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Guide and Walkthrough by g_girl143

Version: 1.5.1 | Updated: 07/13/2006


                    HARVEST MOON: More Friends of Mineral Town
                                 GUIDE by Gwendy

                                   version 1.5.1
                                  made: 08/10/05
                               last updated: 07/12/06


07/12/06 - Hello again guys. I know it's been a while since my last update
           and since I answered e-mails. It was mostly because of the
           devastating death of my grandfather over the summer: something
           that so far, I am having a very hard time coping with. Lolo Tanciong
           was just the best grandfather ever! It was from him that I somewhat
           inherited my talkativeness, my *humor* as most of you have said,
           and he had supported me all throughout my life. He gave me and my
           cousins his time, showing us how to fish, making fishing poles for
           us, showing us how to feed pigs and chickens, telling us wonderful
           stories of his life especially about the war, and most of all,
           he gave us his undying and unconditional love which we still feel
           today. I miss him something terrible...
           Getting all choked up here. Back to business. This is now version
           1.5.1, since I did a bit of changing in the TABLE OF CONTENTS,
           as well as some instructions on easy navigation through the guide.
           Added the guys' LOVE items (meaning items that they REALLY REALLY
           like so you can get 'em to love you back real quick). Added a more
           questions in the FAQs and some websites that are hosting this FAQ.
           Also, there's an added section to this guide called Gamers' Tips,
           which, is some tips on playing the game from you gamers, which I
           can't seem to put up anywhere but another section. I also added
           My Requests section, which is (you guessed it) my requests for
           this guide. Added some more codes and tips too. Enjoy!
01/10/06 - Happy New year! Corrected some more stuff, added some URLs that
           have been using this guide. Also added more credits to people
           who added in some stuff. Also got the floor locations for the pink
           diamond. Also added more to Cliff's info and the FAQs.
12/28/05 - Whoa! Long time since my last update huh? Been busy with school
           lately and just found the time during the holidays. I added some
           more sites that hosted this FAQ/Walkthrough and corrected a few
           stuff as well as add in some credits. I'll need some time to
           reoarganize my heaps of e-mails so please don't be mad if your
           submission/addition/correction was overlooked.
09/20/05 - Made some corrections and such, esp. in the Kitchen Cassanova
           section. Made some grammar corrections, added more events, more
           tips and more credits to the respective people who helpfuly
           provided some great info. Thanks, guys!
09/12/05 - Added some more info one where to acquire the "All BGM" and more
           "Queen of the Night". Due credits are given to the people who
           provided the information. Thanks guys! Also added one more link
           to a site somewhere. Also added some master codes. A lot of people
           don't seem to need it, but seems some still do. I don't know if it'll
           work though. Someone also provided me another master code, though,
           I don't use it myself. More questions in FAQs too.
09/01/05 - Completed the Heart Events description for all the guys. Also
           corrected some schedules for those events, most esp. Cliff's.
           I've finished making the guy schedules. More tips and warning in
           Fencing it Up and more questions answered in FAQ. Except for some
           minor details, the guide is pretty much complete now. WHEW!
08/29/05 - I finally found the e-mail where my cousin got most of the cheat
           codes! Give your applause to Solomon Warrior, duely credited in the
           CREDITS section. Also give a hand to Nate, who gave me a thorough
           and detailed tip on using stones as fences. Thanks Nate! Also added
           more Codebreaker codes of my own. The entire Character events section
           has been revised and I added in more events. I'm not sure, but I
           think it's complete now...or maybe I'll have to add more soon. Added
           some more specialty items. I got to adding info on the seven rings.
           I plan to make a codebreaker guide soon.
8/25/05  - Completed the descriptions of Doctor, Gray, Rick, Kai and Won's heart
           events. Also completed the descriptions in "In Your Dreams". Some new
           sections will be added very very soon as well. And I've started revi-
           sing my CHARACTER EVENTS section. Also completed the fising guide in
           FISHERY. More questions answered in FAQS.
8/19/05  - I've completed the Girl Events. Added more prices & items to Sold.
           I've also put some wonderful money-making tips under Gold-Digger.
           To those wondering about Van's Favorite Thing, check Specialty
           Items. Also added a great purpose to the Golden Lumber. See FAQs.
8/18/05  - My first official update! Just decided to edit some more stuff. I
           added some more cheats, more tips and the descriptions of the guys.
           Some new sections have been added as well. Just go over the table of
           contents as well as the whole of the guide. I think that's all for
           now. Please note that these are only work in progress and more will
           be added in the next few updates so please don't send any additions
           until I announce the completion of this guide (seen in gamefaqs as a
           full-circle, not half) or else you may not be credited for your

Got comments? Suggestions? Questions? Additions? E-mail me and I'll answer
them or credit you!

Because of the enormous SPAM mail that I've been getting, I decided to
open up a new e-mail for all questions and I won't be displaying it as
prominently as before. The new e-mail is


Try deciphering that for change! Hah! That way, only truly desperate people
can e-mail me.

If you have any questions regarding gameplay, please see FAQs to see
if your questions have already been answered.

Copyright Gwendy 2005

Please ask my permission first before posting this in your website
or whatever. And do not claim this guide as your own and don't even think of
changing anything here! I put a lotta work on this!

If I am unable to answer your e-mail, I'm so sorry. I am a very busy girl.
I'm just gonna shorten what I previously wrote and say that I have my own
life to live beyond Harvest Moon (though don't you just wish you could have
a farm with rapidly growing crops and watch the dough roll in?). So please
don't get angry if I can't respond immediately.

Also, I DO NOT claim to be the supreme master of Harvest Moon so if I can't
answer your question, don't be mad. I only wrote this guide (I claim to
be a master writer hehehe) to help fellow gamers like myself. Enjoy!

This FAQ can be found in the following sites:

http://www.gamefaqs.com ------> Most updated source of this guide!!!

If you see this FAQ on other sites, they haven't asked permission so therefore,
I can sue them for money. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Gimme a MILLION G! BWAHAHAHAA!!!

My Sites:

http://kazxjun.tk ------------------- Tekken's Jun and Kazuya
http://kazxjunfanlist.tk ------------ Jun+Kazuya Official Fanlisting
http://quillsnspills.portkey.org ---- Harry Potter and Hermione Granger**
                                      (**I know...)

http://quillsnspills.portkey.org/comart.htm --- Commission Art Regulations

You can find my Harvest Moon Fanarts at --- http://hmotaku.net/?fanart/gwendy
**HMOtaku.net is NOT my site, but the host of my HM arts


This guide is for those who already have a bit of knowledge using GBA and have
preferably played this game before. This guide contains very little details on
controlling the game but simply gives some tips and tricks to make your gaming
experience enjoyable.

ANOTHER THING you have to remember is that this guide is more for Visualboy
Advance users so if you don't have that program (which is illegal BTW), you
may not understand some stuff here.

ALSO, you have to know of course, that a rom is ILLEGAL if you don't have the
actual game cartridge/cd and should be deleted from your PC within 24 hours.
I share one with a cousin, since we both paid for it.

If you have anything to add, questions, comments and suggestions, e-mail or PM
me and I'll gladly answer your queries and credit you for anything that will
be added here (See top or E-mailing Queries). Make sure to read the
E-mailing Queries section first!

How to navigate: Highlight the whole subject you want to read (e.g. highlight
+Eating Items+ by dragging the mouse through the whole word). Then, click
the Find button on your toolbars (binoculars) and once the option window
pops up, click Find. It'll be easier to navigate from the TABLE OF CONTENTS to
the topic you are seeking.

+About Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town+
+About Me+

+Basic Controls+
+Combo Controls+

+Starting the Game+


+Basic Tools & Actions+
+Upgrading Tools+
+Using Items+
+Eating Items+
+Special Tools+

+Power Berries+
+Special Gems+
+The Seven Rings+
+Specialty Items+

+Shops/Stores/Places in Town+
+For Sale+


+Preparing the Land+
+Planting Crops+
+Fencing it up+


+River Fishes+
+Lake Fishes+
+Sea Fishes+
+Harvest Goddess Pond Fishes+
+King Fishes+

+Spring Mine+
+Winter/Lake Mine+

+Record Player+
+The Bath+

+Making Money+
+Sold+ **More Soon
+Won Only+ **More Soon

+Girl Events+
+Individual Girl Events+
+Character Events+
+In Your Dreams+
+Bet you didn't know+
+Friendship Recipes+

+Heart Levels+
+Becoming Parents+
+Staying Married+
+Heart Events+
+Rival Heart Events+
+Rival Weddings+



XIX. Miscellaneous
+My Requests+
+Gamers' Tips+
+E-mailing Queries+


+ABOUT HARVEST MOON: More Friends of Mineral Town+
 Created by: NATSUME

Harvest Moon is the only farming game in the world. It's fun and you can play
it for months and never get everything in the game. It's somewhat similar to
an RPG and the Sims. If you've played Friends of Mineral Town before, get
ready for a nostalgic feel! Other than you the fact that you get to play the
girl, many exciting changes have been made since the boy version.

You can grow crops, buy and sell things, go fishing, make friends, get a
boyfriend, get married, have a family, expand your farm and loads more stuff!
There are even great festivals which you can attend throughout all four

One set back is that this game requires loads of patience (which I have) so
if you have A.D.D.** or something, you might wanna go cheat (Hey! Even
someone as patient as me do it!) **Attention Deficit Disorder...you fool...

+About Me+

Hi! My name's Gwendy (not that anyone cares). I'm a girl, and as you can
see, I'm an absolute fan of Harvest Moon games, particularly Friends of
Mineral Town. I just got so hooked in the series. I saw that some guides
don't provide as much infos so I decided to make my own. I studied hard
and found some neato tricks that I would like to share with everyone else.

Harvest Moon first came to the SNES Consoles and GB Color consoles even
then, I couldn't stop playing. Until that is, Harvest Moon: Friends of
Mineral Town came to GBA. I knew I just gotta grab it and when I did, I
got hooked. I went crazier the moment I finally got my copy of More Friends
of Mineral Town. And so comes this guide. I hope this will help you.
It's my 2nd game guide after my FoMT guide!

Oh, just to inform you. I didn't think people would ask more stuff about me,
so I decided to add in some stuff. I'm a Filipina, born and raised in
Mindanao, Philippines. I can speak fluent Bisaya, Tagalog and English.
I was born on July 30, 1985. I am a cartoonist, writer and student all
rolled into one.

For more of my other obsessions (anime, books and games), check out
my websites:

http://quillsnspills.portkey.org (Harry Potter+Hermione Granger) yeah, I know;|
http://kazxjun.tk (Tekken's Kazuya and Jun)
http://kazxjunfanlist.tk (Official Jun+Kazuya fanlisting)


+Basic Controls+

A = Highlight; Select; Investigate; Pick up something; Harvest crops; Talk to
    people; Throw items
B = Back out of a menu; Put what you're holding in rucksack; Use equipped tool
    or item.
L = Whistle for dog and/or horse, and/or people
R = Hold to run
START = Bring up OPTIONS MENU (where you can find all menus)
SELECT = Bring up main menu

SHIFT+(F1 to F9) = Save slot from 1 to 9 (you choose) **VisualBoy Advance

+Combo Controls+

L+B = Eat item in hands (item equipped)
L+A = Takes item out of rucksack
L+Up = Whistles for dog
L+Down = Whistles for horse


+Starting the Game+

Click start. Enter your name. Enter your Birthday. Enter you farm's name.
Enter your dog's name and you're all set!


You start as a young woman (maybe 18-20 yrs old). You live in the city and
dream of getting away from all the hustle and bustles of your boring life.
You decide to read the morning paper and lo and behold! There's an ad of a
supposedly wonderful farm up for sale and at a pretty low price! You start
imagining what a great life you'd have there: riding a horse, playing with
your dog, relaxing in the mountains...EUREKA! You'll buy it! You then call
the realtor and close the deal.

However, when you arrive, you find nothing but a beat down old farm in need
of a major overhaul: definitely nothing like the one described in the ad.
A man comes by and asks if you're a tourist. You explain that you're the one
who bought the farm after seeing the ad and he starts laughing at you. He is
Mayor Thomas. He says that you're not the first one who got tricked into
buying the farm. He continues to laugh at your expense and you get so angry,
you hit him with a hammer! WHAM! He yelps and apologizes, asking you to stop
hitting him. You have the option to continue hitting or not, though I don't
really know how this affects the game.

After you calm down, the mayor apologizes again. He then learns that you've
quit your job and left your apartment just to buy the farm. He sympathizes
and tells you that you can stay and he'll do his best to help you. If you
don't want to, credits will roll and the game ends. If you choose to stay,
your new Harvest Moon adventure begins!


Here are descriptions of the different menu options of the game. You can
access these by pressing START and using the directional buttons to choose
your menu option. Press B to select a menu.

Name:       Description:

Diary       Save/Load game
Rucksack    Equip/Unequip tool/item
Town Map    Map of town
Farm Map    Map of farm
Earnings    Also considered Main Menu (also press SELECT)
Memo        Where you can find a list of the things you've shipped and stuff
Tutorial    Where you can be taught on how to play the game


This is one of the latest features of the Mineral Town GBA series. You can find
it in your Memo screen. By participating in certain events and finishing
certain tasks, you can get some game points. Each category has a maximum of
1000 points, which equal to 10,000 game points in all. You already start off
with a few points as you begin the game.

Shipping  - 1st shipment of an item (5pts/item)
          - Shipping 1 of everything (10pts)
          - For every 100 shipment of any item (1pt/item)

Fishing   - 1st catch of a fish; includes junk, pirate treasure,
            fish fossil, message in a bottle & recipe (5pts/item)
          - Catch King Fishes (10pts per King Fish; 60pts total)
          - Catch all 51 fishes (15pts)
          - For ever 100 fish/items caught (1pt per item)
          - 1pt for every 10cm more of maximum fish size
            (e.g. if you caught 60cm sunfish but later, caught 70cm, you get
            2pts. if you only got 65cm, you don't get points)

Animal    - Win a chicken, cow or sheep festival (10pts/festival)
          - Win Beach day and Horse race festivals. For every heart your horse
            or dog has, you earn 2.5pts, which totals a maximum of 25pts for
            each animal if they have 10 hearts.
          - Everytime you raise an animal's affection by 1 heart (2.5pts/heart)

People    - Giving gifts to the townspeople gives you a random amount of points
          - Get Blue Berry from Kappa (27pts)
          - Train Harvest Sprites to master a category (watering, harvesting &
            animal husbandry).
            (25pts/category mastered; 75pts/sprite; 525pts total)

Cooking   - 1st time making a recipe (5pts/recipe; 540pts total)
          - For every recipe given by people after you continuously give them
            gifts (10pts/recipe)
          - Win the Cooking Festival (10pts/win)

Building  - Buy from TV Shopping Network (30pts/item; excluding power berry)
          - Hire Gotz for house and farm upgrades. Includes 1st and 2nd house
            extensions, bathroom, barn and chicken coop upgrades. Does not
            include remodeling (windows, doghouse, mailbox). (50pts/upgrade)
          - Have Saibara build you cheese, mayonnaise and yarn makers.
            (40pts/maker; 120pts total)
          - Buy Won's Flower vase; available after 1st house extension (50pts)
          - Have Ellen knit you a sock; be good friends with her and give her
            yarn (any kind) in Winter, before 25th (50pts)
          - Buy recorder from Van. Only accessible by connectiong to Gamecube
            or using cheats. Does not include record plaques (20pts)
          - Acquire all three extra houses (Town Cottage, Seaside Cottage,
            Mountain Cottage) (20pts/house)

Equipment - Increase Tool Upgrade meter; use constantly (1pt/10% increase)
          - Get Fishing Rod from Zack; See CHARACTER EVENTS (2pts)
          - Buy new rucksack (20pts; 40pts total)
          - Get Bachelor's gifts after Blue Heart Event (1pt/gift)

Letters   - For every new letter received in the mail; does not include the
            2nd letter (e.g if Ann sent you a B-day card the 1st year and the
            next, you get another from Ann and Mary, only Mary's card counts
            since it's new) (11pts/letter)

Events    - Trigger random events; See CHARACTER EVENTS (most worth 1pt each)
          - Trigger Girl's *heart* Events; See GIRL EVENTS (5pts/girl)
          - Have 10,000 steps in Pedometer; H.Goddess greets you (1pt)
          - 1st time you descend into a new lower level in a mine (1pt/level)
          - 1st time you give a cucumber to the Kappa (1pt)
          - Trigger a Rival Heart event (5pts/event)
          - Trigger one of the two Girl Events; See GIRL EVENTS (5pts)
          - Trigger Heart events of new colors; Once only per color
            (eg if you trigger Cliff's Blue heart event and later, Gray's Blue
            Heart event, only Cliff's will be counted. The new set of points
            appear after the 1st yellow heart event you see) (50pts/color)
          - Trigger wedding, pregnancy, birth etc events (50pts/event)
          - Attend a rival wedding (10pts/wedding)

Heroine   - Acquire power berries (10pts/P.berry; 100pts total)
          - Acquire Blue berry from Kappa (50pts)
          - Finish a year in the game (1pt/year)
          - Play Whack-a-mole 100 times; See CHARACTER EVENTS (1pt)
          - For every 100 steps earned in pedometer
           (1pt; 100pts total = 10,000 steps)
          - Receive each of the 7 rings (30pts/ring)


Press START and go to RUCKSACK MENU. Select tool/item.
Press B to use tool/item.

+Basic Tools & Actions+

1.) Chop Branches/Wood
    Tool: Axe (free)

2.) Break Rocks/Boulders
    Tool: Hammer (free)

3.) Cut Grass/Weeds/Plants/Crops
    Tool: Sickle (free)

4.) Till Ground (for planting or searching buried items)
    Tool: Hoe (free)

5.) Water Plants
    Tool: Watering Can (free)

6.) Fishing/Angling
    Tool: Fishing Rod (free from Zack)

+Other Tools+ (buy these from Saibara the blacksmith)

Brush = brush cows, sheep & horse to increase affection
Milker = used for milking cows
Shears = used to cut wool from sheep

+Upgradable Tools+

Upgraded tools are tools which are much more powerful and much more
helpful around the farm. There are six upgradable tools: axe, hammer,
sickle, hoe, watering can and fishing rod. First things you'll need are
the right ores and money. You can find the ores in the Spring Mine
(cave near hotspring) by breaking the rocks with your hammer.

*Ore Locations:

1.)Copper   = Level 1 & Lower
2.)Silver   = Level 1 & Lower
3.)Gold     = Level 3 & Lower
4.)Mystrile = Level 7 & Lower
5.)Mythic   = Level 60 & Lower (discussed later)

+How to Upgrade+

Go to Saibara, the blacksmith(he's a grumpy old man who lives in the
first house you see when going to town from the main entrance of your
farm). Bring the ore you want your tool to be upgraded with and of course,
the tool you want to have upgraded. Make sure you have the money too.
It'll take a few days for him to finish a tool, depending on the ore but
it usually takes 2-3 days.

*Upgrading Costs:

1.)Copper   = 1,000 G
2.)Silver   = 2,000 G
3.)Gold     = 3,000 G
4.)Mystrile = 4,000 G
5.)Mythic   = 50,000G (discussed later)

+Using Upgraded Tools+

Upgraded tools require more power than your previous normal tools.
To harness that power, hold B and let go. The higher the upgrade, the
longer it will need for you to hold the B button. If it doesn't work the
first time, you'll have to do it again.

If you want to save money, you can wait until all tools can be upgraded
for Mystrile. You can see this by pressing SELECT to go to the MAIN MENU.
Press LEFT or RIGHT until you reach a TOOLS GRAPH, where you can see as
to what ore your tool can be upgraded to. You can also hang out by the
hotspring and use the tool several times until you get it to be upgraded
for Mystrile. Once you turn blue, just take a dip in the hotspring for
1-2 hours(game time). Get out and start using the tool again. Jumping to
Mystrile saves on the money since it's only 4000G upgrade per tool unlike
the normal step-by-step upgrading, which can cost up to 10,000G per tool!
And to think you have 6 upgradable tools!

+Using Items+

Like the tools, you can also use some items (seeds, medicine, magic medicine).
To do this, select an item from the RUCKSACK MENU and equip it. Press B.

+Eating Items+

Food items of course, can be eaten (while drinks can be drank). To do this,
select a food item in the RUCKSACK MENU and equip it. Once you have it in
your hands, hold L while pressing B or press them both at the same time.(L+B)

+Special Tools+

There are 3 particular types of special tools which are several times more
powerful than Mystrile Tools. These are the Cursed Tools, Blessed Tools and
the Mythic Tools.

<<Cursed Tools>>

These are really powerful tools which you can find on certain levels of the
Winter/Lake Mine. To acquire these, you have to dig up on the floor until
you eventually find it. Note that when you equip these, it won't come off.
The only way to remove it is to have the curse lifted by Carter at
the church. Also, cursed tools suck up a lot of stamina.

Tool Name:		Where to get:	How to Bless:

C.Fishing Rod	Level 29		Use 225 times
C.Hoe			Level 39		Have Carter bless it 10 times
C.Axe			Level 49		Use 225 times
C.Hammer		Level 59		Equip 10 days straight
C.Watering Can	Level 69		Bless 10 times
C.Sickle		Level 79		Equip 10 days straight

TIP: For cursed tools that need to be used 225 times, you can do this
     during a festival since you NEVER collapse during a festival.
     Make sure you're in the venue. This also works with some
     CHARACTER EVENTS. Also, for those that needed to be equipped 10
     days STRAIGHT, that's exactly what you have to do so you can only
     gather stuff until the 10 days is over. DO NOT HAVE CARTER REMOVE
     THE CURSED TOOL at any point in time until the 10 days is over.
     It's best you enlist the help of the harvest sprites.

<<Blessed Tools>>

These are tools whose curse has been lifted. Meaning, they were once your
cursed tools. The obvious advantages are that they don't suck up as much
stamina and you can remove them whenever you like.

<<Mythic Tools>>

These are the most powerful tools in the game and they suck up less stamina
than the blessed tools. Requirements are a TRUCKLOAD of money, all 6 blessed
tools and a Mythic stone for the tool you want to make Mythic. You can get
the Mythic stone by going to the Spring Mine and digging around level 60 and
some lower. These ores will only appear once you have all your cursed tools
turned to blessed tools.

Want the easy way out? Go to the MAKING MONEY Section under the GOLD-DIGGER
chapter and check out the Mythic Money tip (needs emulator). Yes, you can
get the Mythic stones through there without all the trouble of digging up in
mines where the possibility of getting one is very slim. Also, if you follow
that Mythic Money tip, you don't have to have all 6 of the blessed tools.
Just have enough money and Mythic stones to use for upgrading. The cheats are
provided in the later part of this guide.

Get around 24 mythic stones from the H.Goddess Rock-Paper-Scissors game in
your Vacation House/Town Cottage. That's four for each tool. Why? One is for
upgrading while the other 3 you can ship. That's 60,000G all in all since one
upgrade to Mythic costs 50,000G. That way, you earn an extra 10,000G per tool.
Great way to make money! That means the upgrading is practically free!
It's like Saibara's paying you 10,000G to get your tool upgraded to Mythic!
(Mwahahahaha! Revenge on the old fart! Hehehe...)

Want the even EASIER way out? There are cheats in the BREAKING THE CODES
section where you can have all 6 mythic tools even at the beginning
of the game! Cool, huh?


+Power Berries+

These are berries which give you more stamina. Think of it as an energy level.
Hehehe. You can find it all over the game.

<<Regular Power Berries>>

  - Dig in your field
  - Throw an egg in the H.Goddess Spring for several days
  - Win the horse race. Make sure you don't have anything in your hands.
  - Win the frisbee contest. Practice with your dog beforehand to make sure
    he wins.
  - Use Mystrile Pole to fish it at the dock
  - The T.V. Shopping network will sell it for 10,000G if you bought
    everything they sell (and I mean EVERYTHING)
  - When Mother's Hill Lake freezes, go behind the cave and hit the A button
  - Dig in level 19 of Winter/Lake Mine
  - Dig in 100th level of Spring Mine

<<Blue Power Berry>>

  - Throw a cucumber in Mother's Hill Lake for 10 days straight. The Kappa
    will give you a blue power berry, which decreases the effect of bad
    weather on your health

+Special Gems+

These are special orbs that can help you a lot esp. with your health.
I'll tell you where and how to find it here.

1.)Truth Gems - Black orbs. Once you collect all 9, you won't need to go to
                the Clinic for check-ups

   Where/How to get:
   - Exchange for 1000 medals at the horse race
   - Buy for 50,000G from Won
   - 2nd floor of the library, middle shelves, furthest shelf to the right
   - Lamp post between the church and the path to Rose Square
   - Look in horse's trough in stable
   - Examine your doghouse (once you have your house upgraded)
   - Play New Year's TV gameshow in your Vacation House/Town Cottage
   - Investigate the Calendar in your Mountain Cottage
   - Take 8 gems of truth to the Mayor's house and investigate his refrigerator

2.) Goddess Gem - Collect 9 of these white orbs and it will restore some stamina
                  as time passes. You can find them in rocks. SPRING MINE
		    - Levels: 60,102,123,152,155,171,190,202,222

3.) Kappa Gem - Collect 9 of these green orbs and you'll be rejuvenated from
                your fatigue as time passes. WINTER MINE
		  - Levels: 0,40,60,80,120,140,160,180,255

+The Seven Rings+

Do I hear someone in the back mumbling "My precious"? Hehehe. No, this ain't a
LoTR kind of thing, but there are 7 rings which you can collect throughout the
game. You can acquire these after finishing some tasks. The rings don't serve
much purpose though, other than each one is worth 30 Heroine points.

Mailbox Ring
- This ring just appears in your mailbox one day.

Thanksgiving Ring
- During the Winter 14 Thanksgiving, make sure you give these boys some
  chocolate: Cliff, Doctor, Gray, Rick (Kai's in the city). By the Spring
  14 Thanksgiving, the first guy to come to your house (to give you cookies)
  will give you one of the rings instead. This can also happen if the guy
  has a red heart for you by the Spring Thanksgiving, though you didn't
  give him chocolate the previous winter. Also note that the ring CAN be
  received from Kai through checking the mailbox first before getting
  the Spring Thanksgiving present from the guy in front of your doorstep.

Starry Night Ring
- The first time you participate in the Starry Night Festival (Winter 23&24),
  the guy you chose to dine with will give you one of the rings.

Wedding Ring
- Obvious, isn't it? You get this after your wedding. You don't get to see
  your hubby put it on your finger or anything. You'll just see it in
  your EARNINGS menu.

Wife's Birthday Ring
- On your first birthday as a married woman, your husband will give you this
  ring as a present.

10th Year Anniversary Ring
- After you've been married for 10 years, you're husband will give you this
  as an anniversary gift

10,000,000 steps
- Once you've acquired that number of steps in your pedometer, the H.Goddess
  will appear and give you a ring.

+Specialty Items+

For the most part, I got these off cheats. Except for Van's Favorite
Thing and the Goddess Gift, the rest of the items here can be retrieved
by connecting to Gamecube's Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life and
giving "Van" his "Favorite Thing" so he'll be able to sell those special
items for you.

Van's Favorite Thing
- You'll receive a note in the mail, saying you've won the lottery.
  The prize you get is Van's favorite thing(looks like Karen's wine
  from FoMT). You're supposed to take it to Van but unless you're able
  to connect to Gamecube's Another Wonderful Life, you won't be able
  to do so. Instead, you can keep it in your shelf or sell it to Won
  for 48,000-57,000G(this only happens if you've unlocked Won's selling
  feature) You'll win the lottery ever so often so I suggest you start
  collecting these bottles to gain more income.

Goddess Gift
- You'll recall this as Elli's pressed flower in the boy version.
  It is said that this thing is rare, but not valuable. The latter part
  is wrong. Indeed, this pretty white flower is rare, but IT IS valuable!
  You can sell it to Won for 1 million G!!! How do you get it? You need
  to give the Harvest Goddess 10 Mystery flower (aka Queen of the Night/
  White flower), which blooms at the peak of Mother's Hill on summer nights.
  You can get this after an event with Ellen. See CHARACTER EVENTS for more
  details. The easiest way to get the flower, however, is to play Won's
  Apple Game. After the final event with him, you can challenge Won to an
  apple shuffle. If you win 10 times in a row, he'll stop the game, say
  you're no ordinary farmer and gives you a Queen of the Night instead
  of the usual tickets. Thanks to timmytation for this info!

TV Changer
- You'll recall this as Popuri's Mudball in the boy version. This thing
  is used to fast forward the episodes of extra shows (My Dear Princess,
  Aaron Changes, Mechabot Ultror, etc) and it also works with the TV in
  your cottage(though this doesn't affect the TV Shopping Network).
  To use, hold the TV Changer in your hands and approach the TV.
  When you get to the extra channel, press A and you'll be able to surf
  through the episodes.

Shopping Master
- You'll recall this as Ann's Broken Music Box in the boy version.
  This thing is quite possibly the most useful specialty item of all.
  You can shop at all shops, even Van's Wednesday shop (even if you
  don't have AWL) through the comfort of your own home and at any time.
  Just hold it in your hands and "Talk" to your mirror. It's also the most
  valuable item in the game, worth 999,999,999G if you sell it to Won!!!!
  (and so goes my theory of Ann being the one meant for the boy in FoMT).
  Sorry. Only usable in your farmhouse.

Riddle Book
- You'll recall this as Mary's Great Book in the boy version. It's a quiz
  book with some rather interesting and difficult questions. To use it,
  hold it up your hands and check out the farthest left shelf on the
  first floor of the library. If you get all 100 questions right, it will
  Congratulate you and say your farming game points have gone up, though
  I didn't see any change in my Farm Degree points. Weird.

All About Books
- You'll recall this as the Plant Encyclopedia in the boy version.
  It has every book in the library, and even contains info on some
  HM: Another Wonderful Life characters. To use it, hold it up your hands
  and check out the farthest left shelf on the first floor of the library.

All About Letters
- You'll recall this as the Harvest Goddess 100 wins book in the boy
  version. It's a book that contains all the letters you will ever receive
  in the game. To use it, hold it up your hands and check out the farthest
  left shelf on the first floor of the library.

All About BGM
- This is a recording of all BGMs in the game. You'll only be able to
  listen for a moment though, and you can't use the music here as your
  farm's background music. Put it in the record player to listen.

For the most part, I got the TV Changer, Shopping Master, Riddle Book,
All About Books, All About Letters, and All about BGM off cheats, since
I don't have a gamecube but you can buy it if you connect to Gamecube's
HM: Another Wonderful Life. Go to Van and give him that bottle you won
in the lottery (Van's Favorite Thing). WARNING! Make sure you already
have over 1 MILLION G in your invoice so that the item will be available.
If your money is lower than 1 MILLION, Van will only offer to sell you
Van's Favorite Thing for 10,000g, which is a rip-off considering you gave
him one for free. Be careful with this! To those who do not have Gamecube
or AWL, you can only get the other items thru cheats. Thanks a million to
sierramut, for giving me the info on how to acquire these.



This is a simple enough map, which indicates some important locations
in the game. You'll just have to search for the rivers and stuff yourself.
Please do not steal (even though I suck at ASCII art). :P

<<Town Map>>
                                                       Harvest Sprites Hut
                                                               | |
 ______________________________________________________________| |
| Basil's| Library | Ellen's| Thomas'|Supermarket|Clinic|Church  |
| |_____________| |___| |______| |_______| |_______| |______| |__|
|  ____________________________   _____________________________  |
| |Winery|Vineyard| Doug's Inn | |       Open Grassy Area	   | |____________
| |__| ___________|____| |_____| |_____________________________| |Kai's|Zack's
|  ____________________________________________________________  |_
| |                    |                                           | MINERAL
| | Fenced Grassy Area |              ROSE SQUARE                    BEACH
| |____________________|_______________________________________   _|__________
| |Blacksmith|Empty Lot|       Fenced Grassy Area              | |
| |____| |_________|   |_______________________________________| |
|  ______________   ______________    ____    ___________________|
| |       POULTRY FARM            |  |    YODEL FARM             |
| |_______________________________|  |___________________________|
|            YOUR FARM            |  |
|  _______________________________|  |
|               Gotz's               |
|               House                |
|  ______________| |______________   |
|  __________________________________|
| |
1st Path: Hot Spring, Harvest Goddess Spring, Spring Mine
2nd Path: Mother's Hill, Lake, Lake/Winter Mine, Summit of Mother's Hill

<<Farm Map>>

   _______________________|  |______________________________________
  |    Your House|Mailbox       |Doghouse|Barn|  |Woodbin|Stable    |
  |                     __________________________________________  |
  |            Shipment|					            | |
  | Tree         Box   |                                          | |
  |                    |                                          | |
  |         Fish       |                 Your Yard                | |
  |         Pond       |                                          | |
  |                    |                                          | |
  |Mill|Chicken coop   |                                          | |
  |                    |__________________________________________| |
  |_______   _______________________________________________________|
   _______| |______________________River____________________________

Farm Places:

Your House   - Where you live; sleep; watch tv; eat; cook
Mailbox      - Where you get your mail/letters/cards/announcements
Doghouse     - Where your dog sleeps (Your dog NEVER sleeps here);
               inspect after upgrading your house to find a Truth Gem
Shipment Box - Where you put items/crops for shipping
Tree         - Where you can gather honey everyday; Pick up apples every Fall
Fish Pond    - Where you keep fishes; fill your watering can
Mill         - Where you can put corn to make Chicken Feed (30 pcs per corn)
Chicken Coop - Where your chickens live; gather eggs; have Mayonnaise Maker
Barn         - Where your cows & sheep live; gather milk; gather wool;
               have Yarn and Cheese Maker
Woodbin      - Where wood is stored after you chop them; gather wood for fences;
               gather wood for fireplace (do this only in Winter)
Stable       - Where your horse lives; inspect water to find Truth Gem
Your Yard    - Where you plant crops; put up fences; find Power Berry the first
               time you till the ground with your Hoe

+Shops/Stores/Places in Town+

These are some particular places in town that you may wanna know about.
Note that all shops and houses are closed/locked during festivals.

1.) Blacksmith Shop
    - Run by Saibara. Grandson Gray helps out. Sells and upgrades farm tools.
      Also makes jewelries and Maker machines
    - Store Hours: 9AM-4PM
    - Closed: Thursday
    - Location: Southern Mineral Town

2.) Poultry Farm
    - Run by Lillia. Daughter Popuri and son Rick help out. Sells chickens,
      chicken feed and animal medicine.
    - Store Hours: 11AM-4PM
    - Closed: Sundays
    - Location: Southern Mineral Town

3.) Yodel Farm
    - Run by Barley. Granddaughter May lives with him. Sells cows, sheep,
      miracle potion, animal medicine and animal fodder.
    - Store Hours: 10AM-3PM
    - Closed: Mondays
    - Location: Southern Mineral Town

4.) Rose Square
    - Local Town Square. Where most festivals are held. Also has path to
      Mineral Beach.
    - Store Hours: none
    - Closed: Hours before a festival is held at this venue
    - Location: Northeast Mineral Town

5.) Aja Winery
    - Run by the Duke and wife, Manna. Friend Cliff helps out (if you got him
      the job). Sells wine and grape juice.
    - Store Hours: 10AM-12PM
    - Closed: Saturdays
    - Location: Northern Mineral Town

6.) Doug's Inn
    - Run by Doug. Daughter Ann helps out. Sells food (to recover stamina and
      fatigue). Also has rooms in the second floor where you can find Cliff,
      Gray and Kai.
    - Store Hours: 8AM-9PM
    - Closed: Only on Festivals
    - Location: Northern Mineral Town

7.) Library
    - Run by Mary, daughter of the book author, Basil, and wife Anna.
      Offers great books with tips on everything about farming life and more.
    - Store Hours: 10AM-4PM
    - Closed: Mondays
    - Location: Northern Mineral Town

8.) Supermarket
    - Run by Jeff and wife, Sasha. Daughter Karen helps out. Sells seeds,
      ingredients for cooking, food items, baskets and rucksacks.
      You can also have presents wrapped here.
    - Store Hours: 9AM-5PM
    - Closed: Tuesdays and Sundays
    - Location: Northern Mineral Town

9.) Clinic/Hospital
    - Run by the doctor. Nurse Elli helps out. Sells medicine and offers
      check-ups. If you pass out, you end up here.
    - Store Hours: 9AM-4PM
    - Closed: Wednesdays
    - Location: Northern Mineral Town

10.) Church
    - Run by Pastor Carter. Lifts curses from Cursed Tools, offers confessions
      and sermons. If you're good enough friends with Carter, you can access
      the locked door where you can gather truffles and mushrooms in Fall and
      white grass in Winter
    - Store Hours: 8AM-8PM
    - Closed: Only on Festivals
    - Location: Northern Mineral Town

11.) Harvest Sprites Hut
    - Where Harvest Sprites live. Plays minigames and offers help with the farm
      (if you have 3 hearts of friendship. Give the sprites flour to boost
      their heart levels. If you're good enough friends with them, they invite
      you to a tea party in Spring where you can get a free Relaxation
      Tea leaves.
    - Store Hours: 9AM-6PM
    - Closed: Only on Festivals or when you have all of them work for you
    - Location: Northern Mineral Town, path behind church

11.) Mineral Beach
    - Where you can fish, gather herbs and play frisbee with your dog.
      Investigate the sign between Kai's Beach House and Won's shop to play
      with your dog. Make sure you have your dog and frisbee with you.
    - Store Hours: none; For frisbee game: 6AM-5PM
    - Closed: Never; For frisbee game: Only in Winter
    - Location: East Path in Rose Square

12.) Kai's Summer Beach House
    - Run by Kai. Open only in summer. Sells food (to recover stamina and
    - Store Hours: 11AM-1PM and 5PM-7PM
    - Closed: Sundays and all seasons except summer
    - Location: Mineral Beach

13.)  Won's Shop/Zack's House
    - Run by Won. Shares house with Zack, the shipper. Sells seeds, truth gem
      and dog toys.
    - Store Hours: 6AM-7AM and 11AM-5PM
    - Closed: Only on Festivals
    - Location: Mineral Beach

14.) Woodcutter's/Gotz's House
    - Run by Gotz. Sells lumber and offers house and farm expansions/upgrades.
      You can forage at the area around his house, gather flowers, chop wood,
      chop/gather branches.
    - Store Hours: 11AM-4PM
    - Closed: Saturdays
    - Location: Forest at south entrance/exit of your farm

15.) Hot Spring
    - Local town hot spring. Where you can recover stamina and fatigue by
      taking a few hours(game time) dipping in the water. Throw eggs to get
      Spa-boiled eggs.
    - Store Hours: none
    - Closed: Never
    - Location: First path at the southern part of the Forest

16.) Harvest Goddess Spring
    - Where the Harvest Goddess lives. Make an offering of egg for several days
      straight to get a Power Berry from the H.Goddess. Offer flowers to have
      the H.Goddess help you with your love life and she also gives you white
      grass if you make constant offerings.
    - Store Hours: none
    - Closed: Never
    - Location: First path at the southern part of the Forest

17.) Spring Mine
    - The cave beside the H. Goddess spring. Gather Ores, black grass, and gold
      coins here. You can also find a Power Berry at the 100th level, H.Goddess
      gems and Mythic stones (discussed later)
    - Store Hours: none
    - Closed: Never
    - Location: First path at the southern part of the Forest

18.) Mother's Hill
    - Where you can gather herbs, branches, food items and flowers.
      You can also chop wood.
    - Store Hours: none
    - Closed: Never
    - Location: Second path at the southern part of the Forest

19.) Mother's Hill Lake
    - Where you can fish and throw cucumbers for 10 days straight for the
      Kappa to give you a Blue Power Berry
    - Store Hours: none
    - Closed: Never
    - Location: Second path at the southern part of the Forest

20.) Winter Mine/Lake Mine
    - Where you can gather valuable minerals/gems. Also find Cursed Tools and
      Kappa gems.
    - Store Hours: none
    - Closed: Only available in Winter (hence the name)
    - Location: Second path at the southern part of the Forest

21.) Mother's Hill Summit
    - Where you can get a great view of the town. Some events take place here.
    - Store Hours: none
    - Closed: Never
    - Location: Second path at the southern part of the Forest

+For Sale+

Here are some things that the townsfolk of Mineral Town sells and their costs.

1.) Blacksmith Shop


    Name:        Price:

    Brush        800G
    Milker       2000G
    Shears       1800G

    <<Tool Upgrades>>

    Name:        Price:

    Copper       1000G
    Silver       2000G
    Gold         3000G
    Mystrile     4000G
    Mythic       50,000G (discussed later)


    Name:        Price:

    Necklace     1000G + Orichalc
    Earrings     1000G + Orichalc
    Bracelet     1000G + Orichalc
    Broach       1000G + Orichalc

    **Orichalc can be found in Level 10 and lower in Spring Mine


    Name:              Price:

    Cheese Maker       20,000G + Adamantite
    Yarn Maker         20,000G + Adamantite
    Mayonaisse Maker   20,000G + Adamantite

    **Adamantite can be found in Level 10 and lower in Spring Mine
    **You can only get makers with a fully upgraded barn house and chicken coop

2.) Poultry Farm

    Name:            Price:

    Chicken Feed     10G
    Animal Medicine  1000G
    Chicken          1500G

3.) Yodel Farm

    Name:               Price:

    Animal Fodder       20G
    Cow                 5000G
    Sheep               4000G
    Cow Miracle         3000G
    Sheep Miracle       3000G
    Animal Medicine     1000G
    Bell                500G

4.) Aja Winery

    Name:               Price:

    Wine                300G
    Grape Juice         200G

5.) Doug's Inn

    <<Morning, Noon & Afternoon>>

    Name:          Price:

    Water          0G
    Cookies        200G
    Cheese Cake    250G
    Salad          300G
    Apple Pie      300G
    Box Lunch      500G


    Name:            Price:

    Wine             500G
    Milk             200G
    Pineapple Juice  300G

6.) Supermarket

   <<Items & Tools>>

    Name:                Price:

    Dumpling Powder      100G
    Chocolates           100G
    Oil                  50G
    Flour                50G
    Curry Powder         100G
    Rice Balls           100G
    Bread                100G
    Gift Wrap            100G
    Basket               5000G (Prioritize this)
    Medium Rucksack      3000G (Also a priority)
    Large Rucksack       5000G (Avail. one week after M.Rucksack is bought)
    Blue Feather         1000G (Avail. only if a boy has an orange heart)


    Name: 		   Season:       Price:

    Turnip           Spring        120G
    Potato           Spring        150G
    Cucumber         Spring        200G
    Strawberry       Spring        150G (limited item)
    Tomato           Summer        200G
    Corn    	   Summer        300G
    Onion            Summer        150G
    Pumpkin 	   Summer        500G (limited item)
    Eggplant         Fall          120G
    Sweet Potato     Fall          300G
    Carrot           Fall          300G
    Spinach          Fall          200G (limited item)
    Grass         All but Winter   500G

    **Limited items appear at a random time, after a specific number of items
      are shipped. Just check your mailbox constantly for announcements from
      the supermarket.

      Strawberry Seeds: Ship 100 turnips, potatoes & cucumbers
      Pumpkin Seeds   : Ship 100 corn, tomatoes & onions
      Spinach Seeds   : Ship 100 sweet potatoes, eggplants & carrots

7.) Clinic

    Name:               Price:

    Check-up            10G
    Bodigizer           500G
    Turbojolt           1000G
    BodigizerXL         1000G
    TurbojoltXL         2000G

8.) Church

    Name:               Price:

    Remove Cursed Tool  1000G

8.) Kai's Beach House

    Name:        Price:

    Water        0G
    Baked Corn   250G
    Spaghetti    300G
    Pizza        200G
    Snow Cone    300G

9.) Won's Shop
    Note: After a certain event with Won, You'll be able to sell your products
    directly to him, mostly, at a higher price. Just be careful not to get
    tricked in to selling for a lower price.


    Name:        Price:

    Truth Gem    50,000G
    Ball         100G
    Frisbee      5000G


    Name:            Season:       Price:

    Cabbage 	   Spring        500G
    Pineapple        Summer        1000G
    Green Pepper     Fall          150G
    Moondrop         Spring        500G
    Toy Flower       Spring        400G
    Pink Cat         Summer        300G
    Magic Flower     Fall          600G

10.) Woodcutter's/Gotz's Shop


    Name:           Price:

    Lumber          50G
    Golden Lumber   100,000G**

    **Only avail. once you have 999 lumber. Though it lasts forever,
      don't even bother buying if you don't want everyone in town to
      hate you. It's a waste of money. The mayor gives it to you for
      free though, if you do him a favor. Just keep it in your shelf
      or sell this to Won for 48,000G-57,000G.


    Name:             Lumber:   Price:

    Chicken Coop      420 pcs   5000G
    Barn              500 pcs   6800G
    House ext#1       200 pcs   3000G
    House ext#2       700 pcs   10,000G
    Bath              580 pcs   30,000G
    New Windows       300 pcs   25,000G
    New Dog House     500 pcs   20,000G
    New Mailbox       200 pcs   10,000G

    <<Special Services>>

    Name:             Lumber:      Price:

    Vacation House    999 pcs      100,000,000G
    Seaside Cottage    42 Connectivity Starts**
    Mountain Cottage  Stay married for 50 years

    **If you don't have Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life for GAMECUBE,
      you CAN'T get it without a code breaker code. To connect, make an
      offering to the Harvest Goddess.


Here are some festivals you can attend or participate in. Zack won't pick up
your shipment on the day of the festival but he will pick it up the next day
and you will get your money then.

Name:                Schedule:           Description:          Venue:

New Year's           Spring 1;6PM-12AM   Free rice cakes       R.Square
Spring Thanksgiving  Spring 14           Boys give girls choco Your farm
Spring Horse Race    Spring 18;10AM-6PM  Horse races/gambling  R.Square
Cooking Festival     Spring 22;10AM-6PM  Cooking contest       R.Square

Beach Day            Summer 1;10AM-6PM   Dog Frisbee contest   M.Beach
Chicken Festival     Summer 7;10AM-6PM   Chicken fighting      R.Square
Cow Festival         Summer 20;10AM-6PM  Cow judging           R.Square
Fireworks Festival   Summer 24;6PM-9PM   Watch fireworks       M.Beach

Music Festival       Fall 3;6PM-12AM     Sing and play music   Church
Harvest Festival     Fall 9;10AM-6PM     Bring food for pot    R.Square
Moon Festival        Fall 13;6PM-12AM    Watch moon w/Boy      Peak of M.Hill
Fall Horse Race      Fall 18;10AM-6PM    Horse races/gambling  R.Square
Sheep Festival       Fall 21;10AM-6PM    Sheep judging         R.Square
Pumpkin Festival     Fall 30             Give treats to kids   Your farm
                     Fall 30;12PM-12AM   Celebrate w/ husband  Your farm

Winter Thanksgiving  Winter 14           Girls give boys choco NA
Starry Night         Winter 24;6PM-9PM   Celebrate w/ a boy    Depends
                     Winter 24;12PM-12AM Celebrate w/ husband  Your farm
Stocking Festival    Winter 25           Get presents          Your farm
New Year's Eve       Winter 30;6PM-12AM  Free Noodles          R.Square
                     Winter 30;12AM      Watch 1st Sunrise     Peak of M.Hill

**Harvest Festival - If you put chocolate, poisonous mushroom, or red grass
                     in, you'll faint and everyone else will feel kinda sick.
                     You'll also end up with less stamina for the day.
**Moon Festival    - You don't invite your loved one up there. The boy who
                     loves you the most will be waiting at the peak from
                     6PM-12 Midnight
**Stocking Festival- Sleep only between 9PM-12AM (if you have a sock)


+Preparing the Land+

The farm has really been neglected for a long long time. That means a ton of
work for you. Here are some things you may have to do.

1.) Break boulders (upgrade your hammer 'til Mystrile or Gold)
2.) Break/remove rocks (your current hammer can break small rocks)
3.) Chop large tree trunks (upgrade your axe 'til Mystrile or Gold)
4.) Chop/remove branches (your current axe can break small rocks)
5.) Remove weeds (cutting with a sickle is good, but it takes stamina)

Yes, you may have to do a lot of upgrades before you can get your farm ready.
I suggest you finish upgrading your tools and preparing at least 1/4 or 1/6
of your land area before you start planting. Me, I finished all the
preparations in 8 days by working non-stop. Just take a dip in the hot springs
to rejuvenate. Don't have money for upgrading your tools? Check out the
MAKING MONEY section in the lower part of the guide.

+Planting Crops+

Once you have prepared the land, it's time to plant your crops. Buy seeds from
the Supermarket on the northern part of town or from Won (Zack's House).
Till your land with your HOE (if you're playing the first time, you'll very
likely find a POWER BERRY).
 _ _ _

Yup, a 3x3 square since that's the maximum perimeter per bag of seeds.
Refer to this as one patch. You'll also have to make sure that your other
patches aren't as close. That way, you can still water and harvest your crops.
For a more organized farm, this is my suggestion:

- = Crop
V = Grass

---VVVVVVVVV---VVVVVVVVV  As you can see, I have the crops and grass in
---VVVVVVVVV---VVVVVVVVV  alternate portions so that I can easily harvest and
---VVVVVVVVV---VVVVVVVVV  water my crops. It may not be as good as others, but
VVV---VVVVVVVVV---VVVVVV  it looks prettier.

Here's some alternative planting formation as sent by
Ryan Ryttie <kesuki@yahoo.com>
"For rapidly raising cash (at the beginning) there is no
beating the first two layouts, except of course for using
a full 9 crop, which 'wastes' half your farm land, but at
the begining you just don't have the stamina anyways..."
X - crop/seed
  - empty land/undug land




+Fencing it Up+

Just like the first Harvest Moon game, you can put up fences to protect your
farm against wild dogs. I don't really bother with these though. Not only is
it  a waste of time and lumber, you have to maintain it: taking it down when
it rots and replacing it. Sure, your animals will be safe, but who says you
have to let your animals out all the time? I myself keep my animals only in
my barn and I still end up with ten hearts (though it does take longer to get
this). But if you want your sheep and cows outside all the time to get more
wool and milk, build the fence. You can also just let your dog out. Try
letting it out once a wild dog is out. It's fun to watch!

To make a fence, simply take some lumber from your woodbin and put it on your
land. NOT THE GRASSY PART! The land you have to till. You can return the
lumber if you like by picking it up and returning it to the woodbin.

An advantage of getting your animals out is that you don't need to feed
them (if you have mature grass in the fenced area). Another, is that their
affection for you will rise quicker. Also, if they spend 600+ game hours
(or a little over 25 days, as added by JTR1029. Thanks!) outside, they'll
eventually produce (P)products and on occassion,(X)products, which both sell
for a lot of money. Just get your animals in during bad weather, as they won't
produce anything and they'll hate you.

And don't believe the myth that a rotten fence works as well as the good
fence. Once your fence rots, a wild dog CAN ENTER the area and scare your
animals. I saw this myself and had to whack it with a hammer. Always replace
rotting fences to prevent this. And don't be tempted to use the Golden Lumber!

There is however, one sure fire way to prevent wild dogs from entering your
fenced area and keep your animals safe: the stones. By using the stones as
your fences, the wild dogs will forever be kept at bay, especially since the
stones, of course, don't rot. But there are only a few in your farm. You'll
get more stones from hurricanes. This was suggested to me by Nate Bodine a
while back but I didn't want to put it in the guide without actually testing
it for myself and so I did and voila! The wild dog can't enter! You, your
horse, and your dog are the only ones (aside from the Harvest Sprites) who can
go in and out of the stone-fenced area. Thanks Nate!

This one was sent in by many gamers (far too many to mention and filled up
half my mailbox). You can actually use branches as alternatives for the
stones! They keep the dogs away and they don't rot too! I tried it out myself.
I use it to fence my chickens. Thanks to all those who sent in this useful
tip. You helped me there too :)

Of course, not everything in the game is perfect. Every 3 days or so, an animal
or a few more can get out of the stone fence but don't worry. This only happens
during mornings, a long long time before a wild dog gets to them. Just see to
your farm in the farm map every morning to find out how many got out. Then,
bring a bell and get 'em back in the fence.



Here are some information on the crops you can plant on your field. These info
may also be found in Mineral Town Library. Remember to always water your plants
so that their growth won't be stunted.

1.) Turnip
    - Season: Spring
    - Days to ripe: 4
    - Can only harvest once
    - Cost per Seedbag: 120G
    - Selling price per crop: 60G
    - Profit per crop: 45G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

2.) Potato
    - Season: Spring
    - Days to ripe: 7
    - Can only harvest once
    - Cost per seedbag: 150G
    - Selling price per crop: 80G
    - Profit per Crop: 61.25G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

3.) Cucumber
    - Season: Spring
    - Days to ripe: 7
    - Can harvest again every 5 days
    - Cost per seedbag: 200G
    - Selling price per crop: 60G
    - Profit per crop: 35G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

4.) Strawberry (limited item)
    - Season: Spring
    - Days to ripe: 8
    - Can harvest again every 2 days
    - Selling price per crop: 30G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 150G
    - Profit per crop: 11.25G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

5.) Cabbage
    - Season: Spring
    - Days to ripe: 14
    - Can only harvest once
    - Selling price per crop: 250G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 500G
    - Profit per Crop: 187.5G
    - Where to buy seeds: Won's Shop/Zack's House

6.) Tomato
    - Season: Summer
    - Days to ripe: 9
    - Can harvest again every 3 days
    - Selling price per crop: 60G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 200 G
    - Profit per Crop: 35G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

7.) Corn
    - Season: Summer
    - Days to ripe: 14
    - Can harvest again every 3 days
    - Selling price per crop: 100G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 300G
    - Profit per Crop: 62.5G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

8.) Pineapple
    - Season: Summer
    - Days to ripe: 20
    - Can harvest again every 5 days
    - Selling price per crop: 500G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 1000G
    - Profit per Crop: 375G
    - Where to buy seeds: Won's Shop/Zack's House

9.) Onion
    - Season: Summer
    - Days to ripe: 7
    - Can only harvest once
    - Selling price per crop: 80G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 150G
    - Profit per Crop: 61.25G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

10.) Pumpkin (limited item)
    - Season: Summer
    - Days to ripe: 14
    - Can only harvest once
    - Selling price per crop: 250G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 500G
    - Profit per Crop: 187.5G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

11.) Egg Plant
    - Season: Fall
    - Days to ripe: 9
    - Can harvest again every 3 days
    - Selling price per crop: 80G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 120G
    - Profit per Crop: 65G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

12.) Sweet Potato
    - Season: Fall
    - Days to ripe: 5
    - Can harvest again every 2 days
    - Selling price per crop: 120G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 300G
    - Profit per Crop: 82.5G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

13.) Green Pepper
    - Season: Fall
    - Days to ripe: 7
    - Can harvest again every 2 days
    - Selling price per crop: 40G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 150G
    - Profit per Crop: 21.25G
    - Where to buy seeds: Won's Shop/Zack's House

14.) Carrot
    - Season: Fall
    - Days to ripe: 7
    - Can only harvest once
    - Selling price per crop: 60G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 300G
    - Profit per Crop: 22.5G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket

15.) Spinach (limited item)
    - Season: Fall
    - Days to ripe: 5
    - Can only harvest once
    - Selling price per crop: 80G
    - Cost per Seedbag: 200G
    - Profit per Crop: 55G
    - Where to buy seeds: Supermarket


These are some plants which you can...er...plant in your farm! Most of these
are flowers to...beautify your farm and all. Also, some can be shipped!
This is for farm beautification or if you want the flowers to be closer so you
can quickly give 'em to the townspeople. Also, unlike the boy version, these
flowers can be sold directly to Won. Oh, and some flowers rejuvenate your
stamina. I plant a lot of flowers and found that it takes longer for me to pass
out. That's just me so I dunno about you. The flower that rejuvenates the most
is the Autumn Red Magic Grass (not blue!). I recommend buying these if you're
enough. The only important thing to buy here is GRASS for your animals. You'll
need to water your flowers so their growth won't be stunted.

1.) Pink Cat
    - Season: Summer
    - Days to bloom: 6
    - Cost per Seedbag: 300G
    - Where to buy: Won's Shop/Zack's House

2.) Moon Drop Grass
    - Season: Spring
    - Days to bloom: 6
    - Cost per Seedbag: 500G
    - Where to buy: Won's Shop/Zack's House

3.) Toy Flower
    - Season: Spring
    - Days to bloom: 12
    - Cost per Seedbag: 400G
    - Where to buy: Won's Shop/Zack's House

4.) Magic Grass
    - Season: Fall
    - Days to bloom: 9
    - Selling price per plant: 200G (for RED flowers ONLY!)
    - Cost per Seedbag: 600 G
    - Profit per Crop: ???
    - Note: Red Magic Flowers grow at random so you have to plant A LOT
      of these Blue flowers to eventually have a red one.
    - Where to buy: Won's Shop/Zack's House

5.) Farm Grass
    - Season: All but Winter
    - Days to grow: 11
    - Can cut again every 4 days
    - Cut with sickle to turn into fodder for cows and sheep
    - Cost per Seedbag: 500G
    - Where to buy: Supermarket


Here are some infos about the different animals that live and work in your farm.
Note that most only give you some advantage once they are adults. AND NEVER LET

1.) Dog
    - How to get: Comes with the farm as a puppy
    - Increase affection: Pick it up; Let it out during the day;
                          Let it in during night; Play ball w/ it;
                          Play frisbee w/ it
    - Purpose: Compete in Frisbee contest on Beach Day; Ward off wild dogs;
               Protect fences; Chase away wild dogs if they are in farm
    - Feed: NONE

2.) Horse
    - How to get: On your first day, go talk to Barley ASAP.
                  He will give you the horse the next day or so.
                  Just continue to talk to him until he gives you a horse.
                  ONLY IN SPRING!
    - Increase affection: (Foal)Brush and talk to it everyday.
                          (Stallion)Talk, brush and ride it everyday.
    -Purpose: Move around farm faster; Compete in horse race;
              Mobile shipping bin
    -Feed: NONE

3.) Cow
    - How to get: Buy at Yodel Farm for 5000G
    - Increase Affection: Talk and brush everyday; Let out on sunny days
    - Feed: Animal Fodder(Buy at Yodel farm for 20G/meal or cut grass from farm)
    - Purpose: Produce milk; Compete in Cow Festival.

<<Types Of Milk>>

Name:       How To Get:

Milk (s)    Have 0-3 hearts
Milk (M)    Have 4-7 hearts
Milk (L)    Have 8-10 hearts
Milk (G)    Have 8-10 hearts; win Cow Festival
Milk (P)    Have 8-10 hearts; win Cow Festival; 600+ game hours outside
Milk (X)    Have 8-10 hearts; win Cow Festival; 600+ game hours outside;
            Rarely produced
**600+ game hours equals a little more than 25 days, as added by JTR1029.

4.) Sheep
    - How to get: Buy at Yodel Farm for 4,000g
    - Increase Affection: Talk and brush everyday; Let out on sunny days
    - Feed: Animal Fodder(Buy at Yodel farm for 20G/meal or cut grass from farm)
    - Purpose: Produce wool; Compete in Sheep Festival

<<Types Of Wool>>

Name:       How To Get:

Wool (s)    Have 0-3 hearts
Wool (M)    Have 4-7 hearts
Wool (L)    Have 8-10 hearts
Wool (G)    Have 8-10 hearts; win Sheep Festival
Wool (P)    Have 8-10 hearts; win Sheep Festival; 600 game hours outside
Wool (X)    Have 8-10 hearts; win Sheep Festival; 600 game hours outside;
            Rarely produced
**600+ game hours equals a little more than 25 days, as added by JTR1029.

5.) Chicken
    - How to get: Buy at Poultry Farm
    - Increase Affection: Pick it up everyday; Let out on sunny days
    - Feed: Chicken Feed(Buy at Poultry Farm or put corn in your Mill
            beside coop)
    - Purpose: Produce eggs; Compete in Chicken Festival

<<Types of Eggs>>

Name:       How To Get:

Small       Have 0-3 hearts
Medium      Have 4-7 hearts
Large       Have 8-10 hearts
Gold        Have 8-10 hearts; win Chicken Festival
P Egg       Have 8-10 hearts; win Chicken Festival; 600 game hours outside
X Egg       Have 8-10 hearts; win Chicken Festival; 600 game hours outside;
            Rarely produced
**600+ game hours equals a little more than 25 days, as added by JTR1029.


Fishing is one of the many ways you can earn money in this game. To fish,
you'll of course, need a fishing rod. Just go to Zack's house. You'll see an
event wherein he gives you the fishing rod for free (see CHARACTER EVENTS).
You can then start fishing. Of course, you'll have to upgrade your rod to
catch the bigger fishes.

The fishing rod is considered as one of the hardest things to upgrade (see
TOOLS GRAPH in your EARNINGS MENU) since it can take a while. The best you
can do is stand by the Hot Springs and press B over and over again. Once
you turn blue, jump in the hotsprings to recuperate. I once sacrificed a day's
worth just to have my fishing rod jump upgrade to mystrile.
**For more info on the Fishing rod, see TOOLS (scroll up).
**Note that for rod levels, you need at least that to catch the specified fish.

Once you catch the fish, you don't have to store it in your fridge. You now
have a fish pond (formerly a watering hole in the boy version) and it holds
100 of each fish (small, medium or large). Just approach the north side,
press A and choose a fish.

+River Fishes+

These are fishes you can find, where else, in the river! There are two parts:
Upstream, which is the river connected to Mother's Hill Lake, and Downstream,
which are the rivers found in the town (Poultry, Yodel and your Farm).

*Downstream - Down
*Upstream   - Up

Fish Species:   Rod Level:   Where:    Season:

Bighead         Mystrile     Down      All
Bitterling      Normal       Down      All
Black Bass      Gold         Up/Down   Spring, Summer, Fall
Bluegill        Normal       Up/Down   Spring, Summer, Fall
Brown Hakeling  Normal       Down      Spring, Summer, Winter
Cherry Salmon   Normal       Up        Spring, Fall
Eel             Mystrile     Down      Summer, Fall
Fat Minnow      Normal       Up        All
Golden Carp     Normal       Down      Spring, Summer, Fall
Large Salmon    Copper       Up        Spring, Fall
Lake Smelt      Normal       Down      Winter
Mountain Trout  Gold         Up        Spring, Summer, Fall
Rainbow Trout   Mystrile     Up        All
Roach           Normal       Down      Spring, Fall
Salmon          Gold         Down      Summer, Fall
Silver Carp     Copper       Down      Spring, Summer
Snakehead       Mystrile     Down      Summer, Fall
Whitefish       Copper       Down      All

+Lake Fishes+

That's right. These are the fishes found in Mother's Hill Lake (also where
the Kappa resides). Oh, you know where that is. All except the Crucian Carp
can be fished off the rivers.

Fish Species:   Rod Level:   Season:

Black Bass      Gold         Spring, Summer, Fall
Bluegill        Normal       Spring, Summer, Fall
Cherry Salmon   Normal       Spring, Fall
Crucian Carp    Gold         All
Fat Minnow      Normal       All
Rainbow Trout   Mystrile     All

+Sea Fishes+

It's off to the beach time! The sea holds the most bountiful fish(and junk)
and it's also where you can make the most profit(since you can fish treasures!)

Fish Species:   Rod Level:   Season:

Blowfish        Gold         Winter
Bonito          Mystrile     Summer, Fall
Cod             Gold         Winter
Dorado          Mystrile     Spring, Summer, Fall
Filefish        Copper       Winter
Flounder        Mystrile     All
Fluke           Gold         Fall, Winter
Greenling       Silver       Spring
Herring         Normal       Spring, Summer, Winter
Kelp Bass       Gold         Fall, Winter
Lionfish        Copper       All
Mackerel        Gold         Fall, Winter
Needlefish      Silver       Spring
Ocean Sunfish   Mystrile     Spring, Summer, Fall
Pigfish         Silver       Spring, Summer
Red Snapper     Mystrile     Spring, Summer, Fall
Rockfish        Copper       Spring, Fall
Rock Trout      Silver       Spring, Winter
Sandfish        Normal       Winter
Sardines        Normal       All
Saury Pike      Silver       Fall
Scad            Silver       Spring, Summer, Fall
SP.Mackerel     Mystrile     Spring, Winter
Tuna            Mystrile     All
Yellowtail      Mystrile     Summer, Winter

+Harvest Goddess Pond Fishes+

Yup! The site of the beautiful Harvest Goddess Falls and the "shrine" to the
Harvest Goddess. Other than offering stuff, you can fish here as well. Just
remember not to throw in your junk and discarded fishes in here, as the
goddess will think it's an offering (and hate you for it). Fishes here can
also be fished off the lake and rivers (except Silver Carp).

Fish Species:   Rod Level:   Season:

Black Bass      Gold         Spring, Summer, Fall
Bluegill        Normal       Spring, Summer, Fall
Crucian Carp    Gold         All
Golden Carp     Normal       Spring, Summer, Fall
Lake Smelt      Normal       Winter
Silver Carp     Copper       Spring, Summer, Fall
Snakehead       Mystrile     Summer, Fall
Whitefish       Copper       All

+King Fishes+

These are the special fishes which are extremely difficult to find and are
only caught by fishing rods which are cursed, blessed, or mythic. It's also
a requirement if you wanna marry the Kappa.

Fish Species: Where:            Season:         Requirements:

Catfish       Hotspring         Winter          NA
Carp          Lake              All ex.Winter   Ship 200 fishes
Coelecanth    Lv.9 Winter Mine  All             Catch 5 other King Fishes
JP.Huchen     Downstream River  All             Make Sushi,Sashimi,Grilled Fish
Monkfish      Sea               Spring/Winter   Fish at 10PM-8AM
Squid         Sea               All ex.Winter   Throw small fish to sea first


I dunno if this was the source of Mineral Town's name, but it's in the mines
where you can find minerals and ores which are very important in the game.
There are two mines: Spring Mine and the Winter/Lake Mine.
Here's a list of the mines and what can be found in them. You'll need your
hoe to dig up the ground and your hammer to break the rocks. You may also want
to get some stamina recovering items like black grass (which you can dig up in
mines, eat immediately)or if you want to go deep down, you can buy BODIGIZERXL
and TURBOJOLTXL from the Clinic. Use these wisely. The best item to use
however, is the Elli Leaves.


Name:			Level:

Copper		All
Silver		All
Gold			3 & lower
Mystrile		7 & lower
Orichalc		10 & lower
Adamantite		10 & lower
Mythic Stones	60 only
Power Berry		100 (dig w/ hoe)
Teleport Stone	255 (found only in the 3rd year and after. Found in rocks)

*Gem of Goddess - Collect 9 of these white orbs and it will restore some
                  stamina over a period of time. You can find them in rocks.
		    - Levels: 60,102,123,152,155,171,190,202,222



Name:			Level:

Agate			All except 50,100,150,200
Alexandrite		50,100,150,200,251 & lower
Amethyst		All except 50,100,150,200
Diamond		Floors that end in 0
Emerald		Floors that end in 5
Moon Stone		Floors that end in 8
Peridot		All except 50,100,150,200
Pink Diamond      30,70,90,110,130,170,190,& 255
Ruby			All except 50,100,150,200
Sand Rose		Floors that end in 9
Topaz			All except 50,100,150,200

+Cursed Tools+
(dig w/ hoe)
Name:			Level:

C.Fishing Rod	29
C.Hoe			39
C.Axe			49
C.Hammer		59
C.Watering Can	69
C.Sickle		79

*Gem of Kappa - Collect 9 of these green orbs and you'll be rejuvenated from
                your fatigue as time passes.
		  - Levels: 0,40,60,80,120,140,160,180,255

NOTE: These can be found at random so don't blame me if you can't find it.
	Careful not to go up the stairs immediately 'coz you'll go back to the


Just to save you a bit of energy, there are places in the mine wherein you
can NEVER find the stairs going down: it's the perimeter around the stairs
going up. Here's what I mean:

X = Stairs going up/Where you came from
o = No stairs here EVER

oXo   I think this was fixed during the game programming, so you can
ooo   still manage to walk some spaces.


+Big Bed+

This is one of the most important furnitures of the game. It's where you sleep.
You can buy a bigger bed from the T.V. Shopping Network. Buy it if you want to
get married.


It's where your books and letters are stored. Books can be acquired once
you've purchased something new. The books are actually very useful tutorials.
Think of it as a mini-library. The letters, on the other hand, are mail that
you get from your mailbox. Once you investigate your mailbox, all your
letters will immediately be put here so you can read them again.


Unlike in the boy version, wherein the mirror only tells you about the day
and your current physical condition, this time, the mirror allows you to change
the color of your overalls! Choose from the default blue or the other options:
blue, pink, red, green, white and orange. I personally prefer pink.
Makes my character more feminine. Frequently changing your clothes will impress
the boys. By changing clothes, I mean talk to him in one outfit, change, then
talk to him again.


Indicates the exact hours and minutes of the day.


Indicates dates, seasons and festivals, as well as the schedules for these.

+Record Player+

Plays different music/bgms from record plaques. Connect to HM: Another
Wonderful Life on Gamecube and buy it from Lou/Ban.


Who can live without it? You can't 'coz you'll need it for a lot of things.
To turn on the TV, walk up to it, press B and surf the channels using the
directional buttons. Some channels are only available for a specific
period of time.

+Main Stay Channels+

1.)Weather Channel - forecasts tomorrow's weather. Announces rains, storms
                     and blizzards.
                   - press UP
2.)Announcements   - Announces festivals of the season
                   - press RIGHT
3.)Tutorial Channel- Where there are tutorials for beginners and advanced users
                   - press DOWN

+Extra Channels+

I won't put up those unimportant channels like Mechabot Ultror and Aaron
changes...stuff like that 'coz it's a waste of space.

T.V. Shopping Network (press LEFT)
  - This channel is available in your farm house every Saturday until you have
    bought every item they sell. Then, they don't air and will be replaced by
    St. Emerald's Academy. If you haven't bought everything they sold, they
    will air again the next year. To buy item/s, go to Doug's Inn and use
    the phone on the counter. Here are the products and their prices:

        Name:              Price:

        Mirror             1000G
        Clock              2000G
        Refrigerator       2500G
        Shelves            2500G
        Kitchen            4000G
        Pot                1000G
        Mixer              1200G
        Whisk              500G
        Rolling Pin        750G
        Oven               2500G
        Seasoning Set      2500G
        Knife              1500G
        Frying Pan         1200G
        Large Bed          10,000G
        Carpet             5000G
        Power Berry        10,000G (you can only buy this if you bought
                                    everything else)

H.Goddess New Year's Game Show (press LEFT)
    - Available in the first five days of Spring. This is where you guess if
      the number is higher or lower. The more the wins, the better the prize.
      Here's a list:

         Wins:   Prize:

         1       nothing
         2       a type of grass/herb
         3-9     rice cake or buckwheat flour
         10+     Relaxation Tea Leaves
         15+     Sun Block
         20+     Skin Lotion
         25+     Facial pack
         30+     Perfume
         40+     Dress
         50+     Golden Lumber
         60+     Fish Fossil
         70+     Pirate Treasure
         80+     Ketchup Recipe
         90+     French Fries
         100     High/Low 100 wins (Band-aid)

Mineral Town Friends (press LEFT; only in Vacation House)
   - Every Wednesday. This is where you learn all about the residents of
     Mineral Town, their personalities, families and birthdays.

Rock-Paper-Scissors Gameshow (press LEFT; only in Vacation House)
   - Every Saturday. This is where you play the rock-paper-scissors game with
     the H.Goddess. She gives out some great prizes too. Here's a list:

        Wins:   Prize:

        1       nothing
        2       a type of grass/herb
        3-9     rice cake or buckwheat flour
        10+     Elli Leaves (recovers stamina & fatigue)
        20+     Alexandrite
        30+     Pink Diamond
        40+     Mythic Stone
        50+     Unused Item
        60+     Unused Item
        70+     Unused Item
        80+     Unused Item
        90+     Unused Item
        100     R-P-S Certificate

**The unused items are record plaques for your record player but they don't
  play anything at all. But unlike in the boy version, you can sell these to
  Won for a TON of money!!! Prices for unused items don't go lower than
  500,000G and the R-P-S Certificate itself is worth 1 million G!


This is where you can store food items. It has 32 slots all in all and in each
slot, you can store up to 99 of one item.


This is where you can store non-food items likes ores, branches, flowers,
accessories and such. Like the fridge, it has 32 slots all in all and in each
slot, you can store up to 99 of one item.


Makers are machines that instantly convert one product to another, more
expensive product. There are three makers in this game:

Cheese Maker     = turns milk into cheese
Yarn Maker       = turns wool into yarn
Mayonnaise Maker = turns eggs into mayonnaise

To get a maker, go to Saibara, the blacksmith and have him make one for you.
The requirements are as follows:

- fully expanded chicken coop and/or barn
- one adamantite per maker
- 20,000G per maker

It's expensive, I know. But well worth it once you have the gold eggs,
gold wool and gold milk 'coz it sells for more and it lasts a lifetime.

+The Bath+

Once you have fully expanded your farm, you can ask Gotz to make you a bath.
This is where you can rejuvenate a bit of stamina and fatigue though it
takes 30 minutes of your (game)time.


Put flowers in to rejuvenate stamina. Buy from Won. I highly recommend the
Red Magic Grass which grows in fall, since it rejuvenates +10 stamina.


Cook Food here. Buy the complete set from the TV Shopping Network.


+Making Money+

If you're just starting off on the game and have not yet upgraded or planted
anything in your farm, here are some ways to make quick bucks.
NOTE: Cheat codes are provided in the later part of the guide.

1.) 250,000G in one week (needs vba emulator)
    - During the first five days of spring, the H.Goddess will have a
      New Year's game show where you'll have to guess if the number is higher
      or lower. Just surf the channels by going to your TV, press the B button
      and use the directional buttons to locate the H. Goddess show
     (try pressing the RIGHT button constantly). Play the New Year's Game Show.
      Save game state(Shift+F1) then guess. If you get it wrong, hit F1 and it
      will take you back to before you got the answer wrong. Just keep trying
      until you get it right. Play until 70 wins to get the Pirate Treasure,
      which is worth 10,000G. Play 5 times(since the show runs 5 times a day)
      and you get 50,000G a day, which is 250,000G in 5 days. Sure, it may get
      monotonous, but if you want quick bucks, this is the way to do it.
      You can also try for 25,000G a day or 125,000G in five days by winning
      until 60 to get the Fish Fossil worth 5000G. Another one would be for
      10,000G a day or 50,000G in 5 days by winning until 10 to get the
      Relaxation Tea Leaves worth 2000G. Just remember to play the game 5
      times a day.

2.) Free Money
    - I dunno why I named this that. It's mostly 'coz you get these money
      making items for free in places in town. Gather as many medicinal herbs
      as you can 'coz they sell quite well. Fishes are great sources of money
      too but you'll need to upgrade your pole to get bigger fishes.
      Mushrooms, esp. poisonous ones, sell a lot. Digging in the mines also
      helps. There's also honey every morning at the tree in your farm.
      If you turn blue, simply go to sleep, go to your bath or dip in the
      hotspring for a few hours.

3.) Non-stop Mine Digging
    - Dig in the mines (preferably Winter Mine) and fill your basket and
      rucksack with expensive minerals. Dig up as much gold coins as you can
      too(which doesn't take a slot in your rucksack and is instantly added to
      your invoice)until you turn blue. Then, go to hotspring and dip for
      2-3 hours(game time)before going back to the mine and digging up again
     (empty your rucksack first by putting items in your shelf)

4.) Horse Race Gamble
    - During the Spring and Fall Horse Festivals, place your bets and win lots
      of medals. Exchange the medals for broaches, which sells for 2,000G each
      (necklaces cost the same but it takes 20 medals so broaches, which
      takes only 18, costs less but sells for the same price). Fill up your
      rucksack and your basket. You can even carry an extra one in your hands.
      WARNING: If you entered the festival with your horse and won for the
      first time, you must not have anything in your hands or else you won't
      get the Power Berry.

5.) Crop Madness
    - In spring, plant cabbages (250G a piece) and lots of turnips (prepare for
      busy weeks since it grows very fast)
    - In summer, plant pineapples (500G a piece), preferably 8 patches.
      Buy pineapple seeds from Won during spring so you can plant it as early
      as the first day of summer. That way, you can harvest twice since it
      takes 20 days for these money-making babies to grow.
    - In Fall, plant Sweet Potatoes. Lots and lots of it! You can even make
      this the exclusive crop for your farm (at least during the season).
      It grows fast and costs a lot (120G a piece). Get ready for busy weeks
      'coz you're gonna need a lot of time harvesting everything

6.) Non-stop Fishing
    - During the Summer Beach Festival, you can fish without wasting time or
      stamina. Just bring your basket with you and fish lots of fish.
      If you have the blessed or mythic fishing rod, you can fill your basket
      with pirate treasure. Another festival wherein you can do this is the
      Summer Fireworks Festival.
      WARNING!!! If you already have a husband, DO NOT FISH DURING FESTIVALS!
      If you do, his affection rate for you WILL drop.

7.) Mythic Money (needs vba emulator)
    - You can only get this in the later parts of the game, when you have the
      Vacation House. You can use cheats to earn loads of cash and get the
      V.House early. Anyway, once in the V. House, you get a T.V with 3
      different channels. Every Saturday, the Harvest Goddess plays the Rock-
      Paper-Scissors game with you. Just like tip#1, save game state(Shift+F1)
      then guess. If you get it wrong, hit F1 and it will take you back to
      before you got the answer wrong. Just keep trying until you get
      it right. Play until 40 wins to get the Mythic Stone, which is worth
      20,000G! If you don't want to use it for upgrades, you can ship it.
      Problem is, you can only play this once a day. You may also play up to
      20 to get the Alexandrite(10,000G) or 30 to get the Pink Diamond(10,000G)

8.) Bargaining with Won
    - This is one of the latest features of the mineral town series. After the
      second event with Won, you'll be able to sell your products to him,
      mostly, at a higher price. Just be careful not to get tricked into
      selling for lower. To sell, bring your items in your rucksack and hands.
      Approach Won's Orange box counter and talk to him from there. Select the
      selling feature. Make sure you have the item in your hands. Won will name
      a price and you can either agree or not. I suggest you try and sell
      expensive stuff like the pink diamond since he throws in some major
      incentive to it. But just be careful. This guy can be sneaky.

9.) 25 MILLION G in one week (needs vba emulator)
    - You heard me. I said 25 MILLION G! Too good to be true but it's true!
      However, this only happens if you've unlocked Won's selling feature.
      During the first five days of spring, the H.Goddess will have a
      New Year's game show where you'll have to guess if the number is higher
      or lower. Just surf the channels by going to your TV, press the B button
      and use the directional buttons to locate the H. Goddess show
     (try pressing the RIGHT button constantly). Play the New Year's Game Show.
      Save game state(Shift+F1) then guess. If you get it wrong, hit F1 and it
      will take you back to before you got the answer wrong. Just keep trying
      until you get it right. Play until 100 wins to get the H.G High/Low 100
      wins, which is worth 1 MILLION G when you sell it to Won! Play 5 times
      (since the show runs 5 times a day) and you get 5 MILLION G a day, which
      is 25 MILLION G in 5 days. Sure, it may get monotonous, but if you want
      quick bucks, this is the way to do it. Just remember to play the game 5
      times a day and sell it to Won, not to Zack (shipping box).

10.) 1 MILLION G per week (needs vba emulator)
    - This only happens if you've unlocked Won's selling feature and when you
      have the Vacation House/Town Cottage. Once in the V. House, you get a
      T.V with 3 different channels. Every Saturday, the Harvest Goddess plays
      the Rock-Paper-Scissors game with you. Just like tip#1, save game state
      (Shift+F1) then guess. If you get it wrong, hit F1 and it will take you
      back to before you got the answer wrong. Just keep trying until you get
      it right. Play until 100 wins to get the R-P-S Certificate, which is
      worth 1 MILLION G when you sell it to Won! Problem is, you can only play
      this once a day. You may also play up to 40 to get the Mythic stone
      (20,000G), 20 to get the Alexandrite(10,000G) or 30 to get the Pink
      Diamond(10,000G). But better choices would be the unused items ranging
      from 50-90+ wins, worth no less than 580,000G-970,000G. Just remember to
      sell it to Won, not to Zack (shipping box).

11.) Lottery winner
    - This only happens if you've unlocked Won's selling feature. Some time
      in Winter, you'll receive a note in the mail, saying you've won the
      lottery. The prize you get is Van's favorite thing(looks like Karen's
      wine from FoMT). You're supposed to take it to Van but unless you're
      able to connect to Gamecube's Another Wonderful Life, you won't be able
      to do so. Instead, you can keep it in your shelf or sell it to Won for
      48,000-57,000G! You'll win the lottery ever so often so I suggest you
      start collecting these bottles.

12.) Helping the Mayor
    - This only happens if you've unlocked Won's selling feature. Sometimes,
      Mayor Thomas will come over and ask you a favor. If you succeed in the
      task, he'll give you a Golden lumber, which you can sell to Won for
      48,000-57,000G! He'll ask favors ever so often so I suggest you
      start collecting these lumber. Nice to be helpful, ain't it?


Here's a listing of the things you can sell and how much they are worth.
Unlike in FoMT, this time, after one of his events, you can actually sell
stuff directly to Won, mostly at a higher price! For animal products, this
depends on the day. For other items, it's a touch and go thing. Just keep
turning down offers 'til you're satisfied with the price. But the profit
may sometimes only amount to 30G more than Zack's and you have to rush to
Won's shop and sell stuff to him individually. You can have your pick of
Won and Zack, depending on your need for extra income.


      Name:             Season:     Zack's Price:   Won's Prices:

      Turnip            Spring      60
      Potato            Spring      80
      Cucumber          Spring      60
      Strawberry        Spring      30
      Cabbage           Spring      250
      Tomato            Summer      60
      Corn              Summer      100
      Onion             Summer      60
      Pumpkin           Summer      250
      Pineapple         Summer      500
      Eggplant          Fall        80
      Carrot            Fall        60
      Sweet Potato      Fall        20
      Spinach           Fall        80
      Green Pepper      Fall        40
      Red Magic Grass** Fall        200

**Buy Magic Seeds from Won and plant A LOT of it. It is only through planting
  lots of the Blue Magic Grass will you get the Red Magic Grass, which is the
  only shippable flower. It grows at random so I don't know exactly how many
  bags you have to buy and plant to get these rare flowers.

Won's Daily Item Types (Animal Products):

Day:          Item:

Monday        Milk
Tuesday       Eggs
Wednesday     Wool
Thursday      Cheese
Friday        Mayonnaise
Saturday      Yarn
Sunday        Fish

      <<Animal Products>>

      Name:              Zack's Price:   Won's Prices:

      Egg (s)            50              57-59
      Egg (m)            75              67-69
      Egg (L)            100             87-91
      Egg (G)            150             170-178
      Egg (P)            180             187-196
      Egg (X)            250             357-374
      Spa-boiled Egg     80              87-91
      Milk (s)           100             170-178
      Milk (m)           150             157-165
      Milk (L)           200             270-283
      Milk (G)           300             370-388
      Milk (P)           500             570-598
      Milk (X)           800             870-913
      Wool (s)           100             170-178
      Wool (m)           400             470-493
      Wool (L)           500             570-598
      Wool (G)           600             670-703
      Wool (P)           1000            1700-1785
      Wool (X)           2000            2700-2835
      Fish (s)           50              57-59
      Fish (m)           120             127-133
      Fish (L)           200             270-283
      Cheese (s)         300             370-388
      Cheese (m)         400             470-483
      Cheese (L)         500             570-598
      Cheese (G)         600             670-703
      Cheese (P)         750             757-794
      Cheese (X)         1500            1570-1648
      Mayonnaise (s)     100             170-178
      Mayonnaise (m)     150             157-164
      Mayonnaise (L)     200             270-273
      Mayonnaise (G)     300             370-378
      Mayonnaise (P)     450             457-479
      Mayonnaise (X)     800             870-903
      Yarn (s)           300             370-378
      Yarn (m)           700             770-808
      Yarn (L)           800             870-913
      Yarn (G)           1000            1700-1785
      Yarn (P)           1500            1570-1648
      Yarn (X)           4000            4700-4935


	Color:     Season:         Where:                  Zack's:   Won's:

      Black      All             Mines                   10
      Yellow     Spring          Mineral Beach           120
      Orange     Spring          Mineral Beach           100
      Blue       Spring/Summer   Forest/Hill             100
      Purple     Summer          Mineral Beach           120
      Green      Summer/Fall     Forest/Hill             100
      Red        Summer/Fall     Forest/Hill             110
      Indigo     Fall            Mineral Beach           100
      White      Winter          Forest/Behind Church    150

<<Other Food Items>>

      Name:                Season:   Where:                    Zack's:   Won's:

      Honey                All       Your Tree                     50
      Bamboo Shoot         Spring    Hill                          50
      Apple                Fall      Your tree                     50
      Mushroom             Fall      Forest/Hill/Behind Church     75
      Poisonous Mushroom   Fall      Forest/Behind Church          100
      Truffle**            Fall      Hill/Behind Church            500

**You'll need to be good friends with Carter to access what's behind
  the church. Also, you'll need a cursed, blessed or mythic hammer to
  break the rocks on the hill and get the truffle.

<<Ores of Spring Mine>>

      Name:             Zack's Price:   Won's Prices:

      Junk              1
      Copper            15
      Silver            20
      Gold              25
      Mystrile          40
      Orichalc          50
      Adamantite        50
      Mythic Stone      20,000
<<Minerals of Lake/Winter Mine>>

      Name:             Zack's Price:   Won's Prices:

      Amethyst          60
      Agate             62
      Alexandrite       10,000
      Fluorite          65
      Peridot           68
      Topaz             75
      Ruby              78
      Emerald           80
      Diamond           100
      Pink Diamond      10,000
      Moon Stone        55
      Sand Rose         60

+Won Only+

These are stuff which you can only sell to when. These range from flowers
to cooked food. The only things Won doesn't buy are burnt food, trash and
the boy's gifts to you(blue heart gifts). These may also serve as an
indication that your recipe lacks/has the complete ingredients.
**More Prices and Items Coming Soon

<<Cooked Items>> **Adding extra ingredients to food will increase the price.

      Name:                 Lowest:   Highest:

      AEPFE Apple           48        57
      Apple Jam             88        97
      Apple Pie             448       457
      Apple Souffle         78        87
      Autumn Sun            28,000    37,000
      Baked Corn            173       182
      Baked Sweet Potato    178       187
      Bamboo Rice           228       237
      Bodigizer             248       257
      Bodigizer XL          480       570
      Boiled Egg            80        170
      Buckwheat Chips       280       370
      Buckwheat Noodles     280       370
      Butter                148       157
      Cake                  480       570
      Candied Potatoes      280       370
      Cheese Cake           780       870
      Cheese Fondue         580       670
      Chirashi Sushi        680       770
      Choco Cookies         480       570
      Chocolate Cake        648       657
      Cookies               280       370
      Corn Flakes           188       197
      Curry Bread           348       357
      Curry Noodles         180       270
      Curry Rice            148       157
      Dinner Roll           280       370
      Egg Over Rice         280       350
      Elli Leaves           4800      5700
      Fish Sticks           228       237
      French Fries          148       157
      French Toast          348       357
      Fried Noodles         180       270
      Fried Noodles 2       378       387
      Fried Rice            118       127
      Fruit Latte           280       370
      Fruit Juice           80        170
      Grape Jam             88        92
      Grape Juice           80        170
      Greens                118       127
      Grilled Fish          228       237
      HMSGB Apple           48        57
      Happy Eggplant        180       270
      Hot Milk              148       157
      Ice Cream             280       370
      Jam Bun               248       257
      Ketchup               218       227
      Miso Soup             80        170
      Mixed Juice           178       188
      Mixed Latte           618       627
      Moon dumplings        148       157
      Mountain Stew         318       327
      Mushroom Rice         248       257
      Noodles               118       127
      Noodles w/ Tempura    580       670
      Omelet                248       257
      Omelet Rice           380       470
      Pancakes              548       557
      Pickles               80        170
      Pickled Turnip        80        170
      Pineapple juice       680       770
      Pizza                 680       770
      Popcorn               178       187
      Potato Pancakes       480       570
      Pudding               180       270
      Pumpkin Pudding       648       657
      Pumpkin Stew          380       470
      Raisin Bread          180       270
      Relaxation Tea        1480      1570
      R. Tea Leaves         800       1700
      Rice Gruel            180       270
      Roasted Rice Cake     248       257
      Salad                 80        170
      Sandwich              118       127
      Sashimi               228       237
      Savory Pancake        118       127
      Scrambled Eggs        178       187
      Spring Sun            2800      3400
      Stew                  148       157
      Stir Fry              118       127
      Strawberry Jam        180       270
      Strawberry Milk       248       257
      Summer Sun            18,000    27,000
      Sushi                 418       427
      Sweet Potatoes        248       257
      SUGDW Apple           48        57
      Tempura               280       370
      Tempura Noodles       418       427
      Tempura Rice          580       620
      Toast                 148       157
      Toasted Rice Ball     148       157
      Tomato Juice          80        170
      Truffle Rice          680       750
      Turbojolt             480       570
      Turbojolt XL          800       1700
      Vegetable Juice       80        170
      Vegetable Latte       280       370
      Wild Grape Juice      248       257
      Winter Sun            80,000    170,000


      Name:                 Season:   Lowest:   Highest:

      Magic Flower(Blue)    Fall      163       171
      Magic Flower(Red)     Fall      220       297
      Moon drop Flower      Spring    141       152
      Pink cat Flower       Summer    80        90
      Toy Flower            Spring    118       129
      White Flower          Summer    78,000    87,000 (Queen of the Night)

<<Album/Record Plaques>>


      Name:                    Lowest:   Highest:   How to acquire:

      Golden Lumber            48,000    57,000     Buy from Gotz; Help Mayor
      H.G High/Low 100 wins       1,000,000         Win High/Low Gameshow 100x
      Recipe for French Fries  68,000    77,000     Fish off the dock in Fall
      Recipe for Ketchup       58,000    67,000     Fish off the dock in Fall
      R-P-S Certificate           1,000,000         Win R-P-S Gameshow 100x
      Tea Party Invitation     6800      7700       Friends w/ Sprites(Spring)
      Van's Favorite Thing     48,000    57,000     Check Mailbox
      Gift from H.Goddess         1,000,000         Throw 10 Mystery Flower to
                                                    H.Goddess Pond
      All About BGM                 480,000         **see SPECIALTY ITEMS
      TV Changer                  50,000,000        **see SPECIALTY ITEMS
      All About Letters           50,000,000        **see SPECIALTY ITEMS
      All About Books             50,000,000        **see SPECIALTY ITEMS
      Shopping Master             999,999,999       **see SPECIALTY ITEMS



Here are the people of Mineral Town, arranged in alphabetical order. The BOYS
are listed in the AMOURE section. (NOTE: <<name>> means she's a rival)

*General Likes of Women: Jewelry, Perfume, Dresses, Sun Block, Lotion,
    (excpt.H.Goddess)    Face Mask, Diamond, Pink Diamond

Name: <<Ann>>
B-Day: Summer, 17
Info: Doug's daughter. Tomboyish. Helps around the inn.
Where: Doug's inn, H. Goddess Spring(Mornings)
Likes: Cake, Cheese Fondue, Pancakes, Truffle Rice, Spa-Boiled Egg,
       Apple, Chocolate, Wild Grapes, Animals, Curry Rice, Sandwich,
       Strawberry Milk, Rice Cake, Stir Fry, Omelet Rice, Savory Pancake,
       Tempura Noodles, Cheese Cake, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pudding,
       Ice Cream, Stew, Sushi, Amethyst, Ruby, Topaz, Emerald

Name: Anna
B-Day: Fall, 23
Info: Mary's mother and Basil's wife
Where: At their home, Rose Square and Mother's Hill(Mon. Mornings)
Likes: Honey, Wine, Apple, Strawberry, Sweet Potato, Egg, Flour, Oil

Name: Barley
B-Day: Spring, 17
Info: Owns Yodel Farm. Takes care of granddaughter, May.
Where: At his house and hot spring(Mon. afternoons)
Likes: Elli Leaves, Bamboo shoots, Honey, Milk, Noodles, Buckwheat Flour,
       Spa Boiled Egg , Rice Balls, Rice Cake, Scrambled Eggs, Miso Soup

Name: Basil
B-Day: Summer, 11
Info: Anna's husband and Mary's father. Author of books in the library.
      A botanist.
Where: His house, Mother's Hill(Mon. Mornings), Inn(at night)
Likes: Flowers, Medicinal Herbs(grasses), Elli Leaves, Wine, Mushroom,
       Poison Mushroom, Tomato Juice, Wild Grape Juice, Wild Grape

Name: Carter
B-Day: Fall, 20
Info: Pastor at the church
Where: Church, outside church(early mornings and afternoon church days)
Likes: Wine, Branches, Honey, Fishes, Food, Buckwheat Flour, Flour, Egg,
       Curry, Turnip, Milk, Oil

Name: Doug
B-Day: Winter, 11
Info: Owns the Inn. Ann's father.
Where: Inn
Likes: Cheese Fondue, Buckwheat Flour, Apple, Honey, Fish, Milk,
       Vegetable crops, Wine, Wild Grape Juice

Name: Duke
B-Day: Winter, 15
Info: Owns the winery. Manna's husband.
Where: Winery, Wine Cellar, Vineyard, Inn(at night)
Likes: Wine, Wild Grape Juice, Honey, Food, Buckwheat Flour, Bread, Egg,
       Cheese, Sashimi, Eggplant, Cucumber

Name: Ellen
B-Day: Winter, 13
Info: Elli and Stu's grandmother
Where: In her house
Likes: Flowers, Honey, Mushrooms, Elli Leaves, Yarn, Carrot, Flour, Milk,
       Pumpkin, Spa-Boiled Egg, Rice Cake, Apple pie, Diamonds

Name: <<Elli>>
B-Day: Spring, 16
Info: Ellen's granddaughter and Stu's sister. Clinic nurse
Where: Clinic, Ellen's house, Supermarket
Likes: Elli Leaves, Red Magic Grass, Moon Dumplings, Hot Milk, Milk,
       Strawberry Milk, Chocolate, Fish, Grape Juice, Muffin Mix,
       Relaxation tea, Relaxation tea leaves, Apple pie,
       Medicinal Herbs (grasses), Strawberries, Chocolate cake,
       Toy Flowers, Pink Cat Flowers, Magic Flowers, Animals, Ruby,
       Topaz, Emerald, Amethyst

Name: Gotz
B-Day: Fall, 2
Info: Builds stuff for you if you have enough money and lumber. Kinda grumpy.
Where: Mountain area, his shop, outside of his shop, supermarket
Likes: Honey, Wine, Ketchup, Butter, Buckwheat Flour, Wool, Apple,
       Cheese, Wild Grape Juice, Egg, Flour, Oil, Potato, Onion

Name: Harris
B-Day: Summer, 4
Info: The town constable with the most boring job ever(very peaceful town...)
Where: Traveling through town, Gotz's, Mayor's house, Inn,
       Yodel Farm(Sun. morning)
Likes: Wine, Wild Grape Juice, Flowers, Honey, Jewelries, Spa-Boiled Egg,
       Fish(s), Bodigizer, Turbojolt, Girl Gifts

Name: Harvest Goddess
B-Day: Spring, 8
Info: Gives Power Berry, tea lives, white grass; Helps with lovelife
Where: Harvest Goddess Spring
Likes: Pineapple, Flowers, Eggs, Crops, Queen of the Night

Name: Harvest Sprites
Info: Plays minigames and helps you out at your farm. Invites you to a tea
      party where you can get Relaxation Tea Leaves
Where: At the hut behind the church.
Likes: Flour, Bread, Herbs with corresponding colors (best if gift-wrapped)
B-days: Bold(Purple) Spring 4; Staid(Blue) Spring 15; Aqua(marine) Spring 26;
        Timid(Green) Summer16; Hoggy(Yellow) Fall 10; Chef(Red) Fall 14;
        Nappy(Orange) Winter 22

Name: Jeff
B-Day: Winter, 25
Info: Owns Grocery Store. Sasha's husband and Karen's father.
Where: Supermarket, Clinic, Church
Likes: Elli Leaves, Honey, Fruit Juice, Blue Grass, Blue Magic Grass,
       Corn Flakes, Bodigizer, Turbojolt

Name: <<Karen>>
B-Day: Fall, 15
Info: Jeff & Sasha's daughter. Good singer. Loves to drink.
Where: Inside & outside of Supermarket, Doug's inn, Beach
Likes: French Fries, Pizza, Popcorn, Wild Grape Juice, Wine, Bamboo Shoots,
       Wild Grapes, Truffle, Cheese, Moondrop Flowers, Pink Cat Flowers,
       Animals, Ruby, Topaz, Emerald, Amethyst

Name: Lillia
B-Day: Spring, 19
Info: Owns Poultry Farm. Popuri and Rick's mother.
Where: Her shop/house, Clinic(Sundays)
Likes: Flowers, Honey, Eggs, Wine, Wild Grape Juice, Milk, Apple, Carrot,
       Tomato, Strawberry

Name: Manna
B-Day: Fall, 11
Info: Dukes wife and cashier at the Winery
Where: Rose Square, her house/winery, supermarket
Likes: Flowers (except Fall flowers), Honey, Milk, Spinach, Bamboo Shoots,
       Fish, Mushroom

Name: <<Mary>>
B-day: Winter, 20
Info: Basil & Anna's daughter. Town Librarian.
Where: Library, Supermarket(Mon.afternoons), Mother's Hill (Mon.mornings)
Likes: Vege. Juice, Vege. Latte, Relaxation Tea, Elli Leaves, Apple,
       Chocolate, Wild Grapes, Bamboo shoots, Medicinal herbs (grasses),
       Animals, Amethyst, Ruby, Topaz, Emerald

Name: May
B-day: Winter, 26
Info: Barley's granddaughter and Stu's (girl)friend
Where: Yodel Farm, outside the church on Church days, Hotspring(Mon.afternoons)
Likes: Flowers, Honey, Apple, Pineapple, Fruit Juice, Chocolate, Boots,
       Hot Milk, Strawberry Milk, Cookies, Ice Cream

Name: <<Popuri>>
B-day: Summer, 3
Info: Lillia's daughter & Rick's sister. Childish. Loves sweets & eggs.
Where: Poultry Farm, H.Goddess Spring(mornings), Church, Square, Beach(Summer)
Likes: Omelet, Omelet Rice, Scrambled Eggs, Chocolate, Eggs, Honey,
       Strawberry recipes, Cake, Chocolate Cake, Ice Cream, Boiled Egg,
       Apple Souffle, Spa-boiled eggs, Pink Cat Flowers, Amethyst, Ruby, Topaz,

Name: Saibara
B-Day: Spring, 11
Info:  Gray's grandfather. Owns blacksmith shop. Really grumpy.
Where: His shop, supermarket(on Thu. afternoons), Inn(at nights)
Likes: Elli Leaves, Branches, Ores, minerals, Honey, Wine, Wild Grape Juice
       Buckwheat Flour, Turnip, Bamboo Shoots, Fish(L), Miso Soup

Name: Sasha
B-Day: Spring, 30
Info:  Jeff's wife and Karen's mother. Also Lillia's best friend.
Where: Supermarket, Poultry Farm House(Tuesdays), Rose Square(Afternoons)
Likes: Wine, Wild Grape Juice, Moondrop Flowers, Pink Cat Flowers, Chocolate,
       Cookies, Honey

Name: Stu
B-Day: Fall, 5
Info: Elli's brother and May's (boy)friend.
Where: Ellen's house, by the Church(afternoon church days)
Likes: Strawberry Milk, Honey, Chocolate, Hot Milk, Cookies, Ice Cream,
       Sandwich, Yarn, Wild Grape

Name: Thomas
B-Day: Summer, 25
Info: Mayor of Mineral Town
Where: Supermarket(Saturday mornings), his house, Rose Square(afternoons),
       Inn(Weekend afternoons)
Likes: Elli Leaves, Bamboo shoots, Grapes, Honey, Wine, Wild Grape Juice,
       Buckwheat Flour, Jam Bun, Jewelries, Diamonds

Name: Zack
B-Day: Summer, 29
Info: The shipper. Gives good advice. Lives at Mineral Beach.
Where: Supermarket(mornings), his house, your farm, Saibara's(some nights)
Likes: Wild Grape, Flowers, Crops, Wine, Wild Grape Juice, Apple, Cheese

+Girl Events+

These are events which are triggered as you expand your farm and strengthen
your friendship with your fellow girls.

Slumber Party
- This event happens once you buy the big bed. Just before you dive
  under the covers, you hear an unexpected knock on the door. All the
  rival girls barge in the house. They've heard about your big bed and
  came to see it. They then decide to have a slumber party and you
  agree but the bed doesn't hold all 5 of them so they decide to leave.
  After that, you can finally go to sleep.

Cooking for Friends
- This event happens once you expand your house and buy the kitchen.
  Go to your complete kitchen and try to cook after 8AM. There'll be a
  knock on the door and the rival girls will enter the house. They wanna
  see your cooking skills first hand and so they each take a seat and wait
  for you to whip up something. Each girl will ask for a different dish so
  talk to them to find out what it is. If you're able to cook the dish and
  give it to the girl, you'll increase your friendship with her. This event
  may be triggered more than once.

Here's a list of their requested food:

Ann    - Cheese Fondue, Hotcake, or Mushroom Rice
Elli   - Hot Milk, Sandwich, or Strawberry Milk
Karen  - Fried Potato, Popcorn, or Tempura
Mary   - Chocolate Cake, Relaxation Tea, or Veggie Juice
Popuri - Fried Rice, Omlette, or Scrambled Eggs

+Individual Girl Events+

If these events seem familiar to you, that's 'coz these are the Black Heart
events for the boy version.

Name:    Schedule/Events:

Ann     - Any day bet. 10:40AM-1PM; Doug's Inn
          Walk into the inn. Ann will welcome you and have her dad give
          you a free meal. Agree to have the meal and she and Doug will be
          delighted. Of course, Doug says it's only free the first time.

Elli    - Any day; Any time; Clinic
          Stu is in the clinic with Elli. Stu shows her a bug and Elli
          freaks out. She scolds Stu. Stu says that you understand him
          because you're still young at heart. Say 'not really'. Oh, he
          cries but Elli is happier that someone else reprimanded her
          bratty brother.

Karen   - Wed/Fri; 10AM-1PM; Supermarket
          Karen will welcome you to her store. She says how hard it must
          be for you in the farm and asks if you could use some help.
          Say yes and she goes to her dad and asks him to give you a bag of
          grass seeds free. Jeff starts to protest but Karen tells him they
          should share. You then receive the grass seeds free of charge.

Mary    - Any day except Monday; 10AM-1PM; Library
          Mary is thinking so hard about something, she didn't see you and
          almost bumped into you. She apologizes, saying that she had a lot
          on her mind. Ask her if you could help and she'll talk about it and
          stuff like that.

Popuri  - Wed/Fri; 10AM-6PM; Poultry Farm; As you exit from the Blacksmith shop
          You must not have anything in your hands. A chicken will run at you
          and you will catch it. Popuri will thank you and ask if you like
          chickens. Say yes and she'll be happy.

+Character Events+

Just as there are Heart events with the bachelors(later part of the guide),
you also have character events. I don't have the exact schedules of all of
them since I'm still trying to make good friends with the people. If you can't
see the event, it's either the weather is wrong or you haven't made good enough
friends with the people around you. Also, I don't know how many events each
character has so don't ask me. If you have additions/corrections, e-mail me and
I'll credit you. WARNINGS: Spoilers ahead!
*** All events are arranged randomly

How to know if you're good friends:

1.) Change in the way he/she talks to you(for most characters)
2.) Allows you in the house/shop as early as 6AM(for some characters only)
3.) Allows you in rooms previously locked before
4.) Gives you a birthday card during your birthday(mailbox; for some characters)
5.) Gives you recipes (for most characters)

- Anytime; Have tillable soil
  If you have soil to till, prepare a hoe and a hammer (preferably, have only
  those two tools in your rucksack). Till the soil. Once you see a mole,
  quickly switch to the hammer (L+B) and whack it. A tally will appear in your
  Memo screen, along with the records for Harvest Sprite and Dog Disk scores.

Free Horse
- Spring; 1st yr; Your farm
  You have to talk to Barley first when you explore the town. The next day
  or so, he comes to your farm and offers you a horse. Take care of it well
  or else he takes it back.

Goodbye Horse(?)
- A year after you're given the horse; Neglect the horse
  If your horse has 6 or lower hearts, Barley will take it away from you
  and won't return it until the next year. Let that be a lesson to you.

Magnificent Stallion
- A year after you're given the horse; Take good care of your horse
  If you've taken really good care of your horse (if possible 8+ hearts),
  Barley will come over to look at him. He'll be impressed at how healthy
  the stallion is and seeing as how it seems to be so fond of you, decides
  to have it live with you forever.

Animal Death
- Anytime; Neglect your farm animals; Death by natural causes
  If you neglect your animals (aka not feed them), they will eventually
  get sick and die. You'll see a scene wherein Carter holds a funeral service
  for your animal, with either or both Rick and Barley bawling you out for
  your negligence. But if the animals die by natural causes (age), Rick and
  Barley will sympathize.

Sick Little Doggy
- Anytime; Have 0 hearts for your dog
  If your dog has absolutely no love for you, he'll get sick. You take him
  to Doctor, who'll do the best he can though he's not a vet. You're dog
  won't die, but the doc will tell you to take better care of it.

The Fishing Rod
- Spring; 1st yr; 11AM-4PM; Zack's House
  Have an empty tool slot. Just go in. Zack will tell you some stuff and
  he'll give you the fishing rod for free.

Catch the Kappa
- Anytime; Mother's Hill Lake
  Fish on the left side of the lake and you'll probably catch this creature.
  You may also see him by putting in some cucumbers. Once you fish him, he
  will do a spinny dance and disappear.

4:44AM TV
- This is hard to trigger without a clock. Turn on your TV at exactly
  4:44AM and you're game will freeze for a while as the channels zoom past
  your screen until you reach a blank fuzzy screen. Weird. This can be
  triggered several times. In the farm house only.

Won's Arrival
- Spring 3; 1st yr; the minute you step out of your house
  A strange salesman will be at your doorstep. He'll introduce himself as
  Won and explain a bit about himself, his job and where you can find him.
  He will come by once every season to sell you his wares(Vase, Special apples)

Popuri's Mail Order
 - Spring 10-17; Zack's House
   Popuri will walk in and ask Zack if her package has arrived. She'll tell
   you it's a surprise gift for her mom, whose birthday is coming soon
  (Spring 19). Popuri will ask you to keep it a secret. Promise you won't tell
   and she'll be happy. This also raises your friendship with Popuri and Zack.

Carter's Answered Prayer
- Church; Any time
  Go in the church. Carter will tell you that while he was in the confessional,
  he heard a voice say that the thing he wanted will come soon. Later, Zack
  enters the church and confirms this. What is it? It's a secret. Hehe...

Unappreciated Gotz
 - 11AM-4PM; Gotz's House; Don't be friends w/ Gotz
   Triggered only if you're not good friends with Gotz. Visit him and he says
   he doesn't want to work for your farm anymore because he feels unappriciated.
   You'll just have to give him honey everyday to get him to like you.

Harvest Sprites Tea Party
- Spring; 10AM-5PM; Be good friends with H.Sprites; Have invitation
  If you're good friends with the sprites (at least 3 hearts each), you'll get
  an invitation in the mail for a tea party. Bring the invitation to their hut.
  Only works in Spring, 10AM-5PM and if none of them are working for you.

Won's Golden Service
- Probably Spring of 1st yr; 11AM-4PM; Zack's House
  Zack and Won will greet you in. Karen suddenly comes in and Won gets a bit
  of crush on her. He announces that it's "Golden Service Time", where you can
  get anything for free. Karen takes something and leaves but when you try to
  get in the "Golden Service", Won says it's over. What a prick...

Mistaken Bloodtype
- Tuesday; 1:20PM-4PM; Clinic
  Jeff is shocked to learn that his bloodtype was different from what he
  originally thought. Doctor explains that it may have been a clerical error
  and apologizes.

Jeff and Sasha's Childhood Romance
- Tuesday; 11AM-1PM; Poultry Farm House
  Lillia and Sasha talk about Jeff. You learn a little more of Sasha and
  Jeff's childhood...er...romance here.

Stu's Fever
- Wednesday; 10AM-1PM; Ellen's house
  Elli and Ellen are worried over Stu since he has a fever. They'll ask you to
  take him to the doctor. Once in the clinic, you'll find out Stu only has a
  cold. Then, you go back home.

Love Letter
- Wednesday; 9:30AM-1PM; Ellen's House
  Ellen, Elli and Stu welcome you in. Elli starts looking for a book and finds
  an old letter in the pages. It's from her grandfather to her grandmother.
  Ellen reads it. It's a sweet letter and she reminisces.

Stu's Hyperactivity
- Wednesday; 10AM-5PM; Ellen's House; Good friends w/ Stu
  Enter Ellen's house. Stu will ask his grandma to read him a story but when he
  sees you, he's all excited. He looks up to you like a big sister and asks you
  to play with him. If you agree, you'll get out by 7PM with little energy so
  you better do everything you need to do before triggering this event.

Gotz's Painful Memories
 - 11AM-1PM; Gotz's House
   Harris and Gotz will be talking. You'll learn that Gotz once had a wife and
   daughter who died in the mountains *sniff*. No wonder he's moody.

Doctor's Childhood
- Sunny Wednesday; 8AM-10AM; Mother's Hill
  The doctor will be thinking about something. You come up to him and he tells
  you a bit about himself, how he once rebelled against his parents(his father,
  a doctor and his mom, a nurse) because they didn't give him enough time.
  Now that he was a doctor, he understood them and wished he hadn't rebelled
  as much.

Worried Mother
- Any Sunny Day expt. Saturday; Before Fall Winery Harvest; 1PM-4PM; Rose Square
  Walk to Rose Square from the south (eg from Yodel Farm) Manna, Anna and Sasha
  are talking. Manna says she is worried about her daughter, Aja, and wishes
  that she would come home. Anna and Sasha assure her that they'll help her and
  Manna will become happy again.

Harris and Barley's Conversation
- Sunday morning; Yodel Farm House
  Harris talks with Barley about the town and his job.

Doug vs. Duke
- Saturday; 1PM-4PM; Doug's Inn; Rainy(?)
  Duke and Doug are having a fight. Ann tries to stop them but they won't
  listen. Ann asks you to intervene. Break up the fight to gain the respect
  of other people who are also at the inn. When you stop them, Duke & Doug
  can't even remember what they were fighting about! Jeez! Old age...

Advice for Basil
- Any day expt. Monday; Before 9AM; 2nd floor of Basil's House
  You must be good friends with Basil. Go to the second floor and Basil will
  be worried about a person, getting sick because he misunderstood one of
  Basil's books. Tell him that it wasn't his fault and he'll be happy.

Cooking with Anna
 - Sunny Saturday; 10:20AM; Basil's House; Good friends w/ Anna
   Manna will visit Anna. Enter the house and they will greet you in. Manna
   says that Anna's the best cook when it comes to deserts. Anna will ask you
   if you'd like a free lesson. If you say yes, you and Manna will have a
   cooking class every Saturday around the same time, where you can get five
   dessert recipes. (Cake, Cookies, Pudding, Apple pie, Ice Cream)

Barley's Phone Call
- Friday(?); 4PM-6PM(?); Doug's Inn
  Barley calls long distance to his daughter, Joanna, and gets angry. Doug and
  Barley then talk about her.

Barley and May's Phone Call
- Wednesday; Before 5PM; Doug's Inn; Good friends with May
  Become good friends with May to trigger this. May and Barley will call long
  distance to Joanna. May will talk on her mom on the phone and say that new
  farmer is very nice and that she should come home and see for herself. After
  that, May and Barley talk to Doug and leave.

Drinking Contest
- Sunday; 7PM-10PM; Doug's Inn; Good friends with Karen
  Karen is in a heated argument with Duke. Duke had run a tab at the
  supermarket and refused to pay. Karen challenges him to a drinking match.
  If he lost, he'd have to pay. Duke agrees and Karen asks you to be the judge.
  Say yes to strengthen your friendship with her. Later, Karen wins and she
  goes home on her own, drunk. You'll have to take Duke home yourself since
  he's wasted. Once in the winery, Manna will scold Duke and you sneak out of
  the house.

Jeff's Paintings
- Saturday(?); 8AM-7PM; Supermarket; Good friends w/ Jeff
  Enter the Supermarket and you'll immediately find yourself at the back room.
  Jeff and Sasha greet you in. Suddenly, someone asks for them. Sasha lets him
  in. It's Won. He says he wants to buy Jeff's paintings for 10,000G each!
  But Jeff refuses since he puts his heart in his paintings. Sasha loves him
  for it.

Letter from Rod
- 11AM-1PM(?);Poultry Farm House
  Lillia, Popuri and Rick are all talking. They've just received a letter from
  Rod, Lillia's husband, saying that he's okay. Lillia is extremely happy.

Kai's Arrival (v.1)
- Spring 30; 1st yr; 9AM-7PM; Exit farm to town
  You'll see May and Popuri talking to Kai. He sees you and introduces himself.
  Then, he'll go to his Beach House to clean up all day.

Kai's Arrival (v.2)
- Summer 2; 1st yr; 6AM-12PM; The minute you step out the door
  If you missed the previous event, this will happen instead. Kai will come
  to your house and introduce himself to you before leaving to the beach house.

Rick vs. Kai
- Summer; 1PM-5PM; Mineral Beach
  Rick and Kai will be at each other. Rick warns Kai to stay away from Popuri.
  Kai says that he feels sorry for Popuri for having an over-protective
  brother. Rick angrily exits.

Beach House Fiasco
- Summer; Saturday; 5PM-7PM; Kai's Beach House
  Kai greets you. You ask about other customers. Kai says there aren't many
  and can't understand it when his food is really good. Then, Popuri enters.
  She's brought a lot of customers. Kai asks you to help out. This is a pretty
  fun event 'coz you can see a lot of characters.
  WARNING! Do everything you have to do before triggering this event 'coz
  later, you'll be too tired handling all the customers to do anything else
  but sleep.

Gray's Opinion
- Summer; Saturday; 11AM-1PM; Kai's Beach House
  Gray visits Kai in his beach house. Kai asks Gray's opinion on his food.
  Kai explains to you that since Gray is from the city, he values his opinion.
  Gray thinks the food is great and later bids goodbye to you and Kai.

Concerned Children
- Summer; Sunday; 11AM-1PM;
  Lillia greets you in. She isn't feeling very good and tells you that Rick
  and Popuri are out. Rick comes back first. He has brought medicine but so
  has Popuri! Lillia is happy to have such concerned children.

Doug's Grief
- 1st year & later; Fall 5; Anytime before 5PM; Doug's Inn; M.Hill Summit
  Go to the inn. Ann will tell you that today's her mother's death anniversary
  and Doug is off sulking. Go to the summit and you'll see him there. Talk to
  him and you'll learn more about his late wife.

Carter's Secret Doorway
- Autumn; Church; Must be good friends with Carter
  Just go inside the church. You'll find that Carter isn't there. You walk to
  the locked door and are surprised that it's open. You go out and Carter is
  mumbling on what a great secret place he has. He is shocked to see you but
  does not get mad. He explains that this is his favorite spot for mushroom
  hunting and asks you to keep it a secret. You are given two choices.
  Either way, he'll keep the door open for you at all times.

Fall Winery Harvest
- Fall 14&15; 1st yr; Your farm; Aja Winery
  Duke stops by your farm on the 14th and asks you to help him harvest grapes.
  Agree and he tells you to bring someone else to help. Bring Cliff along to
  prevent him from leaving town. Anyway, he's the only person who'll agree.
  The next day, 15th, at 10AM, go to the winery. Manna will ask you to help
  for a few hours and after harvesting, Duke offers Cliff a permanent job at
  the Winery.

Duke vs. Manna
- Saturday; 8PM-10PM; Aja Winery; Give Cliff the Winery job
  You must've asked Cliff to help you during the Fall Harvest event.
  Go to the winery and you'll find Manna and Duke arguing. Manna accuses
  Duke of drinking their wine. She even has evidence: bottles of it under
  the bed. They get on arguing but later, after a sorta tender moment
  (as much as any moment can be tender for these two X_X), Manna
  forgives Duke.

Cliff Leaves
- Fall 30; Beach (the Dock); Don't give Cliff the Winery job
  If you didn't give Cliff the Fall Winery Harvest job, he'll eventually run
  out of money and you'll see a scene of him at the dock, saying goodbye.
  He may catch a boat or something. (me: NOOOOOO!!!!!)

Manna's Shopping Spree
- Thu/Fri; 2PM-4PM; Supermarket; Don't give Cliff the Winery job
  If you didn't give Cliff the Fall Winery Harvest job, you'll see this
  scenario instead. Manna will be in the Supermarket, talking a streak
  with Sasha. She'll then ask Jeff for some curry and rice balls and lavish
  him with so many compliments, Jeff gives her a discount! Sneaky...

Cliff's Past (Part 1)
- Winter; 1st yr; Snowy Saturday; Rose Square
  Cliff collapses in Rose Square, saying he always remembers the day he
  left his hometown on a snowy day. You rush to him and you find a photo.
  You then go to the inn to ask for help about Cliff. You, Ann, Doug and
  Carter rush him to the clinic. Ann tearfully thanks you for finding Cliff.
  Keep the photo to witness the second event.

Cliff's Past (Part 2)
- Winter; 1st yr; Day after Part 1 event; Clinic
  Go to the clinic. You'll see Cliff sleeping on the bed. Give him the photo
  and he'll explain a bit about his past.

Cliff's Poor Condition
- Winter; 1st yr; Clinic; Cliff must still be in the Clinic; Pass out
  If you pass out while Cliff is still in the Clinic, you'll see this very
  weird event. Since there's only one hospital bed, Cliff is forced to stand
  in the lobby while Doctor tends to you. The Doctor will "inject" something
  to Cliff's back and he'll pass out himself. Elli will come drag him, perhaps,
  to the sofa. Poor Cliff!

Free Golden Lumber
- Winter; Your farm house
  The minute you step out of your farm house, the mayor is there, asking for
  a favor. He'll ask you to bring him something and if you agree, he'll come
  back by 7PM to get it. If you succeed in the task, you increase your
  friendship with him and you get a free Golden Lumber, which you can sell to
  Won for 48,000G-57,000G.

Forgetful Doug
- Winter 11; Good friends w/ Doug; Back of Doug's Inn; Ann NOT yet married
  Go to the back of Doug's Inn. Ann will be giving her father, Doug, a present.
  He thanks her, but doesn't know why she's giving him a gift. Ann angrily
  reminds him that it's his birthday that day.

Ellen's Sock-knitting
- Winter; Frequently bring Ellen some yarn; Ellen's House; Good friends w/ Ellen
  After always bringing Ellen some yarn, she will one day offer to knit a
  sock for you. She'll then have Stu hang it up your wall for the Winter sock
  festival. The kind of yarn you give her doesn't affect the size of the sock.

Helping Basil
- 11AM-6PM; Sunny day; Married; Good friends w/ Mary; Forest near Gotz's house
  You must be married to trigger this event. Exit your farm to the south and
  into the forest. Mary will be wandering about, looking for herbs. When you
  approach her, she'll ask you how your married life is. She'll then tell you
  that she's trying to help her dad with research. Tell her it's nice of her
  to do so and she'll be happy.

Advice for Harris (Part 1)
- 7PM-9PM; Your farm; You must be married; Good friends with Harris
  Harris will come to your house and ask for some advice on his love life.
  Give him good advice and you'll be better friends with him.

Advice for Harris (Part 2)
- 7PM-9PM; Your farm; You must be married; Good friends with Harris
  You must have triggered well the previous event to trigger this 'sequel'.
  After you gave some good advice to Harris about his love life, he will come
  to tell you about the response from the letter he sent. He's a bit sad but
  thanks you nonetheless for your advice.

Saibara's Visit (#1)
 - Year 2 or later; Rainy Friday; 9AM; Ellen's House
   Saibara visits Ellen. Ellen thanks him for it even though it was raining.
   Saibara sort of...err...has this heart thing (crush on Ellen perhaps?).
   He then notices you and asks how long you've been there. Stu points out
   that you've been there all the time. Saibara, leaves, embarrassed.

Black Out {info from herliawans@hotmail.com}
- 2nd Year(?); Summer; Go to bed
  This event only happens in summer. Try going to bed and the power will
  suddenly go out. After a moment, the power returns and you can
  finally go to sleep. Seems those upcoming thunderstorms are really
  affecting the area... (Seem familiar? This event also happened in
  Harvest Moon: Boy Meets Girl for GBColor. This happens if you chose
  to be a boy and it's one of the *heart* events back then).

Zack visits Lillia
- Year 3 or later; 11AM-1PM; Poultry Farm House
  Zack will come in and check up on Lillia. They'll just talk a bit and stuff.

Saibara's Visit (#2)
- Year 4 or later(?); Sunny Monday; 9AM-4PM; Ellen's House
  Saibara will visit Ellen again. They talk a bit and like before, Saibara
  leaves embarrassed after seeing you there.

Elli's Medical Practice
- Year 4 or later(?); Sunday; 9AM-4PM; Clinic; Doctor & Elli married(?)
  The Doctor and Elli will be going over some medical stuff. Elli explains that
  she is trying to learn as much as she can to help her grandma. You will later
  be given two choices: send her grandma to a hospital or just encourage her.
  If you want to continue being friends with her and the doctor, encourage her.

Ann and Cliff's Quarrel
- Year 4 or later; 6AM-8AM; Rainy; Doug's Inn; Cliff and Ann married
  Walk into Doug's Inn and you'll see Cliff and Ann having a spat. Cliff is
  upset that Ann doesn't act like the other girls. Ann is even more upset
  when Cliff mentions his sister acts more feminine than she does but Ann
  believes she doesn't have to act like anyone but herself. Cliff realizes
  that he should accept Ann for who she is and apologizes.

The Necklace
- Year 4 or later; 5PM-7PM; Kai's Beach House; Kai and Popuri married
  Go to the Beach House. Popuri will run past you and rush to Kai. Kai says
  he's busy but asks what she wants anyway. Popuri puts on her sweety-pie face
  and tells Kai that she needs something but doesn't say what it was. Kai asks
  her again and Popuri tells him of a lovely necklace up for sale and asks if
  he wants to see it (way to go being subtle). Kai asks if it's expensive and
  when Popuri says yes, he says he won't buy it. Popuri goes all sad, making
  Kai guilty enough to buy the necklace for her.

Mary's Bestseller
- Year 4 or later; Thursday; 1PM-4PM; Gray&Mary married; Summit of M.Hill
  Gray and Mary will be talking. You'll learn that Mary's novel is selling like
  hotcakes but Gray is worried since she's been working too much on the novel.
  Mary promises to watch her health and Gray promises to help in any way
  he can.

Great Wife
- Year 4 or later; 4PM-7PM; Poultry Farm House
  To trigger this, Popuri must be married to Kai and Rick must be married
  to Karen. Rick and Karen will be talking. Rick will be mumbling about how he
  misses Popuri and how it was different without her. Karen will console him
  and say she'll work even better than Popuri. Rick thanks her and says that
  he's happy he married her. Karen gets embarrassed.

The Mystery Flower
- Year 5(?) or later; Summer; Thursday; 1PM-4PM; Ellen's house
  You must be good friends with Ellen. Enter Ellen's house She'll say that
  Basil should be coming too. Basil enters and both of you listen to Ellen's
  story about a rare White Flower that blooms on summer nights. She asks you
  and Basil to search for it. This is actually called the "Queen of the Night".
  After this event, you can find the flower at 9PM, on the peak of
  Mother's Hill.

Basil's Award
- Year 5(?) or later; Thursday; 5PM-7PM; Basil's House; Mary & Gray married
  You must be good friends with Basil. Go into his house. Anna, Mary & Gray
  will congratulate him. You'll learn that one of Basil's books has won an
  award and they're all happy for him.

Wishing on Falling Stars
- Year 5 and later; Fall 10; Sunny; After 6PM; Summit of Mother's Hill
  Go to Mother's Hill summit and you'll see shooting stars. You'll then be
  given a choice as to what wish you should make (Any sick animal you have
  will become healthy again; Become better friends with all of the Mineral
  Town villagers; Anything you ship the following day will net you double
  the profit) and it will come true. This goes on every year.

          **MORE SOON

+In Your Dreams+

Sometimes, when you go to sleep after 9PM on Winter 30th, you get dreams!
There are only 3 kinds. There's also a chance that these don't happen
so don't blame me if it doesn't. Also, these occur randomly.

The Blonde Menace
- You first find yourself on the beach, with Karen and Mary (who is strangely,
  carrying a baby!). You get flashbacks on the people of Mineral Town after
  being attacked by a serial...er...attacker! Duke is outcold at the peak of
  Mother's Hill (weird, but you call him 'Pops'). Cliff collapses at Rose
  Square and you rush to him (weird, but you call him 'Bro'). Popuri is
  knocked down on your bed (...). You swear to avenge them against the
  culprit: the evil, snobby Karen! Mary tries to stop both of you, but Karen
  scolds her. Mary then says something like, "But I'm you're..." and Karen
  shuts her up before she could finish her sentence. Karen asks you if you
  have any last words and you'll say you'll defeat her. You take out your
  sickle and say "Take that, Pure Girly Girl!" You spin around with your
  sickle while Karen sings like crazy and you get knocked out, after which,
  you wake up. Weird dream...

Sprites Fusion
- You'll be inside the Harvest Spirtes Hut. They'll start shouting "Together!"
  and form a circle and start shouting. They start to combine...into the
  Gourmet Judge! Once that's done, the Gourmet will say something like
  "Together at last" ...weird. I always knew the guy wasn't human! LOL!

Marrying Mayor
- To those desperately in love with the mayor (which I deem to be nonexistent),
  here's your dream come true! You'll be in church, being wed to Mayor Thomas!
  He'll say that he'll make you happy (shudders...)Just as he's about to plant
  a big, wet one on you, you wake up (What a nightmare!)

+Bet You Didn't Know+

Here are some not so well-known (and some, known) facts about the residents of
Mineral Town: WARNINGS: Spoilers ahead!

- Ann's mom died on the fifth of Fall. Try going in Doug's inn on this day
  and he won't be available 'coz he's sulking off on the peak of Mother's Hill.
- Gotz once had a wife and a daughter who died in the mountains. That's why he
  takes it upon himself to make patrols. Maybe that's also why he can be grumpy.
- Aja, Manna and Duke's daughter, from whom the winery was named after,
  ran off after an argument with her father because of his alcoholism.
  Duke calls her long-distance a lot.
- Barley's daughter, Joanna, left May with him. She has yet to return. Barley
  often asks her to come back for May but she wouldn't, saying she's too busy.
  What a bitch...
- Zack is in love with Lillia! You see, Rod, Lillia's husband, found Zack in
  one of his trips and gave him a job at Mineral Town as a shipper. He fell in
  love with Lillia but his loyalty to Rod stopped him from doing anything about
  it. See his house and investigate the photos by the bed.
- A man named Louis once lived in Gotz's house. Gotz says he's a bug-collector
  or something. Louis can be found in the playstation game, Harvest Moon: Back
  to Nature and in Gamecube, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.
- The doctor once rebelled against his parents because they never gave him
  enough time. His mom was a nurse and his dad was a doctor. Now that he was a
  doctor himself, he understood why they were so busy.
- The doctor's name, as far as I've heard, is Tim.
- The doctor and Harris grew up together and are actually good friends though
  we never get to see them talk to each other or anything.
- As kids, Duke used to bully Jeff a lot. He would hide behind Sasha and Sasha
  would be the one to protect him (who wears the pants in the family now?).
- Rod, Lillia's husband, has been searching for a permanent cure for his wife's
  illness by going off to the desert. He hasn't returned yet but he often
  writes to Lillia.
- Elli & Stu's grandpa, Ellen's husband, was a very shy man. So shy in fact,
  that he hides his love letters in places that would take years to find and
  even in it, it's clear that he's embarrassed.
- Saibara is in love with Ellen! LOL! He visits her at times.
- Saibara, Ellen and Barley, the three elderlies of the town, grew up together.
- Cliff left his hometown to strike it on his own. When he came back, his
  mother had died and his sister has gone off somewhere. Mineral Town reminds
  him of his old town just as Ann reminds him of his sister.
- Harris, Mayor Thomas's son, is in love with Aja, Duke and Manna's daughter.
  Too bad she now lives in the city.


+Friendship Recipes+

Here are some people who give you great recipes once you give them gifts for
some time. Note that you'll have to cook them yourself 'coz it won't be added
to your recipe book by then.

From Who:         Recipe:

Anna              Cake,Cookies,Pudding,Apple Pie,Ice Cream(see CHARACTER EVENTS)
Barley            Ice Cream
Basil             Fruit Latte
Carter            Strawberry Milk
Chef(red sprite)  Sweet Potatoes
Doctor            Fruit & Vegetable Juice
Doug              Cheese Fondue
Ellen             Sandwich
Gotz              Savory Pancakes
Harris            Fried Rice
Kai               Popcorn
Lillia            Scrambled Eggs
Manna             Greens (Boiled Spinach)
Sasha             Chocolate Cookies
Zack              Fried Noodles

**Recipes will be in the COOKBOOK section in the later part of this guide.


Love is in the air! Harvest Moon is one of the few games wherein you can
actually get married and start a family! Unlike previous Harvest Moon games,
the boys of Mineral Town are much harder to win over. What's more challenging
is that you have rivals and there are also some heart events which makes wooing
your boy all the more worth it. Also, the girls are much more aggressive this
time so be on guard.


   <<Main Requirements>>

   1.) Red Heart
   2.) Must witness all Heart Events
   3.) Big House
   4.) Big Bed (Hehe...what else for?)
   5.) Blue Feather (used for proposing)

+The Bachelors+

   1.) Cliff
   2.) Doctor
   3.) Gourmet Judge
   4.) Gray
   5.) Kai
   6.) Kappa
   7.) Rick
   8.) Won

+Take Your Pick+

First of all, you have to choose a boy. If you can't decide, you can try
giving them all gifts everyday and pick the one whose heart level goes up
earlier(that is if you want to get married earlier). If not, you just gotta
be patient and know your boy well. Talk to him as often as you can, know his
schedules and his tastes. If you're a beginner, try going for Gray or Doctor.

+Tips for an early marriage+

These allowed me to get married as early as the 1st year.

1.) Talk to your boy EVERYDAY perhaps twice a day
2.) If possible, GIFT-WRAP your gifts before giving it to a boy
3.) Give gifts to your boy EVERYDAY perhaps twice a day
    (you can have simple gifts then)
4.) Give your boy *SPECIAL GIFTS at least ONCE A WEEK
5.) If you have the money, you can try giving your boy *SPECIAL GIFTS EVERYDAY
6.) Frequently changing your clothes will impress the boys

*Special gifts are things he LOVES.
*By changing clothes, I mean talk to him in one outfit, change, then talk to
 him again.

+Heart Levels+

When you meet the eligible bachelors, you recognize them immediately since
there's a small beating heart on their chest. You start off with black but
it will eventually change color as the boy likes you more and more.
The heart gets bigger too. Here are the different levels:

Color:      What it means:

Black       He doesn't like you.
Purple      He likes you.
Blue        He likes you and considers you a friend.
Green       He considers you a really good friend.
Yellow      He has a bit of a crush on you.
Orange      He has a HUGE crush on you. (Blue Feather available)
Red         He loves you enough to marry you.

*These bachelors have invisible hearts: Gourmet Judge, Kappa & Won


It's weird, I think, that the girl is the one to present the blue feather.
It would've been nice if it were the guys, but, oh well...

To propose to a boy, you must get a Blue Feather. You'll get a letter in the
mail if it's available or not so check your mailbox but you don't have to.
Just check the supermarket from time to time or when you see a boy with an
Orange heart. You can only get the Blue Feather once a boy's heart level
is Orange.

How does the supermarket know when to put that in stock? Everyone in Mineral
Town knows everyone else esp. about romances (what do you think the wives who
come to Rose Square are talking about?).

Buy the Blue Feather. It's only 1000G. If you propose without meeting the
main requirements (MARRIAGE SECTION), he will think it's a joke or say that
he can't marry you or thinks of you only as a friend.

If and when he says yes, you'll get married a week later.

+Becoming Parents+

Once you get married, you'll notice that only your husband will have a beating
heart on his chest. The rest of the boys will, of course, be unavailable now.
That means you'll still have to maintain your husband's heart level so that you
will eventually get pregnant. To do this, just give him gifts and talk to him
everyday. If you can maintain ten hearts, you'll get pregnant one season after
your marriage. You'll then give birth two seasons later to a baby girl.

The baby girl will eventually grow up too and you'll see her heart level on the
EARNINGS/MAIN MENU. To boost her heart level, give her gifts (particularly
honey, chocolate, apple, milk and strawberry milk) and talk to her everyday.
Eventually, she'll be big.

Facts about your baby: You can't pick her up. EVER. Sucks, doesn't it? You
can only give her gifts and talk to her once she's able to crawl, which is
about 60 days from the time of birth. She'll walk one day, too. But once she
does, she stays a toddler all her life. She doesn't grow up or help you with
the farm. Sucks more, doesn't it?

Unlike the Harvest Moon game in SNES and GB/color however, this time, you only
get one kid. I would've wanted to have two, a boy and a girl but guess it ain't
possible. A boy and girl child is only possible in HM3 (GBColor). In HM in
SNES, you get three sons. Last time, I got my second son one season after my
first son was born (really quick, huh?) and I got a third son too! I got
three kids!

+Staying Married+

Unlike in HM: Back to Nature (PS Game basis for Mineral Town), this time,
there's no divorce in MFoMT. But still you wouldn't want your husband to hate
you now, would you? Well, first thing, never neglect or cheat on your husband.
Continue to give him gifts and monitor the number of hearts he has on the
MAIN MENU. Maintain 10 hearts if possible. If he goes down to a blue heart,
he'll start to hate you. And don't neglect your child either.
Don't forget birthdays and anniversaries. If you stay married for 50 years,
your hubby will have a Mountain Cottage built for you. What a perk!


This will probably be my most detailed section ever since I just love
this part! It's where you can find details on the eligible men in town.

*Special Gifts (all boys)
- Every one of them like Wine and Wild Grape Juice. They also like girl gifts
  in general (dress, perfume,etc.) except for Gray and Rick, who have certain
  limitations to it.
**Arrival is the time he returns home after work (if you're married)

Just like you, Cliff is new in Mineral Town. He moved out of his hometown
to seek his life's purpose, leaving his mother and sister. With less and
less money now, he wanders around Mineral Town, hanging out mostly in
Church, wallowing in desperate regret for the impulsive decisions he had
made. His mother had died and his sister had left for parts unknown so
you can just imagine how sad he is! That's mostly why he doesn't talk much
to anyone and is pretty much a loner (he's so damn sweet!). He mostly
lives on Carter and Ann's generosity. If you don't give him the winery
job on Fall 14, he will leave town for good. (NOOO! As you can tell,
I love Cliff very much! LOL!)


Address:    Doug's Inn/Church
Birthday:   Summer 6th (Summer 10th)
Loves:      Curry Rice
Likes:      Curry recipes, Sandwich, Stew, Mountain Stew, Miso Soup, Wine,
            Wild Grape Juice, Cheese Fondue, Pizza, Grilled Fish,
            Sushi recipes, Scrambled Eggs, Greens, Tempura recipes,
            Mushroom Rice, Omelet recipes, Savory Pancake, Latte recipes,
            Bamboo Rice, Happy Eggplant, Rice balls, Bread, Relaxation Tea,
            Grape Juice
Rival:      Ann
Arrival:    8:30PM
Tip:        If you want a quick marriage, Cliff is not the man to go
            for, as you'll need to get through the Fall 14 event to
            trigger all of his events but if you're madly in love with
            him (like me), try talking to him a lot. Curry Rice is a simple
            dish and is Cliff's favorite so give that to him. He also likes
            Rice balls as much as wine, but it's cheaper than wine so go
            for it.
Extra Info: Some players seem to be having trouble marrying Cliff.
            I actually got him to say yes immediately after triggering his
            last heart event (after the Fall Harvest events, of course).
            He had been at a red heart level since the early Fall.
            By then, I already had the complete house extension, the bath,
            complete barn, vase, big bed, but not the complete kitchen set,
            carpet or power berry from the TV Shopping network so I don't
            really know why some people can't get him to say yes, even though
            he's already at red heart. I'm guessing you'll still need to get
            him to like you more so you may want to give him more gifts before
            proposing to him. Most likely, you screwed up when you answered
            the questions for him since Cliff has the most CONFUSING of
            questions to get you to the next level. See his +Heart Events+ to
            know the right answers.


<<Without Job>>

6AM-9AM        2nd Floor of Inn
9AM-10AM       Walking to Church
10AM-4PM       Church
4PM-5PM        Walking to Inn
5PM-10PM       2nd Floor of Inn
10PM-6AM       Locked in the inn

<<With Job>>

Sunday to Friday

6AM-10AM       2nd Floor of Inn
10AM-10:30AM   Walking to Aja Winery
10:30AM-1PM    Wine storage of Aja Winery
1PM-4PM        Vineyard of Aja Winery
4PM-5PM        Walking to Church
5PM-7PM        Church
7PM-8PM        Walking to Inn
8PM-10PM       2nd Floor of Inn
10PM-6AM       Locked in the inn

Saturday (Day off)

6AM-4PM        Doug's Inn
4PM-5PM        Walking to Church
5PM-7PM        Church
7PM-8PM        Walking to Inn
8PM-10PM       2nd Floor of Inn
10PM-6AM       Locked in the inn

Doctor is the local town...er...doctor! He is very passionate about his
job and gives genuine concern to all his patients. He is intelligent
though he may be quite aloof to female attention. As a child, Doctor
hated the way his parents, his father, a doctor and his mother, a nurse,
were too busy for him. But now that he became a doctor himself, he
understood the heavy responsibilty and wished he could've been a better
son to his parents. Doctor is constantly looking for new medicine to help
people feel better. Just watch out for the taste!


Address:    Clinic
Birthday:   Fall 19th (Fall 25th)
Loves:      Milk (any size)
Likes:      Medicinal grasses, Eggs, Bamboo shoots, Wine, Poisonous Mushroom,
            All Vegetable crops, Vegetable drinks, Wild Grape Juice, Fish(m&L),
            Honey, Hot Milk, Mixed Juice, Relaxation Tea, Mountain Stew
Rival:      Elli
Arrival:    6PM
Tip:        If you want a quick marriage, Doctor is one of the easiest to
            get since you can find the herbs he likes everywhere. Going for
            regular check-ups also boosts his heart level. Eggs and milk are
            special treats for him.


Thursday to Tuesday

6AM-9AM        Locked in Clinic
9AM-7PM        Clinic
7PM-6AM        Locked in Clinic

Wednesday (Sunny)

6AM-7AM        Locked in Clinic
7AM-7:30AM     Walking to Mother's Hill
7:30AM-10AM    Mother's Hill
10AM-10:30AM   Walking to Clinic
10:30AM-1PM    Clinic
1PM-1:30PM     Walking to Library
1:30PM-4PM     Library
4PM-4:30PM     Walking to Clinic
4:30PM-6AM     Locked in Clinic

Wednesday (Rainy)

6AM-7AM        Locked in Clinic
7AM-7:30AM     Walking to Church
7:30AM-10AM    Church
10AM-10:30AM   Walking to Clinic
10:30AM-1PM    Clinic
1PM-1:30PM     Walking to Library
1:30PM-4PM     Library
4PM-4:30PM     Walking to Clinic
4:30PM-6AM     Locked in Clinic

Gourmet Judge
Oh, good Lord!!! Do you really want to marry this guy?! What else can
I say about him? He's fat, he looks nothing like a human being.....
But if you wanna go for him, go ahead. He's the judge at the cooking
festivals and well...he loves food. He can be quite greedy and is
very strict when it comes to food tastes.


Address:    In the City
Birthday:   Summer 21st (Summer 20th)
Loves:      Elli Leaves
Likes:      Delicious Food
Rival:      FOOD!!!
Arrival:    ??
Tip:        If you don't want to spend every waking moment of your life
            beside a blowfish, don't go for him. Period. After a cooking
            festival, go to him and give him a delicious dish
            (Elli leaves, if possible) to boost his invisible heart.


Spring 22nd; After Cooking Festival; Rose Square
(Note that you can't give him gifts while the festival is on)


To marry him, you'll need:

1.) Complete Recipe Book (all 108)
2.) Win 5 Cooking contests

Gray, a city boy, was called upon by his grandfather, Saibara, to become
his successor in the art of Blacksmith...er...ing. Hehehe. Gray eagerly
went to Mineral Town but was aghast to find his grandpa to be a mean
old fart who always scolds him, makes everything difficult and never
praises him for his accomplishments. No wonder Gray's so moody!
That was before he met Mary. After meeting her, he learns to smile again
and after that, he constantly goes to the library. It's up to you to
steal this hunk away! (I change my mind. Next to Cliff, Gray's my fave)


Address:    Doug's Inn
Birthday:   Winter 6th (Winter 23rd)
Loves:      Baked Corn
Likes:      All ores and minerals (excpt. Junk and mythic), Apple Pie,
            Branches, Wild Grape Juice, Wine, Bodigizer, Turbojolt,
            All jewelries, Eggs, Cake recipes, Chocolate recipes,
            Ice Cream, Candied Potato, Curry Bread, Curry Rice, Perfume,
            Savory Pancake, Omelet Rice
Rival:      Mary
Arrival:    3PM
Tip:        Gray's perhaps one of the easiest guy for beginners since you
            can find branches and ores all year round. Having jewelries made
            also boosts his heart levels.


Friday to Sunday

6AM-7AM        2nd Floor of Inn
7AM-8:30AM     Walking to Blacksmith Shop
8:30AM-1PM     Blacksmith Shop
1:PM-1:30PM    Walking to Library
1:30PM-4PM     Library
4PM-5PM        Walking to Inn
5PM-10PM       2nd Floor of Inn
10PM-6AM       Locked in Inn


6AM-7AM        2nd Floor of Inn
7AM-7:30AM     Walking to Mother's Hill
7:30AM-10AM    Peak of Mother's Hill
10AM-11AM      Walking to Blacksmith Shop
11AM-1PM       Blacksmith Shop
1PM-1:30PM     Walking to Library
1:30PM-4PM     Library
4PM-5PM        Walking to Inn
5PM-10PM       2nd Floor of Inn
10PM-6AM       Locked in the Inn


6AM-7AM        2nd Floor of Inn
7AM-7:30AM     Walking to Rose Square
7:30AM-8AM     Rose Square
8AM-8:30AM     Walking to Blacksmith Shop
8:30AM-1PM     Blacksmith Shop
1PM-2PM        Walking to Inn
2PM-10PM       2nd Floor of Inn
10PM-6AM       Locked in the Inn

Kai has something about him that charms women. Is it the dark skin? The
rebellious city ways? That mysterious hair behind that bandana? Or is
it his liking for purple? Whatever it is, it seems to be charming girls
esp. Popuri. Kai doesn't really like his parents much, which is mostly
why he tries to get away from them during summers. He has his own
restaurant at the beach, where he serves some great meals. He is often
at odds with Rick, Popuri's over-protective brother.


Address:    Doug's Inn (Summer Only); In the City
Birthday:   Summer 22nd (Summer 17th)
Loves:      Pineapples
Likes:      All summer crops, Fish(L), Flour, Wine, Wild Grape Juice, Oil,
            Bread, Toast, Pineapple Juice, Eggs, Omelet recipes,
            Curry recipes, Pumpkin recipes, French Toast, Pink Diamond
Rival:      Popuri
Arrival:    12PM/8:30PM (Only if you allowed him to open the Beach House)
Tip:        Kai's one of the hardest guys to get because you can only
            find him in summer and you have Popuri to contend with. The
            best way to go would be to plant as many Pineapples as you
            can and give it to him. While waiting for them to grow,
            stock up on Fish(L) and Flour. He likes those. You can also
            frequently buy food from his Beach House. For a sure fire
            way to get Kai, avoid the beach during Summer until year 4
            so as not to trigger any heart event between him and Popuri.
            You will be sure to get him from year 5 onwards.


Monday to Saturday

6AM-8AM        2nd Floor of Inn
8AM-8:30AM     Walking to Mineral Beach
8:30AM-11AM    Mineral Beach (bench near Kai's Beach House)
11AM-1PM       Kai's Beach House
1PM-5PM        Mineral Beach (bench near Kai's Beach House)
5PM-7PM        Kai's Beach House
7PM-8PM        Walking to Inn
8PM-10PM       2nd Floor of Inn
10PM-6AM       Locked in the Inn

Sunday (Sunny)

6AM-1PM        2nd Floor of Inn
1PM-1:30PM     Walking to Mineral Beach
1:30PM-4PM     Mineral Beach
4PM-5PM        Walking to Inn
5PM-10PM       2nd Floor of Inn
10PM-6AM       Locked in the Inn

Sunday (Rainy)

6AM-10PM       2nd Floor of Inn
10PM-6AM       Locked in the Inn

Oh man! It would've been better if there was a "Harvest God"...but no...
they had to make the Kappa the counterpart for FoMT's H.Goddess!
Seriously. Is it really worth all the trouble to go for this green
thing? But if you like him, go knock yourself out. All I can
say is that he likes cucumbers and instead of thanking you for giving
him a lot of it, he'll think you're annoying. Yeesh.


Address:    Mother's Hill Lake
Birthday:   Spring 8th (Spring 9th)
Loves:      Cucumbers
Rival:      None (H.Goddess? I doubt it)
Arrival:    None (He doesn't live with you)
Tip:        Seriously. Don't go for him. He won't be around your
            house and will only come by during family events.


Mother's Hill Lake; All Seasons except Winter; Throw in a cucumber

+Requirements+ (like I said. Knock yourself out silly)

1.) Catch one of every species of fish
2.) Ship one of everything
3.) Have all 9 Kappa Gems
4.) Have big bed
5.) Dig up every kind of item from Spring Mine
6.) Dig up every kind of item from Winter/Lake Mine
7.) Be in fifth year or later
8.) Confess to Carter that you want to marry the Kappa

Rick is Popuri's protective older brother. He really, I mean, really
hates Kai because he thinks the guy's flirting with his sister.
Personally, I think he's just jealous of Kai being better looking
than him but looks aside, Rick does have his tender moments. He loves
his mother and sister dearly and would do anything for them. Rick is
diligent and has been playing the paternal role in their family
ever since his father, Rod, left to find a cure for his mother, Lillia.


Address:    Poultry Farm House
Birthday:   Fall 27th (Fall 23rd)
Loves:      Spa-boiled eggs
Likes:      Eggs (any), Wine, Wild Grape Juice, Mayonnaise, Honey, Fish(L),
            Chicken Feed, Corn, Cornflakes, Popcorn, Cheese, Bodigizer,
            Turbojolt, Pudding, Chocolate recipes, Strawberry Milk,
            Omelet recipes
Rival:      Karen
Arrival:    ??
Tip:        Becoming friends with Popuri and Lillia boosts his heart
            level. He's easy to get if you have a steady supply of eggs.
            Spa-boiled eggs are his favorite. Buying 8 chickens and lots
            of chicken feed quickly boosts his heart level. Also note
            that unlike the rest of the guys, Rick seems to be the only
            one who appears to dislike all girly gifts.


Wednesday to Monday (Sunny)

6AM-7AM        Outside Poultry Farm
7AM-8AM        Walking to Supermarket
8AM-10AM       Outside Supermarket
10AM-11:30AM   Walking to Poultry Farm
11:30AM-1PM    Poultry Farm House
1PM-4PM        Outside Poultry Farm
4PM-7PM        Poultry Farm House
7PM-8:30PM     Walking to Inn
8:30PM-10PM    1st Floor of Inn

Wednesday to Monday (Rainy)

6AM-7AM        Outside Poultry Farm
7AM-7PM        Poultry Farm House (either 1st or 2nd floor)
7PM-8:30PM     Walking to Inn
8:30PM-10PM    1st Floor of Inn


6AM-7AM        Outside Poultry Farm
7AM-8AM        Walking to Rose Square
8AM-10AM       Rose Square
10AM-11AM      Walking to Poultry Farm
11AM-1PM       Poultry Farm House
1PM-5PM        Blacksmith Shop
4PM-7PM        Poultry Farm House
7PM-8:30PM     Walking to Inn
8:30PM-10PM    1st Floor of Inn

Of the three extra bachelors, he's the best looking of the bunch, though,
he still can't get to the level of the other 5's *hotness*. Won's a
Chinese merchant who wandered off to Mineral Town to sell his merchandise.
He also buys stuff and is fond of the rare ones. He'll do anything to
make a quick buck, sometimes, tricking people or forcing them to buy his
wares...most likely the reason not too many people like him.
Note: He won't give you any discounts or free stuff even if you marry him.


Address:    Zack's House
Birthday:   Winter 19th (Winter 21st)
Likes:      Apples, Golden Egg, Gold Ore, all jewelries, Pirate Treasure,
            Fish Fossil, All minerals (excpt. Amethyst, Agate, and Flourite),
            Mythic stone
Rival:      None
Arrival:    6PM
Tip:        He's a hard guy to win over since he has highly expensive
            tastes! Just continue your friendship with him and witness
            all of his *heart events* and you'll be set. Just give him
            Gold Ore or Golden Egg all the time and he'll come around.


Zack's house; Everyday; 6AM-7AM/11AM-5PM


To marry him, you'll need:

1.) To buy his vase for 5000G
2.) To witness all of his *heart events*

+Heart Events+

These are the cut scenes that happen at certain times once you get a boy's
heart level up higher. WARNING: Spoilers ahead!


*Cliff will eventually leave the game if you don't get him the job at the
winery. The last two events will only be available if he gets the job.

- Tue/Thu; 10AM-6PM; Church
- Walk inside the church and Carter will greet you in and introduce
  himself. He then points at Cliff, sitting glumly on the front bench.
  Carter says that just like you, Cliff is new in town and has recently
  had a bad year. He asks that you help him out a bit and you agree.
  You walk up to Cliff and he says hi. At first, he thought the reason
  you're talking to him is because he has something on his face. When
  you tell him he doesn't, he gets flustered. Tell him to relax and he'll
  be alright. In fact, he'll be looking forward to talking to you again!

- (If before Fall 14 Event) Mon/Wed/any rainy day; Exactly 4PM; Church
  (If after Fall 14 Event) Sun/Mon/Wed/Fri; 5PM-7PM; Church
- This is very hard to trigger before the Fall 14 event since you have
  to trigger it at exactly 4PM. Walk inside the church and you'll find
  Carter and Cliff standing at the front. They are talking about the night's
  dinner and once Carter sees you, he'll ask you to join them. Cliff will
  ask the same thing as well and you agree. Carter says that Ann would be
  bringing in the food and asks you two to clean up. He then leaves you and
  Cliff alone together! Cliff is confused and says he'll do the cleaning
  himself. Offer to help and Cliff will be very happy, after which, you'll
  have your first dinner together, which you all enjoy very much ^_^

- (After Fall 14 Event) Mon/Wed/Fri; 3PM-5PM; Walk from your farm to the
  Winery northward
- Walk out from the north entrance of your farm and walk straight to the
  direction of Aja Winery. You'll see Duke and Cliff talking. Duke wants
  Cliff to take a break but Cliff says he's just fine. Then, Duke sees
  you and suggests that you and Cliff go out for a hike in the mountains.
  Cliff is stunned and stammers that his job isn't finished yet but
  Duke insists, saying that it's high-time Cliff thanked you for getting
  him the job at the winery. Cliff agrees and you'll both find yourselves
  in Mother's Hill Peak, where Cliff apologizes for Duke being so pushy.
  Cliff will then ask you if you're enjoying your job in the farm. Say
  yes and he'll tell you he's also loving his job. As thanks for the
  job and "uhurm" date, he gives you a necklace of flowers which he made
  while you two were hiking. Aww...I love flowers! ^_^

- (After Fall 14 Event) Sun/Tue/Thu; 5PM-7PM; Winery
- Enter the Winery. You'll find Duke and Aja talking. Duke's wondering
  about what's going on between you and Cliff and Manna scolds him,
  saying you and Cliff aren't kids. Duke retorts that he just wants to
  know 'coz he cares about his 'family' (seems Duke's more of a gossip-rag
  than even Manna). Then, they both see you. Duke, despite Manna's
  reprimands, asks what you think Cliff's bad point is. Tell him "He
  thinks too much" and Duke will say that you know Cliff very well.
  He also says that knowing your partner is good for your 'relationship'.
  Cliff enters the scene and tells Duke that his job is done. He spots
  you and happily greets you as well. Then, to your surprise, Duke decides
  to further play matchmaker and tells Cliff that you want to have dinner
  with him! Despite your obvious shock, Cliff is very happy. Later, he'll
  escort you home and tell you he enjoyed having dinner with you and
  wished to do it again soon. Shucks...a dinner date with Cliff...
  (er...um...who paid?!) WARNING: Do whatever you have to do first before
  triggering this event, as it will end at 9PM.
  **A little out of context, but I think Cliff has the cutest shocked
    face among all the guys (other than Doctor I guess). See his Blue Heart
    event and if/when you propose to him (the moment he agrees).


- Mon/Thu/Sat; 9AM-4PM; Clinic
- Walk inside the Clinic and you'll walk over to Doctor's desk. He'll
  ask if you're a patient but then realizes you're the new farmer. He
  introduces himself and says you're free to come visit any time. He
  starts talking about his job a bit and how he wants to make medicine
  for people. He then tells you of a new medicine he brought from another
  town and asks if you'd like to test the improvised version for him.
  Say "O...Okay". The medicine doesn't taste too good but it energizes
  you and makes Doctor happy.

- Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon; Clinic
- Doctor welcomes you in and says that he has a new medicine for you
  to try. You start to panic and are given the choice to ask what it is
  or just flee for your life! If you ask what it is, the Doc will be
  extremely happy and give you the much more effective version of the
  medicine you had last time but once you drink it, you'll pass out for
  a few. The Doc apologizes and Elli tells him he shouldn't be giving you
  those meds anymore. Leave it to a woman to feel another woman's pain.

- Any day except Wed; 9AM-4PM; Clinic
- You must have an empty slot in your rucksack. Once you step in the
  clinic, Elli will welcome you in. She'll ask a bit about your farm
  life and says that Doctor has something to give you. Ask what it is
  and she'll tell you to go to the Doctor's office. He's happy that you
  came and he tells you about an unconventional therapy that's been making
  waves across the city and he wants you to be the first to test it.
  He gives you a Negative Ion Item and says that it'll help you relax in
  the same way as a pleasant walk in the mountains.

- Fri/Sat/Mon; 9AM-4PM; Clinic
- Elli will call you over and ask that you talk to Doctor for her. She says
  he's been acting strange lately and she couldn't get him to talk. You agree
  and go over to Doc's desk. He is surprised that you and Elli are worried
  about him, but he explains that he's been thinking about how uneasy his
  patients are around him. He asks for some advice. Tell him to open his heart.
  He'll like the suggestion and blurt out that he's never told anyone of his
  worries before, but he finds you easy to talk to and wonders why it is so.
  He'll later say that you inspire him. How sweet :)


- Sun/Tue/Fri/Sat; 10:10AM-1PM; Blacksmith shop
- Walk inside and you see Gray and Saibara in a heated argument. Gray asks
  why his work is never good enough and when he sees you, he angrily asks
  you to leave if you don't have any business. Saibara blows his top and
  scolds Gray for his rudeness. Gray gives off a brisk apology and asks
  how you are. He then hints that he might just quit because he'll never
  be any better. Tell him "It's called TRAINING!". He'll be a bit
  surprised but will agree with you and continue with his craft.

- Sun/Tue/Thu/Fri; 5PM-8PM; 2nd floor of Doug's Inn
- Gray asks if he could talk to you. He'll apologize for being so rude the
  last time. Gray says that he's not really much of a social person, but
  seems to be comfortable around you. He then recalls that you mine for ores
  and stuff in the caves and says he likes those things since it's part of
  his job. He'll say he still has a lot to learn. Tell him he's great at it
  and he'll be thankful, saying he'll use his new skills to make something
  for you.

- Mon/Thu; 6AM-12PM; Walk out of your house
- You must have an empty slot in your rucksack. Just walk out of your house.
  Gray says that he's getting better and better as a blacksmith, though
  Saibara really isn't making things easier. He then says that he's never
  seen you wear any jewelry and asks if you like them. Say a little bit and
  he'll be quite relieved. He'll then give you a broach which he secretly made
  away from the critical eyes of his grandfather. He says he's not as good as
  Saibara, but he hopes you like it. Was this his promised "something" from
  the last event? Very likely. Gray then leaves, blushing all the way.

- Mon/Thu; 10AM-1PM; Blacksmith shop
- Walk inside the shop and Saibara greets you in. He says he's happy you and
  Gray are so friendly together. Saibara then calls out to Gray, telling him
  to stop working, which is a shock, most esp. to Gray. What's more shocking
  is when Saibara says that he knows the reason Gray's heart is off elsewhere
  is because of you. Saibara then asks you to spend the day with Gray. You'll
  agree and later, find yourself at the 2nd floor of the Inn with Gray. He'll
  apologize for Saibara's weird behavior and asks if you'll be staying in town
  forever. Say yes and he'll be very happy, saying that he'd miss you if you
  moved away. He says he doesn't have too many friends and he likes you...
  "As a friend," he adds quickly (too quickly). Awww....^_^


*All events take place in Summer

- Mon/Wed/Fri; 11AM-1PM/5PM-7PM; Mineral Beach
- Walk from Rose Square to the beach and you'll walk over to Kai. He'll
  greet you and ask what you think about a guy who doesn't like to live
  with his family. Say "Who cares!" and he'll reveal that he actually
  doesn't get along with his family, which is mainly why he spends his
  summers in Mineral Town. He'll then ask you to come see him if you
  have time.

- Mon/Wed/Fri; 11AM-1PM/5PM-7PM; Kai's Beach House
- Go inside the Beach house and you'll walk over to Kai, who asks you how
  things are in the farm. He'll say it inspires him to see you work so
  hard but adds quickly that he's just kidding. He'll then ask what you're
  growing in your farm right now. Tell him "Lots of Pineapples" and he'll
  say he LOVES pineapples more than anything and asks you to bring some
  to him. You agree and he comments laughingly on how funny it is for a
  guy to say he loves pineapples. In return, he says to come to him if you
  need any help.

- Fri; 1PM-5PM; Mineral Beach; have empty slot in rucksack; -50% stamina
- By less 50%, I mean when you start to wipe your face with a cloth. Do what
  you were doing one more time and walk to the beach. Kai will greet you
  and suddenly, you pass out! Kai gets all responsible like and takes you to
  Doctor, who says it's heat exhaustion. Doctor advises you to eat more and
  rest a bit. Kai asks if you're feeling better but nonetheless, says that you
  need more rest. Say "I guess so" and Kai will be relieved. He then remembers
  a lucky charm he has and gives it to you.

- Mon/Wed/Thu/Sat; 9AM-11AM; Mineral Beach
- You walk to the beach to find that Kai isn't in his usual place on the bench.
  You see him at the dock and rush towards him. He asks about your farm and he
  tells you his store isn't doing so well. He then says that the guys in town
  think he's a jerk because of the way he is. He says he just wants to be
  himself and doesn't care what others think of him but evidently, he cares
  about your opinion of him. He asks if he should change his attitude. Tell him
  to forget it and he'll feel much better.


- Mon/Wed/Fri; 11AM-1PM; Poultry Farm house
- Walk inside the house and you'll see Rick, Popuri and Lillia, standing
  around the table with three spa-boiled eggs. They see you and greet you
  in. Rick asks if you like eggs. Say yes and he'll be happy enough to give
  you one of the eggs.

- Tue/Thu/Sat; 11:30AM-1PM; Poultry Farm house
- The folks in the house greets you in. Rick says he's heard a lot about
  you and your farm and how hard it must be to do all that work alone.
  Popuri asks about your raising your animals and Rick decides to quiz
  you on it. He'll ask how long it takes for an egg to hatch. Say 3 days
  and he'll be very impressed.

- Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat; 11AM-3PM; Poultry Farm house
- Have an empty slot in your rucksack. Lillia and Popuri greet you in
  the farm house. Rick greets you too. He'll ask if you have a treasured
  possession and he'll explain that he found his treasure while cleaning
  his room. It was something his Dad left him before going off to find the
  rare flower for Lillia. Rick goes on about his sob story and hopes he's not
  boring you or anything. Say "Absolutely not" and he'll be happy enough to
  give you his treasure, an old wristwatch.

- Tue/Wed/Fri; 8:30PM-10PM; Doug's Inn
- Once you're inside the inn, you walk up to the counter and are greeted
  in by Ann and Doug. Rick notices your name being called and happily
  calls you over to drink with him. You get talking and Rick laughs,
  saying that you're so funny, time flies when he's with you. Then he
  realizes how late it is and offers to walk you home. Agree, and you'll
  continue talking along the way. Once in your farm, Rick says he really
  enjoyed talking to you and leaves with a smile on his face.


**These are not exactly Heart events. These events will be triggered as
  you increase your friendship with Won but since they are also needed
  for you to marry him, we'll just consider them as such.
**All events may happen at any given time.

(Black Heart) Event #1: The Flower Vase
- Once you have accumulated 5000G and have your first house extension,
  Won will appear at your doorstep and offer to sell it for that amount.
  You can't marry Won if you don't buy the vase. Don't worry 'coz if you
  turned him down the first time, he'll come back a season later to sell
  it again. The vase can help you rejuvenate if you put flowers in it.

(Purple Heart Event) Event #2: Apple Mayhem
- Walk in Zack's House and you'll see Won musing over a lot of the
  "special" apples (SUGDW, HMSGB, AEPFE). It had been knocked to the floor
  somehow...only...Won can't tell which is which! He decides to pick 'em
  up before someone finds out that he can't tell the difference (too late
  chump! Zack's with you!) but then, he is shocked to find you standing
  at the door. Realizing you saw the whole thing, he picks up an apple
  and gives it to you, hoping to bribe you into shutting up. Then, you
  are kicked out the door.

(Blue Heart) Event #3: The Selling Feature
- Once you've increased your friendship to Won at a certain level, walk
  inside Zack's house and he'll tell you that you can now bring stuff to
  him so he may buy it. This is probably his most important and useful
  event, as you can increase your fortune quickly. See GOLD-DIGGER part
  of this guide (scroll above).

(Yellow Heart) Event #4: Apple Shuffle
- Go inside Zack's House and you'll find Won, standing with three of
  the "special" apples in front of him. Won will name each (SUGDW, HMSGB,
  AEPFE) and shuffle them. You'll then be asked to guess which apple
  is the one he calls for. If you guess right, you'll play again. Guess
  wrong the first time and you don't win anything. The first game is for
  free but next time, you have to pay him 100G per game. The prize you get
  from this game is a 'Mysterious Ticket', which allows you to play
  another game which is something similar to a slot machine. Also, if you
  play the "Apple Shuffle" game and win 10 times in a row, won will say
  that you're no ordinary farmer and instead of giving you the mystery
  tickets, he'll give you 1 Mystery flower, which is worth a lot. This
  flower will be worth even more if you give 10 of it to the Harvest
  Goddess, who'll exchange it for a gift, worth 1 MILLION G if you sell
  it to Won.

+Rival Heart Events+

Here are the schedules of your rivals' heart events. WARNING! Events will not
be triggered if the boy likes you better than your rival (e.g. if boy has
green heart for you and only blue for the rival).


*Cliff will eventually leave the game if you don't get him the job at the
winery. The last two events will only be available if he gets the job.

+Black     Spring; 7PM-9PM; 2nd floor of Doug's Inn
+Blue      All seasons except Fall; not Sat; 11AM-4PM; Church
+Green     2nd yr; Sat; 10AM-1PM; 2nd floor of Doug's Inn
+Orange    4th yr; not Sat; 10AM-1PM; Wine Cellar of Aja Winery


+Black      Not Tue & Wed; 9AM-7PM; Clinic
+Blue       Monday; 9AM-7PM; Ellen's House
+Green      2nd yr; Not Tue & Wed; 9AM-7PM; Clinic
+Orange     4th yr; Wed; 7PM-10PM; Mineral Beach


+Black      Wed-Sat; 11AM-6PM; Hot Spring
+Blue       Not Spring; Mon & Sun; 11AM-6PM; Walk out from Gotz's House
           (will not trigger if Gotz is working for you)
+Green      2nd yr; Sunny Wed & Fri; 11AM-6PM; Hot Spring
+Orange     4th yr; Sunny Tue,Thu,Sat; 1PM-4PM; Poultry Farm
           (Popuri MUST be married to Kai)


+Black      Any day except Thursday; 10AM-1PM; Blacksmith shop
+Blue       Any day except Monday; 1PM-4PM; Library
+Green      2nd yr; Sunny Tue, Fri, Sat; 7AM-10AM; Summit of M.Hill
+Orange     4th yr; Fri & Sat; 1PM-4Pm; Library


*All events take place in Summer

+Black      Sunny Sunday; 1PM-4PM; Mineral Beach
+Blue       Sunny Tue/Thu/Sat; 9AM-7PM; Mineral Beach
+Green      2nd yr; Sunny Sunday; 1PM-4PM; Mineral Beach
+Orange     4th yr;Sunny Tue/Thu/Sat; 9AM-7PM; Poultry Farmhouse

+Rival Weddings+

Seven days after the rival's Orange Heart event is triggered, your rival will
get married to the respective boy. You can be invited to the wedding or not
at all. Note that the wedding invitation DOESN'T APPEAR ON YOUR MAIL unlike
in real life. On the day of the wedding, the rival will come to your doorstep
and invite you. You won't be able to do any activities on that specific day
(and you don't have a choice on whether you attend or not either. Sorry)

*How to get invited:

1.) Become good friends with your rival
2.) You must sleep the night before the wedding. Don't work non-stop.
3.) Be at your farm house and never at the other 3 houses

If you don't get invited, you can "gate crash" by going to the church from
6AM-10PM on the wedding day. Carter will invite you to celebrate.
If you accept, you won't be able to do any activities and only wake up the
next day. If you decline, you'll be able to talk to everyone in the church,
even the bride and groom. Your rival will give you some crap of a reason as to
why she didn't invite you...hehehe....


One of the most important things to have in your house (at least to me) is the
kitchen. You'll have to buy the kitchen and every single one of the kitchen
utensils from the T.V. Shopping network. Once you get them all, you can make
some great dishes.

Cooking your own dishes is fun. It allows you to enter the Cooking Festival
and participate in the Spring Thanksgiving Festival. Also, cooking food for
the boys and people make them like you more.

+Cooking Requirements+
- Kitchen
- Mixer
- Whisk
- Oven
- Frying Pan
- Rolling Pin
- Knife
- Seasoning Set
- Pot

To cook, simply investigate your kitchen and whip them dishes good!

+Cook Book+

These are the recipes which I've learned over experimenting and making friendly
with the people around you. All these dishes, I try to modify to the point of
giving you the most stamina and recovery from fatigue. I've even won Cooking
Festivals because of this! It may cost some, but it's worth it. Send
additions/corrections to my e-mail.

Name:             Ingredients:

AEPFE Apple       - apple, HMSGB & SUGDW apple
Apple Jam         - pot, sugar, apple, Won's apples, honey
Apple Pie         - knife, pot, rolling pin, oven, sugar, egg, butter, flour,
                    apple, apple souffle, Won's apples
Apple Souffle     - frying pan, sugar, salt, apple, butter, oil
Autumn Sun        - egg(X), mayonnaise(X), milk(X), cheese(X), wool(X), yarn(X)
Baked Corn        - oven, sugar, salt, butter, corn
Baked Sweet Potato- oven, sugar, salt, sweet potato, butter, stone
Bamboo Rice       - knife, pot, salt, soy sauce, bamboo shoot, rice ball
Bodigizer         - pot, black grass, orange grass, red magic grass, honey
Bodigizer XL      - mixer, Bodigizer, blue grass(can be bought in clinic)
Boiled Spinach    - spinach, pot, soy sauce
Boiled Egg        - pot, egg, salt
Buckwheat Chips   - pot, whisk, rolling pin, soy sauce, buckwheat flour
Buckwheat Noodles - knife, rolling pin, pot, all seasoning, buckwheat flour,
                    noodles, egg, onion, mushroom, bamboo shoot, fish(s,m&L)
Butter            - mixer, milk
Cake              - oven, whisk, knife, sugar, butter, egg, flour, honey, apple,
                    strawberry, pineapple
Candied Potatoes  - pot, sugar, sweet potato, honey
Cheese Cake       - knife, pot, whisk, oven, sugar, cheese, honey, egg, milk,
Cheese Fondue     - pot, knife, whisk, sugar, salt, bread, cheese, wine
Cheese (X)        - cheese(s,m,L,G&P)
Chirashi Sushi    - knife, vinegar, soy sauce, sashimi, rice ball,
                    scrambled eggs, bamboo shoot, carrot, cucumber, truffle,
Choco Cookies     - rolling pin, oven, sugar, butter, egg, chocolate, flour,
Chocolate Cake    - oven, whisk, knife, sugar, butter, egg, flour, honey, apple,
                    strawberry, pineapple, chocolate
Cookies           - rolling pin, oven, sugar, flour, butter, egg, honey
Corn Flakes       - knife, frying pan, rolling pin, milk, chocolate, corn,
                    strawberry, apple, pineapple, wild grapes
Curry Bread       - knife, frying pan, sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce,
                    curry powder, bread, oil, honey, bamboo shoot, onion,
                    mushroom, eggplant
Curry Noodles     - knife, pot, rolling pin, all seasoning, flour, curry powder,
                    onion, truffle, egg, eggplant, carrot, sweet potato
Curry Rice        - knife, pot, sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, curry powder,
                    riceball, egg, onion, carrot, truffle, tomato, apple
Dinner Roll       - bread, butter, honey
Egg (X)           - egg(reg.,good,high,G&P)
Egg Over Rice     - pot, sugar, salt, soy sauce, egg, rice ball
Elli Leaves       - knife, frying pan, pot, oven, all seasoning, turbojolt XL,
                    bodigizer XL, 6 failure recipes
Fish Sticks       - mixer, salt, fish(L)
French Fries      - knife, frying pan, oil, potato
French Toast      - frying pan, sugar, bread, butter, oil, egg
Fried Noodles     - frying pan, sugar, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, noodles, oil,
                    egg, bamboo shoot, mushroom, cabbage, carrot, onion
Fried Noodles 2   - frying pan, all seasoning, buckwheat noodles, oil, egg,
                    cabbage, carrot, fish(s,m&L)
Fried Rice        - frying pan, knife, sugar, salt, soy sauce, egg,
                    spa-boiled egg, oil, rice ball, spinach, carrot, onion,
Fruit Latte       - mixer, sugar, apple, wild grape, pineapple, honey,
                    strawberry, grape juice, milk
Fruit Juice       - mixer, sugar, salt, honey, wild grape, apple, pineapple,
Fruit/Vege. Juice - mixer, knife, sugar, salt, strawberry, pineapple,
                    wild grape, carrot, cucumber, cabbage
Grape Jam         - pot, sugar, wild grape, honey
Grape Juice       - mixer, salt, sugar, honey, wild grapes
Greens            - knife, pot, sugar, soy sauce, spinach, honey
Grilled Fish      - frying pan, salt, soy sauce, fish(m), oil
HMSGB Apple       - apple, AEPFE & SUGDW apple
Happy Eggplant    - knife, frying pan, sugar, soy sauce, miso, eggplant
Hot Milk          - pot, sugar, milk
Ice Cream         - knife, pot, whisk, sugar, egg, milk, wild grape, apple,
                    honey, pineapple, strawberry
Jam Bun           - bread, apple jam, grape jam, strawberry jam
Ketchup           - mixer, sugar, salt, vinegar, tomato, onion
Mayonnaise        - whisk, vinegar, egg, oil (instant with Mayonnaise maker)
                    *depending on the quality of the egg, mayo can
Milk (X)          - milk(s,m,L,G&P)
Miso Soup         - knife, pot, sugar, salt, soy sauce, miso, mushroom, truffle,
                    egg, turnip, potato, eggplant, corn, carrot
Mixed Juice       - knife, mixer, salt, sugar, strawberry, pineapple, honey,
                    wild grape, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, green pepper
Mixed Latte       - knife, mixer, salt, sugar, fruit juice, vegetable juice,
                    milk, honey, apple, Won's apples
Moon dumplings    - muffin mix, sugar
Mountain Stew     - knife, pot, sugar, soy sauce, bamboo shoot, carrot,
                    mushroom, honey, truffle, potato, oil, fish(L)
Mushroom Rice     - knife, pot, salt, soy sauce, mushroom, rice ball
Noodles           - knife, rolling pin, pot, all seasoning, flour, truffle,
                    onion, mushroom, eggplant, egg, carrot, sweet potato
Noodles w/ Tempura- pot, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, buckwheat noodles, tempura,
                    carrot, eggplant, bamboo shoot, fish(s,m&L)
Omelet            - frying pan, salt, whisk, milk, oil, egg
Omelet Rice       - frying pan, salt, whisk, milk, oil, egg, rice ball
Pancakes          - frying pan, whisk, sugar, flour, honey, oil, butter, milk,
Pickles           - knife, salt, soy sauce, cucumber
Pickled Turnip    - knife, sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, turnip
Pineapple juice   - mixer, salt, sugar, honey, pineapple
Pizza             - knife, rolling pin, oven, sugar, salt, flour, ketchup,
                    cheese, tomato, onion, mushroom, fish(m&L)
Popcorn           - frying pan, salt, corn, butter
Potato Pancakes   - knife, frying pan, salt, soy sauce, potato, onion, oil,
                    flour, egg
Pudding           - knife, pot, oven, sugar, cornflakes, egg, milk, strawberry,
                    wild grape, pineapple, apple
Pumpkin Pudding   - knife, pot, oven, sugar, milk, honey, egg, wine, pumpkin
Pumpkin Stew      - knife, pot, sugar, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, honey,
                    grape juice, wine, pumpkin
Raisin Bread      - grape juice, wild grape, honey, bread
Relaxation Tea    - pot, sugar, r.tea leaves, honey, black grass, blue grass,
                    purple grass, green grass, indigo grass, white grass
R. Tea Leaves     - knife, frying pan, weed, red grass, orange grass,
                    yellow grass, indigo grass, blue grass, purple grass,
                    green grass
Rice Gruel        - pot, salt, rice ball, orange grass, blue grass, green grass,
                    indigo grass, white grass, purple grass
Roasted Rice Cake - frying pan, all seasoning, rice cake, butter, oil
Salad             - knife, salt, vinegar, soy sauce, tomato, truffle, green
                    cheese, cucumber, cabbage, potato, mayonnaise
Sandwich          - knife, butter, bread, cucumber, tomato, hard-boiled egg,
                    cabbage, cheese, mayonnaise
Sashimi           - knife, soy sauce, fish(m&L)
Savory Pancake    - knife, frying pan, salt, soy sauce, flour, oil, egg,
                    fish(L), mushroom, carrot, cabbage, eggplant
Scrambled Eggs    - frying pan, oil, whisk, egg, butter, mayonnaise
Spring Sun        - toy flower, moondrop flower, pinkcat flower,
                    blue & red magic grass
Stew              - pot, salt, flour, milk, potato, corn, carrot, fish(s,m&L)
Stir Fry          - knife, frying pan, salt, soy sauce, spinach, truffle, oil,
                    cabbage, onion, tomato, carrot, green pepper
Strawberry Jam    - pot, sugar, strawberry, honey
Strawberry Milk   - mixer, sugar, salt, honey, milk, strawberry
Summer Sun        - fish (s,m&L), fish fossil, pirate treasure
Sushi             - vinegar, sashimi, riceball
Sweet Potatoes    - pot, oven, sugar, butter, egg, sweet potato
SUGDW Apple       - apple, HMSGB & AEFPE apple
Tempura           - frying pan, salt, soy sauce, flour, oil, mushroom, egg,
                    cabbage, carrot, cucumber, eggplant
Tempura Noodles   - pot, salt, soy sauce, miso, tempura, noodles, onion,
                    fish(s&L), truffle, carrot, cabbage
Tempura Rice      - sugar, salt, soy sauce, rice ball, tempura
Toast             - oven, sugar, bread, butter, honey, strawberry jam,
                    apple jam, grape jam
Toasted Rice Ball - oven, salt, soy sauce, miso, rice ball
Tomato Juice      - mixer, salt, tomato
Truffle Rice      - salt, soy sauce, truffle, riceball
Turbojolt         - pot, white grass, orange grass, red magic grass, honey
Turbojolt XL      - mixer, turbojolt, green grass
Vegetable Juice   - knife, mixer, sugar, salt, cucumber, cabbage, tomato,
Vegetable Latte   - knife, mixer, sugar, salt, cucumber, cabbage, tomato,
                    carrot, milk
Wild Grape Juice  - pot, wine, wild grapes, purple grass
Winter Sun        - emerald, moonstone, sandrose, diamond, alexandrite,
                    pink diamond, mythic stone


WARNING!!! Using these codes may not only cause a few glitches, but it will
also take away a lot of fun from the game so it's your choice whether to use
these or not.

These are just some of my favorite codebreaker codes. You can find many more
through the internet. I dunno if all these work since I only use an emulator.
But so far, all these worked for me. ALL VBA USERS, if the code begins with a
zero, change that into 8. Also, I don't know how well these will work or what
glitches they may bring so be careful! If you encounter a glitch or if it
doesn't work, e-mail me. BTW, GBA USERS, if the code begins with an 8, turn it
into a zero. I'm not sure if that works well though...

Oh, and a bit of note. For GBA users, you can buy a codebreaker from
Toys 'R Us or from your local videogames shop. To VBA users, read the
instructions here carefully, as I will no longer answer e-mails that
ask for a step-by-step guide on how to activate the codes. It is already
stated here and it's already a step-by-step method.


Instructions (GBA Codebreaker):

1. Have a saved game file
2. Activate codes and turn GBA on
3. Turn off Codebreaker
4. Load your saved game file
5. Once you are able to move around, turn Codebreaker back on

Instructions (VBA Codebreaker):
NOTE: Most of the time, you don't need to do this. Just paste
the code in your codebreaker.
*Only VBA users with version 1.7.2 up can access codebreaker.

1. After starting your new game, save in the diary
2. Load the saved file from the diary
3. Reset the game and click on continue
4. Load your saved game file
5. Once you are able to move around, activate or load your cheats

While most codes are from Solomon Warrior, a lot of them are modified
by yours truly from the boy version. I worked hard on my codes
(specifically instant marriage, livestock affection, Max.Gold) so
I'd appreciate it if you don't steal.

Master Code:
Most people, like me, don't need this code but seems some still do.
I'm providing two codes:

(Original Boy Version Master Code)
0000E882 000A
100D1BF8 0007

(Master Code provided by timmytation)

999,999,999 Gold:
82004090 E0FF
82004092 05F5

Max.Gold:(do not activate unless you have full rucksack, basket
                     and blue feather)
82004090 FFFF
82004092 FFFF

All 3 Houses & Complete House & Farm Upgrades:
820027CC 009A
820027CD FF9A
820027CF FF00
820027D0 FFFF
820027D1 FFFF
82005000 009A
82005001 FF9A
82005003 FF00
82005004 FFFF
82005005 FFFF

Dog's max. crown & affection:
82004271 FFFF
82004273 FFFF
82004275 FFFF

Horse's max. crown & affection:
82002618 FFFF
8200261A FFFF

Max. feed for livestock
820029F9 FFFF
82002BD8 FFFF

All chickens max. hearts & crown
82002A2C fcff
82002A2e ffff
82002A5C fcff
82002A5e ffff
82002A8C fcff
82002A8e ffff
82002AbC fcff
82002Abe ffff
82002Aec fcff
82002Aee ffff
82002b1c fcff
82002b1e fcff
82002b4c fcff
82002b4e ffff
82002b7c fcff
82002b7c ffff
All cows and sheep max. hearts & crown (not sure how well these work)
82002C20 FcFF
82002C22 FFFF
82002C24 003F
82002C5c FcFF
82002C5e FFFF
82002C60 003f
82002C98 FcFF
82002C9a FFFF
82002C9c 003f
82002Cd4 FcFF
82002Cd6 FFFF
82002Cd8 003f
82002D10 FcFF
82002D12 FFFF
82002D14 003f
82002D4c FcFF
82002D4e FFFF
82002D50 003f
82002D88 FcFF
82002D8a FFFF
82002D8c 003f
82002Dc4 FcFF
82002Dc6 FFFF
82002Dc8 003f
82002E00 FcFF
82002E02 FFFF
82002E04 003f
82002E3c FcFF
82002E3e FFFF
82002E40 003f
82002E78 FcFF
82002E7a FFFF
82002E7c 003f
82002Eb4 FcFF
82002Eb6 FFFF
82002Eb8 003f
82002Ef0 FcFF
82002Ef2 FFFF
82002Ef4 003f
82002f2c FcFF
82002f2e FFFF
82002f30 003f
82002f68 FcFF
82002f6a FFFF
82002f6c 003f
82002fa4 FcFF
82002fa6 FFFF
82002fa8 003f

You still have to meet all Marriage requirements before you can marry the boy.
To change the heart colors, simply change the last four digits, represented by
an (X) for each boy.

(black)  0000
(purple) 3333
(blue)   5555
(green)  9999
(yellow) BBBB
(orange) DDDD
(red)    FFFF

82004508 XXXX

820044C8 XXXX

Gourmet Judge:
820045A4 XXXX

820043C0 XXXX

82004548 XXXX

820045D0 XXXX

82004354 XXXX

8200458C XXXX

+Instant Marriage Codes+ (you must have fully upgraded house and big bed)

8200450a FFFF

820044Ca FFFF

Gourmet Judge:
820045A6 FFFF

820043C2 FFFF

8200454a FFFF

820045D2 FFFF

82004356 FFFF

8200458e FFFF

+Harvest Sprites+

Max. Affection:
82004608 FFFF
8200462C FFFF
82004650 FFFF
82004674 FFFF
82004698 FFFF
820046BC FFFF
820046E0 FFFF

Somebody e-mailed me and told me the codes didn't work. Since
they worked for me, I decided to keep it around but I'm also going
to put up the codes sent by this guy (I lost the name and e-mail
somewhere in the computer. I'll look it up.) Thanks!

NEW Max. Affection Codes:
820045F0 FFFF
82004614 FFFF
82004638 FFFF
8200465C FFFF
82004680 FFFF
820046A4 FFFF
820046C8 FFFF

Max. Work Experience:
82004614 FFFF
82004616 FFFF
82004638 FFFF
8200463A FFFF
8200465C FFFF
8200465E FFFF
82004680 FFFF
82004682 FFFF
820046A4 FFFF
820046A6 FFFF
820046C8 FFFF
820046CA FFFF
820046EC FFFF
820046EE FFFF

+Max. Affection of Townspeople+
 These include your Rivals so expect to be invited at their weddings
 I still don't know how well these work so don't blame me if your
 game freezes up.

820044D4 FFFF
82004528 FFFF
8200441C FFFF
820044A8 FFFF
82004360 FFFF
820045B0 FFFF
82004408 FFFF
82004374 FFFF
820043F4 FFFF
820044E8 FFFF
82004514 FFFF
820043CC FFFF
82004458 FFFF
82004554 FFFF
82004444 FFFF
82004480 FFFF
82004334 FFFF
820043E0 FFFF
82004388 FFFF
8200439C FFFF
8200446C FFFF
82004494 FFFF
82004430 FFFF
8200456C FFFF


Here are the basic Mythic tools plus an extra Teleport stone
for your toolchest. WARNING! Remove code immediately after

82002958 0107
8200295A 0117
8200295C 010F
8200295E 011F
82002960 0127
82002964 012F
82002966 014D

You can change the last two digits of the last four
codes above to have these. Make sure you rearrange your
tools first so that they won't disappear. And as always,
remove the code immediately after activation.
eg (82002958 0107 => 82002958 0132)

82002958 yyxx - Chest slot 1

yy = number of tools (FF = 255)
xx = code of tool

Seed bags:        Seed code:

Turnip            32
Cucumber          34
Cabbage           36
Corn              38
Pumpkin           3A
Eggplant          3C
Sweet Potato      3E
Green Pepper      40
Moondrop          42
Magic             44
Potato            33
Strawberry        35
Tomato            37
Onion             39
Pineapple         3B
Carrot            3D
Spinach           3F
Grass             41
Pink Cat          43
Toy Flower        45

Gem Name:         Gem Code:

Teleport Stone    4D
Gem of Kappa      4F
Gem of Goddess    4E
Gem of Truth      50

Mythic Tool:      Tool Code:

M.Fishing Rod     2F
M.Axe             17
M.Sickle          07
M.Hammer          1F
M.Watering Can    27
M.Hoe             0F

+Items+ (You must not have anything in your rucksack. Also, if you keep the
codes activated, you will have an unlimited amount of the specific items
and not just 8)

GIFT WRAP - gift wrapping costs 100G per gift but it adds 125% to the original
            "affection" value of the gift. The same is true if the person
            dislikes the item. It slashes 125% and he/she may hate you more so
            be careful! To gift wrap, just add +2 to the last digit of the code.
            (e.g. fridge item: 0000 => 0002; shelf item: 2201 => 2203)

Slot:   Code:
1.      82004224 xxxx
2       82004228 xxxx
3       8200422c xxxx
4       82004230 xxxx
5       82004234 xxxx
6       82004238 xxxx
7       8200423c xxxx
8       82004240 xxxx

Item codes (xxxx)


Item:                   Code:

Turnip                  0008
Potato                  0108
Cucumber                0208
Strawberry              0308
Cabbage                 0408
Tomato                  0508
Corn                    0608
Onion                   0708
Pumpkin                 0808
Pineapple               0908
Eggplant                0A08
Carrot                  0B08
Sweet Potato            0C08
Spinach                 0D08
Green Pepper            0E08
Regular Egg             0F08
Good Quality Egg        1008
High Quality Egg        1108
Golden Egg              1208
P Egg                   1308
X Egg                   1408
Spa-Boiled Egg          1508
Mayonnaise (S)          1608
Mayonnaise (M)          1708
Mayonnaise (L)          1808
Mayonnaise (G)          1908
Mayonnaise (P)          1A08
Mayonnaise (X)          1B08
Milk (S)                1C08
Milk (M)                1D08
Milk (L)                1E08
Milk (G)                1F08
Milk (P)                2008
Milk (X)                2108
Cheese (S)              2208
Cheese (M)              2308
Cheese (L)              2408
Cheese (G)              2508
Cheese (P)              2608
Cheese (X)              2708
Apple                   2808
Honey                   2908
Bamboo Shoot            2A08
Wild Grapes             2B08
Mushroom                2C08
Poisonous Mushroom      2D08
Truffle                 2E08
Blue Grass              2F08
Green Grass             3008
Red Grass               3108
Yellow Grass            3208
Orange Grass            3308
Purple Grass            3408
Indigo Grass            3508
Black Grass             3608
White Grass             3708
Queen of the Night      3808
Bodigizer               3908
Bodigizer XL            3A08
Turbojolt               3B08
Turbojolt XL            3C08
Wine                    3D08
Grape Juice             3E08
Rice Ball               3F08
Bread                   4008
Oil                     4108
Flour                   4208
Curry Powder            4308
Muffin Mix              4408
Chocolate               4508
Relaxation Tea Leaves   4608
SUGDW Apple             4708
HMSGB Apple             4808
AEPFE Apple             4908
Buckwheat Flour         4A08
Wild Grape Juice        4B08
Salad                   4C08
Curry Rice              4D08
Stew                    4E08
Miso Soup               4F08
Stir Fry                5008
Fried Rice              5108
Savory Pancake          5208
Sandwich                5308
Fruit Juice             5408
Vegetable Juice         5508
Mixed Juice             5608
Fruit Latte             5708
Vegetable Latte         5808
Mixed Latte             5908
Strawberry Milk         5A08
Strawberry Jam          5B08
Tomato Juice            5C08
Pickled Turnip          5D08
French Fries            5E08
Pickles                 5F08
Ketchup                 6008
Popcorn                 6108
Corn Flakes             6208
Baked Corn              6308
Pineapple Juice         6408
Pumpkin Pudding         6508
Pumpkin Stew            6608
Happy Eggplant          6708
Sweet Potatoes          6808
Baked Sweet Potato      6908
Greens                  6A08
Scrambled Eggs          6B08
Omelet                  6C08
Omelet Rice             6D08
Boiled Egg              6E08
Hot Milk                6F08
Butter                  7008
Cheese Cake             7108
Cheese Fondue           7208
Apple Pie               7308
Apple Jam               7408
Apple Soufflé           7508
Mushroom Rice           7608
Bamboo Rice             7708
Truffle Rice            7808
Sushi                   7908
Jam Bun                 7A08
Dinner Roll             7B08
Raisin Bread            7C08
Grape Jam               7D08
Curry Bread             7E08
Sashimi                 7F08
Grilled Fish            8008
Sashimi Mix             8108
Pizza                   8208
Noodles                 8308
Curry Noodles           8408
Tempura Noodles         8508
Fried Noodles           8608
Buckwheat Noodles       8708
Tempura Buckwheat Noodles 8808
Fried Noodles           8908
Buckwheat Chips         8A08
Cookies                 8B08
Chocolate Cookies       8C08
Tempura                 8D08
Ice Cream               8E08
Cake                    8F08
Chocolate Cake          9008
Relaxation Tea          9108
Toast                   9208
French Toast            9308
Pudding                 9408
Mountain Stew           9508
Moon Dumplings          9608
Rice Cake               9708
Roasted Rice Cake       9808
Elli Leaves             9908
Failure                 9A08
Failure                 9B08
Failure                 9C08
Failure                 9D08
Failure                 9E08
Failure                 9F08
Small Fish              A008
Medium Fish             A108
Large Fish              A208
Toasted Rice Ball       A308
Tempura Rice            A408
Egg Over Rice           A508
Rice Gruel              A608
Pancakes                A708
Fish Sticks             A808
Candied Potato          A908
Potato Pancakes         AA08

**Some items from the boy version have new names and
  purposes in MFoMT

Moon Drop Grass         0009
Pink Cat Grass          0109
Blue Magic Grass        0209
Red Magic Grass         0309
Toy Flower              0409
Wool (S)                0509
Wool (M)                0609
Wool (L)                0709
Wool (G)                0809
Wool (P)                0909
Wool (X)                0A09
Yarn (S)                0B09
Yarn (M)                0C09
Yarn (L)                0D09
Yarn (G)                0E09
Yarn (P)                0F09
Yarn (X)                1009
Junk Ore                1109
Copper Ore              1209
Silver Ore              1309
Gold Ore                1409
Mystrile Ore            1509
Orichalc Ore            1609
Adamantite Ore          1709
Moon Stone              1809
Sand Rose               1909
Pink Diamond            1A09
Alexandrite             1B09
Mythic Stone            1C09
Diamond                 1D09
Emerald                 1E09
Ruby                    1F09
Topaz                   2009
Peridot                 2109
Fluorite                2209
Agate                   2309
Amethyst                2409
Harvest Goddess Jewel   2509
Kappa Jewel             2609
Jewel of Truth          2709
Spring Sun              2809
Summer Sun              2909
Autumn Sun              2A09
Winter Sun              2B09
Bracelet                2C09
Necklace                2D09
Earrings                2E09
Broach                  2F09
Weeds                   3009
Stones                  3109
Branches                3209
Recipe for French Fries 3309
Recipe for Ketchup      3409
Ball                    3509
Pirate Treasure         3609
Fossil of Ancient Fish  3709
Empty Can               3809
Boots                   3909
Fish Bones              3A09
Van's Favorite Thing    3B09   (Karen's Wine)
TV Changer              3C09   (Popuri's Mud Ball)
Shopping Master         3D09   (Ann's Music Box)
Riddle Book             3E09   (Mary's Great Book)
Goddess Gift            3F09   (Elli's Pressed Flower)
Album 1                 4009
Album 2                 4109
Album 3                 4209
Album 4                 4309
Album 5                 4409
Album 6                 4509
Album 7                 4609
Album 8                 4709
Album 9                 4809
Album 10                4909
Album 11                4A09
Album 12                4B09
Album 13                4C09
Album 14                4D09
Album 15                4E09
Album 16                4F09
Album 17                5009
Album 18                5109
Album 19                5209
Album 20                5309
H.G High/Low 100 wins   5409   (Band-Aid)
All About Letters       5509   (Book from H.G.)
Perfume                 5609
Cliff's Photo           5709
All About Books         5809   (Plant Encyclopedia)
Invitation to HS party  5909
Dress                   5A09
Facial Pack             5B09
Skin Lotion             5C09
Sun Block               5D09
Lumber                  5E09
Golden Lumber           5F01
Animal Fodder           6001
Chicken Feed            6101
Certificate of R-P-S    6201
Frisbee                 6301
Rick's Watch            6401
Kai's Ocean Charm       6501
Cliff's Flower Decoration 6601
Gray's Brooch           6701
Doctor's Massager       6801
Mysterious ticket       6901

***Credits: Solomon Warrior for Bachelor, Townspeople and H.Sprites affection
            code, item codes, tools codes and tool chest codes.
            {Sacred_Hero@hotmail.com ; http://www.freewebs.com/solomonwarrior/}


+My Requests+

To make this guide even better, I have a few requests from people out there.
I don't have time to do these stuff myself so if you can, it'd be a great
help. Of course, credits will be given to those who are due it. Thanks in

1. I want an ASCII art on Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town.
   I know this is probably a very tedious job, and I myself admit to
   not have the skill or patience or time to make it. But if anyone can,
   that'd be great. I may be choosy though, so please don't expect
   every ASCII art to be accepted. I just need some LOGO ASCII ART for
   the top page, because I think the guide looks too plain without it.

2. A cheat on getting the other two guys, that is, the guys you will only
   get to marry if you are able to connect to Another Wonderful Life...if
   the cheat even exists :O

3. A cheat on getting to the different mine levels. I managed to find one,
   but it was only that level in number, and the Harvest Goddess greets
   me at times but the level is still the same. I'm not in the actual
   level :(

+Gamers' Tips+

This is where you guys can help other players (me, even) by giving off your
own tips, which cannot exactly be categorized anywhere else in the guide.
I won't be accepting all the tips; just the ones which are helpful
and more importantly, sensible. Credits duly given so send 'em away!
However, I reserve the right to correct the grammar and spelling for

>>>"Hiroyuki Yoshida" <hiroyuki11yoshida@yahoo.com.ph>

For Beginners only... (Animal/Chicken Game with Harvest Sprites)

When feeding the five chickens and one runs away, don't put more feeds on
its food box. It will not come back for a while, perhaps forever, so continue
putting feeds into the other chicken as if the chicken that left doesn't
exist. This way you only lose 1 up to 3 points. If you don't do this you
may lose 15+ deduction on your points. I use this myself!!
Now I contribute this to you all, For beginners only...

+E-mailing Queries+

First Note: Due to the numerous SPAM mail that I've been getting, I am no
longer using my old e-mail. I am using a new one that I don't prominently


When I wrote my Harvest Moon guides, I never really expected that I'd have
any responses. So, you can imagine my shock and surprise when BOOM!!!
I get nearly 30 e-mails a day!!! Being that I have so many jobs
(esp. handling e-mails from my fansites, yada yada yada), plus, there's
college and my novel, nearing completion, I really don't think I can handle
everything at once. So, I decided to put some very simple rules when it
comes to e-mailing me. Please read carefully. If I don't respond to your
e-mail, it's either I'm super busy or it got lost somewhere in the
caverns of my mountains of e-mail. I'm sorry if I can't respond but you have
to understand that I have to live my own life too...

1.) Try your best NOT to e-mail me questions that are already answered in
    the guide. Just review the guide esp. the FAQs. Otherwise, you'll
    either not receive a reply from me or I'll just simply say something
    like "Check the guide for further details".

2.) I used to be alright with this at first, but now, I find myself too
    busy for people who want to be constant e-pals and such. I like
    making friends and all, but I don't think I can give you a quick
    response with your every e-mail.

3.) Try not to ask me where you can download the rom for FOMT or where
    you can download VBA. Search in Google.com or read the FAQs.

4.) Try not to ask me the step by step guide on how to use the Codebreaker
    (for both GBA and VBA) since I already have it here.

5.) Praise is good. Criticisms are also welcome. But try not to be rude.
    As for praises, please consider yourselves thanked if I'm not able
    to respond. Always glad to hear from people who appreciate the time
    and effort it took to make this guide.


I'll try to answer as many questions as I can. If you have questions,
e-mail me and I'll try my best to answer them.
These are all arranged randomly. You will not be credited for your
question, as most of them are sent in by numerous people.
FAQS are now arranged according to subject.

<<Boys, Marriage and Family>>

  Q: How come boys have alternate birthdays and not the villagers?
  A: You can't have the same birthdays as the boys. It's pre-programmed
     because if/when you get married, there are birthday events and you can't
     have the same celebrations. If you pick the same birthdays, they'll have
     those alternate birthdays.

  Q: I can't trigger my boy's heart events and he's already at
     a higher color level.
  A: This one happened a lot to me. Actually, the boy's affection
     rate for you CAN fluctuate, meaning, he can like you or
     hate you the next. It depends on the things you do so be
     careful and maintain his affection for you by doing things or
     giving him things he likes. This fluctuation may cause the
     "un-triggering" of events since it tends to confuse the game.
     Some events will only be triggered in certain seasons or years.
     Events won't be triggered during festivals. Another thing would
     be if you picked the wrong answer in a previous heart event so
     be careful with your answers! Also, check and remember his
     schedules from the +Heart Events+ section.

  Q: My boy has a red heart but he still won't marry me when I propose!
  A: You have to meet all the requirements. See +Marriage+ section for

  Q: Is it true that if I marry Rick, he'll help me in the farm?
  A: It's a myth. Rick won't help you in the farm. The same goes
     for Popuri too, in HM: Friends of Mineral Town.

  Q: We've been married like forever but I still don't get pregnant.
  A: Give your husband gifts everyday and monitor the number of hearts he has.
     Maintain 10 and you'll soon get pregnant. Just be patient. The earliest
     time for you to get pregnant is exactly one season after your wedding.
     However, if you used cheats for instant marriage and max. affection,
     you'll get pregnant w/in the week. See +Breaking the Codes+.

  Q: I have a daughter now. Can I have another kid?
  A: I wished and wished for this to happen but the game only allows you
     one kid. Harvest Moon in SNES allows you to have as many as three.

  Q: Can I have a son?
  A: No, you can't. You can only have a son in HM: Friends of Mineral Town.

  Q: How old does my daughter have to be for him to help around the farm?
  A: Your daughter won't help you in the farm. Once she starts walking,
     that's it. She remains a toddler for life. Sucks, I know.

  Q: I want to carry mine and <<boy>>'s lovely baby, but I can't pick her up!
  A: You can NEVER pick up your baby. Your husband can't do it either.
     You can only talk to her and give her gifts once she starts crawling.

  Q: Cliff left! How do I get him back?
  A: Sorry, you can’t. You should’ve picked him for the job at the winery.
     See +Character Events+ for further details.

  Q: I want to marry Cliff and you keep on saying something about the Fall 14
     Event. What is this?
  A: The Fall 14 event is the Wine Grape Harvest Event. On the morning of
     Fall 14 in the first year, go out of your house and Duke will be at your
     doorstep, asking you to help harvest his wine grapes (with pay of course).
     Agree to this and Duke will ask you to ask someone to come along too.
     Go to town immediately and ask Cliff to take on the job. The next day,
     Fall 15, at 10AM, you and Cliff must go to Aja's Winery (shop) and
     start working. Later, Duke will offer Cliff a permanent job, thus,
     preventing him from leaving Mineral Town, and allowing you to marry
     him since the last event can't trigger without it.

  Q: Can I marry Carter/Harris/Zack/Gotz/Doug/Thomas/Saibara/Barley?
  A: Though those men are bachelors you can't marry 'em. Who'd wanna get
     married to Saibara, anyway?! Among these unattainable guys, I got my
     eye on Carter! LOL!

  Q: Where are the Green, Orange, and Red Heart Events?
  A: There's no Green, Orange, or Red Heart events, though in a way, the
     acceptance of your proposal IS the Red Heart event, triggered
     only if *obviously* your loved one accepts the proposal.


  Q: I'm married now and am in the fourth year of the game. How come the boys
     didn't get married with their respective partners?
  A: First, you have to trigger all of the rival heart events. The events
     will not be triggered if the boy likes you better than your rival
     (e.g. if boy has green heart for you and only blue for the rival).
     The best way to go (unless you want all the other boys to go celibate) is
     to choose only one boy and forget about the others.

  Q: How do I get invited to a rival's wedding?
  A: Be good friends with your rival. For more details, check RIVAL WEDDINGS.

  Q: Can your rival have children with their respective husbands?
  A: Apparently, not, which is strange. I think all the other girls might
     be infertile. Your husband is lucky! LOL!

<<People of Mineral Town>>

  Q: I asked Gotz to expand something for me but he stopped.
  A: Give Gotz honey everyday (esp. while he's working).

  Q: Gotz won't work for me! He says he doesn't have the creative urge.
  A: Gotz won't work for you if you're not friends with him. Give him
     honey everyday to get him to like you and work for you.

  Q: How do I get to the back of Carter's church?
  A: Be good friends with him. An event will be triggered by autumn, which
     unlocks the door. See +Character Events+.

  Q: How do I get the Harvest Sprites to be friends with me?
  A: The cheapest way is by giving each of them flour everyday.
     Once they have 3 hearts of friendship for you, they'll play with
     you and/or work for you. I could suggest giving them a grass
     with corresponding colors, but it's like you're giving away
     twice of what the flour is worth so stick with flour since
     it's only 50G. Gift-wrapping the flour makes a HUGE difference
     so I suggest you do so.


  Q: How do I know that my dog is all grown up?
  A: It's head is bigger and it's red collar is gone.

  Q: How can I use the frisbee to play with my dog?
  A: Go to Mineral beach with your adult dog and your frisbee.
     Investigate the sign between Kai's beach house and Zack's house.
     Must be done on sunny days, 6AM-5PM, and never in Winter.

  Q: Can my dog have puppies with May's dog? I heard this was true.
  A: It's a myth. You CANNOT have puppies. Now, that's a fact.

  Q: How do I get a horse?
  A: During your first day in the farm, you must talk to Barley from
     Yodel Farm. He'll give you the horse the next day or so(sunny).

  Q: When does my horse grow up?
  A: Grows up by the next year. You must take good care of your horse.

  Q: How do I ride my horse?
  A: You can only do this once you're horse is all grown up. Approach
     it and press A.

  Q: Barley took my horse away! WHY?!
  A: Probably 'coz you neglected it. You'll only get it back by next spring.
     This only happens if your horse has 6 hearts or lower.

  Q: How do I catch the King Fishes?
  A: Watch the Fishing Show every Tuesday in your house. They often give
     subtle clues there. Also see +Fishery+.


  Q: How do I get a fishing rod?
  A: In the 1st yr, Spring, from 11AM-4PM, go to Zack's house.
     Have an empty tool slot. You'll see a cut scene and he gives you
     the fishing rod free.

  Q: How do I have my Cursed tools blessed?
  A: It depends on the specific C.Tool. See TOOLS section for more

  Q: Help! My cursed tool (hammer/sickle)is still cursed and I've
     equipped it for over 10 days! My animals are all dying and I
     can't plant more crops! It's draining me of my energy too!
  A: It's either a glitch, or you had Carter remove the tool so
     you can use other tools. FATAL MISTAKE! You must NEVER have
     Carter bless the C.hammer/sickle since you'll need to have
     it on hand TEN DAYS STRAIGHT. No removal. The best you can
     do for the farm is be friends with the sprites and have
     them do all the work for you while you wait for the ten days
     to be over with.

  Q: I don't have a mythic hammer yet but I'm curious. What's behind
     the big rock in the mountains?
  A: There's a path way there that leads to...nowhere. Just another
     side of the lake. On autumn, you can get a truffle at the
     end or you can fish there for the Kappa in any season.


  Q: How do I buy the stuff from the TV Shopping network?
  A: Once you see something you like in the TV Shopping network, make a stop
     at Doug's Inn and use the phone. After purchasing the product, you
     won't be able to use the phone until the thing you bought arrives.
     Zack usually delivers it within 2-3 days.

  Q: The TV Shopping network is gone! It's been replaced by St. Emerald's
     Academy! I need to buy some stuff! Where'd it go?
  A: This is one of the most common mistakes a gamer can make. The
     TV Shopping Network shows up on Saturdays and every week, it shows
     up a different product. You should buy what you want or need ASAP
     because after airing its last product (large bed or power berry if
     you bought everything), it will stop airing. Me? I held my breath
     and forked up everything I had just to buy everything and worked
     twice as hard to get back enough cash. Once you're done buying all
     the products, you can definitely relax. However, there's not much
     need to fuss over this, for even if the Shopping Network stopped
     airing, YOU CAN STILL BUY THEIR PRODUCTS! Just continue using the
     phone (you won't be able to use it until after your purchased
     product is delivered). You'll be able to buy the products in
     sequence as long as you have the dough to pay for it.

<<How to Get Stuff>>

  Q: How do I get the three different houses?
  A: Get Gotz to build you the Vacation house if you can afford it.
     Get the Villa once you have 42 connectivity stars. Get the Mountain
     Cottage if you stay married for 50 years. Can't wait? Check the
     +Breaking the Codes+ section for the cheats.

  Q: How do I get the Red Magic Grass? I can't find it anywhere in Fall.
  A: Buy Magic Seeds from Won and plant A LOT of it. Along some batches will be
     the red ones, which, by the way, is the only shippable flower in the game.

  Q: How do I get the Queen of the Night?
  A: Also known as White Flower, this blooms only on summer nights. To get it,
     you must be good friends with Ellen and trigger an event. Go to
     +Character Events+ for more details. The flower can be found on the same
     day, at 9PM, on the peak of Mother's Hill. Another way to get this would
     be to play Won's Apple Shuffle game and win 10 times in a row for him
     to give you one Queen of the Night.

  Q: How do I get the P & X products (P/X Milk/Wool/Egg)?
  A: You can only get the P Products if your animal (cow/sheep/chicken)
     has 8-10 hearts of affection for you, has won its respective
     festival and has spent 600+ game hours outside (25+ days). X products
     have the same requirement but are rarely produced.

  Q: How do I get the sock for Winter 25th?
  A: Become good friends with Ellen and give her a yarn. Try giving her yarn
     everyday(esp. Winter)'til one day, she'll knit a sock for you. If you can't
     wait, just use cheats. Check +Character Events+ for further details.

  Q: How do I get presents on the Sock Festival? I wake up and find nothing
     in my sock.
  A: You must sleep between 9PM-12AM on Winter 25th.

  Q: Where can I get the Makers?
  A: Bring an Adamantite to Saibara's as well as 20,000G for each maker.
     There are three: Mayonnaise, Cheese and Yarn Maker.

  Q: How do I get the Record Player and the different Albums?
  A: You can only get this if you are able to connect your GBA to GAMECUBE,
     to the game called "Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life".
     Once connected, go to Van. He'll sell this to you. Luu sells you the
     albums. They sometimes come to Mineral Town's Inn.

  Q: How do I get dreams?
  A: Sleep on Winter 30th between 9PM-12AM. Dreams happen at random and may
     happen or not at all. You can get three different dreams.

  Q: How do I get the Goddess Gift, TV Changer, Shopping Master, Riddle Book,
     All About Books, All About Letters and All About BGM?
  A: Check out +Specialty Items+

<<Other Stuff>>

  Q: What's the purpose of the Golden Lumber? Where do I put it?
  A: This is actually one of the most annoying things in the game. Why?
     Because it has no true purpose...at least, not without consequences.
     Like other lumber, you can put this up as a fence and IT NEVER ROTS!
     Too good to be true. Once you have it out, everyone in town will get
     jealous and they'll all hate you, esp. the boys. But unlike in the boy
     version, this time, you can actually sell this to Won for 48,000G-57,000G!
     And the mayor gives it for free if you do him a favor! A truly wonderful
     improvement from the last installment.

  Q: Help! My basket is gone! Where did it go?!
  A: It could either be a glitch or you left your basket in the mines.
     If not, you can try looking at the town and farm map since it
     appears there. If you lost the basket in the mines, then, sorry.
     You'll have to get down and dig it up where you left it.

  Q: What's the empty lot used for? The one beside Saibara's and above
     the Poultry Farm House?
  A: That's where your Town Cottage or Vacation House will be located,
     once you have enough lumber and money to have Gotz build it.

  Q: What's the importance of gift-wrapping?
  A: Gift-wrapping adds 125% to the affection rate provided by the
     item you are giving to someone (eg if you gift-wrap a bottle of wine
     and give it to the Doctor, he'll like you 125% more than if you
     don't have it gift-wrapped). The same is true if you gift-wrap
     something a person hates and give it to them. It will make them
     HATE you 125% more so be careful with what you gift-wrap.

  Q: How do I change the color of my clothes?
  A: Approach the mirror and press A. You'll be given an option to change.
     You can buy the mirror through the TV Shopping Network.

  Q: Help! I'm in the caves but I can't find the stairs going to the lower
  A: This happened a lot in the boy version actually, but I am yet to
     encounter this problem in MFoMT. Note that some stairs are hidden under
     the rocks so you'll have to break 'em and dig on the spot. If you've
     broken all the rocks and dug all the soil and still no stairs, you'll
     have no other choice but to go back up. I think this was an error
     during the programming stages of the game which was never checked out.

  Q: I received a note in the mail, saying I've won the lottery, then, I
     got a bottle. What is this? What do I do with it?
  A: It's called Van's favorite thing(looks like Karen's wine from FoMT).
     You're supposed to take it to Van but unless you're able to connect to
     Gamecube's Another Wonderful Life, you won't be able to do so.
     Instead, you can keep it in your shelf or sell it to Won for
     48,000-57,000G(this only happens if you've unlocked Won's selling feature)
     You'll win the lottery ever so often so I suggest you start collecting
     these bottles to gain more income. If you're able to connect to GC's
     Another Wonderful Life, give this bottle to Van and he'll sell you some
     otherwise, these special items WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE to you and he will
     actually offer to sell the bottle again for 50,000 G! The sneak! He and
     Won are cut from the same cloth! GRRRR!

  Q: How do I sell stuff to Won?
  A: Once you've unlocked his selling feature (by giving him what he likes
     until he tells you that you can sell), hold up the item in your hands
     and talked to him from his counter as if you were to buy something.
     Select Sell. I suggest you save your game before hand, as his prices
     can be higher or lower than the original.

  Q: I cannot get the Kappa Jewel on level 0 of winter mine
     (as mentioned in ur guide). Did i do anything wrong?
  A: Truth be told, I can't seem to find that damned Kappa Jewel in the
     level 0, either. Actually, I recently found it but BOOM! Of all
     the time for electricity to go out and my computer restarted
     without my having ever saved the blasted state! ARRGH! But still,
     Kappa Jewels, like the Goddess Jewels and cursed tools sometimes
     appear at random, particularly the jewels. You'll just have to try
     your luck some more, as I am.

  Q: I have grown some grass over a place, but now i would like to remove
     that grass production from there. What do I do? Do i need to use a tool?
     I have tried many tools like hammer etc. But NO LUCK :-(
  A: Fear not. All you have to do is wait until the grass matures. Once it
     does, cut it with a sickle. Then, hammer the cut patch and voila! If
     the hammer doesn't work, put a fence over the cut patch.

<<Roms, Emulators, Cheats and Codebreaker>>

  Q: Where can I get a Codebreaker?
  A: For VBA (version 1.7.2) users, that is available in the cheats
     option. For actual handheld GBA, you can buy it in your local
     video games shop. I heard you can buy it in Wallmart or
     Toys R' Us.

  Q: How do I use my codebreaker (VBA/GBA)?
  A: Please check +Breaking the Codes+ section for further details.

  Q: Where can I download VBA and Harvest Moon rom/s?
  A: Truth be told, I forgot the exact site where I downloaded mine but I
     got it off searching from http://www.google.com

  Q: The cheats won't work. How come?
  A: Make sure you followed the instructions well. Either that or it just
     doesn't work for you. It happens sometimes. It happens a lot to me to.
     Check out +Breaking the Codes+ section for more details.

  Q: How come the Kappa isn't married to me? I used the cheats!
  A: He doesn't actually live with you. Like I said. You shouldn't go for
     this thing. Life sucks without your husband at your side, eh? To make sure
     the cheats worked, go to the EARNINGS MENU and see if his tiny 'head' is
     right below yours.

  Q: I used the cheats to get a red heart for <<boy>> but he still won't
     marry me.
  A: Though he has a red heart, you still have to meet the requirements.
     See MARRIAGE section for details.

  Q: I married <<boy>> with the cheats. How come I don't get pregnant?
  A: Look at the Main Menu to see if he has 10 hearts. If not, pick the cheat
     to give him a red heart. You'll get pregnant soon.

  Q. I married <<boy>> with the cheats. How come he hates me?
  A: This only happens if you married him instantly when he still has blue and
     lower heart level. You'll have to use the cheats to make his heart level
     red or go out of your way re-courting him...


  Q: Why did you make this guide?
  A: 'Coz back then, I had no purpose in life? No. Hehehe. I love HM games esp.
     FoMT and MFoMT but couldn't find a well-organized guide with everything I
     wanted so I decided to make one.

  Q: Which country are you from?
  A: I'm a true-blue Filipina from the Pearl of the Orient Seas,
     The Philippines.

  Q: Where's your e-mail? I can't find it!
  A: Like I said. My previous e-mails have so much SPAM in it, I decided to
     make a new e-mail for all HM related questions. You can e-mail me now
     at hmUNDERSCOREgwendyATyahooDOTcomDOTph. Sorry for not displaying it
     prominently. It's my feeble attempt to stop SPAM.

  Q: How often do you update this FAQ?
  A: Depends on how busy I am or when I feel like it.

  Q: Do you take fanart requests for Harvest Moon?
  A: No. I only do COMMISSION fanart. Contact me if you want some. I don't
     charge on an hourly basis. I charge per artwork and I charge reasonably.
     For more details, go to http://quillsnspills.portkey.org/comart.htm


NATSUME and     - For creating this awesome game series

Solomon Warrior - Codebreaker codes for Bachelor & Townspeople affection,
                  H.Sprites affection & experience, items, tools and tool
                  chest codes. {Sacred_Hero@hotmail.com}

Nate Bodine     - Stone Fence Advice {nate.bodine@comcast.net}
sierramut       - Info on how to get the special items
timmytation     - Info on how to get more Queen of the Night from Won
                - Master Code for More Friends of Mineral Town
herliawans      - Info on "Black Out" event {herliawans@hotmail.com}
(too many to mention) - correction on Black Out Event
(too many to mention) - Branches Fence Advice
JTR1029         - Adding in the bit about 600 game hours equaling 25 days

Copyright Gwendy 2006

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