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    No DK Barrelswellard
    No DK or half-way barrels.rockard
    Opens Every level in the game.Freedom
    Opens Music Player Screenonetime
    Shows game Creditskredits
    Start with 10 banana coinsrichman
    Start with 15 liveshelpme
    Start with 50 Banana Coinswellrich
    Start with 55 Livesweakling

    Contributed By: Kirby100, Rob_Sonic, CharlieF, and Matt J100.

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  • ''Invincible'' in Funky's ''Kongstruction''

    During Funky's Challenge "Kongstruction" there are annoying Flitters everywhere that hurt you if you bump into them. At the start bump into them until you explode. When the screen says "give up?" say no and continue. Now when you bump into Flitters you won't get hurt. The only way you can get hurt is by bumping into walls. This will make the event easier.

    Contributed By: 48121620.

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  • Lost World

    To unlock the lost world you must pass the first world. In all the other worlds, you will start to find a "Klubba's Koisk" in each world. When you visit one, a kremling named klubba will ask you to give him 15 Kremcoins. When you do you will go to the lost world. For every world their will be a level in the lost world.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    "Animal Antics" LevelGive Klubba 15 Kremcoins at K.Rool Keep.
    "Black Ice Battle" LevelGive Klubba 15 Kremcoins at Krem Quay.
    "Fiery Furnace" LevelGive Klubba 15 Kremcoins at Gloomy Gulch.
    "Jungle Jinx" LevelGive Klubba 15 Kremcoins at Crocodile Cauldron.
    "Klobber Karnage" LevelGive Klubba 15 Kremcoins at Krazy Kremland.
    "Krocodile Kore" BossBeat the game and all five lost world levels.

    Contributed By: magic1990.

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Easter Eggs

  • Cranky's Video Game Heroes

    Whenever you are walking between levels (not when you are on the Gyrocopter) Press L and R at the same time, the screen should star wipe, and you will be at Cranky's Video Game Heroes hall of fame. This is where you can see your ranking with medals, against all time Nintendo heroes.

    Contributed By: KirbysMansion.

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  • Gangplank Galley Level Warp

    In the level Gangplank Galley, jump up the first barrels at the start, up where the first Bonus Barrel is. Instead of jumping inside the Bonus Barrel, jump up to the right of it, where the sun is in the background. You'll disappear and hear a sound effect, then you are taken to a "Level Warp!"-Screen. Just go into the right door. You are now directly before the end of this level!

    Contributed By: Pikachu 025.

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  • Get 99 lives (with out cheating)

    On the world Gloomy Gulch, the level ghostly grave you can easily get 99 lives. For this to work you need both kongs.

    Right at the start of the level before you move press the 'R' to make one of the kongs jump on the other. Throw the kong upwards killing the enemy. Then press 'R' again and jump and throw the kong up and left. You will land on a cliff off the screen and gain 3 lives. After you do this press 'start' then press 'select' to exit the level. Repeat as many times as needed to get 99 lives.

    Note: you must beat this level atleast once for this trick to work.

    Contributed By: cloudrules.

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