Review by vgmasterRicardo

Reviewed: 03/14/06

Mario + pinball = bad game

the story is okay, but the game is rather short. The controls are very sloppy. the best part of this game is most likely the story line.

I love the 3D look, but most of the characters could use some work on them, Mario in particular. but this is the only G.B.A. game that I know has 3D graphic, Nintendo could use some work on them, as far as the game itself goes the graphics are okay.

well the tunes in this game are horrible. the background tunes are horrible. when Mario hits a enemy/target the game makes a little noise which is some what annoying the music in the game is very annoying. I don't like it at all.

Replay value
well this part is not very high, the thing about this part is that you have to save it, then turn it off, if you don't save it, you lose your data. So you would wanna play it again. but if you beat it, it gets very boring after the first time.

game play
the controls are very sloppy, (controlling Mario) you have to time your push on the L and R buttons. This task can be very frustrating for most gamers. Personally I don't like the controls, they sorta random, it involves timing and precision, that is why I don't like them. Another reason I don't really like them is because most enemy's are hard to take out.

This story is just another reason not to buy this game, how many times does Peach have to get kidnapped before she realizes, she should stay with Mario. the story line is stale and unpleasant. Peach is kidnapped once again and its up to Mario to save her, once against a classic battle between Mario and Bowser, we have heard it all before.

Overall rating :6/10
this game is not as good as I thought it was, to be honest it was a disappointment. It had is moments but overall it was not that good, personally I would not buy it again if I had the chance.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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