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Guide and Walkthrough by x_comp

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 06/04/2004

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Meisou no Rondo
Full Metal Alchemist: Stray Rondo

Written by x_comp
Version 1.10
June 2004


1.  Introduction
2.  Version History
3.  Characters
4.  Controls
5.  Menu
6.  Battles
7.  Alchemy
8.  Location of the Cats
9.  Walkthrough
10. Credits, Conclusion & Contact Info

1. Introduction

Full Metal Alchemist started off as a Manga done by Arakawa Hiroshi which 
is serialized in the monthly Square-Enix magazine, Shounen Gan Gan. Due to 
its great popularity, it now has its very own fair share of merchandise 
including actual novels. It even has its own Anime show now which is still 
going strong along with the Manga at the time of writing.

The story tells of the Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse. In an attempt 
to resurrect their dead mother, they make use of human alchemy which is 
greatly forbidden. Having failed, Edward loses his left leg while his 
younger brother Alhponse loses his entire body.

In exchange for his right arm, he manages to keep his brother's soul inside 
a suit of armour. The price was too big...

Now the Elric brothers go in search of the Philosopher's Stone which 
posseses a great power that will allow them to return to their original 

This RPG basically follows the storyline and features an alchemy card 
system. In it, you make use of "Material Cards" which you can either use on 
their own or merge them together to form greater cards. You can then use 
them in battle to create powerful weapons or moves to defeat your enemies.

This FAQ, like all my other ones, are aimed at people who do not know
Japanese. Hence the translated dialogue and explanation of the menus.
Hope this helps you enjoy these games more!

Developer:    Bandai
Release Date: 26th Mar 2003
Price:        4800 Yen

2. Version History

3/6 - v1.01

- Completed walkthrough up to the first ending.

4/6 - v1.10

- Completed walkthrough.
- Added section listing the location of cats.
- Added some more info into the Menu section about using alchemy to make 
  healing items.

3. Characters

The youngest person who obtained the qualifications to become a national 
alchemist at 12 years old. A talented alchemist.

Possessing a sad past, he shows a firm face but, he is actually cheerful 
and kind as an older brother who thinks of his younger brother.

Having a great determination, he continues on a journey to find the 
Philosopher's Stone with his brother.

His second name is "Full Metal Alchemist".

He is a 15 year old who is concerned about his own short height and does 
not like milk.

"Eveything is for the sake of retrieving the body I lost in a tragedy."

4 years ago, he lost everything due to the price he had to pay for human 
alchemy. Thanks to his brother, his soul now dwells inside a suit armour 
and lives.

Compared to Ed, his speed is inferior but he has skill. In addition to that 
he has good defense, reflecting bullets due to his armoured body and he is 
never tired.

He is the one who understands Ed the most and sometimes, he takes the role 
of calming his older brother. He is 14 years old.

"Nii-san, I really do want my original body again...
 I want to become human again."
An "Alchemist of Fire" who can control fire at will.

With his exceptional success in his career, he was aiming for the Central. 
While he is young, he is a sharp and able person.

He is someone who handles his duties easily and in his heart, he has the 
ambition to become the greatest authority in the military.

His rank is colonel.

Both his hairstyle and appearance portrays him as a powerful alchemist. He 
has a name that suits the sort of alchemy he uses well but, on his other 
side he is someone who is deeply emotional and tearful. He was born in a 
family with a great history.

His rank is major.

Riza Hawkeye
Colonel Mustang's trusted retainer. She has a calm composture and there are 
those around her who trust her along with those who fear her. Skilled in 
guns, she has the duty as the colonel's bodyguard. She was willing to join 
the military due to her firm believe in protecting a certain man.

Her rank is First Lieutenant.

A military man who's family is the most important to him. Due to his 
average appearance, it can't be imagined what a clear mind Lt. Colonel 
Hughes has.

With his light hearted conduct, he gains trust from his subordinates. 
Smoking tobacco is is trade mark.

His rank is second lieutenant.

A member of the mysterious organisation who has the tattoo of the Uroboros. 
To her, the priority in the things she should do first is to execute her 
"plan". Prepared to use ruthlessness as her power, she has a near immortal 
body, claws that transform at her will, she continues to create history.

A member of the mysterious organisation who has the tattoo of the Uroboros.
All his actions are caused by his apettite. The things he can eat are 
humans, beasts and any similar living things. Due to that, his power is 
second to none.

An alchemist who excels in the field of medical alchemy. A young lady who 
who grew up in the care of her home and has never left it before.

Relishing her older brother's favourite phrase, "National alchemists are 
there for the public", she wants to be of use to more people. Wanting to 
become a national alchemist, she heads to Central City.

Although she has quick wits, sometimes she would sometimes be out of it and 
burn with pure naive.

She is 18 and her hobby is darts.

The Alchemist of Thunder. He's a national alchemist but, just like a wolf 
in a Kabuki play he would usually go after a girl without thinking.

However, in battle he becomes a calm person who is quick with the sword. He 
has a great interest and some confused knowlege in the Samurai code but, 
you don't hear it from him much.

He is 29 and his rank is Lt. Colonel. He is a Katana maniac.

He has the power of chimera alchemy. Originally a national alchemist.

An civilian alchemist. Due to an uprising, his territory is in ruins and 
now only the name of his noble family remains with him in poverty.

On the verge of death, he was saved by Lincor and so as a debt of 
gratitude, he is willing to serve him with his loyalty.

He is 25 years old nad his hobbies are sports and hip hop.

An civilian alchemist. Due to the fact that she grew up as a young child 
without the love of her parents, she played only with dolls.

One day, she was able to make dolls that move and talk with her alchemy. 
After that, her parents died in an uprising. Now her only friends are 
Lincor and Randy. She thinks of her dolls as the next most important thing.

She is 16 years old and her hobby is playing with dolls.

4. Controls

D-Pad	Moving about menus and moving around maps.
Start	Go to the save menu.
Select	Go to in-game menus.
A	Interact with an object, selecting something from menus.
B	Canceling an action, deselect cards.
L	Go to in-game menus, run away in battles.
R	Talk to the second character, throw away card, lift from Al.

5. Menu

Pressing Select or L during the game will bring up 4 menus:

Alchemy (Diagram)
Save   (Clock)
Status (Man)
Item   (Beaker)

Lets go through saving first. There's 2 ways you can reach the save menu. 
One is by selecting it from the menus above or, you can press Start and 
you'll reach the save screen right away. It will show you the following:

Play Time
Handbook Completion

Al will ask you if you want to save, Yes/ No. If you choose to save and 
there's already saved data, it will ask if you want to overwrite. Finally, 
it will ask if you want to continue playing.

As for Alchemy, this is where you make use of your cards to solve any 
problems you come across during your travels. You can also use it to create 
any healing medicines if you have the right cards. You can use the R button 
to discard any cards you don't want then A to confirm.

For example, the grass cards gives you healing medicines. To use them, 
select the card with the A button twice then press right to go to the list. 
Press A on the medicine you want and again to confirm and you'll create it 
in your inventory. Refer to the Alchemy section for more details.

In Status, you can organise your party, view your member's different 
abilities or have a look at Ed's alchemy book to view the different things 
you have come up with mixing alchemy cards.

There is a total of 50 different results you can end up with for each of 
the 4 sections - Metal, Stone, Nature and Darkness.

On Ed's alchemy book screen, you can press Start to sort the list by ID or 
power. Use the right and left or L / R buttons to turn the pages. Pressing 
A at any of the entries will allow you to see an incomplete picture of the 
FMA gang. Once you have filled in all 200 entries, you will have the 
complete picture.

6. Battles

Battles are randomly encountered in the game and are sort of real-time. 
There is a coloured bar that fills up before you can attack. After it's 
full, anyone can attack. You don't wait until someone takes their turn 
which means you'll have to think quick sometimes. However, you'll have time 
to select things if you're on a selection screen such as the one for 

During battles, you will have a 3 or 4 squares to the right side of the 
screen depending on the character you have selected.

For Ed, the options are Attack (A Fist), Alchemy (Diagram), Item (Beaker) 
and a Handbook (Book). The options for Al isn't much different except he 
doesn't have a handbook and instead of Alchemy, he has special moves.

Ed's alchemy attacks are executed fairly quick but can have varied levels 
of damage since the cards you get are random. On the other hand, Al's 
special moves takes quite a while to charge but the amount of damage they 
inflict are pretty equal each time.

You can use the L button to escape sometimes if the enemy is weak. Of 
coures, you can't run from boss battles.

7. Alchemy

Alchemy in the game works by making use of cards. There are generally, 4 types 
of cards - Metal (Grey), Stone (Orange), Nature (Green) and Darkness 
(Purple). Cards also have 2 numbers in black on them. These are the mass 
(left) and the value (right). The Roman number in the centre represents the 
level which increases depending on how many cards you combine.

All cards combine to increase the mass and value apart from the Darkness 
cards. These cards lower those numbers. There are 2 rules to combining 
cards. They are:

1. Neither the mass or value may exceed 7 or reach 0 when combining cards.
2. Card combinations can't exceed level 5.

It's fairly easy to combine them when you need to solve a puzzle or use 
them in battle. 

Selecting your cards for combining works the same way in both battles and 
on the map.

First, select the card with the type you want to create by using the A 
button. Then select the other cards you want to combine it with. Any 
selected cards are raised and can be deselected by using the B button. Once 
you have your cards selected, press A again on a card you have already 
selected to start combining.

In battles, a list of unknown and known moves will appear afterwards. 
Select the one you want to execute and Ed will use it. Any unknown moves 
you use will be recorded so that you know what they are the next time. You 
do not have to combine 2 or more cards to execute a move. One card on its 
own will work too.

As for alchemy on the map when you need to solve a puzzle, you'll reach the 
alchemy screen. Here, after you've selected your cards a menu will come up 
with Manipulate, Use, Discard and Return. If you only selected one card 
there will only be 3 options and Manipulate won't be there.

You can only discard cards on the Alchemy screen and not during battles. A 
quicker way of discarding cards without using the menu is to select your 
cards then use the R button. Then press A to answer yes to confirm.

8. Location of the Cats

Throughout various parts of the game, you'll find cats located in different 
areas at different times. Here is a list of them all:

1.  In front of the church.

Central City
2.  Southern Block, In front of the library
3.  Western Block, In the northeast corner of the open grounds.
4.  Central Block, In the southeast corner of the area.
5.  Central Block, Inside a house.
6.  Eastern Block, Northeast of the fountain.
7.  Northern Block, On the hospital roof.
8.  Northern Block, Northeast of the area.
9.  Military HQ, Northeast corner.

The following appears after Armstrong has joined you.

10. Western Block, Southeast corner of the open grounds.
11. Central Block, Inside a house.
12. Central Block, At Hughe's home in his garden.

East City
13. Southern Block, Opposite the telephone box.
14. Southern Block, In the southeast corner.
15. Western Block, Northeast of the open grounds next to the bin.
16. Northern Block, Northeast corner.
17. Military Training Grounds, Northeast corner.
18. Military Prison Cell, You only have ONE chance to seize it before you 
    leave the cell.

19. Northeast area.
20. The village chief's house. Appears when you go back after you have 
    solved the imposter incident.
Daimler's Mansion
21. Once you have solved the case about Daimler, it'll appear in the 
    northeast corner.
22. In Winry's room on the second floor of her house.

The following cats appear after you have seen the first ending and you 
continue the game.

Central City
23. You receive it automatically when you obtain the 5th piece of proof.

East City
24. Western Block, Southeast of the open grounds.
25. Eastern Block, Northwest of the map.
26. You receive it automatically when you obtain the 8th piece of proof.

And finally, you should find the last one after watching the second 
ending. You'll find it on the highest level of Castle Olhentinos.

I'm not exactly sure how many there are because the Japanese sites give 
various numbers...

9. Walkthrough

Arriving at the title screen, you will have three options: Continue, Start 
and Link. Choose Start to begin a new game. Choosing Continue will just 
start a new game if you don't have any saved data present.

Before you start this walkthrough, you may want to take a note of where all 
the cats are located in the Location of the Cats section.

Mainland, The Year 1910 February.
Village of Rizenbeul.
Older Brother 11 Years Old, Younger Brother 10 Years Old.

Ed:             We've gathered the materials for a body now.
                Al... We can return our mother back to normal and revive 
                her now!
Al:             ...It's forbidden to make a human body.
                Besides, there's a equal exchange in alchemy...
                Even if we have something to exchange the body with...
                What can we exchange for the mind?
Ed:             ...It's OK. Just hold out your finger.
                Our blood's essential too.
                I'm going to cut it now.
Al:             Ow!

Ed:             Now we have the information for the soul with this blood.

Al:             ....

Ed:             Well, it's gonna start now!


Al:             Nii-san (older brother)! Something's wrong!
                My body's disappearing!!
Ed:             Al!!
                Ah-?! My leg too!!
Al:             Nii-san! Nii-san!

Ed:             Alllll!!

Man can not obtain anything,
Without sacrificing something.

In order to obtain something,
Something of equal value is necessary.

That is the principle of alchemy...

At that time, we believed that it was the reality of the world...

An Eastern Region Town, Riol
Older Brother 15 Years Old, Younger Brother 14 Years Old.

Ed:             I'm starving...
                I'm thirsty...
Al:             Now now, don't need to worry anymore.
                We've reached a town.
Ed:             Food...
Al:             Hahaha, come on now, Nii-san.

Girl:           Oh, it's so busy today.

                I haven't seen you around before.
                Are you a traveller?
Ed:             Ah, we're travelling because we're searching for something.

Al:             I'm an alchemist. Alphonse Elric.

Rose:           My name's Rose Tomas. I live in this town.
                Nice to meet you.
Ed:             I'm a state alchemist. Edward Elric!

Rose:           You two are brothers?
                It's so good to have family, huh.
                You're not alone after all.
                Hey, what's an alchemy?
                I'm not really sure.
                Could you tell me?
Al:             Yes.

El:             Alchemy is science.
                So, it means we're really scientists.
Rose:           Scientists...
                What sort of things can you do?
Al:             For example, if a radio was broken we can fix it.

Ed:             Like this!

Man:            Ah!
                Don't cause any trouble, customer.
Ed:             I'll fix it right away.
                Just watch.
Al:             Here we goooo!

Radio gets fixed.

Ed:             This OK?

Man:            Wow, what a surprise.

Rose:           ...Is that what you call an "Act of Miracle"?

Al:             It's a little different to what you would call mysterious.

Ed:             Lets see. Say...
                If you don't know the trick behind magic, you would 
                call it mysterious, right?
Rose:           Yeah.

Ed:             Alchemy is just the same.
                There must be a theory and principle behind things.
                If we don't know what it is then...
Al:             It would make it mysterious or secret like.

Rose:           ...It's a bit all too hard to understand for me.
                Thanks for telling me.
                Well, I'm going to the church.
Man:            Rose's more cheerful now.
                This is all thanks to the preacher.
                She never had any relatives...
                On top of that, her lover died in an accident last year 
                I felt sorry for her the way she looked at that time.
                I couldn't bear to look.
                It was then that the preacher Cornelo's teachings!
If you talk to the man again, he will tell you that Conelo's performing 
his "Acts of Wonder" at the plaza. Head north through the arch to find him 
along with a crowd.

Ed:             There's quite a crowd here.

Al:             Nii-chan, can you see?

Ed:             ...Shut up!
                I can see very well!
The crowd cries for a miracle and Cornelo performs one.

Ed:             What do you think of that "Act of Miracle"?

Al:             No matter how you look at it, that's metamorphosis reaction 
                is alchemy.
Rose:           Oh, you're here.
                How was it!
                That must be the power of miracles.
Ed:             No.
                No matter how you look at it, it's alchemy.
                That guy's just a fraud.
Rose:           What a thing to say!

Al:             Now now, calm down...
                You know... That man's ignoring rules of alchemy.
Rose:           Rules?
Ed:             He means how it's neccesary to have something of equal 
                value if you're obtaining something.
                ...He's ignoring that rule.
Rose:           That's why it's a miracle!
                Can you make a miracle occure with alchemy?
Al:             Nii-san, could it be...

Ed:             Yeah... it could be.
                Lets go see that man.
Al:             Yeah.

Rose:           Please see him by all means.
                You'll understand how wonderful he is.
So, go on up the stairs where you'll meet a cat.

Al:             Ah, Nii-san!
                Look! A cat!
                It's sooooo cute~
Ed:             Ah, it is...

Ed reaches for it.

Ed:             Hey!
                What are you doing, Al!!
Al:             Nii-san, it's all right if I feed it, right?
                Come on!
Ed:             No!

Al:             Come on!

Ed:             No, no, no~!

Al:             Please? Can I?
                I'll look after it!
Ed:             Fine. I guess so...
                But you MUST look after it!
Al:             Alright~
                Thanks, Nii-san!
Continue into the church.

Man:            Hello. Welcome to the church.
                You are?
Ed:             We're the Elric Brothers.
                I'm Edward.
                This is my younger brother, Alphonse.
Man:            What business do you have with the church?

Ed:             We'd like to see a preacher named Cornelo.
                Would it be OK?
Man:            Of course.
                The preacher will be glad to meet any kind of person.
                He's inside.
                Please, come with me.
Al:             Thank you.
                Come on. Lets go, Nii-san.
Ed:             Yeah.

Go further north to find Cornelo.

Ed:             Rose...

Cornelo:        Welcome to the sacred church.
                Have you come to be receive preachings?
Ed:             Yeah, something like that.
                ...Something like...
                How to fool your believers with alchemy.
Cornelo:        I'm troubled at how you think my "Act of Miracle" is the 
                same as alchemy.
Ed:             We saw how you ignored the rules in creation back there in 
                the plaza. There, I thought of something.
                You used the Philosopher's Stone, didn't you?
                ...That ring was done like that too.
Cornelo:        Just what to expect from a national alchemist, Edward 
                Elric! You've seen through everything, huh...
Ed:             I'll cut to the chase.
                Hand over the Philosopher's Stone.
Cornelo:        Without my "Act of Miracles", the people in this town will 
                loose heart!
Ed:             What did you say...

Cornelo:        Rose, tell this guy what is neccesary to you.

Rose:           We need the "Act of Miracles"...
                We need the hope that the power of the miracles bring.
                And that person hasn't been revived yet!
                The time for that will come soon!
Al:             Rose!!

Cornelo:        It's useless no matter what you say to Rose!

                Well now, I was just about to let her see the power of the 
                Philosopher's Stone.
Creature appears.

Ed:             He made a living creature, huh.

Cornelo:        That's right, chimera!
Kimera attacks.

Ed:             Ku-

Cornelo:        Buhahaha, how about that... Huh?!

Ed:             Just kidding.

Ed removes his cloak.

Rose:           Mechanical armour?

Ed:             This was merged into the human body.
                ...The figure of a criminal who broke into God's territory.
Cornelo:        I see. Well said by a Full Metal Alchemist!

Ed:             Now we go for real!

Now you'll go into your first battle and Ed will go on explaining how to 
fight along with how to use alchemy. You won't be able to really do 
anything in this first battle. I won't go through what he says here since 
I've covered this in the Battles section.

After the battle.

Ed:             Come on, you third rate junk.
                I'll show the difference between us!
Cornelo:        Rose, these people have committed the greatest crimes.

Rose:           Crimes?

Cornelo:        Yes. It's forbidden among alchemists to use alchemy with 
                the human body.
Al:             Listen, Rose.
                I lost my body.
                Nii-san lost his leg...
                Then, in exchange for his right arm, he managed to 
                stabilize my soul into this armour.
Ed:             Rose, to use alchemy with Man, you have to be prepared like 
                that. Are you prepared?
Rose:           I... I...

Cornelo:        I won't let anyone stand in the way of my ambitions!

Cornelo runs for it.

Ed:             Ah- Wait!
                You running away?
Cornelo:        Don't try to put down people like that.
                Come to my room.
                I'll be waiting!
Ed:             Kindly locking us here and running away.
                What rubbish!
Al:             Now now.
                That's not going to be a problem for Nii-san, will it.
Ed:             Maybe.

                Rose, leave the church.
                It's going to be dangerous...
Rose:           Cornelo-sama...
                He promised me.
                He promised he would bring Cain...
Go up the stairs to the right and continue south and another conversation 
will start again.

Al:             Nii-san, where will we get out from?

Ed:             Through a door, obviously.
                We'll go after him after we use alchemy on the door!
                It seems we can do that if we have a Metal 3-2 card...
Ed will go onto explaining how to make one since you don't have one. Since 
I cover alchemy in the Alchemy section, I won't go into the details here.

After the card's been made.

Ed:             We'll make an exit since there's none here!

Going through the new door.

Ed:             What a welcome party.

Men:            Are you planning to fight so many people when you're 
                Be good now and get arrested before you get hurt.
Al:             Ummm... Where is Cornelo-san's room?

Men:            It's just ahead.
                However, we won't let you get by.
                We will protect the preacher!
Ed:             I don't like fighting weaklings.
                Guess I have no choice...
Head on south from here to find Cornelo.

Ed:             Your lies will soon spread all over the town.
                Give it up.
Cornelo:        What are you saying?
                It's so easy to take control of the information that my 
                believers have.
Ed:             I feel sorry for those who believe in you.

Cornelo:        Those who can't make out the distinction between alchemy 
                and the "Act of Miracles" can not come out top in battles!
Al:             Battles?
                For what purpose...
Cornelo:        In other words, I will become founder of this country and 
                become king. That's what the purpose is!
Ed:             Don't talk rubbish.
                You don't have what it takes to be a king!
Cornelo:        It's not impossible if I have this Philosopher's Stone!
                I'll fight you now!
After defeating Cornelo.

Ed:             Our status is just too different!

Cornelo:        I won't give up as long as I have this stone.

                I'm invincible!
                Not yet...
                M- My arm...
                My arm...
Al:             Why... What on earth?

Cornelo:        Aaaaah!
                The pain!
Ed:             Shut up!
                It's just a side affect!
                Quit making such a racket when it's just 1 or 2 arms!
Cornelo:        Heeeeeeee!

Ed:             The stone!
                Show me the Philosopher's Stone!
                It shattered... The Philosopher's Stone's a perfect 
                Why... did it shatter?
Cornelo:        I- I don't know.
                I heard nothing about it!
Ed:             A fake, huh...

Cornelo:        Heeeee... Help me, please.
                I can't do anything without my stone.
Ed:             And...
                And I thought we could finally return to normal as well.
Cornelo:        Help meeeeee!

Ed:             Hey, old man!
                You made all this fuss about it and wasted so much of our 
                Now you tell me the Philosopher's Stone's a fake?
Cornelo:        Aah...
                I really didn't know anything about it. Forgive me, please.
Al:             Don't give up. Lets keep looking.
                Come on, Nii-san.
Ed:             Haa...
                And I thought I found it...
Back outside.

Rose:           It was a lie...
                Cornelo-sama saying he'll bring back Cain for me...
                Saying that it would be soon...
Ed:             Don't give up. That old man wasn't planning on reviving him 
                for you from the very beginning.
Rose:           What have you done!
                Now what hope will I have...
                What hope do I have to look forward to!
Al:             Rose...

Rose:           Hey, tell me.
                How should I go on living?
Ed:             Think about that yourself.
                Stand up and walk on.
                Move on forward.
                You have some fine legs, don't you?
Al:             Rose, Nii-san's just...
                It was for your sake...
Rose:           Some help...

Al:             ...We're going now.
                Take care...
Now you have the chance to save, Yes / No. If you already have data, Ed 
will ask if you want to overwrite. After saving, he asks if you wish to 
continue playing.

On a train.

Al:             The Philosopher's Stone really is a hard thing to find, huh.

Ed:             We'll find it sooner or later.
                Lets try going back to Central City and see for now.
Al:             Lets do that.
                There might be some new info.
Ed:             Yeah.

?:              Don't move!!

Men appear.

Man:            This train is now taken over by the Bald clan.
                Don't try any useless resistance.
Al:             Nii-san, what shall we do?

Ed:             Meeting train robbers like this so many times.
                I'm such an unlucky guy...
Man:            What's with you guys?
                You don't look too anxious.
Ed:             Well, what are you planning to do if we do resist?

Man:            See here now, we aleady have a hostage here.
                I won't be able to guarantee the hostage's life.
Ed:             Hostage, huh...

Man:            Don't try any tricks.
                I'll watch these carriages.
                You return to where the boss is.
Ed:             Guess we have no choice.
                Lets go save the hostage...
Al:             Yeah, Nii-san.

Go to the right to defeat the guy who was talking earlier. The guy sitting 
in the bottom right sells a Nature Level 2, 2-5 Card for 800 Sens if you're 
interested. Make your way through the carriages until you reach the end of 
the train. Then go south west towards the grey door.

Al:             He must be up there.
                What shall we do, Nii-san?
Ed:             It looks like we can use alchemy to make a ladder to get up 
                We can make one if we have a Metal 4-4 card.
He will then ask if you're ready, Yes / No. The chances are, you won't have 
the right cards to create one right now. So, throw away cards by 
selecting them with A and pressing R. Then choose Yes to confirm. Keep 
doing this until you have the right combination of cards to make a Metal 
4-4 card. Refer to the Menu section for more on cards if you're unsure 
how it works. The first card you use MUST be a Metal (Grey) card.

Once you have it, select the card and press A twice. Choose the first 
option to use it, then again to confirm.

Ed:             Lets go!

                Piece of cake!
Climb up the ladder and head west to find the hijacker's boss.

Boss:           You bastards!
                What are you doing here?
Ed:             Obvious isn't it?
                We came to rescue the hostage.
Boss:           What!
                You're a cheeky little brat as always!
Ed:             So you say.
                You still doing this sort of thing?
                Stubborn aren't we?
Boss:           I'm a man that's bad at giving up.
                I will continue with any challenge to achieve my goals no 
                matter how many times it takes!
Ed:             Then we'll defeat you too no matter how many times it 
                takes. Come on!
Breaks into battle.

Ed:             Lets make this quick.

Al:             Yeah, Nii-san.

After defeating the boss.

Ed:             What the...
                This guy's not human?
Al:             It's true... A doll...?
                Don't tell me it was with alchemy!
Ed:             Must be.
                And it's quite some high class alchemy too.
                Well, doesn't matter.
                If we contact Colonel Mustang, he'll do something about it.
                For now, we've saved the hostage after all.
Al:             You're right.

Walking over.

Al:             Are you all right?

Saving time again. Answer yes to all questions by hitting A to continue 
with the game.

Girl:           Thank you for saving me.

Al:             You're not hurt are you?

Girl:           I'm all right.
                But you're injured from the battle there.
Girl heals Al and Ed.

Ed:             You're an alchemist?

Girl:           ...I'm concentrating so quiet...


Ed:             An alchemist that heals...
                You can heal with alchemy?
Girl:           If it's nothing too serious...
                There's only so much you can do with healing alchemy.
                Oh yeah.
                By the way, where are the bad guys?
Al:             We've wounded them up and handed them over to the 
                conductor. Don't worry.
Ed:             But the boss wasn't human.

Girl:           ....?
                It was the first time I became a hostage so I was very 
Ed:             What? You weren't scared?

Girl:           No, I wasn't.
                I believed that someone would come save me.
Al:             Ahaha, you're quite a girl!
                I'm Alphonse Elric.
El:             I'm a steel alchemist. Edward Elric.

Corniche:       I'm Corniche Royce.

                Edward-san, you're a national alchemist?
Ed:             Yeah.

Corniche:       Wow!
                I'm taking an exam right now to become a national 
Ed:             Why?
                It doesn't matter if you don't be one.
Corniche:       I think I can help more people by using my healing alchemy 
                once I'm a national alchemist.
Al:             How great of you.

Corniche:       Not at all... Edward-san's the great one, working for the 
                public already at such a young age.
Ed:             Who's the pea-sized alchemist here!
                I'm 15 you know!
Corniche:       Oh, I'm sorry.
                15's still the growing up age.
                I'm sure you'll grow bigger.
Ed:             Thanks for your attention!
                Well, you going to Central City too?
Corniche:       You two are going to Central City too, huh.

Al:             There's something we'd like to investigate and we have to 
                report this incident.
Corniche:       I've decided!
                I will accompany you two!
Ed:             Huh?

Corniche:       The truth is, I don't leave home much so travelling alone 
                is a bit lonely for me.
Al:             We're on the same route so it's OK right, Nii-san?

Ed:             Well, if that's how it is.
                However, on one condition!
Corniche:       Wha- What is it...?

Ed:             Stop that stiff, informal way of talking.

Corniche:       OK, I understand!
                Please call me Cony.
                Pleased to be of acquaintance!
Al:             You can call me Al.

Ed:             Call me Ed.
                Pleased to meet you.
                Why do you want to be an alchemist, Cony?
Corniche:       To fulfil my older brother's dying wish.

Al:             You... had an older brother?

Corniche:       It seems... my brother, died in war in the uprising of 
Al:             Seems?

Corniche:       That's all we were told and we have no memento of him...

Al:             I see.
                ...Sorry I asked such a thing.
Corniche:       Ah, please don't worry about it.

                Besides, there's no proof that he's dead so maybe...
Al:             What kind of person was your brother?

Corniche:       My brother took the words "Alchemists are here for the sake 
                of the nation." with great importance.
                And so, he became a national alchemist so that he could be 
                of use to lots of people.
Ed:             Cony, you know...

Corniche:       What is it?

Ed:             Becoming a national alchemist doesn't mean you'll be of 
                help to everyone.
Corniche:       I believe that my brother was of use to everyone more or 
Ed:             I see. I'm sorry.
                I said something stupid.
                Were you taught alchemy by your brother?
Corniche:       No. After I heard my brother died, I learned using a book 
                in my brother's study.
Al:             The same as us, huh.

Something falls through the roof.

Corniche:       Wh- What's this?!

Ed:             It's a chimera!

Going into battle.

Ed:             Don't force yourself, Cony.

Corniche:       Thanks for worrying about me.

                But I'll heal you if you get injured.

After you defeat the chimera.

Ed:             We're getting off at the next town.

In town.

Corniche:       What business do you have here?

Ed:             I'd like to report the incident with the chimera back there 
                in the carriage right away to the military.
Cornice:        It was scary, wasn't it... That chimera.
                I might have fainted if there was a lot of them...
Al:             There's a lot of things that look scary but,
                Not everyone of them are bad.
Ed:             Yeah. Now we have to find a phone.

?:              Someone, help!

Girl runs down.

Ed:             Lets help her!

In battle.

Ed:             Man, why is there a chimera in town?

After defeating the chimera.

Chimera:        Please don't move.

Healing the girl.

Girl:           Thank you.

Ed:             What happened?

Girl:           Lots of monsters just suddenly appeared.

Al:             Is everyone else taking refuge?

Girl:           Yes. I was just coming back to find out about the 
                situation and...
Corniche:       I see.
                But it's all right now.
                I'll heal everyone.
Ed:             Hey.
                Don't just volunteer like that...
Corniche:       Am I supposed to just watch troubled people get killed?

Ed:             Th- That's not what I mean.

Corniche:       Then it's decided.

Girl:           By all means, please.
                I'll be taking refuge outside of town.
Girl leaves.

Corniche:       Come on, lets return peace to this town by defeating all 
                the chimeras!
Ed:             Guess we have no choice.
                Lets get this over with.
If you go up to the platform to your left, you'll find a Healing Medicine 3
which recovers 200 HP. Now go to your right to the wall where there's a 
pot. Corniche will notice you can climb the wall and wonders if Ed is too 
short. Ed's obviously not too happy about it and tries to jump up but he 
can't reach. From now on, you can press R at these kind of spots to get Al 
to give you a boost up. Be aware that Ed will be alone though until he 
returns to them. Head on up and defeat the chimera on your left then return 
to Al and Corniche. Check in the pot to find another Healing Medicine 3 
then another one towards the north.

Go to the west side of the screen, go up the stairs and go north to find 
another chimera. Defeat it, cross the bridge and go into the door on the 
other side to go back downstairs.

Go to your left and head north under the arc. Continue north up the stairs 
and go east dropping down the roofs. You'll find another chimera high up so 
get Al to give you a boost. Defeat the last chimera.

After being thanked, you're free to roam the town again. Leave town through 
the gates to the south.

On the train.

Al:             We didn't manage to find the culprit but I wonder if it was 
                just one person...
Ed:             It's hard to think that one alchemist can create chimeras 
                like that.
Corniche:       You know... What do think about the idea of these chimeras 
                growing secretly in the wild?
Ed:             No way that can happen!
                We can't call them a chimera if they did!
Corniche:       Really now.

Al:             Hahaha, you think of some interesting things, Cony.

Ed:             Come on guys...

Al:             Now's not the time for that, huh.

Ed:             We'll be reporting this incident to the military too.

Corniche:       I understand alchemists create chimeras for research but...

                I can't forgive them for using those skills to cause 
                trouble instead of for the good of the public!
Ed:             I think that if everyone was a good person then this world 
                would have peace.
Corniche:       I have nothing to say to that.

                Hey, could you show me your silver watch?
Ed:             There you go.

Corniche:       Thanks...
                This is proof that you're a national alchemist, huh.
Man:            Wh- What did you say!
                There's a national alchemist here?
Ed:             I am.

Man:            Wow, you're incredible yet so young...
                Hahaha. Well, do your best.
Ed:             Isn't there some business you have with a national 
                alchemist, old man?
Man:            I- I don't know what an alchemist is so I have no business 
                with one.
Man leaves.

Corniche:       What a cheerful old man.
                I wonder what that was about?
Ed:             Even if he has no business, I wonder if it's something he 
                doesn't want us to check on.
Getting off the train.

Ed:             Urgh, all that sitting gives me an aching body.

Corniche:       Really.

                It really does...
                But, we've finally reached Central City.
Al:             You must be tired since it's your first trip.

Corniche:       No, I'm fine.
                Come on, lets go!
Ed:             Yeah. First of all, we have to go report since all sorts of 
                things have happened.
Man approaches them.

Man:            Ed! Al!

                Yo, how you doing?
Ed:             Huh? Lt. Colonel Hughes?

Al:             It's been a while!

Hughes:         It's been a while Ed, Al.
                Who's this young lady?
Corniche:       Nice to meet you.
                I'm Corniche Royce.
Hughes:         I'm Maes Hughes.
                Pleased to be of acquaintance.
                What are you doing in Central City?
Corniche:       I came here to take a national alchemist exam.

Hughes:         Amazing!
                Not everyone can just take that exam.
Corniche:       I've finally been accepted this time!

Hughes:         Then you'll have to work hard!

Corniche:       I will!

Hughes:         Ed, guide Corniche to the military headquarters.

Ed:             Didn't you come here in reception for us, Lt. Colonel 

Hughes:         There's no reason to, is there?
                There's a little something I need to investigate.
Ed:             Really?
                So it's work, then.
Hughes:         For the wife and daughter I love.
                Want to see their picture?
Ed:             You never change do you, Lt. Colonel.

Hughes:         Really? Well, I'm off.
                If you have the time, come along for some fun.
                Good luck in your exam, Corniche.
Corniche:       Yes sir! I'll do my best!

Hughes leaves.

Corniche:       Lt. Colonel Hughes looks like a nice person, huh!

Al:             A very nice person!

Ed:             He's a close friend and has been looking after us but he's 
                pretty weird.
                Come on, lets go.
In the library to the northwest where the guy in the black t-shirt is, 
you'll find lots of formulas on how to create certain things. There's also 
another cat outside for Al to collect. Have a roam about Central City if 
you like. You'll find an inn and some guys who sell cards for incredibly 
high prices. Once you're ready, head north to where the headquarters is and 

Corniche:       Somehow, my hearts pounding.

Ed:             You're only at the reception.
                What will you do when it comes to the exam?
Corniche:       Yo- You're right!

Al:             If you're nervous, take a deep breathe.

Corniche:       Yo- You're right!
                I'll go to the reception now!
Reception:      You're here for the national alchemist exam, am I right?
                Please hand me your application form and your essay.
Corniche:       OK.

Rummages in bag.

Cornice:        Huh?

                ...There's no essay here!!
Reception:      If you can't hand it in then you are not qualified for the 
Corniche:       Ummmm...
                Could you give me just a day's time?
Reception:      Unfortunately, I can't.
Corniche:       I won't lose to any other examinees in terms of knowledge 
                or experience!
Reception:      Yes but...

Man:            Very well!

Man approaches.

Man:            If you have that much confidence then I will allow you to 
                have a special exam in battle.
Corniche:       Ummm... You are...

Ed:             General Bradley, she passes if she wins, right?

Bradley:        Edward Elric,
                I do not turn back on my words.
                So, what will you do?
Corniche:       General of the Military?!
                Uh- I mean!
                Ye- Yes, sir.
                Please let me take the test!
Bradley:        Then, check the details with the reception.
                I'll see you afterwards.
Corniche:       Ummm, could you give me the details on the battle exam?

Reception:      It is as follows.
                The time is today and it will depend on when you're ready.
                The place will be the courtyard of the central military HQ.
                Your opponent will be Major Alex Louis Armstrong.
Al:             Major Armstrong?!

Corniche:       Is- Is he strong...?

Ed:             Ah, he is...
                In any case, do your best Cony!
Al:             No matter what happens, you mustn't give up!

Corniche:       Don't say that.
                It makes me worry...
Ed:             Your opponent's strong.
                The important thing is that you don't give up.
Corniche:       You're right...
                The exam's a special one for me.
                I shouldn't expect to win so easily!
Ed:             That's the spirit!
                She said go to the courtyard when you're ready.
Head on up northwards once you're ready.

Bradley:        The National Alchemist Qualification Exam for Corniche 
                Royce will now begin.
Battle begins.

Corniche:       I look forward to your advice.

Armstrong:      Come at me with all your strength.

Corniche gets beat.

Al:             Cony...

Ed:             It's no use huh...

Bradley:        Unfortunately, Corniche Royce does not pass.

Armstrong:      You are still young.
                You mustn't give up just like this.
Corniche:       ...Thank you.

Central City, Central Block. Level 2 of the Inn.

Corniche:       Haa...

Al:             I thought you fought pretty well!
                Right, Nii-san?
Ed:             Yeah.
                Your opponent was just a bad one for you.
Corniche:       Haa...
                It's not my opponent that's the problem.
                It's simply that I don't have enough strength...
Ed:             That's not true.
                The healing alchemy you use is of very high level!
Al:             I think so too.
                It's not a problem of your alchemy skills.
                It's just battle experience.
Corniche:       Thanks for trying to comfort me.
                But, a fail's a fail...
Ed:             That's right.
                So, you going to give up?
Corniche:       No. I don't know when I'll qualify for the exams next time 
                I will definitely pass!!
Al:             I'm sure you'll do fine.
                Have some confidence!
Corniche:       Thanks!

Hughes comes in.

Hughes:         Yo~
                You said you wanted to see a picture of my daughter?
                I took the trouble of bringing it here.
Ed:             No one said that...
                Is there anything else we can do for you?
Hughes:         Man, what an impatient little man.
                Guess it can't be helped. Onto the subject.
Ed:             You should have done so from the start.
                It's troubling how you boast about your daughter..
Hughes:         Edward Elric.
                General Bradley calls for you.
Al:             It's rare for him to call Nii-san.
                I wonder what is it?
Ed:             I hope it's nothing troublesome...

Hughes:         That's why you'll cheer up looking at my daughter's 
Ed:             Yeah yeah. Thanks for the message.

Hughes:         Hard to get along huh~

Corniche:       General Hughes loves his daughter, huh.

Hughes:         Oh, she's my angel!
                And my wife's cute too.
Corniche:       My my.

Hughes:         But anyway, you have to go, Ed!

Ed:             I know.

Hughes:         Well, bye.

Leave the inn, go back to the HQ and take the stairs to the left.

Al:             Well, Nii-san.
                We'll wait here.
Ed:             Why?

Corniche:       Well, you're the only one who was summoned, right?

Ed:             Oh yeah.
                Well, I'll be back in a bit.
Corniche:       Don't be rude.

Ed:             Quit treating me like a kid!

Head into General Bradley's room.

Bradley:        You're here...

                Edward Elric, I'm sorry since you just came back to Central 
                City but I there's some work I must talk about.
Ed:             Yes sir.

Bradley:        Lately, there's a large number of chimeras appearing in the 
                vicinity of East City and going on the rampage.
Ed:             There's a large number of chimeras in East City too?

Bradley:        That's right. I'm sure you solved a similar incident in 
Ed:             We couldn't catch the culprit...

Bradley:        We can assume that it's the same person who was responsible 
                for the Vivas incident.
                And so...
                I want to appoint you to solve the case this time with the 
Ed:             Understood.

Bradley:        First, we'll form a special team.
                You will be responsible for doing that.
Ed:             Me?

Bradley:        That's right. You'll be the leader and gather the members.

Ed:             ....

                I understand.
                However, I have one condition relating to this case.
Bradley:        ....
                What's your condition?
Ed:             I'd like to add Corniche Royce as one of the members of the 
                special team.
                I'd like you to agree in allowing her to resit the National 
                Alchemist Exam depending on her actions.
Bradley:        ....

Ed:             Do you agree?
                Or do you not?
                Which is it?
Bradley:        What happens if I refuse?

Ed:             I'll have to think about this job~

Bradley:        Do you think I'll permit you to do that?

Ed:             I'm asking this because I don't want to refuse the job.

Bradley:        ....

                Well, I'll make an exception from time to time!
                I'll agree to it.
                Do as you like!
Ed:             That's how it should be.

Bradley:        Well, I hope you solve the case as soon as possible.
                That is all.
Leaving the room.

Al:             What was that all about?

Ed:             Yeah well...

Ed explains it all.

Ed:             And so, will you join the special team?

Al:             If the case is solved you'll get your qualification in 
                writing from the general.
Ed:             To be honest, he has some pretty high hopes for Cony's 
                healing alchemy skills.
Corniche:       My healing alchemy skills...
                What shall I do...
Al:             You should make use of chances if you get them.

Ed:             There's not much time so I want you to decide now.
                What will you do?
Corniche:       ...I'll do it.
                I will definitely solve the case and obtain my 
Ed:             It's decided, then!!

Al:             Yay!
                Look forward to working with you, Cony!
Corniche:       I do too.
                Thank you for making a chance for me.
Ed:             Well now, what shall we do about the members.

Corniche:       What about Major Armstrong back there...?

Ed:             Ge-

Al:             What about the colonel...?

Ed:             ....

Al:             Nii-san!
                The colonel and Major Armstrong are strong people!
Ed:             I know but...

Al:             Guess it can't be helped.
                They're really close and some fun people but looks like 
                you don't like them much.
Cornice:        Hmmm, we can't really make the right decision so lets 
                discuss it with someone.
Ed:             You're right, lets do that!
                We'll see General Hughes.
Al:             Then lets go see General Hughes!

If you go ask the receptionist, she says he's gone out. You might find out 
something if you go to the Tactics Conference Room to the right. So, go 
north into the room behind the stairs. There's a man and a woman there. 
Talk to the woman and she'll say General Hughes said he's going back home 
in the central area of Central City.

Leave the building and go south into the next area. Go past the old man 
with the walking stick and go west. Go pass the house with the gate then 
into the house where you'll find a girl running in circles. Ask the lady 
there and she'll say he's away to the library.

Go south pass the man with the orange t-shirt and into the next area. The
library buildings are to your left. Go into the building with a girl 
standing in the front.

After awakening the boy there, Hughes comes in.

Ed:             Where the hell did you walk off to?!
                We were looking for you, you know!
Hughes:         Sorry.
                I'm busy too.
                So, what is it?
Ed:             The truth is, I'm in charge of the case about the great 
                number of chimeras appearing so I'm forming a special team.
Al:             And that's where we're puzzled about what to do with the 
Hughes:         Hmmm, members huh.
                I would recommend people who are used to battles.
Ed:             Just what I thought.

Hughes:         Yes, there's only Armstrong and Roy!
                There's no mistake about the people I choose!!
Ed:             Guess it can't be helped...
                So, where is Major Armstrong?
Hughes:         Isn't he at headquarters?
                That's all I know.
Al:             Thank you, General Hughes.

Hughes:         No problem! Solve the case quick!
                Bye now.
Return to HQ and ask the receptionist again. She'll say Armstrong is in the 
courtyard so go to where Corniche had her exam.

Corniche:       That large person over there's Major Armstrong, isn't 
Al:             He stands out, doesn't he.

Armstrong:      That will be all the training for today!

Troops:         Thank you, sir!

Ed:             Hello, Major Armstrong.

Armstrong:      It's the Elric brothers!
                Oh, and the young lady from a while ago.
                What can I do for you?
Ed:             I have received orders to take charge of the case about the
                great number of chimeras.
                I'm forming a special team and...
Armstrong:      And I'm one of the members?

Ed:             That's right.
                I want to solve it no matter what it takes!
Al:             Cony's a member too but, it's going to depend on her 
                actions that'll decide whether or not she obtains a written 
                qualification from the general for a resit.
Armstrong:      If that's the case, I'll be happy to cooperate!

After the major's flashy show.

Armstrong:      Before that, I want to test your strength.
                Shall we try having a match?
Ed:             OK.
                Al, Cony. You guys don't have any objections?
Corniche:       None.

Al:             I don't have any objections either.

Ed:             Then lets begin!!

Battle begins.

Ed:             Cony, we're here too this time so we'll definitely win!

Corniche:       We will!

Armstrong:      Don't bother people who are more experienced in real 
After you defeat Armstrong.

Al:             Nii-san, that was a bit too much...

Ed:             Really? This is fine for the major.

Armstrong:      Hmmm, I thought the Elric brothers were strong but they're 
                beyond my imagination.
Al:             Really?
                I'm so happy!
Ed:             Will you join the special team?

Armstrong:      Of course.
                I'll do my best for the young lady, Corniche!
Corniche:       Thank you!

Armstrong:      Corniche, please learn a lot of things while you're in this 
                special team.
Corniche:       Yes, sir!

Ed:             Well, lets go to East City!

Al:             I wonder...
                I wonder if the colonel will join us?
Corniche:       Is he hard to get along with?

Ed:             He's more of a mysterious person than a person you can't 
                get along with.
Corniche:       Really?

Al:             Come on, lets go to East City and meet Colonel Mustang.

Armstrong:      Yes, lets hurry on.

Now you may subtitute Armstrong into your party if you want. Once you're 
ready, leave Central City.

Hughes:         Always in a hurry.

Ed:             Originally we were travelling in pursuit of something 
                anyway. It'll be easier to obtain information while we're 
Hughes:         You're right.

Al:             It's fun too since we can get to know lots of people.

Hughes:         You say some nice things, Al.

Al:             Eheheh.

Hughes:         And there's Corniche's thing to take care of too.
                Anyway, make some result.
Ed:             I know already.

Corniche:       I'll do my best!

Hughes:         Major, look after them please.

Armstrong:      Understood!

Hughes:         Bye then!

Ed:             Alright! Lets depart for East City!

Save opportunity then you're on the train again.

Corniche:       We met some hijackers on the way to Central City by train.

Armstrong:      Oh, that must have given you some scary memories.

Ed:             Cony was made a hostage.

Corniche:       I was tired of sitting so I went for a walk in the next 

Someone comes in.

Corniche:       Yeah, that's how it was when the hijackers came on.

Bald:           Bring out all your valuables!
                If you don't listen, we'll take your life.
Al:             It's Bald again.

Bald:           You bastards!
                Damn it, some troublesome idiots appeared again.
Ed:             And you were using weird dolls as well.
                How dare you tease people like that!
Bald:           What you talking about, you little brat?

Ed:             I'm talking about when you made Corniche a hostage.

Bald:           I don't know who that little girl is!
                I heard that there's been some insolent people who's been 
                using my name lately.
Al:             Wasn't it Bald who done it?

Bald:           I just made an appearance 3 days ago!

Ed:             Well, I never did think that this guy had such advanced 
                But hey, is this all you do?
Bald:           Grr, shut up! Shut up!
                All passengers aboard this train are hostages!
                You shouldn't intimitate me!
Ed:             What!

Bald:           Whoa, careful now.
                I'll release them after my job's done.
                Bye for now!!
Ed:             Hey, wait!!

Corniche:       It's easy to get into dangerous situations while travelling 
                on a train, huh.
Armstrong:      Yes, it happens.
                Now then, what shall we do, Edward Elric?
Ed:             We're going to crush that idiot, of course!

Do what you done earlier on the last train. Make your way east until the 
you're out of the last carriage and then climb up the ladder. Go west to 
the head of the train.

Ed:             I wish you would just snap out of it and be good.

Bald:           You think you can beat me all the time!

Ed:             I do think that.
                Sorry but, we're going to win again.
Battle begins.

Ed:             Well, lets get this over with quick.

Bald:           What?!

                As if you will, you little brat.
                Don't get so full of yourself now!
After you defeat Bald.

Ed:             We win.

Bald:           Grrrr!!
                Losing again to this brat...
Ed:             You're going back to prison.

Bald:           I'll remember this!!

Armstrong:      Now the case with the train hijackers is resolved.
                How refreshing it feels!
Ed:             Now that guy can't get out of prison for the time being.

Al:             You're right.
                But you know, who on earth could have made a doll of 
Corniche:       You mean the doll that attacked me.

Ed:             Who knows.
                It has nothing to do with us.
Corniche:       Ed, that attitude of yours is no good!

                You should be aware that you're a national alchemist...
Ed:             Yeah yeah. I'm going to sleep so wake me up when we get 
Corniche:       Geez!

Save opportunity and then you arrive a East City.

Corniche:       This is East City, huh.
                I'm so excited since it's the first time I've been here.
Ed:             When I think about how to get the colonel to understand us, 
                I get a headache...
Al:             The colonel's very cold towards Nii-san after all.

Armstrong:      But, the colonel is someone who understands matters.
                No need to worry.
Ed:             I hope he does.

Corniche:       There's no point just standing here talking.
                Anyway, lets go meet Colonel Mustang!
Go north to East City's military HQ and enter. Go into the door to the far 
left to find Mustang.

Mustang:        Haganeno, it's been a while.
                And well done for all the hardwork.
                (The Japanese for Ed's name as Alchemist of Steel is 
                 "Hagane no Renkinjutsushi". That's where this 
                 nickname "Hagane-no" comes from.)
                It seems we have a young lady I haven't met yet.
Corniche:       Nice to meet you.
                My name is Corniche Royce.
Ed:             I received an order from the general to resolve the case 
                about the large number of chimeras appearing in the 
                vicinity of East City.
Mustang:        Well, thanks.
                Get it resolved for me.
Ed:             And that's were we were wondering if the colonel could join 
Mustang:        I refuse!
                I'm busy.
Lady:           Colonel, didn't you say there's a lot of freetime recently?
                How about considering the job?
Mustang:        First Lieutenant Hawkeye, it would be great if you don't 
                talk so much.
Hawkeye:        My apoligies, sir.

Ed:             Colonel, lets work together once in a while.

Mustang:        I refuse.

Hawkeye:        Where are you going, colonel?

Mustang:        Did you forget?
                We were planning to surveil the plaza in the eastern part 
                of East City.
Hawkeye:        Oh yeah.

Mustang:        Haganeno, sorry.
                Just give it up on me.
Ed:             He said he's going to the plaza.
                We'll find him.
                I'll definitely get him to join us!!
Leave the HQ and go south back to the central area. Head east at the hotel 
and continue on to find Mustang along with Hawkeye next to a bike.

Al:             Lt. Colonel.
                Here you are!
Mustang:        I told you, I'm working.
                I'm sure I told you I refuse back there.
                What are you doing here?
Ed:             Yeah, we came to get you to join us.

Mustang:        I will never get linked with you.

Armstrong:      Don't say that. We need your cooperation, colonel.

Mustang:        Can't you just keep quiet, Major Armstrong.

Armstrong:      ....

Al:             Colonel, please.
                Lend us your power please.
Mustang:        I've said it many times already. I refuse!

Ed:             Then we'll use force to make you join us!
                Lets fight!
Mustang:        If I lose, I'll cooperate with you.

Ed:             Don't forget those words please.

A flash from Mustang's glove.

Corniche:       Eh?
                Where did he light that fire from?
Ed:             That's the colonel's alchemy.

After you defeat Mustang.

Corniche:       Yes! We won!

Ed:             Colonel, you promised.
                Now you have to join us.
Mustang:        Gr...

Hawkeye:        It can't be helped.
                A promise is a promise.
                I will help too.
Al:             Really?

Hawkeye:        I have to protect the colonel so I must help.

Mustang:        ...Why you.

Ed:             Now that we've gathered the members, lets start the 
Mustang:        Now that it's turned out like this I guess I have no 
                Haganeno, how about hiring one more person?
Ed:             Is there someone you can recommend?

Mustang:        The national alchemist, Lt. Colonel Aston Martins.

                Another name for him is "The Alchemist of Thunder".
Hawkeye:        Lt. Colonel Martins...?
                Is it all right?
Armstrong:      Now we have another problem child.

Corniche:       A problem child... you say?

Mustang:        He's a master of sword arts.
                If you let him use a Katana, there's no one that can get 
                near his right hand side.
Ed:             "The Alchemist of Thunder", huh...
                Sounds like someone I can be hopeful with.
                Where is he?
                Lets go talk to him.
Mustang:        It's dangerous to go see Martins.
                Are you prepared?
Ed:             I am.

Al:             I am too.

Corniche:       I am too.

Mustang:        Ah, it means Corniche stays with us.
                You Elric brothers go meet him.
Al:             I understand.

Ed:             So, where is he?

Mustang:        He'll be in the military prison.

Ed:             Military prison?

                How are we going into there?
                It's not like we want to interview him!
Mustang:        I know that.

                I have a good idea.
Ed:             Quit burning bikes!

Corniche:       What are you going to do?

Mustang:        What? There's no problem with that...

                Major Armstrong and First Lieutenant Hawkeye, arrest 
                the Elric brothers!
Al:             What are you doing!!

Mustang:        Strategy.

Ed:             Strategy?

Corniche:       Is it really a strategy?

Hawkeye:        You don't have to worry about the Elric brothers.

Corniche:       I don't see how I shouldn't...

?:              Where's the fire!

                It's Colonel Mustang and First Lieutenant Hawkeye.
Mustang:        Good work.
                We've arrested the criminals responsible for the fire.
?:              And the criminals are?

Mustang:        These two.

Ed:             Me?

Al:             Me?

Mustang:        They're fire demons who set fire to a parked bike.
                This small person is a national alchemist.
Ed:             Don't call me small!!

?:              Quiet!!

                The punishment for a national alchemist is...
Mustang:        It's light. It's lifetime imprisonment.

Ed:             Hey, wait!
                That's not light!
Mustang:        That's how it is.
                Now bring these 2 into the military prison!
?:              Yes sir!

                Come on. Move it!
Ed:             Hey!
                Hey wait!
                Why did this have to happen?!
                Call my lawyer!
                My lawyer!
Corniche:       Ed! Al!

Hawkeye:        Good luck and do your duties well.

Ed:             Damn it!
                Why you stupid colonel!
Mustang:        Remember it well, Haganeno.

In prison.

Al:             Nii-san... I...
                Haven't done anything bad...
                It's so sad...
Ed:             It's a strategy so it can't be helped.
                I would have prefered it if he thought of something better.
Al:             You're right you know.

Ed:             Is the jailer nearby?

Al:             Seems like he isn't here.

Ed:             Then it's time to break out.

Al:             Yeah, we can finally get out of here.

Ed:             First of all, we have to do something about these steel 
                If we have a Metal 4-6 card then we might be able to do 
Inspect the door and answer yes (first option) to reach the alchemy screen. 
Create your Metal 4-6 card and escape.

Jailer:         If you break out, you won't be spared capital 

Guy comes along.

Ed:             Aaah, what a fuss.
                It's not like I wanted to come in here.
Jailer:         If you resist, we will use force to return you to your 
Ed:             Impossible for you to do that.

Jailer attacks.

Jailer:         What?!
                I didn't even fight with him and I've been beaten?!
Al:             Huh?
                Nii-san, this Katana...
Ed:             Yeah, this might be Lt. Colonel Martin's Katana.

Al:             Somehow, it feels we're going against principles.

Ed:             Al, don't say that~!

                Lets go!
Go on east past 2 more doors and try going into the third one.

Al:             It looks like someone's in this room.
                What shall we do, Nii-san?
Ed:             Alright, lets go!
                We'll use a Metal 4-6 again just like back then.
Answer yes and mix up another Metal 4-6 card. After the breaking the door, 
go in to find Lt. Colonel Martins.

Martins:        A new jailer?

Ed:             You're the Alchemist of Thunder...
                Aren't you, Lt. Colonel Martins?
Martins:        Well, that's right...

                When East City has me around, the young ladies will talk 
                about me and the crying children will be silent!
                I am Aston Martins!
Ed:             ....

Al:             ....

Ed:             I- I'm Edward Elric!
                A national alchemist...
Martins:        Damn it! Why, why!
                You're not very sociable!
                This is no stage for idiots!
Ed:             ...Us... idiots?

Martins:        ...So, who's the armoured guy?

Al:             I- I'm Alphonse Elric.
                I- I'm just an alchemist.
Martins:        Hahaha!
                You don't have to be so nervous.
                So, what business do you have with me?
Ed:             I'd like you to become one of the members to solve the case 
                where large numbers of chimeras are appearing in the 
                vicinity of East City.
Martins:        I refuse.

Ed:             What?!

Al:             Colonel Mustang said your power will be essential.

Martins:        Mustang...
                That guy here too?
Ed:             Yeah.

Martins:        If that guy's here then I'm sorry all the more.

Ed:             ....

Al:             ....

Ed:             By the way, could this Katana... be yours?

Martins:        Oh, I'm so glad.
                I didn't think I could get this thing back again.
Ed:             That's great.
                Now that you have that, you'll be able to fight, won't you?
Al:             Please.
                Cooperate with us.
Martins:        But I'm a prisoner.
                You telling me to break out?
                Quit kidding me.
Ed:             Colonel Mustang will be responsible for the jail break so 
                there's no problem.
Martins:        Man, you talk too much.
                Go home.
Ed:             You won't help us no matter what?

Martins:        Yeah.

Ed:             I see. But you know...
                It's a problem for a prisoner to be holding a Katana.
Martins:        Why you...

Ed:             Then why don't you try fighting us with that Katana?

                If you win, we'll go back quietly like you told us.
                But, if we win...
Martins:        I join you?
                That's what I like!
                You serious on taking me on?
Ed:             Yeah, I'll use our power to make you join us.

After you defeat Martins.

Ed:             You promised.
                You're cooperating with us.
Martins:        Guess I have no choice!
                Well, I was getting tired of being in this prison anyway.
                It'll be great if some cute girls came back to me!
Al:             Cute girls...
                Nii-san, is it alright if we get this person to come 
Ed:             Uh, yeah...
                But he's strong, though...
Martins:        So, what do we do now?

Ed:             It's obvious isn't it?
                We're breaking out.
Martins:        Hey hey, you serious?

Mustang:        Oh?
                Not only do you set fire but you jailbreak too.
                Your crimes are getting greater.
Al:             Colonel Mustang.
                Why are you here?
Mustang:        It's not my will to do so but I have need of Lt. Colonel 
                Martins power.
Martins:        You going to tell me my crimes are growing greater too?

Mustang:        No, I got hold of a special permit for you.
                With this you can leave properly.
Martins:        Thanks, then.

Mustang:        Good work, Haganeno.

Al:             Then that means... there was no need for us to come in 
Ed:             Colonel!
                Going to all that trouble to get us in prison.
                You have one bad personality.
Mustang:        What are you saying?
                I'm letting you study here.
                You should at least be grateful.
Ed:             You piss me off!
                I'll definitely pay you back for this!
Mustang:        There's no point getting upset.
                Come now, I don't want to stay here forever.
Martins:        That's true.
                Well, lets go.
Ed:             You bastard!

Back at HQ.

Martins:        Lets get this case solved quick.
                I don't want to be here with this crowd forever.
Ed:             It's the same for me.
                Man, I don't like this.
                First Lieutenant Hawkeye.
                Please tell us the information you know at the moment.
Hawkeye:        I don't know anything big.
                All I know is the large numbers of chimeras are appearing 
Martins:        Hey, is that all?
                Don't you have some more definite information?
                Such as what the criminal looks like.
Hawkeye:        Now that you mention it, a similar incident occurred at 
                Vivas. Isn't that right, Edward-kun.
Ed:             Yeah.
                But, only the chimeras were there.
                I heard no rumours about the criminal.
Corniche:       The alchemist must be incredible if he can make so many 
                What kind of person could it be?
Martins:        Someone who loves chimeras and enjoys making them everyday.

Ed:             He has some bad hobbies if that's true.

Al:             Ah, excuse me.
                Is there information on alchemists who are good at making 
Mustang:        There would be some amongst the National Alchemists 
                Information but there wouldn't be any among the information 
                about normal alchemists.
Ed:             You're right.
                In any case, lets check the East City Vicinity.
Jan:            I'm sorry to interrupt but,
                There's a huge chimera at the entrance of our HQ~
Armstrong:      What?!

Jan:            That's why you should exterminate it quick, please.

Mustang:        At this rate, we won't be able to evacuate people or setup 
                We have to go and defend for now!
Ed:             .....

Mustang:        Haganeno, what are you doing?!
                Hurry and go!
Go outside and get ready to fight another chimera.

Ed:             What the hell's that!

Mustang:        That's a chimera.
                You don't even know that, Haganeno?
Ed:             That's not what I'm talking about.

Martins:        Man, what's happening in the town.

Ed:             It's under the colonel's control so safety is bad here.

Mustang:        What are you saying?
                It's because I'm here that there are only few victims.
Hawkeye:        Who cares about that now.

Corniche:       She's right.
                Lets beat the chimera now!
Ed:             What cheek even though it's a chimera!

Martins:        Heh, it makes me laugh that even chimeras have a boss.

                Prepare youself!
After you defeat the chimera.

Armstrong:      That chimera there was pretty strong.

Corniche:       But if we didn't do anything, the chimera might have just 
                stayed there quietly.
                I'm sure chimeras aren't all bad.
Martins:        Hahaha!
                You say some funny things.
Hawkeye:        You have a funny way of thinking.
                But I like new opinions.
Corniche:       Is it odd?

Martins:        Yeah, it's odd.
                Pleased to meet you, Corniche.
Corniche:       The pleasure's mine!
                I look forward to your acquaintance.
                Is there something on my face?
Martins:        Somehow, it feels like we've met somewhere before.

Hawkeye:        That's how Lt. Colonel Martins greet females.
                But don't do it to Corniche.
Martins:        It's OK, isn't it?
                Finding such a cute girl after all that trouble.
                Hey, will you go out with me?
Corniche:       Does Lt. Colonel Martins not have any sense of duty or 
                responsibility as a national alchemist?
Martins:        I do.
                That's why I'm cooperating with this chimera case.
Ed:             No matter what he's really thinking, it's OK since he's 
Martins:        What do mean by "what he's really thinking"!
                I am helping, you know.
Mustang:        Cough Cough.
                We have a culprit to find but lets go back to HQ for now.
Back inside.

Mustang:        What's with this mountain of documents?

                What on earth could they be?
Jan:            Reports on the incidents this time round.
                We'll be in trouble if you don't look over them carefully.
Mustang:        ....
                You're saying I have to verify all of them?
Hawkeye:        That is a colonel's job.

Martins:        Hahaha!
                That's a lot of work, Colonel Mustang.
Ed:             Hurry up and finish it.
                We have to find the culprit who's making these chimeras 
                after all.
Al:             Do you best, colonel.
                I'll cheer you on.
Jan:            Now that you mention it... Information just came in that a 
                suspicious character was at Redondo.
Mustang:        Second Lieutenant Havoc. I really thought that you are 
                hardworking and superior.
Jan:            What's this all of a sudden?

Mustang:        Take my place and take care of the chimera victim case in 
                East City for me.
Jan:            I can't do that.

Mustang:        I leave it to you.

Ed:             Then we can go, right?

Martins:        Lets go check on this suspicious character at Redondo.

Hawkeye:        Take care of the place while we're away.
                And gather any information that seems to be of relevance.
Jan:            Man, overtime huh.

Leave East City and you'll reach a map. You can now travel freely to any of 
the previously visited cities. For now, take the route to the southwest to 
reach Redondo.

Ed:             The culprit behind the chimeras maybe hear too.
                Don't let your guard down.
Al:             First, lets ask the people in this town what kind of person 
                was suspicious.
Corniche:       If that's going to erase the anxiety from the people of 
                this town then, lets do it.
Make your way north and you'll find 2 troubled men at the bank.

Man 1:          Maybe we should contact the military...
                Ah, what should we do...
Man 2:          Calm down. How about we say it's closing hours for now 
                until we clean up the mess?
Man 1:          You're right.

Al:             Ummm, what happened?

Man 1:          We became victims of a bank robbery.
                I'm truly sorry but we're busy so please excuse us.
Armstrong:      How insecure.

Ed:             We can consider the robbers to be the suspicious person.

Corniche:       Lets catch the criminal quick.
                I can't forgive people who do this!
Al:             You're right.
                Nii-san, lets get this resolved quick and stop the people 
Ed:             I know.

Go into the bank and talk to the man in front of the vault.

Ed:             Could you give us the details of the situation at the time?

Al:             We get vague answers asking the townspeople.

Armstrong:      I wonder what they mean they don't know.

Man:            The inside was already damaged this morning and then all 
                fuss started.
Hawkeye:        You haven't seen the criminal, have you?

Man:            No, I haven't... I was so upset I lied...
                I'm truly sorry.
Martins:        What the... That was meaningless then.

Ed:             He hasn't let us check the vault yet.

Man:            The vault?
                But we can't let unauthorized people go in...
Al:             There was nothing suspicious when we investigated the 
                Please let us check the vault.
Martins:        It's more important that you catch the culprit quick and 
                return all the deposits, right?
Man:            That's true... I understand.
                Well, I'll let you in the vault.
Go on in and drop down the hole. Head north, jumping across the stream. 
Continue upwards to the bridge. This time you can't jump across so go east 
and get Al to give you a boost.

Go on east and cross the bridge. Now go the the big stream again. This time 
you'll need a Nature 6-3 card to create a bridge. Go over to get Al again 
and cross over the bridge. Now jump to the other side of the sewers and 
continue southwards to find the robbers.

Corniche:       You're the bank robbers, right?
                Please return the things you stole.
Guy:            Ah, I'm so sorry.
                I'll return it all~
                You think I will?
Corniche:       Yes, I think you will.
                So please return it!
Guy:            Don't talk rubbish!

Mustang:        Looking at the technique used on the vault, you're an 
Guy:            Yeah.
                You're in trouble.
Mustang:        No, I'm not really in trouble.

Ed:             Which means you must be the one responsible for the 
                disturbance here in this town?
Guy:            Yeah. I've just about looted everything valuable here so 
                it's about time I go to another town.
Ed:             One last thing I need to ask.
                Are you the one making large numbers of chimeras and 
                attacking the town?
Guy:            That's not me.

Martins:        Then we can just arrest this guy and solve this case.

Guy:            You think you guys can do that?
Ed:             We won't know until we try.
                Prepare yourself.
Mustang:        Don't let him get away, Haganeno.

Ed:             I know.

After you defeat the guy.

Guy:            You guys are strong.

                You, the tiny one there!
                Tell me your name.
Ed:             Who the hell's a micro miniature alchemist?!

Guy:            I'm talking about you, chibi boy. (Chibi means runt here.)

Ed:             I'm the alchemist of steel, Edward Elric!

Randy:          I'm Randy Rover.
                I'll return the things I stole.
Ed:             What?

Randy:          Heheh, I can't be caught yet.

                So, bye for now!
Mustang:        ...Haganeno.
                Why didn't you seize him...
Ed:             ....Ah!!
                He was kind of a weird guy so...
                I've let him loose...
Mustang:        Well... It's not that I don't understand why...
                It can't be helped...
                For now, lets return to the bank.
Back at the bank.

Man:            Thanks to everyone our business can resume safely again.

Ed:             It's regrettable we couldn't arrest the robber.

Man:            He wasn't just the robber responsible for this bank. He was 
                the one responsible for the recent thefts too, am I right?
Ed:             That's right.

Man:            Now the peace in this town will be restored.
                Thank you.
Corniche:       I'll definitely catch him and make him use alchemy the 
                right way!
Hawkeye:        Please do that.
                But, our purpose is the chimera case.
                Don't get your priorities mixed up.
Corniche:       Ah, yes maam! I understand.
                Lets catch Randy-san after we resolve the chimera case.
Mustang:        Like I'll tag along that long...

Ed:             We'll think about that guy later.
                Lets return to East City and split ourselves up again!
Save opportunity then you're back at HQ.

Mustang:        Lieutenant Havoc.
                You're finished with all the cases, haven't you?
Jan:            Yes, I've finished.
                I've been working overtime everyday.
                It was one big favour, colonel.
Mustang:        Come on, don't say that.

Hawkeye:        It had nothing to do with the incident at Redendo.
                Is there any new information?
Jan:            Please wait.

                I won't know if there's any link but,
                There's been victims of a 2 member group.
Ed:             Do you know the details?

Jan:            A big armoured man and a young man it seems.
                You'll have to verify the rest yourselves.
Al:             Where is the place?

Jan:            A village called Solin.
                Do your best and solve the case with the chimeras quick.
Corniche:       But where have I seen a big armoured man and a young man 
                before... Hmmm.
Ed:             Wh- What.
                Don't look at us!
And we leave the city to head for Solin which is on the far east of the 
map. It's like a small brown mountain.

Ed:             So this is the village of Solin, huh.

Armstrong:      A nice and quiet place.

?:              They're here again, those scoundrels!
                Leave our village!!
Ed:             You got the wrong people!
                Today's the first time we're here in this village.
Man:            The armoured thing and the small guy are the Elric brothers 
Al:             Yo- You're right.

Man:            Then I'm not wrong.
                Do you know how many villagers you've bothered?
Ed:             ...Another case of fakes huh.

Man:            I've reported you two to the military.

Mustang:        The military is here.
                I am Colonel Mustang.
Man:            Oh, you arrived quick!
                Come now, arrest those two please.
Mustang:        It seems some imposters of these two people are bothering 
                you people, am I right?
Man:            Imposters?
                Excuse me...
                They're a little different somehow...
Armstrong:      We are here to solve the case.
                I'd like you to believe in us.
Man:            Haa...
                If you say so. Please listen to what the villagers have to 
Go into the big house at the west side of the village to meet the village 
Chief:          Ah, you're here for mischieve again...
                Please leave us alone.
Ed:             We're from the army, old man.
                We came here to catch the suspicious 2 member group.
Chief:          The military you say...
                But, that small one there and the armoured one are the 
                Elric brothers, right?
Ed:             Miniature sized, you say?!
                I'm not miniature sized!
Chief:          Heeee~, please forgive me.

Corniche:       Come on, Ed.
                Don't scream at him.
                Sorry, village chief sir.
Chief:          ...Now that I look at the Elric brothers they're different 
                from usual.
Al:             We're the real Elric brothers.
                We came to get rid of the imposters.
Chief:          ....You really are different from them, huh.

Corniche:       Please, trust us.
                We came here to resolve the incident that occurred here.
Chief:          I understand.
                I trust you.
Mustang:        It might be a bit quick but, please tell us what you have 
                been victims of because of those fake Elric brothers.
Chief:          They set fire to the crops on the farms, ruining our 
                washing. All sorts of things.
Martins:        Sounds like the mischief of some brats.

Chief:          They cause mischief everyday and if we do something, they 
                become violent so we can't stop it.
Hawkeye:        We understand how you feel.
                By the way, do you know where the two people are?
Chief:          They come from the mountain behind the village.
                The way to the mountain is being watched by a young man.
                I'll tell him to let you people through.
                I'm counting on you.
Ed:             The mountain in the back.
                Alright, lets proof we're innocent!
Al:             Yeah, Nii-san.
                Lets do our best!
Leave the house and the man to the left will be gone now. Follow the path 
to the next area then go up the stairs there. Al spots someone higher up 
but Ed doesn't believe him.

Go east, jump across the gap and follow the path east until you reach a 
short slump. Use it to jump across. Follow the path and Al will see someone 
again. This time Ed sees it too and tries to go after them but the way's 

Make your way back down and then go up the stairs on the west side of 
mountain where you entered the area. You'll reach a cliff. Ed's determined 
to go on but you'll need a strong bridge to get across. So, make a Stone
5-4 card and cross the gap.

Ed:             Who the hell are you guys!!

Al:             They really do look like us.
Cornice:        They really do!
                The colours are different...
                I know!!
                Left and right are mixed up like they're reflected in a 
Martins:        Uheh.
                It's just as Corniche says.
Fake Ed:        Who are you people?
                I'm Edward Elric.
Fake Al:        I'm Alphonse Elric.

Hawkeye:        Not just their appearance, their personalities are mixed up 
Armstrong:      These are some interesting developments.

Fake Ed:        Aww... Nii-san, my head hurts...

Fake Al:        What did you do to my brother!

Corniche:       You're kidding!
                Al's the older brother and Ed's the younger one?!
Ed:             Quit messing with us!!
                We're the real Elric brothers!!
                We'll defeat our imposters ourselves!
Al:             You're right, Nii-san.

Fake Ed:        You imposters!
                Prepare yourselves!
Ed:             Imposters can't call us imposters.

                I'll show you the strength of the real guys!
Mustang:        Attack them without hesitation.

Corniche:       Somehow, it's going to be a hard battle.

After defeating the fakes.

?:              Hey, you guys!
                How are you break my dolls!
Girl appears and looks at her dolls.

Girl:           Chaha... How dare you break them that much!
                Geez, I'm not going to forgive you!
Ed:             You are?

Girl:           I'm Cate Rham.
                You are?
Ed:             I'm Edward Elric.

Cate:           No way!
                You're the real thing!
                Then this must be Yoroi-kun, huh! (Yoroi means armour.)
Al:             Yo... Yoroi-kun...

Cate:           Uwaa!
                Yoroi-kun looks even better than I thought.
Martins:        What a noisy one...
                This is why I hate brats...
Cate:           Don't call me a brat, you topknot!

Al:             !!
                Same reaction as Nii-san...
Ed:             Did you say something, Al?

Al:             No- Nothing!

Martins:        (Topknot...)
                Come now, don't be do angry little lady.
Cate:           You're treating me like a child again!
                I'm 16 years old already!
Ed:             16...? You're older than me but you're small.

Cate:           Shut up!

Corniche:       Geez!
                Stop this already, everyone!
                What you done was wrong.
Cate:           Hmm...? You...
                Feels like I've seen you somewhere before...
                Have we met?
Corniche:       We haven't.

Cate:           That's odd.
                Maybe I met your family?
Corniche:       Cate, come apologize to the villagers with us.

Cate:           Why~
                I've done nothing wrong!
                All I done was play with these dolls.
Corniche:       If you apologize sincerely, the villagers will forgive you.

Cate:           Geez, I hate annoying things like that!
                Everyone starts trying to take things into their own hands!
                I don't want to attack Yoroi-kun but I'll fight!
Armstrong:      I'm no good at attacking a young girl.

Martins:        You're a big girl now.
                You can't play with dolls forever.
After you defeat Cate.

Cate:           Oh no!
                It's the end.
Ed:             What's all this all of a sudden?

                Changing your mind?
Cate:           I give in!

                It was just a little michief.
Armstrong:      It's wrong to cause mischief.

Ed:             That's right.
                Making stupid fakes of us.
Cate:           I'm sorry, Yoroi-kun.
                Did it hurt?
Al:             No, I'm all right.

Cate:           Yoroi-kun, we'll meet again.
                Well, bye bye!
Ed:             H- Hey, wait!
                ...She got away.
Hawkeye:        ...It seems there's nothing to do with the chimera case 
                this time either.
Corniche:       You're right...

Ed:             If we show these fakes to the villagers, they'll 
                understand. Lets go report to the chief.
Back in the house.

Chief:          Th- This is...?

Hawkeye:        These are dolls.
                The real culprit is an alchemist who uses dolls.
Chief:          They're imposters just like you said.

                In any case...
                That's quite an alchemist to be able to make these dolls.
Corniche:       But I don't want alchemy to be used to bother people!

Chief:          You're right about that. Using it the wrong way can lead to 
Armstrong:      Indeed.

Mustang:        It can't be helped if we dwell here.
                It's about time we left.
Chief:          When you're nearby, please drop by.

Save opportunity and then you're back at HQ.

Mustang:        The Solin case was wrong too huh.

Hawkeye:        Highly skilled alchemists were responsible for both the 
                Redendo and Solin case.
Martins:        Could it be a coincidence or...
                Are they related to the string of incidents...
Ed:             But you know, not only can they make dolls that can talk, 
                They're amazing at controlling them too.
Jan:            In any case, I have some information.
                Do you want to hear it?
Mustange:       Yeah. Please.

Jan:            The thing is, it seems there's a mansion where a weird 
                eccentric alchemist lives.
Al:             Is the alchemist suspicious?

Jan:            It seems he's skilled at body alchemy.

Ed:             This time it really is suspicious.
                Lets go have a look.
Martins:        You know the alchemist's name, right?

Jan:            I do.
                Dalt Daimler.
                On the surface, he appears to be a merchant.
Ed:             And the place is?

Jan:            A mansion in the mountains.

Corniche:       A large mansion in the mountains, huh.
                Come on, lets go.
Leave HQ and the mansion is just above East City.

Ed:             It's obvious chimeras will appear here...

After you defeat the chimera.

Ed:             That's it, it's decided.

Corniche:       No, we should be fair and inquire properly!

                Is anyone hooome!
Al:             Ah!

Dalt:           Hmm?

Corniche:       Oh!

Dalt:           Hmmm? I met you people on the train before.

Ed:             You're that old man from last time.
                There's something I want to ask you.
Dalt:           I'd like you to tell me your name first when you're 
                inquiring people about things.
Ed:             I'm Edward Elric.
                Do you know about the chimera incidents that have been 
                occurring around this vicinity?
Dalt:           I'm a merchant. I know nothing about chimeras.

Mustang:        There's rumours that you're an alchemist...

Dalt:           I don't understand what it's about.
                You must have the wrong person. I'm sorry but I'm busy.
                Go home.
Hawkeye:        We're onto something.

Mustang:        Yes.

Ed:             When we met him on the train, it looked as though he was 
                hiding something too.
Martins:        Come on, this is too much trouble.
                Lets sneak into the mansion, find evidence and then
                cross-examine him.
Corniche:       I think that's not a good thing to do!

Ed:             Cony, it can't be helped this time.
                When we can't do it the right way, it's necessary to do 
                things the sly way.
Martins:        That's right. There's things that don't go well when you 
                only think one way. It's important to have a flexible mind.
Corniche:       ...I understand.
                An exception this time... An exception...
Al:             What are you murmuring about?

Corniche:       I'm making myself understand.
                Hmmm... An exception this time...
Take the path to the right and you'll reach a door. It's locked so you'll 
need to make a Metal 2-4 card to make a key to open it.

Once Ed's made a key, Corniche remarks how wonderful his alchemy always is 
and they enter.

Ed:             Colonel! This room is?!

Mustang:        Umm.

Martins:        Uhyoo.
                Bingo all of a sudden!
Ed:             Just as I thought!!
                That guy really is an alchemist.
Hawkeye:        I wonder if he has anything to do with the chimera 
Mustang:        We'll know if we ask the man himself.

Armstrong:      It seems all the books and memos here all relates to human 
Hawkeye:        There's something written about the Philosopher's Stone 
Ed:             What does he know about the Philosopher's Stone...

Corniche:       Ah!!

Dalt:           They've found out!
                I- I don't know anything!
                I- It's true!
Man runs for it.

Ed:             Wait!

Martins:        Another chimera huh.

Corniche:       It seems he's linked to the chimera case after all.
                We have to catch him.
Armstrong:      Before that, we have to take care of this chimera.

Ed:             You shouldn't bother us...

                At the wrong time!
Martins:        I'm getting tired of chimeras!

After defeating the chimera.

Martins:        That chimera delayed us for too long!
                We've lost sight of that bastard.
Corniche:       Lets find him!

Martins:        Yes but the problem is where he ran off to.
                We can't just grope about in the dark.
Armstrong:      Ummm, that's true.

Mustang:        What!
                You say you caught sight of that man.
                Understood. Then search the criminal records for Dalt 
Ed:             Do you know where that Daimler went?

Mustang:        Umm, I contacted HQ...

                They say they have information that a man looking like 
                Daimler was on a train to East City.
                It seems the military received a notice because he was 
                suspicious and carrying a black bag.
Ed:             Lets go back to East City!

Saving and back at East City.

Jan:            You're back finally.

Mustang:        What happened with Daimler?

Jan:            A man looking like Daimler was heading to Rizenbeul.

Al:             Rizenbeul?

Jan:            That's right.
                I heard that directly from the railway staff that's for 
Ed:             Rizenbeul, huh?

Armstrong:      Long time since you returned home, Edward Elric.

Ed:             Yeah.

Corniche:       I want to see Al and Ed's home town too.
                Lets head to Rizenbeul!
Rizenbeul is just under East City and Redondo. A red roofed house with a 
tree to the right.

Al:             Nii-san, look.
                Nothing's changed.
Ed:             You're right.

Corniche:       This is Al and Ed's home town...

Al:             Nii-san!
                Lets go see the old lady and Winry.
Go to the northwest corner to the Elric brothers' home.

Old Lady:       Winry, we have guests!

Winry:          Hey! I've told you before didn't I?
                I said phone before you come for maintenance!
Ed:             It's been a while, Bacchan. (Bacchan meaning old lady.)
                How you been?
Old Lady:       Yes, I've been well.
                Anyway, you've brought a lot of friends, haven't you.
Ed:             I came here on a job.
                And I'll also like some maintenance.
Winry:          It's because of how violently you use it, Ed.
                Maintenance is a lot of work, you know that?
Ed:             It's fine since we're regular customers, isn't it?

Old Lady:       It really has been a long time, hasn't it.
                Lt. Colonel Mustang.
Mustang:        It has.
                I've become a colonel now.
Old Lady:       Really?
                Come now, lets not stand around talking.
                Come inside.
Winry:          Nice to meet you.
                I'm Winry Rockbell.
                I look forward to your acquaintence.
Corniche:       I'm Corniche Royce.

Ed:             That is Lt. Colonel Martins.

Martins:        Hey, Ed!
                Is she your girlfriend?
                She's soooo cute!
Ed:             It can never be like that!

Winry:          It can never be like that!

Martins:        Y- You don't have to be that mad...


Mustang:        How long will this take.

Winry:          I want to do a thorough checkup so it'll take some time.

Mustang:        Then, Haganeno. You and Al can get checked up here.
                The others and I will check the area.
Al:             I'll go too.
                It's only Nii-san that needs a checkup.
Hawkeye:        You don't know when's the next time you come for a checkup, 
                right? Stay here.
Armstrong:      I'm sure the young lady Winry has a lot to talk about.
                Just stay.
Corniche:       Well, see you later.

Winry:          Well, I'm starting the examination.

                What's up this time?
Ed:             There's been frequent outbreaks of chimeras appearing.
                I was told to resolve the issue by the general of the army.
Al:             You know that Cony just there?
                She's working hard to obtain the qualification to sit the
                The National Alchemist Exam.
Winry:          What's that about?

Ed:             Cony failed the exam once. You don't get to sit it as 
                many times as you like that easily.
Al:             That's why he made a deal with the general. In exchange 
                for solving this case, she gets to resit the exam.
Winry:          I can't see how she's the kind of person who would ask 
                that. She's pretty brave.
Ed:             Cony never said it.
                I did.
Winry:          You did...
                I see...
Ed:             What?

Winry:          Nothing.


Winry:          Alright, checkup done!

Ed:             Arigatou!
                Feels great.
Winry:          I changed a few parts after all.

                Well, I have a bit of work to do.

Al:             Colonel! How was it?

Mustang:        He's not in Rizenbeul anymore.
                We know where he's heading too.
                Can we go now?
Ed:             Yeah. My maintenance is done.

                So, where did he run off to?
Martins:        The Ruins of Cruz.

Al:             What is he going to the ruins for?

Martins:        Who knows.

Mustang:        Haganeno, we'll be waiting outside.

Ed:             Al. Lets tell Bacchan and Winry we're leaving.

Al:             You're right.

Ed:             Bacchan!
                It's time for us to go.

Ed:             Winry, thanks.

Winry:          It was my job.

Old Lady:       Don't hesitate to come back again.

Ed:             I don't know when the next time will be.

Al:             But we'll come back as soon as possible.

Winry:          Your mechanical armour will need regular maintenance so be 
                sure to come back.
                (It's known as the "Auto-Mail" outside her house.)
Ed:             I know.
                Well, later!
                Take care, Bacchan!
Al:             Bye bye!

Winry:          Yeah, bye...

The ruins are just to the east of Rizenbeul.

Mustang:        First Lt. Hawkeye, this is place right?
                These are the ruins Daimler ran off to.
Hawkeye:        According to our intelligence, yes.

Ed:             Colonel, now that we know his whereabouts lets get to work.

Mustang:        Haganeno, it's rare for you to actually feel like doing 
                something. Just a little longer and you could work for the 
Ed:             Who said I'm working with the army?
                I have a promise with General Bradley.
Mustang:        You mean Corniche, huh.

Corniche:       ...Ed.

Ed:             Ba- Baka.
                Don't look like you're going to cry.
Corniche:       But you done it for me.
Ed:             I said you don't have to worry about it.

Al:             Yeah. Neither I or Nii-san want you to think you owe 

Corniche:       Thanks!

Armstrong:      Uoooooh!
                What kind hearted brothers!
                I'm touched!
Ed:             St- Stop that...

Martins:        It's tough for popular men huh~
                Come on, go on ahead with me Corniche.
Corniche:       Eh?
                Is that OK?
                Ed seems to be in pain.
Martins:        What are you talking about?
                That's what these kind of guys do.
Corniche:       Re- Really...?
                He gets along well with Major Armstrong, huh.
Al:             Ni- Ni-san...

Armstrong:      Uoooooh!
                Isn't it great to embrace!
Ed:             Gu- Guargh...
                Co- Colonel... He- Help me...
Mustang:        ...Lets go too First Lt. Hawkeye.

Hawkeye:        Yes sir.

Ed:             Guaaa...

Go north jumping over the gap and then follow the path down the pillar to 
the east.

Martins:        These ruins are really complex...

                You can go in from that point there, can't you?
Mustang:        Umm, looks like it.
                Haganeno, make a bridge here.
Martins:        Yeah, that's good!
                Quickly now.
Ed:             I'm not just some service you know!

Al:             Colonel, the footing here is bad so it'll be dangerous to 
                make a bridge.
Mustang:        That's true...
                I guess we'll have to walk around.
Go down the stairs and follow the path east.

Mustang:        Daimler's crimes are going to be clear soon.

Ed:             But you know, what if he's persistent in saying...
                He has nothing to do with the chimera incidents?
Mustang:        With all the present evidence?
                That's one bad joke.
Ed:             You're right.

Martins:        Hey, Mustang.
                I'll be free even after this case gets solved right?
Mustang:        Who knows?

Martins:        You promised something didn't you, Corniche?
                With Bradley I mean.
Mustang:        Don't call the general without respect.
                She's an exception here.
                Setting you free will mean putting all the females in the 
                world at risk.
Martins:        Wh- What did you say?!
                You're the one to talk!
Hawkeye:        ...You're both the same.

Al:             ...Nii-san, look.

Ed:             What, Al?

Mustang:        Another one of Daimler's chimeras?

Ed:             No.
                This time it seems a little bit different.
Woman:          Glattony, meal time is over.

Glattony:       ...Haki. Crunch, crunch.
                Hey, Lust.
                Can I eat them too?
Lust:           Haha... You could.
                Apart from the armoured one, you can eat them...
Hawkeye:        Colonel, it seems they think we're "small fries".

Mustang:        Oh? It seems they don't know this Alchemist of Fire.
                Ignorance is frightening.
Martins:        This is interesting.
                Do you want to try and have a taste of my Katana with your 
                own bodies?
Armstrong:      ...Think of me as a small fry wil they.
                Why don't you take one blow from me!
Mustang:        What's wrong, Haganeno?

Ed:             Colonel, this time they're some dangerous opponents.

Mustang:        Oh...?
                You don't say that often.
Lust:           I was really just going to take on the Hagane boy as an 
                opponent but, looks like I'll have to deal with the others 
Glattony:       Lust, can I eat them now?

Lust:           ...Yes.
                Glattony, I'll leave this to you.
Glattony:       Come on, can I eat them too?

Lust:           Haha...
                You can eat them too.
                Without leaving any behind.
After you defeat Glattony.

Glattony:       ....

Al:             He's gone.

                Wh- What the was that...?
                Running away in the middle of a battle.
Ed:             Who knows.
                We don't know what that lot is thinking.
Al:             But?

Ed:             The fact they came out here means it's possible the 
                Philosopher's Stone is here too.
Al:             What?! The Philosopher's Stone?!

Ed:             Sssh! Your voice is too loud.

Al:             So- Sorry, Nii-san.
                So you're saying the Philosopher's Stone is in these ruins?
Ed:             If the Philosopher's Stone is here then someone must have 
                discovered it long ago.
                More importantly, it's possible Daimler knows something.
Corniche:       Ed!

Ed:             Wh- What is it, Cony?
                ...You don't need to shout like that.
Corniche:       Colonel Mustang says to hurry ahead.

Ed:             Ah, yeah I know.

Corniche:       ...Is there something you're hiding?

Ed:             I- I'm not hiding anything!
                Right, Al?
Al:             Y- Yeah!

Go north then follow the path until you reach all the small platforms. Jump 
across all of them until you get to the last small one then jump 
southwards. Jump onto the bigger platform with the fallen pillar and go up.

Al:             Nii-san, look!
                Isn't that Daimler on the other side?!
Ed:             Alright!
                We've got him, Al!
                Lets get this over with quick!
Dalt:           Th- They've caught up already?!

Ed:             Look here now, I don't want you wasting my time.
                Start talking now.
Dalt:           What is it you think I've done?!

Ed:             Huh?
                Are you trying to avoid the only thing you could have done?
Dalt:           Like I said, I told you have nothing to do with those 
Ed:             Oh, is that your attitude?
                Then we'll just have to use force!
Dalt:           I- I don't have confidence in my power...
                I win by running away!
Ed:             Ah, wait! Hey!

Follow the path east until the next area.

Ed:             This guy's really fast at running away with his legs.

Mustang:        I'm sure the ruins are surrounded by troops now so he won't 
                get away.
Ed:             Wow, you have everything prepared.
                There's someone over there.
Martins:        A... person?
                It looks like someone's down.
Mustang:        The only person that could possibly have been knocked out 
                here is...
Martins:        Looks like we're thinking the same thing.

Mustang:        Lt. Colonel Martins. I don't like it saying you and I are 
                the same.
Going up to the figure.

Hawkeye:        ...He's dead.

Mustang:        First Lt. Hawkeye, please give an accurate report.

Hawkeye:        Daimler is...
                No, he was murdered.
Ed:             ...Who on earth.

Al:             Huh?

Ed:             Al, what is it?

Al:             Didn't Daimler... have a black bag with him?

Ed:             Colonel, do you remember a black bag?

Al:             Nii-san. When Daimler escaped from the mansion, he was 
                carrying a bag.
Mustang:        ...That means it's gone huh.

Hawkeye:        Colonel, could that bag hold the key to the incidents?

Mustang:        That's possible.
                If that's the case, we must go after the criminal who took 
                the bag.
Ed:             ...You're right.
                The person would most likely know the truth.
Martins:        Chasing after girls suits my character more than chasing 
Mustang:        Cough, cough.

Martins:        Yes yes.
                I will do this seriously.
Mustang:        We don't know who murdered Daimler but he maybe still 
                around here.
Continue onwards.

Corniche:       Ummm, it's a basic question but who are we looking for?

Ed:             The person who killed Daimler.

Corniche:       Then does someone know what he looks like?

Ed:             Huh?
                Colonel, you know what the criminals up to right?
Mustang:        Do you?

Ed:             If I knew, I wouldn't be asking.

Martins:        Man, we're wandering about the ruins without a clue what 
                we're doing.
Mustang:        ...Then what about you, Lt. Colonel Martins?

Martins:        I wouldn't know anything about it, would I?

Hawkeye:        Please don't put up your chest to say things like that.
                ...What's wrong with these people.
Randy:          Oh no.

Ed:             Hmmm?
                ...What's he doing here?
Corniche:       Looks like he's watching us somehow.

Randy:          Heh... Just what to expect.
                Seeing through that I'm the criminal!
                Just what to expect from the Full Metal Alchemist.
Ed:             Criminal?
                What are you on about?
Mustang:        I see.
                You're the one who killed Daimler huh.
Randy:          What?!
                ...Didn't you come after me because you knew?
Mustang:        We didn't.
                But you've saved us time.
                I'm grateful.
Randy:          Guargh!
                Cate's been fooling with me again!
                She's been calling be a single celled idiot!
Hawkeye:        ...How foolish.

Corniche:       By the way, he seems to know Ed.
                Do you know each other?
Ed:             Why would I know a muscle idiot like that...?
Armstrong:      Did you say something, Edward Elric?
                Something about muscles...
Randy:          Those who make fun of muscles will cry, Full Metal 

Ed:             Woah! Two people's too much for me!
                Don't come near me! Get away!
Randy:          How dare you say you've forgotten about me.

Ed:             ...Have we met somewhere?

Corniche:       I remember there's someone like him before but...
                I really can't remember.
Randy:          How dare you...
                Coming after me without a clue!
Corniche:       Well, I don't want to remember some lowly guy who walks 
                around outside half naked...
Randy:          You saying my muscles are low class?!
                Hey, have a good look!
                Is this low class?!
Corniche:       Gyaaa! This is sexual harassment!
                It's disgusting!
Randy:          Don't call it disgusting!

Al:             Nii-san and Cony's forgotten already?
                He's the bank robber that was at Redondo.
Ed:             How could I forget!
                We were just teasing him.
Randy:          What did you say!

Ed:             Nothing, just talking to myself!

Corniche:       So what is a bank robber doing here?
                This isn't a bank you know.
Randy:          Like I said!
                I'm the criminal who killed Daimler!
Mustang:        Confessing again.

Hawkeye:        This guy's helpless.

Randy:          ...Uh.

Mustang:        And it seems the bag he's carrying was taken from Daimler.

Hawkeye:        A confession and carrying solid proof. Perfect.

Martins:        So, if we beat the guy we solve the case?

Mustang:        That's some rough talk.
                But there's quite a bit I want to ask him.
Martins:        Heh.
                Then lets get started.
Armstrong:      Lt. Colonel Martins.
                I'll do this one myself!
Randy:          Oh, you going to take me on eh?
                Just what I was going to do!
Armstrong:      You're pretty good.

Randy:          You too Ossan (middle aged man).

Mustang:        Hey now... How long are you going to have a muscles match?

                We're finishing this.
After you defeat Randy.

Armstrong:      Looks like we have a result.
                But this is the first time I got this far.
Cate:           You're dropping by here again, Randy?

Martins:        Ah~! It's that tiny thing!

Ed:             ..."Tiny"?
                Who you calling pea-sized?!
                Who are you calling a flea?!
Martins:        Wa- Wait!
                No one's talking about you!
Ed:             Uooooo!
                I'll beat you so bad!
Al:             Nii-san!
                Nii-san, calm down!
                Look, that girl...
Ed:             Aaaah!!
                The one in the mountains behind Solin!
Al:             Yeah.
                The alchemist who made imposters of us!
Martins:        Oh yeah, now that you mention it.
                That happened too.
                So, you guys are friends?
Cate:           Friends huh... No.
                Well, I'm just his body guard.
Randy:          Who's my body guard?!

Cate:           You! You!
                Why do you think I took the trouble of coming out here?
Randy:          No one asked you to.

Cate:           I have no choice.
                Onii-chan asked me to after all.
Man:            That's how it is.

                You were late so she came to check the situation.
Randy:          ...It can't be helped since you're the boss.
                But I've managed to get a hold of the bag.
Man:            It truely is what I was looking for.

Randy:          It is right?
                I'm doing what I'm supposed to do properly.
Cate:           No you're not!
                You were told not to fight this lot and return quickly.
Ed:             A newcomer.
                Is that person behind them an alchemist too?
                Colonel, what do you think?
Mustang:        Haganeno, you can feel it too?
                That man behind them...
Ed:             I can see he's quite an alchemist.

Martins:        That voice...
                Royce... It can't be.
Ed:             Huh?
                Lt Colonel Martins.
                You don't look too good.
Martins:        No, Royce he...
                The colonel... can't be here.
Mustang:        Lt Colonel Martins.
                ...That name is.
Martins:        No... It's just me.
                It's just me... It must be.
                Colonel Royce died!
Ed:             What's wrong with you?
                Do you know those two idiots and that masked guy?
Man:            My my, I didn't think I would meet such a strong national 
                alchemist here.
                Wait, there's the army's dogs too...
                There's a cute young lady too.
Corniche:       Don't make fun of me calling me a young lady!
                I have a name!
Man:            What an energetic young lady.
                So, what is your name?
Corniche:       What about you telling me your name?!
                Where's your manners?
Al:             Co- Cony.
                You're saying things to provoke the enemy again...
Corniche:       But Al. That person's wearing a mask and he's not telling 
                us his name...
                It tells us he has no manners!
Man:            Very well.
                Yes, my name is Lincor.
                What's your name, girl?
Corniche:       Corniche Royce.

Lincor:         Corniche huh.
                Corniche... Cony?
                Urgh, Urghhh... Cony?
Cate:           A- Ar you all right, Onii-chan?!
                Hey! What did you do to Onii-chan!
                (Younger children call older males this literally meaning 
                 "brother" even though they are not related.)
Corniche:       W- What did I do?
                I don't know!
Cate:           I won't forgive you for making fun of Onii-chan!

Ed:             I don't know what's going on but,
                The mood definitely isn't getting along nicely.
Cate:           I won't forgive...

                Those who stand in Onii-san's way!
Lincor:         Do you think military dogs...

                Can match me?
Ed:             We won't know until we try!

Lincor:         Then I'll just show a little of my power...

Ed:             What the?!

Lincor:         Farewell, military dogs.

Cate:           Bye!

Ed:             Th- That is no ordinary power.
                ...It couldn't be.
Al:             You think so too?

Ed:             Yeah. The Philosopher's Stone maybe in that bag.

Al:             If that's so then we may know why they're after that black 
Ed:             Hey, Colonel.
Mustang:        That alchemist there.
                ...His name was Lincor.
                It couldn't be... Colonel Royce?
Martins:        ....

Mustang:        But Colonel Royce was reported to have died in war during 
                the uprising in Ishval.
Martins:        ....

Mustang:        You're hiding something.
                Lt. Colonel, this is an order. Speak.
Martins:        ...It's true he "died" during the uprising...

Mustang:        ...That's what you say but on the contary...

Ed:             On the contrary, if was rescued from death away from the 
                enemy, the story doesn't make sense.
Mustang:        Haganeno, you were listening huh.

Ed:             Yes I was. It makes people curious when you two put on a 
                grave expression.
Mustang:        I see.
                ...It seems it's best if I told you too.
Ed:             About Colonel Royne?
                Colonel means he's a national alchemist?
Mustang:        He's known as the Alchemist of Tuning.
                He was the authority over healing alchemy.
Ed:             Was...? The past tense?

Mustang:        Yeah.
                But his qualification as an alchemist was taken from him.
Ed:             Taken?!

Mustang:        More accurately, I should say was about to be taken.

Ed:             He died in the uprising before it was taken?

Mustang:        That's right.

Ed:             But, why was his qualification taken from him?

Mustang:        Like I just said there, he was said to be the number one 
                healing alchemist until then.
Ed:             There are elites amongst national alchemists too huh.

Mustang:        But Haganeno, you know don't you?
                When we speak about healing alchemy there's...
Ed:             In a way... It means controlling life and it's closer to 
                human alchemy.
                ...It can't be?!
Mustang:        I'd like to believe... That it isn't so.
                The way the chimeras are made shows some of his 
                But whether it's true or not, there's rumours around saying 
                he's soaked his hands in human alchemy...
Ed:             Human... alchemy huh.
                But they're just rumours, aren't they?
Martins:        The head of the military never liked objective Colonel 
                Royce long ago.
Ed:             And so, he used the rumours as an excuse to take his 
                qualification from him...?
                That's why the whole lot of the military is...
Mustang:        Don't forget.
                Haganeno, you're also a national alchemist.
                In other words, you're also a member of the military.
Ed:             I know.
                But you know...
Mustang:        I know what you want to say but,
                Keep it in your heart in future.
Martins:        ...Mustang, more importantly there's something I'm 
                concerned about.
Mustang:        Corniche Royce, Colonel Seraphy Royce.
                There's too much of a coincidence.
                ...That's what you want to say, right?
Martins:        You noticed huh.

Ed:             It can't be...
                Lincor is Cony's brother is disappeared?!
Al:             Shhh!
                Nii-san, you're too loud!
                Cony will hear you.
Mustang:        I've been thinking about it too and,
                There's a possibility.
                Still it's best if we talk to her.
Corniche:       Colonel Mustang!
                It seems we have contact from central headquarters.
Mustang:        Uh- right.
                ...Haganeno, you know what to do right?
Ed:             You don't have to be so fussy about it.
                I'm not a wee kid.
Corniche:       Hey, Ed.
                What were you guys talking about back there?
Ed:             Military secret. A secret.

Corniche:       You're not treating me as a companion?
                That's so mean...
Al:             Nii-san!
                You don't have to talk like that.
                We were really talking about what delicious things we'll 
                eat once we're back in central, that sort of thing...
Corniche:       ...Al's not good at lying.
                Your expression shows it right away.
Al:             Ex- Expression...?
                My expression?
Corniche:       But it's OK.
                I'm sure there's things that can't be told to normal 
Al:             ...Cony.

Corniche:       That's why I will become a national alchemist.
                I definitely will.
Mustang:        Lets return to East City for now.

Ed:             Is it OK not to go after Lincor?
                At this rate, he'll get away.
Mustang:        Hold it.
                We'll have to be prepared to go after him.
                We'll also need to analyse the information we have.
Saving and back at East City.

Jan:            I've processed Daimler's corpse...

Mustang:        Good work.
                So, was there anything left on the victim?
Jan:            Nothing.
Mustang:        Just?

Jan:            We found he was walking in an unexpected place.

Mustang:        An unexpected place?

Jan:            So, using that as a clue I sent out the troops from the 
                military information network and I've finally found the 
Ed:             Is it Lincor's whereabouts?
                The military's pretty good.
Jan:            Look here, we do our work properly too.

Mustang:        Never mind, just tell us.
                Where is Lincor's whereabouts?
Jan:            Here.

Mustang:        Here?

Jan:            The sewers of East City.

                Intelligence came in saying that sewer workers caught sight 
                of a bunch of people they don't see often.
Mustang:        How clever.
                He's hiding in the darkness of a lighthouse huh?
Hawkeye:        But the sewers is a vast area.
                Where on earth should we look?
Jan:            I had some guards after them but they split up...

Mustang:        That's fine.
                Following them any further would increase the casualties.
Jan:            Of course, we have already sealed all the exits so there's 
                no worrying about others escaping.
Hawkeye:        There's an entrance to the sewers in the west block.

Mustang:        Ummm.

Ed:             Well, lets get going!

Everyone leaves apart from Mustang and Hawkeye.

Mustang:        Are you OK with it?
                You're someone who fought with Colonel Royce once.
                If the colonel is alive then...
Martins:        Like I said, there's no need to worry about me.

Leave HQ and go west. You'll find the entrance after climbling some stairs 
next to a platform.

Ed:             Cony, what's wrong?

Corniche:       The sewers are dark, narrow and smells.

Ed:             Well, it is the sewers.

Al:             Nii-san, the sewers are too much for Cony, aren't they?

                And she's a girl too...
Ed:             We went into the sewers at Redondo too.

Al:             Redondo was just built so they were still clean.

Ed:             Even if you say that...

                Well, if you're going to give up becoming a national 
                alchemist, it's fine with me.
                It's not something I decide.
Corniche:       National alchemist...
                I- I'll do my best!
                If I give up then I don't know what I came all this way 
Mustang:        What are you doing?
                We're going in.
Ed:             Ah, colonel. We're going now.


Ed:             Urgh! Even though I said that it really stinks here.

Corniche:       This is kind of different from the national alchemist image 
                I have.
Martins:        Well, national alchemists can't serve their duty if he 
                only does clean jobs.
Corniche:       Lt. Colonel Martins?

Martins:        Hm? What? Why are you looking at me with weird eyes?
                Is there something on my handsome face?
Corniche:       Your eyes just looked sad someone there...

Martins:        Me?
                How can that be?
Ed:             Chimeras here?!

Armstrong:      Ummm, what a rough welcome!

Martins:        Alright!
                Leave this place to me! I'll serve them with my Katana!
                Looks like you want to be chopped up by me!
Ed:             Man... What's he getting puffed up about.

After the fight.

Ed:             What's wrong?
                Fighting alone all of a sudden.
Martins:        Hm?
                Ah, nothing...
Corniche:       Ed, why don't you watch Lt. Colonel Martins and learn a 
Martins:        Oh! Are you mad for me?

Corniche:       No.
                It's different from the love relationship between males and 
Martins:        Ah, well... At these sort of times lying about it will make 
                a man feel like fighting you know!
Corniche:       Really?
                It's study material for me.
                So then...
                I am mad for Lt. Colonel Martins.
                ...Is that OK?
Martins:        You don't have to repeat my words like a parrot...
                And you're doing in a monotonous tone...
Corniche:       ...It's so hard.

Martins:        Tohohoho.

Corniche:       But I wonder if those chimeras are lurking everywhere in 
Mustang:        If they are then we're in trouble...

Hawkeye:        It seems the colonel has some sense of danger too now.

Mustang:        Of course!
                If there are victims in town, the responsiblity will be my 
Hawkeye:        ...That kind of sense, huh.

                No, not just that.
                I can't get the women I love into danger...
Hawkeye:        That's as far as you need to go.
                Well, lets move on.
Make your way northwest until you reach one of those barred doors.

Ed:             A dead end huh.
                But it's bright at the other end.
                I'll shatter it with alchemy!
Mustang:        No.

Ed:             It doesn't really matter, does it?
                Aren't we going on ahead?
Mustang:        It's made using the hard earned tax money from the 
                citizens... So we can't destroy it.
Ed:             Oh?
                That's something rare to hear from you.
Mustang:        Try raising the taxes because you used too much of the 
                money. My popularity plummets!
Ed:             Yeah yeah.
                That again huh. So, what will we do?
Hawkeye:        There's a open and close switch for the door to the left.
                Lets use that to open it.
Mustang:        That's it.

Ed:             Understood, Colonel...

So, go west across the Cross the mesh bridge and get Al to give Ed a boost 
up. Use the switch there and the door will open. Go back and go up the 

Corniche:       Li- Lincor's in here, isn't he?!

Ed:             Cony... You scared?

Corniche:       I- I'm not scared!
                Are YOU scared?
Ed:             I'm a national alchemist.
                I've been through much more terrible scenes.
Corniche:       But you haven't grown at all from it.
                ...In terms of height etc...
Ed:             Did I just heard a tiny voice mentioning "height" or 
Corniche:       I never said that.
                This is a complex place so you sure you did?
Ed:             No, you did!
                You definitely did!
Armstrong:      Edward Elric, if you grow some muscles like me, your height 
                will grow too.
Ed:             ...No, I don't feel like becoming a macho man.

Mustang:        Haganeno, lets hurry ahead..
                We can't let Lincor get away.
Ed:             I understand.
                We can't let him get away all the time.
Moves on with Martins staying behind.

Ed:             Huh?
                Colonel Martins?
Martins:        ....

                Uh, ah! Sorry.
Ed:             Did you hear us?

Martins:        ...Hurry ahead, right?

Ed:             You look depressed.
                You're not thinking about Lincor are you...
Martins:        I- Idiot!
                I wouldn't care about something like that!
                Come on, lets hurry ahead.
Mustang:        First Liuetenant Hawkeye, don't take your eye away from Lt. 
                Colonel Martins.
Hawkeye:        ....

Go into the next area and go all the way west jumping over the flowing 
water. Go upwards to find another switch. Use it and make your way through 
the new route to find another switch. Go through the new route.

Ed:             Colonel, don't you think it's unexpected?

Mustang:        What is?

Ed:             Only chimeras are appearing.
                I think it's kind of too easy.
Mustang:        That's true.
                I don't think that's all he has up his sleeves.
Ed:             Who were er... Lincor's companions again?

Al:             Cate and Randy, Nii-san.

Ed:             Yeah. It's weird that they're not showing their faces.

                Don't you think so too, Lt. Colonel Martins?
Martins:        ...Ye- Yeah.

Ed:             ...Something really is odd with Lt. Colonel Martins.

Martins:        I- I'm not odd at all.

Ed:             No, there is something odd about you.
                Don't you think so, Colonel?
Mustang:        ...Maybe.

Ed:             That's so cold, Colonel.

Mustang:        Haganeno, I don't care at all if you call me cold.
                In the end, it'll be something that the Lt. Colonel himself 
                will have to find the answer to.
                To move on or to retreat.
                It's not something for me to say.
Corniche:       Lt. Colonel.

Martins:        ....Hm?

Corniche:       ...Someone like you is scared too, right?

                You are, aren't you?
                Fighting in such narrow sewers...
                ...Yes, I understand too.
                That's why you're making that expression, right?
Al:             No, Cony.
                ...That's not it.
Corniche:       What do you mean "that's not it"?
                You don't understand, do you Al?
                I'm sure the Lt. Colonel just can't say it but he's not 
                good with the dark.
                ...Isn't that right, Lt. Colonel?
                Come on. You don't have to hide in front of me.
Al:             ....

Martins:        Bubu...
Corniche:       ...Yes?

Martins:        Thanks, Corniche.
                For worrying about me.
                But I've already put my foot in it.
                Alright, lets move on!
Corniche:       Lt. Colonel... I wonder if he conquers his fears.

Al:             N- No...
                That's not it.
Ed:             Well, if the Lt. Colonel isn't saying anything, just 
                leave it at that, Al.
                Don't worry about such petty things.
Al:             Yo- You're right.

Corniche:       ...?

A creature appears.

Ed:             ...So there really was an ambush huh.
                He wouldn't let us pass so easily.
Martins:        ...You appeared!
                Great timing! Allow me to fulfil my duty as vanguard!
Ed:             What's with him? He's changed his expression all of a 
Al:             Nii-san.
                But we can't just let Lt. Colonel Martins go on ahead.
Ed:             Yeah, you're right.
                Lets go!
After defeating the creature.

Ed:             Seems like we've taken care of that.

Al:             Seems like Lt. Colonel Martins cheered up too.

Martins:        I'm a man who's always cheerful and looking ahead.

Ed:             And you're the one who were deep in thought a moment ago.

                Phew, that's that done.
Al:             Nii-san, watch out!

Ed:             What-?!
                It's still here?!
Martins:        Watch out!

Martins get thrown into the water.

Ed:             Lt. Colonel Martins!

Al:             This is terrible.
                We have to help him quick!
Corniche:       Colonel Mustang!
                We're going to lose the Lt. Colonel!
Mustang:        He loves to poke his nose in other's business huh.
                But, we won't lose him that easily.
                We'll see him ahead.
Corniche:       Colonel Mustang...
                You're so cold.
Mustang:        !!

                We do I have to be called cold by woman because of that 
Armstrong:      What is it, Lady Corniche?
                The way an alchemist is trained is very different.
                He won't die because of that.
Ed:             Yeah! Just take your clothes off then!

                Anyway, it's true Lt. Colonel Martins will be all right...
Al:             But we should hurry ahead.

Mustang:        I was called cold...
                A cold man...
                A cold blooded man...
Hawkeye:        There there.
                Colonel, we're going.
Mustang:        I was called cold...
Organise your party if you need to and go on into the next area. Follow the 
path along the wall and head northwards until you reach T-shaped platforms. 
Jump across twice then drop down in the south. Now jump right, down, left, 
down, down, left and head towards the stairs.

Corniche:       Will Lt. Colonel Martins really be all right?

Ed:             You're worried huh.
                The Lt. Colonel's a national alchemist you know.
Armstrong:      Umm. I understand Lady Corniche's kindness but the Lt. 
                Colonel won't die like this.
Corniche:       But, but... the water's cold and he'll catch a cold...

Mustang:        ...He so lucky.
                That Lt. Colonel Martins Getting worried about so much.
                And I get called a cold person.
Hawkeye:        Colonel, what are you murmuring about?

                Edward-kun doesn't care when he gets called cold...
Mustang:        Of course!

Hawkeye:        You didn't have to shout like that...

Corniche:       Ed, lets hurry ahead!
                We have to find Lt. Colonel Martins!
Ed:             I said he'll be all right even if we don't hurry so much.
                Why are you so...
Corniche:       ...I smell it.

Ed:             Huh?
                If you're talking about the stench of the sewers, it's been 
                like that for a long time already...
Corniche:       No!
                A smell... that's like Nii-san.
Ed:             You mean Lt. Colonel Martins?
                Is that what your brother is like?
Al:             That's too much when your brother's not around.

Corniche:       My Seraphy Nii-san is a serious person!

                But it's odd.
                When I'm with the Lt. Colonel it's like being with Nii-
Ed:             Hmmmm. If Cony's so intent about it, lets hurry and find 
                the Lt. Colonel!
                Lincor is probably inside too!
Head on up the stairs to the entrance.

Mustang:        ...Wait.

Al:             Huh?
                What's wrong, Colonel?
Armstrong:      Seems like we're going to be greeted with an opponent with 
                a little more power.
?:              What? You already noticed?
                How boring.
                I knew Randy-kun should have learned how to hide his 
Randy:          Shut up!
                Why do I have to hear that from a Chibi...
Ed:             Haaa?!
                Who's the Chibi?!
                Show yourselves!
Al:             He's not talking about you, Nii-san.

Randy:          We meet again Full Metal Alchemist!

Ed:             ...I can't believe this.
                So, what business do you have with us?
Randy:          You know even if I don't say...

Ed:             If you have no business then you're in our way.
                It's just manners to walk out of the way since it's 
                narrow here, isn't it?
Randy:          Ah, I'm sorry...
                ...Yeah right!
                Why do I have to apoligize?!
Cate:           ...I understand why Onii-san asked me to come with you.

                You can't do anything if I'm not here.
Randy:          Shut up! Shut up!

Mustang:        So, what is it then?
                Did you two come to give us a comedy show?
Randy:          Ah, oh yeah!
                Full Metal Alchemist and his party!
Mustang:        Wait. I don't like that way of refering to us.

                You should say The Alchemist of Fire and his party.
Randy:          Uh, sorry.

                ...I mean whatever!
Cate:           Ah, geez!
                The conversation's not moving on so I'll explain!
                Onii-san asked us to come play with you guys a little.
Mustang:        Cough.
                Unfortunately, I don't feel like having a kid as my 
                It's obvious you're just a young girl...
                If you wnt someone to play with pick someone else.
Cate:           Oh really.

Mustang:        ....

Cate:           But unfortunately, I'll play even if you don't want to.

Ed:             Man, it's taken so much time.
                In other words, you won't let us pass.
Cate:           Bingo!

Randy:          Wait wait wait!
                You can't move the conversation on like that!
Cate:           But if we left it to Randy-kun we'll be here all day.

Randy:          Shut up, shut up!
                The boss appointed me!
                So, I'll be the one to move the conversation along!
Armstrong:      Well said!
                That's how it should be!
Randy:          Humph, you want to take me on, muscle Ossan?!

Armstrong:      That's rude calling me an Ossan!
                But you're not bad yourself!
Randy:          We gonna fight?

Armstrong:      Umm, just what I was hoping for!

Al:             Uwa, it's gotten all weird now...

Ed:             Hey, you shouldn't move the conversation along either...

Randy:          Hey, Full Metal Alchemist!
                I have a favour to return to you too so come on!
Ed:             What are you on about...

Randy:          Shut up!
                Lets go!
Cate:           Well Randy-kun, do your best.

Randy:          What was that?!
                You must fight seriously too!
Cate:           But I'm just here to protect you.

                OK, just a little.
After you defeat Cate and Randy:

Ed:             Hey, you guys!
                Still want to fight?
Cate:           Ni...Nyahahahaha.
                ...You're through!
Randy:          Ah, Cate!
                Don't just go back whenever you want!
                That punch of Ossan's...
Armstrong:      Humph, that was some hatred.

Cate:           Heheh!
                If you regret it, try catching me!
Ed:             Grrr!

Al:             Nii-san, it's more important to find Lincor right now.

Ed:             ...Ye- Yeah, you're right.
                I'll let it go this time.
Onto the next area.

Ed:             It's really changed from the fuss back there.
                It's so quiet.
Al:             But we are in the sewers you know.
                It would be quiet.
Ed:             Well, that lot was really noisy back there.

Corniche:       More importantly, we have to find Lt. Colonel Martins!

Mustang:        You're right.
                He's not a guy that dies so easily but lets look for him.
                Now I'm going to give up being a cold man.
Hawkeye:        Colonel, why are you standing there posing?

                Corniche has gone ahead already.
Mustang:        !!

And moving into the next area, you'll face another guy so be ready.

Ed:             Th- That guy is?!

Man:            Oh? Is this divine protection from the gods too?
                Being able to meet the Full Metal Alchemist here too...
                And the other national alchemists are gathered too.
                ...Today's one fine day.
Ed:             ...This is bad.
                Real bad...
                We have to fight.
Man:            I act as as the agent of God and the one brings punishment!
                Be a good boy and accept your punishment now!
Ed:             I'm sorry but I can't just accept any punishment.

                I don't want to die in a dark place like this!
Man:            National alchemists and the ones who interferes with my 
                I will destroy you all here!!
Ed:             Destroying us isn't as easy as you say.

Man:            Be good and accept your punishment!

After defeating him.

Man:            It really was a bad idea taking on this number of 
Mustang:        ...Ran away huh.

Ed:             He's ran away but he won't watch us get away.
                He's nearby...
Armstrong:      If everyone goes along so that they don't get beaten then 
                it's enough...
Continue onwards to find Martins.

Al:             Ah, Lt. Colonel Martins!

Martins:        Yo!
                Aren't you guys late!
                I was getting bored to death.
Corniche:       Lt. Colonel Martins!
                I was worried.
                But everyone else was so cold.
Mustang:        ...She called me a cold person again.

Martins:        Looks like I made you worry.
                But, as you can see I'm alive and will so don't worry.
                It was really noisy so what happened?
Ed:             Well, all sorts of things.

Martins:        All sorts of things huh...
                Then lets get out of there quick.
Mustang:        Wait, what will we do about Lincor?

Martins:        Ah. If it's Lincor you're worried about he's not here.

Hawkeye:        Not here?
                But according to intelligence...
Martins:        Yes, he may have been here before.

                The sense I had is no longer here.
Mustang:        Haganeno, what do you think?

Ed:             What do I think?
                Lt. Colonel Martins says he's not here so...
Mustang:        I'm asking if you trust those words.

Ed:             What?
                Are you trying to say Lt. Colonel Martins is lying?
Mustang:        I can't say that out clearly but,
                The Lt. Colonel and Colonel Royce were friends in battle.
                I don't think he joined the team without having any 
                Even though we're told he's dead, there's still a 
Ed:             He would be troubled.
                No one can peacefully standby while watching their friend 
                fight after all.
                That's why he expressed that Colonel Royce "died" in the 
Mustang:        And it's a friend who "died" in battle too...

                If on the other hand he will have to fight Lincor...
                But will the thing known as the human heart break that 
Ed:             Who knows?
                I'm not a god so there's no point asking me.
Mustang:        I can only... trust him huh.
                Alright, lets leave the sewers.
Sort your party if you need to and the story moves on.

Hughes:         Where on earth have you guys been walking about?!

Ed:             Huh?
                What are you doing here, Lt. Colonel Hughes?
                Did you come here from central to do something?
Hughes:         Oh! It's been a while Ed, Al.

Al:             Ummm... But we just met not along ago.

Hughes:         Hahaha, really?
                But Ed's...
                Not grown bigger.
Ed:             Quit it!
                How can I grow big in such a short period of time?!
Al:             Nii-san!
                Control yourself!
Corniche:       Geez...
                Ed's such a kid.
Ed:             What did you say?
                Don't call me a kid when you're on yourself!
Corniche:       Wh- Who are you calling a kid?!
                I'm older than you!
Ed:             It's no big difference!

Corniche:       You're wrong!
                Being 18 and 15 is like being an adult and a kid you know!
Al:             Cony, please don't say anything that'll just add oil to the 
Hughes:         Anyway, Roy.
                I came in a hurry from central since you called.
                You been searching the sewers?
Mustang:        Quit it.
                So, have you gathered it?

Hughes:         Data about Colonel Royce?
                What are you planning to do making me take all the trouble 
                to bring it here?
Mustang:        We'll be fighting him later so I thought we need to know 
                what his powers are.
Hughes:         Fighting him?
                What on earth is that about?
                I'm sure the Colonel died.
Martins:        ....

Mustang:        I wish you could have waited at HQ for me though.

                You took all the trouble to come in reception?
Hughes:         Ah, that's the thing.
                The HQ is being attacked by chimeras right now.
Mustang:        I see, they're being attacked by chimeras...
Hughes:         Didn't you hear me?
                Like I said, HQ is being attacked.
Mustang:        You should have said so earlier!
                It's an emergency! Lets go, Haganeno!
Hughes:         Man, what a busy lot.
                Lt. Colonel Martins was it?
Martins:        ...What?

Hughes:         I was allowed to read Colonel Royce's data.

Martins:        ...And?

Hughes:         Don't do anything weird.

Martins:        I'll keep that warning in mind.

At HQ.

Ed:             Heeeee!
                This is something.
Mustang:        Haganeno, it's no time to admire.
                The problem is how to get in.
Ed:             We can only remove them, right?

Mustang:        ...You're right.
                If we don't hurry, it's going to get bad.
Hawkeye:        It's rare that you have some sense of duty.

Mustang:        Of course!
                If central knows about this, my path for promotion will 
Hawkeye:        ....

Mustang:        And!
                And the important documents in my desk drawer will be in 
Hawkeye:        All the important documents are in the vault so don't 
Mustang:        It leaves the notebook in which I have the numbers of women 
                I have taken great effort in collecting.
Hawkeye:        ...Colonel. People like you are...

Ed:             You know... Have you considered quitting your role as this 
                person's subordinate?
Hawkeye:        ...I'm used to it.

Mustang:        Alright, lets go!
                First we collect my notebook!
Don't bother with the chimeras you see in the area. They'll still be there 
after you defeat them. Instead avoid them while you make your way round to 
the back of the building from the right hand side. When you reach the back, 
follow the path leading into the building.

Mustang:        It's in my desk!
Ed:             Why do we have to get back the Colonel's address book?

Mustang:        Do you know how much effort I put into gathering those 
Ed:             Like I said, why us?

Mustang:        Children wouldn't understand the importance.

                Lt. Colonel Martins understands, right?
Martins:        Why is it that it's only at these times you agree with me?

Corniche:       Ummm... First Lieutenant Hawkeye.
                Are all men like this?
                My image of national alchemists and the colonel are 
Hawkeye:        You mustn't use them as a basis.
                They're expceptions after all.
Corniche:       Ha... Thank goodness.

Hawkeye:        First Lieutenant Hawkeye.
                What are you rambling on about?
                Lets hurry!
Make your way to Mustang's office which is to your far left. Be ready for a 

Mustang:        Is my address book safe?!

Ed:             So where is it, Colonel?
                Inside your desk?
Mustang:        Haganeno, good work.
                Now I've managed to protect my important documents.
Ed:             ....

Al:             ....

Corniche:       ....

Mustang:        Wh- What's with those eyes?

Hawkeye:        I more or less wonder if that's the attitude a person at 
                your age should be showing children.
Martins:        ...Haha.
                The colonel's ruined now.
Mustang:        Don't laugh!

Armstrong:      It seems it's not going to end like this.

Hughes:         Hmm?
                Major Armstrong, what do you mean by that...
A chimera jumps out.

Hughes:         Uhyaa!
                ...Well anyway, I leave it to you Ed!
Ed:             You going to hide in the back again?
                ...Guess it can't be helped.
                Lets do it!
After you defeat it.

Ed:             It's over, Lt. Colonel Hughes.

Hughes:         Man...

                I always think this but you guys are pretty annoying.
Mustang:        Now that I've got my notebook back, I can relax for now.

Ed:             Is that all the colonel worries about...

Al:             But who on earth could have sent those chimeras?
                Daimler's dead already as well...
Ed:             It's obvious isn't it?
                That Lincor did.
                When he showed himself, he caught sight of us in the 
                And then, while we were searching in the sewers, he 
                attacked the HQ.
                ...Well, that's how it happened.
Martins:        The colonel... Lincor isn't someone who would plan tricks 
                like that...
Ed:             What are you saying?
                That isn't Colonel Royce.
                He was declared to be dead wasn't he?
Martins:        ....

Al:             Nii-san... Cony's...

Corniche:       What's this about... Colonel Royce?
                Wasn't he Lincor?
                What's this... about?
Ed:             Wait!
                We still don't know if Lincor is Colonel Royce, Cony's 
Al:             Acha... We said we couldn't tell her.

Corniche:       My brother...?
                Is that true?
                So everyone's been keeping it quiet from me?!
Mustang:        Yes.

Ed:             Colonel Mustang!

Mustang:        There's nothing else to hide now that it's come to this.

Corniche:       Nii-san...
                Really is alive.
Mustang:        I don't want you to get the wrong idea.

                I can only say that we won't deny the possibility that 
                Lincor is your brother.
                We haven't verified that it's the same person.
Hawkeye:        Most of the data relating to Colonel Royce isn't revealed 
                and nothing is known about his family.
Hughes:         I had a look in the archives too but all the crucial 
                information as been removed.
                It means that the existence of anyone that is of 
                inconvenience the military is erased.
Ed:             ...Which means?

Hughes:         It means we don't have a clue about Colonel Royce's past.

Hawkeye:        It's unclear that the Colonel Royce we're talking about has 
                any blood relation to Corniche.
Ed:             It means it may just be a coincidence that he has the same 
                surname as her huh.
Jan:            Colonel!
                What are you doing here?!
Mustang:        What am I doing here?
                I came to retrieve my notebook and now I can safely...
Jan:            Get to the training grounds please!
                There's still chimeras there!
Mustang:        There's still ones left?!
                Haganeno, lets go!
Ed:             Colonel, you go on ahead please.

Corniche:       ....

Ed:             Corniche, is your brother someone who would use chimeras to 
                do this sort of thing?
Corniche:       No!
                Nii-san had a favourite saying.
                A national alchemist is here for the public everyday...
Ed:             Then believe in those words.
                What would he do if his young sister doesn't believe her 
Corniche:       ....

                You're right.
                I have to believe in my brother.
Armstrong:      Edward Elric, your words there touched me.
                You've grown up!
Ed:             Ma- Major, you were still here?
                Guhaa! I'm sweltering so stop hugging me!
Al:             Nii-san, we're going on ahead.

Ed:             W- Wait, Al!
                You traitor!!
Head on north past the reception and another chimera attacks.

Hughes:         Hey hey.
                It's good getting into things but watch your head.
Ed:             I was just about to beat it up.

Hughes:         Well, I'll show you what I'm good at for a little while.

                You troublesome people are quite a bother when you fight 
                bosses after all.
Ed:             A- A bother...

Hughes:         I want to give my beloved wife and daughter some 
                souvenirs and have a little chat with them.
                I can tell them.
                "Elithia-chan, Papa done some great things today~"
Ed:             ...Yeah yeah.

Make your way through the door and into the training grounds. You'll find 
the boss at the top.

Ed:             This is the boss?!

Mustang:        I see.
                If we beat this chimera then that's the incident over.
Hughes:         Boasting's great but hurry up and beat it!

Ed:             Then lets go!

After defeating the boss.

Ed:             Lt. Colonel Hughes...
                Are you all right?
Hughes:         Why do I...

                Have to get involved with these things?
Ed:             We've taken care of the boss.
                Now we can relax a little.
Back in the office.

Mustang:        What's this...?

Hughes:         You know just by looking at them. They're documents.

Mustang:        That's why I'm asking why are they with me?

Hawkeye:        If there's no signature from the colonel about all the 
                expenditures required for fixing the damaged buildings and 
                the like then there will be delays.
Mustang         All of these?

Hawkeye:        Of course.
                Please look through all of them.
Hughes:         Well, I have some to go direct some restoration work!

Ed:             Hey, Colonel. What should we do?

Mustang:        You guys can just loiter about somewhere.

Ed:             Loiter somewhere...
                We're not dogs you know.
Mustang:        In any case, you can have some freetime for now.
                On one condition...
Ed:             On one condition?

Mustang:        You are forbidden to act on your own.
                We don't know what Lincor is up to after all.
Ed:             It's all right.
                I'm with Al after all.
Mustang:        ...Just be on guard.

Ed:             I said, we don't have to be!

Mustang:        Haganeno. I'm not saying it to you.
                I'm saying it to Corniche.
Jan:            I- I have no confidence in fighting chimeras.

Hawkeye:        I have to be on guard so that the colonel doesn't escape.

Mustang:        Armstrong...

Ed:             Ge!

Armstrong:      Unfortunately I have to gather information on Lincor.

Ed:             ...Ho.

Mustang:        Then there's only one person that's free.

Martins:        Don't say I'm free!
                ...I guess I have no choice.
                I'll be with the kids and protect them.
Ed:             Don't call me a kid!

Corniche:       I- I can protect myself.

                Anyway, please don't think of me as a kid like Ed is.
Ed:             What's that about Ed?!
                I AM a national alchemist.
Corniche:       But you have the height of a kid, don't you?

Ed:             Quit talking about height!
                Just who's small?!
                Just who's the micro organism?!
                Al, you tell them too.
                Tell them to stop treating us like children.
Al:             Children huh... Has a nice ring to it.

Ed:             Daaaaa!
                What are you so enthralled about?!
Martins:        Well, looking forward to your acquintance children.

Ed:             Like I said, don't call me a kid!

Mustang:        In any case, until we know Lincor's whereabouts,
                Take a good break.
Leave the HQ and head south.

Al:             It's been a while since we could take it easy.
                Nii-san, you tired?
Ed:             Hmmm, kind of.
                Lets take a break for a while.
Al:             Well then, lets rest in the hotel in the south block.

Ed:             We don't have anything to do until we have information in 
                anyway so, lets do that.
So, go into the hotel to get a room. It's 200 Sens for a night but you 
should have enough money. Choose first option to stay.

Martins:        Uhyaaa!
                Having a fluffy bed after so long really is nice!
Ed:             That's because you've been in the military prison for a 
                long time huh.
Corniche:       ...N- Now that you mention it,
                The colonel's been in prison huh?
Martins:        That's right... Wh- What?
                Don't look so scared, Corniche.
Corniche:       Bu- But...
                You've been in prison! A prison you know!
                The place were people who've done bad things go!
Martins:        We- Well... I just have a habit of going against orders so 
                I got in there...
Ed:             Cony, I've been keeping it quiet but,
                The colonel's really a perposterously brutal criminal.
Corniche:       He- He really is one?!

Martins:        What's with the "he really is"!
                Ed, don't give her strange ideas!
Ed:             Roaming about the streets deep at night,
                Then with other bad kids he...
                Then with other bad kids he...
Martins:        What the hell?!
                Corniche, don't believe him.
Corniche:       You're joking... Then what?

Ed:             Of course I'm joking!

Al:             Nii-san, Cony believes in things very easily so you mustn't 
                tell her weird things.
Corniche:       That's meeean!
                Liars are how thieves start off with you know!
                On the other hand, even national alchemists can be thieves!
                Ed's a thief!
Ed:             How did it turn out like this!

Martins:        Hey Ed.

Ed:             Hm?

Martins:        Why did you think of becoming a national alchemist again?

Ed:             That's a bit sudden.
                Hmmm, it's quite a long story...
                It's because there's something I have to accomplish.
Martins:        Something that's worth exchanging in being called a 
                military dog?
Ed:             ...Yeah.

Al:             ...

Martins:        I heard I heard you lost your right arm and left leg in 
Ed:             We touched something that was the most forbidden of all 
                amongst alchemists.
Martins:        Don't tell me...
                Human alchemy huh...
Al:             As a result of that I lost my entire body in the end and 
Corniche:       !!
                ...That's terrible.
Ed:             It's nothing terrible.
                It's something that we ourselves called on.
Corniche:       But, But... It's too terrible.

Al:             Don't cry, Cony.

                Nii-san and I decided we wouldn't look back.
Ed:             No matter what happens, I decided I will return Al's body 
                back to the way it was.
                That's why...
                Even if I get called a military dog...
                I was definitely going to become a national alchemist.
Al:             No.
                Not just my body. Nii-san too.
Ed:             Al... You're right.

Martins:        I was thinking there was a reason for you becoming a 
                national alchemist at that age...
Corniche:       It'll be all right!

Ed:             Eh?

Corniche:       I'm sure you'll be able to return to your original form!

Al:             Ye- Yeah... Thanks.

Corniche:       That's why you mustn't give up.
                You mustn't!
Ed:             I know so don't cry.

Corniche:       O- OK.

Al:             Lt. Colonel Martins, are you regretting that you became a 
                national alchemist?
Martins:        You think so?

Al:             I've been sensing that in you for a while now.

Martin:         ...Maybe.

                If you've been in the uprising of Ishval, you would think 
                like that to.
                Alchemists are there for the public.
                They're the military's dog, human weapons and ironically,
                The public is afraid of them...
Corniche:       It seems it's a bad thing to become a national alchemist.

Martins:        In this world, people more or less think of national 
                alchemists that way.
Corniche:       But!
                The national alchemists in me can become more ideal...
Martins:        Ideals are ideals.
                In reality it's the opposite.
Corniche:       That's how bad adults talk.

Martins:        Bad adults huh...
                But becoming a national alchemist means...
                You must take on the responsibility of all kinds of work 
                and live on.
                It's turned into quite a gloomy conversation somehow.
                So then.
                Lets have something good to eat and have a nice break!
Ed:             Lt. Colonel Martin's treat of course.

Martins:        Idiot!
                It's a dutch treat! A Dutch treat!
Ed:             You're going to get kids to pay?

Martins:        Don't act like kids when it's convenient for you.

Ed:             Ah, I know!
                We can send the bill to the colonel.
Martins:        Oh, that's a good idea!
                Alright, lets have all we want today!
Al:             Man... The colonel might get mad at Nii-san and the Lt. 
                Colonel after this.
Corniche:       He's right!

Martins:        Haaahaha!
                It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter!
Next day.

Martins:        The dinner yesterday was superb~
                Just thinking about it makes me drool...
Corniche:       Come on, Lt. Colonel!

Al:             Nii-san, there might be information in now.

Ed:             Alright, lets get back to the colonel's place for now.

Save opportunity before we're back at the office.

Mustang:        A castle abandoned long ago is here at this point.

                However, for some reason lights come on when it's night 
                time and you can hear strangth cries.
Ed:             Colonel, this time Lincor will be there right?

Mustang:        There's no doubt about it.

Ed:             Alright!
                This time we'll return what we owe him from last time.
                And we'll also get a hold of the Philosopher's Stone!
Mustang:        Philosopher's Stone?

Ed:             Ah, nothing.
                Talking to myself.
Al:             Nii-san, you plan to keep it quiet from the colonel?

Ed:             Because if we tell the colonel we'll get seized by the 
Al:             And we don't know whether the Philosopher's Stone in that 
                black bag or not...
Ed:             Al, you saw Lincor's power too, didn't you?
                That has to be the power of the Philosopher's Stone.
Mustang:        What have you 2 been murmuring about?

Ed:             No- Nothing.
Mustang:        Our opponent is strong.
                If you don't take care, you'll probably lose your life.
                That's where I want to check with your thoughts.
Hawkeye:        If I don't go, who will protect the colonel?

Armstrong:      I shall reveal the artistic alchemy that has been passed on 
                for generations in my family!
Mustang:        Just take off your clothes then.

                Haganeno, I don't have to check with you.
Ed:             Hey!
                Isn't it good manners to check with me too?
Mustang:        Really...
                So, what are you going to do?
Ed:             Heh. Obvious, isn't it?
                I'm going to crush him.
Al:             If it's a place Nii-san's going then I'm going too.

Mustang:        It's decided then.
                Now, the problem is 2 other people.
Martins:        Don't treat people as problems.

Mustang:        You were friends in battle.
                Can you fight with him?
Martins:        ...I told you.
                Colonel Royce "died".
                It's Lincor who is there.
Mustang:        I see.
                Then I have nothing to say.
Corniche:       Me too...
                ...Alchemists are there for the public.
                Right now, I'm only moving on because I believe in my 
                brother's words.
Mustang:        ...Alright, lets go to finish the battle with Lincor!

Leave HQ and I'm sure you know where Castle Olhentinos is.

Ed:             What an old castle...
                It looks as if it's not being used.
Hawkeye:        This is a ruin of the past forgotten by the local people.

Mustang:        I see.
                They've forgotten about the army that existed long ago.
                But, they just settle down in the country's possesions 
                without being grateful.
Ed:             Then lets go pay them a visit at their house!
                It's going to become a dangerous visit, though.
Al:             Cony, you all right?

Corniche:       I- I'm all right...

                Ed's been doing his best and he's a lot smaller than me.
                I will too!
Ed:             !!

Al:             I don't think you should use Nii-san as a basis too much 
Press the button next to the door and go in. Be ready to fight Lust, 

Lust:           Oh?

Ed:             ....?!

Lust:           We meet again, boy of steel.

Ed:             Stop that "boy" way of calling me.

Lust:           Haha... I'll think about it.

Ed:             Now a tough opponent's appeared...
                But you know... Al.
Al:             Nii-san?

Ed:             It feels like we've hit the bingo...
                Places where we meet them means...
Al:             It's related to the Philosopher's Stone!

Ed:             That's right.
                But before that, we have to fight our way through...
Lust:           Since we managed to meet, I'll play a little with you, boy 
                of steel.
Ed:             Grr...

                I told you to stop calling me a boy!!
After you defeat her.

Lust:           Unfortunately, I can't play with you forever.

                See you again, boy of steel.
Martins:        Hey, she's gone.
                Is it OK to leave her?
Ed:             Yeah, it's best not to go after her.
                It'll be dangerous for us.
                Lets go on ahead.
Go back to the button you pressed earlier and go to the area to your right. 
Use the button there then make your way to the next green button to the 
west. Continue through the door you just opened to find the Bald gang 

Bald:           We meet again, brat!

Al:             Bald again?

Ed:             Wh- What are the Bald doing here?
Mustang:        First lieutenant, what's happening?

Hawkeye:        I'm sure Bald is in the prison serving his sentence.

Martins:        Then this must be a fake.

Al:             Could it be one of Cate's dolls?!
                If that's so then the Bald we met on the train must be hers 
Corniche:       Ah, that's the train hijacker Ed and Al rescued me from 
                when I was made a hostage!
Bald:           Stop standing about talking.
                Lets bring it on!
Mustang:        Haganeno, he says bring it on.

Ed:             Colonel, the way you're speaking gives me the feeling that 
                you're saying you have nothing to do with it.
Mustang:        When I know it has nothing to do with me there is no need 
                for me to lend a hand. Besides...
                Unfortunately, he's only asking for you.
                ...Ah, unfortunate indeed.
Armstrong:      But colonel, we must hurry on ahead.

Mustang:        Major, so you're saying if we'll move along quicker if we 
                get this over with quick.
                That is true.
                ...Alright, Haganeno.
                You lend me a hand.
Ed:             Why do I have to lend you a hand!

Bald:           Wh- Why you!
                Ignoring me being here huh!
Al:             Aaaah.
                We made him mad.
Corniche:       Making him too mad might make them attack for real.

Martins:        No no, making the enemy angry can be a plan for luring them 
                It was one of the strategies the Samurais I respect used.
Corniche:       Really?
                I've learned something new.
Bald:           Wh- Why you...
                I'll end this once and for all!
Ed:             Guess I have no choice.
                I'll be your opponent then!
After you defeat the fake Bald.

Al:             It really was a doll.

Ed:             Why that Cate!
                Teasing people like that!
                I'm going to teach her a lesson when I find her!
Al:             Nii-san... What about our original goal in finding Lincor?

Ed:             I'll do that later!
                I'm going to let her know what happens when you make me 
Corniche:       Ed... I don't know who's the bad guys now that you've said 
Ed:             Al, lets go!
                We'll find that Cate!
Al:             Ah, Nii-san!

Corniche:       Somehow it feels like our goal's changed...
                I'm uneasy now...
Make your way up the stairs and follow the path jumping across the gaps. 
You'll soon reach a gap that's too big.

Ed:             Al... What is this...?

Al:             What is this?
                The floor's missing.
                We can't cross like this.
Ed:             Mukiii (Sound of the cross on his head.) Why that Cate!
                How long is she planning to make a fool out of me!
Al:             Well...
                I don't think it's Cate who done it...
Ed:             We didn't come here to solve puzzles!
                I'm not going to take this anymore!
                Al, a Stone 7-6 card!
                We'll shatter these stepping stones in one blast!
Once you've made that Stone 7-6 card.

Ed:             Cate, just you wait~

Follow the path onwards.

Ed:             Why that Cate?
                Where is she?!
Al:             Like I said, we're looking for someone else, Nii-san.

                The one we have to look for is Lincor...
Randy appears.

Randy:          Yo, I've been waiting!
                Full Metal Alchemist!
Ed:             ...Who are you?

Randy:          Not again!

Ed:             We're just teasing you.
                You don't have to be that serious.
Randy:          Full Metal Alchemist.
                This time I will make you bow before me!
Ed:             Oh really.

Corniche:       Ed, I know you're not interested but, it's manners to be 
                his opponent.
                He took all the trouble to come out here.
                Don't you feel sorry for him?
Randy:          Don't have sympathy for me!
                I won't let you get to the boss' place ahead!
Mustang:        I see.
                So, Lincor is up ahead huh?
                I thank you for telling us.
Randy:          I said something I shouldn't have again?!

Ed:             And that Cate is there too right?

Al:             Like I said, Nii-san. We're looking for someone else...

Randy:          I've had enough of your chatter!

                In any case, I won't let you pass!
                I won't let you get to where the boss is!
Mustang:        Why do you back Lincor that much?

Randy:          Humph! Elite alchemists like you wouldn't understand!

                ...The boss saw my alchemy and said it was amazing.
                My alchemy only hardens the muscles.
Ed:             Yeah, and then only hitting people.

Randy:          Shut up!
                I don't need you teasing me!
                Well, you're right though...
                But, he gave me a hint that my alchemy can be used to heal.
Corniche:       If you don't understand the human body well, you can't 
                control the muscles.
                It's something that can pass as healing alchemy...
Randy:          I don't understand things that are hard to understand.
                I just do alchemy according to my feelings all the time.
Ed:             (Is he a genius in a way...?)

Randy:          But the boss said this to me.

                If I understood the mechanisms to my alchemy then I would 
                be able to save the bodies of many weak people.
                That's why even I can become of use to people!
Ed:             ....

Randy:          Ge!
                You guys really don't understand!
                Aaah, this is too much!
                Steel, fire and thunder!
                You guys are fighting me!
Ed:             Wh- Why did it have to turn out that way!

Mustang:        Oh? He's chosen his opponents huh.
                Very well!
Martins:        Yo, wait a minute...
                Why do I have to too...?
Randy:          You're a national alchemist too, right!
                I'll be able to get serious if it's 3 national alchemists 
                I'm up against!
Martins:        Hey, if that's the case then isn't the noble arms Ossan one 
Armstrong:      We're already fighting it out.

Randy:          Oh yeah!
                We friends who exchange punches now!
Martins:        Somehow a weird and wonderful friendship is budding...

Randy:          You guys ready!
                Then lets go!
                Full Metal Alchemist!
                i'm gonna waste you here!
Mustang:        Haganeno, troublesome huh.

                If he wastes you, you'll be even shorter.
Ed:             Don't talk rubbish!

Martins:        Tohoho...
                Why do I have to too...
After defeating Randy.

Randy:          My... My muscles...

Martins:        Thank goodness eh? Ed got through without being wasted.

Ed:             You still saying that!

Armstrong:      ...I don't think he or Lincor are really bad people at 
Mustang:        But we can't let the ones who draw swords against the army 
                just like that...
Ed:             ....

                Well then!
                Now we've defeated the fussy ones, there's only...
                That Cate!
Al:             Isn't it... Lincor?

Ed:             I said Lincor's later, Al.

Al:             ...Ah, someone it feels like we're heading the wrong way 
Mustang:        Don't worry.
                He says that but he knows what he should do.
Corniche:       Colonel Mustang trusts Ed huh.
                I respect you.
Armstrong:      Oooo! This is what you call the kindred soul amongst battle 
                I'm touched!
Mustang:        Co- Cough.
                Anyway, we're moving ahead.
Martins:        What are you blushing about, colonel-san?

Mustang:        Shut up.
                Now lets move on!
Continue on until you reach 2 flights of stairs opposite each other. Go to 
the one on the right first then follow the path east. When you reach 3 
paths heading up, ignore the first 2 and follow the last one up. Find the 
switch at the end use it and return downstairs. Go up the other staircase 
and go through the door you opened to find Cate.

Ed:             When on earth are we going to get to the place where Cate 
Al:             Like I said, Nii-san,
                We're looking for someone else...
Cate:           Did someone call for me?
                Being a popular girl is so haaaard.
                What the.
                It's the Full Metal Alchemist and Yoroi-kun.
                I was hoping it was some cool boys...
                I think nothing of Chibi boys.
Ed:             Chi- Chibi...
                I'm pissed now!
                Ah, hey! Where you going!
Cate:           I told you I think nothing of Chibi boys.
                I'm going back since this is boring.
Al:             Ummm... Aren't you ordered to defeat us by Lincor?

Cate:           Aaah, Onii-san did say that but this is boring.

Ed:             You're fighting me even if it's boring!
                I'm not forgiving you just like that!
Cate:           Not forgiving me...
                What did I do?
Corniche:       Cate, you can't do that.
                The fact is, you've hurt Ed.
Ed:             Cony...
                You understand the wound in my heart?
Corniche:       No matter if Ed is really small or gets called pea-sized...

                You shouldn't say things that he minds!
Ed:             You're saying it yourself, aren't you!

Corniche:       Uh, well... I'm just giving examples... Teehee.

Martins:        Can we end the conversation there?

                The fact is Ed's small and he's mini so it doesn't really 
Ed:             !!

Martins:        If you could, can't you be a good girl and guide us to 
                where Lincor is?
Cate:           Where Onii-chan... is?
                That's something we can't discuss.
                It means you'll hurt Onii-san.
                I won't forgive anything... of that sort.
                Onii-chan was kind to me when I was all alone...
                He always praised the dolls I made...
                Randy's an idiot but when the 3 of us are together it's 
                great fun...
                I won't forgive anyone who will destroy that..
Ed:             ....

Corniche:       Cate...

Cate:           Neehee!
                Or something like that!
                Did I surprise you?
Al:             Huh?

Ed:             What?!

Cate:           Being sad isn't like me is it?

                But what I said there isn't a lie!
                I'm going to beat you!
Ed:             This time I'm going to really send you flying!

Cate:           Just thinking about your height making me think of you as a 
                human weapon.
Ed:             ...I'm definitely going to waste you now!

After defeating Cate.

Cate:           Acchaaa! This is bad.

                ...I'm just going to run for it.
Ed:             Hey you! Don't you run away!

Cate:           Bye bye!

                We'll play again sometime!
Al:             By the way, Nii-san.
                Do you remember what our original goal was?
Ed:             Lincor isn't it?

Al:             Thank goodness.
                I was thinking what we were going to do if you really 
                forgot about Lincor...
Martins:        So, lets get a move on.

                We've gone quite a way so the goal should be near now.
Ed:             It would be great if it was.
                But even if we get to where Lincor is...
Martins:        What's with that face, Ed.
                You're all timid all of a sudden.
Ed:             Wh- Who's timid!
                But you know, it's just that I can't get into fighting this 
                time compared to the last.
Martins:        Well, just go with the flow...

Al:             ...Nii-san.
                If the Philosopher's Stone if in Lincor's hands then...
Ed:             ...You're right.

Mustang:        A secret conversation between the 2 brothers?
                Doesn't sound good.
Ed:             Don't worry about it.
                It's just a strategy conference.
Armstrong:      Edward Elric!
                You must have me in that strategy conference too by all 
Ed:             Woah!
                It's OK, Major.
Armstrong:      What a thing to say!
                You don't trust me...
                I'm so sad!
Al:             No... It's not that we don't trust you.

Mustang:        No matter. It's going to be a tought battle with Lincor.

                The problem is...
Hawkeye:        Which side Lt. Colonel Martins will be on?

Mustang:        First Lieutenant Hawkeye,
                You don't have to be so clear about it.
Hawkeye:        You were the one who asked me to surveil the Lt. Colonel.

                That meant you wanted me to watch him didn't you?
Mustang:        But I would also like to believe in his words that Colonel 
                Royce "died".
                If I can, I'd like to believe them until the very last 
Hawkeye:        ...You do.

Corniche:       What's going on?!
                Ed and Colonel Mustang are both talking amongst 
                I think you are not allowed to keep secrets from friends!
Mustang:        Ah, yeah... You're right.
                Be careful.
Ed:             Ye- Yeah... I know.

Corniche:       Then it's OK.
                Well then, lets move on!
Continue up the stairs and go south. Martins will hear some strange sound.

Martins:        ...Stop.
                Can't you hear some strange sound?
Ed:             Sound?
                I didn't hear any sound.
Armstrong:      There might be some trap ahead.

Martins:        I'll go have a look.

Something comes rolling behind them.

Al:             Ni- Nii-san...

Ed:             What is it, Al...
                Lt. Colonel Martins is...
Corniche:       Al~! Don't let go!

Al:             I... I can't hold on...
                Nii-san... I'm calling you, Nii-san...
Ed:             What are you two doing...

                What the~~?!
                Don't let go, Al!
                Co- Colonel!
Mustang:        What are you all panicking about?
                You won't think of any good ideas just by panicking...
                Why didn't you say so earlier?!
Al:             I- I'm at my limits!

Martins:        What are you guys doing!
                Hurry up and come over here!
Avoiding the trap.

Ed:             That was dangerous...

Martins:        It was.
                You guys are national alchemists right?
Ed:             ...Yeah.


Ed:             ...? Now what?!

Ground disappears.

Ed:             No way!!

In the dark.

Ed:             Ow ow ow.
                Hey, everyone here?
Al:             Nii-san, where did my right arm fall off to?

Ed:             You're such a bother.
                Right arm, right arm...
Corniche:       Kyaa!
                You pervert!!
Ed:             Ow ow ow...

Corniche:       Just because you think it's dark and I can't see doesn't 
                mean you can feel my tushy!
Ed:             It was an accident, an accident.
                Who would want to feel a kid's butt anyway?
                Ow ow ow...
Armstrong:      Edward Elric, I understand that you're at that age when you 
                have an interest in females but...
                You MUSTN'T do that sort of thing!
Ed:             Like I said, it's a misunderstanding!
                An accident!
                Colonel, some light!
                Make some light!
Mustang:        Lt. Colonel Martins.
                Can you explain this?
Martins:        Whaa?
                Explain what?
Mustang:        The reason why we're here.

                You were the one who said you heard a noise and told us to 
                stop in that place.
                Then we get attacked by a steel ball.
                Now under your directions we run away and end up in this 
                The timings all a bit too good.
Martins:        What do you want to say?

Mustang:        I'll cut to the chase.
                I'm suspecting you of being a friend of Lincor.
Martins:        All the time you said you trusted me...

                You've been looking at me that way?
                This is why I don't believe what the military says...
Mustang:        Lt. Colonel, you're also a member of the military.
                That utterance... will be a problem.
                Are you planning to walk the same path your war friend 
Martins:        Humph... That might be good too.

Ed:             Lt. Colonel Martins!
                Do you know what you're saying?!
Martins:        Ed... I'm sorry.
                But I've... had enough of this!
                I'll tell you everything!
                Everything you want to know!
                That's right! I was the one who let Colonel Royce get away!
Mustang:        ...So it was true.

Martins:        The uprising...
                The uprising in Ishval changed everything.
                Colonel Royce was suffering thinking that alchemists were 
                just weapons.
                He started to get away from his ideals of researching 
                healing alchemy.
                The higher ups in the military had just been ignoring 
                him. They just...
                They just put out some stupid rumours and were scheming to 
                take away the colonel's qualifications!
                ...Is it OK to forgive such a thing?
Mustang:        That's why you pretended he died in war and let him get 
Martins:        But I couldn't just watch that person suffer!

Mustang:        ...Maybe it's true that no one could have kept thinking 
                straight under those circumstances...
Armstrong:      ....

Mustang:        But, isn't running away saying he has hatred for his 
                qualifications being taken away?
Martins:        He's not that kind of person!
                He's a friend who I talked about his ideals with me!
                He is someone who's been seeking the ideals of alchemists 
                being there for the public.
Mustang:        But look at the results!
                He's going under the name of Lincor and he's attempting to 
                throw the country into chaos.
                What you've done is causing the public to suffer!
Ed:             ...Colonel, that's enough.
                It won't help persecuting Lt. Colonel Martins...
Martins:        Colonel Royce "died".
                And so, I'm sure I gave him some peaceful days without any 
                Even so...
                He came back here.
                Why did he come back?!
Mustang:        Where are you going?

Martins:        I'll determine myself whether what I done was wrong or not.

Mustang:        Determine... you say?

Martins:        If what I done that day was wrong then...

                I alone will...
                I alone will defeat Lincor.
                Mustang, it's up to you whether you believe that or not.
                But, I'll tell you this.
                I will not betray my friends!
Ed:             Colonel Mustang!
                Is it OK if we let him go alone?!
Mustang:        ...Haganeno.
                After Lt. Colonel Martins!
Go up to the wall and Ed will say you'll need a Nature 6-4 card to make 
some footholds. Once you've done that and you've caught up with Martins.

Ed:             Lt. Colonel Martins!

Martins:        Ed... What do you want?

Ed:             ...Man.
                Treating people like children.
                Just who's the kid now?
                You don't think you can defeat Lincor alone do you?
                And it can't be helped that Colonel Mustang was suspicious 
                of his friends right?
Mustang:        ...That's right.
                I didn't think that I would be understood by someone 
                younger than me.
                ...Lt. Colonel Martins.
                I'm sorry for being suspicious of you.
Martins:        No... It's the truth that I was hiding something.
                It couldn't be helped that you were suspicious of me.
Armstrong:      You bring rainfall to dry grounds!
                I'm touched!
                Edward Elric.
                I really am charmed!
Ed:             Major, it doesn't really matter!
                Daaaa~! Get away from me~!
                Al, help me~
Al:             Nii-san, you do some good things sometimes so why don't you 
                get a good hug?
Ed:             Gyaaa!

Follow the path west and go up the stairs.

Ed:             After this point, we won't be able to go back.

                Shall we go on?
Answer yes or no. Answer yes to reach Lincor if you're ready. There will be 
3 boss battles.

Lincor:         There was quite a noisy presence in my castle.

Ed:             Lincor!
                So the boss finally makes an appearance huh!
                Listen, I'm going to pay back what I owe you!
Lincor:         I look forward to it.
                But... Can you do it?
Ed:             That's!
                The Philosopher's Stone huh.
Mustang:        What did you say?!
                You're saying that he stole the Philosopher's Stone from 
Lincor:         The Philosopher's Stone...
                ...What do you want such power for?
Ed:             So that we can return to my original body.

Al:             That's why we want you to hand over the Philosopher's 
Lincor:         I see. A mechanical armour huh.
                That's why you're called the Full Metal Alchemist.
                But do you know that to return your body back to normal 
                means to use the prohibited human alchemy.
Ed:             Unfortunately, since I have this body, I know about human 
                alchemy well.
                Even if I don't tell you that you know I do.
Lincor:         Since you have that body?
                ...It can't be.
Ed:             So you've noticed huh.
                That's right!
Lincor:         I see!
                You've stained your hands in human alchemy and you've lost 
                your arm and leg!
Al:             Yes...
                We were trying to resurrect our mother...
Ed:             Now that you understand, had over the Philosopher's Stone!

                Then we can forget about what's happened up til now.
Mustang:        Fool... Saying all that before me.

Hawkeye:        So it's OK if you weren't here?

Mustang:        If that was the case then it woldn't become a problem of my 
Hawkeye:        ....

Lincor:         Hmm... It's a pity, Edward Elric.

Al:             That's the Philosopher's Stone?

Ed:             No, it isn't!

Lincor:         It's a pity this isn't the Philosopher's Stone...

                Just as I thought, this world is better off without 
                national alchemists.
                You are always putting your own interests before the 
                What I have is also the product of a pathetic alchemist's 
Armstrong:      Hmmm!
                So Daimler really did!
Lincor:         ...You're wrong.
                That guy couldn't have passed as a dark tradesman by making 
                a living out of alchemy...
                The man who made this is another pathetic person who 
                belongs to the military!
                Someone who has the same ambitions as you!
Mustang:        What?!

Lincor:         Heh... National alchemists!
                You can all be engulfed by those ambitions and be 
Ed:             ...He thinks too much of himself.

Lincor:         I think too much of myself?

                Alchemists are there for the public.
                Where do you bastards have such an ideal!
                You are the ones who lost that ideal and me!
                Just who are the ones that are wrong?!
Martins:        That's why!
                That's why Lincor, I mean Colonel Royce.
                We're changing the military.
Lincor          Martins huh...
                I'm sure we talked about the ideals together.
                But in the end, nothing changed!
Martins:        It's a lie that ideals cause you to suffer so much because 
                of reality...
                Colonel, what you are doing isn't changing the army.
                This way of doing things...
                It's the public that suffers in the end...
Lincor:         I see...
                You can't come to understand after all!
                Then it can't be helped!
                You bastards can be annihilated too!
Mustang:        Wh- What on earth...?!
                It's a... Chimera...?
Ed:             We've been chasing after this monster thinking it's the 
                Philosopher's Stone!
Martins:        Here it comes!

Ed:             So then, how do we beat a monster like that, colonel?

Mustang:        You leave things to me when things get troublesome, huh.

Ed:             It's the colonel's job, isn't it?

Martins:        Ed, Mustang...
                Leave this to me.
Ed:             You mean you have a plan?

Martins:        Of course. I'm the man called the Alchemist of Thunder 
                after all.
                Of course I'll have a plan.
                First, we'll weaken it!
After you defeat the huge chimera.

Martins:        Now it can't move for a while.

                Corniche, are you all right?
Corniche:       ...I- I'm all right.

Martins:        I see... Then get up with your own legs.
                If you're aiming to be a national alchemist.
Corniche:       Ye- Yes sir!

Martins:        ...That's a good answer, Corniche!
                ...I mean Cony.
Corniche:       ...Yes?

Martins:        You have some good qualities you know.
                That's why...
                Alchemists are there for the public.
                Don't forget this!
Corniche:       Ye- Yes sir!

Martins:        Good girl.
                You mustn't take the wrong path.
                ...Like your brother.
Corniche:       Eh? Eeeh?
                My brother...?
Martins:        Ed...

Ed:             Eh?

Martins:        Don't let Lincor... Don't let Colonel Royce walk on the 
                wrong path anymore.
Ed:             What's this about?

Martins:        I'm sure you can do it...

                It seems my lover's waken up!
Mustang:        Idiot!
                What are you planning to do on your own!
                Haganeno, stop him!
Ed:             N- No way...!!

Mustang:        ....

Corniche:       Lt. Colonel...

Mustang:        I suspected you...
                I hope you didn't keep that in your heart until the very 
                If you sacrificed yourself because of that reason then...
                Martins, you are a fool.
Lincor:         In the end, Martins was just an outcast who couldn't come 
                to understand my ideals huh...
                Those who have no ideals and those who don't have the power 
                to realize their ideals are destined to be annihilated...
                ...This is the end of the road for those foolish ones.
Ed:             ...What did you say?

Lincor:         Hmm?

Ed:             I heard what you said...

                Who's the foolish one?!
                It's true that Lt. Colonel Martins only talked about 
                foolish things but...
                But, Lincor!
                I won't let you call him a fool!
Lincor:         Hmph... Pity.
                That attack there should have killed me.
                Edward Elric, you're going to regret it afterwards.
Ed:             Lt. Colonel Martins...
                I may not...
                Be able to keep the promise...
                I'm sorry I might not be able to stop him...
Mustang:        Revenge isn't my interest.

                Even if that idiot is gone, things won't turn bad.
Armstrong:      You should know that from the start!
                I will send in my fists for the death of Lt. Colonel 
Al:             Wait, Nii-san!
                Something's... wrong with Cony.
Corniche:       ...Why?

Al:             Cony... You're crying...?

Corniche:       Why does Lincor...
                Why does Lincor have this photo...?
                This photo's the only bond between my brother and I...
                Why does Lincor have it...?
                ...Explain it to me please.
                Are you...
                Really my brother?
Lincor:         Brother... you say?

                Who... are you...
Corniche:       If you're Nii-san then why?
                This is completely different to what you said to me!
                Nii-san was always kind and gentle to everyone...
                When I get picked on, he would come running.
                He told me that healing alchemy was the power to save 
                people who are hurt...
                Alchemists are there for the public.
                Was that...
                All a lie?!
Lincor:         ...Wh- Who are you?
                Why are you making me suffer?!
                Why are you causing confusion in my head!
Corniche:       Who am I...?
                Have you forgotten who I am?
                ...You're lying.
                I see... Everything's a lie.
                Everyone's been fooling around with me.
                Then everyone can make a joke out it afterwards?
                ...That's so mean.
Ed:             ...Cony, you're wrong.

Corniche:       Ed... Or even Al...
                Could have just told me that they found my brother.
                When I told you about my brother,
                Everyone's been secretly looking for him huh?
                And then you done this to surprise me.
                ...Because I'm a kid.
                And even Nii-san was part of it.
                You didn't have to do that much...
                ...Now it looks like I'm the only idiot here.
Ed:             Listen to me!

Corniche:       ....

Ed:             Cony, have a look at the reality!
                Don't look away!
Corniche:       ...No.
                I don't want to look at such a reality!
                Nii-san... The Nii-san inside me isn't like this!
Lincor:         You military dogs...
                You're making me suffer...
Corniche:       Nii-san...Why are you looking at me like that...
                Look at me happily like you did long ago.
                ...Lies, lies, lies.
                Someone tell me it's all lies!!
Lincor:         Ku... The pain...
                I will have the power to remove it!
Lincor:         Gyaa!

Ed:             Al, how's Cony?!

Al:             She's all right!
                She just lost conciousness.
                If she's inside me, she'll be safe.
Mustang:        Even if she didn't lost conciousness,
                She couldn't have fought with us in the condition she was 
Armstrong:      Making a young girl fight. I will not keep quiet about 

Ed:             Then we'll be the ones to finish this, Colonel!

Organise your party and be ready to fight Lincor twice.

Lincor:         Guargh...

Ed:             It's stopped...?

Mustang:        ...It appears like magic.

                Haganeno, can you believe what's occuring before you eyes?
Ed:             I don't believe it but,
                Since I see it right before me there's no way I can't.
Al:             But it's impossible for him to have such alchemy when he 
                doesn't have the Philosopher's Stone, Nii-san!
Ed:             Then how...?

Al:             Th- There's no use asking me...
                I wouldn't understand it when even you don't.

Ed:             Alchemy isn't magic or a miracle.
                Everything has a equal price to exchange.
                No matter how you stuggle, you can't overturn that 
                In other words...
                He's already exchanged something for it.
Mustang:        ...That can't be.
                What is there to exchange for such alchemy...
Ed:             That reaction Lincor had there was strange wasn't it?

Mustang:        Lincor's...
                You mean when he was facing Corniche?
Ed:             No matter how long you've been away, you wouldn't 
                completely forget about your own sister would you?
                At first, I thought he was acting because he didn't want to 
                proof his past but...
Mustang:        What is it you want to say?
                ...It can't be.
Ed:             That's it.
                Lincor's used his precious memory that he wanted to keep 
                the most...
                No, he used the most important part of himself.
                The existence of his own soul!
Mustang:        To obtain the power to protect the people, he lost memories 
                of his beloved sister in exhange huh.
Ed:             And even now, he continues to lose what's precious to him 
                as he uses that power...
Hawkeye:        ...How ironic.
                Losing the most important thing in exchange to obtain the 
                power to protect.
Al:             ...He seems like us.
                We used a great power, human alchemy in order to retrieve 
                our mother...
Ed:             Al, don't say that!

                It's true that we were wrong.
                Both sides have lost something important.
                Don't put us together with Lincor!
Lincor:         Gu... Gu...

                Ku... Hahaha... It's no different.
                If you're an alchemist, you should understand.
                You can't deny the possibilities before you.
                Even if it's prohibited, what happens if it's the only 
                possibility of granting your wishes?
                You would stain your hands without hesitating.
                Edward Elric, just the same as you!
Ed:             ...You're wrong!

Lincor:         I'm not wrong!

Ed:             I'm saying you're wrong!

Lincor:         No matter how much you deny it...

                You bastards are just military dogs in the end!
Ed:             You're getting on my nerves!

                Quit talking and come on!
Al:             Nii-san...

                Do you have a plan or something since you're provoking him 
                like that?!
Ed:             How can I have something like that!

Mustang:        Oh? Burning with determination without a plan huh.

Ed:             If I don't bluff then...

                You guys wouldn't get into fighting this guy.
Mustang:        I agree on that.

Lincor:         Even though you're known as national alchemists, this is 
                all you got?
                And you're going to prevent me from my ideals like that...
Ed:             What ideal?!

                Lincor! What ideal do you have!
Lincor:         Alchemists are there for the public!

                To you national alchemist military dogs...
                You wouldn't have such an ideal.
                I realised that in Ishval!
Ed:             Quit talking rubbish!

                Lincor! Just which part of what you're doing...
                Is for the public!
Lincor:         ...Just as I thought.
                You don't understand.
Ed:             I won't want to understand.

                I'm going to make that moving mouth of yours shut up!
After defeating Lincor once.

Lincor:         Th- This can't be possible.

                Now that it's come to this...
                ...How dare you you.
                Looks like I must make use of all of my power.
Ed:             Stop bluffing.
                It's impossible for the living human to use alchemy any 
                greater than this.
                Even alchemists doesn't make a human different.
Mustang:        You've come to the end of your plans.
                It's meaningless to resist anymore.
Lincor:         ...It's true.
                It's true that it maybe impossible for anything greater 
                than this for a living human.
Ed:             What is he going to do?!
                What can he exchange for something greater than this...
Lincor:         For the sake of realizing my ideals, it is of no regret of 
                what happens to my body.
                This is where I'm different from you military dogs!
Al:             Nii-san!
                If he uses anymore alchemy greater than this...
Ed:             Yeah. He will completely lose his soul.
                What's left would be... his shell.
After a short scene.

Ed:             ...It's over.
                I didn't think he would destroy himself...
Corniche:       Ed... Where's my brother...

Ed:             I'm sorry.
                It's just that everything is over now.
Corniche:       ...I see.

Lincor:         Over you say?
                Don't choose to end it whenver you like!
Ed:             It can't be!

Lincor:         You can see with your own eyes what breakthroughs in 
                alchemy I have reached!
Mustang:        ...Alchemy fusion.
                And he's fused himself with this castle.
Ed:             What a monster!
                Lets run for now, Al!
Al:             Nii-san, where can we run to?!

Ed:             What do you mean where...
                We can't fight in this place!
Lincor:         Do you think I'll let you run?
                This castle is part of my body now.
                Do you think you can run from inside my body!
Corniche:       Seraphy Nii-san...
                Is alchemy for hurting people?
                What was the alchemy that you told me about?
                ...Please tell me.
                There are times when you hurt people.
                But, without that power, you can't protect anyone.
Al:             ...Lincor said Nii-san and I were the same...

                I was thinking that at the start but...
                It's different.
                Even now, we're searching for the Philosopher's Stone...
Lincor:         So how are you and I different?

                You're getting hold of the Philosopher's Stone, using the 
                forbidden human alchemy to resurrect your mother...
Al:             I'd like you to not misunderstand.
                Neither Nii-san or I are thinking about that.
Ed:             Yeah. We know that it was a wrong to resurrect our mother.

Lincor:         Haha...
                You're different because you're reflecting on what you've 
                Isn't that just because you weren't prepared enough?
Ed:             Al and I were both prepared.

                In case we can't make these bodies return to normal...
                No, we don't know whether we can make them normal again.
                Even if we can't make them turn back...
                As the ones who stained their hands in human alchemy and 
                going against the principles of this world...
                We must carry it through the rest of our lives.
Al:             We...

Ed:             We...
                We were prepared to walk such a road!
Al:             That's why we understand.

                ...That you can't make things you've lost return...
                That an alchemist can grant anything you wish but it's not 
Ed:             What is all that power you possess for when you lose that 
                thing you have to protect?
                What meaning is there to alchemy?!
Lincor:         We'll put an end to that grand speech of yours, shall we?

                There are times when you must sacrifice to realize your 
                You, Full Metal Alchemist and the others are just stupid 
Mustang:        Kids...
                It's because they are kids that they can make sound 
                They can see what you, Colonel Royce have lost sight of.
Lincor:         Such nonsense!

Corniche:       "There are times when sacrifices are necessary."
                I didn't want to hear those words from you.
                It has nothing to do with whether you're a kid or adult...
                I don't want to hurt those that are important to me 
                I don't want to lose them...
Martins:        "...Then get up with your own legs.
                 If you aiming to be a national alchemist."
Corniche:       ...Yes.
                Alchemists are there for the sake of the public.
                I will keep those words in my heart and this time I will 
                walk with my own legs.
                I won't follow after my brother,
                I will walk the path I myself believe in...
Martins:        .....

Lincor:         What are you rambling on about.

Ed:             Run, Cony!

Corniche:       I... won't run.
                I plan to be a national alchemist.
                That's why I...
                Will use the alchemy to protect...
                Ed, Al and everyone!
Organise your party and prepare to fight the new Lincor.

Lincor:         You military dogs!
                I will annihilate all of you without leaving any alive!
Corniche:       ...Seraphy Nii-san,
                Can't you turn back now?
Lincor:         You military dog,
                You saying I should regret this?!
Corniche:       Military... dog?
                You're calling me one too... It's so sad.
Lincor:         Hmph.
                Gathering yourselves so that you can interfere with my 
Ed:             We don't really care about your ideals!
                We have 3 reasons not to forgive you.
                You called Lt. Colonel Martins a fool before his death even 
                though he believed in you is number one!
                Another is that you said we brothers are the same as you!
                And the last is...
                You only have one sister and yet...
                You make Cony cry so much!
Al:             Cony, are you all right?

Corniche:       Yes, I won't hesitate anymore.

Martins:        "Alchemists are there for the public."

Corniche:       Alchemists are there for the public.

After you beat Lincor.

Lincor:         ...It can't be.
                I lost?
Ed:             I told you.
                Alchemy isn't magic or anything.
                It is not an unlimited source of power.
                Overdone alchemy will definitely backfire on you.
Ed:             ...Equal exchange.
                No matter how excellent the alchemist is, he can't surpass 
                such a principle.
                Not to mention, if you lose one thing after the other.
                You won't have anything left to pay with.
Corniche:       Seraphy Nii-san...
                Where did Nii-san and I go wrong?
                When we were small we were both at the same starting 
                point... This is too sad.
Lincor:         Not only do I lose...
                I get lectured...
                By children.
Mustang:        It's because they are children that they can see things.
                I'm sure I told you that...
                Colonel Royce, while you were walking a different path 
                different from the military...
                You turned out to be the grown up man of the the military 
                in the end.
                ....But neither I or other people will laugh.
Lincor:         Was my ideals... wrong?
                I don't agree... I don't agree...
                How can I?!
Big flash.

Corniche:       Seraphy Nii-san!!

Lincor:         ...Mama ...Mama.
                I will make a peaceful world...
                And show it to mama.
                A world where no one will cry...
                Where everyone can become happy.
                I will study alchemy...
                I will become a national alchemist...
                Will you praise me then, mama?
Corniche:       ...Yes.
                Mama will praise you a lot.
Lincor:         That's... great...

Corniche:       Seraphy Nii-san!!
                Don't leave me here.
                Lets live together again.
                Come on, mama's waiting.
                Lets go back home.
                Wake up!
                Seraphy Nii-san...
Al:             There was still some Lincor left.

Ed:             Yeah. Memories of this starting point of the young days 
                when he drew up his ideals...
Mustang:        ...It's finally over.

Ed:             Somehow the endings not good.
Mustang:        It is the result of both sides becoming military dogs...

Ed:             Even though he he calls us brothers military dogs...

Mustang:        There are things you have to accomplish huh.
                Haganeno, don't you stray the wrong path.
                I don't want to go after you.
Ed:             I don't want to fight you either.

Mustang:        Then we will both take care.

Hawkeye:        Colonel... Did we, the military have the rights to judge 
                Lincor for his crimes?
Mustang:        Us?
                It was not us who judged him...
                It was the brothers over there.
                Carrying the crucifix, they will continue on their journey.
                Yes... The crucifix on their backs carries all sorts of 
Hawkeye:        For children of that age, it's too heavy a crucifix for 
                them to carry huh.
Mustang:        That is what they themselves chose...
                No one can do it for them.
                But, I don't think there is any need to worry about those 
                Even if there will be times when they hesitate or confused, 
                they won't just stand still.
Hawkeye:        You believe in those brothers an awful lot.

Mustang:        Maybe I'm overestimating a little too much?

Al:             Nii-san... Will Cony be all right?

Ed:             Lets leave her in peace for now.
                She will begin walking her own path sometime.
                Cony's strong.
                And as her friends we know that well, don't we?
Al:             ...You're right.

Ed:             And we are too.
                We won't just stand still!
After saving, we're back at Central HQ.

Ed:             Ah...!
                And we were so eager to get the Philosopher's Stone too~
Al:             Wasn't it just you thinking too much?

Ed:             But you know, under those circumstances, anyone would think 
Armstrong:      Elric brothers, what's with the gloomy faces?

Ed:             No, nothing...

Armstrong:      Is it about Lt. Colonel Martin?
                He'll be depressed too if you're like that all the time!
                It's at these sort of times we must be cheerful with colour 
                like this...
Ed:             Woah!
                Just take off your clothes then!
Armstrong:      I see.

                I'm not telling you to forget about the Lt. Colonel's 
                death. But, I'm sure he doesn't wish for you to dwell in 
                tearful things.
Bradley:        Ah, good good.
                You don't have to be that serious.
                I've read the reports and it seems you've safely resolved 
                the case.
Ed:             ...Yes sir.

Bradley:        Full Metal Alchemist-kun, you look sad.

Ed:             Lincor didn't have a good ending after all...

Bradley:        That is unnecessary.
                We are dealing with the plague of chimeras that have been 
                occuring this time.
Ed:             Eh?

Bradley:        The alchemist of tuning, Colonel Seraphy Royce died in 
                He is of no concern with this case.
Ed:             That's ridiculous!

Bradley:        Any inquiries outside of this case is unnecessary.
                I will not permit any disclosure of it either.
                Or does the young lady want to be part of the rebellious 
                If you do, then you will lose your qualification to take 
                the national alchemist exam.
Ed:             ...Cony.

Corniche:       ...Ed, it's OK.
                Don't worry about me.
                Being a national alchemist doesn't really...
Ed:             ...Are you OK with that?
                Are you going to give up that easily?
Corniche:       But... I...

Ed:             If were half prepared to give up, you shouldn't have aimed 
                to be a national alchemist at the start!
Corniche:       ...I want to be one.

                I want to be one!
                I want to be a national alchemist!
Ed:             Then it's decided.

Bradley:        ...It's fine then?
                Edward Elric, it's not that I don't understand your 
Ed:             I understand.
                Then you will agree to let Cony re-take the exam.
Bradley:        A promise is a promise.
                Lets go to the re-examination right away.
Armstrong:      Lady Corniche, we have been friends who have gone through 
                many problems but I will not go easy on you.
Corniche:       ...Yes sir!
                Of course sir!
Bradley:        No no, I have prepared a different opponent for the exam.
                The opponent is looking forward to this.
Armstrong:      Re- Really?

Bradley:        Well, that is all.

Ed:             Someone else... Who?
                Well, we'll know who when we get there.
Corniche:       You're right.

Everyone's left leaving Mustang and Hawkeye.

Mustang:        Heheh...

Hawkeye:        You look satisfied.

Mustang:        I have got hold of a another private who doesn't want to 
                join the military after all.
                It will allow me to use it as material I have brought back 
                to Central.
                Now my target for the general's place too will be...
Hawkeye:        ...Evil aren't we.

Mustang:        In that case, are you going to go under someone else?

Hawkeye:        It's too late now.
                I will follow you wherever you go.
Mustang:        Hmph.

Outside in the courtyard.

Al:             You nervous?

Corniche:       A little...

Al:             It's all right, Cony.
                With your abilities there's no doubt it's a pass.
Corniche:       Ye- Yeah.

Al:             If you're that nervous, you won't be able to even use half 
                of your abilities.
                Nii-san and I will be standing here so don't worry!
Corniche:       Auuuuuuuu...
                Now that I think it's the actual thing, I really am 
Ed:             Where did the colonel and the others go?

Al:             They said they had some stuff to take care of after the 
                mission so they can't come.
Ed:             At an important time like this.

Corniche:       It's their job.
                It can't be helped...
Hughes:         Yo!

Ed:             Huh?
                Lt. Colonel Hughes is going to be the examinee opponent?
                It's not something I would do and it's going to be someone 
                who'll be a surprise.
                Since I have a family, I can't follow the order anyway.
Ed:             Then... who is it?

Cate:           Aaah, it's the Full Metal Alchemist!
                Yoroi-kun's here too!
Ed:             Wh- What is she doing here?!

Al:             Lt. Colonel Hughes, do you know she was a friend of Lincor?

Hughes:         Well, the situation's this.
                Under the conditions placed down by the military, she will 
                be staying here.
Ed:             ...The military needs to snap out of it.

Hughes:         Please just say they're flexible.

Ed:             Anyway, she's going to be a burden to the military.

Cate:           Don't call me like that, you Chibi boy!

Ed:             Chibi boy you say?!
                YOU'RE the one who's a Chibi!
Al:             Nii-san, calm down...

Cate:           Lt. Colonel, I fight this thing!
                Someone else can fight Cony...
Hughes:         Ah, wait wait.
                No one said she'll be her opponent.
Ed:             ...Eh?

Cate:           Man, you really don't think do you?
                I'll show you something good!
Ed:             The imposter from last time!
                What are you scheming this time?
Cate:           You have some bad respect!
                I was asked to so I took the trouble of fixing it!
                If that's what you're going to say, maybe I'll just go 
Hughes:         Wait!
                If you go home, there'll be no exam.
Al:             Ummm... Lt. Colonel Hughes.
                Could this doll be her opponent?
Hughes:         Good answer!

Al:             I've thought this before too but, they really do look alike 
Cate:           Eheh!

Ed:             Hey, Al!
                I'm not THIS small!
After some comparison.

Al:             They're the same...

Ed:             Daaaaa!
                Take a good look again!
                I'm not this small!
                Hey, Cate! You little brat!
                You made it this small on purpose to piss me off didn't 
Cate:           It's a genuine 1:1 scale!
                How rude!
Al:             But I wonder if it's all right.
                If even its abilities is the same as Nii-san then...
Corniche        I- I'll be all right...
Hughes:         Then lets get started!

                I promised my daughter I would return home early today.
                Look, Ed.
                My daughter's become so cute hasn't she?
                ...But she can't be your bride.
Ed:             I know I know.
                Just start the exam already.
                ...You nervous?
Corniche:       ...Ye- Yeah.

Ed:             Well, if you're gonna fall here then you never did have 
                good qualities. Give it up.
Al:             Nii-san! Of all things, you didn't have to say that before 
                the exam!
                Cony, don't mind Nii-san's words!
Corniche:       ...I WILL win!
                I won't let it end with Ed making a fool of me!
                I've been working hard until this day to become a national 
                ...Lets go!
Cate:           Chibi boy doll,
                Go beat that girl!
Ed:             Hey!
                Don't give my doll a weird nickname!
Cate:           Oh, you heard that?
                Oh well, who cares.
Hughes:         Well then, time to start.
Cate:           Huaaagh... I'm so sleepy.

                Just beat her quick.
Corniche:       I won't lose!

                If Ed can do it, so can I!
Ed:             Cony really has to be like that huh.

Al:             Huh?
                ...Then you were...
Ed:             Maybe.

                I wasn't planning to give her a hand.
Al:             You wish you would be honest in supporting her.

                Just what Nii-san is like.
After you defeat the doll.

Cate:           ....

                No waaaay!
                Where are you going?!
Hughes:         H- Hey!
                Where are YOU going?!
Bradley:        ...That was a splendid battle!
                I saw it with my own eyes.
Al:             Nii-san... Since when was the general watching?

Ed:             He just appears out of nowhere as usual.

Bradley:        Did you say something?

Ed:             N- No.
                It's nothing!
Bradley:        Corniche Royce, you will formally be accepted as a 
                national alchemist as of today.
Corniche:       Th- Thank you!

Bradley:        By the way, a national alchemist given 2 names...

Corniche:       General, if I maybe permitted to do so...

Bradley:        ...Ah, wait there.

                Corniche Royce, you will go by the name of the alchemist of 
Corniche:       ...Eh?!

Bradley:        Do you disapprove of this name?

Corniche:       No- Not at all!
                Thank you! I will go by that name.
Bradley:        You will succeed the name of your deceased brother and 
                will put in effort for the nation and the public.
Corniche:       Yes sir!

Bradley:        Well, excuse me.

Ed:             The general does some stylish things huh.

Al:             Cony, this is great!

Corniche:       Yeah!
                This is all thanks to you two too.
Al:             What are you talking about!
                It's because you done your best!
                Right, Nii-san!
Ed:             You're right.

Corniche:       That's right huh! My abilities!

Ed:             ....

Al:             ....

All 3:          Ahahahahaha...

Central City,  Southern Block. In front of the station.

Ed:             You won't forget will you?

Corniche:       What's that about?
                Don't treat people like a child please.
Ed:             But you are still a child...
                ...Are you really going back home?
Corniche:       Aaah, what's that about?
                Will you miss me?
Ed:             Ba- Baka!
                No one said that!
Corniche:       But your eyes are red.

Ed:             Liar!
                There's no way I would cry.
Al:             Nii-san really isn't being honest.

                As for me, I wanted to be with Cony a little longer.
Corniche:       Thanks, Al.
                But, I have to return Nii-san...
                Back to where my mama is.
Al:             That's right huh.

Corniche:       ...Thanks, you two.

Ed:             Wh- What's with that, changing so suddenly.
                I feels weird.
Corniche:       If I didn't meet you two then I'm sure I would have given 
                up being a national alchemist along the way somewhere.
                That's why it's a bit late but I wanted to give my thanks.
Ed:             I- I didn't really do anything.

Al:             That's right.
                It wasn't our help that did it. It was your abilities.
Corniche:       ...Yeah.
                But even now I'm just standing at the starting line...
                But I'll catch up with Ed!
Ed:             Hey now, you're 100 years too early to catch up to my 
Corniche:       Really?
                But as for height, I've surpassed you.
                Next time we meet, maybe even my alchemy skills will have 
                gone past you too.
Ed:             Kuuuuuuooooo!!
                Don't talk about height!
Al:             Awawawa... Come on, Nii-san!
                The people around us are looking at us strangely!
Corniche:       Eheeheehee.

                ...I have to go!
Al:             Cony! We'll meet again somewhere, won't we!

Ed:             Be a fine alchemist the next time we meet!

Corniche:       Well then, fare-

Ed:             H- Hey, what's wrong?
                If you don't go on quick, you'll miss the train.
Corniche:       ....I'm not all alone am I?

Al:             Why... of course you're not!

Corniche:       I'm... not good with farewells.

                It feels as if we won't meet again when I say those 
                Even that time with Seraphy Nii-san...
Al:             That won't happen!
                We'll meet again anytime!
Ed:             Man, you worry about the silliest things.

Corniche:       ...We well meet again won't we?
                We surely will meet again won't we?!
                We're not being seperated are we?!
Ed:             My teacher told me this.
                The world flows in a cycle according to principles.
                Go with the flow.
                That's what my teacher told me.
                ...Similar to the way people meet.
                As long as we are alive in this world, the time will come 
                when we'll meet again in that flow.
Corniche:       ...Everything is in a flow huh.

Ed:             But if you keep thinking that you want to see us then you 
                might be able to change that flow.
Corniche:       You're right.
                I will think about Ed and Al everyday!
Ed:             Well, you don't have to think about us everyday...

Al:             Nii-san's blushing.

Corniche:       Well... I'm off!
                Fare-.... No.
                I won't say farewell.
                Well, Ed and Al take care!
                We'll meet again!
                Bye bye!
Al:             Nii-san... She's gone.

Ed:             She was one noisy girl in the end though...

Al:             She was?

Ed:             ...Ba- Baka!
                I- I don't miss her or anything!
Al:             Oh~
                I never said anything.
Ed:             Sh- Shut up!
                Come on, lets hurry up and go find some clues about the 
                Philosopher's Stone!
                We have to return you body back to normal quick.
Al:             Nii-san, don't force yourself.
                Just say you miss her.
Ed:             Shut up, shut up!

Hope you enjoyed the first ending! After the credits, we have some more 
gameplay so wait for it!

?:              ...ward... ric...

                Edward Elric...
Central City, Central Block. Level 2 of the Inn.

Armstrong:      Edward Elric, it's no time to be sleeping recklessly!

Ed:             Howaa... Wh- What is it.
                Right in the morning as well...
Al:             Ma- Major Armstrong?
                Is there anything I can do for you?
Armstrong:      Never mind, just get outside first!
                I'll talk to you afterwards.
Ed:             Like I said, explain to us first.
                Another case of some sort?
Armstrong:      A big case!

                The general of the army is opening a martial arts 
                tournament and announcing it himself!
Ed:             Daaaa!
                Why do you have to take your clothes off!
                Now I'm awake!
Armstrong:      Ummm, how convenient!

Ed:             So, what does it have to do with me?

Armstrong:      I have applied for you.

Ed:             Heh, you've applied for me huh...
                ...You applied for me?!
                You mean I'm in it too?
Armstrong:      Did you hear some other meaning?

Ed:             Why me?!
                I'm tired after fighting with Lincor...
Armstrong:      ...You don't want to huh?
                And I took all the trouble to apply for you too...
Ed:             No... I mean...

Armstrong:      I'm so sad you have no gratitude for me when you don't 
Al:             Nii-san, you're not really in the mood to turn him turn, 
                huh. Lets hear him out first.
Ed:             Guess I have no choice.
                Major, we'll at least hear your story first.
                I'll tell you this first though,
                It doesn't mean I've decided yet.
Armstrong:      I understand.
                It's in the court of the Central Military HQ.
                You must come!
So, lets head there now.

Ed:             Ummm... Major?

Armstrong:      Oh, you're here!
                Edward Elric, we just have to wait for the opening 
Ed:             Uh, I haven't said I'm joining yet...

Armstrong:      Did you say something?

Ed:             N- No...
Armstrong:      Then that's fine.

Al:             By the way, Major.

Armstrong:      Umm, what questions do you have?

Al:             Why are the people like Bald we arrested are here?

Armstrong:      General Bradley allowed to join so that he can increase the 
                excitement of the tournament.
                It seems if they win then he will give them a pardon.
Ed:             That Ossan...
                What a thing to do...
Al:             Nii-san, what will we do if General Bradley heard you?!

                But giving a pardon is...
Ed:             Then they would be really prepared for this.
                ...Ah, man.
                This is going to be one dangerous tournament.
Armstrong:      It's true it's going to be a harsh tournament but,
                I think it's worth participating.
                But I won't force you.
                You can make the final decision yourself.
Ed:             (I think you've done enough decidng for me already...)

Al:             General Bradley's opening speech is going to start,
Bradley:        Ah, and so I would like you all to demonstrate the results 
                of the days you've been training. That is all.
Ed:             ...What a quick greeting.
                There's people here who didn't hear that...
Armstrong:      It seems it's the start of the tournament soon...
                Once we've started you can't turn back.
                Are you ready?
Choose first if you're ready. You'll be fighting through 8 battles with 
Macho, Bald, Al, Cate, Armstrong, Randy, Scar and Mustang. Your health will 
be replenished each round so all you have to worry about is making it 
through each round. Some of the opponents you're more familiar with from Al 
onwards will get pretty desperate and launch stronger attacks as they're 
about to be knocked out.

Once you've beaten your last opponent Mustang, Ed thinks he can't fight 
again now that his glove's been torn but Mustang actually has another one. 
Just as they're about to fight, General Bradley comes along and declares Ed 
the winner. Now that the fight's over, you can return to the inn for a 
rest. You'll also receive proof that you won which if you check your 
inventory. There is a total of 10 pieces of proof to collect.

Outside the inn, you'll meet a girl.

Girl:           Ummm...
                Are you the Full Metal Alchemist?
                I'm a fan of yours!
                Please have this!
Al:             Uh, well...
                I- I'm not.
                I wonder what this box is?
Ed:             Al, I'm sure it must be a present.
                Great huh!
Al:             Ni- Nii-san, you look scary.

Ed:             Not at all, Full Metal Alchemist Al!

Al:             Ni- Nii-san, I'll give you this present...
                I mean it was originally for you anyway...
Bald:           Wuhahahaha!
                You received it, Full Metal Alchemist!
Al:             Bald's out of there?

Bald:           That bomb will take your life and...
                Hey, I told you to hand it over to the Full Metal 
Girl:           Yes.
                That's why I handed it over to that armoured person...
Bald:           Fool!
                The Full Metal Alchemist is that small one there!
Ed:             Who's small!!

Bald:           I guess I have no choice!
                Your brother will have to do!
                Switch on!
Al:             Huh?

Ed:             Aaaaaaaaaaaal!!

                Al, Al!
                Answer me!
Al:             Ni- Nii-san...

Ed:             Al, are you all right?!

Al:             So- Somehow I am...
                The mark's safe.
                But my body parts are...
Ed:             Damn it!
                I'll gather all the parts!
                I have to find the head, two arms and the two legs.
                Wait for me, Al!
You'll find the following parts (in no particular order) in the 
corresponding places:

1. Right arm at the north west corner of the courtyard at HQ.

2. Left arm in the open grounds in the west block of the city.
   You'll be fighting Scar after you pick up the arm.

3. Right leg is in the south block where the library buildings are, behind 
   a blonde haired girl.

4. Finally, the left leg is on the roof of the hospital in the east block. 
   Go up the stairs and you'll find it on the north east corner of the 
Once you have the 4 parts, return to the central block and you'll find Bald 
there. Fight him to get Al's head back.

Ed:             Ummm~, have you seen a weird helmet around here?

Al:             Nii-san, that's mean...

Bald:           Huh? What's that about...?

Ed:             Aah!

Bald:           You!

Ed:             ...I've found it!
                Bald... How dare you shatter Al!
Al:             My head, give me back my head...!

Ed:             I'm sure you were in prison... Ah!

                Man, that Cate needs to have better control over the dolls 
                she makes.
Bald:           What are you mumbling on about!
                Good timing.
                We'll finish it here!
Ed:             You talk big for a fake.

Bald:           A fake?
                What are you talking about?!
                ...He hasn't noticed huh.
                You're so persistent even when you're so weak.
                Just like the real thing.
                Cate, you don't have to copy such a vengeful personality 
Bald:           Grrr! Quit the meaningless talk!

                Full Metal Alchemist! I'll finish you off this time!
After you defeat Bald.

Ed:             Cheap machines can't beat me.

                I've said that many times already.
                Well, this is everything!
Al:             My body's finally back to normal.
                Nii-san, thanks.
Ed:             Baka.
                I have to get it back to normal.
                So that your body can really return to the way it was.
Al:             ...You're right.
                Nii-san, lets go.
Ed:             Yeah.

Children:       Waaaaaaaaa!

Now you'll have the 3rd proof. Lets go get the 5th proof.

Go to the south block and go into the building with a red roof in 
the south west corner just under the spot where you found Al's right leg. 
You'll find lots of cats there and as usual, Al wants to keep them. Leave 
the building and go into the other part of the library which is in front of 
the blonde haired girl.

The librarian inside is troubled with the cats she picked up. She can't 
find anyone who'll have them and she herself doesn't have the time either. 
Al offers to look after them but the librarian wants to test him if he has 
the capabilities in doing so. She'll read you a passage on alchemy and you 
must answer her questions afterwards. The questions are:

1. What is the basis of alchemy?

   Exchanging things
  *Equal exchange
2. What alchemy is forbidden by law?

   Flower alchemy
  *Gold alchemy
3. What is alchemy?

  *Scientific technology
You now have the 5th proof.

Next up, we'll visit Hughes to get the 7th proof.

Go back to the central block where the inn is and turn left at the 
crossroad. Go past the house with the black gate and go into Hughes' house 
next to it and talk to his wife. It seems she can't find her daugher 
Elithia so she asks you to go get her husband.

Leave the house and go to HQ. Go into the Tactics Conference room at the 
far right and you'll find him there. Talk to Hughes standing by the window 
and he'll be alarmed thinking his daughter has been kidnapped. Neglecting 
his duty he rushes out.

Go to his house and you'll find him in a panic. He asks Ed to help find 
Elithia. Without her, Hughes can't concentrate at work. Once you leave the 
building now, you'll be fighting with some Machos so be prepared.

Al:             Huh?
                There's some children playing here.
                Lets ask them.
Ed:             You're right.
                It's best asking children about other children.
                Hey, you guys.
                You haven't seen a little girl, have you?
                She's called Elithia-chan.
                She lives here.
Children:       ....

Ed:             Al... You're scaring them.

Al:             Eh?!
                ...No- No way.
Ed:             They're line of sight's at you...

Al:             Just what to expect from Nii-san.
                Your line of sight's similar to their one after all.
Ed:             ...Al, did you say something?

Al:             I- I didn't say anything!

Macho:          Hey! Out of the way you noisy brats!

                Come on, clear the road Chibi brat!
Ed:             ...Chibi?
Al:             Nii-san!
                Calm down and lets talk...
                Aaah, he's looking angry already.
Ed:             This is a bad guy.

Al:             Ni- Nii-san?
                I don't think you should judge people just by looking at 
Ed:             There's no doubt this guy is the one who kidnapped Elithia.

Al:             Nii-san, you're jumping to conclusions.

Macho:          What are you muttering about, you Chibi and armoured 
Ed:             Chibi...?

Al:             Ar- Armoured bastard?

Ed:             Who's the Chibi!
                ...Why you! I'll send you flying!
After you beat him, it turns out he's the wrong person and runs away. The 
kids tell Al and Ed that they're playing hide and seek. Elithia is hiding 
somewhere. Return to the cross road and go south. Turn left at where the 
yellow shirt man is. You can just see her hair next to a blue roof. After 
Elithia is returned to a happy Hughes, you receive the 7th proof.

Now lets go for the 6th proof. Go to the HQ and take the stairs to 
the left to find the Bradley there. He wants the Elric brothers to go to 
the reception to collect some documents for him. Documents that relates to 
the brothers. So, head downstairs to collect them and bring it back to 

Once back at his place, Ed asks for it's all about but Bradley doesn't tell 
them. He says they'll understand in time. This time he wants you to 
go collect documents at East City HQ. Exit Central City and go south 
east to East City. Retrieve the documents at the reception again and bring 
them back to Bradley.

It turns out the documents are for access to the castle that Lincor was in. 
Now he wants you to go to the top floor there to pick some flowers for 

So, leave Central City and head to Castle Olhentinos. After the fight with 
Lincor, there's no one there now but chimeras still lurk so be prepared for 
random battles as you go up.

Along the way, you'll come across the trap floor you fell down earlier in 
the game. You'll need a Stone 6-6 card to build a bridge. Continue upwards 
until you reach the place where you fought Lincor. Pick some flowers at the 
side near the stairs and make your way back to Bradley. Unfortunately, 
there's no easy way out. You can't just drop down a hole to get to the 
first floor. You just have to take the hard way out.

Back at HQ, Bradley asks the Elric brothers to put the flower on their 
mother's grave. The Elric brothers were too busy travelling on the search 
for the Philosopher's Stone so they never did have time to drop by. Now 
Bradley orders it. Ed asks why it had to be the flowers in the castle and 
Bradley tells him since they went through all that sweat to get it, it 
represents something important. It's also a way to give a promise.

Now, leave Central City and go to Rizenbeul which is next to the ruins 
towards the south. The grave is next to the house near the north west.

Ed:             "Promise"... huh.
                I will return Al's body back to normal.
Al:             No.
                We'll both definitely return to our original bodies.
Ed:             ...You're right.
                Lets "promise" before our mother.
Al:             Yeah.
                We will...
Ed:             Surely show you us...
                Returning to our original bodies again!
Al:             We'll be back to show you!

                But, Nii-san...
                The General was surprisingly kind huh.
                Getting us to visit the grave.
                Even though he makes such a scary face.
Ed:             Kind...?
                Well, lets leave it at that today.
Now you'll have the 6th proof. Time for the 2nd one now.

Drop by Winry's house and talk to her. If you've been following this guide, 
you probably wouldn't have got a mod from Winry yet. So, first of all 
you'll have to do that. If you have you can skip the next few paragraphs 
until the part about collecting material. You'll know if you got a mod if 
you paid her 1 million Sens earlier and the screen goes blank with clanging 

Winry:          You've broken my mechanical armour again, haven't you!
                You have to treat it carefully.
                Ah, oh yeah!
                Since you're here, why don't I give you a power up?
                If you can give me 1,000,000 Sens then I can modify it for 
                you. I'll make a good job of it.
Ed:             Hey, isn't that expensive...?

Winry:          What are you talking about!
                It's cheap to guarantee a comfortable life, isn't it?
Al:             What shall we do, Nii-san?
                [Modify / Don't Modify]
The chances are, you won't have that much money on you. So, you'll just 
have to go raise some. You'll find people who require certain items 
and you'll have to give them a certain alchemy card. In return, they'll pay 
you a certain sum of money. Here are a few:

1. Central City. If you haven't already done so, you can go back to HQ and 
   go up to the stairs to the left. Speak with General Bradley's secretary 
   outside his office and she'll offer a research fund of 2,000,000 Sens.
   More than enough for the mod!

2. Riol. The first town where you started off in the far north east 
   corner of the map. Talk to the old man next to fountain. He needs water. 
   Any card with distilled water will do. He rewards you 500,000 Sens.

3. Solin. In the mountains you'll find a man looking for lumber. It has to 
   be 6-2. So choose first option to say you'll give him one and make a 
   Nature 6-2 card for him. He rewards you 500,000 Sens.
4. East City. Go to the east block where Mustang burned a bike for his 
   "strategy" and talk to the man there. You'll need a Nature 7-7 card.
   He rewards you 65,000 Sens.
Return to Winry once you've collected enough funds. Talk to Winry and 
answer yes to get Al's mod. The screen will go blank for a few seconds with 
the sound of tools clanging.

Once that's done, talk to her again.

Winry:          You guys~
                You guys should come see me more often.
Ed:             You're so fussy.
                We're pretty busy you know.
Winry:          Well, it's OK.
                Anyway, how's the Auto-Mail doing?
Ed:             Well you know, could you make an Auto-Mail that's more 
Winry:          Ee?!
                You're saying the one right now's of no use?
Ed:             No, it's not bad but just a little more power...

Winry:          What kind of journey are you guys on anyway?

Al:             Well, we go through all sorts of things...

Winry:          Hmmm...
                If I can get more info I got then maybe...
Ed:             Info?

Winry:          There's something written about an Auto-Mail of Illusion in 
                the magazine that the Auto-Mail Engineers Association 
Al:             There's such a magazine?

Winry:          There is.
                According to that, I need 5 rare materials. Then I can make 
                There's not a lot of info about the rare materials written 
                in it though...
Ed:             If I gather the rare materials, can you make it for me?

Winry:          Of course!
                I'm interested in it too.
                Well, gather info for me then.
Ed:             You can count on me.

Winry:          I'm soooooooo happy!!
                I can use my own hands to make the Auto-Mail of Illusion!!
                Ah, oh yeah!
                I remember once piece of info!
                Where a material named Riolite is!
                Let see, I'm sure it was in the mechanics magazine...
                I think it was written that it's a place where people 
                gather to pray. Do you get that?
Ed:             Where people gather huh...

Once you find each material, you must bring them back to Winry and she 
will give you the next clue to the next location. The 5 materials are 
the following and are in the corresponding places:

1. Riolite. Go to the church in Riol, the town where you started off in at 
   the start of the game. Go up the stairs to the right and you'll find it 

2. Vilijium. Go to Vivas which is to the west of Riol. Go up to the wall 
   in the east and get Al to give you a boost up. Follow the path and 
   you'll find the Vilijium at the end.
3. Redonium. Go to Redondo where the bank was robbed earlier and enter the 
   sewers. Make your way to the far south east corner. You'll find it in a 
   T-shaped area.
4. Solitarium. Go to the moutains behind the small village of Solin. Climb 
   all the way up and cross the bridge you made earlier. You'll see it on 
   the other side.
5. Finally, Crujium. It's in the ruins of Cruz where there's a lot of 
   stepping stones. Make your way to the north west most stepping stone to 
   find it.
Now return back to Winry's place with 500,000 Sens and you're ready.

Winry:          Ed, you've finally gathered all the materials!
                I'll get straight to making it!
                As for the labour fee, I'll give you a discount and charge 
                500,000 Sens.
Ed:             Hey, you charging us!
                I was the one who gathered all the material!
Winry:          You idiot!
                I'm selling my engineering skills here!
                I've already given you a discount for the materials!
                Come on, please let me make it!
                [Please / No thanks]
After you choose to make it.

Winry:          How does it feel, Ed?

Ed:             It feels good somehow.

Winry:          Thanks, Ed!
                Thanks for letting me make the Auto-Mail of Illusion!
                I'm a happy girl!
                Heeheehee, I've got so much satisfaction from it!!
Ed:             Tha- That's great.

Al:             Winry likes Auto-Mails after all.

Ed:             It wasn't for me, it was for herself...

                Hey, we're going.
Winry:          Come again~

Now for the 4th. Go to East City and go visit Colonel Mustang's office. 
He's not around and Hawkeye's looking for the Black Hayate. Ed agrees to 
help look for it. Go to the west block of the city and a man there will say 
he saw some suspicious people going into the sewers. So, make your way deep 
into the sewers and you'll find Bald there. He acts like he doesn't know 
who Black Hayate the dog is so you'll probably have to force it out of him.

After beating him, it turns out Bald's one of Cate's dolls again. Hawkeye 
returns to HQ with the Elric brothers and finds Black Hayate came back home 
already. So it was really all for nothing. Ed's not really happy about it 
obviously but you receive the 4th proof.

Now for the remaining 3 piece of proofs. Go into the next room to your 
right. Talk to Jan on the right there and it seems he's troubled with 
something. He's not going to tell Ed about it though and leaves.

Follow him into the east block to where the plaza is and then follow the 
path south to find Mustang and Hawkeye. They were here to inspect their 
subordinates it seems. It turns out Jan is talking to a girl about raising 
a child...

Everyone comes out of their hiding place thinking Jan was keeping a secret 
relationship and wasn't going to take responsibility for their child. But, 
it turns out it was a CAT called Luna. Not a baby. Since the girl can't 
have a pet at home and Jan can't bring it to work, they don't know what to 
do. Mustang decides he'll permit it but then Al jumps in saying he'll look 
after it instead until he finds someone else to look after it.

Now you have the 8th proof.

Return to Mustang's office and talk to him. It seems another case is on and 
it's one of Cate's Bald dolls again. It's hiding in the sewers in the west 
block of the city. They could have asked Cate to take care of it since 
she's the maker but, the higher ups wanted them to take care of it. Mustang 
isn't willing to go but since he's the colonel, Hawkeye suggests they go 
together. Yes... Even Al and Ed's fed up of going back there again.

Go into the sewers in the west block and make your way to the spot where 
you defeated one of Cate's Bald dolls earlier. Just when they enter, 
there's a burst of water. Hawkeye explains it must be the system getting 
old and Mustang obviously doesn't like the thought while they're here. Most 
of all, his alchemy is more fire oriented so it won't be of much use then. 
Hawkeye says that aloud to Ed and Mustang goes into another of those 
depressed states. Hawkeye won't let him fight Bald either.

Anyway, go in and defeat this Bald to get your 9th proof.

Go back inside the room and speak to Mustang again. You'll find him sulking 
in the corner and some lines over his face. Hawkeye must have drew them on 
him when he told her he wanted dignity.

This time, more chimeras have appeared in the old Cruz ruins again. Your 
mission is to get rid of them. Determined to show that he's not useless, he 
orders Hawkeye to stay behind to keep the HQ in order and decides to go 
himself. Hawkeye has no objections since she doesn't have to write the 
report this time round.

So, make your way through the ruins killing all the chimeras you come 
across until you reach their boss. Mustang will find it alone. Along the 
way, Ed keeps making teasing Mustang about his face while Al tries not to 

Back at HQ, Mustang's got his dignity back and he's very happy to write his 
"heroic legend" down. You'll now have your 10th proof.

Now that you have all 10, go back into Mustang's office.

Ed:             Wh- What?!

Mustang:        Don't call out in such a loud voice, Haganeno.

Al:             Is it true there's another doll of Nii-san?

Hawkeye:        It's true.
                It became clear when I was questioning Cate.
Ed:             Why that little bitch... Making dolls of people in masses!

Mustang:        Well, so what.
                Anyway, that's the reason why we must take it back.
Ed:             Telling us to do it again?

Mustang:        Don't say that.
                You're going to see a nostalgic lot again.
Ed:             Eh?

Armstrong:      Edward Elric!
                This is so nostalgic!
                I missed you so much!
Ed:             Since it's you Major, we can see each other all the time.

Hawkeye:        Not just him.

Al:             ...Cony!!

Corniche:       ...I- It's been a while.

Al:             Cony, don't stand there.
                Come in.
Ed:             Yo, how ya been?

Corniche:       Ed...
                You haven't grown at all.
Ed:             Quit it!

Al:             Now that you're a national alchemist, what are you 
Corniche:       Hmmm, research huh.
                Right now I'm looking after my relatives who have no 
                I went to all the trouble earning my national alchemist 
                qualification and now I'm doing this...
                And you guys helped me too...
                I'm sorry.
Al:             Cony, why are you apologizing?

Corniche:       But...

Ed:             It doesn't matter, does it?

Corniche:       Eh?

Ed:             Being an alchemist doesn't mean you have to use alchemy.

                If there's other ways of helping people apart from alchemy 
                then that's fine.
                You don't have to be rigid about your ways.
Corniche:       ...Ed.
                I'm so happy you say that.
Mustang:        Co- Cough!
                I'm sorry to interrupt such an emotional reunion but...
Corniche:       I- I'm very sorry!

Mustang:        You don't have to be so formal.

Corniche:       I'm also a national alchemist.
                I must since Colonel Mustang is my superior.
Ed:             Ah, it's fine.
                The colonel isn't someone who minds that sort of thing.
Mustang:        Haganeno, do you want me to mind a little?

Corniche:       That's right!
                Ed, you just mess up the rules.
Ed:             Well you know...
                If that's the case then you'll be treating me like your 
Corniche:       And?

Ed:             You should have a little more respect for your seniors.

Corniche:       ...Hmmm.
                I'll think about it.
Ed:             You were just thinking about height there again right!
                Something like I'm so small even though I'm a senior.
Al:             Nii-san, stop coming up with wild ideas.
                Corny wouldn't think of something like that...
Corniche:       I kind of thought about it.
Ed:             Don't "Eheh" me!

Mustang:        Co- Cough!
                Anyway, that is the reason for the re-organisation 
                of the special team and its reunion.
Corniche:       Special team? Re-organisation?
                Ummm... I still don't quite get the story here.
Mustang:        You wreen't listening to anything, were you?

Corniche:       Y- Yes.
                I was just contacted and I just came here so...
Hawkeye:        Since you were in a rush.
                The colonel will give a direct explanation.
Mustang:        Then I'll explain.
                We must retrieve the Haganeno that is in the old castle.
Corniche:       Retrieve Ed?
                But he's here.
Mustang:        You misunderstood.
                To be precise, it's a doll of Haganeno.
Hawkeye:        According to intelligence, it seems it's placed in the 
                highest level of the castle.
                We still can't be certain whether it is active or not.
Ed:             It still have to be activated huh.
                This is going to be a piece of cake...
Mustang:        If it isn't active then it won't come to us.

Ed:             ...You're right.

Armstrong:      You mustn't get faint-hearted.

                No matter whether there's 2 or 3 of Edward Elric...
Ed:             Major Armstrong.
                Like I said, it's not me.
                They're dolls of me...
Corniche:       But since it's a doll of Ed it means they'll have the same 
Al:             If we don't look at their appearance closely, you can't 
                tell between them. They look exactly the same.
                I wonder if its abilities will be the same too this time.
Mustang:        I'm sure his bad personality too...

Ed:             Colonel, did you say something?

Mustang:        In any case, we must make haste to the highest level of the 
                old castle and retrieve the doll.
                If someone else finds it, it might be used for no good.
Ed:             Alright! Lets go!

So, head off to Castle Olhentinos and make your way up to where you picked 
flowers earlier. Have quite a few healing items ready because the fake Ed 
is quite a tough one.

Ed:             That's... me?

Corniche:       I wonder if Ed what that weird colour.

Ed:             No I wasn't!

Hawkeye:        According to Cate, it seems it was a prototype.

Al:             A prototype?
                Then it means it's unfinished huh.
Corniche:       I see.
                She hasn't finished adding colour to it huh.
Al:             ...I don't think so...

Ed:             If it's not complete yet then this is going to be an easy 
Hawkeye:        According to Cate, it's battle abilities surpass that of 
Ed:             Why that girl.
                She's been hiding that from me?!
Armstrong:      Edward Elric. You mustn't be afraid.

                It's the ambitions of a military man to fight with strong 
Ed:             No, it's not that I'm afraid...

Armstrong:      Then that's fine.

Mustang:        You guys!
                Snap out of it!
Corniche:       That's right!
                We didn't come here for games!
Mustang:        It's because you guys stand around muttering that I 
                don't get to stand out!
Corniche:       Huh?

Ed:             Colonel, I'm the leader!

Al:             I'm the leader too, right?!

Ed:             What are you saying, Al!
                I'm the "Full Metal Alchemist"!
                It's obvious I'm the leader!
Al:             No way~

Armstrong:      Then I will stand out too!

Corniche:       All of you! This is no time to do as you please!
                Isn't that right, Hawkeye-san?
Hawkeye:        I don't know anymore.

Mustang:        Hmph, whatever!
                Since this is the final, let us do whatever!
Ed:             Just me is enough!

                I'll waste the imposter!
Corniche:       You're right.

                If there's lots of Eds, it'll be really noisy.
Al:             No, Cony...

                That's not the problem.
After you defeat the imposter.

Ed:             This is the final strike!

Al:             Nii-san, we done it!

Armstrong:      That's the man I predicted you would be!

Corniche:       I've seen so much great alchemy.
                I'm touched!
Mustang:        Umm.
                That's the case finished.
Hawkeye:        Yes sir, mission complete.

Ed:             Alright, lets get back!

Back at Mustang's office.

Cate:           So, you're saying you destroyed by greatest work?
                Chahaaaa, such a waste.
Ed:             You saying we should bring something that dangerous back!

Cate:           It can't be helped so I'll make another one.

Ed:             Don't make dolls of me anymore!

Cate:           Eeeeh!
                But the parts are cheap.
Ed:             Are you trying to say I'm small?!
                That's what you want to say right?!
Cate:           Did you think of some other meaning?

Ed:             !!

Al:             Nii-san, calm down!
                It was the last one so calm down!!
Corniche:       That's right, Ed.
                If you want to grow bigger you must first drink milk 
                If you do that then you can grow bigger like me.
Ed:             Even you aren't much different than me!

Corniche:       I- I'm bigger than you!
Ed:             Ah, back to back!

Corniche:       I won't go back to back!
                I wouldn't do anything unfair, would I!
Mustang:        What a noisy lot as usual.

Hawkeye:        To be honest, you want to join them too, don't you?

Mustang:        Th- That's absurd!

Hawkeye:        I think it's all right not to be that uneasy.

Armstrong:      What.
                Young ones should be extra energetic.
                It's fine.
                Come on, let me join in...
Mustang:        Major Armstrong, you should stop it.

Hawkeye:        More importantly, we safely resolved the string of chimera 
                incidents from happening huh.
Mustang:        Hmmm. The cases are over now.
                It will no longer happen.
                The End.
Hawkeye:        Colonel, please think about your game-like speech.

Mustang:        But that's what's written in the script...
                Ah, this is Haganeno's line.
Ed:             Co- Cough!
                Alright, now all the cases are resolved!
Al:             But, Nii-san's going to get involved with another case 
Ed:             So what?
                If that happens, it'll be me who solves it again!
                Right, Al!
After the credits, you'll get the last and final piece of proof that you 
completed the game!

Now the last thing to do is if you ask Al, is to find all cats. I don't 
think there's anything special once you've done it. If there is, let me 

9. Credits, Conclusion & Contact Info

First of all, I think this game has the liveliest animation in RPGs of this 
kind. Rather than changing the portrait of the character as you progress 
through the text, their expressions change as the words are printed out. 
This gives the characters just that bit more of life.

Unfortunately, while I thought the alchemy fighting system was pretty 
creative, the general game was all very average. Random battles are a pain 
as usual but while in most RPGs you gain experience points and items, in 
this game you don't. It really makes you wonder if there's any point in 
them apart from throwing them in to keep you occupied while you walk from 
point A to point B. Another purpose is probably to fill in your alchemy 
handbook. The only thing that keeps the battles interesting is seeing what 
new move Ed's alchemy will create next.

Overall, this is a very easy game. You can breeze through it yourself if it 
wasn't for the language barrier. No complex maps for you to explore, no 
need to level up your characters. Just an interactive story for you to 

All information about the game is taken and translated from the official
Bandai site for this game at:


If anyone wants to use this FAQ on their own site or for any
other purposes, please leave everything in this guide intact. And if
anyone wants to contact me, feel free to do so by sending an e-mail to

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