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Battle Network 4/Zero 3 Link FAQ by Shift Breaker

Version: 1.20 | Updated: 08/03/05

/\/\Megaman Zero 3/Megaman Battle Network 4:/\/\
/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\Connection FAQ/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

By Shift Breaker

Table of Contents

1. Introduction/Why the hell are you doing this? (Itro)
2. Linking up (LnkUp)
3. Link Possible Errors/Solutions (Err/Sol)
4. Z-Saber Chip (BN4)
5. Cyberworld Enemies (Z3)
6. Version History (Vrs)
7. Thanks (Thk)
8. Copyright/Outro (Cpyrght)
8.1. Permitted Websites (PerWeb)
8.2. Contact Me (CtcMe)
8.3. Copyright (Cpyrght)


1. Introduction/Why the hell are you doing this? (Itro)


Yo!!! The name's Shift Breaker. Shift....Break...e...Never Mind. I'm here to
explain the thing that has been plaguing Message boards for all....a few months
time. Linking up Megaman Zero 3 with Megaman Battle Network 4. It's been 
annoying me, so I thought I'd do this to shut everyone up. Hopefully.


2. Linking Up (LnkUp)


You will need:

2 Game Boy Advances (Normal and/or SP)
1 Game Boy Advance Link Cable
1 Megaman Zero 3 Cartridge
1 Megaman Battle Network 4 Blue Moon/Red Sun Cartridge

NOTE:Using a Nintendo DS will not allow you to connect 2 games together. You
NEED 2 GBA/SP's for it to work. Just thought you'd know.


1. Get your GBA's ready. 
2. Put in Megaman Zero 3 in one, and Megaman Battle Network 4 in another.
3. Link them up.

In Megaman Zero 3:

1. If you've just got it, complete the first level, beat omega, and return to 
   the resistance base.
2. Head to Ciel's Lab. the Room with "Ciel" above the door.
3. Press Up next to her computer.
4. Select Transmission and confirm.
5. Switch to MMBN4

In Megaman Battle Network 4:

1. Choose Comms in the Menu. Can do this at start of game (After you get your 
2. Select Chip exchange or whatever it is. Choose to Recieve the Chip.
3. The Chip will be traded over to EXE4.


3. Link Possible Errors/Solutions (Err/Sol)


Oooooooh Boy. There's always someone who asks something because there's "teh
errorz in mah gaem!!11!1" Yeah, Well stop it. Here's the reason why that 
certain group of people will hopefully Stay Quiet for a Looooooong Time. IF 
they check the FAQ's. Anyway, to the point. This section will show every 
problem and solution to them I know of. I'll also add any other problems
or solutions from You, the Reader. Anyway, enough talk. Let's get to the 

"Help!! My Megaman keeps saying "Your Connection is not Ready. Please wait."
and my Zero keeps saying "Transmission Error"!! Help me!!"

Ah yes...A simple problem that actually means that you're bad at linking or
taking care of your GBA.

- Clean the inside of the link cable. It's small so it'll be hard. Blowing
  helps, but it could just send the Dust around.
- Your Link port for your GBA is dusty or dirty. Dust can be resolved by using
  a cotton bud, but it has to be pretty small. Worked for me. Dirt is a bit 
  harder, so you might have to get a new GBA. I never have dirt in mine so a
  solution from you guys would be helpful!!
- You have the wrong cable. Remember, a Gameboy/Gameboy Colour Link Cable works
  only for linking up GB/GBC games, and a GBA Link cable works only for GBA

"OH No!! My Megaman Zero/Megaman Battle Network Game is connecting, but not the
other one!! Why!!"

The Other annoying one. Probably means bad linkage, or faulty cartridge.

- Did you buy it used? Probably why. There was probably something wrong so
  someone decided to leech money off people buy selling it as "In Good 
  Condition". Get a New one. Seriously.
- Again, Bad Linkage. Clean your Link cable or slot. Or perhaps it's a faulty
  GBA. In which case, you're screwed unless you use a Game Boy Player or have a
  third GBA.
- You're a Fool if you don't get this yet. NEW LINK CABLE!!!

"Wait...They're linking up perfectly.....But I can't get get a Z-Saber Chip on
my MMBN4 Cartridge. Why?"

Dont'cha hate this? GET A NEW CARTRIDGE!!

- You either got MMZ3 Used, or rented it. There's only 1 Z-Saber per cartridge,
  and the one on your cartridge has been sent. Too bad. Solution? Buy it new.
  Nothing wrong with your cartridge, it's just that it's been used. Forget the
  Z-Saber for now and play the awesome MMZ3.

"Quick question. I know you're the know-it-all regarding this stuff so I 
decided to ask you. Today I transferred the Z-saber to my Megaman Battle 
Network 4 Blue Moon from my Megaman Zero 3. Both of them were my cartridges 
that I purchased brand new. The Z-saber went over to MMBN4-BM fine. However, 
when I go to cyberspace in Megaman Zero 3 there is no difference in enemies. 
Would you possibly be able to suggest why you think that happened? Tell me 
what you think!!" from Solarian77x (via e-mail)

Well, you're screwed then. 

- I'm not sure how, but there was a recieving error on the side that Zero 3 was
  on. Something with the link cable maybe? Either way, you got the Z-saber, the
  data was send, but none was recieved. There's nothing you can do. Either 
  that, or it's a glitch with your game. I'm not actually sure how this worked.


4. Z-Saber Chip (BN4)


Guess what guys. There's only 1 Z-Saber Chip in each Megaman Zero 3 cartridge
so only you can get one Z-Saber Chip. HOWEVER!! There is another way. Higsby.
If your friend wants a Z-Saber Chip, it's easy. First, trade yours so it's in
his/hers chip library. Then trade back. Like all chips, any chips that go from 
your pack automatically head the Order system to be collected again, sometimes
in a different Code. Get your friend to buy it from Higgy for a measly 30000Z!!
Easy, huh.


Ahem. Here's the chip.

Max Damage:1260
Class:Mega(Secret chip No.38/38)

Megaman slashes 3 times, first a Long Sword, Then a Wide Sword, then a Hero 
Sword. When charged in Proto Soul, it doesn't Step forward like other swords so
don't expect another Evil Cut!! Non Time Freezing. 

Z=Sword Range




Best to use a Thunderball 1 * first to ensure they all hit. Alternitively, you
could row lock your enemy. But the Thunderball is easier.


5. Cyberworld Enemies (Z3)


When you've connected with Battle Network 4, the enemies in the cyberworld on 
Zero 3 Change to enemies from the Megaman Battle Network Games. All of them not
in 4. Well, most of them change. REMEMBER!! Once you change them to the MMBN 
enemies, they can't change back when you're in the cyberworld. Here's the new 
enemy list.

Beetank/Bug Tank(EXE5 Name):

Games Appeared in: Megaman Battle Network (GBA)
                   Megaman Battle Network 2 (GBA)
                   Megaman Battle Network 5 (GBA)
                   Megaman Battle Network 5: Double Team (DS)
                   Megaman Network Transmission (GC)

Ah, the Beetank. As it's name implies, It's a tank. However, it shoots bombs.
WHAT A DISCOVERY!! This replaces most of the ground enemies and throws bombs in
the air. To avoid them, stand directly in front of them. Then attack. Easy!!


Games Appeared in: Megaman Battle Network (GBA)
                   Megaman Battle Network 2 (GBA)
                   Megaman Battle Network 3 (GBA)
                   Megaman Network Transmission (GC)
                   Rockman.EXE WS (WS)

A Fan favourite because....It has a sword. *GASP!!!* It's a flying enemy, and 
it replaces most of the flying enemies too. What it does is dash forward and
hit you. Avoid it by moving away, or just going nowhere near it.


Games Appeared in: Megaman Battle Network (GBA)
                   Megaman Battle Network 2 (GBA)
                   Megaman Network Transmission (GC)

Ye olde Water Viruses. However, this is the only version of them that is in 
this game. They look like a big blue bubble. Which is exactly what their attack
is. They shoot bubbles from their mouth that bounce around on the floor until 
it leaves the screen or hits you. Avoid it by going under it then moving 
quickly. Then you're done.

That's it!! Expecting more, huh. Me too. Too bad.


6. Version History (Vrs)


Version 1.0:

Look at me!!! I made the first Version!! I did the FAQ and Submitted it. All I
need to do is see if those New Enemies/Viruses are in the other games.

Version 1.1:

Added the Linking Errors/Solutions Section and found out about all MMBN 
Cyberworld enemies. That's it. Oh!! Also split the Outro into Different 

Version 1.15:

Got Rid of E-Mail. Too much Spam

Version 1.2:

Added my public e-mail addresses, and added new games that the Beetank Appeared
in, also answered another error! Badly...


7. Thanks (Thk)


Capcom, for making these 2 Great Games.

Me, for making this Guide.

You, for reading this guide.

Not the people who keep asking about the Z-Saber Chip in the MMBN4 Boards.


8. Copyright/Outro (Cpyrght)


Well then, I hope this FAQ Enlightens you in your quest for the Z-Saber.
Remember, It DOES need help so any Help would be.....Helpful. The contact 
section is below so contact me if you need help.

=+=+=+=8.1. Permitted Websites (PerWeb)=+=+=+=

This thar FAQ is only Alllowed on them thar Websites:

Mind Shift:www.freewebs.com/mind_shift

=+=+=+=8.2. Contact Me (CtcMe)=+=+=+=

Everyone, Hope you get all the info you need from this. Enjoy it. If you need
to contact me about anything I've done wrong, forgot to put in. etc, Join
GameFAQ's Message boards and ask for me. Or, e-mail me with one of my new
e-mail addresses.


=+=+=+=8.3. Copyright (Cpyrght)=+=+=+=

Copyright (c) 2004 by Shift Breaker. The chip names listed
are Copyrighted by Capcom. You may not use this FAQ on your site without asking
permission. You'd better not take this FAQ. Before I find a Vampire who's a 
Hitman and well....I'll leave the rest to your imagination. Let's just say
you'd better wish you were the turkey. *Evil Grin*




Seriously. It is.

You're still reading, aren't you?


*Sigh* If you'll leave now this is finished, I'll show you the tap dancing 
oyster, okay? Good. BYEEEE!!!


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