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Black Earth Area FAQ by The Proud Canadian

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/13/04

Megaman Battle Network 4: Blue Moon
Black Earth Area Guide
By The Proud Canadian
August 8th, 2004 
Version 0.9
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1.Version History
3.Requirements and Preparations [RP]
-Releasing Bass [W1]
-Entering Black Earth [W2]
-Journeying through Black Earth [W3]
-Bass SP: The Black Shadow returns! [W4]
-Bass [B1]
-Numberman DS [B2]
-Aquaman DS [B3]
-Woodman DS [B4]
-Metalman DS [B5]
-Junkman DS [B6]
-Protoman DS [B7]
-Megaman DS [B8]
-Bass SP [B9]
6.Contacting Me 

*=Not finished

For easy navigation press ctrl+f and type in the "keyword" for the section you 
are looking for. For example, if you want information on Megaman DS you would 
type in "[B2]". 
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||___||=#   #   #   #[========1.Version History========]#   #   #   #=||___||
|=====|      # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #      |=====|
'|||||'       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       '|||||'

Version 1.0 (Submitted September 12th, 2004)
-Lack of updating is due to computer problems
-Final planned update
-Changed E-mail again
-Removed Bass XX sections

Version 0.9 (Submitted August 8th, 2004)
-Finished "Bass SP: The Black Shadow Returns!" 
-Finished Boss data for Bass SP 
-Changed E-mail address 

Version 0.8 (Submitted July 30th, 2004)
-Finished "Journeying through Black Earth" section
-Finished Boss data for DS navis
-Made a few additions/corrections here and there

Version 0.5 (Submitted July 25th, 2004)
-Finished "Releasing Bass" and "Entering Black Earth" sections
-Finished Boss data for Bass
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'|||||'       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       '|||||'

UPDATE: Due to some computer troubles, this will be my final update. I was 
unsuccessful in fighting Bass XX via GameShark, so rather than just copy info
from other sources, I have decided to eliminate the Bass XX sections. 

Welcome to my MMBN4 FAQ! This FAQ will cover the Black Earth secret area as 
well as a few things related to it, such as the first battle with Bass (it 
takes place in the Undernet, not Black Earth).

I decided to write this FAQ because I wrote one for the Secret Area in MMBN3, 
and believe it or not, I enjoyed it! I think that In-Depth FAQs are more 
suited for me, mainly because I'm lazy and a full FAQ/Walkthrough can be a lot 
of work! I also like to put a good amount of detail into things, and it's 
harder to do that in a full Walkthrough.

Oh, and I'd like to state right now that you should only be using this guide 
if you know how the hell to play this game and are ready to enter Black Earth 
(see "requirements and preparations"). Anything that you learn how to do 
during your 3 plays through the game will NOT be explained to you here. I 
assume that you understand dark chips, soul unisons, the navi customizer, full 
synchro, etc. I will also assume that you have a decent amount of skill when 
it comes to net battling and can handle the viruses in the area.

Oh, and before you ask, those things on the sides of my dividers are suppose 
to be battle chips...Hey, it's not like I ever said I was good at ASCII art! 
 _____                                                                 _____
' ___ '   #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #   ' ___ '
||   ||  # #     # #     # #     # #[RP] # #     # #     # #     # #  ||   ||
||___||=#   #   #   #[=3.Requirements and Preparations=]#   #   #   #=||___||
|=====|      # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #      |=====|
'|||||'       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       '|||||'

Going into the Black Earth area without the right preparations is suicide. So, 
I'll assume you want to avoid that and fill you in on a few things. You should 
bring some good sword chips to fight the dark generic navis you'll run into. A 
LifeSword folder should provide the swords to combat them as well as the power 
to handle most enemies. Blues soul will come in handy as well. Full Energy 
subchips are useful, and of course you should have a decent folder. 

There a few things you need to do in order to even fight Bass, let alone enter 
the Black Earth area. First of all, you will need all 6 souls. To get these, 
you will have to play through normal mode (to get 3 souls), hard mode (to get 
2 more), and super hard mode (to get the last one). You will also need all 150 
standard chips, and to enter Black Earth, 5 special chips of...darkness! (cue 
lightning!). But you will have to defeat an old foe before you can get 3 of 
those 5 chips. You can get 2 of the special chips before you start this little 
expedition though so you may want to do that first. 

You can get Curse of Bug and Element Dark before you fight Bass. 

Get Curse of Bug from the in-battle green mystery data that appears when you 
fight Shademan Omega/SP (SP and Omega mean the same thing) or Laserman 
Omega/SP. I think Laserman is easier to beat without hitting the data but it 
is up to you. 

Get Element Dark by S-ranking the Black lamp virus in Undernet 6. They may be 
available in other areas, but that's where I found mine. Having the Collect 
NaviCust program installed seems to help. The method I used was:

1. Fight another battle and end it in Full Synchro. 

2. Put an AirHoc 3 of any code in your folder and preset it.


4. Get into battles until you run into the EmplerorEX virus along with one of 
those Walrus viruses. They are set up like this:


Now just stand in front of the walrus (dodge his attack first obviously) and 
use the AirHoc 3 in full synchro! Instant S-Rank! Invis chips can help too.
 _____                                                                 _____
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||___||##   #   #   #[==========4.Walkthrough==========]#   #   #   ##||___||
|=====|      # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #      |=====|
'|||||'       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       '|||||'
~Releasing Bass~ [W1]

Before you start, you should have:

-All 6 souls
-149 Standard chips (You can buy Antinavi M in Undernet 5)
-Good folder and some Full Energy subchips, plus a couple Unlockers if you 
want the Purple mystery datas in the area. 
-16000z (For buying AntiNavi M if you need to)
-The C-Slider

OK, go to Undernet 4 if you aren't there already. There's a gate to the right 
from Megaman's perspective when you enter the area. Take the rail infront of 
you when you enter the area then jump on the next one you see to get to it. 
You will automatically open it with your 6 souls. Move on to Undernet 5. 

This place is quite confusing, but just work your way to the opposite side 
from where you started. You can nab a couple good items here (such as a 
NeoVariable sword!) plus you can purchase Antinavi M from the expensive shop 
if you need to. Anyway go up the ramp you will eventually reach and open the 
gate. You might want to save before you examine that statue... 

Bass will sense your DarkSoul and awaken to battle you! 

If you've fought Bass in previous MMBN games and you think you know what to 
expect here...you're wrong. Bass has been given a nice, but deadly, update 
since MMBN3. Only his regular buster attack has made the transition, all of 
his other ways of killing new are totally new. 

**For battle strategies and info on Bass.EXE see the Boss Section**

Well, you've stopped Bass for now. Stare at you newly acquired BassAnly chip 
for a while if you wish. We can now get to the main reason I wrote this guide: 
Black Earth. 3 black navis have appeared in Undernet 5. You will have to do 
business with each one if you want to enter Black Earth.

~Entering Black Earth~ [W2]

Scurry back to Undernet 5. Remember, you have to jack out and jack back in 
after beating Bass in order for the navis to appear. Okay, take the following 
direction from each intersection (as in more than one direction to continue 
from. Normal turns don't count) you come to (from Megaman's perspective). 
Straight, left, then right. You should now be standing on a platform with a 
black navi. Talk to him to begin the battle for Anubis A, an evil chip. You 
have to fight 10 battles in order to win the chip. Your chips will be restored 
after each fight, but you HP won't. Bring a few good recovery chips to keep 
yourself alive. There are a few battles that have enemies that are of little 
to no threat on their own. Use this to your advantage and take out the more 
dangerous viruses first. Then cycle through all of your chips so you can use 
all the recovery chips you need before finishing the fight.  It could take a 
couple tries, but you'll get it. 

Now, go back to the entrance and this time take the left turn. Then straight, 
right, straight, left, straight, right, and then follow the path to another 
platform with a black navi on it. Now fight 10 battles in order to receive 
BlakWing W.

Okay, just one more Evil chip to go! Take the path away from the black navi 
and turn right, run straight past the shop, right, then straight and follow 
the path until you meet the final black navi. Just do your best, don't make 
any dumb mistakes, and before you know it you will have Muramasa M.

So, you have all 5 Evil chips, correct? Let's head over to Undernet 6 then. Go 
back to Undernet 3 and take the all warps back to the first area. You took the 
warp to the left of the entrance from Undernet 2 to get into Undernet 4, so 
now take the center warp to end up in Undernet 6. If you have played MMBN2, 
you may recognize this area. Looks like those map designers are getting lazy! 
Anyways, the path is pretty straightforward. When you turn around and start 
going down ramps back towards the entrance take the left one, then the right 
one (Megaman's perspective, of course). Head to the left, take the warp, and 
you're there! Cautiously approach the dark hole and enter the final area of 
the game: Black Earth. 

~Journeying through Black Earth~ [W3]

Okay, you're in Black Earth. There are only 2 areas left to explore. Black 
Earth 1 has some very winding and confusing paths. Add in the annoying Shadow 
Navis and you get a potentially frustrating area. Luckily I'm here to help you 
out! Just spend some time here to grab the Green and Blue mystery datas. 
There's a LifeAura and an HP Memory in the blue ones (one of them is at the 
end of an invisible path on the right side). The green ones can give you non-
soul navi DS chips. After wandering around for some time you will likely come 
across a gate at the opposite side of the area. To open it, you need all 
regular navi chips. This is pretty easy to do, I actually had them all a long 
time before I had all the standard chips! To get a navi's regular chip, you 
just have to fight their V2 form. This is in a set location somewhere on the 
net after you've fought them in a tournament. There can only be 1 navi in an 
area. Check the Boss FAQ for the locations if you need to. Then, pass through 
the gate and enter Black Earth 2, the darkest of the dark areas. 

From the start, you can either take a left and begin the "mirror challenge" or 
go straight and get a few more great items from the GMD and BMD. One of them 
is an HP Memory. If you've acquired all the other ones so far and haven't used 
any dark chips this one should give you that perfect 1000 HP (not counting NC 
programs)! Keep wrapping around the area and grab a couple more DS navi chips 
from the GMD. Near the end you will find the Bug Frag Trader. For a mere 10 
frags you can get a chip. It works just like the chip traders except you 
usually get really good chips from this one. 

Okay, now head back to that giant mirror I mentioned. Examine it and your DS 
navi fight will begin! After each one you will get that navi's DS chip. First 
up is Numberman DS. 

**For battle strategies and info on Numberman DS see the Boss Section**

Use a Full Energy if you need to (this is why I told you to bring some) and 
check the next mirror. This time it's Aquamam DS! You know what to do.

**For battle strategies and info on Aquaman DS see the Boss Section**

Heal if necessary, and move on. Now you must fight Woodman DS. Same old story 

**For battle strategies and info on Woodman DS see the Boss Section**

Okay, we're halfway through the regular mirrors. Approach the next one and 
engage Metalman DS.

**For battle strategies and info on Metalman DS see the Boss Section**

Just 2 more of these normal sized mirrors to go. Use a FullEnergy if you need 
to and continue on the path to meet Junkman DS.

**For battle strategies and info on Junkman DS see the Boss Section**

Now there's only 1 mirror between you and the end of this trail. Approach it 
and face Protoman DS.

**For battle strategies and info on Protoman DS see the Boss Section**

Whoopie! We've reach the core of Black Earth 2! Take the warp to the platform 
and grab the 3000z. What? We just get a stupid 3000z for all that!?! Oh wait, 
there's a path...

Follow it and examine the freaky looking mirror. It will say some stuff about 
Megaman's dark side, blah blah blah, we know where this is going. Your Dark 
soul will emerge once again and you will have to beat his ass down again. But 
this time he is not being held back at all, thanks to Mr. Mirror. 

**For battle strategies and info on Megaman DS see the Boss Section**

The mirror will reward you with the Soul Cleanser NCP. There's also a "Light 
soul" Megaman next to the mirror. Speak to it and you will receive the Hub 
Patch NCP. Congrats! You're done exploring Black Earth! But you aren't 
completely done yet...

~Bass SP: The Black Shadow returns!~ [W4]

You may be wondering exactly what Bass meant when he said those things about 
becoming stronger by making his soul darker after you beat him in Undernet 5. 
Well, he's wandering around in Black Earth 2 now and lucky for you, he's 
looking for a fight once again. After you've beaten Megaman DS you can run 
into him in random encounters. This time you will get DeltaRayEdge Z for 
beating him with a 9-S rank or any rank with Collect in your NC. My personal 
best time 6:26, see if you can beat it! ;) 

 _____                                                                 _____
' ___ '   #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #   ' ___ '
||   ||  # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #  ||   ||
||___||##   #   #   #[============5. Bosses============]#   #   #   ##||___||
|=====|      # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #      |=====|
'|||||'       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       '|||||'

Here's the Boss section. Just a couple notes before we get started. 

When describing where to move to dodge an attack, I look at the battlefield 
from the player's point of view, not Megaman's.

You start like this, correct?


So, move right and you will look like this...(players perspective)


NOT LIKE THIS...(Megaman's perspective)


See? Pretty simple, huh? I just wanted to clear that up. Also columns are 
vertical, rows are horizontal. 


And finally, I came up with these attack names one my own. They aren't 
official or anything. I just named them based on what they look like to make 
them easy to recognize. I *think* WhiteDragonNall's Forte guide has Bass' 
attacks' official names.

2000 HP
Fought in Undernet 5
No Element
Reward: BassAnly X

Bass is as strong as ever in the latest MMBN installment. He has all new 
sprites, and new attacks. Make no mistake; this wasn't some kind of "Extreme 
Makeover" intended solely to make Bass look nicer. He's better than ever at 
pulverizing you, which he WILL do if you don't come prepared. He is invincible 
while moving (shown by his HP counter briefly disappearing) and he's a speedy 
one. Luckily he is aura and barrier free (for now at least *wink wink*). He is 
also immune to panel types. 

~Buster Shot~ Bass will rapidly fire into your area at random. 
(100 Damage per hit)
You can sometimes get lucky and dodge all of his shots by moving rapidly. An 
Invis helps a lot though. Popup does not work on this attack!

~Dark Energy Wheel~ Bass will create two dark wheels and send them at you. 
(200 Damage per wheel)
The wheels start on the top and bottom rows but they can curve into the center 
row to hit you halfway through. Try and move to the right in your center row 
at the right time to dodge. 

~Dark Blade~ Bass will appear infront of you and slash you with a dark blade 
(longsword). He may move behind you after that and slash again (widesword). He 
can repeat that pattern a few times. 
(100 damage per slash)
To dodge, move up or down on the first slash, then right or left on the 
second. Of course, don't walk into Bass when you do so. 

~Darkness Explosion~ Bass will move to the center of your rightmost column and 
shoot a huge blast at your back 2 columns, cracking them. 
(300 damage)
Just quickly move out of the blast range to dodge this one. Using an Areagrab 
can improve your chances of not being back there when Bass strikes.

[General tips]- As always, Invis and Popup help here. Lifeswords are good. You 
can Areagrab and then use Lifesword, or some individual sword chips to 
interrupt an attack and avoid damage. If you are using the GunSol chips, I'd 
recommend the P.A. form rather than using them individually because of how 
much Bass moves around. You can try a Silver Bullet (Doublepoint, SuperVulcan, 
atk+30, atk+10, atk+10, Metalsoul charge/full synchro) or AirHoc strategy if 
you want. It's best to wait until Bass pauses to attack before you try to hit 
him with anything. Just practice dodging his attacks and you've got nothing to 
worry about. 

~Numberman DS~[B2]
1500 HP
Fought in Black Earth 2
No Element
Reward: NumbermanDS N

These DS navis can use a few battlechips in addition to their regular attacks, 
so be prepared for those. They will use simple chips like swords, cannons, 
areagrabs, etc but they can also use some very powerful and annoying chips 
like Invis and even Lifesword. They seem to use whichever chips you've used 
the most in your play through the game. Numberman will use those annoying 
number balls, 3 at a time, 3 times. Set up your NC to give you high charge and 
attack so you can destroy the weakest one with a charged shot. Later he will 
toss those dice. Unless they're in the center, just get out of their range. If 
they do end up in the center, destroy them with a single chip or even your 
buster. Just hit him with some good P.A.s, use Invis or Popup to help dodging, 
you know, the usual routine. Nothing too special about this fight.

~Aquaman DS~[B3]
1500 HP
Fought in Black Earth 2
Aqua Element
Reward: AquamanDS A

Just like all the other DS navis, this one can use a few chips and combos that 
you've used a lot as well as it's regular attacks. Aquaman can summon those 
faucet things to shoot water 2 spaces ahead, he can toss a 3x3 water bomb at 
you, and of course he has his little bubble gun. It will shoot a bubble that 
explodes 2 spaces ahead and hits the panel behind the one it popped on. Again, 
this one doesn't have a lot of HP and some good P.A.s will take him out in no 
time. Sparkman works great against him, especially if you can hit him twice by 
using the chip when Aquaman is standing in front of you. Add a full synchro 
into the mix and you've got some very nice damage. One areagrab and staying in 
the back row will make his bubble gun useless, but you'll still have to watch 
out for his water bomb. 

~Woodman DS~[B4]
1800 HP
Fought in Black Earth 2
Wood Element
Reward: WoodmanDS W

This guy has a little more HP than the last couple DS navis, so you may need 
more firepower in your folder to take him down. Speaking of fire, using many 
fire chips or even a HeatSpread PA will make the fight go by much faster. In 
fact, if you're able to use woody powder to place some grass panels on the 
field, go full synchro, and hit Woodman with a HeatSpread PA while he's 
standing on a grass panel he's done for! Aside from the usual barrage of Invis 
and Areagrab chips Woodman used on me, his regular attacks include sending 2 
rolling logs at you (move up and down to dodge), making giant wooden spears 
pop up out of the ground (look for flashing yellow panels and get off of 
them), and firing a "seed buster" of some kind (stay out of his row). 

~Metalman DS~[B5]
1500 HP
Fought in Black Earth 2
No Element
Reward: MetalmanDS M

Now we're back to the usual 1500 HP. You should know how to handle this fight 
by now. Invis and Popup to help dodge, use powerful PAs to deal heavy damage, 
lather, rinse, repeat. Metalman has no element so we can't take advantage of 
that. Your best bet is a good old LifeSword attack or some Piledrivers. Of 
course it's entirely up to you what to use when attacking, I'm just mentioning 
the simplest strategies. Metalman has those gears on the battlefield that he 
can switch from the top and bottom rows to both on the center row whenever he 
wishes. He's also got a Boomerang blade attack that works just like a Boomer 
virus' attack. It can be hard to avoid if the gears are on the center row when 
he uses the attack so that would be a good time to use an Invis/Popup. And of 
course Metalman has his special punch attack. It's a little slow though, so 
simply move anywhere you can to dodge. 

~Junkman DS~[B6]
1600 HP
Fought in Black Earth 2
No Element
Reward: JunkmanDS J

If you've reached this fight there's no way you will have any trouble winning. 
Aside from using those annoying chips that you've been using the most Junkman 
also sends pieces of debris across your rows the whole time. He can 
occasionally stop moving and fire a few bolts at you. They will line up with 
you on a row and then move forward. Just keeping moving up and down and you 
will be able to dodge them all. Although he never used it on me in this fight, 
Junkman can also shove you to the back of your area if you're standing right 
in front of him. Use whatever PAs and combos you want to take him down. 

~Protoman DS~[B7]
1500 HP
Fought in Black Earth 2
No Element
Reward: ProtomanDS B

Well, one more DS navi until reaching the center of this long spiral. What 
awaits you there? You'll have to find out for yourself! Or, um, you could 
scroll down to the next boss...uh, yeah. Protoman DS has only 1500 HP, but his 
slashes will hack your HP down pretty fast too. He will move around and then 
either appear at the front of his area and use a 3-space long sword attack, or 
appear directly in front of you and use a widesword attack. Then there the 
Delta Ray Edge attack. This one could take some time to explain with words, so 
I'll make a diagram.

X-X-1...1,2,3= Slash 1,2,and 3

If you're standing in the center row and NOT in the leftmost column then 
Protoman can use this attack. He will teleport to the numbered spaces in order 
and use a widesword attack. If you don't move quickly and stand in a space 
that Protoman would normally teleport to then you will be trapped in the 
"triangle" and take considerable damage. So watch out for that attack and 
don't forget about the chips he will randomly use. Well, I'll leave the rest 
to you.

~Megaman DS~[B8]
Your current max HP
Fought in Black Earth 2
No Element

Time to beat up this loser for the last time (well, in this game at least). 
Megaman DS will zip around shooting randomly and utilizing every chip he can 
to piss you off. If you were using NaviCust parts to give your HP a big boost 
I'd advise you to remove them for this fight. It will lower Megaman DS's HP, 
and the most powerful attack he is likely to use is a Lifesword(400 damage). 
If you've made good use of the GunSol chips like most people have he will use 
those. That's a great time to hit him with a slow but powerful attack. There's 
really not much else to tell you. You know your own Dark soul better than 
anyone else...
~Bass SP~[B9]
3000 HP
Fought in Black Earth 2
No Element

Bass is back for more but there's really nothing new to be afraid of other 
than more HP. If you think about it more HP just lets you hit him with more 
painful attacks ;). His attacks are now twice as powerful though so don't let 
your guard down. He's a little faster as well. You will need to use a powerful 
folder to have enough firepower to take him down. I would certainly recommend 
BassAnly as your Giga chip. It's the most powerful one you can use (160x4 
damage). Plus it's a multi-hiting chip so Atk + chips will add x4 the normal 
damage to it. I was able to delete Bass SP with a LifeSword folder, but only 
because I used BassAnly and all 4 Lifeswords connected (including one in Full-
Synchro). Because of this I would highly suggest that you use a Silver Bullet 
combo or another powerful combo to combat Bass SP. There are many useful 
folders, strategies, and tips in the "Renowned Folder FAQ" by CrimsonKnight, 
Asakura Yoh, and Malinhion.

~Buster Shot~ Bass will rapidly fire into your area at random. 
(200 Damage per hit)
You can sometimes get lucky and dodge all of his shots by moving rapidly. An 
Invis helps a lot though. Popup does not work on this attack!

~Dark Energy Wheel~ Bass will create two dark wheels and send them at you. 
(400 Damage per wheel)
The wheels start on the top and bottom rows but they can curve into the center 
row to hit you halfway through. Try and move to the right in your center row 
at the right time to dodge. 

~Dark Blade~ Bass will appear in front of you and slash you with a dark blade 
(longsword or widesword depending on where you are standing). He may move 
behind you after that and slash again (widesword or longsword). He can repeat 
that pattern a few times. 
(200 damage per slash)
The main thing to watch out for here is not running into Bass. I'd recommend 
that you move straight to the left side of your area after his first slash so 
he can't appear behind you. If you have broken panels there you'll just have 
to try your best you move left/right for the wideswords and up/down for the 
longswords. Or you could activate an Invis chip and relax.

~Darkness Explosion~ Bass will move to the center of your third column from 
the left and shoot a huge blast at your back 2 columns, cracking them. 
(600 damage)
Just quickly move out of the blast range to dodge this one. Using an Areagrab 
can improve your chances of not being back there when Bass strikes.

 _____                                                                 _____
' ___ '   #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #   ' ___ '
||   ||  # #     # #     # #     # #[CM] # #     # #     # #     # #  ||   ||
||___||##   #   #   #[=========6.Contacting Me=========]#   #   #   ##||___||
|=====|      # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #      |=====|
'|||||'       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       '|||||'

If you'd like to contact me about something in, or missing from my FAQ be sure 
it isn't in my FAQ already (if it's something you'd like to add), or you are 
100% sure it's wrong (if it's a correction). Any contributions or corrections 
will be fully credited. If you have a question check the FAQs, and if you 
can't find the answer try asking the boards! It's what they're meant for! 
PLEASE don't ask me questions, just USE THE BOARDS! Anyway here's my E-mail: 
 _____                                                                 _____
' ___ '   #       #       #       #       #       #       #       #   ' ___ '
||   ||  # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #  ||   ||
||___||##   #   #   #[============7.Credits============]#   #   #   ##||___||
|=====|      # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #     # #      |=====|
'|||||'       #       #       #       #       #       #       #       '|||||'

Thanks to The Dark Unknown for making the Shop List FAQ I used to double check 
the price of AntiNavi M in Undernet 5.

Thanks to CrimsonKnight, Asakura Yoh, and Malinhion for creating the Renowned 
Folder FAQ that I referred to in Bass SP's boss data. 

Special Thanks to Capcom for making this great game and continuing the Megaman 

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personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.

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Copyright 2004 Jake Henkie

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