Review by DevilSailormoon

Reviewed: 11/15/04

Man, what a disgrace

Mario has been one of my favorite video game characters for a long time ever since 1990. Today, this year, other Mario games came out and Mario Pinball Land happens to be one of them. Now having a pinball Mario game could of been good, but it seems that this game is a complete disappointment to the Mario series. I will go and explain why below.

Story: Ok, so at this fair. Mario, Peach and the rest of the gang is at a fair and there is a new ride there. The ride is a cannon that can turn you into a ball that will play around and such. However, Peach is the first one to go into the cannon and the goombas there turn the cannon from where it is suppose to be into the direction of Bowser's castle. In other words, it's like the same story as usual. She gets kidnapped by Bowser again and now Mario must travel through Pinball land to rescue Peach for the 20-billionth time.

Game play: The big time disappointment. It is a pinball game but wheres the fun? In this game, you have no tilt unlike other any pinball games and this games the game extra hard and repetitive. Another thing is that you must kill your enemies by bumping into them and after that, you get a star in the room where you killed those enemies. You need a certain amount of stars in order to open a room and the amount of stars is shown on the door, kind of like in Super Mario 64. The game's boss fights aren't that special. some bosses you have to find their weakness, others you just ram into them. If you fall out between the flippers in a boss room and then go back in, you have to start the whole battle again. After defeating a boss, you will get one of the 4 keys needed to open Bowser's castle and after you install a key in one of the statues, a red switch will appear in the boss room that you had just been to. If you hit the red switch, you will go into a red coin challenge(as seen in Super Mario 64) but guess what? Your timed for crying out loud.

Sound: There aren't many songs that you would hear in most Mario games in this game except for the song where you have an invincibility star from the original Mario Bros. Most of the songs aren't that bad, not not real good either. They can be repetitive and sometimes you will forget what they sound like later on.

Graphics: Now this is one of the game's high points. Most GBA games are rather in 2D but this one is 3D. The graphics go well with each world and the whole game too. If you watch the intro scene, you won't believe how 3D it is. I thought this game was going to be on the DS at once but no, it was the GBA. Too bad this is the only good thing about the game.

Replay Value: This game could have some replay value, IF IT DIDN'T HAVE THAT EXTREMELY HARD GAME PLAY! Seriously, if you some how manage to beat the game with no tilt or anything else I described in the game play section and had a hard time with the game while playing it, then you most likely won't play it again.

In conclusion, I give this game a 4/10. I would of given it a 3/10 if it wasn't for those graphics.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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