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Guide and Walkthrough by qqwref

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/29/2004

                       ,,,,,.                     _.,o,
                      JsSSSSsL.    [p===\o,.  _oO^ssSSs\.
                    ~OsSssSSS[SSssSS[SSP= [S;;;;. SSSSSss|!
      _               ^O====/^\====/L==J  L***** **/\***J         ,,,,,,TM
     /m=--,,,  ,-=-,,__...,, -=,._ .-=====-,.   _.,,,       ,,,,, [MMMM]
     |MMMmmMM]\/sSSSspmmmmMm\|Ssss mMMMMMMMm\ psssSSs\, -=-,|SSS] [MMMM]
  ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^    ^^^^ ^^^^^^^^   *******  *******  ^ *PPP*******^^^^^^^
                       FAQ/Guide & Bad ASCII Art by qqwref

Table of Contents:

I.   The Basics
     A. Introduction
     B. Story
     C. How to Play
     D. Game Mechanics
II.  Playing the Game
     A. The Objects
     B. The Items
     C. The Goals
     D. The Enemies
III. Collecting the Stars
     A. Funfair
     B. Snowy
     C. Grassy
     D. Sandy
     E. Fiery
IV.  Beating the Bosses
     A. The Big Boo
     B. Cheep-Cheep Pufferfish
     C. Petey Piranha
     D. Tutankoopa
     E. Bowser
V.   So, What do I Get?
     A. Time Trials
     B. High Scores
VI.  Miscellaneous Junk
     A. Legal Statement
     B. Thank You!
     C. Version History
     D. What I Need

                                I. The Basics
                               A. Introduction

On Auguest 26th, 2004, Nintendo of Japan released a Mario-themed pinball game
for the Gameboy Advance. I got a copy, and after playing it for a few days I
decided to write a FAQ for it, just because no one else had yet. Here it is.

                                  B. Story

One day Mario, Peach, and some Toads were playing in a fair with a machine that
would turn you into a ball and then shoot you at a target. When Peach went in
the machine, though, some Goombas turned the cannon and shot Peach into
Bowser's Castle. Mario, of course, has to go and save her.

                               C. How to Play

The controls on this game are pretty basic. If you have played Gameboy or
Gameboy Advance pinball games before, they should seem very familiar.

     D-Pad: Choose option
D-Pad Left: Move left flipper
  A Button: Move right flipper
  B Button: Use item
     START: Pause
  R Button: Move right flipper
  L Button: Move left flipper

                              D. Game Mechanics

Super Mario Ball is played in single-screen pinball tables or boards. Each
table consists of the flippers, some objects in the middle (usually with a few
enemies), and possibly some Star Doors at the top (see Section IIA).

When you move your flipper, if Mario is on it he will fly off in a direction
based on his speed, direction, and when and where he hit the flipper last. If
you hold one of the flippers up, you can get Mario to fly off it. When Mario
hits an enemy or object, he will bounce off, and he will fly much farther if he
bounces off an enemy or object than if he bounces off a wall.

Mario cannot be destroyed, but will go to a lower board if he falls off the
bottom and will lose a life if he falls off the bottom of the lowest board.
However, Mario can only fall off through the flippers, and you usually start
out with a blue pipe between them, so you have some help.

You'll get through the game, basically, by hitting lots of stuff with Mario or
another object you're juggling. You can do many things by hitting stuff - beat
bosses, open cannons and star doors, activate ? Blocks and switches. You can
only hit something if Mario is traveling at a fast enough speed; if he is too
slow the hit may not register.

In Snowy and Fiery, there are short sections in which you are underwater. Below
the surface, the game mechanics are different and much slower. When you hit
Mario with your flippers, he will fly up into the air, where you can hit
floating targets, but if Mario bounces off something he will usually travel
along the ground. This can make it easier to hit targets but can also inhibit
your ability to collect coins and the like.

                             II. Playing the Game
                               A. The Objects

Objects are (usually) found on the game board. Hitting them or collecting them
achieves certain things, which are usually good.

Object Name: Star
Description: This looks like a golden star, and will appear when you complete
             certain objectives (see Section III). If you collect enough of
             these you can open Star Doors (see below) and unlock more game

Object Name: Star Door
Description: This is a door near the top of a board that has a star with a
             number on it. If you have that number of stars or more, you can
             hit the door to open it, and then you can go through. In boards
             with two or more Star Doors, opening all of them will force them
             all to close, so you'll need to have one (or maybe two, if there
             are three doors) open at a time.

Object Name: Star Key
Description: When you beat a level boss (see Section IV) one of these will
             appear. Collect it for 500,000 points. You can use the Star Keys
             that you find to open Star Locks (see below) and enter the main
             part of Fiery.

Object Name: Star Lock
Description: These locks only appear in the first board of Fiery. If you have a
             Star Key, go to the Lock that corresponds to the boss you've
             defeated and touch it to put the Key in. Fill all four of these to
             open up the rest of Fiery.

Object Name: 1-up Mushroom
Description: This will give you an extra life. You can get one from the
             Question Mark, or you can buy one from Toad for 100 Yellow Coins
             or 25 Blue Coins.

Object Name: Question Mark
Description: When you complete a Star objective, if you've already gotten the
             Star from that objective a Question Mark will appear instead. You
             can also sometimes buy these from Toad for 50 Yellow Coins. When
             you collect the Question Mark, you will have a slot-machine type
             thing, where you press A to stop at what you want. These are the
             possible things you can get:
              > Yellow Coin. Gives you +2, +5, +10, or double your Yellow Coins
              > Blue Coin. Gives you +2, +5, +10, or double your Blue Coins
              > 1-up Mushroom. Gives you a 1-up Mushroom
              > Pipe x2. Gives you a Pipe x2 item.
              > Yoshi Egg x2. Gives you a Yoshi Egg x2 item.
              > Lightning Bolt. Gives you a Lightning Bolt item.
              > Thumbs Up. Gives you 100,000 points.
              > Thumbs Down. Gives you 100 points.
             If you get an item in this way, it will override any item you
             already have.

Object Name: Yellow Coin
Description: When you kill an enemy (or hit the bell in Funfair) one of these
             will appear if this is the first thing you've destroyed since
             Mario hit the flippers. Collect these to buy things from Toad.

Object Name: Blue Coin
Description: When you kill an enemy (or hit the bell in Funfair) one of these
             will appear if you have destroyed something else since Mario hit
             the flippers. Collect these to buy things from Toad's shop in

Object Name: Red Coin
Description: After inserting a Star Key into a Star Lock, in place of that boss
             there will be a red switch. Hit this red switch to make eight Red
             Coins appear throughout the level; collect all eight to make a
             Star appear where the last one was.

Object Name: ? Block
Description: This will appear in many different places, especially in boss
             arenas after you've defeated the boss. Hitting this, if you don't
             have an item, will give you one; if you already have an item you
             will just get a Yellow Coin.

Object Name: Yoshi Egg Sign
Description: You'll see this on the ground, in the middle of a board. It looks
             like a picture of a Yoshi Egg; use a Yoshi Egg on this board and
             a podium will pop up. Hit it with your Yoshi Egg to replace the
             podium with a pillar. Hit the pillar three times to get 5, 8, and
             then 12 coins, then hit it with the Yoshi Egg to put the Golden
             Yoshi Egg on the board. If you lose the Yoshi Egg or Mario, you'll
             abort this sequence.

Object Name: Golden Yoshi Egg
Description: Play the Yoshi Egg Sign bonus game for this to appear. Get it for
             a certain number of points (seen on the level select screen) and
             a coin for each 10,000 points in this award.

There are many more objects that aren't important or that are level-specific.
They include cacti, black and golden pillars, a block of ice, beehives,
mushrooms, and other things.

                                B. The Items

There are many items in this game, and most of them help you accomplish certain
tasks by making the game easier. You can find items by hitting ? blocks or by
buying them from Toad. If you see Toad waving, go near him for a shop. In the
Funfair, enter the blue tent to buy things from Toad for Blue Coins instead of
Yellow Coins.

Item Name:   Pipe
Description: When you enter a room, you will have a blue pipe between your
             flippers. After a while, this pipe will start moving and then
             disappear. Use this item to get it back.
Price:       10 Yellow Coins, or 1 Blue Coin

Item Name:   Pipe x2
Description: This item acts just like the Pipe, but you can use it twice.

Item Name:   Super Mushroom
Description: Use this item to double the size of Mario (and any Yoshi eggs you
             are also juggling; see below) temporarily. While he's double size,
             it is easier to keep him from falling off the table, and he has a
             higher chance of hitting things.
Price:       10 Yellow Coins

Item Name:   Super Mushroom x2
Description: Again, this is like the Super Mushroom but you can use it twice.

Item Name:   Mini Mushroom
Description: Sometimes, you'll see tiny entrances that you are much too big to
             fit into. If you use a Mini Mushroom, you will become small enough
             to be able to fit into these holes. You may also, however, fall
             through holes in the ground...
Price:       10 Yellow Coins

Item Name:   Star
Description: Activate a Star for a few seconds of invincibility. While you're
             invincible, you will destroy any enemy you touch.
Price:       30 Yellow Coins

Item Name:   Thunderbolt
Description: Activate this to destroy every enemy currently on the screen. Some
             enemies, however, may not be affected by this.
Price:       30 Yellow Coins

Item Name:   Yoshi Egg
Description: This will give you a yoshi egg for this board. The yoshi egg will
             act just like Mario (you can use it to collect items and hit
             enemies) except that if you lose it you will not lose a life or
             change boards.
Price:       20 Yellow Coins

Item Name:   Yoshi Egg x2
Description: This is like the Yoshi Egg but can be used twice.

Item Name:   Red Yoshi Egg
Description: After you collect all of the red coins in a course, the red switch
             will be replaced by a red ? block. Hit this (you must not have an
             item) for the Red Yoshi Egg. If you activate this egg, you will
             get the combined effects of a Super Mushroom, a Star, and a Yoshi

                                C. The Goals

There are a few objectives in this game. The first of these is to collect all
of the Stars. There are 35 in total, and if you can beat Bowser with all of
them you will get a slightly different ending than if you didn't have them all.
Getting them all, however, may take a few hours, so I recommend that you save
and exit (the third menu option) when you're done.

The other main objective is to get points. This is done as in any other pinball
game: hitting things, defeating enemies, and collecting useful items gives you
points. While you can get up to 1.5 million points from doing one thing, you
will more likely get points in the thousands or couple of thousands until you
start doing the bosses. The lowest high score in the score table is 2 million,
but you'll probably take a while until you can get this many. You will probably
find that, as you can only beat bosses once, if you're going for serious points
you will want to start from a new or partial file.

                               D. The Enemies

There are, of course, quite a few enemies in this game, and they all act in
specific ways. I don't have any official names yet, but when I get them I'll
be sure to replace all of the names with the official ones. Name is my name;
Where is the place where these guys can be found; and What is a description.

Name:  Goomba
Where: Funfair, Grassy, and Fiery
What:  Goombas are mushroom people who've decided to work for Bowser. They
       are the weakest type of enemy - they can be killed in only one hit, and
       there is no time at which they are not vulnerable. They also do not move
       very quickly.

Name:  Boo
Where: Funfair and Fiery
What:  Boos are ghosts who have the ability to become invisible. They tend to
       only do this, however, when they can see Mario. To defeat them, it is
       best to go behind them and then hit them in the back, as although they
       only take one hit they are protected when invisible.

Name:  Stinger
Where: Grassy
What:  When you hit the beehives in Grassy, or enter them, you will see these
       hostile enemies. Normally they travel around at low speed, at which time
       they can be dismissed with one hit when they're near the ground, but
       when they see Mario they get angry and attack him. When these guys are
       angry, they can push Mario into places you don't want to go, so be

Name:  Skating Guy
Where: Snowy
What:  These guys skate around things in Snowy. They come in four colors (red,
       yellow, green, and blue), all of which are equally weak. They can be
       taken out in one hit, but they move quickly and therefore are not very
       accurate targets.

Name:  Mr. Blizzard
Where: Snowy
What:  This enemy looks like a snowman; this may be because this enemy is a
       snowman. Mr. Blizzard likes to stand still and throw snowballs at you,
       which is not very nice as it can prevent you from getting to where you
       want to go. If you hit one of these with Mario, you'll stun it for a
       little while, but you can't destroy it without a Star item.

Name:  Cheep-Cheep
Where: Snowy and Fiery
What:  This enemy is really easy and is only found underwater. If you hit him,
       he'll die, but since these guys float that isn't always easy.

Name:  Penguin (?)
Where: Snowy
What:  This is a penguin who appears in one place in Snowy. Hit it to knock it
       over, then hit it again quickly (before it can get up) to defeat it.

Name:  Pokey
Where: Sandy and Fiery
What:  Pokeys are walking cactuses endowed with life. They come in two or four
       sections, and function thus: hitting one will destroy one section, and
       when all are gone the Pokey is finished. These guys are pretty easy to
       kill, but take a while.

Name:  Condor
Where: Sandy
What:  Going through the 2-Star door in Sandy will bring you to a room with
       four flying Condors and a small pyramid. Hit Mario over the pyramid to
       fling him into the air, where he just might hit a Condor. Condors only
       take one hit, but they are disproportionately difficult to kill.

Name:  Spiky
Where: Sandy
What:  Dropped by Lakitu, Spikies will constantly reemerge. They look like a
       small enemy with a red, spiked shell. If you hit one, it will flip over,
       at which time you can destroy it by hitting it again, but you will have
       to be quick to win as Spikies will continue to appear.

Name:  Cobrat
Where: Sandy
What:  Cobrats are green snakes that come out of pots. The general idea with
       these guys is just to kill a lot of them; they take one hit but can be
       hard to defend against when they come in large numbers.

Name:  Shy Guy
Where: Sandy
What:  Shy Guys, usually hiding behind large stone pillars, sometimes come out
       to play and/or taunt Mario. You can destroy them in one hit, but the
       constant movement of these guys, along with the obstructive pillars, can
       make it difficult to do that.

Name:  Fly Guy
Where: Fiery
What:  Fly Guys are basically just blue Shy Guys with propellors on their heads
       who can fly. These guys are a pain in the neck, but with a one-hit kill
       they are not hard to remove when you can find them on the ground.

Name:  Koopatrol
Where: Fiery
What:  Man, I really hate these guys. They are, in my opinion, the most
       annoying and difficult-to-kill enemy in the game. Koopatrols, you see,
       are fortified Koopas with spiked armor. When you hit them, although they
       will bounce backwards, Mario will not deal any damage. The only way to
       kill these guys is to smash them against the wall, and even then, if you
       destroy every one they will all regenerate. Koopatrols are majorly
       annoying obstacles as well due to the fact that they are large and try
       to converge around the flippers, preventing Mario access into the Star
       Doors at the top of the boards where they're located.

                          III. Collecting the Stars

In this section, I'm going to list all of the stars (along with my own name for
them) and how to get them. This game isn't really conducive to a walkthrough,
because we all have different abilities and therefore we will all get the stars
in our own order. The stars are, however, usually listed by the amount of Stars
needed to get them, or at least by their difficulty. The Requirements section
lists what you need to have a chance at getting the star.

                                  A. Funfair

                           STAR 1 (Chomp's Revenge)
Requirements: At least one Blue Coin
Walkthrough:  Do you see that blue tent over to the right? If you have a Blue
 Coin, that tent will open up. What you have to do is shoot Mario in there.
 Now, you'll be in one of Toad's shops, except that you buy things with Blue
 Coins, not Yellow Coins. Choose the Chomp (it will cost you one Blue Coin) and
 you will start a minigame.

 In this minigame, you have thirty seconds to try to get rid of all four
 Chomps. You must do this by hitting them with either Mario or one of the two
 Yoshi Eggs you have. All four Chomps will constantly go forward; hitting them
 will make them go backward a little. If they touch the back end of the board,
 they will disappear. This isn't easy, so you'll have to bring a lot of coins.
 Try not to lose either of the Yoshi Eggs, because they will help you even more
 near the end.

                              STAR 2 (Crossfire)
Requirements: At least two Blue Coins
Walkthrough:  Just like in STAR 1, enter the blue tent. For this star, however,
 buy the Bullet Bill for two Blue Coins. In the Bullet Bill minigame, you have
 thirty seconds to hit thirty Bullet Bills. The Bullet Bills are shot out of
 cannons on each side, and travel horizontally through the board. Just try to
 keep Mario and the two Yoshi Eggs bouncing around for the whole thirty seconds
 and you should win.

                              STAR 3 (Detonator)
Requirements: At least three Blue Coins
Walkthrough:  Return to the tent and choose the Bob-Omb for three Blue Coins.
 In this minigame, you will have to destroy ten Bob-Ombs in thirty seconds.
 When you hit the blue switch here, one Bob-Omb will appear, as long as you
 don't already have four on-screen and you haven't made ten (in total) appear.
 For each Bob-Omb, you must hit it (which will make it start flashing) and then
 either hit it again or wait about five seconds for it to explode. If all ten
 Bob-Ombs appear and explode, you will win.

                            STAR 4 (Boo's Mansion)
Requirements: 1 Star
Walkthrough:  To start, hit your Mario into the house on the left. The door
 will be boarded up until you get your first Star. When you enter, you'll be in
 a room with four Boos. Kill them by hitting them in the back (see Section IID)
 and you will get this star.

                         STAR 5 (Big Boo's Red Coins)
Requirements: 10 Stars, Big Boo beaten
Walkthrough:  After hitting Mario into the house on the left, go through the
 10-Star door. If you've already beaten Big Boo, you will see a red switch
 here. Hit the switch and you will then have 100 seconds to collect 8 red coins
 scattere throughout the level. Two coins are in this room; four coins are in
 the room with the four Boos; and two coins are in the entrance room, with the
 two Goombas. When you collect the eighth coin, this star will appear in its

                                   B. Snowy

                               STAR 1 (Rainbow)
Requirements: none!
Walkthrough:  In the first board, destroy the red Skating Guy by hitting it.
 Another one, of a different color, will enter each time you kill one, until
 you've dispatched four, at which time you'll get your star.

                             STAR 2 (Die, Birds!)
Requirements: 1 Star
Walkthrough:  From the beginning, go through the 1-Star door. You'll see a
 block of ice and some Penguins. Hit one to knock it over, then hit it again to
 destroy it; get rid of all four for your complimentary star.

                             STAR 3 (Die, Fish!)
Requirements: 1 Star
Walkthrough:  In the Penguin room, repeatedly hit the ice block until it is 
 over the cracked hole in the ice, at which point it will fall through. If you
 hit it off-center, it will go off to one side, and you'll have to hit it back
 in the other direction, but it isn't difficult to get it over the hole. Enter
 the hole and you'll find yourself underwater (see Section ID for details);
 kill the three Cheep-Cheeps by hitting them for this star.

                           STAR 4 (Like an Eskimo)
Requirements: Mini Mushroom
Walkthrough:  On the first board, you'll see a very small entrance to an igloo
 on the upper left. Enter it with a Mini Mushroom and you'll be in a circular
 room with a mole and a ? Block. What you have to do is to hit the mole many
 times. Each time you hit it, it will move clockwise one space; if you wait too
 long between hitting it it will move counterclockwise one space. When you get
 it to complete one full revolution, it will yield you its star. This is a
 pretty difficult star. Note: do not kill the mole with the Star inside the ?
 Block, because the mole will then disappear and you'll have to leave and enter

                           STAR 5 (The Gauntlet)
Requirements: 3 Stars
Walkthrough:  Go up through the 1-Star door and then the 3-Star door. There are
 four Mr. Blizzards and a ? Block here. Your goal is to stun all four Mr.
 Blizzards at once, which can be done by hitting them. It would really help you
 if you had a Yoshi Egg (or a Yoshi Egg x2, or a Red Yoshi Egg), but I've
 gotten it without using an Item.

                           STAR 6 (Slot Machine)
Requirements: 5 Stars
Walkthrough:  From the penguin room, enter the 5-Star door. Here are four
 Skating Guys, all of different colors. Whenever you defeat one, a new one of a
 different color will enter the screen. You have to get them all the same color
 if you want your star. This isn't too hard, but it may require some luck.

                      STAR 7 (The Pufferfish's Puzzle)
Requirements: 1 Star, Cheep-Cheep Pufferfish beaten
Walkthrough:  After you beat the boss, go and insert the Star Key into the Star
 Lock and return to the boat to find a red switch, which will create eight red
 coins to collect when hit. Two are in the boat; two are outside in the water;
 two are in the original board; and two are in the penguin room. The ones in
 the water are pretty hard to get, but collecting all will get you your star.

                                   C. Grassy

                           STAR 1 (Goomba Family)
Requirements: none!
Walkthrough:  Enter Grassy. On this first screen, you'll see three Goombas.
 Destroy them to get the easiest star in the game - hitting them once will
 get rid of them.

                             STAR 2 (Buzz Buzz)
Requirements: 1 Star
Walkthrough:  First, go through the 1-Star door. You'll see a bouncing beehive.
 Hit it to unleash three Stingers; defeat them by hitting them when they're
 flying normally and near the ground. You'll get a star for your troubles.

                             STAR 3 (Bowl Over)
Requirements: 2 Stars
Walkthrough:  Go through the 2-Star door to be in a room with three Koopas, a
 mole, and a ? Block. To defeat the Koopas, hit them once to knock them over,
 then hit them again to win. You can't defeat the mole. This star will come to
 you when you kill all three Koopas.

                              STAR 4 (Mini Me)
Requirements: Mini Mushroom
Walkthrough:  For this star you'll need a Mini Mushroom; buy one from Toad when
 you see him and then save it for here. Enter any of the three beehives in the
 level and you'll be in a circular arena with a ? Block and four Stingers.
 Defeat them to get your shining trophy.

                          STAR 5 (Mushroom Madness)
Requirements: 5 Stars
Walkthrough:  Go through the 1-Star door like in Star 2, then go through the
 5-Star door at the top. There are five mushrooms and four Koopas here. Be
 careful with the mushrooms, as they will bounce you in a seemingly random
 direction when you hit them. Get rid of the Koopas to get your star.

                      STAR 6 (Petey Piranha's Potluck)
Requirements: 1 Star, Petey Piranha beaten
Walkthrough:  After you've beaten Petey Piranha and placed the Star Key in the
 Star Lock, return to the windmill and hit the red switch. That will make eight
 red coins appear throughout the level. Two are in the windmill; two are in the
 board outside; two are in the beginning board; and two are through the 2-Star
 door. Collect them all for the last star.

                                   D. Sandy

                             STAR 1 (Mini Cacti)
Requirements: none!
Walkthrough:  Destroy the two Small Pokeys at the entrance board. They pose no
 threat to you; simply hit them twice to win and get your first star here. If
 you've already gotten this star, a Lakitu will appear and you will also have
 to defeat the single Spiny here to get the Question Mark.

                          STAR 2 (Poke the Pokeys)
Requirements: 1 Star
Walkthrough:  From the beginning of the level, open the 1-Star door and enter.
 There are two Large Pokeys here. Hit each of the Pokeys four times to defeat
 them and get your star.

                         STAR 3 (Three Dimensions)
Requirements: 2 Stars
Walkthrough:  Enter the 2-Star door on the middle. There are four flying
 Condors here, a small pyramid in the middle, and two Sphinxes. Hit one of the
 Sphinxes to raise the pyramid a bit; after a while the pyramid will get
 smaller. Hit Mario over the pyramid to send him flying into the air, and
 hopefully you will hit and defeat one of the Condors. Defeat them all for this

                          STAR 4 (Lakitu Mischief)
Requirements: 4 Stars
Walkthrough:  Enter the 4-Star door and you will see three Spinies and Lakitu
 flying around. You have to defeat the Spinies; hit them to knock them over,
 then hit them again to defeat them. This would be easy except for the fact
 that Lakitu is constantly dropping more Spinies on you. You'll probably want
 to save this star for last. You can do it without an item, but I'd recommend
 a Star, Lightning Bolt (this will only overturn them, you will have to finish
 them off), or Yoshi Egg.

                           STAR 5 (Keep Them Away)
Requirements: 2 Stars
Walkthrough:  Through the 2-Star door, bring the pyramid up to its maximum size
 and the door on the bottom will open. Shoot your ball through the door to
 enter a room with three switches. If you hit the side switches, holes will
 appear; if you hit the middle switch, the holes will disappear and Cobrats
 will begin to come out of the four pots on the edges of the board. Defeat 8
 Cobrats before they reach the center for the Star; to get the Question Mark
 you will have to defeat 12 Cobrats.

                      STAR 6 (Continuous Replenishment)
Requirements: 2 Stars, Mini Mushroom
Walkthrough:  Inside the pyramid, use your Mini Mushroom to fall through the
 tiny grate in the center. You'll be in a circular room with a ? Box. Cobrats
 will fall from the ceiling so that there are always six; after you've killed
 about 25 of them they will stop falling down. Defeat the remaining few and
 claim your Star.

                          STAR 7 (Shy Guy Stealth)
Requirements: 2 Stars
Walkthrough:  Inside the pyramid, hit the left switch to make a hole appear.
 Fall through that hole and you'll be in a room with two switches and five
 pillars. When you hit the left switch (don't hit the right switch, it will
 take you to Tutankoopa) five Shy Guys will appear and begin to periodically
 run between the pillars. Defeat them all for the Star. Note that when you
 can't see them you can't hurt them.

                          STAR 8 (Shy Guy Dancing)
Requirements: 2 Stars
Walkthrough:  Inside the pyramid, hit the right switch and fall through that
 right hole, then hit the right switch again. This room has one pillar, and
 four Shy Guys will come out and start dancing. Try to destroy them all before
 any return to the pillar; if any get back they will replenish each other. If
 you do get rid of all four before they return to their hiding place, you'll
 get your star.

                       STAR 9 (Tutankoopa's Treasure)
Requirements: 2 Stars, Tutankoopa beaten
Walkthrough:  Inside the pyramid, hit the right switch, go down the hole, and
 hit the left switch; or hit the left switch, go down the hole, and hit the
 right switch. Either way, you'll be led to Tutankoopa's room. If you've
 already beat him, hit the red switch to initiate your customary red coin hunt.
 Two are in this room; two are back in the Cobrat room; two are down the left
 hole, with the five pillars; and two are down the right hole, with the single
 pillar. Collect the last one to have a star appear.

                                   E. Fiery

                             STAR 1 (Careful Now)
Requirements: All 4 bosses beaten
Walkthrough:  After you've beaten all four bosses, go to the first board of
 Fiery and put the Star Keys in the Star Locks. This will open up a gate at the
 top of the level. Enter the gate and you will see five Fly Guys who you have
 to defeat. This is reasonably difficult because there is a cannon, possibly
 Toad, and three Star Doors (including the garishly huge Bowser door), so try
 until you can do it.

                           STAR 2 (Obstacle City)
Requirements: All 4 bosses beaten
Walkthrough:  From the room in Star 1, fall back into the Star Lock room and
 you will see three Fly Guys. You know what to do. There is a problem with
 this, though: the Star Locks are huge obstacles which will do their best to
 prevent you from being able to hit the Fly Guys. They're not very good at
 preventing you, but be careful anyway, OK?

                           STAR 3 (1st Regiment)
Requirements: All 4 bosses beaten, 17 Stars
Walkthrough:  From the Star 1 main room, enter the room on the left.
 There are 2 Koopatrols here; you have to hit them against the walls to win.
 Try to do it early, because once they congregate on your flippers it will be
 much more difficult. You'll get a star for winning this battle.

                           STAR 4 (2nd Regiment)
Requirements: All 4 bosses beaten, 21 Stars
Walkthrough:  Instead of entering the left room through the 17-Star door, enter
 the right room through the 21-Star door. This star is more difficult because
 there are three Koopatrols and a hole in the ground, but it shouldn't be a
 problem to you by now.

                       STAR 5 (Petey Piranha Again)
Requirements: All 4 bosses beaten, 19 Stars
Walkthrough:  Enter the left room, then enter the left room again through the
 19-Star door to face 6 Goombas and then Petey Piranha again. He isn't any more
 difficult than the previous verion, but beating him again will net you one
 million points (wow...) and a nice Star.

                           STAR 6 (Big Boo Two)
Requirements: All 4 bosses beaten, 25 Stars
Walkthrough:  Enter the left room, then enter the right room through the
 25-Star door. Fight the four Boos here, then the Big Boo, for another million
 and another star.

                        STAR 7 (Pufferfish Part 2)
Requirements: All 4 bosses beaten, 21 Stars
Walkthrough:  Enter the right 21-Star door, then fall through the hole in the
 upper middle of the screen. You'll face six Cheep-Cheeps and then the
 Pufferfish himself, who this time starts with two small spiked Cheep-Cheeps
 but otherwise isn't harder, for your large reward.

                        STAR 8 (Tutankoopa Twice)
Requirements: All 4 bosses beaten, 23 Stars
Walkthrough:  Enter the 21-Star door, then go in the 23-Star door on the left.
 Inside, you will fight four Pokeys of the tall variety (hit each four times)
 before you fight Tutankoopa again. This time, I think he's a little faster,
 but I could be wrong. Anyway, defeat him for your (possibly) last star!

                           IV. Beating the Bosses

You can only begin to get stars in Fiery when you've beaten the first four
bosses. Each of these bosses takes three hits, each hit giving you 10,000
points and the final one giving you 500,000 points, the Star Key for that
world, a circle of coins, and two ? Blocks. You must take the Star Key and put
it into the corresponding Star Lock in the first board of Fiery, which will
open up the Red Coin switch, and if you do this for each boss you'll unlock the
other boards of Fiery.

After you get enough stars, you can go through the Star Doors in Fiery and
fight other versions of these bosses. The bosses aren't any more difficult, but
they will give you 100,000 points for hitting them and 1,000,000 points for
defeating them now.

                                 A. The Big Boo

To get to this boss, you'll need ten Stars, so you probably won't be doing this
one first. From the beginning screen in Funfair, go into the house, then go
through the 10-Star door, which will take you to The Big Boo's mansion (and
boss arena).

The Big Boo is just like any other Boo in that it disappears when it can see
Mario. You have to hit Mario behind it, so that it's turned around, then
quickly shoot Mario into his back. Do this three times to beat The Big Boo.

                            B. Cheep-Cheep Pufferfish

To get to this boss, go to Snowy, and go up through the 1-Star door. You'll see
four Pengis circling around a large block of ice. Hit the ice a few times until
it reaches the crack in the ice, and it will fall through. Go through the hole
and Mario will be underwater, under the ice. The game mechanics underwater are
a little different; see Section ID for more details on this. Anyway, hit the
three chests (in any order) and the sunken ship here will turn to face you and
open up. Hit Mario through here to get to the Cheep Cheep Pufferfish's lair.

The Cheep Cheep Pufferfish is spiked and cannot be hurt when he is in his
normal form. There are two targets on the far side of the room; you must get
Mario to hit those targets, and when he does a Bob-Omb will come out. If you
heave the Bob-Omb at the Pufferfish (treat the Bob-Omb like you would a Yoshi
Egg) the Pufferfish will expand for a while, during which time you must hit him
with Mario. This will damage the Cheep-Cheep Pufferfish. After you've hurt him,
the Pufferfish will create two small spiked Cheep-Cheeps. These are just like
the boss except smaller, but hit one with a Bob-Omb and it will give you 5,000
points and die. These are only shields for the boss; disregard them, and hit
the boss three times to win.

                                C. Petey Piranha

This is one of the easier bosses. In Grassy, hit Mario up through the 1-Star
door. You will see a blue switch and a windmill. What you have to do is hit the
switch, which will stop the windmill, and then enter the windmill.

Petey Piranha is in the middle of a completely round arena. If Mario goes near
Petey when Petey's facing him, he will be eaten and spat out. Be careful when
Mario gets spat out, because Mario will be hit right at the ends of the
flippers. Don't move them, or Mario will most likely exit the windmill. Anyway,
if Mario hits Petey when Petey is looking another direction, Petey will be
hurt. Petey Piranha won't start trying to eat Mario until you've hurt him once;
hit him three times to finish him off.

                                 D. Tutankoopa

Go into Sandy, then up through the 2-Star door. You will see two statues on the
far end of the board, a small pyramid, and four Condors circling overhead. If
you hit one of the statues, the pyramid will grow, but after a while it will
shrink; if you can make the pyramid grow four times it will have a door, which
will open. Enter. There are three switches here; hit either the left or the
right switch and a hole will appear. Fall through the hole and there will be
two switches in the new board. One of them will open a hole; hit the switch on
the opposite side of the side you fell from. For example, if you fell into the
left hole hit the right switch. Fall through this new hole to battle

Tutankoopa is, in my opinion, the most difficult of the four bosses. There are
two large pillars near the back of the arena. Hitting on has the effect of a
Super Mushroom and a Star. However, Tutankoopa keeps creating balls of energy
which chase after Mario at high speed and, if they hit him, strip him of
invincibility and make him tiny. If you can hit Tutankoopa when Mario is large
and invincible, and while Tutankoopa is standing in the middle with arms
raised. Hurt him three times to get the Star Key.

                                   E. Bowser

Bowser is the final boss of the game. In Fiery, after you've unlocked the rest
of the board, go up one board and then go through the 15-Star door. Bowser is
right in here.

In this arena, there are two Thwomps with chains, two wheels on the wall, and
a blue switch, along with Bowser. You have to spin Mario around the outside of
the arena, spinning the wheels, which will raise the Thwomps a bit. When the
wheels aren't spinning, the Thwomps will descend, but if one of the Thwomps is
at the top it will stay there. You have to get one of the Thwomps to the top,
which will activate the blue switch; hit the blue switch to knock over Bowser,
then hit him to get 100,000 points and deal some damage. When you've done this
three times, you will enter Bowser's second phase.

This second phase is definately easier than the first, though it isn't a free
break. Bowser is a ball, albeit a very large one, and you must juggle him and
Mario together. Note that if Bowser isn't moving Mario will push him away
easily. Get Bowser to hit one of the places where the wheels were three times
to create a huge gap, then hit him through that hole to get 1,500,000 points
and the ending.

                              V. So, What do I Get?

What do you unlock for beating the game? So far, all I've found is the Time
Trial levels, and I've beaten Bowser with the full 35 stars. I'm sorry there
isn't much stuff, but it appears that Nintendo simply couldn't get any more
beautifully rendered 3D graphics on a GBA cartridge.

                                 A. Time Trials

The Time Trial levels are, basically, levels in which you try to go through the
level and beat the boss as quickly as is humanly possible. I haven't played it
enough to have any high scores, but you can send in yours if you want. I'll put
a high score list when I get some scores.

                                 B. High Scores

You can, of course, still play to try to get high scores. This, along with the
Time Trial levels, appears to be the limit of the replayability in this game.
Here are some of the best ways to get points, for those who don't know:

 > Bosses. Beat as many bosses as you can, because they'll net you 630,000
    points (at least, more if you get the coins) for the first few, and then
    another 100,000 for putting the Star Key in the Star Lock. They'll also
    let you get to Fiery, where you can get tons of points and more...
 > Stars. Get as many stars as you can with each Mario, because each one gets
    you more points and because when you lose your Mario you get...
 > End-of-Mario Bonus. Depending on how many stars and coins you collected,
    you'll get quite a few points. Killing enemies is good to get coins; so is
 > Golden Yoshi Egg. Use a Yoshi Egg on a board with a Yoshi Egg Switch on the
    floor and then hit it into the pedestal a few times. You'll get 25 coins
    and then the bonus, which ranges from 200,000 to over 2 million points and
    quite a few coins as well. But this pales in comparison to the...
 > Fiery Bosses. In Fiery, beating bosses nets you 1.3 million points each, and
    defeating Bowser will give you 1.8 million. This is the best way to get
    points, if you can make it here.

The entire thing revolves around bosses. When you enter a level, you will not
be able to exit until you've beaten the boss, so make sure to practice getting
to and beating bosses if you want a high score. The Time Trials levels are
excellent for this.

                             VI. Miscellaneous Junk
                               A. Legal Statement

This game guide is Copyright 2004 by qqwref, aka MZRG, aka MikeyZRG, aka
                                     Michael Z. R. Gottlieb.

It is illegal and immoral to profit from, include in a publication without
permission, or claim ownership of this guide or any part of this guide, unless
you are the author.

                                 B. Thank you!

People to who thanks are due:
 The staff of Nintendo, for making this game;
 Me, for writing this FAQ;
 CaptainDrakesGhost, for posting a bare-bones list of the stars;
 Tidalwave and Gersson Oviedo for the following information:
  How to open the Boos' door (Gersson)
  Number of Cobrats to beat in the upper temple (Tidalwave + Gersson)
  Differences between original and Fiery bosses (Gersson)
  Petey Piranha starts eating you after the first hit (Gersson)
  Number of times to hit the block of ice in Snowy (Tidalwave + Gersson)
  Snowy 5 confirmation (Tidalwave + Gersson)
  Tutankoopa can only be hit with raised hands and in the center (Gersson);
 Hoffman Frenchman for the information of the Golden Yoshi Egg bonus game.

                               C. Version History

0.1  - Sept.  6, 2004 - Made ASCII art
                        Wrote Table of Contents
                        Finished Sections IIB, part of IIA, IIIA, VC, and VD
0.2  - Sept.  7, 2004 - Wrote complete Section IV
                        Created Sections VA, VB, and all of I
                        Finished Section IIA
                        First submission to GameFAQs
0.3  - Sept. 10, 2004 - Wrote Sections IIIB, IIIC, and IIIE
                        Wrote Section IIC (Goals) and IID (Enemies)
                        Added underwater movement to ID (Game Mechanics)
                        Added/Wrote Section V; renamed V to VI
1.0  - Sept. 17, 2004 - Added info from Tidalwave and Gersson Oviedo
                        Wrote Section IIID - finally complete!
1.1  - Sept. 29, 2004 - Added Golden Yoshi Egg bonus game info from Hoffman
                        Expanded Section V to Section VA and VB. Wrote VB.

                                 D. What I Need

This FAQ is not completely finished yet. There are still a few things I need:
 > Official names of enemies, bosses, items, and objects
 > Any more items I may have missed
 > More complete story
 > How to unlock the Time Trial levels
 > How many Cobrats you have to beat in the lower temple, after you fall
   through the hole, to get the Star there
 > What you have to do in Sandy to get Lakitu to drop Spinies in the opening

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