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FAQ/Walkthrough by Shadowpince

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/13/06

  _________                  ___.           ________                 
 /   _____/ ____  ____   ____\_ |__ ___.__. \______ \   ____   ____  
 \_____  \_/ ___\/  _ \ /  _ \| __ <   |  |  |    |  \ /  _ \ /  _ \ 
 /        \  \__(  <_> |  <_> ) \_\ \___  |  |    `   (  <_> |  <_> )
/_______  /\___  >____/ \____/|___  / ____| /_______  /\____/ \____/ 
        \/     \/                 \/\/              \/               
                   .___ ___________.__            
_____    ____    __| _/ \__    ___/|  |__   ____  
\__  \  /    \  / __ |    |    |   |  |  \_/ __ \ 
 / __ \|   |  \/ /_/ |    |    |   |   Y  \  ___/ 
(____  /___|  /\____ |    |____|   |___|  /\___  >
     \/     \/      \/                  \/     \/ 
_________        ___.                  _________ .__                          
\_   ___ \___.__.\_ |__   ___________  \_   ___ \|  |__ _____    ______ ____  
/    \  \<   |  | | __ \_/ __ \_  __ \ /    \  \/|  |  \\__  \  /  ___// __ \ 
\     \___\___  | | \_\ \  ___/|  | \/ \     \___|   Y  \/ __ \_\___ \\  ___/ 
 \______  / ____| |___  /\___  >__|     \______  /___|  (____  /____  >\___  >
        \/\/          \/     \/                \/     \/     \/     \/     \/ 

|Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase     |
|General FAQ                        |
|Platform(s):Gameboy Advance        |
|            Gameboy Advance SP     |
|            Nintendo DS[GBAGamepak]|
|Written By: ShadowPrince.          |
|Last Updated: January 2006.        |
|E-Mail ID: Sid.Athan@gmail.com     |
|Version No.: 1.1                   |
Note : For the best viewing of  this FAQ keep the font to  'Courier New', Size
10 and Font style to Regular. These options can be found on the Fonts Dialog
Box. If you do not keep these settings, the FAQ might get messed up.

And also, it is recommended that you use a notepad to view this faq. Press
Cltr+f and write the code in the contents menu to find what you are looking

        Contents....                  |

I.      Introduction................dhuf
II.     Game Basics.................bsah
III.    Controls....................erjf
IV.     Menus.......................bcld
V.      The Levels..................nmds
        ~ COLISEUM..................ldio
        ~ OCEAN CHASE...............phjf
        ~ PREHISTORIC JUNGLE........keof
        ~ SNOW CHASE................sjei
        ~ BROADWALK.................regi
        ~ ARCADE....................ekjg
VI.     Level Passwords.............duvm
VII.    Extra Passwords.............jdiu
VIII.   Legal Info.\Contacting Me...ndid
XI.     Version History.............veht
XII.    Credits.....................nmcf


I.          -Introduction-                                         dhuf       :

Hi, I am Sid. Pleased to meet you. Welcome to my FAQ/Guide for the 
game Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase. It is an action/adventure game
based on the movie by Warner Bros. The storyline is a little changed 
though. This guide will help you to beat the game and will provide you
with all the information you need.

II.         -Game Basics-                                            bsah     :

Now, a little information on the game. As I mentioned before, it is a
action/adventure game. Most of the Scooby fans out there will like it.
You can play with any of the Mystery Inc. Members. Your objective of the
game is to find clues to slove the mystery. The story starts of by a 
person named Erik who has created a Scooby Doo video game. Eric, has also 
invented a Laser Device that can send objects from the real world to the 
cyberspace and vice versa!! Erik's friend and colleague named Bill along 
with the Professor have helped Erik in creating the device. 
But now the Laser has beamed a Phantom Virus from cyberspace into the 
reality!! The virus attacks the scientists and escapes.
Meanwhile, Scooby and the gang are invited to try Erik's new game. They
arrive there and they find out about the deadly virus. And so they
take another mystery in their hands. The gang comes to a conclusion
that somebody in the lab has created the virus and the only way to find
it is to go into the cyberspace.....

III.        -Controls-                                                 erjf   :

A Button - Use this to make your character jump.
Also confirms options in the menu.

B Button - This button allows you to shoot the enemies, causing them to
freeze temporarily.

L Shoulder Button - Allows you to change your current character. This
does not work while you are in Cyber Space.

R Shoulder Button - On pressing this button, your character will disguise
himself, making him invincible for a few seconds.

Start Button - You have to press this button in the Title Screen.^_^
This button also pauses the game.

Select Button - Used to try the password entered in the Password menu.

D-Pad - This pad will allow you to browse through the menus and move 
your character.

IV.         -Menus-                                                    bcld   :

The main Menu consists of 3 options.....

a) New Game:
This option will trigger a new game.

b) Password:
Enter the password in this screen. Note that the password screen does
not contain all the alphabets......
Anyway, press A button to select a letter and B button to cancel a 
selection. Hit the Select Button to try out the password.

c) Options:
Options menu contains these sub-options....
~ Music
~ Sound FX
~ Skill
~ Credits

If you want to change an option, then highlight it and press Left or 
Right on the D-Pad.

V.       -The Levels-                                                  nmds   :

Ah! Finally the main part of the walkthrough......

After you read all those talking and the description of the Phantom Virus
you will see the gang standing in front of the computer lab.
The overworld is the place where you have access to three Labs...
Computer Lab
Chemistry Lab
Robotics Lab
The main lab is the third one, the robotics lab. You can enter the Cyber
World only from this lab and you also need Cyber Cds to play the levels.
To enter a lab, just face the door and press the Up Button on the D-Pad.

Ok, with that covered, lest begin our adventure.
Head into the Chemistry Lab and collect the 2 Cyber Cds found here. This
will unlock the first two levels. Now enter the Robotics Lab make sure 
the character with whom you want to play is leading the party. Head all 
the way right and the Device will beam you into Cyber Space!! ZZAAPPP!!!

Now you are at the level select screen. The levels which have a 'tick' 
near them can be accessed. You can only access two levels right now.
Select your first level.....

 COLISEUM              |[ldio]

Yeah man, Like No Way!!! Ancient Rome???!!! Yep. Thats where you are. 
This is an easy level with an annoying boss fight. 
Be prepared, Gladiator'!!

Start by going left. Freeze the Skeleton here and collect the scooby 
snacks.[You have to collect the number of scooby snacks indicated at the 
top-left corner of the screen to complete a level]. After that, return 
to the beginning of the level. Head right this time. Look out for the 
Skeletons here. Freeze them while you collect the scooby snacks. Jump 
when the Skeletons throw something at you.

Avoid the door that you encounter and keep on heading right. Collect all
the snacks here. You will reach a dead end. Return to the door which I 
told you to avoid. Enter it.

Go left and collect the snacks. Freeze the Skeleton and return to the 
door. Head right. Collect all the scooby snacks and freeze the skullys'.
You will see a closed gate. Keep on going right and avoid the door which
you see. Only enter it after you collect all the snacks in this floor.

After entering the door, head left. Freeze the enemy here. You will see 
a clue. Grab it. Collect the snacks here and return to the door. Have a 
look at the number of scooby snacks is left for you to collect(top-left 
corner of the screen). It should be 0 by now. If not then collect all 
the scooby snacks on this floor. Head through the far right door.

The last floor. Just head right until you reach a weird  structure, 
which has a box of scooby snacks. Grab it.

Boss Fight: The Creeper
Difficulty: Medium
Your first boos fight. Unlike other enemies, you cannot hit him with the
B Button. See the cannon-like weapons with those green things? Yeah, that
one. Stand near one of those. Don't go too close or you'll waste it. When
the Creep comes near you, touch that green thing and BOOM! The cannon 
fires hitting the Creep(er). If you are low on health collect those 
Smiley Faces. Keep on hitting the monster and he will go down.

Well, there you go. You completed your first level. Don't be too happy 'cause
the next level is not an easy one....

After you complete the COLISEUM, you will be back in the Overworld. Again head
into the robotics lab and run to the far right. The Laser Device will ZAAPPP 
you again. Select your second level.....

 OCEAN CHASE           |[phjf]

Yahoo!! Your' riding a Jet Ski!!! This ones' pretty tough. This level has three
lanes......and use you D-Pad to switch between the lanes. Try to collect all the
scooby snacks that you see. Use the rocks as ramps to jump higher.

Avoid the sharks who try to attack you from behind. Also avoid the Water Sprouts
that you see. After sometime you will see something flying in the background....
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No!! It's the Phantom Virus!!!! He'll fire 
Lightning bolts at you so be careful. Keep on avoiding the Phantom Virus's 
Bolts and those pesey water creatures and collect the scooby snacks. At the 
end of the level you will see the scooby snacks box so grab it at any cost!!!! 
If you fail to acquire it then you have to play the whole level again, buddy.

Alright!! So you managed to beat the level? Goood. Now your' back in the 
overworld. Head into the Computer Lab and collect two more Cyber Cds.
After that, get ZAAPPPed by the Laser Device again in the Robotics Lab.
Select your next level....


eeWWW!!! I hate this level. YUCK!! This is one of the hardest levels in the 
game. Your' on your own, matey!!
You have to collect more that 120 scooby snacks!! This is a confusing level, 
with lots of half-naked apemen, throwing bananas at you!! Just climb the trees 
and keep on collecting the snacks. Jump from tree to tree until you have 
collected the amount of snacks needed.

After you reach the end of the level, you'll spot a hole on the ground. Fall 
through it and grab the box of scooby snacks. Time for another boss fight!!!

Boss Fight: The Gator Ghoul
Difficulty: Easy
This boss is a piece of cake. The Gator is very easy to beat if you know what
to do. Just jump and avoid the ghoul. Climb on one of the tree branches. When
the Gator triggers an earthquake, fall down on the ground along with many stones
and coconuts from the tree. Pick up the stones and coconuts and hit the B Button
to fire them at him. Repeat the process and you'll kill the beast before you
know it.

Hey, way to go!! You are good at this game!!! With three level under your belt,
you've got three more to beat!!!

As before, head into the robotics lab and get ZZAAAPPPed again!!!OUCH!
Select your next level....

 SNOW CHASE            |[sjei]

Brrrr!! It's too cold, man!! I hope your' wearing your blazers!!! Once you enter
the level, you'll know that this level is similar to the second one, but much
more easier.

You'll be riding your snow mobile and like before, this level has three lanes.
Here are the things which you should avoid:
~ Red Flag-Poles
~ Blue Flag-Poles
~ Snowmen
~ Rolling Snowballs
~ Phantom Virus
What 'Phantom Virus'?? Yep. You read that right. At the end of the level the
Phantom Virus will again chase you, firing Lightning Bolts at you. Avoid them.

Keep on collecting the scooby snacks, and don't forget to grab the scooby snacks
box at the end of the level!!

Yeah I know, that was fun. Now collect the 2 Cyber Cds which are in the Robotics
Lab and get ZZZZAAAAAPPPPed again!!! Seriously, OUCH!!
Select your next level...

 BOARDWALK             |[regi]

First things first. This level is a bit different from the other ones. This lvl.
has areas. You need to collect a ticket in each area to progress to the next 
area. The ticket will only appear if you have collected the required amount of 
scooby snacks. So lets begin...

Those clown freaks are very annoying. Just freeze them. You have to collect 71 
snacks in area 1. Head right and keep on collecting the scooby snacks. Freeze
the enemies. When you reach a board with a '$1' sign, climb it. Jump on the 
iron beam on the left and jump again to the top iron beam. Now jump on the Star
and jump on the top-most iron beam. Freeze the robot here and keep on heading
left. Don't forget to collect the snacks!! When you reach the end, you will
see a trail of scooby snacks leading down. Just jump down and you will land on
a yellow board which has 'DuckShoot' written on it. Jump left onto the HotDog
board, watch out for the flying Ghouls. From the HotDog board jump on the blue
ledge. Jump again on the other blue ledge. Head to the highest ledge. Collect
the scooby snacks. By now you should have collected 71 scooby snacks.

Head left and wait. A gray cloud will come down. Jump on it. It will carry you
to another moving cloud. Jump on it. Now jump right onto the platforms made
by the clouds. Head right and stand at the edge. Now look for a cloud below you.
You can just see a part of it. When it is below you, fall from the platform. You
should land on the Moving cloud. If not, then comeback to the cloud-platform and
try again.

The moving cloud will take you to another cloud-platform. Jump onto it. Again
head right and wait for another cloud. Jump on it. It will take you to another 
moving cloud. Time your jump and jump onto that cloud. Now fall down and head to
the far right part of the level. You will find the ticket. Head right.

Quickly freeze the gaurd. In this area, you have to collect 73 scooby snacks.
Head all the way right, collecting snacks and freezing enemies. After you 
reach a dead end, return to the starting of this area. Jump on the thing
which is right next to the ice-cream parlor. Now from there, jump onto the
roof of the parlor. Jump in the ledge in front of the 'FunZone' sign. Jump
on the ledge above and freeze the robot. Collect the snacks.

Head right and jump on another ledge. Avoid/Freeze the enemies and collect
all the scooby snacks here. You should have collected 73 scooby snacks by now.
Fall down and head to the far-right-end of the area. Grab the ticket and head
right into the next area.

You have to collect 72 scooby snacks in this area. Collect the snacks and freeze
the guard here. Again, Head all the way right, collecting snacks and freezing 
enemies , until you reach a dead end. Go a little left and jump on the board
which says 'HauntedHouse'. Watch out for Clown the Cartwheelier. Freeze him.
collect the snacks here. Now collect all the scooby snacks and head to the far
right side of this area. Grab the ticket and head right.

What?? Just 6 scooby snacks to collect? After you collect them, be ready for a 
boss fight.

Boss: Old Iron Face
Difficulty: Medium
Quickly run right and climb the ledge. Grab the Red-White colored belt. Jump to
the top most ledge while avoiding the falling stones. You'll be able to spot the
boss. He is to the left. Hit him with the belt. After that you'll have to find 
another belt and hit him again. Repeat this process and you'll complete the
biggest level of the game.

Cooool!!! Only one more to go!!!

Get ZZZZZAAAAAAPPPPPPed by the Laser Device and choose your next level.....

 ARCADE                |[ekjg]

This is it. The last level!!! This level is the hardest and don't think that
this level is a pushover. This one also has areas.
All you have to do is activate 4 machines which will turn on the main magnet.
You can activate the machines by finding a magnet in each area.
The machines are located in AREA 4.
Also, the Phantom virus will appear randomly near you and shoot fireballs at
Don't forget to collect the scooby snacks. 

The magnet is located in the top-left corner of the area. After collecting it,
head far-right end and head into the clown's mouth.

AREA 2       
The magnet is located in the top right corner of the area. After collecting it,
head far-right end and head into the joker's mouth.

The magnet is located in the top-left corner of the area. After collecting it,
head far-right end and head into the skull's mouth.

The magnet is located in front of the main magnet, in the middle of the area.
After you collect that, activate the 4 blue machines and the main magnet will be
activated. Stand near the main machine and the Virus will appear and will be 
killed due to the magnetic energy of the Magnet.

That's it!!!!! Congratulations!!!! You defeated the Virus!!!!
Now you have to find the man who had released the Virus into reality.....
Select the Cop. That's it!!!!!
You now have finished the game!!!

VI.     -Level Passwords-                                               duvm  :

So here are the level passwords....for those cheaters out there!!!






VII.       -Extra Passwords-                                            jdiu  :

Here are a few more special passwords.....

PSKYK1DS	At the Arcade with Everything
GH@TRGHL	Fight Against Gator Ghoul
1R@NFYC3	Fight Against Old Iron Face
1CR33P3R	Fight Against The Creeper
WH@DNN1T	View the Ending

VIII.       -Legal Info.\Contacting Me-                                  ndid :

This guide is NOT TO BE SOLD to ANYONE. Please do not make changes to this guide
and declare its yours....
This FAQ can only be posted on:

My Site.

and no other site. If you want this guide on your site, then please E-Mail me. 
Please don't E-Mail me asking:
-For Roms
-For Gameshark/Codebreaker codes
-Where can I buy the game
-Where can I find the rom
-Questions which are already answered in the guide.
However, you can mail your suggestions on improving this guide.
My E-Mail ID is Sid.Athan@gmail.com

XI.         -Version History-                                            veht :

Version 1.0 : Initial Release.

Version 1.1 : Added another site that can post my guide.

XII.           -Credits-                                                  nmcf :

THQ, WB. and CREATIONS for making this game.
Gamefaqs for posting it.
You for reading it!!!!

                            _       ____               _               _  ____ 
             ___ ___   __ _(_)__ _ / _  |_      _____ | |__  _ __   __| ||___ \
            / _ \__ \ / _` | |__` | (_| \ \ /\ / / _ \| '_ \| '_ \ / _` |/ ___/
            \__  |_) | | | | |  | |\__  SHADOWPRINCE) | |_) | |_) | | | | (___ 
            |___/___/|_| |_|_|  |_|   |_| \_/\_/ \___/|_.__/|_.__/|_| |_|\____|

Copyright (C)2006 ShadowPrince.

 __|          |         _|   _ \                               |  
 _|    \   _` |    _ \  _|   |  | _ \  _| |  |  ` \   -_)   \   _|
___|_| _|\__,_|  \___/_|    ___/\___/\__|\_,_|_|_|_|\___|_| _|\__|.



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