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Alphabetical Folder FAQ by The Dark Unknown

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/20/04

            +-------------+ +-----------+ +-------------+ +-+
            |M|e|g|a|m|a|n| |B|a|t|t|l|e| |N|e|t|w|o|r|k| |4| 
            +-------------+ +-----------+ +-------------+ +-+
                 +-----+ +-----+ |-| +-------+ +-------+
                 |R|e|d| |S|u|n| |/| |B|l|u|e| |M|o|o|n|
                 +-----+ +-----+ |-| +-------+ +-------+
                                          _               _     _ 
         /\ |._ |_  _.|_  _ _|_ o _ _.|  |_ _ | _| _ ._  |_ /\ / \
        /--\||_)| |(_||_)(/_ |_ |(_(_||  | (_)|(_|(/_|   | /--\\_\

 Megaman Battle Network 4: Red Sun/Blue Moon - Alphabetical Folder FAQ

 Written by - The Dark Unknown
    Version - 1.0

Actually...the full name would be: "Best Folder of each code listed alphabet-
ically FAQ", but it obviously doesn't fit. Don't get confused with the name
of the Guide, it is NOT a Guide on how to build 27 code Folders...or 31
as Shift Breaker claims.

Full credit goes to Final Judgement for starting the Alphabetical List of
good Folders. Without him, this FAQ would never have been born. Or have been
thought of. Many thanks to him and the many GameFAQers that helped to
complete this list of Folders.

This FAQ belongs to me, and only me. Thanks, and don't plagerise. Ever.

Version History -

(October 20, 2004)
- 1.1: Fixed all those errors you guys pointed out, kthx. I have to write those
descriptions, don't I? x_x

(October 13, 2004)
- 1.0: Finished the entire guide (Minus any mistakes, changes to Folders or
       Descriptions and all that). Yay.


  =[ ]=-------------------------=[ ]=
    |          Section 1          |
    |         Y Helo Thar!        |
  =[ ]=-------------------------=[ ]=

* If you're searching for a Folder, please search for the NAME of the Folder.

| Section 1 - Y helo thar! (Table of Contents. Here.)

| Section 2 - An Alphabet of Folders?

| Section 3 - The Folders...
(Code - Name of Folder - Creator)

   A Code - Magnetic Field - The Dark Unknown
   B Code - Spider Turd - Pharohman exe
   C Code - Chromo Cutlass - H0tSh0tZ1627
 D/E Code - Neo Disco Inferno - Asakura Yoh (D code)
            Rising Inferno - SushiSquid and Asakura Yoh (E code)
   F Code - Crimson Combat - Acred24 and Final Judgement
   G Code - Taiyoooh
   H Code - Final Judgement /-/ - The Dark Unknown
   I Code - Purple Bomber - The Dark Unknown
   J Code - Mind Games - Crimson Knight
   K Code - Games of the Scorched Shinai - Final Judgement
   L Code - Shining Laser - Mastermind Chaud
   M Code - Shinja Fury - H0tSh0tZ1627
   N Code - All or Nothing - SilentJi
*  O Code - Lemon Crusher - Zephyr Delta (I code)
            Melon Crusher - The Dark Unknown and H0tSh0tZ1627 (O code)
   P Code - The Impaler - SushiSquid
   Q Code - Painful Reality - Space Medafighter X (Code Change)
   R Code - Astro Crush - Asakura Yoh, Raven8 and H0tSh0tZ1627 (Code Change)
   S Code - S-Slasher - Zidanet129
*  T Code - Jell-O of Doom - The Dark Unknown and H0tSh0tZ1627
   U Code - Toxic Bomber - H0tSh0tZ1627 and Chief Clancy Wiggum
   V Code - Mjolnir - Eclipse and The Dark Unknown
   W Code - Black Wind (Kokushokuzatsuon) - White Dragon Nall (Code Change)
   X Code - Ground Style - Miyamoto Wannabe (Code Change) 
   Y Code - Cleptogeist - H0tSh0tZ1627 and SushiSquid
   Z Code - Meteoric Supremacy - SushiSquid (Code Change)
   * Code - Desert Storm - SushiSquid
  3+ Code - Psycho Bouncer (Tenkoukaku) - White Dragon Nall

| Section 4 - Can YOU contribute? (It's RHETORICAL. Stop TYPING, dammit.)

| Section 5 - Special Thanks! (Because you're all special.)

| Section 6 - Outro. Whoopie.

* signifies that the Folder is NOT complete

  =[ ]=-------------------------=[ ]=
    |          Section 2          |
    |   An Alphabet of Folders?   |
  =[ ]=-------------------------=[ ]=

After all, WHY would you make an Alphabet of Folders, let alone a FAQ about
them? Just don't answer boredom, boy.

The best Folders get into the Renowned Folder FAQ, but those are only the best
of the best. What about the ideas of the people with more creativity, playing
with Folders that are fun rather than cheap SP Navi S-Ranking Folders that
take little skill to pull off properly?

This FAQ has the best Folder of each code, yar? The potential of each code,
if you want. What better way to show the best for each catagory than with a
FAQ like this? That's what Folder Building is about - trying new ideas,
making the best of each chip series, each PA, each CHIP CODE. This is but
one of the many possible 'Folder lists' (Though it's probably the biggest).

I thank Final Judgement, because he was the one who started the Alphabetical
List of Folders. Without him, this FAQ and a few of the Folders listed would
not even have existed. I owe you one, FJ. Or two. You count.

I wrote this FAQ to display the hard work and creativity of our fellow MMBN4
Players, and also for my own enjoyment. I love Folders much more than the
average player, being a keen strategist and all (If I may say so myself).
Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Enough droning from me. I can't write Introductions very well, so let's move
onto the Folders. I feel like quoting something but nothing relevant comes
to mind. Suggest something for me, d00d. Somehow, "THE R-3 MACHINE LEAD ME
TO THE ENEMY" doesn't suit.


  =[ ]=-------------------------=[ ]=
    |          Section 3          |
    |        The Folders...       |
  =[ ]=-------------------------=[ ]=

*Note - All comments are based on my own experience and rating of this Folder,
 thus they are all my own opinion (Though I am rarely wrong when I comment,
 and I've done my research fully on each of these Folders)
 The ratings are ALL my opinion and are only there so you're not lost after
 reading my descriptions.
 I would appreciate it if you credit me properly if you are going to use the
 Overview/Comments and Rating of the Folder - these were done by me. The
 Folders themselves, as well as any related names, are by the Creator as
 stated on each Folder.
 If I have modified the Folder, it will say so. If it has been 'recompiled'
 by me or anyone else, that means I/they took it apart and built it from
 scratch again using the same idea/strategy.

 I take NO responsibility of you go insane/suffer from a stroke after reading
 anything past this sentence - read at your own risk. Sue me for my stupidity
 and all after you die. Thankies.
 I'm a bit longwinded too, so bear with me. If anything doesn't make sense, it
 isn't my fault. It's yours.
      Code - A                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Magnetic Field 
   Creator - The Dark Unknown

     4 MagBolt 1 *
     4 MagBolt 3 A
     2 ThunderBall 1 *
     2 MetalGear 3 *
     3 RockCube *
     2 Spreader *
     2 Lightning 2 A
     2 Blizzard * [Preset]
     3 Invis *
     1 Areagrab *
     4 PanelGrab *
     1 FullCust *

   Preferred Version - Red Sun ONLY
   Preferred Souls - ThunderSoul ONLY
   Possible Souls - RS - ThunderSoul, SearchSoul

Overview: This Folder doesn't look too impressive, but it's ability to keep
your opponent still for most, if not the entire match (After setting it up,
of course >_>) makes it pretty decent for Netbattles. Don't depend on it
for competitive Netbattles though. It has a few flaws.

The setup is probably the worse thing about this Folder. If it weren't so 
unreliable, this Folder would be the next SensorShip (MMBN3 Folder)...but
it's not. Actually...it's optional.

The key thing about using this Folder: ThunderSoul is the ONLY way it'll
work, so ONLY use it after you're sure all FullCusts are gone, and you've
set up the stage. You should also have a fair amount of paralyzing chips
before you grab Thunderman's Soul.

You can play it safe or play it...not safe and get a quick victory. Your
choice. I've listed both methods.

Method 1: The Best Results Method.

For best results (NOT most reliable, BEST), you want to rowlock them. With
4 Panelgrabs and 2 MetalGear 3s (These should be used for Rowlocking. The
Rockcubes serve another purpose), it shouldn't be hard to get a rowlock.
An Areagrab is there just in case something goes wrong.

[_][_][_][_][_][_] P = PanelGrab
[_][_][_][P][P][M] M = MetalGear

That should be what your rowlock looks like. After that, you need Ice panels
if you want to win. It's pretty hard without them, but you do have 3 
Blizzards. Use a Blizzard like so (Assuming that you've ALREADY Rowlocked)

[_][_][_][B][_][_] M = You
[_][M][B][B][_][G] B = Blizzard
[_][_][_][B][_][_] G = MetalGear

This should make your opponent's frontmost panels Ice. Now, proceed to use
multiple MagBolts. Each MagBolt 1 will do 180 damage, and each MagBolt 3 will
do 260 damage. Not bad.

Method 2: The Economical, yet Risky Way.

It's basically the same, only you toss Rowlock completely. Instead, you start
by directly placing the Blizzard, like before.

[_][_][_][B][_][_] M = You
[_][M][B][B][_][_] B = Blizzard

Now, either use ThunderBall to stun them, or use the rather ingenius method
I invented of a 100% Accuracy Paralysis. Here's how it works.
Place a MetalGear or Rockcube in the middle row (MetalGear preferred). Now,
with ThunderSoul, fire Spreader at the obstacle when your opponent is within
the 1 panel blast radius of the Spreader, like so:

[_][_][_][X][X][X] M = You
[_][M][_][X][G][X] G = MetalGear (Wait for it to go to the middle!)
[_][_][_][X][X][X] X = Spreader Range

There. Instant paralysis. Now, use them MagBolts again. Unless you run short,
you should be able to hold them still until the next turn. If you're quick,
use your ZapRing Charged Buster for the same effect.

Easy. If your ThunderSoul goes away, then use the Rockcubes and MetalGears
to set up a Lightning strike as a finisher, though it's probably not even

Rating - Offensive Power - *** (**** if you can keep the combo going)
         Fun Factor - ****
         1P Recommendation - **
         Netbattle Recommendation - **** (If you're playing for fun, it's
                                          pretty annoying =P)

      Code - B                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Spider Turd
   Creator - Pharohman exe
 * Modified by - The Dark Unknown

     2 WoodyPowder *
     3 PropBomb1 *
     2 MagBolt1 B
     4 MagBolt3 B
     3 WhiteWeb1 *
     3 WhiteWeb3 *
     4 PanelGrab *
     3 Wind *
     3 Invis *
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]
     1 DoublePoint *
     1 BlueMoonRay B

   Preferred Version - Blue Moon ONLY
   Preferred Souls - WoodSoul ONLY
   Possible Souls - BM - WoodSoul, NumberSoul

Overview: This Folder doesn't look too impressive, but it's damage potential
is far from bad. It's very dependant on WoodSoul and rowlocking though, so
it's not your best bet...anywhere.

You know the drill. Rowlock with PanelGrabs (You have 4!) and your obstacle -
Wind. Looks like this.

[_][_][_][_][_][_] P = PanelGrab
[_][_][_][P][P][W] W = Wind

Rowlock is *Almost* essential with this Folder. Sure, you can drag your
opponent with MagBolts across WhiteWebs, but who's stupid enough to go to
the WhiteWebs? Also, note that only WhiteWebs 1/3 are in this Folder. That's
the top and bottow rows, meaning your opponent is safe on the middle row.
So safe that you can only get 90 damage before causing flinching, maybe 200
with your BlueMoonRay. Useless.

WhiteWebs. They normally do 40 damage. That's 120 with 3 webs...until you
use WoodSoul's Gaia Effect. If you toss a PropellerBomb1 behind WhiteWeb, you
get +120 damage on EACH WhiteWeb. That's +360 damage in total.

The Wind pulls them to the back row, which can actually be used to get them
to step on each WhiteWeb...or you can have them in the back and pull them
forwards with MagBolt to achieve the same effect.

Using Wind:
*The WhiteWebs are on the panels denoted with O and >*
[_][_][_][O][>][>] W = Wind      P = Panelgrabbed panels
[_][_][_][P][P][W] O = Opponent
[_][_][_][_][_][_] > = Direction Opponent is pulled.

Using MagBolt:
[_][_][M][<][<][O] W = Wind      P = Panelgrabbed panels
[_][_][_][P][P][W] O = Opponent  M = You
[_][_][_][_][_][_] < = Direction Opponent is pulled.

Either way, it works. You do get 70 damage (And flinching =/) from using
MagBolt though.

The usual setup/combo:
[WhiteWeb 1/3 (40) + 120 (PropBomb)] x 3 (No of WhiteWebs) + 130 (MagBolt 3) = 
620 damage. Not too shabby.

Note that there IS a DoublePoint - this can be used for an extra 60 damage,
but it gives your opponent an escape route. Best if you follow it up with
a PanelGrab, making you lose the 60 damage in exchange for an extra Web.
Now you have 4!

Fully powered WhiteWeb combo (WITHOUT +60 from DoublePoint, but it requires
the DoublePoint'd panel for 4 webs.)
WhiteWeb + BlueMoonRay Damage x 4 Webs + MagBolt 3

[40 + 200] x 4 + 130 = 1090 Damage

Technically, you could pull it off in two turns, like so:

Turn 1: DoublePoint, PanelGrab, PanelGrab, PanelGrab, Wind
Turn 2: WoodSoul, WhiteWeb 1/3, BlueMoonRay, MagBolt 1/3

1030 isn't much with all of that setup though. In fact, it's REALLY bad for
9 chips. However, the normal combo does 560 damage, and can be pulled off
quite a few times (Especially if your opponent somehow switches to the other
row...), making this Folder pretty good at dealing a good 600~ damage fairly

It's not the best of Folders, but it works and is actually pretty good. It
may be ideal to sub in a few Blinds so that you can link up several WhiteWeb
attacks for 1000+ damage in 1-2 turns. It's important not to WASTE any chips
though - other Folders have 'expendable' chips that can be 'replaced' - this
Folder relies heavily on each and every chip playing their role.

Rating - Offensive Power - *** & 1/2
         Fun Factor - ***
         1P Recommendation - ***
         Netbattle Recommendation - **

      Code - C                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Chromo Cutlass
   Creator - H0tSh0tZ1627
 * Modified by - The Dark Unknown

     4 VarSword C
     4 WideBlade C
     4 Timpani *
     4 GunDelSol 3 C
     3 Blinder *
     2 AntiSword */C
     4 Invis *
     3 AreaGrab *
     1 SlowGauge * [Preset]
     1 Fullcust * 

   Preferred Version - Blue Moon
   Preferred Souls - BluesSoul
   Possible Souls - BM - BluesSoul, JunkSoul

Overview: Now this is a rare Folder - possibly the only Folder to utilize
BluesSoul well. Of course, it's not going to be insanely powerful with Blues-
Soul's *ahem* extraordinary powers. Unfortunately, the best you're going to
get with BluesSoul (EVER) is a crappy 440~ damage attack that can only be
done once. With this Folder, you can 300/VarSword.

The setup is simple - that's why this Folder is actually pretty decent in
Netbattle. You need ONE Timpani and you've got everything set up. Of course,
that does mean your whole strategy is useless against anything that destroys

~ BluesSoul Stuff ~
This is how BluesSoul's StepStrike works, if you don't know already. When you
charge up a Sword Chip (Hold A with a Sword Chip and Megaman will have a
'green charge'). When A is released, Megaman will step forwards 2 panels and 
use the Sword chip there - you retain the range of the Sword chip, but get
a StepSword effect.

For example, if you were to use a WideSword/Blade...
[_][_][_][_][X][_] @ = Where you originally were
[_][@][_][M][X][_] M = Megaman
[_][_][_][_][X][_] X = Hit Range (Still a WideSword Range)

Of course, this doesn't freeze time or anything, so you need the support
provided in this Folder. ThunderBalls and so on aren't very useful as you will
have to start charging AFTER you release the ThunderBall, AND get into position
...Any decent player would have rid themselves of paralysis by then.

You have a total of 8 Sword Chips in this Folder - 4 VarSword and 4 WideBlade.
(Thanks to TheRealLegendOfLink for this following tidbit) You can charge
VarSword by releasing A when it's fully charged, then quickly pressing A
again and performing the Button Commands. Step-LifeSword! I wonder how Step-
SonicBoom works...

WideBlade Range
[_][_][_][_][X][_] @ = Where you originally were
[_][@][_][M][X][_] M = Megaman
[_][_][_][_][X][_] X = Hit Range

VarSword Range
[_][_][_][_][_][_] @ = Where you originally were
[_][@][_][M][X][_] M = Megaman
[_][_][_][_][_][_] X = Hit Range (With a plain Sword. If you use a button
                       command, you can figure the range out yourself)

And that's ALL you have to know. That you will hit if your opponent is 3
panels in front.

You will be needing: TIMPANI. Timpani is the ONLY way you will get StepStrike
to hit in this Folder, save ColumnLocking. Once you place a Timpani...charge
up and hit them when they're immobilized. Simple as that. Getting the Timpani
on your panels would be best.

~ The rest of the Folder ~ 
Aside from that, it's all support. GunDelSol3 will hit your opponent if you
either ColumnLock them or you stop them with Timpani. Same theory.

Blinder + AntiSword
Both Blinder and AntiSword are only really useful if you're Netbattling -
AntiSword will stop Rush and popular LifeSword Folders, allowing you to make
full usage of the three turns you have with BluesSoul.
Blinder will get rid of flinching after you hit with a Sword chip - this
speeds up the Folder and lets you fully use that turn to get 2 Sword Chips in.
Gun Del Sol does the same thing, but you'd rather save it for later.

SlowGauge + FullCust
You WILL be needing this - there is simply not enough time in one turn to
pull off multiple swords even though it is very possible (As you need 1
chip for setup, and can have up to 4 other offensive chips at a time). A
SlowGauge will give you more time with BluesSoul - you might even want to
add a second one.
FullCust should NOT, I repeat, NOT be used when you have BluesSoul. You can
use it on the first turn or the turn PRIOR to when you're Soul Unisoning to

~ What to do after BluesSoul runs out ~ 
This will be a problem, and was a problem with HotShotz's original version.
Patched that.

When your BluesSoul is gone, it's time to attempt a ColumnLock - you have
3 Areagrabs. Even if you can't get your opponent onto one row, it's fine.
Timpani will stop your opponent for Gun Del Sol, or for you to Areagrab
them again. WideBlade will hit easily with 2 Areagrabs, regardless of whether
your opponent tries to block it or not. VarSword's LifeSword or SonicBoom
will hit without Timpani. Of course, they will do less damage, but they'll
kill your opponent sooner or later. Anyhow, this Folder relies more on smaller
single hits rather than one strong combo, so you have room for error.

One last reminder - you should NOT use your BluesSoul Soul Unison on the
first turn. NEVER. Use the first turn to set things up, so that you can start 
dealing damage as soon as you Soul Unison on the second/third turn.

Rating - Offensive Power - **
         Fun Factor - ***
         1P Recommendation - **
         Netbattle Recommendation - ***~

      Code - D/E                 |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Neo Disco Inferno + Rising Inferno
   Creator - Asakura Yoh (NDI) / SushiSquid & Asakura Yoh (RI)
 * Neo Disco Inferno: Modified by - The Dark Unknown

      - Neo Disco Inferno -
     4 HeatShot D
     4 Heat-V D
     4 HeatSide D
     4 WoodyPowder *
     3 Invis *
     2 PopUp *
     2 Areagrab *
     3 RollArrow2 D
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]
     1 LifeAura D
     A - 2 Timpani *
     B - 2 BlkBomb D

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - None (FireSoul for GrassCross, but you lose FullSynch)
   Possible Souls - RS - FireSoul, SearchSoul
                    BM - WoodSoul, NumberSoul

       - Rising Inferno -
     4 HeatShot *
     4 Heat-V E
     4 HeatSide E
     4 WoodyPowder *
     4 Invis *
     3 GreenWood3 E
     3 Timpani *
     3 AreaGrab E
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - None
   Possible Souls - RS - FireSoul, SearchSoul
                    BM - WoodSoul, JunkSoul

Overview: Surely you have heard of Neo Disco Inferno's predecessor, the famous
Disco Inferno from MMBN3 (Or Disco Inferno: Custom). Too bad it's been
downgraded...just like the other MMBN3 basis Folders in MMBN4. Neo Disco
Inferno has two versions - NDI in D code, and Rising Inferno in E code.
Rising Inferno is essentially the same as NDI, only it utilizes a slightly
different method for getting FullSynch which is more effective.

- Section 1: Neo Disco Inferno Overview:

Neo Disco Inferno is as the name says - a new version of Disco Inferno. You
have the old HeatSpread comb...where's BlkBomb, you ask? Or another substitute
for Prism?

The problem with BlkBomb is that it doesn't work with HeatSpread that well -
it doesn't get a damage boost from Grass Panels, so it's not that effective.
Yoh's RFF version doesn't have BlkBombs at all, but I took the liberty in
adding two back in (Or Timpanis).

You're going to be using WoodyPowder + HeatSpread most of the time - it's
just as powerful as the MMBN3 version, but it's harder to pull off with the
loss of an obstacle to hit. It all depends on where your opponent is, etc

You want the BlkBomb near your opponent so that your HeatSpread hits them
when you fire it at the BlkBomb - that means your BlkBomb has to be on one
of the nine panels around your opponent. WoodyPowder has to be underneath
your opponent, which makes it even harder. You MUST get the BlkBomb positioned
(Preferably in the middle of your opponent's area to ensure a hit), then
use WoodyPowder and HeatSpread in succession. If you get it right, WoodyPowder
will momentarily stun your opponent, giving you time to fire your HeatSpread
at them/the BlkBomb - as long as the HeatSpread hits the BlkBomb, it won't
be a problem if you decide to hit your opponent directly with HeatSpread.


If you're going to use Timpani, then the following diagram does NOT apply -
the Timpani can go anywhere. You just have to get the HeatSpread to hit whilst
the Timpani is singing.

If you're using BlkBomb...

(Without Areagrabbing)
[_][_][_][W][_][_] M = You
[_][M][W][W][B][_] W = Grass Panels (Your opponent has to stand on one of the
[_][_][_][W][_][_] B = BlkBomb       Ws on the 4th column)

(With 2 Areagrabs)
You can place the BlkBomb AFTER the Grass Panels are placed, because you don't
need to stun your opponent for any reason - you just place the WoodyPowder,
then toss a BlkBomb and nuke the whole thing with HeatSpread)
[_][_][_][_][_][W] M = You
[_][_][_][M][B][W] W = Grass Panels
[_][_][_][_][_][W] B = BlkBomb

Those are the only ways to get a full hit. If you manage to get a FullSynch 
with WoodyPowder, then you'll end up doing quite a bit more damage.

HeatSpread + FullSynch (x2) + Grass Panels (x2) + BlkBomb + WoodyPowder
(Note - BlkBomb does NOT get a boost from WoodyPowder as it hits AFTER Heat-
 Spread hits - HeatSpread burns away the Grass panels)

300 x 2 x 2 + 210 + 100 = 1510 Damage. For ONE turn. If you don't get Full-
Synch, then it does 600 less damage - 910. Still extremely good for one

Timpani makes the job MUCH easier, but you do lose that 210 damage from
BlkBomb. Not much of a problem, really, because it's pretty hard to miss
with Timpani.

Place the Timpani anywhere, but preferably on a panel you know you won't be
using. (To get WoodyPowder to hit).

When the Timpani starts singing, you have MORE than enough time to hit your
opponent with WoodyPowder, then hit them DIRECTLY with HeatSpread. Don't do
anything stupid, like attempting to hit the Timpani. As I've said before, you
lose 210 damage. That's 1300 damage with FullSynch, and 700 without it. It's
still decent, and VERY easy to use.

RollArrow and LifeAura are just there because they're good. RollArrow can
break your opponent's chips - used with Timpani and you've got a 60 damage
Jealousy (Close enough =/). LifeAura is actually pretty good for MMBN4 - if
you think about it, not even AirHock3 would go through it without a Atk+30
or FullSynch.


- Section 2: Rising Inferno Overview:

Rising Inferno broke the PA Memo. Indeed it has. Normally, an E coded Heat-
Spread would be impossible...without * code Chips, of course. HeatShot * exists
so you can form HeatSpread with Heat-V E and HeatSide E. E is a bit more
open-ended, with powerful chips like Numberball and so on, but they don't
really help with Rising Inferno, so they're out. Feel free to customize this
Folder yourself.

Anyhow, Rising Inferno uses the same combo - WoodyPowder + HeatSpread. There
are no BlkBombs in E code, so Timpanis are in. You can play with the method
mentioned before, with Timpani holding your opponent in place.

Chips required: Timpani, WoodyPowder, HeatSpread (3)

[_][T][_][X][_][_] M = You       O = Opponent
[_][M][X][O][_][_] T = Timpani
[_][_][_][X][_][_] W = woodyPowder

Put the Timpani down, which immobilizes your opponent - make sure the Timpani
won't restrict your movement too much, or you'll start to get problems with
hitting and all.

Now, align yourself so that you are on the same row as them, and they're in
WoodyPowder range. Hit him/her with WoodyPowder, then quickly follow it up
with HeatSpread - Timpani should last long enough for you to pull off
HeatSpread with ease, but you should fire it quickly just in case your timing
is slightly off.

WoodyPowder + HeatSpread + 2x from Grass + FullSynch
100 + [300 x 2 x 2] = 1300 Damage.

WoodyPowder + HeatSpread + 2x from Grass
100 + [300 x 2] = 700 Damage.

You'll have to get the FullSynch with WoodyPowder, or another chip in between.

You might have noticed the GreenWood3s. Those can actually do extra damage,
stun your opponent AND get your FullSynch. Three in one!

Chips - WoodyPowder, GreenWood3, HeatSpread (3)

It's the same at the start, but you MUST align yourself onto your opponent's
row and have them in WoodyPowder range FIRST.

Use the WoodyPowder, which should stun them - quickly follow it up with
GreenWood, which should stun them further and give you FullSynch. Now, fire
the HeatSpread RIGHT AFTER GreenWood. Mashing A is ESSENTIAL in getting this
to work, and any heistantion will waste the combo.

[_][_][_][_][X][_] M = You
[_][_][M][X][O][_] X = WoodyPowder
[_][_][_][_][X][_] O = Opponent

WoodyPowder + GreenWood3 + HeatSpread + 2x from Grass + FullSynch
100 + 160 + [300 x 2 x 2] = 1460 Damage. Not shabby at all, especially in just
one turn. You could potentially kill your opponent in one turn.

In fact, you could use your first turn to set up your Timpani and whatnot, then
HeatSpread your opponent on the second, ensuring a fully powered HeatSpread

However you decide to play it, it's still highly damaging and fairly accurate.
An all-rounder.


- Section 3: Neo Disco Inferno vs. Rising Inferno -

The key thing is that THEY ARE NEAR IDENTICAL. That's why they were put
together, foo'. The only thing that really differs is the last chip you can
have in one turn - WoodyPowder and HeatSpread are compulsory, but the last
chip is either Timpani (Both), BlkBomb (Neo Disco Inferno) or GreenWood3
(Rising Inferno).

BlkBomb adds more damage than GreenWood, but it doesn't cover FullSynch...and
as I said earlier, it is HARD to get FullSynch with WoodyPowder alone. Green-
Wood3 get you FullSynch (Adding 600 damage!) for a mere 50 damage decrease
on the actual chip, so Rising Inferno is definitely better on the 'main combo'

However, Neo Disco Inferno has RollArrow, which is extremely useful considering
the fact that your opponent will probably be ready with their strategy before
you set up yours. RollArrow remedies that.
LifeAura D. A 200 Damage Aura wasn't so good in MMBN3, where the majority of
chips commonly used in Folders could easily break it, but in MMBN4, the chips
have been downgraded so much that you won't find too many 200 damage chips...
without FullSynch. However, you'll still block quite a few attacks - you
can even block AirHock 3 with FullSynch!

Overall, I like Rising Inferno more. Sue me, but that's my opinion. My FAQ =P.
Use both as much as you like, because they're both all-rounders. Decent for
Netbattles, just a bit below the insanely high damaging Folders.

  - Neo Disco Inferno -
Rating - Offensive Power - **** & 1/2
         Fun Factor - ***
         1P Recommendation - ****
         Netbattle Recommendation - ***

  - Rising Inferno -
Rating - Offensive Power - **** & 1/2
         Fun Factor - ***
         1P Recommendation - ****
         Netbattle Recommendation - ****

      Code - F                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Crimson Combat
   Creator - Acred24 & Final Judgement (Original Concept)
 * Recompiled by - The Dark Unknown

     3 ThunderBall 1 *
     3 Spreader *
     4 WoodyPowder *
     2 HeatBreath F
     3 FlameLine 2 F
     2 MetalGear 3 *
     3 Invis *
     3 Blind *
     2 AreaGrab *
     2 PanelGrab *
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]
     1 FireMan F
     1 FireMan SP F

   Preferred Version - Red Sun
   Preferred Souls - ThunderSoul (RS), (Possibly FireSoul [RS])
   Possible Souls - RS - FireSoul, ThunderSoul, SearchSoul
                    BM - MetalSoul, WoodSoul

Overview: Heh. Capcom puts the most fire chips for F code. It's so Capcom-like
...meaning I don't consider it sublimal.

Anywho, Acred24 and Final Judgement have finally found a code that works well
with FireSoul. Because it's F code and F stands for Fire. Yar. The only
problem I found with this Folder was that it's hard to work with FireSoul...
so now ThunderSoul is part of the main strategy (And it probably works better
than FireSoul. So much for a FireSoul concept)

As with all Folders, there are multiple strategies - one with ThunderSoul,
and another for FireSoul/No Soul. You choose.

Strategy 1 - FireSoul/No Souls

Grass panels double Heat damage, so we have WoodyPowders! Yay! The plan? Lay
down WoodyPowder - get 100 damage (And possibly FullSynch if you're not in
FireSoul), then you have a choice - use the fire chips by themselves for a bit
of damage (Around 250~ with Grass panels, and up to 500 or so if you got the
FullSynch). It's not extremely accurate, but it does do a decent amount of
damage for 2-3 chips. Fireman SP does helluva lotta damage...and you get a
4x damage boost with FullSynch and Grass panels. Yay.

(Thanks to Final Judgement for this follow bit)
Fireman SP x 2 (FullSynch) x 2 (Grass Panels) + 100 (WoodyPowder)...
250 x 2 x 2 + 100 = 1100 damage. With two chips (If you can get FullSynch
with WoodyPowder). GOOD.

If you use FireSoul, you can play with the CHIP CHARGED FireArm. Do NOT use
the normal FireArm unless you have a grudge against grass panels...and winning.
A FireSoul CC FireArm does 150 damage, and 300 on grass. Since it hits the
whole row, you can restrict your opponent's movement with Area/PanelGrabs and
the MetalGears to get a clean shot. Blind gets rid of flinching and allows
you to follow up with another combo. Not too bad.

Strategy 2 - ThunderSoul Addict

What would you rather have? Hitting with slightly weaker attacks or missing
with souped up ones? Obviously the former.

ThunderSoul makes hitting with this Folder far easier. For one, you can get
a '100%' Paralysis with 2 chips:

MetalGear3 + Spreader. It's simple, and you don't even need Areagrabbing.
There's a small delay for the movement of the MetalGear, but that's IT.

Use MetalGear on the middle row, then let it move forwards to the center of
your opponent's panels (If they areagrab, then wait until they are within the
9 squares around the MetalGear).

[_][_][_][_][_][O] M = MetalGear
[_][_][_][@][M][_] @ = Where the MetalGear is placed.
[_][_][_][_][_][_] O = Opponent

Now, fire the Spreader at the MetalGear. Provided that it's in the middle, 
and that your opponent isn't flinching (Flashing white), the Spreader, boosted
by ThunderSoul's EnergyLeak Ability, gets your opponent immobilized pretty

[_][_][_][X][X][X] Y = You
[_][Y][_][X][M][X] M = MetalGear
[_][_][_][X][X][X] X = Spreader Hit Range

Follow that up with Fireman/FlameLine and the like. It might be worth
the time to set up WoodyPowder prior to Spreader, because hitting them again
removes the Paralysis. Playtest it yourself - you might find that WoodyPowder's
stun is enough for whatever you have lined up.

Once your ThunderSoul is up, your Spreaders aren't much use, BUT the MetalGear
can be used for Rowlocking, or to generally restrict your opponent's movement.

The only real flaw with this Folder is that it relies on fairly mediocre chips
...that cause flinching. The trick to playing this Folder out well is to...
get everything to hit, and use whatever you have.

Blind and SearchSoul are both EXTREMELY helpful if used at the correct times.
Blind can be used in between attack combos (Eg. WoodyPowder + FlameLine, Blind
and FireMan SP. Whatever.) to get rid of flinching, and SearchSoul's Sixth
Sense Ability has the same effect (But you do lose Fire/ThunderSoul, and
possibly FullSynch.). Probably the best for F code, but far from being as
good as some of the other Folders.

Rating - Offensive Power - ***
         Fun Factor - ***
         1P Recommendation - **
         Netbattle Recommendation - **

      Code - G                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Taiyoooh!
   Creator - N/A (Generic Folder)
 * Modified by - The Dark Unknown (From the standard RFF Version)

     4 GunDelSol G
     4 GunDelSol2 G
     4 GunDelSol3 G
     3 AirShot *
     3 MagBolt 1 *
     3 Lance *
     3 ThunderBall 1 *
     3 Invis *
     1 ColourPoint *
     1 DoublePoint *
     1 FullCust * [Preset]

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - WindSoul (RS)
   Possible Souls - RS - WindSoul, ThunderSoul, SearchSoul
                    BM - NumberSoul, WoodSoul

Overview: What can I say? Gun Del Sols on their own are extremely cheap,
with the ability to pierce and disable Invis or Mole on contact.
Obstacles are instantly destroyed.
PileDriver is literally the GateMagic or 2x Hero of MMBN4 - 400 x 2 damage,
super-piercing (Goes through flinching, Invis, all that). Pretty painful, but
you have to get it set up like so:

[_][_][_][_][_][_] M = You
[_][M][P][X][X][P] P = PileDriver (Solar panel)
[_][_][_][_][_][_] X = Hit Range of PileDriver

But it's easy to set up with the numerous methods provided by this Folder.
- (Red Sun only) Use WindSoul to pull your opponent forwards, which will
give you plenty of time to either use PileDriver directly, or get ThunderBall
in for a guarenteed hit with Gun Del Sol or PileDriver.
- Use Lance to get them out of the back row, then use PileDriver.
- Using MagBolt, draw them forwards to the front row. PileDriver goes 
straight through flinching, so it doesn't even matter if you hit them with 
MagBolt and make them flinch.

ColourPoint/DoublePoint, whilst not adding much damage (With the lack of
multi-hit or powerful chips), are actually very beneficial to the overall
strategy. They give your opponent extra panels, thus giving you an extra
panel or two that is within range of your PileDriver. Compare the diagram
above to the following one and you can see the difference. Even one panel
can make a huge difference. Just like everything else in a Netbattle, where
things are as unpredictable as...well...me?

[_][_][_][_][_][_] M = You
[M][P][X][X][X][P] P = PileDriver Solar Panels
[_][_][_][_][_][_] X = Hit Range (Now with extra panels that your opponent
                       could be on. Yay!)

Note that this Folder is cheap as hell and should not be used in a Netbattle
unless you like being stabbed to death. PileDriver AND Gun Del Sols go
through pratically everything - Barriers, Auras, Invis, Mole and everything
else in between. Obstacles? Gun Del Sol them. The only thing that will hinder
(Yes, HINDER) your progress would be broken panels, and even then you can
use Gun Del Sols (WindSoul OmniShoes!)

Rating - Offensive Power - *****
         Fun Factor - Where's the fun in PileDrivering?!
         1P Recommendation - ***
         Netbattle Recommendation - Negative. Too cheap.

      Code - H                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Final Judgement /-/       {Variant of Final Judgement}
   Creator - The Dark Unknown

     1 HolyDream H
     1 Sanctuary S
     3 ThunderBall 1 *
     3 Blizzard *
     3 ElementIce H
     2 Mine H
     3 WindRack *
     4 Invis *
     4 AreaGrab *
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]
     1 FullCust *
     2 Attack+10 *
     1 Attack+30 *
     1 DoublePoint *

   Preferred Version - Red Sun ONLY
   Preferred Souls - SearchSoul (RS)
   Possible Souls - RS - ThunderSoul, SearchSoul, WindSoul

Overview: If you've seen HolyDream Folders, you know that it's all about
HolyDream itself. Final Judgement in the RFF is, in essence, the same as
Final Judgement /-/, only with different means of support.

You have the standard HolyDream combo, which requires the following chips:

2 Areagrab, 1 Sanctuary, 1 HolyDream, 1 DoublePoint, 1 Attack+30

That's the basic, and it STILL does insanely high damage. It's best if you
shuffle through your chips with SearchSoul to get HolyDream and the other
necessary chips for HolyDream - the other offensive combo does not require
SearchSoul, but it still works with it.

Using 2 Areagrabs and Sanctuary, you can get 15 HolyPanels - that means 16
HolyDream shots!

(Number of HolyPanels - 15)
[S][S][S][A][A][_] A = Areagrabbed Panels/HolyPanels
[S][S][S][A][A][_] S = HolyPanels

Usually, HolyDream does:

140 (HolyDream +90) x 16 (Shots) = 2240 Damage. That's more than enough to
delete a Netbattler, BUT it's not the best HolyDream can offer.

Maximum HolyDream Damage from current Folder:

160 (HolyDream +110) x 16 (Hits) x 2 (FullSynch) = 5120 Damage. The highest
amount of damage that can be done with one offensive chip (Of course, the
setup hasn't been taken into account).

Of course, it's not easy setting up the HolyDream combo, and it could miss...
but you'd still win! =D

If you haven't noticed, you still have the Blizzard + ElementIce combo. If
you succeed in locking your opponent on the back row, then you can use the
Blizzard for a bit of damage, then follow it up with an ElementIce.

Blizzard + ElementIce (x2 from Ice panel) = 300 Damage. Not too bad.

However, (And it's very likely), if your opponent counters your Areagrabs,
you can use that to your advantage and get ElementIce to hit more than twice,
doing massive damage to your opponent. The actual space can also be used to
manuplicate your opponent's movement.

First, get WindSoul. Your opponent will be sucked forwards, no? If you were
to lay a Mine, then use the AirRack Charge Buster, you would knock your
opponent to the back of the row, possibly pushing them over the Mine for
an easy 300 damage. Most Netbattlers tend to move up/down, which makes your
life easier.

[_][_][_][_][_][_] M = You        O = Opponent (After being knocked back)
[_][_][M][@][W][O] W = Mine (Which had been run over)
[_][_][_][_][_][_] @ = Opponent's original Position

See? You effectively knock your opponent backwards and over the Mine.

The Fan Effect of WindSoul can also be used for ElementIce. First, lay down 
Blizzard like so:

[_][_][B][_][_][_] M = You
[M][B][B][_][_][_] B = Blizzard

So that the three Ice Panels are on your frontmost row. Now, paralyze the
opponent, then go onto the same row as them and knock them back with a 
AirRack Charged Buster (Or the AirBuster).

[_][_][_][)][_][_] M = You (On Ice Panel)
[_][_][M][)][>][O] ) = AirRack Range
[_][_][_][)][_][_] O = Opponent         > = Direction opponent travels.

Now, quickly use ElementIce. Your opponent should be dragged THROUGH the
ElementIce flame, which should get 3-5 hits on him. Considering how ElementIce
does 100-200 damage, that's quite a combo.

100 (ElementIce) x 2 (Ice Panel powerup) x 4 (# of Hits - Average) = 800

Unfortuately, this combo does not work in this Folder without WindSoul, so
there is no way to get FullSynch (Or you'd have a 1600 damage or so combo...)

There you have it. Two ways to deal lots of damage - one being insanely
overpowered, and the other being pretty good for just 4 chips. PileDriver has
3 chips and does the same damage, so it ranks pretty high. You've also got
the Mine mini-strategy. Because it hurts.

Rating - Offensive Power - *****+ (More stars? Maybe 7 or 8...)
         Fun Factor - ***
         1P Recommendation - **** (S code Final Judgement works better)
         Netbattle Recommendation - ***

      Code - I                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Purple Bomber
   Creator - The Dark Unknown

     4 BoysBomb2 I
     4 VoodooDoll I
     4 WindRack *
     3 ThunderBall 3 I
     3 AirHock 2 I
     2 Counter 2 *
     2 Timpani *
     2 Areagrab *
     3 Invis *
     2 Barrier200 I
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - None
   Possible Souls - RS - ThunderSoul, WindSoul, SearchSoul
                    BM - MetalSoul, JunkSoul, MetalSoul

Overview: Purple Bomber is quite an odd Folder. Most Folders use obstacles as
support - Mjolnir's (V) obstacles for Lightning, Cleptogeist's (Y) obstacles
for JunkSoul, or Mind Games' (J) obstacles for Junkman - Purple Bomber's
main offense is actually based on two obstacles. It's pretty obvious.

If you haven't figured it out, it's BoysBomb + VoodooDoll. You ask: "But
wait...BoysBomb appears on YOUR front panels! That doesn't work!"...or at
least, you SHOULD ask. *Glares*

Time to resort to the WindRack! The trick behind this Folder is that WindRack
can propel the BoysBomb all the way across the stage - the BoysBomb's explosion
range does the rest. BoysBomb hits the 9 panels around it, like Spreader.
Add that to VoodooDoll's Curse and you get two hits. TWO? That's crap, isn't
it? Think again.

BoysBomb2 = 250 damage
BoysBomb2 + FullSynch + VoodooDoll = 250 x 2 x 2 = 1000 damage

For four chips, you get 1000 damage. And Curse pierces through Invis and so
on. Yay. Add that to the minimal setup and you have a pretty good combo going.

You need to set it up like this for it to work best. From previous testing, I
found that the BoysBomb appears on different panels depending on where you
stand...so here's the full picture.

You need the following chips in this order: (FullSynch is denoted as [FS].
It is HIGHLY recommended that you get FullSynch BEFORE placing the VDoll -
a carelessly placed AirHock could smash it.

[FS] VoodooDoll, BoysBomb2, WindRack

Here's the step-by-step rundown. Yay.

[Get FullSynch first. AirHock2/Counter2 preferred]

Step 1: Toss the VoodooDoll onto the middle panel of your opponent's back
row. Sure, your opponent may step under it, but the rest of the Folder (I'll
discuss it later.) covers that.

Step 2: Position yourself as shown in the diagram below and place the BoysBomb.
It should appear on the middle of the frontmost row

[_][_][_][_][_][_] M = You
[_][_][B][_][_][V] V = VDoll
[_][_][M][_][_][_] B = BoysBomb

Step 3: Quickly move back one panel and use WindRack. The BoysBomb should
slide to the panel in front of the VDoll, then explode. This does 250/500
damage originally, but then it triggers VDoll's Curse, which does the other
250/500 damage.

If you've Areagrabbed before, then you should find that your opponent is
temporarily rowlocked on one of the other rows. This is NOT necessary to get
the 500/1000 damage.

[_][_][_][_][_][_] M = You             ) = WindRack range
[_][_][)][>][B][V] B = BoysBomb
[_][M][)][_][_][_] V = VDoll

 - Summary Diagram -
[_][_][_][X][X][X] B = BoysBomb
[_][_][_][X][B][V] V = VDoll
[_][_][_][X][X][X] X = Panels hit (With the full 500/1000 damage combo)

Note that Curse ONLY targets the frontmost opponent, so this Folder may
not work as effectively against Viruses and Navis like Roll. 500 damage is
nothing to sneer at though.

The combo itself is easy to set up and everything. The hard part is getting
the FullSynch, preferably with one chip. Your best choices are AirHock 2
and Counter 2.

AirHock 2 FullSynching: It's simple. Get the AirHock to hit your opponent.
If it hits once, it should hit thrice - that gets you your FullSynch. Just
DON'T use this after placing the VDoll unless you want a 50% chance of
obliterating it.

Counter2 FullSynching: This requires VERY good reflexes and timing. It sounds
easy (Press A when your opponent attacks to counter them!), but it's one of
those things that only look good on the drawing board.

ThunderBall3 FullSynching: (NOT RECOMMENDED if you're going for a 1 turn
1000 damage combo. You need TWO to get FullSynch unless your opponent is
stupid.) Basically, spam ThunderBalls. If you get two to hit consequtively,
you get your FullSynch. Yay! Countering with it (Nearly impossible unless
your opponent is right in front of you) also works...sort of.

Now for the final bit of support strategy - the Timpanis. You may have noticed
how Timpani doesn't do much - it doesn't help BoysBomb and its range, it
disappears if placed with VDoll (Medium Obstacle - Large Obstacle). So why
is it there?

Simple. If you place the Timpani, your opponents are immobilized, right? Now,
you can toss the VDoll with ease. The VDoll will cause the Timpani to
explode as soon as you throw the VDoll, but if you do it right, your opponent 
won't have enough time to get to the VDoll...or he/she may not even
anticipate it. If you're playing against a regular Netbattling opponent,
he/she will only have 1000HP...and that's how much damage one combo does
(If he/she does Shield...Curse goes through. 500.). Add a buster shot and
you win!

Sure, this Folder may need a tiny bit of setup to get that whooping combo, but
it's strong and fairly reliable. If you're playing for a bit of fun, Purple
Bomber works great. Only a few Folders can effectively wipe this Folder out
entirely (But even then, ThunderBall3s and Counter2s still work).

Rating - Offensive Power - ****
         Fun Factor - *** & 1/2
         1P Recommendation - ***
         Netbattle Recommendation - *** & 1/2

      Code - J                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Mind Games 
   Creator - CrimsonKnight
 * Modified by - The Dark Unknown

     4 GrabRevenge J
     2 Counter2 *
     2 Timpani *
     4 RockCube *
     3 Invis *
     3 PopUp *
     2 AreaGrab *
     2 Recover 300 J
     3 ColorPoint *
     1 DoublePoint *
     1 Jealousy J
     1 JunkMan J
     1 JunkMan SP J
     1 FullCust * [Preset]

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - BM - JunkSoul
   Possible Souls - RS - RollSoul, SearchSoul
                    BM - JunkSoul, NumberSoul

Overview: If you're one of those people that can work out strategies just 
from looking at the Folder, you'll notice that it's not your average "Lock 
them down and use highly damaging chips" Folder. It's quite ingenius really, 
and the only thing preventing this Folder from being the best of MMBN4 is 
that GrabRevenge is not affected by +/- Chips (Atk+ and so on).

You start off by actually trapping YOURSELF on the last row with ColorPoints.
Two ColourPoints (Or DoublePoint) is all you need to start dishing out major
damage. The +30/+60 damage can be used on Counter, Jealousy or Junkman to
do more damage.

Once you've locked yourself, like so:

[_][C][C][_][_][_] M = You
[M][C][C][_][_][_] C = Panels "taken away" by ColourPoint

You have two (main) choices. Note that with 6 defensive chips, you should
be fairly safe. Recover 300s are there just in case you run low on HP, OR
you can pull up RollSoul (RS) and play with that for annoyance. The 10%
Recover should come in handy, and if you're lucky enough to land a 

Anyway, your choices.

1) GrabRevenge.
Each one of these babies will do a hefty 300 damage (50 x 6 panels), and is
super-piercing. GrabRevenge also pushes your opponent back to the back row, 
allowing you to use your second means offense without them blocking the way.
(Thanks to CrimsonKnight for this little bit) GrabRevenge, unlike in MMBN3,
can no longer pierce Invis =(. It can still pierce Mole, so you're only
against the *slightly* less common form of defense.

2) JunkMan.
With 6 obstacles, it won't be hard to draw one or two. You can have a maximum
of 3 obstacles on the field (Rockcube, Rockcube and Timpani), which Junkman
throws at your opponent. Junkman SP does 200 damage - that's 400 damage with
FullSynch (Hello, Counter 2). 400 x 3? 1200 damage. Yessir! The only thing
that slightly hinders the Folder is that you only have three panels to put
obstacles down...

[_][X][_][_][_][_] M = You
[M][X][_][_][_][_] X = Panels that you can place obstacles on

But GrabRevenge pushes them back, so it's not much of a pain. Areagrabs are 
still there in case the situation gets worse, or if you draw Junkman SP and
DoublePoint =P.

How about that? Two separate strategies, and both extremely effective too.
But wait, there's a 'wild card' - Jealousy.

Jealousy is pretty good at dishing damage too. Sure, it's one chip, but it
does 80 damage per chip (That your opponent has). Odds are, if you're against 
a decent Netbattler, he/she'll have 4-5 chips (Or 3 if they're using uni-code 
PAs). That's 400 damage, super-piercing, AND they lose all of their chips.
CK is probably the master of super-pierce by now >_>. If you pump it up with
a ColourPoint/DoublePoint, then it can pretty much halve your opponent's HP
and render them helpless. Kinda like Balance in MMBN3 but with almost no
drawback...and no chips for your opponent. (Thanks to CK again)

Great Folder, lots of potential, and a general nuisance to be facing in a
Netbattle. Use it to your heart's content.

Rating - Offensive Power - ****
         Fun Factor - *****
         1P Recommendation - ***
         Netbattle Recommendation - *****

      Code - K                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Games of the Scorched Shinai
   Creator - Final Judgement
 * Modifed by - The Dark Unknown

     3 WoodyPowder *
     2 HeatBreath K/*
     4 ElementFlare K
     3 Fan *
     3 AirRacket *
     2 GrabPunish K
     4 Invis *
     2 Areagrab *
     1 Attack+30 *
     2 ColourPoint *
     1 DoublePoint *
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]
     1 KendouMan K
     1 KendouMan SP K

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - None
   Possible Souls - RS - FireSoul, WindSoul, SearchSoul
                    BM - NumberSoul, WoodSoul

Overview: The Scorched Shinai strikes again!...He's just invisible, that's


Kendouman's Navi chip is pretty unique. It multi-hits, but isn't restricted
to a mere 3 panels...oh wait, it is. Kendouman dashes forwards down the row,
hitting your opponent thrice if he/she is in line with him AND is off the back
row. This is all filler, because you all should know what Kendouman does.

[_][_][_][_][_][_] K = Kendouman (original position)
[_][K][>][>][O][W] > = Him dashing forwards...
[_][_][_][_][_][_] O = Opponent               W = Where Kendouman 'stops'

[_][_][_][_][(][_] K = Kendouman
[_][_][_][_][O][K] ( = BACKWARDS KendouWideSwordness
[_][_][_][_][(][_] O = Opponent

[_][_][_][_][_][_] K = Kendouman
[<][<][<][<][O][K] < = Dashing back and off the stage. Whee.
[_][_][_][_][_][_] O = Opponent

Now I can write less for this Folder!...*Shot*

Anyhow, Kendouman does pretty decent damage and is easy to hit with.

KendouMan SP (+ DoublePoint & Atk+30 - 90) x 2 (FullSynch) x 3 (Hits)
That would be 1300 damage. Not too shabby.

Okay, Kendouman is boring...



If you've seen Desert Storm (*), then you'll know how this works. You need
the following chips to make the best of this combo in this Folder:

Pre-Combo Setup: Fan, ColourPoint
Actual Combo: HeatBreath OR WoodyPowder[*], AirRack, ElementFlare
[*] This depends on whether you've ColumnLocked yourself - This is explained

 ~ Setting it up ~

You need to set up the Fan so that it's not on the same row as you. Something
like this will do: (If it looks anything like that, it's fine)

[_][F][C][_][_][_] M = You
[_][M][C][_][_][_] F = Fan
[_][_][C][_][_][_] C = ColourPoint'd Panels (You need to Colourpoint to get
                       the best of ElementFlare)

Now, you need to use HeatBreath so that you get one Lava panel - FloatShoes
is a MUST. If you don't have it, you had better use WindSoul's OmniShoes - 
Hopefully your opponent has FloatShoes. If not, then wait until they stop
flinching from the Lava panels.

- Normal/HeatBreath Method -

AirRack them to the back row, then use ElementFlare. If you time it right,
your opponent should be sucked through the entire ElementFlare, getting you
3-4 hits with ElementFlare ALONE, and an extra 1-2 hits with the 2x hits
from the Lava panel.

[_][F][H][_][_][_] M = You
[M][H][H][_][_][_] F = Fan
[_][_][H][_][_][_] H = HeatBreath

[_][F][)][_][_][_] M = You          O = Opponent (blown backwards) 
[_][M][)][>][>][O] F = Fan          > = Direction opponent is blown back
[_][_][)][_][_][_] ) = AirRack Range

[_][F][_][_][_][_] F = Fan           O = Opponent (about to be sucked through
[_][M][E][E][E][O] M = You               ElementFlare)
[_][_][_][_][_][_] E = ElementFlare

If ElementFlare hits 6 times, then...you get 600 damage. Yaaaay. If you
counter (Not likely, but meh) with AirRack, then it is possible to get
FullSynch, giving you an extra 600 damage. Supar. 600 damage isn't so bad

It may be best to not ColourPoint yourself unless you are using Strategy #2,
but you must stay on the frontmost row when you use ElementFlare. This combo
works best if you don't Columnlock yourself, but if you do...

- ColumnLocked/WoodyPowder Method - 

If you columnlock yourself, then you use WoodyPowder to get a 1-2 hit boost
(But it doesn't work very well). Still gets you 4-5 hits, so it's not all

[_][F][W][_][_][_] M = You
[M][W][W][_][_][_] F = Fan
[_][_][W][_][_][_] W = WoodyPowder

Now, use the AirRack as normal, but wait for a second or so before you use
ElementFlare - I'm pretty sure it works best if you use ElementFlare as your
opponent is sucked forwards again, but you need to test that for yourself. =P

 ~ Kendouman/ElementFlare Support ~


If you ColourPoint, then you gain an extra panel for Kendouman - it makes
Kendouman more accurate...although using Fan does the same thing. They help
for Elementflare, I guess. There IS another benefit for Columnlocking


Sure, it does 30/Panel, so it's only 180, but it works from anywhere and
can be used to follow up a ElementFlare attack.

I'm a bit longwinded. Sorry for making you read all of that...stuff. GotSS
is pretty powerful with combos that support each other, but on the whole,
it's not as effective when in play. It's not hard to accidentally miss with 
the heavy-hitters, making it a question of whether your opponent stays still
or not. If you're having a bad day, it'll only get worse when your fully
powered Kendouman SP misses because your opponent sidesteps.

Rating - Offensive Power - ****
         Fun Factor - *** & 1/2
         1P Recommendation - **
         Netbattle Recommendation - ***

      Code - L                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Shining Laser     {Variant of Overshine}
   Creator - Mastermind Chaud

     4 ThunderBall 1 *
     4 Tornado L
     4 SandRing *
     4 Invis *
     2 Blind *
     3 AreaGrab *
     1 FullCust * [Preset]
     4 Attack+10 *
     1 Attack+30 *
     1 DoublePoint *
     1 Laserman L
     1 Laserman SP L

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - None
   Possible Souls - RS - ThunderSoul, SearchSoul, WindSoul
                    BM - NumberSoul

Overview: The combo involving Sand panels and Tornado has been around since
MMBN3, but now Mastermind Chaud has put it to full use and has come up with
an insanely cheap SP Navi deleter (Overshine. Check the RFF.). However,
Overshine was flawed in Netbattles. I remember how his Overshine was never
able to touch me unless I stood still. Why? FLOATSHOES. Here, with Shining
Laser (A variant of Overshine suggested by me some time ago), you have
Laserman. LaserMan has four button commmands, each with a different effect
on the opponent's abilities. It just so happens that LaserMan is able to
disable the entire Navi Customizer of your opponent - thus removing 
FloatShoes and the only major flaw in Overshine. Sure, WindSoul will pwn you,
but it still works in general.

The combo here is just SandRing + Tornado. Since SandRing doubles the damage
of Tornado, you get 40 damage (20 x 2) x 8 Hits. That's 320 in the bag. With
just one Atk+10, you get a +80 damage bonus.

A fully powered up Tornado:

DoublePoint, Tornado, Attack +30, Attack +10 x2

130 (20 Base + 110 from Atk+ chips) x 8 (Hits) x 2 (Sand Boost) x 2 
(FullSynch) = 4160 damage.

It's a freaking pain to set up and execute properly, but ONE Tornado does
4160 damage. You can only have...2100~ HP in MMBN4, so it's an easy victory.

If you want a 1 turn draw (Usually, you can set it up on the first turn, then
execute the Tornado on the second turn).

ThunderBall1 x2 (For FullSynch) + SandRing + DoublePoint + Tornado

The Tornado itself would do:
80 x 8 x 2 = 1280. That's an EASY victory if you're playing against someone
with the standard 1000HP.

The trick in this Folder is getting the SandRing to hit, really. That, and
getting in Tornado range. Tornado, as shown below, hits the second panel
in front of Megaman, and ONLY that panel.

[_][_][_][_][_][_] M = You
[_][_][M][_][X][_] X = Tornado Range

With Areagrabs, and ThunderBall 1s, you can set up your stage and immobilize
your opponent long enough to get the SandRing on them (The sand will stop
them from moving unless they have FloatShoes). However, you should know
that SandRing will negate paralysis, thus allowing FloatShoes opponents to
easily escape Tornado.

If you're lucky, Thunderball will get you a FullSynch (Either by Countering,
or if you spam Thunderballs or something)

Say your SandRing works and immobilizes your opponent. Now, here's the easy
part. Just use the Tornado (As shown in the diagram), preferably with those
Atk+ chips. If you get it right, then they should die from just that Tornado.
Even if it does fail (As in, not kill or you miss), you can set up another

The main weakness of this Folder is if you can't get into range. Even 
something as simple as a broken panel, or an Areagrab used against you can 
screw up this Folder. It is, however, a great Navi deleter. Don't use it on
Viruses though, you won't get past a 9 Rank.

Rating - Offensive Power - *****
         Fun Factor - **
         1P Recommendation - **** (Non-floating Navis only. Virus - *)
         Netbattle Recommendation - *** & 1/2

      Code - M (R for Red Sun)   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Shinja Fury
   Creator - H0tSh0tZ1627

      - Blue Moon Version -
     4 PanelShoot 3 * [Prs]
     4 Snake M [~]
     4 TripleCrack *
     3 Blind *    
     3 Invis *    
     3 AreaGrab * 
     4 Attack+10 *
     1 Attack+30 *
     1 DoublePoint *
     1 Fullcust * 
     1 Metalman M [~]
     1 Metalman SP M [~]

  * All Chips denoted with a [~] can be altered to fit a R code instead of
    M Code - the M code version is known as the Blue Moon version, and the
    R one is for Red Sun.
    - Red Sun Version -
    4 Snakes R
    1 Roll SP R
    1 MeteoRedSun/Roll R
    These make the Folder buildable for Red Sun Users without access to
    Blue Moon Navi Chips. However, you can still use Metalmans if you have
    them in Red Sun.

   Preferred Version - None (Support for both versions is balanced)
   Preferred Souls - None
   Possible Souls - RS - GutsSoul, SearchSoul, RollSoul (RS Ver.)
                    BM - NumberSoul, MetalSoul (BM Ver.)

Overview: Let's see. Who DOESN'T remember the famous DeathMatch 2 (Geddon 2)
+ Snakes (or SnakeMan) Combo? That insanely powerful combo that could be
chained to other powerful chips. However, with the exception of Malinhion's
Iron Butterfly (MMBN3 RFF Folder), there was no way of getting DeathMatch 2
and Snakes together without having major code clashing. The quest is on for
a Folder that can use Snakes effectively within one turn.
HotShotz presents the MMBN4 uni-code Snakes Folder - Shinja Fury! With both
DeathMatch 1 and 2 in different codes to Snakes in MMBN4, HotShotz has turned
to the next best alternative - PanelShoot. PanelShoot 3 levitates 4 panels and
fires them forwards, dealing minor damage. The holes/broken panels left,

~ One turn Snakes Method ~

This method works without any Areagrabs whatsoever, but they can help.

-Required Chips-
1 PanelShoot 3 * (The preset one!)
1 TripleCrack */+1 PanelShoot 3 (Both have the same effect)
1 Snakes M (Or R code)

First of all, use PanelShoot 3 when Megaman is on the middle panel for this

PanelShoot 3
[_][X][_][_][_][_] M = You
[X][M][X][_][_][_] X = Panels Levitated/Broken

[_][X][>][>][>][1] X = Panels Levitated/Broken
[X][>][X][>][>][2] > = Direction Panels travel
[_][X][>][>][>][1] 1 = Opponent is hit once      2 = Opponent is hit twice

This can do 90 damage or 180, depending on how many Panels hit - this causes
flinching, so it's best if this doesn't actually hit...in a way. Blind can
get rid of the flinching, or you could wait.
There are now 4 broken panels, yes? WAIT, don't use Snakes! Now, you can
make two/three more holes, depending on whether you have TripleCrack or
PanelShoot 3. Each of them MUST be used on the correct panels, or you'll
lose at least one panel - that's a lot of damage to miss out on. Follow these
diagrams - there will be two, the first one showing you where to position
yourself, and the second one showing all of the holes on the field.

-1) TripleCrack-
(Your Position)
[_][_][X][_][_][_] M = You
[_][M][X][_][_][_] X = Panels Broken

(Total Broken Panels - 7)
[_][X][X][_][_][_] X = Panels Broken

- 2) PanelShoot 3 (#2)-
(Your Position)
[_][_][X][_][_][_] M = You
[_][X][M][X][_][_] X = Panels Broken

(Total Broken Panels - 8 + 1 on opponent's side)
[_][X][X][_][_][_] X = Panels Broken

Once you've set up the stage, you can use Snakes to your leisure. Don't
use Snakes if your PanelShoots have caused flinching, BUT Snakes themselves
only stun your opponent, so you can use as many as you like on one turn,
or follow a Snakes up with MetalMan/SP (Or MeteoRedSun/Roll SP).

Using one turn and this (optimum) 'draw' of chips, the maximum damage you 
could do is:
PanelShoot 3 + PanelShoot 3 + Snakes + Attack+30 + Attack+10

90 (PanelShoot 3) x 2 (Two panels) x2 (Two Chips) = 360
60 (Snakes +40) x 8 (Broken panels) = 480
Total = 840 damage

Extremely good for one turn, to say the least.

Here's the most effective setup for this Folder.
(Requires - 2 Areagrabs, 2 PanelShoot 3, 2 TripleCrack for stage.
 Total Panels Broken - 13)
[_][1][2][3][4][_] 1 = PanelShoot 3 #1         2 = PanelShoot 3 #2
[1][2][1][2][4][_] 3 = TripleCrack #1          4 = TripleCrack #2

Snakes with full Atk+ chips would do...

80 (Snakes + Attack+30 + Attack+10 x3) x 13 (Hits) = 1024

Unfortuately, this Folder is unable to get FullSynch - tweak it to whatever
you wish, but FullSynch is actually not necessary to get a 1-2 turn win in
a Netbattle.

There you have it. The best of Snakes, by HotShotz. It's hard to counter,
so it's decent for Netbattles, and works wonders in-game as well.

Rating - Offensive Power - **** & 1/2
         Fun Factor - ***
         1P Recommendation - *** & 1/2
         Netbattle Recommendation - **** & 1/2

      Code - N                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - All or Nothing
   Creator - SilentJi
 * Modified by - The Dark Unknown

     1 NumberMan N
     1 NumberMan SP N
     1 NeoVariable N
     3 Vulcan1 *
     2 AirShot *
     3 ThunderBall 1 *
     2 GrabRevenge N
     4 Invis *
     2 Fan *
     3 AreaGrab *
     3 Navi+20 *
     1 Attack+30 *
     2 ColourPoint *
     1 DoublePoint *
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - None
   Possible Souls - RS - ThunderSoul, SearchSoul, WindSoul
                    BM - NumberSoul, BluesSoul

Overview: Like gambling? This Folder is based on luck too...moreso than
Casinos,especially the RIGGED ones =P. Having said that, it has more than
enough potential to defeat your opponent several times over...unless your
luck is really THAT bad.

Anywho, you've got Numberman. Either insanely powerful or insanely sucky,
depending on...nothing, really. The randomizing thing in MMBN4.

Numberman does x1 to x6 of its base damage, depending on the numbered 
'rolled' - the number that appears on the top of the dice. If you start 
without you or your opponent Areagrabbing, you can use AirShots or Vulcan 1s
to get yourself a FUllSynch, then use a souped up Numberman for a quick 
sweep. If you get it in the middle, like in the diagram, you can't miss.

[_][_][_][X][X][X] N = You/Numberman
[_][N][_][X][D][X] D = DiceBomb
[_][_][_][X][X][X] X = Area of Effect

However...Numberman is random as hell...

*Numberman SP - Roll a ONE?!*

Say you roll a 1 with a fully powered Numberman SP and FullSynch.
90 + 130 (Navi +20 x2, Atk+30, DoublePoint) x 1 (Number) x 2 (FullSynch).
440 Damage. Sucky for a fully powered Navi chip.

*Numberman SP - Roll a SIX!*

BUT, if you do roll a 6, you can 'instantly' win a Netbattle...or some Navi
90 + 130 (Navi +20 x2, Atk+30, DoublePoint) x 6 (Number) x 2 (FullSynch). That
would be a 2640 whooping damage. Enough to delete any opponent.

So what IF your Numberman SP fails? You've got many alternatives, all of them
capable of doing immense damage without fail (Or almost without fail...).

1) NeoVariable

This trusty Neo-VariableSword will deal that final...480 damage if you can
pull off Double DreamSword. No? Piercing SonicWave, CrossKiri, both are
decent. Use a Fan or possibly WindSoul to get them close, but try not to
mess up your chances of landing a Numberman.

Of course, the best Button Command would be Double DreamSword, but if you're
having problems with it, a ThunderBall and CrossKiri is just as effective if
you're using Fan/WindSoul. The ThunderBall itself can act as a Counter Chip,
giving you 960 damage! (240 x 2 x 2 - N-Var Base x 2 hits x FullSynch)

Double DreamSword
[_][_][_][X][X][_] M = You
[_][_][M][X][X][_] X = Hit Range

[_][_][\][_][/][_] M = You
[_][_][M][X][_][_] X = Two hits (On that panel)
[_][_][/][_][\][_] / & \ = 1 hit on that panel

2) GrabRevenge

Even though GrabRevenge is extremely good at dealing damage, you have to
Columnlock yourself. A 300 damage attack that super-pierces is more than
good enough if you've already done moderate amounts of damage using Numberman
or NeoVariable.

With three different means of offense that all work with different ranges
(NeoVariable - Close-up, Numberman - Long Range~, GrabRevenge - From anywhere,
and works well against opponents who try to 'lock you with Areagrabs), it's
no wonder that this Folder is one of your best options...if you're feeling 

Rating - Offensive Power - *** & 1/2
         Fun Factor - *****
         1P Recommendation - **
         Netbattle Recommendation - ****

      Code - O (+I)              |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Lemon Crusher (I) / Melon Crusher (O)
   Creator - Zephyr Delta (Lemon Crusher)
             The Dark Unknown and H0tSh0tZ1627 (Melon Crusher)
 * Lemon Crusher Modified by - The Dark Unknown

       - Lemon Crusher -
     4 ThunderBall 1 *
     4 ThunderBall 3 I
     3 BoundNote 1 *
     4 BoundNote 3 I
     3 AirHock 2 I
     2 Timpani *
     3 Invis *
     2 Barrier 200 I
     3 AreaGrab *
     1 FastGauge I/* [Preset]
     1 FullCust *

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - ThunderSoul (RS)
   Possible Souls - RS - ThunderSoul, SearchSoul
                    BM - MetalSoul, JunkSoul, NumberSoul

       - Melon Crusher - 
     2 Vulcan 2 O
     4 Vulcan 3 O
     2 BoundNote 1 O
     4 BoundNote 3 O
     3 Panelgrab O/*
     2 MetalGear 3 *
     1 Attack+30 *
     2 Attack+10 *
     2 AreaGrab *
     3 Invis *
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]
     RS - 2 Spreader *
     BM - 2 SandRing *

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - ThunderSoul (RS), MetalSoul (BM)
   Possible Souls - RS - ThunderSoul, SearchSoul
                    BM - MetalSoul, NumberSoul

Description coming as soon as I figure out how to fix this so that it's O 
code and not I code.=P

  - Lemon Crusher -
Rating - Offensive Power - ** & 1/2
         Fun Factor - ***
         1P Recommendation - **
         Netbattle Recommendation - ***

  - Melon Crusher -
Rating - Offensive Power - ***
         Fun Factor - ***
         1P Recommendation - **
         Netbattle Recommendation - ** & 1/2

      Code - P                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - The Impaler
   Creator - SushiSquid
 * Modified by - The Dark Unknown

     4 WoodyPowder * [Prs]
     4 GreenWood2 P
     4 GreenWood3 P
     4 ThunderBall 2 P
     2 GutsPunch2 P
     3 Invis *
     3 PopUp P
     3 AreaGrab *
     1 FullCust *
     RS - 2 ElementFlare P
     BM - +2 GutsPunch 2 P

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - FireSoul (RS), WoodSoul (BM)
   Possible Souls - RS - WindSoul, SearchSoul, FireSoul. ThunderSoul
                    BM - WoodSoul

Overview: Tis' a simple, yet fairly effective Folder. It's unreliable though,
with the heavy reliance on Grass Panels.

GreenWoods hit any opponent on Grass Panels, so your main objective is to set
up a decent GrassStage...using WoodyPowders.

The best way to get a "Full" GrassStage would be like so:

[_][_][_][A][2][1] A = Areagrabbed Panels (And the 2)
[_][_][_][2][2][1] 1 = WoodyPowder #1
[_][_][_][A][2][1] 2 = WoodyPowder #2

Which covers all of the panels on your opponent's side with Grass. Now, you can
spam GreenWoods leisurely. Pull up an Invis or Popup, then just use GreenWoods
as often as you can - they don't cause any flinching whatsoever, so it's
only a matter of drawing enough GreenWoods to kill your opponent.

ThunderBalls provide extra support, as well as getting you extra shots with
FullSynch. You can get FullSynch with two sucessive ThunderBalls or GreenWoods,
or even a combination. Anything goes, and the next GreenWood will do quite
a bit of damage. If your opponent doesn't have SuperArmour...he/she's fried.

If you're playing Blue Moon, you can use WoodSoul to power up GreenWoods with
GutsPunch and PropellerBomb (Or you can use them separately.). That speeds
up the process slightly, but it doesn't make that much of a difference.

Red Sun users? You're in luck, because you don't need two WoodyPowders...
Grab FireSoul and its GrassCross, then Areagrab and add a WoodyPowder and you
have the same field!

[_][_][_][A][F][1] A = Areagrabbed Panels (With the F)
[_][_][_][F][F][F] 1 = WoodyPowder
[_][_][_][A][F][1] F = FireSoul GrassCross

Basically, this is a Folder for those who are too lazy to move, even in a
Netbattle. If you use The Impaler well, you literally don't have to move after
setting up the Grass Panels - just mash A until you run out of chips, or
something like that.

Don't use it for competitive Netbattles though - Grass Panels can easily
be removed, and any broken panels will provide cover for your opponents. Any
permanently broken panels on the field could spell Doom for you.

Rating - Offensive Power - ***
         Fun Factor - ****
         1P Recommendation - ** & 1/2 (Viruses - **** with FireSoul)
         Netbattle Recommendation - **

      Code - Q                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Painful Reality       (Code Change)
   Creator - Space Medafighter X
 * Modified by - The Dark Unknown (Changed from H to Q code)

     2 PanelReturn *
     4 RollArrow 3 Q
     4 DeathMatch 3 Q
     4 Recover 120 Q/*
     2 Recover 80 *
     4 PopUp *
     2 Wind/Fan *
     2 AreaGrab *
     1 Slowgauge * [Preset]
     1 DarkHole *
     1 DarkLine *
     1 PoisonAnubis A
    A [- 1 BugFix *
         1 BugChain
    B [- [2 Offensive Chips]
* Note the A/B options. They can be changed depending on the strategy you
  want to use. A works better, but a Glitched NC is hard to play with.
   A - BugFix/BugChain. This combination will ONLY work if you plan to have
       a glitched Navi Customizer (Preferably with HP Drain/Custom Menu Drain)
   B - You want something that does a decent amount of damage. Forte is okay,
       but a heavy hitter is a must. This Folder doesn't need much setup, so
       a bit of code clashing won't hurt. You're limited to RS Chips, so a
       powerful SP Navi chip or Forte will have to suffice. It's best if you
       go with Option A.

   Preferred Version - Red Sun
   Preferred Souls - RollSoul (RS), WindSoul (RS)
   Possible Souls - RS - GutsSoul, RollSoul, WindSoul, SearchSoul

Overview: RollSoul's fortes are recovery and sabotage - both of them are 
necessary elements of a good Poison Folder - Painful Reality. This is NOT,
I repeat, NOT a Dark Folder.

You have that old combo - DeathMatch3 (Geddon3) + PanelReturn. That gives
your opponent Poison Panels, and you get all of your panels back! Yay! Don't
bother with Areagrabs until you get PoisonPharaoh - the rest of the Folder
works with or without them. Note that there are FOUR DeathMatch3, but only
TWO PanelReturns. Why? Because RollSoul heals far too much.

[_][_][_][P][P][P] P = Poison Panels (And they're all your opponent's!)

Now, they'll slowly drain HP, yeah? Now to smash their chips. RollSoul can
be gotten from any of the 6 Recovery chips. Recovering HP is no problem now,
and you'll easily outlast your opponent if you both 'go defensive'. However...
it's not good enough. DeathMatch3 only drains 2HP/second (Appox.), so it'll
take a long time.

If you play the stalling game, you have RollSoul's RollArrow charged buster to
smash your opponent's chips. Easy victory, unless their charged buster can do
1000 damage per hit. You can use the RollArrow chips after RollSoul runs out
to keep it going.

If it's too slow for you (It's supposed to be slow anyhow...), you have Poison
Pharaoh. Sure, the odds of drawing it are slim, but if you can get it out - 
especially on your opponent's back row...LV3 Poison! Maybe even LV4 if you
give your opponent the in-battle HP Drain glitch, or LV5/6 (!) with a higher
'level' of HP Drain in Battle.

There isn't much you can do but stall your opponent. Shield and the like will
keep you alive. It's got horrid offense, but that isn't a problem. The only
real problems are:

- JunkSoul
- WindSoul/FloatShoes

JunkSoul isn't that much of a problem - but if your opponent does have it,
your PoisonPharaoh will be pretty much useless. If they do recycle RollArrow,
it's not too much of a problem.

WindSoul is a big problem. FloatShoes is worse. WindSoul negates HP Drain from
DeathMatch3, making your strategy completely and utterly useless. You won't
drain anything for 3 turns...with SlowGauge active. Of course, BugChain will
glitch your opponent and drain them anyway, so you haven't lost.

Option B is obvious, but Option A isn't. You need the aforementioned Navi
Customizer Setup for a In-battle LV3 HP Drain. Feel free to use your own, but
HP Drain is the only useful glitch. The rest of it is pretty simple. BugChain
transfers the glitch, and BugFix repairs your NC. Even if you don't draw
BugChain, RollSoul will keep you alive. Here's an optional NC Setup if you
want Shield, but you only get a LV2 HP Drain (Shield is infinitely more useful

This Folder is only good for people who know what they're doing. Don't try this
if you lack experience in Netbattling - nothing good will come out of it. PR
in 1P battles is literally useless, so don't try.

Rating - Offensive Power - *
         Fun Factor - ****
         1P Recommendation - Slow. Useless.
         Netbattle Recommendation - ****

      Code - R                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Astro Crush     (Code Change)
  Creators - Asakura Yoh, Raven8 and H0tSh0tZ1627
 * Modified by - The Dark Unknown

     3 MetalGear3 *
     4 Meteor3 R
     3 GunDelSol1 *
     2 ThunderBall1 *
     3 Lance R/*
     3 Timpani *
     2 Rockcube *
     4 PanelGrab *
     2 Invis *
     2 PopUp *
     1 Attack+30 *
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - None
   Possible Souls - RS - ThunderSoul, SearchSoul, FireSoul
                    BM - MetalSoul, NumberSoul, JunkSoul

Overview: This WAS the 'best' MetarGear Folder, but MetalGear isn't all that
good. Originally, Astro Crush relied on MetarGears to trap your opponent,
forcing them to take damage from the various offensive chips - Meteor3,
GunDelSol1 and so on. That didn't work too well, because people generally
aren't stupid enough to take damage from a non-flinching chip, THEN get run
over by the MetalGear.

Well, they modified it to work without MetarGears. Quite a few ways to deal
damage now.

Strategy 1 - Meteor3

Now, you play it with Timpani. If you've seen Meteoric Supremacy (Z), then
you know how it works. Place a Timpani down, then use Meteor3 (On the same
row as them. You can rowlock them, but it's not really necessary). That gets
you a decent 5 hits. You don't even need a diagram for this, because it's so
simple. You can get a ThunderBall1 in whilst the Meteors are raining down to
immobilize your opponent when Timpani stops singing so that you can pull
another Meteor3, or one of the other strategies. This'll probably be one of
the main sources of damage.

~ Rowlock ~

The standard rowlock - PanelGrab x2, then Rockcube. This is needed for Strategy
2, but it won't affect Strategy 1 at all. Works either way, making rowlock
optional (And so removes a possible weakness). Rowlock looks like this:
*You MUST use a ROCKCUBE as the rowlock obstacle. ANYTHING ELSE WILL NOT WORK*

[_][_][_][_][_][_] P = PanelGrab
[_][_][_][P][P][R] R = Rockcube

Strategy 2 - (Rowlock) Lance

This is probably the strategy you didn't notice at the start. It's really
simple - rowlock them, then place a MetalGear on their row. You can then
deploy the original strategy - 'force' them back with the MetarGear threat,
then use Meteor3. That doesn't work as well as this, but it gets nearly the
SAME amount of damage. How? Lance.

You should start like so - as soon as you place the MetalGear, your opponent
will probably move back, like in the diagram below.

[_][_][_][M][_][O] M = MetalGear
[_][_][_][P][P][R] O = Opponent
[_][_][_][_][_][_] P/R = Rowlock

Now, the MetalGear will start moving forwards, no? Once the MetalGear moves
'halfway' onto the second panel (In the middle of the 'moving' animation, in
other words), use Lance. Your opponent is pushed forwards and gets stunned
long enough for the MetalGear to run them over. That's an easy 290 damage.

Rating - Offensive Power - ** & 1/2
         Fun Factor - ***
         1P Recommendation - **
         Netbattle Recommendation - **

      Code - S                   |_____________________________________________
     Folder - S-Slasher
    Creator - Zidanet129
  * Modified by: The Dark Unknown

     3 ThunderBall2 S
     4 Sword S
     4 WideBlade S
     4 LongBlade S
     3 AreaGrab S
     3 Fan *
     4 Invis *
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]
     1 SearchMan S
     1 SearchManSP S
     1 SparkMan S
     1 SparkManSP S

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - WindSoul (RS)
   Possible Souls - RS - ThunderSoul, WindSoul, SearchSoul
                    BM - BluesSoul

Overview: Yet another LifeSword Folder...Yay! LifeSword is like the only PA
that hasn't varied since MMBN1 (I think). Still that 400 damage 2 x 3 Blade.

So, what IS interesting? ...Well, WideBlade/LongBlade aren't as useless now...
Okay, I give up. Even a diagram would be nothing new.

[_][_][_][X][X][_] M = You
[_][_][M][X][X][_] X = LifeSword Range


It's your usual LifeSword Folder, souped up with MMBN4 enhancements. Now,
even Areagrabs are optional. You have...let's see...1...2...2 1/2 ways to
get your opponent in range for LifeSword.

- Fan
- WindSoul (Fan effect)
- AreaGrab

Well, these are all obvious. You use Fan or WindSoul's Monsoon (Fan Effect)
to drag your opponent forwards, then you slash with a LifeSword. Enough
about LifeSword, you've heard about it so many times that you'll have it
etched in your brain twenty years later.

FullSynch isn't crucial in this Folder, but it's not hard to get with a few
ThunderBalls, and a 800 damage LifeSword...or pulling a Sparkman SP...

200 (Sparkman SP) x 2 (Double Hit on panel in front) x 2 (FullSynch) = 
800 damage. Not bad for one chip.

Searchman SP also hits 5 times...

75 (Searchman SP) x 5 (Hits) x 2 (FullSynch) = 750. Again, it's pretty

So, you have quite an arsenal of reliable offensive chips/means, and not
many flaws. Both Sparkman and Searchman hit over holes and through obstacles,
and LifeSword can do all that and not miss if your opponent sidesteps, or
even steps backwards. LifeSpork, away!

Rating - Offensive Power - ****
         Fun Factor - * (Boring as hell x_x)
         1P Recommendation - *** & 1/2
         Netbattle Recommendation - ***

      Code - T                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Jell-O of Doom!
  Creators - The Dark Unknown and H0tSh0tZ1627

     2 MokoRush 3 T
     4 NumberBall 3 T
     3 Vulcan 3 T
     2 Recover150 T
     3 Fan *
     4 MetaGel T
     3 Invis *
     3 Mole *
     2 Panelgrab *
     1 FullCust * 
     1 Thunderman T [Prs]
     1 Thunderman SP T
     A - 2 GutsPunch 3 T
     B - 2 WhiteWeb 2 * 

   Preferred Version - Red Sun
   Preferred Souls - RollSoul (RS), ThunderSoul (RS)
   Possible Souls - RS - RollSoul, ThunderSoul, SearchSoul, WindSoul
                    BM - AquaSoul, WoodSoul

Rating - Offensive Power - ****
         Fun Factor - ****
         1P Recommendation - **
         Netbattle Recommendation - ****

      Code - U                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Toxic Bomber
   Creator - H0tSh0tZ1627 and Chief Clancy Wiggum

     2 SeekBomb 1 *
     4 SeekBomb 3 U
     4 Boomer 3 U
     3 AirHock 3 U
     2 DeathMatch 3 U
     2 PanelReturn *
     4 Timpani *
     2 AreaGrab *
     2 PanelGrab *
     2 Invis *
     2 Barrier200 U
     1 Fastgauge * [Preset]

   Preferred Version - Blue Moon
   Preferred Souls - WoodSoul (BM), MetalSoul (BM)
   Possible Souls - RS - GutsSoul, SearchSoul
                    BM - WoodSoul, MetalSoul, JunkSoul

Overview: You really can't expect much out of U code - it only has 9 chips
and one of them is FastGauge. The other one (AquaUp) requires cracked panels
and you don't even get a Geddon 1.
Expect three strategies that are completely unrelated to each other...and 
you get Toxic Bomber o_O.

SeekBombs, Boomers and all that are pretty weak on their own. SeekBomb...I
can't even draw a diagram for it because it's a BOMB you toss 3 spaces
forwards, and STAYS on the panel indefinitely. It doesn't even explode. And
the worst thing? It doesn't freeze time. Think of it as a MiniBomb that either
does 140 damage or gets in the way.

What better way to use useless chips than WoodSoul's Gaia Effect. SeekBombs
become fodder for powering up Boomers. It's actually not very powerful, nor is
it a good use of a chip, but at least it HITS. Try hitting someone with
SeekBomb, for god's sake. It's impossible.

...At least, until you add support. Timpani immobilizes your opponent, allowing
you to toss the SeekBomb (But you STILL don't have much time to throw it.).
MetalSoul can be used to charge SeekBombs so that they do a crappy 260 damage.
W00tage, you're winning now. *Rolls eyes*

You do have AirHock 3, and with a bit of Areagrab Magicks and MetalSoul, you
can get a decent 400~ damage. Not bad, but when a Folder's support is better
than its main combo, you're in trouble.

Well, if you can't hit, STALL! Use DeathMatch 3 and PanelReturn to give your
opponent poison panels, whilst you're safe. They can run, but they still take
damage! (Damn WindSoul.)

With all of this (Crap), surely you can get a 1 Rank in a battle. Maybe. Just
don't use it unless you're rather attracted to Searchman and his crappy
SeekBombs. They don't even explode, dammit. I can't help but insult the U code
with its crappy set of chips. Whoopie.

Notice how there are no diagrams for this Folder. *Sigh*

Rating - Offensive Power - *
         Fun Factor - ** (It's more stupid than fun)
         1P Recommendation - 1/2
         Netbattle Recommendation - Don't. Even. Bother.

      Code - V                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Mjolnir
  Creators - Eclipse and The Dark Unknown

     3 BigHammer 3 V [~]
     4 Lightning 2 V [~]
     1 SuperVulcan V [~]
     2 ThunderBall 1 *
     4 Rockcube *
     3 Blizzard *
     2 AirRack *
     4 Areagrab *
     2 PanelGrab */2 Lightning 1 *
     3 Invis *
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]
     1 Attack+30 *

  * All Chips denoted with a [~] have been altered from the original
    Folder to fit the V code theme. The original chips are:
    3 BigHammer 2 J
    4 Lightning 3 J
    1 Junkman SP J
    Which make the Folder much more effective.

   Preferred Version - Red Sun
   Preferred Souls - ThunderSoul (RS)
   Possible Souls - RS - ThunderSoul, WindSoul, SearchSoul
                    BM - AquaSoul, JunkSoul, MetalSoul, NumberSoul

Overview: BigHammers are probably the best example of 'useless'. One panel
range, so much delay that a Mettool could dodge it if you moved first and
worst of all, it counts as a Medium Obstacle (3 Points). One that disappears
after 2 seconds.

...Yet Eclipse and I still found a use for it. Aren't we brilliant? >_>

BigHammer, being an obstacle, can be used as a Lightning "Rod". Sure, it's
hard to set up, but getting 2800+ in one go is good enough. The big problem is
actually setting it up.
To get the best out of this Folder...

- Your opponent must be hit thrice with Lightning
- BigHammer itself must hit
- Your opponent must be on Ice panels

Now THAT takes a lot of setup. The best setup has been listed first, and
shortcuts AFTER it.

|- The Best Setup
|- Shortcut 1: Columnlocking made easy
|- Shortcut 2: Double Placement
|- Shortcut 3: Simplified Rockcube positioning

- The BEST setup - (Extremely hard to pull off...)

This method requires the most chips - there are ways around it, but it'll
be discussed later.

[_][_][_][A][A][R] A = Areagrabbed Panels
[_][_][_][A][B][O] B = BigHammer
[_][_][_][A][A][R] R = Rockcube       O = Opponent (The ONLY panel on Ice)

Chips required: *Note: BigHammer and the Lightnings MUST be the last chips.*
Areagrab x2, Rockcube x2, Blizzard, BigHammer, Lightning xn 
(1-3. The Rockcubes can only take 200 damage, so they'll break after 3).
ThunderSoul is optional, but it helps a LOT when you're actually dealing

Step 1 - ColumnLocking. This is obvious - two Areagrabs. Looks like this:

[_][_][_][A][A][_] A = Areagrabbed Panels

Once you have that, the rest is fairly easy.

Step 2 - Blizzard

You want to get Blizzard in so that your opponent gets the 2x damage, BUT the
Rockcubes don't get 2x damage (So they can withstand more Lightnings). It's
a pain if your opponent moves, so you may or may not want to use a ThunderBall
to paralyze them on the middle panel, and...read Shortcut 2B.

[_][_][_][_][_][_] M = You
[_][_][_][_][M][B] B = Blizzard (The 3 panels are 'offscreen', so you only
[_][_][_][_][_][_]               get one Ice panel - the one on your opponent)

Step 3 - Placing the Rockcubes

Of course, this is the real problem. You want the Rockcubes on either side
of your opponent so that they are effectively trapped for BigHammer, but the
Rockcubes themselves take as little damage as possible.

[_][_][_][_][_][R] R = Rockcube
[_][_][_][_][_][O] O = Opponent

The middle panel your opponent is on is obvious the Ice Panel - it may be a
better idea to place the Blizzard AFTER the Rockcubes, as explained in Short-
cut 2. Once you get these in, it's a piece of cake.

Step 4 - BigHammer and the Lightnings

THIS is the fun part. Place the BigHammer like so:

[_][_][_][_][_][R] B = BigHammer
[_][_][_][_][B][O] O = Opponent
[_][_][_][_][_][R] R = Rockcube

You now have...2.5 seconds to spam Lightnings before BigHammer hits for a nice
250 damage. Each Lightning will hit thrice, and do double damage with Ice...
If you use ThunderSoul, each Lightning will paralyze, making the combo
impervious to...not working?

[V Code Version]
[Lightning 2] x [3 Hits] x [2x Damage on Ice]
130 x 3 x 2 = 780

[J Code Version]
[Lightning 3] x [3 Hits] x [2x Damage on Ice]
160 x 3 x 2 = 960

That's a lot of damage for one Lightning, let alone 3. If you have ThunderSoul,
you can break the Rockcubes without worrying about the BigHammer missing. If
not, then it's a choice between a Lightning 3 or BigHammer.

Anyhow, if you manage a full combo with ThunderSoul (Lightning x3 + BigHammer)

[V Code Version - Lightning2 + BigHammer3]
780 x 3 + 280 = 2620

[J Code Version - Lightning3 + BigHammer2]
960 x 3 + 220 = 3100

That's plenty of damage to compensate for the setup. And you can always grab
another bunch of obstacles for a weaker Lightning finish. This Folder has
over 4000 damage in potential (J code), assuming all of the Lightning3s hit
with full power.

Now...the Shortcuts.

- Shortcut 1: Columnlocking made easy -

Instead of using 2 Areagrabs (Should there be any obstacles or whatnot, or
if you fail to draw 2 Areagrabs), you could use EITHER:

- 1 Areagrab + 1 PanelGrab
- 2 PanelGrabs

Of course, both of these require the method of Rockcube setup in Shortcut 2A.
It's a MUST.



With either of these, you can still stand on the frontmost PanelGrabbed Panel
to use Blizzard, as well as place the Rockcubes with Shortcut 2A. The Big-
Hammer will work fine.

- Shortcut 2A: Double Placement -

This shortcut involves TWO parts, because it is essential to have both in 
order to get the Rockcubes and so on across safely.

You need to set it up like so. It does not matter if your Rockcubes are 
placed on your panels or your opponent's panels (This differs depending on 
whether you used Areagrabs or not).

You'll need either your ThunderSoul ZapRing or a ThunderBall1. You MUST
paralyze your opponent on that panel.

[_][_][_][R][_][_] R = Rockcubes (They MUST be on the same column)
[_][_][_][_][M][O] M = You (You MUST be here)
[_][_][_][R][_][_] O = Opponent (You MUST paralyze your opponent here)

Now...step back and hit both Rockcubes with your AirRack.

[_][_][_][)][_][R] M = You            ) = AirRack Range
[_][_][M][)][_][O] R = Rockcubes
[_][_][_][)][_][R] O = Opponent

Look familiar? It should.

NOW you can use Blizzard, and on the frontmost panel so that only your
opponent gets Ice'd. If you don't understand why it goes afterwards, then 
there are two reasons:

- +100 Damage
- Your opponent won't slide around if the Ice panel is there (And they
probably won't even step on that panel just in case)

- Shortcut 2B: Simplfied Rockcube Positioning -

Of course, the shortened versions always do less damage, but at least you
are guarenteed of a Lightning hit (It should still be 3 hits, but 2 on Ice
should suffice too).

You will need the following chips: Areagrab x1 (Yay!), Rockcube x2, Blizzard
x1, BigHammer x1, Lightning xn (Preferably 2). Possibly ThunderSoul.

In the end it will look like this:

[_][_][_][A][R][I] R = Rockcube         B = BigHammer
[_][_][_][A][B][O] O = Opponent         A = Areagrabbed Panels
[_][_][_][A][R][I] I+O+B = Ice Panels
[_][_][_][A][R][I] R = Rockcube         B = BigHammer
[_][_][_][B][O][I] O = Opponent         A = Areagrabbed Panels
[_][_][_][A][R][I] I+O = Ice Panels

Areagrab, then use the Blizzard, like so:

[_][_][_][_][_][B] M = Megaman
[_][_][_][M][B][B] B = Blizzard

You may or may not need an AirRack to knock your opponent back - this doesn't
really matter. Now, place the Rockcubes as shown in the diagram at the top.
If your opponent stays on the back row, place the BigHammer on the same
column as the Rockcubes. If he/she steps forwards, paralyze them, then
place the BigHammer in front of them. Now, spam Lightnings as usual.


This Folder is a pain to set up if you want the optimum combo, but it does
a helluva lot of damage, as long as you have the basics. A fun Folder to
play with, but it's too risky for a real Netbattle.

I apologize for the extremely long description, but it was necessary - many
people see a Lightning Folder and immediately think of the damage potential,
and not the actual setup - it was vital to get the setup information across.

Rating - Offensive Power - *****
         Fun Factor - *** & 1/2
         1P Recommendation - ** & 1/2
         Netbattle Recommendation - * (Too much setup)

      Code - W                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Black Wind (Kokushokuzatsuon)    {Originally Z Code}
   Creator - White Dragon Nall
 * Modified by: The Dark Unknown (Changed from Z code to W code)

     4 NoiseStorm * (Static)
     3 SandRing *
     3 AirHock 3 W
     1 BlackWing W
     4 Invis *
     3 AreaGrab *
     2 PanelGrab *
     4 Attack+10 *
     1 Attack+30 *
     2 ColourPoint *
     1 DoublePoint *
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]
     1 BugChain *

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - Dark ONLY (Not Berserk Soul/Mode)
   Possible Souls - None - Dark ONLY

Overview: A decent, working Dark Folder is very rare. Very much so, espeically
for Netbattling (Where you could just pull up a DarkSword or something and
blow your opponent into oblivion). It's still extremely powerful - even
moreso than DarkChips themselves if you use Black Wind properly.

It has two main offenses, both of which do extremely good damage. NoiseStorms
work like Tornado without glitches, BUT if you were to use a DarkChip, then
you would receive one glitch (Which results in an boost in NoiseStorm's

NoiseStorm is an interesting chip, as its range varies with the number of
glitches you have - NOT the Level of the glitch, the number of DIFFERENT
glitches you have. For example, if you were to have the buster glitch (Blank
Shots), and the Custom Menu HP Drain Glitch, that would be a "Level 2
Glitch Setup". A LV3 one would have 3 glitches (And you only need 3 for
NoiseStorm to be at its best).

Here are some diagrams for the range of NoiseStorm as the number of glitches

#1 - NO Glitches (0. Zip. Nada.)
[_][_][_][_][_][_] M = You
[_][M][_][X][_][_] X = Hit Range

#2 - ONE Glitch (1)
[_][_][_][_][_][_] M = You
[_][M][_][X][X][_] X = Hit Range

#3 - TWO Glitches (2)
[_][_][_][X][_][_] M = You
[_][M][_][X][X][_] X = Hit Range

#4 - THREE Glitches (3 or more)
[_][_][_][X][X][_] M = You
[_][M][_][X][X][_] X = Hit Range

The three glitches range is slightly insane, no? Think of this Folder as
Overshine without the FullSynch. It's still extremely good, and will NOT
miss very often - it's a freaking 2 x 3 LIFESWORD range, for pete's sake.

You want to start with TWO glitches at the start of the battle - the following
glitches are recommended. It's two because you can pull a DarkChip at the
start. Even if you don't, the range with 2 glitches is decent (And with
SandRing, you still can't miss)

- Blank Buster (Glitch any of the Buster NCPs except BusterPack)
- Glitched SneakRun
- Glitched Elemental "Search" NCPs (OilBody, Fish and the like)
- Glitched AirShoes
- Glitched Collect

As for the DarkChip, you'd be best off using these:

- DarkCannon -> Charged Buster = Flower
- DarkLance -> Custom Menu HP Drain (LV1)
- DarkSpreader -> Panels Megaman steps off become Poison
- DarkVulcan -> Megaman becomes Confused for a long time (If you use Invis
                before using DarkVulcan, you'll be safe most of the time)

Those are just recommended - if you have a better set of glitches, then use
them by all means. Once you have the 3 glitches, it's just Overshine all
over again. SandRing them, then use NoiseStorm. It does enough damage to
kill most Netbattlers with one combo, so the glitches won't affect your
battling much. A fully powered NoiseStorm...

[20 + 110] (NoiseStorm + DblPt, Atk+30, Atk+10 x2) x 8 (Hits) x 2 (SandRing)
= 2080 Damage. Nothing to laugh at. More like something to weep at if you're
against Black Wind. A 2080 Tornado with a LifeSword-like range. Whoopie. Even
if your opponent DOES have FloatShoes, you'll get 1040 damage. Not bad,
and you can just use another NoiseStorm, or follow it up with a support
strategy. =).

What support strategies you ask?

Support Strategy #1 - AirHock 3

It's obvious what these do. They're everywhere. It's not hard to get it set
up, with all of the Areagrabs and ColourPoints, and it does decent damage.

Support Strategy #2 - BlackWing

BlackWing is so powerful that it's unbelieveable. If you remember Darkman in
MMBN3, then you're looking at Darkman's MMBN4 reincarination. DarkMan V4, to
be specific. Down to the last detail (The DarkHole)...except for Darkman

Anyhow, BlackWing releases 18 bats, evenly divided amongst your opponent's
remaining columns (The three that they start with). Normally, you get 6 hits,
but Areagrabbing once makes it 9/Column. Column-locking? An insane 18 hits!
Even at 20 damage/bat, it still does 360 if you Areagrab twice. Just ONE
Atk+10 adds 180 damage. Here's a fully powered BlackWing. (Thanks to Final
Judgement for pointing out the mistake I made prior to this correction)
Unfortuately, you CANNOT use a Colour/DoublePoint with BlackWing, so you can't
get the normal +110. HOWEVER, you can replace the ColourPoint/DoublePoint with
a Atk+10, so it's a +60

[20 + 60] (BlackWing + 60) x 18 (Bats) = 1440 Damage. Not too shabby.

Support Strategy #3: DARKCHIPS!

You're probably thinking: "TDU would be one of the last people to suggest
DarkChips". And you're right...if you're going to lose HP for it. In an
all-out Netbattle? Call upon teh Darkness! You're going to have to do it
once to get the third glitch for NoiseStorm anyhow.

The problem with DarkChips is that you can grab two, but you can't use your
normal chips. And since they don't actually do THAT much damage (C'mon - 
DarkCannon's 999 damage is weak compared to BlackWing and NoiseStorm), it's
best if you only use them when it's necessary.

The best DarkChips to use with this Folder would be: DarkSword (You've
got the range set up) and DarkLance (Depends on your opponent's HP.). You
can play around, because this Folder is too overpowered anyhow. Definitely
one of your best choices for a Dark Folder. Possibly the ONLY good Dark
Folder I know of.

Rating - Offensive Power - *****
         Fun Factor - **
         1P Recommendation - Light - N/A (Light > Dark. If you're Dark- *****)
         Netbattle Recommendation - **** (**** & 1/2 with DarkChips)

      Code - X                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Ground Style     {Originally K Code}
   Creator - Miyamoto Wannabe
 * Modified by: The Dark Unknown (Changed from K code to X code)

     3 Blizzard *
     3 HeatBreath *
     3 ElecShock *
     3 WoodyPowder *
     3 AreaGrab *
     4 Invis *
     4 Blind *
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]
     1 FullCust *
     1 Attack+30 *
     1 DoublePoint *
     1 ShadeMan X
     1 ShadeMan SP X
     RS - 1 Forte
     BM - 1 ForteAnother X

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - None
   Possible Souls - RS - FireSoul, ThunderSoul, SearchSoul
                    BM - AquaSoul, WoodSoul, NumberSoul

Overview: Weird and wonderful. This Folder looks like a jumble of random
* code chips that don't do much, but that's where you're wrong.

How the "Elemental" Chips work - 

[_][_][_][_][X][_] M = You
[_][_][M][X][X][_] X = Hit Range (Also Ice/Lava/Cracked/Grass Panels)

Blizzard - 100 Damage
HeatBreath - 90 Damage
ElecShock - 80 Damage
WoodyPowder - 100 Damage

Doesn't seem like a lot, but you forget - Heat Attribute chips do double
damage on Grass, and Elec Attribute on Ice. WoodyPowder -> HeatBreath,
Blizzard -> ElecShock. HeatBreath also does an extra 50 damage with the Lava
panel if your opponent doesn't have FloatShoes. Don't expect your opponent
to step on all three though.

WoodyPowder + HeatBreath = 100 + (90 x 2) = 280 damagse. (+50 = 330)
Blizzard + ElecShock = 100 + (80 x 2) = 260 Damage.

Sure, they don't do a lot of damage, but the trick is to spam them as often
as possible - use one as soon as your opponent gets out of flinching, or
use a Blind to get rid of flinching. If you're playing with Red Sun, Thunder-
Soul can make ElecShock paralyze, so you can use that to your advantage.

The best setup you can get with this is to columnlock them so that you can
a guarenteed hit, but that's not very practical. Try to hit them when they're
in front of you - that works best.

[Optimum Setup]
[_][_][_][A][A][X] A = Areagrabbed Panel
[_][_][_][M][X][X] M = You
[_][_][_][A][A][X] X = Hit Range

If you hit twice in succession, you might get FullSynch - that's another 100
or so damage in the bag. This Folder isn't a 'quick kill' Folder, but it'll
slowly kill your opponent.

Of course, with the low potential damage in this Folder, some heavy-hitters
have been introduced. Forte/Forte Another and Shademan both work extremely
well, and Shademan's chip even has the same hit range as Blizzard and so on!

You want to use the PARALYSIS Button Command with Shademan's Chips. There
isn't much else to say about Shademan's chips - they're just time-freezing
and add a status effect. Don't waste Atk+30 or DoublePoint on this, or any
of the elemental chips. You want the REAL heavy-hitter. Forte.

Forte/Forte Another are essentially overkill if you can get a few elemental
chips in along with a Shademan or two. Forte hits more times, but Forte
Another does more damage per hit - both work.

Forte (60) + 8 Hits + Atk+30 + DoublePoint + FullSynch.
[60 + 60 + 30] x 8 x 2 = 2400 Damage

Forte Another (160) + 4 hits + Atk+30 + DoublePoint + FullSynch
[160 + 30 + 60] x 4 x 2 = 2000 Damage

You might find some problems with using Forte Another when there are holes
on the field, but otherwise, there are NO problems whatsoever. Invis and so
on can be gotten rid of with Blind.

Of course, relying on ONE heavyhitter is a big gamble - there are few Folders
that do this without a proper back-up plan should it fail. This Folder doesn't.
It's a fun Folder, no doubt about that, but a serious Netbattler would be
heistant about using Ground Style in a real competition. Annoy your friends
and all, but don't expect a victory every time - it's conditional, really.

Rating - Offensive Power - ** & 1/2 (* without Forte & Shademan)
         Fun Factor - *****
         1P Recommendation - ***
         Netbattle Recommendation - **

      Code - Y                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Cleptogeist 
  Creators - H0tSh0tZ1627 and SushiSquid

     4 RollArrow3 Y
     3 NumberBall3 Y
     3 ThunderBall 1 *
     4 RockCube *
     2 Wind *
     4 Fanfare *
     2 Silence *
     2 Popup *
     3 AreaGrab *
     1 SlowGauge * [Preset]
     1 Jealousy J
     1 ForteAnother X
*This Folder HAS to have Jealousy, but it lacks raw power, so Forte Another
 or Delta Ray Edge has to go in. If not, then it would have been a pure
 Y code Folder with one J chip.

   Preferred Version - Blue Moon ONLY
   Preferred Souls - JunkSoul (BM)
   Possible Souls - BM - JunkSoul

Overview: Cleptogeist has GOT to be amongst the best annoyer Folders of MMBN4.
You're not playing a particularly offensive Folder, but the slow pace of this
Folder still wipes out anything your opponent has up his/her sleeve...

This Folder, as I've said, doesn't rely on brute force. The best thing about
it is that it doesn't use Invis. ^_^. Anyhow, your objective is to annoy...
by smashing all of your opponent's chips. However, you won't be using RS's
RollSoul (With it being a Blue Moon only Folder and all...). RollArrow and
Jealousy will smash all of your opponent's chips - you only need one per turn.
ThunderBalls and all that help you thar.

But that's not it! You smash their chips, leaving them with only their buster.
Then, you can use one of the many offensive strategies in this Folder.
Forte Another isn't really an offense - it's just there to do a bit more
damage if you need it. RollArrow/Jealousy are for breaking chips, not damage.

- Offense 1: JunkSoul ChipRecycle
This is a bit weird, but it works VERY well (Besides being a bit random...).
The chips you destroy can also be recycled for YOUR usage with JunkSoul's
ChipRecycle - so you can pull out THEIR Forte, or whatever powerful chips
they have. ChipRecycle also returns your chips (Obviously), so you could end
up with 2 Jealousys and 5 RollArrow3s. Maybe.

(Thanks to H0tSh0tZ1627 and SushiSquid for the following bit)
JunkSoul's JunkRecycle is prone to recycle GigaChips more often than other
chips. There's a hierachy to what chips are more commonly recyclced, and it's
Giga -> Mega (Including Mega-Secret Chips) -> Standard (+ Normal Secret Chips).
That basically means if you use ForteA and Fanfare, whilst your opponent uses
Videoman, then you're more likely to get Forte Another and Videoman back. Of
course, this applies to both you and your opponent's chips, so it's his AND
your Gigachips, then both of your MegaChips and so on.

- Offense 2: NumberBall Spamming
Now this is fun. If you succeed in destroying your opponent's chips, they're
stuck with their buster whilst you roll Numberballs at them. Fun, fun. The
best part is when they attempt to fire charged buster shots at you to get
a bit of damage - since NumberBalls do damage equal to the last two digits
of your HP, it's possible that getting hit by buster/charged buster shots
could get your HP to _80, _90, or even _99! NumberBall does nearly 500 damage
at 99/Ball, so it's very powerful, especially when your opponent is unable to
alter your HP quickly.

- Offense 3: Poltergeist
THAT'S what the obstacles are for - beating the opponent with. You've got
Rockcubes, Fanfares, Silences and Winds to throw at your opponent leisurely.
Each obstacle will do 100 damage, so you can get 300 or so damage per turn.
Not too bad.

That's your offense. An odd assortment. Probably goes with the odd defense too.
Fanfares and Moles are used to protect you, instead of Invis. Enjoy frustrating
your opponent, then sending the NumberBalls down his/her row. It gets better
and better.

You can win most, if not all Netbattles with this odd Folder. Unlike other
ideas, this looks crappy on the drawing board, but is superb in action. Don't
quote me on that, I just quoted Yoh or whoever said that. Don't EVER use it
outside of Netbattles though - it's unbelieveably crappy that way. Even the
best has its flaws =P.

Rating - Offensive Power - ** & 1/2 (It's supposed to be low...ish)
         Fun Factor - *****
         1P Recommendation - Negative. It does not work in-game.
         Netbattle Recommendation - *****

      Code - Z                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Meteoric Supremacy     {Originally R Code}
   Creator - SushiSquid
  * Modified by: The Dark Unknown & MasterMind Chaud (Changed from R to Z)

     3 ThunderBall 1 *
     3 Vulcan1 *
     2 Meteors1 *
     4 Meteors3 Z
     4 Timpani *
     2 AreaGrab *
     4 Invis *
     2 PopUp *
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]
     2 Attack+10 *
     1 Attack+30 *
     1 DoublePoint *
     RS - 1 Z-Saber Z
     BM - 1 Delta Ray Edge Z

   Preferred Version - Blue Moon (Delta Ray Edge preference ONLY)
   Preferred Souls - None
   Possible Souls - RS - FireSoul, SearchSoul, ThunderSoul
                    BM - JunkSoul, NumberSoul, BluesSoul

Overview: Meteoric Hell, from MMBN2/3 doesn't work in MMBN4...Capcom just had
to make the last row of panels 'unstealable'. That means Meteors can't do the
original 30 hits. 

However, MMBN4 has a different type of Meteoric Hell - it uses the Secret
Chip(s) Meteors1/2/3. Sure, it can't even do 1/16 of the damage Meteoric
Hell could muster, but it's the best as far as Meteors goes in MMBN4.

This Folder relies heavily on Timpani, unfortunately. Otherwise, it works
pretty well, and from anywhere. You could even get ColumnLocked and still
have this Folder work. Seriously.

First, put Timpani down to stop your opponent from moving. It doesn't matter
where they stop, as long as you can get on the same row as them - Meteors
targets the frontmost opponent on the same row as you, so it'll work from

Once they're immobilized, you can use your Meteors (Preferably souped up with 
Atk+ chips). If you time it well, you'll get the ThunderBalls or Vulcans to
stun your opponent when Timpani stops singing - this is essential to using
this Folder to its maximum potential. Vulcan1s can also give you FullSynch -
this makes even one Meteors3 chip deadly. Just look below.

- MAXIMUM Meteors3 Damage with this Folder - (Not very practical)

Meteors3 x 5 Hits + Atk+30, DoublePoint, 2 Atk+10 + FullSynch

180 (70 + 110) x 5 x 2 = 1800 Damage. Nothing to laugh at. And if that doesn't
kill them, use another Meteors Chip.

Here's a more pratical example. A 1 turn draw/combo.
Chip Lineup: Timpani, Vulcan1, Meteors3, Attack+30, [ThunderBall/Vulcan1]
Vulcan1 will get Meteors FullSynch.

100 (70 + 30) x 5 (Hits) x 2 (FullSynch) = 1000 Damage. In one turn, if you
can immobilize your opponent for long enough. You may need a second Vulcan1
or ThunderBall at the 4th hit or so, but that's not a big problem.

There isn't much support because this Folder works extremely well with just
this combo - it doesn't need Areagrabs. Nothing. Just Timpani. Broken Panels
will wipe this Folder out, I'm afraid.

Just so you know, Z-Saber for Red Sun does 100 x 3 Hits. 300, and up to
2340 damage if fully powered. Pwnage, especially with Timpani. Same with
Delta Ray Edge, but better. DRE does 260 x 3, which does over 3000 damage at
the most.

A fairly decent Folder that's bound to annoy your opponent a bit...before
killing them outright. Don't play with this in a real Netbattle Competition,
because if your opponent 'exploits' any of the flaws (Though there are few),
your entire strategy is screwed.

Rating - Offensive Power - ****
         Fun Factor - *** & 1/2
         1P Recommendation - ***
         Netbattle Recommendation - ** & 1/2

      Code - *                   |_____________________________________________
    Folder - Desert Storm
   Creator - SushiSquid

     4 ThunderBall1 *
     4 ElementSand *
     4 WindRack *
     3 Fan *
     3 Vulcan1 *
     4 Invis *
     2 Spreader *
     1 Attack+30 *
     3 ColorPoint *
     1 DoublePoint *
     1 FullCust * [Preset]

[You may want to add something like GrabRevenge. Take out 1 Invis, 1 Vulcan
 and the two Spreaders for 4 spots. All of that was edited out to fit the *
 code theme.]

   Preferred Version - Red Sun
   Preferred Souls - ThunderSoul (RS)
   Possible Souls - RS - ThunderSoul, WindSoul, SearchSoul

Overview: This is truly an odd Folder. An Element____ Folder without the panel
to go with it. The irony behind it is that this Folder works far better than
any other Element_____ based Folder.  Why? ThunderSoul.

The trick behind it is to immobilize your opponent for the duration of the
battle through paralysis. You have the main combo - ElementSand. It does a
decent amount of damage but STILL manages to paralyze your opponent. Yay.

ElementSand (120) + 4 Hits (3-5, Average is 4) = 480 damage. Per ElementSand.
You also need to hit with a WindRack, so it totals up to 580 with just the
main combo. With 2 chips...and a bit of setup. Can't do anything without the
setup, can you? =P

Chips required:
[1 chip to Paralyze your opponent]
Fan, WindRack, ElementSand [Along with any Atk+ chips. ColourPoint preferred]
The ColourPoint only helps the strategy, so I'll leave that out in the meantime

[I'll assume that you're starting with ThunderSoul.]

- Place the Fan

This is obvious. It works best if you place the Fan on your opponent's panels
so that you can ColourPoint back - of course, you could always blow up your
current Fan if you need to =P.

- Stunning your opponent

ThunderBall, Spreader, Vulcan1. As long as you hit with them, it doesn't
matter what you use. The combo is a lot easier to position with this, but it's
not compulsory.

- Push your opponent to the back row

Using WindRack - just hit them when they're on the front row and you'll have
them on the back row. They can't counter or whatever, so this is *almost*
flawless. Just make sure you're on the same row as your opponent.

[_][F][_][)][_][_] F = Fan
[_][_][M][)][_][O] M = You       ) = WindRack range
[_][_][_][)][_][_] O = Opponent (Blown back by WindRack)

- Teh damage!

Now? QUICKLY use ElementSand. If you time it well, Fan should suck your
opponent through the ElementSand flame, making it hit 3-5 times. That, and
they get paralyzed. =D

Now, you have plenty of options, as long as you keep your opponent paralyzed.
With ThunderSoul, you have your whole Folder at your disposal - do another
WindRack/ElementSand combo, or stall with Vulcans, Spreaders and ThunderBalls.

Wondering why there are so many 'useless' chips...and no Areagrabs with 3
ColourPoints? (2 CP, 1 DP)

ColourPoints boost the whole ElementSand strategy.

[_][F][_][_][_][_] F = Fan            O = Opponent
[M][E][E][E][_][O] M = You
[_][_][_][_][_][_] E = ElementSand
That's how much space you get for ElementSand, thus giving you quite a bit
more time. That, and you could pull a GrabRevenge if you add it into your
Folder. They do 300 damage, so it's a nice finiher - they do mess up the
whole "Paralysis" Idea though.

Note that you can actually pull the entire main combo using WindSoul - The
Monsoon Ability pulls them forwards, and WindRack Charged Buster is essentially
a weaker WindRack.

This Folder works without ThunderSoul, making it pretty foolproof. Even if your
opponent is using obstacles, or lots of broken panels, you can still pull
off this combo/Folder with ease.

Rating - Offensive Power - ****
         Fun Factor - ****
         1P Recommendation - ***
         Netbattle Recommendation - **** & 1/2

     Codes - 3+ - D/E/F/J/U/V/W  |_____________________________________________ 
    Folder - Psycho Bouncer (Tenkoukaku)
   Creator - White Dragon Nall
 * Modified by: The Dark Unknown (Modified RFF Version previously)

     4 Thunderball 1 *
     1 AirHock 1 D
     1 AirHock 1 E
     1 AirHock 1 F
     1 AirHock 1 *
     4 AirHock 2 J
     2 AirHock 3 U
     1 AirHock 3 V
     1 AirHock 3 W
     3 Invis *
     2 Popup *
     3 Areagrab *
     3 Panelgrab *
     1 FastGauge * [Preset]
     1 FullCust *
     1 Attack+30 *

   Preferred Version - None
   Preferred Souls - MetalSoul (BM)
   Possible Souls - RS - ThunderSoul, SearchSoul
                    BM - MetalSoul, NumberSoul

Overview: Yes, the legendary Psycho Bouncer, with enough power to delete even
Forte XX in one go. Tis' the RFF version, but that's fair enough because I
modified it.

Don't start ranting about the numerous codes - they only stop you from
unleashing hell (Or because you can't get everything in * code x_x). Doesn't
matter, really. If anyone insults this Folder, tell them Nall beat Forte XX
within seconds using this.

Each AirHock does a substancial amount of damage - around 400 or so. More

Remember that the AirHock works like this, or you'll fail miserably. If you're
quick, you can easily figure out the path of the AirHock...or you could just
place it on them. You MUST remember that the AirHock "appears" (You can't see
it because your eyes are too SLOW =P). Here are some sample paths. The rule
is that the AirHock will travel diagonally from the panel in front of you
and will *try* to move downwards first. When it reaches the edge of your
area OR your panels, it will bounce diagonally, turning 90 degrees (So
it goes from going Northeast to Southeast and so on).

[_][_][_][_][4][_] M = You
[M][1][_][3][_][5] 1-6 = The path of the AirHock
[_][_][2][_][6][_] (Once it gets to 6, it goes to 3, then 4,5,6,3 and so on)

[M][1][_][_][_][5] M = You
[_][_][2][_][4][_] 1-5 = The path of the AirHock
[_][_][_][3][_][_] (Once it goes to 5, it goes back - 4,3, then forward 3,4,5
                    and so on)

[_][_][_][3][_][_] M = You
[_][_][2][_][4][_] 1-5 = The path of the AirHock
[M][1][_][_][_][5] (Once it goes to 5, it goes back - 4,3, then forward 3,4,5
                    and so on)

If you Areagrab, the Airhock will try to avoid your panel - this means that
it will actually bounce off your panel and go back. If it has no choice, it
will go onto your panels (I won't explain it because you won't encounter it
often). However, if it has no way to bounce (If it 'bounces' but actually
goes nowhere - like if it's trapped on the NE corner), it disappears.

You do NOT want to do this.

[_][_][_][A][A][_] A = Panels you've stolen

What do you get? Nothing. One hit, maybe.

Optimum Setup? It only requires 2 PanelGrabs or 1 Areagrab...

Areagrab (Dur)
[_][_][_][A][_][_] A = Stolen Panels

[_][_][_][_][_][_] P = Stolen Panels

Now, it's simple. You want the AirHock like so, so that your opponent gets
hit everytime it bounces back. Here's how. Everytime, you want your opponent
to be on the !. The ? will only receive half of the maximum amount of damage,
and the blank panels don't even get hit...

(With Areagrab)
[_][_][_][_][_][?] M = You
[_][_][_][M][!][_] ! = Panel that receives most damage. 
[_][_][_][_][_][?] ? = Panel that receives 1/2 of !'s damage

(With Areagrab/2 Panelgrabs)
[_][_][_][_][?][_] M = You (W/ Areagrab)           K = You with 2 PanelGrabs
[_][_][M][_][K][!] ! = Panel that receives most damage. 
[_][_][_][_][?][_] ? = Panel that receives 1/2 of !'s damage

With numerous AirHocks, as well as JigokuHockey PA 1/3 (AirHock 1/3 are in
different codes to make the PA), your damage potential is close to infinite 
(Literally, at least for the HP cap in MMBN4)

What you want to do with your AirHocks is to use AirHock 2s to get some
damage before your finisher (You don't even NEED this damage...-_-), and
to get FullSynch. AirHock 1/3 should be saved for JigokuHockey 1/3 (Mostly
JH3 - the JH1 PA is expendable).

MetalSoul (BM) can be used to charge the AirHocks (You can't charge JigokuHock
though) - that is basically a free FullSynch.

A FullSynch JigokuHockey 3...

200 x 16~ (Hits. Appox as there isn't much that survives...) x 2 (FullSynch) =
6400 freaking Damage. 

You may experience any of the following after you use your 6400 damage thingy:
  -From your Netbattling Friend/Opponent-
- Excessive Swearing
- Excessive Violence (You, your GBA/MMBN4 and his GBA/MMBN4 are at risk. 
- Breathing Difficulty
- Strokes
- Random bursts of SRW ranting

  -From AI opponents-
- The usual exploding animation. A 3.7 seconds S Rank and your very own Delta
  Ray Edge/Black Barrier (For the 63rd time.)

If you can't kill with that (Suuuure), each AirHock 1 is capable of 200 or so 
damage, AirHock 2 - 300~, AirHock 3 - 400~. This Folder is so overpowered that
I've run out of comments.

Rating - Offensive Power - *****+ (Add more stars...)
         Fun Factor - * (It's the same. thing. every. time.)
         1P Recommendation - *****
         Netbattle Recommendation - **** (It is a tad bit cheap)


  =[ ]=-------------------------=[ ]=
    |          Section 4          |
    |     Can YOU contribute?     |
  =[ ]=-------------------------=[ ]=

Of COURSE you can! (Unless you get on my nerves...) If you think that your
Folder is better than one of the Folders in this FAQ, feel free to POST IT
ON THE BOARDS. Do NOT email me, because 11/10 Emails with Folders I get have
crappy, 6 coded chip LISTS.

Instead, kindly post your Folder on the Megaman Battle Network 4 Red Sun
Message Board on GameFAQs. (GameFAQs.com). If you don't have an account, GET
ONE. It doesn't take long. If you post it there, it will definitely get looked
at by me within 1-2 days (I live on the other side of the world =P). You'll
also get feedback from other Board Users, so it's a 2 for 1, no?

You can try to grab my attention if you want. My Username at GameFAQs is
The Dark Unknown (TDU for short), and I sometimes post with my alternative
account - Kiryudeku. Just PLEASE don't e-mail me your Folder unless you have
some sort of idiot filter that will never, ever let you on the GameFAQs Boards.
My email? Try the Outro section.

~ Requirements for Folders ~

- They MUST be uni-code (Consisting of chips in one Alphabetical Code and
  the * or Asterisk code). Any Folder with more than 2 chips in a different
  Alphabetical Code OR more than one Alphabetical Code will NOT be accepted
  under any circumstances.

- The Folder you post must be better than the Folder with the SAME CODE in
  this FAQ. To make it crystal clear, it does not matter if your W code
  WindMan Folder is better than Spider Turd (B Code), or Final Judgement /-/
  (H code), because they are DIFFERENT codes. If it is better than Black
  Wind (~W~ Code), then you can talk.

- I have the final say as to what Folder goes into this FAQ. Do not whine
  or tell me that User _______ said it was good enough. I write this FAQ, I
  decide on the Folders.

- I have every right to alter your Folder to suit either:
  - A: A different Code (If possible)
  - B: The optimum version of this Folder, IMO.
  I do not make unreasonable changes, and I'm sure the majority of the people
  who are active on the GameFAQs MMBN4 Boards know that. If you have any
  queries or suggestions contrary to what I've done to your Folder, please
  post them in a polite manner. I will take your/anyone else's comments
  and discuss the best possible 'version'.

* I will NOT, under any circumstances, take credit for the IDEA of the Folder.
  If I alter the Folder, I will make a small note of that. The original idea
  belongs to you.

- I am allowed to merge two Folders with similar strategies. Both you and
  the other person will be credited properly, and again, I only credit myself
  for modifying the Folder.

Lots of rules, I know. Most of them are obvious anyhow and shouldn't restrict
you too much. Have fun, and let your creativity guide you. Or go look at the
Chip List.

  =[ ]=-------------------------=[ ]=
    |          Section 5          |
    |       Special Thanks!       |
  =[ ]=-------------------------=[ ]=

I just HAD to make this a separate section, because this FAQ would have been
impossible without the ideas of many, many talented Folder Builders and the
brilliant one who came up with the list.

I thank the following users for their contributions to this FAQ.

Final Judgement - For the original idea of an Alphabetical List of Folders.
                  You wouldn't be reading this without his ideas.

 ~ For Contributing Folders ~
(Users in Alphabetical Order according to USERNAME)

Acred24             - For Crimson Combat (F)
Asakura Yoh         - For Disco Inferno (D), Rising Inferno (E) & Astro Crush
                      (R) + Taiyooou (G) (Though it's generic)
Chief Clancy Wiggum - For Toxic Bomber (U)
CrimsonKnight       - For Mind Games (J)
Eclipse             - For Mjolnir (V)
Final Judgement     - For Crimson Combat (F) & Games of the Scorched Shinai (K)
H0tSh0tZ1627        - For Shinja Fury (M), Melon Crusher (O), Astro Crush (R)
                      Jell-O of Doom (T), Toxic Bomber (U) & Cleptogeist (Y)
Mastermind Chaud    - For Shining Laser (L)
Miyamoto Wannabe    - For Ground Style (X)
Pharohman exe       - For Spider Turd (B)
Raven8              - For Astro Crush (R)
SilentJi            - For All or Nothing (N)
Space Medafighter X - For Painful Reality (Q)
SushiSquid          - For Rising Inferno (E), The Impaler (P), Cleptogeist (Y) 
                      , Meteoric Supremacy (Z) & Desert Storm (*)
The Dark Unknown    - For Magnetic Field (A), Final Judgement /-/ (H),
[Myself =o]           Purple Bomber (I), Melon Crusher (O), Jell-O of Doom (T)
                      & Mjolnir (V)
White Dragon Nall   - For Black Wind (W) & Psycho Bouncer (3+)
Zephyr Delta        - For Lemon Crusher (I)
Zidanet129          - For S-Slasher (S)

 ~ For Correcting Stuff ~

CrimsonKnight - For correcting GrabRevenge's Invis Piercing (Or non-piercing-
                ness) for Mind Games.
Final Judgement - For correcting the MAX Damage for BlackWing (Black Wind)
                  Fixing the equation I forgot to finish ^_^; (Crimson Combat)
Pharohman exe - For correcting damage calculations (Spider Turd)
TheRealLegendOfLink/H0tSh0tZ1627 - For VarSword Step-Charging (Chrono Cutlass)
H0tSh0tZ1627/SushiSquid - For additional info on JunkRecycle (Cleptogeist)

 ~ Personal Thanks ~

CJayC - Dur. TEH man. He who runs GameFAQs must be worshipped.

H0tSh0tZ1627 - For being a consultant of sorts. Yessir, you're important.

Mastermind Chaud - Because you exist. Dunno if that's a bad thing.

Everyone else who I talk to and is not an idiot - You're all funny. Sad maybe,
                 but funny still. >_>. Just don't kill me.

All user of the GFAQs Message Boards - The audience AND the contributors!
                The whole package!

Me - Because I'm a egoistic bastage...not! I should remove this line.
     This fits better - "Because I'm a crazy crazy boy with far too much time"

I'd go on and on, like in those corny Thanksgiving movies, but I'm too lazy
to type more. Unlimited Thanks, Scarce Space (For those who study 
Economics) =P.

  =[ ]=-------------------------=[ ]=
    |          Section 6          |
    |       Outro. Whoopie.       |
  =[ ]=-------------------------=[ ]=

The last section. Aren't you upset?

Anyhow, this is where you go if you have any suggestions, comments or things
that you would like to point out about THIS Guide, or any of MY other guides
only. Please don't email me to tell me that your newt died of a stroke. 
I don't care, really.

If you ARE going to email me, make sure that:

- You write in coherent English.
- You do not swear or offend me in any way without good reason.
- You make sense.
- You include who you are - GameFAQs username, whatever.

If I receive ANY email with anything like 'omglololol ur gueid suxx l0l0 i
r pwn u la jajaja', you won't wake up the next day. Or ever. Same to spam.

It's best to contact me via the GameFAQs Megaman Battle Network 4: Red Sun
Message Board - I frequent there often, so it won't take long. Don't make
your topic obscure though - if you want my attention, you have to grab it.
I'm a busy d00d. I suppose you could post on the Neoseeker MMBN4 Blue Moon
Message Board, but that would be slower. PM me I guess.

Here's some contact details.

GameFAQs Usernames: The Dark Unknown, Kiryudeku
Neoseeker Username: The Dark Unknown

MSN/Email: powerclash_192 AT hotmail.com
AIM: Call of Kudzu

If you wish to display this guide on any other sites other than: GameFAQs
(GameFAQs.com), Neoseeker (Neoseeker.com), please do email me. I'll consider,
but don't count on it. If I find this guide anywhere other than the places
I have specified, ESPECIALLY if someone (Maybe you, even) claims it as their
own, I WILL sue you. If you are going to use this anywhere else, get my
permission and credit me properly. Thank you.

Once again, I thank you for reading this guide, and all of the people I've
mentioned in the previous section for all of their contributions. kthxbai.
I bid you a pleasant day.
_____________________________________/ Copyright 2004 - Brian Fong (TDU)

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