• Obtain new seeds

    By shipping 100 of the following crops, you can unlock new crops which will be sold at the Supermarket in the right season.

    NOTE: You do not have to ship all 100 crops in one season, just as long as your Shippping List reaches 100 for the crop.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Pumpkin seedsShip 100 Corns, Tomatoes and Onions
    Spinach seedsShip 100 Sweet Potatoes, Eggplants and Carrots
    Strawberry seedsShip 100 Turnips, Potatoes and Cucumbers

    Contributed By: Entegy.

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  • ''Bad Ending''

    To recieve a "bad ending" for the game, at the beginning of the game simply tell the Mayor that ou won't take care of the farm. He'll say something along the lines of "oh, that's too bad" and the credits will roll.

    Contributed By: Saiyan Pezhead.

    3    4

  • Harvest Goddess Game

    During the first week of Spring, if you go to the left channel on your TV, and keep pressing left until the Harvest Goddess shows up, she'll let you play a guessing minigame that gives you prizes for a good amount of answers in a row. Good way to make money at the beginning of the game.

    PS. Can be used during any Year, but has to be the first week of Spring.

    Contributed By: Furry Fire Moomba.

    6    2

  • Make tons of money early in the game.

    Befriend Won by giving him gold ore every day until he lets you play his apple sorting game AND sell stuff to him. It shouldn\'t take more than a season or so.
    Play the apple sorting game and get a raffle ticket from him. Save and then try to get three numbers in a row. (1-2-3, etc.)
    He should give you the record titled "Love" as a prize.
    Now, sell it right back to him over the counter for up to 170,000 gold! You can do this repeatedly, for tons of cash early on in the game.

    Contributed By: radiantheart.

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  • Turning Soil to Normal without Wasting Energy.

    Let's say you messed up with your hoe, go get a fence log and deposit it on the messed up tile, then remove it. The tile should be back to normal. This also works with any objects you can deposit on the field (rocks, branches). Your character won't lose stamina/gain fatigue while doing this.

    Contributed By: Techno_Man.

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  • Win medals from horse race easy

    When its time for the horse race, save your game before you watch the race. Write down all the winners in order and turn off the game. When you turn it back on, bet all your money on the horse that won the race just after you saved it. The horse that won right after you saved should win again. Same with the other horses. This should help you get the jewel of truth which will save you a lot of time.

    Contributed By: BonusPoint.

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