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Guide and Walkthrough by DarShadraw

Updated: 08/07/2005

Donkey Kong Country 2

Side Note : Notice that my English is not perfect. The reason is that I'm
from Quebec and I'm still learning my English. But it should be


August 7th 2005
I've removed the big donkey kong country 2 above because it was so damn ugly.
When I made it, it was well, but once I've send it, all was... anyways. I've
finished the Krem Quay parts and I've arranged A mistake I've made in Red-Hot
ride. I've only forgot the picture in the level. Now I can allow my faqs
at other website. You must ask before and I must see the website before I

[Using the Faqs at other Website]
I can allow the Faqs to be use at other websites now. I changed my mind.
BUT!! You must ASK before and I must see the website in question. Then I'll
answer you with a Yes or a No.

If you noticed any mistake or want to contribuate something, you can e-mail
me freely at darklink1989@hotmail.com I'll put credits for you in the Proper

Table of Contents
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[1]                                   Game Info */

[2]                                  Walkthrough */
      [2.1]                      GangPlank Galleon
      [2.2]                     Crocodile Cauldron
      [2.3]                          Krem Quay
      [2.4]                       Krazy Kremland *
      [2.5]                        Gloomy Gulch *
      [2.6]                       K. Rool's Keep *
      [2.7]                      The Flying Krock *
      [2.8]                       The Lost World *

[3]                                   Baddies *
[4]                                    Bosses *
[5]                            Barrel Item and Allies *
[6]                                     Bonus *
[7]                                   DK Coins *
      [7.1]                     Funky's Flight II *
      [7.2]                    Wrinkly's Scrapbook *
      [7.3]                       Expresso Racing *
[8]                               Golden Feathers *
[9]                                Diddy's Dash *
[10]                                 Bag a Bug *
[11]                             Copyright Credits

Legend  * = Not started */ = Started but uncomplete
[1] |Game Info|

Welcome to my first-ever faqs, which should have good content about this
game. The Game today is Donkey Kong Country 2 for GBA. It's a remake of the
one at the SNES. Remake, I most mean an update version. There is more secret,
the game is a bit more difficult and there's a new boss! If you played the
SNES version, you should guess where is it :)


Simple. Donkey Kong has been Kidnapped by Kaptain K. Rool and it's up to
Diddy and Dixie to find him.


Diddy and Dixie
Control Pad : Move(Left, Right), crouch (Down)
A : Jump
B : Run, Roll Attack, Throw Partner
R : Team Up
B+A : Mid-Air Jump (or CatWheel, though I use Mid-Air Jump in the Faq)
B while in mid-air : Float (only Dixie)
L : Change character. Select does the job too
L while on an animal buddies : Disembark.

Rambi and Enguarde
A :Jump (Rambi only... duh)
B :Attack
R :Charge Attack

A : Jump
R : Charge Jump

Squawks (Only the Green One)
A : Fly Higher
B : Throw Egg

A : Jump
B : Fire
R : Web
R while web's out : Stop the web and make a platform for Squitter

The Kongs

Diddy Kong

The Main Character. He is the fastest of the 2 Kongs you use in your Quest
to save Donkey Kong. He is also the one whose the Mid-Air Jump is the most

Dixie Kong

Diddy's Partner in this Quest. She's not as fast as Diddy, but she can float
in air using her hair (is it her hair??)if you press the Run Button and Hold
it. Release to stop floating.

Cranky Kong

An old, Grumpy Kong. He live in the Monkey Musuleum, and can give you tips
to help you find secrets in each level of the games, but you need to pay
a price. You can also made the Expresso Race, but I'll explain it later.

Wrinkly Kong

She's Cranky's Wife. She can also give you tips but not to find secrets,
but to know what some thing do, and the Weakness of the boss. Again, you
need to pay something. She also give you homework. Why do we have to do Homework
when we are saving our best friend, Donkey Kong? I'll never know.

Swanky Kong

He's a Kong who love Money Games. In this game, it's his first apparence
(doesn't count Original DKC2 and DKC3). His game : Quiz. Each section have
3 questions, and got different prizes. If you pay 1 Banana Coin, You'll get
one life, 2 coin, 2 Life and 3, 3 Life. If you find the game Hard near the
End, Go find Swanky's to get some easy extra life.

Funky Kong

He's different from the Snes version. I mean, what's he's doing, it's
different. I give you DK Coins when you complete his mission in each world.
He give you the Gyrocopter too when you made the first one.

Donkey Kong

He's no use in this game, except that he is the Goal of the Game. He's been
kidnapped by Kaptain K. Rool, he's waiting to be delivered, and that's your
mission. Your gonna succed right? ... Right?

Other Main Characters

Kaptain K. Rool

He is THE one who kidnapped Donkey Kong. You'll have to travel his island
to find him, but first, you'll have to face his minions, and get as many
Items as possible to get the True Ending.


A big Kremlin with a Big Mass. I won't make him angry if I were you. But
he's not that bad. In fact, he don't like K. Rool. He appeared when you have
done the first level of Crocodile Cauldron. If you pay him 15 Krem Coin,
you can do a Level at the Lost World. But beware, they are Kinda hard.

[2] |Walkthrough|
Here's the main object of this faq; the walkthrough. You'll find here where
are all secrets, Bonus, DK Coins and etc etc. Let's just make a little example
of how it works.

(Insert Name of level here)
Bonus (Number of Bonus in the level)
Picture : Yes or No
First Time : X/5
Difficulty : X/5

First Time is how it should be difficult first time you do this level.
Difficulty is my own opinion of the level. Ain't complicated huh?

Oh and, don't forget. To save, it's the Start button!
Another thing(-_-), the exclamation point beside the name is you got every
bonus in the level. DK coins is you got the DK coins and the Golden feathers
is that you got it. It's apply for the World Map. Like if you got every DK
Coins in GankPlank Galleon, you'll have a DK coins beside his name. Can be
quite useful sometimes... sometimes...

[2.1] GangPlank Galleon

The first World. The levels there are really easy. If you die on them, shame
on you.

Pirate Panic

Bonus : 2
Picture : Yes (You can't get it now, see the between level after gankplank
gallery to how getting it)
First time : 0.5/5
Difficulty : 0/5

You start on with an easy level, duh. Go to the right and find out your partner
in the DK barrel. Get back to the beginning, enter the door and get the life
inside. Now head back still to the beginning, team up with your partner and
throw it upward. You'll got some banana and coins. Continue to the right
killing ennemies in your way, which are really stupid. At the moment you
see the big R in banana, stop there. Go on them on the left side team up
and throw upward to get the first Golden Feathers (GF :01) You'll find out
what are they're utility soon enough. Get the Banana coins if you want, and
I'll advise you to take it. When you'll pass the CheckPoint barrel, drop
down in the first hole you'll see and go to the left. Jump to claim a banana
coins then return to the right. You'll find your first bonus of the game(B :01).
See Bonus section to find out how to succeed it (although you shouldn't need
it) After the Bonus you'll land near Rambi. Hop on him, and charge your attack
and lets destroy all! But don't go that fast! When you'll reach the place
with a lot of barrels to climb on, look at the left and start charging. Release
and you're gonna break the wall, revealing the Second Bonus(B :02). After
that, continue a bit to the right, kill the 2 Neeks and climb on the barrels
to find a DK Coins(DK :01). Don't worry, there are not all that easy to find :)
Continue and make Rambi disappear with the SignPost. A Green Ballon appeared
so take it to get 2 Extra Life. Land on the Goal to get something nice, though
you're most gonna try to get that life :P

MainBrace Mayhem

Bonus :3
Picture : No
First time : 1/5
Difficulty : 0/5

You encounter 2 new ennemies : the Click-Clack and the Klingers.You found
the Klingers a bit more laters, and the Click-Clack is the first one you'll
see. Whatever, take Diddy, go to the right. Dont go up. Instead make a mid-air
jump (Roll plus Jump in mid-air) and Hang on the Rope, move your way to the
right and enter the Bonus there (B :03) Well you can use Dixie's Flying ability
too, but it's more fun the mid air. You'll spawn where you should have go
up. Continue to go up then! Climb the Rope, take the K if you want, and head
left, to the absolute left. Just beware of some Click-Clack hanging there.
You'll find a Rope and a Klingers. To kill them, jump on them, easy huh?
Quite useless what I said... anyways. Climb on the rope and head right. Take
the Letter O in the way, head up of that letter and jump on the left. You'll
land near a Golden Feathers! (GF :02). Now head back to the right and climb
the rope at the far right. Go down if you want a banana coin and some bananas.
Touch the CheckPoint barrel. Now here's a little bit of fun. You have 2 options,
the second being my favorite.

First, Take the barrel on your right, throw it left and follow it so it kill
all Neeks (about 10 of them)
Second make a roll attack to kill them all! You'll go way faster and it's
kinda funny.

Climb on the Rope and use the Horizontal one to go right. Stop at mid way
and jump on the little banana that hangs in mid air. There's a barrel! And
it give you acces to a Green Ballon. 2 More life! Sweet. Fall back to the
rope and head right, avoiding/killing the Klingers. Go up, take the N if
you want (it's on the right side of the rope)kill the Klomp and take the
Cannonball, You'll know soon enough what does it serve. Head left, avoid/kill
the Click-Clack and head to the cannon with the cannonball. Surprise! It's
a Bonus! (B :04) When you'll reapper, take Dixie and climb the rope. There
is too much rope in this level. Oh well. Head to the right using the Horizontal
Rope and Climb up the next one. Climb down before if you want that G :).
When you'll reach the top, jump and fly to the left with Dixie. Team up to
reach the bonus that hangs up there. (B :05) You'll spawn Higher than the
rope and head right. You'll spot the DK Coins of the level(DK :02).
Fall down in the banana's way and use Dixie's floating ability. Why? So you
can have a life, of course!

Between Level : Go talk to that old kong a bit. You can buy him some advice,
which I almost always do to complete the list of Cranky's help when pressing
Start. He's also gonna talk you about Expresso Racing. After that he give
you a Golden feathers! (GF :03) From now on, you're suppose to know what
they do : boosting the bird for the race. You'll need 4 before doing the
first one. If you want Tip for the race, go to the proper section [7.3]

GangPlank Gallery
Bonus : 2
Picture : No
First Time : 1.5/5
Difficulty : 0.5/5

Warp : Climb the barrel at the beginning and stand on the middle one. Team
up and throw the partner upward. There is your Warp.

I'll let you find the first bonus for yourself ... it's above you :P climb
the barrel and do it (B :06). Now return on the pile of barrel, but don't
enter the bonus again, if you enter again, you're an idiot... or you want
bananas :P Jump toward the right to hang on a hook. Continue toward the right
to find a DK Coins (DK :03) Continue right killing the few Kabooing in you're
path. Take the chest and kill the next Klomp you'll see. The chest contained
a bunch of bananas. Continue, hang on the next hook to get the K and still
continue. Kill the Kabooing, take the chest and kill the Neeks right after.
Cool a Red ballon :). Team up, jump and throw upward to end up in a barrel.
Shoot and get the bananas and O there. Take the next Chest and kill the Klomp
below the CheckPoint barrel. Touch that barrel too. Now there's a pile of
barrel with a Klomp and a Kruncha garding them. Kill the Klomp using a roll
attack, take the DK Barrel and kill the Kruncha with. Or you can team up
and throw your partner on it, take less time lol. Anyways take the N and
head right again. There's a hole with hook above. Tenting to travel like
that, but you won't! If you disobbey i'll come kill you... err forget what
I said. Jump in the hole touching the left wall (and still pressing left!)
You'll touch a barrel which will propulse you to an another one, which in
the way you'll grab bananas, banana coin and the Golden Feathers! (GF :04).
You'll thank me later for that :P Now you're hanging on a hook. Go to the
right and touch the Exclamation barrel. Hey you're invincible! PARY TIME
YEHA! But it doesn't last long ... fudge. Well now we'll use his time to
get the remaining object. Head right, kill the 2 Neeks, get the Chest right
on the Kruncha which should kill it at the instant. Take the G (Hoping you
got the K O N before. Now here's a HUGE pack of barrel. Huge... not bad in
fact. Climb it and get the Bonus! (B :07) Now just go to the right to finish
the level. Make sure to get the 3 banana coins behind the goal before you
P.S : I hope I did'nt needed to tell you to get that life in the chest were
the pack of barrel was...

You can make the Expresso race now, but I'll advise you to do them when you'll
get all GF on this world. It makes things easier, even if the race are not
that hard.

Between Level : Go see the wife of the old man, Wrinkly. There too you can
ask for help. Choose the option Homework and she'll give you an Homework
(as I'm writting this, we are in the Middle of Summer and saying not homework
already!) But this one is kinda funny. You need to get 40 Picture during
the game. Some are to find, while others are to kill an ennemies. Each time
you fill a page, go back see Wrinkly and you'll be reward with a DK Coin.
But you'll find your first one only in the Krazy Kremland World... -_- Now
head back to the Pirate Panic level. Why? To get the Picture in that level.
Yeah I could tell you where is it but... we have to ask the homework before
the picture can be taken. Go in the second bonus (the one you get by destroying
the door) and an ennemy got a camera above his head. It means if you kill
him you'll have a picture. You must get the camera by killing an specific
ennemies or to find it in the level or to do something special. Anyways you
got 1 now (P :01).

LockJaw's Locker
Picture : Yes
Bonus : 1
First Time : 1/5
Diddiculty : 0.5/5

Warp : When the water rised after the K, go back near the beginning and go
up, but not where you fall, a bit to the right of where is the secret of
banana coins and a bunch of bananas. There's a little alcove which go up
of 2 cases. Go there to find the warp.

As soon as it start, fall to the right to gain 2 Banana coin and a Bunch
of bananas. Head right and when you'll find the K, go down where the Floatsam
is, Go right under the K were, go down and you'll find a nice secret which
contains about 20 bananas and 2 banana coins. Get out of there and head left.
Go down, a bit to the left and go right. All that for a banana coin. Lol.
Return back to where you exit the secret and as soon as you can go down,
go down. You'll find a Lockjaw, a Redfish with big jaw. Go where he is
protecting and you'll find Enguarde, this blue fish. You'll see a bunch of
banana trap in some box. Go join them (you'll past through the box) and
afterward, go up until you find a Zone with the letter R written in bananas.
Face right towards the big brown box and demolish it to find a bonus! (B :08)
Head down after it and go right. In fact this level is most a linear way,
but anyways, let's describe the way! You can go down where the Lockjaw is
to find the letter O. Now go up, avoiding/killing the Floatsams there. When
near the surface stick to the right wall and you'll gain a golden feathers
(GF :05) Go to the left and be prepared to say Bye Bye to Enguarde :'(. But
don't be disapointed! He give a life! YEAH! Hum hum... where was I? Ah yeah!
Go down, touch the CheckPoint barrel and go up. Head to the right to get
the N and return to the left. Beware of the Shuri, but it should be no problem
for a big pro like you, heh? After the Shuri passed, head down, but dont
go left! Go directly down you'll find a Lockjaw. Head there and to the right.
SURPRISE! It's Enguarde again! YEPEEE! So hop on and kill that Lockjaw
bastard! Don't go up yet! Instead, move to the left and head down. Secret!
Lot of bananas and 2 banana coins. Lot of secret in this level, did you
notice? :) Well now go up until you reach a place fill with Lockjaw (3 in
fact) Kill them and take they're reward (Bananas everywhere + DK Barrel,
Banana Coins and Letter G!) Now head to the right and kill those 2 Shuri
if you want. Now don't go too fast, or you're gonna miss the DK coins. Go
the the right slowly and enter the alcove (if we can say that's an alcove).
Charge up and then let it go. You're gonna be faster than the water and get
your DK Coins (DK :04) Now head left instead of right. Touch the floor and
continue left. You'll go through the wall and see a Floatsam with a camera.
Kill him (P :02). In that room there's 2 banana coins :). Now head back right
and say byebye to Enguarde again :'(  WHAT! A bunch of banana??? Damn Rare,
Enguarde worth more than 10 stupid bananas! Ok so just end this level already!

Between Level : Swanky's stand is open! You can get life there, but if it's
the first time you're doing this game, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU LET ALL
STAND THERE ! When you'll get to the K.Rool's Keep and the Lost World, you'll
just have to get them using the Gyrocopter, making your life twice easier.

Topsail Trouble
Bonus : 2
Picture : Yes
First Time : 2/5
Difficulty : 0.5/5

Warp : The warp is just under you, you need to make a Mid-Air jump. But you
won't gained anything so I'll assume you'll do all the way instead, right?

The first time this level his pretty annoying but once you're used to it,
it's pretty easy. Take Rattly! YEPE!  Head left. Jump up on the mast and jump
on the platform higher on the left, there a red ballon! Now return down and
head right, the far right. Jump on the platform, charge Rattly and go up
on a higher platform. You'll find a bonus (B :09) In case you did'nt understood
(even myself I got difficulty to understand -_-') here's a little drawing
of where is it.

                   _____                              B  : Bonus
-----------        |                             ____  : platform
             >       |                             >
                >    |                               >    : diagonal platform
                   > |                                |   : Long Pole

I Know it's scrap, I'm no expert in these things, but I think it's at the
limit understandable. So now let's continue. Head left killing the 2 Kabooing
making kabooing everytime. Charge up and jump to the platform on the left
so you can continue your ascension. Kill the Klong with his stupid leg making
Klong every step ... ok I shut up with their sound :). Go right, jump on
the platform, disambark from Rattly and take Dixie. Take the chest and throw
it on the platform above you. Retake Rattly and go up. Disembark him again
and take the chest. Throw it at the Kruncha. Quickly take the Red Ballon
before he fly away. Now take back Rattly and continue until you take de barrel
that goes up. Go to the platform above you and jump so you take a banana
coins and 10 bananas. Now head right and say byebye to Rattly. In excange
you'll got a banana coins... why our best friends always transformed into
cheap things, I'll never know. So go right take the CheckPoint barrel and
now be ready for Rope Ascension 'til the end of the level. YAWN! You got
to find the Bonus and DK Coins in this part so go find them! ... ... ... ...
ok I figure you need my help. So let's do it. From where the second Klinger
is, jump to the right to get a banana coins and the Golden Feathers (GF :06)
When you'll reach the place with 2 Flitters in mid-air, jump where is the
pole and you'll hang on an invisible hook! Now jump on the Flitters and Bingo!
It's bonus time! (B :10) Now continue your ascension. When you'll reach place
where they are 3 Zinger place so that you must jump between them, return
to the right and fly there. There is the DK Coins! (DK :05) Continue and
you'll eventually find the goal. DONT GO ON IT YET! Go on the far left of
the Rope. Listen. You hear that little noise? Yeah there's a Click-Clack
near. But where? Jump on your left. You'll hang on an Hook and you'll see
the Click-Clack, with the camera of course. Kill him (P :03) Now return to
the goal but still don't go on it. Instead go behind it. You'll find a Blue
Ballons! Grab it before it flew away. After take the Wooden Crate and kill
the Zinger at the rope. Grab on the rope and finish the level! Try to get
the G if you got every others letter in the level, even if I didn't tell
where the N is ... where the Zinger with a banana coin is, hang on the roop
and go right. Go down slowly so you don't hit the Zinger and get the N. Dunno
why I put it there. Surely because I hate it?

Between level again!: Funky's Flight II Go in the proper section to get the
DK Coins from his mission [7.1] (DK :06)

Reagain : Go see Cranky and make the Expresso Race. Check the section [7.3]
For more info (DK :07)

Krow's Nest

Heyhey! Here's the first boss. A big bird with a pirate's hat on his head.
He's well disguised for Halloween. But he's attacking you for real! Ok so
let's teach him a lesson, shall we?

4 Hit
First Time : 1.5/5
Difficulty : 0.5/5

You should have no problem with him. For the first 2 hits he's gonna drop
Egg which are gonna bounce on the field. Jump on them to make them stop,
take them and throw them on Krow's beak (not necesarily beak, but for fun
do it lol) After 2 hits, he's gone insane and charge directly in the pole!
That idiot! But now Eggs are everywhere! Avoid them until one fall and stay
on the field. Take it and throw it at Krow. Another hit like that and he's
down. When the last hit is done, quickly team up and throw your partner above
Krow's Nest so you can have 2 banana coins. After that, we see Krow's Ghost
go away and Cranky coming to talk to you. Interesting ...
Your reward is a Krem Coins! YEAH! Now you should be at 11 Krem Coins if
you took all Bonus so far.

Congrats! You Finish GangPlank Galleon! But it's only the beginning, there
is still lot of level to do, the Lost World to start and much more!

[2.2] Crocodile Cauldron

If you have a cold, then this is the place to go! But beware of the lava
that will kill you instantaneously. You'll probably die a couple of time,
but it should'nt be that much. Welcome to Crocodile Cauldron!

Hot-Head Hop
Bonus :3
Picture : Yes
First Time : 2/5
Difficulty : 1/5

An interesting level. At the very start team up and throw the partner above
the endrance. Push B to take the chest that is hard to see. Now take it and
kill the Neek with it. You'll got 2 life for this! Then take the other chest
and shoot it at Kloober to get the K. Continue right. Notice that on the
lava they are Green and Brown Crocodile head. They are call Krockhead. Don't
worry they don't Krock lol. But I Dunno how they can survive that hell, but
let's concentrate on the main subject. The green one are stationary while
the brown make you jump high. Simple as that. After you meet the first brown
head, there's a chest and a Klobber. Take the chest and throw it to him.
WTF?! It's a Golden Feathers! (GF :07) This is the most EASYIEST GF that
you'll have to find, at least it's the only one. Anyways, when you'll reach
the place with 2 Klampon and a chest, you may kill one Klampon but let one
live. The one that lives must die by the chest. Once it's done, take the
cannonball that appears from the chest and move to the right, avoiding to
fill into lava and killing Klampon in the ways. You'll reach the cannon soon
enough to get a Bonus.(B :11)Oh and don't forget the O where the 2 Klampon
were :D.  You'll reappear right on the CheckPoint barrel. Go to the right
and meet the newly encoutered friend, Squitter. No, he's not like SpiderMan,
he can't stick to wall. But he can make web to make platform! Sweet. Wll
hop on and go to the Right. You'll see a B in bananas. Instead of using B,
use R to go up and making platform. You'll get the DK Coins! (DK :08) They
start to be hide better than the first level, huh? Still continue to the
right, and DON'T LOSE SQUITTERS! You won't have the next bonus if you lose
her. Continue to the right until you see bananas floating in mid air in group
of 2. Kill the Kloober to get the picture (P :04) Make platform to go up
and you'll find another Bonus (B :12) You'll respawn a bit further, but it
doesn't matter. There you have 2 ways. And short but you gain nothing and
one longer but you gain bananas and banana coins. To get them, simply use
the platform to make yourself a way. After that, you'll see a Bonus hanging
high above you. If you have still have Squitters, make platform. If you don't
have her anymore just team up and you'll get to the bonus (B :13) Continue
a bit and time to say Bye Bye to Squitters! At least we get a Red Ballon
for this sacrifice. Now on the goal, there is no Red Ballon! I'll let you
decide which is the best, a banana coins, a Bunch of bananas or a single
banana. Personally I'll take the bunch of bananas, but it's your decision,
not mine.

Kannon's Klaim
Bonus : 3
Picture : Yes
First Time : 2.5/5
Difficulty : 1/5

Warp : When you'll reach the place with 2 Neeks and a Kruncha, kill the 2
Neeks, take a TNT barrel and kill the Kruncha. After, make a Mid-Air Jump
under the platform so you'll find the warp.

I remember when I got there the first time, I said Wow the level is cool!
But it's a bit difficult! Indeed, the first time, it's difficult, but once
you get used to, it's as easy as the first level ... almost. At the very
beginning, go to the right, kill the 2 Neeks and fly to the right using Dixie.
You'll find a Bonus (B :14) In this Bonus, there is the DK Coins! Just fly
to the right and you'll find it (DK :09). You'll reapper in the barrel with
an arrow and you'll be shot upward. Move to the right avoiding the shot of
Kannon and kill this bastard. Jump in the barrel and you'll end up on a platform
with 2 TNT barrel, 2 Neeks and a Kruncha. Kill the 2 Neeks take a TNT barrel
and shoot it right in the face of the Kruncha :) Boom! Adios Amigos! Now
jump on the barrel, which will take you to another one, which will take you
to 2 Klong. Just make sure to land on one, or else you'll probably lost a
Kong. Jump in the next barrel, and you'll find another Kannon. If you have
lost one Kong, wait for him to shoot, shoot on the barrel and you'll touch
a DK Barrel. After that, kill him :) Jump in the next barrel, who's gonna
propulse you in the next one. Now time your jump carefully so that you hit
the Flitters and not the Zinger. Continue to the right and you'll find a
bunch of barrel which are gonna propulse you to bananas and banana coin.
You'll be back right where you jump on the Flitter. Now go left, getting
the 4 bananas in the way if you want and go up. Take the TNT barrel and bring
him in the face of Kannon. Time your jump a bit so it don't destroy a barrel
instead. Kill the Klong and jump on the next platform. There's another Kannon.
But don't try to jump on his projectile, they are CannonBall which gonna
kill a Kong. So just jump on him or make a Roll attack and he's gone! Now
jump in the barrel and you'll be at the CheckPoint barrel. So far so good,
but it was only the easy part, now here the harder's one :) Take the DK barrel
and throw it on the Zinger. Enter the barrel and travel the room, avoiding
the Zinger, which is quite easy. You'll get to a place with a TNT barrel
and a Mini-Necky. Kill the Mini-Necky, but not with the TNT! After he's dead,
take the barrel. Move to the right and throw it in the face of the Zinger.
Now take Dixie and fly to the right so you can have a banana coins. You'll
be propulse upward and find 2 others Mini-Necky! Kill them, take the DK Barrel
if necessary, and fly to the left using Dixie. You'll find another Bonus!
(B :15) You'll reapear where the 2 Mini-Necky are. Kill them again (I though
it was impossible to kill someone 2 times!) Anyways, move to the right jump
immediately in the barrel so you won't it the Zinger there. You're gonna
be propulse to a Barrel with a Zinger on the left. Jump over it and kill
the Kannon who's shooting Cannonball. Take the next barrel, avoiding the
Zinger. When you'll reach the 3 barrel in line, just always press right,
you won't hit the Zinger, trust me. You'll end up on a platform with another
Mini-Necky! Kill him then go to the right with Diddy. Touch the Diddy's barrel
to get some thing nice. Now go to the left with Dixie and fly so you pass
over the barrel and the Zinger. Now you're up and there's a Bonus on your
right. I know 2 way of getting it.

1-	Fly to the right jumping on Kannon's barrel.
2-	Go upward and on the first hole fall in it. You'll touch Kannon head and
behind him is the Bonus

Take the way you want, as long as you get it (B :16) and that you get the
picture by killing Kannon (P :05). Kill the Mini-Neckys in the way, and head
for the goal. To get something on this one, you must jump on a Mini-Necky.
It's quite hard to have what we want, but just try! Oh and, if you did'nt
saw the Golden Feathers above the goal (GF :08), you're truly need some good
glasses. And if you already wore a pair, change them RIGHT NOW!

Between Level : Funky's Flight II (DK :10)

Lava Lagoon
Bonus : 1
Picture : No
First Time : 2/5
Difficulty : 0.5/5

Warp : After the first Clapper, there's a platform with a Klampon on it.
Go on it and move to the right side. Team up and throw upward.

It's not that hard, you just need to be quick. Jump over the hot water at
the beginning and kill the Neeks. Now meet Clapper, a little friend who's
cooling water. Pretty cool huh? Use that to your advantage if you don't wanna
die. So jump on him to cool the water. Jump in the collect some bananas and
get out fast, because water is not cold for ever. You'll reach a second Clapper.
Do the same thing, and collect thing if you want, but make this quick! You'll
reach a 3rd Clapper! Yes there's a lot lol.
Go in the water and move to the right, collecting the K if you want just
under you at the entry point of the water. Now jump in the barrel. Press
left and hold it. You'll enter in a secret area with a banana coins. Now
jump on the Clappers, and in the water. Move a bit to the left and go up.
You'll find a Exclamation barrel. Make a Mid-Air jump to catch it. Now return
in the water and collect thing. Even if the water return red, you won't be
hurt. But if it turn red, make it quick! You're invincibility's about to
drop! You'll reach the CheckPoint soon enough. Kill the Kabooing and jump
on the next Clapper. Now go down in the water at the bottom and turn right.
Hey it's Enguarde! Hop on and continue, killing/avoiding the PufTup. Just
always do the attack so you go faster. Now you'll reach another Clapper.
Disembark Enguarde and jump on the Clapper. Embark Enguard and go up. Continue
to go up and you'll past through the ceiling. You'll find bananas, banana
coins and the N. Now Enguarde must disapear, already. At least we get a Red
Ballon YEPE! Now take the barrel and hit the wall with a banana in front.
This is the Bonus of the level! (B :17) After that, fall down on the right
and kill the Click-Clack there. If you stick to the wall on the right you
can notice the Golden Feathers at the corner. Head back to the left. Jump
on the Clapper and go in water, avoiding the Puftup there. At the right of
the fourth Puftup (on the ceiling) go up and you'll get the GF! (GF :09)
When you'll reach the next Clapper, jump on it and go to it's right. Go down,
you'll find an Exclamation Barrel, go to the right and collect the DK coins
there (DK :11). Follow the banana's path and you'll be at the end. Get that

Red-Hot Ride
Bonus : 2
Picture : Yes
First Time : 3/5
Difficulty : 1/5

Warp : At the second blue floating ballon, get at the smoke stream after
the K. Team up, jump and throw it upward.

Here's a boring level. It's easy (except the first time), and it's long enough,
I think it's the only level that's boring. Anyways, let's get this boring
level done now. From the start team up and throw above the entrance. There's
2 bananas coins. Get the bunch of bananas flying in the air and get up the
hill. Jump on the Klobber before he stole your bananas. Get on the floating
ballon and move right. Just head to the right side of the ballon to make
him move. Don't worry you're not gonna fall. To make sure the ballon don't
go to low, use the smoke stream to go back up. Once on the other side, kill
the Kruncha by teaming up and throwing your partner to him. Be sure that
the Kruncha is not angry or else it's your partner that's gonna die. Anyways
hop on the next ballon, grab the K and head right. Take the bunch of bananas
and continue to the right. Jump on the platform. You'll see a Zinger, a Kruncha
and z box of Rambi. What the hell Rambi's doing there?
Doesn't matter. Kill the Kruncha and climb up. Now let's ramble! Erm... better
not in fact, or you'll die. Head left and kill the Klobbers and Zinger in
the ways, jumping over the lava pit. Now your at the 3rd ballon. I can't
believe it's still floating with Rambi's weight. Now head right. Kill the
Zinger in the way using the Horn of Rambi. Don't worry, you'll be fine. Get
the banana coins and the O in the way. You'll reach another floating ballon,
with a Zinger and a Kruncha. Kill the Zinger, grand the bunch of bananas
above him and kill the Kruncha. You can hop on the new ballon if you want,
but it won,t change anything. Anyways continue your way to the right. You'll
end up on a low platform with 2 Kruncha on a higher one. Ignore them and
charge toward the wall. Here's the first bonus of the level.(B :18) After
that, you'll lose Rambi and get 10 bananas. We start to get used to cheap
reward, isn't it? So continue right and kill the Kruncha by team up to get
a Picture (P :06). Touch the CheckPoint barrel. See the banana below you?
Fly over there. You'll get another bonus! (B :19) Now head on the ballon.
DON'T PUSH THE RUN BUTTON ANYMORE! You must NOT take the DK Barrel. You'll
see why soon. Continue to the right, avoiding the Flitters. You'll end up
on a smoke stream. Now take the DK Barrel and Kill the top Zinger, the one
above the Floating ballon. If you'll had take the Barrel, before, you'll
had the Flitters destroying it. Anyways jump on the ballon and jump to get
the DK Coins. (DK :12) Now head right with your new ballon. You'll spot a
Neeks and a TNT Barrel. You can use the TNT Barrel to get the DK Coins if
you want, but you won't get the next object. Anyways, take it, move to the
right. You'll spot 3 Zinger placed vertically. The middle one hide a banana
coins. Try to kill the 2 Bottom Zinger so it's make thing easier. Anyways
grabs that coin and continue right and jump on the next platform. The platform
is short, there's another ballon right after -_-. But it's the last one!
Yeah! That's mean we're close to the end! YEAH! But don't be too much excited,
or you'll die! Now move right. When you'll spot the Flitter, fly toward him
and land on him. Right when you jumped, move right to land on the ballon
that's going up. Go right avoiding the Zinger, then you'll spot another
Flitter. Do the same thing, but this time, when you'll jump on the ballon,
get on the next one as soon as possible. The Neeks will die, and you, you
go on the little Smoke stream so you don't die. Continue and you'll spot
2 Zinger with some bananas between them. You don't have great choice. You
must pass between them. Do it, hoping not losing a Kong!. Right after that
there's... the Golden Feathers (GF :10) If you don't see it, I'm calling you
King Noobie. Now come a part where people claim it's difficult, but it's
damn easy. Get the G, so you have Kong written (you'll got it if you took
the N at the DK Coins place.) Now wait for the ballon to go down enough.
When you're really low (like the ballon touch the lava a bit) move to the
right. Stop at the next smoke stream,(after the Zinger, I hope you
understood...) so you go up, and head right. Hey you're at the end! Get that
life by using the other ballon who's descending from the ceiling.

Squawk's Shaft
Bonus : 3
Picture : Yes
First Time : 2.5/5
Difficulty : 1/5

Warp : Go to the right, mid-air jump to get the Banana coins and still continue
on the right.

Right on the beginning, take the chest on your left and throw it at the Krook.
I like these ennemies, they're cool. Anyways. Kill the Klomp on the next
platform and board the spinning barrel. If it's your first time, you'll have
a REAL hard time with these. When I was young, was not able to shot correctly
on the Snes version, which I think are easier to use than the GBA. Shoot
upward and wait a bit for the 3 Klomp to pass. Jump and roll attack them
to kill. A bit below on your left there's 2 other Krook. Kill them and get
the bunch of bananas floating there. Take the next barrel and shot Up-Left.
Kill the 3 Klomp and you'll get a Picture (P :07). Now there's a bonus directly
on your right. But like I said, if it's your first time with these barrel,
you'll have a hard time. I got 2 Options for you, the second being the easiest
but a bit longer.

1-	Go to the right manoeuver yourself with the barrel avoiding the Zingers
and getting the Bonus.
2-	Jump down from above. I'll tell soon when you should.

Let's say you got it (B :20) Jump in the barrel and go up-right. There's
2 stationnary Krook. Here's a little advice. Just land on the bottom one
and let him shoot his hook. When it'll arrive, jump over and wait for it
to return to him. Now go see the Krook and kill him with a roll attack (not
jump, because you'll jump on the one above) Take the chest and kill the above
one. You'll get a life. Isn't it sweet? Remember the second option? Jump
there using a roll attack (for fun). You won't hit the Zinger, guaranted.
Go to the last Krook you kill was and go left and jump on the next platform.
You see a barrel with a Dixie's face on it. But it's too high for jump. What
to do???? Take Diddy as the main character team and throw. You'll get the
Golden Feathers, some bananas and a banana coins (GF :11). Head back right
and take the next barrel. Now they complicated your job with the barrel.
They put a Zinger in your way. If you can manage to travel shooting at the
right moment without the barrel making all turn, you won't hit it. But you'll
probably take your time. After a thousand of try to go up, you'll land on
a Klampon, hopefully. Kill the next one too. Jump in the next barrel. It's
the last series of barrel like that in that level! Yeah! So go up shooting
barrel from barrel, avoiding the Zingers in the way (which I did'nt did at
the moment I wrote this ...) Take the Checkpoint barrel. Team up and shoot
on the barrel at your left. It will take you to a bonus (B :21). Now go take
the barrel on the right side and go up. Again, if you shot as soon as possible,
you'll hit nothing. Kill the Krook, avoiding his hook too. Take the O left
behind him and go left. Now time th meet Sqawqs. It's a parrot who throws
Eggs... brown eggs... in the game it's egg but I prefer call them coconaut.
The only way to go is up. So go up. Kill the Zinger on your right if you
want. If I'm not mistaken, it should be the first time you see a red Zinger.
Wanna bother to kill them? Go ahead, but I hope you will let the batteries
of your GBA recharge sometimes because they are invincible. Let's continue
up and you'll encounter a Krook on a platform. Go to his level and immediately
head down. He'll shoot his hook, missing you. Now head up and kill him. You
can try to shoot it directly when you go up, but you have to be close or
the coconaut will hit the hook and do nothing. Now there's 4 Zingers : 2
red stationnary in the middle with a N above them and 2 Yellow patrolling
beside them. Move on the extrem right or left. Go up on the good moment and
shoot the Zinger. Kill the other one (for fun) and take the N. Now here's
another Krook. You know what to do. There's immediately another one...
different tactic this time. Go behind him from below(well not really behind,
but you get what I mean?) and shoot. You'll kill him and he doesn't even
know what's happening! What an imbecile ... Go up. Another Krook. Use the
first tactic I thought you. Take the DK Barrel if you lost a partner so far
and ... take your time here. There's 2 with Mini-Necky. One on the right
and one at the left above. Just go up and descending immediately after. They
will all leave... jeez. Next encounter is 2 Krook looking at each other.
OMG! What to do??? Go behind the right one and shoot. The left one go up
and shoot. The complexity. Now head right. Kill the Krook. Go up and take
the Bonus (B :22). After it you'll respawn immediately on the DK Coins
(DK :13) Now head back to the 2 Krook, kill them again. I like to kill someone
twice, but I dunno how in the world it can be possible. Head up and avoid
the 2 Mini-Necky there.  Go up on the right side, for your safety. Now there's
a Kannon. Use the second tactic I teach you, I mean, go behind and shoot.
Hehe. Time to meet 2 other Red Zinger going at some high speed. Tr to avoid
them and try to get the bananas there, for fun :P  Now there's 3 other
Mini-Necky, left,right,left each one above another. Just fly fast to the
top and you'll be safe. Time to finish the level by leaving Squawqs. Bananas...
dammit. Get in the barrel and shot down-right to hit the goal. Make sure
to get the G!

Between Level : Cranky's hut for the Expresso Race (DK :14)

Another Between level : The Klubba's Kiosk is now open, which mean you can
acces to my favorite but the hardest world : The Lost World. I recommend
and I should say I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you have lot and lot of life before
going there. Or you can wait to have all Krem Coins before going into them.
You should know that this is count as the last world, so I'm not going to
say go in this level now get the DK Coins and etc. I will continue with the
main faq, The Lost World being at the very end. Thank you for reading lol.

Kleever's Kiln

A giant sword coming out of the lava heh? This boss is fun to battle, and
it's make the game a bit more piratic (is that a word *search in dictionnary*
did'nt found it). Notice that the sword is being held by a fire hand below.
It's have nothing to do with the boss but it's quite funny to see that someone
live in the lava.

Hit : 6
First time : 2/5
Difficulty : 0.5/5

The battle is starting by Kleever shooting 3 Fireball at you. Avoid them
by jumping over them. Then a cannonball will fall. Take it and throw it right
on Kleever. He will go mad and some hook will appear. Travel to the other
side of the room as fast as possible, or Kleever will get you! When on the
other side he will throw you 4 other Fireball. Take the cannonball and throw
it on him when he stop stop throwing Fireball. Hook will reapper so you go
on the other side. Make the same thing again and shoot the cannonball. Now
Kleever will dive on the lava, and get out floating in the air! You killed
the fire hand lol. Now Kleever will make a look-like charge up and charge
toward you. Jump above him. Hook will appear now in a BIG set. Go on the
other side and take the cannonball. Throw it at him again. Now move quick
because Kleever is chasing you, always slashing in his way.Whats you should
do to travel is always going on the up-left hook or up-right hook, depending
of where you go. Wait on the last hook for Kleever. When you'll see him.
Jump on the left and take the cannonball to throw it again on Kleever. Take
Dixie now and go to the hook. Go on the last hook at the top and wait Kleever.
When you'll see him, jump and float to the right to gain 2 banana coins.
Fall down take the cannonball and achieve this mighty sword. He will explode
and fall down in lava. Cranky will arrive again (Blablabla) and you got a
nice Krem Coins! You should be at 14 DK Coins, 24 Krem Coins and 00 Golden
Feathers ... but if we count them manually 11. Congratulation! You managed
to clear the Crocodile Cauldron! If you notice you don't have an exclamation
sign beside the name. It's because you did'nt done the Klubba's Kiosk on
this world. You should'nt bother with that... for now. Now head the the Krem

[2.3] Krem Quay

The smell of the Marsh... berk. This world got 6 level instead of 5, and
the levels there are fun. I like them... except for one... the last one...
anyways, this is the rest of a ship who sank at half and won't sank more
because it's in a marsh. Well now let's head to the first level : Barrel

Barrel Bayou
Bonus : 2
Picture : Yes
First time : 2.5/5
Difficulty : 1/5

On the Snes version I would have put 0 on this level for the difficulty.
But for some reasons, I found this level harder. Probably because I don't
like the G-Barrel. Anyways. Start going to the right killing the 3 Neeks
there. Here's come a new type of barrel : the G-Barrel. I know it's an arrow
making a circle, but it's look like a G too, so I call them G-Barrel. You
see numbers on it when you embark them. This number is the time resting to
you to aim to where you wanna shoot. You can shoot at any time, but you should
take your time to aim before. So aim up and shoot to get the K. Go right
killing the Klomp and the Flitters. Now come a new ennemy : the Kloak. They
are really cool. They throw anything coming from absolutely nowhere. Avoid
his crates and continue. You'll spot another G-Barrel. DON'T GO IN IT! Go
a bit to the right and you'll see a Zinger. You should see a single banana
on the water with a crocodile head coming out sometimes of the marsh. Wait
for it to be out, go on it and take Rambi on his right. By stamping on the
crocodile head you should have the picture (P :08). Get in the barrel and
shoot right. There's another Kloak and he shoot a Zinger! They really throw
anything. Continue and you'll spot 2 other Kloak. The first one will throw
a crate and go away. The second one will always throw crate. Just pass under
it. Jump on the Zinger so you can jump in the next barrel, taking the O in
the way. Shot right 2 times, then shot upward. Shot right again, and you'll
get the Golden Feathers (GF :12). Again, this place was stupid for a Golden
feathers. Too easy. Now shoot down-right, then shoot toward the Zinger to
get the banana coins behind him. There's another Kloak. He'll throw some
bananas, then he'll throw a Zinger right in front of it! Take them before
he does or kill it with the help of Rambi. Hehe. Avoid him. Now come a much
harder challenge. You must pass from barrel to barrel while they are moving.
I suggest to point to the right and shoot when they are almost facing each
other. Now you must shoot up-right to the next barrel. You should shot above
the bananas. It's a bit more safe if you wanna know. Shot down to take the
checkpoint barrel. Jump on the Zinger and land on the half barrel there.
Jump on the little platform with the cannon on it and jump on the bigger
one. Go to the right. Kil every ennemies in the path except for one. You'll
see why. Now say bye bye to Rambi. Hey! It's a DK Coins! (DK :15) This is
really nice. Now you should spot a Kloak. DON'T KILL IT! Avoid his barrels
he's throwing then he'll flew away to the left. Follow him. He'll stop on
the left side and he'll throw a chest. Take it and kill him with. If you
miss to kill him, it doesn't matter. Just kill the ennemy you let alive with
it. Surprise. It's the cannonball. You know what to do (B :23). You'll
reappear behind the Kloak. Jump in the barrel. Now hold down the right button.
You'll end up in the barrel right on his right and won't die. Now there's
2 other Kloak throwing some Click-Clack. They flew away after some throw
and leave the N wide open. Take it. Now here's another set of barrel. Always
press right there until you touch the ground. You'll spot 2 Kloober. Jump
on one and throw it at the other. Take the other and throw it on the next
Zinger. Take the banana coin. Now's here's another Kloak. He'll throw 2 barrel
then a Zinger. Just don't be where it will land, it's where the barrel landed.
Jump to get the bunch of bananas and land on the Half barrel. Now come a
barrel who's traveling right to left and left to right. Take it. You'll be
shot immediately upward. Make your way to the other side by falling in the
barrel each time you'll be shooted out. You should get the G in the process.
Now team up and throw your partner in the Bonus barrel before the Kloak throw
a Zinger right under it. If you have only one Kong, you can jump on a barrel
while it's in mid-air, but it's risky. (B :24) You'll respawn in the last
barrel, which is above the goal. Aim down and try to get the life,and avoid
the Zinger :)

Glimmer's Galleon
Bonus : 2
Picture : Yes (X2)
First time : 3/5
Difficulty : 1/5

Another swimming level... bleh. And this time Enguarde's not there to help
us. Well we're gonna do without him. Go up  to find a Bonus (B :25). Right
after it, touch the left wall and go up. You'll find 2 banana coins ans somme
bananas. Come back to the bonus area and go above it. You'll find Another
area with this time lot and lot of bananas. Now from this area go to the
right wall and go up. You'll find ANOTHER area but this time it's the DK
Coins! (DK :16) Head back at the start and go down and immediately head right.
Pass over the Klomp. He must be good to keep his oxigen and walk in the water.
Just dont touch it. You're gonna be hurt. Now come Glimmer, a lightfish.
In the Snes he was useful. But in the GBA version, he's useless. We see pretty
well without him. Anyways, you don't have the choice. Go right and immediately
up to find yourself in a little area with a little banana. Go take it. Wow
you gained a life! Head back down, go right and go up after. Take the bunch
of bananas and head down again. Avoid the 2 Floatsam there and continue right.
Now you have 2 ways : up and down. Go up. Avoid the Lockjaw and go to the
right, take the K and come back a bit to the left, above the barrel. Well
now touch the second barrel from the right. You'll pass through and gain
a banana coin. Now avoid the 2 Floatsam and continue your way. Now here's
another 2 ways... but this one is pretty useless. Go down if you lost a Kong
and wanna gain it again. Now go up. Avoid the Lockjaw and take the bananas.
When you'll reach the Banana's arrow, Stop there! Touch the left wall at
the bottom (where's there's an alcove  mean) and you'll go through it. You'll
gain some banana coins and a picture (P :09). When you'll got out at the
other extremity, beware of the Puf-Tup. He's gonna explode and throw 4 Spikes
in a + direction. I mean, one up, one down, one left, one right. Go down
and take the first entry on the left. Avoid the Floatsam and continue on
the left. Go up on the second entry and go left. Take the CheckPoint Barrel.
Now come a new type of Shuri. They are stationary, and when you approach,
they charge toward you. Just avoid them when they start charging and you'll
be just fine. Go up and you'll find another Puf-Tup. This time he is exploding
in a X direction. Don't need detail this time I think. Now avoid the next
shuri. Now time to move a bit quicker, or else we'll miss the next Picture.
See the banana in the wall? Go take it. What a surprise! It's a Exclamation
barrel! That means you're invincible. But now we must move or else we won't
get the Picture. So take it, go up and left. Ignore the first shuri and kill
the second one. (P :10) I know you could take your time, was just for fun :).
Now here's another Puf-Tup. Ignore him and go up. Now kill the Lockjaw if
you're still invincible. If you're not, take the Bunch of bananas and the
N if you got the O. Now go up again and avoid the next Lockjaw. The next
place is filled with Shuri. Avoid them as much as you can. Here are the location

-----------------        -------------------
                    S|     |              S    S  |
--------            |     |                      |
         |           |     |                      |
         |           |----|
         ------------ S ------- S  --------
                       |--|       |---|

S = Shuri. And I'm still not an artist to these things!
Now continue avoiding them. Now go up the wall in the middle of the room
(the one we see in the Draw) from the right side, touching it in fact.
Completely at the top there's the Golden Feathers (GF :13).  Now go right
avoiding the remaining Shuri and go down. Before reaching the Puf-Tup, turn
around and touch the left wall (not where the puf-tup is, before that) You'll
go through the floor and gain 2 banana coins. Now head back to the puf-tup.
Beware! He is gonna explode in a + direction. Stick on the floor and you
won't get hurt. Now go down. You'll spot a Lockjaw garding a path of banana.
Lure him out (make him see you then run away lol) and go to that path. You'll
find a bonus there (B :26) Now get out by avoiding the Lockjaw and go right,
avoiding the Floatsam. Go up and you'll reach a room with 3 Puf-Tup. 2 Explode
the other just go up. The one who explode make an X Direction, so you'll
be just fine. If you have 2 Kong and can be fast enough to get the banana
coins above the 3rd Puf-Tup, well it's good for you, but you must go down
quick because the Puf-Tup will rise on you! Having 2 Kong at this point is
good lol. Now go right and go up the long wall. There's a barrel who's gonna
bring you on the ship, thank god. Avoid the Spiny or kill him whatever and
finish the level. A thing I don't understand is I never got something at
the goal in the end. Anyways.

Between level : Funky's Flight II. (DK :17)

KrockHead Klamber
Bonus : 1
Picture : Yes
First Time : 3/5
Difficulty : 1/5

Right at the beginning, team up and throw your partner above the Zinger that
are on your left. You'll land behind them. Take the chest and kill a Zinger.
Take the live and make a Mid-Air jump toward the left. Now come 2 live of
2 Zinger each one. Just jump above them. Take the chest on their left and
kill them all to reveal the DK Coins (DK :18). Take the barrel above your
head on the right to get back at the beginning. Now meet the Kutlass. They
are cool too, but they can be a real pain. This one is not a pain. Just wait
for him to stick his sword in the floor and jump on him. Or you can take
the DK barrel and throw it at him :) Jump on the stopper rod and on the next
one. If it's not stopper rod please e-mail me to tell me what is it :) Now
jump on the floating barrel then on the platform at his right. Take the crate
and kill the Kabooing with it. Embark on the next stopper rod and kill the
Flitters when it's under the K so you can come back on a stopper rod safely.
Now come 2 Kabooing. Kill the first one then the second one. Wait for the
right moment then jump on him. Avoid the Zinger and get on the rod. Wait
for the Flitters to be under the coin then jump and jump on each Flitters
to the next rod. Take the DK Barrel and shoot it at the Kabooing who's jumping
from a platform to another. Kill the Flitters and hang on the rod. Here's
a little problem. If you have only Dixie (Which should'nt since you just
took a DK Barrel) You have to jump on the Flitters when the Zinger's not
there. If you have Dixie, fly above it lol. Right after take the O above
the Marsh. Just wait for the KrockHead to be out. Now fly to the right avoiding
each ennemies :) or killing each ennemies if you have only Diddy :( You've
reached the Checkpoint barrel! And there's a No-Squitter Sign in front of
you. Did we missed it? Not at all! Go below the arrow of banana, team up
and throw upward. It's a bonus! (B :27) Now you'll be out of it. Shoot a
web with B and go right fast. If done right, The Kutlass will die :) Take
the Life left by the disparition of Squitter and continue. Now come the
KrockHead Barrel. Touch them and Krockhead will come out of the Marsh for
some time. So you must travel quick. But it's a lot easier with Dixie :)
So activate it then go to the next rod. Jump on the next one by grabbing
the banana coin and jump on the floating barrel. Notice that above the
Krockhead Barrel there's a Golden Feathers... -_- (GF :14) Get it and you
should activate the barrel. Travel now to the next rod. Avoid the Zinger,
take the crate and kill the Klinger on the next rod. Now this is a bit harder,
but still easy. Activate the barrel by jumping to it and stay in the banana's
path. You'll land on one. Then travel by using the Flitter to reach the other
head. If you lost a kong, there's a DK Barrel right after. Now avoid the
Klinger and jump rod by rod. Use Dixie to fly over all the Flitter and stop
at the rod. Notice the Flitter you just past over? Kill him to have his picture
(P :11) Now jump on the next rod and jump on the Krockhead barrel, always
following the bananas (using Dixies this time is really useful). Now come
the hardest part of the level. You must travel fast and avoid the Zinger.
Jump directly on the next head then rejump on the next one. Now fly Above
the next one and long on the Brown head. It will make you jump and u must
hold right so you hit the Krockhead Barrel and land on the next head. Now
the head will disapear Quick. So move fast! When you're on the rod, jump
to the next one and jump on the goal!

Rattle Battle
Bonus : 3
Picture : Yes
First Time : 2.5/5
Difficulty : 0.5/5

Right at the start jump. A barrel will propulse you somewhere high. Now team
up and reach the bonus above you (B :28) Now enter the door on your right
to find yourself in a captain cabin. Hop in the Rattly Barrel and be ready
to play with him all the level! Ush... he's hard to control but you'll have
to do with it! Go right and kill the Kabooing. Take the K. Kill the 2 other
Kabooing and jump over the hole. If you have difficulty, hold R to charge
up. Kill the next Kabooing, jump over the Flitter and kill 3 other Kabooing.
There's too much of these things. Jump on the Zinger so you can take the
banana coin he is guarding. Kill the next 2 Kabooing and jump on the second
pile of barrel. Now time carefully so you jump on the Zinger and land on
the right. You can use the charge too if you want. Remember on the first
level, Pirate Panic, a hole with a Bonus at his right? Well it's the same
thing, except it's on the left. Kill/avoid the Kabooing and enter it (B :29)
Continue to the right. Now if you want the O, wait for the turning Zinger
to be under it then just go forward, no need to jump. Continue to the right
and you'll spot a big pile of Barrel. Don't go on it. Continue to the right.
Now beware. You must continue to the right and jump in mid air, still going
to the right. Doing so you'll land in a barrel which will propulse you to
the DK Coins (DK :19) Take the Checkpoint barrel and continue. Don't jump
so you don't hit a cannonball right in your mouth. Go behind Kannon (from
below) charge and let it go. Land on Kannon's head and take the banana coins.
Jump on the Zinger to land on the other side. Now meet the Green Kabooing.
All they do is jumping in one direction, waiting sometimes. Kill him then
go on the first pile of barrel and jump. You'll get the Golden Feathers (GF :15).
Now you must time really well to jump on the barrel that Kannon fire and
have the N. But you can skip it too and kill Kannon. Kill the next Zinger
and jump on the barrel. Jump to get the next bonus (B :30). Now head right
and kill the 3 green kabooing there. Jump on the Zinger above the hole and
jump quick on Kannon's head before he fire a cannonball. Now jump on the
barrel and jump on the other Kannon. Jump on another Zinger and land in safety.
Now there's a couple of Kabooing. The third one has a picture, so be sure
to kill him! (P :12) Go on the absolute right and be prepare. Charge and
wait so you can jump on a barrel, and jump on another one and etc until you
reach Kannon and kill him. Now kill the Kabooing, charge and kill the last
Kannon. Rattly will be change into a bunch of bananas. Wait a minute. If
you have only one kong and it's Diddy, you can't have something on the goal.
But jump when you're at the very right of the screen. Hey you're buddy is
back! Take her hop in the barrel and finish the level!

Slime Climb
Bonus : 2
Picture : No
First Time : 3.5/5
Difficulty : 2/5

You will HATE this level. I know I did. Now it's easy for me, but back in
time... now is not the time lol. Never, NEVER ENTER THE WATER EXCEPT AT SOME
POINT! If you do enter, leave RIGHT NOW or you will die from an horrible
death. I mean, Snapjaw, the pink version of Lockjaw. Anyways on to the level.
Move right and kill the 3 Click-Clack. Make a mid-air jump to get the banana
coins and go climb the rope. Climb it fast because the water is rising! Yeah,
that means you can't go down now. So now take the DK Barrel and kill the
Click-Clack with it if you lost a Kong. If not, well do what you want. Jump
above the water and kill another Click-Clack. Team up and throw your partner
at the Kruncha. Go where he was and kill the Click-Clack. Now be fast to
reach the rope and climb it as the water already rising! Now jump platform
to platform in speed so the SnapJaw doesn't snap you... ok It sucks I know.
The water will stop when you'll reach the platform above the Kruncha. Well
most likely on his left but anyways. Jump on the Klomp and then jump on the
rope. Climb it and avoid the Klinger. Once up, team up and throw upward in
the barrel. You'll be higher. Do it again to move faster toward the right.
Doing so, you'll touch the CheckPoint barrel. GO right and kill the Kannon.
Take the Exclamation Barrel and dive in the water. Follow the bananas and
you'll eventually find a bonus. (B :31) Now return to Kannon and climb the
rope. Fly above the Flitter to gain some bananas and continue to the next
rope. Climb and take your time (not too much) to avoid the Zinger. Once up,
fly above the Flitter to the next rope. Go up and avoid the Klinger now
fly toward the right. Climb on the next rope before the water touch you.
Beware of the few Zinger that fly there. Take your time and as soon as
you can, pass. When you'll reach the Flitter, just fly above them or jump
on them (depending on which Kong you control now) and climb the rope.
Go right, ignoring the Klobber. Jump on the next platform and avoid the
next Klobber as well. Avoid the Kruncha and climb the rope. Now be quick.
Take the cannonball and jump platform to platform. Each time you kill
a Klomp, take back your cannonball and continue. You'll get to the cannon
eventually (B:32). You'll respawn on another exclamation barrel. Now dive
into the water and move a bit left to gain the Golden Feathers (GF: 16)
Now swim right, under the goal, to get the DK Coins (DK: 20). Now jump
on the platform and finish the level.

Bramble Blast
Bonus : 2
Picture : No
First Time : 4/5
Difficulty : 2/5

If you hated Slime Climb, then welcome to your nightmare. These level's
type are really, really hard. At least this one is not THAT hard. Just
at some point it his. So now jump in the barrel and shot always up-right,
except if you want the DK Barrel, shot up left at one point instead. Now
your in a room with a Zinger in the middle. Shot down right 3 times, and
shot up-left. Up-right, up-left and up-right again. Now wait. The Zinger
there turn around. Time when he is not in the bananas path and you'll
be alright. Now another room. Shot down-right and to the banana. Shot
up left and to the O. Shot up-left and down left. Wait again. There's
a Zinger turning around the next barrel. Wait a bit and when he is the
the left side shot. Now just wait that the Zinger go away and shot. Shot
up-left and down-left. Down-left again. Now this is one part that's hard.
The barrel are turning at 360 degree. That means you can actually touch
the spike all around the level! So take all your time to aim and shot
in the next barrel. Do the same thing 3 times and you'll be back to safety.
Another room. It's a bit confusing finding his way in that one but it's
actually quite easy. Shot in the barrel (the one without an arrow on it)
and in the other one. Shot up-right then down-right. Shot up-right,
up-left, up-left again, up -left another time. Down-left to the arrow
barrel, down left, down-right and down-left to get a bonus (B :33) Now
back, down-right, up-right  and follow the bananas. Now another room of
barrel turning 360 degree. Again, take all your time. Your not doing a
SpeedRun. You'll do it later lol. When past that room you'll touch the
checkpoint barrel. Thank god! But don't get nervous, because there's still
half the way to do. Head right shooting barrel to barrel (easy). Now make
all the way around the Zinger. Take your time so you don't shot toward
it stupidly. Now come the hardest part of the level (I think). There's
something like 7-8 barrel which you can shot toward spike and there's
Zinger in the way, just to complicate it... Now you are on a platform.
Wow there are platform in this level! Yeah that's the only place except
at the end and the beginning. Kill the Klampon and move left a bit. See
the bananas? You will die even with my faqs, I'm sure of it. Why? Because
it's a hard place. If you have Dixie use her RIGHT now! Fly to the bottom
and when you see the other platform, go on it. If you have only Diddy,
well make what you can. I mean you have 2 options. 1 is to go down directly,
maneuver yourself in the barrel to get to safety or make a mid-air jump
at the good moment, but it's risky. Jump in the barrel and shot up-left.
Shot to the bunch of bananas and shot down right, and to the bananas.
Now here's another room. You're close to the end of that level! Yeah!
Shot up-left, up-right, up-left, up-right, up-left 2 times. Shot to the
bananas and up-left, up-right. To the bananas again and up right.
Down-right, down-left, down right. Shot to the Arrow barrel and shot to
the other arrow barrel to get the Golden Feathers (GF :17) Now come back
to the barrel which shoted you to the first arrow barrel and go to the
bananas. Down-Right 2 times and now come others turning barrel. Don't
worry.. They are the last one. Just make sure to shot on th Flitters.
To help you, wait for him to be under the banana. Now you'll be shooted
to another Flitters. When you'll hit it, hold left. You'll end up in a
barrel which will take you up and embark Squawks. Yeah it's looks like
he is in the level! Now move right if you want some bananas, and go left.
Take the DK Barrel in the way if you need it. Go up and go left. Before
entering the small room be sure to kill the Zinger. Now enter it carefully
and get the DK Coins. (DK :21) Now come 2 Red Zinger Going down and up.
Avoid them and continue. Get the bananas in the way if you want and you'll
find a Red Zinger turning at high speed. Avoid him and go down at the
extremity. You'll get a bonus (B :34). Now you'll be back in a G-Barrel.
Aim down and shot to the goal. Fiew the level is finally over!

Between level : Expresso race (DK :22)

Kudgel's Kontest

It's a Grey Klubba! He must be his brother or something. But like all
big thing, he is stupid. So let's take care of him now

Hit : 6
First time : 3/5
Difficulty : 1/5

All he do it's trying to stomp on you by jumping, so always move. Before
he land, make sure to jump or else he will paralyze you and he will stomp
on you. Notice that you can see a Shockwave when it's land. It won't
paralyze you. It's when Kudgel land that you will paralyze. The 3 First
hit he jump, get back up and jump on you (well try). To make a hit, wait
for him to spawn a TNT Barrel. Take it, go to the right or left to be
in safety and throw it at him. When 3 hits are made, he change his tactic.
He jump on the floor, but doesn't shockwave it so you won't get paralyze.
Now he jump directly on the land without going up again. He jump, slowly,
land and rejump immediately. Don't forget to jump when he land! More hit
you do, the faster he become, and the faster you should be too. When the
Final hit as been made, he will dive in the swamp in the background. Take
the Krem Coins and listen to Cranky's again -_-.  Krem Quay is now finish!
You should be at 22 DK Coins, 37 Krem Coins, 17 Golden feathers and 12
picture. Now head to the Krazy Kremland for more fun!

[2.4] Krazy Kremland

Amusement, fun, all that make sense in this attraction park! But beware!
Some hive have been placed all around the park and the levels are being infested
with Zinger! What the hell am I talking about? Sure there are hive but the
levels in the world are not infested with, except the hives -_- Now get some
free popcorn at a stand and go in the attraction!

Hornet Hole
Bonus : 3
Picture : Yes
First Time : 3/5
Difficulty : 1.5/5

More coming soon! :)

[11]  |Copyrights and Credits|

This faq took me lot and lot of hour to write, even if it's not complete.
This is copyright by me. And I don't want to see this faq at other web site
except these one :


I would like to thanks :
My step-father for helping me for some words in the faq because he is bilangual.
Also for buying me the game ^^
Rare and Nintendo to put the greatest Snes game on the GBA. Both companies
are really great.

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