GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

  1. From Darkloud (01/19/2005; 64KB) All cards. Sora lvl 74. Riku lvl 55. Journal and D Report complete. Everything.
  2. From ChandooG (12/13/2004; 64KB) Both scenario's completed. Go to the Load game menu to find final possible saves in both Sora and Riku's scenario
  3. From akshayasok (01/08/2005; 64KB) Everything complete both sora and riku ,all cards , sora level 99,cp 999, hp 999, Riku level 99, dp 999, hp 999.
  4. From Mykas0 (12/13/2004; 64KB) Everything completed.
  5. From ChandooG (12/12/2004; 64KB) Final save spot in the game, go and fight the final boss. Good enough stats to finish the game.
  6. From Mykas0 (12/12/2004; 64KB) Game with Riku at level 94, saved on the last possible save point.
  7. From Mykas0 (12/11/2004; 64KB) Game with Sora at level 80, saved just before his final battle.
  8. From ChandooG (12/13/2004; 64KB) Last save in Riku's scenario, time to fight the final boss. Everything's good enough to get through.
  9. From ChandooG (12/10/2004; 64KB) Save from the 4th floor in castle oblivion. Decent enough stats
  10. From ChandooG (12/11/2004; 64KB) Save right after fighting Riku for the first time, Castle Oblivian 8th floor. Good enough stats.
  11. From CrazyMuffin (01/05/2006; 64KB) Slot 1, level 77 Sora with all cards.
  12. From XxThunderxX (12/09/2004; 64KB) Sora Maxed Level, HP, and CP. All cards, all map cards, all skills. Saved at beginning of the game after talking to Yuffie and Leon.
  13. From ChandooG (12/12/2004; 64KB) Start game with this save to have Riku's scenario and Link option unlocked for the NA version.

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

  1. From wolfman_753159 (06/18/2005; 64KB) card soldiers (all enemy cards possibe)
  2. From wolfman_753159 (06/18/2005; 64KB) cloud (all enemy cards possible)
  3. From the zelda master (03/18/2006; 64KB) Contains a completed save file for both Sora and Riku. Sora is at level 64, and Riku is at level 43.
  4. From wolfman_753159 (06/18/2005; 64KB) first battle with Larexene (all enemy cards possible)
  5. From wolfman_753159 (06/18/2005; 64KB) first battle with riku* (all enemy cards possible) *promise not to tell you about him
  6. From wolfman_753159 (06/18/2005; 64KB) First fight with Axel
  7. From wolfman_753159 (06/18/2005; 64KB) guard armor (all enemy cards possible)
  8. From wolfman_753159 (06/18/2005; 64KB) Hades (all enemy cards possible)
  9. From wolfman_753159 (06/18/2005; 64KB) Jafar (all enemy cards possible)
  10. From GUYVER283 (12/12/2004; 64KB) Last save point beat with Sora
  11. From wolfman_753159 (06/18/2005; 64KB) Oogie (all enemy cards possible)
  12. From wolfman_753159 (06/18/2005; 64KB) Parasite cage (all posssible enemy cards)
  13. From wolfman_753159 (06/18/2005; 64KB) Trick Master (all enemy cards possible)
  14. From JoKyR (04/19/2006; 64KB) Ultimate KH:CoM = Both modes completed, both characters level 99, everything unlocked, Sora's deck fully pimped out.
  15. From wolfman_753159 (06/18/2005; 64KB) ursala (all enemy cards possible)

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Japan)

  1. From Mykas0 (11/11/2004; 64KB) First set of levels completed, Sora at level 26.
  2. From Mykas0 (11/13/2004; 64KB) Game completed with both Sora and Rikku.
  3. From Mykas0 (11/13/2004; 64KB) Game completed with Sora, game saved with Riku after finishing the initial set of levels.
  4. From Mykas0 (11/13/2004; 64KB) Last possible save point with Sora.

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Europe)

  1. From Mykas0 (06/03/2005; 64KB) Game completed, Riku at level 86, Sora at level 93, has One Winged Angel, Diamond Dust and Ultima Weapon.

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