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FAQ/Walkthrough by Kaas

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/10/2005

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          ¶¶    ¶¶     ¶¶    ¶¶  ¶¶    ¶¶      ¶¶
          ¶¶   ¶¶       ¶¶¶¶¶¶    ¶¶¶¶¶¶      ¶¶ 
         ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶                             ¶¶¶¶¶¶¶
                                     by Kaas               

aaaa  Introduction

Welcome to the complete walkthrough of Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. I 
noticed there wasn't a FAQ for this game yet, so I decide to write one. I hope 
you will enjoy reading it, and perhaps it can be useful if you're stuck in the 
game. This walkthrough will contain spoilers, so if you don't want those, stop 
reading now, or be spoiled forever...

I always liked the Scooby-Doo cartoon, as well as the first movie. I haven't 
seen the second movie yet (the one this game was based on), but I think I will 
see it someday. Anyway, enjoy your game, as well as this walkthrough I wrote.

As always, if you have something to ask about this game, or do you think you 
have something to add to this FAQ, or have you spotted a mistake somewhere, 
feel free to email me at Kaas(dot)Bink(at)GMail(dot)com. Please put Scooby-Doo 
in the subject line.

bbbb  Version History

Version 0.5 - 2/13/2005
Submitted the walkthrough today, but it isn't finished yet. I will update this 
very soon, though. For now, there's the Introduction, Version History, Main 
Menu, Enemy list, Items, Walkthrough (up to 3.1), Passwords and Legal Stuff.

Version 0.75 - 2/22/2005 
Added the Controls Section, added quite a big bit of the walkthrough (up to 
4.2), added some various little things and made a Content Section.   

Version 0.85 - 4/4/2005
Took me quite a while to start working on this again, but I will finish soon 
now I hope. I updated the walkthrough (up to 5.2), enemy section and some 
small tidbits. 

Version 1.0 - 5/10/2005
Finally finished the walkthrough. It's as good as complete. 

cccc  Content

Use control+f to search for what you need. Simply type in the code found 
before the sections to go to that section.

aaaa  - Introduction

bbbb  - Version History

cccc  - Content

dddd  - Main Menu

eeee  - Controls

ffff  - Enemies

gggg  - Items

hhhh  - Walkthrough
hhii  -  Area 1 - Coolsville Criminology Museum
hhjj  -  Area 2 - Wickles' Manor
hhkk  -  Area 3 - The Faux Ghost
hhll  -  Area 4 - Old Tyme Myning Towne
hhmm  -  Area 5 - Monster Hive

iiii  - Mini Games

jjjj  - Passwords

kkkk  - Legal Stuff

dddd  Main Menu

After the small introduction movie, the title screen will appear and you'll 
need to press the Start button to enter the Main Menu. In the Main Menu are a 
few options. Use Up and Down on the Control Pad to choose between the options 
and press A to select them. The B button will bring you back to the title 

    Well, this should be pretty obvious. You can use this to begin the game.

    Again, pretty logical. As you advance in the main game, you'll get
    passwords which you can enter here.

    When you first start the game, this mode isn't open yet. Beat the game to  
    unlock this mode. It's called MINI GAMES, and in it you can play four mini 
    games: Sneaky Shaggy (as seen in section 3.1), It's All Downhill (as seen 
    in section 3.4), Circuit Mania (as seen in section 4.1) and Pedal To The
    Metal (also seen in section 4.1). Check the Mini Game section for how to 
    play these games.

    When you first start the game, this mode isn't open yet either. I haven't 
    found out yet how to unlock this.

    Here you can change some game-related stuff. 
    MUSIC TEST - You can test out 27 different types of music here. Just press
                 Right and Left to browse and A to hear them.
    SFX TEST   - Same as above. SFX stands for Sound Effects. There are a 
                 total of 91 different types of SFX to hear here.
    MUSIC/SFX  - You can use the Control Pad to toggle the MUSIC/SFX on or 
    TEXT       - Here you can toggle the text on or off.
    ??????     - This option isn't available when you first start the game. It 
                 appears after you've beat beat the game, but they're only 
                 just the credits, nothing special here.

eeee  Controls

The controls for this game are easy to learn, and even easier to master. 
Everything you need to know to beat this game is explained in the Tuturiol. 
I'll put the controls here too, just to make it easy for you.

+ : Pressing left and right on the Control Pad will make your character move 
to the left and right respectively. Pressing up will make you enter a door 
(when you're standing right in front of it), or make your character move up 
(only during the Follow Section of the game). Keeping up pressed will cause 
the screen to scroll up, making you see what's up there sometimes. Pressing 
down will make your character duck (you can move left and right while 
ducking); keeping it pressed will cause the screen to scroll down, giving you 
a glimpse of what lies down there sometimes. Tap left or right twice, then 
hold it down to run. You can jump further if you jump while running. Also use 
these buttons to navigate in the game's menus.

A : Press it to make your character jump. Holding down the button will make 
your character jump higher than just tapping it. Pressing A is also used to 
confirm something in the menus.

B : Press B to attack. Scooby attacks by running forward, Shaggy attacks by 
pushing with his butt and Daphne will attack by swinging her sword or hitting 
with her fists (depending on which level you're playing). Press B in the air 
to hit enemies while you're in the air. Also, when you're running with Daphne, 
press B to do a flying attack. Pressing B is also used to go back a 
screen in the menus.

R : Press the R button to throw stuff. You'll be able to throw stuff beginning 
from level 3.1. Shaggy can throw Green Goo, Scooby can throw a Magnifying 
Glass. Hit monsters with these items to defeat them easier (and with easier I 
mean it takes less hits to defeat them).

L : Not used.

Start : Brings up the PAUSE Menu. In here you can choose between Continue, 
Retry, Exit, Password and Objective. You can also see how many Scooby Snacks 
you have collected in the level, your Courage Meter and your Retries (these 
three can be found to the left of the screen).

Select : Not used.

ffff  Enemies

Bosses aren't described here, as they are explained when you encounter them. 
Only the regular enemies will be described.

RAT: They're pretty annoying creatures who run around aimlessly. One hit 
destroys them. They can be found in the first, second, third and fourth area.

BAT: They simply fly around a bit. Hit them once to destroy them. They are 
found in the second, third, fourth and fifth area.

WIZARD: They're found in area 3 and 5. You'll need to hit them three times to 
defeat them, but if you manage to hit them with the Green Goo first, they'll 
only need to be hit once to be defeated. They'll fire a pellet at you, you can 
dodge it by pressing Down to duck.

CLOWN: They're found in area 3 and 5. You'll need to hit them three times to 
them, but if you manage to hit them with the Green Goo or the Magnifying Glass 
first, they'll only 
need to be hit once to be defeated. They are standing on a ball which they'll 
kick at you, so be carefull. Dodge the ball by simply walking away from it 
(they keep inflating new balls, so take them out fast).

HUNCHBACK: A pretty big guy with huge hands who jumps around. Just walk away 
to dodge him, then throw some Green Goo at him. Hit him once then to destroy 
him. Without the Goo he'll take three hits before dying. He can be found in 
area three and five.

RED SAMURAI: Also found in the third and fifth area. He's a red guy with a 
helmet and a sword, who swings at you with it. Just dodge his attacks four 
times by walking away and he'll fall down and die. Look out for his falling 
head, as it can still damage you. You can also hit him once to destroy him, 
but you'll probably be hit by his falling head then. If you throw a Magnifying 
Glass at him before hitting him, you won't have to worry about his falling 

GREEN GHOST: Found in the third, fourth and fifth area. He's a green ghost 
with chains who flies around. He has no real attacks, but can disappear 
sometimes. He'll re-appear again, sometimes behind you. He cannot be 

SKELETON: Also found in area 3, 4 and 5. Looks like a skeleton (obviously), 
and just walks around. He keeps swinging at you, and isn't really slow, so 
take care of him quickly. Three hits to defeat him, but only one hit if you've 
hit him with the Magnifying Glass first.

THE EYE: Found in area 3 and 5. It's an eye on two white legs. It jumps 
around. Hit it twice to defeat it, but be aware, as it will not die, but only 
lie down for a second. It will get up again and come after you. They are very 
annoying, especcially when you're near a cliff.

LIZARDMAN: Found in area three, four and five. An odd man dressed in green 
clothes. He has red eyes and walks with his hands towards you. Look out for 
his acid spitting ability (even if it has a lousy reach). He can walk pretty 
fast sometimes and lung towards you. Three hits to take him out.

MEDICINE MAN: Found in area 4 and 5. Has a brown mask, green shorts and a big 
knife, which he spins around to hurt you. He takes three hits to die, but only 
one if he's been hit with the Magnifying Glass.

gggg  ITEMS

Scooby Snacks: They look like a golden/yellow coin which usually floats in the 
air. Rings a bell? Anyway, collect all the Snacks in a level to gain another 
try, which basically is just another life for Scoobs. In the top-right corner 
is a counter which keeps track of how many you have collected and how may are 
in the level you are playing. 

Box of Scooby Snacks: This is a green box filled with delicious Scooby Snacks. 
Just take these to complete the level.

Emblem: It's a square just as the ones under your Courage Meter. Take one to 
get another try!

Book: Take this item in level 2.2 to complete the level.

Yellow Note: Take this floating Yellow Note in level 2.3 to complete it.

Carrot: It floats in the air and replenishes your Courage Meter. It restores 
three bars of lost Courage. 

Hamburger: This beefy snack floats in the air and replenishes your Courage 
Meter when you eat it. It fills the Courage Meter completely.

Fire Extinguisher: Can only be used in a certain bossfight, and only by 
Scooby. You can hit the boss with it. Press R to use it.

hhhh  Walkthrough

After you've chosen "Start Game" in the main menu, the game will begin. Good 
luck, and have fun!

Let me explain how I wrote it down. Every level starts with a small 
introduction, then an objective, then comes the actual level you'll have to 
play through. After you finish the level an after-level scene comes, then 
you're given the new password.

A section in this walkthrough looks like this:
<Introduction>        <---- begin of the introduction
text                  <---- the actual introduction
</Introduction>       <---- end of the introduction

OBJECTIVE: text       <---- the objective of the level

text text text text   <---- this is the walkthrough for the level

<After-level Scene>   <---- beginning of the little scene after each level
text                  <---- the scene after the level
</After-level Scene   <---- end of the little scene after each level

Everytime someone talks, you'll see their name in CAPS, then the text itself. 
If something is being described, I put "NARRATOR", just to make things clear.

hhii  Area 1 - Coolsville Criminology Museum

Section 1.1 - Tutorial

Mystery, Inc. leads reporters, including the beautiful television reporter, 
Heathrt Jasper-Howe, through the Museum. They pass glass cases that contain 
monster and ghost Costumes of former foes.

FRED: Mystery, Inc. is proud to donate the Costumes of all the criminals we've 
unmasked in the past.

DAPHNE: There's the Black Knight Ghost and the 10,000 Volt Ghost over here. 
And the Skeleton Man, and even the Pterodactyl Ghost.

After the Introduction Scene, you'll be greeted by Velma.

VELMA: Welcomes to the Tutorial. Just follow the instructions and you'll be 
ready to play. Start the game by helping Scooby-Doo through level 1.

Tutorial: To make Scooby-Doo walk, press Right or Left on the Control Pad. You 
can make Scooby run fast by tapping twice quickly Right or Left on the Control 

After these instruction, you finally gain control of Scooby. Simply press 
Right on the Control Pad to make him walk to your right. After a few seconds 
of walking, the Tutorial will continue.

Tutorial: To make Scooby jump, press the A Button. Every time you see a Scooby 
Snack, make sure to take it. If you get all the Scooby Snacks in a level, 
you'll earn another try.

After you gain control again, walk towards the Scooby Snacks (these are the 
yellow, floating things in the air) and press the A button to jump and get 
them. Make sure you get them all. Once you get close to the door, the Tutorial 
starts again...

Tutorial: To enter a Door, move Scooby directly in front of it and then press 
Up on the Control Pad. 

You gain control of Scooby again, so take the remaining Scooby Snacks and walk 
towards the door. Stand in front of it and press Up on the Control Pad. After 
you've went through the door, go up the stairs. Make sure to collect all the 
Snacks you see! When you get close to the ladder, the Tutorial kicks in again.

Tutorial: To help Scooby climb a ladder, move him directly in front of it. 
Then press and hold Up on the Control Pad. 

When you regain control of Scooby, do as the Tutorial told you and climb up 
the ladder. In the new area, take the Snacks and keep walking until the 
Tutorial comes.

Tutorial: There is a large hole in front of Scooby. Run to gain speed and jump 
over it. 

Okay, the first small problem. Take the remaining Scooby Snack first, then go 
back a little. Press Right twice and hold down the button to run towards the 
hole. When you're near the edge, press A to jump. You should now be over the 
hole. Keep walking towards the right.

Tutorial: There is an arrow pointing above. Press and hold Up on the Control 
Pad to see what you have up there.

Okay, press and hold the Up button. You'll notice the dangling lamp, so you'll 
want to avoid it. Softly press the Right button to walk to the right, pausing 
after a bit of walking. Keep approaching the area above the lamp until it 
falls down. You should be able to let it fall down without getting hit. If you 
are hit, don't worry about it, as it only does a small amount of damage to 
your Courage. Keep walking to the right.

Tutorial: There is an arrow pointing down. Press and hold Down on the Control 
Pad to see what you have down there. 

If you press down on the Control Pad, you'll notice a few Scooby Snacks there. 
Drop down and get them all. Keep walking to the right until you see the ladder 
(make sure to collect every Snack! You should have 20 now). Press Up to climb 
up the ladder to the new area.

Tutorial: When Scooby needs to pass through a crawlspace, press and hold down 
on the Control Pad. Once Scooby is crouching, move Left or Right on the 
Control Pad to make him crawl.

Do as you're told and collect the two Snacks on the way. You'll come across a 
Wooden crate next.

Tutorial: Press the B button to break the Wooden crates that are in Scooby's 

Press B to break the crate, then crawl to the next area. Just walk towards the 
ladder to continue. Let's meet the first enemy in the game, the rat.

Tutorial: There's a good change you'll meet up with a rat or two. When you do, 
press the B Button to strike it. If you press the B Button while jumping, 
you'll butt-bounce on the rat. Remember that whenever you get hit by a rat, 
your Courage will decrease. When the Courage Meter on the upper left of the 
screen runs out, you lose a try.

Once you regain control, press and keep the B Button down to defeat the two 
rats. That wasn't very hard, now was it?

Tutorial: A box of Scooby Snacks has appeared. Always grab the box of Scooby 
Snacks to complete a level. The Tutorial is over and you're ready to play. 
Good luck!

Of course, take the remaining six Scooby Snacks first, which will give you 
another try (if you listened to me when I said you should take them). Walk to 
the right and notice the green floating box of Scooby Snacks. Jump to take 
them and finish the first level! Scooby will even do a little dance for you...

<After-level Scene>
Narrator: Shaggy and Scooby are terrified when they pass the Pterodactyl Ghost 

Velma: Relax, you kooks, they're just costumes.

Shaggy: Velma's right. If you look at t close, they're like totally fake. 

Narrator: The Pterodactyl's face doesn't look like a Costume at all. It's 
real! Suddenly its eye blinks. 
</After-level Scene>

And with that, the Tutorial is completely done. You'll be given a Password 
which you should write down, or you can simply look at my Password section in 
this FAQ.

Section 1.2

Narrator: The Gang continues to give their tour through the Musuem. Lightning 
strikes. All the lights go out. Wind, rain and a strange cloud of white smoke 
rush in through the open window. Daphne notices that a flapping curtain covers 
a glass display case. She yanks the curtain aside - - It's a real Pterodactyl 

Daphne: It's curtains for you birdbrain! Quick, Shaggy and Scooby, tie it up 
with the Curtain Rope.
OBJECTIVE: Help Scooby find the Rope. Watch out for the flying Pterodactyl 

Finally, your first real level. In this level, you need to find a Rope. Sounds 
easy, but there's a catch. The flying Pterodactyl Ghost will fly around and 
annoy you. 

He has two attacks. He will alternate between them; first he shoots at you, 
then he'll fly down towards you. He keeps doing this, in this exact order. 
This can help you prepare for the attacks.
In his first attack, he'll fly on the corner of the screen and fire two 
pellets at you. If you're hit, a bit of courage will be taken off your Courage 
Meter. You can see he's about to shoot when he leans back a little. If he 
tries this attack, walk back a little and jump over the pellets. Another way 
to dodge this is to simply walk forward so the pellets will go over your head. 
The other attack is a bit harder to dodge. He tries to swoop down and hit you 
with his wings. Again, when you're hit your Courage Meter depletes a bit. The 
best way to dodge this is to duck and crawl forward. He should miss you by a 
hair. Both attacks do the same amount of damage; a single block (your Meter is 
divided in 6 blocks in different colors).

Use these tactics to dodge his attacks and go to the right. Take the Snacks 
and jump on the floating platform for some more Snacks. Keep going to the 
right (taking all the Snacks) to reach an open door, which you should enter. 
You should have 16 Snacks by now.

In the new area you need to go to the right (but be on the look-out for the 
flying Pteroactyl Ghost). Take the three Snacks you see floating. The windows 
in this room will break when you get near then, so be sure to jump over the 
broken glass or you'll get hurt. Collect the Snacks in this room and take the 
carrot near the end if you need it. Now enter the door. You should have 28 
Snacks by now.

In the new room, just keep on moving to the right while dodging the 
Pterodactyl Ghost. At the end, use the platforms to make your way up to the 
top. Keep collecting the Snacks and take the carrot at the top if you need it 
(you'll need to run and jump to be able to reach it). Go to the right and drop 
down where the Snacks are. At the right you'll notice a small path, so crawl 
down and go to the right. Take the eblem for an instant other try! Now go back  
and go to the left. Just keep falling down wherever you see the Snacks and you 
should make it just fine. At the bottom, go to the right for another door 
which you should enter. You should have 48 Snacks by now.

Look out for the Pterodactyl, as he's upgraded his moves. When he flies near 
the ground, look out for his return, as he now turns around and do it again in 
the same swoop. Keep going to the right here. Get every Snack to get another 
try. At the end you'll find the Rope you were looking for!

<After-level Scene>
NARRATOR: Shaggy and Scooby tighten the Rope around the curtains that were 
covering the Pterodactyl Ghost. 

SHAGGY: We did it! You can let go now!

NARRATOR: Daphne and Fred let go of the curtain and stand back, revealing the 
Pterodactyl Ghost. But wait, Shaggy and Scooby hadn't tied the curtains around 
the Pterodactyl at all. They had tied their own wrists to the Pterodactyl's 
leg instead. 

SHAGGY: Oops. 

SCOOBY: Ruh oh.

NARRATOR: The Pterodactyl Ghost screeches loudly, then flaps its wings and 
flies up into the air with Shaggy and Scooby still attached to its leg.
</After-level Scene>

This concludes this level. You are given a new Password, so you can write it 
down or look in the Password section later.

Section 1.3

Narrator: The Gang spots an Evil Masked Figure at the open window. A black 
hood covers his eyes and he wears a cape. He motions for the Pterodactyl 

EVIL MASKED FIGURE: Come, my pet! Bring me my prize! 

Narrator: The Pterodactyl drags Shaggy and Scooby along with him. 

FRED: We have to save Shaggy and Scooby! 

VELMA: As usual.

OBJECTIVE: Help Daphne rescue Scooby and Shaggy. Avoid the Pterodactyl Ghost!  

You're now playing with Daphne. She's basically the same as Scooby, but she 
has a cool sword. Just press B to attack with it. Also, the Pterodactyl Ghost 
is back to annoy you. He has the same moves as the level before, but he now 
shoots four pellets instead of two.

In the beginning, just go to the right while making sure to pick up all the 
Snacks. Be carefull, because the Pterodactyl is still around. When you see the 
door at the end of the hallway, enter it. You should have six Scooby Snacks by 

Go to the left in the new area, but watch out, as there are two rats up ahead. 
You can kill them with your sword. Also, pick up the Snacks. Go up the ladder 
at the end of the hallway. Jump of to the right at the top of the ladder and 
continue to the right. Keep jumping for those Snacks. At the end, you can drop 
down and take the carrot if you need it. Keep going to the right (there's one 
more rat, so look out) and enter the door. You should have 20 Snacks by now.

Keep going to the right, while avoiding the Pterodactyl and collecting the 
Snacks. At the end, jump from platform to platform to go up and go left at the 
top (take the lower route as it has some Scooby Snacks). Continue to the left 
and use the platforms again to proceeds to the top. Take the Snacks and 
continue to the right. Enter the door. You should now have 41 Scooby Snacks by 

From the start of this area, just keep running to the right. You should get 
all the Scooby Snacks this way too. When you see the arrow pointing to the 
right, you can jump up for an hamburger. Keep going to the right to move on. 
You should have 47 Snacks by now.

In the new room you can jump from platform to platform to collect the final 
Scooby Snacks. There's also an emblem at the top for another try. The box of 
Scooby Snacks (also known as the exit of the level) is at the end of the 

<After-level Scene>
NARRATOR: The Pterodactyl grabs the Black Knight Costume and the 10,000 Volt 
Costume. Daphne tries to catch up with it, but it escapes and flies through 
the open window. Daphne leaps through the air and slashes the Rope, freeing 
Shaggy and Scooby. They fall to the ground and land hard into a pile of 
Costumes. Heather Jasper-Howe watches on. She turns to the news camera that 
follows her wherever she goes and says - 

HEATHER JASPER-HOWE: It was a disaster today as Shaggy and Scooby cause major 
damage to Coolsville's most impressive tourist attraction. This incident has 
left us all wondering if the Mystery, Inc. Gang are really the heroes we think 
they are!

NARRATOR: Scooby finds his way out of the pile of Costumes. 

SCOOBY: Rouch! Rat rurt!

NARRATOR: Then Shaggy appears.

SHAGGY: Like, what just happened, dude?
</After-level Scene>

This is the end of the level. You get another password now.

Section 1.4

NARRATOR: The Evil Masked Figure leaps onto the Pterodactyl's back.

EVIL MASKED FIGURE: Mystery, Inc. this time you'll be the ones who'll be 
unmasked. The world will know what buffoons you truly are! 

OBJECTIVE: Help Daphne fight the Pterodactyl Ghost.

Okay, time for a good fight! It's not very hard; you need to hit the 
Pterodactyl 10 times with your sword. The Pterodactyl Ghost has three attacks 
this time. Lucky for us he's pretty easy: he shoots pellets, throws a 
whirlwind or swoops down to hit you.

Pellet-shooting: The Ghost shoots 6 pellets this time, and they're pretty ahrd 
to dodge. You can see when he's shooting, as he hovers a bit in the corner 
with his wings open. When he hovers, sprint towards him and you should be able 
to dodge him if you keep running. You can also jump up near him and hit him 
before he can fire.
Whirlwind: If you see the Pterodactyl hovering on the same height as you are, 
he's gonna throw a whirlwind at you. It's pretty easy to jump over, so just 
press the A Button when he moves his wing in a throwing way and you should be 
fine. You can also walk towards him and hit him with your sword before he can 
throw the whirlwind.
Swooping: It looks about the same when he's firing pellets, so it can be a bit 
confusing. You'll know when he's going to swoop down when he moves up a little 
bit, just before flying down. Just press Down to duck and he should miss you. 
You can also stand still and hit him when he's near you; if you hit him, you 
won't be hurt.

Use these techniques to dodge and/or attack the Pterodactyl Ghost and hit him 
whenever you can. There's a hamburger in the beginning and at the end of the 
area. Just jump on the platform to take it. After 10 hits the Ghost is down. 
When he's down, take the box of Scooby Snacks which appears on the middle 

<After-level Scene>
NARRATOR: Velma examines the Pterodactyl's display case and discovers a secret 

VELMA: Jeepers! A secret hatch! The real Pterodactyl Ghost came through here. 

FRED: And then he stole two Costumes - - the Black Knight Ghost and the 10,000 
Volt Ghost. But why? 
</After-level Scene>

Yay! Another level finished! Write down the password (or look in the password 
section) and press A to continue to the next area.

hhjj  Area 2 - Wickles' Manor

Section 2.1

VELMA: Old Man Wickles' Ancestral Manor.

NARRATOR: Mysrey, Inc. steps onto the front porch. Fred rings the doorbell. A 
loud spooky voice rings out. 

DOORBELL VOICE: You're tresspassing on Wickles' Manor! Get off this property! 

DAPHNE: That's mean. Who would have a doorbell that says that?

NARRATOR: Fred rings the doorbell again.

DOORBELL VOICE: Leave now or pay the price, you meddling kids!

SHAGGY: Man, the doorbell, like, said we're gonna pay a price!

NARRATOR: Fred rolls his eyes.

FRED: Shaggy, what could possibly happen to us by pushing a doorbell? 

NARRATOR: Fred pushes the doorbell again. This time the porch opens up beneath 
them. The whole Gang yelps as they fall down a dark chute. They land with a 
loud thud!

OBJECTIVE: Help Scooby escape from Wickles' Manor.

You control Scooby this time instead of Daphne. Go to the left, making sure to 
pick up those Snacks. You'll notice a new enemy, the Bat. The bat is nothing 
special; either hit it once to kill it or just walk past it. Walk out of the 
screen at the left to go to the new area. You should have 9 Snacks now.

Keep walking to the left, but look out for the rats who come out of the boxes. 
Kill them or simply jump over them. Keep walking and destroy the few bats you 
find. At the end of the hallway is a door you should enter. If you got all the 
Snacks you should have 24 now. 

Go down the stairs but look out for the two bats. When you're down, there are  
a few rats, but they're easy to kill. You'll then come across a few crates 
which you should smash in a certain way. Smash the first two crates, then jump 
on the third one. Smash the next crate and continue to the left. There's a bat 
there, so look out. There's also a carrot to heal you a bit. Enter the door. 
You should have 36 Scooby Snacks.

Kill the rat you see and go to the left. Thing are bit tricky here, but the 
best way to do this is as following: wait until the bat is near you then kill 
it. Run a bit then jump on the wooden floating platform (and collecting the 
Snacks). Stand in the middle of it and it will crumble. You will fall down and 
collect the other Snacks. Kill the rat and the bat you see and go to the left. 
When you see the ladder, wait for a second for the rat to how up and kill it. 
Go to the left, kill the rat you come across and continue to go to the left. 
You'll find a carrot and an emblem there, so take them and go back to the 
ladder. Go up the ladder, kill the bat and take the Scooby Snacks. The wooden 
platform to your left will crumlbe when you step on it. There are also some 
Snacks right under the middle of the platform, so jump in to take them (it 
might take you a few tries; go back up via the ladder). If you didn't cross 
the platform the first time, take a running start and jump over the gap. Kill 
the bat and the rat and take the floating Snacks. Keep going to the left and 
enter the door. You should have 56 Scooby Snacks by now.

There are some Snacks hidden in the lower area of this area, if you want them 
you should drop down and collect them, then get back up jumping across the 
platforms (be carefull, as the red platform crumble when you touch them). Look 
out for the bats who are flying around here. There's also a carrot in the left 
bottom of this area. The exit door is located in the top left area (right 
after the hamburger). You can get their by taking the ladder in the left 
bottom area and going to the left once you've climbed it. You should have all 
the Snacks when you enter the door.

Just walk to the left and take the box of Scooby Snacks.

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: Shaggy and Scooby pretend to be courageous detectives. They're going 
to prove that they're worthy of being part of the Gang. Shaggy holds up a 
Magnifying Glass.

SHAGGY: All right, Gang. Let's, like, split up and look for Clues!

NARRATOR: Shaggy and Scooby jog off on their own. Velma, Fred and Daphne are 
surprised by Shaggy and Scooby's sudden bravery.
</After-level Scene>

You get another password now, so write that down and continue by pressing A.

Section 2.2


NARROTAR: Daphne spots glowing footprints on the floor.

DAPHNE: Footprints that glow? What do you think somebody stepped in?

FRED: Maybe Scooby's been eating glow sticks again.

NARRATOR: Fred, Velma, and Daphne follow the footprints to a dusty old 

OBJECTIVE: Help Daphne search for Clues in spooky Wickles' Manor.

This time you control Daphne again, but your sword is gone. You hit things 
with your fists though. Anyway, go to the right, take the Snacks and kill the 
rats. Take the door you see at the end of the corridor. You should have 12 
Snacks by now.

Just keep walking to the right, killing the rats and bats as they appear. Look 
out for the 3 falling lamps halfway the corridor; make sure they don't hit 
you. Collect all the Snacks and go down the ladder at the end. Kill the rat at 
the bottom of the ladder and go left. Look out for the white vases, as they 
fall when you get near them. Kill the bats and the rat and enter the door. You 
should have 27 Scooby Snacks by now.

Kill the bat and the rat and go to the right. Keep killing the rats and bats 
and taking the Snacks and you should make it just fine. Enter the door on the 
end. You should have 40 Snacks by now.

Take the hamburger and the Snacks and keep walking. You'll fall down a trap 
door. Kill the rat and the bat you find down there. Go to the right and enter 
the door again. Now take the hamburger and go to left, but jump over the trap 
door this ime (you can see it because it's a bit darker than a normal floor). 
Kill the rats and enter the door at the end. You should have 51 Snacks by now.

Go up the stairs you see in front of you. Jump up via the floating platforms, 
but look out for the bats. When you make it up, take the carrot and go right 
(look out for the bat). Drop down by the ladder and kill the rat. Keep going 
donw while taking all the snacks and enter the door. You should have 60 Snacks 
by now.

Take the hamburger and kill the rat. Go right, kill the bat and keep going. 
There are some more rats and bats there, so look out. When you're behind the 
fence, you can jump up the platform for some more Snacks. Keep going to the 
right via the floating platforms, and you'll find a platform with Snacks. Drop 
down at the end for some more Snacks and an emblem, then enter the door. You 
should have all Snacks by now.

Go left and climb up the second stairs you see. Take the Book to complete the 

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: Velma picks up a Book and turns to the first page. Daphne looks over 
her shoulder. 

VELMA: It's an old Book used by secret societies in the mid-nineteenth 

NARRATOR: Inside the Book are the names of all the people who ever owned it. 

DAPHNE: Look! J. Jacobo! He was the original Pterodactyl Ghost! 

FRED: Maybe he gave this Book to Old Man Wickles before he died. 

NARRATOR: Velma continues to flip through the pages, She finds something else 
- - 

VELMA: Here's a list of ingredients to create your own carbon-based organic 
composite predators. In other words, it's an instruction manual on how to make 
- - 

FRED: Monsters!

DAPHNE: Monsters!

VELMA: Monsters!

DAPHNE: Like the Pterodactyl Ghost at the Museum.

FRED: I hope Shaggy and Scooby are also finding exciting Clues.

You are now given a new password, so write it down and press the A Button to 

Section 2.3


NARRATOR: Scooby enters wearing sunglasses and a Wizard's hat. His arms are 
full of other cool stuff he ahs found around the Manor. He dumps it all onto 
the floor. 


SHAGGY: Dude, these aren't Clues. They're just things you want to take home 
with you. 

OBJECTIVE: Help Shaggy find Clues in Wickles' Manor.

All right, this time we're playing with Shaggy. From the beginning, take the 
three Snacks to your left, then go to the right and leave the area (go past 
the door you see). You're now in front of a big staircase. Walk over it and 
kill the two rats. Smash the crates that are blocking the way and continue 
going right. Enter the door. You now should have 18 Snacks.

Go left, but look out for the falling lamps. Enter the first door you see. 
Look out for falling vases and take the Red Key at the end. Go back through 
the door, take all the Snacks and kill the few rats you come across. Now drop 
down and continue walking, this time to the right. Look out for more rats (and 
later some bats) to come and attack you. Drop down at the end and take the 
hamburger at the the far right. Go left, kill the rats, take the Snacks and 
enter the door. You should have 45 Snacks now.

Look out for the rat and the bat, kill them and enter the first door you see. 
You can crawl to the right for an emblem, then go to the left. Kill any rats 
and bats you come across and continue to the left. Look out for the white/blue 
vases, as they fall down when you get near them. There are also two lamps 
hanging at the ceiling which are gonna drop down. Take the carrot at the end 
and hit the machine.

NARRATOR: Shaggy hears something moving...

Well, that's a good thing. Go back and enter the door. Now keep walking to 
your right. Take the carrot and all the Snacks you see, but look out for those 
pesky rats and bats. You'll see a strange, blue door, but you can't enter it 
yet, as it is locked. Continue to the right and you'll come across a strange, 
red door, but don't enter it yet. First, keep going to the right to find an 
emblem. Now go back and open the red door with your key. You should now have 
66 Snacks.

Go to the left, kill the rats, take the Snacks and climb up the ladder. At the 
top, jump off to the right and take the blue Key. Go down the ladder, enter 
the door and go to the left to enter the blue door.

Kill the rats and take the yellow note. Good job, you finished the level.

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: Shaggy notices a Note stuck to Scooby's foot.

SHAGGY: Wait, like, what's this?

NARRATOR: Shaggy grabs the Note and reads it. 

SHAGGY: The Faux Ghost - Tonight. We found an actual Clue! We are detectives, 

NARRATOR: Scooby and Shaggy do a little "Clue Dance" When they hear something 
approaching them, they freeze. Scooby jumps into Shaggy's arms, shaking with 

SHAGGY: It's like, the Black Knight Ghost. 

NARRATOR: The Black Knight Ghost starts to chase them. They scream and run for 
their lives.
</After-level Scene>

You get a new password, so write it down and continue.

Section 2.4

NARRATOR: The Black Knight Ghost prepares to fight Shaggy and Scooby.

FRED: Yo, metalhead!

NARRATOR: Fred, Velma, and Daphne appear in the doorway. Fred holds a sword 
and shield.

FRED: Bring it.

NARRATOR: The Black Knight Ghsot thrusts his shiel into Fred's face. Clang!

FRED: He brought it, all right.

NARRATOR: Fred falls unconscious. The Black Knight Ghost's sword comes down 
towards him, but a metal lance blocks it. He looks over to see Daphne holding 
the lance. Meanwhile, Velma quickly flips through the pages of "How To Make A 
Monster" to try to defeat the Black Knight.

VELMA: Hold him off! Maybe there's a formula in this Book to help defeat the 
Black Knight Ghost. 

OBJECTIVE: Help Daphne defeat the Black Knight Ghost.

Okay, time for another bossfight, this time against the Black Knight Ghost 
(BKG). You're controlling Daphne again; her weapon is a metal lance this time.

The BKG has a few attacks. He can hit the ground with his sword, causing a 
shockwave to travel across the floor. When he does this, jump over it or run 
away from it. If you touch the BKG you'll get hurt too. Another attack of the 
BKG is a simple thrust forward with his sword, but it's easy to dodge by 
walking away. Sometimes he'll jump towards you. The best way to beat him is 
simply hit him as often as you can (try to corner him and keep pressing B to 
easely defeat him). If you're having trouble surviving, there are three 
hamburgers which completely refill your Courage Meter (located at the left, 
the middle and the right of the area). Hit the BKG ten times to defeat him. 
When you defeat him, you'll need to press buttons as fast as possible to flip 
the pages in the Book. The Buttons you'll need to press are random, so just 
pay attention. You'll need to flip through 30 pages, so you'll probably need 
to defeat the BKG 3 or 4 times to complete this.

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: Velma continues to read from the Book, trying to figure out the 
Black Knight Ghost's weakness. She's got it!

VELMA: "If I follow these directions, his weakness should be... "

NARRATOR: Velma looks up to see the Black Knight Ghost about to attack her. 
She pulls back and kicks him between the legs.

VELMA: ...right about there.

NARRATOR: He then collapses to his knees and in a very low voice says -

</After-level Scene>

You get your new password again, write it down, remember it, do whatever it is 
you do with those passwords.

hhkk  Area 3 - The Faux Ghost

Section 3.1


NARRATOR: The Faux Ghost is the club where all the villains that Mystery, Inc. 
have unmasked in the past go to hang out and dance. It's filled with freaky 
criminals and thugs. Scooby and Shaggy enter in disguise. The band plays a 
groovy song. Scooby gets up on the dance floor and does a little dance. Others 
at the Faux Ghost notice Scooby's cool moves. But suddenly, Scooby's wig flies 
off. It lands in one of the villain's bowl of soup. Shaggy covers his face in 
fear. A Tough Guy shouts out, 

TOUGH GUY: That's Scooby-Doo, the meddling mutt who helped throwed us in jail!

SHAGGY: No Dude. Like, he's just wearing a mask.

NARRATOR: The Tough Guy isn't buying Shaggy's story.

TOUCH GUY: And you're Doo's beatnik best pal, Shaggy Rogers!

OBJECTIVE: Help Shaggy escape from the Faux Ghost. Press the R button to throw 
Green Goo at the monsters to make them easier to knock down.

NARRATOR: Beginning with this stage, Shaggy is able to throw the Green Goo by 
using the R Button. Let's hit the monsters with the Green Goo.

Okay, we're playing with Shaggy again, and he has a new move. Throw the Green 
Goo by pressing R to make killing monsters a lot easier. If you hit them with 
the Goo first, you won't have to hit them not as much as usually.

Anyway, just go to the right. Throw some Goo at the wizard and hit him to 
destroy him. Do the same with the clown and the other wizard and enter the 
door. Be sure to take the 12 Snacks before you go up the ladder.

On the roof, go left and destroy the Hunchback guy. There are two ladders to 
go down; first go down the first ladder where you can find some Snacks, a rat 
and a carrot. Don't fall of the edge, as you'll die from it. Go back up the 
ladder, then go down the second ladder. Look out for the bat down there, then 
take the Snacks and jump across the gap (a running start here is very usefull 
before jumping. Go up the new ladder. Kill the Red Samurai there and walk past 
the door (ignoring the ghost). Go down the ladder for some Snacks and a 
wizard. Take the Snacks, go back upstairs and enter the door. You should have 
30 Snacks now.

Kill the wizard and go to the right. Kill the Hunchback and take the Snacks. 
Drop down to enter a room filled with enemies. There's a rat on the floor, as 
well as a Hunchback and a wizard. There's also a clown on the table. Destroy 
or evade them, take all the Snacks (you'll need to jump via the platforms to 
reach the upper right corner, where there also a carrot to be found). Also 
check out the right bottom corner for some Snacks and a carrot. When you're 
done (ie. have 60 Snacks), go to the bottom left to exit the room. 

Kill the wizard and keep walking. A hunchback will jump out of the window, so 
be ready for him. Keep walking and a Red Samurai will jump out of the next 
window when you've past it. Kill him and keep walking (take the carrot if you 
need it). Look out for the two bats and the rat. Also, another Red Samurai 
will jump through the window. The next window has a Wizard coming through it. 
Destroy them and keep going. Take the last Snacks and take the box of Scooby 
Snacks to complete the first part of this level.

<After-level Scene>
NARRATOR: Shaggy and Scooby leap over the bar and jump down a trash chute. 
Shaggy and Scooby land in a giant trash bin. They dizzily poke their heads out 
of the huge pile of garbage. They suddenly notice Old Man Wickles and they 
follow him.
</After-level Scene>

After the scene you don't get your new password as you're used to, but a new 
level starts. It's a bit new, you'll have to follow Old Man Wickles! I think 
it's pretty nice to have some diversion in a game!

OBJECTIVE: Help Shaggy follow Wickels. But make sure Wickles doesn't spot 
Shaggy. Good luck! Press the B Button to make Shaggy walk faster.

Stay out of the yellow area, as that is the area Old Man Wickles (OMW) can 
see. He'll turn around every now and then, so be careful. Once OMW has left 
the screen, you only have 3 seconds left to also exit the screen, or he'll 
escape. This level is divided in 5 different areas. I made some simple maps 
for each area below to help you out. The O is where you begin, the ='s are the 
road, the X is where you should stand to be safe, the X is where OMW will turn 
around and the 1 is the exit. Basically, what you have to do here is run from 
safespot to safespot, as indicated on the little maps.

When you gain control of Shaggy, go to the top of the screen and stand next to 
the cactus. OMW will turn around and look. If you're standing next to the 
cactus, you won't be spotted. When OMW starts walking again, just follow him 
and exit the screen, as he won't turn around again.


Follow OMW and go up the stairs in front of the house. At the end of the path 
OMW will turn around, but you'll be safe in front of the house. When he 
continues walking, stand right aboce the cactus, as he'll turn around again. 

                  S           ===


Immediately go to the small road at the right, next to the house, as OMW will 
turn around at the end. Now run down (with the B Button) and follow OMW. Go 
past the first water and go up to the safe spot. You should be in time, 
because OMW is about to turn around. Don't go around the corner yet, as OMW 
will turn around once more. Now you're safe to follow him to the end.

   ===S          ====1
   ===           ===
   ===           === 
   ===           ===
   ===           =X=
   ===           ===
   ===     S     ===


Things are getting a bit tricky here, as their are three doors which will 
close in time (indicated by the | on the map). If you aren't past them when 
they close, you will fail the level, because you won't be able to get to the 
end of the screen.

Keep moving and go down a bit for the first safespot. OMW will go up around 
the pillar, so you should go down around the pillar. After OMW has turned 
around for the second time, go through the second door and go down around the 
second pillar. OMW will turn around one more time, then you can safely exit 
the screen. Hurry up though, as the door will close.

   O==|S   =
       =   X|=======|=
       =====|==   S=
       ===== ==   ==
       =     =======


In this area, instead of the doors, there are trains. Once OMW has passed a 
certain point, trains will block the pathway, so you'd better hurry up.

Anyway, keep standing on the wooden platform, as OMW will turn around almost 
instantly. Walk forward a bit and wait for OMW to turn around again. Keep 
waiting, as he'll turn around again. Now keep following him and stand in the 
safespot between the two iron pillars. After OMW has turned around again, go 
up and a bit to the right, but not to the end of the path. When OMW has looked 
back, run to the safespot at the right of the orange barrel. Wait until he 
looked again, then run down and stand at the left of the orange barrel. Wait 
until OMW has looked once more, then exit the screen.

              =S   ==
     =====    ==   X=
     O=S=S    ==   =S
        ========   ==
        =X==X==X   ==

After this, you will get the message you've completed the level and earn a 
rank, based on how well you did. You'll also earn some emblems for some extra 

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: Shaggy and Scooby follow Wickles to the Old Tyme Myning Towne. They 
hide behind two tumbleweeds so Wickles can't see them. 

SHAGGY: This is the oldest part of the city. It's been deserted for a hundred 
years! Wickles has led us into, like, a terrifying Ghost Town!

SCOOBY: Roast Town?

SHAGGY: That's right, dude.

NARRATOR: Scooby screams. Wickles hears the scream and looks back, but he 
doesn't see them. He whispers to himself.

WICKLES: There's no one there. Just those durn bushes yowling at me again.

NARRATOR: Wickles enters the nearby Abandonded Silver Mine.
</After-level Scene>

You finally get your password, so write it down and press A to continue.

Section 3.2


NARRATOR: Shivering with fright, Shaggy and Scooby follow Old Man Wickles into 
the Abandoned Silver Mine.

SHAGGY: Dude, did you see that? It looked like a guy with an eyeball for a 


SHAGGY: It was, like, probably nothing.

NARRATOR: Shaggy lights a match holds it up. The Skeleton Man is standing 
there smiling at Scooby and Shaggy. It blinks its huge eye.

SCOOBY: Ruh oh!

OBJECTIVE: Help Scooby find his way out of the Old Tyme Myning Towne. Use the 
R Button to throw the Magnifying Glass to shrink the monsters and make them 
easier to knock down.

NARRATOR: Beginning with this stage, Scooby-Doo is able to throw the 
magnifying glass by using the R Button. Let's hit the monsters with the 
magnifying glass.

All right, we're in control of Scooby again this level. Take the three Snacks 
and go to the right. Keep going up on the roof (jump from roof to roof) and 
try to get as high as possible. Take all the Snacks and jump down when you see 
the carrot (watch out for the Skeleton). You'll land in the middle of two 
Hunchbacks, so be carefull! After defeating them, go to the right where you'll 
find another Hunchback. Defeat it, take the Snacks on the platforms. Look out 
for the red platforms, as they will fall down when you step on them (you'll 
land between some enemies). Keep walking is the advice there. Don't worry if 
you fall down; the platforms respawn. Take the Snacks and walk out the screen 
(you should have 28 Snacks now).

You'll immediately encounter a new enemies, the Eye. Kill it and take the 
carrot. Once you're on the moving assembly line, take the Snacks and start 
running. You'll need to make a big jump to the next platform, or else you'll 
fall into some spikes. Make it to the platform one way or another, look out 
for the bat and jump on the moving platform. Jump off at the new platform and 
keep going to the right until you find the ladders (look out for another bat 
and a skeleton). Go up the ladders and go to the left. Keep going (you can't 
go wrong here), but look out for the two Eyes. Jump on the platform you see at 
the end and wait until you're brought up, then jump off to the left for a 
carrot. Take it and jump across	to find a Skeleton for you to defeat. Jump on 
the red platform, but look out as it will fall down again. If you happen to 
fall down, just go to the left again to find the platform to bring you back 
up. Go to the right, but watch out for the three bats you'll find there. Take 
the Snacks and keep going. Jump over the hole with spikes in it, kill the Eye 
and the Skeleton and go to the next screen. You should have 54 Snacks now.

Look out for the bat who'll come swooping down. There's a Skeleton on the 
pipes, so kill it, take the Scooby Snakcs and go to the right by running and 
jumping over the spikes. Run and jump over the new set of spikes, but look out 
for the two Eyes waiting for you at the other side. You can go up the ladders 
here to collect three Snacks, then go left by jumping on the moving platform 
and jump off again at the end for three more Snacks and another try. Then take 
the final Snacks at the right of the level and take the box of Scooby Snacks 
to finish this level.

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: Shaggy and Scooby run and trip over a chain on the ground. They both 
go flying into a rack of tools. One of them is actually a lever. A wall 
suddenly slides open, revealing an ancient-looking elevator. They crawl into 
the elevator, out of sight from the Skeleton Man.
</After-level Scene>

You now get your newest password, so write it down, then press A to continue.

Section 3.3


NARRATOR: Velma, Daphne and Fred arrive at the Monster Hive. They hear an 
explosion and run to see what's happening. They discover Scooby ans Shaggy 
still inside the elevator hiding from the Skeleton Man. They're covered with 
black soot from the explosion and shaking with fear. Velma stands by a huge 
hole where an iron door has just been blown off. The Gang walks into an 
enormous room. They see that Costumes from the Museum are hangin there. Velma 
notices that the iron door has old text written on it and reads it to the 

VELMA: "Beware who enters the Monster Hive. Inside your fears will come 

DAPHNE: This must be where the Evil Masked Figure turned the Black Knight and 
the 10,000 Volt Ghost Costumes into real monsters.

FRED: I don't know who's behind this, but we need to find a way to shut down 
this Monster-Maker for good.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, Scooby and Shaggy crawl out of the elevator and slowly 
creep along the wall, trying to escape the Mine. As they do this, they stumble 
upon the Control Panel that the Evil Masked Figure uses to make his monsters. 
But, Shaggy thinks it's a light switch and turns it on. Suddenly, the Costumes 
come to life as real monsters. There's the Giggling Green Ghost, the Miner 
49er, the Cotton Candy Glob and the Tar Monster!

VELMA: Quick! Disconnect the Control Panel!

FRED: We gotta get out of here!

VELMA: Bring the Control Panel with you!

OBJECTIVE: Help Shaggy escape from the Monster Hive.

All right, we're back to playing with Shaggy. Just keep walking to right, 
taking all the Snacks you see. Look out for the enemies here; you'll come 
across a few bats, a Hunchback, 2 Red Samurais and three copies of the new 
enemy, Lizardman. It can be pretty though getting through this area, so I 
suggest picking the enemies off one by one, and use your Green Goo. Luckily, 
there's a hamburger at the end of the screen. Take it and enter the red door 

This next area is a bit tricky. There are quite a lot of Eyes, a lot of 
Skeletons and there are two giant black balls swinging from the ceiling. I 
suggest just to keep moving fast, trying to take all the Snacks and run as 
fast as possible past every obstacle. Again, a hamburger awaits you at then 
end of the screen. Take it and follow the arrow (by pressing up). You should 
have all Snacks by now.

Bossfight!! Actually, more like a lot of enemies fight. Notice the number 30 
on the right bottom of the screen? Do you also notice the four machines 
spitting out Skeletons? That's right, you'll have to defeat 30 Skeletons! If 
you're low on health, just go up the ladders at both sides of the screen for 
Hanmurgers (two on each side). If you destroyed more than 20 Skeletons, 
there'll come Green Skeletons. They're exactly the same, except they're green,  
can throw bones at you and take one more hit to die than their white 
counterparts. You can buttsmash the bones away, but it's still very annoying. 
The Green Goo doesn't work on the Green Skeletons. There's no real strategy 
for this fight. I just walked around at the bottom, smashing every Skeleton I 
saw. It is wise to go for hamburgers when you're low on health. If you happen 
to die, you don't have to start with 30 Skeletons, but you continue with how 
many were left when you died, which makes this a pretty easy fight.

Once you're done with the fight, wait for the box of Scooby Snacks to fall 
down in the middle. Then take it to finish the level and to watch Shaggy 

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: The Evil Masked Figure appears on a walkway and calls down to his 
monsters who are surrounding Scooby and the Gang.

EVIL MASKED FIGURE: Stop them! Destroy the city if you have to, but get me 
that Control Panel! With it, Mystery, Inc. can destroy everything I have set 
out to do.

NARRATOR: Daphne, Fred and Velma evade the monsters and run toward the Mystery 
</After-level Scene>

Yay! Another password for the collection! Anyway, just write it down..

Section 3.4


NARRATOR: Shaggy and Scooby jump out of the window and into an alley. Scooby 
lands on top of Shaggy. The Skeleton Man jumps out of the window after them.


NARRATOR: Shaggy and Scooby reach a dead-end. They stand at the top of a hill. 
They're trapped. Shaggy spots some Old Trash Cans. He grabs the Lid off of one 
of them and places it on the edge of the hill.

SHAGGY: Come on!

NARRATOR: Shaggy jumps onto the Lid and pushes off, riding it like a snowboard 
down the hill. Scooby sees the Skeleton Man coming and grabs the other Lid.

OBJECTIVE: Help Shaggy slide down the hill on the Trash Can Lid. Watch out for 
trees and falling objects.

Again a change of genre. After the following of Old Man Wickles comes this odd  
minilevel. The general idea is to slide down the hill as fast as possible, 
without getting hit by rocks and trees. The Skeleton Man will follow you, so 
you'd better hurry up, because when he touches you, you'll lose health. Press 
B to jump and use the Control Pad to steer. It's a bit difficult, but just 
avoid the Skeleton Man, rocks and trees and you'll be fine. The controls are 
extremely odd here, as pressing "left" sometimes causes you to turn left, but 
sometimes causes you to turn to the right. Don't bother with the Scooby Snacks 
in this level, as they're near impossible to collect. You'll get a rank at the 

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: The rest of the Gang pulls up in the Mystery Machine just in time 
for them to slide into its open door.

DAPHNE: You guys okay?

SHAGGY: Sure. As long as you define "okay" as "in total agony."

FRED: To Headquarters!

DAPHNE: But that'll be the first place the monsters will look for us!

VELMA: I know where to go.

NARRATOR: Fred puts the pedal to the metal and the van screeches off.
</After-level Scene>

You now get another password, so write it down. With this you've completed 
Area 3, and we're moving on to the next area.

hhll  Area 4 - Old Tyme Myning Towne

Section 4.1


NARRATOR: The van screeches to a halt and Velma jumps out holding the Control 
Panel. She heads toward the Gang's Old Clubhouse. The rest of the Gang follows 

VELMA: All we have to do is rewire the Control Panel, bring it bacl to the 
Monster Hive and we can --

FRED: --reverse the current! Therefore reversing the Monster-Making process!

DAPHNE: We plug it back in the Base --

VELMA: Pull the Lever --

DAPHNE: And instead of creating monsters, we destroy them!

OBJECTIVE: Help repair the Control Panel by connecting the two points with the 
pieces of wire to make a circuit. Press the R button when you're done to test 
what you've built!

Okay, it looks like they had to made up for the horrible board level, so they 
put in this fun section. The idea is to connect the two yellow wires by 
placing the pieces at the bottom in the Panel. The current can't go through 
the brown block already in the panel, so you'll have to built around those. 
Select the piece you want to use by pressing A when it's highlighted, and 
place it in the Panel by presing A again. Press R when you're done to go to 
the next puzzle. I'll just put ASCIIs of possible solution, but there are more 
correct ways. Mine just earns you an A-ranking ;) The more blocks you use, the 
higher your ranking will be.

On the left is the beginning situation, on the right a possible solution. The 
X is the brown piece already placed in the beginning, around which you'll have 
to built. 1 is the wire where you ened to begin, 2 the wire you need to reach. 
I also put the pieces used seperate below, to make the ASCII a bit clearer.

++  dd  kk  s s   r  iii  c     p   333 777 u  ff  aa  rrr
     d  k   sss  rrr i   cc  g  p p       7 u  ff  a   r r
                  r      c      ppp

Puzzle 1
 ____________               ____________
 |_|_|X|X|_|_|              |k|k|X|X|_|_|
 |_|_|X|X|_|_|              |k|_|X|X|+|+|                    
1|_|_|X|X|_|_|2            1|+|+|X|X|d|d|2
 |_|_|X|X|_|_|              |_|r|X|X|_|d|
 |_|_|_|_|_|_|              |r|r|r|s|_|s|
 |_|_|_|_|_|_|              |_|r|_|s|s|s|

Puzzle 2
 ____________               ____________
 |_|_|_|_|X|_|2             |_|_|_|_|X|c|2
 |_|_|_|_|_|_|              |_|p|_|_|c|c|                    
 |_|_|_|_|_|_|              |_|p|g|p|c|_|
 |_|_|_|_|_|_|              |_|p|p|p|_|_|
 |_|_|_|_|_|_|              |i|i|i|_|_|_|
1|_|X|_|_|_|_|             1|i|X|_|_|_|_|

Puzzle 3
 ____________               ____________
 |_|_|_|_|_|X|              |a|a|r|r|r|X|
 |_|X|_|_|_|X|              |a|X|r|_|r|X|                    
 |_|X|_|_|_|_|              |_|X|7|7|7|_|
1|_|_|_|X|_|_|             1|3|3|3|X|7|u|
 |_|_|_|X|X|_|2             |_|f|f|X|X|u|2
 |_|_|_|X|X|X|              |_|f|f|X|X|X|

<After-level Scene>

This level isn't completely over yet, as there's another minigame to complete.


NARRATOR: Fred, Daphne and Velma spot one of the monsters approaching the 
Clubhouse. It's Captain Cutler's Ghost!

FRED: The Monsters found us! We'll have to take the Control Panel with us and 
head to the Monster Hive!

NARRATOR: As Fred drives the van out of the woods onto a city street, Captain 
Cutler's Ghost chases them. Then Velma looks out of the window and sees the 
Pterodactyl Ghost swooping toward the van.

VELMA: Jinkies. Tweeties back.

FRED: I'm putting us in cruise. Shaggy, take the wheel!

SHAGGY: Me? But I left my permit at home!

OBJECTIVE: Take the Wheel of the Mystery Machine and escape from the 
Pterodactyl Ghost. Running into other cars will make you lose your cool.

Okay, another minigame level. This one is pretty fun, but also pretty 
difficult. Just use the Control Pad to steer to leftright, up and down. In the 
first area, watch out for trees and rocks, in the second look out for cars. 
The Pterodactyl Ghost will swoop down and try to hit you; if you see this, 
just move up (or down) to avoid him. In the second area you'll come across a 
big truck. Look out, as it'll start driving from left to right and back. It's 
pretty random, so just stay out of its way. After a while the Pterodactyl 
Ghost will hit his head and the level will be done, after which you'll receive 
a ranking.

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: The van skids to a halt. Velma grabs the Control Panel out of the 
van, while the rest of the Gang gets out.

FRED: All right, Gang. The Monster Hive is right up there. Let's go and plug 
this baby in.

NARRATOR: Suddenly, the Black Knight Ghost appears.

BLACK KNIGHT GHOST: You'll go nowhere, knave.

FRED: Take the long way round! I'll hold him off!

VELMA: Come on!

NARRATOR: The 10,000 Volt Ghost appears. It creates a fence of electrical 
currnets that prevents the Gang from entering the Hive.

DAPHNE: You guys go! I'll take care of Sparky!
</After-level Scene>

Finally you're given the new password, so write it down.

Section 4.2


NARRATOR: Daphne punches at the 10,000 Volt Ghost. It roars back.

DAPHNE: Taste the pain, Mr. Glowy-Ugly-Thing.

OBJECTIVE: Help Daphne fight the 10,000 Volt Ghost. Touching it will only hurt 
you, so try kicking or punching things at it instead.

Okay, we're fighting another boss with Daphne. You don't have your sword handy 
this time, you can only kick and punch. This boss comes in three stages. In 
every stage you'll have to hit him two times with a falling object. In the 
first stage he has two attacks, in the second and third he has three attacks. 
The attacks increase in speed after each battle, so beware. Carrots to heal 
yourself are placed before each fight. If you don't need them, leave them, as 
you can always run back to get them!

Just walk to the right (leave the carrot) until the monster appears. Now walk 
back a little and the fight can begin. You cannot touch the monster, because 
he's made of electricity (if you touch him you'll be hurt). He only has a few 
attacks, and can disposed of very easily, if you know what you're doing. If 
you need health, you can always take the carrots at the beginning of the 

His first attack will be the appearrance of little white/blue bubbles in the 
air. You can anticipate this attack a bit, because the screen will turn dark 
when this attack is happening. Once the bubbles have solidified (after about 
two seconds), they'll hurt you when they touch you (and causing two bars of 
damage). Just stay in one place (a safe distance from the monster) and wait 
until the attack is done. If a white/blue bubble appears where you are 
standing, just walk a bit to the right or left. The attack will last about 10 

After the attack, he'll shoot a yellow, homing bubble at you. Dodge it by 
jumping or ducking, then dodge it again as it keeps coming back after you. A 
good way of evading this attack is by being close to the monster and ducking  
when it fires, causing him to miss you. When the bolt comes back just jump 
over it. Walk a bit to the left after you jumped over it, and it should drop 
down before it reaches you. The bubble takes away one bar of health every time 
it touches you. It keeps coming after you until it falls on the ground (after 
about 8 seconds). You should be standing pretty close to the monster when this 
happens, as the arrows appear where you are.

After this attack, it's your change to hurt him. You'll notice the three 
arrows on top of the screen. Objects will drop down from there, so stand next 
to an arrow and kick or punch the object when it falls down (be quick though, 
as they fall pretty fast). Don't let the objects hit you, as they cause one 
bar of damage. If done correctly, the object will hit the monster and do a lot 
of damage (about half his health). Repeat these steps one more time to defeat 
the monster. 

Go back to take the carrot if you haven't already (or take the carrot you see 
to the right and keep walking. Looks like ol' 10,000 Volt Ghost isn't defeated 
that easily...

He has a new attack this time around. He starts with shooting two lightning 
bolts from the sky (each causing one bar of damage). Just keep running around 
to evade them, then prepare for his next two attacks (the same as the previous 
fight). Hit him two times with the falling objects to defeat him.

Walk to the right, take the carrot if you need it and keep walking until the 
monster appears (again...). He has the same three attacks as before, only they 
are happening faster after each other. Also, his lightning bolt attack has now 
three bolts in it (run around to evade them). He starts with making the 
white/blue bubbles appear, then he'll shoot the lightning from the sky. He'll 
repeat these two attacks both, then shoot the yellow homing bolt at you. Then 
it's your turn again, so hit him with a falling object. He'll change his 
pattern now, starting with the three lightnings from the sky, then the 
appearance of the white/blue bubbles. He'll repeat this once more, then fire 
the yellow homing bolt after you. Then you can hit him again with a falling 
object to finish him off for good (we hope...).

After the fight, walk to the right and take the box of Scooby Snacks to finish 
the level.

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: The 10,000 Volt Ghost and the Black Knight Ghost have now cornered 
Daphne and Fred in the Mystery Machine, when Daphne spots something in the 

DAPHNE: Honey, in this, our last moment, I really want to connect with you --

NARRATOR: Fred looks at Daphne as if to say "What the heck?" But she's really 
just trying to tell him something without actually saying it.

DAPHNE: -- like when we were young, and you wore that jumper.

FRED: Me, in a jumper?

DAPHNE: And we'd watch cable together --

NARRATOR: Fred finally notices Jumper Cables in the toolbox. Fred's eyes 
widen. Now he gets it. As the ghosts approach, Fred quickly grabs the Cables. 
He tosses one end to Daphne. She hooks her end up to the 10,000 Volt Ghost as 
Fred hooks his end up to the Black Knight ghost, and... both ghosts gulp, 
realizing what is happening. The electric current quickly moves towards them. 
</After-level Scene>

And with that, we receive another password. Write it down (do I even need to 
tell anyone that?).

Section 4.3


NARRATOR: Daphne hands Scooby and Shaggy the Control Panel. It's up to them to 
place it in its Base and activate it. They shiver with fear as they step out 
of the Shack. 

SHAGGY: Think we can make it, dude?


SHAGGY: Me neither.

NARRATOR: Shaggy looks at his best pal with affection.

SHAGGY: I just, like, want you to know, Scoob, that you're, like, the 
grooviest friend ever.

NARRATOR: Scooby's eyes well up with tears.

SCOOBY: Roo are too, Raggy.

NARRATOR: Shaggy is touched. He reaches out and scratches Scooby behind the 
ears. Then Scooby reaches out and scratches Shaggy's ears, too. They both 
smile. Shaggy reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Scooby Snack.

SHAGGY: Our last Scooby Snack. Halfsies?

NARRATOR: Scooby nods. Shaggy snaps it and they pop it onto their mouths and 
make a run for it.

OBJECTIVE: Help Scooby get through the Old Tyme Myning Towne.

On the bottom of the level are two lizardmen, so be careful. Remember you can 
still throw your Magnifying Glass and you should be fine. Just walk to the 
right and when you're blocked by a wall, go up the ladder. Kill the Skeleton 
on the platform and jump on the moving platform to the left. Jump off it at 
the next platform and continue moving to the left (look out for another 
Skeleton). Go up the ladder at the end and move to the right at the top. 
You'll encounter a new enemy; the Medicine Man. There are actually two of them 
on the roof, so defeat them and keep moving. Jump down where the Snacks are 
(climb back if you missed some) and you'll land next to the wall which blocked 
you before.

Go to the right, destroy one crate and defeat the bat you see. Take the Snacks 
you see and keep moving. You'll encounter a Lizardman, so defeat him and 
continue to the right. Go up the ladder you find at the end, climb it and go 
left again. Defeat the two skeletons, take the Snacks and go up the next 
ladder. Don't go through the door yet, but defeat the two Medicine Men first 
for some Scooby Snacks and an emblem for another try! Now go through the door 
(you should have 30 Snacks now).

You'll notice the screen starts shaking sometimes, well, don't worry about 
that but look out for the Red Samurai you'll immediately encounter. Keep 
moving, go across the assembly line, defeat the second Red Samurai and take 
the carrot if you need it. Defeat the two Eyes, go across another assembly 
line and you'll find out just why your screen was shaking. Pillars are moving 
up and down from the ceiling, and when your trapped between one and the floor, 
you'll be dead. To avoid that, just wait until the pillar is moving up, then 
move towards the next assembly line and jump on it. Wait until the new pillar 
is moving up, drop down to the floor and crawl (move while ducking) towards 
the right. Now go through the door (with 48 Scooby Snacks).

This time you're not allowed to fall in the holes, as you will when you do. 
Just take a small running start to jump form platform to platform. Then jump 
on the moving (upwards) platform. You can stay on it to find a hamburger to 
your left, or jump to the right on the other moving (downwards) platform. 
Before you're jumping to the right platform, be sure to be high on the upwards 
moving platform, because you need to be high enough to reach the next floor. 
When you made it, just ignore the Green Ghost and go through the door (you 
should have 57 Scooby Snacks).

Take a running start and jump to the next platform. Now be careful for those 
rolling barrels, as they'll hurt you on contact. Just jump over them and keep 
going to the right. There's a Skeleton and a hamburger waiting for you there. 
When you're done, go through the door (66 Snacks now).

Defeat the Lizardman, take the Snacks and continue to the right. Defeat the 
Red Samurai, take the Snacks and fall down into the sewer. There, you should 
be going to the left, but be on the look-out for bats, rats and Skeletons. 
Drop down at the end again and go to the right. Look out for the bats here, as 
you ened to jump from platform to platform again, and they can be very 
annoying when you're trying to do so. The best thing is to defeat them first. 
Evading is also possible, as they'll keep flying to one side (simply ducking 
works most of the time; after a few moments they will be gone). Then, take a 
running start and jump from platform to platform. Take the carrot after the 
second platform and keep moving. Crawl to the next area, where there are bats 
waiting. Evade or defeat them and jump form platform to platform again (don't 
forget your running start, or else you are likely to fall in a hole). Defeat 
the rat you see at the end and climb up. Jump off to the left, take the Snacks 
and defeat the Skeleton. Defeat two more rats and climb up the ladder. Jump 
off to the right, defeat the Lizardman and take the Snacks you see. There's 
one final Red Samurai to take care of, after that, you're free to take the 
remaining Scooby Snacks and the box of Scooby Snacks to complete the level!

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: A large shadow falls over Shaggy and Scooby. They look up to see a 
Giant Bearded Man with a pickax.

SHAGGY: The Miner 49er.

SCOOBY: Ra Riner Rorty-Riner!
</After-level Scene>

Hurray, we get another password! Do with it as you please. I write them down.
Section 4.4


NARRATOR: The Miner 49er breathes fire at Shaggy and Scooby. It just barely 
misses them.

MINER 49ER: A bit frightened lads, eh?

NARRATOR: Shaggy and Scooby run around another corner. The Miner 49er chases 
them. As he rounds the corner, he's surprised to see Shaggy holding Scooby up 
like a weapon. Shaggy is pointing Scooby's butt straight at the Miner 49er.

SHAGGY: Dig this, bro. It's real gas.

OBJECTIVE: Help Scooby defeat the Miner 49er. Stay away from his flaming 

Okay, it's time for another boss fight! This time we're fighting with Scooby, 
and his Magnifying Glass weapon doesn't work. He's pretty hard to beat, but 
we'll try anyway. You'll need to hit him 20 times. There's a carrot on both 
sides of the room, and you'll probably need them.

The first thing to look out for, is the Miner's fire breath. He spits fire at 
you, and ducking it at close rang won't help. It's extremely hard to jump 
over, so the best thing to do to protect yourself from it, is to walk/run away 
from it and duck. The fire goes up after a few seconds, so you'll be safe at 
long distance. Another way to dodge his fire is to jump on the pipe at either 
side of the room and jump up to the red platform. He can't reach you there, 
and it gives you a nice spot to attack him. 

He will add a few techniques after a while. He'll continue spitting fire every 
now and then, but he also starts throwing it! He'll throw three fire pickaxes 
every now and then, but they're fairly easy to dodge. Look out for the fire 
start where they land though, as it'll burn for a few seconds.

Another technique you'll come across is his spinning around. He holds out his 
axe and comes spinning at you. He doesn't go very fast, but while he's 
spinning, he's invincible! Just walk/run away from him and you'll be fine.

His last attack consists of his fire breath again, but this time it goes up 
and down instead of straight-forward. Evade it by moving away from him.

The best way to defeat him is to use a hit-and-run technique. Stay away from 
him, and move in right after he attacked to counter-attack. After you've hit 
him, run away again. Just stay on one side of the room, and when the Miner 
comes too close, move to the other side of the room via the pipe and the red 
platform. You'll also notice the Miner panting sometimes, he's tired then and 
you can attack him more easily. But he won't be tired for long, so get your 
shot in and run away. If the Miner is using his first fire breath, just run 
towards him when he's done breathing it, hit him and run away (you'll be right 
in time to dodge his new fire breath). If he's throwing the fire axes, you 
should be close by to hit him, because the axes won't hurt you when you're 
close to him.  If he starts spinning around, just walk with him, but make sure 
you don't touch him. If he stops spinning, just hit him once and run away. His 
last fire breath is very hard to dodge, so I suggest you just hit him if 
you're close to him, or run away from him if you're at a distance.

If you follow these tactics, the Miner 49er won't mine again! After he's 
defeated, Scooby'll do a little dance.

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: Just as the Miner 49er breathes fire at Scooby and Shaggy, Scooby 
pulls on his tail and farts. The fart shoots the Miner's flame back toward him 
and engulves him in flames. But the Miner 49er is relentless. He holds up his 

MINER 49ER: We can make this easy or hard, lads. Take... Your... Pick!

NARRATOR: Our heroes scream and run away.
</After-level Scene>

Yay! We've earned another password, so write it down.

hhmm  Area 5 - Monster Hive

Section 5.1


NARRATOR: As Scooby and Shaggy run away from the Miner 49er, they look back. 
They see that he's far behind them now.

SHAGGY: All those years of running away in fear have, like, finally paid off!


NARRATOR: Shaggy and Scooby turn toward the Abandoned Silver Mine.

SHAGGY: The Monster Hive is straight through there!

OBJECTIVE: Help Scooby escape the Miner 49er and make it safely through the 
Old Tyme Myning Towne.

Okay, we're still playing with Scooby and it looks like a "normal" level here. 
The first thing to do is get rid of that Hunchback you'll immediately come 
across. Just throw a Magnifying Glass at him and hit him once to dispose of 
him. Now jump on the wooden platform and keep jumping to the next one (making 
sure to have a small running start. Don't fall down, as there's nothing there 
but two Lizardmen. Look out for the Hunchback on the last wooden platform. At 
the last platform, jump to the right and press up near the ladder in the air 
to climb it. Climb to the top and jump on the small platform at the top. Jump 
to the right and land where the Snacks are. You should land on a purple/pink 
barrel. Jump down and hit the Eye twice to take it out (temporarely). Just 
keeping dropping down and hitting the Eyes, and take the carrot and the Snacks 
you see. When you're finally at the ground again, take the Snacks and take out 
the Lizardman. Keep walking to the right. There's another Hunchback, a 
Lizardman and a Medicine Man there, as well as a few Snacks. You know what to 
do with those... At the end go up the small wooden stairs and go through the 
door. You should have 24 Scooby Snacks now.

As soon as you go through the door, you'll be attacked by an Eye and a Red 
Samurai, so be carefull. Jump on the assembly line, but look out for more Eyes 
there. Also, 3 out of 4 lamps will fall down (only the second won't), so dodge 
those. At the end of the line there's another Red Samurai to take care of. 
You'll also find a Hamburger to restore your Courage. take it and go through 
the new door (with 30 Scooby Snacks in your possession).

Walk to the right to find a wooden platform in the air (I always wonder how 
these things stay aloft...). Don't fall in the blue hole, as you will die if 
you do so. Jump on the floating platform and it'll move to the right. Dodge 
the bats and the Green Ghost (ducking is very useful here), but make sure to 
take those Snacks. If you get touched by an enemy, change are you'll fall in 
the hole, so be carefull. Jump off at the end and take the carrot. Destroy the 
Hunchback and proceed to the right by jumping on the wooden platform. To the 
right is another blue hole, so climb up the ladder instead. Jump off at the 
top and destroy the Medicine Man. Keep walking the pink pipe, destry the other 
Medicine Man and climb down the ladder at the end. Don't go left, as there's 
the hole, but go right and defeat the Medicine Man. Keep jumping on the wooden 
platforms and destroy the Lizardman. Take the Snacks and the Hamburger and go 
into the tunnel (you should have 60 Snacks by now).

There's a Red Samurai there to greet you, so throw a Magnifying Glass at him 
and take him out. Keep walking and jump on the moving steel platform. Look out 
for the bat and jump to the right, where you'll find another moving platform. 
From there, jump to the non-moving platform and wait a little. You'll notice 
rocks falling in front of you, so wait until a rock has just fallen before you 
jump to the other side. Look out for the Medicine Man at the other side (hit 
him whit a Magnifying Glass first, then try to hit him in your jump). To the 
right you'll see another assembly 
line, but it's filled with Eyes, so look out. Dodge them as best as you can, 
and go to the end of the line. At the end, jump to the non-moving platform 
with the Medicine Man. Look out for him, as he can make you fall in the 
depths. Look out for falling rocks, and jump, when the coast is clear, to the 
new platform, and then to the assembly line (there's another Red Samurai 
there). Kill the Samurai, but look out, as this assembly line moves the wrong 
way. So keep walking to the right to avoid falling. Destroy the new Samurai 
and jump on the moving platform at the end. Jump to the next platform, let it 
move up and jump at the top for an emblem (yay! another try!). Jump to the 
next platform and jump to the other side. Dodge the Green Ghost you'll see 
there and go up the ladder at the end. You should have 78 Snacks here.

Take the carrot to the left if you need it and follow the arrow to the right. 
Destroy the Lizardman and look out for the bat. When the wooden floor changes 
to a steel floor, make sure not to stand on the wooden boards too long, as 
they will fall down. Simply run across to get past them. Drop down and destroy 
the Lizardman only to arrive at a new assembly line, again filled with those 
annoying Eyes. Look out for the blue pipe in the air, as rocks will fall out 
of it. Jump across to the next assembly line, over the spike pit. Same story 
here (except the line moves in the oppossite direction); look out for Eyes and 
the blue pipe in the air. Take the box of Scooby Snacks at the end to complete 
the level.

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: Shaggy and Scooby jump into the Abandoned Silver Mine. They quickly 
lock all the locks on the door. When they're finished, they hear a roar behind 
them. They turn to see the Cotton Candy Glob. Shaggy and Scooby can't believe 
their eyes. It's huge! They're terrified.

COTTON CANDY GLOB: You should have never locked those locks! Now you're stuck 
in here with me, the Cotton Candy Glob!

NARRATOR: Shaggy and Scooby instantly stop sobbing.

SHAGGY: Cotton... Candy... Glob?


SHAGGY: Man, I think You're stuck in here with Us.

NARRATOR: Shaggy and Scooby start licking their lips. This time it's the 
Cotton Candy Glob who's terrified.
</After-level Scene>

You'll get a new password here, so write it down.

Section 5.2


NARRATOR: Daphne, Velma, and Fred race into the Underground Laboratory.

FRED: I don't see Shaggy and Scooby anywhere!

DAPHNE: Poor guys are probably terrified!

NARRATOR: Suddenly the elevator doors open. It's Scooby and Shaggy. Scooby 
burps loudly.

SHAGGY: This is like the greatest day of our lives! Finally, a monster we 
could really sink our teeth into!

NARRATOR: Shaggy and Scooby crack up. Fred grabs the Control Panel from 

FRED: Come on! We have to hurry!

NARRATOR: Fred leads the way. The rest of the Gang follow him into the Monster 

OBJECTIVE: Help Scooby find his way out of the Monster Hive.

Move to the right, where you'll find two platforms on a red scale. Simply jump 
on one to start it. The two platform will go up. Try to collect the Snacks, 
but look out for the water from the pipes, as you will get hurt from them. 
Jump from platform to platform to avoid the water. Jump off to the right when 
you see the red arrow. Take the Snacks and go through the door (with 17 

Duck and crawl, and wait for the pillar to move up. Then quickly crawl across 
and go up the stairs. Look out for the two rats there, but also for the saw on 
the red railing just above you. Duck when you see it coming. The best approach 
is to kill the rat, then wait for the saw. Once it goes back, follow it and 
take out the other rat. Then duck and wait fot the saw to pass, after which 
you're safe to go. Next is a moving platform, and again, a nasty saw on a 
railing. Wait for the saw to return to the right, jump on the first platform, 
quikcly jump across to the non-moving platform (look out for the Medicine Man, 
try to hit it in your jump). Then wait for the saw to move to the right again 
before jumping to the next platform. On it, grab the emblem for another try 
and jump to the next non-moving platform (which also has a Medicine Man, so be 
careful). This time, awit until the saw goes to the left of you, then jump to 
the next platform. Quickly jump on the assembly line, but make sure to dodge 
the bat. Throw a Magnifying Glass at the Clown and take it out. Look out for 
another bat and make your way to the right. It's another pounding pillar, so 
wait until it moves up, then quickly move the right (make sure to dodge and 
crawl). Take the carrot and enter the door (with 38 Scooby Snacks).  

Take out the two Skeletons on the assembly line, then continue to the right. 
You'll see four ladders there, but they lead nowhere. Underneath them are 
spikes, so what you need to do is jump from ladder to ladder. Simply climb up, 
then jump and move to the right whilst pressing up. When you reach the fourth 
ladder, jump off on the platform with the three Snacks (make sure you don't 
hit the up-and-down moving saw on the rail). Underneath you is a Lizardman, 
but he can't harm you up there. Jump towards the Scooby Snacks you see 
floating to the right. Under the Snacks is a moving assembly line, so keep 
moving to the right to avoid the Lizardman. He'll follow you eventually, so be 
careful. To the right is a Skeleton, so take it out. Once you reach the end of 
the line, you'll come across some more floating platforms. Keep jumping up to 
climb to the next floor. At the top right of the screen is an hamburger, so 
take it if you need it. To the left you'll see a Lizardman. Wait patiently 
until it falls off the edge, then jump to the left platform. At the top is a 
lamp, which spits energy bolts. It'll fire in three directions: straight down, 
and diagonally to both sides. You can tell it's about to shoot when it starts 
glowing brighter. Dodge those bolts and defeat that nasty Wizard. At the end 
of the platform you'll see another one of those moving saws. Wait for it to 
move down, then jump across (don't fall down, as you'll be at the beginning of 
the screen again), where things will get tricky. Quickly defeat the Skeleton 
(simply press B very fast to keep hitting it). When you move to the left, look 
out for a Green Ghost and another one of those firing lamp. Immediately after 
the lamp is another firing lamp, a Wizard and a Lizardman. This part is very 
hard to do, all I can do is tell you to be careful. Or, if you have enough 
energy, run straight through it all. However you do it, go through the door at 
the end (with 65 Snacks).

Great, just what we needed. More lamps. This lamp also has a Wizard in the 
vicinity, so take good care (a Magnifying Glass works well here). After you've 
taken care of it, jump on platform, then on the moving steel platform to the 
right to continue. Now jump to the right on the white, scientific platform. 
Don't stand still here for too long, as bolts will shoot down where you are 
standing. The best way to do this, is before you jump on it, wait until the 
moving platform is pretty high. Then jump on it, keep jumping to the right 
while taking the Snacks, then jump to the right moving platform. Next up is a 
new scientific platform. Repeat the steps, but instead of jumping to another 
moving platform, you'll have to jump to another scientific platform. Use the 
same tactics again, and jump to the moving platform on the right. Then jump to 
the right and take the Box of Scooby Snacks to complete the level.

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: The Gang enters the Monster Hive.

FRED: We have to put this Control Panel in its Base, before --

NARRATOR: Suddenly, the Green Ghost flies out of one cavern. Then the Miner 
49er runs out of another cavern. The Skeleton Man appears from still another. 
they surround Scooby and the Gang. Fred looks around at the menacing monsters.

FRED: -- before this happens.
</After-level Scene>

Hurray! Another password! Write it down, mash it, stick it a stew.

Section 5.3


NARRATOR: The Evil Masked Figure suddenly appears beside the monsters that now 
surround Scooby and the Gang.

EVIL MASKED FIGURE: Don't let these fools put the Control Panel back in its 
base! Destroy them, my pets!

FRED: Fred sees the Control Panel Base. He starts to run, then realizes he 
can't make it -- because the floor has now become sticky tar. He's trapped! 
The Tar Monster is behind him, laughing. Fred looks over at Daphne.

FRED: Keep away, Daphne!

NARRATOR: Before Fred is completely engulfed in tar, he tosses the Control 
Panel to Daphne. She avoids the Green Ghost as she catches it.

DAPHNE: Velma!

NARRATOR: Daphne then flings the Control panel to Velma. Velma leaps up and 
catches it, but lands in a puddle of tar. As the tar rises up over Velma, she 
throws the Control Panel to Shaggy.

VELMA: Shaggy! It's all up to you now!

OBJECTIVE: Helps Daphne. Shaggy and Scooby work together as a team to hold on 
to the Control Panel and keep it away from the monsters.

Okay, we're playing with Daphne this time. Simply keep moving to the right, 
destroying the monsters you see. Watch out for the green pits, because when 
you're standing in them, you'll lose energy (run, then jump over then). After 
two Medicine Men and a Hunchback, you'll come across a giant black ball. Wait 
for it to move to the right, then quickly follow it. Look out for the Skeleton 
you'll immediatelly see, then defeat the Hunchback a few steps further. Keep 
moving to the right, and you'll see another big black ball swinging from the 
ceiling. Just repeat the trick I just told you, and watch out for the Skeleton 
again. Go up the pink (?) stairs at the end (you should have 21 Snacks now).

DAPHNE: It's up to you now, Shaggy.

Surprise! You're playing with Shaggy now! First off, take the carrot if you 
need it, then defeat the Hunchback. Jump or run over the crumbled floor 
quickly, before it collapses under your feet (if you fall in such a hole, 
you'll be dead immediatelly). Dodge or defeat the bat, then jump across the 
hole in the floor. Defeat the Red Samurai, then jump over another hole in the 
floor (who built this place anyway?). Look out for crumbled floors here, so 
walk carefully. Defeat the  Medicine Man and the Red Samurai and keep moving 
to the right. Another crumbled floor here, this time with a bat and a 
Hunchback. Take care of them and keep walking. Jump over the new hole and 
defeat the two Skeletons until you come across a blue ray. Time your movements 
right so you won't get hit (but make sure to take the emblem for another try).  
Jump over the hole and defeat the Medicine Man. Jump over the next hole and 
take out the Skeleton. Take the hamburger if you need it and go down the 
ladder (with 48 Scooby Snacks).

SHAGGY: Scooby, it's all yours now, man. Like, good luck, dude.

Surprise, surprise! It's Scooby time! And we've got a boss on our hands, too! 
It's a purple monster! Actually, although he looks pretty impressive, he 
fairly easy to beat. First of all, the monster needs to be hit 20 times. 
However, by using the Fire Extinguishers found at left and right side of the 
screen (just jump on the platform to find them) you can hit him for four 
points by using it just in front of him (by pressing R, just like the 
Magnifying Glass). The best thing about these Extinghuishers, is that they 
just keep appearing. You'll never run low on them! If you're running low on 
health, there are two Hamburgers to be found, in the topright and the top left 
corner. Also, if the monster is close on your tail, you can flee via the main 
platform to escape to the other side (reach it by jumping on the platform at 
the side, then jump on the the big platform).

The monster has a few attacks to watch out for. Simply touching him will take  
a bar of Courage. He will also stomp the ground sometimes, which causes purple 
slime to come out of the ground were you are standing. Just walk around to 
avoid this. Sometimes he bends over, which causes four purple balls to fly out 
of his back; the first one will fly the farthest away, then the distance will 
slowly decrease. They will hurt you when they hit you, but they will also 
still be alive on the floor for some more annoyance (they even move around, 
usely in your direction). You can easily defeat them by hitting them, though. 
The monster won't shoot new balls if there are still old ones around, luckily 
for us. He won't appear at the main platform in the centre though, so you 
should be safe there.
After you've hit him a few times (if he has less than 10 hitpoints left), 
he'll gain some new moves. He can now just dissappear and appear somewhere 
else after a while, so keep paying close attention. You don't want to find him 
somewhere you thought you were safe. He can also jump around and land on you. 
He can now also be at the platform, so look out.

Use these tips above to avoid his attacks, heal when necessary and use the 
Fire Extinguishers. You need to use them five times, or less times if you try 
and hit him too. I'd suggest to stick with the Fire Extinguishers. You should 
be able to beat him in a few tries.

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: Shaggy watches as Fred, Daphne, and Velma are completely covered in 
tar. Terrified, Scooby backs against a wall where he discovers an old Fire 
Extinguisher. Shaggy looks down to see his own legs being covered in tar now, 
then his arms and neck. He can't move.

EVIL MASKED FIGURE: Ha! Soon Coolsville will be destroyed! My evenge will be 
final. And there is nothing Mystery, Inc. can do about it!

NARRATOR: Suddenly, Scooby tiptoes over to Shaggy and sprays him with the Fire 
Extinguisher. The tar suddenly freezes, cracks and shatters away. Shaggy's 

SHAGGY: Like, frostbite never felt so good! 
</After-level Scene>

You get another password, so jot it down or don't. Your decision.

Section 5.4


EVIL MASKED FIGURE: You still can't get past my creatures!

SHAGGY: Oh yeah? Go long, Scoob!

NARRATOR: Shaggy throws the Control Panel to Scooby. Scooby runs and leaps 
over the attacking monsters. He isn't scared. He's determined now and catches 
the Control Panel!

OBJECTIVE: This is the final level. Help Scooby defeat the Evil Masked Figure.

Okay, we've finally arrived at the final level! In it, we must defeat this 
Evil Masked Figure. First, there's a small cut-scene, in which the Evil Masked 
Figure (EMF) appears, after which the showdown begins!

The first thing you should be aware of, is the fact there are two Hamburgers 
in the level. If you're low on health, there's one at the left and the right 
side of the level. The second important thing to know is the return of the 
Pterodactyl Ghost (which we've first encountered in level 1.2). The little, 
green dinosaur will fly around at the top of the screen, and hurls some kind 
of projectiels at you. You should dodge whatever he throws, and also dodge his 
swoop attacks; ignore him for the rest. You cannot kill him, as he's just some 
kind of sidekick. Another important factor is the fact that when you die, the 
EMF keeps his current hitpoints. This means that if you've managed to hit him 
5 times, then die, the EMF will still have 10 hitpoints when you return. Also, 
the Magnifying Glass doesn't work on the EMF (obviously).

Let's look at the attacks of the EMF. As I said before, don't touch him. One 
of his attacks consists of two firebolts, which he'll hurl in the air. They're 
coming for you, so run away when you see them coming. His second attack can be 
seen when pulls some kind of remote control out of his pocket. With the mere 
push of a button, he summons two gray rails with moving saws (remember those?) 
on them. They're pretty hard to dodge too, so when you see the remote control, 
try to hit the EMF and thus disrupting his attack. The rails can either appear 
low or high, or at both heights at the same time (they dissappear after a few 
seconds though). After a few hits you'll see his third attack (although it's 
not really his): little bolts from the ceiling. Three little bolts shoot down 
at you from the ceiling in a fixed pattern; try to figure out this pattern 
quick, to make it easier to dodge them. They shoot in three directions: 
straight down, and diagonally in both sides. The three bolts always come from 
straight above a platform (also note that the middle bolt can't get through 
the platform).

Now for the defeating of the EMF. He's actually pretty hard to defeat, and by 
far the hardest boss in the game. First of all, don't ever touch him without 
attacking, because you will be hurt. Second of all, you'll need to hit him 15 
times. Thirth, you can't just hurt the EMF. You'll just run straight through 
him, and he'll simply use his cape and dissappear. What you'll want to do, is 
get him in the middle of the screen. This can be done in two ways: simply 
waiting and avoiding until he shows up there, or hitting him when he's on a 
platform (you'll get hit, then quickly hit him again while invincible). 
Sometimes he'll keep waiting while on a platform, so resort to technique nr 2 
if he does that. There, in the middle, you'll need to hit him, then he will 
split up into three EMF's (!), but don't worry; there's only one real one, the 
one that doesn't blink. Find the non-blinking one (you can usually see which 
one it is when he splits up: just look real carefully where the solid version 
goes) and attack him. Now repeat this 6 times, after which the following 

Evil Masked Figure: I'll show you my real power.

Well, threatening as it sounds, the only thing that happens is there are now 
three containers coming down (well, you still have the old attacks of the EMF 
to deal with, of course). Too bad they are filled with monsters. Expect 
Hunchbacks, Medicine Men, Red Samurai, Lizardmen and Wizards to come out of 
it. Also, the Pterodactyl Ghost is gone now. Just continue doing what you were 
doing, keep avoiding the monsters (there won't come out new monsters if there 
are still one or more around) and you should be able to defeat him by hitting 
the solid version of the EMF 9 more times. He gains no new attacks here.

<After-level Scene>

NARRATOR: Scooby holds the Control Panel above the Base. The Evil Masked 
Figure and the monsters just stare. They're stunned.

EVIL MASKED FIGURE: No! No! No! You're just a stupid dog!! You can't do this 
to me!! Who do you think you are?




NARRATOR: Scooby places the Control Panel in the Base and hits the Activation 


NARRATOR: The Gang comes out of the Abandoned Silver Mine to face reporters 
and photographers. Behind them, policemen lead the Evil Masked Figure away in 

REPORTER: Mystery, Inc., do you know the identity of the Evil Masked Figure?

You will now be asked to enter the code from Scooby-Doo 2, the movie. The code 
is SD2, so enter it. The screen will say "YOU'RE RIGHT" and the scene will 
continue. If you've got it wrong, the screen will say "YOU'RE WRONG".

VELMA: Well, if our hunch is correct, the Evil Masked Figure is... Heather 
Jasper-Howe, the reporter who has been trying to ruin Mystery, Inc. from the 

REPORTER: But why did she do it?

VELMA: Because Heather Jasper-Howe is actually --

NARRATOR: Velma grabs Heather's hair, and pulls off her face -- it's a Mask. 
Underneath, she's --

VELMA: Dr. Jonathan Jacobo, the original Pterodactyl Ghost!

Dr. JACOBO: I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling 
kids and that dog of yours!
</After-level Scene>

If you didn't enter the correct code, you'll see the "regular ending, which 
goes like the following:

NARRATOR: A dark cloud passes overhead. The Evil Masked Figure takes off its 
mask. The Gang stares in disbelief.

VELMA: That's impossible. It can't be you. Now could...

FRED: ... you be in two places at once?

DAPHNE: There's got to be some kind of mistake.

NARRATOR: Shaggy turns to Scooby and says:

SHAGGY: Hey Scoob, like, do you see what I see?

NARRATOR: Scooby smiles sheepishly as he watches the now unmasked Evil Masked 
Figure walk slowly away in handcuffs. Scoob lifts up his paw and nervously 
waves good-bye. He says in a shakey voice:

SCOOBY: Rye Rye.
</After-level Scene>

Great work, we've finished the game! Now you can sit back and watch the 
credits, as the Gang walks around in them while you're being treated to some 
nice backgrounds of the game. You can press Start anytime to return to the 
Title Screen.

iiii  Mini Games

How to unlock: Simply beat the game once to open up the Mini Games option (you 
can find it in the main menu, where the first question marks were),

There are four minigames to choose from, Sneaky Shaggy (as seen in section 
3.1), It's All Downhill (as seen in section 3.4), Circuit Mania (as seen in 
section 4.1) and Pedal To The Metal (also seen in section 4.1). You've all 
played them before, so you should know what to do.

Sneaky Shaggy

This game is the same as the minigame you played in section 3.1. Use the 
Directional Button to control Shaggy as he chases Old Man Wrinkles around. 
Make sure he doesn't spot you by hiding behind walls and other obstacles. 
Press B to run. the difference with the game you played earlier is that this 
time around, you can choose the difficulty. On three stars (the highest 
difficulty, OLW will even walk back to you!

Look at section 3.1 for the lay-outs of the 5 levels and more info.

It's All Downhill

I hate this minigame. The controls are horrible, as is the speed of your 
character. Anyway, first choose the difficulty (I couldn't even finish the 
easy level...), watch out for falling rocks and the Skeleton Man. I have 
nothing much more to say about this mini game, except good luck with it. 

Circuit Mania

In this mini game, you'll need to connect the red button to the electric lamp 
on the other side of the screen. You do this by using the Tetris-like blocks 
you see at the bottom. Select a block by using the Directional Button, then 
press A to select it. Move it to the desired position with the Directional 
Button, then press A again to place it on the screen. Press B to cancel. To 
erase an already placed block, select it again at the bottom of the screen, 
then press B. You're now able to move it around again and place it somewhere 
else (or press B to put it back into the inventory). When you made a path from 
the Red Button to the lamp, press the R button to release the current and 
light the lamp, after which you'll advance to the next level. Once you 
completed a level, you can select it again in the Stage Select at the 
beginning of the game.

There are new blocks in the minigame, the Bomb Block and the Positive and 
Negative Blocks. A Bomb Block blocks the way to the lamp, and must be 
destroyed to continue. You can destroy it by sending some current through it. 
The other two blocks are basically teleports. You can send current through the 
Positive (+) Block, and it will appear at the Negative (-) Block.

Seeing as this mini game is bigger than the one you played in the story mode 
(it has over 30 levels), I won't give a detailed solution for every puzzle, as 
it's not really a part of the main game and it would take up way too much room 
in the FAQ as well. If you really can't figure out a puzzle, just email me and 
I'll tell you the answer (but you should really try it yourself first, as the 
puzzles aren't very hard).

Pedal To The Metal

You can choose between two modes here: Story and Score Attack. The Story game 
is the exact game as detailed in section 4.1, so look there for the 
information. The Score Attack is a bit different, as there are way more 
vehicles on the road, as well as holes and roadblocks. The idea is to collect 
as many Scooby Snacks as possible and to live as long as possible to get the 
highest score.

jjjj  Passwords

CBBCBBBB - Tutorial done.
BDBFBBBC - level 1.2 done
CDBFBBBD - level 1.3 done
LBCKBBBF - level 1.4 done
MBC3BVBC - level 2.1 done
LDGYCVBC - level 2.2 done
MDGYFVBB - level 2.3 done
LBB?TVBB - level 2.4 done
MBB7KVBL - level 3.1 done
4DB7KVBL - level 3.2 done
SDB7KCBL - level 3.3 done
4BG7KCBL - level 3.4 done
SBG7KCBL - level 4.1 done
4DG7KMBL - level 4.2 done
SDG7KMB4 - level 4.3 done
4BBY3MC4 - level 4.4 done
SBBY3MF4 - level 5.1 done
4DBY3MK4 - level 5.2 done
SDBY3MT4 - level 5.3 done

kkkk  Legal Stuff

This walkthrough, and all it's content (including the ASCIIs), is Copyrighted, 
2005 by Jaap van Zon. This walkthrough is only allowed on www.gamefaqs.com. No 
part of this walkthrough can be used without proper quoting and/or 
recognition. Any person(s) found violating this copyright is/are punishable by 
law and will be to the fullest extent. If you see this walkthrough on another 
site, please alert me.

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