
 buy some cards or challenge Duke and Tristan outside or Yugi and Joey inside
 the shop.
 If you head over to Kaiba Corp. you'll see Rebecca (yeah, it's her!!! -_-')
 reclaiming one of Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon because it was him that
 teared up Trusdale's one...
 To prove Kaiba that she's worth duelling him, you'll have to face her.
 The following info was brought to us by bobka007 via e-mail:
 After defeating Rebecca (and Teddy - sorry that I forgot you) you'll be able
 to duel the "KaibaCorp Duel Machine KC-1000". It can be found right from the
 statue in the middle of the three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons".
 When you want to duel it you can choose between "Novice" and "Standard and
 above". If you've chosen the second option you again have to chosse between
 "Standard" and "Expert".
 "Novice" is pretty easy. The computer's cards are not pretty hard to beat.
 While "Standard" is a bit harder "Expert" is pretty tough as you have to
 start with 5,000 LP. What also makes difficult to beat the computer is that
 its deck contains many monster weakening cards. There are also many magic
 cards to draw your monsters off your side either to the graveyard or its
 side. Do not rely on any God Card once you got them...
4.2 The Egyptian Exhibition   /
 To achieve your first goal you have to head to the Duel Express which is
 currently located in the Domino Station.
 I suggest answering "No" when the controller asks you if you were duellists
 because you may grab an other ante card by duelling the guy at the lower right
 side of the station.
 To enter the train stage you have to exit and re-enter Domino Station. Now
 answer the controller's question with "Yes". After that you and either Yugi
 or Joey has to help you duelling against two of the controllers that want to
 test your abilities. You may choose whether Joey or Yugi to team you up - it
 doesn't matter any of them will win.
 Right after defeating the controller's PaniK arrives and follows you into the
 train. But before entering the Duel Express itself you may want to reinforce
 your deck by duelling the four duellists in front of it. But if you just want
 to continue the story you can enter the Express by walking to the controller.
 Once you've entered the train, talk to the most far left steward. The train
 will depart. The first wagon is a duel wagon where you can duel the two
 passengers and the controller you already talked to.
 Now head over to the next car and meat PaniK. He'll challenge you, but don't
 panic. ^_^ He and his deck are quite easy to defeat and after that the Express
 arrives the Egypt Exhibition.
 If you want to power up your deck head to the left car first, before leaving
 the Express, and challenge the young lady with the red ribbon and her
 Now follow PaniK and talk to the guy standing in front of the door at the end
 to pass and enter a dark room where some artefacts are stowed away. This is
 the Exhibition?!
 As you enter, you see PaniK losing his consciousness... The other guy standing
 in front of him is one of the Millennium Item keepers that now wants to prove
 your worthiness to gain the Millennium Necklace. After defeating the keeper
 the necklace is handed over to you. At the same time it brings you a vision:
 The world's final doom! And Yami's watching it!
 Outside the room back at the express station, you have to meet the Kaiba
 bunch. -_-' Okay, Kaiba whatever...
 Leave the Exhibition by following the yellow line to the upper left exit of
 the controlling station and head back to Ishizu who is waiting at the Clock
 Tower Square. When you try to talk to her, a mysterious looking guy with a
 violet carpet. He calls himself the "Puppeteer of Doom" and challenges you to
 a duel.
 After defeating him, he'll give you a special invitation card from his master
 Sol Chevalski (what a name... -_-'). Put it in your duel disk to view the
 video saved on it...
 She will give you the location of the next Millennium item: The Domino Pier.
 Maybe you want to check out Trusdale's card shop again to reinforce your deck?
 4.3 Domino Pier   /
 Challenge the guy that is admiring the yard with his girl friend before going
 on board.
 Inside you see another annoying character from the TV series: Jean Claude
 Magnum. -_-' However head to Mai and help her out by defeating this wimp.
 After doing so, talk to Mai. She gives you information on a mysterious cargo
 on this yard. Duel the other lady to get one more rare card (maybe I'm on the
 wrong side... ^-^)
 Now head to the cargo bay - there is nothing important at the casino - and
 duel the Item keeper there to receive the Millennium Key. Shadi appears to
 tell you that every Millennium Item carry its bearer's memories.
 Head back to Ishizu to get the next location. When you show her the Millennium
 Key, Slifer the Sky Dragon regains its power! She wants to give it to Yugi but
 he refuses because Slifer would belong to Yami. So you get the card...
 (YES!!!!! ^-^#)
 4.4 Italy   /
 With Slifer on your side you have to travel to Italy. Another Millennium Item
 should be buried there somewhere. Head to the next screen and speak to that guy
 standing there... Tadaaa, see it's Bonz! Defeat him so you meet Bandit Keith...
 Yes, it's Bandit and his accompanies are Strings and Rare Hunter... He tells
 you that he has the control over them and that they would call themselves the
 "Neo Ghouls". After the "Neo Ghouls" left Bones shows you a hidden room where
 another Item Keeper waits to prove you...
 If you defeat him, he'll give you the Millennium Ring. The spirit of the Ring
 appears to proclaim a world of chaos... Fine...
 The next item will be found in China.
 4.5 China   /
 This guy that welcomes you... -_-' Is it Para? Ah! I don't know... Head to
 the next screen at the right and talk to the other guy who's standing in
 your way. It doesn't seem that he would let you pass, so return to the first
 Challenge the guy at the snack bar. Afterwards Dox appears to "tag duel" you.
 It seems that you have to defeat both - but what's that!? The Kaiba bunch
 appears to help you!!!! You may choose which of both you want to duel.
 After you've defeated either Para or Dox you may now pass the blocked way to
 reach the fifth item keeper. If you defeat him, he'll give you the Millennium
 Eye that shows you the Sol Chevalski. Or is it Maximillion Pegasus?
 Get back to Ishizu... As Obelisk the Tormentor regains its power, Kaiba
 appears to reclaim the card. After Seto and Mokuba left, Tristan appears with
 -er- good news? Serenity wants to see the Kaibaman Show (just one of these
 double "oh no! -_-'"s).
 4.6 Free time   /
 So it seems that you and your friends may spend a little time for yourselves.
 Go to the Kaiba Corp. to enjoy the show. In front of the building you'll see
 five guy begging Mokuba for rehiring them.
 You may now act as a part of the Kaibamans show when you face the "Big Bad
 Five" disguised as Deepsea Warrior, Nightmare Penguin, Jinzo, Judge Man and
 Robotic Knight. You may defeat them rather easily but afterwards they form up
 the F.G.D., so you need the help of Kaibaman (Sure... -_-'). He fusions
 Black Luster Soldier and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to form up the Master of
 Dragon Solder. -_-'
 When you return to Ishizu she gives you the next location.
 4.7 Canada   /
 Okay... Where are the mounties?! ^-^
 Get inside the cave and talk to Rex Raptor. After duelling (and defeating) him
 he'll let you pass deeper into the "dungeon". Another Item Keeper is waiting
 in there to prove your worthiness. Defeat him to gain control over the
 Millennium Rod that lets Marik's memories appear to tell you that Marik
 himself is living in Egypt...
 Right after the memories faded, the cave starts shaking, so Joey wants to
 Go back to Ishizu to learn the next location: The Galappagos Islands.
 4.8 Galappagos Islands   /
 Now look who's at the beach: Mako!
 If you want you can duel him several times to get some rare cards. Deeper
 inside the island, Weevil Underwood hides in the woods. I couldn't stand the
 chance to tear him from limb to limb with my Slifer. *MUARHARHARHARHARHARHAR*
 Oops, okay back to story. Inside the ruins there'll be a surprise for you:
 Yami's standing in front of the Millennium Item. But Yugi sees through the
 opponent's disguise: It's Kaiba's dark side that Yami once banned into the
 Shadow Realm!
 As soon as "Mimic" is defeated you may obtain the Millennium Scale. Shadi
 again appears to ask you to save Pegasus for he's a victim of Reshef's dark
 If you head back to Ishizu and talk to her, Slifer loses his power and turns
 back into stone again! Ishizu's shocked because she thought that the power of
 the Millennium Items you gathered would resurrect The Winged Dragon of Ra. It
 is obvious that Kaiba's Obelisk might also turned back into stone so Ishizu
 begs you to look for him while she we would chase for the mightiest Millennium
 Item: The Millennium Puzzle.
 4.9 The Neo Ghouls are comin'   /
 You don't have to go a long way to find Seto and Mokuba. They're at the Kaiba
 Corp. building. Talk to him, no matter what option you choose, Seto will
 If you return to the Clock Tower Square you'll watch two Neo Ghouls attacking
 some lower duellists...
 Chase them away by defeating them. at the upper right part of Clock Town
 Square a "super hero" is trying to get rid of one of the Neo Ghouls but he
 fail and the Ghoul leaves... Whenever you try to talk to the consciousless
 guy a Neo Ghoul comes to you to challenge you.
 When you reach the place where you usually would meet Ishizu you'll see
 another cut scene: Rare Hunter in a Duel with Espa's younger brothers. And he
 summons Exodia... Right after the duel ended, Espa himself appears to defend
 his brothers. They notice you and Rare Hunter challenge you to a duel while
 Espa takes on the other Neo-Ghouls.
 Defeating him should be quite easy, I don't think he'll be able to summon
 Exodia just in time... Thanks to Jinzo, Espa is able to do away with the other
 two Neo Ghouls. From Espa you learn that Ishizu was kidnapped by the Neo
 Ghouls and brought to the Domino Station.
 Get there. But the Neo Ghouls would not let you pass, so you have to duel one
 of them but if he leaves another Ghoul takes his place... You have to draw
 them off the trains stations somehow.
 You have to ask your duel friends for help...
 4.10 Need of help   /
 First, you should go the Pier to help Mai out of her misery.
 For this you have to get rid of Arkana whose deck is somehow strong... I
 suggest building a Dream/Light deck to defeat him... As soon as you drove the
 Ghouls away, May will thank you and leave to do what she can to defeat the
 Ghouls at the Clock Square Tower...
 The next ally on my list is Mako who's still on Galappagos islands, in the
 island's ruins to be more precise. There you'll have to face Strings to make
 Mako go to Clock Tower Square.
 Weevil can be found in China, Bonz in Italy, Rex in Canada. Beat the Ghouls
 to help them out.
 Now finally go back to Clock Tower Square and talk to Espa. There are still
 some Ghouls in the town that you have to defeat. You'll have to face Rare
 Hunter at the Kaibaman Show while Espa's taking on the Big Bad Five. But be
 careful - this time it's much harder than the last time to defeat him.
 Afterwards, you'll be able to head to the Egytian Exhibition but you're still
 not able to get there directly. So you have to take Duel Express which has
 been taken over by the Neo Ghouls. They are no big deal to defeat because of
 their lowered LP... After you have forced your way through the carriages,
 the Express arrives at the Exhibition station.
 Deal with the three Neo Ghouls and pass towards the chamber you already were.
 As you meet Kaiba, talk to him so that you can reach it. Hand over the
 Millennium Items to Keith to save Ishizu. Keith will resurrect The Winged
 Dragon of Ra but that stupid guy just resurrects the almost useless Sphere
 Mode. As you beat Keith, Slifer will rise again and the Millennium Puzzle
 is given back to Yugi.
 Keith receives Ra's judgement - as Odion did in the series. As reward you get
 "The Winged Dragon of Ra (Sphere Mode)". Yugi and Yami's reunification does
 not last for long. Reshef takes over control over Keith and smash the Puzzle
 into many many many pieces.
 Para appears and steal one part of the puzzle so Yami again is trapped inside
 his item. At the station you'll meet Seto who has to watch as Mokuba is
 kidnapped by Dox. Para comes out of the room and the two brothers leave with
 Mokuba inviting Seto to visit Pegasus' -er- Sol's Castle.
 Now you need to meet Paradox (aka Simon from other Yu-Gi-Oh! Games) to find
 out where Sol's castle is located...
 4.11 Paradox   /
 As you enter the Chinese area Paradox appears in front of you. He tells you
 that Ra would not be able to help you if he was in Sphere Mode, so you need
 to find someone who can activate Ra's battle mode.
 Head back to Clock Tower Square and ask Ishizu to find out that the only who
 could help you is her brother Marik who lives by now in Egypt. When you
 arrive, Odion welcomes you. On command of Marik he lets you pass if you
 choose the first option, he'll duel with you if the second option is your
 Marik will surely help you but he has to test your abilities. I suggest a
 Wind Deck to beat Marik (You have to prepare your deck before moving to
 Afterwards, if you beat Marik he'll awake Ra's battle mode. However Marik is
 not able to resurrect Ra's invincible Phoenix Mode. He asks you to return if
 you found out the secret behind that Mode.
 Now return to Paradox but before you are able to gather any information from
 him you have to play a game with him... -_-'
 Now here comes the most complicated part of the game. Head right to the next
 screen. The guard blocks your way until you've beaten him. But what's that?!
 After he defeats you he gives you a second card as reward and if you want to
 get inside the room you just enter the screen again and the guard blocks the
 way again.
 Erm, it's not that complicated as it looks like. Just duel until you received
 Kuriboh, Time Wizard, Giant Soldier of Stone, Celtic Guardian and Curse of
 Dragon in order so you can get in.
 But before Paradox is providing any information, you have to do a little quiz.
 You have to tell, which card you obtained first (Kuriboh) and which was the
 fifth (Curse of Dragon). Then he'll challenge you... He has a Forest/Pyro-Deck
 so it might be useful to build up a Pyro/Water-Counterdeck.
 After battling him he provide you the location of Pegasus hideout and opens
 the magical shield.
 Before moving to his hideaway, you might want to get Ra's Phoenix mode, eh?
 Thanks to "Marik Ishtar", "The Dawsons" and "Gil Core", I'm able to tell you:
 Head back to Trusdale's shop and enter the following code into the Password
 Now head to Eqypt where Odion welcomes you. You tell him that you've found
 out the secret of Ra's Phoenix mode. He leads you to his master Marik who
 will transform Ra into Phoenix.
 This card should be quite useful because of its two effects. The first one is
 to destroy any of the opponent's monsters by paying 1,000 LP as tribute when
 you choose "Effect" in the card's menu (check 2.3.4). "Phoenix"'s second
 effect is to special summon Ra's Battle Mode when it is sent to your
 By now you should be prepared for the final quests...
 4.12 Pegasus Island   /
 Enter the cable railway to follow Kaiba. But it's a trap! Three of Pegasus'
 servants attack you so you have to duel them. After leaving the cable railway,
 PaniK awaits you and "Mimic of Doom" supports him. You and Joey will face
 them. But they won't disappear so Joey himself will take on the two bad boys
 himself. Yeah! You heard right! HIMSELF! So you and Yugi have to continue on
 your own.
 Go right to see the World Map and enter the Dungeon.
 4.13 Dungeon   /
 When you enter the dungeon you may choose whether to go left or right - it
 doesn't really matter. There are just two enemies you can't walk around.
 After you reached the stairs at the top of the dungeon, two other duellists
 appear: Para and Dox... You and Yugi have to defeat them but if they're
 defeated they will not free the way. So Yugi frees it for you by duelling both
 on his own.
 Now youre alone...
 4.14 Pegasus Castle   /
 As you want to enter the castle, Paradox appears and tells you that you'd
 need five spirit cards from your friends to be able to pass the labyrinth
 that awaits you. So head to Mako, Mai, Weevil, Espa, Bonz and Rex to duel
 them. They will give you their dearest cards: The Legendary Fisher, Harpie
 Lady, Insect Queen, Jinzo, Pumpkin the King of Ghosts and Two-Headed King
 They can be found where you met them in the first place.
 After you've gathered the required cards you may proceed to enter the castle.
 You'll meet several servants of Chevalsky that are disguised as your "fellow
 duellists" as Paradox would say. First you have to battle Bonz, as second
 comes Rex, and then comes Weevil, followed by Mako, Espa and Mai.
 When you passed them you'll be able to watch Kaiba defeating one of the
 servants. Ishizu also arrives and asks Kaiba for help but he's still thinking
 he will beat Pegasus with his perfect deck. Mokuba comes in and wants to
 challenge Seto but "big brother" is not able to harm Mokuba. So it's on you
 to bring back Mokuba and beat him.
 Once Mokuba regained his senses, Seto thanks you!!! But although he owes you
 his help, he will not give you his Obelisk until you beat him in a duel. So
 it's again time to duel.
 He has many strong monsters in his deck - very much Lv. 5+ monsters, so it
 good to keep his number of monsters played low. The lower it is the better...
 The following information was sent to me from Tino via e-mail:
 After defeating Sol's Servants that are disguised as Bonz, Weevil, Rex, Maik
 and Mako but right before entering the room where you meet Kaiba you can turn
 left and enter a hidden room. Look at the large picture so that Shadi appears.
 He'll tell you what happened to Pegasus after Yami Bakura defeated him and
 took his Millennium Eye if you choose "Yes".
 Entering the room is neither necessary for completing the game nor lets you
 enter a different storyline though seeing Shadi will clear up the story a bit
 4.15 The Final Battles   /
 Well, ok - this is absolutely no match by now - and it's getting even worse I
 promise! Sol's deck is pretty heavy due to his multiple Thousand-eyes Rest!
 And if you think it's that bad you will know by now that you have to
 slaughter through 20.000 Life Points!
 If you defeat him you freed Pegasus from the Dark Being, but Reshef is
 already that strong that he can exist without a body.
 So you have to duel Reshef himself... If you think that Sol would be hard to
 defeat you still need luck to draw your cards within the right time, even if
 your deck is strong. I don't know what to recommend because I couldn't find a
 deck so far that was able to counter his cards. There's one fact: YOU MUST
 I was lucky to face Obelisk AND Ra - though I was cheating (Yeah, I'm bad -
 but it's not quite fair to have more than one "Change of Heart" and at least
 two "Monster Reborn" AND 40,000 LP!)
 Once you've passed you may enjoy the end sequence - or not... As you might
 imagine: Ishizu wants to seal the God cards again (maybe this time she'll do
 it the right way) so that there would never be a rise of Reshef again.
 4.16 Hints   /
 When you're low on dominos:
 - Sell some ante cards you won
 - It is always a good idea to try dueling every person within the current
   screen. Even if you did not succeed, maybe there is a chance of dueling
   some time later.
 - There are duelists you are able to challenge more than only once or twice.
   These duelists are Duke and Tristan who can be found in front of Trusdale's
   shop, Yugi and Joey inside the shop, Espa, Rex, Mai, Weevil, Bonz and Mako
   when there are no ghouls that attack them.
   When the Neo Ghouls defeated that so-called hero just look for that freak
   so another Ghoul appears to challenge you. At the same time you just have
   to leave and re-enter the area on the Clock Tower Square so you can
   challenge the Ghouls again.
 When you are low on LP:
 - Try not to lose so many LP. ;P
 - Head back to your home and select your PC with 'A'.
 4.17 Deck summons   /
 to come... (This section is really hard to do... so it will take some time to
 make it to v0.9. I have to do a complete rerun through the game...)
 Within this section I will only provide information on the deck summons of the
 "main" duelists and not all of the people within the different areas.
                                                          \   4.17.1 Yugi Muto
 It seems as if Yugi has got mostly Shadow, Wind, Forest and Earth typed
 Monster cards
 Ancient Jar (Earth)
 Ancient Jar (Earth)
 Dark Magician (Shadow)
 Exodia of the Forbidden One
 Gaia the Fierce Knight (Shadow)
 Hane-Hane (Wind)
 Hane-Hane (Wind)
 Left Arm of the Forbidden One (Shadow)
 Left Leg of the Forbidden One (Shadow)
 Man-Eater Bug (Forest)
 Mushroom Man
 Right Arm of the Forbidden One (Shadow)
 Right Leg of the Forbidden One (Shadow)
 Sangan (Shadow)
 Shadow Specter
 Magic cards
 Trap cards
 Spellbinding circle
 Spellbinding circle

                                                       \   4.17.2 Joey Wheeler
 (much more to come...)
 4.18 Hall of eternity   /
 Rob Rikkens told me that there is a "Hall of eternity". He even sent me a
 screenshot of the World Map where you can choose its location.
 What we can say about it is more theoretically than proven but it seems as
 if you have to beat the game to get there and afterwards reload a saved game.
 Kaine Reto sent me an e-mail about its purpose:
 "Hall of eternity" is an extra location where you can duel super strong
 duelists. Your opponents there have at least 20,000 LP AND multiple limited
 cards. When defeating your opponents one after the other your duelist level
 (and deck capacity) will heavily increase so you can put stronger cards into
 your deck.
 more to come...?
 4.19 Combos   /

 Within this section I might be able to give you some tricks while dueling.
 Some of them are just theoretically so you have to try if they're working.
                            \   4.19.1 Strong monster without any own tributes
 As you all know Lava Golem's effect is to appear on the opponent's field by
 tributing two of his/her monsters. Combine this effect with "Change of Heart"
 and its again under your control.
             \   4.19.2 The Winged Dragon of Ra (Battle Mode) - easy summoning
 Well, this combo is for the ones that already received Ra's Phoenix mode.
 Just discard Phoenix from your hand to the graveyard. BUT WATCH OUT!
 Your opponent might ressurect Phoenix!
                              \                 /
                               \   5. Cheats   /
 Okay, I received several mails on how to enter the cheat codes in "Visualboy
 Advance" though there should be a (complete?) manual on http://vba.ngemu.com
 where you are also able to find the newest version.
 Therefore I decided to work on this section...
 5.1 Visualboy Advance   /
 You may enter the following cheat codes into the form you find via "Cheats"
 -> "Cheat list" ->  "Cheat..."
 Make sure "Size" is set to 16-bit and "Number format" is at "Hexadecimal".
 You may choose a description on your own.
 Those are the hex hacks I found out...
 Adress  :Value         Description
 02021dd0:FFFF		65355 Dominos
 02021c20:270f		Duellist Level @ 9999
 02021c1c:270f		Deck Capacity @ 9999
 02024254:1f40		8000 Life Points, may run out in a duel but fills you
			LP after the duel...
 02024258:1f40		Opponent starts with 0 Life Points. One attack kill...
 5.2 Action Replay/Gameshark   /
 You may enter the following cheat codes into the form you find via "Cheats"
 -> "Cheat list" ->  "Gameshark..."
 Those hexadecimal codes should be entered into the "Code"-field while you
 may choose a description on your own.
 These codes will only on Action Replay for GBA and/or the GamesharkAdvance-
 emulation of VBA!
 Must be on
 065f13f2 cee4dc95
 7d8c031c 6e01e47d
 Infinite LP
 a6eceb6d 5d38edba
 1 Hit Kills Opponent
 cba7a66d 97d99ec0
 2d1d73ea bf8f4489
 Max/Inf All Cards
 cd7bb2a7 760af34d
 Max/Inf Domino
 c89926c5 87112a1a
 Max Deck Capacity
 00342e40 b85b18d8
 5.3 CodeBreaker   /
 Enter the following cheat codes into the form you find via "Cheats" -> "Cheat
 list" ->  "CodeBreaker..."
 Those hexadecimal codes should be entered into the "Code"-field while you
 may choose a description on your own.
 [M] Must Be On

 Heaps of Dominos
 Have all Cards (9x)
 9999 Duellist Level
 9999 Deck Capacity
 No Sacrifices (neither for you nor your opponent!)
 Infinite LP
 Start with Max LP
 Opponent starts with 4,000 LP
 Instant Win [Press Select + Up]
 Remove Rival Cards [Press Select + Down]
 Reveal Rival Cards [Press Select + Left]
                            \                     /
                             \   6. Card Codes   /
 You might enter these card codes into die "Password Terminal" at Trusdale's
 Card Shop (even more than once!). These are the codes I found via google
 and some card codes from other Yu-Gi-Oh! Games in alphabetical order.
 I decided not to give you the summons and type because it's all in the game
 AND this document would easily go VERY large. I know what it means to wait
 for large files >100kB - I'm still on modem most of the time.
 The card names are taken from the game itself.
 * untested...
 Card						Code
 30,000-Year White Turtle 			11714098
 7 Colored Fish 				23771716
 7 Completed 					86198326
 Abyss Flower 					40387124
 Acid Trap Hole 				41356845
 Air Marmot Of Nefariousness 			75889523
 Akihiron 					36904469
 Alinsection 					70924884
 Alligator's Sword 				64428736
 All-Seeing Goddess 				53493204
 Alpha The Magnet Warrior 			99785935
 Amazon Archers					67987611
 Amazon Chain Master				29654737
 Amazon Fighter					55821894
 Amazon Of The Seas 				17968114
 Amazon Sword Woman 				94004268
 Ameba 						95174353
 Amphibian Beast 				67371383
 Amphibious Bugroth 				40173854
 Ancient Elf 					93221206
 Ancient Jar 					81492226
 Ancient Lamp					54912977
 Ancient Tree of Enlightenment 			86421986
 Ancient Water Turtle 				11714098
 Ansatsu 					48365709
 Anti Raigeki 					42364257
 Aqua Dragon 					86164529
 Aqua Madoor 					85639257
 Aqua Serpent					66259795
 Aqua Snake 					12436646
 Arlownay 					14708569
 Armaill 					53153481
 Armed Ninja 					09076207
 Armored Lizard 				15480588
 Armored Starfish 				17535588
 Armored Zombie 				20277860
 Asura Priest					02134346
 Axe of Despair 				40619825
 Axe Raider 					48305365
 B. Dragon Jungle 				89832901
 B. Skull Dragon 				11901678
 Baby Dragon 					88819587
 Bad Reaction to Simochi 			40633297
 Banisher of the Light 				61528025
 Baron of the Fiend Sword 			86325596
 Barox 						06840573
 Barrel Dragon 					81480460
 Barrel Lily 					67841515
 Barrel Rock 					10476868
 Basic Insect 					89091579
 Bat 						72076281
 Battle Ox 					05053103
 Battle Steer 					18246479
 Battle Warrior 				55550921
 Bean Soldier 					84990171
 Bear Trap 					78977532
 Beast Fangs 					46009906
 Beast of Gilfer 				50287060
 Beast of Talwar 				11761845
 Beastking of the Swamps 			99426834
 Beaver Warrior 				32452818
 Beckon to Darkness				08065530
 Berfomet 					77207191
 Berserk Dragon 				85605684
 Beta the Magnet Warrior 			39256679
 Bickuribox 					25655502
 Big Eye 					16768387
 Big Insect 					53606874
 Big Shield Gardna 				65240384
 Bite Shoes 					50122883
 Black Illusion Ritual 				41426869
 Black Luster Ritual 				55761792
 Black Luster Soldier 				05405694
 Black Pendant 					65169794
 Blackland Fire Dragon 				87564352
 Bladefly 					28470714
 Blast Juggler 					70138455
 Blade Knight					39507162
 Blast Sphere 					26302522
 Blocker 					34743446
 Blue Flame Kagemusha 				15401633
 Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie 			35282433
 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon 				53183600
 Blue-Eyes Ultra Dragon 			23995346
 Blue-Eyes White Dragon 			89631139
 Boar Soldier 					21340051
 Bolt Escargot 					12146024
 Bolt Penguin 					48531733
 Bone Mouse 					21239280
 Boneheimer					98456117
 Boo Koo 					68963107
 Book of Secret Art 				91595718
 Boulder Tortoise 				09540040
 Bracchio-Raidus 				16507828
 Brain Control 					87910978
 Breath of Life 				20101223
 Bright Castle 					82878489
 Burglar 					06297941
 Buster Blader 					78193831
 Byser Shock 					17597059
 Candle of Fate 				47695416
 Cannon Soldier 				11384280
 Castle of Dark Illusions 			00062121
 Catapult Turtle 				95727991
 Celtic Guardian 				91152256
 Ceremonial Bell				20228463
 Chakra 					65393205
 Change of Heart 				04031928
 Change Slime 					18914778
 Charubin the Fire Knight 			37421579
 Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast 		04796100
 Chiron the Mage				16956455
 Claw Reacher 					41218256
 Clown Zombie 					92667214
 Cockroach Knight 				33413638
 Cocoon of Evolution 				40240595
 Cosmo Queen 					38999506
 Crab Turtle 					91782219
 Crass Clown 					93889755
 Crawling Dragon 				67494157
 Crawling Dragon #2 				38289717
 Crazy Fish 					53713014
 Crimson Sunbird 				46696593
 Crow Goblin 					77998771
 Crush Card 					57728570
 Curse of Dragon 				28279543
 Cursebreaker 					69666645
 Curtain of the Dark Ones 			22026707
 Cyber Commander 				06400512
 Cyber Falcon  					30655537
 Cyber Harpie 					80316585
 Cyber Jar 					34124316
 Cyber Raider 					39978267
 Cyber Saurus 					89112729
 Cyber Shield 					63224564
 Cyber Soldier 					44865098
 Cyber-Stein 					69015963
 Cyber-Tech Alligator 				48766543
 Cyclon Laser 					05494820
 Dancing Elf 					59983499
 Dark Assailant 				41949033
 Dark Chimera 					32344688
 Dark Elf 					21417692
 Dark Energy 					04614116
 Dark Flare Knight 				13722870
 Dark Hole 					53129443
 Dark Jeroid 					90980792
 Dark King of the Abyss 			53375573
 Dark Magic Ritual 				76792184
 Dark Magician 					46986414
 Dark Magician Girl 				38033121
 Dark Magician Knight				50725996
 Dark Necrofear 				31829185
 Dark Paladin 					98502113
 Dark Plant 					13193642
 Dark Rabbit 					99261403
 Dark Sage 					92377303
 Dark Witch 					35565537
 Dark Zebra 					59784896
 Dark-Eyes Illusionist 				38247752
 Darkfire Dragon 				17881964
 Darkfire Soldier #1 				05388481
 Darkfire Soldier #2 				78861134
 Darkness Approaches 				80168720
 Dark-Piercing Light 				45895206
 Darkworld Thorns 				43500484
 Deepsea Shark 					28593363
 Deepsea Warrior 				24128274
 Destiny Board					94212438
 Destroyer Golem 				73481154
 Des Feral Imp					81985784
 Des Volstgalph					81059524
 Dharma Cannon 					96967123
 Dian Keto the Cure Master 			84257639
 Dice Armadillo 				69893315
 Different Dimension Dragon			50939127
 Dig Beak 					29948642
 Dimensional Warrior 				37043180
 Dissolverock 					40826495
 Djinn the Watcher of the Wind 			97843505
 Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper 			25882881
 Dokurorider 					99721536
 Doll of Demise 				91635482
 Doma the Angel of Silence 			16972957
 Doron 						00756652
 Dragon Capture Jar 				50045299
 Dragon Piper 					55763552
 Dragon Seeker 					28563545
 Dragon Treasure 				01435851
 Dragon Zombie 					66672569
 Dragoness the Wicked Knight 			70681994
 Dream Clown 					13215230
 Drill Bug 					88733579
 Droll Bird 					97973387
 Dunames Dark Witch 				12493482
 Dungeon Worm 					51228280
 Earthbound Spirit 				67105242
 Eatgaboon 					42578427
 Electric Lizard 				55875323
 Electric Snake 				11324436
 Electro-Whip 					37820550
 Elegant Egotist 				90219263
 Elf's Light 					39897277
 Embodiment of Apophis				28649820
 Emperor of the Land and Sea 			11250655
 Empress Judge 					15237615
 Enchanting Mermaid 				75376965
 Eradicating Aerosol 				94716515
 Eternal Drought 				56606928
 Eternal Rest 					95051344
 Exarion Universe				63749102
 Executor - Makyura				21593977
 Exile of the Wicked 				26725158
 Exodia Necross 				12600382
 Exodia the Forbidden One 			33396948
 F.G.D. 					99267150
 Faceless Mage 					28546905
 Fairy Dragon 					20315854
 Fairy of the Fountain 				81563416
 Fairy's Gift 					68401546
 Faith Bird 					75582395
 Fake Trap 					03027001
 Feral Imp 					41392891
 Fiend Kraken 					77456781
 Fiend Reflection #1 				68870276
 Fiend Reflection #2 				02863439
 Fiend Sword 					22855882
 Fiend's Hand 					52800428
 Fiend's Mirror 				31890399
 Final Destiny 					18591904
 Final Flame 					73134081
 Fire Eye 					88435542
 Fire Kraken 					46534755
 Fire Reaper 					53581214
 Firegrass 					53293545
 Firewing Pegasus 				27054370
 Fireyarou 					71407486
 Flame Cerebrus 				60862676
 Flame Champion 				42599677
 Flame Dancer 					12883044
 Flame Ghost 					58528964
 Flame Manipulator 				34460851
 Flame Swordsman 				45231177
 Flash Assailant 				96890582
 Flying Kamakiri #1 				84834865
 Flying Kamakiri #2 				03134241
 Flower Wolf 					95952802
 Flying Fish 					31987274
 Flying Penguin 				05628232
 Follow Wind 					98252586
 Forest 					87430998
 Fortress Whale 				62337487
 Frenzied Panda 				98818516
 Frog The Jam 					68638985
 Fusionist 					01641882
 Gadget Soldier 				86281779
 Gaia the Dragon Champion 			66889139
 Gaia the Fierce Knight 			06368038
 Gale Dogra 					16229315
 Gamma the Magnet Warrior 			11549357
 Ganigumo 					34536276
 Garma Sword 					90844184
 Garnecia Elefantis 				49888191
 Garoozis 					14977074
 Garvas 					69780745
 Gate Deeg 					49258578
 Gate Guardian 					25833572
 Gate Sword 					46211326
 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts 		05818798
 Gear Golem the Moving Fortress 		30190809
 Gearfried the Iron Knight 			00423705
 Gemini Elf 					69140098
 Genin 						49370026
 Gernia						77936940
 Giant Flea 					41762634
 Giant Germ 					95178994
 Giant Mech-Soldier 				72299832
 Giant Rat					97017120
 Giant Red Seasnake 				58831685
 Giant Scorpion of the Tundra 			41403766
 Giant Soldier of Stone 			13039848
 Gil Garth					38445524
 Gilford the Lightning				36354007
 Giltia the D. Knight 				51828629
 Goblin Fan 					04149689
 Goblin's Secret Remedy 			11868825
 Goddess of Whim 				67959180
 Goddess with the Third Eye 			53493204
 Gokibore 					15367030
 Golgoil 					07526150
 Gradius 					10992251
 Grand Tiki Elder 				13676474
 Grappler 					02906250
 Gravedigger Ghoul 				82542267
 Great Mammoth of Goldfine 			54622031
 Great Moth 					14141448
 Great White 					13429800
 Green Phantom King 				22910685
 Griffore 					53829412
 Griggle 					95744531
 Ground Attacker Bugroth 			58314394
 Guardian of the Throne Room 			47879985
 Gyakutenno Megami 				31122090
 Hane-Hane 					07089711
 Haniwa 					84285623
 Hannibal Necromancer 				05640330
 Happy Lover 					99030164
 Hard Armor 					20060230
 Harpie Lady 					76812113
 Harpie Lady Sisters 				12206212
 Harpie's Brother 				30532390
 Harpie's Feather Duster 			18144506
 Harpie's Pet Dragon 				52040216
 Headless Knight 				05434080
 Heavy Storm 					19613556
 Hercules Beetle 				52584282
 Helpoemer 					76052811
 High Tide Gyojin 				54579801
 Hinotama 					46130346
 Hinotama Soul 					96851799
 Hiro's Shadow Scout 				81863068
 Hitotsu-me Giant 				76184692
 Holograh 					10859908
 Horn Imp 					69669405
 Horn of Light 					38552107
 Horn of the Unicorn 				64047146
 Hoshiningen 					67629977
 Hourglass of Life 				08783685
 House of Adhesive Tape 			15083728
 Humanoid Slime 				46821314
 Humanoid Worm Drake 				05600127
 Hungry Burger 					30243636
 Hunter Spider 					80141480
 Hyozanryu 					62397231
 Ice Water 					20848593
 Ill Witch 					81686058
 Illusionist Faceless Mage 			28546905
 Infinite Dismissal 				54109233
 Injection Fairy Lily 				79575620
 Insect Armor with Laser Cannon 		03492538
 Insect Queen 					91512835
 Insect Soldiers of the Sky 			07019529
 Invader from Another Dimension 		28450915
 Invigoration 					98374133
 Invisible Wire 				15361130
 Invitation to a Dark Sleep 			52675689
 Jack's Knight					90876561
 Jam Breeding Machine 				21770260
 Javelin Beetle 				26932788
 Jellyfish 					14851496
 Jigen Bakudan 					90020065
 Jinzo 						77585513
 Jinzo #7 					32809211
 Jirai Gumo 					94773007
 Judge Man 					30113682
 Kagemusha of the Blue Flame 			15401633
 Kairyu-shin 					76634149
 Kaiser Dragon 					94566432
 Kaiser Sea Horse 				17444133
 Kaminari Attack 				09653271
 Kaminarikozou 					15510988
 Kanan the Swordmistress 			12829151
 Kanikabuto 					84103702
 Kappa Avenger 					48109103
 Karate Man 					23289281
 Karbonala Warrior 				54541900
 Kazejin 					62340868
 Keldo 						80441106
 Key Mace 					01929294
 Killer Needle 					88979991
 King of Yamimakai 				69455834
 King's Knight					64788463
 Kisetai 					04266839
 Kojikocy 					01184620
 Korogashi 					32569498
 Kotodama 					19406822
 Koumori Dragon 				67724379
 Krokodilus 					76512652
 Kumootoko 					56283725
 Kunai with Chain 				37390589
 Kurama 					85705804
 Kuriboh 					40640057
 Kuwagata A 					60802233
 Kwagar Hercules 				95144193
 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp 	97590747
 Labyrinth Tank 				99551425
 Labyrinth Wall 				67284908
 Lady of Faith 					17358176
 LaLa Li-oon 					09430387
 LaMoon 					75850803
 Larvae Moth 					87756343
 Larvas 					94675535
 Laser Cannon Armor 				77007920
 Last Day of Witch 				90330453
 Laughing Flower 				42591472
 Launcher Spider 				87322377
 Lava Battleguard 				20394040
 Laser Cannon Armor 				77007920
 Lava Golem 					00102380
 Left Arm of the Forbidden One 			07902349
 Left Leg of the Forbidden One 			44519536
 Legendary Fiend				99747800
 Legendary Sword 				61854111
 Leghul 					12472242
 Legion the Fiend Jester 			25280974
 Leogun 					10538007
 Leopard Girl 					49000779
 Lesser Dragon 					55444629
 Lightning Conger 				27671321
 Lisark 					55210709
 Little Chimera 				68658728
 Little D 					42625254
 Living Vase 					34320307
 Lord of D. 					17985575
 Lucky Trinket 					03985011
 Lunar Queen Elzaim 				62210247
 Machine Attacker 				38116136
 Machine Conversion Factory 			25769732
 Machine King 					46700124
 Magical Ghost					46474915
 Magical Labyrinth				64389297
 Magician of Black Chaos 			30208479
 Magician of Faith 				31560081
 Maha Vailo 					93013676
 Maiden of the Moonlight 			79629370
 Malevolent Nuzzler 				99597615
 Mammoth Graveyard 				40374923
 Man-Eater Bug 					54652250
 Man-Eating Plant 				49127943
 Man-Eating Treasure Chest 			13723605
 Manga Ryu-Ran 					38369349
 Marine Beast 					29929832
 Masairuzame 					33178416
 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman 		44287299
 Mask of Darkness 				28933734
 Mask of Shine & Dark 				25110231
 Masked Beast Des Gardius			48948935
 Masked Sorcerer 				10189126
 Master of Dragon Soldier 			62873545
 Mavelus 					59036972
 Mech Bass 					50176820
 Mechaleon 					94412545
 Mechanical Spider 				45688586
 Mechanicalchaser 				07359741
 Mega Thunderball 				21817254
 Megamorph 					22046459
 Megasonic Eye 					07562372
 Megazowler 					75390004
 Megirus Light 					23032273
 Melchid the Four-Face Beast 			86569121
 Meotoko 					53832650
 Messenger of Peace 				44656491
 Metal Dragon 					09293977
 Metal Fish 					55998462
 Metal Guardian 				68339286
 Metalmorph 					68540058
 Metalzoa 					50705071
 Meteor B. Dragon 				90660762
 Meteor Dragon 					64271667
 Mikazukinoyaiba 				38277918
 Millenium Golem 				47986555
 Millennium Shield 				32012841
 Milus Radiant 					07489323
 Minar 						32539892
 Minomushi Warrior 				46864967
 Mirage Knight 					49217579
 Misairuzame 					33178416
 Monster Egg 					36121917
 Monster Eye 					84133008
 Monster Reborn 				83764718
 Monster Tamer 					97612389
 Monstrous Bird 				35712107
 Monsturtle 					15820147
 Moon Envoy 					45909477
 Mooyan Curry 					58074572
 Morinphen 					55784832
 Morphing Jar 					33508719
 Mother Grizzly 				57839750
 Mountain 					50913601
 Mountain Warrior 				04931562
 Mr. Vulcano					31477025
 Muka Muka 					46657337
 Multiply 					40703222
 Muse-A 					69992868
 Mushroom Man 					14181608
 Mushroom Man #2 				93900406
 Musician King 					56907389
 M-warrior #1 					56342351
 M-warrior #2 					92731455
 Mysterious Puppeteer 				54098121
 Mystic Clown 					47060154
 Mystic Horseman 				68516705
 Mystic Lamp 					98049915
 Mystic Tomato 					83011277
 Mystical Beast Serkit 				89194033
 Mystical Elf 					15025844
 Mystical Moon 					36607978
 Mystical Sand 					32751480
 Mystical Sheep #1 				30451366
 Mystical Sheep #2 				83464209
 Necrolancer the Timelord 			61454890
 Nemuriko 					90963488
 Needle Ball 					94230224
 Needle Worm 					81843628
 Nekogal #1 					01761063
 Nekogal #2 					43352213
 Neo the Magic Swordsman 			50930991
 Newdoria 					04335645
 Nightmare Scorpion 				88643173
 Nimble Mononga					22567609
 Niwatori 					07805359
 Nuvia the Wicked 				12953226
 Octoberser 					74637266
 Ocubeam 					86088138
 Ogre of the Black Shadow 			45121025
 One Who Hunts Souls 				03606209
 One-Eyed Shield Dragon 			33064647
 Ooguchi 					58861941
 Ookazi 					19523799
 Orion the Battle King 				02971090
 Oscillo Hero 					82065276
 Oscillo Hero #2 				27324313
 Panther Warrior 				42035044
 Parasite Paracide 				27911549
 Parrot Dragon 					62762898
 Patrol Robo 					76775123
 Peacock 					20624263
 Pendulum Machine 				24433920
 Penguin Knight 				36039163
 Penguin Soldier 				93920745
 Perfect Machine King				18891691
 Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth 			48579379
 Performance of Swords 				04849037
 Petit Angel 					38142739
 Petit Dragon 					75356564
 Petit Moth 					58192742
 Phantom Dewan 					77603950
 Phantom Ghost 					61201220
 Pinch Hopper 					26185991
 Pot of Greed 					55144522
 Pot the Trick 					55567161
 Power of Kaishin 				77027445
 Pragtical 					33691040
 Prevent Rat 					00549481
 Princess of Tsurugi 				51371017
 Prisman 					80234301
 Psycho-Puppet 					63459075
 Pumpking the King of Ghosts 			29155212
 Punished Eagle 				74703140
 Puppet Master					41442341
 Queen Bird 					73081602
 Queen of Autumn Leaves 			04179849
 Queen's Double 				05901497
 Queen's Knight					25652259
 Rabid Horseman 				94905343
 Raigeki 					12580477
 Rainbow Flower 				21347810
 Rainbow Marine Mermaid 			29402771
 Raise Body Heat 				51267887
 Rare Fish 					80516007
 Ray & Temperature 				85309439
 Reaper of the Cards 				33066139
 Red Archery Girl 				65570596
 Red-Eyes B. Dragon 				74677422
 Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon 			64335804
 Red Medicine 					38199696
 Reflect Bounder 				02851070
 Relinquished 					64631466
 Restructor Revolution 				99518961
 Reverse Trap 					77622396
 Revival Jam 					31709826
 Right Arm of the Forbidden One 		70903634
 Right Leg of the Forbidden One 		08124921
 Roaring Ocean Snake 				19066538
 Rock Ogre Grotto #1 				68846917
 Rock Ogre Grotto #2 				62193699
 Rocket Warrior 				30860696
 Rogue Doll 					91939608
 Root Water 					39004808
 Rose Spectre of Dunn 				32485271
 Rude Kaiser 					26378150
 Ryu-Kishin 					15303296
 Ryu-Kishin Powered 				24611934
 Ryu-Ran 					02964201
 Saber Slasher 					73911410
 Saggi the Dark Clown 				66602787
 Salamandra 					32268901
 Sanga of the Thunder 				25955164
 Sangan 					26202165
 Satellite Cannon 				50400231
 Sea Kamen 					71746462
 Sea King Dragon 				23659124
 Seiyaryu 					06740720
 Sengenjin 					76232340
 Senju of the Thousand Hands 			23401839
 Serpent Marauder 				82742611
 Serpent Night Dragon 				66516792
 Shadow Ghoul 					30778711
 Shadow Specter 				40575313
 Shadow Spell 					29267084
 Shinato, King of a Higher Plane 		86327225
 Shining Abyss 					87303357
 Shining Friendship 				82085619
 Shovel Crusher 				71950093
 Silver Bow and Arrow 				01557499
 Silver Fang 					90357090
 Sinister Serpent 				08131171
 Skelengel 					60694662
 Skelgon 					32355828
 Skull Guardian 				03627449
 Skull Knight 					02504891
 Skull Red Bird 				10202894
 Skull Servant 					32274490
 Skullbird 					08327462
 Skull-Mark Lady Bug 				64306248
 Sky Dragon 					95288024
 Sleeping Lion 					40200834
 Slot Machine 					03797883
 Snakeyashi 					29802344
 Sogen 						86318356
 Soldier Ari					73038060
 Solitude 					84794011
 Sonic Bird 					57617178
 Sonic Maid 					38942059
 Soul Hunter 					72869010
 Soul of the Pure 				47852924
 Space Megatron 				39181897
 Sparks 					76103675
 Spellbinding Circle 				18807108
 Spike Seadra 					85326399
 Spikebot 					87511987
 Spiked Snail 					98075147
 Spirit Message "A" 				94772232
 Spirit Message "I" 				31893528
 Spirit Message "L" 				30170981
 Spirit Message "N" 				67287533
 Spirit of the Books 				14037717
 Spirit of the Harp 				80770678
 Spirit of the Mountain 			34690519
 Spirit of the Winds 				54615781
 Stain Storm 					21323861
 Star Boy 					08201910
 Steel Fan Fighter 				13616074
 Steel Ogre Grotto #2 				90908427
 Steel Scorpion 				13599884
 Steel Shell 					02370081
 Stone D. 					68171737
 Stone Ogre Grotto 				15023985
 Stone Statue of the Aztecs 			31812496
 Stop Defense 					63102017
 Stuffed Animal 				71068263
 Succubus Knight 				55291359
 Suijin 					98434877
 Summoned Skull 				70781052
 Super War-lion 				33951077
 Swamp Battleguard 				40453765
 Sword Arm of Dragon 				13069066
 Sword Hunter 					51345461
 Sword of Dark Destruction 			37120512
 Swords of Revealing Light 			72302403
 Swordsman of Landstar 				03573512
 Swordstalker 					50005633
 Takriminos 					44073668
 Takuhee 					03170832
 Talons of Shurilane 				74150658
 Tao the Chanter 				46247516
 Tatsunootoshigo 				47922711
 Temple of Skulls 				00732302
 Tentacle Plant 				60715406
 The Bewitching Phantom Thief 			24348204
 The Bistro Butcher 				71107816
 The Earl of Demise				66989694
 The Fiend Megacyber 				66362965
 The Furious Sea King 				18710707
 The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams 		68049471
 The Immortal of Thunder 			84926738
 The Inexperienced Spy 				81820689
 The Judgement Hand 				28003512
 The Last Warrior from Another Planet 		86099788
 The Legendary Fisherman 			03643300
 The Little Swordsman of Aile 			25109950
 The Masked Beast 				49064413
 The Melting Red Shadow 			98898173
 The Portrait's Secret 				32541773
 The Shadow Who Controls the Dark 		63125616
 The Snake Hair 				29491031
 The Statue of Easter Island 			10262698
 The Stern Mystic 				87557188
 The Unhappy Maiden 				51275027
 The Wicked Worm Beast 				06285791
 Thousand Dragon 				41462083
 Thousand-eyes Idol 				27125110
 Thousand-eyes Restrict 			63519819
 Three-Headed Geedo 				78423643
 Three-Legged Zombies 				33734439
 Thunder Dragon 				31786629
 Thunder Nyan-Nyan 				70797118
 Tiger Axe 					49791927
 Time Wizard 					71625222
 Tiny Guardian 					90790253
 Toad Master 					62671448
 Togex 						33878931
 Tomozaurus 					46457856
 Toon Alligator 				59383041
 Toon Dark Magician Girl 			90960358
 Toon Mermaid 					65458948
 Toon Summoned Skull 				91842653
 Torike 					80813021
 Torrential Tribute 				53582587
 Total Defense Shogun 				75372290
 Trakadon 					42348802
 Trap Master 					46461247
 Tremendous Fire 				46918794
 Trent 						78780140
 Tri-Horned Dragon 				39111158
 Tripwire Beast 				45042329
 Turtle Bird 					72929454
 Turtle Racoon 					17441953
 Turu-Purun 					59053232
 Twin Long Rods #1 				60589682
 Twin-Headed Fire Dragon 			78984772
 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon 			54752875
 Two-Headed King Rex 				94119974
 Two-Mouth Darkruler 				57305373
 UFO Turtle 					60806437
 Umi 						22702055
 Uraby 						01784619
 Ushi Oni 					48649353
 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior 			75347539
 Vampire Lord 					53839837
 Vermillion Sparrow 				35752363
 Versago the Destroyer 				50259460
 Vile Germs 					39774685
 Viser Des					56043446
 Violent Rain 					94042337
 Violet Crystal 				15052462
 Vishwar Randi 					78556320
 Vorse Raider 					14898066
 Wall of Illusion 				13945283
 Wall Shadow 					63162310
 Warrior Elimination 				90873992
 Warrior of Tradition 				56413937
 Wasteland 					23424603
 Water Element 					03732747
 Water Omotics 					02483611
 Waterdragon Fairy 				66836598
 Weather Control 				37243151
 Wetha 						96643568
 Whiptail Crow 					91996584
 White Dolphin 					92409659
 White Magical Hat 				15150365
 Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head 		02957055
 Wicked Mirror 					15150371
 Widespread Ruin 				77754944
 Wilmee 					92391084
 Wing Eagle 					47319141
 Wing Egg Elf 					98582704
 Winged Cleaver 				39175982
 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 	87796900
 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2 	57405307
 Winged Trumpeter 				94939166
 Wings of Wicked Flame 				92944626
 Witch of the Black Forest 			78010363
 Witch's Apprentice 				80741828
 Witty Phantom 					36304921
 Wodan the Resident of the Forest 		42883273
 Wolf 						49417509
 Wood Clown 					17511156
 Wood Remains 					17733394
 Worm Drake 					73216412
 Wow Warrior 					69750536
 X-Head Cannon 					62651957
 XY-Dragon Cannon 				02111707
 XYZ-Dragon Cannon 				91998119
 XZ-Tank Cannon 				99724761
 Yado Karu 					29380133
 Yamadron 					70345785
 Yamata Dragon 					76862289
 Yamatano Dragon Scroll 			76704943
 Yami 						59197169
 Yaranzo 					71280811
 Y-Dragon Head 					65622692
 Yormungarde 					17115745
 YZ-Tank Dragon 				25119460
 Zanki 						30090452
 Zarigun 					10598400
 Zera the Mant 					69123138
 Z-Metal Tank 					64500000
 Zoa 						24311372
 Zombie Warrior 				31339260
 Zombrya the Dark				88472456
 Zone Eater 					86100785
                             \                   /
                              \   7. Glitches   /
 - Why do you have to start with this poor deck?!
 - When Kaibaman appears in his show, he fusions Black Luster Soldier and Blue
   Eyes Ultimate Dragon to form up Master of Dragon Soldier. There is no way
   in this game to do it the same way when you challenge a duel.
   However you just need to pay three monsters as a tribute to be able to
   summon Master of Dragon Soldier.
 - Well it's a fact that blue monster cards need a special ritual to be
   summoned. The only card that differs from that rule is Obelisk the
   Tormentor. But why?
 - Showing a card's permanent effect by EVERY SINGLE move you do within a
   duel is definitely not entertaining... #-_-
 - Why do magic cards such as "Monster Reborn", "Swords of Revealing Light" or
   any monster weakening card have their full/permanent effect when one of the
   three God Cards is played?! I'm really p****d off waiting three howl turns
   before I might be able to start an attack with Slifer!
 - Where's Slifer's second special effect mentioned and shown within the
   series? It should weaken every monster your opponent summons by 2,000
 - Wasn't "Embodiment of Apophis" a trap-monster-card?
 - There's a huge glitch on Ra:
   The Sphere Mode should transform into battle mode when you duel...
   Battle Mode should transform into "Phoenix" when it's ressurected within
   the duel.
   "Phoenix" neither should be destroyable anyway nor should special summon
   Ra's Battle Mode when it's sent to graveyard.

 - Why do I want to revive an opponent's monster?! There is none I could use to
   defeat the opponent... Beside that, you can't revive a monster that is in
   your own graveyard...
 - The translators weren't able to translate "Hitotsu-me giant" completely...
   -_- "Hitotsu" is Japanese for *tada* "one", "me" means "eye". Well, it
   seems to be "cooler" that "One-eyed giant".
 - There are much more limited cards [68] than semi-limited [4]... Somehow
   weird... @_@
   HELLO?! That dinosaur bones where there when we entered the cave the first
   time. XD
   That monkeys on the island that are annoying Mako... Wheren't they supposed
   to be virtual within the series?
   What is Ishizu doing behind these bushes?!
 - This glitch doesn't come from the game itself but from its Strategy Guide:
   It seems as if there are card codes for ALL cards. I.e. the authors of the
   strategy guide have written that there are no card codes for neither "Des
   Volstgalph", "Queen's Knight", "King's Knight" nor "Jack's Knight" but in
   fact there are codes that can be entered into the Password Terminal at
   Trusdale's shop. Just compare to my card code guide. (Section 6)

                 \                                           /
                  \   8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)   /

 Q: How can I summon "The Winged Dragon of Ra (Phoenix Mode)"?

 A: You have to pay three monsters as tribute. 
 Q: How can I obtain "The Winged Dragon of Ra (Phoenix Mode)"?
 A: This information is brought to you by three different guys:
    After completing Paradox' challenge you'll be able to enter the following
    card code into the password terminal in Trusdale's shop:
    You finally have to head to Egypt where Odion will guide you to Marik who
    will ressurect Ra's Phoenix Mode. 
 Q: What is an ante card?
 A: I see you never played poker. ;)
    An ante card is a card you choose before duelling to win an opponent's
    card. The rarer the ante card the rarer the card you win.
 Q: Why can't I choose a card as an ante?
 A: There are many different reasons why you can't choose a card as an ante?
    - You actually don't have it in your trunk.
    - You actually don't have more than one card of it in your trunk.
    - You tried to choose an Egyptian God Card as an ante.
 Q: Why can't I put a specific card into my deck?
 A: Well, okay. There are again different reasons for that:
    - You actually don't have it. The "Trunk" menu is also a list of ALL cards
      in the game.
    - You actually don't have more than this ones in your deck.
    - The selected card is a (semi-)limited card. You may not choose more than
      one (two) of them to build up your deck.
    - You already have three of these cards inside your deck.
    - Your deck already consists of 40 cards.
    - Your deck capacity is too low.
    - Your duelist level is too low.
    - Maybe two or even more of the reasons above prevents you from putting a
      card into your deck.
 Q: How many cards are there in "Reshef of Destruction"?
 A: I counted 800. Hint: Look at the trunk when the cards are ordered by
 Q: Why aren't there all card codes?!
 A: Hey! There are at least 800 different card codes. I found out 764 via
    internet, that means there are 36 missing. You know how many different
    combinations you might have    if there were 8 digits that could be one of
    '0' to '9'? That would be 10^8 or 100,000,000 or 100 million different
    combinations, okay 99,999,236...
    You really think that I will try out THAT MANY combinations? I hope you do
    not. But I'm looking at least every second week for the rest of it.
    Besides this, there are official trading card sites where I found some of
    the new codes. These sites are mostly referring to the packs that are
    published. The only one I know, is a German one - and you probably do not
    know that Europeans seem to be the last if there are new packs published.
 Q: How do I save the game?
 A: Erm, the same way as you do it in "The Sacred Cards". Go to your room and
    press 'A' in front of your PC and choose "Yes" when your being asked. Right
    before the possibility of saving the game your LP will be regained.
 Q: I passed the game and I can see some kind of "The End"-thingy screen. Is
    there something to wait for?
 A: Actually... No, I waited for more than half an hour. Turn your GBA off and
    start a new game. ;)
 Q: Where do I enter those card codes? There is no card shop any more...
 A: Well, there is at least one card shop. To get there you have to go to the
    lower right exit of the "Clock Tower Square" area. Now enter Trusdale's
    shop. At the right of Trusdale there is an orange password terminal.
 Q: I don't get the card after I entered the correct card code. Why?
 A: You have to buy it from Trusdale... (Somehow really expensive...)
 Q: Will I be able to duel with Slifer, Obelisk AND The Winged Dragon of Ra?
 A: (SPOILER!!!) Yes, for at least two duels, you might be able to summon at
    least one of the three Egyptian God Cards.
 Q: How do I get Slifer/Obelisk/Ra?
 A: Okay, for the ones that are not able to READ the walkthrough COMPLETELY!
    You get Slifer as your first God Card from Ishizu once it regained its
    power. Ra's Sphere Mode is obtained after a duel with Bandit Keith.
    Its Battle Mode is resurrected by Marik. To get Ra's Phoenix Mode look
    above at the first question within this section.
    The last God card you receive is Obelisk. You get it from Kaiba after you
    saved Mokuba from Reshef's control and you bet Kaiba in a duel.
                             \                   /
                              \   9. About me   /
 9.1 Some things...   /
 Well as you might have read before: I'm German. So please be kind... ;)
 9.2 If you want to contact me   /
 You may contact me if you have specific questions about the FAQ, 
 There are some "rules" if you want to contact me. Please follow them:
  - Read this document first! Maybe you'll find your question already answered.
  - Look on the websites you found this guide, maybe there is an updated
    version available
  - Think of what you want to ask at least more than once. Some questions
    could be answered by yourself if you just think!
  - Think about how to formulate your question
  - Use correct names from the English version of "Reshef of Destruction"
  - You may write either English or German. It depends on what you can do
  - Check your mail's form. Use upper AND lower case!
  - If your ask questions on parts of this document, it might be useful to
    quote the passage(s).
  - Try not to exaggerate.
  - Please use this tag in your subject: [Reshef-FAQ] or write something at
    least "Reshef" into the subject line.
    I will - from this document version on - NOT answer on e-mails that don't
    have a subject line. The subject line is to be used to describe your
    problem or idea within a short sentence.
    If you have a problem write "I've got a problem on [short description]" if
    you have an idea use something like "Got an idea on [short description]".
  - SEND ME NEITHER HTML- NOR RTF-MAILS! Check your mail program how to
    convert your HTML/RTF-Mail to plain-text mails. Even Outlook (Express) can
    produce plain-text.
  - If you want to attach any pictures/screenshots please check their file
    type. I might be able to open almost any type thanks to xnview, The Gimp
    and Paint Shop Pro 8 but JPEGs and PNGs are preferred even if a small VBA-
    BMP screenshot just makes about 115kB. PNGs do 18 kB, JPEGs might be even
  - Do not attach any archives (*.zip, *.tar.*, *.rar, *.ace)! I want to see
    what you sent me on the first look.
  - Please be patient! I'm not online all day but at least once a week...
 Use this e-mail adress:	deffkryz(at)web.de
 If you ask questions that are already answered or if you despise the rules I
 will definitely NOT answer! I will also definitely NOT answer any questions on
 illegal file sharing, ROM-Files or any emulator. There are forums and manuals
 in www! Go look for them by yourselves!
 And before you ask: NO! There are no different ways of communication you may
 try to contact me on... I surely have an AIM, ICQ, MSN and Y! account. But I
 don't want to be disturbed by someone unknown...
 There is also no way of letting me answer to a specific time or a different
 e-mail adress than shown in your header!
 From this version on I will just ignore questions on information that are
 already given within the walkthrough and the FAQ sections.
 If there's a mistake... Please report only repeated mistakes that were taken
 from one version to the following - every new version is completely reviewed.
 You may also contact me via e-mail if your want to post this FAQ on your
 I also noticed that many users still prefer Microsoft Outlook Express or the
 heavier client Micosoft Outlook. If you still want to use them after all bad
 news within the last 2 years - okay it's your decision. But please for our
 all sake:
 ACTUAL RELEASE! I don't want to be bothered by any worms.
 9.3 My favourite cards (within this game)   /
 God Card:
 -> Slifer the Sky Dragon - although it just has his power-up effect...
 3 Tributes Card:
 -> Master of Dragon Soldier - almost unbeatable together with Slifer... X)
 2 Tributes Card:
 -> Dark Paladin - I like monsters that will power up if there is a dragon on
    the field
 1 Tribute Card:
 -> Dark Magician Girl - The card game's cutie... ^_^
 Lv.4 Monster Card:
 -> Gemini Elf
 Lv.3 Monster Card:
 -> Penguin Torpedo - Tux rulez! ;)
 Lv.2 Monster Card:
 -> Turu-Purun
 Lv.1 Monster Card:
 -> none within this game...
 Trap Card:
 -> Bad Reaction on Simochi
 Magic Card:
 -> Pot of Greed
 Ritual Monster Card:
 -> Black Luster Soldier
 9.4 Disliked cards   /
 God Card:
 -> The Winged Dragon of Ra (Sphere Mode)
 3 Tributes Card:
 -> Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth - I hate LARGE insects!
 2 Tributes Card:
 -> Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon/Orgoth the Reckless - those cards just simply suck!
 1 Tribute Card:
 -> Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast
 Lv.4 Monster Card:
 -> Thunder Nyan-Nyan - thanks to the new effect
 Lv.3 Monster Card:
 -> Necrolancer the Timelord
 Lv.2 Monster Card:
 -> Time Wizard
 Lv.1 Monster Card:
 -> Thousand-Eyes Rest
 Trap Card:
 -> Anti Raigeki
 Magic Card:
 -> Swords of Revealing Light - might be useful for you but boooooooring if
                                played by the opponent
 Ritual Monster Card:
 -> Relinquished
 9.5 My deck   /
 First of all I have to say: I'm not a PRO! Not at all!
 The second to say is that this deck just consists of cards I prefer most - I
 don't know if they do any good - especially within the last two duels.
 I know: There are too many Lv 5-12 monsters...
 The different categories are primary ordered by ATK, secondary by Level,
 tertiary by DEF.
					Type	 Summon  Lv  ATK   DEF   Cost
 God Cards:
 Slifer the Sky Dragon                  Dragon	 Divine  12  4000  4000    0
 Obelisk the Tormentor			Warrior	 Divine  12  4000  4000    0
 The Winged Dragon of Ra (Phoenix Mode)	Machine	 Divine  12  4000  4000    0
 Monster Cards:
 F.G.D.					Dragon   Divine  12  5000  5000  169
 Master of Dragon Soldier		Dragon   Divine  12  5000  5000  169
 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior		Rock     Earth    8  3500  3850  357
 Shinato, King of a Higher Plane	Fiary    Light    8  3300  3000  168
 Masked Beast Des Gardius		Fiend    Shadow   8  3300  2500  168
 Dark Paladin				Warrior  Shadow   8  2900  2400   76
 Gilford the Lightning			Warrior  Light    8  2800  1400   58
 Mirage Knight				Warrior  Dreams   8  2800  2000   58
 Summoned Skull                         Fiend    Fiend    6  2500  1200  279
 Cyber-Tech Alligator			Machine  Wind     5  2500  1600  279
 Des Volstgalph				Dragon   Earth    6  2200  1700  150
 Dark Flare Knight			Warrior  Pyro     6  2200   800  150
 Jirai Gumo                             Insect   Forest   4  2200   100  384
 Flash Assailant			Fiend    Shadow   4  2000  2000  319
 Boar Soldier				BWarrior Earth    4  2000   500  319
 Giant Rex				Dinosaur Earth    4  2000  1200  319
 Dark Elf                               Magician Shadow   4  2000   800  319
 Vorse Raider				BWarrior Fiend    4  1900  1200  289
 Gemini Elf				Magician Light    4  1900   900  289
 Harpie's Brother			WBeast   Wind     4  1800   600  260
 7 Colored Fish                         Fish     Aqua     4  1800   800  260
 King's Knight				Warrior  Light    4  1600  1400  207
 Queen's Knight				Warrior  Light    4  1500  1600  207
 Big Shield Gardna			Warrior  Earth    4   100  2600  532
 Big Shield Gardna			Warrior  Earth    4   100  2600  532
 Magic Cards:
 Brain Control
 Change of Heart
 Dark Hole
 Harpie's Feather Duster
 Monster Reborn
 Pot of Greed
 Swords of Revealing Light
 Trap Cards:
 Acid Trap Hole
 Acid Trap Hole
 Acid Trap Hole
 Torrential Tribute
                         \                           /
                          \   10. Version History   /
 v0.1:  - Completed walkthrough just to pass the game and some special events
 v0.5:  - added some Cheats and Card Codes, released two days earlier than
 v0.6:  - changed formatting (looks way better now!)
        - minor bug fixes [i.e. 2.5]
        - verified some card codes
        - by now at least exactly 2071 lines @ 67.6 kB
 v0.7:  - minor bug fixes in formatting
        - changed title of 2.5 to "Summon advantages/disadvantages table"
        - completed 2.6
        - extended credits
        - besides the "big" changes minor edits, additions and removals
        - back to British English. I don't know how I went to American...
        - finally an ASCII-Logo...

 v0.8:  - I forgot to put the news on the Logo into the history though you
          might have noticed - done by now.
        - added information on how to get "The Winged Dragon of Ra (Phoenix
          Mode)" within the walkthrough (section 4.11 "Paradox") and the FAQ
        - how to put in the cheat codes into VBA...
        - added information on tributing
        - added section 4.16 "Hints"
        - added hidden room to 4.14
        - extended credits
        - more glitches
        - changed one card within section 9.5
        - changed content within section 9.3 into my REAL favorite cards
        - more card codes

 v0.81: - just one(!) correction, that's why it's still 0.8...
        - forgot Mchl43@aol.com within the credits... sry! 

        - added sections 4.17 and 4.18
        - changed one card within section 9.5
        - changed my disliked God Card...
        - extended credits
        - added document size info so you can compare whether you downloaded
          the complete text file
        - added some infos on opponents' deck summons
        - added info on "KaibaCorp Duel Machine" at the end of section 4.1
        - little work on tributing
                             \                   /
                              \   11. Credits   /
 Thank you:
 - Kazuki Takahashi for creating such a great trading card game! I don't know
   how but I really got chained by that game. Arigato gozaimas!
 - Konami for developing and publishing this game
 - Nintendo for this magnificent platform although it just seemed to be some
   kind of a handheld SNES...
 - Japan - arigato gozaimas - for most of Manga/Anime and J-Pop stuff! ^_^
   Although it's rather an expensive hobby it's most of the time satisfying...
 - Samsung Electronics... My hands will never get cold with my X10 working in
   winter. ;)
 - Mozilla Community for Thunderbird and Firefox that stopped many many E-Mail
   viruses and presented websites pretty fast and safe. X)
 - For helping:
   "Marik Ishtar", "The Dawsons", "Gil Core", Mchl43@aol.com and Eric Cardeon
   for how to get Ra's Phoenix Mode.
   Craig, "Darkest Aitsu" and hockeyguy8 for their card codes.
   Tino and Rob for their addition to my walkthrough.
   Rob and Kaine for information on the Hall of Eternity
   bobka007 for the location of the KaibaCorp Duel Computer
 Very special thanks to:
 - Maaya Sakamoto (magnificent voice!), you lightened up my bad days though I
   don't know what you're singing... ^_^'
 - Yoko Kanno (imo best anime sound tracks!)
 - My little sister for asking me so much that I had to write this FAQ.
 While working on v0.6 our family's cat Duchesse died. May she rest in piece.
 *sob*                             __________
                                  /    __    \
                                 /    |  |    \
                                /  ___|  |___  \
                               |  |___    ___|  |
                                \     |  |     /
                                 \    |  |    /
                                  \   |  |   /
                                   \  |__|  /
                                    \      /
                     \                                   /
                      \   A. "To Do & Find Out"- List   /
 - duellist decks (maybe only their favourite summons) & add to
 - still to find card codes from
   > Aeris
   > Command Angel
   > Giant Rex
   > Last Tusk Mammoth
   > Nightmare Penguin
   > Orgoth the Relentless
   > Penguin Torpedo
   > Ruklamba the Spirit King

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