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FAQ/Walkthrough by qqwref

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/10/04

  ._______.    ___.
  |MMMMMMM[   |MMM|   ,MM/                  ,MMm, |MM|      smm|MMM
  ^@MMMMMM[.--.MMMmm|,m,  mmm-.mm|mm|mmm   .MMMMM\.MM| _   .-. |MM[ mmmmm|MMM|
  |M^^ \MM]MM|MMM^MM{^MM|MM|+^++^ |+|          +MMM| |MMMM ^MM^++++++^  **
  ^                                        ______^^
                                 ------   ^^MM+^
                                ___MMM     /M/_____
                         ------  ,MPQMm. .mM^^MM[^
                          ^MM-  -M^  +MMvMM^  ]M|
                            ^MMMM^    ^MMM    ]M|
                             ]MM:     ,MMM,   ]M|     .
                            /M^MM,   -M^^MM,  ]M|    ;|
                          ./M   MM\ //   ^MMM ]M| __-M^
                         -++-  --+qMM      MMMP++++++[
                                _-MM_      _MMM-_
                                ^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^
                            Please excuse the ASCII.
                            Copyright 2004 by qqwref

Table of Contents:

1. Basics
   1A. Introduction
   1B. Story
   1C. Movement
   1D. Characters
   1E. Enemies
   1F. Items
2. Walkthrough
   2A. Gaul
   2B. Normandy
   2C. Greece
   2D. Helvetia
   2E. Egypt
   2F. Rome
3. About Ob-Sleighs
   3A. What is an Ob-Sleigh?
   3B. How do I get them?
   3C. What do I do with them?
   3D. Hints
       3D-1. Gaul 2
       3D-2. Normandy 2
       3D-3. Greece 2
       3D-4. Helvetia 2
       3D-5. Egypt 2
       3D-6. Rome 2
4. Mere Technicalities
   4A. Legal Statement
   4B. Version History
   4C. Contact

                                  1. Basics
                               1A. Introduction

Asterix & Obelix XXL is a 3-dimensional action game for the Gameboy Advance. It
is based on a cartoon series called Asterix & Obelix, which is known for its
ability to entertain both children and adults and thus is popular in Europe,
especially in France.

Asterix & Obelix XXL is one of the rare 3-dimensional action games for the
Gameboy Advance. As you walk along in this game's world, you will notice that
the textures and walls constantly shift - but stop moving when you do. This
quirk of the game arises from the fact that as you move toward a wall the wall
tends to bulge away from you. This can be extremely disorientating at the
beginning, but you will soon become used to it.

                                  1B. Story

The story seems to make very little sense at the beginning of the game, but
by the time you complete Gaul more of it will be revealed. The basic story is
thus: Asterix and Obelix are living peacefully in their village until a storm
comes and burns the village down. They then have to set out on a quest
throughout the entire Roman empire in order to track down and save their
friends. There is the question of how the entire village was captured when it
happened to burn down, but that is another story.

                                1C. Movement

The movement in Asterix & Obelix XXL is not simple, but fortunately most of it
is intuitive. These are the buttons used:

  R Button: This button rotates the camera to the right. The camera will swivel
            automatically, but you can change its direction if you need to.
  L Button: This button rotates the camera to the left.
     D-Pad: This button is to move your character around on the ground.
     START: Press START to pause the game. This is useful to rest your fingers
            during lengthy combat or to exit a level and retry.
    SELECT: This button changes your character. You can play as Asterix or
            Obelix, but only one character can be active at a time. Each
            character has special moves that only that character can do, so you
            will undoubtedly use this button quite a lot.
  A Button: This button is used to jump. There will be many times that you find
            gaps you can't cross with a single jump, or things that are too
            high to get on with a single jump; to get across these gaps or on
            these objects you need to use a double jump. Obelix cannot double
            jump; only Asterix can, by pressing the A button while in the air.
  B Button: This button is used to punch and to do things. You can punch at any
            time, but you can only do actions when you see a little icon on the
            screen that says "B" and then an action. This is how you talk to

                               1D. Characters

There are a few important characters in Asterix & Obelix XXL:

   Asterix: One of the two main characters, this short Gaul can jump high and
            run quickly.
    Obelix: One of the two main characters, this gigantic Gaul is very strong
            and can break down walls or push heavy blocks.
 Roman spy: You'll see this character immediately after you start the game.
            He'll teach you many secrets and things that you need to know to
            get through your adventure.
   Getafix: After saving your town's doctor, you can 'activate' Getafix when
            you find him to revive all of your health.
   Peddler: Wherever you see this peddler, you can buy things from him by
            giving him the silver helmets you've collected. You can buy the
            tornado, club, and devastator once, an extra shield twice, and hams
            an infinite amount of times.

                                 1E. Enemies

   Light Soldier: This enemy looks like a skinny guy in armor. You can get rid
                  of him in about three hits for a silver helmet.
   Heavy Soldier: This enemy looks like a well-muscled guy in armor. He takes
                  about five hits, but still gives you a silver helmet.
 Light Centurion: This enemy looks like a skinny guy in gold armor. For a gold
                  helmet you must hit him eight times.
 Heavy Centurion: This enemy looks like a well-muscled guy in gold armor. Hit
                  him fifteen times for a gold helmet.
      Militiaman: This enemy looks like a guy with a tiny wooden shield and a
                  dagger. Hit him twice for a silver helmet.
  Blue Barbarian: This enemy looks like a guy with no shirt and blue pants.
                  He'll give you a silver helmet for four hits.
 Green Barbarian: This enemy looks like a guy with no shirt and green pants.
                  After four hits he'll give you a silver helmet.
       Formation: This enemy looks like a square made of shields. You'll
                  usually fight this enemy first; dispatch it with eighteen
                  hits for six silver helmets.
         Wildcat: This enemy looks like an orange-red cat. Hit it three times
                  to defeat it, but you won't get anything.
   Black Wildcat: This enemy looks like a black cat. Hit it six times to get
                  rid of it.
  Wilcat Trainer: This enemy looks like a guy with a trident and a fur coat.
                  Hit him eight times for a gold helmet.

                                    1F. Items

 Silver Helmet: Grab this to add one helmet to your helmet total.
   Gold Helmet: Grab this to add ten helmets to your helmet total.
           Ham: Grab this to heal yourself half of a shield. You can also buy
                ham from the peddler, for 200 helmets each.
  Magic Potion: This is a green flask. Get it, and you will be able to run more
                quickly and destroy any enemy in one hit for a few seconds.
 Golden Laurel: There are only one to three of these per level, and when you
                collect these you never can again. Collect all of these in a
                province to win an Ob-Sleigh (see Section 3B).
        Shield: You can buy this from the peddler twice for 1000 helmets each
                time. It will increase your maximum health by one shield (up to
                the maximum of five).
   Triple Bash: You can buy this from the peddler for 700 helmets. It allows
                you to perform the combo move up, up, B. This combo move makes
                you punch three times quickly, dealing extra damage.
          Club: You can buy this from the peddler for 1500 helmets. It allows
                you to perform the combo move up, up, down, B. This combo move
                makes you hit the ground, killing enemies close to you.
       Twister: You can buy this from the peddler for 3000 helmets. It allows
                you to perform the combo move right, left, left, right, B. This
                combo move makes you turn into a tornado, destroying any Roman
                you encounter, until Combo Mode is over.
    Devastator: You can buy this from the peddler for 5000 helmets. It allows
                you to perform the combo move down, down, right, left, B. This
                combo move makes you cause an earthquake which kills all Romans
                for quite a distance away, plus any that appear for a little

                                 2. Walkthrough
                                    2A. Gaul
                                    LEVEL ONE

You start the game on a path leading into a village. Right next to you is a guy
in a blue coat; talk to him and he'll tell you he's one of Caesar's spies. So,
whenever you find this guy again, talk to him and he'll tell you something

Walking along the path, you'll soon see a soldier running around. Go up to him
and press B to punch him. After you punch him three times, he'll die, and a
shiny thing will come up and add to a counter on the upper right of the screen.

Now, walk into town, and keep fighting the soldiers until you can get to the
spy near the center of town. He'll tell you that all these roman helmets have a
purpose, which is to trade to a peddler and get stuff for. It may seem easy to
get helmets, but you'll be surprised at how many you need to get even a simple
weapon from the Peddler.

Next to the spy you'll find a raised platform. Jump on it and do a double jump
(press A twice, but only with Asterix) to get the three helmets here. From
this platform you can see three crates. As the spy told you, get up to them
and punch them. They will release their cache of Roman helmets, which you
should eagerly collect. If you defeat every Roman and get everything the first
time you are in a level, you'll get 100% for that level and you won't ever
have to enter it again. (You still can, though, if you want to.)

Keep going until you see another crate and a little pond. Bash open the crate,
then step into the pond. You can swim! Go get the helmets, then return and
talk to the spy here. He'll tell you that Obelix can push these heavy blocks.

This is where you really get to understand that the two characters are
different. Obelix is slow but very strong; Asterix is agile but less strong. My
strategy is generally to stay with Asterix until Obelix is needed, because the
double-jump, the move that allows you to get almost everywhere in later levels,
can only be performed by Asterix.

Anyway, as Obelix, step up to the stone ring, so it says "B PUSH/PULL" on the
left side of the screen, and hold B. Now press up to push the block forward.
No matter where the camera is, you will ALWAYS press up to push the block
forward, and you will ALWAYS press down to pull the block backward.

Switch back to Asterix, and get over the wall, entering a new area. Bash the
crate for 33 Roman helmets (it may seem like a lot, but it isn't really) and
then talk to the spy, who will tell you that you can bounce off certain things
to go higher. So jump onto the blue trampoline, and you'll be bounced up to the

At this point there's the first thing that can reasonably be called a battle.
You will have to fight two soldiers at once, and for each one you kill another
will come. Here it is time for some battle strategy: press B fast. You can stop
pressing B when there are no Romans clustered aroud you, but when there are you
should continuously press B until they're gone.

A little past here is an ocean. You can swim in it, but only up to a point. Get
in and get the helmets. After you exit, you'll see a golden helmet in the air.
Part of the puzzle of this game is figuring out how to get things that appear
inaccessible. What you have to do here is pull the block, then get up on it
using the blue trampoline and jump to get the helmet.

Now, enter into the cavelike region and get the helmets on the ledge. The spy
here will tell you there is a Golden Laurel somewhere near here (you usually
won't get this kind of advice, though) and that you'll get an Ob-Sleigh if you
can get it. Well, you actually need much more than one or two, but get it
anyway. Go down the right passage until you get the Laurel (unless you have
already; if you have, it won't appear again) and then return and go down the
left, fighting the enemies as you go. Note that although there's only one kind
of enemy here there will be many more kinds as you progress.

Continue and talk to the spy, who will tell you that you can activate stone
slabs in the ground when you're on them. There's a stone slab right here, too!
Get on it and press B to activate it, and almost immediately you'll see the
platform in front of you start going up and down. Get on it when it's low, then
jump off when it's higher up to get to the ledge here and the second Golden
Laurel. Continue through the tunnel and you'll see a red sign kind of thing
which you can activate by going near it. This is the end of the level, and when
you activate it you'll wait a little while and then be taken to the level
status screen. If it says "SUCCESS 100%" and has "2/2" near the picture of a
Golden Laurel, you've perfected the level. Now would be a good time to go to
the map, so choose MAP instead of CONTINUE and look at the map here.

Each level is a circular shieldlike thing. If it is red, it means that you
can't play it. If it is green, it means you can play the level, but haven't
gotten 100% complete on it yet. If it is yellow, it means you got 100% complete
on it. Note that these colors have nothing to do with the number of laurels you
have collected.

Now, press the right key so the cursor's on Level Two, and press A to play it.

                                    LEVEL TWO

You'll arrive in a completely new landscape. If you go back a little, though,
you can see that it's exactly at the end of the other level. While there isn't
anything back here on this level, you should look back on every level to see if
there is anything back there.

Go forward and walk (or jump) up to the slope to talk to the spy. He'll tell
you about Ham. He says there are a lot of them to be found, but it's sort of
odd in the way that there are too many when you're doing fine and not enough
when you're dying of battle wounds. Get the hams and you'll see your health go

At this time, a weird insignia will appear on the screen. It looks like a lock
over two spears with the text "X2" to the right of it. This insignia means that
once you defeat the two enemies here a stone slab (or, sometimes, other trap)
with that insignia over it will let you press it. Defeat the two guys here, and
as you will see the insignia over the stone slab will disappear. Step on it and
get up on the platform for a Golden Laurel.

Get the helmets in the lake, then get rid of the enemies, hit the crate, and
talk to the spy. He'll tell you some more stuff about Ob-Sleighs. Continue on;
use Obelix to pull the block, then get up and go onto the ledge to the right
before going onto the sandy ledge. Continue on, fighting the enemies. You'll
see a new kind of enemy, a militiaman, but don't worry about him, as he is much
weaker than the standard Roman soldier but still gives you a helmet.

Unfortunately, at this point the insignia pops up again. It will do this quite
a lot in this game. You'll have to kill ten or eleven guys and then the big
boss. Once you dispatch the soldiers, a Heavy Centurion will charge at you.
When he's near you, press B rapidly, and after fifteen hits you will finally
defeat him. After the battle, get up on the trampoline behind you and press the
button, then go take a plunge in the sea.

Militiamen will pop out as you near the gate, but don't worry about them. After
the gate, you'll see two heavy centurions running around. Get into the sea so
you can jump up when you're ready. The fact that the centurions are running
around means that they're ready to fight, so make sure you're ready. After a
longish battle, you're done; go up the slope and get the golden helmets and
ham, bash the crate, and step on the switch. There's a golden helmet on a slope
nearby; to get it, double jump up the slope.

There's a moving platform past here; get on it, then use a trampoline to go
even higher for a golden laurel. Go back down. As you near the gate you'll find
you have to defeat fourteen Romans now; when you do this the gate will open by
itself, with no need of a switch. Sometimes this will happen, but it's rare. Go
through and exit the level.

This time, at the level screen, you can press CONTINUE.

                                   LEVEL THREE

This is your first Ob-Sleigh level. You'll start off going pretty fast; too
fast, in fact, to collect some of the stuff. If you want to slow down, hold the
down key. The object of this level, like all others, is to destroy all the
Romans and collect all the helmets, but it isn't so easy: one wrong move can
mess you up. Because of this, don't expect to get 100% on the first try; it may
take you dozens of tries before you get it.

If you don't think you'll make a turn, hold the turn button (left or right)
anyway; the turn may, in fact, be feasible. Remember that you don't have to go
directly through a helmet to collect it; merely getting close is enough.

Every once in a while you'll come across a big rock. Just follow the trail of
helmets; the rock may slow you down if you hit it but it is not really a danger
unless you go the wrong way.

After a tunnel, you'll come across a jump. To jump, press A; however, it's not
so easy as that, because you have to be going at full speed for your jump.
Thus, right after you make the jump let go of down, then press it again when
you land.

Your first golden laurel is here as well; as it is in the line of helmets
getting it should pose you no problem whatsoever. The same goes to the second
one, which you will see soon.

There's another jump after that, but you should be able to make it if you do it
right. Just a few seconds after that, your ride will come to an end.

If things aren't turning out your way, don't despair. It took me 20 tries to
get it perfect. What you want to do, above all, is get used to playing it. Get
used to holding the down key. Get used to turning gracefully. Get used to
jumping. Get used to missing a helmet.

                                   LEVEL FOUR

You start off on a sandy passage. There's nothing behind you, so go get the
four helmets in front of you. Keep going until you find two heavy soldiers you
have to beat up. They take five hits each, but you've already battled heavy
centurions and so these guys should be no problem. If you're having trouble,
you can lose in order to restart the level with full health.

Hit the switch and get up the platform, then continue. Fight more of the heavy
soldiers here, which shouldn't be too difficult. Get the floating helmets with
the trampoline, hit the crate, and start a battle. This battle is a real
melange of soldiers, heavy soldiers, and a heavy centurion. When you're done
with this, hit the switch and go up for a golden laurel.

The spy here says that you'll see the peddler soon. You can buy some
interesting stuff from him. Before you can see him, though, do a little battle
here, and then push the block. Now go up and talk to the peddler.

The Peddler has some interesting wares and some other that aren't really so
interesting. I suggest buying the Shield first, when you have the money. Don't
get the ham unless you really need it; later levels are much longer, so you
should save up your money. You can buy two Shields; get those as soon as
possible because they'll increase your maximum life points, making each level
easier. Next, get the Tornado; it will let you spin around and knock off
enemies. The other weapons are decent, but not great.

It's time to learn about Combos. When you fight in battle, if you have a weapon
(or more than one) you'll see a little bar on the top of the screen which
decreasese constantly but increases a lot when you hit somebody. When it gets
to the top, it will turn white and say "COMBO" - that is when you are in Combo
Mode. You may have noticed that whenever you bought a weapon it had a
combination listed for it. You can find these combinations in Section 1F, but
you should remember them. When in Combo Mode, doing this combo will activate
your special weapon. The Tornado will spin around, destroying every enemy in
its path, until Combo Mode stops.

Anyway, back to the level. Continue on and you'll see a slope with some helmets
where you should jump onto the slope to get them. Continue on, and you enter
into a battle. If you got the Triple Bash or another weapon (you probably don't
have more than 1000 helmets right now, unless you really wanted to complete the
Ob-Sleigh level) then you can test it our now. This battle isn't very long, but
you should still press B quickly to make sure you get into Combo mode at least

Past the gate you'll see a green shiny potion thing. When you get this, you
gain certain special abilities for a few seconds - you can run fast and you can
dispatch any enemy in one hit. When you get this, I'd advise you to go to any
centurion or heavy centurion you can find; that will make your battle a lot

After the first battle (there are two here) get up via the trampoline and hit
the button, which starts a moving platform that you can use to get another
golden laurel. For the second battle, simply defeating all of the Romans will
open up the final gate, leading to the level exit.

                                   LEVEL FIVE

You start out looking at a moving platform. Go left to get a gold helmet (it
was in your blind spot) and then jump on the moving platform. When it's at its
peak, double-jump off to land on a small platform with a stone slab. Activate
it, then drop down and continue along the passageway.

You'll enter into a small room with three crates. Bash them, then continue
along the corridor. You emerge outside; destroy the heavy centurion, then do
battle with some soldiers, heavy soldiers, and one centurion. Push the block
so you can get up to a platform with a golden laurel, then jump into the water.

Enter another battle, then activate the moving platform and ride it up to two
platforms, one of which has golden laurel number two. Now, get rid of the two
centurions here, and then destroy the crates for quite a few helmets. Explore
the water around the bridge here, for there are a few helmets away from the
bridge, then enter the final battle in Gaul.

Here, you have to fight 23 guys, and so you'll have to mash the button B quite
a lot. If you're having trouble, I suggest you exit out of the battle for a
little while by going back to the bridge so you can rest. This technique is
useful in many later levels.

Walk through the final gate and you will see Getafix. Press B near him to
'activate' him, then press CONTINUE to hear his story. It appears that Caesar's
troops captured the entire town, and that Caesar broke up a gigantic map which
can be retrieved by saving everybody. After the story, you will appear in...

                                2B. Normandy

Coming soon!

                               3. About Ob-Sleighs
                            3A. What is an Ob-Sleigh?

An Ob-Sleigh is a mini-game that you can play from the main menu. It allows you
to play as Asterix sliding down some kind of hill on Obelix's back. The fact
that you slide on Obelix is the reason that the mini-game is called an

There are twelve Ob-Sleighs that can be gotten, as you can see from the menu.
Six of them are the same as the courses that you play during the game (see
Section 2 for details on these) and six are totally new courses. Hints on these
new courses can be found in Section 3D.

                             3B. How do I get them?

You have to win Ob-Sleighs by doing well in the XXL Adventure. To win the first
six Ob-Sleighs, you have to collect all of the Golden Laurels in the provinces.
For example, if you collect every Golden Laurel in Gaul, you'll receive the
Gaul 1 Ob-Sleigh. Getting these Ob-Sleighs isn't too difficult, and therefore
(as they are the same courses you play int the game) you aren't rewarded with

To win the second six Ob-Sleighs, however, you have to collect every helmet in
the provinces. Helmets are not like Golden Laurels; they reappear when you
reenter a course. Because of this, to get the second Ob-Sleigh you must get a
100% complete in each level of a province. To do this, on any trip through the
level you must collect every helmet that can be collected. When you beat a
level, it says "Success!" and then a percentage; that is how you did. On the
map, the levels (which are normally green) turn yellow when you get 100% on
them, and when you get the second Ob-Sleigh in a province that province turns
yellow on the map. These Ob-Sleighs are much more difficult to get, and thus
you are rewarded with all-new courses.

                           3C. What do I do with them?

You play them, of course! For each Ob-Sleigh, the game will keep a record of
your best helmets collected, enemies killed, and amount of time taken. Getting
100% on all of the Ob-Sleighs is quite an accomplishment! For hints on the
Ob-Sleigh levels, see Section 2 and Section 3D.

                                   3D. Hints

Coming soon!

                            4. Mere Technicalities
                              4A. Legal Statement

By using and/or reading this FAQ/Walkthrough, you agree to the following:
 that this guide will not be sold for profit;
 that you will not claim ownership of this guide or of any part of this guide;
 that you will not publish this guide in any way, electronic or mechanical,
      without the author's name or alias;
 that you will not publish this guide in a non-electronic publication without
      the author's explicit written permission;
 that you will not link directly to this guide unless you are www.gamefaqs.com
      or affiliated with that site.

This guide is Copyright 2004 by qqwref, aka MZRG, aka Michael Z.R. Gottlieb.

                              4B. Version History

1.0  - 07/06/04. Made ASCII art.
                 Wrote Sections 1, 3A, 3B, 3C, and 4.
                 Wrote Table of Contents.
1.1  - 07/09/04. Wrote Section 2A.

                                 4C. Contact

If, for any reason, you would like to contact the author about this game guide,
e-mail him at mzrgATverizon.net, replacing the AT with the @ symbol.

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