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Review Title Posted Author Rating
A Great Idea Botched Like You Wouldn't Believe 11/21/06 Rewikitty
Square has done it a-BANG!!! 06/12/06 Joe the Destroyer
Square-Enix at its best with the Game Boy 01/27/05 Alucard517
Bittersweet Memories 02/06/07 Arkrex
A decent sequel to a great game 07/06/06 Blkmage
Very redundant, patently frustrating at times, and not enough substance. Chain of Memories is still a good game, however. 08/20/08 CandyBar12345
A great handheld game from two Organizatons 05/07/07 Computerbug8
A Rusted Keyblade 03/06/07 EJRICH
A fairly good game, with several flaws. 04/18/06 EmiHinata
At times, you will love this game, and at times, you will despise this game. 10/01/08 Etrurianmage
Mixing Innovation with Unoriginality 11/23/05 Fraghappy
Chain of Memories, a Great and Unique Game! 07/12/08 Game_Reviewer
Playing with the Kingdom of Hearts. 01/03/05 GMRZno9
The true gem of the series, hands down. 08/31/07 KFantasy017
"Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories holds as a faithful sub-story to the Kingdom Hearts story." 01/31/05 magus704
An innovative battle system leads to a great game. 12/22/04 MasterVG782
Chain of Memories conforms to Kingdom Hearts' formula, but it only ends up as a decent game overall. 11/17/08 MythrilCrystal
Card Based Disaster - Kingdom Hearts: Chain Of Memories Review 02/27/18 PheonixOverlord
A decent game and pretty good sequel. Despite some noticeable flaws, it's still definitely a fun experience. 01/18/05 Rango
A Great Addition to the Kingdom Hearts Franchise 02/27/06 secret_asianman
Play if you're a fan of the series 07/15/09 ShapeQuest
Incredible game. 11/28/05 StickyLlamas
It's all in the cards for Kingdom Hearts 07/24/06 Unkownver2
A fun sequel to the PS2 original but got boring halfway through 10/11/05 wolverinefan

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
Don't worry. The cards aren't the focus! 12/05/08 Allhailshadow
There was nothing in sight but memories left abandoned... 03/12/10 Arkmenhah
If only there was more to it.... 06/20/08 beckonthemoon
Great game. Great Sequel. 11/18/04 Churro
Remember... 12/13/04 Dark Link18
Sigh... Another game flawed 09/30/11 DARKDEATH98
Brilliant in many ways 12/10/04 digimax
Wow. Just wow. 12/08/04 EarthSphere
Kingdom Hearts steals your heart as well 12/10/04 enacting
Play this one before KHII if you plan on fully understanding the story of the series. 10/30/07 Fin_Obelius
The sequel to one of the most genre shattering games ever doesn't disappoint 01/03/05 Gr8one17
Despite a few flaws in design; 'Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories' manages to be quite a fun game 04/14/09 Kattykitkat
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. I didn't think it was possible for ANYTHING to do so, but his game actually surpasses the original. 12/10/04 KeybladeMasterA
There's more to this game than meets the eye. 12/30/04 Kingdom_Hearts2
The first Kingdom Hearts I know, and.... 12/30/04 losszoul
Wow.I just bought the sequel to one of the greatest games on ps2! 12/13/04 Mr_HideoKojima
Good? Yeah. Perfect? No... 11/12/04 Mykas0
A little skill and a lot of luck. 12/13/04 RoboFFL2
Cards + Kingdom Hearts = fun game 12/13/04 Soul Ender
Nicely done, not perfect, but nicely done. 12/21/04 Spiral_Wolf
Kingdom Hearts - Chain Of Disappointment 12/09/04 sybastard
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 is finally here! 12/09/04 VideoboysaysCube
Not perfect, but certainly not a dissapointment! 12/10/04 whitehawk1986
Commit it to memory... 12/06/04 Zeltica

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