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Chip Trader FAQ by Asakura Yoh

Version: 1.10 | Updated: 09/06/04

MegaMan Battle Network 4 Chip Trader FAQ

    |¯¯\¯¯\ ___  ___  ___ |¯¯\¯¯\ ___ ._ _  |¯.¯> ___ _| |_  _| |_ |¯| ___
    |     |/ ._>/ . |<_> ||     |<_> || ' | | . \<_> | | |    | |  | |/ ._>
    |_|_|_|\___.\_. |<___||_|_|_|<___||_|_| |___/<___| |_|    |_|  |_|\___.
                   _ _        _                    _     
                  | \ | ___ _| |_ _ _ _  ___  _ _ | |__  
                  |   |/ ._> | | | | | |/ . \| '_>| / /  
                  |_\_|\___. |_| |__/_/ \___/|_|  |_\_\      

                               |¯|   |¯|
                               | |___| |
                               |_____  |
                                     | | 
                           (Ascii provided in part by Xel23)

                                    Version 1.0

                               This FAQ was written by:
                            Asakura Yoh (AKA Jared Ramos)


[Ver. 1.0]

-Started FAQ
-Added in Higsby Trader Section
-Added in ElecTown Trader Section
-Added in BugFrag Trader Section
-Added in terminology and tips section
-Added Gaining Fodder section


Table of Contents:

I. Introduction

II. Terminology and tips

III. Gaining Fodder chips

IV. The Traders
 IVa. Higsby Trader (HCT)
 IVb. ElecTown Tarder (ECT)
 IVc. BugFrag Trader (BFT)

  (Netopia Trader Section will come when I have all the data needed)

V. Chips to look foor

VI. Credits and thanks

VII. Legal junk


I. Introduction

To those of you who know this game well, you'll know what I'm talking about.
The chip traders are very important in gaining chips you need, whether you're
going for the Standard ID, or trying to get chips for folders. The only 
problem is that people don't exactly know every chip the traders give out. So
here I am, with a FAQ to tell you just that. This will contain data on just
what chips come from what trader, but alas, percentages are too much work. 
Unless I can find someone who knows coding like the back of their hand, it's
impossible to get truly accurate percentages. But I still think this will 
help, so enjoy. 


II. Terminology and Tips

We regulars of the board use a few phrases those new to them won't quit get, 
so this section is devoted to telling you what means what.

1. HCT- This means "Higsby Chip Trader". 
2. ECT- This means "ElecTown Chip Trader".
3. BFT- This means "BugFrag Trader".
4. NCT- This means "Netopia Chip Trader" (coming soon)

Well, this section is quite short, but needed.


III. Gaining Fodder Chips

You can't use the chip traders without spare chips, right? So obviously, you
are going to want quite a few. The easiest method is quite simple, but you'll
need a few things that can take a while to get.

-SneakRun program
-Collect Program
-Cust+# (it makes virus deletion easier)

Got it all? Then add in what you can, but bug SneakRun so it's not on the 
command line of your navi cust. This will increase the encounter rate of
your nice viruses, expediating the chip collection process. Next, go jack 
into Dex's GameCube. The viruses in there will always be weak Mettaur and
Billy version 1's, so you won't have any problem here. Spend some time here
and you'll have quite a few chips to dump into the traders. Buyah!


IV. The Traders

Well, this is what you came here for. Jeez, I've used that in all the FAQs 
I've ever done, I should get a new line. Oh, right, still working here. Here,
the chips each trader will be listed, and which codes. They will be listed in
library order, so things like Cannon will come first. I'll also divide chips
by what trader gives them out, rather than adding a tedious (BFT) or such
after the name of every chip. And now, the meat of this FAQ, the trader data!

Higsby Chip Trader
-This trader is available as soon as you go into Higsby's shop, and is very
easy to find.

Cannon A, B, C, *
HiCannon C, D, E
M-Cannon F, G
AirShot A, S, V, *
Vulcan1 E, S, V, *
Vulcan2 B, H, O
Spreader L, M, N, *
HeatShot B, C, D, *
Bubbler P, Q, R
Thunder1 B, L, P, *
WideShot1 C, D, E, *
FlameLine1 F, G, H, *
Blizzard H, J, V
SandRing C, R, S, *
MagBolt1 B, C, D, *
Tornado E, L, T
MiniBomb B, L, T, *
EnergyBomb E, N, T, *
Ball B, T, V, *
Binder1 C, O, S, *
Binder2 A, T, Y
Sword E, L, S
WideSword E, L, S
LongSword E, L, S
AirHoc1 D, E, F, *
Counter1 F, M, T, *
Boomer1 L, M, N, *
SideBamboo1 B, I, R, *
MokoRush1 C, I, M
BigHammer1 B, O, R
TimeBomb J, K, L
RockCube *
Wind *
Fan *
FanFare E, G, N, *
Discord D, T, V, *
Silence C, M, R, *
Guard1 A, L, V, *
CrackOut *
DoubleCrack B, L, R, *
TripleCrack B, L, R, *
Recov10 A, L, N, *
Recov30 F, H, R, *
Recov50 E, L, S, *
Recov80 B, J, O, *
Recov120 F, Q, J, *
Repair I, P, R, *
PanlGrab K, O, Y, *
AreaGrab E, M, S, *
GrabBack E, K, P
PanelReturn *
Geddon1 J, K, W
Blinder *
HolyPanel *
Invis *
Barrier A, D, Z, *
CopyDmg *
LifeSync N, Q, Y
Atk+10 *

And done. Not too sure on AreaGrab *, but my data shows it's in there.

ElecTown Chip Trader
-This trader is at the path to the last part of ElecTown, and is only 
available from Hard Mode and on.
-Everything available in the Higsby trader is available in this one, so I 
won't list them here to save time.

Heat-V C, D, E
Bub-V C, D, E
Thunder2 H, P, S
WideShot2 L, M, N
GunSol1 A, G, M
GunSol2 B, G, S
GunSol3 C, G, T
HeatBreath D, K, O, *
ElecShock J, L, S, *
WoodyPowder F, T, W, *
TwinFang2 O, P, Q
ElemFlare K, N, P
ElecIce H, Q, V
Magbolt2 E, F, G
Static B, G, Z, *
MegEnBomb D, J, W
BlackBomb D, H, Z
Geyser B, L, V
BugBomb B, G, Z, *
WideBlade C, K, S
LongBlade G, R, S
CustSword B, P, S
VarSword C, J, V
Slasher F, H, R
WindRack A, L, R, *
AirHoc2 I, J, K
Counter2 B, H, L, *
Boomer2 L, M, N
SideBamboo2 H, O, S
Lance A, G, R, *
WhiteWeb1 D, L, R, *
WhiteWeb2 C, E, Y, *
MokoRush2 G, K, U
CircGun1 H, T, Z
CircGun2 D, G, T
Snake D, M, R
BigHammer2 G, J, W
BoyBomb1 E, J, M
BoyBomb2 I, S, W
Guard2 C, G, P, *
Recov150 C, T, Z
AreaGrab * (completely sure on this)
Geddon2 N, T, Y
SloGauge E, H, V, *
FstGauge I, Q, U, *
PopUp J, P, Y, *
Barr100 P, Q, W
AntiFire K
AntiAqua D
AntiElec H
AntiWood M

And that's that.

BugFrag Trader
-This trader is in Black Earth 2, the second area of the secret net area of
this game. Just follow the path you are on when you enter the area to find 
-Any chip you can obtain from ANY trader can be obtained here. I will only 
list chips that can only be gotten from the BFT here, and no other traders.

Vulcan3 O, Y, W
HeatSide D, E, F
BublSide D, E, F
Thunder3 I, T, W
WideShot3 S, T, U
FlameLine2 D, E, F
FlameLine3 J, K, L
GunSol3 C, G, T
TwinFang3 F, G, H
MagBolt3 A, B, C
Binder3 E, I, O
AirHoc3 U, V, W
Counter3 A, N, V
Boomer3 S, T, U
SideBamboo3 A, F, U
WhiteWeb3 K, O, V, *
MokoRush3 O, T, Y
CircGun3 J, M, R
BigHammer3 D, V, Z
BoyBomb3 G, T, V
Timpani P, T, Z, *
VDoll I, O, Y
Guard3 F, R, T, *
Recov200 H, M, W
Recov300 J, N, Y
Metagel K, T, Z
Geddon3 H, Q, U
Hole *
Barr200 I, O, U
AntiDmg K, M, R
AntiSword C, I, N, *
AntiNavi J, M, T
AntiRecov B, D, G, *


V. Chips to look for

Thunder2 S and 3 T- Paralysis is always good for folders.
GunSol1, 2, and 3 G- PileDriver. Enough said.
WideBlade S and LongBlade S- LifeSwoooord
BugBomb *- Support. Bugs rock.
WindRack *- Can't hurt.
Recov300- It's not that bad this time around!
Geddon3- Poison good. Fire bad...er, you get my point.
SloGauge *- Again, good for Poison.
Blinder *- It never hurts to have a blind enemy.
PopUp *- Defense is always good.
Barriers- At times better than Invis/PopUp, they stop super piercers.
AntiSword *- Alas, it doesn't stop Rush, but lots of netbattlers use 
LifeSword and PileDriver folders.
AntiRecov *- Repeat. Poison

AreaGrab *- Do I EVEN need to explain this? 

All those are nice chips. Keep a look out for all of them!


VI. Credits and thanks

-Me. I did the work =O

-Nintendo. I need mine GBA.

-Capcom. They made this great series, although this one wasn't good.

-GameFAQs and CJayC for posting this.

-Board members. You pointed out plenty of stuff for me.

-Food. Hey, I can't work on an empty stomach. >_>


VII. Legal stuff

This FAQ is Copyright Jared Ramos AKA Asakura Yoh. The information in this 
FAQ belongs to me, and was found by me. The only site this FAQ may be posted
on is GameFAQs.com, unless you e-mail me and ask for permission. You may
e-mail me at CloudOmni8@aol.com asking for permission. Please entitle the
subject "FAQ use request", lest I delete it as junk mail. 

MegaMan and MegaMan Battle Network (all games) belong to Capcom.

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