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Guide and Walkthrough by VinnyVideo

Version: 1.41 | Updated: 03/18/2014

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| \  / \ |\ || /|  \ /    | / / \ |\ | / \     /   / \ |   | |\ |  |  |_)\ /
|  ||   || \||\ |-  |     |\ |   || \|| __    |   |   ||   | | \|  |  |\  |
|_/  \_/ |  || \|_  |     | \ \_/ |  | \_/     \_  \_/  \_/  |  |  |  | \ |
                                    / _ \
                                   /_/ \ \
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                                    / /__

                             DIDDY'S KONG QUEST (GBA)

Table of Contents

[INTRO] Introduction
[CONTR] Controls and Story
[WALKT] Walkthrough
[ENEMY] Enemy List
[SCRAP] Scrapbook Index
[RECRD] Record Times
[QUEST] Frequently Asked Questions
[VERSN] Version History
[COPYR] Copyright
[CONTC] Contact Information

Navigation tip: Press Ctrl and F to bring down a search bar. Then type in the
name of the section you're looking for - like [ENEMY] for the Enemy List.

Introduction                                                           [INTRO]
After a month of waiting, the Donkey Kong Country 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for the
Game Boy Advance is finally here! I wrote a guide for the Super NES version
back in April, but I'm writing a separate guide because the GBA version adds a
few new goodies.

The Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest is an
excellent remake of the original Super NES game. There are a few small changes
(most notably, the world maps are totally changed, there are two new
collectible items in most levels, and a few mini-games and a new boss have been
added), but nothing major. However, there's so little new content that it's
really not worth playing for those who own a copy of the original game, since
there are no new levels, nor have the original levels been substantially

I still consider DKC 2 to be one of the top five video games of all time. The
graphics today aren't exactly revolutionary, but they're still quite nice and
are about as good as they were on the Super NES. The music works very well for
each level, from the perky Rattle Battle theme to the moody, dramatic music
found in the ship hold levels. The game is very difficult - far harder than DKC
or DKC 3. It can take 20 hours to complete the game the first playthrough, and
about six hours for an experienced player (without save states or game
enhancement tricks). Most importantly, the game is a lot of fun to play. My
only complaint is that some of the later levels turn into games of Dodge the
Zingers in As Many Ways As Possible. Lastly, Mario makes his first appearance
in 3-D, but I won't tell you where he's hiding...

By the way, Donkey Kong Country 2 has been made for the Super NES, Game Boy
Advance, and the Wii Virtual Console. I believe the Wii version is essentially
the same as the original Super NES game, but the GBA version has added a few
new items and mini-games, plus an additional boss, without changing the
structure of the levels. This guide is written for the Game Boy Advance version
of the game, so if you're playing on the Super NES or Wii, I strongly recommend
using the original version of my guide (check the Super NES section of
GameFAQs, Neoseeker, or other sites that host my guides).

Environmental Tip: This guide is 45 pages long, so it's going to take a LONG
time to print and will use a lot of paper and ink. I highly advise that you
print out just the sections you need, such as the strategy for a specific
level. If you're going to print a section of this guide and give it to a
friend, it would be highly appreciated if you give proper credit to VinnyVideo.

Controls                                                               [CONTR]

Control Pad Left/Right: Move character

A button: Jump/flap wings as Squawks

B button: Hold to run/Perform Diddy's Cartwheel or Dixie's Helicopter Spin/Pick
up barrel (release to throw)/Perform animal buddies' regular attacks/Throw
other character when teamed up

R button: Team up if both characters are present/End team-up/Charge Rambi's
SuperCharge, Enguarde's SuperStab, or Rattly's SuperJump/Spin Squitter's web

L button: Dismount animal buddy

START: Pause game (or view Subscreen from the map screen; press L/R to cycle
through the various options)

SELECT: Switch characters/While the game is paused, you can press SELECT to
return to the map screen (only if you've completed the current level before,

My most important tip: Always have a lot (15 or more) lives before facing the
harder levels (check the difficulty levels I provide).

Here's a summary of the story. This appears at the beginning of the game, so it
shouldn't be considered a spoiler (I avoid spoilers as much as possible
throughout all guides I write).

K. Rool has kidnapped Donkey Kong and demands the Kongs' entire banana hoard as
ransom. The Kongs spend a little while arguing about who will go and rescue
D.K. (it won't be Cranky - he won't be caught dead in a game that scrolls and
has end bosses and bonus levels). Eventually, Diddy volunteers, even though
he's only been in one game before. However, Dixie, Diddy's blonde ponytailed
girlfriend, insists on going with him, no matter how little he seems to like
the idea. Thus begins our story - hardly the deepest in video game history
(even with my short summary), but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

By the way, references to the masculine gender are intended to promote clarity
and consistency. Many enemies (and even a few friends) are of questionable

Walkthrough                                                            [WALKT]
A few notes on organization: I write a guide for each level, in chronological

Level types are derived from the Sound Test (I write about that later).

Animal Buddies doesn't include characters who only appear in a bonus level.

Enemies are listed in order of appearance, not frequency or danger. Main

Enemies appear frequently in a level and pose great danger. Other Enemies may
appear less frequently (sometimes once or even just in a bonus level) without
being very dangerous.

Warp Barrel shows how to access the shortcut found in each non-boss level of
the first two worlds. Nothing special happens for finding the Warp Barrels, and
they cause you to miss bonus levels and other goodies.

Goodies includes 2-Ups and instances of two or more Banana Coins, plus a few
very hard-to-find items.

Tough Spots helps you through some of the more difficult parts of a level.

-------------------------------Gangplank Galleon-------------------------------

Pirate Panic
Level Type: Ship Deck

Difficulty: 1 (1 is easy, 10 is very difficult)

Main Enemies: None

Other Enemies: Neek, Klomp, Klobber

Animal Buddies: A Rambi crate is found soon after the Klobber.

Bonus Levels:
1. Right after the halfway barrel, drop down the banana-laden shaft. Walk right
and you'll find a Bonus Barrel. This edition of "Find the Token" couldn't be
easier - just jump up the barrels to find the Kremkoin. Take the Banana Coin
below it if you wish.

2. Using Rambi, look for a left arrow. Hold R for a few seconds and release,
unleashing a SuperCharge. You can use this to smash open the door near the
arrow, revealing a bonus level. In "Destroy Them All," simply use Rambi to
defeat all of the enemies.

DK Coin: Soon after finishing the second bonus stage, simply jump up the two
barrels to find and collect the DK Coin.

Golden Feather: A little after the letter "K," when you find the letter "R"
shaped in bananas, throw your friend up to find the Golden Feather and a Banana

Camera Icon: Defeat the Klomp found inside the second bonus level. It won't
appear until you've visited Wrinkly and checked your homework, though.

Warp Barrel: Early in the level, there's a series of four barrels guarded by a
Klomp. Stand on the leftmost barrel and throw your friend straight up to find
the Warp Barrel.

Goodies: Throw your friend up at the very start for the game's first Banana
Coin. Enter the room near the start to read a letter from K. Rool and get a 1-

Tough Spots: Absolutely none!

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This is an extremely easy level, even for

Mainbrace Mayhem
Level Type: Rigging

Difficulty: 3

Main Enemy: Klinger

Other Enemies: Neek, Klomp, Click-Clack

Animal Buddies: None

Bonus Levels:
1. At the very start of the level, head right under the barrel, roll attack,
and then jump while in the air to the ropes. From there you'll reach a Bonus
Barrel, an easy edition where you simply climb up a couple of ropes.

2. Right after the letter "N," pick up the cannon ball and take it left to the
cannon, which takes you to a bonus game (just touch the cannon while you're
holding the ball). While you can stomp the Kremlings on the ropes, it's much
easier and safer to throw the cannon balls, crates, and barrels at them to
defeat them. If you run out of ammo, throw your buddy at them. You have a
generous time limit, so be patient.

3. After the cannon, climb up two ropes, then jump left to a platform. Throw
your buddy up to the Bonus Barrel, where you'll have to collect all of the
stars before time expires. As long as you don't go too fast and fall off the
rope, this game will be VERY easy.

DK Coin: After completing the third Bonus Level, just walk right from where
you're taken, jump over the gap, and collect the DK Coin. Then jump down to the
level exit.

Golden Feather: From the letter "O," jump leftwards to find the Golden Feather,
in addition to a few Banana Coins.

Camera Icon: None

Warp Barrel: Perform a roll jump under the starting platform, but aim left
instead of right. Using a Dixie helicopter spin is easiest.

Goodies: Soon after the halfway point, jump up from the horizontal rope to the
lone banana. An invisible barrel cannon will shoot you up to a 2-Up.

Tough Spots: Some of the Klingers can cause trouble in a few places.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This is the first Rigging level. These levels are
quite fun and have great music.

Cranky's Hut
After completing Mainbrace Mayhem, go south if you want to see Cranky. He
provides mostly useless chatter, but he will also offer hints for finding Bonus
Barrels and 1-Ups, at least if you're willing to pay up. Since you have my
guide, old Cranky really isn't much help. However, if you select "Cranky's
Surprise," you can race Expresso the ostrich if you've collected at least four
of the Golden Feathers hidden in each level. Cranky gives you one right now.
When you have four feathers, Cranky explains how Expresso Racing works. Use all
your feathers to power up Expresso in the desired areas (For this round, I
would boost Speed as much as possible). Then select "Start Race." The most
important thing is to hit as many of the speed boosters as possible. Each lap
is the same, so you should be able to recognize a pattern with the speed
boosters and obstacles. If you have four feathers, you can get a time as fast
as one minute. If you win, Cranky awards you with a DK Coin. If you're having
trouble winning, return later in the game when you can power Expresso up some
more. You can replay this and all other mini-games by selecting "Bonus Games"
from the screen that appears when you turn the game on.

Gangplank Galley
Level Type: Ship Deck

Difficulty: 2

Main Enemy: Kruncha

Other Enemies: Neek, Kaboing, Klomp

Animal Buddies: None

Bonus Levels:
1. Climb the barrels at the very beginning of the level. In this game, quickly
smash the chests against the Red Zinger until you find the Kremkoin. You have
only ten seconds, so be quick.

2. Hit the (!) Barrel near the end of the level to become invincible. Run right
and jump up the barrels to the Bonus Barrel before your invincibility runs out.
Bash the Kruncha with a treasure chest if you want a 1-Up. The bonus level is
very easy - just jump across the hooks.

DK Coin: From below the first Bonus Barrel, roll jump to the hook at the top of
the screen. Jump across the hooks until you reach the DK Coin.

Golden Feather: Just after the halfway point, jump down into the pit and hold
left while helicopter spinning to find a barrel cannon that takes you to the
Golden Feather and numerous Banana Coins. 

Camera Icon: None

Warp Barrel: At the very start of the level, stand on the second barrel and
throw your friend straight up (avoiding the Bonus Barrel) into the Warp Barrel.
This was the first Warp Barrel I found.

Goodies: Look in some of the chests. Check the Golden Feather tip. Also, there
are three Banana Coins immediately past the exit.

Tough Spots: One section has many Krunchas. These tough enemies get mad and
fast (and invulnerable to stomp attacks) when stomped, so only defeat them
using barrels.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This level sounds a lot like the world name.
You'll like the cool sunset.

Kong Kollege
Wrinkly Kong will provide help with the game's controls and special moves, but
this isn't too useful if you have a manual or this walkthrough. She also gives
you a tip on beating the world's boss, but my walkthrough provides more
detailed help - for free. The main use of going to Kong Kollege is to check
your homework. This gives you a special scrapbook that allows you to defeat
enemies that are marked with special camera icons. Note that Wrinkly (and
Cranky) only charge you once for each tip - after you pay for a piece of
advice, you can read it again as many times as you want for free (check the
pause menu from the overworld). By the way, you don't use Wrinkly to save any
more; instead, go to the pause screen from the map to save.

Lockjaw's Locker
Level Type: Ship Hold

Difficulty: 3

Main Enemy: Lockjaw

Other Enemies: Flotsam, Klomp, Shuri

Animal Buddies: Near the first Lockjaw, swim down the shaft to find an Enguarde
crate. Enguarde appears another time right after the halfway barrel. Just past
the Shuris, swim down along the wall to find a Lockjaw and an Enguarde crate.

Bonus Level:
1. Above and a little right of the first Enguarde crate, swim through the
banana-filled passage and use your SuperStab to charge through the wall. In the
bonus level, just keep swimming up and right and you'll find the Kremkoin
without much trouble.

DK Coin: After the room full of Lockjaws and a couple of Shuris, use the
SuperStab to swim to the coin before the water level falls again.

Golden Feather: Just before the first "No Enguarde" sign, swim right through
the wall to find the Golden Feather.

Camera Icon: From the second "No Enguarde" sign, head straight left through the
wall to find a Flotsam. Spear it for the camera icon.

Warp Barrel: Right after the "K," allow the water level to rise, and then swim
left. Then swim up into the alcove near the start to find a Warp Barrel.

Goodies: After the water first rises, you can swim left and up to get some

Banana Coins. Also, near the second Enguarde, stab the Lockjaw and swim down
through the wall to receive Banana Coins.

Tough Spots: Near the end, one chamber has a lot of Lockjaws, but they're not
dangerous if you have Enguarde.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This is the first Ship Hold level, and most of it
takes place underwater. Your animal buddy, Enguarde the swordfish, allows you
to defeat underwater enemies. If you ever get stuck on dry land while
controlling him, perform a SuperStab. Remember that in underwater levels, some
walls aren't as solid as they appear!

Bonus Bonanza
In this game, you can play a trivia game to earn 1-Ups. The first game earns a
1-Up, the second a 2-Up Balloon, and the third game on the list nets you a 3-
Up. The questions aren't usually too tough, and some are pretty funny.
Something special happens if you complete every one of Swanky's quizzes. These
challenges can only be completed once. Here are a few hints for this edition of
Swanky's Bonus Bonanza:

Swanky's Swag costs 1 Banana Coin to play. Correct answers: Swanky, a
furry rat, Gangplank Galleon

Pirate Puzzler costs 2 Banana Coins. Correct answers are B Button, Pirate
Panic, Kaptain K. Rool

Chimp Challenge costs 3 coins. Correct answers: 4, Mainbrace Mayhem, a gun

Topsail Trouble
Level Type: Rigging

Difficulty: 3

Main Enemy: Zinger

Other Enemies: Kruncha, Click-Clack, Klomp, Neek, Kaboing, Flitter, Klinger

Animal Buddies: A Rattly crate appears at the very start.

Bonus Levels:
1. Near a Kaboing early in the level, use Rattly's jumping to reach the Bonus
Barrel. Stomp each Flitter to receive the Kremkoin.

2. Soon after the halfway point, you'll spot two Flitters above a rope. Jump up
around them to reveal an invisible hook. From there, just jump across the
dragonflies to the Bonus Barrel. In the bonus level, carefully ascend the rope,
avoiding contact with the Flitters.

DK Coin: Soon after the second bonus level, jump to the right from the top of
the rope to find a platform with the DK Coin.

Golden Feather: A little after the halfway point, jump to the right to reach a
platform with a Golden Feather.

Camera Icon: When you see two Zingers at the end, jump left to find a couple of
hooks leading to a Click-Clack. Defeat it for the tricky-to-find camera icon.

Warp Barrel: Perform a roll jump under the starting platform to find the Warp
Barrel. You can also use Rattly.

Goodies: There are several Banana Coins around the halfway point. Also, at the
very end of the level, jump over the final Zinger without hitting the level
exit. Walk right and throw your partner up to the 3-Up. Then use the crate to
dispose of the Zinger.

Tough Spots: In the second part of the level, you'll be climbing while avoiding
the "Inger" Combination - Zingers and Klingers.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: Rattly makes the first half of the level very
easy. The second half is a bit tougher, because you'll be traversing ropes and
dodging Klingers and Zingers. This level reminds me a little of "Viking: The
Ultimate Obstacle Course Challenge," a surreal program that ESPN showed all the
time in early 2006.

Funky's Flights II
In the Game Boy Advance version of DKC 2, Funky's Flights doesn't facilitate
travel between different worlds (you use the Gyrocopter from the pause menu for
that once you finish this mission). Instead, Funky lets you play a mini-game,
and if you succeed, you earn a DK Coin. This is really easy. Just use the
Control Pad to steer the helicopter through all 20 of the gold rings. Avoid
touching the walls, or you'll take a bit of damage. Don't touch the spiders on
the walls, or you'll have to start over. When you reach the end, land SLOWLY on
the Helipad to complete the mission. 32 seconds is a pretty good time, but can
you do better?

Krow's Nest
Level Type: Rigging (Boss)

Difficulty: 3

Main Enemy: Krow

Goodies: At the top of the nest are two Banana Coins, but they're hard to
reach. It's easiest to get there by throwing your friend up there while Krow is
dropping an egg early on in the fight.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: Krow is the first boss, and he (she?) isn't too
tough. Use Diddy, especially for the first part of the fight. Krow starts by
dropping an egg, which starts bouncing slowing around the arena. Stomp it when
the egg is at a low point, and then pick it up. Krow will charge at you, so
just let him run into the egg. Repeat. At this point, Krow starts charging into
the nest, making eggs fall out. If an egg hits the ground, wait for it to
stop spinning, and then pick it up. Then jump up and hit Krow with the egg.
Repeat once more to win the fight and receive a Kremkoin. If you followed my
guide to the letter, you will currently have 11 Kremkoins.

------------------------------Crocodile Cauldron-------------------------------

Hot-Head Hop
Level Type: Lava

Difficulty: 2

Main Enemy: Klobber

Other Enemies: Neek, Klampon, Zinger, Kruncha

Animal Buddies: A little past the halfway point is a hard-to-miss Squitter box.

Bonus Levels:
1. Look below the letter "O" to find a treasure chest guarded by a Klampon.
Grab the chest and throw it at the Klampon to reveal a cannon ball. Tote the
ball past a few Krocheads to the cannon to the right, where you'll have 20
seconds to use Krocheads to collect 60 stars. It's not too tough, but be
careful to avoid falling into the lava.

2. Past the first Zinger, use a web to beat the Klobber. Then make some web
platforms (use the bananas as a guide) until you reach a Bonus Barrel. The
bonus level is a simple web-building exercise that can take as little as five

3. A third Bonus Barrel appears right before the "No Squitter" sign. It can be
reached by building web platforms. Simply build webs across the lava until you
reach the Kremkoin.

DK Coin: Just above the Squitter crate, use the R button to create some web
platforms. Use the webs as stepping stones to the DK Coin.

Golden Feather: Early in the level, smash one of the treasure chests (near a
red KrocHead) against the Klobber to find the Golden Feather.

Camera Icon: Just below the second Bonus Barrel, use Squitter's B button attack
to defeat the Klobber and earn the camera icon.

Warp Barrel: Throw your friend onto the level entrance. Then walk as far left
as possible and throw your pal straight up to find the Warp Barrel.

Goodies: Throw your partner directly onto the level entrance to find a hard-to-
see treasure chest. Smash it against an enemy to receive a 2-Up. Also, near the
end of the level, you can bypass the barrel cannons and build web platforms
across the lava to collect two Banana Coins.

Tough Spots: This is a pretty easy level. You might lose a life or two getting
used to the KrocHeads. Also, Squitter can be tough to operate the first time
you use him.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: Avoid falling into the lava in this relatively
easy level. Squitter, your spider buddy, is a lot of fun to use, but he takes
some time to get used to. Keep these things in mind: First, press B to create a
fast-moving web that attacks opponents, and press R to create a slower web.
Press R again to turn the R-button web into a platform. Remember that these
platforms disappear over time, and quickly if there are more than two on the
screen at once. You can also hold Up or Down to make your webs curve up or down
- sometimes a useful move.

Bonus Bonanza
As before, the more expensive a game is, the better your reward will be.

Cranky Challenge costs 1 coin. Correct answers are Hot-Head Hop, Crocodile
Cauldron, and 4.

Lucky Lava is 2 coins to play. Say green and red, one life, and 5.

Gorilla Game requires 3 coins. Win by answering 10, Level Two, and Dixie.

Kannon's Klaim
Level Type: Mine

Difficulty: 4

Main Enemies: Kannon, Zinger

Other Enemies: Neek, Kruncha, Klomp, Flitter, Mini-Necky

Animal Buddies: None

Bonus Levels:
1. At the start of the level, use Dixie to float across the gap over the pit
into the Bonus Barrel. In this edition of Find the Token, keep switching
between Kongs to use the barrels. Barrels marked with a Kong's face will only
work for that character.

2. Soon after the first Mini-Necky, jump left from the platform to find a Bonus
Barrel. Shoot up using the Arrow Barrels - a task that shouldn't be too tough
by now.

3. A little past the letter "N" and the Diddy Barrel, a Kannon is firing across
a gap. Bounce across using a barrel and enter the nearby Bonus Barrel. This is
a really easy bounce-across-the-dragonflies game.

DK Coin: This took me a long time to find. In the first bonus level, head right
and jump across the gap to find the DK Coin.

Golden Feather: At the level exit, use the Mini-Necky to jump high enough to
reach the Golden Feather. It's also the only way to jump high enough to break
the barrel on the level exit and get a prize.

Camera Icon: Stomp the Kannon guarding the third Bonus Barrel.

Warp Barrel: Use a TNT barrel to defeat the early Kruncha. Then roll jump or
ponytail under the platform and toward the bucket to find the Warp Barrel.

Tough Spots: The arrow barrels may be a little tough at first. Before launching
yourself upwards, make sure there aren't any Zingers passing in the vicinity.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: The background resembles Crystal Caves from DK64,
and all the junk on the platforms reminds me of the stuff found in houses in
Zelda 64's Kakariko Village and Kokiri Forest (I always throw in a Zelda
reference in my guides).

Funky's Flights II
Funky has a new mini-game to play, and you'll be one DK Coin richer if you
Successfully complete it. You have 10 minutes to complete this mission. First,
a word on controls:

A: Fire gun

B: Switch between normal and bouncing ammo

L: Enter bomb-dropping mode (press A to use a bomb)

R: Hold to lock copter in place, allowing you to easily move backwards (very
useful in tight confines)

SELECT: Raise winch, allowing you to grab the chest

After you take off, go left and take the chest. Then head right, grab the ammo,
go down the chute, and head left. Fly into the water and collect two more
chests of ammo. When flying underwater, watch the number in the bubble. If it
reaches 0, you'll run out of air and be forced to restart the game from the
beginning. Go up the shaft, avoiding the indestructible yellow spiders and
their webs. At the top, go left and shoot the large crate that blocks your path
(press A). Go down and take the ammo box. Another water section is ahead. Grab
the clock icon for a slight time boost, then fly straight down. Touch the air
bubble to allow you to stay underwater for a very long time. Stay low and touch
the box for some ammo. Head up and right and shoot the Puftups that block your
route. Keep going for some power-ups and another air bubble. Shoot the fast-
moving Puftup ahead, then go down and touch the air bubble. Slowly float down
through the narrow passage and press A to shoot the box to the left. Go left
and up, avoiding the Shuris at all costs. If they touch you, your mission will
end. Head left and down. If you have plenty of time, touch the green box to
repair any damage you've sustained. Otherwise, go up through the very narrow
passage and touch the air bubble. Shoot the Puftup before it explodes and
releases deadly spikes. I'd probably skip the ammo refill below. More explosive
Puftups are ahead. Go up and get the air refill. Then head up the shaft out of
the water, ignoring the ammo refills to the right. Make sure the chest touches
Funky, then SLOWLY land your Gyrocopter. 2:36 is a pretty good time in my book.

Tips: Don't let the chain carrying the chest stretch too far against a wall, or
you'll drop the treasure. Go back and reclaim it with SELECT. Don't let the
chest hit the ammunition boxes, or they may explode and become useless.

Lava Lagoon
Level Type: Ship Hold

Difficulty: 5

Main Enemies: None

Other Enemies: Kaboing, Click-Clack, Neek, Flotsam, Klampon, Puftup, Klobber

Animal Buddies: Clapper is everywhere here. Additionally, after the first
Clapper after the halfway barrel, go right through the wall to find an Enguarde

Bonus Level:
1. After the "No Enguarde" sign, grab the barrel and use it to smash open a
door leading to a bonus level. Simply use Enguarde to hit all of the enemies.

DK Coin: At the last Clapper of the level (near the "G"), go right and down to
find an Invincibility Barrel. Follow the trail of bananas to the DK Coin, but
hurry before your invincibility wears out.

Golden Feather: After the first Clapper after the bonus level, count the
Puftups. Swim up after the fourth one to find a secret alcove with the Golden
Feather. You may lose a Kong during this process, though.

Camera Icon: After the second Clapper of the second half of the level, go left
and up to find a secret passage containing two Banana Coins. As Enguarde, swim
up through the non-solid wall and defeat the Lockjaw. To get Enguarde to this
point, you must dismount Enguarde before hitting the previously mentioned

Warp Barrel: Stand on the right edge of the first platform with the Klampon.
Throw your friend up to use the Warp Barrel.

Goodies: Directly below the first Clapper, swim through the wall to find two
invisible Banana Coins. Hold left while being shot by the first Arrow Barrel to
find a Banana Coin. After the first Arrow Barrel, head up the above-water
passage after the next Clapper to find a useless Invincibility Barrel. Right
before the letter "G" (in the chamber with many Puftups), hold down in a gap to
find two Banana Coins.

Tough Spots: Near the end of the level, many Puftups are around in a long
underwater stretch.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: When you stomp Clapper the seal, the lava will
turn to water for approximately 15 seconds and then change back to lava. For
this reason, you'll have to be quick through the underwater sections while
dodging assorted meanies. Ignore the lone bananas and banana bunches found
throughout the level; they're not worth the trouble.

Kong Kollege
Talk to Wrinkly if you need help with something. There's no need to check your
homework yet.

Red-Hot Ride
Level Type: Lava

Difficulty: 6

Main Enemy: Zinger

Other Enemies: Klobber, Kruncha, Flitter, Click-Clack

Animal Buddies: Rambi appears early on. Throw your friend at the Kruncha to
beat him and gain access to the Rambi crate. Rambi helps a lot in the early
part of the level.

Bonus Levels:
1. At the first piece of solid land after the letter "O," use Rambi's
SuperCharge to break open a door leading to a bonus stage. This one was a
little tough to find, so they made the bonus level itself an easy bash-the-
baddies game.

2. Use a roll jump under the Halfway Barrel to reach a hard-to-find Bonus
Barrel. Inside you must Collect the Stars. Use the vents to stay on a high
level, and try to collect two columns of stars per jump. You may prefer to use
Dixie here.

DK Coin: After the Continue Barrel, pick up the DK Barrel and keep it away from
the flying enemies. Use it to hit the Zinger directly above the letter "N."
Jump onto the balloon that Zinger was guarding and jump to get the DK Coin.

Golden Feather: It's in plain sight on the vent immediately before the "G,"
although it blends in with the background somewhat.

Camera Icon: Throw your friend at the Kruncha guarding the Halfway Barrel to
get another Camera Icon.

Warp Barrel: Just after the "K," rest on the first vent you come to. Throw your
partner straight up to find the Warp Barrel.

Goodies: Toss your partner over the level entrance to find a pair of Banana
Coins (a good place to stock up on those). If you want to get a reward from the
level exit, make sure to jump onto the balloon that floats downwards at the

Tough Spots: When you reach the letter "G," allow the balloon to float almost
into the lava. Then start heading right. At this low level, the steam vents
won't push you up into a Zinger.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This is definitely the hardest level we've had so
far. Watch out for the yellow Klobbers, who make you drop ten bananas when they
slam into you. Use the Control Pad to steer the hot-air balloons, and use the
steam to go higher. Curiously, if you enter the second Bonus Barrel, you can
hit the Continue Barrel twice here, although you only really need to hit it

Cranky's Hut
You can get a few hints from Cranky here, but there's not much point if you
have this guide! More useful is your chance to play another game of Expresso
Racing. First spend all your Golden Feathers to upgrade Expresso's abilities as
much as possible. Focus on speed. In the race, remember you're running three
laps, so the obstacles keep repeating. Use your seed boosts, since you can hold
only one. It's really not too tough to win here. If you've collected all 10
Golden Feathers so far, a good time is 1:26.

Squawks's Shaft
Level Type: Mine

Difficulty: 5

Main Enemies: Krook, Zinger

Other Enemies: Klomp, Klampon, Mini-Necky, Kannon

Animal Buddies: Squawks (who would have guessed?) is hard to miss. The Squawks
crate appears near halfway. You have to use him to get through the level, and
you definitely won't miss him.

Bonus Levels: 
1. Near the second trio of Klomps early in the level, jump right to a few
rotating barrels. Shoot over the Zinger and into the Bonus Barrel. In this
game, smash the treasure chests against the Red Zinger until you release the

2. At the halfway point, walk left and throw your buddy into the Blast Barrel,
which sends you to the Bonus Barrel. In this bonus level, just keep shooting
from barrel to barrel until you reach the Kremkoin.

3. Soon after the Mini-Neckies in the Squawks section, two Krooks are throwing
hooks very close to each other. Spit an egg at each of them, then head right
and up to find another Krook, the DK Coin, and a Bonus Barrel. In the bonus
level, use Squawks's eggs to dispose of the Zingers.

DK Coin: Next to the third Bonus Barrel.

Golden Feather: Near the first bonus level, throw Dixie into the Dixie Barrel
for bananas, two coins, and the Golden Feather.

Camera Icon: Early on, simply squash one of the Klomps in the set of three.
Hard to miss.

Warp Barrel: At the start of the level, roll to the Banana Coin above thin air,
and jump or ponytail to the final Warp Barrel.

Tough Spots: The first part of the level is full of rotating barrel cannons,
and there are often Zingers nearby, so proper timing is necessary. The Squawks
section is tough the first few times you play it. Use your egg attacks to
dispose of stationary enemies like Krook and Kannon, and use speed to get by
the Mini-Neckies. The Zingers are dangerous, too.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: Squawks makes his first appearance here. Use B to
spit eggs, A to fly (hold Up on the Control Pad to go faster), and Down to
descend. Unlike other animal buddies, if you get hit while riding Squawks,
you'll lose a monkey but you'll keep riding Squawks. The new Krook enemy is
plenteous in this level.

Klubba's Kiosk
If you have 15 Kremkoins, you can pay Klubba for a trip to the Lost World!
Don't try to fight; it won't work. In the Lost World, you'll play a very
difficult level. Each Klubba's Kiosk takes you to a different Lost World level.
Complete all of them and something good will happen. Once you pay to access the
Lost World from a particular kiosk, you won't have to pay to return to that
level. You can also play a game called Bag a Bug at Klubba's Kiosk, but you
don't win anything particularly special from playing it, and it's pretty tough.

Kleever's Kiln
Level Type: Lava (Boss)

Difficulty: 4

Main Enemy: Kleever

Goodies: In the second phase of the bout, you can use Dixie's Ponytail Twirl to
reach two Banana Coins in the upper-right corner of the arena.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: A lot of people think this boss is quite hard, but
I've never had much trouble with it, despite its scary appearance. This is my
favorite boss in the game. By the way, a cleaver is a kind of sword, and a kiln
is an oven. First, Kleever will start flinging fireballs at you. Dodge them
until a cannon ball falls down, and throw it at the boss. Some hooks will drop
down. Quickly cross over to the other side of the arena, dodging Kleever's
fireballs. Throw another cannon ball at Kleever, and keep repeating this
process. After the third hit, Kleever will sink into the lava. But it's not
over yet! Kleever will fly out of the lava and attempt to stab you. Use Dixie's
helicopter spin to safely float over the boss. After a stab attempt, get to the
other side of the arena and pelt Kleever with a cannon ball. Repeat two more
times and the boss will explode spectacularly, awarding you a Kremkoin. For
those of you who are wondering, the lightning in the background is new to the
GBA version, and it won't hurt you.

-----------------------------------Krem Quay-----------------------------------

Barrel Bayou
Level Type: Swamp

Difficulty: 5

Main Enemies: Kloak, Zinger

Other Enemies: Click-Clack, Neek, Klomp, Flitter, Klobber

Animal Buddies: Early in the level, there's a sequence of Rotatable Barrels.
Fire the third one "southwest" to reach Rambi's crate. Using Dixie's helicopter
spin or the KrocHead also does the trick.

Bonus Levels:
1. Just after the "No Rambi" sign, watch the Kloak a while. When it flees to
the left, chase after it and it will throw a chest. Quickly smash the chest
against the Kloak to find a cannon ball. Then jump left into the cannon. In the
bonus game, just toss the cannon ball at the Flitters and Zinger to defeat them
and reveal the Kremkoin.

2. In plain sight near the end of the level. Throw your friend into it before a
Kloak drops an irritating Zinger. In the bonus level, keep aiming accurately
with the Rotatable Barrels.

DK Coin: It's your reward for reaching the "No Rambi" sign.

Golden Feather: In a section of Rotatable Barrels a little after Rambi. You
have to go out of your way to not get this Golden Feather.

Camera Icon: Helicopter spin or roll jump onto the KrocHead found right before
Rambi's crate. If you skip the high barrels, you'll probably get this.

Goodies: One of the best goodies in the game. When you reach the letter N, two
Kloaks are throwing out Click-Clacks. Be patient and one will throw a treasure
chest. Smash it against a beetle to find a 2-Up. Repeat this process as long as
you want!

Tough Spots: Near the end, you'll have to keep firing out of an arrow barrel to
cross a gap.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: I like swamp levels. This level introduces Kloak,
a ghostly enemy that throws stuff at you, and Rotatable Barrels, which you can
rotate in the desired direction. They will shoot you out after a certain amount
of time, though, unless you press B to fire manually. Make sure to find Rambi
for the first part of the level. Don't fall into the swampy water, or you'll
lose a life.

Glimmer's Galleon
Level Type: Ship Hold

Difficulty: 6

Main Enemies: Lockjaw, Puftup

Other Enemies: Klomp, Flotsam, Shuri, Spiny

Animal Buddies: Glimmer helps you through most of the level.

Bonus Levels:
1. At the very start of the level, go up and then right into the passage
leading to the bonus level. To get your Kremkoin, just follow the winding
passage - there aren't any forks or alcoves to mess you up.

2. Near the end of the level, you'll find a Puftup near an arrow made up of
bananas. Keep swimming down and right to find a Lockjaw and the bonus level.
This bonus level is tougher than the last one, as this is a maze. Start by
going up and then right, and from there make your way to the upper-right

DK Coin: At the very beginning, swim over the entrance to the bonus level to
find a room full of bananas. In there, go up from the upper-right corner of the
screen to find the DK Coin. A toughie!

Golden Feather: It's in a high alcove in the Shuri section near the end. As an
alternative reference point, go up and left a bit from the second bonus level.

Camera Icons:
1. Right before the letter "O", you swim up a passage guarded by three
Lockjaws. After the first Lockjaw and second upward banana arrow in this
vicinity, swim left through the wall to find two Banana Coins and the invisible
camera icon.

2. A little after the Halfway Barrel, you'll spot three bananas leading up.
Swim through the wall to the right to find a single banana, which is actually
an Invincibility Barrel. Quickly swim left and defeat the Shuri marked with the
camera symbol.

Goodies: There are many Banana Coins behind not-so-solid walls, but if you need
Banana Coins, there are much easier ways to accumulate them. Just after Glimmer
appears, swim up and right to find a lone banana hiding an invisible 1-Up.
You'll have to throw your buddy if you want to receive a prize from the level

Tough Spots: This level has a lot of tough spots. In the Puftup areas, keep
your distance from the pufferfish before they explode. Also, near the letter
"G" are two Lockjaws. Swim between them when they're far apart.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This level is extremely dark, so it's tough to see
where you're going without the aid of your helpful friend Glimmer. If you ever
get lost, follow the banana-shaped arrows. The GBA version of this level is
much brighter (and therefore significantly easier) than the original.

Kong Kollege
Wrinkly Kong has little new at this Kong Kollege kampus (yes, that was
intentional). You should already be familiar with all of her information.

Funky's Flights II
Funky provides another Gyrocopter game intended to boost your DK Coin supply.
This time we play Kongstruction, which can be frustrating. First remember
there's a damage repair kit at the landing area, but don't take it until you
really need it. At first, go straight up and press SELECT to grab a piece of
the statue. Touch the clock icon and head down and a bit right. Use SELECT to
drop the statue on the pedestal. Watch out for the countless Flitters flitting
about. The next statue piece is on the lower-right corner of the area. Take it
to the statue. Go to the upper-right corner for another statue piece. Things
get really annoying now. The next statue piece is held by a Flitter. Shoot it
or crash into it, then take the piece to the statue. Watch to make sure no
Flitters steal part of the statue, then quickly follow the arrow up to the
final piece of the statue. Drop it on the statue to change the statue's color,
and then land slowly on the Helipad. 1:04.11 is my record time.

Tips: If a Flitter steals a piece of the statue, follow the arrow and hunt it
down. Be quick and this won't happen. Once all five pieces are in place, the
dragonflies won't be able to steal parts of the statue. If you touch a Flitter,
you'll take damage, but if you hit them until your damage meter empties and
your helicopter explodes, you'll be able to restart the challenge (don't select
"Give Up"), and after that you won't be damaged if you fly into a Flitter.

Krockhead Klamber
Level Type: Swamp

Difficulty: 5

Main Enemy: Zinger

Other Enemies: Kutlass, Flitter, Kaboing, Klinger

Animal Buddies: Squitter appears in a bonus level.

Bonus Levels:
1. Right before the halfway point, you'll find a "No Squitter" sign. Throw your
partner into the Bonus Barrel directly above the banana arrow. In the bonus
level, mount Squitter and build web platforms so you can shoot the Zingers. Be
fast, since there's not much time.

DK Coin: This is tricky. At the very start, throw your friend over the Zingers
to the left. Bop one of the Zingers with the chest, then roll jump over the
gap, using the bananas as your guide. Then run through the Zingers (taking a
hit) and keep smashing the chest against the Zingers until the DK Coin is
revealed. You can toss your partner between the Zingers, but that's very
difficult to do (especially if you're in the habit of jumping when teaming up).

Golden Feather: It's located directly above the second KrocHead Barrel. It
blends in with the background a little.

Camera Icon: Stomp the last one of a series of Flitters in the second half of
the level. Hard to miss.

Goodies: Nothing in particular.

Tough Spots: The second half of the level features KrocHead Barrels. These make
green KrocHeads pop out of the water - but temporarily. Use them as stepping
stones to cross the swamp before the recede. Some Zingers and other obstacles
are around to make things tougher. Using Dixie is strongly recommended.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This is another swamp level. The first half is
full of cattails, which are just like ropes, while the second half has lots of
KrocHeads, which are controlled by the barrels.

Cranky's Hut
While Cranky's advice isn't particularly useful if you have this walkthrough,
you'll definitely want to pick up another DK Coin from the Expresso Racing
mini-game. This is the first race where boosting the Flight statistic will
help. Strength and Speed are also useful. Near the end of each lap, stay
outside to get a Golden Feather that will assist in crossing the final bog
(press A in mid-flight to use it).

Klubba's Kiosk
If you have 15 Kremkoins, you can go to Black Ice Battle, the second level in
the Lost World, from here. See the Lost World section for the Black Ice Battle
guide. However, even if you've been playing perfectly, you'll still need one
more Kremkoin to pay the toll.

Rattle Battle
Level Type: Ship Deck

Difficulty: 5

Main Enemy: Kaboing

Other Enemies: Zinger, Flitter, Kannon

Animal Buddies: You're controlling Rattly through most of the level, like it or
not. You can't skip the Rattly Barrel.

Bonus Levels:
1. Jump up at the very start of the level and you'll be launched to a ledge
with a banana bunch and Banana Coin. Throw your friend into the Bonus Barrel
while you're there. Inside, use roll jumps and/or the helicopter spin to climb
the barrels to the Kremkoin.

2. Just before the letter "O," drop down into the narrow gap and head left to
reach a bonus level. In it, simply bounce across the Zingers to the token. You
don't have to stomp on every one of them.

3. Just after the "N," jump straight up when you come to a banana arrow. You'll
enter a Collect the Stars bonus level. If necessary, use the SuperJump to reach
the higher stars in the middle. 

DK Coin: Right before the Continue Barrel, defeat the Zinger and then drop to
the lowest ledge. Jump over the gap into the ship and a barrel cannon will
shoot you to the DK Coin.

Golden Feather: When you see the first green Kaboing in the second half of the
level, jump onto the stack of barrels to find the Golden Feather.

Camera Icon: Simply stomp one of the Kaboings around the letter "G."

Goodies: Nothing that's hard to find.

Tough Spots: Near the end, there are many Kaboings bouncing on barrels. Use the
SuperJump to clear them. Also use the SuperJump to deal with the Kannons at the

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This is my favorite level in DKC 2. I think you'll
like the music, a delicious remix of the first DKC's final boss theme.

Slime Climb
Level Type: Rigging

Difficulty: 7

Main Enemy: Snapjaw

Other Enemies: Click-Clack, Kruncha, Klinger, Kannon, Neek, Flitter, Zinger,
Klobber, Klomp

Animal Buddies: None

Bonus Levels:
1. Just past the halfway point is a Kannon. Roll into him (don't stomp him, or
the water will start rising) and the Invincibility Barrel. Jump into the water
and quickly swim down, following the bananas to the Bonus Barrel. This star-
collecting game is a bit tricky, especially if you don't have Dixie. Be careful
not to fall off the bottom of the screen.

2. Near the end of the level, there's a cannon ball in plain sight. Pick it up,
take it past the Klomps, and enter the cannon while staying ahead of the
Snapjaw. In the bonus level, use cannon balls (or your buddy with the Flitter)
to beat all the enemies.

DK Coin: After where you exit the second bonus level, throw your pal into the
Invincibility Barrel and swim along the top of the water to find the DK Coin.
Be quick.

Golden Feather: When you're invincible, swim along the top of the water and
you'll reach the Golden Feather before coming to the DK Coin.

Camera Icon: None

Goodies: There aren't a lot of hidden goodies in this level. I wonder if you
can find the letter "G." I did!

Tough Spots: One stretch has a couple of Klobbers. Just stomp them and keep

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: The ship is sinking in this level, so the water is
rising at times. What's more, the water is inhabited by the ferocious Snapjaw,
a fish who bites monkeys as soon as they land in the water. Use Diddy for most
of the level, since he's speedier than Dixie. In the second half of the level,
there are a couple of high barrel cannons (toss your buddy) you can use to skip
some difficult Klinger-laden rope sections.

Bonus Bonanza
You've got to love ridiculous answers like Torch Tragedy and Don Quay. Here are
the correct answers to each of the quizzes:

Funky's Fun (1 coin): Jumps very high, Glimmer's Galleon, Klubba

Swampy Swag (2 coins): 5, R button, Rambi

Primate Prize (3 coins): Krem Quay, Squawks, 2

Bramble Blast
Level Type: Brambles

Difficulty: 5

Main Enemy: Zinger

Other Enemies: Klampon, Click-Clack, Flitter

Animal Buddies: In the second half of the level, you must fire from a barrel
cannon onto a Flitter. Using the banana as a guide, shoot onto him and land in
the automatic barrel, sending you onto another Flitter. Now hold left and drop
down the banana-filled passage. This will take you to Squawks.

Bonus Levels:
1. Look in the bottom-left corner of the fourth large section, and make sure to
bypass the main Arrow Barrel (which leads to the next section) at first. It's a
little hard to explain how to get the Kremkoin in this bonus level, but stay
along the bottom line of brambles for your first few shots, then zig-zag a bit.

2. You'll find this barrel at the end of the Squawks section, after a few
indestructible Zingers. In the not-too-tough bonus level, stay away from the
briers and follow the banana trail to find the Kremkoin.

DK Coin: Soon after you get Squawks, use an egg to dispose of the Zinger that
guards the DK Coin.

Golden Feather: It's toward the right section of the sector after the Click-
Clacks. Use the Arrow Barrels to reach it.
Camera Icon: None

Goodies: Just past the halfway point, you'll have to shoot quickly to get the
1-Up before it floats away.

Tough Spots: In some places, you'll be shooting out of 8-direction barrel
cannons in narrow, bramble-lined passages. Emulator players can try reducing
the game speed. Also remember that when a person is intoxicated, reaction time
is one of the first abilities to go, so don't play while drunk (I will resist
the urge to use a smiley here).

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: In this unique area, you spend most of your time
shooting out of rotating barrel cannons. Most rotate in only a few directions,
so it's a bit of a maze. Be patient and you'll find the right path. Don't touch
the brambles, or you might lose a monkey. After the Klampon, use Dixie's
helicopter spin to float to the platform toward the lower-left so you don't
have to deal with more barrel cannons than you have to.

Kudgel's Kontest
Level Type: Swamp (Boss)

Difficulty: 5

Main Enemy: Kudgel

Goodies: None

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: Kudgel is the boss of Krem Quay. He's a palette
swap of Klubba, but this guy's not here to help. Use Diddy here because of his
superior speed. At first, Kudgel drops down periodically, stunning you if
you're on the ground when he lands. Keep moving to avoid getting squished, and
jump right before he lands. Eventually, a TNT barrel drops down. Stay far away
from Kudgel, as he's about to swing his club at you. Pick up the barrel of
trinitrotoluene and throw it at Kudgel when he lands again to score a hit.
Don't run into Kudgel with the TNT barrel; it won't work. After three hits,
Kudgel stays on the screen when he bounces, but that doesn't make things much
tougher. Remember that each hit makes Kudgel move a little faster. Three more
hits will finish the battle and net you a Kremkoin.

---------------------------------Krazy Kremland--------------------------------

Hornet Hole
Level Type: Wasp Hive

Difficulty: 5

Main Enemy: Zinger

Other Enemies: Click-Clack, Spiny, Krook

Animal Buddies: Just before the halfway point, look for a hook at the top of
the screen. Throw your friend onto it to find the Squitter crate.

Bonus Levels:
1. At the very start, throw your friend onto the hook. Jump onto the honey and
climb all the way to the top. Jump across the hooks to land on a wall with an
entrance to a bonus level. Inside, keep smashing the chest against the Zingers
until the Kremkoin is revealed. I suggest using Dixie here.

2. Directly below the first bonus level, although you don't have to use the
hooks to find this one. Here, quickly jump back and forth between the sticky
wall until you reach the Kremkoin. You have only a 10-second timer, but you can
complete this in two seconds.

3. Right after the "N," build some webs where the bananas are and you'll
eventually reach a bonus door guarded by a Zinger. The bonus level is a simple
web-building exercise, although the tight confines make it a little harder.

DK Coin: Just before the "N," use Squitter's webs to beat a Zinger blocking a
passage on the floor. Drop down, dispose of another Zinger, and build some webs
to reach the DK Coin.

Golden Feather: Right before you reach Squitter, helicopter spin across the gap
to find some hooks leading to the Golden Feather.

Camera Icon: Right after you get Squitter, defeat the three Spinies with webs
to earn another picture for your Scrapbook.

Goodies: After the letter "K," climb to the very top of the sticky wall, where
you'll find a chest containing a 2-Up at the top.

Tough Spots: Near the end, you'll have to climb up a honey wall that has a
Krook at the top. It's tricky with Squitter, too.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This level is pretty easy once you get the hang of
the sticky honey walls and floors. Honey makes walking impossible, but you can
use it to climb up steep walls - just keep jumping.

Kong Kollege
Wrinkly has something new here besides gameplay basics and vague hints about
the boss. If you're willing to pay 10 Banana Coins, you can learn the general
locations of the camera icons for each of the first five pages of your
Scrapbook. This could be very helpful if you missed something, even with my
guide. I wouldn't worry too much about this until you're almost finished with
the game, though. Also, since you have to pay for each page, this will be
extremely expensive. You'll accumulate enough Banana Coins to buy all of these
only by playing for a really long time or by using a secret code (found in the
FAQ section).

Target Terror
Level Type: Roller Coaster

Difficulty: 5

Main Enemy: Zinger

Other Enemies: Flitter, Klank

Animal Buddies: Squawks appears in a bonus level.

Bonus Levels:
1. Between the first Klank and the letter "O," jump up near the top of the
small hill to enter a Bonus Barrel. Inside, hop on Squawks and shoot eggs to
defeat the nine Zingers. Remember that it's safe to touch the vines from the
bottom; just don't touch the sides or top.

2. After the second Klank (right after the DK Coin), don't jump onto the next
roller coaster; instead, follow him into the gap, where you'll find the Bonus
Barrel. The bonus level requires lots of cart-jumping, but it's not too hard.

DK Coin: In the second half of the level, jump up in the wooden tunnel right
before the second Klank appears to take the hard-to-see DK Coin.

Golden Feather: Immediately after the "K," jump up behind the wooden area to
find the Golden Feather. Don't miss the check barrel, though.

Camera Icon: None

Tough Spots: At the end of the level, two of the check barrels are closely
guarded by Zingers, and another requires you to change coasters at the last
second possible.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: In this level, you're on a roller coaster, and you
must jump to hit the check barrels, which open gates. Meanwhile, avoid the "X"
barrels, which shut the gates. If you hit a closed gate, you'll lose a monkey.
Opening the gates gradually gets harder throughout the level. Use the bananas
as a guide for hitting (or not hitting) the barrels.

Bramble Scramble
Level Type: Brambles

Difficulty: 8

Main Enemy: Zinger
Other Enemies: Krook, Kannon, Mini-Necky, Click-Clack, Kloak
Animal Buddies: Both Squawks crates are mandatory and easy to find. At the
halfway barrel, jump through the brambles to the right - they're not solid.
Perform a roll jump to find Squitter.

Bonus Levels:
1. After the first horizontal rope, throw your friend up to the Invincibility
Barrel. Run along the bottom brambles, and launch out of the barrel cannon into
the Bonus Barrel. This one is quite tough. Defeat a Zinger, take the four stars
it guards, and repeat with the others. Be patient, as there's plenty of time
and you shouldn't touch the brambles.

DK Coin: See the Animal Buddies section to learn how to get Squitter. From the
Squitter barrel, build web platforms upwards until you find a wall marked with
a banana. Build a web bridge through, constructing webs in close succession.
Nearby is the DK Coin. You may want to complete the level before trying to get
this DK Coin, so you can use the Pause + SELECT to exit the level.

Golden Feather: Early in the second Squawks section, a normal and red Zinger
are flying vertically, guarding the alcove that holds the Golden Feather. Shoot
the regular Zinger to get it safely.

Camera Icon: At the start, use Dixie to jump to the right. Throw Diddy into the
Diddy Barrel to get the camera icon.

Goodies: Right after the "O," you'll find two Banana Coins guarded by a Krook.
These are best ignored unless you have both monkeys. Near the DK Coin, build
webs to the lone bananas to find a 3-Up and a Banana Coin.

Tough Spots: This entire level is quite tough. I think the "Zinger Ring" at the
end is particularly difficult. Take it slowly until you make a decisive move.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This is the first really tough level in the game.
It is much harder than anything you saw in Donkey Kong Country - and we're
barely halfway through the game! Remember that as Squawks, you can safely touch
the brambles on the bottom without getting hurt. This trick helps in getting
through the Kloaks at the end (and many other times).

Funky's Flights II
Here comes another Funky mini-game, but thankfully, this edition is easier than
the last one. In Kongnapped, you're searching for Kongs who have gone missing.
Inexplicably, all of them look like Tiny Kong, that annoying little sister of
Dixie's from Donkey Kong 64. If I was going to clone someone, it wouldn't have
been her! To rescue a Kong, land SLOWLY near her and she'll hop aboard. Then
land (slowly) on the Helipad to score a point. Your first hostage is straight
up and slightly right. There's also a repair kit near here, so keep that in
mind for later. Take her to the Helipad and repeat, although the next one will
be in a different place. If you hear a call for help, you know a Zinger is
carrying a Kong. Shoot it down and rescue the Tiny clone. Avoid flying into the
Zingers to prevent damage. The numerous landings could take their own toll on
your copter if you're not careful. Six rescues will end the mission. 1:18.97 is
my best time.

Rickety Race
Level Type: Roller Coaster

Difficulty: 4

Main Enemy: Klank

Other Enemies: None

Animal Buddies: None

Bonus Levels:
1. As Dixie, keep throwing Diddy up the ledges at the start. Then helicopter
spin to the bonus level on the right. In this "Destroy Them All" bonus, it's
impossible to defeat all of the Klanks; instead, just make sure to run down
all of the ones that cross your path.

DK Coin: Stomp the last Klank to get it. It's a little tougher than it was in
the Super NES version. Be sure to get the speed boost.

Golden Feather: Right after the "G," jump up in the wooden area to find the
partially concealed Golden Feather.

Camera Icon: None

Goodies: The next-to-last Klank yields a Banana Coin. At the end, use the hook
to hit the level exit from sufficient height to earn a reward.

Tough Spots: Nothing too tough, although sometimes it's tricky to pass Klanks.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: In this unorthodox level, which happens to be the
approximate halfway point of the game, you're on a roller coaster and doing
battle with the 10 Klanks sharing the road with you. Hold Right on the Control
Pad to increase your speed, or Left to slow down. Watch out, as it's possible
to fall off the tracks and lose a life if you get careless. Hold Left at the
start to hit a special barrel that increases your speed. The GBA version of the
game plays slightly differently from the original version, as the cart is
slower and feels "heavier." I have always been convinced that two of the Klanks
look like Pittsburgh Steelers and Southern Cal fans. 

Cranky's Hut
With my guide, there's little use in paying money to hear Cranky's vague hints
(usually involving puns on directions and prepositions). However, you will want
to play a round of Expresso Racing to earn another DK Coin. Be careful not to
fall off the narrow part of the course; if you do, you'll lose a lot of time.
The Boost rating is very useful here, while Flight isn't.

Bonus Bonanza
Note that the third question of "Baboon Booty" isn't quite accurate, as Kutlass
hasn't appeared yet in Krazy Kremland. I think Swanky means "in the game"
instead of "during this area of the island," since we have seen a Kutlass in the
Lost World. Anyway, here are the correct answers:

Wrinkly's Winner (1 coin): Krazy Kremland; Red, green, and yellow; Rare/

Krazy Kwiz (2 coins): Hornet Hole, Wrinkly, Picture of K. Rool

Baboon Booty (3 coins): Rattly, Green, Cat o' 9 Tails

Mudhole Marsh
Level Type: Swamp

Difficulty: 5

Main Enemies: Cat o' Nine Tails, Mini-Necky, Zinger

Other Enemies: Click-Clack, Flitter, Kannon

Animal Buddies: None

Bonus Levels:
1. Near the end of the first half of the level, throw your friend up to the
Bonus Barrel while avoiding the pesky Cat o' Nine Tails. In the bonus level,
throw your partner at the stars to collect them.

2. A little after the "N," pick up the cannon ball found in plain sight. Jump
from island to island, jumping over Kannon's projectiles. Enter the cannon and
play a tough bonus level. Pelt the flying baddies with cannon balls, but hurry;
there isn't much time.

DK Coin: After the place where you clear the gap using Kannon's projectiles,
you'll find a hook and a Kannon shooting rightwards. Don't stomp him. The DK
Coin comes from the level exit. Watch the pattern to see where the DK Coin
comes. If you're Dixie, you can helicopter spin from the hook to the exit;
otherwise, jump onto the barrel and land on the exit, possibly getting the
coin. It's not easy. 

Golden Feather: Next to the Kannon near the end, roll jump or team up to earn
the precariously placed Golden Feather.

Camera Icon: Three Mini-Neckies will swoop at you a little past the "N" and two
other Mini-Neckies. Stomp the top one using your helicopter spin to earn
another picture in your Scrapbook.

Goodies: Right before the letter "O" (found in a chest), throw your friend up
to the lone banana to become invincible (it's not very helpful, though). One
Banana Coin can only be reached via Cat o' Nine Tails, but it's best ignored
because of the Zinger risk. Another can only be reached by throwing your
partner into the water (you won't lose him/her).

Tough Spots: In the second half of the level, there are some Cat o' Nine Tails
that can send you flying into Zingers. Hit the kitties with a barrel or lure
them away from you. Near the very end, you'll have to clear a gap using
Kannon's barrels.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: Our final swamp level introduces Cat o' Nine
Tails, an annoying cat who can fling you high in the air. However, this level
is not especially tough. Some of the DK Barrels are found in treasure chests.

Klubba's Kiosk
If you've followed my guide closely, you'll have just enough Kremkoins to pay
Klubba to visit the difficult Klobber Karnage level, which is covered in the
Lost World section.

Rambi Rumble
Level Type: Wasp Hive

Difficulty: 8

Main Enemies: Zinger, King Zing

Other Enemies: Kutlass, Klampon, Kannon, Kruncha (only in a bonus level)

Animal Buddies: Right after the halfway point, there's a door you must enter.
Climb the honey wall and jump into the Rambi barrel.

Bonus Levels:
1. A little before the halfway point, jump to the lone banana to find a hook.
Use it to climb up the honey wall and find a bonus door. Getting up is a little
tricky, so you may need to try a few times. The bonus level requires you to
climb up a couple of sticky walls - a familiar process.

2. When you pass a pair of Red Zingers in the Big Zinger Chase, charge up a
SuperCharge and release before the big Zinger hits you. You'll crash through a
door, revealing a bonus level. Simply smash through the melee of meanies before
time runs out.

DK Coin: Right before you reach the door leading to Rambi's room, jump up to
reveal a hook. Keep jumping to clear the passage, and then climb the wall to
the DK Coin. Then go back and get Rambi, because you won't make it far without

Golden Feather: Just past the "K," there's a platform with a Klampon, along
with a hook nearby. Roll jump to the right to find the Golden Feather. An Arrow
Barrel will launch you back safely.

Camera Icon: Defeat the Kutlass right next to the "O."
Goodies: None that are very secret or very special.

Tough Spots: In the first part of the level, there are several sticky walls
guarded by Zingers. Make your move when the Zinger moves to the other side.
Also, the section near the end where the big Zinger is chasing you can be

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: The first half of the level has more honey-
climbing, but there are now a lot more Zingers around. The last quarter of the
level gives you control of Rambi with a massive Zinger (maybe King Zing)
pursuing you and dramatic music playing (although it's not the same as in the
original game). You may want to let the Zinger pass you (taking a hit) so you
can explore the rest of the area at your own pace.

King Zing Sting
Level Type: Wasp Hive (Boss)

Difficulty: 5

Main Enemy: King Zing

Other Enemy: Zinger

Animal Buddies: You control Squawks throughout the entire battle.

Goodies: None

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: King Zing is one of the more interesting bosses in
the game. He starts by moving back and forth. Spit an egg at his red stinger to
score a hit. Afterwards, he'll turn red and become invulnerable for a short
time. When he releases spikes, just move up or down against the wall to avoid
them. King Zing's speed increases after each hit. After six direct hits to the
stinger, King Zing turns into a small red Zinger encircled by four regular
Zingers (like Koopa Shells in Mario Kart). Egg the regular Zingers, then hit
the main Zinger before the bees regenerate. After that, the Zinger will begin
to chase you. Keep spitting eggs at it until the battle is over and you're one
Kremkoin richer.

---------------------------------Gloomy Gulch----------------------------------

Ghostly Grove

Level Type: Enchanted Wood

Difficulty: 5

Main Enemies: None

Other Enemies: Kloak, Klomp, Spiny, Klampon, Flitter, Klobber, Kruncha, Zinger,

Animal Buddies: None

Bonus Levels:
1. Just after the "O," throw a barrel past the Krunchas, breaking open a bonus
level. Inside, keep throwing the treasure chest at the red Zinger until you get
the Kremkoin. Using Dixie is highly recommended.

2. Above two Klampons near the end of the level, take the two Ghost Ropes to a
Bonus Barrel. These ropes are faster than most, so you have to time it right.
In the bonus level, quickly jump across the Ghost Ropes to the Kremkoin.

DK Coin: Roll jump under the ledge with the letter "O" to find a barrel cannon
and the DK Coin. Watch out for the Klobber.

Golden Feather: Between the "N" and the second bonus level, drop down into a
gully to find a hook and the Golden Feather.

Camera Icon: Throw your friend at the Kloak above the start to earn it. Repeat,
aiming a bit left, to earn a 3-Up. If you've completed the level, this is a
great way to earn unlimited lives. This 3-Up didn't appear in the original game.

Goodies: The letter "G" is invisible but surrounded by bananas. 

Tough Spots: The final stretch of Ghost Ropes has a few Zingers.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: Ghostly Grove has a laundry list of enemies, but
none of them are particularly dangerous. The main feature of Ghostly Grove are
the Ghost Ropes, which keep disappearing and reappearing. Take some time to
learn their pattern, or these ethereal ropes could disappear with you on them.

Cranky's Hut
Go here for your share of complaining and less-than-useful advice. There's
another round of Expresso Racing to play. This is pretty tough, so you may wish
to return later in the game when you have more Golden Feathers. Anyway,
Strength can be useful in this tight competition, and Flight (and feathers
along the way) will help you in crossing the bog near the start. 1:10.83 is a
near-perfect time.

Haunted Hall
Level Type: Haunted (Roller Coaster)

Difficulty: 7

Main Enemy: Kackle

Other Enemy: Zinger

Animal Buddies: None

Bonus Levels:
1. Right after the first Kackle, the rails split into a lower and upper
section. Jump onto the lower section, and when you see the wooden tunnel, jump
onto it to reach the bonus level. Inside, be prepared to do some rapid-fire
jumping after you hit the Plus Barrel (not the kind that deals with Kackle).

2. After you finish the previous bonus level, you'll be sent backwards. Then
ride into the lower tunnel for ANOTHER bonus level. Just keep jumping to
collect the stars. You don't need to collect every single one of them.

3. After the third Kackle, hit the jump button at just the right time (hit it a
little early) to jump onto the lower of the rails. It's tough to get there, but
it leads to a bonus level. Inside, you're travelling at lightning speed, but
otherwise it's not too tough.

DK Coin: After you get the camera icon, throw your partner upwards to find the
DK Coin, which is in a slightly different location from the Super NES version.

Goodies: Nothing that isn't in plain sight.

Golden Feather: As Dixie, drop under the opening platform to find a Dixie
Barrel and the Golden Feather.

Camera Icon: At the level exit, scurry under the left deck to find the camera

Tough Spots: The final Kackle stretch requires you to jump very accurately to
hit the Plus Barrels while avoiding the Minus Barrels.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: Pretty good music here. Through most of this
level, you're being chased by a ghostly skeletal pirate called Kackle. To keep
him from touching you and taking a monkey, you must hit the Plus Barrels to add
time to the timer. Worse, there are several Minus Barrels around that subtract
time (although they don't send you to the Minus World as Cranky jokes), not to
mention the places where you can fall off the rails.

Gusty Glade
Level Type: Enchanted Wood

Difficulty: 7

Main Enemies: None

Other Enemies: Klampon, Click-Clack, Spiny, Kutlass, Zinger, Neek, Flitter
(only in the bonus level), Kannon

Animal Buddies: At the beginning of the level, throw your partner over the
mound with the level entrance to find Rattly.

Bonus Levels:
1. Right before the "No Squitter" sign, bounce into the Bonus Barrel. You don't
have to hit all the Flitters; just bounce on a couple and you'll reach the
Kremkoin in no time.

2. A little past halfway, two Kutlasses are guarding two treasure chests. The
upper one contains a cannon ball. Then jump across the long gap into the
cannon, where you have to use a moving arrow barrel to collect the stars.
Fortunately, the wind isn't blowing.

DK Coin: Near the end (after a few barrel cannons), you'll land on a high bluff
above a Kannon. Use Dixie's helicopter spin to soar into the DK Coin in the
air. If you're careful, you can bypass the very hard final stretch and reach
the level exit.

Golden Feather: Throw your buddy over the large mound at the level exit.
Camera Icon: Directly above Rattly's crate.

Goodies: You get a 3-Up for reaching the "No Rattly" sign with Rattly.

Tough Spots: Right before the "No Rattly" sign, there's a tough jump that
requires you to charge the SuperJump (if using Rattly). The stretches with the
alternating wind currents are tough if you're not patient. Also, the final
stretch is extremely hard if you don't use the shortcut mentioned in the DK
Coin section.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This is a very hard level the first time you play
it. The strong wind affects the way you move (like the Super Mario All-Stars
Lost Levels). A tailwind makes you jump very far; a headwind makes jumping
forward almost impossible. In some places, the wind alternates between both
directions, so use patience to find the wind's pattern.

Kong Kollege
Wrinkly has more tips that aren't too useful, but you can also learn the
general whereabouts of the camera icons for pages 6-10 of your Scrapbook. Also,
if you've been diligently collecting camera icons, you should be able to
collect a couple of DK Coins if you select the "Check Homework" option.

Bonus Bonanza
Here are the correct answers, for those who care to play.

Lockjaw's Loot (1 coin): Gloomy Gulch, 5, Funky

Haunted Haul (2 coins): Gusty Glade, 3, Crocodile Isle

Gibbon Game (3 coins): Crocodile Canyon, Enguarde, 2

Parrot Chute Panic
Level Type: Wasp Hive

Difficulty: 6

Main Enemy: Zinger

Other Enemies: Klampon, Spiny

Animal Buddies: This level is full of Squawks's purple cousins, Flapper, who
can only float downwards and can't spit eggs. Hold Up on the Control Pad to
float more slowly, and hold Down to descend more slowly. Press L to dismount.
Regular Squawks appears twice in bonus levels.

Bonus Levels:
1. After a Banana Coin and a set of three Zingers, hold left and up to find a
bonus door. Inside, simply guide regular Squawks through a winding tunnel. A
really easy bonus level.

2. Between the Spiny and the letter "N," use some narrow pieces of honey to
climb up the wall. Be careful not to fall onto the Zingers. At the top, you'll
find a bonus door. Inside, mount Squawks and use eggs to dispose of the
Zingers. At the end, beat the final Zinger using the TNT barrel that appears
after reaching the "No Squawks" sign.

DK Coin: At the start of the level, drop down, holding Left and using your
Ponytail Twirl to find the DK Coin.

Golden Feather: Near the end, simply use your bird to float into it; it's in
plain sight, although it blends in with the background.

Camera Icon: A bit past the halfway point, pick up the crate and use it to
defeat the nearest Zinger.

1. After the first Squawks ride, you'll land near a crate and a Zinger. Get rid
of the Klampon below you, go back up, and grab the crate. Use it to break the
wall just right of where the Klampon was. Enter the passage for bananas and a
shortcut past one Squawks sequence. You won't even miss the "K" letter. Credit
goes to Norberto Rojas Marin (accented "I" omitted, by the way) for this one.

2. Near the end, throw your friend to a high Rotatable Barrel to find a Banana
Coin. To hit the level target, it's easiest to use the invisible hook (look for
the lone banana).

Tough Spots: The next-to-last sequence is a little tough. Hold Up to reduce
your speed when necessary.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: In this level, you ride a Flapper down through
endless Zingers. Take the easiest route through the Zingers - don't try to get
the lone bananas and banana bunches. If you're not comfortable with this purple
Squawks, you can use Dixie's Ponytail Twirl to float downwards. Try at your own

Klubba's Kiosk
This kiosk takes you to Fiery Furnace, but you'll still need a couple more
Kremkoins at this point in the game.

Funky's Flights II
Funky has another chore for you to do, but this one isn't too difficult. Just
find his radio and bring it to him, draining the water level along the way. The
three-minute time limit isn't all that restrictive. The main tip: Shoot any
Zingers you see along the way. When you reach a set of three arrows, shoot them
in a specific order to lower the water (they'll turn green if you shoot the
right arrow). If the top arrow is 1 and the bottom is 3, here are the correct
orders: 2-1-3, 1-3-2, 1-2-3, and 3-2-1. You may find it helpful to hold R when
approaching the arrows. The final water switch isn't part of a set; hit it and
the water will drain automatically. Ignore the barrels; they won't hurt you.
Shoot the Kloak a few times to defeat it (or just avoid it), but don't touch
it, or you'll have to start over. Press SELECT to grab the radio, then retrace
your steps and take it to Funky. Conclude your mission by safely landing on the
Helipad. You shouldn't need to use the damage repair kit during this mission.
A good time is 1:39.21.

Web Woods
Level Type: Enchanted Wood

Difficulty: 8

Main Enemy: Zinger

Other Enemies: Neek, Kruncha, Kutlass, Kaboing, Krook, Mini-Necky, Kannon

Animal Buddies: You have no choice but to use Squitter for most of the level.

Bonus Levels:
1. A little after the "N," you'll find a Kannon and a banana arrow facing left.
When the Kannon fires a slow-moving cannon ball, construct web platforms to the
left, following the cannon ball. It will slam into the wall and open a bonus
level. Inside, keep building webs in close succession to form a nice bridge.
Follow the bananas and avoid the Zingers and brambles.

2. After the section with many red Zingers, there will be some green Kaboings.
Beat them with webs, being careful not to hit the Kannon. Follow the Kannon's
ammunition until it smashes open the door near the banana arrow. Thankfully,
the bonus level is an easy collect-the-stars game involving web building.

DK Coin: This is one of the prizes at the level exit. Fire out of the cannon
when the banana appears, and if your timing is just right, you'll get the coin.
It doesn't appear for very long.

Golden Feather: Near the end, there's a Zinger circling a Banana Coin. From
here, build web platforms down and right until you reach the Golden Feather.

Camera Icon: Roll into one of the Neeks near the start of the level.

Goodies: At the first DK Barrel, throw your friend onto the ledge above you to
find several goodies. Also, there's a high bluff near the merging of the two
paths. On top is a chest with a 2-Up inside. Either throw your friend up there,
or toss your partner above the Squitter door to find a barrel cannon that takes
you there. Lastly, throw your friend over the level exit to find a 2-Up.

Tough Spots: The section with the multitude of Red Zingers is difficult. If
necessary, build web platforms close to each other to form a bridge.
Notes, Tips, and Strategies: Some people feel this is the hardest level in the
game. You'll have to be an expert with Squitter to succeed in this endless
level. Try to eliminate all the non-indestructible enemies before moving

Kreepy Krow
Level Type: Rigging (Boss)

Difficulty: 7

Main Enemy: Krow

Other Enemies: Mini-Necky

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: At first, keep jumping over the transparent blue
Mini-Neckies. When you see a less ghostly-looking one, stomp it to make a
barrel appear. Use it to hit Krow.  Climb up the hooks that appear and then
ascend the ropes. Keep changing "lanes" to avoid egg fire. Repeat two more
times to win this battle. The second rope section is a little tougher, as eggs
will travel both horizontally and vertically. Also, ghostly Mini-Neckies will
become faster and more plentiful.

--------------------------------K. Rool's Keep---------------------------------

Arctic Abyss
Level Type: Ice

Difficulty: 7

Main Enemy: Shuri

Other Enemies: Kaboom, Flotsam, Lockjaw, Puftup

Animal Buddies: You control Enguarde through nearly all of the level.

Bonus Levels:
1. When you reach the first Lockjaw, swim up after the water rises. Perform a
SuperStab at the wall with two bananas to open a bonus door. Inside, keep
moving back and forth, performing one charge after each turn to collect the
stars. It's impossible to get all of them, but try to get as many as you can.

2. After two Puftups near the end of the level, swim right through the wall to
find a "No Enguarde" sign and a bonus level. Use a Kong (ideally Dixie) to
smash a chest against the Zingers until the Kremkoin pops out.

DK Coin: Just after the halfway point, perform a SuperStab at the top of the
shaft to reach the DK Coin before the water recedes.

Golden Feather: Near the end of the level, you'll see the Golden Feather
floating in the air. Head left until the water rises, then swim up and get it.

Camera Icon: As soon as you transform into Enguarde, hug the wall until you can
go through it, where you'll find a camera icon and two Banana Coins.

Goodies: At the start of the level, helicopter spin across the gap to find a
Kaboom and some treats. Throw your friend over the high wall for some more! To
hit the level exit and win a prize, begin your Ponytail Twirl as the water
starts to recede.

Tough Spots: Some places have numerous Shuris. Most of them spin quickly
towards you when you come near, so go slowly and carefully to avoid being
caught off guard.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: Almost all of this icy, watery level features

Cranky's Hut
See Cranky if you want more complaining and hints that involve directions with
double meanings. You might also get a camera icon of Cranky. Before playing the
Expresso Racing mini-game, fill up your Speed and Flight meters. You shouldn't
have much trouble if you've found most or all of the Golden Feathers so far.
Try to hit all of the speed boosters and power-ups, and don't fall off the
narrow part of the course. 1:01.33 is my record time.

Klubba's Kiosk
This kiosk takes you to the final Lost World level, Animal Antics. However, you
won't have enough Kremkoins at this point in the game to pay the toll, so come
back later. You must collect every Kremkoin in the game to use the final
Klubba's Kiosk.

Castle Crush
Level Type: Castle

Difficulty: 7

Main Enemies: Klampon, Spiny

Other Enemies: Neek, Kutlass, Kruncha, Krook, Zinger, Mini-Necky

Animal Buddies: Early on, use the DK Barrel to beat the Kutlass. Walk left of
where he was to find a Rambi Barrel. Additionally, there's a Squawks Barrel
immediately after the Continue Barrel. Simply jump left over the Zinger to find
it - the wall isn't really as solid as it appears!

Bonus Levels:
1. When you reach a banana arrow, the floor starts to move less quickly. Use
Rambi's SuperCharge to break the door open. In the bonus level, quickly crush
all the Zingers to make the coin appear.

2. Your reward for getting to the "No Squawks" sign is a TNT barrel. Use it to
blow open the door by the banana arrow. The bonus level isn't too tough; just
don't get crushed by the ceiling. As the level progresses, you'll have to run a
little farther to reach safe spots.

DK Coin: As Squawks, make sure to hurry up the passage instead of waiting for
the floor to come your way. When you see the "No Squawks" sign above you, don't
go up; instead, fly down the passage to find the DK Coin.

Golden Feather: Just after the second Bonus Level. Near some Klampons and
Spinies, stay along the right side of the screen so the camera doesn't turn and
prevent you from earning this tough-to-find Golden Feather.
Camera Icon: When you first transform into Squawks, spit an egg to defeat the
middle Krook.

Goodies: At the end, you can use the barrel to defeat the Zinger and pick up
bananas and a Banana Coin, but there are safer places to get them.

Tough Spots: Near the end, you'll have to keep jumping over the hooks thrown
by the Krooks. Dixie's helicopter spin makes it a little easier, but it's an
easy place to lose a monkey.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: In this level, the floor is rising, and it can
crush you against the ceiling if you're not careful. Also, there are numerous
enemies, including large quantities of Spinies and Klampons - a particularly
bad mix, because one is roll-proof and one is stomp-proof. Curiously, Windy
Well was the second level of K. Rool's Keep in the Super NES version of the
game. Stranger still, Windy Well is still listed as the second level in the
world on the level selection screen in the Diddy's Dash mini-game.

Clapper's Cavern
Level Type: Ice

Difficulty: 5

Main Enemies: Snapjaw, Zinger 

Other Enemies: Spiny, Klampon, Kruncha, Neek, Click-Clack, Flotsam, Shuri,
Puftup, Flitter

Animal Buddies: Clapper appears many times. Also, there's an Enguarde section
(sans Snapjaw) near the end of the first half of the level.

Bonus Levels:
1. At the very start, throw your friend up to the hook. Then roll attack the
four Spinies, but watch out for the Klampon at the end of the series. Inside
the bonus level, simply jump up the icy ledges without falling down. Not too
tough. This also has the benefit of skipping some of the first part of the

2. Head to the upper-left corner of the Enguarde section to find a non-
exploding Puftup. After you beat it, SuperStab the single banana to break open
a bonus door. Inside, use a SuperStab to get off the dry land. In the water,
perform another SuperStab or two to reach the Kremkoin with plenty of time to

DK Coin: As soon as you finish Bonus Level #1, throw your friend up to the hook
to find the DK Coin.

Golden Feather: Complete the first bonus level and you'll find it above an
invisible hook to the right of the DK Coin.

Camera Icons:
1. A little right of the second bonus level, use Enguarde to defeat the Puftup
that doesn't burst.

2. Right after the "N," throw your pal at the high single banana to gain
invincibility. Jump into the water to your left and swim through the corridor
to find three Banana Coins and a camera icon. If you're not interested in the
loot, use your invincibility to make some of the next part of the level a
little easier.

Tough Spots: The final stretch (after the letter "G") involves ducking under
and jumping over Zingers. Use the barrel to bowl many of them over.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: Clapper's back, but this time, he transforms water
into solid ice, forming a temporary bridge over the vicious Snapjaw. You may
prefer using Diddy for much of this level because of his speed. This isn't a
particularly hard level - but don't fool yourself into thinking the next ones
will be like this!

Kong Kollege
Wrinkly has two tips about things you probably know already, plus a boss
strategy. You may be more interested in learning how to fill in any missing
scrapbook pictures for pages 11-15. Check your homework and you should receive
at least a couple more DK Coins. Once you have 39 camera icons, make sure to
return here so you can get the final picture for your Scrapbook.

Windy Well
Level Type: Mine

Difficulty: 8

Main Enemy: Zinger

Other Enemies: Click-Clack, Kutlass, Kannon, Klampon, Kruncha, Flitter (only in
the bonus level), Spiny, Klobber

Animal Buddies: None, except Squawks in a bonus level.

Bonus Levels:
1. A little before the halfway point, head left to find a Kruncha and a Banana
Coin. Jump off this platform, allowing the wind to take you under the Zinger
and over to the Bonus Barrel. This is a really easy bonus level. Jump up,
activating the wind current. Then stomp all the Flitters and land on the
Kremkoin at the right edge.

2. Right below the level exit, lure the Klobber to you and stomp it. Then use
the barrel to defeat the Kutlass and grant access to the Bonus Barrel. This
bonus level would be easy, but there's a very short time limit.

DK Coin: Just past some Krooks, you'll find three bananas and a Zinger. Jump
and hold Down and Right on the Control Pad to reach the DK Coin.

Golden Feather: Near the start, roll jump under the platform with the first DK
Barrel to find it and an Arrow Barrel.

Camera Icon: None

Goodies: Next to the letter "N" is a 1-Up Balloon. Quickly throw your friend to
get it. Don't jump, or you'll needlessly increase your Zingers Dodged
statistic. To get a prize from the level exit, you'll have to jump from the
hook found near the "No Squawks" sign.

Tough Spots: Much of this level involves using the wind currents to dodge
Zingers in various manners. Krooks are also a problem.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: If you reach a dead end, jump up (or onto a hook)
and the wind should carry you up. Hold Up or Down on the Control Pad to speed
up or slow down when you're floating upwards.

Chain Link Chamber
Level Type: Castle

Difficulty: 8

Main Enemy: Zinger

Other Enemies: Klinger, Krook, Klobber, Kutlass, Mini-Necky

Animal Buddies: None

Bonus Levels:
1. Stomp the third Krook in the level (the top one) and lure the Klobber off
the platform. Take the cannon ball, stomp the middle Krook, and head right to
find the cannon. In the bonus level, ignore the cannon ball. Use the Ponytail
Twirl if you need increased accuracy jumping the Zingers. If you're low on time
on the final row of Zingers, use the helicopter spin to clear two Zingers in
one jump.

2. The wall next to the twin Kannons isn't quite as solid as it looks. Jump
left through the wall, dispose of the two meanies, and enter the secret bonus
door. You'll have to do some rapid-fire shooting out of the Rotatable Barrels.
Use the bananas to help line up an accurate shot.

DK Coin: When you reach the spot where cannon balls are falling from the twin
Kannons, jump down and hold Right to go through a wall and find the DK Coin.
This took me quite a while to find the first time.

Golden Feather: In the section after the second bonus level where pairs of
Zingers chase you, jump up in an alcove to find it.

Camera Icon: Near the start, throw your buddy to defeat one of the Klingers.

Goodies: At the spot with the circling Zingers, head right (opposite the
Continue Barrel) to find an invisible Banana Coin. Just after the first fork,
jump left through the wall to find an Invincibility Barrel that helps
immensely. Most other goodies are closely guarded by black Klobbers.

Tough Spots: A little after the letters "O" is a checkerboard-like chain
section. Numerous Zingers are circling about. Try jumping up either flank, and
then cross to the middle when the Zingers are in a good position. A similar
section appears later in the level. Head left, staying near the middle to avoid
the Zingers and Kutlass. Just after that, make sure to take the right rope, and
to switch to the alternate rope after each falling cannon ball.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: You'll be climbing chains through most of this
level while dodging countless meanies. A bit after the Krooks, there's a fork
in the road. I suggest taking the slightly easier left path, although the right
one has a Banana Coin. Curiously, both sides have a letter "O." Go right on the
second fork. After the second bonus level, switch to Diddy for speed. After the
section where pairs of Zingers chase you, head up the ropes as quickly as
possible to avoid the enemies with ease.

Funky's Flights II
This one works the same as the previous Funky's Flights-es, but this game is
much harder than any of the others. For one thing, you've got just three
minutes of fuel - a very low amount for this intricate course. Also, you have
to change water levels (both up and down) to move crates, and you're searching
for Kongs. As before, don't land too quickly near them or you'll take damage.
From the launching pad, head right and then up a bit to find the first Kong.
Shoot the down arrow to lower the water level. Head slightly left and descend
the vertical passage (where the crate used to be). At the bottom is Kong #2.
Shoot the arrow to raise the water. Quickly head left through the submerged
passage and rescue the third Kong. Go up above the water line to restore your
air, then head left if you need a damage repair kit. Otherwise, head back up
and return to where you found the first Kong. Shoot the up arrow to raise the
water. Head down and then right through the section that was blocked by the
crate. Again, you don't have much air, so hurry. Float up to the air pocket,
then use the down arrow (on the far right side of the room) to lower the water.
Head down as the water recedes to find your fourth Kong. The last part is
tough. Use the nearby up arrow to raise the water. Quickly head partway up the
shaft and then left into the passage formerly blocked by a crate. Touch one of
the endlessly-appearing air bubbles, rescue the Kong, touch another air bubble,
return right, and head back up. Use an up arrow to raise the water, then
quickly head left through the submerged area. Go up and use the down arrow to
lower the water (near the first Kong). Then zoom left and land on the Helipad
to complete the mission and earn a hard-earned DK Coin. 1:54.25 is an almost
unbeatable time.

Toxic Tower
Level Type: Castle

Difficulty: 9

Main Enemy: Zinger

Other Enemies: Klampon, Kaboing, Kannon

Animal Buddies: A Rattly Barrel appears at the start. A Squawks Barrel and a

Squitter Barrel appear later and can't be avoided.

Bonus Levels:
1. In the Squitter section, the lone Zinger guards a not-so-solid wall. Inside
is the Bonus Barrel, where you'll just build a bunch of web platforms to reach
the coin. Don't touch the brambles, though. This bonus level has the nice side
effect of skipping the last part of the level.
DK Coin: In the first half of the level, there's a spot where you must
SuperJump (near the bananas arranged in the shape of the letter "A." Up a few
steps, stomp the Zinger and drop down to find the coin.

Golden Feather: Just below the letter "K," perform a jump while falling to earn
it. The SuperJump also works well.

Camera Icon: To get it, DO NOT enter the bonus level; instead, as Squitter,
keep building webs up until you find a Zinger with a camera symbol over it.
Simply shoot it with a web.

Goodies: Near the end of the Rattly section, a few goodies can be found near
the first narrow shaft guarded by a Zinger. Just go left through the wall to
find three Banana Coins. It's a nifty shortcut, too. In the Squawks
section, after the Kaboings, look for a lone banana under a Zinger. Go through
this not-so-solid wall to find some Banana Coins and banana bunches. At the
very end, jump over the level exit to make the goo recede a bit. Jump under the
goal to find some bananas and a 2-Up.

Tough Spots: The Rattly section is the hardest, since the numerous difficult
jumps come with the pressure of staying ahead of the ever-rising toxic goo.
You'll have to use the SuperJump a lot.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: In Toxic Tower, you're climbing up a tower - and
toxic green goop is rising! You'll have to use speed throughout the level. Try
to go quickly through the Squawks section, because the goo may catch up with
you when you're riding Squitter. The first half of the level is harder than
the second - a rarity.

Swanky's Bonus Bonanza
Here are the correct answers to the questions in this final edition of Swanky's
Bonus Bonanza:

K. Rool's Kwiz (1 coin): K. Rool's Keep, Cranky, Zinger the wasp

Castle Challenge (2 coins): Castle Crush, 5, Kloak

Big Ape Bounty (3 coins): Squitter, 5, 30

If you've completed all Swanky's quizzes, you'll win another picture for your

Stronghold Showdown
Level Type: Tower (Boss)

Difficulty: 8

Enemies: Kerozene

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: In the original DKC 2, this was basically a blank
level where K. Rool evacuated his castle and you won the game's easiest
Kremkoin. Not so in the GBA version! K. Rool's cooked up a kooky boss that
looks just a tad out of place (from a stylistic and gameplay perspective).
First, Kerozene holds two Kleever-like swords, and a cannon ball drops down.
Use the cannon ball to hit the left hand (right from his perspective).
Another ball drops; use it to destroy the other sword. Repeat this process,
but this time, it's easiest if you attack the right hand (left to Kerozene)
first. Phase 2 of the fight now begins. When Kerozene's head starts to flash,
flee to the edge of the area and wait for Kerozene to shoot fire near you (it
won't hit you if you're on the very edge). Then smash the cannon ball against
his head. Repeat. Quickly head to the middle of the area; if you stay near the
edges, Kerozene will smash you with his hands. Make sure to jump as the hands
crash down. Then jump on either hand, wait for Kerozene to shoot fire (again,
it won't hit you if you're on a hand) and bash him with a cannon ball. Repeat
and Kerozene starts getting a little more creative. When he returns, jump on
his right hand (his left hand will crash down), then jump over his fire, grab
the cannon ball on the opposite side, and hit him as before. After one more
hit, things get tough. He'll bash his hands twice (jump when they land, as
before). Then jump on either hand, as Kerozene will shoot a fireball that
engulfs the entire bottom area in fire. When the fire stops, grab the cannon
ball and hit Kerozene one final time to conclude a rather difficult bout.

--------------------------------The Flying Krock-------------------------------

Screech's Sprint
Level Type: Brambles

Difficulty: 9

Main Enemies: Zinger, Screech

Other Enemies: Cat o' Nine Tails, Kloak, Kaboom, Klinger, Flitter, Mini-Necky

Animal Buddies: A Squawks Barrel appears immediately after the Continue Barrel.
Bonus Levels:
1. Throw your friend onto a high platform that holds a cannonball. Then jump
right to the hard-to-see cannon. In the bonus level, switch to Dixie and keep
helicopter spinning and roll jumping until you reach the next-to-last Kremkoin
in the game.

DK Coin: After the Zingers that block the road, ignore the banana arrow and
instead go right through a spiral that contains the DK Coin at the center. Then
use the Arrow Barrel to return to action. It's very hard to win the race AND
get the DK Coin, so I suggest getting the coin after you complete the level.

Golden Feather: It's in plain sight a little after the DK Coin. Go through the
narrow gaps in the brambles to find. I recommend completing the level before
trying to collect it.

Camera Icon: Your prize for completing the level.

Goodies: Jump on the early Flitter for a Banana Coin. There are a few treats in
the Screech section, but trying to collect the items will usually prevent you
from winning the race. Fly high above the "No Squawks" sign to get a prize from
the level target.

Tough Spots: Zingers block the way in two places in the Screech section. Use
eggs to clear away a couple of bees and create a safe pathway. Also, some
passageways are pretty narrow.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: At the start, use the Kaboom the Kloak throws at
you to beat at least one Klinger. Make sure to defeat the second Cat o' Nine
Tails you see (stay on the vine and wait for him to stop), as there's another
one just ahead. In the second half of the level, you guide Squawks through a
bramble-lined, Zinger-filled section. Worse yet, you have to finish ahead of a
big black bird named Screech, or you'll lose a life and have to start the level
over. Don't get distracted by letters and goodies; just keep following the
banana trail. A little after the "K," drop down to a gap between the brambles
to find a barrel cannon that shoots you up a long way. Note that all four KONG
letters are found in the second half of the level. And sorry, but you can't
touch the bottom edge of the brambles here. 1:04.38 is my record time.

Funky's Flights II
This is the final edition of this. Again you're rebuilding a DK statue, but
this time there's a lot of toxic waste (don't touch it or else) that must be
lowered using arrow sequences. Fortunately, you have a massive amount of time
to complete the mission. First grab the missiles to your right, then hit the
arrows in a 1-2-3 sequence (the top button is 1). Head down the shafts directly
left of the Helipad, avoiding the slightest touch of the poisonous goo. Keep
flying downwards until you reach some arrows. The order is 3-1-2. Drop a
missile (press A while holding L) on the Flitter, being extremely careful not
to touch it (doing so forces you to start over). If you need more bombs, you
can get them near the top of the room. After disposing of the Flitter, don't
descend too quickly, as there's two more just ahead. At the bottom, use SELECT
to activate the winch and take the statue piece. The instant you do so, the
toxic waste will start rising. Hurry back to the Helipad area, fly over the
wall, and drop the statue piece on the pedestal. Grab the missile box and
return right to the first arrow sequence. Again shoot the arrows in 1-2-3
order, but this time head down the right-hand shaft. Shoot the arrows in 3-2-1
order, head down, and use a 2-3-1 combination on the next switches. Drop down
and grab the torpedo box. Head left and defeat the Flitter with a bomb (press
A while holding L to drop a missile on it). Head left along the poisonous goop,
touch the clock, and shoot the lone arrow. Bomb the Flitter, get the damage
repair kit, and take the second statue section. Return to the statue stand, but
don't let the toxic waste pass you! From here, head left and shoot the arrows
in 2-1-3 order. Go down the winding passage, shoot the arrows in 3-1-2 order,
bomb the Flitter, and head straight down. The bouncing ammo box (press B to
change) isn't too useful. The next combination is 1-2-3. Bomb another Flitter,
use a 1-3-2 combination, touch the ten-second clock, press SELECT to grab the
arm of the statue, and quickly head to the statue. Return left and shoot the
arrows in 2-1-3 order. Go down the passage and use a 3-1-2 combination. Head
right and down, bomb the Flitter, and take the second arm. Rush back to the
stand. From here, go all the way right and activate the arrows in 1-2-3 order.
Go down the right-hand passage, shoot the arrows in 3-2-1 order, then 2-3-1
for the next set. Fly to the bottom and head left and shoot the lone arrow.
From here, go down and right. Grab a damage repair kit, then pick up the head
of the DK statue and take it back to the pedestal. Land on the Helipad (slowly,
of course) and that's the end of a really tough challenge. You'll win a DK
Coin, and if you've completed all of Funky's other challenges, a Camera Icon.
3:40.92 is my record time.

Kong Kollege
Check your homework and you should get at least one DK Coin. Wrinkly's tips
here are completely and utterly useless.

K. Rool Duel
Level Type: K. Rool 1 (Boss)

Difficulty: 9

Main Enemy: Kaptain K. Rool

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This is it - the big boss! Here's the step-by-step

1. K. Rool drops a cannon ball, but don't pick it up yet. He'll jet to the
other side of the room, so jump over him. When his bazooka starts sucking in
air, throw the cannon ball in to score a hit. Watch out, as the cannon ball
will come flying back at you! This happens after each hit, and each time it
goes a little bit faster.

2. K. Rool will shoot a spiked cannon ball at you. Jump over K. Rool a couple
of times, and the spikes will disappear. Then you can throw the cannon ball
into his weapon. Again, beware the backfire!

3. Similar to before, but this time K. Rool drops two spiked cannon balls and
jets across the room three times. Only one cannon ball's spikes will vanish, so
don't run into (or get sucked into) the spiked one. K. Rool passes out, but
it's not over. He gets up, but Donkey Kong appears to give you a DK Barrel.

4. K. Rool now shoots a procession of spiked cannon balls at three different
heights. The highest are best ducked; others should be jumped. Eventually,
he'll shoot a barrel. Stomp it to reveal a cannon ball. You know what to do.

5. For this hit, K. Rool again launches spiked cannon balls at three different
heights, but this time they bounce. As with the last hit, it's easiest to go
under the highest ones and to jump the low and medium ones. Eventually, you'll
get a chance to hit a barrel and find a cannon ball.

6. This time, K. Rool shoots spiked cannon balls that travel in a circular
pattern, usually in pairs. Be patient and figure out the best time to jump over
them. I recommend using Dixie's helicopter spin. Again, you'll get a barrel to
stomp at the end. After this hit, K. Rool collapses again but quickly recovers.
You get a much-needed DK Barrel, too.

7. It gets tough now. First, stand back and jump the blue smoke using the
helicopter spin. Jump over the slow-moving K. Rool. Then he speeds up and turns
semi-transparent. For the final charge, he's invisible except for the dust he
creates on the ground. Again ponytail over him, and then pick up the cannon
ball that appears and throw it at him. Be careful not to get sucked in - the
current is pretty powerful.

8. This next hit is pretty easy. After jumping over the speeding Kaptain, jump
over the bouncing red balls of smoke with the Ponytail Twirl. After jumping a
trio of spiked cannon balls, throw the cannon ball that appears into K. Rool's

9. Just one more hit to go! After you jump K. Rool's charge, stand on the
opposite end of the room and helicopter spin over the swirling purple clouds.
Watch out; K. Rool will try to suck you toward him and hit you. Run in the
opposite direction until he disappears. K. Rool will reappear near you and try
to suck you close enough to hit you. Keep moving to increase your safety.
Eventually, the cannon ball will appear. Throw it in the bazooka, dodge the
final backfire, get the final camera icon and Kremkoin, and watch the ending!
Note that your game is saved automatically.

However, the game still isn't over yet. Now that you have what should be your
final Kremkoin, you can visit the next level in the Lost World. Also, if you
missed a Kremkoin or DK Coin earlier in the game, use my guide to help you find
it. From now on, press the L and R buttons on the map screen to find out the
number of DK Coins you have (there are a total of 68 in the game).

--------------------------------The Lost World---------------------------------

Jungle Jinx
Level Type: Jungle

Difficulty: 6

Main Enemy: Zinger

Other Enemies: Kutlass, Spiny, Klampon, Klobber, Neek

Animal Buddies: None

Bonus Level:
1. Right before the halfway point, head left and perform a roll jump into the
Bonus Barrel. This is a very difficult bonus level. You must throw your friend
at the Flitters to defeat them. However, most of them are encircled by Zingers,
so you must have perfect timing. For the final Flitter, don't jump before
throwing your friend, or else the fast Zinger will hit you.

DK Coin: The prize for finishing the bonus level.

Golden Feather: Soon after you reach the Halfway Barrel, you'll come to a
Kutlass. Roll jump into the adjacent pit to find the Golden Feather. Since it's
tough to get this one without getting hurt by the spikes or the falling tires
(or landing in the pit), it's best to finish the level before trying to get
this one. This way, you can use START + SELECT to exit.

Camera Icon: Just after the group of Spinies, drop down into the Dixie Barrel
if you're using Dixie to receive the camera icon.

Goodies: In order to receive a prize from the level exit, you must use the
Klobber's barrel to smash the Zinger blocking the barrel cannon.

Tough Spots: Near the end of the level, there are some barrel cannons that move
very quickly.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This is the first area in the Lost World. The
Crocodile Isle jungle is less friendly-looking than the DKC version. Notice the
three layers of background. Much of the level involves bouncing on quick-moving
tires that launch you high into the air. Needless to say, don't touch the

Cranky's Hut
You'll be able to pay up for hints as usual and play one more game of Expresso
Racing. These ostriches are fully powered up, so don't play this game until
you've found a lot of Golden Feathers. Avoid touching the spikes or falling off
the cliff - both cost a lot of time. Use the seeds as soon as you get them, but
save a feather for crossing the bog. If you win all seven trophies, you'll get
a camera icon here in addition to your DK Coin.

Black Ice Battle
Level Type: Ice

Difficulty: 7

Main Enemy: Zinger

Other Enemies: Klobber, Klampon, Spiny, Krook, Neek, Flitter

Animal Buddies: None

Bonus Levels: None
1. Just past the letter "N" and the many platforms with Neeks and Klampons,
drop down the shaft and hold right. Stomp the Klobber and throw the barrel at
the Zingers. Pick up the chest, stomp the Flitter if necessary, and heave the
chest at a Zinger to reveal a cannon ball. Follow a short path and drop down
the shaft, staying right. Use the cannon ball to beat all the Zingers and reach
a cannon. In the bonus level, use Dixie's helicopter spin to safely clear all
the Zingers.

DK Coin: The prize for finishing the bonus level.

Golden Feather: Immediately after the Halfway Barrel, take the right fork.
Defeat the Klobber on the left side of the shaft to get it.

Camera Icon: A bit past the halfway point, stomp one of the Klampons in the
chamber full of Klampons and Neeks.

Goodies: To the left of the second Krook are two 1-Ups, but they're guarded by
a rare black Klobber that steals your own lives when it hits you. Not far away
is another black Klobber and a 1-Up.

Tough Spots: Near the end, you'll have to jump over a few Zingers at the top of
some icy bluffs. Using the helicopter spin at the apex of your jump will work

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This is the first icy level we've seen. Things are
slippery, so watch out!

Klobber Karnage
Level Type: Jungle

Difficulty: 8

Main Enemies: Klobber, Zinger

Other Enemy: Kaboom

Animal Buddies: None

Bonus Levels:
1. At the very end of the level, throw your friend to the lone banana in the
upper-right corner of the screen to find a hidden Bonus Barrel. This has always
been one of my favorite bonus levels. Jump in the Invincibility Barrel and beat
all the Zingers. Remember to touch the second Invincibility Barrel midway

DK Coin: The prize for finishing the bonus level.

Golden Feather: When you reach the level exit, head right as far as possible
and jump up to find it.

Camera Icon: In the second half of the level, simply stomp a certain Kaboom
and destroy its barrel.

Goodies: Jump up at the level entrance for a Banana Coin.

Tough Spots: Much of the level involves launching out of the various
combinations and permutations of barrel cannons. It's not easy. In the second
half of the level, lightning reflexes will be needed to survive the sequence
with the moving Rotatable Barrel. Aim for the bananas.
Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This is one of the game's toughest levels. The
first part of the level has huge numbers of barrel-dwelling Kremlings of all
flavors, while the second part of the level has you in a Rotatable Barrel,
floating over spikes and shooting over Zingers and into other barrels. Try to
throw a barrel at the Klobbers before their heads pop out. This way, you'll
beat them quickly.

Fiery Furnace
Level Type: Lava

Difficulty: 8

Main Enemy: Zinger

Other Enemies: Spiny, Kutlass, Klampon, Krook, Flitter, Cat o' Nine Tails
Animal Buddies: None

Bonus Levels:
1. A little after the letter "G," avoid the lone Cat o' Nine Tails and throw
your friend into the high Steerable Barrel. Follow the bananas to the Bonus
Barrel. Inside, focus on avoiding the Zingers; the brambles won't hurt you
unless you get very close to them.

DK Coin: The prize for finishing the bonus level. 

Golden Feather: Just before the "O," pilot the Steerable Barrel between a pair
of Zingers.

Camera Icon: Right below the "G," throw your friend at the two Cat o' Nine
Tails when they stop.

Goodies: A 2-Up is one of the prizes at the level exit.

Tough Spots: Watch out for the early Klampons; most stay back to guard their
ledges, but one will charge right at you. Most of the second half of the level
requires you to use the Steerable Barrels to dodge multitudes of Zingers; keep
practicing and you'll get it right eventually.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: In Fiery Furnace, most of the action takes place
in Steerable Barrels. You can use the Control Pad to move them in any direction
you want to. However, these barrels will launch you automatically in a
predetermined direction when the timer reaches zero.

Animal Antics
Level Type: Jungle/Ice/Jungle/Brambles/Jungle

Difficulty: 10

Main Enemy: Zinger

Other Enemies: Neek, Kaboing, Flotsam, Lockjaw, Shuri, Puftup, Mini-Necky,
Flitter, Klampon

Animal Buddies: All five of the animal buddies you can ride appear in this
level. The order is Rambi, Enguarde, Squitter, Squawks, and Rattly.

Bonus Levels:
1. At the end of the Squitter section, don't enter the Arrow Barrel yet;
instead, build webs over the high bluff to the right to find the Bonus Barrel.
Inside, use Squitter and Squawks to dispose of all the Zingers. It's not too

DK Coin: The prize for finishing the bonus level.

Golden Feather: At the start of the Rattly section, head left past a few
Zingers and Klampons and you'll reach the Golden Feather and a trio of Banana

Camera Icon: Just after the "N," shoot the pair of Zingers to find it in plain

Goodies: Early in the Squawks section, you can beat two Zingers and fly left
through the brambles, where there are some bananas and two Banana Coins. Right
after you change to Rattly, jump up over the Arrow Barrel for a 3-Up. 

Tough Spots: The Enguarde section has a lot of charging Shuris in close
succession, as well as several exploding Puftups. Use the SuperStab to your
advantage. The Squawks sector is extremely hard because of the wind. It changes
direction every few seconds, but at least it's consistent.

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: This difficult level provides an opportunity to
use all five of your animal buddies (except Glimmer and Clapper, of course) in
a variety of settings. You'll find the Squawks section to be the most taxing of
the bunch.

Krocodile Kore
Level Type: K. Rool 2 (Boss)

Difficulty: 4

Main Enemy: Kaptain K. Rool

Notes, Tips, and Strategies: Once you complete all the Lost World levels, the
volcano opens up and reveals this level. This is it - the very last level in
DKC 2. Kaptain K. Rool's back - though soaked - and wants revenge. He'll launch
an endless barrage of projectiles at you in fairly predictable patterns.
Eventually, he'll fire a barrel. Stomp it to liberate a cannon ball. Then throw
it into his gun and that's all, folks. The ending might surprise you a little
bit if you haven't played the Super NES version. If you've reached 102%,
celebrate, as you've completely beaten the game! Otherwise, use my guide to go
back and find any DK Coins, camera icons, and Golden Feathers you've missed.

Enemy List                                                             [ENEMY]
See the Walkthrough for boss strategies.

Cat o' Nine Tails
These multi-tailed felines don't appear very often. If you touch them while
they're spinning, you'll be hurt or spun off in a random direction - and
possibly off a pit or into a Zinger. They occasionally pause to take a
breather, and that's your chance to stomp them and defeat them. The best way to
deal with Cat o' Nine Tails is to lure it off a cliff or just ignore it. You
can also throw your friend at a cat (whether moving or stationary) to defeat
it. For those unaware, this enemy's name is a pun of the cat-o'-nine-tails, a
whip-like device made from bone fragments, shards of glass, and other sharp
objects used to mete out punishment and torture.

These beetles are similar to Super Mario Bros. 3 Koopas. If you stomp them,
you can pick them up and use them to bash other meanies.

Similar to Super Mario Paratroopas, these dragonflies fly slowly and can be
stomped without much difficulty. Flitters can sometimes be used as stepping
stones to higher locations.

Flotsam is found throughout the underwater areas, but it's not too tough to
avoid, and Enguarde can beat these manta rays easily. As with all underwater
baddies, stay away from them unless you're using Enguarde. The blue variety
charges straight ahead, while green Flotsams patrol a given area. By the way,
the word flotsam, which refers to goods found floating in the water near a
shipwreck, is different from jetsam and lagan. You probably didn't know that.

These Kremlings have spring-loaded peg legs that provide superb jumping
abilities. Most stand in place, while some charge toward you while bouncing.
The rare green kind crouches on a platform and tries to jump on you when you
come near. No matter what, they're not too tough to stomp on or roll into.

Similar to Klobber, these suicide bombers hide in ordinary-looking TNT barrels
(except that the "N" is reversed). However, when a monkey approaches, this
enemy will pop his head out of the barrel and try to smash into you and
explode. Stomp him and use the barrel for your own purposes.

Throughout most of the Haunted Hall level, you're being chased by a ghostly
skeletal pirate called Kackle. To keep him from touching you and taking a
monkey, you must hit the Plus Barrels to add time to the timer, while avoiding
the Minus Barrels that remove time. 

This DKC 2 incarnation of Klump holds a cannon and fires barrels and
cannonballs at you. You can stomp on the barrels, but not the cannon balls.
Also, Kannon's cannon balls can be used to open hidden bonus doors in a few

These are bigger forms of DKC's Klaptraps. Their big jaws give you an idea
about what happens if you try to roll attack them, so stick to stomping them.

These Kremlings (which look like Kutlass) ride roller coasters in a couple of
levels. Some throw barrels at you. In Rickety Race, you travel fast enough to
catch up with the Klanks and stomp them.

These orange pirate Kremlings climb slowly up ropes and vines and then slide
down quickly. You can stomp them as long as you aren't on the rope, but it's
safer to beat them with projectiles or to just ignore them.

These spooky specters mostly throw barrels, crates, Zingers, and other
projectiles at you. However, some of them will give out a goodie (sometimes
even unlimited supplies of 2-Ups) if you're patient.

Klobber hides in a barrel but pops out when you come near. He'll try to crash
into you, possibly knocking you off a cliff or into an enemy. Jump on his head
and use the barrel yourself. Yellow Klobbers have the additional effect of
stealing bananas when they hit you, and the very rare black Klobbers steal 1-
Ups. Also, Klobbers will hurt monkeys who are lying on the ground (after being
thrown). Kaboom is a separate member of the Klobber family.

These weak Kremling enemies can easy be stomped or cartwheeled. They're
basically like Neek.

This character is listed with the enemies on the ending credits, but Klubba is
really here to help. He appears at five kiosks throughout the land and charges
15 Kremkoins for access to a different Lost World level. Complete them all and
something good will happen. However, don't try to cross his bridge without
paying. That's a pretty big club he has!

These trenchcoat-clad Kremlings throw boomerang-like hooks at you. Similar to
Super Mario Bros. 3's Boomerang Bros.

This tough, muscle-bound Kremling gets mad and fast (and invulnerable to stomp
attacks) when stomped, so only defeat him by using barrels. Alternatively, you
can throw your buddy at him to beat him. I don't think there's any difference
between the standard blue variety and the rarer pink kind seen in a few of the
later levels.

According to the manual, Kutlass got his oversized swords from a TV mail order
offer, but the swords were much bigger than he expected. When he comes near,
he'll try to stab you with both of his swords. However, he'll get stuck in the
ground and become temporarily immobilized. This is your chance to stomp him.
The green Kutlass, found a lot near the end of the game, can pull out his
swords much more quickly than the standard yellow Kutlass. Kutlass works a lot
like the Gerudos from Zelda 64.

These big-lipped piranhas swim slowly back and forth, but when you come near,
it'll lunge at you and try to bite you. Swim speedily past them, or use your
swordfish buddy to bop them out.

These enemies behave differently from the way they did in DKC. In this game,
they swoop at you when you come near. You can stomp them to get rid of them
permanently, but it might be easiest to just jump over them or stay away from

These rat enemies, the DKC2 equivalents of Mario Goombas, are common and weak.
Just stomp them or use a roll attack.

This is the only DKC 2 enemy to appear in both Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo-
Kazooie. These pufferfish inflate, and sometimes explode, releasing spikes.
These spikes sometimes move in the four cardinal directions, and other times in
a southeast-southwest-northeast-northwest pattern.

This big black bird appears only once in the game and challenges you to a
bramble-lined, Zinger-filled race. You have to finish ahead of him to complete
the level. If you fail to beat him, you lose a life.

Shuri is a starfish enemy that appears in some underwater sections of the game.
Some bounce slowly and aimlessly around the room, while others are stationary
until you come near, when they spin straight towards you. Either way, don't
touch them unless you're using Enguarde.

Snapjaw is a rarer, pinker version of Lockjaw. If you fall into water that has
a Snapjaw, it'll strike and bite you very quickly. If you're not interested in
getting bitten, you might want to stay out of the water!

These porcupines are completely different from the Spinies familiar to Mario
fans. You can safely roll attack their frontsides, but don't try to touch any
other part of them.

These killer bees are perhaps the most plentiful - and probably most dangerous
- enemy in DKC 2. You can't stomp them, but standard Zingers can be defeated by
barrels and most animal buddies. Red Zingers are stronger and can only be
eliminated with TNT barrels. An especially large Zinger (I think King Zing)
appears in Rambi Rumble and chases you for a little while.

Scrapbook Index                                                        [SCRAP]

This section is new in the November 2008 update. The first number refers to the
scrapbook page, and the second is the order on the page. This should show you
where each camera icon is located.

1-1 Squawks's Shaft (Klomp)
1-2 Web Woods (Neek)
1-3 Hot-Head Hop (Klobber)
1-4 Topsail Trouble (Click-Clack)

2-1 Chain-Link Chamber (Klinger)
2-2 Rattle Battle (Kaboing)
2-3 Red-Hot Ride (Kruncha)
2-4 Black Ice Battle (Klampon)

3-1 Screech's Sprint (Screech)
3-2 Parrot Chute Panic (Zinger)
3-3 Krockhead Klamber (Flitter)
3-4 Kannon's Klaim (Kannon)

4-1 Lockjaw's Locker (Flotsam)
4-2 Glimmer's Galleon #2 (Shuri)
4-3 Lava Lagoon (Lockjaw)
4-4 Clapper's Cavern #1 (Puftup)

5-1 Haunted Hall (Kackle)
5-2 Ghostly Grove (Kloak)
5-3 Klobber Karnage (Kaboom)

6-1 Rambi Rumble (Kutlass)
6-2 Castle Crush (Krook)
6-3 Fiery Furnace (Cat o' Nine Tails

7-1 Mudhole Marsh (Mini-Necky)
7-2 Hornet Hole (Spiny)
7-3 Barrel Bayou (Krochead)

8-1 Bramble Scramble (Diddy)
8-2 Jungle Jinx (Dixie)

9-1 Kong Kollege; collect all other cameras (Wrinkly)
9-2 Cranky's Hut; visit every Cranky's Hut (Cranky)

10-1 Swanky's Bonus Bonanza; complete all the quizzes (Swanky)
10-2 Funky's Flights; complete all of Funky's challenges (Funky)

11-1 K. Rool Duel (Donkey Kong)

12-1 Gusty Glade (Rattly)
12-2 Pirate Panic (Rambi) (must have Scrapbook first)

13-1 Cranky's Hut; win all Expresso Races (Expresso)
13-2 Animal Antics (Squawks)

14-1 Arctic Abyss (Enguarde)
14-2 Glimmer's Galleon #1 (Glimmer)

15-1 Toxic Tower (Squitter)
15-2 Clapper's Cavern #2 (Clapper)

Record Times                                                           [RECRD]
Note that in some cases, the Expresso Racing records were achieved by taking a
more upgraded ostrich back to an earlier event (for example, playing the first
challenge with a total of 30 Golden Feathers). If you break any of these
records, feel free to send me an e-mail! Please check the Contact Information
section for more details.

The time in the left column is my personal record; the right column shows the
"World Records" sent in by my readers.

Diddy's Dash
Pirate Panic        0:18.31       0:12.68 (Bernice Micu)   0:15.67 (Alex Farkas)
Mainbrace Mayhem    0:25.77
Gangplank Galley    0:25.25
Lockjaw's Locker    0:50.23
Topsail Trouble     0:54.82

Hot-Head Hop        0:45.67       0:42.23 (theelkspeaks)
Kannon's Klaim      0:53.16
Lava Lagoon         1:31.11
Red-Hot Ride        2:32.78
Squawks's Shaft     0:47.68

Barrel Bayou        1:05.58
Glimmer's Galleon   1:36.30
Krockhead Klamber   0:57.73
Rattle Battle       0:54.94
Slime Climb         1:14.10
Bramble Blast       1:38.01

Hornet Hole         1:35.13
Target Terror       1:26.85
Bramble Scramble    1:49.58
Rickety Race        1:21.73
Mudhole Marsh       1:17.62
Rambi Rumble        1:23.18

Ghostly Grove       0:58.50
Haunted Hall        1:51.25
Gusty Glade         0:58.50
Parrot Chute Panic  1:24.13
Web Woods           1:59.73

Arctic Abyss        1:18.16
Windy Well          2:32.03
Castle Crush        4:17.00
Clapper's Cavern    0:56.57
Chain Link Chamber  1:30.21
Toxic Tower         1:39.00

Screech's Sprint    1:50.70       1:08.89 (Stephanie Hosein/steph_bby3)

Jungle Jinx         1:07.78
Black Ice Battle    0:59.52
Klobber Karnage     2:08.85
Fiery Furnace       1:26.55
Animal Antics       2:26.83

Expresso Racing
Ship Deck Dash      0:17.16
Magma Spurt         0:24.28
Swampy Swoop        0:21.30
Fairground Fall     0:21.85
Spooky Sprint       0:22.41
Castle Creep        0:19.83
Lost World Leap     0:20.67

Funky's Flights
Aerial Loop         0:32.21
Submerged Stint     2:15.77
Kongstruction       1:04.11
Kongnapped          1:16.43
Cool Sounds         1:39.21
Kongnapped 2        1:54.25
Toxic Kongstruction 3:40.92

Frequently Asked Questions                                             [QUEST]

Q: What does the exclamation mark found next to the names of some levels mean?
A: It means you've completed all of the bonus levels in that level. Also, a DK
Coin icon next to the level name means you've found its DK Coin (regardless of
whether you've found all the bonus levels or even finished the level), and a
feather indicates you've collected the level's Golden Feather. The same applies
to world maps as well as the main Crocodile Isle map; if an exclamation point
or DK Coin is shown next to a world name, you've found all the Bonus Levels or
DK Coins in the entire world.

Q: How do they determine the game progress percentage?
A: The highest percentage you can achieve is 102%. Your percentage increases
slightly (by a fraction of a percent) every time you complete a level, collect
every Kremkoin in a level, or find a Golden Feather or Kremkoin.

Q: If I fail to collect a Kremkoin, can I attempt the bonus level again?
A: Of course you can! Just do a little backtracking and you should be able to
return to the Bonus Barrel. In a few levels, though (especially roller coaster
levels), you'll have to start the level over again to get back to the Bonus

Q: What are the differences between Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong?
A: Dixie can perform the helicopter spin, a tremendous advantage in many
places. However, experience (and experiments) shows that Diddy is noticeably
faster than Dixie at running, swimming, and climbing.

Q: Do I have to buy all of Wrinkly's and Cranky's tips and complete all of
Swanky's quizzes?
A: You don't have to. Nothing good happens if you pay for all of the Wrinkly
and Cranky tips. However, you earn the Swanky picture if you complete every one
of his quizzes, and you'll need that if you want every DK Coin in the game.

Q: Help! I'm missing a couple of pictures in my Scrapbook. What should I do?
A: Finding all the camera icons in the game is a very difficult sidequest.
First remember that you won't be able to earn many of them until near the end
of the game. Check my Scrapbook Index before resorting to Wrinkly's overpriced
tips. Keep in mind that to get pictures of animal buddies (except Expresso),
you'll have to use that animal buddy to reach a special spot. The photo of
Diddy requires you to use a certain Diddy Barrel, and likewise with Dixie.

Q: What is Dixie drinking?
A: If you don't move your characters for a few seconds, they'll start to
fidget, and Dixie pulls out a drink. It looks like lemonade, but maybe it's
something that's not 0 proof... Also notice how you can hear Dixie drinking it
(new for the GBA version).

Q: What secret codes are there in the game?
A: On the File Select screen, select the "Cheats" option and enter one of the
following passwords. Only one password can be active at a time.

WELLARD   Eliminates DK Barrels, but you will have both monkeys at the start of
          each level.
ROCKARD   Eliminates DK Barrels and Halfway Barrels
FREEDOM   Opens every level in the game
ONETIME   Shows Music Test
KREDITS   Shows game credits
RICHMAN   Adds 10 Banana Coins to your total
WELLRICH  Adds 50 Banana Coins to your total
HELPME    Adds 15 lives to your total
WEAKLING  Adds 55 lives to your total

After entering a valid code, you'll hear the sound Dixie makes when hit. If you
use the RICHMAN and WELLRICH codes on an existing file, it will add the Banana
Coins to your existing total. No codes from the Super NES version, including
the 75-Kremkoin trick, work in the GBA remake. You can also learn these codes
by completing all the Diddy's Dash challenges in the game. After that, if you
beat Cranky's time for every course, you'll get the rest of the codes.
Fortunately, you don't have to go through such a headache with this guide!

Q: Are there any new levels in the Game Boy Advance version of the game?
A: No, unless you count the Funky and Cranky mini-games, Diddy's Dash, or
Stronghold Showdown.

Q: What are the differences between the GBA and SNES versions?
A: Here are some of the differences I noticed. Tell me if I missed anything:

* Reworked maps (new design, a few Kong Family members are in different places,
and one world's levels are in a new order)
* Golden Feathers and Scrapbook photos are now found in levels.
* You can now press START from the map screen to save, view level stats, or
summon the Gyrocopter.
* Funky's Flights and Expresso Racing mini-games are new.
* The Diddy's Dash mini-game, where you try to beat levels as quickly as
* The game automatically pauses when you're hit or changing characters
* Rambi feels different - he's more "slippery" and can't jump as high.
* Graphics and sound appear slightly different.
* The Swanky interface has been redesigned.
* Swanky's Bonus Bonanza is now known simply as Bonus Bonanza.
* The Monkey Museums have been replaced with Cranky's Huts and look different.
* You have to stand closer to a Cat o' Nine Tails for it to attack you. Also,
you can now throw your friend at it when it's moving to defeat it.
* Bonus Barrels work like they do in DKC 3.
* The game now "remembers" active Halfway Barrels.
* You now have to pay 10 coins to replay a boss, but if you win, you'll get two
3-Ups. It also keeps track of your record times.
* You can't stand at the edge of a platform near water and hold Down to quickly
sink to the bottom of the water like you could in the SNES version.
* In the original game, you could walk through sticky honey if you were
carrying your buddy.
* If you fail to make the podium at the Video Game Hero Screen, Yoshi will
appear in third place. Link and Yoshi seem to have switched places in the Video
Game Hero rankings since the Super NES version.
* Some sound effects are different, like the DK Barrel and 1-Up Balloon (more
like it was in DKC2).
* The Kleever fight now has lightning in the background.
* Glimmer's Galleon is now much lighter and brighter (and therefore easier).
* In swamp levels, you no longer make a splash when you fall into the water.
* Krazy Kremland roller coaster levels now take place at twilight, not night.
* The song "Run, Rambi! Run!" has been dropped from King Zing chase in Rambi
Rumble and replaced with the Screech music. It still appears in the Music Test,

Q: How can I get fast times in the Diddy's Dash mode?
A: First, don't get hit by an enemy; you'll be taken to the last checkpoint.
Also, try to defeat multiple enemies in one cartwheel attack (or bounce on a
succession of enemies without touching the ground). This way, the clock will
stop running for a short time. Rambi's SuperCharge and Enguarde's SuperStab
are also useful for this (and for quickly charging through sections). The
Diddy's Dash levels have been stripped of usable bonus levels, items, and DK
Barrels (you can't use Dixie in them), and some, such as the roller coaster
levels, have been slightly shortened. No boss fights are available for play.
My current record times are in another section of this guide.

Q: What other notes and tips do you have?
* Hold A to speed up the game opening showing the Nintendo and Rare logos;
press START to skip the sequence shown when you start a new file.
* Build up plenty of lives before tackling tough levels.
* If you ever get stuck on dry land as Enguarde, use the SuperStab (hold R) to
get to the No Enguarde sign.
* Hold the jump button while stomping on an enemy to bounce higher than normal.
* If you ever see a lot of bananas shaped like a letter, a Banana Coin or other
goodie is nearby. Try using the button matching that letter.
* To get a reward from the level exit, you'll have to hit the target from
sufficient height. You don't have to fall with speed, though, so you can use
the helicopter spin while landing on it and still get the prize. What matters
is the height.
* If you hit the level exit and get a prize with Dixie, she plays a tune on her
guitar. Dixie holds the guitar in the opposite way most people would, so maybe
she's left-handed or prefers this more unusual method.
* I don't discuss how to find the K-O-N-G letters in the game (although I use
the easy-to-find ones as points of reference). If you need 1-Ups, there are
much better ways to get them (Barrel Bayou and Ghostly Grove have excellent
spots to stockpile lives).
* Stephanie Hosein (steph_bby3) reports having to play K. Rool Duel twice to
get the Camera Icon. Both times I played the game, I earned it on my first try.
Tell me if any of you have had to fight K. Rool twice to get the picture.
* If you reach a Continue Barrel, it remains active until you visit another
level (even if you turn the game off).
* Every level type (i.e. Ship Deck, Swamp) appears three times, excluding boss
* Every non-boss level contains between one and three bonus levels. 
* The pronunciation of the word "quay" (as in Krem Quay) is similar to "key,"
not like "kway."
* While the Killer Instinct references are gone from Cranky's Hut and the Krazy
Kremland world map, the Music Test references another fighting game from that
era: Primal Rage (one song is entitled "Primal Rave").
* I list Zinger as a Main Enemy in 24 of the game's levels.
* The final ending looks just a little like the twilight scene with the sages
on the mountain from Zelda 64.
* The "Hee-hee ha ha" sound effect used by the Tiny Kongs in the Funky mini-
games first appeared in Diddy Kong Racing.
* I didn't use any kind of strategy guide whatsoever while playing the Super
NES version 12 years ago or while preparing this walkthrough.
* With near-perfect play, I've reached the 102% mark with all 68 DK Coins in a
remarkable time of 3:28. My first playthrough in the original Super NES DKC 2
took about 27 hours, although that counts a lot of time fooling around and
replaying levels.

Version History                                                      [VERSN]
This guide took a little while, since I worked on it rather sporadically and
usually not for very long. During this time I've mostly been focusing on other

 Date    |Version | Size |
 4-25-08 | 0.01   |104KB | Completed guide for original DKC 2.
 4-26-08 | 0.05   |104KB | Revised guide framework for GBA version.
 4-28-08 | 0.1    |106KB | Typed walkthrough to Topsail Trouble.
 5-12-08 | 0.15   |106KB | Typed walkthrough to Kannon's Klaim.
 5-13-08 | 0.2    |109KB | Typed walkthrough to Red-Hot Ride.
 5-14-08 | 0.25   |110KB | Typed walkthrough to Barrel Bayou.
 5-15-08 | 0.45   |116KB | Typed walkthrough to Mudhole Marsh.
 5-16-08 | 0.7    |120KB | Typed walkthrough to Windy Well.
 5-17-08 | 0.75   |121KB | Typed walkthrough to K. Rool's Keep Funky's Flights.
 5-19-08 | 0.78   |124KB | Typed walkthrough to Screech's Sprint.
 5-22-08 | 0.8    |126KB | Typed walkthrough to K. Rool Duel.
 5-23-08 | 0.9    |131KB | Got to 102% in guide.
 5-24-08 | 0.92   |133KB | Made a few of the final adjustments.
 5-27-08 | 0.94   |136KB | Almost complete.
 6- 6-08 | 0.96   |137KB | Double-checked a few notes.
 6- 7-08 | 1.0    |138KB | Proofread guide.
11-20-08 | 1.1    |140KB | Added Scrapbook Index and a World Record.
 2- 7-10 | 1.2    |140KB | Fixed an error regarding Squitter's controls.
 6-23-10 | 1.25   |141KB | Added a new World Record and fixed a Scrapbook oops.
 1-31-12 | 1.3    |148KB | Added a new record, and clarified something on the
         |        |      | Rickety Race page thanks to Tristan Deehan's e-mail.
         |        |      | Also made the formatting look much nicer.
 5-26-12 | 1.35   |148KB | New record. Sorry, Alex Farkas and Owen Hartwig! I
         |        |      | also improved the wording of one section.
 3-18-14 | 1.4    |150KB | Made a few other changes.
 1-17-15 | 1.41   |150KB | Added a new record.

Copyright                                                            [COPYR]

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