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Game Genie Codes by THedstrom

Updated: 01/09/01

    Original NES Game Genie codes created by:

       Tony Hedstrom  t_hedstrom@yahoo.com

   These codes are copyright 2001 Tony Hedstrom

Super Mario Bros, SMB/Duck Hunt Game Genie codes

Note: Most of these codes will work on either the SMB
      version, or the SMB/Duck Hunt version.

PAKOPPAA  mario is always swimming

AETLTK  jump as high as you want!  Works while
        standing, running, or turbo running!
        (No need to enter 3 seperate jump codes
        anymore, because this one code will do the
        work of all 3 jump codes in the Galoob
        code book.  Plus, this code allows you
        to jump MUCH higher than any of the
        Galoob codes.)

PIATYP  enemies can go thru pipes, walls, and blocks!
        Mario (as usual) can't go thru pipes, walls,
        or blocks.  This code really changes the way
        you play SMB.

AEAENT  Mario can jump higher when walking, running,
        or turbo running!  Also, he jumps further
        (only when normal running).

PAZSKO  once you turn into Fire Mario, you will
        always be able to shoot fireballs, even if
        you turn small again (until you die). Also,
        if you touch an enemy, it will make you
        power-up!!  (On some emulator ROMs, the code
        will make you invincible.)

ANTOSA  ever have trouble remembering which pipes
        you can and can't go down?  Well, this code
        solves that problem! The pipes you can't go
        down are upside-down, the pipes you can
        go down are normal.

PAASNO  take no damage from most enemies!  Depending
        on which version of SMB you are using, you
        may have to either become Big Mario, or jump
        on one enemy before becoming invincible.
        (NOTE: this code doesn't work against the 
        potted plants.)

PAZSSO  similar to above

VVAANY  timer counts up instead of down!!  This
        code basically gives you as much time
        as you want to finish a level. The
        longer you take to finish a level, the
        more points you get at the end!!


"Level Select" code!! Lets you start on any world you
want!  Here is how to get to the level select screen:
When you first start out, you are in a new world (0-1)
and you have to finish this level to get to the level
select screen.  Here's how: Swim (yes swim) past the
first pipe you see and keep going until you see some
water at the bottom of the screen.  Swim over the top
of the blocks that are above the water, but not too
far.  Then swim down and backwards a little to drop
down through the little opening in the blocks that
lets you get to the bottom of the screen.  This part
is very important because if you aren't at the bottom
part of the screen, you won't be able to finish the
level.  Once you get to the lower part of the screen,
just keep going to the end of the level.  When you
get to the end, it will say "Thank You Mario, but our
Princess is in Another Castle".  To get the game to
continue, you have to press "B".  Now your at the
"Level Select" screen!  Just press "B" until you
see the world you want (at the top of the screen),
and then press "Start".

AAGOPO  mario can swim everywhere, and you start
        some worlds about 1/2 way thru. By changing
        the first letter to P,Z,L, or G, you can
        adjust where you start the levels. If you
        change the first letter to a "G", then you
        will start some worlds right next to the
        flag pole! (and mario can swim!)

VGYOKK  time starts at 900 (instead of 400)

GUAOPO  start with 400 more seconds, and invincibility
        for the first 10 seconds.

VTTNYA  mario skates like gumby

LEAOGK  opens route to minus world! (at end of 1-2)

VGANYA  mario always walks crouched down

VTLNYA  mario turns big when he walks

UATIUA  mario walks right thru enemies

OKGASA  everything is invisible except mario & enemies

PAAPIK  new block world

NVAOGK  new maze world

ZLAOKK  new mystery world

PLAOKG  new underwater worlds

SVPOUU  most holes are gone

NLTOGK  mario starts out swimming

VGAOPO  most worlds are different, music is different,
        you can also walk right into the minus world
        (1-2), plus if you fall down a hole, instead
        of dying, you end up in a coin room!

GSAENT  you can position mario anywhere on the screen
        (even when he's moving) by holding down the 
        "A" button on controller #2.

ASAENT  new hidden world

OLAOKK  new cloud world

NVPOKG  new bonus worlds

NNPOKG  new warp zone world

ONZOGG  new secret world

PLLOVG  new 1-1 world

VTPOZG  newer 1-1 world

PLGOKG  new worlds. Press reset to start in a
        different world.

VTPOZI  you can jump over the castle at the end of
        world 1-1 and keep on going. Also, going
        down tubes does weird things.

KEATPE  most enemies are invisible, but they die 
        when you touch them.

KEATZE  enemies don't die when you jump on them, so
        by jumping on the same one over and over, 
        you get several 1 up's. But shooting them
        does kill them.

UAYIUA  take no damage from touching enemies!

NYTELN  items that were worth 1,000 points, are
        now worth 1,000,000,000 points!! (if I'm
        not mistaken, thats one Billion points.)
        Basically, just add 6 zeros to what the
        item was worth. So if an item was worth
        100 points, now it's worth 100,000,000
        points. Actually, what this code does,
        is add 4 more zeros between the score
        and the number of coins collected. So
        the score counter has 12 digits, instead
        of only 6. The last two digits are really
        the coin counter, but looks like it's
        part of the score counter. The code does
        have one little glitch. On worlds that
        have a light background (like 1-1), the
        score is a little hard to see. But on
        screens with a dark background (like 1-2,
        coin rooms, etc.), the score shows up
        just fine. So if you are having trouble
        seeing the score in the first world (1-1),
        just go down the tube to the coin room, 
        or loose a life, or finish the level.
        The score shows up fine in 1-2.

YNAOPO  time starts at 150 instead of 400 (plus
        about 30 seconds of invincibility at the
        start of every life).

LEAOPO  time starts with one extra minute
        (460 instead of 400).

LXAOPP  time starts at 600 instead of 400 (plus
        about 10 seconds of invincibility at the
        start of every life).

GVAOPP  time starts at 995 instead of 400 (plus
        about 20 seconds of invincibility at the
        start of every life).

TSLIIT  most enemies are gone

TSPIIT  all enemies are gone! (Sorry, this code
        doesn't seem to work on the SMB only version.)

VGANZA  little mario turns big when he jumps

VGANPA  big mario turns little when he jumps

VTLNGA  when little mario walks, he turns big,
        little, big, little, big, little, etc...

VTYNYA  mario has a seizure when he walks (his legs
        move much faster than he's walking).

NEPELA  play as Game Boy mario (everything is
        black & white).

VGANAA  when mario jumps while running, his little
        legs start running in mid air.

NTPOLE  everything is offset by about 2 inches

NTPOLT  everything is different, plus castle is
        missing at end so mario keeps walking forever.

NTPOPT  almost a solid row of coin blocks and tubes
        in 1-1.

AXAENT  invisible worlds. See how good your memory is.

NGPOKK  mario starts out swimming in a completely
        new green underwater world.

ZSNENT  mario turns into the invisible man.
        This code works on both versions but does
        different things.

ASTETE  play at night

SSASSA  invincibility!  Let an enemy touch you and
        see what happens.  

AALLEY  most enemies are frozen!

PIGOAP  swim without water (you're always swimming)

VTLOKK  1-1 enemies are gone or different, especially
        if you go down the tube. (can't go past 1-1).

AETLIK  super mega jump, standing start only. If you
        try to jump while running, you can barely
        jump at all.  But jumping when standing
        still, lets you jump as high as you want!
        If you hold down the button for 3 minutes,
        Mario will keep climbing higher, and higher
        for 3 minutes! The clock even stops running!
        Then, if you let go of the button, it will
        take Mario 3 more minutes to fall back to
        the ground!  Also notice that this code is
        completely different than any of the Galoob
        jump codes in the book.

GETLYG  Mario has semi lunar descent.  This means
        that when you jump, you float back to the
        ground instead of just droping.  This code
        works for standing, running, or turbo running.

VGAOKK  new cloud world (use with PIGOAP)

VGPOKG  new water world

VTPOKK  new underground world

ASAOGG  new maze world (use with PIGOAP and be ready
        to press jump button as soon as game starts).

NGPOKG  start at 1-2

NGZOKK  start on world 3 ??? (use with PIGOAP)

VTPOKG  start on world 5 ???

NTPOKK  start on world 6 ???

OVAAAE  slow-motion, plus other neat stuff

SYLOKG  no enemies, or in different places (use
        with PIGOAP or AETLTK to help get past
        some levels, like 1-2).

SYLOGK  Mario swims instead of walking in all blue
        background worlds.

YETLYG  Mario has variable jump heights. Sometimes
        he jumps high, sometimes low.

PETLYG  similar to above code

KTLOKK  different enemies in 1-1 (flying fish will
        appear if you are using the SMB only version,
        also, you can't get past 1-1).

VGAOGG + ZLAOKK  cool underwater world

TEGOGG  another maze world (stuck in 1-1)

NTLOGK  Mario swims in some worlds (and different 

EAZLIT  Mario can't shoot

VGLOKK  all worlds have different or missing enemies
        (use with PIGOAP or AETLTK to help get past
        some levels. Also, if you use this code with
        the SMB only version, you can't get past 1-1,
        but if you use the SMB/Duck Hunt version,
        you can get past 1-1.)

AITOSA  Mario walks past castle at end of 1-1 and
        keeps on going forever (this is the first
        code that I ever made for SMB. WOW! :-)).

STPONE  all castles are missing, but game still
        plays normally.

NTPOLS  after the first pipe, mario keeps on going
        forever (no obsticles).

GNATUE  enemies follow you! (Best if you use this
        code with SSASSA).

UATIUE  invincibility! Mario walks right thru enemies.
        (this code is completely different than my
        SSASSA invincibility code).

PLAOKK  starts out in new cloud world (or underwater
        world if you have SMB only version), then you
        drop down to some new underwater worlds.

TTPOZG  1-1 has stuff from other worlds.  Cool.

TPPOZG  1-1 is very different and much longer than
        normal.  Also, if you die, when you come
        back, your at the flag pole, and after you
        jump on the pole, you keep on going past
        lots of neat stuff, and then you fall down
        a hole and the game starts to freak out.
        (It's never the same.)

PAZULG  Mario can float for a very long time.
        You have to press and hold the jump button
        for this code to work right.  Only works 
        from a standing start. (This is just a simple
        modification of a Galoob code).

PLZOKG  start at 2-1 ??

STPENT  x-ray vision (bizarre).  Shows where hidden
        blocks are.

PLZOKK  start at 2-1 ??, then it goes to 1-2.  (use
        with PIGOAP).

VTLNKA  it rains "200 point" icons

TAAPIG  almost a solid row of blocks in 1-1, and 1-2
        (can't get past 1-2).

PAAPIK  similar to above, except you can get past 1-2

NIYNEE  in 1-1, the enemies have hammers

PLAPKG  start at World 3-1 ??

ZLGOKG  new worlds (hold "Right" on controller #1,
        and use controller #2 to control Mario).

NTPOPI  at the end of a new underwater world, Mario
        keeps going for a LONG time, and while he is
        walking, you get to see lots of graphics from
        different parts of the game.

NTPOZT  new underwater world

OLZPKG  new underwater worlds

YSAENV  starts out in underwater world, then goes
        to 1-1 if you die.

ISAENT  if you press the "A" button, you can position
        Mario anywhere on the screen.  If you don't
        press the "A" button, the screen won't scroll.

ASAEVT  worlds are different (this code works very
        differently depending on which version of
        SMB you have.)

ASAENP  all worlds are very weird & different colors

YLAOKK  some new worlds.  You get to swim in most of

ILAPKK  start at world 2-1 ? (only goes 2-3 levels)

YLAOKK + ILAPKK  6 or 7 new worlds! (always swimming)

TEYVPA  enemies that are up on blocks don't fall down
        (and other oddities).

TTLEXP  worlds are really strange

(NOTE: This code below works best only on the 
       SMB/Duck Hunt version.

YSYENT  there are different enemies in 1-2, 4-1, etc.

(NOTE: The codes below, only work on the SMB
       version, not on the SMB/Duck Hunt version).

OVPAIE + NNPOKG  all worlds are in the clouds!

ASAENT + LSTETA  very long new underwater world

VTZOZK  all outside worlds are different

All of the codes above were created by: Tony Hedstrom

Tony Hedstrom
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